Boston parkrun 131 – lots of PBs

162 runners turned out on a very pleasant Saturday morning to walk, jog or run Boston parkrun’s 131'st event.

Vitus Gapsevicius was the first male over the line in 18:32 whilst Jenny Williams was the first female at 24.20. 18 runners were first timers and an amazing 42 recorded new personal bests at Boston - must be the marathon effect..

Apart from a visitor from Lincoln, no one else admitted to being a tourist from further afield.


Many of you will know that the core team manned a water station at the Boston Marathon, last week, its great news that the team won the best water station prize from the marathon organisers.

Thank you as always to all the volunteers

Remember if you are interested in volunteering, remember to opt into the volunteering option on your personal preferences or contact us directly If you could let us know as early as possible in the week if you can help.

Emma is your run director next week, I'm sure she will appreciate volunteering offers as early as possible.

Have a good week


esreveR – Boston parkrun #130

Your Boston parkrun (number 130) was bought to you today in reverse. No not running backwards, just running the course itself backwards as we have now done 3 times at each of our 6 month anniversaries. Yes that's right Boston parkrun is now 2 ½ years old and 164 people helped us celebrate that fact. Today 27 of you got new PB's, well done to you all and 33 of you were first timers at Boston, I hope you had an enjoyable morning with us.

There were a few visitors today that came and joined us from Edinborough, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Cwmbran, Cleethorpes, Medina IOW and Wanstead Flats London, several of the visitors were in Boston for the 3rd Boston marathon being run tomorrow Sunday the 15th. Lyn Snow From Medina IOW came bearing gifts of fantastic scanner cosies that we can use in cold weather next winter as the scanners hate cold weather. Her she is presenting them to Bob, looked on by her local friend - Mary-Ann.


Here is Mike (1070) at Water Station "C" as he completed the Boston Marathon UK on Sunday. This station was manned by volunteers from Boston parkrun. Mike, a Run Director from Wanstead Flats parkrun, has run 188 different parkruns and 240 in total.

Boston marathon UK at drinks station C

First past the post again was Mark Sands in a fantastic time of 16.51 being chased by James Mcnamee 2 minutes behind exactly. The first lady was Kamila Davies in 23.13 and the second lady Elly Roberts in 23.44 both first timers at Boston parkrun. A must mention is George, position 6, who is a JM10 category and finished in a fantastic time of 20.15 achieving a new PB himself, well done George keep running like that and Mo Farah should get worried. I'm very jealous of that time myself as are many other parkrunners I'm sure. Unfortunately George had escaped his adult partner and parkrun rules state, as under 11's must be accompanied by an adult, his time should be removed.

Having discussed this with the core team, Georges mum and James McNamee, who was running with, but eventually was a bit too speedy for George, we thought it would be a good idea that any under 11's running with a person who is not their parent, should make themselves known to the Run Director - The person in the blue and white Hi viz. This way an eye can be kept on the youngster and a little leeway can be given if they are not quite with their adult in the finishing couple of hundred meters.

Parkrun volunteers manned a water station for the marathon and I would like to say a massive thank you to them and all the other volunteers around the course for helping out and allowing the run to go ahead.

Also well done to all of our parkrun running family who ran.

Sanjiv is next weeks RD and the roster is about half full but if a few more people could offer their services soon he can have a relaxing week instead of wondering if he will fill the rota so the parkrun can go ahead.

Chris Walton A1162463


Two photographer Boston parkrun 129

I want to start by saying a very big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped ensure that this Saturday’s parkrun could go ahead. Unusually it took a lot of appeals for the roster to be filled up and I was still short a couple of slots when I left home Saturday morning. The core team are very aware that often the roster is filled by the same faces, it would be great if everyone got involved to aid us with our parkrun. The run cannot go ahead until we have sufficient volunteers to allow parkrun to proceed safely so please look at the future roster and either email us at or contact us via Facebook to volunteer.

Boston parkrun 07-04-18

That said, due to a lot of you running a rather large event in Boston on this coming Sunday, our roster is nearly full for Boston parkrun 130. I am sure that Bob, our RD for Saturday’s parkrun, will be extremely pleased to fill it early so please help him out and fill the last few slots.


Talking of the marathon, we as Boston parkrun, are providing personnel for Water Station C. Thank you to all those who have put themselves forward to assist with this.

We had a few tourists this week, the ones that owned up were from Southport, Lee-on-Solent, and the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Ian Wilson, a Run Director at his local parkrun, was over from Queensland and we’ll forgive him for Boston being his third-choice parkrun on the day as a lot of our local parkruns were cancelled due to the recent heavy rain!!

A big shout goes to Katie Brown who completed her 50th parkrun this week. Although, she nearly didn’t as she arrived just before we set off and thought she had forgotten her barcode. Managing to find it on her way round the course she successfully scanned in for the 50th time! Not an official parkrun milestone but Abigail completed her 150th parkrun as well.


You will have noticed that this week we had two photographers. Our regular snapper, David Dales, was out on the course and due to the cancellation at Belton House, their photographer, Shaun Parkes, also joined us. Thank you to you both for all the wonderful pictures.

Bob is your pre-marathon RD on Saturday, over to you sir!


Boston parkrun 128 – a record turnout

A record 171 runners turned out this Saturday morning to walk, jog or run Boston parkrun’s 128th event.

Matthew Kingston-Lee was the first male over the line in 18:03 whilst Helen Cladingbowl was the first female  at 20:51. 29 runners were first timers and 29 recorded new personal bests at Boston.

We welcomed tourists from Sleaford, North Allerton, Cambridge and Newcastle.

Mick Tozer celebrated his 50th run, and brought in some of his wonderful homemade to celebrate - Thanks Mick.
We also said goodbye to Jo Johnson, who was our tail walker. Jo is moving to pastures new, but has been a regular volunteer here. Thank you and good luck for the future.

P1030655 P1030657

Entries to the Easter fancy dress were few and far between, The volunteer prize went to Kerry Hudson.

Thanks as always to all the volunteers.

P1030657 P1030690

Remember if you are interested in volunteering, remember to opt into the volunteering option on your personal preferences or contact us directly If you could let us know as early as possible in the week if you can help.

We are still looking for more volunteers for a parkrun water station at the Boston marathon on Sunday 15th April, - email in if you can help.

Also a quick reminder - finish token 82 is still missing - if you find it, let us know.

Richard Eggleton is your run director next week, I'm sure he will appreciate volunteering offers as early as possible.
Have a good week

PS, We have a some keys which were left a couple of weeks ago - let us know if you think they are yours.


Anyone have token 82?? We need the tokens each week. If it’s got tucked in your pocket, pop it along in the morning. Pretty please.

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