Banstead Woods parkrun – 2017/18 Runners of the Year

Every year at the Banstead Woods parkrun anniversary we are delighted to present the ‘Anne Roden Banstead Woods Ladies Runner of the Year Trophy’ to the and the ‘Anne Roden Banstead Woods Men’s Runner of the Year Trophy’.

Yesterday, for the eleventh year, the winners in each competition were publicly recognised at our anniversary event as chosen from our community.

Congratulations to Lisa Rooney and George Frogley who won the trophies this year.  Their trophies were presented by Anne Roden, our patron, at our anniversary celebration yesterday along with certificates and a box of well earned chocolates.

Congratulations to everyone who has participated this year you have all played your part in making the eleventh year of the third oldest parkrun event another special year full of personal achievements, character and atmosphere.

Ladies Runner of the Year 2017/18 - Lisa Rooney

Lisa has been participating in Banstead Woods for 9 years and uses it as one of her key training sessions to give her that competitve edge chasing down our top performing men. She has completed 194 parkruns and 167 parkruns in the Woods.

Lisa ran London marathon this year, in the blistering heat, finishing in an amazing time of just over 3 hours. This achievement was even more impressive as it is only a few months ago that Lisa had her second baby so getting back to such fitness so quickly is awesome.

Lisa started running with us in December 2009 and developed her natural fitness to clock a time of 19.05 in 2016 after 7 years of running with us improving all the time. Lisa’s consistency and fitness are outstanding finishing just 3 seconds shy of her pb only a few weeks ago!

Lisa is an incredible athlete and very much deserves the community vote to be presented by Anne with the Anne Roden Female runner of the year trophy.

Men's Runner of the Year 2017/18 - George Frogley

George has been active in running within the area for many years and joined our event in August 2007. Preferring the concept of parkrunning from our former days of Time Trials. One of the changes that George enthusiastically welcomed.

George’s generosity to everyone he meets and the encouragement that he provides for all involved in our event is so special.  He never fails to thank the volunteers for all their efforts and his warmth of recognition has made him a legend in our midst.

George has completed 391 parkruns and 344 in Banstead Woods across 11 years and has brought his own family into parkrun often taking part in the Bromley parkrun to help his daughter achieve her latest goal.

George has often said to me that parkrun is what has kept him going and maintaining such great fitness.  It is not uncommon to see this man completing other events such as half and full marathons and the display of medals in his house is something to amaze at.

George is one of the oldest competing parkrunners in the country running in the 80-84 age category. Somehow the glint in his eye attracts many of our female runners as he always seems to finish with someone that he’s got acquainted to on the course!

George is a fantastic winner of this award and truly deserves the community vote to be awarded the Anne Roden Male runner of the year trophy.

Hall of Fame

The following is the complete list for the previous ten years that operated under the now removed points competitions.

1st Mary Keogh 3,047 Alix Ramsier 3,105
2nd Kate Kinrade 2,688 Tony Claramunt 2,971
3rd Lisa Rooney 2,497 Nick Billing 2,881
4th Sally Davis 2,187 Paul Ramsier 2,814
5th Lizzy Mason 1,981 Dave Freeman 2,711
  623 ran 969 ran


