Event 352 – Andover parkrun 13/01/2018

Who would have thought it? You wait 9 months to beat the Andover parkrun attendance record and then, just like London buses, 2 come along at once. A magnificent and gargantuan 373 runners and walkers took part this week, thrashing the daylights off last week’s record of 371. Well done to everyone. Our numbers were swelled by 50 first timers, many taking part in their first ever parkrun. I received lovely feedback from some first timers and was very pleased to hear that you all enjoyed it enough to want to come back and do it again.

The course conditions were the best that they have been in a while, which resulted in 43 new personal bests. May you all be glowing in your achievements.

The run was made possible by 19 brilliant volunteers who shall remain nameless. Although their real names are below:

Sandra BLOWERS • Karen BAGGOTT • Colin STOKES • Vanessa ARMOND • Christopher EDWARDS • Ian BEVERIDGE • Matthew JEFFERY • Kelly STOKES • Les BLOUNT • Claire ALLISON • Carolyn THOMSON EASTER • Tracy SPEARS • Christopher HOLMES • Bas JACOBS • Christina SEARLE • Jack SEARLE • Raymond SEARLE • Matt ADDIS • Martin VANDEN

Thank you so much. We couldn’t do it without you. If anyone would like to volunteer please message our Facebook page, or email the team at andoverhelpers@parkrun.com.

Saturday was also a big occasion for Stuart Stringer and Nick Collier as they completed their 50th runs. Andrew Jones made it to the big 100 and many of us were very pleased with his bag full of chocolates. Congratulations to you all.

Please can all parkrunners remember to get their finish tokens scanned and not to go home with them. The missing tokens get lonely and scared and nobody wants that to happen do they.




Event 351- A Record 371 Runners and Walkers

What a great first Saturday of 2018,an amazing 371 of you ran,jogged or walked our 5km course, all made possible by a great team of 25 volunteers.This time of year we are all setting new goals,will this year be the year you get a new pb,dip under 20,30,40,50 or 60 minute mark for the first time,or is your aim to get all the way round without stopping,perhaps to do 50 parkruns.It would be great if one of your aims was to volunteer at parkrun a few times a year (and its fun).What ever your aim I hope we can help you achieve your goals.

Parkrun last week had over 27500 new registrations,if you were one of those and made Andover your first run, I hope you enjoyed it and felt welcomed and encouraged.Janice had quite a crowd at the first timer briefing and looking at the results we had 50 first timers to Andover with 29 their first ever run.

If you are new to parkrun, you can earn milestone t-shirts when you complete 10 runs (juniors only),50,100,250,500 or the 25 volunteer shirt.This week Lance and Matt both achieved their 250th parkruns,they both started in 2012 and become only the 17th and 18th to get to this mark at Andover,well done both of you.Other milestones this week were three juniors ,Nathan Birks,Archie Seth and Molly Carter all earning their white 10 shirt.(T-shirts are currently out of stock with a massive delivery due at the end of February,you will be able to order through your profile at that stage.They are FREE but you will have to pay postage).

Conditions are a bit sticky at the moment but that did not stop 25 of you getting a new pb.Special mentions to Jessica Cawton,and the Cheverton family with Amy,Stuart,Emma,Tara and Michelle all with new bests.

Just a few reminders,please don't take the finish tokens home and if you do have some return them.Only enter the finish funnel when you complete two laps,and once you enter the funnel you must exit at the other end and take a token (no dipping under the tape),we have some narrow paths around the lakes and have decided while on the winter course it is not safe to have dogs,we will have another look when we go back to the summer course.It is also important that we treat other users of the park and other runners with respect,please do not push past slower runners and like wise try to allow room for faster runners coming past.A good morning,excuse me coming through,thank you marshal will make a more enjoyable run for everyone.

To finish I would just like to give you some figures from the same week in January since we started, to show how much we have grown and are still growing.Lots of fitter people and loads of friendships made.

2012     59

2013     78

2014      73

2015     108

2016     167

2017      325

2018      371

Have a great week and see you next Saturday



Run Report Event number 349



Another year of park running with our amazing Andover parkrun family.  It certainly has been a year of changes, new sponsors, a tailwalker instead of a tailrunner a whopping 4 million plus registered park runners worldwide.  Gone are the days when trying to recruit people to the joys of running or volunteering at parkrun and they would never have heard of it.  This year I have only tried to recruit one person who hadn’t heard of it and that was the nice Green Flag man who towed me back to Eggy’s garage when the clutch went on my car as I joined the traffic on the M3 at Winnall roundabout.

For Andover parkrun in particular we have seen a regular 250+ people every week.  This time last year we said goodbye to our Run Director Kim Holmes. Kim, Carolyn, Nick, Charlie & Will all joining the park runners in the American Stateside division.  With the huge numbers now residing at Andover our Event Director, Mr Eggington decided to replace Kim with two other Run Directors, and who better to fill that spot, enter - Janice and Lewis.  It is always a pleasure to write the report at this time of year to thank all the Run Directors and our Event Director on behalf of us runners.  This year it is even more important than ever as there have been improvements made to the park and not once have they cancelled an event.  Working with the contractors they have been to measure, run and work out alternative courses for us.  This happens often at short notice. I can also say first hand that at bedtime on a Friday night, my husband (and I am sure all the other run directors do this as well) is checking the e-mails and Facebook messages for any changes to the volunteer roster for the next morning!  For those of you that don’t know the Run Directors job starts the previous Saturday as we are all tucking into our nice breakfast after parkrun they start by printing out any missing finish tokens, then they have the task of getting the full quota of volunteers for the week, the day before is spent charging the laptop, timers and barcode scanners.  Finally after all their hard work on a Saturday morning at the event they then spend their time processing the results and ensuring that they are all correct and that there are no malfunctions.  Finally, getting to write the run report, usually on the Saturday or Sunday.   So, three cheers please for Mr Simon EGGINGTON, Mr Paul NORTH, Mr Ian BEVERIDGE, Mrs Janice COOK and Mr Lewis JONES for all your hard work it really is appreciated by us all.

