Brighton & Hove parkrun #589 Jan 12th 2019

How are the New Year Resolution’s coming along?  Still managing to stay away from sugar and chocolate? Are you surviving Dry January? I’m sure that Dry Gin or Dry Cider are allowed!  It is always good to set yourself goals or targets and running is no exception, whether it be aiming for a new 5k PB or running your first 10k, half or even a full marathon!  The tough part is getting out there and this can be especially difficult when the wintry weather is upon us. 

However, we have been quite fortunate so far this year, avoided the arctic conditions and a hearty, enthusiastic 550 of you made the weekly pilgrimage to Hove Park.  Amongst you were several runners to reach milestone runs.  These were

Anthony BEVINGTON, Paul THOMPSON and Ozge Bahar GROVES who clocked up their 50th runs.

Elias COBURN and Phil FANTHOME, both running their 100th parkrun.

A special mention to Dave HARVEY from Hove Hornets who ran his 500th parkrun!  Dave is only the second runner at Hove Park to achieve this milestone becomes the 39th member of the 500 club globally!

Congratulations to you and remember to claim your t-shirt!

As ever, a huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers – 36 of you wore the high viz vest of honour this week -

Amy HAUSDOERFER  •  Andrew BROOKS  •  Anne BALDWIN  •  Betsy BROOKS  •  Brian RUSSELL  •  Caroline WOOD  •  Claire GILES  •  Corin TICKTIN-SMITH  •  Daniel PORGES  •  Dorian COTTAM  •  Finlay DERRY  •  Freya MAINPRIZE  •  Graeme POULTON  •  Helen STAFFORD  •  James ADAMS  •  Joel Adam LUSCOMBE  •  John ELBOURNE  •  John P DOHERTY  •  Joy DOBBS  •  Julie ZHU  •  Justin DOBBS  •  Katie HOFFELNER  •  Lisa ELBOURNE  •  Llewellyn CURTIS  •  Louis MAURICE  •  Mark STEPHENSON  •  Michael HOWARD  •  Mike BALDWIN  •  Paul MARLEY  •  Peter GOLTON  •  Phil GRABSKY  •  Ronan DOYLE  •  Ruaridh STAFFORD  •  Shawn BUCK  •  Toby SIMPKIN  •  Yao HU

We always welcome new volunteers and there are several roles where you can volunteer as well as run, so you can get your weekly fix.  One of our post run tasks is token sorting and we would love to have a couple of extra pairs of hands to assist with this. 

Please email us at and we can add you to the roster.

So onto the stats and weekly results….

Katie Louise WRIGHT was the first Lady across the line in 20:19, Paula BLACKLEDGE 2nd in a time of 20:24 and Michelle PALMER-HARRIS 3rd in 21:20.

Paul HOWARD was the first Gent across the line in 17:20, James OLIVER 2nd in a time of 17:52. In third place went to UNKNOWN runner so a timely reminder that no barcode = no result!

Looking through the results, we had 29 first timers on Saturday – a warm welcome to you all. There were also 60 PB’s recorded – great work everyone!

Have a great running week and see you in the park on Saturday.

Brian :)



Brighton & Hove parkrun #588 January 5th 2019


After a week of festivities, or maybe two weeks if you managed to get the extra days off approved by your boss, we welcomed 2019 with open arms and bid a farewell to 2018. No doubt a few of you, myself included, over-indulged and the realization that having a Selection Box or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast is not the healthiest of eating plans. Alas, we headed to Hove Park, enthusiasm in tow, ready to run and to start burning off those excess calories.

Even though there was a chill in the air the running conditions were good and Hove Park welcomed a hearty and resolute 542 of you to the start line.

As always, a huge thank you to all of our wonderful 35 volunteers who braved the cold – your efforts are much appreciated. This week’s High Viz crew were as follows -

John ADAM, Charlie BERLANGA, Leo BERLANGA, Shawn BUCK, John CARROLL, Paula CHESSELL, Richard CHESSELL, Henry COPPARD, James CORNFORD, Dorian COTTAM, Cyril CRUA, Llewellyn CURTIS, John P DOHERTY, Jamie DOYLE, Kian DOYLE, Ronan DOYLE, Tracy Caroline EATON, John ELBOURNE, Lisa ELBOURNE, Peter GOLTON, Carol Ann GRANT, Ben HODGSON, Michael HOWARD, Yao HU, Joan LENNON, Joel Adam LUSCOMBE, Birgit MILLER, Carmel O'MALLEY, Daniel PORGES, Brian RUSSELL, Nigel SARJUDEEN, Noah SHAW, Gary TIMMS, Linus TURNER, Julie ZHU

So onto the New Year’s Honours List –

Caitlin PEERS was the first Lady across the line in 19:50, Becky FLEMING 2nd in a new PB time of 20:58 and Lucy May RICHARDSON 3rd in 21:20.

