Run Report – Saturday 13 October 2018

What a windy morning we had yesterday.  Well done to all 313 of you who braved the elements yesterday, including 44 first timers, visitors from Inverness, Chippenham and London and an amazing 25 new pbs - especially good given that we had a 'bit' of a headwind coming into the finish funnel. As you can see, even the finish line team were struggling in the wind yesterdayA windy funnel 13 Oct
We celebrated lots of milestones yesterday.  Here's one of our juniors, six year old Daniel Gilkerson, celebrating his 10th adult parkrun
Daniel Gilkerson 10th adult parkrun and a pb

Calley Keetley celebrated her 50th parkrun on the same day that her husband was celebrating his 40th birthday.  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take their picture, but here's a picture of the chocolates they kindly supplied
:50th parkrun celebration chocolates

And Beeston regular and NWR runner, Nic Walters celebrated her 100th parkrun too.  Here's Nic and her friends coming into the finish line in style:Final finishers and Nic completing her 100th

As ever, it's a big thank you to the 21 volunteers who helped make Beeston happen yesterday: Chris ROBSON • Keith PEPPER • Peter FOWLES • Lucy GRANT • Alison HOGG • Andrew ALLEN • Rab ACID • Roger CLARK • Bethan HOGG • Simon HOGG • Denise CLARK • Dave NETTLETON • Lisa RULL • Stephen BROWN • Keith DAVIS • Gordon STONER • Neil ROBERTS • Rachel WOODS • Megan WOODS • Jelena VUKICEVIC • Trina BEAUMONT        Volunteers 13 Oct   

If you've not volunteered before and would like to give the hi-vis try out, we'd love to hear from you.  Just contact the office, and we can do the rest.  I can't guarantee the weather but I can guarantee lots of friendly faces and maybe a bit of fun too.

That's it folks, the results are up online.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next week.

Alison - RD Saturday 13 October            


Run report 06-Oct-2018 part deux

Oh, OK, here's a bit more.

So, it did rain. Lots. From 7.30 when I left the house until 12.30 when I got home. We all got rather wet. I fetched the hi-vis vests from the pavilion today. They were wet and smelly. But now they are clean and drying - how exciting.


For the second week in a row we celebrated one of our run directors hitting milestones: DSC_0766

Not an exact likeness - my phone didn't like the wet for taking pics. p.s. that final word Holly is saying is 'stint' and not anything crude.

To help celebrate Holly brought along delicious vegan cake and vegan runners. (That's the cake that was delicious, I'm not sure about the runners, but I'm pretty confident that as vegans they wouldn't approve of eating each other to see if they're delicious.)


It was also international parkrun day, celebrating 14 years of parkrun. Saturday I was delighted to see the return of Clara Zagratzki at Beeston. Clara became a regular at Beeston whilst spending a year studying here, she quickly fell in love with parkrun and decided to get involved in starting parkrun up in Germany. Being a junior (JW15-17 category), Clara is too young to take on an event of her own but got her family involved and now they look after the Rubbenbruchsee  event in Osnabruck. So, if you ever fancy touristing in Germany go and check it out.

Anyway, like I said, it was wet. Which meant 32 of the 293 who participated decided to get to somewhere warm and dry in record time and accordingly set new PBs. Makes sense.

This week 23 volunteers got soaked to help me out. Big shout out to: Rab Acid, Gill Bevington, Chloe Birley, Alix Blockley, Neil Byford, Liz Fraser, Lucy Grant, Simon Hall, Josie Handley, Phil Herd, Phil Holland, Ben Lister, Holly McCain, Dave Nettleton, Renata Padilla, James Pinchin, Guy Remon, Chris Robson, Sandish Shoker, Catherine Simkins, Heide Stafford, Freddie Thomas-Neher and Gabriele Thomas-Neher.


The one before the Robin Hood Half!

I thought I’d start this week’s run report with this stunning photo of Beeston Weir and the River Trent, taken by one of our regular runner and volunteer Gaby Thomas-Neher, capturing the amazing natural beauty that our parkrun sits alongside….simply, wow!


Next up, milestones! Congratulations to one of our Run Directors and new Co-Event Director, Alison Hogg on her 100th parkrun, pictured below with Keith Pepper – both sporting the fabulous purple parkrun volunteer t-shirts – and Hogg-junior (taking her volunteer responsibilities very seriously!). Here’s to the next 100 Alison!


Additional congratulations go to Chris Carlisle for completing his 50th parkrun, and Stephen Keller running his 150th, on his birthday (Happy Birthday Stephen)!

