A Tale of Two Runners – Boston parkrun #143

This weeks run report comes courtesy of two very special runners. Today was Sophie-Jane Hearn's 250th parkrun and a special guest was invited by her mum and dad to surprise her. Here is her take on the day:-

My 250th run report

On the 14th of July 2018, I completed my 250th parkrun.

My mum and dad had arranged a special guest to come and visit me on my 250th run, Adam "Tango" Holland.  For those that don’t know, Adam is a marathon and ultra-marathon runner, he has run over 365 marathons, winning 210 in under 3hours.  He has lots of records and achievements and is getting faster all the time.  He did our very own Boston UK marathon in 2hours 29 minutes in 2017.  He has just completed 10 marathons in 10 days with an average finish time of 2hr 45minutes. Tomorrow, he is in Wales doing the Snowdonia Trail Marathon, wow !!!!.

Here is Sophie and Adam


Today he wanted to beat the course record (which is his), as was Paul Featherstone’s intention, so a little bit of healthy rivalry was had. Adam and Paul both got under 16 minute, pbs.  They have also both achieved new records in the age grading categories.  Adam remains record holder with 15.52.  They weren`t the only PB`ers today, I got one and my grandpa, along with another 19 runners, well done to all.

Colette Vinter was first lady home, matching her pb of 24.05.  There were 12 newbies welcomed to Boston and 6 unknowns, :-(  Our second hen party group and visitors from Leicester, March and New York (Lincolnshire or the Big Apple?), please remember, no barcode, no time, codes on phones don’t apply.

In the main brief, I presented Bob Bailey, our ED, with a Visitors Book. This is for everyone that visits Boston parkrun, to write in it so we can see where they are all from.  Adam Holland was the first person to write in it as he came all the way from Devon.

 I was so pleased to be able to celebrate my 250th with all my favorite people, my family and running friends, without you all it wouldn’t be as much fun.  My mum bought yummy sweets and cakes which is always a bonus too, LOL.

I do love running, but don’t tell anyone, sshhh, it’s our secret, and here's looking forward to the next 250!!!                              500 here I come.

Sophie-Jane Hearn, aged 12.

And here is Adam's view of the day using words "stolen" from a post on his facebook page this morning:-

Boston parkrun

Friday night I was travelling north as I’d planned to do a race that night but fate had other plans for me. Not going to let that ruin my weekend, I’d been given the fantastic opportunity to join Sophie (age 12) and her family for her 250th parkrun. What a fantastic achievement at such a young age. It’s my 151st parkrun and the last time I did Boston parkrun was 31/12/2016. I checked up on the stats and I still have the course record 16:29 and it was a good opportunity to get the next age group record. Before we started, I asked Sophie what her PB was for this course and it’s 29:03. I jokingly said she would do 29:02. I loved talking to people before we started and the parkrun director did a great job telling people what I’ve been up too. We all headed to the start line and off we went. It wasn’t long before I realised I had strong competition following me very closely, so I let him take the lead so that I could try and run at his pace which was very strong. It was so nice having all the other park runners cheering me on and telling me to go after the course record even though there was someone just in front of me. The leader’s name was Paul, I wasn’t sure if he had done this parkrun before so I told him which way to go (I saw on the results it’s not his first time). I stayed right behind him all the way up until the last couple 100 metres and as I passed I apologised and he told me to go for it. We both smashed the course record with my time 15:52 and Paul 15:59 followed by the other 140 runners. I found out afterwards that he turned up to try and beat my course record - what a day to pick. Waited for Sophie to come around to do her final lap where I joined her. She has a very nice running style. It was fantastic to witness her finishing her 250th parkrun and beating her best time in the time I predicted 29:02! I really appreciate all the support from her family and thank you for having me join you all! A memory I’m not going to forget!


Snowdonia next stop for the trail marathon tomorrow morning.
Thank you Sophie and Adam for your reports, there's not much more to say except someone else had a landmark run today. Chrissy Craven reached her 50th. Well done Chrissy. Come sign the commemorative hi-viz next week.
Here's Chrissy on the right.



Than you again for the fabulous volunteers without whom parkrun would not take place. S-J Eggleton has been coordinating volunteers for a few weeks now and I must say having her pop around n a Saturday morning filling in the gaps for the next week has revolutionised my weeks in charge. Thank you. If you see her with her board pop over and get your name down and don't miss out.