It was a very close run thing for the Gents with the first 3 separated by only 14 seconds. Luke HUNT took the spoils in 17:10, with Philip HARDAWAY hot on his heels in 17:21 and Marlon BOUMAN 3rd in 17:33

Looking through the results, we had 30 first timers on Saturday – a warm welcome to you all. There were also 66 PB’s recorded – not a bad way to start the New Year!

Have a great running week and see you Saturday for another fun filled parkrun.




Brighton & Hove parkrun #587 New Years Day 2019


The one with two parkruns, Record breaking numbers, 250 milestones, fabulous volunteers, Age Graded record, beautiful weather and fizz!

Wow what a morning we had across Brighton & Hove... It’s a new day, new month, and a new year! What a fabulous sky to wake up to as people were arriving at Hove Prom for the first of our double bubble...

Just wanted to say thank you to the team at the Prom for hosting a great morning, record numbers were there too, never seen it so busy! Well done on the finish funnel, and creating two lines – the queue was getting longer and you all handled the large numbers very well, with number writing on hands!

I sent a message up to our RD Richard to say large numbers here – over 700, a queue, so they can prepare ours..which they did :)

So back up to Hove Park for the second run of the morning – what a great way to start the New Year!

I just want to say on behalf of everyone THANK YOU SO MUCH TO RICHARD AND CINDY , David, and the Vols for setting up while we were down at the Prom XX You did a fabulous job..

Such a great atmosphere wishing everyone Happy New Year and having the weather with it :)

New Years Day parkrun wouldn’t be able to go ahead if we didn’t have the help of our hi viz heroes, so a BIG thank you to the team of 40 who made it happen!

Sarah ARJUN, Lisa ATKINS, Simon BATTLE, Michelle BLACKWELL, Andrew BULL, Richard CHESSELL, Paula CHESSELL, John P DOHERTY, Tracy Caroline EATON, John ELBOURNE, Lisa ELBOURNE, Christine GIBBONS, Michael GIBBONS, Claire GILES, Peter GOLTON, Matthew GREENALL, David GUNNELL, Lydia JORDAN, Carol KENNEDY, Stephen KING, Bernadette KIRRANE, Emma KNIGHT, Sheila O'TOOLE, Dawn PAUL, Katherine PERRIN, Alison PORGES, Daniel PORGES, Graeme POULTON, Stuart ROBERTS, Brian RUSSELL, David Joseph SIMMONS, Bethany SOLIMAN, Helen STAFFORD, Cindy STYLES, Hannah SWAN, Lisa Catherine SWAN, Sarah THOMAS, Lucy WALLIS, Robert WELLS, Caroline WOOD

Brian did the New Runners briefing and wow what a turn out – don’t think he’s had such a big audience ;)

I was then approached by Paula, carrying a bag... ahhh I know what this is – my balloon for my 250 – and it was green (which is still standing) thank you so much x

We made our way to the start – was so lovely to see the volume of people – parkrun you have created such an amazing event for friendships, health & well being and training..

Richard made the announcement, and a great one at that :)  First timers, visitors, milestones were read out – including one for me for my 250th.. was so lovely thank you all for your congrats at the Prom and the Park..

I did have to chuckle when I was in the start line with Bernie and Cindy, because Bernie turned to me and said whose 250th – I said mine (as I pointed out my balloon)!! Bernie ‘ahh didn’t realise’!

Time keepers ready? 321 Go!!! And we are off, round 2... wow what a crowd – was lovely listening to everyone, and just enjoying the run..

We made a loop in finish funnel, so that when all 826 finished we wouldn’t have too much of a back log at the finish... which worked well, the vols were directing people, to stay in order and to keep moving forwards... the atmosphere was great – no stress – no need anyway as we can all see how busy it is.. (in our core team meeting we will be discussing how to improve things for the future)

As soon as I finished and made my way through to collecting my finish token – I stepped out of the funnel to help with directing people through the finish. (with all that – I nearly forgot to get scanned that wouldn’t have been good!)

