Aberdeen parkun event number 399 Saturday 16′th March

Aberdeen parkrun # 399, March 16, 2019

What a delight to have so little wind at the beach on Saturday. Many of us had layered up in anticipation of a blustery greeting of a rain/sleet mix. Surprisingly, the rain held off until we got well under way into parkrun. Many parkrunners may have been thankful for a few raindrops to help keep cool enroute, but consider the plight of our dedicated volunteers. Operating the timers, handing out finish tokens & barcode scanning can leave bare fingers chilled to the bone. Additionally, most volunteer roles involve standing in one spot. With rain added to the cool temperatures, the big chill can quickly take its toll. Hopefully all our volunteers thawed out quickly once parkrun was wrapped up. I suspect a steaming cuppa at the Brig O'Don went a long way to restoring body temps back to norm.

Thanks to our always amazing Run Director Graham Snedden for keeping things parkrunning smoothly.

RD Graham's Words of Wisdom

This week's team of chilled out volunteers were:

Alan BROWN • Andrew FERGUSON • Bryan MILLS • Catherine SHANKS • Cynthia FRY • Elizabeth KERR • Fiona KENNEDY • Graeme HAY • Graham SNEDDEN • Harry SAYERS • Jim MOIR • Lindsay BRUCE • Lisa SHAW • Malcolm SHENNAN • Mitchell RENNIE • Rohit SONI • Sarah CRICHTON • Sarah STRACHAN • Tash GRANT • William SKINNER

Thanks to all our High~Vis Heroes for smiling through the less than ideal weather. You're all stars!

Finish FUNnel

We love seeing new folks lend a hand at parkrun, so don't be shy, give it a try! To dip your toes into the volunteer pool, check out our future rosters at:


Meanwhile, Saturday's highlights began with...

We were delighted to welcome 31 shiny, new faces to their first Aberdeen parkrun! For those who were parkrunning for their very first time ever, we hope you enjoyed your initiation into the world of parkrun. The parkrun phenomenon is a little slice of magic.....kind of like chocolate....addictive & always leaving you wanting more. Remember to bring your barcode each time you parkrun so we can put your name up in lights in our results. No barcode, no time, no exception. And remember, your barcode is valid at any parkrun in the world so always pack it when you travel. You just never know when a parkrun opportunity will knock.

A special shout out to our First Timers who mentioned they weren't sure if they could make it around the course. When I spied some of you sprinting for the Finish Line I knew you had caught the parkrun fever! Well done all!

Though we didn't spot Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, some of our First Timers were parkrun tourists visiting from such glam spots as marvy Montrose, captivating Carnoustie, noteworthy Newcastle, luscious London, & bustling Bristol... just to name a few.
We look forward to seeing these 31 First Timers at future Aberdeen parkruns:

Kenneth Robertson, Tyler Brown, Thomas Walter, Ian Beattie, Duncan Sinclair, Murray Coull, Kyle Yeats, Ross Herbert, Sandra Beattie, Leah Robertson, Lize Xia, Wendy Adie, Scott Wood, Iona Masson, Jonathan White, Matthew Rafferty, Beth Towsey, Anna Wray, Mark Haggart, Judith Smith, Sam Horn, Jemma Byres, Simone Hamer, Hugo MacAngus, Romanie MacAngus, Matt Nairpour, Shannon MacAngus, Alick MacAngus, Megan Runciman, Ann Webb, & Deborah Adekoya.

Fiona's First Timers' Briefing

Out of a possible 252 runners, 53 dashed their way to new PBs!
Congratulations to:

Rankin Lascelles, Graham McCabe, Michael Simpson, Sandy Laing, Mark Mitra, Christopher Paterson, Chelsea Cook, Scott Thompson, Avibesh Gautam, Oleg Yerkhov, Francis Neat, Shane Reid, Andrew Williams, Erdem Babayigit, Helen Duguid, David Corbett, Torstein Skardhamar, Samuel Dobby, Neil James Cosnette, Kevin Mackie, Greg Cooper, Sylvain Desgre, Alastair Bews, Mark McIlroy, Sam Crichton, Jacqueline Reaper, Jonathan Byrne, Sophie Wishart, Mostafa Elagouz, Marie King, Grant Shuttleworth, Mike Sievewright, Margaret Turner, Wendy Arthur, Catriona Young, Victoria Deveci, Maggie Seward, Maddie Pritchard, Stacey Kerr, Alison Fraser, Elizabeth Phull, Jill Cossar, Susan Murray, Fiona MacDonald, Natalie Ferguson, Keira Catto, Juanjo Asorey, Patricia Stenhouse, Shona Gossip, Harry Nicol, Rowena Cruickshank, Elaine Thomson, & William Thomson.

Thanks so much to pacers Jim Moir & Alan Brown who helped keep many of our speed~stars on track to reach their goals. It's always helpful to have pace bunnies in the mix!

Many of us have great expectations about our next PB, but I'm thinking Kevin Mackie never entertained a PB of this magnitude. He shaved 1:14 off his previous PB! What secret elixir of the running gods did Kev have for breakfast? Spill your secrets, Mr. Mackie!

