Run Report – Aberdeen parkrun:371

RUN REPORT "From the Edge of the Saddle"
Aberdeen parkrun #371, September 15, 2018

Early Saturday morning I hopped on my bike & headed down to Aberdeen Beach. I was signed up as "Lead Bike" on the volunteer roster & wanted to pre-ride the course before reporting for duty. As I rode along the top promenade, an amazing serenity greeted me. Aberdeen Beach was putting on quite the show. The North Sea was flat calm. The air was still. The temperature was just right.
I could feel it in the air....a glorious PB kind of day was about to unfold for the Aberdeen parkrunners.
But more about that later...

The Lead Bike role tasks the rider to lead out the front runners along the 5k route & forewarn other promenade users that a herd of parkrunners are on their way. As usual, I positioned myself a good distance ahead of the Start Line so as not to be "swarmed" by the herd once they launched. It is amazing how quickly they ramp up their speed from zero to full-tilt. For future Lead Bikers, my best starting advice is to put a bit of space between you & the Start Line. Once everyone is up & "running" you'll get a sense of their speed & can position yourself a safe distance ahead. Let the front runners have you in their sight, but balance it off with giving yourself enough time to alert other prom users that the runners are coming. It comes in handy to have a bell on your bike to give warning. Never underestimate the power of having a ding~a~ling on the bike. When approaching other prom users I usually shout out "Lots of Runners Coming". For a touch of parkrun PR, toss in a smile & a wave, for good measure. Since parkrun doesn't have exclusive use of the prom, the Lead Bike volunteer can act as an ambassador easing the way for the herd of runners in tow.

Soon after the outset, 2 runners were at the forefront. Each time I glanced over my shoulder, this dynamic duo were in striking distance of each other. I sped up just before the halfway mark so I could bank some time to stop for a quick "Hello" to the Marshal. At this point, I usually pause long enough for the front runner to be just metres away before I launch myself down the ramp onto the lower prom. It was at the half way point that I realized a gap had opened between the 2 front runners. The race was on. Not that parkrun is a race, but let's admit it, many are running for time & clearly for the front runners it was all about the tick~tock. The next 2k zipped by & I found myself at the end of the lower prom letting Marshal Kirsty know that the runners were on their way. I waited at the top of "the chute" for the front runner to come around the corner & then it was time for the last...

500 metres to go.
Would the 2 front runners come back together to duke it out?
Time would tell...
On the run down to the finish I got closer to the front runner to shout encouragement. I'm always tentative about cheering at this point. The last thing a front runner might want to hear is someone rolling along effortlessly on 2 wheels shouting words of encouragement. But, I threw caution to the wind & cheered him on. I just couldn't help myself! It was all so exciting! It all ended with a solo dash over the line with the 2nd place finisher Andrew Love just a few seconds back at 16:57.
But who was our mystery 1st Finisher?

Didn't the 1st Finisher have a barcode? Or did he forget to bring it? Or perhaps he just didn't want his time recorded... Shucks. Inquiring minds want to know who this speed star was! It's always nice to record a name to a time no matter what the placement. Maybe next time, Mr. Mystery Man?

Finishing an impressive 8th in the field of 292 parkrunners, our first female finisher was Hannah Cameron crossing the line in 18:48 with a PB as an added bonus! Double congrats!!

It's fabulous to see so many juniors taking on the challenge of the 5k distance.
Congratulations to these juniors finishing first in the following categories:

JW10: Mia McDermid 31:25
JW11-14: Lauren Bibby: 23:32
JW15-17: Janani Mohan: 20:37

JM10: Saghun Bhandari: 31:16
JM11-14: Alasdair Nunn: 20:03
JM15-17: Hamish Brown: 18:18 (tying his previous PB!)

Not all the firsts unfold at the first. "Firsts" are scattered throughout the field through the various categories. A special shout out to Ann Gallon who in a time of 19:48 established a new Aberdeen parkrun record in the VW40-45 category. This was also a PB for Ann! In addition, she topped the day's field with her Age Grade % with a magical 80.22%! Banner day all around! Wonder if we can convince Ann to share her secrets of success...

