The 200th Beeston parkrun report – Saturday 20 January 2018

Wow! Wow! Wow! Who knew that a Terry's chocolate orange had so much power?  Here at the Beeston parkrun office, we're amazed and delighted that 438 parkrunners came down to Weirfields this morning, smashing our previous highest attendance record, to help celebrate our 200th parkrun.lo-res smiles  -6660

And so it would seem that you were all fans of our spot prizes to celebrate our 200th run.  Well done to the following runners who claimed a prize:

#20 Ben Wilson (or rather the pacers of Ben Wilson...)Position 20



#120 Mark HaymanPosition 120

#200 Peter StonierPosition 200

#220 Marianna Laviola Position 220

#320 Rachel Carrington

.Position 320

Apologies (but a special mention) to Keith Davies #420 who didn't get a chocolate oranage.  We weren't expecting to reach over 400 runners... next time!

Check out our flickr group for more pictures taken by our amazing photographer, Steve Miles.  Have a look and see if you can spot yourself:

We also had a special milestone for one of our key volunteers and regular parkrunner, Chris Bexton, who completed her 100th parkrun and her 100th volunteering slot today! lo-res smiles  -6671

Congratulations to Chris and special thanks to our volunteers today (that's Claire ABBOTT, Trina BEAUMONT, Chris BEXTON, Christopher BIRLEY, Peter FOWLES, Alison HOGG, Bethan HOGG, Anna HUGHES, Briony JACKSON, Evgeniya MIHAYLOVA, Dave NETTLETON, John ODONNELL, Keith PEPPER, Phillip REID, Hilary ROODBARAKY, Tony RUSHTON, Olivia THOMAS-NEHER, Richard UPWARD, Megan WOODS). Without the regular support of all our volunteers for the past 200 Saturdays, Beeston parkrun wouldn't easily happen.lo-res smiles  -6734

So that's it folks, 200th run report completed. Full results for all finishers can be found online here:

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday morning as much as I did.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Happy running

Alison - Run Director, Saturday 20 January



Beeston parkrun 13th January 2018 – the day both stopwatches stopped!

Well done to all 337 of you who did Beeston parkrun this morning! We had lots of first timers (42 of you in fact), including tourists from Newark and Conkers, and 45 people recorded PBs!

Photo 13-01-2018, 09 18 21

We also had some stopwatch gremlins joining us this morning, one stopwatch in particular didn’t seem to like the cold and refused to work at all after the fourth runner! We’ve sorted the results as best we can but sorry to those in positions 14-26 for whom we do not have a correct time!

Thanks as always to the wonderful volunteers for this week:

John HAY • Keith PEPPER • Angela LUCKING • Hilary ROODBARAKY • Tony RUSHTON • Corey JONES • Susan WHEATCROFT • Harry SIMMONDS • Charlotte SIMMONDS • Gordon STONER • Barrie WHITTAMORE • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Olivia THOMAS-NEHER • Megan WOODS • Briony JACKSON • Trina BEAUMONT • Emma ADAMS

Photo 13-01-2018, 09 18 58

Finally, did you know that since Beeston parkrun started on 5th April 2014, 7,357 of you have completed 42,465 Beeston parkruns covering a total distance of 212,325 km. WOW!!

Did you also know that today was our 199th event, which means that next week is our 200th! Be sure to join us for the celebrations!!

See you at the Weirfields next Saturday, there may be cake, chocolate and a few surprises!

Run Director 13th January 2017


Beeston parkrun run report – 6th January 2018

This week’s run report comes to you with a little poem!

At Beeston parkrun on the 6th Jan
317 runners, joggers and walkers began
Setting off along the ridge
Continuing on to the cobbled bridge

Along the canal to reach the 1k
Still the end seemed so far away
Turning right to go down to the river
The cold and rain making people shiver

Along the big track for what feels like forever
Then past the pavilion in pursuit of parkrun endeavour
The end is in sight but ‘oh no, that’s not the finish’
Still 1.8k to go until efforts can diminish!

Reaching the u-turn with marshals cheering
What would parkrun do without volunteering?
At the end, a sprint finish, to collect a token
For many, at this point, words cannot be spoken

Then off to be scanned with a printed barcode to be shown
Without one of these the result will sadly be… ‘unknown’
Now to the Marina cafe for a breakfast deal
parkrun all done, how great did you feel?!