1st over the Finish Line for the ladies in a fab time of 20:19 was Hannah Mutch. With 59 First Finishes to her credit, Hannah continues to top our First Finishers' table. She has a massive 181 parkruns to her credit, all of which have been at Aberdeen parkrun.
2nd in was Chelsea Cook in 20:58 earning her a shiny new PB! Chelsea shaved 22 seconds off her previous PB. She has completed 23 parkruns with 19 of them at Aberdeen.
3rd across the line was Gail Rennie in 22:44. Gail has 70 parkruns to her credit with 67 of them at Aberdeen parkrun.

1st across the Finish Line for the men's category was Rankin Lascelles in 16:42 earning him a shiny, new PB! Rankin has completed 55 parkruns with 40 here at Aberdeen.
2nd in was Ruairidh Campbell in 17:03. Ruairidh has 37 parkruns to his credit with 13 of them at Aberdeen parkrun.
3rd across was Graham McCabe in 17:13. This earned Graham a new PB on this his 6th run at Aberdeen He has now completed 177 parkruns in total.

Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW11-14: Maggie Seward 28:35 (PB!)
JW15-17: Christine M. Young 29:17
JW10: Shannon MacAngus 40:26 (First Timer!)

JM11-14: Samuel Dobby 23:49 (PB!)
JM10: Hugo MacAngus 35:57 (First Timer)
JM15-17: Jordan Cruickshank 42:33

To check out all our parkrunners' names up in lights visit:


Seems like just yesterday when 273 FABerdeen parkrunners celebrated our 300th edition. But heck that was way back on May 20, 2017!
Ahhhhh......I remember it well.
It was a fancy dress affair with a star~studded cast including Spider~Man Nik! And who could forget our pace bunny Teletubbies who brought a touch of Laa~Laa Land to the party. Rumour has it Alan B. might be tempted to reprise his Po position.
But perhaps it was just a rumour...

Time now to flash forward...

On March 23rd we'll be celebrating our 400th edition!
Will there be fancy dress? Will there be cake? Will Spider~Man arrive just in time? Will Alison C. parkrun her 100th? Will yours truly parkrun her 250th?
So many questions!
So little time!
Be sure to join us next Saturday for all the answers when Run Director Bryan Mills & his merry band of volunteers host our 400th edition of Aberdeen parkrun.

Happy parkrunning
Cynthia Fry


Aberdeen parkrun event 396 23rd Feb 2019

353 runners turned up to run today
An excellent total for today’s event
We welcomed all our Visitors today and lots of runners who added a splash of colour from the Newmachar Running group

The volunteers who made this event happen –
They gave up their run today to let you all run

Alicea BAIN • Bernadette HILLSON • Bryan MILLS • Caiden THOM • Ceri WILLIAMS • Colin BURNETT • Malcolm SHENNAN • Michael BARKER • Mike MACKAY • Mitchell RENNIE • Neil MCBAIN • Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Ray CROMBIE • Rohit SONI • Stuart DICKSON • Tony LITTLE • Vanessa SANTOS • Victoria NOAD

Great to meet our new volunteers today who all enjoyed volunteering
Caiden, Bernadette, Ceri and Vanessa
Ceri even found time to be lead bike and then run the route

Congratulations to Victoria Noad on her 50th parkrun today

Congratulations to Shallene Catto on her 100th parkrun today

Conditions today-- Dry with wind in the faces of the runners on the first 2.5k then tropical conditions on the lower prom?
Did you run well today--did you get a pb or your fastest time of the year
We had a total of 58 PBs today
Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.
We had a grand total of 44 First timers which is visitors and runners at their very 1st parkrun event at our event today
Victoria did a great job with all the first timers and runners from other parkruns
Thanks to Victoria for all the cake and toffee, chocolate brownies for the runners and volunteers.
It went down well with the coffee for the volunteers we had as the runners were on the course. Well we deserve a treat?
We hope all the visitors and first- time runners to our parkrun enjoyed the run and event and you are welcome back anytime
To our first time ever runners at our event today it was great to see there, and you have now started your parkrun journey. Keep it up!
The results are on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified.
The 1st one home today was David Buglass in fantastic time of 15.58 and a new PB
I chatted to David after his run and he said he struggled up the hill and into the wind??
2nd back home was Eoghan MacNamara in 17.12
3rd back was Paul Hadden in 17.58
1st Female back today was Jane Kidd in a fantastic time of 21.43 and a new pb and an age grade score of 89.33%
2nd Female Finisher was Carolyn Milne in 22.06
3rd Female Finisher was Jane Latham in 22.25
This coming Saturday (02/03) we still need a lead bike and barcode scanner
We have a full roster on the 9th of March
Then plenty of places to from the 16th of March onwards to fill.The 4th May has been booked up with volunteers already
We are looking for volunteers so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator this week at the following aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com to choose your role and date you can volunteer
Brig of Don Pub for post run coffee and the big breakfast is the place to be for the post run chats.
Good to see Stuart Bell back taking photos of the event.