29 First Timers picked the perfect day to visit Aberdeen parkrun. With the weather offering up great parkrunning conditions, we hope you enjoyed! We welcomed parkrunners indulging in a spot of parkrun tourism, whilst some were embarking upon their very first parkrun ever. No matter what the story, we hope you all had fun & we hope to see you back soon.

With pretty much perfect run conditions on offer, the scene was set for all those chasing a PB. 61 of our 292 parkrunners dashed across the finish line with a PB. Kudos to each & every one of you.
You'll find "Team PB" & everyone else's results at:

At the cafe apres parkrun....I took great pleasure in chatting with Shona & Kristi. Both were anxiously awaiting their parkrun results to come through on their phones to confirm their PBs. Their anticipation was contagious & I found myself getting giddy with excitement as I joined in the wait.
If RD Graham felt extra sets of eyes frequently glancing over at him whilst he was processing the results, it wasn't just his imagination.
Tap, tap, tap...
And voila!
When the notifications came through on their phones, Shona & Kristi were absolutely tickled pink. They were over the moon with excitement! In fact, I'm surprised victory dances didn't break out.
Even if your trusty Garmin says you've gotten a PB, it's not until your parkrun result announces the PB that it feels truly real!
I suspect these 2 gals might still be floating around on Cloud 9. Enjoy!

And in other celebrations...

Congratulations to junior Lauren Bibby for achieving her 10th parkrun! 9 of her parkruns were run at Aberdeen & 1 at nearby Ellon for a spot of local parkrun tourism.

Congrats to John Connelly, Janice Mitchell & Susan Darcy on completing your 50th parkruns.
Remember to claim your milestone T-shirts!

In other number fun ~ Saturday's parkrunner with the most parkruns under his belt was Mark Findlay with a grand total of 326. Mark is also a frequent volunteer at Aberdeen parkrun & is currently doing a stint in the Pre-Event Setup role. Merci, beaucoup for adding to your parkrun exploits by jumping into the volunteer pool! Speaking of which...

The merry band of volunteers donning high~vis vests to host this week's edition of Aberdeen parkrun were:

Adam SCRAGG • Alicea BAIN • Bryan MILLS • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Cynthia FRY • David HUNTER • Dorothy FOY • Emily MCKENZIE • Emma SUTHERLAND • Ese SCOTT • Graeme HAY • Graham SNEDDEN • Kirsty Charlotte FORBES • Laura MCPHERSON • Mark FINDLAY • Mark MCDONALD • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Rohit SONI • Yvonne MILLMAN

Thank-you to Run Director Extraordinaire Graham Snedden & this fab team for volunteering. We're always keen to add new volunteers into the mix so don't be shy, give it a try! Check out our future volunteer rosters at:

Though our First Finisher was "Unknown", our 2nd Finisher Andrew Love dashed across the line in a time of 16:57. By 55:11 the tail end of the field were shepherded in by Tail Walker Laura.
Aberdeen parkrun #371 was now done & dusted.
Let's check out:

As of September 15, 2018, here's the scoop:

Number of events: 371
Number of first finishers: 250
Average number of runners per week: 194.8

Average run time: 27:03
Female Record Holder: Nicola Gauld - 17:04- Event 21 (25/02/12)
Male Record Holder: Myles Edwards - 15:08 - Event 190 (02/05/15)
Age Grade Record Holder: Carolyn Milne - 96:37% - 19:18 - Event 294 (08/04/17)

Number of runners: 9872
Number of clubs: 535
Average number of runs per runner: 7.3
Total hours run: 3 Years, 262 Days, 9 Hours, 25 Minutes, 14 Seconds
Number of runs: 72,260
Number of PBs: 13,257
Biggest attendance: 406
Total distance run: 361,300 km

To see how Aberdeen parkrun unfolds from the front of the field, give the Lead Bike role a whirl. If you're hesitant about staying ahead of the front runner, check out the course record (currently 15:08) and pre-ride the course to see what kind of pace you'd have to do to keep within that time. This will give you a gauge as to if you're fast enough to take on the Lead Bike role. It's a fascinating vantage point from which to experience the event. As a 16 time Lead Bike veteran, I highly recommend!

