parkrun 119 – very cold

147 runners braved the cold this Saturday morning to walk, jog or run Boston parkrun’s 119th event.

Steven Dowse was the first male over the line in 19:13 whilst Janet Harmston was the first female  at 26:24. 15 runners were first timers and 23 recorded new personal bests at Boston.

We welcomed tourists including Mark Ellis, a visually impaired runner from Grantham with his guide Paul Davidson, as well as others from Leeds, Sudbury and Netley Abbey.

Boston parkrun 20-01-18Boston parkrun 20-01-18

Sweets and cakes at the end were in celebration of Sophie Hearn and Samantha Cross's birthdays.

Have a look at our flickr page and see if you can spot yourself on the great photos taken by David Dales.

A special thanks to the volunteers this week for braving the cold.

Remember if you are interested in volunteering, remember to opt into the volunteering option on your personal preferences or contact us directly If you could let us know as early as possible in the week if you can help.

Bob Baily is your run director next week, I'm sure he will appreciate volunteering offers as early as possible.

Have a good week



118 118

A fresh but thankfully dry morning greeted our 150 runners, joggers and walkers for Boston parkrun number 118 and many of you had come in the now legendary fancy dress, thank you for making the effort, you looked fantastic!

Boston parkrun 130118-002Boston parkrun 130118-232

First across the line for the males was Craig Hallett whose home run is Swindon but who has now run with us six times getting faster each time! Abbey Young crossed the line first for the females for the second time of asking in only her fourth parkrun.

Boston parkrun 130118-153Boston parkrun 130118-110

Oliver Tunnard who is a regular volunteer and runner with us did an excellent job as barcode scanner today and brought cake to celebrate the fact that he turns 18 on Sunday! Janet Harmston also bought a magnificent cake and several bags of Celebrations (other chocolate treats are available!) to celebrate the fact that she was able to run our parkrun on her very special birthday. She has been injured for a while and when her husband asked her what she wanted for her birthday her reply was to be able to run Boston parkrun! Magnificent! Well done Janet and thank you! A little bird (well, her son actually!) told us that it was Jacqueline Hallett's special birthday too but as with Janet, discretion forbids me telling which one, happy birthday to you all!

Boston parkrun 130118-100Boston parkrun 130118-080

Once again, massive thanks to our wonderful volunteers who, as ever, I forgot to mention in the run brief! If you would like to look equally awesome in one of our hi-viz vests then pop along to this web page and come and join us for a future event! David Dales and his trusty camera joined us again and there are some wonderful pictures on our Flickr page, go and take a look as I have only posted a few with this report.

Boston parkrun 130118-013Boston parkrun 130118

On a personal note, my Saturday took a bit of a nose-dive after parkrun finished and so I would like to thank fellow RD Andrew Welch for correcting a small glitch in the results for me as I was in no fit state to do it myself, thanks mate!

That's it for this week, it's over to Sanjiv for parkrun # 119, see you there!


Welcome 2018! Boston parkrun #117

The first Boston parkrun of 2018 saw 127 runners navigate the course at Witham Country Park. Of those, 12 were completing their first ever parkrun with a further 4 new to Boston. (An impressive 10% of the field was new to parkrun!) Its always great to see new faces and to have them expand our forever growing parkrun family. I can only remember 1 shout out from tourists and that was Mark Wilson from Clumber park, it was also lovely to see our old friends Team Kimpton from Lincoln.

On the Milestone front we had Mike Folland completing his 50th parkrun, well done Mike. SJ Eggleton has now completed 150 parkruns, only 100 more for your next T-Shirt SJ.
Only Jake Fountain owned up to celebrating a Birthday, it was he 40th and he was kind enough to bring cake along, thank you Jake. As we sang happy birthday to Jake on the way to the start I did hear some shouts that it was also Steve Langfords Birthday on the previous Thursday, so happy birthday to Steve too.
The run itself went off without a hitch, the only slight fly in the ointment being that Finish Token Number 26 was missing, this has now been found thanks to an observant Lesley Buswell and will be back with us this week.
18 Volunteers made the whole thing possible this week, thank you to each and every one. Lola Ruddock did a fantastic job of handing out the tokens at the end of the finish funnel, to see such a little dot of a thing stand her ground in the end of the funnel (athletes barrelling towards her) until each athlete had taken their token was a sight to behold, well done Lola. The roster was looking quite sparse till late into the week last week, I am sure all the RDs will agree we are much happier bunnies if the roster fills up earlier rather than later, so if you are going to do a stint please do let us know as soon as you can.
I am sorry there are no pictures this week, I think all the budding David Baileys were out pounding the course.
Before I sign off this week I just want to share some sad news we had from Swindon parkrun. Very early on in the parkrun a lady collapsed and had to be attended to by volunteers and medically trained runners. She went to hospital but unfortunately passed away shortly after arriving. I am sure you will all join us in sending our thoughts and best wishes to family, friends and everyone involved in this tragic incident. Another reason I wanted to share this awful news with you is that the ED at Swindon has reported due to the fact the lady had a Barcode with up to date ICE (In Case of Emergency) details on, her family were very quickly informed and able to be with her at the hospital. So please do make sure you have a Barcode and that it has the correct information on it.
Its over to Andy Bailey next week for run 118 (118), get your moustaches and stripy running tops ready.
Andy Welch


