Bracknell parkrun #201

Bracknell parkrun
Event number 201
5th January 2019

A fantastic start to the year with so many new parkrunners and PBs.  We welcomed tourists from Bedfont Lakes and Cardiff.

Congratulations to Sophie Falkiner who took part in her 100th parkrun, also to Jenny Griffiths, this Saturday was her 100th at Bracknell and to Alex Perrior, not only was this her 50th at Bracknell but also her 25th Volunteer!

This week 415 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 29 volunteers:

Paul HERBERT • Jenny L GRIFFITHS • Alexandra PERRIOR • Helen ASHENDEN • Jonathan ASHENDEN • Lisa PLUMMER • Andy SCOTT • Robin BRISCOE • Riley BRISCOE • Jay MELVIN • Debbie WATSON • Dylan ACKROYD • Robert GUEST • Sir Joe KEEFE • Doug BRADY • Emily STEADMAN • David WATLER • Samantha GWYN-GRIFFITHS • Julie COVENEY • Anna COVENEY • Anthony WILSON • Miriam STALLARD • Evie KING • Mark COUCHMAN • Kerry SCOTT • Guy COUCHMAN • Luke TAYLOR • Kevin GOLDING • Kathy PERRIOR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded 86.59% (17:54) on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 8,470 participants have completed 60,376 parkruns covering a total distance of 301,880 km, including 10,243 new Personal Bests. A total of 639 individuals have volunteered 4,914 times.


Bracknell parkrun Event # 200 !!! 1st January 2019

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

Photographer: Daryl Copleston Jobling with some extras from Ian Ross of Dinton Pastures

Happy New Year to all. It was one of those lovely lucky accidents that the 200th Bracknell parkrun fell on January 1st. Yet again the wonderful team organised a perfect event.

It really needs a writer with the wit of Clive James or Victoria Wood or Benjamin Zephania to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Or perhaps we should have commissioned the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy to rejoice. Instead, it falls to me to try to express the enormous thanks that the 8,416 people who have turned up to Great Hollands, on one or more Saturdays since April 4th 2015 want to give to the core team.

So a huge vote of thanks go to: Andy Scott, Gill Manton, Lisa Plummer, Martin Riley, Naomi Aitken, Rachel Stockdale, Robin Briscoe, Simon Light, and Steph Clare. Parkrun etiquette forbids me from claiming that Bracknell is the best organised event in the world….. but ……..!

We also need to thank Bracknell Council for their support and the Golden Retriever pub for allowing parking in the early hours of Saturday mornings.


Andy gave a few figures in his welcome speech on Tuesday.


If I add the data from the 200th run, we find that the average number of people per event (rounding to whole numbers) is 300 and the average number of volunteers is 24. These are wonderfully healthy figures. Indeed on Tuesday there were 51 runners who are members of the Volunteer 25 Club – that’s 11% of the field. And some of them chose to wear their purple.


Volunteering is really great fun, and if every runner made the New Year’s resolution to click on the volunteer tab just 4 or 5 times this year the run directors’ lives would be mightily smoothed. Go to and take your pick!



Now for the important facts of New Year’s Day 2019. It all starts away from Great Hollands. Just after sunrise 597 people turned up to Dinton Pastures to enjoy a run around the lakes. There were some bird watchers who looked a bit startled. Of these runners 93 then bounded over to Bracknell to start it all over again.




Many thanks to the organisers at Dinton Pastures who hosted their first New Year run. It was such a success that they ran out of finished tokens and yet still managed to process the results by Tuesday afternoon. I’m sure Dinton were grateful for the support of Kerry who managed to volunteer at both events.




As usual there were some important milestones to celebrate. Robyn will be looking forward to receiving her 10 club white t shirt and Charlie become the youngest member of the 50 club at Bracknell so should soon be wearing his red shirt.



He’ll be joined by Ann MYCROFT, Rebecca NEWNHAM, Christine JOHNSON and Diana BROWN who all made their 50th run.

There was just one 100 run to celebrate. Steph Clare saved New Year’s day to run her 100th.


Steph was one of the Dinton runners as well and then volunteered to close down our event leading to a total of 107 volunteering activities for her.



Twenty-one people chose Bracknell as the place to make their first parkrun. They were joined by 74 tourists who were visiting us for the first time. Despite this being the morning after New Year’s Eve, 37 people felt good enough to achieve a new PB. The rest of us have a whole year to strive for our 2019 PB.

