Run Report – Andover parkrun 07/07/2018

Phew what a scorcher. A magnificent 323 runners and walkers braved conditions bordering on tropical to tread our lovely parkrun course. The number of participants included 35 first timers and visitors, coming as far afield as Edinburgh, Norway and Australia (probably for Bas again).

It was the first Saturday of the month, which meant that it was photo day for anyone that had recently received a milestone shirt. The photograph featured 7 proud wearers of 50, 100 and 25 Volunteer shirts. Congratulations to all involved

Saturday was a milestone day for Kevin Orchard, who completed his 50th run. Congratulations also to Carole Burgess for joining the magical 250 club. I am sure that the parkrunners appreciated the cakes and strawberries. Many thanks to Jan North for her lovely sign.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Lisa TRENDELL • Paul NORTH • Colin STOKES • James MASTERS • Angela DEWEY • Devo WRIGHT • Philip BRINDLEY • Julie JACOBS • Les BLOUNT • Helen JUDE • Matthew THOMAS • Ann EGGINGTON • Laura BEAN • Colin YOUNGER • Michelle YOUNGER • Hayleigh POOLE • Bas JACOBS • Jeffrey WEYERS • Jack SEARLE • Sue DUKE • Martin VANDEN • Claire HOOPER

Everyone did a wonderful job. It was a struggle getting volunteers this week, so thank you to everyone for stepping up. If anyone would like to volunteer please message our Facebook page, or email the team at Please help Janice this week and over the next few weeks, as it helps enormously.

Although conditions were hot, 23 people managed to achieve new personal bests. Well done to everyone on putting in such a magnificent effort, including youngsters Jasper Valler and Saphal Gurung.

We celebrate our parkrun birthday on 21/07 so please come along and celebrate with us. There will be cakes (anyone may contribute) and optional fancy dress. Since our first parkrun on 16/07/11 7,002 participants have completed 62,314 parkruns covering a total distance of 311,570 km, including 10,216 new Personal Bests. On our first birthday in 2012 there were 59 runners and walkers in attendance. I think that we will beat that in 2 weeks time.



Event 376 – Run report

The late late run report .335 runners/walkers completed a very warm parkrun assisted by 23 magnificent volunteers.We had 17 new runners to Andover, some visiting and others their first ever parkrun.We hope you enjoyed our little run and were made to feel very welcome.

congratulations to Wendy on reaching the 250 milestone and to Lucy on earning her red 50 t-shirt.The cake,strawberries and ice pops were very much appreciated.

There were 61 amazing pbs including Michelle, Carolyn and Jess.Well done all of you and if you missed out only a few hours before you get another shot at it.

Thank you to all the people who stopped to assist when we had an injured runner on Saturday, I’m pleased to hear it wasn’t as bad as first suspected.

The volunteer roster is looking a little empty as we are heading towards the summer holidays.Thank you to all of you that have stepped up to Lewis request this week.Volunteering is not something you have to do but is very rewarding,great fun, and a great way to meet new people.I think seeing how it all works also makes you appreciate parkrun a bit more when you are running .All the roles are straight forward and you won’t be asked to do something you don’t want to do,some of the roles like tailwalker or sorting the tokens mean you can still get a run towards your next milestone.We are totally run by volunteers so give it a go.25 times volunteering also earns you the much coveted purple volunteer shirt.

Its Janice in charge next week so if you would like to volunteer either speak to an RD on Saturday,send us a message(link on your result email and on our web page) or contact us on facebook.

wow I finished this before Lewis said go so not too bad.See you all in 10 and a half hours , it’s going to be hot.



Event number 375– 23rd June 2018

Lovely sunny weather today. A bit warm although good underfoot which gave great running conditions. This week 330 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Big thank you to the amazing 20 volunteers who make this event possible. From cheering everyone on to collecting the results afterwards they truly are the heart of the parkrun. Volunteers this week were: Ian OLDACRE • Robert CLIFFE • Lewis JONES • Colin STOKES • Ian BEVERIDGE • Graham COOK • Wendy BEVERIDGE • James RODWELL • Les BLOUNT • Amy RODWELL • Gemma MERRITT • Christopher HOLMES • Maurice KING • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Rebekah SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Rebecca MCCOY • Jessica CAWTON.

