Event 64 – 25/11/17

The One with the Snow (Only a little bit)!



I awoke with trepidation as the first truly frosty morning greeted us for parkrun. Would we be able to go ahead? Luckily Dave, one of our regular parkrunners was kind enough to run the course for us to make sure it was all clear. After assessing the risks, we decided it certainly was with care and so we got underway with the finish funnel with our new path friendly posts - thank you Dave one of our Event Directors, these are brilliant.


A little bit of cold weather wasn't going to put us off, soon there was quite a crowd and so it was time for the first timers talk with Elaine, taking on a new role this week - she warned everyone to be careful, it was still icy on the way to Emma's Corner. After setting our magnificent marshals off to their positions we made our way to the start.

As I'm vertically challenged, I welcome the rock that's very conveniently positioned for me to gain some height, and I had my trusty loudhailer as although my good friend Lynn thinks I am loud enough I need a bit of help to talk to all our walkers and runners at once! Everyone was nice and quiet as I went through the pre-run brief as quickly as possible so we could get going.


We had 186 of you carefully negotiating our course, tourists from Hull, Barnsley, Sheffield as well as our local clubs, Sutton in Ashfield Harriers, Mansfield Harriers, Kimberley and District Striders and of course the purple Notts Women Runners.


Here are our first two male runners Gregan Clarkson a first time to our course from Hull and Allan Bland with a new PB well done both. In all we had 39 first timers and 35 of you got PB's, whoop whoop, don't forget to ring our PB bell, I got these of Sam and our young trio here who were amazing finishers.


Thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers, we truly have a fantastic parkrun family at Brierley Forest. Today we had Thomas, Finley, Jode, Daniel, Marianne, David, Tracey, Ian, Caroline, Ann, Fiona, Natalie, Ethan, Steve, Mark, Yvonne, Edward, Leanne, Katherine, Christopher, Lesley, Phoebe, Paul and Elaine. Thank you all.

Why not join us on Saturday, don't take my word for it, head over to our FB page for our parkrunners words of why you should! Love the comments! Over to you Jode, fair warning I may run it tomorrow :)

M x



Event 63 – 18.11.17

The One With A Delayed Start

A minor technical glitch this week kept our runners fidgeting about trying to keep warm against the fresh dry morning as a few final finishing touches were made to trial an addition to the finish funnel by trying incorporate using half of the path to alleviate the slippery when wet conditions at the finish area. We hope it made a difference and was worth the extra little wait at the start! We are always open for any suggestions for improvements to the course or signage, so if you read this and are already thinking of things that we haven’t tried maybe mention it to one of the team on your next visit there or send us an email to the office @ brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com and we shall look into using these ideas! Once I’d started the pre run brief we discovered that yet again we had some tourists from Melton Mowbray and Yorkshire coming to try our fantastic course, hopefully they enjoyed what we had to offer them and will return again to try improve on their times.

This week 212 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers. Representatives of 15 different clubs took part. Our first finishers today were showing fine form again with the men being shown the way home by Lewis Boswell, Michael Russell and Nick Luke in super respective times of 18:27, 19:35 and 19:36, the first lady finishers were - Hannah Barnett, Fleur Pickering and Johanne Lloyd-Jones shining again with respective times of 22:15, 22:34 and 24:00. 

Todays event was setup and supported by all these guys - Lauren BAKUNOWICZ • David HERBERT • Emma DANDO • Mark HANMAN • Mary SLATER • Phoebe TAYLOR • Ian FOX • Mark PIDCOCK • Steve HALLETT • Ann GRAHAM • Lauren CLEEVER • Edward PORTER • Roger WIESLI • Daniel FLETCHER • Lesley GOODMAN. If anyone ever feels like doing a volunteering position just speak to one of the team at an event or email the office brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com and further details of each of the roles can be explained, they really are quite simple roles with a huge feeling of satisfaction being gained from giving something back to our community.