Happy parkrunning
Cynthia Fry


Run Report – Event 370 on 8th September 2018

Welcome to this week's run report!

Event 370 certainly was memorable as we took part in #teamparkrun, a nationwide event to demonstrate how inclusive parkrun is. We know that the most common reason by far for someone registering with parkrun and not participating is that they don’t feel capable of running 5k. We were delighted to welcome local TeamGB member and 2017 World Championship silver medallist, Zoey Clark, to our parkrun where she volunteered as one of our tail walkers. The tail walker is always the last person to finish parkrun so no matter how long it takes you to complete the 5k distance you can rest assured you will never be last.

We had a total of 263 runners and walkers today, including 37 first timers of whom 22 were brand new to parkrun and 15 were visiting from other parkruns including Newcastle, Perth, Black Park and Cirencester. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Aberdeen.

We also had the following people reaching parkrun milestones today:

Steve Abel completed his 50th parkrun,
Howard Hall completed his 100th parkrun,
and core team member Colin Burnett completed his 300th Aberdeen parkrun!

If you are due to do a milestone run, please let us know by emailing in so we can give you a shout out.

Conditions were good today - cloudy, cool and with a slight breeze. An amazing forty three people achieved a PB including Jayne Addie, Margaret Stewart, Ludovic Krauss, Ghana Bhandari, John Reed, Victoria Noad, Drew McDermind, Panos Pliatsikas, Edgar Rodrigues, Louise Forbes and Gordon Orr. Congratulations to everyone who got a new PB today.

The wonderful volunteers who helped make today's event happen were:
Mark RAMSEY • Colin BURNETT • Alan BROWN • Fiona SEWELL • Tony MCGARVA • Mark FINDLAY • Laura MCPHERSON • Alan MARRIOTT • David LANGAN • Ese SCOTT • Amy MACKIE • Bryan MILLS • Jade ANDERSON • Laura BROCKIE • Rhianne STEWART • Jamie MCMILLAN • Tia MCBAIN • Elmira DONALD • Alicea BAIN • Katherine THOMSON • Zoey CLARK

Along with Zoey Clark, we also had our friends from Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) volunteering at today's event. A huge thanks to all our volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in future weeks, please get in touch by emailing to choose the role and date you can volunteer. All our roles are easy to pick up and full training will be given so why not give it a try!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun results page.

Hope to see everyone back next week when Graham will be your Run Director.

Happy Running!

Run Director & Report Writer


Run Report – Event 369 on 1st September 2018

Welcome to the run report!

Your run reporter is back after a wee break for the summer. Thanks to the run directors for stepping in and completing the run reports in my absence. It gave me time to do a bit of parkrun tourism and stand back and review our parkrun.

We have a great event that goes like clockwork - most weeks! We also have some superb volunteers that go the extra mile to ensure we continue with the event each week.

265 runners today, an excellent total for today’s event.

The volunteers who made this event happen were:
Grant ALLAN, Laura BARRIE, Vivien BROUGHTON, Colin BURNETT, John DUFF, Mark FINDLAY, Samantha FINLAYSON, Dorothy FOY, Alan MARRIOTT, Bryan MILLS, Mark RAMSEY, Adam SCRAGG, Claudia SCRAGG, Carolyn SNEDDEN, Rohit SONI, Irina WALKER, Ben WARE, Paul Kevin WEBS

Thanks to all the volunteers today from the Core Team

Conditions today – We had a strong wind for the first part on the top promenade and a little wind behind the runners on the lower promenade. Did you run well today - did you get a pb?