It’s free-It’s fun -its Aberdeen parkrun.
Next week it is Clare who is your Run Director
Have a good week running -See you on Saturday
Your run reporter and run Director for today
Colin Burnett


Aberdeen parkrun event number 395 16′th February 2019

329 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We were joined by 32 first timers and our tourists came from Krakow, London and Edinburgh amongst other places.

The stars of the event were as ever our volunteers:


Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Craig JOLLY • Alan BROWN • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Tony MCGARVA • George MCPHERSON • Alasdair MACIVER • Cynthia FRY • Jim MOIR • Jamie ROSS • Jim MCCURRACH • Susan COWIE • Alan GRIEVE • Rohit SONI • Mark MCDONALD • Bryan MILLS • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Chelsea COOK • Alicea BAIN

Mark was RD for the second time and did a fantastic job.

Next week we still need a Lead Bike, Timekeeper and barcode scanner. If you can help us to fill these spaces then please email:

A special thank you once again to Stuart Bell for the fab photos of the event.

First male Finisher was Paul Hadden in a time of 17:06
First female finisher was Hannah Morrison in 19:19
First Junior female finisher was Melissa Regmi in 28:51
First Junior male finisher was Hamish Brown in 20:38

46 out of a possible 299 people recorded a new PB, special shout outs to:
Cassia Soni, who recorded a new PB for the second week on the bounce.
Mike Sievewright
Samuel Dobby
Alfie McRobb

We had a number of runners reaching milestones yesterday:
Steven Owens and Alan Grieve reached their 50'th parkrun
Kirk Anderson reached his 100th parkrun
Leeanne Pratt completed her 200th parkrun
Team Kerr, had a double Milestone with Elizabeth running her 200th parkrun and hubby Andrew running his 100th parkrun

Last, but certainly not least, Adam Scragg reached his 250th milestone.
Well done to you all.

See you all this Saturday when Colin is your Run Director.

Bryan (Run Report writer)


Aberdeen parkrun event number 391 Saturday 19th January 2019

Today 478 people ran, jogged and walked the course, we were joined by 47 first timers and parkrun tourists.

The stars of today's event were, as always, our volunteers: Paul Kevin WEBSTER • Colin BURNETT • Clare RUSSELL • Alan BROWN • Colin JACK • Tony MCGARVA • Nik ROBINSON • Alasdair MACIVER • Susan MACIVER • Jim MOIR • Ray CROMBIE • Susan COWIE • Tony LITTLE • Rohit SONI • Mark MCDONALD • Bryan MILLS • John CONNELLY • Harry SAYERS • Ellen COWIE • Charles DAWSON • Graeme HAY • Mitchell RENNIE • Tash GRANT

Mark McDonald did a fantastic job in his debut as Run Director especially with our second highest attendance to date. Well done for stepping up Mark.

We had 3 parkrunners reaching milestones today:

Stuart Clark run his 150th parkrun
Darren Smith & Rebecca Colleran reached their 50'th parkrun

First male finisher, with a shiny new PB, was Tom Doney in 15:58, almost one minute quicker than his previous PB.
First female finisher was Nicola Gauld in 18:15
First Junior female finisher was Claire Gauld in 21:12
First junior male finisher, with a shiny new PB, was Jordan Cruickshank in 19:07

86 out of a possible 431 parkrunners recorded PB's today well done to you all!

Our volunteer roster is almost full for the next few weeks but we still have the following spaces available:
26/01: Lead bike
02/02: Lead bike
09/02: Lead bike
and then lots of spaces from the 23'rd of February on-wards.
Volunteering is great fun, please drop an email to aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com if you are would to fill one of the spaces.
Remember our event cannot take place without volunteers!

See you all next Saturday when Rob Sim is your Run Director.

Run Report Writer


Aberdeen parkun 2018 summary

Aberdeen parkrun

Summary report 2018

As we close off another year of runs at Aberdeen parkrun it is that time to reflect on our parkrun event in 2018

The Core team of Graham, Carolyn, Fiona, Clare and Colin has been increased with the addition of Bryan Mills

Bryan has been a great asset to the team and has been our Volunteer of the Year and has only missed a few volunteer spots in the year -An amazing effort

A great big thanks goes to the core team who go about the business each week of ensuring everything is in place to keep the event going.

We have relocated our post run coffee due to the refurbishment at the Tram Sheds and our new home is the Brig of Don pub which has started very well

The Run Director role has had more runners stepping up to do this role in 2018 with Robert Sim, Craig Jolly, Tony Little all taking a turn and enjoying the role and they have indicated that they will do it again in 2019

We have shared out the run report this year and have had some great insights stories and reports and even mini novels from Cynthia Fry which are always a great read!

We even had one of our visitors report on her journey and run and her thoughts on our parkrun and was a very interesting read seeing our event from a visitor’s perspective was wonderful.

The Duke of Edinburgh volunteers continued in 2018 with more of our younger generation getting on the programme and choosing our event as their volunteer action for the year

We thank them all for their contribution

We hosted on September the 8th the #teamparkrun event to show that parkrun is inclusive to everyone and we had a World Silver medallist Zoey Clark tail walking to support the event

We have embraced any events in 2018-the NHS was another highlight event.

