Bournemouth parkrun #233 – 6th Jan 2018

The mud lakes of January. Nobody likes a brown carpet. Nobody likes a wet brown carpet. Luckily for the 411 runners who arrived at the 233rd Bournemouth parkrun, none of them have to invite friends home or host parties in Kings Park and explain the interesting choice of colour for their flooring. As I watched the herd gather like penguins huddled together to bathe in one another’s body heat amidst the customary January chill, I saw a similar look of “I didn’t think to bring my trail shoes” stricken across faces. The expression was infectious. One runner in particular, Richard Wade bouncing and bounding to keep warm as he approached me with a ghostly panicked face to tell me how he wasn’t sure if his forefoot technique would hold up in such conditions. He reminded me of a man who has just walked out the front door on bin collection morning to put out the bins in nothing but a dressing gown and suddenly hears the wind slam the door shut separating him from his house keys. I know not if this is something Richard Wade has experienced, but he could have fooled me. Alas, it was now too late for a wardrobe change for our characters, the hour of 0900 approached and the show was about to begin. Our scene was set. The shades of sleet grade sky merging into a dark green skyline plummeting into a dark brown canvas. Enter: Hooter


A smart cautious start followed the bellowing hooter, or so the onlooking audience assumed. From the west a small dark figure rocketing along dragging in its dust what appeared to be a man desperately trying to match the four legged sprinter like the Wily E. Coyote forever chasing the Road Runner but forever just out of reach. They joined the pack. The runners were now complete. The first lap played out to be a cautious affair, toes splaying to carefully feel the surface underneath, aware at any minute of a slip or trip or the fear of Jonathon Woods sneaky camera work as he marshalled the “wood chipings”. Runners not wanting to over commit in the first half as they learnt their surroundings gave us spectators a viewing experience of the tactical sprint track cycling event where opponents ride a slow tactical first lap to jockey for position by pushing their opponent high onto the velodrome wall or feinting their opponent into an early move. Not that there are any “opponents” at parkrun..


Once the physical positioning, mind games and intelligence gathering of the first half had played out its course we entered a different second half. This saw runners legs open up and push the boundaries of the course as they sought to make their mark on the morning. As the halfway point hit, a flurry of hats and gloves were discarded with menacingly pinpoint accurately. I’m not sure if the Harlem Globetrotters have ever visited Boscombe, but if they had this must have been what it looked like as their three point shots landed through the baskets. Helen Gilbert in particular gave me a flashback to Michael Jordon’s glory days of the 90’s as he lead his Chicago Bulls team to title after title as her gloves found their target with an effortless marksmanship. With runners getting hot and heavy breathing abound, the temperature of Kings Park then proceeded to plummet to a level of coldness that wouldn’t be amiss from a J.K. Rowling novel with Dementors setting upon the park. I’m sure worse things have set upon Boscombe..


The closing curtain started to descend and runners made their final dash for the finish funnel and Steve Shuck’s familiar voice. It was plain that runners had enjoyed leaving their cosy duvets, central heating and Saturday Kitchen viewing at home to brave the brisk morning and sweat out forgotten toxins from the festive celebrations of 2017. A big thank you has to go the yellow army (not Torquay United!) but the volunteers who ensure that parkrun can take place every Saturday morning. I don’t know how there were 19 PB’s in such slow conditions and post a month of binging but clearly Lauren East, Matthew Wallace, Marcus Watton, Leonardo Hancock, Louise Hendes, Peter Coates, Samuel Bradford, Andrew Calver, Anna Baker, Tom Quay, Matthew Smith, David Smith, Matthew Low, Wennyi Ding, Ellie Cupit, Peatra Gumbi, Rebecca Klobucher, Brian Klobucher, Peter Wilson have some tactical knowledge of how to avoid the pitfalls of December vices. I envy their discipline as I’m still unable to say no to a bottle of mulled wine. Or two.




