Event 49 – 12/8/17

The One With The New Water Feature

I have to admit I was a little excited for Saturday's run and that seems to be growing each day we get closer to our 1st birthday event in 4 weeks or for those that work on calendar dates -  9th September 2017.
We will be celebrating and rejoicing on this day with a little 5 km run around our lovely park with a host of fantastic 'voluncheers', banners, streamers and balloons, followed by lots of cake and excitement! We would also like to add a bit more colour so we thought a Superhero/Villian theme to the day would bring this, partnered with releasing the inner kid from within us all....does it show that we're a little excited about it? Well, I am!

So much so, that during the run brief I overlooked to mention the Water Feature that had sprung from nowhere at our second lap junction. As a team we did our up-most to alert runners approaching the flowing water and can only hope it didn't dampen your enjoyment during your run. Whatever the issue causing this flow of water was I'm sure it will be fixed ready for our next visit to the park which of course is going to hosted by our fantastic junior takeover team - that will probably as normal go flawlessly. Just remember to run ready with your High 5's as I'm sure you're all aware of the enthusiasm from our juniors - they like to show us how it's done!

You all would have witnessed our added water feature on the start of your second lap, for those that aren't regular, this feature isn't normally there so you were not the only ones taken by surprise but we thought to consider the experience this week as a little treat to cool your feet down. We did assess the area pre-run and didn't see it as any threat to the run, just a little introduction for those wannabe cross country runners! A lot of you ignored the cones that we had placed around the water feature though. Please understand that the cones were there for safety too. On both sides of the tree tunnel there are two very deep but hidden ditches. We witnessed a number of runners move around the cones to avoid the water AND luckily narrowly miss the ditches which would definitely lead to injuries should anyone have gone into them. Please be aware your safety is of utmost importance to us.

Today 164 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests, it seems at least 25% of you each week find that extra to push it and deliver fantastic achievements in attaining your running goals! Well done to you all and you can always treat yourself to another little run around our amazing course any Saturday at 9 am.

Visitors this week came from Halifax, Manchester, Cambridge and Aylesbury, I'm sure there were probably more but being so excited before the run starts, my concentration and hearing is easily broken.

Once again without all our budding volunteers these events couldn't go ahead so it is with great thanks to these guys - David Herbert(Me), Emma Dando, Jodie Binch, Stephanie Bird, Thomas Binch, Daniel Binch, Roger Wiesli, Penny Marsden, Carole Reading, Leanne Read, Paul Wilbraham, Susan Sudlow, Rachel Wright, Jade Robertson and Sam Clarke as once again excitement took over and I forgot to mention them in the Run Brief. I thought it only fair we thank them here publicly!

Remember, if you ever fancy giving volunteering a go it's really no big deal and any need for training or instruction will be given to those that ask. It's all about teamwork and having fun at your event whilst building a community, so come along and give it a go or convince a non runner in your family to come down and 'vouluncheer' whilst earning reward credits that will get you a lovely shirt after 25 credits!
UntitledToday's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

Here's a brief result run down - Male placings:
Ben Burnham (JM15-17)  was first over the line in 17:58 - 5th time in 24 appearances.
Jenson Connell (JM11-14) was second over the line in 18:17 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions then Harrison Luke Symonds (SM25-29) of Mornington Chasers, was third over the line in 18:19.

Female placings:
Claire HALLISSEY (SW30-34) of Dacorum & Tring AC, was first (4th overall) over the line in 19:05 - first appearance.
Fleur PICKERING (VW35-39) (Unattached) was second (23rd overall) over the line in 23:10 - was first to finish once before.
Indiya Jorja GANNON (JW11-14) of Amber Valley AC, was third (29th overall) over the line in 23:46 - was first to finish once before.

