Beeston parkrun Run Report – 21 April 2018

This week’s run report is brought to you by parkrun tourist Melanie Tuffen, who usually runs at Castletown parkrun, County Kildare, Ireland.

Visiting an old university friend, I needed to pick which parkrun to enjoy and was lured to Beeston by the stunning photos posted on Friday. What a glorious course you have, and a wonderful day to run it. Having left Ireland for Great Britain ten days ago, when it was pouring with rain and temperatures barely crept over 10, the sudden change in weather was a bit of a shock for me. I had only packed my winter/rain running gear. Luckily only a t-shirt was required. I also had a baseball cap, something that is essential for running in Ireland, as it helps keep the rain off my glasses!

I spent many happy hours running by the canal when I was a student here. It was good to partially retrace my steps, though just don’t ask me to be specific about the number of years that have passed, as it doesn’t seem like it should be in double figures but it is! The route along the river was also stunning, you are all very lucky to run in such lovely surroundings.

I love your PB bell. As it was my first time running the course…I naturally got a PB – so I was entitled to ring the bell, right? A huge number of you did achieve a PB today (too many for me to ever count accurately from the results list) so well done to you!

Photo 21-04-18 1

Well done to the 388 of you who ran, jogged or walked Beeston parkrun. Three people reached their 50th parkrun milestone, so a big congratulations to Oliver Holmes, Victoria Moran and Francesca Barnes. Zoe Rylatt reached the amazing milestone of 100 parkruns! You certainly had a great day for it!

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the event happen. As a regular volunteer myself, I can tell you it is great fun and well worth giving a go! This week's volunteers were:

Emma Adams• Keith Pepper • Leslie Bode• Hilary Roodbaraky• Tony Rushton• Richard Cairns• Samantha Stead• Bethan Hogg • Simon Hogg • Gordon Stoner • Eleanor Hodgson • Brendan Hanley• Olivia Thomas-Neher • Samuel Spendlove• Megan Woods • Adam Algar • Trina Beaumont • Sheena Parry

Now, if any of you are ever over in Dublin or County Kildare, you are very welcome to join us at Castletown parkrun. It’s entirely free, and we also offer the bonus of an extra half an hour in bed, as we like to start at half past nine in Ireland. All the best for the coming week, and here’s hoping the sun cream doesn’t have to be put away too soon!

Melanie Tuffen (Castletown parkrun)

Photo 21-04-18


Beeston parkrun Run Report – 7 April 2018

Wow! What a wonderful event it was. The rain held off for our 4th birthday celebrations and Beeston Dementia Friends were on hand to provide chocolate eggs and hot cross buns to all runners. A special thank you to the pacers, including a guest appearance by the Easter Bunner who was followed by a large group who achieved sub-25 minutes.




This week 349 people ran the course, of whom 45 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests.
Steve Groves achieved his 100th run and Chloe Birley and Anna Underwood ran their 50th parkrun.

This special 4th anniversary event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Keith PEPPER • Carole Evelyn WARD • Chris BEXTON • David PATRICK • David RHODES • Dominic BOWEN • Hilary ROODBARAKY • Tony RUSHTON • John PATRICK • Janet PATRICK • Elizabeth ARNALL • Sarah LIGHTMAN • Leon HUNT • Sarah-Jane PRIOR • Sue TAYLOR • Catherine SIMKINS • Rhidian JONES • Joseph BAXTER • Chris BELL • Samuel SPENDLOVE • Michael BIRLEY • Megan WOODS • Briony JACKSON • Trina BEAUMONT • Lexy DURRANT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Beeston parkrun Results Page.


Beeston parkrun Run Report – 31 March 2018

As we approach our fourth anniversary on 7 April 2018 here are the age category winners (achieved between April 2017 and March 2018)

Age Category Date Runner Time
JM15-17 30/09/2017 Morgan GALLIMORE 00:16:22
JW10 13/05/2017 Nancy READ 00:23:13
JW11-14 03/06/2017 Lexie MCLOUGHLIN 00:20:40
SM18-19 17/02/2018 Thomas TRIMBLE 00:16:03
SM20-24 07/10/2017 Jimmy KERSHAW 00:15:53
SW30-34 25/11/2017 Lucy NIEMZ 00:18:17
VM40-44 16/12/2017 David GREENWOOD 00:16:51
VM45-49 22/04/2017 David SMITH 00:17:02
VM55-59 13/01/2018 Alistair CHAMBERS 00:18:52
VM65-69 05/08/2017 Michael READ 00:21:25
VM70-74 19/08/2017 John HOLMES 00:21:56
VW40-44 22/04/2017 Tracy HINXMAN 00:18:58
VW60-64 24/03/2018 Jane MATTHEWS 00:23:14
VW65-69 03/06/2017 Val BROCKWELL 00:25:41

The Top Ten Running club members at Beeston parkrun:

Notts Women Runners 270
Long Eaton RC 139
Beeston AC 129
Holme Pierrepont RC
Notts AC 61 395
Redhill Road Runners 57
Ilkeston RC 50
Rebel Runners Nottingham 50
University of Nottingham Triathlon Club 46
Sweatshop Running Community 44

Thank you to the volunteers on Saturday:

Carole Evelyn WARD  •  Caroline CHALLENDER  •  Christopher BIRLEY  •  David PATRICK  •  Fleur WINTERS HOWARD  •  Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER  •  Gordon STONER  •  Hilary ROODBARAKY  •  Keith PEPPER  •  Megan WOODS  •  Olivia THOMAS-NEHER  •  Peter FOWLES  •  Sarah-Jane PRIOR  •  Trina BEAUMONT





Beeston parkrun Run Report – 24 March 2018

Thank you to this week's volunteers:

Chris BELL  •  Danielle TELFER  •  Dave NETTLETON  •  David PATRICK  •  Denise CLARK  •  Hilary ROODBARAKY  •  Jen BEVERLEY  •  Jess BENNETT  •  John WALKER  •  Keith PEPPER  •  Marie-Christine PARDON  •  Megan WOODS  •  Mirsie CAKA  •  Rachel WOODS  •  Roger CLARK  •  Samuel SPENDLOVE  •  Trina BEAUMONT

As we approach our 4th birthday on 7 April here are 12 interesting facts and figures...

Beeston parkrun started on the first Saturday in April 2014. We had 302 runners at our inaugral event. That was our record attendance for over three years.The record stands at 438 on our 200th parkrun in January 2018.

Since 2014 we have had 7,694 runners at Weirfields and average 217 each week. The course record is held by Mark Draper (14.41) and Rosie Clarke (16.22).

We have everyone from 4 year olds to 84 year olds running at Beeston parkrun. Geek stat: we have more 27 year old females registered with us than any other age.

parkrun uses age grading to allow you to compare your results. Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a percentage score. The higher the score the better your performance. My highest is 73%!

Freedom runs. parkrun allows you to manually record your time if you run any parkrun at a different time to the normal parkrun. Follow the link to your profile page to add them.

Beeston parkrun has over 500 members on its Strava group which enables you to see other local runs and who is doing what. There's even a league table highlighting the top runners by distance, time and metres climbed.

Each Monday we send out an email to our runners. Only 20% of our runners have opted in. So spread the word as we'd like to be able to send updates and volunteer appeals to more of you!

Each week the Run Director produces a brief run report summarising the event. This is found on our website and our Facebook page.

Beeston parkrun is entirely self funded by you. The laptop, scanners, timers, PA system and other kit comes out of donations made to our parkrun Paypal account. We currently have a balance of £357

There are 6 Run Directors: Carrie, Alison, Emma, Holly, Chris and I. We each manage 2 or 3 runs a quarter and are responsible for the safe conduct of the event, processing the results and liaising with runners and volunteers during the week.

We run each event with just 12 volunteers. Each gets volunteer credits towards the free '25' volunteer T-shirt. The tail walker gets double credits for running and volunteering.

Next week the volunteer roster is full. On our anniversary weekend on 7 April we just need two marshals, a funnel manager and someone to hand out finish tokens to runners. Drop me an email if you can help.

Also on 7 April we are being visited by the Easter Bunny who will still have lots of eggs to hand out. But you'll have to catch Bunny and the other pacers. Just how fast Bunny will be is being announced soon!



Beeston parkrun report – Saturday 17 March

I think yesterday's parkrun will be known as 'the chilly one'. Can't honestly say I can remember either volunteering or running when it has been that cold and chilly over the past three years. The only bonus seemed to be that the wind was was with you coming into the finish line rather than against you... although that was debatable as I stood trying to feel my fingers whilst putting the signs out at 8 am!

But the first and biggest shout out should be to yesterday's volunteers, who made it all happen despite the wind, snow and cold: Celia ABBOTT, Maisie ABBOTT, Emma ADAMS, Carrie BARKER, Trina BEAUMONT, Gill BEVINGTON, Dominic BOWEN, Roger CLARK, Denise CLARK, Lucy GRANT, Alison HOGG, Dave NETTLETON, John ODONNELL, Hilary ROODBARAKY, Tony RUSHTON, Gordon STONER, Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER, Olivia THOMAS-NEHER, Rachel WOODS, Megan WOODS
Beeston parkrun volunteers Sat 17 March 

I know it's been mentioned before but our volunteers at Beeston are just the best. Happy smiling and not too chilly faces at the start before the wind got to us... Check out the video on facebook to see how we were keeping warm by the end. (Makes me chuckle every time I watch it). Only consolation is that we need to remember days like yesterday when the sun is shining and the wind is warm in July....

But despite the chilly winds, it seems that not everyone got the message about wearing appropriate clothing. Yes, there were some pyjamas but most people were wearing lots of layers (sensible).  However there were a few people wearing shorts and t-shirts! Very very brave.... maybe shorts made you run faster??Beeston parkrun runner... dressed for the weather?

Anyway, despite the return of the mini beast from the East, 290 runners came down to Weirfields, which included a good few local tourists (hello first finisher Bruce Raeside) and milestone parkrunners Keith Davies (50th parkrun) and tourist Jo Sprague from Pershore (100th parkrun). We also welcomed 65 first timers including 20 c25k graduates from the local Beeston AC beginners group. Here they all are warming up nicely before setting off round the course:
Beeston AC beginners graduation group sat 17 March

Well done to everyone who made it round the course yesterday. Hopefully we will see you all back at parkrun sometime soon. Can't always guarantee the beast from the East, but there's always a warm welcome here at Beeston... but let's hope Spring (and some warmer weather) has returned by next Saturday.

Happy running folks!

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