Bournemouth parkrun Event number 234 13th January 2018


"Welcome to Bournemouth parkrun two three four"
Said Luke as he started his brief
We listened intently to what we were told
(Though Sam Jenkins was actually Chief)

"Are there any first timers or tourists this week?
Please give us a wave if you are"
And we clapped all those runners who'd come to Kings Park
Including those who travelled far

"Is there anyone here with a milestone today
Or birthday, please do let us know?"
A little voice called out "Yes me, I have both"
It was Becky, her face all aglow

She'd planned this so carefully for over 6 months
To ensure that the 13th of Jan
Was reason to celebrate not just her birth
But the 100th parkrun that she ran.

Moors Valley and Upton and Croxteth Park too
Plus Poole where they run round the lake
She'd been to them all but she wanted to be
At Bournemouth to share out her cake.

The brief at an end and the volunteers thanked
It was time for the parkrun to start
The hooter was pressed hard by Becky at last
As up to the path we did dart

Twice round the field then into the wood
Went runners and walkers for fun
Plus pushchairs and dogs (on very short leads)
All loving the Bournemouth parkrun

It was a relief that it hadn’t rained much
As last week the mud was quite deep
It meant it was easy to run without fear
Of looking for puddles to leap

"Keep left" someone shouted "let fast people pass"
And so we all moved to one side
I always get lapped by a handful of men
No matter how hard I have tried.

It's final lap time as we ran round the field
Past the trees in the wood then the hill
Up to the football ground hoping to see
Some players, as that would be brill

Just one final burst, a sprint to the end
Although my poor legs they did ache
Then met up with Becky to celebrate her
100th parkrun with some cake

Four seven six people walked jogged and ran
35 for the very first time
But I’m going to give up now with listing the stats
As I’m struggling to get them to rhyme……..

First man home was Michael Wright who finished in 18.08 and the first woman was Holly Collier in 18.22. There was a magnificent 73 PBs which represents 15% of today’s total participants and 21 others who were doing Bournemouth parkrun for the first time in addition to the aforementioned 35 ‘first ever’ parkrunners.
27 different clubs were represented including the wonderfully named Hogweed Trotters.

The biggest thank you goes to the 40 volunteers listed below who gave up their time this week, including our wonderful Core team. These are the people who make your parkrun possible so please consider putting your name forward to help out even if it is only a couple of times a year.

Alex ROGERS • Alexander GOULDING • Cal WEST • Chris LANE • Claire Emma CLARK • Dave CLARKE • Eleanor PAGE • Fiona ROGERS • Gary QUIRKE • Graham PENNECK • Hannah MCCORMACK • Heidi SNOOK • Jemima KELLY • Jeremy GOODRIDGE • Josh JENKINS • Karen TAYLOR-MOUNTFORD • Katie JENKINS • Ken PARRADINE • Kevin DOWSETT • Kirstin MCCORMACK • Lee PAGE • Luke WILLIAMS • Mark RUTTER • Martin HUDSON • Maxine BENNETT • Naomi STANLEY • Nikki ROLPH • Peter HELLAWELL • Richard SMITH • Rob ROLPH • Roger BRANKIN • Sallie SAMUEL • Sam JENKINS • Samantha SMITH • Sophie LOVETT • Steve SHUCK • Sue SAXBY • Sue SINKINSON • Tiffany EDMUNDS •


Bournemouth parkrun #226 25/11/17

Thank you to Alexandra Stevens for this weeks run report.

