Event 406 Run Report – New Record

Wow 474 runners and walkers smashed our attendance record of 410 from the previous week. We expected a slight rise in January and had ordered the next set of tokens as ours only went up to 448 just in case, but didn't expect that many. We also made our finish funnel a bit longer to prevent a back up to the finish line. Can I remind everyone not to duck out of the funnel, stay in order,  take a token at the end, get the token scanned, and only cross the finish line once. This prevents problems with the results meaning other runners could possibly get the wrong time and a longer wait for your result.

So far in 2019 we have had 107 new people register for a barcode at Andover. This week we had 52 first timers to Andover of which 32 their first parkrun ever. I hope you all enjoyed the great atmosphere on Saturday and will return for more. parkrun is a run/walk where you can take part at your own pace, in your own way, for many reasons.

We had an amazing team of  26 volunteers this week, many doing it for the first time or doing a new role. Thank you for the fantastic role you all played in making Saturday run smoothly and supporting all the runners and walkers. If you would like to have a go at volunteering , just drop us a message,  when and what you would like to do. You can view the roster at www.parkrun.org.uk/andover/futureroster.

The course is still holding up well and with lots of first timers last week aiming to improve on their first run, 54 of you managed a personal best. Well done all of you.

Just the one milestone t-shirt earned this week with Sebastian Cash running his 50th.

There are many reasons why people take part at parkrun, to get fit, lose weight, volunteer, train for another event, make new friends, do something with all the family, or just to get out of the house for an hour. What ever your reason I hope we can help and be there for you every Saturday morning.We process the results upstairs in McDonalds after everything is packed away, feel free to come and join us for a coffee and talk all things parkrun.

Have a great week and see you all Saturday



Event number 405 – 5th January 2019

Welcome everyone to this week’s run report. A new record turnout of 410 today so thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather. However cold conditions created a hard ground for good running hence 50 new PB’s. Today, 410 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests. Big thank you to the amazing 20 volunteers who make this event possible. Volunteers this week were: Annabel WALL  •  Bas JACOBS  •  Christina SEARLE  •  Colin STOKES  •  Colin YOUNGER  •  Edward LANGER  •  Elaine PRITCHARD  •  Ian BEVERIDGE  •  Isabell Ann WELBOURNE  •  James MASTERS  •  Julie JACOBS  •  Kathleen WEYERS  •  Kelly STOKES  •  Les BLOUNT  •  Maurice KING  •  Paul NORTH  •  Raymond SEARLE  •  Rebekah SEARLE  •  Tracy GREEN  •  Wendy BEVERIDGE. Unusually we had no T-Shirt milestones today. Well done to all 50 parkrunner’s who achieved a PB today. Regular parkrunner’s worthy of note were Lewis LIVINGSTONE 18:52, (26th parkrun), Karen MCCARTHY 31:00 (40th parkrun), John CROPPER 20:42 (47th parkrun), Jenny MORRISON 24:09 (57th parkrun), Kathleen MOORE 24:55 (64th parkrun), Kris DAY 28:59 (73rd parkrun), Marc WILDING 23:14 (74th parkrun) Steve HUNT18:22 (108th parkrun).

See you all next week.



Run Report 404

Run Report – Andover parkrun 01/01/2019

You know the saying about New Year's Day? Whatever you do then, you'll do all the year round. I have borrowed this line from the first episode of “Porridge”. Mr Mackay says this line to Fletcher and it is true for many of us regarding parkrun.

It was lovely to see 313 runners and walkers at Andover. This number included 63 first timers, many of whom were with us for the first leg of the New Year’s Day double. I hope that all who achieved this enjoyed their time with us. We would love to see you again. It was also lovely to see Andover parkrun founders Jon Simmonds and Jason Briley among the numbers.

To give some perspective on how we have grown here are the New Year’s Day attendances at Andover:

2013 – 46

2014 – 79

2015 – 101

2016 – 147

2017 – 182

2018 – 211

2019 – 313


Congratulations to Nick Bevan on completing his 50th run and Christina Searle on her 100th. Magnificent red and black milestone shirts respectively have been well earned. Thank you to Rebekah Searle for making lovely biscuits to celebrate.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Janice COOK • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Christopher EDWARDS • Penny Frances EALAND • Julie JACOBS • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Helen JUDE • Ann EGGINGTON • Hayleigh POOLE • Bas JACOBS • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Alice BLOOR • Jennie COOK • Gretta LOVELL • Mark LOVELL • Joe LOVELL • Katelin LOVELL • Nathaniel LOVELL

Another brilliant performance by all. Many thanks to everyone that volunteered during the busy Christmas and New Year period. It was very much appreciated.