We had an excellent total of 31 PBs as well as a grand total of 28 First timers at our event today. We hope you enjoyed the run and you are welcome back anytime.

The results are on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified.

The 1st one home today was Robbie Simpson in a fantastic time of 15.38. Great to see Robbie down at our event and only the strong wind curtailed his effort in attempting to run a record time. It was the eighth fastest time ever recorded at Aberdeen parkrun with Robbie already holding the 5th fastest time.
2nd back was Calum Crawford in 17.25 and a new PB.
3rd back was Dino Roussias in 18.00.
1st Female back today was Kirsty Mitchell in 20.13 - Well done to Kirsty!
2nd Female Finisher was Elizabeth Kerr in 20.59
3rd Female Finisher was Wendy Macklin in 21.02
Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.
Notable mentions to Panos Pliatsikas for his 3rd PB in 3 weeks and special mentions to Kevin Mackie and John Connelley also in achieving new PBs.

The next two weeks are almost filled of volunteers with only a couple of positions to be filled.
We are looking for volunteers to help out in mid to late September and on into October so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event please just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator at the following address to choose your role and date you can volunteer.

Running story of the week-
Well done to all our runners who competed in the Great Aberdeen run events last week
Special mention to David Hunter who was running his first 10k last week. He was entered into the 10k by his mum and dad and following a 10k plan and asking advice from other runners back at the Tramshed Cafe after our events. David took on the advice given and ran a fantastic time of 49.16. His times at parkrun continue to improve and he has entered the Scottish 10k at the end of September and we are looking forward to David continuing to improve his time at both the parkrun and at the 10k distance.

It’s Free- It’s Fun-It’s your parkrun
See you on Saturday.
Your run reporter
Colin Burnett


Aberdeen parkrun event 368 – 25th August 2018

Aberdeen parkrun
Event number 368
25th August 2018

What a fantastic weekend of running in Aberdeen. As well as parkrun there was the Celebrate Aberdeen Union Street Mile and Great Aberdeen Run. Congratulations to all those who took part, a large amount of whom were parkrunners. It was great to see so many familiar faces as volunteers at the Great Aberdeen Run too and their encouragement certainly pushed many on.

This week 257 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests.

We had a lot of tourists and even some all the way from Australia. We had visitors from Adelaide, Brisbane, Falkirk, Stirling, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and Ipswich. We had Carol Skates visit us for the 5th time from Gadebridge where she is the Event Director.

Many thanks to today’s volunteers of whom the majority were from Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative. It’s great to have their regular support when they have a volunteer takeover day.


First Finisher was Rankin Lascelles in a time of 17:41 and First Female Finisher was Elizabeth Leason in 20:40. First Junior to cross the finish line was Drew McDermid in 20:59

28 Personal Bests were recorded.

Special PB Shout out to:

Tony Jones who is one of the RDs at Hazlehead and regular runner at both parkruns in Aberdeen.
The first PB in the results was Jane Kidd in 23rd position in a time of 21:45

There were a lot of parkrun milestones as well today:

Susan Cowie completed her 50th parkrun
George Taylor completed his 50th parkrun
Jillian Gordon completed her 100th parkrun
Joanna Fiveash completed her 250th parkrun (Home run is Tilgate)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

Claudia is your Run Director next week. See you all then.
Carolyn – Run Report Writer


Aberdeen parkrun Event 367 18′th August 2018

This week we had 294 people run, jog and walk at our 367'th event at Aberdeen parkrun. An Incredible 64 of those 294 were first timers and we had visitors from London, Newcastle, Poole, Dunfermline and Birmingham amongst others.

Many thanks to today's volunteers:

Mike Mackay, Clare Russell, Alan Brown, Carolyn Snedden, David Maclennan, Roger Appleby, Alan Marriott, Gordon Simpson, Tracey Thom, Philip Ware, Malcolm Shennan, Amy Mackie, Bryan Mills, Ben Ware, Gail Rennie, Steph Budge, Mark Budge and Reece Carson.