1st Mari Balbi 4,038 Mike Mason 3,978
2nd Lisa Rooney 3,687 Kevin Lewis 3,734
3rd Heather Fenton 3,593 Dave Freeman 3,655
4th Kelly Mason 3,544 Gordon Hennessey 3,636
5th Mary Keogh 2,807 Tony Claramunt 3,430
  768 ran 1,240 ran
1st Jo Quantrill 3,993 Gordon Hennessy 4,548
2nd Emily Oliver 3,892 David Freeman 4,133
3rd Julie Oliver 3,336 David George 3,827
4th Mari Balbi 3,233 Mark Oliver 3,708
5th Amelia Stiff 2,922 David Williamson 3,279
  658 ran 1,050 ran
1st Jo Quantrill 3,624 Mike Mason 4,325
2nd Therese Panetta 3,560 Michael Steele 4,120
3rd Amy Reader 3,161 David George 4,015
4th Heather Fenton 2,986 David Chambers 3,988
5th Gill Stalley 2,950 Andrew Mark Lewis 3,552
  710 ran 1,135 ran
1st Jo Quantrill 4,241 David Freeman 3,766
2nd Elizabeth Mason 3,286 Trevor Meadowcroft 3,381
3rd Sally Davis 3,018 Andy Alsleben 3,375
4th Therese Panetta 2,511 Robin Holmes 3,118
5th Maggie Swinnerton 2,441 Philip Stiff 3,106
  526 ran 947 ran
1st Jenny Sinfield 4,195 Roger Bryant 4,209
2nd Geraldine Liddy 3,931 Robert Knight 3,884
3rd Gemma Butt 3,612 Stephen Cooney 3,725
4th Elizabeth Mason 2,798 Mike Mason 3,700
5th Sally Davis 2,566 Gordon Hennessy 3,500
  591 ran 972 ran
1st Gemma Butt 3,686 Roger Bryant 4,310
2nd Maureen Traynor 3,426 Stephen Cooney 3,602
3rd Anne Robertson 3,278 Andrew Stalley 3,461
4th Elaine Dodds 3,161 Robin Holmes 3,126
5th Debbie Glithero 3,037 Martin Mabbutt 2,701
  647 ran 1,033 ran
1st Elaine Dodds 3,317 Roger Bryant 4,335
2nd Gill Stalley 3,248 Steve Cooney 4,056
3rd Debbie Glithero 2,872 Shaun Cooney 3,701
4th Gemma Butt 2,703 Andrew Stalley 3,337
5th Sue Esslemont 2,699 Alan Collis 3,323
  536 ran 889 ran
1st Lucy Ashdown-Parkes 4,712 Stephen Cooney 4,881
2nd Claire Ballhatchet 4,636 Andrew Stalley 4,320
3rd Elaine Dodds 3,644 Dave Wilson 4,161
4th Patricia Cue 3,477 Roger Bryant 3,454
5th Lizzie Ruth Wilson 3,060 Martin Mabbutt 3,436
  577 ran 966 ran
1st Therese Panetta 3,436 Dave Wilson 4,027
2nd Patricia Cue 3,358 Robert Li 3,319
3rd Vanessa Anstee 3,315 Andrew Stalley 3,292
4th Kaye Benjamin 3,044 Tim McIntyre 3,101
5th Elaine Dodds 2,803 Jonathon Wilson 2,903
  368 ran 670 ran

Chris Phelan

Event Director

Banstead Woods parkrun


Banstead Woods parkrun Dave Davies Volunteer of the Year Memorial Trophy 2017/18


Every year at the Banstead Woods parkrun anniversary we present the ‘Dave Davies Volunteer of the Year Memorial Trophy’ to the Volunteer who has shown outstanding contribution to the running of our event throughout the previous year.

Dave Davies was at our very first event in 2007 and in his usual fashion, soon got involved in volunteering whenever he could. We sadly lost Dave a few years ago, but his spirit lives on in the woods with this award and a lovely oak bench situated adjacent to the run course provided as a fitting memorial by his family.

The Banstead Woods team of Co-Directors are presented with a list of all those who have volunteered in the previous year. The Co-Directors then select their top five volunteers from this list. Their choice is purely subjective based on their observations throughout the year. This is probably the most difficult part, just limiting the choice to five names from a list of 142 volunteers this year.

Once all the votes have been cast, the points are tallied giving us a worthy recipient of the trophy.


Runner Up Alison CATERMOLE

Runner Up Anne RODEN

Runner Up Mike BRYANT

Runner Up Ethan WALLER

Congratulations to Elliott BURTON 2017/18 Banstead Woods Volunteer of the Year.

