Aberdeen parkrun event number 398 9′th March 2019

Today 301 people run, jogged and walked the course. We were joined by 36 first timers/parkun tourists.

The stars of today's show were as ever our volunteers:

Rosemary LEIPER • Jamie COVENTRY • Michelle BROWN • Emma Georgina SNEDDEN • Jim MCCURRACH • Susan COWIE • Rohit SONI • Malcolm SHENNAN • Caron SIEVEWRIGHT • Mike SIEVEWRIGHT • Bryan MILLS • John DUFF • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Kristin MCCURRACH • Caiden THOM • Mitchell RENNIE

Special shout out to Ellen who reached her 25'th volunteer milestone today.

Next week we need a lead bike and funnel manager to complete the roster, please let us know if you can help

First male finisher was Andrew Love in 17:15
First female finisher was Kate Le Chevalier with a shiny new PB with a time of 19:38
First junior female finisher was Janani Mohan in 20:43
First male junior finisher was Jordan Cruickshank in 19:36

We had a number of runners reaching milestones today:

Running their 50'th parkrun were: David Hunter, Nigel O'Neil, Paul Bowie and Paul Gray
Junior runner Jordan Cruickshank reached his 100th milestone
Last but certainly not least, Graham Snedden, our Event Director, completed his 250th parkrun. Graham has over 100 volunteer credits to his name. Well done.

We had 41 out of a possible 265 parkrunners record PB's today. Well done to you all.

Clare Russell, regular RD and part of the Aberdeen parkrun core team, is hosting a 5k(ish) fun run on Tuesday the 9'th of April, in Seaton Park to raise funds for 'Friends of Orchard Brae'. There is no entry fee but a donation to the charity would be very much appreciated. The fun run is part of Clare's fundraising efforts as she prepares to take on the London Marathon on the 28'th of April.
Further details on the fun run can be found on the event page on Facebook:


See you all next week when Graham is your Run Director.

Bryan. RD and Run Report writer (09/03)


Aberdeen parkrun 397: 2nd March 2019

This week 314 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

We had some impressive PBs today, notably including our top 2 male finishers, Jamie Coventry and Jim Moir. Hannah Mutch led the females home, her 58th first finish! Very impressive Hannah! Other PBs in the top 20 were recorded by Martin Mueller, Mike Winn, Daryl Stuart and Sam Orr.

Malcolm Shennan recorded his 2nd PB of the year, all the more impressive given that he's in the 60-64 age group, while Margaret Turner came up trumps for the ladies, recording a new PB in the 65-69 age category! Just goes to show that whatever our age we can continue to improve if we're willing to put the effort in. Great work!

Terry Davidson, Tessa Dunford, Samuel Stephenson, Peter Walterson, Shane Reid, Andrew Williams, Craig Hodge, Geoffrey Molloy, David Petrie, Natalie Leask, Steven Pollok, David Corbett, Dan Hall, Ruben McKay, Sughan Bhandari, Greg Cooper, Sangita Sharma, Elin Evenson, Ian Haig, Joseph Hibbs, Aine Conway, Gordon McKechnie, Jen Stewart, Paul McKeown, Anna-Jane Macduff, Victoria Devici, Cheryl Mainland, Cheryl Miller, Sophie Caroline, Hannah Orr, Alix Shearer, Ashley Pollitt, Emma Strachan, Carol Cameron, Cassia Soni, Kelly Wood, Sharon McArthur, Susan Dewar, Samantha Ross and Fern Vickery also all recorded PBs today. Well done to each and every one of you!

Our pacers, Alan and Chelsea did a great job running 25 and 23 minutes respectively.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Alastair BLAIN • Jackie WRIGHT • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • David MACLENNAN • Ray CROMBIE • Pete SMITH • Tony LITTLE • Lorna POTTER • Rohit SONI • Mark MCDONALD • Malcolm SHENNAN • Amy MACKIE • Bryan MILLS • Kevin MACKIE • Harry SAYERS • Gail RENNIE • Stuart DICKSON • Mitchell RENNIE

Many thanks to all our volunteers. We really do appreciate you! Stuart did a grand job of the First Timers Briefing, organised with his notes after listening in last week. Amy did the spot checks on times, ensuring our results were easy to process, and this freed me up to stand back, chat with our parkrunners as they finished, and generally enjoy being part of such an awesome community!