We had Aberdeen Metro Running club covering all the volunteer roles in May 2018 and having all the times covered with pacers. The pacing event was superb and it was great to see the train of pacers set off and runners of all abilities attaching themselves to their pacer number time. Lots of pbs registered that day.

Congratulations to the runners who achieved milestones this year with our 250 club of runners ever expanding

Tracey Thom, Carolyn Sneddon, Tony McGarva, Andrew Thompson, Alistair Blane June Burr, Fiona Sewell, Craig Miller, Helen Paddon, Naomi Milne

And many runners have achieved their milestones 100th parkrun and 50 parkruns

We even had a marriage proposal by Callum Smith to Stephanie Ann and “she said yes” on Christmas Day which was a fitting end to the run briefing.

Stats 2018

Now for some interesting stats for 2018

We had a total of runners at our event in 2018---15195

Average number of runners at our event for 2018 is 281

This is up an average of 24 per run event from 2017

Hannah Mutch was first female finisher an astonishing 19 times

The male or males with the most first finishers were

well it was the unknown athletes?? -5 times-no barcodes??

The course record still stands to Myles Edwards in 15.08 and has stood for 3 years now

We had 980 volunteer spots filled in 2018 and an average of 18 volunteers each event.

Best male time in 2018 was Robbie Simpson in 15.38

Best female time in 2018 was Nicola Gauld in 17.51

We never cancelled an event --always on in 2018 and we staged 54 events.

We had our 7th birthday in October and our event is still going from Strength to Strength.

Conditions most weeks were good with the severe wind factor coming into play only twice in the year and that was in the month of December the 29th being the worst.

We only changed the course once in 2018 due to the high winds on the 8Th December event.

There was the fitting tribute by Fiona Sewell and a minute’s silence to the sad passing of one our runners Grant Allan who had given so much to our event and had volunteered as much as he had run the event.

We hope all the visitors and first- time runners to our parkrun have enjoyed our event and come back.


Great well-run event- runs like clockwork-very well organised -have increased the number of runners from last year-a fun event -everyone felt welcome- a must do parkrun tourism event.

Only some of the comments from visitors to our parkrun

The challenge as in every year we have as with most parkruns is getting volunteers.

We have done very well in 2018 -possibly the best we have done, and the Core team would like to thank all the runners who have volunteered throughout the year

We simply cannot have a run without you volunteers

We do need to continue asking our runners to volunteer

An easy New Year’s resolution is to volunteer a little more at your parkrun -An easy win

Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator at the following aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com to choose your role and date you can volunteer

It’s Free- It’s Fun-It’s Aberdeen parkrun

Have a great 2019 and smile when your running?

From the Core team

Aberdeen parkrun


Aberdeen parkrun event number 389 Saturday 5′th January 2019

WOW! How do I follow that?

No- I do not mean the record-breaking numbers that attended our event on New Years day smashing our previous record.

I mean the run reports from Cynthia Fry!

What a great read, a mini Novel full of stats, stories and the magic of our parkrun

Well I will try with a double whammy!

I have completed the summary of our event in 2018 and todays run event

The summary of 2018 is on another page on the news section and well worth a review?

I was interested to see what the numbers would be after the New Year’s Day event and to hear Cynthia at the new runners briefing.

Cynthia welcomed all the runners and was very passionate about the event and when the magic happens at our event-crossing the finish getting your barcode scanned and finish token scanned. The new runners and visitors all listened intently to her every word? Brilliant!

Questions myself and the Core team had before the set up and recee and the run event

Would we have another record of runners or high numbers of runners

Could we keep this up? Would the cold day keep runners away.?

Have some runners done the bucket list of doing a parkrun? And don’t come back

Would some runners who have completed their New Year’s resolution give up?

Lots of questions

The answers?

313 runners turned up to run

An excellent total for today’s event but much less that last years 392 at our 2nd run of the year

We welcomed Visitors from Nottingham, Falkirk and Hawick

The volunteers who made this event happen:


Thanks to the volunteers


Jayne ADDIE, Alan BROWN, Colin BURNETT, Shirley C, John CONNELLY, Susan COWIE, Ellen COWIE, Charles DAWSON, Cynthia FRY, Graeme HAY, Amy MACKIE, Kevin MACKIE, Neil MCBAIN, Izzie MCDONALD, Mark MCDONALD, Bryan MILLS, Mitchell RENNIE, Fiona SEWELL, Fiona WILKINSON



Congratulations to Rankin Lascelles on his 50th parkrun today

Conditions today-- Dry but only 4 degrees with very little wind but still a lot of sand at the 3.5k point to the stones on the lower prom (that the Council are still working on clearing)

Did you run well today--did you get a pb or your fastest time of the year

We had a total of 33 PBs today

Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.

We had a grand total 38 First timers at our event today

We hope all the visitors and first- time runners to our parkrun enjoyed the run and event and you are welcome back anytime

To our first time ever runners at our event today it was great to see there, and you have now started your parkrun journey. Keep it up!