All our photos from events are uploaded to our flickr album where the image can be seen in various format sizes, we depend on people capturing these moments and either sending them to us or uploading themselves to the group page. Here a a selection of what I captured this week with people happy to share their joy with a photo stop. Well done everyone on your efforts this week, these are just a few from our 51 PB's achieved today, maybe the fresher weather is pushing everyone round the course faster.....
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Each week during the run brief we ask all our runners if they have brought their barcodes, to which we hardly get any admit they haven't! Surprising that! This week we had 12 unknown runners due to forgetting, not printing their barcode or not registering before the run. Remember its free to register and you just need to print your barcode or maybe ask a friend to do this then bring it with you when you turn up to run. Its all we ask of you to bring. The details that you enter on registration also helps us know who you are, if you have any medical conditions and a point of contact should something happen to you whilst at parkrun. We never want or expect anything to happen to anyone, but things happen sometimes, picture the smoothness of how things go when people are aware of most of the details, compared to having to guess whats going on and scrabbling for any bits of information. I hope this doesn't sound too much like a rant, but it is easier on everybody around any incidents if its all kept controlled and low key and don't forget we are soon to be kitted out with our 'Defib' all funded by our amazing runners contributing towards it. So take a moment and check you have your barcode, print out some new ones just in case and store one in your car or wallet/purse/phone case. HQ have just announced that barcode wristbands and weatherproof tags will be available to purchase through the new website which is imminently about to launch, maybe in time for Christmas to give to a loved one......but please understand that this is just to re-iterate bringing a barcode not only gives you your run credit for the day, it gives us an idea of who is using our events.

I know I always enjoy the events that we put on, summarising it here in a brief run report with moments captured from the day is a joy to put together and then share with you all. Our next event will be hosted again by our fantastic volunteers but directed by our very lovely Marianne and her amazing smile. Don't forget to 'high5' the marshals on the course as you fly by, they don't hear the run brief and how much you all appreciate the event support. I'll leave you all to look forward to further events and look forward to welcoming you all.....again!



Event 62 – 11.11.17

The One that was Just Lovely

This week, with a lovely full roster, we wrapped up warm to brave the cold and set up the event, ready for the 199 people who arrived to run and walk the course.


As the volunteers arrived they grabbed their hi-vis jackets ready to stake their claim to their favourite role. Oz the dog made his way to Emma's Corner with his owner and her famous pom-poms. Patricia looked after Edward's Bench for him, Sharron took photo's of you all at Pond Corner and Roger cheered and 'quacked' you at Duck Corner. We were also joined by Phoebe and her Dad Chris who marshaled the Dinosaur Egg this week. We welcome Phoebe to the team as she completes her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

Melanie and Pete set about organising the finish funnel whilst Daniel gave Stephanie a lesson in timekeeping. Penny, Jack and Sam donned the tailwalking jackets to follow you all around the course and make sure you all arrived back and crossed the line safely. Before the start Sharron did a quick recce of the course to make sure it was safe for you all and reported that although a little slippy underfoot, mainly the tree tunnels up to the visitors centre and around the pond that are under the cover of the trees, the majority of the course was safe and dry for you all to run. Penny made sure the first timers were all briefed and the barcode team consisting of Leanne, Thomas and Marianne prepped the PB/barcode table ready for you all finishing.


We were joined this week by tourists from Bedford, Birmingham and some of the lovely NWR Basford Babes! We were also visited by Mark, Event Director at Poolsbrook parkrun.


This week 39 new PB's were recorded...well done to our tourist Ben Hing and to our regular Paul Castledine who both rang the PB bell!



As well as Natasha, who although she has completed 29 runs with us, celebrated her first solo parkrun PB as her partner in crime - son Reece - showed his Dad around the course!


A special mention though goes to Alex Brewster, Alex ran his 11th run with us this week BUT last week he got himself a PB at his 10th run with us. His wife wanted us to know just how amazing he is after hard sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy whilst battling Leukaemia. Well done Alex...we think you're awesome! 



First males over the line this week were first timers Mark Johnson in 17:57 and Hassan Mahamoud in 18:49 followed by our regular parkrunner Dave Denby-Whit in 19:13. For the women, Kahli Johnson was first female (14th finisher) crossing the line 21:19, followed by Fleur Pickering (31st) in 23:01 and then junior Grace Lane (34th) closely behind in 23:31.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest Results page.


Well done to all our first timers this week, including Wendy Brassington, Nicola Godfrey and Gisela Beighton. To Lauren and Christine and a warm welcome to the Hughes family!


And a special shout out for Darren Golding who was elated to have completed his 25th run...