Running conditions were very good and it was a perfect day for volunteering. Who'd have thought our runners would be complaining of the heat in March?! Looking out the window as I write, it's hard to believe we're talking about the same day.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Hope to see you all again next week. First timers, please be assured that we always try to ensure a fine day on Saturdays. If for any reason our request goes AWOL we continue regardless and breakfast at the Brig O'Don tastes all the better!

Best of luck to everyone racing tomorrow! Be sure to get your Saturday volunteer stints booked in around your races for the season ahead.

Happy running!

Your Run Director and Run Reporter,
Clare Russell


Aberdeen parkrun Event number 394, 9th February 2019

This week 293 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The conditions on the upper prom made for tough running in the first half, calming on the lower prom, before the wind hit again at the stones. Kudos to every runner who earned a PB today! Special mentions go to:

Cassia Son, PB on her 51st parkrun;
Tanya Rennie, PB on her 10th parkrun;
Stacey Kerr, PB on her 11th parkrun;
Kay Watt, PB on her 12th parkrun;
Lisa Shaw, PB on her 16th parkrun;
Cheryl Stewart, PB on her 14th parkrun;
Holly Dawson, PB on her 17th parkrun;
Torstein Skardhamar, PB on his 53rd parkrun;
Neil McBain, PB on his 112th parkrun - that's quite an achievement!
Tessa Dunford, PB on her 32nd parkrun

The PBs tend to come thick and fast when you start parkrun, especially if you're a new runner. Don't be disheartened if you've not PB'd for a while. Personally speaking, I tend to watch the weather forecast and ease off a little during the week should the forecast for Saturday be fine. Pick your day if you're chasing a time and use the blustery days to run easy.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Colin BURNETT • Clare RUSSELL • Nik ROBINSON • Alasdair MACIVER • Ally SUTHERLAND • Susan MACIVER • Anne MILNE • Martin COSSAR • Susan COWIE • Tony LITTLE • Rohit SONI • Bryan MILLS • John DUFF • Ellen COWIE • Graeme HAY • Mitchell RENNIE • Tash GRANT

Thanks to those who have signed up to volunteer in future weeks. It was particularly heartening this week as Volunteer Coordinator to see some people offering to help out for the first time. We do welcome new faces and all the Run Directors are more than happy to support you if it's your first time in a volunteer role.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

We had two runners join the 50 club this week. Stuart Dickson completed his 50th parkrun, having run frequently at Aberdeen, while Claire Usher ran both her 50th parkrun and her first Aberdeen parkrun. Well done to you both!

Huge kudos also to Ally Sutherland, who reportedly turned up with a head torch on. This was due to him having been running throughout the night in preparation for the D99 race in March. I'm amazed he was awake enough to do the First Timers Briefing, never mind complete the run!

Finally, a small and merry band went for breakfast at the Brig O'Don. Please be aware if you're heading over in future weeks there is now a new system in place for payment - pay at the bar, get your receipt as a 'token' which you then hand to staff on placing your breakfast order. Great service from them as always - many thanks.

Hope to see you all next week. Happy running!

Your Run Reporter for the week,
Clare Russell


Aberdeen parkrun event Number 393, Saturday 02/02/2019

272 people braved the cold wind to take part in our event today. We were joined by 26 first timers and parkrun tourists.

The stars of todays's event, were as always our volunteers:

Elizabeth KERR • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Izzie MCDONALD • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Nik ROBINSON • Susan MACIVER • Jonathan QUINN • Susan COWIE • Liam FINLAYSON • Bryan MILLS • John CONNELLY • Shallene CATTO • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Samantha FINLAYSON • Mitchell RENNIE • Tash GRANT

We had 3 parkrunners reaching milestones today:
Bill Skinner run his 200th parkrun
Hazel Wyness completed her 50th parkrun
and last but certainly not least Cassia Soni, JW10, run her 50th parkrun. Cassia took along a cake to celebrate her milestone run, thank you Cassia the cake was very tasty

Despite the conditions 6 people recorded PB's today, well done.

