Brighton & Hove parkrun – #549 – 14th April 2018

Lovely morning, no rain, no wind, bit of sunshine, blossom on the trees. The park looked good, an ideal morning for a PB and 48 out of 396 runners obliged. This is my first report for over a year. The days when I did 30 reports in a year are long gone, and now not necessary. By my reckoning nine of the excellent core team have penned a report this year already. In a moment of madness however I decided that I fancied writing a report, got in the queue and came up with marathon weekend! Now this is significant because I like to find as many runners as possible who were visiting from other parkruns, and give them a mention. On marathon weekend the city is full of parkrunners from all over the place. I like a challenge and so far I have found 24, but I think there could have been many more. They are not all that obvious from the results, particularly if they have no club against their name, but I have my methods.

So here are the ones that I have found so far: Andy McGregor (Dulwich), Austin Soane and Brenda Cotterell (Frimley),  Matthew and Amanda Knight (Braunstone, Leicester), Gary Window (Wimbledon), Colin Stark (Holkham, Norfolk), Chris Merrylees and Emily Hannant (Sherringham), Dan Slayford (Southend), Steve Paull and Penny Hudson (Harrow), Lydia Felton (Norwich), Kevin Martin (Maidstone), Jon Rodgers (Osterley), Kevin Denny (Shorne Woods, Gravesend), Robert Sandford and Lucia Roberts (Great Notley, Essex),Michael Conway (Southsea), Liane Slaughter (Barking), Tim Hooker (Guildford), Linda Wright (Reading), Charlotte New (Southampton) and Rebecca Dunnell (Finsbury) who I have left to last so that I can mention that this was her 100th parkrun. Congratulations. Hope you all enjoyed your visit to Hove Park and that we will see you again.

IMG_2140 (1)

Charlotte New, who normally runs at one of the Southampton parkruns, with Volunteer Coordinator David Simmons. Charlotte was in Brighton for the weekend to do a spot of parkrun tourism and run the Brighton 10K on Sunday.


Among those visitors Austin Soane was probably the star of the day with an excellent 60-64 time of 18.26 as the fifth to finish. His time was the third fastest ever in the age group at our event, but of more significance was his age grade of 90.14%. In ten years of parkrunning at Hove Park, only 8 runners, over all age groups, out of a total of seventeen and a half thousand have achieved a 90% grading.  Last week Emil Pruden, whose 111 runs have been split roughly between Preston and Hove Parks, recorded his first Hove Park top placing. This week he did it again with a new PB of 16.55. Next was Benn Pomfret with 17.54, followed by an unknown runner. Andy McGregor was therefore the next named runner with 18.23. Among the women Katie McGregor took the honours with 19.59, just outside her PB. Second to finish, Nicole Airey, did get a PB by almost a minute recording 20.13 ahead of Freya Lemans 20.30. Following Austin Soanes age grade was Jonathan Burrell 82.25% and Alexander Sava 80.70%. Just missing 80% was Sue Brumwell with 79.70%.

Completing the statistics, there were 396 runners, 48 PBs, 60 first timers and 47 volunteers ensuring as usual a smooth operation. In addition to visitor Rebecca Dunnell’s 100th run, Nick Dry reached 400 and Paul Edge ran his 50th. Among the 48 PBs were Dan Caplin, 23.59 to 23.04, Catherine Crawford, four in a row to go from 27.24 to 26.29 and Nikola Jane White 31.20 to 30.35. You have to go back to June 2014 for Rick Crockett’s last PB at 25.20. Nearly 4 years and 50 parkruns later he finally came up with 24.23 on Saturday.

In the list of visitors on Saturday, I included Charlotte New from Southampton. Charlotte is deaf, and one of three Sign Language Interpreters at her parkrun. On Saturday she needed information and fortunately we have our own such official in David Simmons, who was able to help her. If any of our runners know of anyone who may be put off from parkrun by hearing problems, please let them know that we have help available.




