Bracknell parkrun Event number 162 14th April 2018

A long time ago (ok, Saturday) in a galaxy (well, a town, specifically Bracknell) far, far away (ok really close but allow me some artistic licence here!!!!).....yes, you have me writing your run report this week as well as my costume possibly getting in your way during parkrun!!

This week 275 heroes ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers (including Genci PEPAJ who led the pack home) and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part (my favourite club name being Smiley Paces, which actually did make me smile!).

Talking of smiles, even after my 133 parkruns I am still amazed by the friendly faces you encounter at Bracknell parkrun week in and week out, regardless of the weather!  This goes for the runners as well as volunteers, everyone really goes the extra (3.2!) mile to make this an enjoyable, but more importantly, an inclusive event.  I followed the pack home this week yet there was a large group of people still clapping and cheering every single runner home – wow!  It's for this reason I feel so sure that when I suggest parkrun to someone I know they will be welcomed, will love it and will come back for more!

Onto the actual run and recent events have been described as boggy.  Well, this one was no exception in parts, despite the much drier weather on the day.  Extra points to the marshals at the top of the woods trying to forewarn the runners they were about to get muddy shoes!

A big well done to the new 50 club members this week, Susan Porter and Dallas Huntley and to Robert Guest, who has managed 100 parkruns - a round of applause certainly deserved!  We look forward to seeing you again wearing your new 50 and 100 shirts soon!

If you are new to parkrun and want to try your hand at volunteering please do.  The team will make you feel welcome and tell you everything you need to do.  Some roles you can do and also still get your run in, so please have a look at the volunteer page as it is rewarding and we all know the event wouldn't happen without our high-vis heroes!

This week the event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Andy SCOTT • Chris MANTON • Mike SANKEY • Gill MANTON • Daniel MANTON • Charlie MANTON • Susan THOMAS • Rachel STOCKDALE • Ian COX • Tariq ASSI • Steph CLARE • Joan BARKER • Kevin BARKER • Doug BRADY • Samuel SINCLAIR • Samantha COOMBS • David WATLER • Cinthia PARKES • Emily HICKS • Mark NEVE • Johan SCHREUDER • Gaynor MURRAY • Matthew DAVIES • Mackenzie CAPALDI • Miriam STALLARD • Kerry SCOTT • Callum BROADBENT • Luke TAYLOR • Jack STALLARD • Heidi PAISLEY

So over to the photos (this week taken by Mike Sankey) and the exciting moment to see if you made it to the run report (we all check don't we??  just me then!)

And theyre off....


Dashing doggy!


Speeding along but still got time for a thumbs up


Ill raise you your thumbs up, with two thumbs up!


Spidey to the rescue!


Superstar DJs, here we go!!


This cool passenger can relax during any turbulence!


The force is strong in this one (the one week I know when I check I'll be in the photos!)


Ain't no party like a parkrun party....


Sprint finish in full effect...


Photo finish? ;-)


Ton up


Great to see families enjoying the occasion together....


Strong finish!!!


The finish finer sight on a Saturday morning (apart from the cake table!!)


The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded 86.59% (17:54) on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 7,039 participants have completed 48,284 parkruns covering a total distance of 241,420 km, including 8,420 new Personal Bests



Happy 3rd Birthday Bracknell parkrun…..event # 161,

Bracknell parkrun #161

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

This week’s great photos were taken by Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING.

The “historical” photos were taken by Andy Clegg and Robin Briscoe

What do you need to make a three year old’s party go with a bang?

A pirate:


A pirate’s assistant:


Birthday cakes:


At least some of the partygoers to remember it’s fancy dress:


And some daft grown up to decide it’s a really good idea to turn the world the wrong way round:


Yes Saturday was the third birthday of the great Bracknell parkrun. So first of all we have to thank the team who got it all going.

They began with a “secret” trial run to make sure it would all work. Though that was after a year of careful planning.

So we have to start by thanking the team: Naomi AITKEN, Robin BRISCOE, Andy CLEGG, Grace CLEGG, Nicola DAWSON, Caeimhe FEELY, Niamh FEELY, Hayley FLETCHER, Elvira LANGLEY, Jane LIGHT, Reilly MARTIN, Feely NATHY, Georgina READINGS, Laura READINGS, Denise ROBERTSON, Laura ROSEWELL, and Jan SMITH.