The course benefitted from the decent dry weather that we had recently and conditions underfoot were good for some quick times. As a result 44 people managed to achieve new personal bests. Well done to everyone for putting in such a magnificent effort, including Richard Baugh, Rebecca Holt and 2 members of the Lovell family, Gretta and 5 year old Nathaniel.

From all the Run Directors at Andover, we wish you a very Happy New Year. Hopefully we will see you soon. Maybe Saturday?



Run Report Event #403

This time of year brings us a bumper crop of parkruns to enjoy. 305 people took the opportunity to run, jog or walk around our course today cheered on by family, friends, and an ace team of hi-viz heroes, who were:

Simon EGGINGTON • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Rob WEST • Bernard FOWLER • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Tracy SPEARS • Antony SPEARS • Elaine PRITCHARD • Rebekah SEARLE • Tracy GREEN • Amelie SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Alice BLOOR • Jennie COOK

We welcomed 28 first timers: 10 who were completely new to parkrun and 18 parkrun tourists. Among the tourists was Amanda Wilson who completed her 50th parkrun with us. Also achieving their 50th T-shirt milestone was Dan Mason. Well done everyone and to all the first timers, I hope that we see you again soon ….. (Tuesday maybe?)

We are putting on a New Year’s Day event and will start promptly at 9am (with a first timers briefing at 8.45am.) This will hopefully enable anyone ‘doing a double’ to take part at Andover and then travel to another parkrun; New Year’s Day is the only time when you can do two parkruns.

Note that on New Year’s Day the car parks and toilets are unlikely to be open; however there is space to park on the industrial estate. Please be considerate to residents of the local area and not block driveways or emergency access roads.

Just a couple of reminders, please don’t take the position tokens home with you, we need them for next time. If you have accidentally wandered home with one of the two that disappeared this week, please can you return them? Also, don’t forget your barcode! No barcode, no time. We can’t accept barcodes from phones, it does need to be a paper copy, wristband or shoe tag etc. thank you.




Christmas Day parkrun 2018

236 people participated in what is now a firmly established Christmas Day tradition at Andover. More incredible than this were the volunteers that made this event possible they were:-
Alice CORNEY • Ann EGGINGTON • Charlie MCCOY • Colin STOKES • Dean COLLYER • Jack SEARLE • James MASTERS • Jan NORTH • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Lewis JONES • Paul NORTH • Rebecca MCCOY • Rebekah SEARLE • Shell SMITH • Stu CRAWFORD • Tracy GREEN

We had 7 first timers which included Karyn ASKEW who has already earned her 25 Volunteers shirt. We celebrated a 10th milestone for Elizabeth MASSEY (Junior), a 50th milestone for Laura STROUD, a 100th milestone for Michelle YOUNGER and Gemma MERRITT and a 250th milestone for our very own Run Director Janice COOK. Well done everybody on such a fantastic achievement.

15 people managed to bag themselves a new PB. Well done to you and there were a lovely 13 first time tourists to Andover. Hope you enjoyed our course and will be back to see us again soon.

On behalf of all the Andover park runners I would like to say a massive thanks to firstly anybody who has volunteered this year. The event could not go ahead without the support of these people and there are a fair few people who deserve a special mention. Firstly our volunteers who turn up week in and week out who do not run, Colin STOKES, Bas JACOBS, and Les BLOUNT.

A special THANK YOU for our Run Directors, Simon EGGINGTON, Paul NORTH, LEWIS JONES, Ian BEVERIDGE and Janice COOK.
You are all legends and have taken on an incredible amount of work again this year. Hosting over 400 events and never having cancelled one yet is truly remarkable.
Just to remind everyone there is an extra event at Andover at 9am on New Years Day so if you want to run or volunteer you will be most welcome.
Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy you running in 2019.

Jan North

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