First male finisher was Paul Knight in 18:28
First female finisher was Moira Davie in 21:16
First Junior female finisher was Janani Mohan in 23:01
First junior male finisher was Jordan Cruickshank in 21:14

Our volunteer roster is almost full for the next couple of weeks but we still have the following spaces available:
09/02: Lead bike
and then lots of spaces from the 23'rd of February on-wards.
Volunteering is great fun, please drop an email to aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com if you are would to fill one of the spaces.
Remember our event cannot take place without volunteers!

See you all next Saturday when Tony Little is your Run Director.
Run Report Writer.


Aberdeen parkrun Event 392, 26th January 2019

Today’s run saw a rather driech start. Thankfully I think we stayed largely dry! We were joined by friends from Hazlehead as sadly the cold conditions this week had led to cancellation of their run.

Thus, despite the weather, we welcomed 434 people who ran, jogged and walked the course. Of these, 55 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests! Welcome to our new runners and congratulations to each and every runner who gained a PB!

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Colin BURNETT • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Fiona SEWELL • Colin JACK • Alison HAMEL • Shona CLARKE • Margaret TURNER • Nik ROBINSON • Jim MOIR • Susan COWIE • Tony LITTLE • Rohit SONI • Bryan MILLS • John CONNELLY • Robert SIM • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Charles DAWSON • Daniel STRACHAN • Alisha MCGARVEY • Mitchell RENNIE • Tash GRANT

It was great to see Rob return for a second stint as Run Director; always good when someone tries RD and then returns for another go. Rumour has it he’s even signed up again! Thanks Rob.

On the volunteering front, Rohit Soni today joined the 25 Volunteer Club. Rohit enjoys parkrun with his family, more often than not volunteering while his wife and daughter run. Congratulations Rohit, we look forward to seeing your purple t-shirt soon!

We had 3 pacers today - Tony, Alan and Nik. The pacing prize goes to Alan ‘Metronome’ Brown. Despite forgetting his watch, he came in 2 seconds behind target, only due to slowing down to encourage others at the finish. Serious kudos Alan!

Two of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers were also on the roster today. We’re doing well with a few enthusiastic youngsters completing their volunteering with us just now and others about to commence. Thank you all. We really do appreciate your efforts.

Run over, we had a good gathering at the Brig O’Don for breakfast. Always a great way to end the run.

Have a good week and we’ll see you all next Saturday.

Clare Russell
Run Reporter


Aberdeen parkrun 390, 12th January 2019

A combination of New Year fitness resolutions, Nik Robinson bringing a strong contingent from Newmachar Running Group to celebrate his 100th Parkrun, and the Danestone Medical Practice turning out run masse saw us hitting high numbers again today with a total of 425 people completing the course, of whom 63 were first timers and 44 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

Conditions were good for this time of year, the wind blowing across us towards the sea while on the upper prom with a calm lower prom as is often the way. Much of the sand on the lower prom has been cleared so places to build a sandcastle were thankfully limited! However, there are still some thick sandy patches as things stand so if you're not bothered about a time you may wish to consider bringing your bucket and spade next weekend. 

Visitors today were Tony and Maeve Higgins from Tralee; thank you so much for making us Aberdeen parkrun keyrings - what a lovely gesture and so much appreciated by our Core Team. We also had visitors from Burnley, Greenock and Falkirk; thanks for joining us! Colin who did First Timers Brief had a note but I just read it off it at the main briefing. There was a lot going on with the large numbers so I didn’t get the piece of paper from him. The key rings are fab!Torstein Skardhamar and Kirsteen Sayers joined the 50 club today, with Vivienne Lain, Nik Robinson and Colin Jack celebrating their 100th runs. Thanks to Nik for the cake at the finish and Colin for the tasty treats after our breakfast at the Brig Inn.

Congratulations to each and every one of you who achieved a personal best today. Notable mentions go to:

Mark McDonald recording a new PB of 18:30 on his 86th parkrun;

Saghun Bhandari (JM11-14) running a PB of 27:34 on his 56th parkrun;

Gillian Reid recording a PB of 29:45 on her 24th run - impressively, Gillian is already a member of the volunteer 25 club!