Well done to Simon and Alison who were the finish token giver outers and then handwriting 150 numbers on hands. Well done :) x

So the scores on the doors -

First male in Todd Leckie 16.01 (SM 30-34 New PB, Simon Heath 16.02 (SM 30-34) Richard Clayton 16.57 (SM 30-34) Arena 80 AC :)

First female in Tara Shanahan 19.12 (VW 45-49) Arena 80 AC, Cat Bounds 19.35 (SW 30-34) Hailsham Harriers, and third female in was Eadie Yelling 20.18 (JW 11-14) Brighton & Hove City AC and this was your first time to us.:)

Well done to all

The times ranged from 16.01 through to 58.35 – well done to everyone be proud of yourselves - it’s your journey :)

The full results can be found at

We had 65 New PBs, 11 First Timers to parkrun (great way to start 2019), and 184 Visitors.

Good to see friends from my club there – Oliver, Jamie, Kevin, Debbie, Doug (New PB), Marie, John, Dave, Liz, Karen, David, and John.

A great day for milestones – I know we had some 50, 100, and 150s well done to you all :) There were three today who achieved their 250 - Kelvin Macdonald, Henry Miller and Claire Giles.. well done to you all :)

We had a Age Graded Record for Womens 70-74 Sue Garner – well done :)


A big shout out to the Token Sorters –great team - amazing job you did sorting out over 600 tokens :) it wasn’t an easy job so thank you :)  I know Christine and Mike appreciated the fizz and cake I handed to them – to help celebrate New Year and my milestone :)

Results went well – all processed by 2pm and the 150 handwritten numbers manually inputted but all coped admirably. Well done team :)

And now for the Stat watchers out there -

We had 53 New registrations the week after Christmas :)

New Years Day –

787 Hove Prom 42 vols

826 Hove Park 40 vols

Elliott Line stats – Brighton & Hove made the top 20 on New Years Day we were 6th and Hove prom were 10th. 150 parkruns broke their attendance records.

We had 458 who ran both the Prom and the Park, 281 ran Hove Prom, 331 Hove Park

Last year we had 418 on New Years Day and 2016 we had 376

Last time we had a record number was on our 500th one 6th May 2017 with 633

So 2019 we had an extra 408 people! A-Ma-Zing!!

So there you are one amazing morning and two parkruns, Thank you to everyone for being there...

Here’s to another year of parkrun and volunteering. Whatever your goals are just keep moving and smiling :)

So from myself and the Core Team, we wish you a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and more achievements for 2019..

See you next week


Claire x


Brighton & Hove parkrun #586 29th December 2018


The last one of 2018, and two big milestones..

So as we come to the last few days of 2018, and the last parkrun of the year, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you all for another year of volunteering, running, walking and jogging – at the end of the day keeping fit & healthy!! We have had some amazing results with times, and you should all be proud of yourselves :)

Thank you to the Core Team, for your amazing job as always :) x

parkrun couldn’t happen if we didn’t have a fab team of vols so thank you – this week 39 of you volunteered :)

John P DOHERTY • Shaun BILLING • Michael MILLER • Sue BRUMWELL • Claudia MARSH • Peter GOLTON • Mike BALDWIN • Paula CHESSELL • Tracy Caroline EATON • Karen CLINTON • Innes BAILEY • Claire GILES • David Joseph SIMMONS • Brian RUSSELL • Judy POULTON • Graeme POULTON • Rosanna RAVEN • Helen Louise BUXTON • Carol KENNEDY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Lucy SELWOOD • Paul MARLEY • John ELBOURNE • Richard CHESSELL • Toby SIMPKIN • Lorraine SIMMONS • Nancy MANIFOLD • Lisa ELBOURNE • John ADAM • Jason STOAKLEY • Birgit MILLER • Anne BALDWIN • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Jennifer HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Dorian COTTAM • Noah SHAW • Louis MAURICE

So, today we saw 416 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, 38 were first timers and we had 32 who achieved their New PB’s, and we had 34 different clubs who took part.

