Event 349 & upcoming dates for you diary (Christmas and NY details too)

This week 418 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 45 were first timers and 79 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Maria MACDONALD • Christine RAWLINGS • Phillippa-Jane COLLINS • Phil (Old King) COLE • Paul COLLINS • Kirsty MCEWEN • Beverly HILLS • Barbara GENTRY • Melissa STEER • Elizabeth NEWITT • Peter HAWNEY • Nick BUTTERWORTH • Keith GEORGE • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Simon WELLS • Andrea GIL • Mike COOKMAN • Claudia GIL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bexley parkrun Results Page.

Grace Florence ran her 50th parkrun today, well done on your latest milestone!

Some upcoming dates for your diary:

27th October - HALLOWEEN RUN.
Please come along in your ghost and ghouls outfits for our annual spooktacular.

3rd November - EVENT CANCELLED.
As Danson Park host their fireworks event in the evening, they require space around our finish area and the south side of the lake. Due to this we are CANCELLED this day. Why not take the opportunity to visit one of the other local events such as the new Foots Cray Meadows parkrun.

22nd December - Christmas cheer parkrun.
It's our usual Saturday parkrun - but with tinsel!

25th December - Christmas Day parkrun!
Yes seriously!! Come along and share some festive cheer on our Christmas Day parkrun - 9am start and tinsel/xmas dress encouraged.

1st January 2019 - New Years Day parkrun
A chance to get rid of that hangover in the company of your parkrun friends and family! PLEASE NOTE the later 10:30am start! This is the one day of the year that you can (if your want to) register 2 parkruns due to the relaxed start times. Why not check out other local events for an earlier start time and claim this special day double!

If you have any ideas throughout the year for a special event - or if you're part of a club/team/group that you want to promote via a takeover week (where you supply some or all of the volunteer team) then please let us know via email.

Bexley parkrun stats:
The male record is held by Berihu HADERA who recorded a time of 15:39 on 1st September 2012 (event number 30).
The female record is held by Chloe SHARP who recorded a time of 18:23 on 17th October 2015 (event number 192).
The Age Grade course record is held by Holly PAGE who recorded 86.31% (18:52) on 29th June 2013 (event number 73).

Bexley parkrun started on 4th February 2012. Since then 9,165 participants have completed 86,213 parkruns covering a total distance of 431,065 km, including 14,915 new Personal Bests.


Plums and pacers!

This week 439 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part and one club this week in particular provided the majority of our volunteers, so a big thank you goes out to the Plumstead Runners (aka - The Plums). They were out there cheering, scanning, handing out tokens and timing.


The event was made possible by a massive 36 volunteers:

Paul DALLISON • Suzie MACKENZIE • Paul HILES • Deborah COX • James WILLIAMS • David WARREN • Phil (Old King) COLE • Andy HOLMAN • Debs NORMAN • Tony JOHNSON • Danielle MCTAGGART • Jacqueline AILEY • Geraldine LEGON • Andrew TAYLOR • Paul EADES • Grant GRIFFIN • Robert LENIHAN • Louise TARSKY • Darren CULVERWELL • Lee COLLINS • Dean VINES • Phil ACHESON • Emma KILLICK • David KILLICK • Louise SMITH • Jude LEIGHTON • Keeley WICKS • Chris LEIGHTON • Donna CULVERWELL • Natalia PESKAREVA • Russell BUCHANAN • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Vanessa ROBINSON • Peter NORMAN • Chris REYNOLDS.

