Event 23 – 18/3/17

The One with the Sutton Harriers Takeover

Security measures were put in place to prevent the home baked cakes being eaten before the finish!


A big thank you to Claire Watson who took the time to bake cakes that would have scored highly in any 'Bake-Off'.... I believe she received & duly declined at least 4 marriage proposals!

Harold Billings (Run Director) mustered the troops, dispatched the marshals to their positions, completed his final checks & invited everybody to the start for the essential pre-run safety brief.


162 people (including 25 first timers) set off to experience and enjoy the delights of running through Brierley Forest. Many congratulations to 56 people who achieved new personal bests.

Allan Bland was first over the line in 18:55, followed by Nigel Howard in19:22 and Nick Burnside third over the line in 19:31.

A massive thank you to all of the volunteers who give up their Saturday morning to make sure that parkrun was delivered safely.

Thank you......

Donna, Helen, Harold, Daniel, Gary, Helen, Melanie, Daniel, Emma, Brian, Nicola, Darren , Kirstie, Ian, Caitlin, Paul, Ian, Tony , Anne Marie, Bethany, Angela, Richard, Tracy, Molly, Isabelle, Wayne, Nick, Anton, Edward, Claire, Kristian and Conrad.


This Saturday the Notts Women Runners 'Selston Superstars' will be joining us as they graduate from their Beginners 'Nought to 5K' course. Please help us celebrate this fantastic achievement with them. It's also their run-leader Kristie's 50th parkrun too so there will be lots of cake to celebrate! Our lovely parkrunner Lauren will be selling her homemade cupcakes to raise money for our DEFIB fund so please bring some extra pennies for after your breakfast.

If you want to keep up to date with all our latest news, check out out our Facebook and Instagram pages and pop over to our Flickr page to see if you can see yourself amongst all of our fabulous photos.


Event 27 – 11/3/17

The One with the 4000th Runner!

This week, 148 people ran, jogged and walked the course! We had lots of first timers to Brierley Forest and an unbelievable amount of Personal Bests this Saturday...41 to be exact!


A very special mention goes to mother and son Ruth and Max who have both been walking the course regularly but not completing it fully until this week when they both passed through the finish funnel and had their barcodes scanned for the first time. An amazing achievement and pure dedication!


Well done also to Susan and Georgina who rang the PB bell as well this week and to our awesome juniors Colby, Freya, Eryn and Ava, who received a virtual run medal for completing their 5k's...Eryn and Ava both got new PB's as well! Double whammy! 


This Saturday Nick Luke was first over the line in 19:07, followed by Andrew Ridgeway in 19:51 and Ian Clews, third over the line in 20:42.


Well done to Olivia Deacon, visiting us from Gedling parkrun, who was our first female finisher over the line in 24:53, her first appearance at Brierley Forest. Sarah Johnson was second over the line in 26:03 and Rachel Allin followed in 26:09.

As always, we say a massive THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, 28 of which gave up their Saturday morning this week to make sure parkrun happened for you. 


Thank you to...

Abigail • Abigail • Adie • Alex • Amanda • Anne Marie • Bec • Claire • Daniel • Daniel • David • Edward • Finley • Freya • Gemma • Isabella • Jodie • Kaitlyn • Laura • Leanne • Mark • Sam • Sharon • Sharron • Sophie • Stephanie • Steven • Thomas

But especially to these two little beauties below who stood handing out sweeties to you all at the finish line!



We treated our 50th runner to a Terry's Chocolate Orange on Saturday in recognition of being the 4000th runner to cross the finish line! Mark Donaldson was extremely pleased to receive the gift! He had his eye on the prize from the word GO! apparently.


Joining the '25 CLUB' is our fabulous volunteer Bec who qualifies for her purple parkrun volunteer t-shirt! Well done Bec and thank you for all your help every week. Fancy earning yourself and exclusive volunteer t-shirt...just pop your name down on our roster. Email us at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or let the Run Director on the day know. Full training is given but to be honest all roles are as easy as ABC! 


We had 12 UNKNOWN runners on our results this week. We appreciate you sometimes forget your barcode but if you are NOT registered and DON'T have a barcode printed please, please do register soon. Your barcode has your emergency details on, so should anything happen to you out on our course we know who you are and we can get medical assistance to you ASAP! If you are registered but you're struggling to print your barcode, please forward it to us and we'll happily print it for you ready for the Saturday morning.


The love Sutton Harriers are taking over our parkrun this Saturday! What does this mean? Well, parkrun will happen as normally, but your usual team will be a member of the Sutton Harriers. They're also providing pacers for everything from 17 minutes to 40 minutes to help you around the course. We'll all be running with you for a change and we're all very excited to see Brierley Forest from the other side!

