Brighton & Hove parkrun
Event number 541
17th February 2018

The date of 17th February is memorable for the birthdays of numerous celebrities including the actor Alan Bates, the basketball player Michael Jordan and the sofa-surfing musician, Ed Sheeran. In Hove Park this morning, we saw 430 of our own special celebrities running, jogging, skipping and walking the course, of whom 35 were first timers. With conditions being so perfect, 65 of you recorded new Personal Bests – a particular ‘Well Done’ to Karen Burgoyne who achieved a fantastic PB on her 240th Parkrun. It is good to see that patience and perseverance do pay dividends in the end! Representatives of 32 different clubs took part – congratulations to runners Tom Williams from Kenilworth and David Awde Bristol who achieved excellent times.

The event was made possible by 33 VIP volunteers. A huge round of applause please for the following: John P DOHERTY • Richard A CARTER • Claudia MARSH • Catherine Sarah COPPARD • Mark STEPHENSON • Peter GOLTON • Mike FOX • Paula CHESSELL • James ADAMS • Valerie POOLE • Tracy Caroline EATON • Karen CLINTON • David SUTCLIFFE • Andrew BROOKS • Lucy SELWOOD • Lorelei CLINTON • Monty JACKSON • Richard CHESSELL • Wendy NEWMAN • Matthew ANSELL • Henry COPPARD • Betsy BROOKS • Jacqueline LONDON-WILLIS • Jason STOAKLEY • Emily GUNNELL • David GUNNELL • Alison HOPKINS • George COATES • Will CROUCHER • Oliver BRYANT • Asif MALIK • Holly NEWMAN • Oscar BRADSHAW
Many thanks to all of you who take the time to smile and thank our volunteers – it makes a massive difference!

Congratulations are also extended to a number of our elite runners who celebrated their landmark runs today. Steve Bower achieved his 150th run in a spectacular time of 22:11, Brian Russell, suitably attired in kilt and armed with cans of Red Stripe completed his 250th run and the wonderful Jan Carroll ran her 300th run with dignity and grace.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page. The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84). The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528). The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

With next weekend seeing a lot of us being involved in the Half- Marathon on Sunday, please do come along and support our parkrun by volunteering on Saturday morning. It is an ideal way to give something back and there is a lot of good humour involved if last week’s token sorting is anything to go by….

Have a good week running.


parkrun no 540 – Saturday 10th February 2018

Last week’s write up by Shawn about the ‘Josie Train’ was so moving that I feel anything I write today cannot possibly be up to scratch, but I shall try. We didn’t have anything quite so momentous to report on this Saturday, but we were blessed by the weather and had a cold dry parkrun, with a bit of frost – just enough to make the grassy area usable but not enough to make it dangerous and slippery underfoot. As we were in the café for our post-parkrun coffee, chat and computer business (doing results) the sky darkened and it started spitting rain. So we were so thankful to have got all the equipment put away in the dry, and not to have dozens of soggy Hi-Viz vests to take home and dry off. I think that more often than not we do get smiled on by the weather gods. It’s all part of the parkrun happiness.

Today was great for those of us who were dealing with timers, finish tokens, manual recording of finishers and scanning barcodes. We had manageable numbers (386 finishers). For some reason there was no rush for the line at any stage – runners came past in a steady stream, we had no mid-race ‘bulge’ which can make the timekeeper’s task difficult, the funnel moved along smoothly and the scanners seemed to work. Consequently, results processing went smoothly too and I heartily thank John Doc and Bernie, as well as Pete Golton for their efficient processing of results. Caroline and Mark did a sterling job of making sure everything was tidied up and put away, Amanda kindly provided coffees to the workers, tokens were sorted, checked and re-strung ready for next week and we all enjoyed chatting about today's run, the Worthing 10K which was coming up on Sunday, remembering last week’s Josie Train, and doing all the things parkrunners do best – keeping good company and spending time with friends.