Farewell 2017 – Boston parkrun #116

Well that's it for 2017 folks. What a year! 121 of you lovely folks descended on Witham Way for out New Years Eve Eve run. After runner 21 you might think, and you would be true, that your finish position us one higher than the token you were given, token 21 was dropped at the finish line so meaning everyone after position 21 moved up a place, your times however are correct. For Grandma (Janet Norton), that meant finishing in place 100 on her 100th run at Boston. Well done "The Grandma", fantastic achievement. Today also saw her and Grandpa (Barry Norton) complete every parkrun at Boston in 2017 - they have both volunteered too in that year as tail walker or token sorter. Here they are in one of the wonderful shots by David Dales. David's pictures and any other pictures we use can be seen at

Boston parkrun 30-December-2017

A couple of little niggles from yesterday - a faster runner barged one of the youngsters on the tow path, please be considerate to other runners and other park users. Running with the Tail Walker was a 9 year old running with an 11 year old. I know I mentioned at the new runners brief and the main brief that under 11's MUST run with an adult that means "their own adult", it is not acceptable to tag along with any "random" adult.

2015 and 16 were very much years of finding our feet at Boston. In 2017 we came into our own and were such a positive force for good in our little part of the world. With that in mind, I thought I would take the opportunity to remind you what a fantastic bunch you all are by looking back at some of the great things we got up to in 2017.

The end of winter and early spring saw the start of our fundraiser for an AED.


We started with simple "bucket collections" taken by Mark Smith and culminated in some fantastic donations which enabled us to purchase and put into service our AED at our 18 month anniversary in April. Thank you one and all.

March saw a naked parkrun! and a visit from Adam White running coast to coast in aid of the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance. What a pleasure to host him at parkrun before he completed his 2 week endurance effort with his final leg from Boston to Skegness. Once again you super lot dug deep for a good cause.


April saw the one and only Carlton capture the hearts of our little community and come to the notice of the local press with a super article. The same month, Boston Community Runners invited us to take part in a "Virtual 10K", in aid of our AED appeal. I had a super time completing my 10k and thanks to everyone involved for your contributions. This month also saw the reverse run at our 18 month run, on the same day we unveiled our AED and saw our largest number of runners to date - 158.

In May we welcomed George Bailey - he is something of a legend in parkrun circles, at the time having completed 192 different parkruns in succession, great achievement. Here he is with a couple more "Bailey's"!!


May also saw a fantastic and magical view of Run Directing from Andy W - read it again here - An RD's Story.

June was a quiet month, but we had a couple of scorching runs and a lovely poem found by Emma's daughter Lily, that is worth sharing again.

Runners Blessing

May your wind be always rhythmic.

May your heart be always strong.

May your road be always beautiful.

May it never seem too long.

May your legs be always faithful.

May your feet be never sore.

May your mind be always peaceful.

May you run forevermore.

By Daniel Mark Extrom

July - another quiet month, but we did train a sizeable group of people to use the AED at an event where a good friend of mine who is a resuscitation officer, came and put us through our paces with the AED. Here we are at the end of the event.


Yours truly got his first PB in blooooooomin ages :), and Sophie-Jane clocked up 200 runs towards the end of the month, not an official total, but worth a huge round of applause, cake and photo.


August - another quiet month in terms of events, but here I wanted to share a few of the fantastic things that make our community so special :-

  • Bag fulls of you celebrating 50th runs
  • A handful of you celebrating 100th runs and higher
  • Guest run report writers - how good is that? to hear about our family from other peoples point of view
  • Those great young people coming down to help and run as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. We would love to see you with your awards when you complete. Thank you Andy W for organising
  • Over 100 of you turning out for 46 out of 52 weeks in 2017 - The Only Way Is Up - so the song went
  • Just seeing everyone down Witham Way of a Saturday morning  running or Volunteering is often enough to brighten up a week

September - Saw our 100th run, that seemed to pop up quickly so quickly in fact that, although I was desperate to RD that day, I double booked and was not in town - Thanks again Andy W for taking the helm at short notice. September also saw a gaggle of RD's and families  head to Bushy parkrun. The holy grail of parkrun and where it all began. We had one of the best days I can remember, Thanks Richard for organising a minibus big enough to take us all.