Ok, well to explain the explosion of volunteers, you may have noticed (perhaps even took advantage of) our pacers too - its something we're keen to bring back on a more regular basis, so watch this space. Lots of glowing feedback and 90 finishers recorded new Personal Bests... I'd hazard that a number of these were down to the great work by the pacers - here's how they stacked up:

Target Time Pacer Actual Time
22 mins Phil Acheson 21:59
23 mins Paul Eades 23:04
24 mins Paul Hiles 23:39
25 mins Tony Johnson 25:04
26 mins Natalia Peskareva 26:23
27 mins Darren Cullverwell 27:49
28 mins Robert Lenihan 28:01
29 mins Chris Leighton 29:17
30 mins Andrew Taylor 30:18
31 mins Dean Vines 31:05
32 mins Jude Leighton 32:09
33 mins Geraldine Legon 33:07
34 mins Keeley Wicks 33:54
39 mins David Warren 39:56
50 mins Grant Griffin 50:59

A great turnout and good job by you all! Look out for the future events - either to put on a vest or run alongside them.

pacer bib

Do you run with your children? How do they find parkrun?
Now the school summer holidays are over, and the kids are settling in to their new school routine, it seems a good time to remind you of the importance of letting children participate for fun at parkrun. If your child wants to come along and smash out a PB then great, but please do remind them how brilliant they are for just wanting to be out and about in their local park, and that walking, skipping or singing their way around slowly is equally great. If you think either you or your child have lost sight of the enjoyment of a parkrun, why not volunteer together for a change, or see if they want to buddy up with another child who might be new or nervous and appreciate some company.
If you feel that Bexley is maybe a little much for them - how about introducing them to Junior parkrun? Our local one is down at Abbey Wood on a Sunday morning and is a 2km event where children from 4yrs to 14yrs can complete the course in their own time with a fantastic team down there organising it - take a look here for more info: Lesnes Abbey jpr

Of course, every event for every participant is special - but on occasions we do like to give a special mention to those who hit various milestone runs. Congratulations this week to the following trio:

Harry Turner (jnr) - 10th parkrun
Lesley McCarthy - 50th parkrun
Joe Brewer - 200th parkrun

Quick shout out to those who went home with a little gift today. However, please read on. Our finish tokens are used repeatedly each week - they're not for you to take home! We do understand that mistakes happen, but if you have got home today with no time but a finish token in your pocket - please drop it back off next week! We replace 1 or 2 every couple of weeks - but this weekend we lost 9 tokens! Where are they?

finish tokens

Couple of important dates for your diary coming up!

27th October - This will be our Halloween run, so please dress for a scary, spooktacular run.

3rd November - The Danson Park fireworks preparations take place ready for the evening dispaly, so we are CANCELLED this day.

Please spread the word for both of the above dates.

This pains me to say, but do look out of the next few weeks for announcements related to Christmas and New Years Day parkrun!
Yes really!
It's the special time of year where you can get 5 parkruns in over 11 days - how? Watch this space!

So what else do I have to say? Couple more reminders if I'm honest...

We don't always get the full attention in the pre-run brief - this week Andy suffered from battery problems so the full boom of the speaker wasn't there, and with a few people chatting because they know it all - you might have missed the important messages:
1 - Children under the age of 11 MUST be within arms reach of an adult. It doesn't have to be a parent, but it does need to be someone taking responsibility for them.
2 - Dogs and buggys are more than welcome currently at our parkrun. But not together I'm afraid. Dogs must be on a short lead and 1 dog per runner.
3 - Respect others. Hopefully this should be easily taken from your day to day life, but please do respect other participants and others in the park. We don't have an exclusive use of the park so a quick hello/smile/acknowledgment can go such a long way.
4 - Volunteering. Not an obligation, but always a request we make. If you can help out, we will train and support you throughout the morning (it's about 90 minutes start to finish) then it's so fulfilling. In addition to that, anyone reported/caught disrespecting anyone of our team (or anyone whilst representing parkrun) may be removed from the results - Play Nice!
UK 5k parkrun Code (With Dogs) JPG (1)

Thank you for supporting us, for being who you are in our parkrun family, and for sharing the start of your weekend with us. As long as you keep turning up, we'll keep putting on the event!

Paul and the Team.


Numbers, numbers, numbers

Hi All - this week we're going to give you a rundown of the weekend by numbers.