Well, what a fantastic turn out despite the rain, cold and wind! We had an amazing 49 first timers this week including several tourists, we hope you come back again soon!

We celebrated two milestones this week, Catherine Simkins (pictured below) completed her 100th parkrun  and Jack Anderson (Junior) completed his 10th parkrun, congratulations to both of you! An incredible 34 of you also recorded PBs, well done everyone!

Photo 06-01-2018, 09 48 46 (1)

Thanks to our lovely pacers this morning: Chris Robson • David Rhodes • Simon Barnes • Catherine Simkins • Gabriele Thomas-Neher • Alan Lea • Elizabeth Arnall • Paul Dennis. We hope they helped you round the course!

Photo 06-01-2018, 09 25 15

Finally, thanks as always to the fabulous volunteers (especially given the horrible weather!):

Jackie Welburn • Emma Adams • Mick Lord • Chris Bexton • Peter Fowles • Lucy Grant • Hilary Roodbaraky • Corey Jones • Phillip Reid • Lauren Crisp • Dervla Ireland • Ann Coates • Olivia Thomas-Neher • Chloe Birley • Briony Jackson • Trina Beaumont

Keep on parkrunning and see you next Saturday!

Run Director – Saturday 6th January 2018



1st January 2018 – a parkrun start to the New Year!

Thanks to all 298 of you who chose to start 2018 with a parkrun at Beeston, what a great atmosphere down at the Weirfields this morning! We had 42 first timers and 23 people recorded PBs!

Photo 01-01-2018, 11 02 36

First finisher for the first parkrun of 2018 was James Isherwood, a regular Beeston runner, congratulations James!

Photo 01-01-2018, 10 50 32

We celebrated 2 milestones this week, Richard Cairns (pictured below) reached his 50th parkrun and Jacob Anderson his 10th parkrun (Junior) – well done to both of you!

Photo 01-01-2018, 11 07 38

The volunteers were all awesome, as always, and a particular thanks to them for giving up their time on New Year’s Day to help run the event. Today’s high-vis stars were:

Mick LORD • Keith PEPPER • Jonathan VEITCH • Alison HOGG • Christopher BIRLEY • Hilary ROODBARAKY • Corey JONES • Roger CLARK • Sarah-Jane PRIOR • Denise CLARK • Catherine SIMKINS • Maz BHARMAL • Karen LAYTON • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Rebekah WYATT • Megan WOODS • Emma ADAMS

If you fancy giving volunteering a go, drop us an e-mail at and sign up to receive the weekly volunteer e-mail through your parkrun account. All the jobs are nice and simple and as you can see it's lots of fun!

Photo 01-01-2018, 11 23 07
Photo 01-01-2018, 11 23 12

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you again soon for some more parkrun fun!

Run Director - Monday 1st January 2018


Beeston parkrun Run Report – 30th December 2017

Well hello everyone!

I am choosing to ignore the wind this morning and remember how stunning the course looked in the sunshine, just look...

Sigh. One whole person, when I asked the question, did you enjoy the run, replied with "Yes." But that was a kid from Australia who appreciated anything other than blazing hot sunshine so take that response as you will (And a welcome to Teagan, Scott and Kieran all the way from sunny Sydney!).
We had LOTS of tourists/Beeston first timers this morning, I was surrounded during the first timers run brief. We had representatives from Marple Runners, South Manchester pictured below, and who confirmed this was their club members' first tourist jaunt to Beeston. I hope you enjoyed!

Tourists also popped up from Brentwood in Essex, Coventry (Sphinx AC), and Leeds (Roundhay Runners). Lovely to welcome you to a sunny Beeston, I hope you enjoyed our mud!

Still feeling festive were these legs, wearing these leggings; it's still December and therefore still Christmas, so these lovely leggings fancied a last spin before being consigned to the bottom of the drawer for another 12 months. 26179715_10157628224348973_1905673991_o

I hope you enjoyed yourselves this morning and that you manage to wash your parkrun stuff in time for Monday! See you at 10.30am at the Weirfields for some New Year extra parkrunning!


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