Elliott has made an unprecedented achievement in retaining the Volunteer of the year crown and has gone from strength to strength in the depth of his volunteering experience and involvement in the event.

We are all so pleased and proud to have such a dedicated, hard working and cheery gentleman in our team of volunteers. Elliott’s made another big impact this year with all of his help stepping forward to take on the First Timer Briefing role, Number Checker position and is poised to publish his first set of results very soon having shadowed the role a number of times now.

Elliott has a special skill of being able to undertake his roles with total professionalism and yet always be ready with his sense of humour to join into the atmosphere and camaraderie of the volunteer team.

Elliott also has a special ability to be able to identify the exact number of runners taking part at the event usually to within 1 or 2 of the finishing total.

We are looking forward to another year of great community comarderie at our special event in the woods through 2018/19 and sharing every moment with you.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered during the year. Your involvement has helped to make Banstead Woods parkrun the inclusive, friendly and family event that Dave was so proud to be part of.

Chris Phelan

Event Director

Banstead Woods parkrun



11th Birthday Party

Banstead Woods Report for event 577 - 16th June 2018

Report by Trevor Meadowcroft                   Photos by Steve O'Sullivan

Photo link:



Can you remember your 11th Birthday? To be honest I can sometimes struggle with yesterday especially if it involves instructions from Mrs M.

At that age you probably still stay awake half the night wondering what you are going to get as a present. You had probably just started “big school” and were probably praying that not too much homework was set. You would also have been spending weeks looking forward to your Birthday treat: a visit to the cinema or Wimpey Bar where you would have too much pop and ending up over-tired and emotional (something similar happened on my eighteenth but I don’t think it was too much pop!).

So what was going to happen as Banstead Woods celebrated its eleventh party? Certainly, there was to be no Bouncy Castle, Treasure Hunt or Entertainers (sorry Steve, Clowns have to dress up funny and carry out acts of slapdash comedy that makes us smile and unfortunately you only ticked one of the boxes). There was to be no special trip to the ten-pin bowling alley. Thankfully though there was plenty of party food courtesy of generous parkrunners. It is interesting to note that any pretence of acknowledging healthy eating with sliced fruit which have made appearances in the past has disappeared under a weight of iced cakes, muffins and Jaffa Cakes (although the orange centre should, in my opinion, count as one of your five a day). We even had the sight, as you often do at Family Birthdays, of the “grown-up” men having sneaky tins and bottles of beer – probably thinking it made them look mature.

But before the party could get going we had the little matter of running the 577th parkrun at Banstead Woods. The signs were out and I knew that as I helped put them there. Chris Phelan, otherwise known as Mr Banstead Woods parkrun, called us all to, belated, order. The Scout camp meant that the Main carpark was put under great strain than usual and so the start was put back to ensure everybody was ready for the start. He announced that it was our 11th Birthday. I reckon there were fifteen of today’s runners who had not been born or were at best toddling around on 16th June 2007 when 65 people ran the parkrun course for the first time. He then announced we were the third oldest parkrun in the world and this was our 577th parkrun.  There were 23 who were visiting BWp (this is the first time I have used this acronym – it is going to play havoc with my word count) for the first time including 6, Albert, Thomas, Hollie, Rebecca, Lloyd and Sally, for whom this was their virginal parkrun. I hope you do better then one young lad at BWp’ s first parkrun who has not done a single parkrun since.  We had visitors from Eastleigh, Tilgate, Southend, Peckham and the usual spattering of people from other local parkruns giving BWp a whirl as they were up five minutes earlier than usual. We then went on to mark the milestone runners. Dominic Stephens was completing his 100th whilst James Glasspool and Sean Sadler were both completing their 200th, spurning the Bromance opportunity to cross the line at the same time due to Sean saving himself for the London to Brighton Bike Ride. Once all the announcements were out of the way and once Kevin Lewis had finally responded to the request to hand the start line sign to Chris (Kevin, I know you have heard it all hundreds of times before but at least try and look like you are listening. I think we all know who was on Chris’s naughty step this week) we were sent on our way.