We saw two of our stalwarts achieve their 250th milestone today – the lovely, amazing Roy Taylor, he started parkrun in 2008, has written many run reports and is the stat king! and today his family was there to be with him, and his three daughters ran it too :) well done Roy. The lovely, amazing Karen Clinton also ran her 250th today – started in 2010, she is a member of the Core Team – well done :)

So the scores on the doors are –

First male in Joe Ashley 16.41 (VM 40-44) Arena 80 AC, he was followed by Adam Tribe 17.21 (VM 50-54) Brighton & Hove City AC, and the third male in was Marlon Bouman 17.43 (SM 30-34)

First female in was Sophie Coleman 19.23 (SW 25-29) Brighton Phoenix, she was followed by Martha Coyle 19.56 (SW 20-24) Brighton & Hove City AC and the third female in was Georgie Anderson 20.43 (VW 35-39) Hove Hornets – well done to you all :)

Times arranged from 16.41 right the way through to 52.04 – be proud :)

Whatever your time you are all amazing, it’s not about beating everyone else it’s about achieving your own personal goals. We all have our own fitness histories and we all started at the beginning :)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Now never fear, we have a treat for you – NEW YEARS DAY – see in 2019 with not one parkrun but TWO!! Two times in one morning!! #doublebubble

See you at Hove Prom for 9am then up to ours Hove Park for 10.30am :)


Wishing you all a fab New Year, more running, volunteering and reaching your goals..

Love Claire and Core Team x

Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 18,873 participants have completed 187,548 parkruns covering a total distance of 937,740 km, including 31,640 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,581 individuals have volunteered 13,132 times.



Run Report December 15th 2018



Brighton & Hove parkrun no. 584

15thDecember 2018


It may have been the last parkrun of Autumn, but the bitingly cold wind that greeted 343 implacable runners certainly gave proceedings a wintry feel.

There were 6 first-timers – of whom 2 were parkrun ‘newbies’, and a creditable 33 PBs recorded.

We were graced by the presence of a Raven and a Swan; a Day and a (K)night, or if chess is your game a Knight and a King, and on the ecclesiastical front a Pope and Monks.  We also played host to two army officers from the 3rdBattalion, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment in Kent who ran the course in camouflage kit, complete with fully-loaded rucksacks weighing in at 30kg.  And there were over 60 runners from Arena 80 AC in their distinctive blue vests who were taking part in their final Super Series parkrun of the season (try telling them that it’s not a race!).


But, of course, let’s have a round of applause for the real stars of parkrun, without whom your weekly endorphin rush wouldn’t be possible – our splendid team of volunteers.  This week’s rollcall of heroes is

Amy HAUSDÖRFER  •  Andrew BROOKS  •  Ann EKE  •  Ben CLIFFORD  •  Carol KENNEDY  •  Claire GILES  •  Claudia MARSH  •  Clive WALKER  •  David Joseph SIMMONS  •  Derek RAVEN  •  Dorian COTTAM  •  Julie ZHU  •  Juliette ROBERTS  •  Katie HOFFELNER  •  Kian DOYLE  •  Lisa ELBOURNE  •  Matthew GREENALL  •  Mike BALDWIN  •  Monty JACKSON  •  Paula CHESSELL  •  Peter GOLTON  •  Richard CHESSELL  •  Roger FOORD  •  Ronan DOYLE  •  Rosanna RAVEN  •  Toby SIMPKIN  •  Tracy Caroline EATON  •  Yao HU


Three runners celebrated half-centuries of parkruns.  Namely, Mike Miller (VM50-54) of Hove Hornets; Keith Rochfort VM35-39) from Brighton Tri-Club; and Derek Raven (VM50-54).  Then reaching the notable green t-shirt milestone of 250 runs it was David Ebeling (VM35-39).  Congratulations all!

Now onto the number-crunching.  First finisher was Todd Leckie (SM30-34) with PB time of 16.23, hotly pursued by Reuben Hoyte (SM18-19) of Brighton Phoenix on 16.30.  Third athlete was unknown, so fourth to cross the line was Richard Clayton (SM30-34) of Arena 80 in 17.01.  For the women it was a clean sweep for Arena 80, with the in-form Tara Shanahan (VM45-49) registering another PB taking a sizeable 14 seconds of hitherto best time set back in September 2017 to finish in 18.08, followed home by Emily Proto (SW30-34) in 18.45, and Katharine O’Hara (VM-45-49) on 19.38.

On the age-grading front it was once again Tara Shanahan who took the spoils with a top-notch 90.26%.  Also registering impressive scores were Kurt Hoyte (VM55-59) of Brighton Phoenix with 86.25% in a time of 17.49, and Anita Sherman (VW55-59) of Worthing & District Harriers finishing the run in 21.29 with a score of 85.42%.

The two army officers who finished in a time of 29.55 are Captain John Vlietstra, and 2ndLieutenant Louis Relton.  Although neither had a barcode, so didn’t appear in the results, their achievement is still worthy of mention –so, well done, chaps!

That’s all from me.  Next week we will be past the Winter Solstice, so Summer is on its way!  See you all again soon.


Shawn Buck

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