We had a few visitors today and the first one I met was an early arrival, Will (William) Crawford who was visiting us all the way from Gungahlin parkrun in Canberra, Australia. Will was so cheery, and didn’t seem to mind our cold weather. He told us about how his sister-in-law is in the process of setting up a new parkrun out in Australia called Rosebud. It is starting next week I think. For all you parkrun geeks who like to ‘collect’ parkrun interesting facts, apparently this is the first parkrun in Australia which starts with the letter ‘R’ and so those people who try and do things like run a parkrun which starts with every letter of the alphabet, will now be able to add an ‘R’ parkrun to their Australian collection. He says they expect this phenomenon to swell their numbers on the first event. Will has completed 83 parkruns now and came home in a very respectable 33:22. Hopefully we’ll see him in Hove Park again as he says he’ll be in the UK for a couple of months. He’ll try and do Bushy parkrun in London of course – the place where it all started all those years ago.

We also welcomed Dave Johnson who is a fairly regular runner at York parkrun. Dave was running in Hove Park because he had been out in Brighton the night before on a stag do with friends from York. (He did confess to being rather affected by the previous night’s festivities.) He was supposed to be meeting another fellow stag do reveller who was also planning on doing our parkrun but at the time I was speaking to Dave he had yet to find his friend – signs of a good night out perhaps? Dave mentioned a new parkrun at Heslington in York which already attracts about 300 runners even though it has only been going for a month. The original York parkrun, which has been going for more than 5 years regularly gets in excess of 500 runners. This seems to reflect a trend around the whole country of more and more people getting out and joining in parkruns on a Saturday morning. Aren’t we lucky to live in such times??

Another visitor who caught my attention was Kelvin Gower. Kelvin was running our course for the first time but has done most of his runs at Frimley Lodge and at Basingstoke. He has an impressive 406 parkruns under his belt and has also managed to squeeze in a total of 42 volunteering stints (excluding pacing). He has completed 49 different parkruns at various locations around the country so is obviously a keen parkrun tourist and he is no slouch as his finishing time today was 22:12. You may be interested to know that today we had no less than 10 parkrunners completing our course who have each run more than 300 parkruns, including three people (Kelvin being one of them) who have completed more than 400 parkruns each. What used people to do on a Saturday morning before parkrun started up?

This week 386 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 36 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Catherine Sarah COPPARD • Caroline WOOD • Mark STEPHENSON • Paul ZARA • Peter GOLTON • Amanda WOODHAM • Bernadette KIRRANE • Tara SHANAHAN • James ADAMS • Tracy Caroline EATON • Joan LENNON • Simon BATTLE • Brian RUSSELL • Debbie DILLON • Sophie POWELL • Fred DICKINSON • Katherine WELLS • Alison PORGES • Shawn BUCK • Henry COPPARD • Betsy BROOKS • Tabitha HRYNICK • Jay BISWAS • Robin BISWAS • Phil FANTHOME • Isobel BARDSLEY • George COATES • Jasmine ASSEFI • Will CROUCHER • Scarlett BENSON-HOLLIS • Oliver BRYANT • Maya JAMES • Eve WARNE • Rhiannon HAUGHTON • Nathan MCCONNELL
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

That’s all for today folks. Have a good week and see you on another Saturday in Hove Park or any other parkrun around the country.


The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).
Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 17,177 participants have completed 168,972 parkruns covering a total distance of 844,860 km, including 29,501 new Personal Bests.


Brighton & Hove parkrun #539 Feb 3rd 2018


If anything could best encapsulate the ethos of parkrun and the ability of people of all backgrounds to come together in a spirit of joy, happiness, and comradeship then it was on display in abundance at Hove Park last Saturday morning. People turned out in huge numbers to support Brighton and Hove parkrun stalwart David Kemp, and pay tribute to his daughter Josie May - also one of the parkrun ‘family’ -, who recently passed away after long battle with cancer.