This week at Beeston we were joined by some guests from the “5km Your Way: Move Against Cancer" initiative run by the MOVE and CARE cancer support charities. The initiaitve aims to encourage people with cancer to be more physically active to aid recovery and gain support from others in a social environment….such as parkrun! For more info on the group and to find out how to get involved, visit the Facebook page or website at


Here’s volunteer Gaby doing the first-timers briefing and Trina on sign-language duties. Great to see lots of new faces joining us at Beeston this week, as either first timers completely new to parkrun, or parkrun tourists! We hope you liked our parkrun and will be back to join us again soon.


On to the first finishers…this week for the chaps we had Tom Andrew McGuinness of East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC finish first in a speedy time of 16:50 – well done Tom!


First back for the ladies (and 4th overall) was international triathlete and winner of the 2018 Ironman Wales, Lucy Gossage of Cambridge University Hare and Hounds, in a very impressive time of 18:36 – great running Lucy! Lucy is also local Oncologist (or ‘doctor specialising in cancer treatments’ to save you googling!) and was joining us today at Beeston as an ambassador of the Move Against Cancer support group, along with cancer survivor and founder of the Move charity, Gemma Hillier-Moses. Thanks for joining us!


This week 381 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part. 56 of you recorded new Personal Bests and thus were eligible to ring the PB bell – well done!


The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:


Thank you all! If you are in terested in helping out one week, please have a look at our volunteer roster here: …and let us know if you fancy volunteering in any of the roles available by emailing All of the roles are nice and easy and full training is given on the day.


This coming Saturday (6th Oct) is International Parkrun Day, celebrating 14 years since parkrun started back in 2004, in Bushy park in London. It’s also our monthly pacer day if you needed another reason to join us!

Finally, well done to everyone who ran or supported at the Robin Hood Half Marathon on Sunday. It as great to see so many Beeston parkrunners there and have so much cheering and support all the way round!

Until next week…

Holly – Run Director 29th September



Run Report – Event no. 233 (22nd September 2018)

Well it’s Sunday evening and that can only mean one thing….time for this week’s parkrun run report!

This week 309 of you ran, jogged, walked, hopped or skipped Beeston parkrun. 35 people ran at Beeston parkrun for the first time, of which 17 were completely new to parkrun and had their barcode scanned for the very first time, so a huge well done to all of you! I hope you will join us again soon!

For milestones this week, well done to Anna AMIAN, JW10 who ran her 10th full-size parkrun and earned her white 10 parkruns t-shirt, congratulations Anna!

First finisher for the fellas this week was “Fast Phil” Herd of Beeston AC, and first lady was “Speedy Sharon” Chapman (no club listed). Well done both!


59 people recorded new Personal Bests, so had the chance to ring the infamous parkrun PB bell, like this little happy chappy:


Representatives of 24 different clubs took part….including a large number from Beeston AC, one of which was Beeston Running Legend John O’Donnell:20180922_092219

We had lots of smiley runners rockin’ the apricot parkrun race of activewear, this week very-ably modelled by Chris R and Claudia: 20180922_092319

A couple of our fab regular volunteers Dom and Pep were recently back from injury so for one week only we allowed them to swap their usual yellow hi-vis volunteer jackets for a pair of running shorts and trainers:20180922_093830

Some good old post-run chin-wagging: 20180922_093836


…and then to the Boathouse Café for more post-parkrun socialising, cups of tea, results processing and barcode sorting:


As ever, parkrun simply wouldn’t happen without a great team of volunteers each week, so please do remember to thank the volunteers for making parkrun run so smoothly and safely for all of us. This week’s hi-vis heroes were:

Peter FOWLES • Rab ACID • Ian ABBOTT • Tony RUSHTON • Holly MCCAIN • Harry SIMMONDS • Charlotte SIMMONDS • Lisa RULL • Dawn POXON • John WALKER • Jenny WALKER • Neil ROBERTS • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Jill CONVERY • Olivia THOMAS-NEHER • Mark EVANS • Rachel WOODS • Megan WOODS • Joanna SIMMONDS • Katharina MEYER-OHLE

If you are interested in volunteering, please have a look at the volunteer roster here.  

We welcome anyone and everyone as a volunteer so please do consider giving it a go even if you’ve never volunteered before. We’re super friendly and all the roles are very easy (if a clumsy technophobe like me can do them, trust me anyone can!). Full training is given on the day and you’ll go away afterwards with that amazing glowing Hi-Vis Hero feeling, knowing you’ve made hundreds of runners happy and been the highlight of their weekend. parkrun volunteers are basically Gods after all!! So please do give it a try :)


That’s all from me….have a good week and see you next Saturday for a pre-Robin Hood Half Marathon special! And remember, don’t forget your barcode! #dfyb

Run Director – 22nd Sept

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