Then everything was ready for the official first event to take place on April 4th 2015 with 301 runners

The Bracknell Mayor,, Councillor Blatchford came to watch Naomi give the very first briefing (but where was the Moumin?).


And guess what – the running conditions turned out to be “challenging” due to heavy overnight rain. No change there then.

Here they all are getting ready to start the story

Bracknell parkrun inaugural

Many Bracknell stalwarts have been supporting right from the beginning:

Riley was there in 2015


And more than fifty runs and 40 volunteer jobs later he is still part of the essential structure


The volunteers for the first run were Andy CLEGG, Andy MASH, Antony STREAMS, Caoimhe FEELY, Chris VAAL, Christopher Simon AITKEN, Elvira LANGLEY, Georgina READINGS, Ian COCKRAM, Ian GIGGS, Jane LIGHT, Jim SKELT, Laura READINGS, Laura ROSEWELL, Naomi AITKEN, Niamh FEELY, Nicola DAWSON, Nicola TARRANT, Niki FELTON, Robin BRISCOE, Vicki ROBERTS.

The very first runner into the funnel was Ben MARTIN-DYE (VM45-49) of Bracknell Forest Runners, in 17:58. And the first female was Siana JONES (SW30-34) of Thames Valley Harriers (21st overall) in 21:40.

At the first event there was just one Parkrun milestone to celebrate. Steve Black joined the fifty club then, and this week finished his 172nd run.


He was one of the seven Parkrunners who were there at the start, and who ran again for the third birthday. The others were Andy HOWELL, Charlie ST AUBYN, Harry HOWELL, Joanne WAKELING, Naomi TAYLOR-MINNETT and Nic BRANCACCIO.

And so to the party

Again there was just one milestone to celebrate. Doug BRADY celebrated his 100th run so will be able to add his black running shirt to the purple volunteer shirt he has already earned


For this run there were 5 members of the 250 club; 33 member of the 100 cub; 80 in the 50 club; and 19 junior 10s. A pretty good statistic. There were 26 runners who are also members of the 25 volunteer club, and that does not include the great volunteers who made this birthday party such a success. So special thanks go to lurie Maye DUTTON, Andy SCOTT, Callum BROADBENT, Catherine HANNAN, Cinthia PARKES, Danielle MILLER, Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING, Doug BRADY, James BULLINGHAM, Jane CRITCHLOW, Jane LIGHT, Jane RALLS, Julie MCLAUGHLIN, Kerry SCOTT, Luke TAYLOR, Mackenzie CAPALD, Mark NEVE, Mary WANG, Miriam STALLARD, Nicholas COUSINS, Patrick WADSWORTH, Rhona STAINTHORP, Riley BRISCOE, Sam GOODALL, Samantha COOMBS, Stephen HARMAN, and Tracy McBETH. Don’t forget it’s easy to volunteer. All you have to do is click on , look at the future roster and take your pick.

Every party should welcome newcomers, and this week we welcomed 17 first time tourists and 4 Parkrun debutantes. We can’t say that the route was at its best but we hope they all enjoyed the run and the fun.

Certainly they would have enjoyed the briefing from Captain Hook …..sorry Scott:


Setting off down the hill had a very different feel for the start:



Running the wrong way round gives a very different perspective on the route.

Somehow there are more ups this way round and the mud patches jumped around in a very unpredictable way. At least this must be the reason that there were rather fewer PBs than usual. Just 19 this week.


Nevertheless it was still a great party





So it’s great to finally enter the funnel:





And get that precious finish token (as long as you remember your barcode and also remember to return the token in exchange for clocking your personal time).


The volunteer helpers also deserve their piece of cake.


Also perhaps cake wasn’t the fuel for the tail walker!




This week it was Neil KEVERN (SM25-29) who was the first into the funnel in 18:04 (age grade 71.40%)

Number 2 was unknown and then number 3 was Martin TURTON (SM20-24) in 19:58 (age grade 64.61%), and number 4 was Hector DANIEL (JM11-14) in 21:36 (age grade 68.83%)

The first female, who was 9th overall, was Amelia WILKS (JW15-17) in 21:56 (age grade 68.92%).

