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Barking and Dagenham junior parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email barkinganddagenham-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com. To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 19 August 201826 August 20182 September 20189 September 201816 September 201823 September 2018
Run DirectorEmma O'SHEAno eventAndrew BEAZELEYAndrew BEAZELEYHardeep LADHARAndrew BEAZELEY
TimekeeperBeverley EAGLESno eventTimi Selon VEERASAMYBeverley EAGLESBarry CULLINGChristine LARDNER
TimekeeperRonnie WALLERno eventWaqaar RAJAClaudia DU TOITSurinder Pal HUNDAL
TimekeeperClaudia DU TOITno event
PhotographerJason J M LIno eventJason J M LISonya VEERASAMYJason J M LIJason J M LI
Photographerno eventJason J M LI
Finish TokensSurinder Pal HUNDALno eventBeverley EAGLESSurinder Pal HUNDALWaqaar RAJAVicky WOODHOUSE
Finish Tokensno eventWaqaar RAJA
Barcode ScanningWaqaar RAJAno eventVicky WOODHOUSEVicky WOODHOUSESurinder Pal HUNDALBeverley EAGLES
Barcode Scanningno eventClaudia DU TOITClaudia DU TOITClaudia DU TOIT
Tail WalkerSam VEERASAMYno eventRonnie WALLERViorel MIHRoberta MIHLeigh LI
Tail WalkerHardeep LADHARno eventRoberta MIH
Tail Walkerno eventJulie DALPHINIS
Results ProcessorAndrew BEAZELEYno eventKresh VEERASAMYHardeep LADHARBarry CULLING
Results ProcessorTimi Selon VEERASAMYno eventHardeep LADHARAndrew BEAZELEYHardeep LADHAR
Results ProcessorBarry CULLINGno eventBeverley EAGLES
Results ProcessorBeverley EAGLESno event
MarshalMichael LARDNERno eventPete O'SHEARoberta MIHSeun OSHINAIKESam VEERASAMY
MarshalChristine LARDNERno eventViorel MIHKresh VEERASAMYViorel MIHRoberta MIH
Marshalno eventKresh VEERASAMYMichael LARDNER
Marshalno eventHardeep LADHAR
Warm Up Leader (junior events only)Evie BEAZELEYno eventBeverley EAGLESJenny O'HANLONLeigh LIChristine LARDNER
Warm Up Leader (junior events only)Christine LARDNERno eventHardeep LADHARJia LADHARHarrison K H LIJenny O'HANLON
Warm Up Leader (junior events only)Vicky WOODHOUSEno eventJenny O'HANLONEvie BEAZELEYViorel MIH
Warm Up Leader (junior events only)Jenny O'HANLONno eventAmelia BEAZELEY
Communications PersonKresh VEERASAMYno eventKresh VEERASAMYKresh VEERASAMYKresh VEERASAMY
Pre-event SetupMichael LARDNERno eventEmma O'SHEAVicky WOODHOUSESurinder Pal HUNDALEmma O'SHEA
Pre-event SetupChristine LARDNERno eventJia LADHARBeverley EAGLESMichael LARDNER
Pre-event SetupJia LADHARno eventRonnie WALLER
OtherAndrew BEAZELEYno event
Post-event Close DownSam VEERASAMYno eventPete O'SHEAAmelia BEAZELEYSurinder Pal HUNDALEmma O'SHEA
Post-event Close DownKarina LADHARno eventSam VEERASAMYKarina LADHARWaqaar RAJA
Post-event Close DownVicky WOODHOUSEno eventAmelia BEAZELEYJenny O'HANLONKarina LADHAR
Post-event Close DownHardeep LADHARno eventKarina LADHARSonya VEERASAMY
First Timers BriefingBeverley EAGLESno eventHardeep LADHARJenny O'HANLONSurinder Pal HUNDALBeverley EAGLES
First Timers BriefingAmelia BEAZELEYno eventJenny O'HANLONClaudia DU TOITHardeep LADHAR
First Timers BriefingJenny O'HANLONno event
Funnel ManagerVicky WOODHOUSEno event
Finish Token SupportBarry CULLINGno eventRonnie WALLEREmma O'SHEA
Finish Token Supportno eventHardeep LADHAR
Volunteer Co-ordinatorTimi Selon VEERASAMYno eventTimi Selon VEERASAMYTimi Selon VEERASAMYTimi Selon VEERASAMY
Volunteer Co-ordinatorno eventJia LADHAREmma O'SHEA