David and his family’s wishes were that the best way to celebrate Josie’s life would be to have a 30-minute paced ‘train’ that everyone could join in. Before the run we (the committee) decided that all those who ran with Dave would be recorded with a time of 29:59 – but with David sprinting ahead before the end to finish in 29:25, which is Josie’s ‘PB’. David brought a beautiful banner embroidered with Josie’s name in bright cheerful colours, which those in the ‘train’ ran behind. The atmosphere before the run was not at all sombre – in fact it was positively joyful, with everybody smiling and providing David and his family with emotional support. All passengers on the ‘train’ – many wearing specially customised tops in honour of Josie - were photographed together for posterity before the run. It was a morning full of love, hugs and kisses – and David’s kind-hearted, cheerful demeanour and stoicism after such a profound loss were truly remarkable.
So; after the usual pre-run briefing it was full steam ahead for the ‘Josie train’. It made for a remarkable and awe-inspiring sight from where I was marshalling to see over 150 runners snaking their way up the hill on the east side of the park – with Josie’s banner held aloft. As I couldn’t from a distance fully sum up the atmosphere though, I’ll leave it to my parkrun committee colleague and friend Claire Giles to give her account of what it was like to be ‘on the train’: -
“I felt honoured to be part of the ‘Josie Train’. It was an emotional time, but the atmosphere was simply inspiring, and everyone was chatting, running - and running to get Josie her time - and all of us supporting Dave & his family. Very much a morning of celebration, heartache, anger, upset, tears, inspiration, love and support all rolled into one. Right thing to do, but at the same time for the right / wrong reasons - RIP Josie & May your family & friends have strength x Claire”

Thank you, Claire! Huge thanks also to our doughty team of volunteers who performed a splendid job, as always: Catherine Sarah COPPARD  •  Claire GILES  •  Daniel PORGES  •  David KEMP  •  Fred DICKINSON  •  Freya MAINPRIZE  •  Holly NEWMAN  •  James CARBIS  •  Jan CARROLL  •  Jay BISWAS  •  Jessamy HIBBERD  •  John P DOHERTY  •  Kai CHEUNG  •  Karen CLINTON  •  Kian DOYLE  •  Lisa ELBOURNE  •  Lorelei CLINTON  •  Lucas TAI  •  Mark STEPHENSON  •  Nathan MCCONNELL  •  Paula CHESSELL  •  Peter GOLTON  •  Richard CHESSELL  •  Robin BISWAS  •  Roger FOORD  • Wendy NEWMAN  •  Zoe HEATH
– and a special mention for those involved in barcode-scanning the members of the ‘Josie train’, who carried out their task with great aplomb – and particular praise for our Run Director Caroline Wood, whose kind, well-chosen, and eloquent words before the run set exactly the right tone for our celebration of Josie’s life.
Now to the ‘scores on the doors’. We had a nice round figure of 500 finishers, including 15 first-timers, a fair sprinkling of visitors (a good number of whom were from other local parkruns who wanted to run for Josie), and a respectable 41 PBs recorded.
First male home was Andrew McCaskill (SM30-34) in a sprightly 17.05, followed by Emil Pruden (SM20-24) in 17.32. Then it was Alexander Ham (SM30-34) of Lewes AC finishing in 17.50. Fastest female this week was Harmony Cooper (JW15-17) of Hastings AC with a time of 19.42, hotly pursued by another young runner Hove Hornet Lucy May Richardson (JW15-17) in 19.47. It was a tussle for third place, and it was Katie Wright (SW30-34) who crossed the line in 19.52, just ahead of parkrun tourist Kirsty Armstrong (VW40-44) of Burgess Hill Runners – a Clair Park Haywards Heath regular - who recorded a PB, and went sub-20 minutes for the first time, finishing in 19.55 – an improvement of 7 seconds.
Other notable PBs included Sally-Anne Jackson (VW50-54) – who usually strides out at the hilly Riddlesdown parkrun, near Caterham – taking an impressive 2 minutes and 4 seconds off her previous PB to finish in 27.46. Young Cassius Hebden (JM11-14) of Brighton Phoenix, who racked up his fourth consecutive PB, shaving an amazing 44 seconds off his last effort with a time of 19.06; and another young rising star Madoc Dudley (JM10) recording his third PB this year in a time of 24.29.
On the age-grading front it was Alexander Sava (VM65-69) who took the spoils with 79.81%, closely followed by aforesaid Kirsty Armstrong and Harmony Cooper with 78.41% and 77.66% respectively.
Visitors from other parkruns were Karen Denness (SW25-29) from Worthing; Clare Quinton (VW45-49) from Riddlesdown (a friend of Sally-Anne Jackson?); Chris Clark (VM35-39) from Southampton; and Mike Porteous (VM55-59) who made the short trip from Preston Park to join the ‘Josie Train’.
So; a truly inspirational morning where the parkrun spirit shone brightly and one which brought out the best in everyone. Thank you one and all – and see you again very soon.