The results are on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified.

The 1st one home today was Myles Edwards in fantastic time of 15.35

Great to see Myles our course record holder a time of 15.08 back after a 2-year absence and running strong and this time knowing the run route?

Myles today ran the 7th fastest time at our event.

I have a feeling this year that Myles course record will go??

2nd back was Michael Barker in 17.57

3rd back was that unknown runner well he was 1st home last time??

1st Female back today was our famous piper Hannah Mutch starting the new year as she left off?

How many first finishes this year will Hannah have?

Well done to Hannah

2nd Female Finisher in a very good time was Racheal Milne in 20.46 and a new shiny PB!

3rd Female Finisher was Janani Mohan returning to form in 22.06.


We had an under 11 running unaccompanied yesterday! Please note this is not allowed under parkrun rules. If this happens again to the same under 11 then both their result and the parent's result will be removed.

Next week we need more Volunteers and for the weeks after we have still places to cover in January and February

We are looking for volunteers so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator Fiona this week at the following aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com to choose your role and date you can volunteer


Brig of Don Pub for post run coffee and the big breakfast.

Just a note after the issue we have had with some of the runners not paying for their breakfast --I am sure it was an oversight

I talked to the manager today and agreed that the best option was for all the runners to pay when we come in for breakfast and coffee and anyone just wanting a coffee or tea can order at the bar counter and pay.

See you on Saturday where we have as your run director is Carolyn

Your run reporter for the 5th January

Colin Burnett

It’s free-It’s fun -its Aberdeen parkrun.


Aberdeen parkrun #386 -Christmas Present

Aberdeen parkrun #386, December 25, 2018

On a crisp Christmas morn, 194 parkrunners gathered at the beach for our 386th Aberdeen parkrun. Amidst the holiday hustle & bustle were 21 First Timers who joined us to jump-start Christmas in parkrun style. They came from near & far....Ellon, Perth, Kelso & Inverness... to name a few. And what better welcome for our First Timers than to tune in to Carolyn's First Timers' briefing. She delivered her brief with her usual flair...all the time harbouring a secret....
But before...

Run Director Graham regaled us with the pre-parkrun briefing....all the while....harbouring the very same secret. As I stood beside a giddy Carolyn, we hung on Graham's every word. I was none the wiser to the secret about to be revealed, but I must admit.... there was a touch of magic in the air.
Carolyn whispered to me that something special was about to unfold.
I felt a tingle of excitement.
After Graham announced the milestones of those about to run their 50th and 100th parkruns, he finished by handing the mic to Callum to announce another milestone.
What was this strange turn of events?
The secret was about to be revealed...
And it all transpired in the blink of an eye.
Callum spoke of the opening of gifts with the kids before parkrun, & that he thought it was time for his girlfriend to open her gift. As Stephanie stepped towards Callum, he fell to one knee & opened a jewelry box to reveal...
A ring!
A proposal of marriage followed & the hopeless romantics amongst us filtered the magic through a teary blur.
Congratulations to Callum Smith & Stephanie Flett on your engagement!
What a way to start a parkrun at...

With softened hearts & silly romantic grins, parkrunners made their way to the Start Line to get down to the business at hand: 5k.
The conditions were downright favourable. Dare I say....it was a PB kind of day. With 4kph winds, this was a Christmas gift to be treasured at our usually windy Aberdeen Beach. As we set off, the sun was trying to peek out & the low tide promised scenic beach views to entertain us enroute. Our beachy-keen parkrun was decked out in all its sandy finery. Stunning beach-scape views unfolded as we huffed & puffed along the promenades. With many of our parkrunners sporting Christmas fancy dress, an extra festive flavour spiced up our 5k jaunt.
By the end, it was indeed a...

The PB conditions did not disappoint & a whopping 26 Personal Bests were earned!
Congratulations to:
Campbell Grant, Ben Fiddes, Mike Duff, John Reed, Michael Sutherland, Lee Regan, Graeme Anderson, Mark Chapman, Neil McBain, Rachel Westwood, Mark Fiddes, Stuart McFarlane, Demi Beattie, Linda Watt, Katherine Paterson, Sangita Sharma, Kris Imlach, Angela Lesley Duff, Lucy Cogdell, Amy MacBrayne, Jane Bourque, Kay Watt, Ramraj Pahari, Bernadette Gallagher, Charlotte Imlach, & Sammi Clubb.

To mull over the results for all our Christmas parkrunners check out the numbers at:


The speediest of the speedy in the men's category were Michael Simpson across the line first in 17:47, Campbell Grant in second in 18:03 (PB), & Jim Moir in third in 18:22. For our women, Kirsty Mitchell came across the line first in 20:30, Alison Pilichos in second in 21:33, & Gail Rennie in third in 22:57. Congratulations speed-stars! What an inspiration all of us who have speedier parkrun times on our Christmas wish lists.

Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:
JW11-14: Amy McCarthy 26:47
JW10: Sophie Imlach 27:12

JM11-14: Drew McDermid 21:14
JM10: Lewis Pearce 29:10 (First Timer)

Fab job to all our juniors for adding parkrun to your holiday festivities.

