Event no. 374, 1st December 2018

The overnight rain finished just in time for the 199 runners (and several enthusiastic dogs) to start supported by 22 wonderful volunteers (some of whom must have been setting up in the rain – so thank you for that). Conditions underfoot were a bit slippery so it's even more of an achievement that 10 people achieved PBs.

It was great to have several parkrunners join us from beyond Abingdon including one from Moscow (I particularly enjoy that the results table keeps the name in the correct alphabet) and also another graduate of couch to 5k as well as Daisy Sherwood achieving her milestone 10th on her 11th birthday and Nick Andrews and Rachel Hassey both reaching 50.

As always our volunteers were cheerful  - I find this particularly encouraging in the 4th kilometre as I am sure that the big field gets bigger between the 1st and 2nd time round!

Katharine de Villiers


Run Report 374, 1st December 2018

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Run Report 374, 1st December 2018

This week we got back to the real muddy Abingdon that we know and love.  As we ran around or through the puddles and waded across the far paddy field we forgot about the rutted nightmare of the summer parkruns.

Of course, as serious runners know, the Abingdon course is the ideal training surface.  The experts tell us that we shouldn't train on flat hard surfaces.  Uneven surfaces exercise foot and ankle muscles that we didn't know we had.  In the very dry summer deep cracks appeared in the far field, as the mud dried out.  The edges of these cracks broke down leaving a very rough surface.  Tiring of this excellent training, I looked forward to rain that would soften the mud so that thousands of tiny feet could level out the surface.  When the puddles get deeper and the mud thicker I will yearn for a dry summer.

Rain also enables us to see who the real runners are.  They have mud splashed all up their backs.  Slower runners have a lower mud line.  At the back of the field we relax, admire the scenery and finish relatively clean.

Fastest this week was Roy Schumacher and fastest lady was Sarah Dudgeon.  Best age grader was Jane Fabes with 82%.  There were nine first timers, four tourists, ten personal bests and eight unknowns in a total of 199 runners.

John Last


Event number 373

Abingdon parkrun
Event number 373
24th November 2018

Event no. 373 this week saw 355 people running, jogging, and walking the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests.

Congratulations to the Abingdon AC "Couch to 5k" group who graduated on their 5km run with us today!

We had visitors from:
Long Eaton

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers who made this week's event possible!
John HARVEY • James MOORE • Lucy HAMILTON • Nicholas HAMILTON • Mike SHEPHERD • Emily SCHMIDT • Terry FRANCIS • David REES • Charlotte BUCKINGHAM • Nina-Juliane STEINKE • Mark SHEPLEY • Julia PENNINGTON • Christian ADAM • Tim FOXALL • Kathy CLARKE • Stephen SADLER • Joanne FELLOWS • Fiona SEMPLE • Dominic SEMPLE • Simon BURBIDGE • Catherine WARREN • Skye MCSORLEY • Benoit JAUDUN

Milestones at Event # 373

Milestones attained this week were:

50 Events
Joanna Jones
Sabiene North
Rob Pabst

100 Events
Christina Sweeney
Sarah Richens
Hugh Owen

Joanna JONES 50th

Joanna Jones celebrating her 50th parkrun event

Sabiene NORTH 50th

Sabiene North celebrating her 50th parkrun event

Sarah RICHENS 100th

Sarah Richens celebrating her 100th parkrun event



Road Closures for Bun Throwing, 10th November 2018

Road Closures for Bun Throwing

There are road closures in the centre of Abingdon tomorrow (10th November 2018) to accommodate the bun throwing event in the Market Place.

Please refer to the attached link and adjust your choice of car park ( see previous post ) and intended leaving time and direction.


Looks like the closures start from midday, with Bridge Street being closed from 13:00.


Abingdon parkrun 368 – Patsy’s 50th Run

Abingdon Parkrun 368
20th October 2018

Patsy Smiles' report on her 50th parkrun

Abingdon parkrun #368

What a glorious sunny morning to celebrate both my 50th parkrun milestone and Richard and David Brooks’ 100th.