Then sum total of parkrunners for New Year was 463 and this is what they looked like:



Here are the stand out results for the day

The first three males into the funnel were:

1 James RENNIE (JM15-17) from Reading Roadrunners in 18:58  (71.18%)

2 Graham N ROBINSON (VM35-39) from Sandhurst Joggers in 19:06 (69.02%)

3 Henry FIELDSEND (JM15-17) from Bracknell AC in 19:13 (72.42%)

This was James’s first visit to Bracknell and he obviously found it to his liking because he had used Dinton Pastures as a warm up run and bettered his time by 1:01!

The first three females were:

1 Martha HALL   (VW40-44) from Garden City Runners in 23:33 (65.82 %  )

2 Marnie FIELDSEND (JW11-14) in 23:33(70.63 %) – a good day for the family

3 Francesca PARKES (SW20-24) in 23:38  (62.62 %)

Martha was a first time tourist to Bracknell and both Marnie and Francesca achieved PBs

Judith GUEST (VW70-74) achieved the highest age grade with 73.93% (31:08) having already been the 2nd in the age grade category at Dinton Pastures with 79.32%.



Henry FIELDSEND again features, having gained the second highest age grade percentage with 72.42%.

And Benjamin SHEPHERD (JM11-14) was third with 71.94% (20:40). This was Benjamin’s first run at Bracknell.

As these great photographs taken by Daryl show, it might have been the morning after the night before, but Bracknell parkrun certainly promotes health and happiness:




The dress code for the day was parkrun colours:









And some people managed a sartorial change between Dinton and Bracknell



Whereas – look carefully here – it is possible to wear four parkrun colours all at once!!


But whatever we wear it’s joy at to run one at 8:30:


And even more when finishing the second just a couple of hours later:



Now for the next year of success for all at Bracknell. Enjoy your runs and perhaps make a New Year’s resolution to run and volunteer – get the best out of both worlds.

Of course it is now January and the weather is getting colder - 10 is the predicted temperature for Saturday so wrap up warm. Keep your fingers crossed that the pavilion may be finished this year and then there will be hot drinks and much needed loos for all!

This week 463 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 95 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers:

Patrick WADSWORTH • George GREEN • Martin REILLY • Nathan VURGEST • David HERRING • Debra HARRIS • Andy SCOTT • Chris MANTON • Mike SANKEY • Gill MANTON • Charlie MANTON • Ian COX • Debbie WATSON • Sian THORNLEY • Steph CLARE • Simon LIGHT • Sir Joe KEEFE • Doug BRADY • Rhona STAINTHORP • Allan QUIMBY • Heather SINCLAIR • Jan JALOVY • Miriam STALLARD • Kirstie KING • Evie KING • Harry BOOTHER • Mark COUCHMAN • Kerry SCOTT • Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING • Robert AVERY • Imogen AVERY • Heidi PAISLEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91).
The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded 86.59% (17:54) on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 8,416 participants have completed 59,961 parkruns covering a total distance of 299,805 km, including 10,201 new Personal Bests. A total of 637 individuals have volunteered 4,885 times.




Bracknell Festive parkrun Event#198

Run Report: Gill Manton Photos: Daryl Copleston Jobling Saturday 22 December 2018 The day dawned bright and sunny for the festive run at Bracknell on Saturday, the last run before Christmas.

There is some artistic licensing within this (i.e. the numbers don't add up).......

To the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - One Festive parkrun

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Two Timekeepers timing

On the Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Milestone runners running

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Four marshals marshalling

On the Fifth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Five Bracknell RDs present

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Six Clubs represented

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Seven Tourists touristing

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Eight Dogs on shortleads

On the Nineth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Nine running Santas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Ten Junior Runners

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Eleven First timers to Bracknell

On the Twelveth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Twelve PBs achieved DSC09596DSC09664 DSC09770DSC09800 Have a wonderful Christmas - enjoy some tourism if you are running elsewhere as we don't have a parkrun at Bracknell on Christmas Day - we will see you again on 29 December. Don't forget it is our 200th event on New Year's Day and we will be starting the run at 10:30am - bring some cake and wear a milestone tshirt - a special milestone to you!

Bracknell parkrun Event number 198 22nd December 2018

This week 363 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Martin REILLY • Andy SCOTT • Gill MANTON • Sarah LUSCOMBE • Jayden MELVIN • Ellouise CLARE • Lara CLARE • Steph CLARE • Adrian LUSCOMBE • Simon LIGHT • Andrew CLARE • Matthew SWANN • Doug BRADY • Emily STEADMAN • Samantha GWYN-GRIFFITHS • Jan JALOVY • Evie KING • Alice FORBES • Kerry SCOTT • Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING • Luke TAYLOR • Stephen L'ESTRANGE • Liz GEORGE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bracknell parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Richard ALLEN who recorded a time of 16:46 on 10th December 2016 (event number 91). The female record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded a time of 17:54 on 29th July 2017 (event number 125). The Age Grade course record is held by Sophie QUIRK who recorded 86.59% (17:54) on 29th July 2017 (event number 125).