Brighton & Hove parkrun #547 March 31st 2018


This morning we began our briefing with the sad and shocking news of the death of one of our parkrun family: Jan Carroll.

Jan had been a part of parkrun since 2009 and completed a total of 300 parkruns – 289 of which were at Brighton and Hove. She also volunteered an amazing 61 times, but that doesn’t include the many times that Jan stood in the park and encouraged others. These are just some of the lovely tributes I heard about her:

“I always remember Jan approaching the finish line with a look of grim determination on her face, but once she’d crossed the line, she always broke out into a sunny smile and she had time to chat to everyone.”

“There are so many great things to say about her. She was a stalwart of parkrun, both as a runner, and as a volunteer. There aren’t many women regularly running into their 70s but Jan was a real inspiration, coming along week in and week out. Like many others, I’ll really miss her warm and friendly presence.”

“Jan epitomised the spirit of parkrun - always cheerful and smiling, encouraging and supportive to others, and volunteering on numerous occasions whatever the weather.  Truly one of the parkrun family.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband, John, and their family.


This week 476 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 64 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 33 different clubs took part. We had visitors from Yorkshire, Wales and Herefordshire.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers – we really couldn’t do it without you: Roy TAYLOR • Claudia MARSH • Paul RAWLINSON • Peter GOLTON • Amanda WOODHAM • Peter Robert WESTON • Paul HOWARD • Joan LENNON • Karen CLINTON • Gary TIMMS • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Kian DOYLE • Ronan DOYLE • Trevor DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Joe RODEN • Lorelei CLINTON • John ELBOURNE • Fred DICKINSON • Georgie ANDERSON • Richard CHESSELL • Shawn BUCK • Alex BROTHWELL • Lisa ELBOURNE • Betsy BROOKS • Phil FANTHOME • Jason STOAKLEY • Holly NEWMAN • Zoe HEATH • Oscar BRADSHAW

Anyone is welcome to volunteer – at any time! Please just email and we’ll be happy to give you a job.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

However, some highlights: Alex CRUTTENDEN (16:43), Howard BRISTOW (16:47) and Emil PRUDEN (17:08) were the first three finishers overall. The first three women to finish were Sarah O’SULLIVAN (20:05), Lucy May RICHARDSON (20:15) and Mary CAMPBELL-CLEMENTE (20:23). In the age gradings Howard BRISTOW (83.22%), Mary CAMPBELL-CLEMENTE (82.26%) and Andrew HAIG (81.40%) were top of the pops.

Celebrating milestones were John CHALLEN and Steve EKE – both on 250, with John doing the double with a milestone birthday to boot! Thanks for the cakes!

Jon BOWDITCH and John TRORY both made it to a century. Whilst Kirsty HALLETT, Jane BALL, Andrzej KUICH and Gary MCNAB can all claim their ‘50’ t-shirts. Juniors Olive HUTCHINSON and Jesse MACKAREL have achieved their perfect ‘10’. Many congratulations to you all!

Until next week…


Woody Woodpecker is back – 24 March 2018

One of the first things I noticed on Saturday morning as I started setting up for parkrun was the persistent knocking coming from one of the tall trees near the start. I peered upwards but could not see anything. Other people stopped to look too, and the knocking went on, and on, with small intervals of silence. Yes, our woodpecker is back and was busy hammering away somewhere up the top of the tree looking for bugs and nice things to eat. After the bitter cold of the previous weekend it was nice to have a sign of spring to welcome us. And another positive thing is that it DIDN’T RAIN. We had a little bit of mud to contend with and an obstacle or two on the course, but the ground was dry and the marshals didn’t get wet.

And speaking of obstacles on the course, you can’t have failed to notice the large skip which was carefully positioned about 100 metres form the start, just in the best possible place to cause maximum potential for accidents. Despite the warning barrier tape we put up, we decided that more action was needed to prevent runners crashing into it so, bravely, Karen and Lisa acted as high-viz traffic cones. They survived the onslaught of runners dashing past after the start and Karen stayed at her post throughout the run, wondering was she going to be knocked INTO the skip by some of the runners. Hopefully it’ll be gone by next week.

