parkrun report Saturday 14th July 2018

By Julie Todd, one of the Beeston parkrun Nordic Walkers.

Another glorious Saturday morning, another fantastic parkrun full of smiles!
Many of us struggle to exercise in this heat so it’s amazing to see so many out at 9am, ready to give it a go. parkrun is such a good way to start the weekend and I can push the strains of the week into the ground with my poles!
I know that the click from the poles has motivated many a runner to go faster! The support from others is an essential part of the event and everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever the speed.

It’s great to see families taking part together!

Wonderful volunteers!

The grass in the shade by the canal was actually wet from the short rainfall the night before – a welcome relief for hot feet!

The best part …
Public Health England now recommends Nordic Walking as a great exercise for strengthening muscles and bones. Walking with poles combined with the correct technique, gives your upper body a workout as well as your legs. It’s really effective at strengthening your core muscles whilst supporting all the joints.
Come and join us at Bramcote Park on Thursdays at 10.30am and 7pm. Contact me for an induction on 07903 504376.
See for more details

With thanks to Julie for writing the run report I will simply name the volunteers who allowed this week's event to happen: Rab Acid, Jen Beverley, Dominic Bowen, Sharon Burghart, Jane Harvey, Lorna Stella Koskela (all the way from Finland), Alan Lea, Amelia Lees, Holly McCain, Katharina Meyer-Ohle, Elliott Moulster, Sarah-Jane PRIOR, Catherine ROWE, Tony RUSHTON, Ethan SIMKINS, Catherine SIMKINS, Isaac SIMKINS, Jem SIMKINS, Julie Todd, and Megan WOODS

For more info about parkrun and Nordic Walking see this parkrun blog post.



Beeston parkrun report – Saturday 7 July

First of all, a big thank you for your patience for the slight delay to our start time at parkrun yesterday. As run directors and with the help our volunteers each week, it's our responsibility to ensure you have a safe parkrun each Saturday morning.

For regular Beeston parkrunners, our potholes past the rugby club can be a bit marmite (love'em or loath'em), but this week, the potholes had been part-filled in with bricks and rubble (by persons unknown) which made our normal/Summer route unsafe.IMAG0971IMAG0973

Hopefully you'll agree, it was worth the slight delay to swap to the Winter route, rather than risk any injuries.  Ironically, we are in discussions with the land owner to see if the potholes can be filled but we'll be running the winter route until the route conditions improve.  Further updates will be posted on our website or via our facebook page...

So, as well as surviving pot-hole challenge and the blazing Costa del Beeston sunshine, plenty of our regular runners were celebrating milestones this week.  Congratulations to: Sandish Shoker and Nick Woodrow for their 50ths, and 100th milestones to Gemma Daykin and Rob Jackson (thanks for the chocolates).  If you're due to be celebrating a milestone (running or volunteering), then drop the office a line or come and see one of the run directors and we'll make a note for a mention.

As I said at the start, Beeston volunteers are amazing and essential to the safe running of the event.  Big shout outs to this week's hi vis heroes who were: Chris BARKER, Carrie BARKER, Trina BEAUMONT, Jen BEVERLEY, Gill BEVINGTON, Jack BIBBY, Dominic BOWEN, Julie BURNISTON, Paul DENNIS, Mark DUNNING, Bethan HOGG, Alison HOGG, Simon HOGG, David O'NEILL, John ODONNELL, Sarah-Jane PRIOR, Chris ROBSON, Tony RUSHTON, Catherine SIMKINS, Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER, Olivia THOMAS-NEHER, Megan WOODS.   

Ironically we really struggle for volunteers in the Summer when everyone goes on holiday.  I can't believe that you all prefer volunteering in the rain or snow during Winter ... I mean how nice was yesterday?  I know we were all enjoying sitting in the sunshine, topping up the suntans whilst you lot were running round getting hot... 


... or there's Chris studying the finish line....(it's very taxing being time keeper....)36772381_10158150244463973_8263509342267899904_n

So please do think about volunteering in the sunshine as well as in the cold winter months.  We all need to remember days like this when the rain is lashing down in February....

And finally onto the stats, despite the heat, 277 of you came down to Beeston parkrun yesterday, including 21 first timers and 30 people getting new pbs.... Good work everyone, especially in this heat.  Full results can be found online here:

Well, think that's it.... keep cool folks and hopefully see you all next week (and not a mention the football at all :)  )


Beeston parkrun Run Report 30-June-2018

Absolutely delightful parkrun today, I had the loveliest volunteers any Run Director could ask for, check them out here:
Simon HALL • Chris BEXTON • Chris COOMBS • David RHODES • Dominic BOWEN • Christopher BIRLEY • Tony RUSHTON • Simon BARNES • Gabriele THOMAS-NEHER • Olivia THOMAS-NEHER • Alix BLOCKLEY • James PINCHIN • Trina BEAUMONT • Jess BENNETT

We had loads of tourists today, (John Booth from Chiswick - Gunnersby parkun, Ray Kingdom from Bedford Lakes and Sue Woods from Pershore) and every one of them mentioned how lovely Beeston was as a location for a parkrun - aren't we lucky to have this on our doorstep!? Thank you for choosing Beeston!