Bracknell parkrun started on 4th April 2015. Since then 8,293 participants have completed 59,178 parkruns covering a total distance of 295,890 km, including 10,141 new Personal Bests. A total of 633 individuals have volunteered 4,826 times.


Bracknell parkrun Event #197

Bracknell parkrun #197 – The one where it rained ...

The intrepid volunteers:

Charlie ST AUBYN  •  Dallas HUNTLEY  •  Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING  •  Dave NORTON  •  Doug BRADY  •  Dylan ACKROYD  •  Emily STEADMAN  •  Emma GENNARD  •  Evie KING  •  Fynn BRISCOE  •  Heather SINCLAIR  •  Heidi PAISLEY  •  James BULLINGHAM  •  Jan JALOVY  •  Jayden MELVIN  •  Jenni JONES  •  Jonathan ASHENDEN  •  Kathryn SHAW  •  Kirstie KING  •  Lisa PLUMMER  •  Liz GEORGE  •  Mary WANG  •  Nicola REYNOLDS  •  Patrick WADSWORTH  •  Riley BRISCOE  •  Robin BRISCOE  •  Samantha GWYN-GRIFFITHS  •  Will HALSALL

The runners/joggers/walkers: 219 of you superstars, of whom 10 forgot their barcodes, 4 were first timers to parkrun – welcome to you Toby MCKEEVER, Shane FULTON, Stewart TURKINGTON and Cameron LOVE (what a day to choose for a first parkrun!), 17 first time tourists to Bracknell (Eliott WELLS, William LAW, Rob KERSHAW, Lorna CASTLE, Toby MCKEEVER, Shane FULTON, Saffy WALTON, Stewart TURKINGTON, Brian CLARKE, John THOMPSON, Heather LAW, Sian BARROW, Nicola REYNOLDS, Dave HARRIS, Cameron LOVE, Sofia FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ, and Emma GENNARD) and 188 of you stalwarts who ran, jogged or walked the tough course!

The mission: enjoy the super course across the 5k without injury or getting too wet!

We celebrated Ian Watson's 50th parkrun – congratulations ! Ian, of Sandhurst Joggers, has run 34 of his parkruns at Bracknell and in 2018 completed his second best age grade percentage. You can find out more about the age grade percentage in your parkrun email. Well done again, Ian and here's to 100!

We also congratulated and cheered for James Moynihan who completed his junior 10 run this week! Great going, James! James, a homegrown 10 runner has also toured at the Wimpole Estate – exciting! Looking forward to seeing you in your white 10 shirt soon!

We were greeted with an extremely grey overhead cover, brightened immediately by the friendly hustle and bustle of the gathering parkrunners. Will HALSALL and Patrick WADSWORTH very graciously set up the course and marked all the dips in the woods with cones. Thank you! Kirsty KING gathered the first timers and tourists and gacve them the low-down (and high ups, given the woods) about the course. Great briefing, Kirsty!

People of all shapes, sizes, and exciting colours gathered together to listen to Robin BRISCOE's excellent briefing. We were very fortunate this week to have 2 pacers, Emma GENNARD and Jennie JONES to help guide parkrunners seeking a time or best effort. And we gathered at the start. The runners spread across the grass ready for the off... and boom! Off the parkrunners ran, guided by marshals Mary WANG, Emily STEADMAN and Jen JALOVY who were super happy and somehow not frozen solid when I got back around to them on lap two! Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING was the roving photographer – I saw him pop up no fewer than 4 times! Amazing! A very friendly chap, if you ever get the time to chat with him. Looking at his photos you wouldn't think he picked up a camera less than a year ago.

Dallas HUNTLEY brought us all home, making sure no one could be last! Thanks, Dallas!

Post run, we were assisted by the funnel team – the timekeepers, Samantha GWYN-GRIFFITHS and Riley BRISCOE timed us and checked us in, Heidi PAISLEY and Jeyden MELVIN got us our tokens (please remember to return them – they are really important for next week!) and we were scanned in by Evie KING and Liz GEORGE. Dylan ACKROYD (who is working hard for his DofE bronze) managed the funnel for us.

Backstage, cheers to Lisa PLUMMER for organising all the volunteers, Doug BRADY and Heather SINCLAIR for closing down, and James BULLINGHAM and Emily STEADMAN for organising the tokens ready for next week.

Reading back, honestly running it is the easy part!

We hope to see you next week; perhaps you'd like to do some tourism for Christmas day, and definitely join us for our 200th session on new year's day!


