Event 57 – 7/10/17

The One Where The 'Unlucky For Some' Could Have Been The Unlucky Run

But alas, it was meant to be, as 13 years ago, 13 runners ran a park time trial just to try something new. Ringing round a few friends and agreeing to meet at 9 am with just five volunteers to bring us a free-to-enter, volunteer-led 5K run. So, thanks to that original gang and the band of loyal followers, the growth of parkrun has become somewhat of a phenomenon. Providing these runs every week in 1,250 parks/places around the world, its ability to be a free event is down to the volunteers from the local community coming together as highlighted this week at Brierley Forest where we had all 23 of these guys manning the stations to bring you no less of what you expect each week. Thanks go to:

Ann Graham, Claire Watson, Conrad Watson(Me), Daniel Crow, Edward Porter, Elaine Woodbridge, Emma Cable, Emma Dando, Jackie, Steve & Ted Hallett, Lesley Goodman, Mark Pidcock, Megan Thorp, Nick Burnside, Paul Frith, Paul Hillman, Richard James, Roger Wiesli, Sally Woodhead, Samantha Blease, Stephanie Bird and Wayne Lowe.

Volunteering is such fun, come along and give it a go!

And talking of volunteers both Claire Watson & Edward Porter clocked up their 25th volunteering milestone. Well done and thank you to you both.

With the Briefing completed 196 men, women, boys & girls set off to complete the two lap course #run&talk

The first runner home was Ben Burnham with a PB of 17:23. Three of the juniors (15-17) finished in top 5 places, Lewis Boswell (3rd) in 19:15 & Adam Knights (4th) with a PB of 19:16. For the ladies, Lisa Staley was first (25th overall) over the line in 22:59 - first appearance, closely followed in by Fleur Pickering (27th) in a time of 23:13, with Rachel Moore third (30th overall) over the line in 23:24, well done ladies, excellent effort.

More pictures from today and other days can be found on our FLICKR page.

30 of the participants were first timers to Brierley with 39 people celebrating in obtaining PB's.


Why not be like Bill and volunteer? It's great fun & very rewarding. If you would like to volunteer please email: brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com or have a chat with one of the volunteers on the day and see what roles available on a date to suit you.


I've enjoyed my role as Run Director this week and would like to thank all those involved, be it runners or volunteers. It makes my Saturday mornings to be able to mingle with such wonderful people in great surroundings. Enjoy parkrun wherever it may take you and consider this;

'Running can help relieve stress & anxiety, along with improving self confidence.'

Come along to a place where you can #run&talk!

That's it from me this week, thanks again to all



Event 56 – 30/9/17

The One Where Coop Took Over



Finding out that Co-op were now supporting parkrun is fantastic news and Castlewood wanted to get involved as we are just starting to set-up our community projects in the local area. In total we've raised £18.46 million for UK causes as our way of giving back to our local communities we have also raised £11,400 for the causes around Castlewood. All through our membership scheme, where as a member every time you shop at Co-op 1% of what you spend on selected own brand products and services goes to the Co-op local community fund! If you want to find out more or how you can work with us then contact your local store. We arrived at 08:15... not really knowing what we'd volunteered ourselves for & Dave was late! Dave tried to set us to work unsuccessfully and after a few attempts took charge as our run director wasn't exactly directing (ANDY!).


Alex (Engagement Support Assistant) was trusted to give the first-timers their brief despite not having a clue what she was doing herself. Being the smallest there, she stood on the old horse mount, gave the instructions and then sent them down to Dave at the start line.


Dave then gave the brief, despite Andy (Store Risk Assessor) being the run director. He explained that Coop would be taking over, asked if there was any newbies, if anyone had forgotten their barcode, if there was any "tourists" and some health & safety! The further tourists were from SOUTHEND!

As Dave started the race (better late than never!), the time-keepers, Lou (HR Advisor) & Leanne (regular volunteer)started the clock! Alex & Gert (Alex's Granny) took off after the runners tail-walking. As our participants went around the track, they met our Co-op marshals Neil (Transport Shift Manager), Carl (Warehouse Manager) & Anita (Carl's wife).

