Another 600+ attendance!

This week 604 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 86 were first timers and 78 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part. This is the 3rd week running now that we've had over 600 attendees and it's brilliant to see so many people participating for so many reasons.

We have our regulars, they know the routine, they know a lot of the other people and come back every week to chat, maybe beat their PB or just out of habit. It's great having such a solid core of regulars.

Then we have the newbies - the regulars of tomorrow perhaps? Eagerly turning up with their barcode at the start; "what do we do then?" - The main advise to all is firstly, relax. Secondly is get over to the first timers briefing, thirdly enjoy your experience and lastly, come back next week. It doesn't matter if you run, walk, a bit of both - perhaps this is the first time you've attempted (and acheived) 5km, you're amazing!

With probably only 1 or 2 exceptions the last mention should go to the tourists! Either here on holiday and finding Bexley to be the parkrun local to their hotel, perhaps it's a planned trip trying to complete 1 challenge or another (tourism is a serious business you know), or they're not venturing far but trying out another local parkrun whilst their local is perhaps cancelled for a week - or on the recommendation of a friend.

Whatever your reason to parkrun - we are more than happy to welcome each and every one of you.

But it would not be possible if it wasn't for our volunteers, 22 of us this week making sure you have a safe, fun event - so big thanks to:

Maria MACDONALD • Stephanie DUNGATE • John HAMPTON • James MACDONALD • Joe CLEVERLY • Shane BYGRAVE • Andy BROWN • Mick CLARK • Jessica GOTHBERG • Grant GRIFFIN • Graham LEE • Louise SMITH • Claire HANNABUSS • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Alex SLATTER • Ben SAMPSON • Michael CATTERALL • Jane WHITEFIELD • Hayley WHITMORE • Lily STEER

Did you know that all volunteers are just like you - they're not sent from head office after months of training, they're not paid, they get trained in the half hour before the run and they do it all with a smile on their face and to give you the best experience possible. They are our amazing hi-vis heroes and we welcome anyone to come forward and give it a try. You can find our latest roster HERE, along with a link to the role descriptions and how to contact us if you want to give it a go.

This week we also had a visit from a lady called Tracey, who completed the course with her group of supporters - you may have been given a flyer or seen them out there. Tracey suffers severely from Multiple Scierosis and can only walk a short distance with sticks - so with the help of some running friends she is completing 10 local parkruns at the start of 2019, hoping to raise vital funds towards Stem Cell treatment. Thank you to everyone who has supported her at Dartford and Bexley parkrun so far, and you can find more details (and donate) via her website which you can find HERE.

Race to Walk - Danson Park

Race to Walk - Danson Park 2

Completing parkrun each week is a great feeling, but every so often you get to experience a special buzz by completing a milestone run. These are set numbers of completed events where you can then claim an exclusive parkrun tshirt (WOOOOOOO)!

Today we congratulate the following milestone acheivers:

Monica Lundqvist & Kelly Grehan for completing their 50th parkruns. Monica also got a new PB too!
James Palmer also clocked in a PB as he completed his 100th parkrun.

You can also get a milestone tshirt for volunteering too - so don't let that hold you back either.

We're quite open to calling anyone out to celebrate special runs, birthdays, anniversaries - come and see the Run Director early on the run day (or better still, drop us an email in the week prior) and we'll do our best to give them a shout out in the morning.

I would just like to ask you to keep Peter Hawney in your thoughts this week - one of our regular attendees. He suffered a heart attack on Wednesday and is currently recovering at home.

Coming up in a couple of weeks is our 7th Birthday! We would like to invite you to join us up at The Stables from 10am for a little get together, a coffee and a few words from us on how the last year has gone. We invite you to bring along some cake if you want so we can really call it a birthday party!

Also, we're looking at pacers for the birthday event. See further details in our news page for that event HERE - it's a lot of fun and really helps your other parkrunners.

Have a good week - see you next Saturday and #DFYB



Pacer week – 2nd February 2019

To celebrate our 7th birthday we're going to kick off the monthly 2019 pacer events on the 2nd February.

pacer bib

Can you help? As long as you feel comfortable to run at the pace you choose and can maybe give some encouragement to others around you at the same time whilst keeping the pace - then that's just what we're looking for!