Abingdon parkrun #368

I first ran Abingdon parkrun in November 2014. I’d managed to complete the Couch to 5k course on my own earlier in the year with the aim of getting fit ’n’ healthy. I’d never run in my life and hated sport at school. There was always the fear that ‘I’d be last and that non-one would want me in their team’. I did enjoy gardening and walking. However the joke at our wedding was that Mr S fell in love with me at a walking club, because I was the one he could keep up with at the back! I was often the last one as I’d spotted a lovely view or a beautiful flower I wanted to photograph.

My first parkrun got me hooked on running for ever. I thought I might take over an hour and would be left behind and laughed at for being so slow. However my position was 208 out of a field of 227. Everyone was so encouraging and I felt on top of the world. Making friends over coffee and a bacon buttie at Java&Co has opened up a way of life to me that I couldn’t have dreamt of. parkrun became a normal part of life, as did running and exploring the countryside on my own. A new job meant I could only get to parkrun once a month at the most. Emma Moore encouraged me to join an Athletics Club for those weeks I couldn’t join parkrun.

Reaching my 50th parkrun Milestone has given me time to reflect on why I enjoy parkrun so much. Lots of people run parkrun to achieve a Personal Best time. I do love a well-earned new PB. However running a parkrun doesn’t always have to be about chasing a time. Sometimes it’s lovely to catch up with parkrun friends and to encourage someone else along the way.

I often find myself admiring nature and spotting wildflowers and berries on the route. Yes there is a bit of a bottle neck on the course where everyone has to slow down. However life doesn’t always have to be a race and parkrun is advertised as being a run not a race. Sometimes it’s lovely just to enjoy nature. This morning was no exception. The early morning mist surrounding the boats on the River Thames being burnt off by the sun was so atmospheric. There was also some beautiful hops and rosehips to see just at the point where we all slowed down. I also got cheery greetings from this week’s marshals as I’d decided to run a bit slower and was happy to chat.

On the long slog along the track towards Kingfisher Barn there were bright ‘n’ cheery pink and orange spindle berries to be seen. I’ve become known for my love of flowers and often share my photos and sketches. My motto in life is `What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…’

Abingdon parkrun #368

After a year out with injury I have come back to parkrun this year and achieved my fastest 5k time ever. I’d love to complete the course in under 30 minutes, however that time remains elusive… . Nevertheless I can see from my first photos compared to now that I have achieved my goal of getting fitter and keeping healthy. My posture is so different! However today wasn’t a day for a PB. I wanted to celebrate and enjoy the route in Abingdon. I deliberately took time to talk to friends and chose an outfit which celebrated running the Patsy Smiles way. Dressing as a cheerful Daffodil Flower Fairy seemed appropriate attire. I waved my Flower Fairy Wand encouraging children along the way with `Go Faster Fairy Dust’. One lass took up the challenge and out-sprinted me at the finish. When I started parkrun I didn’t care for the last stretch as I thought I `was on show’. Now I always give it my best shot with a decent fast sprint finish trying to overtake the person in front. It may have been the promise of cake I’d talked about which encouraged her to keep going and out-sprint me. As a thank you for all the friendships I’ve made within the Abingdon parkrun Community and the encouragement I’ve received I brought along cupcakes decorated with edible cake topper photos and sketches I’d made of the beautiful things to be seen on the route.

In my over excitement to share my Milestone cakes I forgot to scan my Barcode! I ran across the line clutching my Barcode ready to be scanned, only to be stopped for a photograph by this week’s Run Director Mike Shepherd. Now Mike very clearly stated the ‘No Barcode, No Result Policy’ at the beginning as usual and applauded everyone for handing in their Finish Token’s last week. I got home to find my Finish Token in my pocket. Oh No! I’ll have to run my 50th parkrun one more time and bake more cakes! In actual fact I had such a lovely time I’d be happy to run my 50th parkrun again!



Event number 368, 20th October 2018

Abingdon parkrun
Event number 368
20th October 2018

This week 364 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 74 recorded new Personal Bests.