Second was Emily JONES (JW15-17) in 22:31 (age grade 67.14%); and third was Laurie MARLOW (SW20-24) in 22:34 (age grade 65.58%).

Neil, Hector, Amelia, Emily and Laurie are all members of Bracknell Athletics Club.

Judith GUEST (VW70-74) returned to us for the birthday run after a few weeks touring around, and claimed her usual highest age grade with 74.78 %. She was followed by Neil and Amelia in 2nd and 3rd.

The overall stats for Bracknell are:

Number of events: 161                       Number of runners: 7,013      Number of runs: 48,009

Number of first finishers: 108            Number of clubs: 393            Number of PBs: 8,400

Average number of runners per week: 298.2            Average number of runs per runner: 6.8

Biggest Attendance: 469         Average run time: 00:31:45

Total hours run: 2Years 328Days 15Hrs 2Min 32Secs            Total distance run: 240,045km

Female record holder: Sophie QUIRK - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17)

Male record holder: Richard ALLEN - 16:46 - Event 91 (10/12/16)

Age graded record holder: Sophie QUIRK - 86.59 % - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17).

Sorry to report that the weather forecast isn’t looking too good for Saturday, although it will almost certainly be warmer. That could mean less for the washing machine, but the mud patches are likely to be back in the usual places.






Bracknell parkrun Event #160

Bracknell parkrun #160

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

What a difference year makes.  Easter was early this year and the weather has been “interesting” to say the least. Rain, rain and more rain. Maybe some entrepreneur will think of developing a Bracknell mud pack for smooth legs! Certainly the Bracknell washing machines will have been working over time.

Nevertheless 212 intrepid runners turned up to take part in another successful event.

Two milestones were reached.  Laura ROSEWELL joined the 50 club and  Patrick WADSWORTH is now a member of the 100 club.  The national parkrun organisation has been having teething troubles with supplying the club running tops so it might be some time before the new red 50 and black 100 will be seen.  Even so congratulations to both of them.

We were joined by 7 people who decided to make their parkrun debut with us.  Great to see them and the message is probably that Saturday threw up almost the worst conditions we have had over the last three years – so it can only get better!! Twenty-three seasoned parkrunners also joined us as tourists.  It was good to see them and I’m sure they will have appreciated the great organising skills of our run director and volunteers.

Indeed, thanks to these 25 great peope  who volunteered to make the day go as smoothly as ever: Adrian LUSCOMBE,  Andrew CLARE,  Andy SCOTT,  Ben WEISBERG,  Blanche BARNES,  Callum BROADBENT,  Cinthia PARKES,  Daisy LUSCOMBE,  Doug BRADY,  Ellouise CLARE,  James BULLINGHAM,  Jenny MASH,  Kerry SCOTT,  Lara CLARE,  Luke TAYLOR,  Mark NEVE,  Mary WANG,  Naomi AITKEN,  Rhona STAINTHORP,  Rowan MASH,  Samantha COOMBS,  Samuel SINCLAIR,  Sarah LUSCOMBE,  Steph CLAR ,  Stephen DOWLING.

After the incessent rain throughout the week, the route was always going to be a bit of  mud bath through the woods and down by the allotments. Seasoned Bracknell parkrunners will have been grateful for the additional route markers highlighting puddles, bogs, tree roots and tree stumps.  We have to thank the Easter Bunny Andy Scott for taking such good care. If you want to join the band of volunteers all you have to do in click on  If you look at the future roster page on the website you can have your pick of the jobs for 6 weeks ahead.

So now to this Easter’s results.

“Unknown” was the first into the funnel (accompanied by 21 others from the Unknown family around the course) so I will discount him/her.

The first named runner was  Scott OAKLEY (SM25-29) in 19:59 with an age grade of 64.55 %.  Scott added this to his first position in his three previous outings at Bracknell.  

The next two males were Daniel ROSE (VM35-39) in 21:06, age grade 64.22 % and Lewis WILSON (SM20-24) in 21:18, age grade 60.56 %.