They were thirty-one PB’s evidencing that the ground has now fully firmed up and with slightly cooler conditions it was a great opportunity to get the times down and I am aware of others that achieved Season’s best.  It is a great achievement for all but a special call out to Patrick Fitzgerald, Alfie Turnow, James Day and Matthew Allyot who are well into their BWp careers and improving. An extra special call out to Peter Brown and Mike Kilkenny who are both Veterans with over a hundred runs at BWp and still setting new PB’s. Peter also broke the 80% WAV barrier for the first-time in itself a marvellous achievement.


Once Amy Van Wyk, this wee’ks tail walker, crossed the line we were able to let the party begin. Save me listing the recipients of the various awards-  a copy of Chris’s speech notes is set out in a separate link.

It was pleasing that the Runners of the year were chosen for very different reasons – one regularly the first lady home and the latter is often amongst the last men home. It says a lot for Lisa’s humility that she assumed that she was not in with a shout and Mike Mason set a new personal best for the finishing straight to bring Lisa back to receive her award.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day and I want to include a link which to me sums up all that is great about parkrun and BWp in particular. In many ways this was the best birthday present of all. (


This week 218 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Chris PHELAN • Jo QUANTRILL • Therese PANETTA • Andrew STALLEY • Anne RODEN • Anita HEDGES • Ethan WALLER • Waller PAUL • Heather FENTON • Phil FENTON • Steve O'SULLIVAN • Linda O'SULLIVAN • Liz CLARK • Michael CLARK • Trevor MEADOWCROFT • Amy VAN WYK • Elliott BURTON • Usha STEVENS • Tony CLARAMUNT • Moray LAING • Carolyn BRATHWAITE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Banstead Woods parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:25 on 7th June 2008 (event number 54).
The female record is held by Natalie HARVEY who recorded a time of 17:01 on 30th July 2011 (event number 216).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 89.66% (18:42) on 26th April 2014 (event number 361).

Banstead Woods parkrun started on 16th June 2007. Since then 9,386 participants have completed 90,099 parkruns covering a total distance of 450,495 km, including 14,663 new Personal Bests.

Event Reporter: Trevor Meadowcroft





“A legend in our time….”

Banstead Woods Report for Event 576 – 9th June 2018

Report by Alison Cattermole                      Photos by Kelly-Marie Mason

Link to this weeks Photos:


Ask anyone and they will all have their own sporting heroes. I guess in terms of long distance running it will be people like Lasse Viren, affectionately known as the Flying Finn, who was the first person to win gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters in the 1972 Olympics; our own staggeringly talented Mo Farrar who has done the Olympic ‘double’ twice; and of course the amazing Paula Radcliffe, still holder of the women’s world marathon record (she set it in 2003!) and 7 times world champion. Not to mention one of my own personal favourite legends, Katherine Switzer, first woman to run the Boston marathon against enormous opposition in 1967. They are all legends.

But here at the Banstead Wood parkrun we now have our own legend. Neil Sunderland (photo above) who has run the second highest number of parkruns in the world and today on 9thJune, here in our beautiful woods, ran his 600th parkrun. Wow! Wow! Wow!  To give some perspective on this achievement, that’s a total of 3000km, the equivalent to running from Banstead Woods to Istanbul in Turkey. It’s like running parkrun every week for 11 ½ years.  A quick look at Neil’s results, making a few assumptions and back of the envelope calculations, I reckon that he has spent around 260 hours running parkruns or nearly 11 full days!

Katherine Switzer said, “Life is for participating, not for spectating.”  Well, Neil, you’ve done one helluva lot of participating and a great deal of parkrunning. You are a legend and an inspiration to all! Congratulations and thanks from all the rest of us who run in your shadow.