What a fantastic morning just what parkrun is all about - a bit of exercise, making friends and memories.

Over to Richard your Run Director for next week. Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.



Boston parkrun # 142 – the one where a barcode scanner malfunctioned!

Before moving on to much happier things, I'll get the bad news out of the way first! One of our barcode scanners didn't work! It did all the right bleeping and everything but somehow didn't manage to store any actual barcodes! Of course, we didn't realise this until we got to The Burton and plugged it in... I bet my face was a picture! No matter, we had the number checkers sheet (thanks Eleanor!) which filled in a few gaps and we put out an appeal on both our Facebook page and on our website and you good people responded as I knew you would, filling in most of the other gaps At the time of going to press there are still 16 "unknowns" so if you ran and your result isn't there please get back to us and we'll pop you in!

Now on to much happier things! As I mentioned in the run brief, us Run Directors do tend to bang on a bit about volunteers and I know it can get a bit wearing (I've listened to over 250 of 'em and given a few myself!) but I had the happy task of singling out Christine Simpkin on the occasion of her 100th volunteer stint at Boston! Not only does she always enter into the spirit of things (see photos below!) but she and her husband take the signage home for us every week, you're a superstar so a massive thank you Christine from everyone at Boston parkrun!
I would normally list first finishers and the number of pb's etc but as the results are not complete, I will save myself future embarrassment by not doing so this week but suffice it to say that 134 of you joined us for Boston parkrun number 142. We had Ross Maclagan from Frimley Lodge parkrun joining us to run his 50th different parkrun, hope you enjoyed it Ross! Coincidentally I ran my 100th different parkrun at Frimley Lodge a few years ago! It was also nice to see a 250 shirt in the form of John McGlynn from Edinburgh who was running his 287th event, with us and was down here for the Spilsby six.

We gave a shout out for Val Shaw's birthday and other tourists to raise their hands were from Surrey and we also played host to Syd and Donelle Sutton, ex pat Brit and Kiwi who now reside in New South Wales, Australia! Of course, you do realise that none of you would have done half as well were it not for the enthusiastic cowbell ringing of Lily and Dylan... I bet your ears are still ringing!

Adding more than a splash of colour to the proceedings were Cheryl Cooper, who's getting married next week and her hens Val Shaw, Chrissy Craven, Victoria Holmes and Lesley Buswell though a rooster in the form of Mark Smith appears to have crept into this picture! Thanks for running with us and we all wish you a happy and joyous future Cheryl!
I believe there was some sort of football match on in the afternoon where England squeaked a narrow 2 - 0 victory over Sweden! Well I just want you all to be aware that it was entirely down to the efforts of Beth Lines and Emma Cook from Boston Community Runners... it was the headgear wot dun it!

To close I'm going to bang on about volunteers again! I just want to say what a godsend Sarah-Jane Eggleton and her "Future Volunteer Board" is to us Run Directors! Gone is the panic on a Thursday evening when you realise you are a few volunteers short of a parkrun! Thank you to SJ and all of you wonderful people who are putting your names on the board!

This weeks extravaganza was brought to you by Andy BAILEY • Janet NORTON • Sarah-Jane EGGLETON • Abigail  • Mark SMITH • Sarah BURTON • John BURTON • Roger DEPPER • Adam MILBURN • Jenny WILLIAMS • Christine SIMPKIN • Steven DOWSE • Andrew SIMPKIN • Lola  • Rachel RUDDOCK • Neil GOODWIN • Clare TEESDALE • Thomas  • Graham ENGLISH • Maria BAKER • Shaun MCGARRY • Adam LUCAS • Eleanor - than you one and all!

Blimey, this is almost as long as the parkrun! Over to Bob Bailey for next week. Don't miss it 'cause a little birdie has told me it's going to be a goodun!

And don't forget, if you're missing from the results just let us know and we'll get you included.

Andy Bailey


Boston parkrun # 142 – incomplete results

Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately one of the scanners didn't work this morning! If you can remember your finish postion, please check the results once they are published and if you aren't there either email us bostonoffice@parkrun.com or reply to the thread on Boston's Facebook page with your athlete number and position and we will add them manually.

