Event 32 – 15/4/17

The One With Bunnies All Around

It certainly looked like the Easter bunny had made a visit to Brierley park with a lot of hopping about from our volunteers we got ready to host a fantastic Easter weekend event.


Our ever eager volunteers from the Crow family once again showing support in all the right ways with signage to suit any occasion that I'm sure they would make to order!


Bringing the field home today was a tourist from Gedling core team Nickesh Patel on his first visit here clocking a great time in 18:10 whom battled it out to get that first finisher position over another fellow first timer Matthew Cobble timed in with 18:23


The ladies were brought home by Claire Watson timed in at 21:15 with Katherine Malone following swiftly behind in 21:26 and Hannah Barnett less than 30 seconds later with a great first time run here in 22:03. A full roundup of this weeks results can be found here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brierleyforest/results/latestresults/

For all of you that achieve a PB on your run and look for the bell to ring, it appears we have misplaced it somewhere so as an interim measure we have a new sign to adorn yourself with and make it into our gallery of awesomeness (only until we are directed to the whereabouts of the bell or a replacement is sought). Take a look at our gallery pics of those whom aren't too camera shy.



We later found out that our first finisher today Nickesh was celebrating his birthday too, so into the friends of Brierley cafe to wish him all the best for the day with a marvellous cake creation.


Well done to everyone for making yet another successful day at Brierley and especially to our fantastic volunteers -Harold BILLINGS, Thomas BINCH, Daniel BINCH, Jodie BINCH, Stephanie BIRD, Marianne BURFORD, Daniel CROW, Abigail CROW, Kaitlyn CROW, Emma DANDO, Joanne ESWARD, Paul FISHWICK, David HERBERT, Paul HILLMAN, Wayne LOWE, Penny MARSDEN, Edward PORTER, Leanne READ, Bec WILLIAMS, Sally WOODHEAD.

Volunteer roles are always available for events, just email the team at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or take a look at the future roster HERE.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further information of future events and occasions......

Event 31 – 8/4/17

The One with the Beautiful Spring Sunshine

Spring is definitely here and what a beautiful morning it was on Brierley yesterday as the sun shone on the blossom filled trees!

This week 156 of you ran and walked the course, 38 of you were first timers to Brierley and parkrun, so while my amazing team of volunteers went about setting up the finish area, Bec delivered the first-timers brief to all our newbies! We had tourists from Leeds, Milton Keynes and Yeovil this week.
20170408_100222  20170408_093701
Some of you may have spotted our new signs around the course but they were totally upstaged by our awesome junior marshals Abigail and Kaitlyn who had spent their evenings making their own power up signs. Their signs were a huge hit, and with over 40 of you getting new PB's this week we definitely think they should bring their run faster signs with them again next time they come.
The event was made possible by 20 volunteers. Huge thank you to all of them as always.

Abigail CROW  •  Bec WILLIAMS  •  Claire WATSON  •  Cole WILLIAMS  •  Craig LINACRE  •  Daniel BINCH  •  Daniel CROW  •  Edward PORTER  •  Emma DANDO  •  Gary BURNHAM  •  Harold BILLINGS  •  Ian FOX  •  Jodie BINCH  •  Kaitlyn CROW  •  Lauren BAKUNOWICZ  •  Leanne READ  •  Nick BURNSIDE  •  Owen SKINNER  •  Rachel SKINNER  •  Wayne LOWE

If you'd like to volunteer in the future, drop us a message at brierleyeforesthelpers@parkrun.com and we'll add you to the roster. We will show you how to carry out any of our roles which are really easy and lots of fun!


Both the male and female first finishers this week were juniors! Setting a brilliant example to all our younger runners. Well done to Ben Burnham who was first over the line in 17:48 and Sophie Taylor who crossed the line in 22:49. Second male over the line was Luke Beresford in 18:07 followed by Dave Denby-Whitt in 18:38. Jo Cropley was our second female over the line in 24:00 with Wendy Conibear following in 25:06. Full results can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

Huge well done to everyone who ran or walked our course yesterday but special mentions go to Craig Jeacock who ran his 50th parkrun and junior Colby Hodson who ran his 10th parkrun.


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Jode :-)


Event 30 – 1/4/17

The One with the Hats

It was the Running Wilburys takeover morning & hats were the dress code for the lovely volunteers.


Emma West (Run Director), mustered the troops, dispatched the marshalls to their positions, completed her final checks & invited everybody to the start for the essential pre run safety brief.

158 people (including 30 first timers) set off to experience and enjoy the delights of running through Brierley Forest. Many congratulations to 54 people who achieved new personal bests.

Nick Luke was first over the line in 18:36, followed by Glen Baird 18:50 and Allan Bland third over the line in 19:11.  Gayle GAMBLE was first female (25th overall) over the line in 24:46, Keely HODSON was second over the line in 25:29, followed by
Alison BATTY over the line in 25:38.

A massive thank you to all of the volunteers who give up their Saturday morning to make sure that parkrun was delivered safely.