Event Number 346
Date 15/09/2018
Start time 09:00
Temperature 14 degrees

395 participants completed the course

28 first timers - 16 new to parkrun and 12 new to Bexley parkrun

19 smashing volunteers putting on another great event: Stephanie DUNGATE • John HAMPTON • Joe CLEVERLY • John LEACH • Paul MILLBANK • Sue HULLS-SMITH • Kirstie HULLS-SMITH • Grant GRIFFIN • Maya BROUGHTON • Melanie WELCH • Keeley WICKS • Graham LEE • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Alex SLATTER • Paul SLATTER • Rachel ADAMS • Mike COOKMAN • Roshni PATEL

10 runs completed by 2 junior parkrunners - Well Done to Finn Sherwood-Hurn & Nathan Fielding

50th run milestone met by 3 runners - Rene Foertsch, Lisa LaRoche and 1 junior runner Laura Broughton with an extra special PB of 24:48

150th run completed by Mark Allen

250th milestone run - of which 238 of these have been at Danson, that's 476 laps of the park! That's some going, so Congratulations to Phil Cole

Phil C

14 different running clubs were represented

1,975 kilometers were covered, bringing the total coverage since Bexley parkrun begun on 4/2/2012 to a whopping 424,645km. That's 10 and a half times round the world - or 1 trip to the moon with a few runs to spare!

2 years anniversary of Danson Runners - From that first run that had just a handful of participants, today there were 37 participants out in force celebrating their acheivements.


Also this weekend, an amazing new marathon world record was set by Eliud Kipchoge in 2:01:39. This broke the previous record by 78 seconds. To put that into perspective, the fastest 8 parkruns + the fastest junior parkrun this weekend (equalling 42km) all added together only came in at 2:08:10. His quickest 5km split was 14:16 - that was at 35km! Only 21 parkruns have ever been registered quicker than his average pace.


3 volunteer slots still free for next Saturday

100 days till Christmas (as of Saturday) - sorry!

1 more thing to say - Have a great week, and see you all next Saturday!


Have you heard the latest news from Bexley parkrun?

This week 396 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 78 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part. Full results can be found HERE.

The event was made possible by Jon Hunter - one of our original Run Directors coming back to help out - and his team of volunteers:

David WARREN • Emma HARTLEY • Seran YUSUF • Mark CHANDLER • Michelle S MARSH • Grant GRIFFIN • Karen HOGAN • Maggie MCQUAID • Mick SUTTON • Sheila BARNS • Elizabeth NEWITT • Keith GEORGE • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Leisa WOODBRIDGE • Emma OBORNE • Ernest RYS • Stephanie TURNER

Thank you all for making it a great morning for us all and setting a fine example of how our volunteer roles are carried out to perfection. But that's obviously a challenge to the rest of you, please step forward if you can help out in the next few weeks at all - we really need to get some more names onto the ROSTER..

NEW Volunteer tool! For both iphone and (most) android users, you can now install an app to use for timing and scanning. This is really handy as you get to use your own device so you'll be familiar before you even get started and it's so visual, you know exactly where you are. If you want to try it out, download the app and have a look before dropping us an email to volunteer.



The timing looks like this - with a press on the screen or your volume button as each participant crosses the line. You can even see their split times and position to keep everything on track - Easy!

Screenshot_20180826-133329_parkrun Virtual Volunteer

The scanning part runs via your camera and picks up the barcode as it comes into view - plus it shows you what's been scanned so you can be sure (rather than relying on a beep as with the current kit).

Screenshot_20180826-133418_parkrun Virtual Volunteer

User Guide for the Volunteer App

Then you just email the results into us and we can process them as normal. Why not give it a go?

Well Done this week to...

Christopher Richardson (Jnr) who ran his 10th parkrun.

Gary Moore, Paul Wells & Jill Breeze all completed their 50th parkrun.

Liz Elms completed her 100th parkrun.

Tracy Wells and Karen Warrener completed their 150th parkrun!

Geraldine Legon, a regular runner and volunteer celebrated a jump up in age grading as she celebrated a "special" birthday also - sharing a bit of post-run fizz in the process!

(photo credit to Anna Rowland)

Congrats to you all.

Have you heard of #teamparkrun?

