Christmas 2018 and New Year’s Day 2019

Christmas 2018 and New Year's Day 2019

Abingdon parkrun will be taking place as usual on the Saturdays through the Christmas and New Year period.

There will not be an extra event on Christmas Day nor on New Year's Day.


Event number 366, 6th October 2018

This week, Run Director Lucy oversaw event number 366, where 296 people ran, jogged, and walked the course.


There were 29 first timers and 51 participants recorded new Personal Bests.

There were milestones, too.

50 Events:
Owen Gledhill


100 Events:
Charlotte Davey
(sorry - didn't get a photo of Charlotte)

Sandar Wade

IMG_0006 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long

Andrew Dickinson

IMG_0012 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long

The celebrations continued at Java&Co, and there was cake - lots of it!

IMG_0028 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long
A huge "Thank you" to the lovely volunteers who made it all possible:

Emma MOORE • James MOORE • Lucy HAMILTON • Mike SHEPHERD • Timothy POWELL •
James CLAYTON • Jennifer SWARBRICK • Vicki GLEDHILL • Nicky BROCK •
Helen NASH • Sandar WADE • Sabiene NORTH • Tim FOXALL • Neil FAGAN •
Mike PICKETT • Melanie PICKETT • Duncan ROGERS • Joanne FELLOWS •
Frances DAVID • Will BENFOLD • Jonathan NASH • Huw MORGAN •
Marina SEMPLE • Erwin LAM • Skye MCSORLEY


Volunteering to Marshal at the 2018 Abingdon Marathon as part of Abingdon parkrun

The annual Abingdon Marathon takes place this year on Sunday, the 21st October.

Abingdon parkrun has provided volunteer Marshals in previous years, and, by way of thanks, the organisers have donated to Abingdon parkrun funds. This has proved an important resource for our event, enabling the purchase of a defibrillator, and replacing the aging laptop computer we rely upon for getting our results processed each week, both without needing to appeal to our runners for donations.

The Marathon organisers still need Marshals for this year's event, so if you are able to volunteer to help, you would be supporting this prestigious, local running event, and at the same time, you would be helping Abingdon parkrun.

If you are able to help please register at:

Many thanks for considering helping Abingdon parkrun by volunteering to marshal at this important event.


Run Report – Event 364, 22nd September 2018

Run Report by Marina Semple, DofE Volunteer

The crisp September morning in Rye Farm Meadow was the site of the 364th Abingdon parkrun, which this week saw 315 people run, jog or walk the course, including visitors from Ashton Court, Osterley, Basingstoke, Beckenham and Didcot, 16 first-time parkrunners and 67 new personal bests.

Having participated in a couple of parkruns myself, when it came to choosing an option for volunteering for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, I figured that volunteering for parkrun would be an excellent way to give back to the community.

I have been a track runner for a few years now and initially started parkrun as a way to boost my endurance in order to help with my track events. However, as well as this, parkrun is a great opportunity to meet new people as the whole town comes together to do some exercise, and I have really enjoyed supporting my friends and teachers as they run their 5K.

I also think that it is so important that as many people as possible get out and about as possible, because doing sport is so good for you!

As part of my volunteering, I have been the funnel manager, timer, handed out and scanned tokens, and whilst at times it felt like a lot of pressure, I have taken away a lot from the experience. It has also made me appreciate how much organisation parkrun takes and also how much it means to people - I remember one week, a couple who had met at parkrun made all of their wedding guests run the course before they headed of to their wedding!

Overall, I would definitely recommend getting involved in parkrun, whether it be as a runner, tail-walker or finish token-support person.

This weeks's first finisher was Alex Cummings from Hermitage Harriers RC who ran a 17 minute 5k.

Congratulations to Yolanda Owen who completed her 50th park run today and to Fiona Topp who completed her 100th.

Fiona_Topp_100 (Custom)

Fiona Topp's 100th parkrun (Photo: Fran Long)

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Abdul OKORO • Clive WILLCOCK • Steve NEWMAN • Duncan HEPBURN • Anne


Abingdon parkrun 363- 15/09/2018

Run Report by Mike Price

One year, and 5-ish months. 76 weeks. 72 Abingdon parkruns. The last time I hauled myself out of bed to make it down to Rye Meadow for 9am was on the 1st April 2017.

Having discovered Abingdon parkrun in late 2012, I barely missed a Saturday morning for the next three years. As a student studying for GCSEs and A levels at the time, parkrun was a great way to take my mind off quadratic equations and conjugating verbs and a chance to challenge myself every week. In my spare time, I made my own leaderboard of my fastest times and watched myself improve as I got older and could compare my times at different parkruns to see which courses were fastest. Yes- I'd been badly bitten by the parkrun bug.

Unfortunately for my parkrun career, leaving for university allowed me to find Ultimate Frisbee- maintaining my fitness and fulfilling my competitive nature whilst also keeping me just too injured/away at a tournament to really stay with parkrun in Southampton.

All of this allows me to give myself the title of an 'ex-regular' (or maybe an ir-regular?! We'll work it out....), which has several perks, including being able to say things like "it's amazing how many parkruns are around here now", "back in the day, we had less than 100 people" and "when I started, that finishing time would've put me in the top 10". If you chatted to me today, I would likely have said one of those things to you or something similar.

Today's weather conditions did not disappoint. The surprisingly hot sun was countered nicely by the ever-familiar headwind on the back straight and the sheer number of people meant there was rarely a moment when I didn't have anyone to run with (despite gradually dropping back through the pack as the run went on!) and no shortage of people to sprint with at the end!

An impressively large field of 382 ('particularly impressive given back when I started, we often had less than 100') ran, jogged and walked the course ('incidentally the same length as it was back in the day'), of whom 35 were first-timers and 74 recorded personal bests. Wait- hang on. 74?! That has to be some kind of record here surely. That is genuinely really impressive. And I mean that because I would've joked about how Event 87 back in the 'old days' (2013) actually had 74 people running that week but I won't. Instead I want to give a big shout out to quite a large proportion of the runners today who went out and beat the previous best time. Great job guys!

Shout outs also go to our 4 athletes who reached the 100 milestone today- big congratulations to Katharine de Villiers, Helen Nash, Lucie Brownsill and Katie Jeffery. Also to Alfie Appleton who completed his 50th parkrun this morning.

IMG_9438 (Custom)

IMG_9459 (Custom)

All that really leaves me to say is that it will not be another 72 Abingdon parkruns before you see my name down on a parkrun 'latest results' page. Mainly because I'm not actually going back to uni until next weekend so I'll be around anyway but also because today reminded me simply that I enjoy running with friends at 9am on Saturday mornings. Perhaps from this week I can start to shift from being an Abingdon ex-regular to a parkrun regular.

I'll see you next week.

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