Reece did his last stint of volunteering at the event towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. Many thanks Reece for all your help at Aberdeen parkrun and good luck.

First finisher was Michael Simpson of Metro Aberdeen RRC, with a new PB of, 17:35. Max Abernethy of Fraserburgh RC was our first Junior Male finisher just a few seconds behind on 17:38, fantastic effort Max.

Carly McNeil was our first female finisher in 19:56 and the first female junior was Naomi Eggling in 23:08

We had a birthday boy running today, Kev Mackie, hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday

One of our regular volunteers Malcolm Sheenan reached his 150th milestone. Many thanks to Malcolm for the coffee/tea and donuts at the cafe afterwards

34 out of a possible 230 runners had PB's today. Special shout out to:
Lewis Clark, one of the junior runners, Watford Harriers AC who took over a minute off his PB and
Cameron Clark, another junior runner, also of Watford Harriers AC who took over a minute off his PB.
Glynis Buchan, Jog Scotland who also took over a minute off their PB
Neil McBain, one of our regular volunteer's
and Nik Robinson, focal point for parkrun UK Duke of Edinburgh Awards, surely sub 20 minutes soon.

We have a full volunteer roster next week but lots of roles to fill in September, volunteering is fun. Without volunteers the event can't take place so please consider putting your name against one of the roles sometime soon.
You can view the roster on
or send an email to

Fiona is your Run Director next week. See you all then

Bryan. Run Director & Run Report Writer


Aberdeen parkrun – Event Number 364 -28th July 2018

Aberdeen parkrun
Event number 364
28th July 2018

Many thanks to all who came along this week. 240 people ran, jogged and walked the course. There were 22 first timers and representatives of 20 different clubs took part.
The thunder and lightning stayed away! Course conditions were very good albeit a bit humid on the bottom prom. There was a small drizzle of rain which was rather refreshing whilst running.

29 of those who took part on Saturday recorded new Personal Bests – that 12%. Since Aberdeen parkrun started on 8th October 2011 there have been 12,963 Personal Bests recorded. An email sent to parkrun UK this week from one of our runners suggested that ‘PB’ should stand for “putting back” by volunteering after you get a PB. I’ll look forward to receiving 29 volunteer emails then!

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers- this week’s fantastic volunteers were:

Chris LANGTON • Jeremy SKEDGE • Vivienne LAIN • Esther FOWLER • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Graham SNEDDEN • Fiona SEWELL • Alan MARRIOTT • Christopher PROVAN • Dino ROUSSIAS • Steve WILSON • Mark MCDONALD • Malcolm SHENNAN • Bryan MILLS • Neil MCBAIN • Magdalena STEFANIAK • Caitlin STONE

1st Male Finisher was Finlay Ness in 17:36 (PB recorded)
2nd Male Finisher was Jim Moir in 18:11
3rd Male Finisher was Hugh Walton in 18:15 (PB recorded)

1st Female Finisher was Hannah Mutch in 20:02
2nd Female Finisher was Elizabeth Kerr in 21:05
3rd Female Finisher was Chelsea Cook in 22:30

The female record is held by Nicola GAULD who recorded a time of 17:04 on 25th February 2012 (event number 21).
The male record is held by Myles EDWARDS who recorded a time of 15:08 on 2nd May 2015 (event number 190).
The Age Grade course record is held by Carolyn MILNE who recorded 96.37% (19:18) on 8th April 2017 (event number 294).
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page

We were delighted to welcome visitors from Birmingham, Stockport and Dundee. The gentleman from Birmingham finished well up the field so I only managed to give him a wave as I came in through the finish funnel as he was walking back to his car. I did have a chat with father and son visitors from Dundee, Sean and Nairn Keith and they really enjoyed the course. We look forward to seeing you again.