I normally like to use this bit to highlight other points that could be done to make our run better for all. As I mentioned in the run brief we appreciate all kinds of comments whether they be positive or negative as this helps us construct a better experience for all. The only thing I can raise this week really is the repeated issue of barcodes. This week we only had 11 cases of either not registered or forgotten barcode, which in the stats is not too bad, but we aim to get these cases down to zero. I say this because we as a team strive to get anyone who runs the run credit they just earned, but without being registered or in possesion of a printed barcode we have to apply the guidelines that parkrun set 'NO BARCODE, NO TIME, NO EXCEPTION'. So #DFYB. Your barcode is the only thing we expect you to bring along as everything else to get you a time and a run credit is provided by our team of budding volunteers. These barcodes also carry 'In Case Of Emergency' details should anything happen to you whilst you are with us, so if you don't have access to a printer or you're unsure of how to print off the correct barcode, you can email our team brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com and we can assist or guide you. We are here to provide you with a free timed run every Saturday morning, asking runners to bring a smile and a barcode to ensure all goes smoothly isn't too much to ask?

Thanks for taking the time to get to this point, I'll sign off this week leaving you to get excited for the Junior takeover this week, have fun everybody



Event 48 – 05/8/17

The One With parkrunners Who Were As Quiet As Church Mice!


It was glorious sunshine that greeted us at Brierley Forest on Saturday. After the rain this was the best thing and 165 of you thought the same. All 26, yes 26 volunteers arrived and we set about getting signage and equipment ready, and the finish funnel set up with good cheer! This week we say thank you to all of you, truly amazing and if you'd like to join the fun pop a note to brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com

Claire • Bethany • Ben • Nick • Oliver • Alexander • Marianne • Kristian • Stephanie • Owen • Rachel • Steve • Edward • Roger • Penny • Isabella  • Sophie • Leanne • Susan • Michelle • Karl • Patricia • Elaine • Colette • Daniel • Wendy

Penny gave our first timers brief, but there as one thing was missing before I could do my bit - I had my classy clipboard with notes to jog my memory, my trusted team holding back the hoards. This is what was missing (In Jode's boot!!!)........



I know I can talk, it has been noted many times; especially many moons ago on my school reports, however I am not very loud! Unlike our lovely Event Directors Jode and Dave, I don't project well. Anyway, I asked very politely if we could have a bit of hush and if everyone could help me, by being as quiet as church mice.. and do you know what, you all were and I felt sheer joy for our parkrun family. Fantastic - thank you all!


Ok; so I was also a little nervous, as I'd just met a roaming Run Director Glenn from Hilly Fields parkrun in Lewisham, a thoroughly nice chap shown above, who was visiting us for the first time, having ran at most of the courses around Nottingham. Luckily he thought our parkrun was lovely and approved of my brief! Phew!

We have many local parkrunners who are the heart and soul of Brierley but we also love welcoming tourists and this week they came from far and wide - Perth to Hong Kong, Norwich to Queensland, Maidenhead to Cambridge. Below are piccies of Glenn and Justine with her son Michael from Hong Kong and brother Jonathan from Cambridge. Justine and Michael came down on the off chance and we hope they get registered so that next time we can get them named in our results, I expect Brierley is a little different to Hong Kong but these guys do all sorts of mad events so our parkrun was a breeze!


Back to the running and we had 18 first timers and a massive 49 PB's including our 1st gentleman David Barber at 18:41 also a tourist for his return visit from Cambridge. Phillip Shaw of Mansfield was next in 18:53 and Lewis Boswell of Amber Valley in 19:10. Our first three ladies this week were Fleur Pickering in 23:02, then Indiya Jorja Gannon also of Amber Valley in 23:13 and Leanne Slater in 25:45. Brilliant running.

Some huge PB's this week so well done to everyone and remember this is about bettering your own time or just having a lovely time in beautiful countryside with like minded folk! Here's some of you - David our 1st chap and Thomas and Colette who are regulars here at Brierley.


Ok time to sign off and so it's over to you Dave, lovely photo bomb above BTW!

I hope you are ready to enjoy it all again. Look out for me running tomorrow, I have no problem sounding like Darth Vader, apologies in advance!

Marianne :)


Event 47 – 29/7/17

The One Where We Ran Out Of July But Not Runners!

Hey all, another event, another fantastic response, we did have alot of inquiries about alternative ways of carrying your barcode's as some paper barcodes wouldn't scan for a few reasons. If you feel that you deserve an upgrade to something a bit hardier to sweat/rain there are some options out there, I myself look forward to Saturday mornings so I can adorn my wrist showing my reason for getting up so early on weekend!


These along with some other alternatives are available from parkrun's authorised supplier at  https://www.parkrun-barcode.org.uk/ *(Garmin Not Included!)