So what else can I say about this week’s run? I was musing after we had finished about how well it all seemed to go. As Run Director, sometimes it can seem that there are too many things to do and there aren’t enough hands to do them. But today everything just flowed. During the run I was hanging around the finish funnel, checking on the volunteers who were doing the scanning and manual recording of barcodes, answering queries, making sure those handing out finish tokens were OK, and I was aware that everything seemed to be going smoothly. Of course I had no idea what was going on out there on the course, or at the finish line with the timer, or if we would encounter some data problems or have any complaints. The run finished, people started helping with taking the funnel down, putting things away and tidying up (huge thanks to Ben Roden who just came and helped without being asked), Richard quietly got on with uploading results onto the computer, Paula made sure all the volunteers were recognised for the work they did today etc. We had a group sorting tokens and getting them all checked for next week and it was the communal effort of lots of people that made today’s parkrun a success. As ever, thanks to all our volunteers; we couldn’t hold parkrun without you. Many hands truly do make light work and I thank everyone for their help. We have a wonderful group of Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who make such a difference too. Particular thanks also to Bernie and Karen my co-Run Directors, Paula (Volunteer Co-ordinator) and Richard for wining the weekly battle with the computer so everyone gets a result.

Today Andy De Sallis completed his 100th parkrun. Andy started parkrunning back in 2010, completing 13 parkruns that year. He then had more than a three year break, starting back in January 2014 (New Year’s resolution?) doing 26 runs in 2014, 12 runs in 2015 (with a PB on the 18th of November that year), 23 runs in 2016, 19 runs in 2017, and 6 runs in 2018, all run at Hove Park. That’s 99 parkruns at Hove Park and, if you add in his single parkrun at Hove Prom, it’s 100 in total. Well done Andy, and I hope you continue running here at Hove Park for your next 100. Colin Crawford, a parkrunner since 2013, also reached a milestone run today, completing his 50th run. And to cap it off, he had a PB of 20:25 today – great job. Don’t forget everyone can combine volunteering and running as we have loads of jobs which need to be done before and after parkrun.

Please do remember to bring your barcode every week, and we need a printed scannable barcode, not one on a phone. We also cannot accept numbers written on your hand or memorised. parkrun policy is strict that all runners must have a printed barcode in order for their result to be processed – it is not Brighton and Hove parkrun policy or us just being mean. We are following parkrun UK instructions and we do our best to enforce this policy, even though it can lead to tears and frustration. No barcode, no result.

I just spotted that a new parkrun started on 17th March not too far from here, just over the Surrey border in Mole Valley, based at Denbies vineyard. That sounds like a good one to go and do – it’s a one-lap course with great views of Box Hill. Be aware though, that there are no toilets open at the start of the run so sort yourself out before you get to the venue :)

This week 415 people ran, jogged and walked the course at Hove Park, of whom 27 were first timers and 59 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Ann EKE • Paul RAWLINSON • Carol Ann GRANT • Bernadette KIRRANE • Paula CHESSELL • James ADAMS • John R HARDING • Joan LENNON • Karen CLINTON • Sarah ARJUN • Brian RUSSELL • Ben RODEN • Lucy SELWOOD • Monty JACKSON • Matthew HARKER • Richard CHESSELL • Wendy NEWMAN • Alex BROTHWELL • Henry COPPARD • Lisa ELBOURNE • Betsy BROOKS • Lucas TAI • Phil FANTHOME • Roy HILL • Lucy May RICHARDSON • Kai CHEUNG • Will CROUCHER • Scarlett BENSON-HOLLIS • Oliver BRYANT • Holly NEWMAN • Zoe HEATH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).