The first runner Jenson CONNELL came in at 17:47 to a funnel managed by Sylvia (Customer Service Manager) & handed their token by Bethany. On receipt of their token, their barcodes were scanned by our Stock & Admin dynamic duo Jack (Stock Manager) and Damian (Stock Team Manager).Fleur PICKERING was first lady finisher today with 22:28

We had a few runners making thier debuts @ Brierley whilst some were also smashing their Pbs, plus 10 runs with the buggy is a pretty important milestone to some too. Well done everyone for all the efforts today.

This week 195 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part. For a more detailed view of the results today you can see them here



Team Castlewood thoroughly enjoyed taking over Brierley Forest parkrun especially the well deserved cake, tea & dog treat at the end. Thank you to Brierley Forest for letting us take over.


Event 55 – 23/9/17

The One that's Short but Sweet

This week 170 people ran and walked Brierley Forest parkrun.  We had a whopping 17 parkrun first-timers...well done to Stuart and Ian, Rob, Dawn, Garland, Amy, Jodie, Brooke and Lauren to name a few. 


We also had 12 tourists visit Brierley Forest on Saturday including the lovely Sonya from Coventry and Jo and Phil from Watnall.


We recorded a HUGE 53 brand new PB's. Absolutely fantastic! You're all spoilt for choice now for PB celebration pictures. We have the 'You're Awesome' PB board, Penny has kindly donated a new PB bell and the lovely Edward has bought Monty Bear too...who seems to be very popular! Well done to Sarah and Karen who both came for PB photos.


Thank you to all of our volunteers this week who jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn to set up the event for you! Hi-fives go to:

Peter, Dave, Jode, Marianne, Thomas, Joanna, Chris, Cassidy, Sam, Lou, Lauren, Clair, Edward, Sarah, Roger, Ted, Jackie, Barry and Emma.


Fancy a go? Email us as brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or catch us at parkrun.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

Congratulations this week to junior Jenson Connell who was first over the line in 17:40, followed closely by Nick Luke also in 19:00 and then Roland Allatt who was third over the line in 19:23.


For the women, Gemma Pashley was first (10th overall) over the line in 21:42. Junior Grace Lane was second (30th overall) over the line in 24:16. Drew Alletson, another junior, was third (36th overall) over the line in 24:49. Well done girls!


For all our latest news follow our FACEBOOK page. Pop over to our FLICKR page to see if you can spot your face amongst our gallery.

See you all tomorrow, bright and early! Don't forget your barcode...

Jode :-)


Event 54 – 16/9/17

 The One After The Birthday Parade..

Here we are once again, hopefully you've all had a good week and ready to read about last weeks run.

One thing we do notice at Brierley is the amount of first timers we constantly keep getting! Now I'm normally one for statistics and calculating an exact figure to underline the facts, but looking back over the past 12 months(54 runs!) approximately 25% of the runners are first timers each week and that leaves me wondering just how many of them will return and when they do, will they all come at once? It would certainly smash our attendance record! Not sure if our paths and start area could cope though! On the plus side it does reflect not just how popular Brierley is becoming or how good parkrun actually is, more the fact that more and more people are embracing the love for running and being rewarded from the great community spirit that is shown by everyone that attends. Lets take this as a giant step forward and continue to spread the word on how it sets your Saturday mornings alive and see just how many more we can get to join us, Good work everyone, your efforts never go un-noticed! So, if your reading this and you were a first timer this week, we look forward to welcoming you back whenever your ready!

So on with this weeks other news....

Remember during the pre run brief, I introduced Amelia Arbon, a junior under 10 years runner doing her 52nd run today, well, she completed that in a fantastic time of 27:49, I believe her aim of doing 100 parkruns raising funds on the way for the Guide Dogs For The Blind is going to raise not just alot of money but awareness for how hard some people will work for something that is truly worth the effort! Well done Amelia, you're doing amazing x

I also introduced a new member of the team with a fair bit more fur than most of us and although some laughs were heard at the prospect that 'Monty' the PB bear would be willing to share some time at the finish for those that achieved, we had a fair few willing to pose for pictures with Monty to welcome him to the team! But to those that did attain a new PB, well done, you rock...keep it going!