5k parkrun events take place in parks across the UK every Saturday at 9am (England & Wales) / 9.30am (Scotland & NI), offering a free and easy way to take your first steps into becoming more active. Walk, jog, run or volunteer - everybody is welcome!

To thank you for all your support over the years, and for being right behind them every step of the way, the UK's top National Lottery funded athletes will be right behind you on #teamparkrun, acting as tail walkers at parkruns across the country. No one finishes last at a parkrun.

Keep up to date here

On that note, keep up to date with all the news and updates from your Bexley parkrun team by following us on facebook and twitter - but also by opting in for our emails via your profile (check your results email). We reach less than 400 of you with our emails, that's from over 9,000 people who've registered at parkrun with Bexley as their home-run. While you're there, it's really important to check that your emergency contact (ICE) details are up-to-date. At last count (end of July) we only had 80% of participants that had anything filled in for this. Put simply - if you attend with 4 other people, 1 of you would not have this.

It doesn't take long to complete this - but the impact can be vital. Please take 5 minutes to get this done before you come down next week. Cheers.

Useless parkrun random fact:

So far this year in the UK, parkrunners with the first name Stephen have completed 27,913 parkruns, compared to 14,055 by Stevens

But Stevens are slightly quicker, with an average parkrun time of 25:45, just ahead of the 25:52 for Stephens.

Bexley parkrun started on 4th February 2012. Since then 8,938 participants have completed 83,672 parkruns covering a total distance of 418,360 km, including 14,494 new Personal Bests.

Thanks everyone!


18th August – Where did everyone go?

Today was our lowest attendance since March 17th - there was snow on the ground then! I guess this time we can put it down to summer holidays and the likes. Nevertheless, this week 344 people ran, jogged and walked the course - 34 were first timers (21 new to parkrun and 13 tourists) and 53 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by our volunteers David WARREN • Andy HOLMAN • Geraldine LEGON • Michelle S MARSH • Grant GRIFFIN • Maggie MCQUAID • Ian TYRRELL • Louise SMITH • Keeley WICKS • Keith GEORGE • Jane STEPHENSON • Jan LAKE • David LAKE • Alex SLATTER • Leisa WOODBRIDGE • Paul SLATTER • Cathy MORGAN • Ross BRAGANZA • Ernest RYS

22 people were "unknown" this week, be that a forgotten barcode or maybe through choice. We'd love to lower this number with your help, so next Thursday night, put your barcode with your parkrun kit - I say Thursday so that if you've misplaced it then you've still got Friday to print a replacement! On that note, please remember that we cannot scan from phones or manually add you in unless your physical barcode does not scan on the day. No Barcode, No Time, No Exceptions!

Happy to say though, all 344 tokens came back this week which makes me a happy Run Director.

Congratulations to Dennis Hing on completing his 50th parkrun today. All but 1 of these at Bexley and just 65 parkruns since Dennis first ran Bexley, that's a pretty good attendance average! Roll on the 100th sometime next November if you carry on at the same rate.

As the volunteer app roles out we used it today for timing and I can say it was a huge success - this app can be used to both time and scan barcodes and can be found in the relevant stores for free by searching " parkrun virtual volunteer". If you're excited to try it out, then we'll gladly add you to our roster in the next few weeks, just drop us an email to bexleyoffice@parkrun.com. In the meantime, download it and have a play. The scanner works via your camera and the timer is fully visible on the screen so both remove the uncertainties that have been met before by our volunteers, "Did the timer beep?", "Did that barcode scan?"; Plus, the comfort of using a device that you're familiar with because it's yours!

Final note, we don't mind how you cross the line - running, walking, pushing a pushchair or with your dog on their (short) lead, then just stay in order, take your token and job done - but what we DON'T want is pushing and shoving, argy bargy.... or bikes! Remember that parkrun is meant to be fun and for most people it is, please don't ruin it for others.

So that's it for another weekend - signed, sealed and delivered.

Since beginning on 4th February 2012, Bexley parkrun has had 8,898 participants completing the course, that's 83,276 parkruns covering a total distance of 416,380km.

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