Event 391 Run Report

A wet dark autumn morning didn't stop 366 runners and walkers leaving their beds to attend parkrun.They were rewarded with the rain easing off and a fantastic team of volunteers to clap, cheer, direct and process their efforts. We had 43 first timers to Andover with 26 their first ever parkrun,well done all of you and I hope you felt welcome and enjoyed the course.

The conditions clearly suited some with 33 pbs including regulars Kirsten Hill, Ali Pay and Rob Price.

Max Cleary earned his junior 10 white milestone t-shirt and Stuart Maries, Catherine Hicklin, Charlie McCoy, Mary Clarke, Beccy Turner and Jessica Cawton all earned their red 50 milestone t-shirts. Happy Birthday Jess.

If you would like to volunteer send us a message, you can view the spaces that need filling at www.parkrun.org.uk/andover/futureroster .

Thanks to our RD team we will be holding 2 extra parkruns over the Christmas period, Christmas day at 9 am and New years day at 9 am.These are the only extra parkruns permitted by parkrun and only take place due to our fantastic team and volunteers. These two days are also the only time events can change start times with 10.30 being the latest. It is only possible to do one parkrun Christmas day but you can do a double on new years day,so check out other local events for New years day start times.

Have a great week





Event number 390 – 6th October 2018

Welcome everyone to this week’s run report. First Saturday of the month so T-shirt day. Nice collection on show. Pictures on our Facebook page. Firstly well done parkrun reaching 14th Birthday today and now over 5 million registered worldwide. A bit damp and windy today so everyone working that little bit harder so great effort from all. This week 360 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 35 were first timers and 56 recorded new Personal Bests. Big thank you to the amazing 28 volunteers who make this event possible. From cheering everyone on to collecting the results afterwards they truly are the heart of the parkrun. Volunteers this week were: Andrew JONES  •  Bas JACOBS  •  Carolyn THOMSON EASTER  •  Charlie MCCOY  •  Christina SEARLE  •  Colin STOKES  •  Derek VINTEN  •  Edward LANGER  •  Ian BEVERIDGE  •  Ian JONES  •  Ian OLDACRE  •  Isabell Ann WELBOURNE  •  Janice COOK  •  Julie JACOBS  •  Kelly STOKES  •  Laura BEAN  •  Les BLOUNT  •  Maurice KING  •  Olivia MILLS  •  Phil HALE  •  Raymond SEARLE  •  Rebekah SEARLE  •  Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER  •  Sandra Marilyn DONEY  •  Stan BELL  •  Thomas CORDINGLY  •  Tracy GREEN  •  Wendy BEVERIDGE.

Milestones reached today were; Leo WALKER-LLOYD (JM10) 10th parkrun, Kathleen MOORE 50th parkrun, Julie DINKELE 100th parkrun. Congratulations to everyone who reached a milestone today.

Well done to everyone who achieved a PB today. Too many to mention here but some of our regular parkrunner’s worthy of note were; Ali PAY (31:35, 71st parkrun), Jenny MORRISON (24:39, 44th parkrun), Chris PORTER (29:28, 29th parkrun), Christopher ROLL (25:44, 34th parkrun), Michelle YOUNGER (27:47, 91st parkrun), Carol LAWRENCE (27:48, 84th parkrun), Colin WELBOURNE (23:24, 109th parkrun), Marc WILDING (24:01, 62nd parkrun).

See you all next week.





We will be holding a new years day parkrun at 9am,dont forget you can do "the double" so check out other local parkruns for start times



We will be holding a Christmas day parkrun at 9.00


Run Report – Event #389

381 runners, joggers, walkers took part in event number 389 this week, and were looked after by a team of 23 wonderful volunteers.

Paul NORTH • Chris PLUMMER • Jo PLUMMER • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Les BLOUNT • John COMPTON • Andrew JONES • Isabell Ann WELBOURNE • Kev YOUNG • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Laura HIGDON • Colin YOUNGER • Michelle YOUNGER • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Tracy GREEN • Jack SEARLE • Annabel WALL • Trena HUGGINS • Charlie MCCOY • Benjamin HUGGINS • Jennie COOK

We welcomed 37 first timers, of whom 15 were visiting from other parkruns, and there were a bumper 71 new personal bests recorded. Well done to a few Andover regulars: Jessica Cawton, Ali Pay, Clare Price, Jenny Morrison, Stacey Humphrey, and Nick Shanahan. Nick was also celebrating his 50th parkrun. Another T-shirt milestone this week was Nick Harper (JM11-14) who completed his 10th. I’d also like to give a special mention to Sheila Oldacre who reached her 200th parkrun.

Saturday’s event started a bit chilly, but soon warmed up and a number of you forgot to go home with the extra layer that you arrived in! We are accumulating quite a bit of lost property; please have a look through the pile next week as we would love to reunite you with your things.

See you all at event number 390!