Event 41 – 17/6/17

The One With Sun & Fun In The SunUntitled

We certainly had some summer weather for this run along with plenty of good cheer and smiles to battle through the heat of what turned into scorcher later in the day.......

192 runners came to take advantage of the fine weather whilst being looked after by 29 cheery volunteers and happy high-fivers. Despite the heat all runners completed the run splendidly with no heat related issues which totally highlighted everyones great hydration skills! Well done everyone, also to 37 runners giving Brierley the honour of their presence and a further 45 personal bests being recorded just before our mini heatwave. Before I set everyone onto the course I delivered the pre-run Brief to ensure everyone was aware of our Defib fund that is growing nicely with all the great support(more about that soon). It also gives the opportunity for runners to identify themselves for milestone runs or a tourism occasion, this week once again we had runners from all over the country again with a super special visitor from Vancouver Canada - Denise Thompson who was also celebrating her 60th birthday, thankyou for taking the time and visiting us, we certainly hope you enjoyed your time at Brierley.

It was then time to set the runners on their way ......

Leading the field home today was our current course record holder Stuart King in a blistering 16:30 only 17 seconds over of matching his own PB ...... Ben Burnham following in with 18:04 and Allan Bland in 18:31 whom both were marginally over from matching their PB's also! The ladies were brought home by Indiya Jorja Gannon with a scorching time of 22:59 chased by Jo Cropley in a time of 23:26 and Johanne LLoyd-Jones with a 24:39.

We had PB blasted today by a relatively new runner that knocked almost 6 minutes from their previous PB time! Well done Rachel Wright.

Untitled Untitled

I've looked at some stats this week from the parkrun wiki page for our run as we are approaching our first year celebration and trying to work out if any landmarks could be achieved ......We've had nearly 2,000 different participants(people) and over 1000 registrations using Brierley as their home run! So, 6,526 runners have trodden our trail, that's 32,630 km's! Will it be possible to have flown past 40,000kms by then? That would be equivalent to a full trip around the world.....think about it, all those Saturday morning runs at Brierley could have seen us all relay run around our planet!


Is anyone thinking of trying to tie in a milestone run with our anniversary? Let us know if you are on course! Just drop us a mail here to let us know brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com

you can use this address also if you want to volunteer anytime and try out one of our fantastic roles (full instructional guidance can be given)

All our photos that we are sent are kept in one big library online at our Flickr page here https://www.flickr.com/groups/brierleyforest-parkrun/




Event 40 – 10/6/17

The One that was Short and Sweet


As the rain lashed down and soaked the ground, we donned our wellies and waterproofs and grabbed our brollies and headed down to Brierley Forest ready for this weeks parkrun. With some very swift team work we were soon all set up and heading for shelter under the trees at the start line.


It was far too wet to play 'parkrun bingo' this week but we still placed our bets on how many would turn up this week. Would the rain put people off? Would we have more runners with Colwick being cancelled? It definitely looked like there were a lot less on the start line than what we've been used to, guesses ranged from 60 -70 ish...possibly our lowest attendance yet. And with the rain not stopping who could blame people for not jumping out of bed this morning? As the tailrunners crossed the line we were all pleasantly surprised to see that there were in fact 114 of you who were absolutely hardcore and killed two birds with one stone...running and showering at the same time.

Well done to all of you especially 39 of you who recorded new PB's...what an achievement! 13 of you were first timers to Brierley Forest including Colette, Ryan, Kath and Spencer, who were parkrun first timers too! Welcome to the #parkrunfamily.


Huge well done to Bret and Dan who hit the 50th parkrun milestone this weekend.


We welcomed tourists Alan from Colwick, Graham from Sheffield and also Alison, one of the RD's from Beeston.


Massive thanks this week to our fabulous hi vis heroes who happily cheered you around the course and through the finish area yesterday. Thanks go to:

Craig FREESTONE • Jodie BINCH • Katherine ROBINSON • Bec WILLIAMS • Carys WINDIBANK • Thomas BINCH • Finley BINCH • Cole WILLIAMS • Daniel BINCH • Ann GRAHAM • Edward PORTER • Roger WIESLI • Gemma BURROWS • Laura MANTON • Samantha CLARKE


If you'd like to volunteer, please do consider it. We understand a lot of you may only get the chance to run on Saturday so don't like to nag you but it would be really nice to see some of our wonderful runners join the volunteer team too. You'd still get a parkrun credit...for voluteering and after 25 stints, a purple t-shirt too to say thanks. If you tailrun you'll get a volunteer and running credit! Drop us a message on our FACEBOOK page or at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found HERE.

Yesterday, junior Ben Burnham was first over the line in 18:23, followed by Neil Cope in 18:33 and then Allan Bland in 18:34. For the women, Becky Kanalas was first (17th overall) over the line in 23:52. Junior Megan Marsden was second (31st overall) over the line in 25:11 and Alison Hogg follover the line in 25:59.