Nicola Cruickshank running strong in 30:32 on her 101st parkrun.

Thanks to the staff of Danestone Medical Practice for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed your run. Danestone are one of the growing number of GP practices across the UK who are prescribing parkrun to patients. Many of us are aware of the huge benefits that exercise, and particularly parkrun, can bring: physical, mental and social, so please keep an eye out for new faces and extend a warm Aberdeen welcome to any new faces!

If you’re reading this and thinking about joining us for the first time please don’t be put off or intimidated by the prospect of being new or unable to run! We’re a very friendly bunch, a truly inclusive community, and there’s no pressure to go at anything other than your own pace. If it’s your first time at parkrun seek out any of our High-Vis heroes for a chat prior to the run, and remember you’re always welcome for post run chat (with or without the breakfast) at the Brig O’Don! Sit anywhere, chat to anyone, we’ll all happily talk parkrun!

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers and we are grateful to each of them for supporting our run today:

Elizabeth KERR • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Fiona SEWELL • Gemma COLLINS • Tracey B THOM • Ray CROMBIE • Susan COWIE • Tony LITTLE • Lorna POTTER • Colin TURNBULL • Bryan MILLS • John CONNELLY • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Charles DAWSON • Alicea BAIN • Mitchell RENNIE

Our volunteer roster is looking very healthy for the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who has signed up! As I’m sure you’re all aware, our event is solely run by volunteers and it would be great to see new names on the roster. Remember we do have a volunteer 25 club, so if you’ve joined another milestone club for running perhaps this could be a future target.

While we never wish injury or illness on anyone, volunteering while sitting this out is a great way of keeping motivated. Susan Cowie (my big sister) commented today on how much she’s enjoying being part of parkrun while having a break from running. Remaining part of the community has very much motivated her in her return from the bench, where without parkrun it would have been easy to forget how enjoyable a pursuit running is.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011. Since then 10,471 participants have completed 77,624 parkruns covering a total distance of 388,120 km, including 13,921 new Personal Bests. A total of 766 individuals have volunteered 5,532 times.

See you all again next week. Happy running!

Clare Russell


RUN REPORT: “EXTRA! EXTRA!” Aberdeen parkrun #388, January 1, 2019


A record breaking 479 parkrunners crossed the Finish Line at Aberdeen parkrun on New Year's Day! Of that 479, 234 ambitiously kicked off 2019 by "Doing the Double" at Hazlehead parkrun at 9:30AM, followed by Aberdeen parkrun at the eleventh hour. With these 2 parkruns in such close geographic proximity, some keeners upped the challenge by running from Hazlehead to Aberdeen Beach in time for the 2nd event. Kudos to all those who double dipped, & congratulations to all 479 parkrunners who joined in to celebrate New Year's Day in fine fashion.


Number Cruncher Extraordinaire Martin Fraser is the Event Director at Hazlehead parkrun & has kindly given permission to use his figures re the double.

122 parkrunners whipped around Hazlehead faster than Aberdeen.

111 parkrunners blew around Aberdeen faster than Hazlehead.

And then there's that 1 in every crowd....

1 parkrunner was not like the others.

She chose to do both parkruns in the same time.

In 27:19, to be exact.

Enter yours truly, who couldn't have planned that fluke even if she tried.

To view Martin's magic number crunching in its entirety, check out his "Stat Attack" posting on the Hazlehead parkrun Facebook page.

Our previous record of 406 parkrunners set on January 21, 2017 was smashed by the addition of 73 more bringing us to our 479 total.

Speaking of records, a special shout-out to George Adams who is the 1st to set an Aberdeen parkrun record in the VM80-84 Category. George hails from Ellon parkrun where he has completed 47 runs to date & holds the Ellon parkrun record of 30:42 for his Age Category. This was George's first time at Aberdeen parkrun & we hope to see him return to challenge his time of 33:47.

Speaking of firsts....