A big round of applause for those who parkran their 50th on Christmas Day: Garry Joss, Drew McDermid, Tim Dring, & Stephanie Flett. Stephanie.....hmmmm....that name rings a bell. Yes, our newly engaged Stephanie had more than Christmas & her engagement to celebrate. What better way to top off the morning than with a 50th parkrun! Kudos Stephanie! And a special shout out to Drew, one of our juniors who began his Aberdeen parkrun journey just a short time ago in June 2017. Tallying up 250 kilometres of parkrunning in such a short time span is a tremendous feat for anyone let alone one of such youth. Drew also dabbles in junior parkrunning at Duthie junior parkrun where he is one of the faster Djp juniors on record. Drew, you're an inspiration to us all!

Kirsty Charlotte Forbes added her 100th parkrun to her Christmas celebrations. Congratulations Kirsty! Your 100 milestone T-shirt will make a lovely Christmas gift!

Though not an official parkrun milestone level we still celebrate the big numbers with a shout out. Kudos to Jim Moir on his 200th parkrun! Jim, your 250 milestone is calling...

A standing ovation to our volunteers who added Aberdeen parkrun to their Christmas List. Thank-you Graham Snedden for your brilliant Run Direction at our Christmas edition. And Christmas cheers to all of these sweet 16 volunteers who made parkrun part of their celebration:

Andrew CRYLE • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Cassia SONI • Charles DAWSON • Cynthia FRY • David OVENSTONE • Esther FOWLER • Fiona MIDDLETON • Graham SNEDDEN • Jim MCCURRACH • Lois SONI • Mark MCDONALD • Mike MACKAY • Philip BROWN • Rohit SONI • Sarah OVENSTONE

You are all Christmas Stars!

Thanks to Callum & Stephanie for wrapping a Christmas bow around our Aberdeen parkrun. A touch of romance added to our festive cheer was an unexpected Christmas present for us all.
Let the Christmas spirit carry us through to our next parkrun on December 29th when Graham will once again be our Run Director.
And remember the special New Year's Day chance to "do the double" is right around the corner.
On January 1st, who's game for Hazlehead parkrun at 9:30AM followed by our Aberdeen parkrun at 11AM?
Opportunity knocks!

Happy Holiday parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry


Aberdeen parkrun event number 385 Saturday 22nd December

Today 249 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We were joined by 15 were first timers and parkrun tourists.

The stars of today's event, were as always, our volunteers:

Chas MCKEN • Richard INGRAM • Alan BROWN • Carolyn SNEDDEN • Graham SNEDDEN • Jim MOIR • Keith GRAY • Alison WILSON • Leeann PRATT • Tony LITTLE • Richard PERCIVAL • Bryan MILLS • Kevin MACKIE • Susan DARCY • Kristin MCCURRACH • Alicea BAIN

We had five parkrunners reaching milestones today:

June Burr reached her 250th parkrun, fantastic achievement June
David Shewan who run his 50'th parkrun today, after getting married last Saturday. Congratulations to you and Mrs Shewan
Shanti Bhandari who completed her 50th parkrun
Paul Douglas run his 50'th parkrun today
and last but not least Kev Mackie.. Kev reached both his 50'th parkrun and earned his 25 volunteer t-shirt, well done Kev.

First Male Senior Finisher was Ben Ward in 16:16
First Female Senior Finisher and with a shiny new PB was Hannah Morrison in 19:10
First Female junior finisher and again with a shiny new PB was Elizabeth McCall in 19:56
First male Junior finisher was Calvin Ramsay in 18:22

Over 10% of our parkrunners recorded new PBs, in addition to Hannah and Elizabeth, special shout outs to:

Mark McDonald, sub 19 mins and 3 PBs on the bounce at Aberdeen parkun
Mark Findlay, on the back of his 10 miler PB at Lossiemouth last weekend.
Shallene Catto, paced by our 30min pacer Kev Mackie
Vivien Broughton

Over the festive period we still need volunteers:

Christmas Day (9:30am) 2 x Timers and 1 x barcode scanner
Saturday 29/12: 2 x Timers, funnel manager and 3 x barcode scanners
New Years Day (11am) 2 x Marshals, finish tokens and 3 x barcode scanners

Please email aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com if you are free to fill the above roles

Graham is your Run Director on Christmas Day.

Bryan (Run report Writer 22/12)


Aberdeen parkrun event number 383 Saturday 8th December

Welcome to the run report for the 8th December

A Massive thanks to Tony Little for stepping up and being the run director today

It was Tony’s first time and he did a great job, he enjoyed it very much and more importantly will he do it again? Tony would like to thank everyone for supporting him this morning and especially the volunteer team who ensured the event went like clockwork.

I hope Tony’s speech on putting something back for our parkrun in terms of volunteering resonated with you.
After the event we went back in our cars to the Brig of Don pub for processing the results and coffee and breakfast with some of the runners

When we were turning at the lights to go to the Brig of Don pub Tony took the wrong turn and ended up in the Don view pub (as he had never been back to our new post coffee place) and he went into the pub and was met with pool players who thought he was there for the local pool competition!