Bracknell parkrun number 196 8th December 2018

Bracknell parkrun #196

Report writer: Rhona Stainthorp

Photographer: Daryl Copleston Jobling

To misquote from Alice in Wonderland, “….. begin at the end” not the beginning.

Obviously not literally the end, because  I’m flagging up the beginning of 2019.  But just in case you have been away, or are not on Facebook, here is the trailer for the January 1st extra special Bracknell parkrun.

Indeed it will be Bracknell parkrun number 200! But don’t turn up at 9:00 because New Year’s Day will begin at 10:30 in Great Hollands.  Come wearing every possible combination of white, red, black, green or purple milestone shirts; or a parkrun apricot number to celebrate.

Of course those of you who want to really celebrate the New Year in style can do a warm up for our parkrun by going over to Dinton Pastures and joining in their New Year run at 8:30.

Now for Saturday December 8th - definitely a wintery morning for run number 196.  Nevertheless there were 222 people who were keen to add to their tally of parkruns.

Amongst all the keen athletes were 6 parkrun debutantes.  We hope they really enjoyed themselves and will want to return.  Along with the debutantes we had 10 parkrun regulars who came along  for the first time to sample the delights of running through woods, over the cricket outfield, along the allotments, and around football pitches.

Also among the 222 strong throng were four new “milestoners”.   Dylan joined the Junior 10 club and will soon get his new white running shirt.  Chris VAAL, Sian THORNLEY, and Jane RALL all joined the 100 club.  So each of them will have a choice of wearing red, black or purple on future Saturdays: red and black for all their running and purple for great volunteering.


All this was made possible by the 28 people who volunteered to ensure another successful Saturday morning.  Everyone’s thanks must go to Dylan ACKROYD, Doug BRADY, Robin BRISCOE, Carol BROMBLEY, Pete BROMBLEY, Mick CHILDS, Richard COOPE, Daryl COPLESTON JOBLING, Anna COVENEY, Richard FORBES, Alice FORBES, Judith GUEST, John GUNN, Emily HICKS, Jenni JONES, Stephen L'ESTRANGE, Lisa PLUMMER, Jane RALLS, Michael RIMMER, Kathryn SHAW, Heather SINCLAIR, Rhona STAINTHORP, Stuart STEVENSON, Luke TAYLOR, Susan THOMAS, Sian THORNLEY, Ben WEISBERG, Andrew WOOD.

It is really good to know that we have young Duke of Edinburgh participants among the volunteers.  parkrun provides a great chance for them and we benefit by having them adding to the much needed volunteers each week.


Here’s dedication for you – look at those poor cold fingers sorting the tokens for run #197


Beginning at the end:




and moving on to the beginning


And then all these great photos of the start, finish and in between:












Now for the important results of the week:

First into the tunnel was Henry FIELDSEND (JM15-17) from Bracknell AC, in 19:07 (72.80 %). A new  a new PB for Henry.

….. after him in a matter of seconds was Gavin MEAD (SM30-34) from Bracknell Forest Runners, in 19:18 (67.01 %),

…….and then came Simon BENNISON (VM35-39) from Bracknell Forest Runners, in 19:33 (67.43 %).

First female athlete into the tunnel was Sarah MCDADE  (SW25-29) in 23:02 (64.25 %) ,

…….followed by Heather SINCLAIR (VW45-49) in 23:11 (71.46 %),

…….and then Sian MCBRIDE (SW25-29) from Bracknell Forest Runners, in 23:43 (62.40 %): all within seconds of each other.

Henry FIELDSEND also topped the age grade list with his72.80 %, Daniel LEWIS (J10) from Bracknell AC was second with 71.63%  in a  new PB time of 22:02; and Heather Sinclair also features in this list coming 3rd with 71.46 %.

There were 27 PBs this week too – that’s 12% of the field.

So what is the weather going to be like on Saturday? Alas my weather app is predicting 20 C and a 30% chance of sleet.  Wrap up warm and join in the fun.

Event statistics.

Number of events: 196                  Number of runners: 8,239                             Number of runs: 58,596

Number of first finishers: 126      Number of clubs: 444                                      Number of PBs: 10,085

Average number of runners per week: 299.0                        Average number of runs per runner: 7.1 Biggest Attendance: 469         Average run time: 00:31:49

Total hours run: 3Years 200Days 7Hrs 17Min 15Secs                         Total distance run: 292,980km

Female record holder:  Sophie QUIRK - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17)

Male record holder:  Richard ALLEN - 16:46 - Event 91 (10/12/16)

Age graded record holder: Sophie QUIRK - 86.59 % - 17:54 - Event 125 (29/07/17)

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