We were delighted to welcome 66 First Timers on New Year's Day. They came from as near as Aberdeen & Ellon, & as far as Cambridgeshire & beyond. Some were newly minted parkrunners whilst others were dabbling in a spot of parkrun tourism. We hope you all enjoyed our beachy-keen route & hope to see you again soon!


Of our 479 parkrunners, a whopping 47 achieved Personal Bests. Given that the headwind on the second half of the course was plotting to thwart your stabs at PBs, you all deserve a round of applause. I wonder if pacers Alan Brown & Mark McDonald helped blaze the way to PB history for some of you? Or was it the call of the bagpipes luring you to the Finish Line? However your PB was achieved, what a way to kick-off 2019!


Good question.

We have a mystery man who crossed the Finish Line first. We love putting our parkrunners' names up in lights, but can't if we don't have your barcode to scan. Catch you next time, Mr. Who.

Meanwhile, 2nd across the line was junior Adam Brown in 17:15, & 3rd was Ronald Gauld in 17:26.


1st in for the Women was Nicola Gauld in 18:50. Crossing in 2nd was Claire Smith with a shiny new PB at 20:19. And in 3rd was Carolyn Milne in 20:52.

For those who haven't guessed by now, I like running the numbers.

Check this out....

Nicola is our course record holder in the Women's category. Her 17:04 finish recorded on February 25, 2012 still stands today, & she has finished 1st on our course 17 times in the Women's category.

Carolyn is our Age Graded Record holder with 96.37% set on April 8, 2017. She has finished 1st on our course 45 times in the Women's category.

Ladies, you set the bar high!

Congratulations on jump-starting your New Year in style.


Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW15-17: Emily Mutch 23:26 (PB!)
JW10: Sophie Imlach 24:42
JW11-14: Eilidh Davies 25:44 (First Timer!)

JM15-17: Adam Brown 17:15
JM11-14: Hamish McKay 18:33 (First Timer!)
JM10: Tom Macalister 24:35 (First Timer!)

We had 50 juniors parkrunning on New Year's Day! Well done to all!


Congratulations Liam Finlayson, Margaret Stewart & Linsey Sutherland who parkran their way into the 100 Club! What a way to ring in the New Year! Your journey to your 250 milestone begins now.


Though not official "milestones" in parkrun-land, we still like to give a nod to parkrunners who rack up another 100. Congratulations to Anne Milne on her 200th parkrun, & Craig Alan Smith on his 400th parkrun.


For all the stat-geeks who love number crunching, the results' page can be sorted by any of the columns.

Stat-geeks like moi can fill our boots at:



Thanks to the fabulous volunteers at both Hazlehead & Aberdeen parkruns who co-ordinated efforts to offer up this once a year opportunity to do 2 parkruns in 1 day. Our Aberdeen crew were headed up by our marvelous Event Director Graham Snedden & this merry band of volunteers:

Alan BROWN • Bryan MILLS • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Charles DAWSON • Clare RUSSELL • Cynthia FRY • Dino ROUSSIAS • Donald MCINTOSH • Graham SNEDDEN • Hannah MUTCH • Jayne ADDIE • Jim MOIR • John CONNELLY • Lucy GORDON • Mark MCDONALD • Michaela SULLIVAN • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Robert SIM • Roger APPLEBY

To join in the volunteer fun check out the openings on our future rosters at:



Bagpiper Hannah Mutch set us off in fine style by piping the parkrunners to the Start Line, & piping us in upon our return, too! First Timers were probably tickled pink to see a bagpiper at our parkrun. Hannah is a regular here, but is usually on the course giving everyone a run for their money. With 172 parkruns under her belt, Hannah holds the record for the most First Finishes (55) at our event! Impressive stuff from a parkrunner in the SW18-19 Category. Round of applause for Hannah who took time out from her own parkrunning to add her lovely piping to our New Year's Day event. Hannah, thanks for indulging in all the photo-ops, & for adding a Scottish flair to our New Year's parkrun edition.


Celebration has been the name of the game as of late at Aberdeen parkrun. Over the past few weeks we've celebrated Callum's proposal to Stephanie, Christmas, Carolyn's & Tracey's 250th parkruns, & now we've welcomed in a New Year with record breaking numbers. One might think we've been sufficiently blessed, but apparently we were just getting started.