Untitled UntitledUntitled UntitledUntitledUntitled Untitled UntitledUntitled

If you hadn't worked it out, Monty is the teddybear in the centre of most pictures! Look at all those smiling faces, fantastic to see and such a great welcome to Monty. I'm sure Monty will have his work cut out holding that pose for quite a few more pictures in the future.


The event was made possible by 17 volunteers who were; Lauren Bakunowicz, Claire Watson, David, Lou & Danielle Herbert • Damian Kilday, Amanda Waring, Louise Mellor, Michael Woods, Steve, Emily & Ethan Hallett, Roger Wiesli, Penny Marsden, Carrie Shaw, Patricia Ellis, Linda Meyrick, Ted & Jackie Hallett

Volunteer spots are always available if anyone would like to try, just get in touch with us at the office via email here - brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com  or you can chat with us on the day and we can add you to the roster. If you'd like to know more about volunteer roles and what each role entails doing you can read up on it here

We have a future takeover on 30th September (I know short notice) but these guys were keen to make a mark to be the first ones in the country since the announcement a couple of weeks ago about being a parkrun supporter! So the local depot management team have put it out to all within the depot and local stores to provide a full team of volunteers and show they are ready and willing to put something back into the community. It also gives them a stage to highlight some services that are available that maybe some of you didn't know about, thus making their support for parkrun even more sustainable. So, please make an effort to attend and show your support and appreciation to Team CO-OP.



This week 203 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 56 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be


Event 53 – 9/9/17

The One that was OUR 1st BIRTHDAY!!!


And what a brilliant first birthday party it was! Thank you to all 258 of you who turned up to run and walk around the course this weekend and to all of you who donned a superhero or villain costume as you took part. It really has been a talking point down on Brierley over the past few days. I've bumped into many local residents and park users over the past week, who have asked me why there were so many in fancy dress out and about on Saturday morning.


All of your costumes were fantastic, from an evil chicken to a repeat visit from our friend Gorilla. Batman, Robin, Spiderman and Wonder Woman to name a few but a special mention has to go to 'Tea-Towel Man' who was an absolute firm favourite amongst us all.


The past year since our inaugural run has gone so fast. As if a year doesn't pass by quickly enough when you're an adult anyway...a parkrun year absolutely flies past! No sooner have you packed away the equipment and processed the results by 11 am one Saturday, it's 8.15 am the next Saturday and time to get it all back out again, reset the timers and clear the scanners.


We have gone from 100 ish runners a week to easily around 200. This week was our highest attendance so far. Only beating the previous record by 7 but a great surprise all the same for our first birthday. Since Brierley Forest parkrun started on 10th September 2016, some 2,330 different participants have completed the course as well as 8,798 other parkruns around the world between themselves, covering a total distance of 43,990 km. To put that into perspective, our regular runners and tourists to Brierley Forest have, between them, ran and walked the circumference of our planet Earth (40, 075km) and more. An absolutely epic achievement!


With all the runs and walks come PB'S. An astounding 2,158 of which have been recorded over the year with 58 of those this Saturday alone! Well done this week to regulars Ben Burnham, Claire Watson and Richard Meeks who bagged new PB's. I can't possibly list you all but the week's full results can be found HERE.


Our course records are still held by Libby Coleman who recorded a time of 18:49 on 31st December 2016 (event number 17) and Stuart King, who recorded a time of 16:13 on 18th February 2017 (event number 24). I wonder if they will be broken over the next year?

A full breakdown of our event history can be found HERE or in my little green diary...how much did you laugh at me on that first event and say it wouldn't last Dave?  ;-)


This week Richard Robinson was first over the line in 17:16, followed by Ben Burnham in 17:24 and Kristian Watson, third over the line in 17:25.