This week 159 people ran, jogged or (part)walked the course, of whom 44 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part. Its clear to see from those stats alot of hard work is going in to everyone's efforts to improve and sustain the enjoyment that parkrun brings to peoples lives. Well done to all of you, keep up the hard work I'm sure you are all feeling the benefits. This week we had James who completed his 10th run and took a little moment at the end to share it here with you guys....


Sara Elson was on tourist duty today and thoroughly enjoyed smashing her parkrun PB by over a minute.......


Visitors from Australia, Southampton, Manchester, Peterborough, Bracknell, Southend, Brighton and Leeds all decided to grace our presence and add Brierley to their growing list of events attended.

The running order finished as follows with the Male placings:
Paul Frith was first over the line in 18:41 - first time in 9 appearances.
Carl Squires was second over the line in 19:05 with James Yorke cruising in third over the line in 20:20. The Ladies were brought home by Sara Elson of Roundhay Runners, (11th overall) in 21:54 - first appearance, with Fleur Pickering taking second lady (22nd overall) in 23:34, then Yvette Robinson in third (23rd overall) over the line in 23:36.

a full breakdown of our results can be found here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brierleyforest/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=47

Every week we are blown away at the amount that turn up come rain or shine for the 'Brierley Experience', but I'm sure for any of you that personally know myself or Jode we endevour to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible, so please if you have any views or opinions that you think we could utilise just let us know and we will see what we can do. Just please keep coming back and spreading the word about how much fun it can be as well as supporting your local community.

The event as always was made possible by the volunteers, this week our budding 'HiVizHereos' were:Peter Weatherill  • Lauren Bakunowicz • Stephanie Bird • Maria Williams • Melanie Cook • Ann Graham • Roger Wiesli • Penny Marsden • Carole Reading • Sam Clarke • Patricia Ellis • Colette Bingley • Keith Bunning • Charlotte Sabin • Daniel Sabin • Liz Sabin. Without these people filling the posts that we need to be able to offer you this facility it wouldn't be possible to host our run. If anyone is ever thinking about trying a volunteer role, positions are always available with plenty of notice and there is no need to worry, all training/instruction will be given so you can fully achieve your full potential in whichever role you feel like trying. Just speak with one of the volunteers on the day to find out where to put your name forward to discover the full value of our community or send an email to brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com . We also have to  mention our fantastic cafe 'Friends Of Brierley' which is hosted once again by 100% volunteers for a not for profit organisation that support local charities and are also always looking for budding helpers during opening times for cafe work, more details of this can be found onsite in the visitor center or online @ www.brierleyforest.com

Once again you've managed to reach the bottom of the page which means my job for this week is done and I thank-you all for taking the time to read this leaving you in the delightful hands of our ' Marianne taking the reigns of RD for the coming event.....



Event 46 – 22/7/17

The One With The Gruffalo Child


Our parkrunners this week were graced with a familiar face cheering them on around the course - The Gruffalo Child! Our junior volunteer, Daniel, was a huge hit amongst the 151 of you that ran, jogged and walked the course this week! We cannot wait to see which costume he chooses next week!

This week looked to be a bit of a soggy run but the rain stopped and the sun began to shine just in time for our volunteers arriving. I was pretty nervous about being left in charge this week as I normally have at least one of our Event Directors present to give me a nudge should I need it. But, with Jode away in Scotland (completing the VERY FIRST Spartan Ultra Beast) and Dave on tour at Bushy parkrun, it was left up to me to get this week's hi-vis heroes in place before letting you get on your way. I am happy to report that it went without a hitch!

Huge thanks to this week's volunteers:

* Ben * Carole * Daniel * Edward * Foxy * Gemma * Grace * Helen * Karl * Laura * Lauren * Leanne * Lee * Lesley * Marianne * Melanie *Olivia * Sam * Steph *



If you would like to don a famous vest, drop us an email at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com and we will add you on to our roster. There are roles for everyone and we can guarantee once you try it, you will be back for more!

There was some great running on show this week with 33 of you setting new personal bests. Amongst them were Paul, Steve, Jake and Max, with Jake knocking an impressive 6 minutes from his previous time!