Aberdeen parkrun would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rosemary Leiper on being awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the New Year's Honours List. Rosey is being recognized for her 40 years service to the NHS, & for services to Breast Screening & The Macular Society. Congratulations Rosey on such a well-deserved honour.


Rosey is a familiar face here at parkrun having started with us back at Aberdeen parkrun's beginning in 2011. She has been parkrunning & volunteering her way through the years with us ever since. With 91 of her 159 parkruns at Aberdeen, I suspect she's just a tad beachy-keen. She has racked up 32 Hazlehead parkruns & the balance of her parkruns are scattered near & far. She posts impressive times no matter where she parkruns. Positively inspirational! We should all be a little more Rosey.


So that's the "Double" over for another year.
Time now to let parkrun 2019 unfold one parkrun at a time.
And time now to set your goals.
Aiming to parkrun more?
Or maybe you've got that elusive PB on your radar?

Whatever your parkrun resolutions, juggle in some volunteering so you can experience the magic of parkrun from the inside out.

Happy New Year parkrunning,

Cynthia Fry


RUN REPORT: “THE WIND UP” Aberdeen parkrun #387, December 29, 2018

How did Aberdeen parkrunners wind up their final parkrun of 2018?

A bit of a gale whipped 243 parkrunners around the promenades on Saturday. At times the gusts bullied bodies to a standstill & even tripped up a few of us. Hopefully all made it through without too much ado.

For our First Timers to Aberdeen parkrun, kudos for surviving your....

Despite the windy conditions, 26 daring souls set out on their very first Aberdeen parkrun. Locals along with those hailing from Plymouth, Bristol, London & beyond battled the crazy crosswind that wreaked havoc over the proms. Congratulations to all of you for surviving one of our more windswept editions. Welcome aboard to:

Kyra Gibb, Tom Moriarty, Chris Pettifer, Joe Saunders, Callum Swapp, Leya Gibb, Matt Gibb, Oscar Sanchez, Michelle Graham, Phil Learmonth, Scott Spencer, Georgina Moriarty, Jesse Tomalin, Aileen Smith, Anna Forsyth, Mark Dailey, Alison Arijs, Jacqueline Dailey, Rachael Main, Christine Graham, Cara McGuigan, Rebecca Warnock, Vicky Brown, Gemma Hadden, Sebastian Arijs, & Chloe Gallacher.

First Timers, we challenge you to a return quest to find those magical calm days to which we are sometimes treated. They're not just an urban legend. We confidently predict that's the last windy Aberdeen parkrun this year. Promise.

The 1st parkrunner over the Finish Line was James Gray in 18:19 with Kenny Garden following in 2nd at 18:36. Rankin Lascelles followed this dynamic duo in 3rd position at 18:46. For the Women, junior Kyra Gibb was 1st over the Finish Line in 20:56. Hannah Mutch came across 2nd in 21:25 & Emma Sutherland in 3rd at 22:43. Well done to all for posting such fab times under less than ideal conditions.

Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW15-17: Kyra Gibb 20:56 (First Timer & First Woman across the Finish Line!!!)
JW10: Leya Gibb 23:36 (First Timer)
JW11-14: Brodie Farquhar 35:05

JM15-17: Calvin Ramsay 18:58
JM11-14: Drew McDermid 22:01
JM10: Nathan McGregor 24:28

Juniors, now that you've conquered the course under such challenging conditions, future parkruns should be a breeze!

A sweet 16 defied logic & were victorious over the wind to parkrun to personal bests:
Matthew Dailey, Scott Cumming, Andrew Munro, Jonathan Bromley, Callum Runcie, Colin Greig, Alison Scott, Alastair Bews, Guy Glen, Pamela Dyker, Mark McDonald, Kerry Donald, Marie King, Gillian Reid, Kelly Caird, & Angie McGregor.
Impressive efforts in that weather, folks!
Thanks to pacers Alan Brown & Philip Ware for braving the elements to help some of our parkrunners achieve their PBs.

To check out all our parkrunners' results, take a gander at:


250 X 2
Sharing top billing in milestones were Carolyn Snedden & Tracey Thom who both parkran their way into the 250 parkrun history books this week.

