Beeston parkrun Run Report 19-01-19 – New attendance record!

It was a pretty cold morning down at the Weirfields this Saturday, which is why it is even more brilliant that we got a new course attendance record of 460 participants, wow! Of those, 60 were first timers and 62 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done everyone, you're all amazing!

Congratulations to Scott Radford who celebrated his 50th parkrun today (but only his first at Beeston!), and to Catherine Wright, George Wright and Ruth Goddard who all did their 10th parkrun. Great running! It was also Run Director Alison's birthday, Happy Birthday!


Thanks as always to our 23 fabulous volunteers for today, without whom the event wouldn't happen:

Sarah GOURDET • Richard UPWARD • Alison HOGG • Rab ACID • Christopher BIRLEY • Roger CLARK • Sarah LIGHTMAN • Bethan HOGG • Dervla IRELAND • Denise CLARK • Dave NETTLETON • Ellie KEETLEY • Caledonia KEETLEY • Gordon STONER • Luke DONALD • Joseph BAXTER • Rachel WOODS • Megan WOODS • James PINCHIN • Des (Derek) YOUNGS • Sara SCOTT • Jemma Alice SWINSCOE • Emma ADAMS

There's lots of opportunities to volunteer over the next few weeks, why not give it a go?! Have a look at the roster and drop us an e-mail at to let us know which job you fancy and when. It's great fun!

In the meantime, have a good week and see you next Saturday at 9am at the Weirfields.


Beeston parkrun Run Report – 12 January 2019 #250

It wasn't a record attendance, but it wasn't far off...
This week 435 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 59 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. The lure of chocolate is strong with parkrunners!

The volunteers looked gorgeous in the mid-January, overcast, windy weather this morning, and my job was made super duper easy -


Thank you to everyone who came down to help (Jackie WELBURN • Carrie BARKER • Keith PEPPER • Chris BEXTON • Peter FOWLES • Lucy GRANT • Alison HOGG • Rab ACID • Tony RUSHTON • Simon BARNES • Leon HUNT • Nic WALTERS • Jennifer CROSS • Ann COATES • Freddie THOMAS-NEHER • Megan WOODS • Jane EVISON • Rebecca HAINES • Phil HOLLAND • Martin PETERS). If you would like to be added to the roster (some weeks are looking quite empty at the moment), please email us It must be fun as most volunteers just keep coming back!

We had a couple of milestones this week. Both Karen Barnfield & Sam Barfield celebrated their 100th parkrun this week - well done guys!!


There was also chocolate! Nick Williams came in 250th, which meant he claimed the special prize!


There were other chocolate prizes on offer, and much to the dismay of my kids, I didn't get to bring any home! So well done to all runners, walkers and chocolate winners! So, that ends another great Beeston parkrun, our 250th...looking forward to many, many more! THANK YOU to everyone who makes it the event that it is :-)


See you all next week!

Carrie x


Beeston parkrun Run Report – 5th January 2019

It wasn't as cold as I was preparing for on Saturday four layers (two of the thermals) became quite moist as I ran down and around to put the signs out...but it was made much more comfortable by having some lovely company (Thanks to Susan Wheatcroft & Nic Walters!)


We had 386 walkers, joggers, skippers, four leggers, and some runners too this week, 48 were first timers, and 67 of you got a shiny PB - did the pacers help you around this week? They did a fab job, but I think Gaby Thomas-Neher "won" by getting the coveted "spot-on" prize coming in at 30 minutes, on the nose! This also helped my 7-year old get a PB of 29.59! Look at his smug little face... 49528568_1100176416827657_1941625444595924992_n

We had more milestones today! Megan Woods achieved her 50th Volunteer today AND tried her hand at signing for the first timers briefing, well done Megan! Watch out for more from Megan over the next few weeks!

Trina Beaumont (our resident sign language support guru) not only celebrating her birthday on Saturday, but also her 50th parkrun.

Liz Fraser completed her 100th Beeston parkrun today before heading back to South Africa for some sunshine! Here she is being expertly scanned by the lovable Peps:


Our newbie Run Director (though he feels like a part of the furniture already) Dominic Bowen also celebrated his 50th parkrun today. And oh look, we had a full "confusion" of Run Directors down at Beeston today - what a rare sighting that is! 49701180_2044428525603900_3324956822053322752_n

Some awesome volunteering was done, and the mass of pacers did a FANTASTIC job this week, thank you!


I'll be seeing you next week for Beeston's 250th event, which we are celebrating in the usual way - chocolate! Spot prizes will be on offer - more info to follow this week. Please remember your barcodes...the barcode scanners do not like it when you forget them...


Carrie x


The first run of 2019

Happy New Year

What better way to start 2019 than with a parkrun?

382 of us felt that way at Beeston this morning on what was an unseasonably lovely morning.