20170722_093435 20170722_093802 20170722_095044


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

Male placings: We would love to put our first finishers name in lights but unfortunately, he wasn't registered (Remember, your barcode tracks all of your parkrun times but most importantly it contains your emergency contact details). Just behind our unknown runner was Ben Burnham, over the line in 18:09 followed shortly after by Carl Squires over in 19:13.

Female placings: Mhairi Billington was first (25th overall) over the line in 24:20 followed by Lucy Thomson-Roberts in 24:46. With Johanne Lloyd-Jones third (31st overall) over the line in 24:50.

Well done everyone who took part this week!

You may have spotted our wonderful photographer Ben, as you made your way around the park. This week he had a couple of apprentices with him, who also captured some wonderful shots of you all. Well done Olivia and Grace, you look to have been gifted with Dads talent!

All pictures can be found on Flickr. Why not head over and see if you make an appearance.


We were joined this week with tourists from Leeds, Sally from Southend and Alan from Perth, Austrailia, who is completing a parkrun tour! Thank you for choosing our park this week Alan and for the wonderful feedback. We are glad you loved Brierley Forest as much as we do!

20170724_121720  20170722_093501

To keep up to date with all things parkrun, follow us on Facebook!

I am off to find a parkrun to visit whilst in Cornwall next week...

See you all soon!

Bex :)


Event 45 – 15/7/17

The One where Everything was Awesome!

And that's exactly what it was this week. A event full of smiles, PB'S and fun! 199 of you attended Brierley Forest parkrun on Saturday to run and walk the course with dogs and buggies galore. We recorded 65 PB'S and the 'You're Awesome' PB board was out in force with everyone wanting a photo.


We welcomed tourists from all over this week including Ashleigh, Martin and Oliver from Sheffield. Caroline from Hackney and Helen from Pontefract. Ann-Marie from Marple parkrun, Annete from Leeds, Theresa from Harrogate and Kim and Sharon from Lincoln to name a few. Thank you all for popping over for a photo. I haven't been able to include you all but hopefully you made the cut!


Special mention goes to Christian, Gary, Tony, Barry and Keith from Hull who loved our park and planned to visit again for our first birthday! I mentioned a Super Hero theme and they promised to return in their pants and capes...


Well done also to parkrun first timers Kelly and Meghan. It's not always easy to get out the door and make the first step to joining your local parkrun but we can guarantee you a warm welcome and promise you you'll enjoy every second of it.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

But a brief roundup of first finishers is as so...

Well done to Jenson Connell (JM11-14) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, who was first over the line in 18:03 - his second time in four appearances. He was followed by Neil Cope (SM25-29) of Mansfield Harriers & AC, who was second over the line in 18:22 and then Nick Luke (VM55-59) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, who was third over the line in 18:57 and has been first to finish on three previous occasions.


For the women Ashleigh Barron (SW25-29) of Steel City Striders RC, was first (9th overall) over the line in 20:41 - her first appearance at Brierley Forest. Junior Sophie Taylor (JW11-14) of Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & AC, was second (16th overall) over the line in 22:08, she has been first to finish on three previous occasions. She was followed by Harley Leggett (VW35-39) of Barrow Runners, who was third (24th overall) over the line in 22:51.

Thank you's go to our volunteer team. It's lovely to see so many new smiley faces each week.


Nick and Claire were our timekeepers this week. Marianne and Sam managed the finish funnel. Daniel, Thomas and Finley scanned your barcodes with Harry easing the congestion writing down your unscannable barcodes AND the ones who forgot! Kat delivered the first timers brief to 43 of you who joined us for the first time or who were touristing and later adopted the tail-walking role with Carole. To our marshals Peter and Mel, Roger and John and Karl, Liz, Charlotte and Daniel who won everyone over with his Dragon onesie, handing out hi fives at the now newly named 'Dragon Egg'.

All of our roles are really, really easy. From run directing to token sorting...if you'd love to have a go and see the other side of parkrun please give us yell and we'll get you on the roster. If you're really not sure about the role then we're more than happy for you to come and shadow any of us first. Message us at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com


After closing down the event we headed back to the cafe where Carolyn processed the results this week for us. Please do join us in our cafe afterwards, which is also run by amazing volunteers. We sit there longer and longer each week...perhaps the best bit of parkrun is the post #parkrunfamily chats and the sausage cobs!

See you all in three weeks! 

Jode :-)


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