Brighton & Hove parkrun
Event number 580
17th November 2018

What an amazing day to see parkrun at its best - 614 people including a duck and a chicken ran, jogged and walked the course this week on the most beautiful of Autumn mornings.  Congratulations to the 169 runners who were first timers including a significant number from the Vegan Runners running club– we hope you enjoyed the run.

Further congratulations to the 64 runners who recorded new Personal Bests.  Ken Crellin has achieved three PBs in the last month, Xanthe Cox knocked off 1.5 minutes from her time and Ruth Farnell took over 2 minutes off her time achieving an age rating of 77%!

With such an enormous number of runners, we must say an extra special thank you to the 45 volunteers who ensured that everyone enjoyed a safe and happy run:
John P DOHERTY • Nigel SARJUDEEN • Steve WOOD • Peter GOLTON • Mike BALDWIN • Paula CHESSELL • Valerie POOLE • David KEMP • Joan LENNON • Karen CLINTON • Jane PIDGEON • Michael HOWARD • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Andrew BROOKS • John ARCHER • Michele SILVESTER • John ELBOURNE • Georgie ANDERSON • Bernard NARESSI • Richard CHESSELL • Toby SIMPKIN • Daisy OVERTON • Euan HANNA • Henry COPPARD • Paul JONES • Liz THOMSON • Alice BAKER • Betsy BROOKS • Joshua ROE • Helen PIERPOINT • Mark MORDAK • Jon MAXFIELD • John ADAM • Clive WALKER • Lisa AUSTICK • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Oliver BRYANT • Dorian COTTAM • Dawn DANIEL • Noah SHAW • Wendy CARR • Louis MAURICE

Two names in the list above deserve special mention:

Betsy Brooks has now completed her last volunteer session for her Duke of Edinburgh silver award – a commitment of 6 months volunteering is impressive Betsy – thank you!

Jonny Maxfield celebrated both his 25th volunteer role and his 50th parkrun this week. Jonny has submitted a short excerpt for the report:

Jonny began running at Hove Park in May 2016 marking the start of his road to recovery from somewhat troubled times. Cliff Evans introduced him to running and after a short time, Jonny ‘caught the bug’. With the help and support of Matt Lambert, he then began running more seriously with Hove Hornets and entering races. Jonny’s first Hove Parkrun saw him achieve a time of 32:31. Since giving up smoking this year and committing himself to more training, he has recently recorded a time of 21:48.

Jonny values volunteering as much as running – he enjoys the sense of community and would like to thank the core team and Cliff in particular, for providing him with so much support’

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84). The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528). The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 18,751 participants have completed 185,509 parkruns covering a total distance of 927,545 km, including 31,457 new Personal Bests.

Good luck to those of you running the Brighton 10km on Sunday.

Have a good week,



Brighton & Hove parkrun #579 November 10th 2018

Major Milestones…

The weather was in a cheeky, playful mood on Saturday morning – the rain clouds greeted us upon our arrival at Hove Park but slowly drifted south, towing a resemblance of blue sky behind.  Thankfully, we did not get soaked and although the wind made its presence known, conditions were not too bad for our 579th parkrun.

There were 355 of you lined up at the start, with one parkrunner reaching a very significant milestone.  Roger Foord was running his 500th parkrun! Yes that’s 500!  Roger became the 34th parkrunner to reach this milestone, an amazing achievement.  Our congratulations to Roger and we hope you enjoyed the bubbly post run.

Other milestones reached this week were Joseph Brooking and Dawn Albery on their 50th run, Tony Blayden on his 250th and Barry Long running his 400th.  Congratulations to you all!

We welcomed 10 new runners to parkrun – we hope you enjoyed and look forward to seeing you back at Hove Park this weekend.  There were 34 new PB’s recorded – well done to you all and keep up the good work.