Samantha BLEASE, Sarah BRADBURY, Marianne BURFORD, Gary BURNHAM, Abigail CROW, Daniel CROW, Kaitlyn CROW, Ian FOX, Jenny HAYWOOD, David HERBERT, Paul HILLMAN, Richard JAMES, Craig LINACRE, Louise LINACRE, Imogen LINACRE, Sue LOMAS, Wayne LOWE, Paul MOON, Mark PIDCOCK, Edward PORTER, Conrad WATSON, Claire WATSON, Emma WEST, Paul WILLIAMS, Lisa WILLIAMS, Sally WOODHEAD

If you want to keep up to date with all our latest news, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and pop over to our Flickr page to see if you can see yourself amongst all of our fabulous park runners and volunteers.

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Event 29 – 25/3/17

The One with the Selston Superstar’s Graduation


This weekend’s event was quite a celebration and as always we did this how we know best…with lots of cake!   Once again, we decorated the park in purple and green balloons as we welcomed the Selston Superstars who ran our course to graduate from their ‘C25K’ Beginners programme that is offered to women all over Nottinghamshire by Notts Women Runners.


These programmes are completely free and are run by qualified run-leaders like the lovely Kirstie who as well as celebrating her groups graduation was also completing her 50th parkrun with us!


Lots of people turn up just before the start time this week who were injured or not fancying a run so decided to come down last minute and volunteer to marshal instead.

As a result we filled all of our marshal spots and had extra 'voluncheers' around the course! Thank you to all our hi-vis heroes this week who went above and beyond, blowing up balloons, timekeeping, barcode scanning  and handing out high fives to all of our runners!

Christopher • Clair • Daniel • Diane • Edward • Emma • Gary • Harold • Helen • Ian• Jayne • Jodie • Julia • Katherine • Liz • Marianne • Michelle • Nick • Rose • Sam • Sharron

194 people ran, jogged and walked the course this Saturday, 44 of whom were first timers to parkrun and/or Brierley Forest and we recorded a massive 64 new PBs.


Huge 'WELL DONES' go to Jayne and Lauren who have both been chasing sub 30 PB’S for a while. With determination both completed their goal, Jayne ran the course in 29:05 and Lauren smashed out a sub 28 in 27.55 with a little encouragement from our professional pacer Ian. Congratulations also go to Ian who ran his 50th milestones as well as Alex who ran his 100th.


Kristian Watson was first over the line in 16:39, a new PB! Philip Nind was second over the line in 16:58 and Ben Burnham was third over the line in 18:25. Kirstine Herbert, was the first female over the line in 22:39. Followed by Louise Whysall in 24:50 and Sarah Johnson in 25:27. Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest Results Page.


Of course, how better to celebrate all these achievements than with cake and we had plenty of that this week thanks to the lovely Lauren. A keen Brierley Forest parkrunner and volunteer, Lauren requested to hold a cake sale for us in order to raise funds for our defibrillator and what an amazing job she did! All of her 'Roseybakes' cakes sold out, with many people coming to find me to ask where the cakes were being sold. Lauren raised a whopping £140 which has been added to our donations pot.

If you haven't had the chance to donate yet and would like to please click HERE to help us. In light of the recent tragedy at a local parkrun, to which we all send our condolences, it is more important than ever to secure a defibrillator on Brierley Forest for our use and all of the park users who pass through our beautiful grounds. We thank you all for your donations so far!


For all our latest news follow our FB page and you can find us on Instagram too. To see if you've been captured with flying feet by our photographers, pop over to our FLICKR page.

Tomorrow local running group 'The Running Wilburys' are taking over so make sure you have your trainers and barcodes at the ready.

Jode :-)


Event 28 – 18/3/17

The One with the Sutton Harriers Takeover

Security measures were put in place to prevent the home baked cakes being eaten before the finish!


A big thank you to Claire Watson who took the time to bake cakes that would have scored highly in any 'Bake-Off'.... I believe she received & duly declined at least 4 marriage proposals!

Harold Billings (Run Director) mustered the troops, dispatched the marshals to their positions, completed his final checks & invited everybody to the start for the essential pre-run safety brief.


162 people (including 25 first timers) set off to experience and enjoy the delights of running through Brierley Forest. Many congratulations to 56 people who achieved new personal bests.

Allan Bland was first over the line in 18:55, followed by Nigel Howard in19:22 and Nick Burnside third over the line in 19:31.

A massive thank you to all of the volunteers who give up their Saturday morning to make sure that parkrun was delivered safely.

Thank you......

Donna, Helen, Harold, Daniel, Gary, Helen, Melanie, Daniel, Emma, Brian, Nicola, Darren , Kirstie, Ian, Caitlin, Paul, Ian, Tony , Anne Marie, Bethany, Angela, Richard, Tracy, Molly, Isabelle, Wayne, Nick, Anton, Edward, Claire, Kristian and Conrad.


This Saturday the Notts Women Runners 'Selston Superstars' will be joining us as they graduate from their Beginners 'Nought to 5K' course. Please help us celebrate this fantastic achievement with them. It's also their run-leader Kristie's 50th parkrun too so there will be lots of cake to celebrate! Our lovely parkrunner Lauren will be selling her homemade cupcakes to raise money for our DEFIB fund so please bring some extra pennies for after your breakfast.

If you want to keep up to date with all our latest news, check out out our Facebook and Instagram pages and pop over to our Flickr page to see if you can see yourself amongst all of our fabulous photos.

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