Out of the 114 of you who ran this week we only had 3 unrecorded barcodes. It would have been 2 but one poor chap had come all the way from Manchester and forgot his barcode...unfortunately he knew the score...no barcode, no exception, no time and didn't grumble. Why not treat yourself to a barcode wristband or trainer tag for working so hard at smashing PB'S? You can order them by clicking HERE.


This week, the lovely Eve collected another £20.00 from you all in spare change for the defib fund! That's £90 in 3 weeks! Amazing. Remember, we on the volunteer team cannot accept money from you so keep a look out for Eve on the start and finish line. She's collecting, counting, having the pennies checked and paying straight in online. We are now even closer to our defib total! Want to donate...click HERE and it will take you to the paying in page which work just the same as a just giving page or your favourite shopping website.

On the subject of spare change, please can we politely request you only bring small notes for the cafe. They are really struggling to give you the correct change from your £20 notes...of course Eve would never turn down your larger notes though.

Fom all of us at Brierley Forest parkrun, have a great week and we'll see you on Saturday.

Jode :-)


Event 39 – 3/6/17

The One With A Couple Of Centuries 

Today's run was met with glorious weather and a host of enthusiastic runners to sample and enjoy the delights of Brierley Forest. We once again had tourists from afar and near to try the course out with still a multitude of first timers to parkrun.


Conrad and Wayne were celebrating their 100th parkrun, how nice it was for them to use our course to mark their achievement along with a fair gabble of friends and cake for afterwards making it a truly memorable day for all.

The course was prepared and readied by our wonderful volunteers this week to which we are very grateful :Lauren BAKUNOWICZ, Thomas BINCH, Jodie BINCH, Marianne BURFORD, Emma DANDO, Abigail FITTON, Ann GRAHAM, Oliver HARVIE, Alexander HARVIE, David HERBERT, Anne Marie HERBERT, Lou HERBERT, David JACOBS, Michelle O'CONNOR, Leanne READ, Katherine ROBINSON, Roger WIESLI.

If you ever feel the need to try your hand at one of our volunteer roles please speak to one of the team on the day or email us at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com


This weeks results can be found HERE.

For now a brief roundup of some, once again, incredible efforts shown by all with the field being brought home by Jason Connell in 18:15 followed swiftly by Dave Denby-Whitt in 18:46 and Ryan Hull chasing in on 19:01. The ladies were respectively showing the way home by Alison Thurman, Jo Cropley and then Becky Kanalas with all finishing sub 24 minutes.Well done ladies. 

We've had a few tokens in the past few weeks manage to find their way home with some runners, can we all just check pockets and pouches before leaving after your runs as losing finish tokens just makes the volunteers work a little trickier each time. 

Any photos you think you may have been caught in can be found on our Flickr page.

Thank-you for taking the time to read, hope you found something useful from it, hope to see you all again soon.




Event 38 – 27/5/17

The One with the Mums and Sons


So every week, parkrun UK have a photo theme and I'm always determined to try and snap exactly what they ask for to enter it in to their gallery and every week I completely forget due to all the fun and frivolities we have at Brierley Forest. This week it was mums and sons and I'm so pleased to say I managed to grab a picture of all the mums and sons who ran together. I did forget about the volunteers and so missed out on a picture of myself and Thomas, but we're tail-running together this week so I'll make sure someone grabs a shot of us tomorrow!


The weather forecast predicted lightning and thunderstorms at 9 a.m. We were greeted instead by the beautiful sunshine and the glorious warmth we'd all been used to all week, though it did make it that little bit harder to run in. We felt a few spit spots as the last few runners and walkers came in but the heaviest rain and the rumbles of thunder held of until the tail-runners returned. Thankfully, we had a few large umbrellas to keep us dry-ish and we were just closing down the event. We all rushed up to the cafe quickly for post parkrun grub and refreshing drink.


We wished Hannah and Mike very happy birthdays from all of us at Brierley, both celebrating their 21st birthday! Although we must say life seems to have treated Hannah an awful lot better. If you have a family member or friend celebrating their birthdays when they run then let us know...we love a balloon or two!

This week 164 of you turned up at Brierley to complete parkrun. And with only eight of you not having your barcode this week it means we're closer to joining the 100% club! Please remember your barcodes, they hold vital information for us in case of emergency and of course, record your achievements each week! If you can't print them off, let one of the team know and we can sort that for you. Can we hit the 100% club before our 1st birthday?

Thirty-five first timers joined us this week, either as tourists or brand new park-runners and the lovely Penny introduced them to our course by delivering the first-timers brief. If you're planning on joining us in the future, then head up to the 'champions podium' for 8.50 a.m so you don't miss out on the brief, there's more information about the route and how parkrun works as well as a very welcoming face to greet you if you're nervous. There's also time for any questions you may have.


This week welcomed a few tourist including Joanna and Max from Huntingdon, Cambridge and Gavin form Skipton, Yorkshire.