Another thing worth a mention today is our parkrun tourists. A few weeks ago, we were honoured to welcome a group of Irish runners who came along dressed in their national colours orange and green. Those of us who volunteered that day were touched to receive a key ring with a picture of the Banstead parkrun route from these friendly visitors. What a wonderful, parkrun thing to do. Today we had someone from York, which on any other Saturday would be a considered a great distance, but this was definitely trumped by a visitor from Western Australia - A long way from home. I hope you enjoyed your run in the woods and visit to the UK.

I’m afraid I didn’t do much participating this week as I was incapacitated. Not injured in the manner of the Beckham metatarsal (THE big worry before the 2002 World Cup – can it really be 16 years ago?) or recuperating following radical hip surgery like Andy Murray (can we really be facing the first Wimbledon without Murray for 13 years?!). No, I’d just had an injection in my big toe joints in the hope of easing my arthritis and my left foot was rather painful. I wasn’t the only person spectating due to medical reasons. Our lovely volunteer co-ordinator Gill was in a much worse state than me having had a bike accident in Holland a couple of weeks ago. Hope you recover quickly, Gill, it all sounded (and looked) very painful. And another parkrunner had manfully (or rather womanfully) made it to the start/finish line to observe and cheer on, just 4 weeks out from a knee replacement operation.

I thought observing from the sidelines (rather than running or volunteering) would give me a whole different angle on parkrun which could feed into my report.  And it did! There are so many interesting people who go to parkrun, apart from the runners. There is the walking wounded, as I already mentioned. Being nosey I want to know what happened so I can sympathise, empathise and commiserate. There are the partners with young children who are watching their relatives run, the kids running around, climbing trees, having adventures in the woods. Mums with babies in pushchairs or slings;they always look so snug and I can never resist talking to them (the babies that is!).  Those with dogs that need to be petted and stroked (the dogs that is!), the breed enquired about and dog running experiences exchanged. And of course there are our reliable and fantastic volunteers without whom parkrun would not exist. They always have a cheerful remark and a smile of encouragement for all.

I had intended to spend a lot more time watching the runners enabling me to comment on the run in a knowledgeable Brendan Foster (without the Geordie accent) sort of way. But in the end I got completely distracted talking to those on the periphery and, to my shame, really didn’t see much of the run at all.

But isn’t this another wonderful aspect of parkrun? The people are all so friendly. Even if you can’t actually run, it’s worth going along for the camaraderie amongst the observers; to chat convivially with like-minded people; and to leave with just the same sort of ‘feel-good’ feeling you have when you run. Just not so exhausted!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, parkrun is such a life-affirming concept in every way. Don’t you just love it?

My husband and I became grandparents last week – little Max Peter was born in Boston USA. As luck would have it we were flying out to go to the baby shower, but Max had other ideas and put in an appearance 5 weeks early which meant we saw him as a new born. What great timing! As I helped unpack and construct the very complicated pushchair (they call them strollers in the US and they are more like transformers!), I looked at the 3 large wheels, which looked like they would happily go off-road, and hoped we would be able to take Max on a parkrun one day. Oddly, despite a hugely successful marathon, there is no parkrun in the Boston area, so we will have to wait until Max comes to visit us here. But even if we don’t run with him, I hope we will bring him along to the woods to see where his paternal grandparents spend the first hour or so of their Saturday mornings – amongst our parkrun friends, doing something we all enjoy, which is healthy and life-enhancing.

And lastly, I can’t leave without wishing the NHS a very happy 70th birthday. We are very fortunate in the UK to have such a wonderful health service. Whatever the difficulties, we can still be sure of medical care and treatment when we need it, completely free, with every patient treated the same whatever their means.

parkrun can provide a huge benefit by improving the general health of participants which in turn will reduce the load on the NHS allowing the funding to go further.

So, encourage everyone you can to parkrun. In addition to helping out the NHS, imagine the impact that could have on the well-being of the nation?

Have a good week.