Here we are - minus Andy W as he'd gone off to marshal IMG_4484[1]

And here we are again after he found us, but Sanjiv had gone walkabout :) I don't take a good selfie!!!


The very last day of September saw us hold a Basic Life Support Event. The St Johns Ambulance came down to our park with Resus mannequins as part of the BBC Radio Lincolnshire "Save a Life" Campaign. 51 of us had a go at basic resuscitation skills. I hope we never have to use them, but if we do, we will be a little better equipped to respond

22046409_10211878760837422_4163075415986564121_nOctober - came signalling the end of the year was rapidly approaching. A busy month for us. At the start Oliver Tunnard took over as RD as part of his DofE Gold award. Well done Oliver, a credit to yourself, DofE and the Tunnard family and a great ambassador for Boston parkrun.


So to our 2nd Birthday - what a fantastic morning. 155 of you turned out to help us celebrate, with a theme of "come as an occupation", you didn't let us down we had great fun seeing you all, some all Halloween style as it was the right time of year, Cakes a plenty from Emma and music from countylinxradio and who can forget that rendition or "parkrun" by your Run Directors?? View again if you can bear at "parkrun". Thank you again to the tremendous Declan Bennett. Declan, our very own Transplant Olympian, kindly agreed to attend and start us off today and even brought his bling to show us.

Boston Parkrun 28/10/17

Boston Parkrun 28/10/17

November - Saw us mark Armistice Day With Matthew Eggleton giving a moving rendition of "Last Post" on his flute. Some parkruns chose not to mark the event at all, but it was well received in our neck of the woods. November also saw the last of the "Egghearntons" reaching his 100th run. Well done Rich.


And so to December - County Linx Radio Needed a new heater and you dug deep again for a couple of weeks to help them buy kit to keep the bus usable. They are already booked for 2018's birthday. And I thought it would be good to do a food bank collection for those more needy than ourselves, you didn't disappoint. This same week we had a great turnout from Boston Triathlon Club, lovely to see so many faces and plenty of young talent.



Since then we've had ice, rain, mud and the fantastic Andy Bailey arranging a Christmas Day run. Here he is on Christmas Day with Santa.


Thank you everyone that has had something to do with parkrun in any way, be that volunteering, baking, photographing, just coming and watching, but also to you runners, as without you it wouldn't be happening at all, it is our combined efforts that make it such a success. Happy parkrunning one and all. I'll leave with one of my favourite pics of our time spent together.




We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Every year, parkrun HQ allow all parkruns the opportunity to put on an extra event on Christmas Day or New Years day or, indeed both! Because we consider ourselves to be a fledgling event we have never done one before but due to circumstances this year I knew I would be around on Christmas Day morning so we decided to go for it and what a great decision it turned out to be!
124 of you ran, jogged or walked Boston parkrun number 115 and as well as our wonderful regular participants we had lots of tourists. Alas I've lost the piece of paper on which I wrote where you all were from so I won't trust to memory as I'll forget some of you but thank you very much for coming, you certainly enriched our event! I'm fairly sure you enjoyed it too as many stopped afterwards to tell me how much they enjoyed it, what a lovely course we have and how wonderfully friendly and encouraging our volunteers are!

We, of course, know this very well and are eternally grateful to you all, to wit :- Andy BAILEY • Colin APPS • Joely APPS • Jimmy HEARN • Matthew EGGLETON • Abigail EGGLETON • Robert BAILEY • Andrew WELCH • Judith JAIN • Roberto ROCCI • Joyce OATWAY • Joanne LEWIS • Lesley BUSWELL • Maurice TOMPKINS • Fiona WRISBERG • Roger HOWARD • Sally MINNS


Smiles, good humour and fancy dress abounded and there was even some bucks fizz at the start! Ben Reeves of Mountbatten and Friends was first across the line for the males and Gemma Holloway of Lincoln Wellington A.C. was first finisher for the females Thirty two of our number were first timers (may just have something to do with all the tourists!) and fourteen personal bests were recorded. Sarah Burton ran her 50th parkrun with us and both wore and signed our special 50 bib, nice one Sarah! Thanks to Andrew Welch for the photos and to Bob Bailey who processed the results thus allowing me to dash of to my Niece's in Leicester!

Don't know about you but I absolutely loved it! No promises but what say we do it all again next Christmas Day?

Bob Bailey will be your RD in just four days time so let's get his volunteer roster filled up! Until the next time, bye bye you wonderful people!

Andy Bailey

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