Picture 1 - blue sky

There were 76 first timers (of whom 24 were doing their first ever parkrun), 4 people completing their 50th parkrun, 1 person completing their 100th parkrun, 30 different clubs represented, 33 news PBs achieved and visitors from far & wide (the furthest being Australia). As we were chatting, a couple of ladies at the start said they were returning to parkrun after a break of several months and a lady I was chatting to during the first 2km made a comment about her goals. These two things got me thinking about how parkrun means different things to different people and how we all have very different goals and also how this is a great thing. My goal is to turn up and get round with a longer term aim of breaking 40 minutes and then actually managing to run the whole damn thing! My husband is aiming to go under 21 minutes. Other people have different times they want to beat, for some completing the 5km is the aim, some want to get fit or lose weight, some love to volunteer while for others getting out of the house and to the event may be the aim. The thing is, we don’t know what other people are there for and what their challenges are. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we come together on a Saturday (or occasionally Tuesday) morning and we do our thing. We all get round in our own way & our own time, we maybe push ourselves as hard as we can, we maybe have a chat, we maybe make it to the end & feel gutted not to get that PB, we maybe catch up with someone we haven’t seen for a while, we maybe make new friends, we maybe just keep to ourselves and run round but we are all part of the same thing even if it is something different for all of us. As a recurring visitor to Beeston I am reminded of this on every visit. When you mostly run at your home event you tend to fall into a pattern and you chat to the same people, run round with the same general group and stop noticing some of the things that make parkrun what it is because they are always there. However,when you visit another parkrun you are reminded of how friendly & welcoming people are, how they don’t care if you run or walk, how they are not really interested in judging your time and how you can just turn up and do your thing.

Picture 2 - token bucket

Every parkrun relies on it’s volunteers to keep it going so I would like to thank all the lovely volunteers at Beeston and to urge you all to give volunteering a go if you haven’t already done so. I’d also like to thank Chris for indulging me and letting me have another go at report writing.

Hope you have a great 2019 and smash whatever goals you have set for yourself


Picture 3 - volunteers


The last run of 2018

View from a tourist
Across the weirfields

I must confess to having a soft spot for this parkrun. I grew up in the area & have happy childhood memories of playing on the beach (long since gone) below the weir, fishing with my grandad & getting ice creams at the marina so whenever I am back in the area visiting family I try to attend to get my Saturday parkrun fix. It was surprisingly warm when my husband & myself set off from home and it was with the usual feeling of trepidation that we braved the humpback bridge to make our way to the car park. We were met, of course, by the bracing wind that always seems to be blowing across the weirfields but the warm welcome from the volunteers & Beeston regulars took the edge off that. One of the things I really love about parkrun is that, no matter where you go, you are guaranteed to meet some lovely people (both participants and volunteers) and Beeston is certainly no exception to that. setting up

I’m very much a “back of the pack” runner so found my place & set off at a steady trundle around the lovely course. My home parkrun is rather hilly so I always expect Beeston to feel easy, but it never does. The first km was spent looking at the barges moored on the canal, having a sneaky look at people’s gardens & wondering about the naming of the “new” bridge all to stop me thinking about how tough I was finding it. The lovely marshals at the bridge & the corner marked the start of the second km which was spent daydreaming about how peaceful it was even though I could see traffic away in the distance on the Clifton side of the river.

As I turned right to follow the riverbank path and do battle with the headwind, I could see people along most of the route ahead and as I got to the 2km marker I looked across the fields to see people already at the finish. It is a lovely sight to see so many people all around the edge of the fields that early on a Saturday morning and to know you are a part of something even though at that moment you are on your own. There is also something quite special about being out by the river with only the noise of the wildlife and the weir in the background and without wanting to sound too trite it is moments like this that bring happiness and joy.

The third km was marked by the fishermen who had set up their camp across the path & seemed slightly bemused to have nearly 300 people running between their tents and their breakfast barbeque. As I climbed the path up to the embankment and turned again so the wind was at my back those who had already finished were offering encouragement as they made their way home. Slightly bizarrely I saw my parents next door neighbour at this point so gave him a wave. With the finish in sight (not to actually finish at but to run past for the out & back section) I managed to summon up the “pretend to be a runner & not walk while people are watching” burst, at least until I had made it past my already finished and now watching husband anyway.
volunteers at the finsh

A bit more looking at boats & gardens and I had made it to the 4km marker (BTW I love the markers on this route & wish my local council would let us have them at my home parkrun). One last little bit of towpath and a U turn into the wind and I was on the home straight. So far, the path had been pretty good and although I had worn trail shoes they were not essential. I was however glad of them on this little section though as I could just plod through the muddy puddles with no worries. One last crossing of the cobbles on the bridge and the finish was almost in reach, no looking at boats on the way back was needed and after the surprisingly nasty little dip in the path an almost sprint (for me) finish was managed.


Beeston parkrun #247 (my 93rd overall and my 14th at Beeston) was brought to you by 285 participants, including 35 first timers to the event (13 of whom were doing their first ever parkrun) and tourists from Leeds, Edinburgh, Coventry, Brazil (yes, you read that right) and other places I have forgotten. 21 participants recorded a new PB and the event was made possible by the 21 fabulous volunteers.

And in another one of those strange coincidences that follow us around it turns out that the guy from Brazil was someone I used to babysit when I was at school!!

Also worth noting, don’t try to get to the carpark over the humpback bridge if you have low suspension but park responsibly on the road. Oh, and if you do use the carpark be prepared for the outward journey over the bridge to be scarier than the inward trip.

Jan. (volunteer coordinator at Roundhay & Potternewton parkruns)

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