Herewith the stats from today’s event:

This week 192 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Cathy DAVIS • Therese PANETTA • Susan ESSLEMONT • Andrew STALLEY • Anne RODEN • Waller PAUL • Gill STALLEY • David MORRIS • Elizabeth MASON • Kelly Marie MASON • Nicholas FOSTER • Elliott BURTON • Tony SAILL • Lorraine GARROD • Derek GARROD • Steve HILL • Angela STIFF • Mark LOWTHER • Alison CATTERMOLE • Kim BARKER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Banstead Woods parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:25 on 7th June 2008 (event number 54).
The female record is held by Natalie HARVEY who recorded a time of 17:01 on 30th July 2011 (event number 216).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 89.66% (18:42) on 26th April 2014 (event number 361).

Banstead Woods parkrun started on 16th June 2007. Since then 9,363 participants have completed 89,881 parkruns covering a total distance of 449,405 km, including 14,632 new Personal Bests.


Event Reporter   Alison Cattermole



Colour by Numbers

Banstead Woods Report for Event 575 – 2nd June 2018

Report by Sally Skipper                          Photos by  Richard Carter

Link to this weeks Photos:


Looking forward to your next milestone is like waiting for the kettle to boil.

It’s great to see the parkrun youngsters get their white shirts for completing 10 parkruns. Now there are a great number of people sporting red shirts with 50 printed on the back as well as the black 100 shirts. I am close to making 250 parkruns and receiving a green shirt, but it seems a long time coming. Recently I’ve been turning up at Banstead Woods every Saturday morning whatever the weather but that magic number doesn’t seem to get any closer. In a couple weeks I will be away on holiday and unusually I’ve booked Saturday flights (which I try to avoid). This means I will miss three parkruns. Now I will have to wait until the end of July or even sometime in August for my 250th.

On Saturday two young runners gained their white 10 shirts, Tom Hook and LailalnTouray. Ross Whelham and Vinay Menon earned the red 50 shirts while Gary Ruffhead was completing 200 runs.

We have a bit of a celebrity among our ranks at Banstead Woods who will soon be running his 600th parkrun. He is always on call for a selfie (when he has finished wringing out his shirt) and can often be found partaking in a post run coffee in the Mint. His name escapes me at the moment but if you are in the woods this coming Saturday I’m sure you will be aware of his presence.

Arriving at Banstead Wood’s on a Saturday morning is always a joy, meeting friends and catching up on the news of the week. But as soon as the run director sets us off at the start then things begin to go downhill or uphill in the woods. The finishing funnel at the end is a welcome sight then once you get your breath back the socialising can continue. The photo I have chosen shows the happy faces of the runners knowing they have finished yet another parkrun.

Just a reminder before I finish please don’t forget to vote for your male and female runners of the year.

The awards and picnic will be held in the woods on Saturday 16th June.

Coffee and homemade bread pudding will be provided by yours truly and I’m not schmoozing!

Herewith the stats from today’s event:

This week 188 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Richard N CARTER • Mike BRYANT • Therese PANETTA • Susan ESSLEMONT • Don ESSLEMONT • Mark THOMPSON • Ethan WALLER • Waller PAUL • Sally SKIPPER • Jane LAMBERT • Linda O'SULLIVAN • Christopher KNIGHT • Carol Ann HOARE • Kerena IVENS • Nick CAREW-GIBBS • Lorraine GARROD • Derek GARROD • David GOODMAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Banstead Woods parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:25 on 7th June 2008 (event number 54).
The female record is held by Natalie HARVEY who recorded a time of 17:01 on 30th July 2011 (event number 216).
The Age Grade course record is held by Clare ELMS who recorded 89.66% (18:42) on 26th April 2014 (event number 361).

Banstead Woods parkrun started on 16th June 2007. Since then 9,349 participants have completed 89,689 parkruns covering a total distance of 448,445 km, including 14,596 new Personal Bests.


Event Reporter   Sally Skipper

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