Failing this, who finished in front of, or behind you would be a great help. The more information we have the more chance we have of compiling a full set of results!

Thank you and our apologies for any inconvenience, fortunately faults are rare but as in the rest of life, they do happen.


well what a warm one! Number 141


Hi everyone sorry for the late report, So here goes. Thanks to all you fab volunteers that are filling the positions early, you cant believe what a job its saves us Rd's each week.
We said a warm welcome to the first timers and lots of tourists this week some of which are returning tourists, from Mansfield, Lincoln, Nene valley, Sandhurst, Sutton in Ashfield, Black park, Briley,

A big shout out to out tail walker Paul Fielding who is second on the global most different events attended 418 events I believe, he has also done alot of volunteering, thanks for coming to see us at Boston.


Unfortunately Richard was called into work and couldn't RD this week so I hope I did ok in telling you a bit about the 100th celebration of the armed forces( read from script of course). What a sight it will be to see all 100 aircraft flypast. So on behalf of everyone thank you to all of our hero's that are the armed forces.

Now for the run report in the eyes of our little people:)

What i love about parkrun. i love running together my daddy and his running friends. A few runs ago I got to run with grandma Norton which made me happy. My favourite parts of the course are the downhill bit near the crossover and the sprint finish where I get to go really fast. Sometimes I get to marshal and I like clapping people on. I've asked if I can bar code scan soon. When I get my 50th run in which is soon, I will have a cake at the end which is great. Today's run was a tough run because it was hot but i had a little rest and walked a bit and then carried on running to finish just in time for the last few biscuits. Ruben Langford age 5.




I first started Boston parkrun because my Grandpa went every Saturday and he asked me if I wanted to try it. I thought it would be a GREAT chance to spend more time with him.
So far I have run 13 times and I am waiting for my 10 t-shirt. You can volunteer to cheer people on and support them, I have done this 3 times! I enjoy doing this because I can shout REALLY loudly as they run past.
All ages can do parkrun especially as you can walk, jog, run or sprint. When I first started I ran with Grandpa but as I continued I got faster and found a running buddy called Abigail. Now I look forward to seeing her every week!
The BEST thing about parkrun for me goes from seeing Grandpa to running with Abigail! I would encourage children to do parkrun because it is REALLY, REALLY amazing. Especially because there is usually treats at the end such as cake and sweets!

Happy runner, Matilda Smith, age 7.

Boston parkrun 30-06-18

My name is Harrison Knight and I am 7 years old. I was 4 years old when I did my first parkrun ever and I’ve now completed it 21 times. I like parkrun because running is a sport and I like sports and getting fitter. I enjoy running parkrun with my mum, occasionally with my dad, with our dog Charlie and some friends that I have made through parkrun like Dan and the Boston Community Runners. I like running parkrun with my friend Jacob who is also 7 and in my class at school. We are both getting much quicker and we like to beat each others PB’s (Personal Bests). My PB is currently just over 28 minutes. I also like volunteering and I’ve helped out 8 times. I have marshalled, been a barcode scanner, tailwalked and helped with the run report. Both running and volunteering is very good fun, and I can’t wait until the next one. I’ve run parkrun in all weathers including beautiful sunshine and torrential rain. I wasn’t very keen on the rainstorm though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thankyou my little friends you did a super ace job,

And that for now my little parkrun familam is me done, over to Andy B next week take care and enjoy the sunshine.

Em xxxx


Fun In The Sun – Boston parkrun #140

Hello! My name is Ali Sheppard and I can normally be found at 9am on a Saturday morning at my home parkrun of Walthamstow in East London, where last week I ran my 50th parkrun. When I was invited to come to Lincolnshire for the weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, my first thought on finding out where the birthday weekend was being held was to check to see if there was a parkrun anywhere nearby. Fortunately, Boston was only about 35 minutes from where I was staying so I packed my kit and after some help from Kerry McCrainor and Steve Langford (who also gave an excellent first timers’ briefing) who responded on facebook to my questions about whether to pack road or trail shoes – thank you both – and turned up at Witham Way Country park on Saturday ready to run my first Boston parkrun.