After the run I had the task of getting more names on the volunteer board. I managed to get 10 names for the coming weeks and a promise from Rajendra Rejmi and his friends of runners that they would pick a day in the New Year and commit to running and organising the event. Fantastic

What a great New Year’s resolution to have that you all could have and achieve. "I promise to do little more Volunteering at our parkrun"

187 runners today,
A very good total for today’s event
The 20 volunteers who made this event happen:
Colin BURNETT, John CONNELLY, Ray CROMBIE, Samantha CUMMING, Mark FINDLAY, Fiona HOWIE, Tony LITTLE, Jane MACASKILL, Bryan MILLS, Stuart MITCHELL, Mitchell RENNIE, Harry SAYERS, Carolyn SNEDDEN, Rohit SONI, Lois SONI, Cassia SONI, Ally SUTHERLAND, Ben WARE, Philip WARE, Craig Wilson

Conditions today – Stayed dry but a little cold -well it is December
We had the wind for the first part on the top promenade coming across the route which seemed to help the runners and the wind across on the lower promenade which had the opposite effect and then a gust of wind in your face from the stones to the finish.
Did you run well today--did you get a pb?
Notable mentions on a pb today were
Mark McDonald, John Dargie, John Reed, Steven Eunson, Jillian Eunson,
Andrew Williams Hayley Wilson, Elizabeth Sloan, Robyn Reddington,
Gordon Watt -Kay Watt and Jenny Styles

We had a total of 20 PBs today.
The wind is the factor in not so many pbs today as after finishing I noticed many of runners saying that their time was slower today
It can be depending on the wind 30 seconds to well over a minute slower with the conditions on the day.
Well done in achieving a personal best today or running to your best time of the year.

We had a grand total of 14 First timers at our event today
Samantha did an excellent job of briefing the first- time runners and visitors from Falkirk, Edinburgh, Stirling and even as far as Brazil at our event today
Samantha was so good she had to do the first-time runners briefing twice as we had some runners turn up last minute.!
We had Sarah Mcilroy from Falkirk who was visiting and on walk to 5k programme and managed today for her first time not to stop and walk .Well done to Sarah- the smile on your face told its own story.

Stephanie from Brazil who walked the course with our tail walkers Lois and Cassia said for exercise she does this in Brazil on the beach in high temperatures and a lot less clothing on and found it very cold today?
Where would you rather be?

We hope all the visitors and first- time runners to our parkrun enjoyed the run and event and you are welcome back anytime To our first time ever runners at our event today it was great to see there, and you have now started your parkrun journey.
The results are on the web page under the latest results tab and is e-mailed to you once the results are completed and verified.

The 1st one home today was Ben Nelson in quick time of 17.34 Well done to Ben
2nd back was Lewis Khan in 17.37 a first timer at our event
3rd back was Jim Moir in time of 18.48
Jim was back after a spot of volunteering as he put himself forward to be part of a group into the study of diabetes. Jim was not allowed to much physical activity for a month as part of the research study. Well done to Jim
1st Female back today was? Yes -you guessed it Hannah Mutch back to form in an excellent time of 20.42
Well done to Hannah
2nd Female Finisher was Alex Shaw running well in 21.18
3rd Female Finisher was Heidi Ross in a very good time of 22.20

Next week we have a full team of Volunteers but the weeks after we have still places to cover
We were looking for volunteers so if you can take a turn at helping and supporting our event for the last two weeks in December Xmas day at 9.30am and New year’s day at 11am and into January
Just e-mail in to our volunteer co-ordinator Carolyn at the following aberdeenhelpers@parkrun.com to choose your role and date you can volunteer
It’s Free- It’s Fun-It’s your parkrun.
See you on Saturday where we have Craig Jolly as your run director
It will be Craig’s third time as Run Director and after his “John Kennedy” rousing speech address on Volunteering as RD first time I wonder what he has in-store next week at the run director briefing. He will be helped and supported by Bryan and myself throughout the event.

Your run reporter for the 8th December
Colin Burnett


Aberdeen parkrun event number 382 1st December 2018

Aberdeen parkrun #382, December 1, 2018

How to balance celebrations and tributes in the same breath...
Amidst Saturday's celebrations of milestones & an impressively long list of personal bests, there were...

A golden glow cast itself over our parkrun on Saturday morning. In a blaze of black & gold team kit, Metro Aberdeen Running Club came out in full force to pay tribute to their teammate Grant Allan who had recently passed away. As the Metros gathered to share their memories of him, they pinned on "Grant 711" numbers - the number he wore in his last race. We also had lot's of parkrunners who aren't in Metro wearing "Grant711" A ribbon of "Grant 711" numbers parkrunning along the promenade made for quite the poignant sight. I suspect that extra golden glow from above may have been Grant smiling down upon us.