Some milestones to mention also: Sharon Chapman running her 100th, and Jas Johal running her 50th (and getting a PB at Beeston too!)! Well done ladies!! Trina Beaumont achieved her 25th Volunteer stint today too, who you will all recognise as our very own Sign Language Support expert! Thank you for sharing this amazing skill, Trina!  And, as I forgot to mention last week, Sarah-Jane Prior volunteered for her 25th time last week - missed your smiles today Sarah!

This week 291 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 19 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

Of special note, junior parkrunner Katherine Wright completed the course for the first time this week and got to ring the PB bell, well done Katherine!! Here she is pictured below, looking understandably pleased :) 36382772_10158132978463973_8383737631640387584_n

With PBs galore at the moment, Lucy Grant - a regular Beeston parkrunner and prolific volunteer (and all-round lovely human being) - was first lady, and had some time left to get in a spot of sun bathing afterwards. Well done Lucy, and to Phil Herd for his excellent pacing skills!

Beeston parkrun really is for everyone and all running/jogging/walking levels - please continue to spread the word, it really is the best way to begin a weekend!

I have a couple of weeks off Run Directing now, where I may take in the dizzy heights of Bestwood Country Park parkrun, or some other local event as we spoiled for choice in Nottinghamshire, but I look forward to seeing you all again on the start (and hopefully finish) line soon!

Thank you for making today a lovely parkrun day!



Beeston parkrun Run Report 23-June-2018

It was 7 years ago this week since parkrun arrived in Nottingham, with the first event being held at Colwick Country Park. My son was a baby back then, so everything from that time is blur, but with Colwick came the onslaught of other Nottingham parkrun events popping up (and still continuing to do so). We do really love our running in Nottingham - adults and kids alike, and we are super lucky to have not only a plethora of parkrun venues locally, but also 6 junior parkruns! If your little ones maybe run at a slightly different pace than you, junior parkruns are a great way for them to run on their own, around a well-marshaled 2km course. Check out the following:

Forest Rec - my kids personal favorite at the moment - (
Gedling (
Hucknall (
Long Eaton (
Newark (
Rushcliffe (

These all take place at 9am on Sunday mornings with the same format as the 5k events.

This weeks parkrun was brought to you by the super good-looking (almost too good-looking) team of volunteers:

Thanks to: Carrie BARKER • Keith PEPPER • Chris BEXTON • Peter FOWLES • Laura HICKEY • Hilary ROODBARAKY • Tony RUSHTON • Marie-Christine PARDON • Sarah-Jane PRIOR • Chris BARKER • Liz FRASER • Gordon STONER • Olivia THOMAS-NEHER • Danielle SIRL • Megan WOODS • Elliott MOULSTER • Jen BEVERLEY

Congratulations to the local Rebel Runners 5k graduates - Rebel Runners meet at The Village, Chilwell on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm (setting off about 6.45pm) to run 5k (longer options available) around Attenborough and Chilwell. A very friendly, welcoming group for all abilities, and all perfectly normal as you can see

Runners and walkers are all heartily encouraged to come down to parkrun, there's always a party at the back!

Hope you come down to see us next week x



Number 219

The potential heavy rain held off and we had nice conditions for parkrunning - in fact I don't think I heard one person complain this week about it being too hot / cold / muggy / wet / windy (you know - all those excuses we like to trot out...)

407 of you, including 73 first timers, agreed that the conditions were good enough to come down and enjoy the Weirfields, 77 enjoyed them so much they went out and set a PB! Amongst the first timers was another bunch of Rebel Runner coach to 5k graduates with Sarah Lightman as primary cheerleader this week. We welcomed the following to the 50 run club this week: Ian Stevens, Jack Bibby, Julia Barham, Kate Durrant, Michael Birley and Wendy Herd. And to the 100 run club we welcomed: Caroline Baker, Cheryl Grey and Paul Corrall.


A full set of results can be found here.

Many, many, many thank yous to the wonderful volunteers: Alistair Bloomfield, Jane Bloomfield, Dominic Bowen, Mike Howard, Sarah Lightman, David O'Neill, Sonka Reimers, Hilary Roodbaraky, Stephen Rubery, Tony Rushton, Harry Simmonds, Lisa Smith, Gordon Stoner, Gabriele Thomas-Neher, Emma Trahearn, Fleur Winters Howard and Megan Woods.

And finally we'd like to extend an invite to all parkrunners and volunteers to the annual garden party:
Beeston parkrun garden party invitation 2018

See you on the course next Saturday

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