New Years Day Event

A great event today with over 580 finishers. It took 35 volunteers to put on today's event many of whom had been at other events today.

We hope you didn't mind our changes to the scanning and tags due to big numbers. Back to normal next week.

We had a number of milestones today which is always great on NYD. Here's a selection of them (sorry if I missed anyone)

Olivia Jones 10th
Rachael Young 50th
Ria Chaston 50th tourist venue, and all 24 in the North East
Nigel Bell 200th
Anne Lillystone 200th
Michelle Holdsworth 200th Volunteer


Todays Results


New Years Day Volunteers

Hi all. For you extra run on new years day we have a slightly healthier roster but we are looking for the following

2 more x time keepers(as we are running 2 timers from 0 to 495 and 2 from 495 onwards)

2 more x finish funnel area(Dave will manage funnel and 1 other are directing people through)

6 or so x course marshalls (we have extra roles next week)

3 or 4 token sorters(after event to put tokens back on tag board-these can be runners)

Event Director


Results yesterday

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Unfortunately due to a timer malfunction (the battery fell out) we are unable to process today's times so everyone will be getting a 59.59 time but the runs will be counted. Apologies but this is the only way we can process the run.

We also had a scanner malfunction too. We will add those missing from that scanner as much as possible when you get in touch

Event Director


New years Day

Hello all

As the most exciting day of the parkrun calendar approaches with the opportunity to do a double parkrun your Event teams face the challenge of coping with their biggest attendance of the year.

Here in Middlesbrough we are working together at Albert and Stewart parkruns to recruit a bumper team of marshalls with double the numbers of marshalls. Last year attendance was around 500/600 runners compared to 200/300 on normal weekends which presents a big challenge especially at the start finish and with scanning etc. We currently have slightly less than what we would run a normal weekend on so could do with approx. 8-10 more people

Stewart parkrun is taking place at 9am

Albert parkrun at 10.30am

Both events also don't have usual buildings/facilities available those days

So if you can volunteer at 1 of the events or know someone who can let us know via our respective Facebook pages by commenting on this post or emailing our volunteer emails or


Andy(Event Director Albert parkrun)

Sam and Ruth (Event Directors Stewart parkrun)

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