About parkrun UK

Tom Williams - Country Manager - parkrunner A6013

Tom was part of the organising team that started Leeds parkrun in October 2007, this was the 4th parkrun event and the first outside of London. At the time he was lecturing in exercise science at the University of Leeds.

In 2010 he left the University and developed his volunteering role within parkrun to involve UK wide initiatives. In 2011 he worked part-time for parkrun supporting events in the North of England and then in January 2012 became the full-time Country Manager for parkrun in the UK.

Joanne Sinton-Hewitt - Operations Manager Southern England & Wales - parkrunner A987

Jo has been living with parkrun for the last eight years, ever since its conception, but has been more actively involved for the last two years. She was formerly the ‘parkrun office’ before taking on the role of Event Activator from Wales through to the Southern and Eastern England regions.

In 2013 Jo became operations manager for Southern England and Wales and now spends her time supporting established events and generally keeping the parkrun operational wheels moving.

Anita Afonso - Head of Event Activation and Training - parkrunner A27006

Anita joined parkrun in April 2009 and has been responsible for bringing many new parkrun events into the family. She has been professionally involved in the sport industry for the last 10 years working for sporting events companies, major sports brands and organisations in France and in the UK.

She now oversees activation and training within parkrun UK and leads the parkrun ambassador programme, helping event teams get set up to confidently enjoy their parkrun journey.

Danny Norman - Communications Manager - parkrunner A482

Danny ran his first parkrun in August 2005 and has been involved in some capacity or another ever since. This includes creating logos, voluntarily creating posters, driving forward the use and implementation of social media accounts through to being on the Bushy parkrun committee.

He started working for parkrun UK in June 2012 and oversees all the Social Media and branding. He also presents 'the parkrun show' podcast, is a member of the 250 Club and edits the Weekly Newsletter.


Building and maintaining the parkrun family of events costs money. Our goal is to ensure that every event we create is able to live forever. In order to ensure this, we set aside all the sponsorship income for this purpose. Sponsor income props up the organisation, ensures the technology is current and operational, provides for the few employees and offers some of the fantastic freebies that we have come to love, like the club tees and the Sweatshop monthly prizes etc.

To grow the parkrun family, we need additional income. We call this the NEW EVENT fund. Sometimes we are able to get councils to contribute to this fund however, there are still many events that cant afford the start up costs. We do not want to turn any new event away and this is why this fund has been created.

All donations to parkrun made here are deposited in the NEW EVENT fund.

To view the donations, please visit the donations page

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All parkruns are free but you must register in advance. Once registered with parkrun, you can participate in any of our events at any time without letting us know that you are coming. If you want to be a parkrunner, you will need to register once only. Help us to help you. All our events are free and organised by volunteers.

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If you have already registered, and are looking for your barcode, we can send you a link to your barcode by email.

Supporting clubs

Clubs are very welcome to use parkruns to recruit new members - more than half of parkrunners are unattached.

parkrun encourages and publicises local clubs at parkrun events through links on the parkrun event website and other ways. Our experience, with many examples, is that a local parkrun generates increased club members.

Contact the local parkrun event.

Supporting local races

Race organisers are very welcome to use parkruns to publicise their events, through links on parkrun websites and through publicity at events (with the advance permission of the parkrun event director, in case of local park bye-laws etc). Experience shows that events longer than 5k attract more runners if publicised at local parkruns. Contact the local parkrun event.

Our organisation

parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation, but has an interesting history as the parkrun idea grew from it's beginning's in London's Bushy park. We've put together an overview page which summarises our history, and the current organisation and Members' Board, which oversees the not-for-profit. parkrun.org.uk/aboutus/organisation