Arrow Valley parkrun report #289 – 06-01-2018 – Kevin Tomkinson

Arrow Valley parkrun #289 – 06-01-2018

I have to start this run report with a massive thank you from the 462 finishers on Saturday morning to Dylan and his happy volunteers at a cold Arrow Valley around the lake. As we shivered on the walk to the start line, moved this week from its normal position in the field there was an excited chatter from the gathered masses however I wondered if a lot of that was nervous teeth chattering rather than actual conversation

"3, 2, 1, Go" and we were off. I always enjoy running at Arrow Valley, so much to see on the way round. Today as I ran round with Brueton parkrun tourist Alison GIBLIN we approached the hill where last time I ran here she gave up pushing my son in the running buggy as I was just ahead and I had to do a 360 turn and go and back and get him before he rolled back down the hill. No buggy pushing this week as Alison's husband took him to run him into the café which seemed a much more sensible option for him on a freezing morning.

At the left turn, 3 of the excellent volunteers warned us of the hazard ahead – Ice on the path so it was onto the grass for around 50 yards. I particularly liked the improvised covering – 3 high viz vests on the floor. 2 laps later and a bit of a competitive sprint from me, token 283 was handed to me. A quick scan, cheer for the finishers and a quick chat outside and it was off to the warmth of the café for a cold can of pop (I don't drink hot drinks very often) and an excellent toasted teacake. Thank you Arrow Valley parkrun, my 17th run round the lake was probably the coldest conditions I have run in for a few months but was great fun

At the event this week there was 462 finishers, all supported by the wonderful heroes in yellow (see below). There was 8 members of the 10 club, 93 members of the 50 club, 83 members of the 100 club and 3 members of the 250 club.


This week's heroes in yellow -

Liz ADEY, Stuart BEASLEY, Louise BEASLEY, Barry CRUTCHLEY, Tony DOWNES, Suzie DUNSTER, Elizabeth FILER, Dylan GOULD, Lucy HARRIS, Kristabel HILTON, Claire JAKEMAN, Sue JOHNSON, Melba JONES, Colin MARSHALL, Karl MILLWARD, Rebecca MOORE, Ellie MOSS, Sian PERRY, Julie RAE, Deborah RICCI, Andy TERRY, Leanne WALLIS, Andrew WARING, Paula WIDDOWS, Kerry WILLIAMS, Joshua WISEMAN, Ricky YOUNG

Celebrations this week

Congratulations to the following Arrow Valley parkrunners who entered one of the parkrun clubs at the event

25 Volunteer club - Colin MARSHALL

100 club – Darren MANSELL


5 stats from Arrow Valley parkrun this week

This was event 289 at Arrow Valley. In 289th position was Julie BOTT who completed her 27th parkrun in 32:29

27 volunteers made the event possible this week. In 27th position was 1st timer Oliver BELL who completed his 42nd parkrun in 21:30

21 new PB's this week. In 21st position was Wayne KETCHER who completed his 64th parkrun in 21:11

The average run time for the event (overall) is 28:45. No one matched this time this week

Position number of the week = 285 – Archibold DAVIES who completed his 9th parkrun in 32:25


This week there was 21 personal bests recorded. Well done to all achieving a PB this week

First timers

44 first timers took part this week, for 16 of them this was their 1st parkrun.

Official Report

This week 462 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Joshua WISEMAN • Dylan GOULD • Kristabel HILTON • Louise BEASLEY • Andy TERRY • Deborah RICCI • Ellie MOSS • Stuart BEASLEY • Liz ADEY • Colin MARSHALL • Ricky YOUNG • Sian PERRY • Leanne WALLIS • Rebecca MOORE • Kerry WILLIAMS • Julie RAE • Lucy HARRIS • Paula WIDDOWS • Andrew WARING • Claire JAKEMAN • Melba JONES • Sue JOHNSON • Elizabeth FILER • Tony DOWNES • Barry CRUTCHLEY • Karl MILLWARD • Suzie DUNSTER

The female record is held by Becky STRAW who recorded a time of 17:49 on 23rd August 2014 (event number 110), and by Kristen FINDLEY who also recorded a time of 17:49 on 25th July 2015 (event number 159).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 15:08 on 10th September 2016 (event number 219).
The Age Grade course record is held by Bronwen G CARDY who recorded 94.03% (21:14) on 12th September 2015 (event number 166).

Arrow Valley parkrun started on 14th July 2012. Since then 8,003 participants have completed 71,635 parkruns covering a total distance of 358,175 km, including 12,949 new Personal Bests.

Did you know?

Arrow Valley now has 6750 registered parkrunners