The parkrun of November 24 saw a sea of orange brightening up a sunny but chilly Kings Park as the Littledown Harriers took over the volunteering roles for the day. Arriving bright and early, they set up and cleared away the course; briefed, marshalled, timed and scanned over 380 runners.
Conditions for the run were pretty close to perfect and I would have loved to be out there running. Frost was glistening on the grass and making the tarmac a little slippery in places, but there was no wind, no rain and plentiful sunshine. Anyone who prefers running in cool air rather than warmth would be happy.
As ever, a cluster of volunteers gathered at the gateway to the finish field in order to watch runners pass as they neared the end of their second lap – known as the big lap. Rob McTaggart was in a good lead even then, so it was no surprise that he was first to finish. This is always a good point of the morning for a volunteer working at the finish: no actual work to do and the chance to enjoy watching others in their sporting endeavours. All too soon though the cry, “First runner” went up and we had to move to our positions ready to time the runners after their effort. A patch of frost was hurriedly covered up with some earth in order to prevent accidents as the finish line was crossed, and I positioned myself there ready to use my teacher voice and instruct people to stay in line until they had collected their token.
Rob crossed the line in 16 minutes and 56 seconds with the second runner, Brandon Meredith, being timed at 17: 43. Wayne Briggs was a similar distance behind on 18:32. We had to wait a bit longer for the first women to reach the finish line, but when they did, 3 arrived within seconds of each other. Lauren Little took the honour of first woman in 21 minutes and 49 seconds, with Elana Albury only 3 seconds behind and a third woman in 3rd place at almost the same time. Unfortunately, the bar code scanners do not like cold weather and her time and name are not yet in the listings. Either that, or she has fallen foul of the “no barcode, no result” rule. In which case, Joanne Marie Boyle who finished in 22 minutes and 15 seconds can claim 3rd place.
The near perfect conditions enabled an incredible 67 new PBs to be earned – that is over one sixth of the field. It is so long since I claimed a PB that I have almost forgotten what it means, but judging by the smile on my husband’s face, it must mean personal best. He smashed his by well over a minute, even shattering my own long-held best time with his 28 minutes 26 seconds!
Well done to everyone who negotiated their way from their cosy bedding early this morning to the start line, round the course and across the finish line. Thank you to all the volunteers – volunteering is a vital role and great fun. If you haven’t yet given it a try, why not set aside one winter morning to enable more runners to enjoy the parkrun thrill – you won’t burn as many calories, but you will feel a warm glow for the happiness you have brought to others.

The event was made possible by 61 volunteers:

Steve AMEY • Dily RUFFER • Richard HALLETT • Chris LANE • Jim KERR • Steve O'CONNELL • Roy TUBMAN • Jennifer BECKETT • Karen ROBERTS • Greg HAWKINS • Danielle DIXON • Jacqueline JENKINS • Nicola WHITTAKER • Kevin DOWSETT • Luke DOWSETT • Sam JENKINS • Amy ROLPH • Graham PENNECK • Paul LOCK • Alexandra STEVENS • Katie JENKINS • Mike KIBBLE • Victoria BROWN • Helen GILBERT • Phil SPARKES • Nick MARSHALL • Rob ROLPH • Mariah MARSHALL • Nikki ROLPH • James GILBERT • Heidi SNOOK • Anne Claude ROCHE • Maria EVERETT • Mark EVERETT • Darren HOWARD-TOMES • Tracy ASHLEY • Andrew ISAAC • Amy SPREADBURY • Gary QUIRKE • Scott DUTTON • Glenn BATT • Jackie POLLOCK • Joseph SHERWOOD • Katie COLLINGWOOD • Scott BLAKEWAY • Josh DUNNING • Sue MACDERMOTT • Dylan HOWARD-TOMES • Harvey HOWARD-TOMES • Mike COLLINS • Elena MICHELETTO • Alice MARSHALL • Lee PAGE • Ken PARRADINE • Brian GREENFIELD • Cheryl O'SULLIVAN • Barry ROBINSON • Eleanor PAGE • Angie BOND • Michelle OXLEY • James ROCKER


Bournemouth parkrun run report #219 7/10/17

Thanks to Matthew Kay for this weeks run report

Anyone who knows me knows I love to write a run report but this is my first time doing one for Bournemouth parkrun and it's been a weekend of firsts as yesterday I ran my first marathon.

I always champion the course of volunteering whenever I do parkrun and that's because whilst it's great to run a PB and improve your times everyone deserves a break and that includes the volunteers.

Wherever I parkrun there are always a core group of volunteers and they're the fulcrum and backbone of that particular parkrun but that core group of volunteers needs support and if each runner can volunteer three times a year then that staffs parkrun forever more. It also gives your legs a rest and recovery is so important for running to ensure optimal performance. So if every now and again you give a bit back you'll be rewarded too not just through the thanks from the grateful run directors but from enhanced performance through resting the legs.