On the 25th March the Notts Women Runners 'Selston Superstars' will be joining us as they graduate from their Beginners 'Nought to 5K' course! Please help us celebrate this fantastic achievement with them. It's their run-leader Kirstie's 50th parkrun too so there will be lots of cake to celebrate! As well as a 'Mother's Day cake sale to raise some more pennies for our defib fund! Everyone loves cake so bring extra pennies for after your breakfast.

If you want to keep up to date with all our latest news, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and pop over to our Flickr page to see if you can see yourself amongst all our fabulous photos.

Happy hump day!

See you Saturday.

Jode :-)


Event 26 – 4/3/17

The One With The Unexpectedly Hungry Tourists

My mission to complete every parkrun in the East Midlands region took me up the M1 to the beautiful Brierley Forest this week where myself and my touring buddies were treated to a gorgeous course and quite possibly the best value post-run breakfast in the country. The breakfast was so inviting that even the members of my party who had already eaten prior to their run opted to indulge in a second meal of the day before 10 o’clock had even struck! I momentarily pondered the possibility I’d travelled back in time when I was told that my two sandwiches and two drinks came to less than four English pounds. And it wasn’t just cheap, it was tasty too!

On to the run itself and despite getting caught in some traffic at the start I soon settled into a pleasant plod around an extremely pretty setting. The little unique touches that each event add to the mix make parkruns memorable for me and it was a rare pleasure indeed to have someone shake their pom-poms at me each time we passed Emma’s Corner. The volunteers were all incredibly encouraging and welcoming and enhanced our visit. Definitely an event I’ll recommend to others.

Ten people took part in their maiden parkrun voyage, a warm welcome and hearty congratulations to Deborah SOMERSET-MALIA, Joshua PERRY, Jake HARRISON, Adele MARLOW, Lauren MELLOR, Emma TOMKINS, Niki HOBSON, Andrew WOOD, Lewis ROBINSON and Julia BACON. There were a further 27 runners experiencing the Brierley Forest course for the first time in their parkrun careers.

An impressive 44 runners earned the right to ring the PB bell, 26% of the total field but more notably a whopping 35% of the runners eligible for a course PB having run at Brierley Forest more than once. Speedy work indeed with puddles aplenty to dodge after the recent inclement weather.

No participants hit a parkrun club milestone this week. There were 9 members of the 100 club, 15 from the 50 club and 5 members of the junior 10 club taking part.

A little look at those speedy souls who made it over the line first, clearly incentivised by trying to get to the front of the breakfast queue for a bargain bacon sarnie!

Male placings:

Tim CLAYTON (VM50-54) of Ripley RC, was first over the line in 17:47 - first time in 2 appearances.
Ben BURNHAM (JM15-17) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, was second over the line in 18:02 - was first to finish once before.
Nick LUKE (VM55-59) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, was third over the line in 19:09.

Female placings:

Michelle WILLCOCKS (SW30-34) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, was first (9th overall) over the line in 20:52 - 4th time in 4 appearances.
Claire WATSON (SW30-34) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, was second (25th overall) over the line in 22:59 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions.
Susan BEDFORD (VW45-49) of Belper Ten Twenty Triathlon Club, was third (35th overall) over the line in 23:47.

After run #26, there have been 3,950 parkruns completed at Brierley Forest so next week’s 50th finisher will be the 4,000th person over the line in the history of the event.

We had a fabulous morning out visiting Brierley Forest, thank you to everyone involved in putting on such a great run.

A little reminder that parkrun only survives with the help of its wonderful volunteers give up their time to make the event happen. A huge thanks to this week’s hi-viz heroes:

Amanda ABSON, Harold BILLINGS, Daniel BINCH, Jodie BINCH, Stephanie BIRD, Marianne BURFORD, Harry BURNSIDE, Nick BURNSIDE, Emma DANDO, Huw DAVIES, Abigail FITTON, Sharron FITTON, Sharon GRANGER, David HERBERT, Richard JAMES, Penny MARSDEN, Edward PORTER, Leanne READ, Sian THORNTON.

Volunteering is good for the soul, if you haven’t given it a go yet, or even if you have, think about sticking your name down on the roster and taking your turn. Full training is given for any of the roles and it really is great fun to see an event take place from the other side.

Give the core team a shout on the Facebook page or by email brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.comif you can help.


Event 25 – 25/2/17

The One with the PB's!


This week began a little on the chilly side as I arrived to start getting ready for our volunteers. They flocked in, as always willing to help with everything, full of smiles and news of their week.