Many thanks to Samantha Cumming and Tony Little who on their warm up run collected a full back of little from the top and bottom prom. It would be lovely to get a small group to do this again one Saturday morning to keep our beach area looking good. If anyone would like to donate some heavy-duty rubber gloves this would be much appreciated.

We had two MILESTONE CELEBRATIONS this week-

David Ovenstone completing his 100th parkrun
Fiona Sewell completing her 250th parkrun

We enjoyed the sweets at the end which Fiona provided and also the cake at the café. Fiona is part of the Aberdeen parkrun core team and gives a lot back to our parkrun. Not only has she now completed her 250th run but she has also completed 119 volunteer role positions. To add to that she likes a bit of parkrun tourism and has run at 60 different parkruns in the UK and abroad. She has also completed all the Scottish parkruns of which there are 40. A HUGE thanks Fiona for all you do – it’s very much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you next week and in the meantime if you would like to volunteer please drop us an email at: There are still a couple of gaps for next week. Clare Russell is next week’s Run Director.

Carolyn – Volunteer Co-ordinator and Run Report Writer (28th July 2019)


Aberdeen parkrun Event number 362: 14th July 2018

Congratulations to Roger Appleby on his 200th parkrun today
Bryan was your run director today -well for the finish?
For only the second time in our event Bryan left the finish tokens at home in Ellon and had to go back and get them. Graham took over as the run director after a quick meeting with the core team who were at the event. Graham did a great job and we decided to delay the start for 5 minutes to allow some time for Bryan to get back with the finish tokens in time, but we did have some extra volunteers stepping up to help just in case he was not back in time with an alternative plan of getting the runners placings and finishing barcode numbers when the runners finished. However Bryan got back with a few minutes to spare so all was back on course. (Edit: For the record, the one other time the finish tokens were forgotten, it was by none other than your Run Reporter, Colin Burnett! On this occasion Alan Brown came to the rescue, driving to Colin's house to collect the aforementioned tokens, thankfully hitting every set of traffic lights at green on the return journey!)
261 runners today,
A very good total for today’s event
The volunteers who made this event happen:
Thanks to all the volunteers today from Graham ,Bryan and the Core Team

Conditions today –

The wind before the run at the 8.30 recce run was slight on the top promenade but by the time we started the wind was stronger and the day was hotting up with no wind on the lower promenade which made it a more challenging run .
Did you run well --did you get a pb?
Thanks to all our pacers for helping and supporting the runners
We had 3 pacers today,
Rajendra Regmi –22 minutes
Ali Mathers running 25 minutes
Clare Russell pacing 30 minutes
We had a total of 19 PBs today –
We had a grand total of 37 First timers at our event today
Possibly it is the first time we have had more first timers than pbs?
We had visitors from Melbourne, Dundee and Falkirk
We hope you enjoyed the run and you are welcome back anytime
Your result is on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified by parkrun HQ on Saturday.
The 1st one home today was Stuart Milne in 17.36
2nd back was Allan Christie in 18.05
3rd back was Ryan Smith in 18.17 and a new Pb
1st Female back today was Hannah Morrison in 19.53 with a new Pb
Well done to Hannah
2nd Female Finisher was Lisa Michie in 22.50
3rd Female Finisher was Claire Smith in 23.11
Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.
Thanks to Ali Mathers for the yoga session after the run.
It is proving popular with more runners participating every week.
We are looking for volunteers so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event during the next few weeks or within the next month.
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator Clare at the following to choose your role and date you can volunteer
Running tip of the week-
Where can I get some useful tips on improving my running?
You can go on the internet or read in books
parkrun have some great tips from national runners and coaches on the newsletter page each week “Parkrun Pacers”. To improve your running.
But the one that is possibly the best is to go the café after our event where you can get tips on your running from our runners.
The experience they have and the different methods of training they do is great to hear and you can then try a few things that will help your running.
I won’t see you next Saturday as off to London for a few days and of course take in a parkrun!
Enjoy your run.
It’s Free- It’s Fun-It’s your parkrun
Your run reporter
Colin Burnett


