Run Report 5th January 2019

Having been harassed over the past year or so to join the RDs I finally succumbed and did my first one . No pressure they said!! I'd have rather been at the dentist having tooth extraction but thanks to the brilliant set of volunteers as well as the experience of the other RDs there it all went quite well - nobody saw the joins anyway! Adam was the closest guess on runner numbers with 252 against 256 finishers (which would have been my guess if I'd  allowed myself to enter - not!!)
Great conditions given the time of year, lovely  group of enthusiastic runners and top top volunteers on the 'posts', what could go wrong - nothing, of course. Lovely couple who visited us from Croyden and caught me at the end to say what a great time they'd had -don't you just love visitors - although the usual team of locals who are in the park week in and week out are my Saturday morning 'fix'.
Many congratulations to Ian Robertson on joining the 100 club and for his great PB as well. Congrats also to Matt Webb on joining the 50 club. Nearly 20% of runners on Saturday have completed less than 10 parkruns whilst about 15% have done over 100; there were 28 PBs achieved;  23 of the field were 1st timers to Ashford (one of whom came 3rd!) of which 15 completed there very 1st parkrun - new year, new challenge; 18 runners did not have their barcodes with them.
Every time is a new experience for us all, long may it continue

Run Report 29.12.2018

Having been at the park on Christmas Day parkrun it seemed odd being back 4 days later! It was a good morning weather wise, not too cold, no frost and not windy.


We were lucky with volunteers this week as several people were doing runs on Sunday. It is good to have all the bases covered. We are looking a bit light in the next few weeks so if you can volunteer, please do so.


After the 250 runners on Christmas Day I didn’t expect so many on Saturday but there 285 runners and walkers who finished the course and at least a couple who did one lap but had to pull out with muscle problems.


This week we had Paul Johnson completing his 100thrun – it was lovely to see the balloons and his family helping him celebrate. Our own Terry “Hugger” Sellen completed his 200th run on Saturday and it was lovely to see him having photos taken with the Parkrun family. Terry epitomises the spirit of Parkrun, overcoming problems and keep coming despite them. He really is a true encouragement to so many people, me included and we love his genuine pleasure in seeing others succeed.


There were visitors from Bath and from Sydney, Australia.  I was lucky enough to chat to Murray Herbert and his 2 companions after the race and he told me that he is a RD in Sydney and that they have about 245 runners each week. He was very complimentary about our event and said that he had run in Sydney on Christmas Day! When I said he must be uber jet lagged he said that he had been up since 3 am but was feeling it at the end. Lovely people and look forward to seeing them again.


There were 18 first time runners and some very improved PBs – the men’s record has stood since April 2014 – what odds that Marshall Smith will find the 9 seconds to break this time before the 5th anniversary?


There were lots of people without barcodes this week – it’s a shame because one guy had forgotten his and got a PB so was disappointed.  Make sure that bringing your barcode is as automatic as putting your shoes on.


Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year – which is now only a few days away! Happy New Year guys 


Christmas Day 2018 Run Report

Merry Christmas from Ashford parkrun, where 23 volunteers and 251 runners dragged themselves away from presents in the warm to a cold Victoria Park (minus 1 degree) to take on a festive 5k.

There was a plethora of costumes and Christmas attire on show, from Santa hats to Christmas jumpers, someone dressed as a cracker and the lesser spotted yellow tourist cowbob.

It's always great to welcome new people to parkrun, 24 of you running at Ashford for the first time and 5 of whom decided that they would start their parkrun journey on Christmas Day!!  We also had tourists join us from Manchester, Leeds, Southampton, Sittingbourne and Folkestone to name just a few.

37 runners claimed a new PB today, well done to all, clearly the indulgences of the season have not got to you yet, for the rest of us, there's always next Saturday, to start burning off those mince pies and turkey.

Well done to Clare HAZARD and James SHAW-COTTERILL for completing their 50th parkrun and to Simon MAYTUM and Julie ABBOTT who completed their 100th parkrun today.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and we can all agree we spent this morning amongst good company today, so let's make it a new tradition. Merry Christmas all.


Christmas parkrun 2018

Well it’s that time of year, when people start thinking of the festive period.

What jumpers / socks to buy, how many people coming to dinner, have I got enough sprouts.!!

Will we eat on time and finish before the Queen and EastEnders?

The Ashford parkrun elves and fairies have been beavering away in the background with discussions with the council, and the chiefs at Ashford Borough Council have said YES.

With this go ahead we will be aiming to put on Ashford parkrun on Christmas Day. This will only go ahead if the parkrun is given some presents of marshals.

Please email if you can help.


Ashford parkrun Run Report 10/11/2018

With the rain threatening to fall at any minute 224 parkrunners braved the weather forecast to be blessed with an hour of no rain for their runs.
Keara a regular Duke of Edinburgh volunteer had agreed to be RD on the day and she did a fantastic job, great speech, well organised marshals and a trouble free morning, with 24 first time runners to Ashford, 26 PB’s and some good feedback from our friends visiting from Whitstable parkrun, we also had visitors from Folkestone and further afield.
Marshal, one of our regular young stars made an attempt at beating our men’s course record of 15:45 with a very close attempt of 15:53 which was a new PB for Marshal on the Ashford parkrun course and the 9th fastest parkrun time recorded across the UK on the day, well done Marshal, we look forward to your next attempt.
We would like to thank all the volunteers that give up their Saturday mornings to marshal Ashford parkrun without which it would not be able to take place, we are always looking for volunteers so if you would like to join us and have fun helping please contact us via the volunteer email
Ashford parkrun
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