Sunny run in the park – No 205

Huge crowds gathered on the paths of the park to take on a hot 5km parkrun. Anita gathered us all to run through the briefing. A large amount of hands went up when first timers were called out.

Whilst running and taking in the park views it was great to hear parents with their children encouraging them to carry on what great supportive parents.

Next thing we're are being over taken by the first of the runner with a consistent stream behind.

Smiling faces as people crossed the finish line.

With tomorrow being the legend peter chittenden 80th birthday run we were joined by peter son in law Alasdair Swan .

First timers - 36
Personal best - 42
50- Alice cox-rusbridge and Gervais ward

Massive well done to everyone that took part today. We all look forward to seeing you next week.

Run report writer

Sarah gibbons


The diary of a parkrun tourist. Age unimportant!

So with a rare week off since starting Whiteley parkrun as Event Director just over a year ago I was fortunate enough to join my long time parkrun buddy Nikki YEO on a little trip to the sea side. These tourist trips have become a lovely addition to Nikkis parkruns and she's not far off her 50th different event and separately we have sampled France, Ireland, Poland and Denmark parkruns. No surprise, they all seem the same!

We are both looking forward to completing our 250th parkrun in not many weeks time so the world of parkrun just keeps on giving almost 6 years after we both started it together. What's staggering is week after week seeing new first timers. Is there anyone left who has never heard of parkrun I wonder.

So we jump in the car, check watches and head towards Bognor, all is going well until TRAFFIC, what's this! On the A27 between Portsmouth and Chichester we come to a complete standstill and it's 8.07am! Checked watch! Plan B was quickly hatched, no way are we missing parkrun, it's Chichester or bust!

Thankfully the nasty accident ahead seemed to clear quickly and nobody was hurt and we were back on our way to Hotham Park. Next delay of course and there always seems to be a delay when we travel was to miss a turning and head off in the wrong direction again. Add Bognor to the list of missed turns which include Andover, long detour and Wilverley, totally lost! Bet we made them too!

How beautiful is Hotham park, what a lovely surprise, much like Salisbury it's a run in a park. A parkrun!

Easy to park and we were soon heading towards the start line to say hello to Alison who was RD for the day. Next essential of course is the loo stop and they are so convenient. I spot the defibrillator on the wall. TICK!

Not long after our arrival Alison gave the usual run brief and it's nice to see people paying attention, well done all. We listen to the first timers briefing too and what I spotted was the question, does anyone NOT have a barcode. That's a really useful question as explaining about the tokens and funnel duckers is very useful for the results processing.

3.2.1 and off, one short lap and three long loops, wave and smile at the marshals, spot Alice in Wonderland, spot a huge squirrel, mini golf, another marshal, say hello to friendly Derek, say hello to another marshal, say well done to the tail walker and not long after that it's done! Accompanied by little Oscar who was 11 and had never run more than a mile. He was jogging alongside and we just got chatting. Really well done Oscar ERICSON and to your dad too who we later met.

Nikki will have mentioned Trevor BAKER in her report who is trying to do 70 parkrun before his 70th. Good luck Trevor!

So that's it! Done. Well nearly!

It time of course to check out the café, chat about parkruns old and new, chat about Nikkis ultrarunning and me dislike of long runs over a scone, a cuppa and some carrot cake.

Isn't this what Saturdays were made for? We both think so!

Thank you to everyone at Bognor parkrun for making us feel so welcome, you have a special event in a lovely location.

Martin de Wied



Bognor parkrun is relocating on the 12th May for one weekend.

The temporary location is King George Fifth playing fields in Felpham PO22 8QS.

Please check our Facebook page for more details:


Easter in the park – No 196

A massive turnout today 343 runners/participants and the rain held off to make it another lovely morning in the park.

Firstly a big thank you to all the volunteers this morning for making the event happen under the run directorship of Ben Bowers.

Today's first home into the finish funnel was Joseph Harrison in a time of 19.45 giving him a new PB. I had a chance to chat with Joseph in the cafe queue when he told me
"My first fun at Bognor was on Christmas Day 2016 when my brother Jack beat me, this inspired me to join a run program I now live in The Hague having completed a few parkruns this is my 2nd in Bognor" - (checking out the stats over 7minutes quicker than 2016) WELL DONE . This is a real family affair (as it is for many of us here at Bognor) Jack also runs along with mum Rose Calderwood who is proud of her 28 runs and so she should be as she suffers with MS.

This sums up our park run at Bognor - which this week features on the parkrun website -friendly and welcoming.


343 runners
38 first timers (welcome - look forward to seeing you again)
51 PB's (including Lindsey Brayfield - two weeks in a row)

Juniors (10) Joseph Russian
Juniors (10) Tatum O'Keeffe
50 - Gary Smith
100 - Christian Shelton
100 - Darren Hill

Apologies to anyone I may have missed but congratulations to all.

Reminder : 7th April event/run is now on and we will require volunteers so
Contact the office if you can assist.

As written by:
Karen Wainwright


Plod in the Park!

The Promenade Plodders became The Park Plodders for the day as they took over the running of the 192nd Bognor Regis parkrun.


It was a freezing cold morning for runners, spectators and volunteers. Particular thanks in these conditions must go to the marshals and the timekeepers. I know I would not relish standing still and marshalling in the cold and it’s not very easy to use those stop watches with gloves on either! However a huge thanks to all of the volunteers who gave up their own time to ensure the event again went as smoothly as ever.

Matthew Court was our guest RD for the day and he stood in front of the 303 runners and delivered his run brief.
A few statistics to mention:

303 runners
27 volunteers
69 PB’s
37 first timers
21 running clubs represented

Amongst the notable tourists were a group of 7 very keen Rebel Runners from Medway. I heard on the grapevine that they were on a hen do so I hope that went well. I am sure running The Bognor Regis parkrun was the highlight of the weekend!? We also had a runner all the way from Yeovil too.

Finally a very special mention must go to one of our regular runners, David Rowe. It wasn’t a milestone run for him however it was his 450th parkrun. What an achievement that is! That is 2,250km or to but it another way about 53 marathons that David has run during his parkrun career to date.

Well done again to the Promenade Plodders it was a great takeover and hopefully will happen again soon.


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