Claire Watson was first female (13th overall) over the line in 20:32, with junior 
Sophie Taylor second (28th overall)  in 22:33 and Johanne Lloyd-Jones who was third (52nd overall) over the line in 24:29.


Taking a look over the past year, we've had some incredibly fun times. From tail-walking the trial event and feeling it being the start of something special to watching regular walkers complete just one lap and now running both. Singing and dancing at our first Halloween spectacular and Santa visiting us and presenting our pom-pom shaking Emma with her very own marshal sign. We helped our favourite South African Edward celebrate his birthday with cake and gave him his own marshal sign too. We've had takeovers from the Sutton Harriers, The Running Wilburys and all our little junior parkrunners and health and safety risk assessments making sure our ever wonderful RD's don't sustain injuries from falling on their backsides...Rebecca! Visits from a 'golden barcode' parkrun pioneer and our 'Olympic champions'. You excelled yourself raising a monumentous amount of money for our defib fund in such a small amount of time. We are pleased to say this has been ordered and we are currently waiting for an installation date. And how can we forget being presented with an appreciation award from ADC and a volunteer recognition certificate too!


Of course it is with massive thanks from all of us to our fantastic volunteers that this event can even happen. Week in week out, come rain or shine they arrive at 8.15 am to set up the event for you. Some 239 different volunteers have helped throughout the year from tail-walking to barcode scanning, giving up their time the day before a race or whilst recovering from an injury. Our birthday shenanigans were made possible by 32 volunteers. Thanks go to:

Peter WEATHERILL • David HERBERT • Anne Marie HERBERT • Bethany HERBERT • Danielle HERBERT • Emma DANDO • Jodie BINCH • Leanne SLATER • Thomas BINCH • Finley BINCH • Mark PIDCOCK • Lou HERBERT • Michael WOODS • Daniel BINCH • Melanie COOK • Helen BURNHAM • Penny MARSDEN • Isabella WATSON • Sophie WATSON • Clair BRITTON • Leanne READ • Alyson MORGAN • Julia BACON • Claire BOOTH • Ruby BOOTH • Lesley GOODMAN • Sam CLARKE • Patricia ELLIS • Charlotte SABIN • Liz SABIN • Ted HALLETT • Jackie HALLETT


If you'd like to have a go, drop us a message at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com OR comment on one of our FACEBOOK posts.

Well done and thank you to Thomas and Leanne who both completed their 25th volunteering stint on our birthday, our present to them...a lovely, purple 25 volunteer tshirt to wear with pride.

This week we welcomed tourists from Barnsley and Hull. The Selston Superstars and some princess from a planet called Alderaan or somewhere. I've learn't more geography in a year at parkrun than 20 odd years of being educated and educating! Thanks to all of our tourists, I now have a greater understanding of places such as Portsmouth, Cardiff, Kent that are southern from us and Newcastle and Manchester above us. I'm glad to say I was already able to locate Canada, Dubai and Australia.


Congratulations also to go Darren and Skyla, father and daughter, who completed their 50th and 10th runs with us and to tourist Jamie Gould, who completed his 50th and junior Reece Carver who completed his 10th too. Reece's little sister Astor also completed her very first parkrun on Saturday. Well done all!



You can see how much I love photo's but did you know that you can search through more of these amazing shots over on our FLICKR page. We're extremely lucky to have some top contributors to our parkrun photo pool so have a nosey and see if you can spot yourself.

And so to the end of the report...

From Dave and myself and all of the team we wish to thank you all. Runners, walkers, children, dogs and volunteers for making this happen every week! To our lovely cafe volunteers who supply us with hot cuppas and tasty sausage cobs every week. Over the past year we have made so many friends and memories. We’ve successfully bought together a community and supported our local park. We thank you all for making Brierley Forest parkrun a success. Here’s to the next year!

I shall leave you with what is arguably one of my favourite running quotes and what is still my favourite Brierley Forest parkrun picture so far...




Till next time...

Jode :-)

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