Thanks, as ever, to our wonderful volunteers – here is this week’s hall of fame -  

Brian RUSSELL  •  Carmel O'MALLEY  •  Caroline WOOD  •  Chris FLETCHER  •  Daniel PORGES  •  Euan HANNA  •  Geoff PIKE  •  John ADAM  •  John P DOHERTY  •  Julie ZHU  •  Karen BURGOYNE  •  Karen CLINTON  •  Kian DOYLE  •  Lisa ELBOURNE  •  Louis MAURICE  •  Lucy WALLIS  •  Mark STEPHENSON  •  Monty JACKSON  •  Paul NEWBURY  •  Paula CHESSELL  •  Peter GOLTON  •  Richard CHESSELL  •  Roger SMITH  •  Ronan DOYLE  •  Sarah SILBERSTON  •  Shawn BUCK  •  Simon WILLIAMS  •  Stefanie HINTZE  •  Toby SIMPKIN  •  Tracy Caroline EATON  •  Yao HU

Onto the results for this week – for the third week in a row, our first finisher was listed as unknown – a nice timely reminder that if you don’t have your barcode you will not get a result – as we say in parkrun -  DFYB!

The 1, 2, 3’s for the Ladies and Gents were as follows – 

Linda Schofield – 19:22 (new PB!)

Helena Rooney – 21:05

Daisy Burchfield – 21:49 (new PB!)

Marlon Bouman – 17:49

Alexander John Rawlinson – 18:17

Matthew Greenall – 18:24

Until next time, have a safe running week and see you in Hove Park On Saturday.




Brighton & Hove parkrun #578 3rd November 2018


The one where we turn 11 and the one where we almost had a first for the first one in and female.. but she didn’t scan...

Another fab parkrun on a beautiful bright Autumn morning. Not like last week when we needed gloves!!

So 11 years ago today parkrun Brighton & Hove began.. 17 athletes at the start line, and a computer, and pen at the end (sorry if this is wrong – Richard, John and the 17) and 11 years later we have 18,557 runners, and 800 clubs.

parkrun has grown so much over the years, not just locally but nationally too. A few of us a few years back went to Poland as a team, some went again last year and then this year they gallivanted off to Berlin..

parkrun brings people together, enjoying the same hobby/job, friendships are made, while being active at the same time. The age ranges vary, the times vary, and the times are not just about comparing to each other but your own times (competing against yourself) I know for many if not all, parkrun is a lifeline and without it mindset and mental health may suffer... I know running / parkrun has helped me over the past seven years, and I get moody when I can’t be there on Saturday (running or volunteering) it’s ‘parkrunday’ afterall – my routine gets out of sync if I’m not there! ;)

So whether you are running, walking or volunteering you see parkrun from many angles and I think it’s a very special place to be :)

Which leads me nicely into – this week we had 508 people run, jogged and walked the course, 34 were first timers and 84 recorded New PB’s, and 34 different clubs took part.

Thank you to our fabulous vols – without you parkrun couldn’t happen ... and we don’t want that do we....

Thanks to these 30 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Camilla MOYLE • Steve EKE • Cathy FALL • Jim ROBERTS • Peter GOLTON • Mike BALDWIN • Paula CHESSELL • Kelvin MACDONALD • Geoff PIKE • Joan LENNON • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Chris FLETCHER • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Malcolm ROWETH • David MCNAIR • Siobhan JACKSON • Monty JACKSON • Richard CHESSELL • Nancy MANIFOLD • James CORNFORD • Lisa ELBOURNE • Birgit MILLER • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Dorian COTTAM • Katie HOFFELNER • Eddie LYMER • Noah SHAW

So the results on the parkrun doors.... well this week our first runner in was female, but she didn’t scan – so not sure if she didn’t want a time, or forgot her barcode...

The first male in was Marlon Bouman 17:12 (SM30-34) and this was your New PB! Well done, next in was Chris Taylor 17:12 (SM25-29) and this was your first time to our parkrun, and Dan Stent Vegan Runners - got a New PB 17:19 (SM30-34) well done all :)

First female Cat Bounds 19:21 – Hailsham Harriers and this was your New PB, followed by Katie Louise Wright 19:52 (VW35-39) Arena 80 and this was your PB!, and another one with a New PB Aislinn Darvell 19:59 (SW20-24) well done all :)

Lots of PBs there, and to look at the full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Well done to you all – great work – should be proud – lapping everyone who was still in bed!!!