The finish funnel was set up and our marshals all trotted off with their signs, cones and smiles! Emma on her corner of course, Edward on his T-junction, Amanda setting up both sides of the pond and Tracey and her girls Molly and Isabelle at the Dinosaur Egg.

We had tourists from Braunstone and Southampton joining our regulars. 128 of you were glad to be off on your way after 1st timers brief from Jode and the pre run brief from me as quickly as possible so you didn't freeze! Ian Fox ably pacing for us at 30 mins (he was spot on his time - very clever) and Nick and Leanne brought up the rear tail-running.


The finish funnel crew moved to the tree tunnel to cheer our runners through and encourage them onto their second lap. We had Bec funnel managing and handing out the tokens, with Daniel and Helen time keeping and Jode and Kat scanning your barcodes.

Soon enough our first finisher Dave Denby Whitt crossed the line in 19:18 and was followed quickly by David Blount in 19:52 and Scott Collier in 20:15. We had Sarah Johnson as first lady in 25:52, then Alison Batty in 26:35 and Rachel Allin in 26:59.

PB's 2 25th Feb 17

Our parkrunners run and walk against themselves and their previous times and are quite rightly over the moon when they get a PB as promised here are some of them showing this sentiment.

PB's 25th Feb 17

It was off to the cafe in the Visitors Centre for some of their great value, tasty grub and a cuppa where Harry and Paul sorted all the tokens and popped them all back on their holders.

All that remains is to hope you enjoyed the read and thank all our wonderful volunteers:

Amanda  •  Bec  •  Daniel  •  Edward  •  Emma  •  Harry  •  Helen  •  Ian  •  Isabelle  •  Jodie •  Katherine  •  Leanne  •  Marianne  •  Molly  •  Nick •  Paul •  Tracey

See you tomorrow for more fun!

Marianne x


Event 24 – 18/2/17

The One with Risk Assessments and Record Breakers


It was a busy morning again this week on Brierley with 198 of you joining us to take part in this week's parkrun.

The weather was a little kinder to us all with much milder temperatures than last week, much to the relief of our volunteers who had only just regained feeling back in their toes from the previous week cheering you on in the snow!

A huge thank you to this weeks heroes:

* Abigail * Andrew * Cole * Craig F * Craig J * Dan * Edward * Emma * Harold * Helen * Ian * Jode  * Leanne * Marianne * Nic * Paul * Ruby * Sharron * Shaun *

If you would like to join our fantastic team of volunteers (we guarantee you will love it!), just drop us an email to brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com and we can pop you on the roster.

A few of you may have witnessed my epic stunt during my last RD brief...not ever to be repeated thanks to our co-ED Jode, who sensibly decided to carry out a risk assessment prior to my brief. A coned off section at the bottom of the banking, hi-vis vest, a caution sign and bubble wrap were introduced to ensure I had no slip ups this week! It worked, despite my lack of adequate footwear :) .


So on with the show! It seemed a fast course this week. Whether this is due to the tree tunnel being barked and being less of a mud pit I am not sure, but no sooner were we counting down to the start, we were cheering on the first runner for his second lap!

This week the course record was broken by Stuart King, finishing in a time of 16:13 and taking the crown from Richard Robinson. Well done Stuart on an impressive run!


Shortly behind Stuart, came Samual Moakes in 17:34 and Ben Burnham was third over the line in 18:24. This weeks ladies were lead home by Jo Cropley over the line in 24:30, followed by Rosemary Arris-Pratt in 25:23 with Melanie Yorke third (58th overall) over the line in 25:49.

The park saw 37 first timers and 65 recorded new Personal Bests at event 24. Don't forget to give our PB bell a ring and grab a pic like these guys did this week:

2017-02-20_10-49-09 20170218_093630

This week we also had a parkrunner with a double celebration. Paul Rhodes ran his 100th parkrun with us on his 40th birthday!  We gifted Paul with the best present he could have asked for - another free timed 5k event next week!!

Our volunteers headed back to the cafe to join a few of you for a post run brew and breakfast cob. Here the volunteers carry on working, collating the events data, processing the results and sorting the tokens for next week. Paul was all smiles until he discovered that ANOTHER token had gone home with someone. We are having more and more tokens go missing each week. We only have a small amount of replacements so please, please ensure that once you have been given your finish token that you hand it back in to our barcode scanners or pop it in our golden pot within the barcode scanning area. This week it is token 191, did you take it with you by mistake? We would really like it back so if you are visiting us again feel free to hand it in to the RD that day or to one of our volunteers. We will be eternally grateful :) .


Don't forget that you can keep up to date with any news by following us on Facebook and Instagram. All our event pics are over on our Flickr page. Feel free to add any snaps you may have taken too!

That's all from me, happy hump day!

See you next week,

Bex :)


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