Carolyn is an accomplished "parkrun tourist" boasting 62 of her parkruns beyond her home parkrun of Aberdeen. Racking up all those land & air miles has enabled Carolyn to learn her ABCs as she completed the parkrun alphabet. With a long history at Aberdeen parkrun dating back to December 31, 2011, she doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Not content to just parkrun, this running machine also gives back above & beyond the call of volunteer duty. She has volunteered in 151 roles on 127 separate occasions. 119 of those occasions have been here at Aberdeen parkrun. She also dabbles in volunteer tourism at other parkruns including barcode scanning at Stormont in Belfast. I suspect one of her favourite volunteer roles might have been her delightful appearance as Laa-Laa when Team Teletubby made a cameo appearance at Duthie junior parkrun's 1st birthday celebration. Laa-Laa land aside, Carolyn has filled most of the roles on the roster from Run Director to Tail Walker. She exemplifies the parkrun spirit illustrating that parkrunning & volunteering can go hand in hand. Thanks for your inspiration, Carolyn!

Tracey Thom's Aberdeen parkrun journey began on January 11, 2014. She hit the ground running with a string of PBs early on in the game. 221 of Tracey's parkruns have been at Aberdeen parkrun with the other 29 scattered throughout Scotland...& beyond. Along side her parkrunning, she also has 25 volunteer credits to her name. Tracey has jumped into the volunteer pool 14 times at Aberdeen, once at Hazlehead & 10 times at Duthie junior parkrun.

To accomplish the volume of parkrunning & volunteering that Carolyn & Tracey have achieved, I'm thoroughly convinced they are concealing super hero capes under their running togs. Congratulations to both of you on your 250th parkrun! Your "250" milestone T-shirts are certainly well-deserved.

After Tail Walking at our 387th edition, Leeann Pratt has now earned her 25th volunteer credit. Congratulations!! In addition to volunteering, Leeann has parkrun 191 times. Some may recognize Leeann by the double buggy she is usually pushing along the promenade. Her 2 passengers cheer her on as she makes her way around the course braving whatever the elements toss at her. Leeann, enjoy the addition of your volunteer 25 milestone T-shirt to your parkrunning wardrobe!

The stars of the parkrun show are always our volunteers. Thank-you to these 15 who braved Saturday's whirlwinds:

Alison MATHERS • Ben WARE • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Charles DAWSON • Claire SMITH • Cynthia FRY • Ellen COWIE • Graham SNEDDEN • Ivor DUFFUS • Jamie ROSS • Jane KNOWLES • John DUFF • Leeann PRATT • Mark MCDONALD • Mike MACKAY

A special shout out to Event Director Graham Snedden who put in yet another stint as our Run Director over this holiday season. Thank-you to Graham & the Snedden family for devoting so much of their holiday time so we parkrun addicts can get our fix.

Itching to don one of those fancy-schmancy hi-vis parkrun volunteer vests?
Join our all~star cast by checking out future rosters at:


If you haven't yet volunteered at parkrun, perchance it could be one of your New Year's Resolutions?

Speaking of New Year's....

What better way to kick off New Year's Day than to "do the double". Once a year, parkrunners have the chance to take on the challenge of 2 parkruns in 1 day. On January 1, 2019, those keen to do the double can take on the Hazlehead parkrun at 9:30AM, & then head to Aberdeen Beach for the 11AM start of Aberdeen parkrun. Double dog dare you!!

Will there be Mutch piping in our Aberdeen parkrun New Year?

Happy Holiday parkrunning
Cynthia Fry


Event 384 – Run Report – 15 December 2018


A strong wind greeted the 114 hardy souls and 15 amazing volunteers who braved the start of Storm Deirdre on Saturday morning. Fortunately we started early enough in the day to avoid the rain but we still had the winds to contend with……

Due to the weather conditions, we ran the route in reverse. Going out along the lower prom was tough, especially with the sand blowing about but along the top on the way back was a joy as the wind gave everyone a wee helping hand.

Remarkably two people managed new PBs – a fantastic achievement in those conditions. Congratulations to Jonathan Major and Katrina Clark!

