Run report 29/09/18

On a lovely autumnal morning, I headed out to Vicky park. As always, it was a quiet start but as the minutes went by, the crowds gathered. A handful of new runners were present for the new runners briefing,and once that was done we were onto the announcements. A small contingent of tourists joined us from Margate, Leicester and Newcastle and the Ghurka Guy joined us again (sorry I don’t know his name, but it’s always great to see him come along with his carry pack)

All the essentials done we got underway. As the minutes passed, the sun decided to make an appearance and it really began to warm up,  by the end of the first lap a number of tops had been thrown our way for safe keeping. Everyone did a great job, now the weather is becoming more pleasant to run in (heat is not my friend) those pb’s may be a bit easier to achieve. Don’t forget, you can always offer to volunteer for a future event. After running parkrun, volunteering is one of my most favourite things to do, being part of the team gives another aspect of the parkrun family, and it’s a great family to be a part of. Keep on running!

by our RD on the day Julie


A very red parkrun – SATURDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2018

This week at Ashford parkrun saw a club takeover by Ashford Striders who provided all volunteer roles for the event,including new co-event Director and Striders’ Chairman Cris Francis. Kath Atkinson confidently delivered her first ever parkrun briefing at the start, assisted by daughter Olivia. We had some very vocal marshals out on the course, as well as 5 members of the club pacing times from 26 to 34 minutes.  And there was some cake – actually a lot of cake – at the finish line.

This week was a very special one for one parkrunner, Edwin Bartlett, who was running his 250th parkrun, 241 of which have been here in Ashford.  This is an amazing achievement, especially when you consider that Edwin has also volunteered an incredible 524 times as well.  From pre-event setting up and closing down to marshalling, Edwin’s commitment to Parkrun is fantastic and we would like to offer him our congratulations on this special occasion.

This week’s event saw 243 people run, jog or walk the course.  There were 15 first timers and an incredible 50 of you set a new Personal Best time.  We also welcomed tourists from Maidstone and Sevenoaks parkruns.  Well done to all of you!

Dan Green was the first runner home competing the course in 17:58.  An unknown runner was second, with Tomasz Latalain third place in a time of 18:37.  Hannah Williams was the first lady to finish in 22:24 with Louisa Jones second lady in 22:45 and Lily-Rose O’Brien in third position in a time of 23:00 on the dot.

On the spot or aesthetically pleasing times this week:

Don Dewar – 22:33

Lily-Rose O’Brien – 23:00

Phiona Lees – 23:23

Phil Sadler – 23:32

Jack Newing – 23:45

John Small – 24:24

Darren Carpenter – 25:25

Peter Hamley – 25:52

Anne Healey – 30:00

Last but by no means least, Ashford parkrun needs you!  If you have never volunteered before but saw how much fun Ashford Striders had this week, then feel free to step forward! Please email the parkrun office at who would be delighted to hear from you.

Alison from Ashford Striders Running Club


Saturday 25th August 2018

This was very nearly the run which didn't run! We had to postpone the new runners' briefing until 8.55 am because at 8.50 am we were still 4 volunteers short. Luckily we had two runners who came with their partners and they agreed to step up and cover spots. One of the volunteers had been unable to get their car started and one of our DoE lads Tom Harvey came with his mother and took over tokens.

We did not have 2 timers until 8.55 am and we ran the event with at least 2 marshalling posts not covered.

Now that our DofE guys have finished their stint with us we are really struggling to cover the essential posts each week. We are very short of volunteers (thanks to all of you who came and signed up at the end) and could do with several more to come forward for the next few weeks.

A visitor told me of a scheme they run at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire called Volunteer Bingo where numbers are drawn our of a hat and the finisher who has that number will be asked to volunteer in 2 weeks time. Do you think this could work at Ashford? We really need to sort something out. Somebody said to be on Saturday that I looked like I needed a stiff drink and I certainly could have done with one!

On a happier note we had 276 runners who achieved several PBs despite the unexpected heat. We look forward to seeing you next week.



Run Report 11/08/18

After the excitement of a pre-wedding parkrun, this week was the turn of the annual A&D take over. Always an event I love to be part of as it involves all my favourite things.....running, great people and most importantly cake!!

The weather seemed a bit cooler than recent weeks and after getting the gang organised, we gave out all the important info. We had a small tourist contingent (sorry I can't remember where you were from)and with everyone ready to go we headed to the start. A quick reminder that we had pacers to day so lots of opportunity to go for that PB.

As everyone came round for the first lap, I'm sure a few of us were surprised to see the first place guy was a fair bit ahead of our sub 19 pacer. As the rest of the field came through, you could see the determination on their faces to keep with those pacers.

As the finishers came through, there were lots of smiles and happy faces (well, as happy as you can be when you've ran the last 80m like the clappers!!). Well done to everyone who came today, we hope you enjoyed the great marshalling, hospitality and homemade cakes from everything that is A&D. If anyone is interested, feel free to grab one of our runners to ask any questions you might have.

Thanks again, see you all next week and keep on running.

Julie. X


Wedding Day parkrun – Saturday 4th August 2018

This weeks run report was written by Emily, who is a tourist from Brockwell parkrun.

"If parkrun allowed you to select a second home parkrun, Ashford would be mine. Technically I am a parkrun tourist here, but I grew up in Ashford and visit regularly so I definitely still consider it to be home. And as parkrun courses go, it's pretty great! I love the out and backs, where runners can smile/grimace at each other as they pass, 'The Hill' that feels like an Everest summit on the second lap, and turning the final corner for a sprint finish.

Today, event #246, was another warm one. On my way to the start I spotted a few people wearing dresses with their trainers, or ties over their running tshirts. What was going on? All was revealed in the briefing-today is the wedding day of one of Ashford parkrun's main hi-vis heroes, Becca! She and her fiancé (and the entire wedding party) were all taking part ahead of the main event later. Congratulations to you both :)

After the briefing the 'congregation' set off on a charge down towards the fountain. It was definitely a day to be thankful for the nice shaded areas near the turnaround point! There was lots of support from the marshals dotted around the course, and the love hearts being given out at the finish were an unexpected treat.

I absolutely love the facts and figures that come with parkrun. This week there were -
21 people running their first parkrun (welcome!)
36 new PBs (well done!)
2 runners reaching milestones (congratulations!)
21 anonymous runners - don't forget your barcode! (tip - print off an emergency one and put it under the insole of your trainers).

Lastly, a massive thank you to the friendly and supportive volunteers. There are a core team who turn up week in week out to who make parkrun possible for us (you know who they are), but why not offer to help them out now and again? Lots of the roles (like run report writer..) allow you to run and volunteer on the same day, and if you volunteer 25 times you're eligible for a very fetching purple tshirt. Who doesn't love a free tshirt?

See you soon-happy running!


I would also like to say a great big thank you, who made my wedding day parkrun an absolutely amazing experience. The atmosphere was brilliant and I loved all those who turned up in purple to run with Adrian and myself! A special thank you to those who volunteered to cheer us all on and our photographers on the day who have provided some fantastic shots to remember the day by! #loveparkrun

Ashford ED

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