Though I didn't know Grant other than to say "Hi" at parkrun, I do recall he had volunteered in the Lead Bike role on a number of occasions. 20, to be exact. So, for me, wearing a "Grant 711" number while performing the Lead Bike role on Saturday was quite special. From my perch on the saddle I could see the Metro black & gold team colours woven through the field of parkrunners along the promenades. And through this Metro black & gold filter....a touching homage to Grant unfolded.

Amidst Saturday's 336 parkrunners, we welcomed 20 First Timers. We hope you all enjoyed your first foray at our beachy~keen route & relished the tail wind reward on the lower prom. Though a tad breezy on the top prom, generally the wind behaved itself... by Aberdeen parkrun standards, that is.

52 Personal Bests!
Impressive stuff speed~stars!

A huge shout out to Metro Aberdeen Running Club for delivering the first four runners over the Finish Line. Dashing with panache, Metro's Cameron Strachan (1st), Nathan Tosh (2nd), Rankin Lascelles (3rd) & Jonathan Campbell (4th) led out the string of PBs. Of note, is Cameron's finish in 15:41 which stands him 8th in the top men's finish times at our parkrun. What an amazing time given he had to negotiate through a bit of the Sahara Desert that had drifted on to the lower prom. Cameron had a 1:10 gap over our 2nd place finisher, & according to the number crunching keeners, he placed 7th in the men's 10 fastest UK parkrun times on December 1st! I suspect Grant was smiling down from heaven witnessing this stream of Metros making their PB marks on Aberdeen parkrun's results.

To check out all the amazing PB'ers & the rest of our FABerdeen parkrunners, sprint over to:


Over the Finish Line first for the ladies was Virginie Barrand in 18:50. Hannah Mutch came across second in 20:31, & Sarah Milne was third in 21:15. Both Virginie & Sarah run under the Metro Aberdeen Running Club banner whilst Hannah runs for Aberdeen AAC. Congratulations all!

Congratulations to these parkrunners finishing first in the following junior categories:

JW15-17: Alex Shaw 21:22
JW10: Mia McDermid 28:53
JW11-14: Keira Walker 34:08

JM15-17: Nathan Tosh 16:51 (PB!)
JM11-14: Drew McDermid 20:43
JM10: Harry Chalmers 28:22 (First Timer)

Tony McGarva punctuated his 250th parkrun with a PB! Is there any better way to celebrate one's 250th than by shaving 4 seconds off your previous PB? Totally inspirational, Tony! We look forward to seeing your 250 T-shirt flashing around in the near future.

Kudos to Jamie Ross, Jonathan Burns, Neil McBain, Ali Mathers & Sangita Regmi who all completed their 100th parkrun! Black milestone T-shirts will look fab on all of you!

Congrats to Kim Menzies & Charlie Burr who each parkran their way to their 50th. Kim also has an impressive 50 volunteer credits to her name. Red milestone T-shirts are in your future, folks!

December 1st marked 10 years of parkrun's presence in Scotland! From a single event at Pollok in 2008, parkrun has taken root across Scotland. We now boast 43 parkruns & 14 junior parkruns! What will the next 10 years of Scottish parkruns offer up?

Meanwhile, in other ten's moments, our December 1st turnout of 336 tied for our 10th highest attendance over the run of 382 Aberdeen parkruns. Our personal best for 2018 is 404 parkrunners. Can we top that before the calendar page turns?
Time will tell...

Under the brilliant direction of Run Director Fiona Sewell, these fabulous volunteers orchestrated Aberdeen parkrun #382:

Alan MARRIOTT • Alicea BAIN • Bryan MILLS • Callum WALKER • Cynthia FRY • Donald MCINTOSH • Fiona SEWELL • John CONNELLY • John DUFF • June BURR • Kim MENZIES • Kirsteen SAYERS • Mark FINDLAY • Mark RAMSEY • Mike SIEVEWRIGHT • Mitchell RENNIE • Rohit SONI

Thank-you all for contributing to make this such a memorable day.
For those curious about jumping into the volunteer pool, but haven't taken the plunge yet....
Check out openings on the future rosters at:


My husband, Donald, joined me to Co-Lead Bike on Saturday. We can both testify to the blistering pace the front runners set from the get-go. As we fought our way through the head wind on the top prom, I found it quite a challenge to keep a gap between me & front runner Cameron. Donald, on the other hand, found it a breeze. He even had enough power left to give me a hand with a few pushes to help keep me ahead of the game. Once we turned on to the lower prom, the tail wind helped me stay ahead of Cameron, but the multiple sand drifts slowed my speed considerably. My small victory of the day was that Cameron never overtook me. Phew.

How to balance celebrations and tributes in the same breath...
I wonder if Grant might just have wished for all the parkrunners to do their best & enjoy their parkrun.
And maybe, just maybe...we all carried at least a smidgen of Grant's joie de vivre on our shoulders to spirit us along.

A special thank-you to Fiona for your touching tribute to Grant before we set off on Saturday's parkrun.
The minute's silence observed before the start gave a chance for us all to pause & reflect...
Peace, Grant.

See you all this Saturday when Tony Little makes his debut as Run Director.

Reporting from the Edge of the Saddle...
Cynthia Fry

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