Aberdeen parkrun No:357 9th June 2018

Many thanks to all who came along this week. 264 people ran, jogged and walked the course. There were 21 first timers and representatives of 17 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers-many thanks to:
Rosemary LEIPER • Chris LANGTON • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Shona CLARKE • Craig THORNHILL • Martin FAIRLEY • Cynthia FRY • Alexandra WILOWSKA • Martin COSSAR • David OVENSTONE • Rohit SONI • Bryan MILLS • Miles ATKINSON • Ben WARE • Neil MCBAIN • Reece CARSON

There were many locations throughout the UK who got involved celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the NHS and had a volunteer roster takeover day. We are lucky to have volunteer roster takeover days by many local groups and did have an NHS one not so long ago. We would like to take this opportunity however to thank not only our runners and volunteers who work for the NHS but also everyone involved in the great work they do. One special mention must go to one of our regular runners and volunteer, Rosey Leiper who has just recently retired from the NHS after 40 years’ service. Well done Rosey.

The 1st Male Finisher was David Jamieson in 16:56 (A PB)
2nd Male Finisher was Craig Beattie in 17:19
3rd Male Finisher was Calum Calder in 17:34

1st Female Finisher was Hannah Mutch in 19:49
2nd Female finisher was Patra Hampton in 19:58
3rd Female finisher was Anna McNeill in 21:05

Craig Thornhill was pacing 20 minutes with Jordan Cruickshank in the age 15-17 category hoping to stick with him to achieve a new PB. Well – he absolutely smashed it coming in in front of Craig in 19:32. It was so lovely to see the excitement his joy when he came over the finish line. Congratulations Jordan – what will you do next week?

60 of those who took part on Saturday recorded new Personal Bests – that’s 23%. Well done to all 60 and also those who recorded their best time this year.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Aberdeen parkrun Results Page.

We had visitors from Montrose, Ipswich and Cashel, County Tipperary. They all thoroughly enjoyed our course. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Valentia Avella to our parkrun who is from Australia and currently living in Aberdeen.

We look forward to seeing you next week and in the meantime if you would like to volunteer please drop us an email at: There are still a few gaps for next week.

Carolyn- Run Director and Run Report Writer (09 June 2018)


Aberdeen parkrun – Event 355 – 26th May 2018

Aberdeen parkrun
Event number 355
26th May 2018

Another great event today at Aberdeen parkrun
Congratulations to Phil Ware on his 50th parkrun
Congratulations to your run reporter on my 300th parkrun -just another 200 to get the next t-shirt?
367 runners today,
An excellent total for today’s event with Aberdeen Metro Running Club hosting our event and having a host of pacers from 18 mins to 34 minutes
Many thanks to Aberdeen Metro Running club
If you want more information on the club go to their website for details -

Clare was your run director today
Thanks to the team of volunteers today from Clare and the Core Team.
Conditions today were good for a PB with all the pacers and the weather being great and the wind on the top promenade at our backs and after turning at the bus shelter the wind in our faces.
Did you run well did you get a PB?
Thanks to all the pacers for helping and supporting the runners
We had a record total of 92 PBs Today --33.76% of our runners. Too many names to mention today but you all must have been smiling after the run.
The secret to run faster is to smile when running! Believe it as the 92 runners were all smiling at the finish?
I was told it look great to see the line of pacers along the lower prom with bunches of runners hanging on to the pacer.
Your result is on the web page under latest results tab
The 1st Male Finisher today was the unknown runner --but we know who it was! did you forget your barcode?
2nd Male Finisher was Andrew Love in 17.24
3rd Male Finisher was Jamie Ross in 17.26
1st Female Finisher was Hazel Wyness in 19.49
2nd Female Finisher was Carolyn Milne in 19.59
3rd Female Finisher was Claire Macaskill in 21.08
Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.
There were 43 first timers today at the new runners briefing.
We hope you enjoyed the run and you are welcome back anytime.
We are now looking at the Volunteer rota for the month of June and need your support to fill the following positions up