Drop us an email just like you would for regular volunteering ( and let us know which time you'd like from the spaces below:

18 mins -
19 mins -
20 mins -
21 mins -
22 mins - Phil Acheson
23 mins - Luis Gil
24 mins - Dean Vines
25 mins - Robert Lenihan
26 mins - Karen Best
27 mins -
28 mins - Paul Dallison
29 mins - Judith Leighton
30 mins - Andrew Taylor
31 mins - Nicola Bennett
32 mins - Keeley Wicks
33 mins -
34 mins -
35 mins -
36 mins -
37 mins -
38 mins -
39 mins - David Warren
40 mins -
42 mins -
44 mins -
46 mins -
48 mins -
50 mins -

Try and practice over the next week or 2 before hand so you can judge the course to meet your target. It's obviously not an exact science but most pacers can land within about 20 secounds either way of their chosen time.


Bexley Run Directors


Back to business as normal

Welcome to the first Saturday parkrun of 2019 – we can finally get back to normal, knowing what day of the week it is and even what time to turn up for parkrun!

We weren’t far off the record attendance figure set on New Year’s Day with 602 people who ran, jogged and walked the course today. Of these, a massive 76 were first timers to the course, which included 52 people taking their barcodes out for the very first time.

Welcome to you all and we’d love to see you again real soon.

There must have also been something in the air, positive vibes carried 72 of you to record new Personal Bests too. Great morning all round, full results can be found HERE.

Thanks has to go out to my volunteer cohort, some hair raising moments in the finish funnel but they did not falter and we owe them all a massive pat on the back.

Graham CLARK • Michael VOUSDEN • Seran YUSUF • Andy BROWN • Darren RICKARD • Geraldine LEGON • Jessica GOTHBERG • Grant GRIFFIN • Peter HAWNEY • Zak GRIFFITH CROWE • Keeley WICKS • Graham LEE • Claire HANNABUSS • Keith GEORGE • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Alex SLATTER • Ben SAMPSON • Cathy MORGAN • Kathy BELL • Mandy PORTMAN

It was brought to my attention that you could actually hear Jan before you saw her cheering everyone past and if you’ve got even half of that enthusiasm it would be super if you could come forward and help us at some time over the next few weeks. Check the roster and drop us an email via THIS LINK.

You can also follow the link in your results email and “opt in” to our local communications. We only use this when we’re desperate for volunteers so please have a think about opting in. While you’re there, please check that your ICE details are complete – and up-to-date. We’re sat at around 90% of people having this done, but that still leaves you 10% out there to join in. This is for your own benefit should an emergency occur.

On a cheerier note, I’d like to congratulate the following people who achieved milestone runs today:

Eloise Collins (junior) completing her 10th parkrun.

David Edwards, Mandeep Bhambra, Daniel Cox (jnr) & Priscilla Davies all completed their 50th parkruns.

Phil Malsbury ran his 150th parkrun.

Then a couple of slightly more veteran runners…

Mick Clark and Tony Johnson.

Mick has been quite homely to Bexley parkrun, doing 229 runs here and only straying to 6 other parkruns. He first joined us back in August 2012.

Tony was a slightly later joiner by starting his parkrun journey in April 2013, and has done 233 Bexley runs and 13 at other locations.


None of these numbers jump out to give any particular milestone – but what both of these gents did today was complete their 250th parkruns. That’s some going, a milestone for us all to hope to one day achieve.

Look out in the next couple of weeks for details of our Birthday run – 7 years comes around so quick and we’ll be celebrating in some way on the 2nd February straight after parkrun. Would be nice if some of you budding bakers could donate a few cakes as everyone knows how good cake tastes after a run. Plus, the January detox will have ended by then so you won’t need an excuse!

Have a good week, and see you all Saturday



And that’s 2018 in the bag. Job Done!

We that's it then! The last Saturday in 2018 brings us the last parkrun of the year.

And what a year we've had...

Our finish line was crossed over 22,000 times by 3870 different participants and 310 volunteers made it all possible - completing over 1000 volunteer roles.

Outside of this we've taken volunteers to help out at a cold 'The Big Half', a hot 'Virgin London Marathon' and a wet 'Prudential Ride 100'.

We've sadly said goodbye to our founder and original Event Director Mel Gordon, a man whose vision helped set up both Bexley and the Lesnes Abbey Wood junior parkruns.

We had our biggest ever attendance on 12th May with 580 finishers.

Nearly 2000 people have registered this year with Bexley as their home parkrun. Let's hope they don't all turn up together one day!

Total distance covered in parkrunning at Bexley is now over 450,000km.

Thank you to everyone that features in one or more of those stats above... what an amazing parkrun community we are.

So onto today! Last run of the year and 426 of you walked, jogged or ran the course. 50 first timers to end the year and 32 new personal bests were set.