Amazingly we also had three first timers this week including a visitor from Mexico. We hope you all enjoyed your first foray at our beach route and will come back when the weather is a little kinder!


Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteer team this morning in the challenging conditions:
Craig JOLLY • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Fiona SEWELL • Mark FINDLAY • Alan MARRIOTT • Hamish MACDONALD • Jim MCCURRACH • Mark MCDONALD • Bryan MILLS • Neil MCBAIN • Harry SAYERS • Louise BEATON • David HUNTER • Kristin MCCURRACH • Mitchell RENNIE

We just need a lead bike for 22nd December and there are plenty of free slots for our extra parkrun on Christmas Day and on Saturday 29th December. If you can help, please email in to aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com and we’ll get you added to the roster.
The full roster can be seen at:



Congratulations to Andrew Thompson on completing his 250th parkrun of which 221 have been completed at Aberdeen and a further 22 at Hazlehead. Aberdeen parkrun is also where Andrew met his lovely wife Suzy and their son Ben celebrated his 1st birthday earlier this year. It’s amazing how much coming along to parkrun each week can change your life! We look forward to seeing you sporting the green 250 t-shirt soon Andrew.

Congratulations also to Jane Traill, Murray Swapp & John Reed who all ran their 50th parkruns today. Red milestone T-shirts will be winging their way to you very soon folks!


This week’s results can be found at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/aberdeen/results/latestresults/


Over the Finish Line first for the ladies was Hannah Mutch in 22:01 while first timer Katherine Thomson came across second in 23:42 and third was Hazel Thompson in 23:51.


First across the line was Stuart Milne in 19:33 with Jim Moir second in 19:54 and Andrew Thompson third in 19:59.


Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:
JW15-17: Ellen Cowie 32:07
JM11-14: Drew McDermid 22:05


As it’s the last parkrunday before Christmas, this Saturday will be our traditional Christmas themed fancy dress run. So get your Santa hats out along with the Santa, elves, snowmen, Christmas trees and turkey costumes. Don’t forget the tinsel either and fingers crossed for a less windy run! 

See you all next week when Graham is your run director.


Aberdeen parkrun Event number 380 17th November 2018

This week we saw the start of the colder days, certainly as far as volunteering was concerned! Personally speaking I think I’ll be donning extra layers from hereon in. Others also commented that they were feeling a tad chilled by the end so many thanks to all those of you who made the event happen:
Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Clare RUSSELL • Izzie MCDONALD • Shirley C • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Laura MCPHERSON • Jim MOIR • Tracy LEACH • Tony LITTLE • Rohit SONI • Mark MCDONALD • Malcolm SHENNAN • Bryan MILLS • John CONNELLY • Ben WARE • Alicea BAIN • Mitchell RENNIE

This week 288 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 22 were first timers and 25 recorded new Personal Bests. Very well done to those getting PBs: Rowan Frost, Patrick Gray, Rory Brand, Abi Will, Chloe Howle, David Corbett, Marie Dobson, Steve Allan, John Chalmers, Amy Hilditch, Gavin Coull, Lucy Mcilwham, Michael Hall, Deborah Hall, David Duffus, Bivisha Uprety, Ramraj Pahari, Colin Barclay, Danielle Stewart, Katy Gunn, Iona Jessiman, and Tanya Rennie.

We had a few visitors including Steven Alder from Colchester Castle parkrun who completes his first Scottish parkrun with us, and Kevin McMillan from Pless parkrun who was very complimentary about our course, promising to return on a calm day in the future. We also had visitors from Crichton, Camperdown, Margate and Portobello, all joining Carolyn for our First Timers Briefing.

As Satrosphere has now closed for refurbishment we moved to the Brig O’Don for coffee and were warmly welcomed with tea, coffee and a hearty breakfast on offer. A certain Jolly runner was in his glory, I’m sure!

No milestones were reached this week but the results indicate there are a few on the horizon. Do drop us an e-mail or speak to the Run Director if you’re hitting a magic number as it’s always good to share in the celebration.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Hope to see you all again soon,
Clare Russell
Run Director and Run Reporter

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