The first female into the funnel was Anne LOCKWOOD (SW30-34) in 23:24, age grade 63.25%

Sian MCBRIDE(SW20-24)  was the second female  in 24:36, age grade 60.16 %. The third  was Amy SINCLAIR (JW11-14) in 25:04, age grade 66.36 %.  Amy just managed to pip her mum to the post and was third in the age grade list as well.

Zachary BOWLES (JM10) was the first in the age grade list with 70.90 % in a time of 24:00 and John Graham ELLWOOD (VM55-59) from Thames Valley Triathletes was second with 67.86% in 23:14.

Given the slipping and sliding around the course it is impressive that 12 people managed to run a PB – well done to all of them.

There was no photographer this week so here are some interesting figures to show some demographics and running patterns

This bar chart shows most of our runners were in age group 35-54 but there was representation right acorss the age range from from five under 10 ‘s to the two of us in our 70’s.        


 And this bar chart shows that a third of the runners had taken part in up to 20 runs.  Special mention should be made of Richard BOESE (VM50-54) from Sandhurst joggers who celebrated his 385th parkrun with a PB at Bracknell of 26:29, age grade 56.58 %.


Here are our cumulative statistics

Number of events: 160             Number of runners: 6,992                Number of runs: 47,705

Number of first finishers: 108   Number of clubs: 393                       Number of PBs: 8,381

Average number of runners per week: 298.2            Average number of runs per runner: 6.8

Biggest Attendance: 469                                              Average run time: 00:31:44

Total hours run: 2Years 321Days 15Hrs 3Min 2Secs  Total distance run: 238,525km

Female record holder:  Sophie QUIRK - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17)

Male record holder:  Richard ALLEN - 16:46 - Event 91 (10/12/16)

Age graded record holder: Sophie QUIRK - 86.59 % - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17)

And finally………………………………………..


The first ever Bracknell parkrun took place on Saturday 4th April 2015 with a field of 301 runners supported by 21 great volunteers.  This makes next Saturday 7th April our third birthday.  Let’s make is a great it a great day.  The weather forecast is not looking too cheerful – heavy rain is predicted – but don’t let that dampen your spirits.  Three year olds’ parties are always the best. We will be running the route in reverse – and don’t forget to wear your party gear! Bring some party food to share with others after the run.


Bracknell parkrun 158: Pyjama Day

Run Report for 17th March by Cinthia Parks

It was parkrun Pyjama Day. And it snowed. Ho hum.

But still, 21 first timers braved it!!

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (5)

And we welcomed much traveled visitors from such exotic far flung 
places as Leeds and Worcester and Reading.....

Here we all are in our pj's at the start, all 258 of us.

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (16)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (22)

Tegan Thornley celebrated her 50th run, and Miriam Stallard her 25th 

some didn't seem to feel the cold...

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (80)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (327)

some wore as much as they could

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (151)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (159)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (301)

despite the snow and cold we still had some smiles

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (41)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (404)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (430)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (478)

though for some it was painful!

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (163)

Thanks to all the 28 volunteers who braved the cold for us -
Alexandra PERRIOR • Mary WANG • Andy SCOTT • Chris MANTON • 
Gill MANTON • Charlie MANTON • Susan THOMAS • Carol BROMBLEY • 
Simon LIGHT • Anna MATTHEWS • Tom WILSON • Doug BRADY • 
Ben WEISBERG • Sarah HOWARD • Mackenzie CAPALDI • Miriam STALLARD • 
Evie KING • Kerry SCOTT • Callum BROADBENT • Luke TAYLOR

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (472)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (475)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (55)

especially as time went on the weather got worse

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (442)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (274)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (280)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (333)

this week's fastest female was Jo Jones in 22.37, the fastest male was 
Scott Oakley in 19.46 and despite the weather and the pyjama trappings 
there were still 14 personal bests - good on yers!

So seeing as it was pyjama week, here are some of the best

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (133)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (203)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (399)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (213)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (267)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (392)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (269)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (290)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (318)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (382)

Bracknell parkrun 20180317 (18)

see you next week on the field when it WILL be warmer, and drier in 
the sky but muddier underfoot.....



