Event number 365– 14th April 2018

Good weather for running today, a big foggy but cool with no wind. Best of all the mud is slowly disappearing. This week 289 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 34 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to everyone who achieved a PB today. Big thank you to the amazing 17 volunteers who make this event possible. From cheering everyone on to collecting the results afterwards they truly are the heart of the parkrun. Volunteers this week were: Janice Cook • Ian Oldacre • Lewis Jones • Colin Stokes • Malcolm Stone • Ian Beveridge • Graham Cook • Wendy Beveridge • Lance Mitchell • Andrew Jones • Tracy Spears • Elizabeth Gant • Maurice King • Hayleigh Poole • Bas Jacobs • Jack Searle • Jack Jobling.

Milestones reached today were; Fraser Hornby 50th parkrun, Freddie Bosworth (Jr parkrunner) 50th Parkrun, Ann Edge 100th parkrun, Kev Young 100th parkrun and Colin Teasdale 200th parkrun. Congratulations to everyone who reached a milestone today.

Thank you to Wendy Beveridge, Ann Eggington, Ann Edge and Pat Collyer for making the lovely cakes which were well appreciated and tasty.

See you all next week.



Run Report Event 364

Run Report event number 364

A few days of better weather helped to dry the course out a bit and this improved running conditions on the grass. We continue to use our hybrid course as work is still being done to the lakes. Well done to all 264 of you that completed parkrun this morning.

17 new personal bests were recorded, so well done to all those that achieved a new fastest time.

We welcomed 33 first timers to Andover this morning which consisted of a mixture of people new to parkrun and some others doing some touring. I met a group of regulars from Bushy Park who stopped off on their way to Cornwall to join us and a group of Luton Town Football Club Supporters en route from Bedford and Dunstable to Yeovil for today’s game.

Today’s event was made possible by a fantastic team of 25 volunteers they were: Janice COOK • Ian OLDACRE • Lewis JONES • Paul NORTH • Jan NORTH • Chris PLUMMER • Colin STOKES • Graham COOK • Wendy BEVERIDGE • Lance MITCHELL • James RODWELL • Julie JACOBS • Kelly STOKES • Andrew JONES • Jez HOLMAN • Ann EGGINGTON • Antony SPEARS • Ann EDGE • Sonia PAGETT • Laura HIGDON • Colin YOUNGER • Michelle YOUNGER • Bas JACOBS • William JUDE • Raymond SEARLE

Milestones this week were Ava Jude on 10 and Kirsty Marchment on 50 congratulations to you both.

Good to see Ian Griffin this morning. A little flatter than your usual parkrun in Scotland.

Good luck tomorrow to all those running the Salisbury 10 mile race tomorrow (don’t forget to smile for the Camel ) and to anyone doing any other events over the weekend, including those on the Test Valley ultra today.



Run report – Event #363

I think most people would agree we’ve had enough fun in the mud (snow, rain etc.)! From now on, can we have some more spring-like conditions, please? That being said, there were plenty of you having a great time in the mud and puddles this week, and with four new PBs recorded (we really weren’t expecting any – well done!) perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all?

Thanks to my wonderful team of volunteers who did a great job again this week, your efforts are appreciated by everyone:


Four parkrunners achieved a T-shirt milestone this week, Leon Wilde (50th), Tina Ewen (50th), Nicola Southwell (100th), and fellow RD Ian Beveridge, who completed his 250th parkrun. Well done Ian, a great achievement. When you add to this Ian’s 114 times volunteering, including joining in this week with a spot of token sorting, that’s a lot of Saturday mornings!




Event 362 Run Report 24/03/2018

For the 2nd week we decided to run on a temporary course to give the top of the field a chance to recover from the bog that it has become. The outdoor gym apparatus has been installed, so will give the field some interesting landmarks going forward. The parts of the field that was in use was very slippery, so it was good to be able to bring our old friend the barrier back into play. I hope that the course was enjoyed by all 265 runners and walkers that graced us with their presence. The number included 17 magnificent first timers, who hopefully went away from Andover parkrun with a positive experience. Please come again.

Saturday was a milestone day for Rachel Ruddick and Paula Stepney, who ran their 50th parkruns with us. It was also a big day for Karen Baggott, who refused to let an injury stop her from walking the course and joining the 250 club. Thank you to Jan and Paul North for the lovely banners. The cakes made by Karen and Mrs Egg were worthy of the occasion and I myself sampled as many as I could before people noticed.

The parkrun this week was made possible by the below volunteers.

Colin STOKES • Malcolm STONE • Ian BEVERIDGE • James RODWELL • Joshua RODWELL • Colin TEASDALE • Julie JACOBS • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Stephen STROUD • John COMPTON • Andrew JONES • Tracy SPEARS • Jeff BIRKS • Karen COOK • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Anne BROOKS

Everyone did a wonderful job and we couldn’t do it without them. Congratulations to “The Doc” Malcolm Stone on volunteering for the 25th time and earning the brilliant milestone shirt in the process.

Our roster is a bit short for the next few weeks, so If anyone would like to volunteer please message our Facebook page, or email the team at andoverhelpers@parkrun.com.

The weather and slippery conditions resulted in 11 new personal bests. Well done to everyone on putting in such a great effort. The better weather will be here soon, now that we have beaten the winter, unless the mean old Beast from the East decides to visit for a 3rd time.



Event 361-Run Report

With one week before it is officially summer time,the beast from the east decided to have another go at us hardy runners and volunteers.Sub zero temperatures with a bitterly cold wind and it even started to snow before the end.

A massive thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers who with numb fingers clapped,timed ,scanned,wrote,took photos and handed out finish tokens.Without you fantastic volunteers we would not be able to run the event.

After the previous weeks rain and thick mud ,most of the top field we decided was a no go area and with continued work in and around the boating lake yet another modified course had to be designed.I think this is the sixth course we have done this year with the aim always to make it as safe,interesting and enjoyable for everyone.I hope you liked this latest course as we expect to be using it for the next month or until the shoe removing bog goes away.

260 brave runners and walkers completed the two lap course.We had 15 first timers/tourists to Andover and ten of those were running their first ever parkrun.I hope you were made to feel welcome and join us again soon.Well done also to the nine people who achieved a PB.We will be looking at having some pacer events to help those chasing a personal best once it has dried out a bit.

Joseph Hughes earned his 100 milestone t-shirt,Leah Hughes and Sophie Hicklin earned their junior 10 t-shirts.The latest news is that the 40000 milestone shirts on order have arrived and runners who have been waiting the longest will see their profiles going live soon.Unfortunately there are no junior 10 shirts in this shipment but they are due on the next one.We will pass on any news we get from HQ regarding t-shirts.

If you would like to have a go at volunteering take a look at our roster and drop us an email or facebook message and let us know what you would like to do.You can view the roster at www.parkrun.org.uk/andover/futureroster.We also grab a post parkrun coffee upstairs in McDonalds while we process the results,feel free to come and join us.

Enjoy your week and see you all Saturday