Run report 545: St Patrick’s Day 17 March 2018

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh! (look it up!)
Undeterred by the wind, and with temperatures barely above freezing, our hardy volunteers arrived en masse for this, the chilliest of St Patrick’s Day mornings. We owe an extra-special thank you this week to all those marshals, timekeepers, number-checkers, token-distributors and funnel managers who had to don multiple layers and jump up and down to stop from freezing. Thanks too to the setter-uppers, run directors, volunteer co-ordinator, pacers, tail walkers, token-sorters, results-processors, and putter-awayers who did their bit to allow all us runners to get our regular parkrun fix. As a runner rather than a volunteer this week, I definitely got the easy end of the deal.

Volunteers Mike Fox and Paul Newbury on scanning duty


St Patrick’s Day is a special day for Brighton & Hove parkrun - and one of the two occasions each year when we at Brighton and Hove parkrun raise money for charity. This year, our chosen charity was Teenage Cancer Trust, in memory of Josie Kemp, one of our young runners who died earlier this year. In her too-short life, Josie herself had run to raise money for cancer research, so we wanted to do the same. Thanks to all those who made and bought cakes and/or donated - we raised around £150. For those who forgot to bring cash along today, or who would like to make an additional contribution, the link for the Trust is below. We'll also bring along the collection bucket to next week's run to scoop up any more of your contributions for this vital charity.

Josie's dad, Dave, with our trusty volunteers, setting up the cake stall for donations


So why do we mark St Patrick’s Day at Brighton and Hove? Well, the celebratory part began in 2008 when our (Irish) Event Director John decided to mark Brighton and Hove’s first ever St Patrick’s Day parkrun by encouraging everyone to wear green/fancy dress and by running the course clockwise instead of the usual anti-clockwise route. People loved the fun, runners got a new view of the route, not to mention an appreciation of those now-not-so-gentle-and-oh,no!-uphill slopes, and a tradition was born. We’ve marked the occasion in the same way ever since.


Joan, our Irish run director, sporting the green, white and gold of Ireland


St Patrick’s Day in Numbers: Then and Now (this bit’s for you, Roy Taylor!)¬¬¬
So what’s changed at our St Patrick’s Day parkrun over that decade?
Our runner numbers: almost a sixfold increase, 68 then, 400 today.
Number of Brighton & Hove parkruns held at Hove Park: 20 then, 545 today.
UK parkrun venues: 6 then, 513 today.
Countries other than UK hosting parkruns: None then, 16 today.
Results processing: paper/pencil and manual entry then, scanned barcodes fed into worldwide systems today.
What hasn’t changed?
A timed 5km run in the park every Saturday at 9am, free to everyone (yes, everyone!), organised and supported by volunteers – hurrah!
The gender split: 40% women then, 41% today.
The proportion of volunteers relative to runners: 9% then, 9% today.
Time gap (minutes) between first and last finishers: 30 minutes then, 29 minutes today.
Highest age grading: 86.3% then, 85.8% today.
Who was there at the 2008 St Patrick’s Day run and also at today’s?
Regulars Kevin Bush, Ian Parsons and Mark Halls all ran the 2008 St Patrick’s Day run and were with us again today - in Kevin’s case as a volunteer (thanks on behalf of all the runners, Kevin!) Also present on both days, of course, was Event Director John Doherty, aka the Doc ….. take a bow, John, a real stalwart of our parkrun. And, by the way, a pat on the back to Mark Halls whose 2008 age grading was a not-too-shabby 70% while today’s was a highly impressive 79%. Way to go, Mark!


John Doc, fetching in a green wig, with fellow Run Directors Paula and Richard Chessell


Special Mentions Today
• Congratulations to Lisa Swann who ran her 250th parkrun today. Alongside that admirable achievement, Lisa’s also clocked up 22 volunteer stints since her first parkrun in May 2011.
• 28 people ran their first Brighton and Hove parkrun today – for 16 of these it was their first ever parkrun anywhere – a special well done to you for joining us on such a chilly morning.
• 30 people recorded PBs – well done, all of you.