Bracknell parkrun 156: 24th February 2018 – The Beast from the East

Run report by Samantha Wood

Photographs by Jo Swanson

Yet another sunny Saturday dawned but this one was weather app said -1 but feels like -5.  Yes, the 'beast from the east' was approaching but that didn't seem to daunt the 'brave from Bracknell' (and surrounding areas).  A total of 309 hardy souls put on their running shoes and turned up in the freezing cold sunshine and 36 of those were first timers so well done to you.  However perhaps the cold put off the tourists today as we seemed to only have one who had travelled all the way from...Basingstoke.

As a relative newbie to the joys of running/parkrun I'm still amazed that for the last 6 months I regularly haul myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to run around a muddy field/wood when I'd much rather be having a lie-in.  It helps that my husband is a dedicated parkrunner but it's also that I know how much better I'll feel afterwards - both mentally and physically and that if I don't do it I'll feel like something is missing from my Saturday morning. A big part of that is down to the great atmosphere, community spirit and encouragement from everyone involved.  It's easier for those of us running in cold conditions as we get warmer as we go around, so a big hat's off to all the volunteers who came out today - but best to keep hats on for now along with scarves, gloves and thermals!


There were a few '50' milestones today – (but sorry no pictures).  Well done to Sarah Osborn, Ellie Hardy, Colin Latham and Neil Misselbrook on completing their 50th Bracknell Park run.


Simon also welcomed someone else having a different kind of celebration- Sophie from Bracknell Forest Runners.  Sophie was starting off her Hen Party in style complete with tiara and warming up to do the Barcelona Marathon in March before getting married in April – good luck for both!


Ably supported by the Bracknell Forest Runners mascot and her fellow members and they certainly had a great time and made themselves heard all round the course.



So, there were plenty of hats, gloves, mittens, snoods and sunglasses on show as Andy started us off – I'm sure some of these were discarded as the blood started pumping






Despite the cold it was good to run on some harder ground which made a nice change from the extra squelchy conditions of the last few weeks.  Perhaps it was the cold weather or the sunshine but there were an amazing 61 PBs today (including me!) which beat the 59 PBs from 27th January – extra well done to you all!

Unfortunately, there were also 19 unknowns, so please try and remember your barcodes next time - #DFYB.   This is where I should confess that I was very nearly one of them.  I swear I put it in the zipped pocket of my leggings but having amazed myself by only stopping once during the entire run (compared to @5 times usually), I was horrified to find it had mysteriously vanished – or perhaps was never there at all.  I pleaded with Simon and said I'd rush home to get it – which living locally should have been reasonably straightforward you would think.  However, upon arriving home and tearing up the kitchen drawers, back of the calendar etc – no barcodes to be seen!   Several panicked minutes later we had managed to print some more out and get back to Simon just in the nick of time – phew! Luckily it was worth it as it was a PB and yes, I have now ordered a (lovely new purple) wristband as looks like I'll be carrying on with this running thing....

Congratulations to Scott Oakley, the first through the funnel doing his 9th parkrun in a time of 19.16 (and very close to his PB of 19.07).  First woman through was Sophie Elsey of Thames Valley Triathletes in 23.27 completing her 56thpark run.

Well done again to all the volunteers for braving the bracing conditions – especially all the volunteers Andy SCOTT • Catherine HANNAN • Simon LIGHT • Andy SURPLICE • Doug BRADY • Samuel SINCLAIR • Cindy THOLE • Elizabeth HELYER • Cinthia PARKES • Mark NEVE • James BULLINGHAM • Vanessa BURRELL • Jane RALLS • Ben WEISBERG • Mackenzie CAPALDI • Joanne SWANSON • Darryl THOLE • Evie KING • Thomas HELYER • Kerry SCOTT • Callum BROADBENT • Samantha WOOD • Jason RAWLINGS • Luke TAYLOR • Heidi PAISLEY.

Please consider the roster for the next few weeks as there is still plenty of help needed – remember without the volunteers there is no park run.  See you next week and let's hope for slightly warmer conditions.

This week 309 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded 86.59% (17:54) on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 6,882 participants have completed 46,663 parkruns covering a total distance of 233,315 km, including 8,322 new Personal Bests.


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