Boston parkrun #156 Autumn, but is it?

A strange morning for our parkrun number 156. A very autumnal look but so warm we could have been forgiven if we thought it was still summer! I was expecting it to be busier as Belton House wasn’t on, but it would seem there were also a lot of people partaking in the Gruesome Twosome race on Saturday. So, we had 130 finishers this week.

It seems the heat was getting to some of the runners!

One of which was Ian Birchall, who ran his 50th parkrun but didn’t own up to it when I asked who might be completing a milestone. However, we did have cakes and chocolates. The Grandma was our Tailwalker and was completing her 25th volunteer and Kerry McCrainor was celebrating her ………th birthday! Talking of milestones, there may be a couple of milestones to celebrate in the coming weeks, you will have to be at Boston parkrun to find out!!


A massive thank you to all the volunteers, as always, we wouldn’t be able to host the event without you! If you would like to volunteer in the future, there are many ways to let us know. You can Facebook message us, email us at or approach the Volunteer Co-ordinator on a Saturday at parkrun.


A quick reminder of one of the few parkrun rules. Under 11s must be within arms length of their responsible adult. If the child is able to run faster than its adult then another responsible adult, known to the child, must be nominated to run with the child. If any Marshals think that this rule is not being adhered to they will stop the child from participating and the Results Processor also has the right to remove that child from the results.

Our birthday run is fast approaching, hopefully you have all sorted out your fancy dress for the event. Saturday 27th October, we celebrate our 3rd birthday, as in previous years there will be much going on, it should be a great day.

Another date for your diary is the 10th November. If you have seen our Facebook post you might have had a hint of the celebrity who is joining us for that run, prior to his big event on the 16th November.

Andy W has a few gaps in the volunteer roster for next week, it would be great to get them filled early for him. Until next time, Richard E.


Boston parkrun #155 – parkrun turns 14!

Boston parkrun #155 - parkrun turns 14!

Whilst having my breakfast and half listening to BBC Breakfast News, my ears pricked up at the mention of parkrun! My attention soon turned to the tv and I watched the interview with Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the chap who started the idea of running around a park on a Saturday morning.

When asked by the interviewer why he started, he replied that he had been suffering from some depression and he invited some friends to meet up and run around Bushey Park. That was 14 years ago and now parkrun has 5 million registered, 3.2 million running over 1500 parks in 20 countries. The current male record is held by Andrew Baddeley, who after dropping out of the 2012 Olympics, ran it in 13.48 minutes on 11 August 2012.

Now, back to Boston parkrun!  Well done to Oliver as his first time being Rd. 105 of you ran, jogged or walked the route this week, with 12 first timers and out of those first timers seven new first timers, and 17 PBs! Well done to you all!

Martin Tebbs was the first man home, with a time of 20.44 and Jane Charlesworth was the first lady home, with a time of 22.17.

As always, a big thank you to the volunteers, as without them there would not be a parkrun!
The volunteers this week were:
Andy BAILEY • Kevin BAXTER • Sarah BURTON • Jayne CLEMENTS • Samantha CROSS • David DALES • Sue DUCKWORTH • Abigail EGGLETON • Richard EGGLETON • Bailey ELLIS • Emmajean HEARN • Sophie-Jane HEARN • Emma HOLLAND • Adam LUCAS • Judith JAIN • Kerry MCCRAINOR • Barry M NORTON • Clifford SANDS • Christine SIMPKIN • Martin TEBBS •George TUNNARD • Matt TUNNARD • Oliver TUNNARD • Andrew WELCH • Jenny WILLIAMS • Fiona WRISBERG

It was also Sophie-Jane Hearn’s 25th time Volunteering purple t-shirt coming your way, well done Sophie! Well done to Claire Teesdale and Jaroslav Skopal on your 50th runs. Red t shirt time for you Yipee!

If you would like to volunteer, and there are positions that enable you to run and volunteer, please see the person with the volunteer board or email

October 27th sees Boston parkrun celebrating its third birthday, so the theme is: fancy dress, super hero or Halloween or both! County Linx Radio providing music and refreshments will be available to buy in the park. You can keep up to date with all the happenings at

Happy running everyone! Your run director next week is Richard Eggleton.

Thanks to Jayne for the fab run report  :)

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Boston parkrun 154 – (almost) all the leaves are brown

Let's get the apologies out of the way to start with! The car park, or lack thereof! We have a divergence of opinion between ourselves and Boston Town F.C. over the upkeep of the car park. It is their responsibility to unlock the gate at 08:00 every morning but alas the gentleman with the key had a puncture and didn't arrive until 09:30; this world is full of coincidences! Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused, we are hoping the problem will be rectified for next parkrunday! If it is not car parking marshals will be in place, please follow their directions!

Those who know me know that I always forget something in the run brief and this week I exceeded expectations by forgetting two things! Firstly I'm sorry to Kelvin Clements who kindly agreed to be a 25 minute pacer for us. Alas, as I failed to announce it, no one knew and he came home bang on 25 minutes with absolutely no ducklings following him! Super job Kelvin, sorry mate! Secondly, Hilary Depper very kindly brought along some cakes to say thank you to everyone at Boston parkrun for their support and encouragement during her recent course of successful chemotherapy. Of course, I omitted to mention this but I noticed many of you enjoying them so now you know why you were enjoying them!

There was a distinct autumnal nip in the air this morning and a very special thank you has to go to our platoon of leaf rakers who turned up nice and early to make sure the finish area was free from leaves. This is a fantastic initiative and one that's made a real difference, thank you again!