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 18,557 participants have completed 184,540 parkruns covering a total distance of 922,700 km, including 31,359 new Personal Bests.

If you fancy volunteering and it is a great way to see how parkrun is put together, and what goes into it, and how each role is important.. then drop us an email

Have a great week, see you Saturday


Happy Running Claire x


Brighton & Hove #577 Oct 27th 2018

The Nights Are Drawing In….

It was a crisp, cold morning when we arrived at Hove Park to set up at 8am.  It looks as though the last of the good weather had vacated and migrated to the Southern Hemisphere.  I finally succumbed to my mum’s words of wisdom that she has repeatedly preached to me over the years – when it’s cold always take a hat and gloves with you.  Just as well as this forgetful Run Director, who had recently purchased a new eco-friendly coffee mug, left said newly acquired mug (filled to the brim with lovely hot coffee) in the kitchen.

With the very popular Beachy Head marathon event taking place, we were expecting less participants at parkrun but we still had a healthy 342 of you lined up at the start.

As ever, parkrun cannot happen without our volunteers.  You may not have noticed but with 10 minutes to go on Saturday and a lack of volunteers, we had to discuss the option of cancelling the event.  Thankfully enough people stepped up to the plate and we were able to go ahead.  Cancelling a parkrun is not something that we take lightly – we have only ever cancelled 2 in the 11 years that Brighton & Hove parkrun has been going but it was an option that had to be considered.  

Volunteering does not mean that you can’t run – there are several roles that you can do as well as run the event – everything from event setup, pacing, take down, token sorting and even report writing. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at  or come and speak to the Run Directors or any of the core team.

So a huge thank you to all that wore the high viz on Saturday – the role of honour was as follows – 

John ADAM, Mike BALDWIN, Thomas BLANN, Helen Louise BUXTON, John CARROLL, James CORNFORD, Dorian COTTAM, John P DOHERTY, Claire GILES, Euan HANNA, Ben HODGSON, Jennifer HU, Yao HU, Monty JACKSON, David KEMP, Colin KNIGHT, Susie LLEWELYN, Eddie LYMER, Freya MAINPRIZE, Paul MARLEY, Brian RUSSELL, Roger SMITH, David TURNER, Julie ZHU

We had 12 first timers at the start line this weekend – welcome to the parkrun family. Joining them were 18 parkrun tourists – hope you all enjoyed our fabulous parkrun.

So onto the results and a timely and gentle reminder to remember your barcode.  Our first finisher forgot to bring their own, hence is shown as “unknown” this week.  If you cross the finish line and do not want a result/get scanned or have forgotten your barcode, please can you still take a finish token and then hand it to one of the bar code scanners.  This helps make the processing of the results so much easier for us.  Thank you!

The 1,2,3 for the ladies and gents were as follows – 

  1. Mel ENGLISH 20:54 and a new PB!
  2. Laura SINDALL 21:35
  3. Sarah PRICE 22:23

A close run finish for the gents with only 6 seconds separating the first 3

  1. Tom EAMES 15:48
  2. Ben SAVILL 15:52 and a new PB!
  3. Simon HEATH 15:54

This Saturday will be out 11th anniversary so we look forward to welcoming you all to celebrate the big day.  Thanks, as ever, to all of you for being part of this fabulous event that is parkrun.  

See you at the start line.

Brian x



Brighton & Hove parkrun #576 Oct 20th 2018


It was bright sunshine with a slight Autumnal chill in the air, and no hint of rain at Hove Park this morning.  Perfect running conditions, in fact.  There was though an odds-on chance of some lemon drizzle amongst the superb home-made cakeage on offer from parkrun stalwart Tracy Eaton and over 50 of her wonderful Hove Hornets team mates who provided most of the volunteers for today’s slice of running nirvana, as well as staffing the tables groaning under the weight of such a cornucopia of confection – all sold in aid of Breast Cancer charities in Brighton and Worthing.