Finish times:
Exactly 400 runners, walkers, joggers, strollers, hoppers, skippers crossed the finish line today. A few of their times….
100th finisher: a mystery finisher – next time, DFYB!
200th finisher: Carter Jones (JM11-14) running his first ever parkrun in 27.19
300th finisher: Kirstine Marie Carbis (VW45-49) on her 126th parkrun in 31.47
400th finisher: Paula Chessell (VW50-54), a key member of our management team, one of today’s Tail-Walkers and brilliant Volunteer Co-ordinator, completing her 160th parkrun in 45.52.

And at the front of the field ….
The first three women over the line were Lucy May Richardson, Tara Shanahan and Mel English, while their male counterparts were Reuben Hoyte, Graham Godden and Emil Pruden. For this week's full results see

That’s all, folks! See you in the park next week.
Bernie Kirrane


Brighton & Hove parkrun #544 10th March 2018

It was a balmy 9.5'C in the car when we set off for Parkrun this morning. Given the Artic weather we've had recently it felt positively tropical. Spring is definitely on the horizon.

On arrival (I'm sorry to say that we never get there that early despite trying every week!) the runners were turning up in their usual numbers and the volunteers were being briefed. It's wonderful to see so many young people turning up week after week to volunteer, many as part of their volunteering section for their Duke of Edinburgh awards. Thanks too to the Run Directors and core team who make it all happen every week. Here's a list of those people who gave up their time to volunteer this morning (it's a little bit embarrassing to be first on the list!!):

Alison PORGES • Andrew BROOKS • Angela L ROBINSON • Ashti MORADI • Bethany SOLIMAN • Brian RUSSELL • Caroline WOOD • Claire DE NERVAUX • Claire GILES • Daniel PORGES • Fred DICKINSON • George COATES • Georgie ANDERSON • Gonçalo MELO • Hekmat MORADI • Henry COPPARD • Holly NEWMAN • Isobel BARDSLEY • Jay BISWAS • John CHALLEN • John P DOHERTY • Karen CLINTON • Kelvin MACDONALD • Kian DOYLE • Lisa Catherine SWAN • Lorelei CLINTON • Mark STEPHENSON • Monty JACKSON • Nathan MCCONNELL • Oliver BRYANT • Oscar BRADSHAW • Paul GASSON • Paula CHESSELL • Rhiannon HAUGHTON • Richard BROWN • Richard CHESSELL • Robin BISWAS • Roy TAYLOR • Sarah Ann HAMILTON • Tania TINSLAY • Tina MACAULEY • Tracy Caroline EATON • Valerie POOLE • Wendy NEWMAN

The top three men in this morning were Andrew McCaskill (16:36), Graham Godden (16:47) and Emil Pruden (17:37), whilst the top three women were Ali Guihen (19:05), Sophie Coleman (19:10) and Ciara Muzio (20:51) - well done all of you!! I really don't know how you manage to run so fast!

Of the 394 who took part, 44 of you got a new Hove Park PB - well done, and there were 19 first timers (4 of whom were Jones' - all related?). I do hope you enjoyed the Parkrun and hope to see you all back again soon. If you're new to Parkrun please remember to register on the website (it's free, quick and easy) and print off your barcode so that your time can be registered and your runs counted. It's amazing how quickly they add up and you'll soon be sporting your free milestone t-shirt! Don't forget that there's also a milestone t-shirt (in a dashing purple colour) for volunteering 25 times so you don't even have to run.

There were a couple of milestone runs of note today - John Carroll did his 300th run and Sacha-Lee Sinden completed her 10th Parkrun! Well done to both of you. There'll be some more important milestones in the next couple of weeks so watch this space.

Next week it's our annual St Patrick's Day run where we run the Parkrun in the opposite direction. This may mean many more PB's next week - I certainly find it easier as there's 3 short up hill sections and lots of down hill (which I like). Green fancy dress outfits (not mandatory) will be rewarded with sweets and small prizes!

In memory of Josie Kemp, people from the Teenage Cancer Trust will be around next week collecting money. Alternatively you can donate via the following Just Giving page:
We'll also be having a cake sale - all donations welcome - for the same cause, so please remember to bring some cash!!

Hope to see you all next week,


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