Christmas Day parkrun

Ayr parkrun will host a Christmas Day parkrun at 9.30am on 25th December! Please come along and join us for festive fun!

There will not be a New Year’s Day parkrun at Ayr this year.


Dogs at Ayr parkrun

Ayr parkrun is a twisty and loopy route. Having reviewed the route safety regarding an incident last weekend, we are requesting the following :

• A parkrun line can be used as long as it is held at the twist throughout the run. This is compulsory due to technical nature of the course.

• ALL runners, run on left hand side when running with or without a dog.

•Announce to runners ahead that you are going to overtake if running with your dog.

•Provide a wide berth around runner as safely as possible.

• And finally, enjoy your parkrun !


10 for 10

To celebrate 10 years of parkrun in Scotland why not do the 10 for 10 challenge?

So what do you need to do?

- Join the parkrun 10 for 10 Facebook group
- Run/jog/walk/volunteer at 10 different Scottish parkruns ( 5k&2k) before1 December 2018
- For those whose home parkrun is in the north (Inverness, Elgin, Alness, Aviemore) each parkrun can be repeated once.
- For those whose home parkrun is Bressay all 10 can be done at Bressay
( NB exceptions for new northern parkruns to be posted when they start)

There are 3 levels:


Planned Cancellations 2018

Ayr parkrun will not take place on the following dates due to other events taking place in the park. It is not possible for us to go ahead safely when the park is in use for big events that allow cars to exit the park onto The Loaning.

5th May- Burns Event
26th May- International Football
9th June- Dog Event
16th June- Dog Event
4th August- Land O’Burns Football
15th September- Dog Event

If Rozelle is to be used as an overspill car park for the Scottish Airshow on 1st September we will also be cancelled on this date but will confirm this nearer the time.


New Year’s Day parkrun

Don’t forget that it’s an 11am start with us tomorrow morning at Ayr for the New Year’s Day parkrun.

For those planning ‘the double’ by running at Eglinton first, it’s a 9am start there and Eglinton are currently using their winter route which starts just behind the furthest away car park.

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