In terms of the run itself, the wet drizzle didn't dampen runners spirits or affect the turn out with nearly 500 runners taking part in the 5k. There was a good collection of visitors amongst the regulars no doubt in town for the marathon festival. With runners turning out from a collection of clubs including Buckinghamshire and Stowe, deckchair dynamos and vegan runners.

Andrew Ridley from Veterans AC was first home in a time of 17.26 and an age grade of 86.71- great effort Andrew.

Jennifer McBain of Alchester RC was First Lady in a time of 19.33 and an age grade of 78.26- well done Jennifer and well done to all the other runners who joined us for parkrun on 7 October!


Bournemouth parkrun #203 – 17th June 2017

Bournemouth parkrun report 17th June 2017
Naomi Stanley

'Feeling hot, hot, HOT!!!'
It was definitely a warm one today at Bournemouth's 203rd parkrun. The crowds descended on King's Park with neither the humongous Southampton or Poole parkruns taking place today.
The sweltering temperatures didn't put anyone off with 62 Bournemouth first timers. There were a staggering 46 new PB's, which equates to exactly a 10th of the field, with 460 runners crossing the line today.
Big shout outs go to Mitchell Griffiths, Tony Clifton and Laura Read who all earn a red t-shirt for completing 50 parkruns. Peter Hellawell and Steve Elson from Littledown Harriers, Premkumar Jayapaul from Christchurch Runners and Agnes Ale all hit the 100 milestone this week too. Well done to all - amazing achievements!
Now, along with most of the south coast I will go and make the most of the beautiful place we live and hit the beach!
See you all next Saturday at 9am.

This week 460 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 63 were first timers and 46 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers:

Steve SHUCK • Naomi STANLEY • Steve O'CONNELL • Karen ROBERTS • Clare Jayne DAVIES • Mary CUSENS • Luke DOWSETT • Amy ROLPH • David EDWARDS • Graham PENNECK • Julian RYAN • Nikki ROLPH • Christie MURPHY • James GILBERT • Diane HOLMES • Finlay HOLMES • Gary QUIRKE • Jean-René GRAILHE • Cal WEST • Jackie POLLOCK • Rosemary BYGRAVE • Julie-Ann DOYLE • Steven THORPE • Nabil HASSHIM • David MORGAN • Alice MARSHALL • Sandra PARRADINE • Brian GREENFIELD • Tara WINSTEN-KORVER • Cheryl O'SULLIVAN • Barry ROBINSON • Charlie WALL • Pauline MINTER • Fiona COWNIE • Kiera PERRETT • Karol KRASNOWOLSKI • Susan THORPE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bournemouth parkrun Results Page.

Male placings:
Elliot WILKS (SM20-24) (Unattached) was first over the line in 17:05 - second time in 2 appearances.
Taylor HUXSTER (SM25-29) of Vegan Runners, was second over the line in 17:05.
Alexander GOULDING (VM40-44) of Bournemouth AC, was third over the line in 17:06 - has been first to finish on 16 previous occasions.

Female placings:
Charlotte PENFOLD (SW30-34) of North Shields Polytechnic AC, was first (5th overall) over the line in 17:18 - first appearance.
Yvonne TIBBLE (VW55-59) (Unattached) was second (80th overall) over the line in 22:11 - was first to finish once before.
Sarah SCANNELL (SW30-34) (Unattached) was third (82nd overall) over the line in 22:19.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Jacqueline JENKINS (VW75-79) – 91.45% for the time 26:31 (215th overall).
Charlotte PENFOLD (SW30-34) – 85.74% for the time 17:18 (5th overall).
David SMITH (VM45-49) – 85.00% for the time 17:13 (4th overall).

The female record is held by Charlotte PENFOLD who recorded a time of 00:17:18 on 17th June 2017 (event number 203).
The male record is held by Neil Robert BONIFACE who recorded a time of 00:15:34 on 25th June 2016 (event number 151).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jacqueline JENKINS who recorded 92.91% (25:38) on 7th May 2016 (event number 144).

Bournemouth parkrun started on 24th August 2013. Since then 8,388 participants have completed 60,828 parkruns covering a total distance of 304,140 km, including 11,178 new Personal Bests.

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