Our illuminating hi-vis team consisted of Maria MACDONALD, Stephanie DUNGATE, Helen YOUNG, Kirsty MCEWEN, Edward BOYLING, Tony JOHNSON, Geraldine LEGON, Grant GRIFFIN, Paul FORD, Luke FORD, Phil ACHESON, Angela FORD, Peter HAWNEY, Zak GRIFFITH CROWE, Keith GEORGE, Jan LAKE, David LAKE, Cathy MORGAN, Simon WELLS, Mandy PORTMAN and were led by Keith DUNGATE.

Lilly Ann Brooker (Junior) and Laura Holland both completed their 50th parkruns today.
Ruth Morgan completed her 100th parkrun - and every one has been at Bexley parkrun!
Rob Baldwin - another regular Bexley runner and volunteer completed his 150th parkrun today.

You can find a full round up of the results HERE.

So what next and where will 2019 take us? Well it starts this Tuesday with our New Year's Day parkrun.. Please note the LATER START TIME OF 10.30am. Meaning one of 2 things. Either, you start the new year with a lie in and a parkrun. Or, you take part in the parkrun special of 2 parkruns in 1 day - the only day of the year that this is possible to do. Check out the start time of other local events such as Foots Cray meadows or Greenwich who are at 9am and once you've completed there you've still time to head over and participate at Bexley too! It's a win/win!

There are a couple of asks we do have for you though...

Volunteering - there's no obligation for anyone to give up a couple of hours to arrive down at parkrun on a Saturday morning when they're not participating. You'll probably see the same faces much of the time, looking dapper in their hi-vis vests and a big smile on their faces. Much of the time you won't even see them there early to check the park is safe to run in (think snow and ice, fallen branches), putting the course marking out - or the hours put in during the week to charge the kit, process the results, appeal and communicate with volunteers, meetings with the council and local groups over the year, bringing all the kit down on the day. We'd love to see some new faces come along and help out - seeing the operation from the other side. You can find the roster and details HERE.

Post-run coffee/breakfast - We are normally found in The Stables after parkrun (10am opening) doing results and having a chat so feel free to come and join us. Biscuits and cake are always gladly welcomed too.

Ideas - Always welcome. Come and have a chat over a coffee or send us an email if you have any thoughts or comments about the parkrun. We're always open to fresh thoughts.

Communication - in order to reach out to you we do have facebook and twitter where up-to-date information can be shared if we have a need. There's also the volunteer emails which you can "opt-in" for. The link for this can be found in your results email - another valuable source of comms from your core team.

Looking ahead just a little, we've got our Birthday run to celebrate our 7th year on the 2nd February and are looking at putting something special on for the day, so make sure you mark it in your diary.

Bexley parkrun started on 4th February 2012. Since then 9,526 participants have completed 90,704 parkruns covering a total distance of 453,520 km, including 15,433 new Personal Bests. A total of 744 individuals have volunteered 4,744 times.

The male record is held by Berihu HADERA who recorded a time of 15:39 on 1st September 2012 (event number 30).
The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 18:23 on 17th October 2015 (event number 192).
The Age Grade course record is held by Holly PAGE who recorded 86.31% (18:52) on 29th June 2013 (event number 73).

That's it from us for 2018 then, thank you from all of us and see you the new year for more of the same, with a few tweaks no doubt to keep you on your toes!

Paul and the Team



Keeping it brief today, as most of us are dealing with turkey's in the oven, beer/bubbly in the fridge and wrapping paper all over the living room floor! Batteries to find, electronics to charge and outfits to try on.


And cleaning the mud off our trainers. Yep, 369 people ran, jogged and walked the course today (sorry, no confirmed numbers of Santa hats, jumpers, antlers, bells, PJ bottoms, festive leggings, tinsel).

There where a whopping 38 first timers including 15 getting their barcodes scanned for the very first time! 43 people recorded new Personal Bests too - what a Christmas pressie!

Full results can be found HERE

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:


Dont forget, you can volunteer by checking the roster page and emailing us - Roster page here

Few people saved today for an extra special run, Graham Lee ran his 100th parkrun with friends and family in support.

Also had cousins running a combined 300th parkrun with Marco Arcuri completing his 50th and George Collins running his 250th parkrun...


Welcome to our newest Run Director too - James stepped in today and did a great job. Look out for his next appearance, with hopefully a slightly more normal outfit.


I'll leave you with some pictures from this morning - Merry Xmas All!

















See you Saturday, 9am - then New Years Day, 10:30am start!

Ho Ho Ho!

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