Today’s heroes were: Georgie ANDERSON (who briefed us before the run on the very worthy causes for which the Hornets were collecting), John ARCHER, Charlie BERLANGA, Leo BERLANGA, Harry BERLANGA, Charlie BODEN, Lesley CARD, Joanna COOPER, Keith CORNELIUS, James CORNFORD, Cheryl COSTELLO, Dorian COTTAM, Eve CRUA, Cyril CRUA, Nick CULLISS, John P DOHERTY, Matthew DOUGAN, Catherine DOWNIE, Kian DOYLE, Ronan DOYLE, Michelle DUPLOCK, Tracy Caroline EATON, Lisa ELBOURNE, Jo ELSDEN, Cathy FALL, Sean GIBSON, Karen HALL, Dave HARVEY, Bernie HARVEY, Holly HARVEY, Amy HAUSDOERFER, Katie HOFFELNER, Michael HOWARD, Monty JACKSON, Nick JACKSON-SMITH, Ryan JOHNSTONE, Eddie LYMER, Kelvin MACDONALD, Freya MAINPRIZE, Jon MAXFIELD, Kerry MORAN, Daniel PIMBLETT, Judy POULTON, Graeme POULTON, Grant RITCHIE, Lloyd RITCHIE, Jane ROWETH, Brian RUSSELL, Tess SANDILANDS, Zeph SANDILANDS, Noah SHAW, David Joseph SIMMONS, Guy TIPTON, Robert TURNER, Sarli Annelle VAN ZYL, Adam VAUGHAN, Chris WALLIS, Karen WELLER, Ian WILDING, Alli WILLMORE.  Many thanks to you all – parkrun couldn’t take place week after week without your help!

We had 442 runners ‘step up to the plate’ this week, with 32 first-timers at Hove Park, of whom 12 were ‘newbies’ – welcome to a large, but exclusive (and fully inclusive!) club!  There was an astonishing 88 PBs (is that record?) - an amazing 20% of those who took to the field.  

Five runners celebrated ‘red t-shirt’ half-centuries this week: Hove Hornets Amy White (VW45-49) and David Turner (VM35-39), who celebrated with one of the 88 PBs, taking 22 seconds off his previous fastest time set in March 2017, finishing in 18.40; Tamar Coleman of Arena 80 AC (VW55-59); Simon Whitehouse of Lancing Eagles (VM40-44); and Ian Gibson (VM55-59) who also scored a PB – a 7 second improvement, crossing the line in 22.28.  Whilst Lorraine Simmons (VW60-64) is now due her black t-shirt having reached 100.  Congratulations one and all!

The scores on the doors were, for the female runners it was young Bertie Brooking (JW11-14) taking the spoils in a time of 20.17 (a PB, shaving an impressive 55 seconds off her previous best); followed by Brighton Tri-Club pair Harriet Cunningham and Gillian Bickle (both VW35-39) who came home in 21.28 and 21.31 respectively.  The men’s fastest times were Andrew McCaskill (SM30-34) in a speedy 16.16, then the ever consistent Graham Godden (VM50-54) of Brighton & Hove City AC on 16.59, and Marlon Bouman (SM30-34) in 17.19.

On the age-grading front there were four runners scoring over 80%: Graham Godden on 86.85%; John Adam (VM5-59) 81.68%; Alexander Sava (VM65-69) with 81.61%; and Michael Whyte (VM50-54) on 81.06%.

Finally, we were graced by the presence of a number of visitors from the pretty Tilgate parkrun, including mother and daughter pair Carole and Amy Mills; David Luft; and Steve Keary – members of Burgess Hill Runners and Horsham Joggers with a grand total of 615 parkuns between them.  We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you all again soon!

That’s all from me this time.  I won’t be at Hove Park next Saturday as I’ll be enjoying a bit of parkrun tourism in Berlin with fellow Brighton & Hove parkrun regulars Caroline Wood, Mark Stephenson, Joan Lennon, John and Lisa Elbourne, Michelle Blackwell, Pete Golton, Sue Dibb, and Amanda Woodham – so happy running everyone!

Shawn Buck



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