It was an absolute delight to meet the very famous Lyla Easom, who've I've since discovered runs our parkrun regularly. Lyla won the junior This Girl Can award at the 2017 Active Ashfield awards. Congratulations from all of us Lyla! 


Thank you to you all for making event 62 another fabulous one! You've got Dave to keep you all company this weekend as Marianne, Leanne and I take up our touristing duties.

See you all soon

Jode x


Event 61 – 04/11/2017

The One where they let the new Run Director loose!

It seems that both Jode and Dave picked the perfect day not to be run directing at Brierley because as I left the house at 8am it was absolutely pouring it down! I’m sure I even noticed a duck swimming about on the puddle as I drove past the train station!

Right, first decision to make, where to put the finish funnel, as both sides of the grass were under water? After a risk assessment was carried out (a chat with Marianne) we decided that we would have to have a wide finish funnel on the path, coned down the middle so parkrunners could go one side and park users could go the other side. Problem one sorted. On to problem two; no one had a key to open the overspill car park. The trusty volunteers were dispatched to the road to make sure that everyone could park and that no residents would become irate. Fortunately, with the weather being as it was we weren’t looking at record numbers! Problem two averted.

Time was ticking on; soggy runners and walkers were making their way to the start.  Marianne stepped into the breach of doing the first timers briefing and the rest of us hotfooted it across. No microphone was needed to address the attentive audience (another marshal once told me I could be heard several marshal stations down the road).  I thanked the hi vis heroes and swiftly moved on through the rules and regulations, no one admitting to having not brought their barcode or being under eleven. It seems that most were saving their milestones (and their touristing) for a sunnier day but we did have one junior, Adam Wilkes completing his tenth parkrun. Well done Adam. We did have a couple of tourists all the way from Barnet and Barnsley but this week most seemed to be local. I also warned the congregation that part of the course was semi under water but it could be avoided with a large leap (but with the amount of rain had overnight they do better taking with them Noah’s Ark).

‘Time keepers ready? Gladiator’s ready? 3,2,1 GO!’ And like the ‘B of the Bang’, they were all gone!

Although most were muddied up to the eyeballs, even after lap one it did not deter anyone from giving it their all.  First over the finish line was Allan Bland in a new personal best time of 18:11. Allan had a whole minute to get through the finish funnel as Nick Luke didn't appear until a time of 19:11 with Craig Carter hot on his heels in a personal best of 19:19.  Doing it for the ladies was one of our visitors, Joanne Kent in a time of 20:10, this also included extra time for picking herself off the floor after a slippery corner. Second lady was Fleur Pickering in 22:54 and third was Olivia Deacon who also set another personal best time of 24:24.

This was my first time Run Directing without anyone holding my hand (except Marianne) and I would just like to say how rewarding volunteering can be. So, if you’re not feeling up to running or you have an imminent race it would be lovely if you could come down to Brierley Forest parkrun and lend a hand. Full training is given and you get to see just how much we value the volunteers who turn out every Saturday rain (yes definitely rain this week) or shine.  Drop us an email brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com or visit the volunteer page

See you all next week when normal service will be resumed with Marianne at the helm!

Emma x

This week 117 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Claire WATSON • Emma DANDO • Emma HAYDEN-WEST • Nick BURNSIDE • Marianne BURFORD • Stephanie BIRD • Melanie COOK • Edward PORTER • Roger WIESLI • Tom WALSH • Lee ANDERSON • Natasha CARVER • Reece CARVER • Carrie SHAW • Kirsty WILLETTS • Astor CARVER • Grace LANE • Ted HALLETT • Jackie HALLETT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Libby COLEMAN who recorded a time of 18:49 on 31st December 2016 (event number 17).

The male record is held by Stuart KING who recorded a time of 16:13 on 18th February 2017 (event number 24).

The Age Grade course record is held by Tim CLAYTON who recorded 88.91% (17:08) on 24th December 2016 (event number 16).

Brierley Forest parkrun started on 10th September 2016. Since then 2,595 participants have completed 10,206 parkruns covering a total distance of 51,030 km, including 2,480 new Personal Bests.


Event 60 – 28/10/17

The One that was Spooktacular!


Event 60! Already! How quick has this year gone?