The event was made possible by 23 volunteers. Huge thanks go to the following, without whom the event would not be able to take place.

Dan ELLIS  •  Daniel BINCH  •  Edward PORTER  •  Emma DANDO  •  Eve ELLIOTT  •  Finley BINCH  •  Gary BURNHAM  •  Harold BILLINGS  •  Harry BURNSIDE  •  Jodie BINCH  •  Leanne READ  •  Lesley GOODMAN  •  Marianne BURFORD  •  Nathan ELLIS  •  Nick BURNSIDE  •  Nicola DODDS  •  Penny MARSDEN  •  Rob PEARCE  •  Rosemary ARRIS-PRATT  •  Samantha CLARKE  •  Stephanie BIRD  •  Steve HALLETT  •  Thomas BINCH

If you'd like to have a go at any of the roles please drop us a message at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or leave us a comment on our Facebook page. We give full training for all the roles which are easy peasy and you're more than welcome to come and shadow any of the volunteers at any time to see what it's like. After 25 volunteer stints you'll be rewarded with a lovely purple parkrun tshirt to say thank you for your efforts too!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

This week Richard Robinson was first over the line in 17:12, followed by Chris Leach in 18:20 and Allan Bland was third over the line in 18:44. For the women, junior Sophie Taylor was first (12th overall) over the line in 22:16. Caitlin Dodds, also a junior, was second (25th overall) over the line in 23:57 and Melanie Yorke was third (35th overall) over the line in 25:33.

Of course, we celebrate everyone who takes part in our parkrun. Whether you run, walk or only complete one lap this week, you're all awesome! IMG_20170602_195200

We recorded 26 PB'S on Saturday and managed to get shots of a few people ringing our new PB bell, courtesy of our lovely Edward - he's also managed to fix it ready for this week! Well done to Emma, Sam, Lauren, Grace and Richard for their PB's this week - especially Richard who was a first timer persuaded to come and try parkrun by his wife Natasha and son Reece, who are Brierly Forest regulars!


That's it for this week! Looking forward to seeing you all bright and early in the morning! Don't forget your barcode!

Jode :-)


Event 37 – 20/5/17

The One Where Running Outweighs Politics!

Waiting to start and getting a pep talk: 21/05/17 

Today's run was greeted with an amazing 193 runners taking advantage of the fine turn of weather and again we had a few tourists from Chesterfield, Grantham, Barnsley and Norfolk to go back home and spread the word about how fine and picturesque our run is!

I greeted the runners, encapsulating the first timers brief with the pre run brief, so to save a bit of time to ensure that our runners were aware visitors from a local news team could be around on the course. Once briefed and all smiles at the ready, I set the timers and released the runners on their way...

parkrun 20.5.17

Our first finisher runners today were quite standard for the men ......Richard Robinson in with 17:49 closely chased by Neil Cope and Allan Bland both attaining Pb's with 18:12 & 18:25 respectively. Well done guys, showing some good form there. 

But the ladies had some new faces taking up the first few finishing slots with Alison Thurman taking the first spot coasting in with 23:19 not far behind was Indiya Jorja Gannon with 23:50 and then to complete the trio we had Caroline Davis cruising with a 24:56, well done ladies on your first visit to Brierley Forest!A full results list can be found by clicking HERE. Well done to all our runners!


We can't write a report and forget about the magic 'voluncheers' here at Brierley, as to some they are what makes our community run so special and once again they provided the most excellent support and hospitality for our runners. So as this week's RD I also have to pass on my thanks to the team that makes being a RD at Brierley as pleasure. Thank you - Stephanie Bird, Marianne Burford, Gary Burnham, Samantha Clarke, Sharron Fitton, Ian Fox, Lesley Goodman, Lou Herbert, Wayne Lowe, Lynne Lowe, Michelle O'Connor, Mark Pidcock, Leanne Read, Liz Revell, Carys  and Sarah Windibank. 

If anyone would like a try at a volunteer role please get in touch via the email at the office brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or speak to a member of the team on the day and we can sort something out. The roles are quite straightforward and easy to grasp (even for the nervous) remember it's all for fun and enjoyment and the rewards from seeing smiles all around are priceless....pay a little back and join in, it's not something you'd regret! 

We also had a 50 runner today, normally we would get a photo to prove this and highlight the achievement, but down to few technical hitches Damian Kilday will have to pose another day for this, we welcome you back anytime Damian as we know you love Brierley - who doesn't?

On some other notes don't forget we have our defib fund still ongoing, donations can be made online here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brierleyforest/aboutus/ or talk to us at an event for further guidance. 

One thing that came up today and few other times previous...although our course is relatively good for paths the start at times can be quite congested until it thins out a couple of minutes into the run. We have had a few collisions and trips within this time on the path, we understand people want to achieve or target a PB but please use caution in doing so, all I raise this point for is just to raise awareness to try help alleviate future incidents like this occurring. 

With regards


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