Milestones reached today were; Zoe DINKELE (Jr parkrunner) 10th parkrun, Kaden HUGHES (Jr parkrunner) 10th parkrun, Maisy RUDDICK (Jr parkrunner) 10th parkrun, Jacqui WEST 50th parkrun, Raymond SEARLE 50th parkrun, Edward WEBBER 50th parkrun, Amy LOW 150th parkrun, Luke PIERCE 300th parkrun. Congratulations to everyone who reached a milestone today.

An amazing 84 PB’s today. Too many to mention here but some of our regular parkrunner’s worthy of note were; Kathleen WEYERS (33:19, 63rd parkrun), Damber RAI (21:22, 43rd parkrun), Kerry STARKEY (23:12, 149th parkrun), Claire COLLIER (27:10, 30th parkrun), Christina SEARLE (23:32, 78th parkrun), David SMITH (20:09, 37th parkrun), Elaine PRITCHARD (26:33, 84th parkrun), John JENKINS (29:26, 70th parkrun), Derek MCGILVRAY (22:30, 44th parkrun), Kathleen MOORE (26:53, 38th parkrun), Nick MACKEY (27:40, 71st parkrun), Karen KILWORTH (28:51, 47th parkrun), Karen MCCARTHY (25:40, 30th parkrun)

See you all next week.



Run Report Event 374

Run Report Event number 374

Well done to all 381 of you that completed Andover parkrun on Saturday. This week we held a Pacer Event. This generated a whopping 89 personal bests, congratulations to you all on finishing your fastest parkrun to date. As Simon posted on Facebook we have now recorded 10,0047 PBs at Andover since our first event in July 2011. Thank you to the Pacers and to all the volunteers that made this week’s event possible. They were:

Matt MANDELBAUM • Luke PIERCE • Simon EGGINGTON • Paul NORTH • James DUNDAS • Christopher EDWARDS • Jeremy BARBER • Graham COOK • Shell SMITH • Janine BAUGH • James RODWELL • Julie JACOBS • Les BLOUNT • John KANE • Andrew JONES • Matthew THOMAS • Nicola SOUTHWELL • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER • Colin YOUNGER • Nick COLLIER • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Lyndsey KELLY • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY Fantastic job done by one and all. Thank You.

Milestones this week were Jo Richards on 100. Kyle Beckett, Colin Hannah, Melanie Evison and Lauren Baugh all competed 50 runs.

We had 41 first timers to Andover a mix of first time parkrunners and tourists from other parkruns.

One couple, regulars at Norwich parkrun, who joined us on their way to the West Country for their holiday were starting their second lap when they came upon a familiar face, another Norwich parkrunner, it’s a small world.

As are numbers continue to grow, there are parts of the course that are narrow, if you are one of the faster runners please take care when overtaking/lapping those slower than yourselves also to those further back please be aware of others that may wish to pass you. Thank you.



Run Report 373

Thank you to everyone who helped us to celebrate #NHS70 at Andover parkrun this week. It was great to see a number of you in fancy dress, and hats off to you all running in various uniform on such a warm morning! There were some really heartwarming messages left on our ‘post-it’ board. Thank you for sharing your NHS stories with us.

This week we had another huge turnout of 383 runners and walkers, not quite the record (RD Lewis still holds that accolade!) We welcomed 25 first timers too and with any luck you will all be back next week. We were visited by several parkrun tourists, it was lovely to meet Caroline of the Vegan Runners from Basingstoke, her club were each visiting a different parkrun this week. Also joining us was Malc Smith, the parkrun ambassador for Gloucester, it was great to meet you too.

Thank you to this week’s amazing team of 18 volunteers

Ian OLDACRE • Simon EGGINGTON • Colin STOKES • Graham COOK • Andrew DINKELE • Julie DINKELE • Zoe DINKELE • Les BLOUNT • Ann EGGINGTON • Laura HIGDON • Laura BEAN • Sam ARNOLD • Karen COOK • Colin YOUNGER • Michelle YOUNGER • Kirsty MARCHMENT • Anne BROOKS • Jennie COOK

Have a look here ( for some great photos from this week (thanks Sam!) and check out the video Lewis put together for the special #NHS70 event - there’s a link on our Facebook page.

Next week (16th June) we are holding a pacer event, see you all there!