I was one of 13 first timers to attend Boston’s 140th event on 23/06/18, and found myself amongst other tourists from Wimbledon, Bushey, Sheffield, Leeds and Wormwood as well as the locals with a respectable field of 152 runners.  Also present on Saturday were some parkrun legends, one of these being uber tourist Louise Ayling who presents the parkrun podcast Free Weekly Timed and who was running her 351st parkrun. If you haven’t heard Free Weekly Timed before do give it a listen; it’s well worth it; it’s a parkrun thing! Also at Boston on Saturday was another uber tourist, Danny Norman, who, incredibly, was running his 250th different parkrun at Boston, out of a whopping total of 594 parkruns. Danny also proved to have superb selfie-taking skills which was only fitting on National Selfie Day, with his long arms proving to be a bonus!


But there were also some superb home-grown milestones to celebrate, with Neil Goodwin and Susan Seal both running their 50th, and the amazing Andy Bailey swapping his Run Director’s jacket this week for a specially adapted hi-viz jacket, as he was running his 250th uparkrun. parkrun is so close to Andy’s heart that he even has a parkrun tattoo – I’m pretty sure he never forgets his barcode! Many congratulations to all the milestoners – and may you run many more parkruns in the future! It was nice to celebrate these milestones with a lovely selection of cakes and goodies at the end – thank you! Between Louise, Danny, Neil, Susan and Andy, they have run an incredible 1,295 parkruns or a total of 6,475 km – which is further than the Pilgrim Fathers made it in the US as the distance between Boston in Lincolnshire and Boston in the USA is a mere 5,223 km!


It was hot, hot, hot on Saturday, and the little bugs were out in force so I was glad I brought insect repellent. But the temperature didn’t put off 33 of you as you managed to pull a PB out of the bag! Congratulations to Edward P, Adam Hanlon, Colette Vinter, Jonathan Moon, Nick Pettitt, Marie Spencer, Carole Tumber, Emmajean Hearn, Ravindranath Sant, Andy Poole, Stephanie Scott, Jacob Conway, Harrison K, Graham English, Simon Gadd, Gerry Roffey, Sarah Dell, Ian Smith, Lucy Mackay, Andrew Tuxworth, Katy Camrass, Kevin Hindle, Tina Simpson, Marie Brereton, Kerry Pooley, Vanita Waykar, Chloe R, Rodger Gregory, Rachel Ruddock, Debbie Scott, Maryke Kilbon, Emma Thew, and Jessie Bushell on your shiny new PBs! Out of all of these PBs a special mention must go to Ian Smith who was graduating from a Couch-to-5k running course, and who has lost 1.5 stones in a mere 9 weeks in his determined bid to get back into the first rugby team – a fantastic effort, Ian.

1st male across the finish line was Mark Sands (17:32) and 1st female was Colette Vinter (24:22) who must have had an extra Weetabix in the morning as she also got a PB as well as being1st female!

parkrun #140 was brought to you by RD Bob Bailey, who celebrates his 21st (ahem…) birthday on Monday, and his team of fabulous volunteers who made the event happen: Thomas A, Kevin BAXTER, Amanda CLAYTON, Jasmine C, Eleanor C, David DALES, Roger DEPPER, Richard EGGLETON, Sarah-Jane EGGLETON, Abigail E, Jacqueline HALLETT, Emma HOLLAND, Terry HUDSON, Judith JAIN, Steve LANGFORD, Diana LETTICE, Adam LUCAS, Shaun MCGARRY, Edward PORCHER, Harry P, Ian RUDDOCK, Lola R, Christine SIMPKIN, Ryan T, Sharon TWIGG, Jack T, Andrew WELCH. A huge THANK YOU one and all. And if you’ve been thinking of volunteering for the first time it couldn’t be easier now at Boston – just look out for the sign-up board circulating before and after parkrun where you can sign up for the role you would like to do and ask any questions about that role before deciding.


Finally, RD Bob Bailey has asked me to let you know that there is a growing collection of lost property left behind after previous parkruns, including a collection of tops and some keys! If you have lost something, please come and speak to the RD next week and claim your property – if the items remain unclaimed in a few weeks’ time a good home will be found for them elsewhere!

And even more finally, I shall give an unashamed plug for my blog http://www.getdownshep.com where if you check in a few days’s time there might be a write-up of Boston parkrun – once I knuckle down and write it!

Thank you to Bob and his team of wonderful volunteers for such a warm welcome at Boston – I really enjoyed it.

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