There used to be a time I measured the year in school holidays (I get 13 weeks off a year!), now I measure it in parkruns and my goodness it's possibly the worst thing I could have started doing because parkrun Saturdays don't half come round quickly, meaning before you've done the results one week, it's time to set up again the next and the year passes in a flash...just so you know, ONLY 8 MORE parkruns until CHRISTMAS!!! Woo hoo!

Anyway, now I've just put that out there, let's recap on this week's petrifying parkrun party.

214 of you arrived this week to run and walk the course. a massive 53 of you were first-timers to Brierley Forest - Hi to Isabelle and Lee, Dad and Daughter team who joined us this week AND to our parkrun first-timers too... well done to Eleanor, Jamie, Cassia and Tracey who all bit the bullet and signed up to parkrun this weekend and a HUGE shout out to my Huthwaite Hunnies - Angela, Avril, Heather, Kayleigh, Heather and Jack who also signed up, pulled on their trainers and completed their week 3 couch to 5K session on the course. They loved every minute of it as we all do every week!


We had tourists from Peterborough, Blackburn, London, Glossop, Northampton and Durham. Thank you to the EYE Community Runners - Nigel, Gordon, Simon and Nigel, along with their friends, who all came to run our course this weekend. You may have spotted Nigel Walls running with his rucksack weighing in at 35lb! I had a lovely chat with him as I admired his Paras 10 buff and Fan Dance t-shirt - which is a run I'd love to do! His fellow friends were full of surprises too. Nigel Cronin has run 130 different parkruns in total, Simon Gooch had earnt his cow buff by running his 50th different event and Gordon Pearson completed running ALL of the East Midlands parkruns with us on Saturday! Well done guys and thanks for visiting us. We hope you'll all be back again soon!


Our event was made possible this week by our awesomely gruesome volunteers.

Thanks go to timekeepers Sam and Daniel, barcode scanners Leanne (celebrating her 54th birthday) and Thomas, Marianne and Fiona taking care of the funnel area. Emma, Toni and William, Lou, Ava and Keith, Patricia and Ted and Jackie, who took care of you around the course, handing out hi-fives and tasty treats and finally our terrifically terrifying tailwalkers Joanna, Cassidy and Paul who made sure you all came back safely to see another week of parkrun fun.


If you ever fancy a go at volunteering with us drop us a message at brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com, comment on our FACEBOOK page or speak to us after your run. We always welcome new volunteers and it's nice to see the other side of parkrun BUT we do understand that for some of you it's the only time you get to run so we won't nag ;-).


Congratulations to Simon, Charlie and Sarah who were amongst the 36 of you who recorded new PB's.


To Ruby Oates celebrating her 25th run and Kerry Anderson who was running her 50th run with us on Saturday...absolutely amazing! We also need to mention our lovely 118-118 lads, Adam and Richard who were really pleased with themselves for completing their 10th events and had a photo to celebrate along with their mate John. We didn't have the heart to tell them the 10 sign is specifically for our awesome juniors - we let them have their moment.


Waldemar, Andy and Chris just wanted a cheeky finishers picture and a mention in the run report - so here it is!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found HERE.

This week's front runners for the males were Ben Burnham, with a new PB of 17.07, followed by Jenson Connell, also with a new PB OF 17.10 and Neil Cope in 18.19.


For the women, Sophie Taylor led the way in 22.55, followed by Eleanor Miller in 24.09 and Rachel Allin in 25.19. Well done to you all!


A huge THANK YOU to all of you who dressed up for the Halloween fun. We had so fiendishly fantastic costumes. I've included a few below. We loved our buggy runner Paul as a vampire with his little one Harry tucked up warmly as he enjoyed the fun around the course and junior runners Dylan and Tyler in their scary skeleton get ups! Along with Mel and Pater, Emma and Kerry, Wayne and some of the purple army - the amazing NOTTS WOMEN RUNNERS who were awarded the Nottingham Post Sports Awards Club of the Year earlier this week. 


For more photos head over to our FLICKR page where our favourite pom pom shaker Emma's lovely husband Phil has uploaded loads!


And finally, I apologise to all of those who came to ask where the Halloween song and dance was this year. It was planned but unfortunately the Huthwaite Hunnies have all been so busy chasing race and PB successes that we simply didn't get around to rehearsing this year. A great many of you were disappointed it seems so get ready for next year! 

Thank you all for another successful week at Brierley Forest and we'll see you all again on Saturday! 

Much love

Jode x

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