As Andover gets bigger so does our need for volunteers, so another 3 cheers for all our volunteers this year we really can’t do it without you.  If you haven’t tried it then please do so it is enormous fun and you get to see a different side to parkrun.  All jobs are easy, I promise you.  I can’t finish this paragraph without mentioning two really special volunteers, Colin Stokes (our timekeeper) who rarely misses a week and even brings his lovely wife Kelly to volunteer when she is not working.  The other is Baz Jacobs (usually accompanied by his apprentice - Jack), whose smile and encouraging words as you round the bend by the café is legendary.  Thank you gentleman, for your continued support.

On a personal note, our ordinary family who didn’t run before Andover parkrun existed and some might say “parkrun bonkers” enjoyed unwrapping our new parkrun game on Christmas Day.  You might like to play too. I know there are lots of park runners out there already playing this.  You need to make a “Bingo Style” Board as below.

  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J
  K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T
          U   V   W   X   Y   Z        
          0   10   20   30   40   50        
          1   11   21   31   41   51        
          2   12   22   32   42   52        
          3   13   23   33   43   53        
          4   14   24   34   44   54        
          5   15   25   35   45   55        
          6   16   26   36   46   56        
          7   17   27   37   47   57        
          8   18   28   38   48   58        
          9   19   29   39   49   59        


Every time you do some parkrun tourism tick off the letter of the parkrun you have visited.  For example, when you visit Basingstoke then tick off the B.  (There are no X’s or Z’s in the UK, I am told that you need to go to Poland for them!)  When you get your official result then tick off the number that corresponds to the seconds. For example if your time is 45:59 then tick off 59 on the list above.

How amazing is that!

Just time to say THANKYOU to all those amazing people that volunteered today

Alison WILLIS  •  Bas JACOBS  •  Carolyn THOMSON EASTER  •  Christina SEARLE  •  Christopher BRAWN  •  Colin STOKES  •  Gaynor BRINDLEY  •  Jack SEARLE  •  Jan NORTH  •  Jez HOLMAN  •  Julie JACOBS  •  Karen BAGGOTT  •  Kelly STOKES  •  Les BLOUNT  •  Lewis JONES  •  Luke PIERCE  •  Oliver FRYER  •  Patricia COLLYER  •  Paul NORTH  •  Raymond SEARLE  •  Ruaridh THOMSON EASTER  •  Sheila OLDACRE  •  Sj PLATT  •  Stephen STROUD  •  Toby BRAWN



Finally, congratulations to Bhimlal GURUNG, Rojbahadur GURUNG and Ali PAY who all completed their 50th parkrun today.

See you all Monday.




Event number 348 – 25th December 2017

Thank you to everyone for turning up on this Christmas morning, perhaps enjoying a short break from the hectic festivities. Today 194 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 12 recorded new Personal Bests. The event was made possible by 22 brilliant volunteers: Ian OLDACRE • Sheila OLDACRE • Simon EGGINGTON • Paul NORTH • Chris PLUMMER • Jo PLUMMER • Colin STOKES • Ian BEVERIDGE • Wendy BEVERIDGE • Gina GRAHAM • Kelly STOKES • Reg BRETT • Stu CRAWFORD • Ann EGGINGTON • Kirsty LOCKE • Maurice KING • Sj PLATT • Ellie PLATT • Raymond SEARLE • Charlie MCCOY • Rebecca MCCOY • Nathan SPEARS.

Special mention for young Ellie Platt who done a great job encouraging everyone at the end of their first lap and entertaining the volunteers at the finish area.

Congratulations to one of Andover’s previous parkrunner of the year award winners, Kate Bailey reaching her 100th Parkrun this morning.

Please note that over the festive period the usual car parks and toilet facilities will be locked. This affects the runs on Saturday the 30th and New Year’s Day. For these runs, please park in the industrial estate or in Charlton.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Andover parkrun Results Page.

Seasons Wishes from Andover Parkrun, hope to see you all on Saturday.



Event 347 Andover parkrun

Run Report – Andover parkrun 23/12/2017

The festive season is upon us and how lovely it was to see 294 runners and walkers grace our hybrid course. There were 25 first timers, who hopefully enjoyed spending their morning with us. Although the field was boggy underfoot the new paths have been encouraging quick times with 29 personal bests, including Lee Cunningham, who held of Lauris in an exciting finish.  Many congratulations to Peter Whent for completing his 50th run.

Thank you very much to the magnificent team of volunteers. They did a great job and it makes our job so much easier. A special mention to SJ Platt, who collected so many jumpers and tops at the end of the first lap that we considered holding a raffle. In regards to volunteering, we really need your help as we are staging 4 parkruns in 9 days due to the festive season. If you can help us please message our Facebook page, or email the team at andoverhelpers@parkrun.com.

Please note that over the festive period the usual car parks and toilet facilities will be locked. This affects the runs on Christmas Day, Saturday the 30th and New Year’s Day. For these runs, please park in the industrial estate or in Charlton. As we appreciate the many people have busy schedules on Christmas Day we are aiming for a promt 9am start.

We hope to see many of you there and if not, we at Andover parkrun wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for spending our Saturday mornings with us.