9 June
Pre-event set up
Marshal x2
Lead bike
Back up timer
Funnel Manager
Finish tokens
Barcode scanning x 4

16th June
Pre-event set up
Tail Walker
Lead bike
Finish tokens
Barcode scanning x 3
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator Fiona at the following to volunteer.
Next Saturday we have a double act directing the event Craig Jolly and myself
It should be fun with Craig’s rousing speech and no script! -no pressure Craig
Look forward to next week where we have a full team of volunteers and we will have cake and coffee for the team
Well we deserve a treat whilst you all run.
It’s Free- It’s Fun-It’s your parkrun
Your run reporter
Colin Burnett


Run Report 345 – 17th March 2018

Did you know that parkrun have themes every week and this week was SLEEP in PARTNERS which they were looking for runners to take pics of them running in their PJs? Well done to Tracey Thom who ran in her Onesie! Was there anyone else? Did you take any pics?

Congratulations to Mark Findlay on his 300th parkrun today
Mark helps and supports our event by being part of the pre -set up team of runners we currently have and takes the kit to and from to the event when he volunteers to be pre -set up volunteer for a number of weeks. We celebrated this special event by having free chocolate cake donated by Mark and a coffee back at Satrosphere after the run today.

151 runners today, with the cold windy conditions was not a bad total.

Bryan was your run director today. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen - it was absolutely freezing and they were superb.

Alastair BLAIN, Colin BURNETT, Ellen COWIE, Ivor DUFFUS, Cynthia FRY, Alison HAMEL, Anne KEENLYSIDE, Alan MARRIOTT, Jim MCCURRACH, Donald MCINTOSH, Bryan MILLS, Mark RAMSEY, Claudia SCRAGG, Fiona SEWELL, Alan SMITH, Rohit SONI, Ben WARE, Julie WARE

We have a full team for the next week with Rebel PT helping and supporting our event and we will also have some pacers.

We have a few positions for the 31st March to fill - Lead Bike and 3 Barcode Scanners. Now we need to look ahead for April getting the roster filled up too, especially with the Easter holidays coming up. If you have not volunteered for while then now is the time to add your name to our volunteer roster. You just need to check the volunteer tab on our webpage and look to see what positions are needing filled up and then e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator Fiona at to volunteer.

Conditions today were Baltic today. A strong cross wind with an icy blast on the first 2.5k on the top promenade. Lots of runners struggled to cope with the cold and the wind which blew you back and forwards at the same time - not one of our most enjoyable events when the conditions make you run sideways! Unsurprisingly the times of most of the runners reflected the conditions.
Four of us did the recce run at 8.30am and conditions were just as tough - it took half and hour after the run to defrost!

Your result is on the web page under latest results tab
Our first male finisher today was Tyler Whyte a first timer in a superb time of 17.44
2nd Male Finisher was Jamie Ross in 19.02
3rd Male Finisher was Robert Morrison in 19.46
1st Female Finisher was Hannah Mutch in 20.48
2nd Female Finisher was Sophie Radcliffe in 23.06
3rd Female Finisher was Vailia Hetherington in 23.11
We had a grand total of 3 PBs today.
Well done in achieving a personal best today in those conditions!
You even deserve a special mention – Ann Bennet, Roisin Casey Mckay, Molly Parsons
We had a total of 12 first timers today
We hope you enjoyed the run and are welcome back anytime, hopefully on a better day.

It’s free -It’s fun- It’s your parkrun

See you next week when your run Director is Alice McARA from Rebel Pt and Graham will buddy up to ensure she has the help and support to do the role.

Also for one week only, we will be going to Transition Extreme's café after the run on Saturday 24th March as Aberdeen Science Centre has a special NASA event on and we can't use the café. Hope to see you all there!

Your run reporter
Colin Burnett

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