And so to business! One hundred and forty six of you ran, jogged or walked the 5k course with us today. Fifteen of you ran with us for the first time with tourists from far flung places like Falkirk and Portsmouth. Twenty nine new personal bests were recorded with one of these being by Tom Scott who was first male across the the line in 19:06 and the first female was Lisa Keachie who crossed the line in 23:38 on her first run at our event.

As ever, we doff our metaphorical caps to our wonderful volunteers. That's a lot of doffing this week for 36 of you helped out in some form or another with quite a few of you helping to resolve the car parking problems - so here you have your name in lights! (OK so it's in red but that's close!)

Andy BAILEY • Barry M NORTON • Janet NORTON • Sophie-Jane • Kerry HUDSON • Terry HUDSON • Sarah-Jane EGGLETON • Matthew • Robert BAILEY • Eve • Jacqueline HALLETT • Andrew WELCH • Judith JAIN • Kerry MCCRAINOR • Bethany LINES • John BURTON • Beverley HARKER • Roger DEPPER • Adam MILBURN • Michelle LEATES • Jenny WILLIAMS • Joyce OATWAY • Mick TOZER • Christine SIMPKIN • Andrew LEATES • George • Kelvin CLEMENTS • Lesley BUSWELL • Matilda • Jasmine • Fenella HOWARD • Stephen CORNWELL • Emma COOK • Adam LUCAS • Eleanor • Clifford SANDS

Alas no photographs this week so I include a graphical reminder of our upcoming 3rd birthday celebrations on 27th October. County Linx Radio will be joining us again to provide musical accompaniment to your Saturday morning exercise and I have it on good authority that your run directors have another little song planned for you! There will be mobile caterers selling tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a variety of comestibles. I'm sure I heard tell of ice cream... good luck with that one on 27th October! We also have fancy dress theme. We had originally settled on "Superheroes" but then realised  that it's pretty close to Halloween so your best scary outfit or indeed, a combination of the two would do very nicely!


That's about it for this week. Emma Holland has the reins for next week and it looks like she still has a bit of room for some volunteers so why not give her a shout and lend a hand?

All the very best and happy parkrunning, Andy Bailey.


Boston parkrun 153 – autumn is here

Things felt definitely autumnal for Boston parkrun’s 153rd event. 146 of you turned up to walk, jog or run the 5K round Witham Way Country Park.

Craig Hallett was the first male over the line in 18:05, a new PB for him at Boston, whilst Emma Penniston was the first female in at 21.39

16 runners were first timers and 38 recorded new personal bests at Boston.

We had tourists from as far afield as Russia and South Africa, as well as others from Birmingham, Harrogate and Sherwood Pines – Welcome to you all and I hope you enjoyed the run.


Nina Celebrates her 50th parkrun

As always, massive thanks to our fantastic volunteers both on the course and at the start - finish area this week without whom parkrun would not happen.

Remember if you are interested in volunteering, remember to opt into the volunteering option on your personal preferences or contact us directly If you could let us know as early as possible in the week if you can help.

Andy Bailey is your run director next week.

Have a good week



Bright and breezy – Boston parkrun #152

The way the Boston parkrun has grown is nothing short of a joy to behold. The solid work of longstanding core team members can’t be underesetimated, especially when you look back through the event history and note that for a long time, the parkrunner to volunteer ratio was as low as 3 to 1 and you’d be forgiven for wondering if the volunteers just liked milling about on a Saturday morning as the occasional dog-walker went by!
So even though the colder mornings are now starting to creep in that didn’t stop 169 park runners running, jogging or walking on Saturday for parkrun #152. Out of these runners, we had 20 first timers and among these were six parkrunner debutants, 33 PB’s and tourists from: Leicester, Norwich, Lowestoft, Swaffam, Holbeach, Coventry, Derby and Blackpool.
For the third consecutive week, Tom Scott was the fastest finisher with 19.49 and Emma Penniston was the first female, finishing in 7th place with a time of 21.29. Janet Harmston got another PB of 24.05 and scooped the Age Grade accolade with 79.45%. Congratulations and well done to you all.
There were also runners reaching milestones this week, they were: Steve Shortis - 100, Jonathan Favargue - 50 and Megan Keightley - 10. Well done to you all.
Thank you to all of the volunteers as without you, parkrun would not run! If you would like to get involved, please put your name down on the roster or email them at There are roles that enable you to do both running and volunteering, so you don’t have that difficult decision of deciding what to do.
Thanks go to this weeks volunteers, who are: Robert BAILEY, Amanda CLAYTON, Jayne CLEMENTS, Kelvin CLEMENTS, Eleanor CRAVEN, Stephen CORNWELL, Roger DEPPER, Janet EDWARDS, Abigail EGGLETON, Sarah-Jane EGGLETON, Jacqueline HALLETT, Karen HINDLE, Emma HOLLAND, Terry HUDSON, Judith JAIN, Steve LANGFORD, Adam LUCAS, Janet NORTON, Joyce OATWAY, Philip ROBERTS, Clifford SANDS, Andrew SIMPKIN, Christine SIMPKIN, Ryan TITTERSHILL, Oliver TUNNARD, Andrew WELCH, Fiona WRISBERG.
Looking through the results, there are quite a few UNKNOWNS in the list, due to no barcode. Please remember that if you want to be recorded as doing a parkrun, bring your printed barcode. Then you too will be able to run towards the milestone t-shirts.
All that’s left to say is: good luck to those parkrunners doing the Equinox at Belvoir Castle.
Your RD for next week is Sanjiv. Happy running!

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