We had visitors from:
Sheffield Castle
Woodhouse Moor
Hampstead Heath

The Milestone runs celebrated this week were

50 Runs
Patsy Smiles
Ron Giles
Tom Lavender

100 Runs
Richard Brooks
David Brooks


Patsy Smiles celebrating 50 runs


Richard and David, each celebrating 100 runs


Richard and David, celebrating 100 runs as their cake icing alter-egos

Liz Snook celebrated the unofficial milestone of 300 runs, and of those, this week's run was her 250th at Abingdon


Liz's "Unofficial 300" (250 at Abingdon)

A huge thanks to the 24 wonderful volunteers who made this week's event happen:

John HARVEY • James MOORE • Lucy HAMILTON • Mike SHEPHERD • Emily SCHMIDT • John NEWTON • Maggy SHEPLEY • Clive WILLCOCK • Don OLDCORN • Peter AKRILL • Steven WADE • Sabiene NORTH • Richard TWINE • Ellie PEARSON • Steve PEARSON • Karen OLDCORN • Fiona SEMPLE • Dominic SEMPLE • Thomas HAYES • Ruth DAVIS • Erwin LAM • Skye MCSORLEY • Benoit JAUDUN • Jeremy GOULD


Abingdon parkrun # 367 – 13/10/2018

Event number 367
13th October 2018

This week 317 people took part in Abingdon parkrun, running, jogging, and walking the course.

We had 30 participants who were visiting us for the first time, made up of 13 "tourists" and 17 people taking part in their first ever parkrun!

38 new Personal Bests (PBs) were achieved.

Milestones attained this week were:

50 Events
Elizabeth MORRISON
Jonathan NASH

100 Events

A huge thanks to this week's 23 wonderful volunteers:

Brian EVANS • Clifford PENTON • John STYLES • Mike SHEPHERD • Karen WALTERS • Jan MCCABE • Emily SCHMIDT • Eric DE LA HARPE • Jon WALDOCK • Abigail WALDOCK • Duncan HEPBURN • Rose BUCKLEY • Lawrence WARDLE • Lisa WARDLE • Kathy CLARKE • Clare ALDERSON • Nathan SEALY • Daisy SHERWOOD • Aidan SHERWOOD • Jason SHERWOOD • Marina SEMPLE • Erwin LAM • Jeremy GOULD


Mark Owen celebrating 100 runs



Christmas 2018 and New Year’s Day 2019

Christmas 2018 and New Year's Day 2019

Abingdon parkrun will be taking place as usual on the Saturdays through the Christmas and New Year period.

There will not be an extra event on Christmas Day nor on New Year's Day.


Event number 366, 6th October 2018

This week, Run Director Lucy oversaw event number 366, where 296 people ran, jogged, and walked the course.


There were 29 first timers and 51 participants recorded new Personal Bests.

There were milestones, too.

50 Events:
Owen Gledhill


100 Events:
Charlotte Davey
(sorry - didn't get a photo of Charlotte)

Sandar Wade

IMG_0006 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long

Andrew Dickinson

IMG_0012 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long

The celebrations continued at Java&Co, and there was cake - lots of it!

IMG_0028 (Custom)

Photo: Fran Long
A huge "Thank you" to the lovely volunteers who made it all possible:

Emma MOORE • James MOORE • Lucy HAMILTON • Mike SHEPHERD • Timothy POWELL •
James CLAYTON • Jennifer SWARBRICK • Vicki GLEDHILL • Nicky BROCK •
Helen NASH • Sandar WADE • Sabiene NORTH • Tim FOXALL • Neil FAGAN •
Mike PICKETT • Melanie PICKETT • Duncan ROGERS • Joanne FELLOWS •
Frances DAVID • Will BENFOLD • Jonathan NASH • Huw MORGAN •
Marina SEMPLE • Erwin LAM • Skye MCSORLEY


Volunteering to Marshal at the 2018 Abingdon Marathon as part of Abingdon parkrun

The annual Abingdon Marathon takes place this year on Sunday, the 21st October.

Abingdon parkrun has provided volunteer Marshals in previous years, and, by way of thanks, the organisers have donated to Abingdon parkrun funds. This has proved an important resource for our event, enabling the purchase of a defibrillator, and replacing the aging laptop computer we rely upon for getting our results processed each week, both without needing to appeal to our runners for donations.

The Marathon organisers still need Marshals for this year's event, so if you are able to volunteer to help, you would be supporting this prestigious, local running event, and at the same time, you would be helping Abingdon parkrun.

If you are able to help please register at:


Many thanks for considering helping Abingdon parkrun by volunteering to marshal at this important event.

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