Shawn Buck


Brighton & Hove parkrun #538 27th January 2018 by Claire Giles

The one where the RD forgot some VIPS, and a slight technical hiccup, so had to be sent to the naughty step to write lines!, the weather fairy was kind, Horley Harriers came to visit and a few funnel duckers....

As I got down to our parkrun HQ, the weather was a bit chilly, but dry. Got everything out of the storage and went to set up the start. Said morning to people on route. As I made my way back down to the finish – it was so lovely as if by magic the funnel had been set up... thanks Pete:) the first of the vols arrived.
A few of the vols finished setting up the funnel while on of the DOE’s helped me set up the scanning area – thanks Freya you did well :)

We seem to have more vols than runners as it turned 8.45am!! but we know you you seem to just appear – I reckon you’re playing hide and seek!
The lovely Bri did the new runners briefing, and the lovely Pete briefed the volunteers.. Then we made our way to the start..

Thanks Monty for carrying the steps for me very kind :) another point to your DOE ;) we were thinking that you are very good, and I said to Pete- Monty can be your second in command!! You might have been promoted!!!

As I stood on the steps and started to make the announcements – were you all asleep?!! The Richard said something and you seemed to wake up! I gather you couldn’t hear me – so I did apologise on our FB page... ( see the RD apology) but if I could say – you know we do the briefing at the start, so if you could all just stop, and listen that would be good :) I know you want to get going but we do have to do this for safety reasons..

So with some distraction I did forget the VIPS – I am so sorry to my team of volunteers – you know I love you and without you the event couldn’t run...x

So a massive thanks to these fab 39!!!
John P DOHERTY • Rick EVANS • Paul RAWLINSON • Ruth EVANS • Peter GOLTON • Jan CARROLL • Valerie POOLE • Eve CRUA • Karen CLINTON • Paul MORTIMER • Claire GILES • Kian DOYLE • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Monty JACKSON • Nick ELLIS • Steve TUFF • Richard CHESSELL • Daniel PORGES • Tabitha ELLIS • Henry COPPARD • Betsy BROOKS • Jay BISWAS • Jessamy HIBBERD • Cyril CRUA • Robin BISWAS • Phil FANTHOME • Isobel BARDSLEY • Kai CHEUNG • Lucas TAI • George COATES • Jasmine ASSEFI • Will CROUCHER • Freya MAINPRIZE • Oliver BRYANT • Eve WARNE • Rhiannon HAUGHTON • Nathan MCCONNELL • Holly NEWMAN • Zoe HEATH

So 321 go! And you were off!!! (the run started and you all finished)!

You all looked great out on the field – whether you were running, jogging, walking or all the above!!!
This week 502 people ran. We had 45 first timers and 70 recorded new Personal Bests. We had 34 different clubs taking part. – awesome!! Well done :)

So the scores on the doors are -
First male in - Andrew Mccaskill 16.17 (SM30-34), Graham Godden followed in a time of 17.03 (VM50-54) Brighton & Hove City AC, and then our third male in was David Lawley 17.31 (VM35-39) Ranelagh Harriers and this was your first time. Well done to you :)
First female – Freya Leman 19.52 (VW40-44)Hove Hornets and this was a New PB!, Lucy May Richardson followed in a time of 20.09 (JW15-17) Hove Hornets, and the third female in was Katrina Cheeseman 20.32 (SW30-34) and this was your first time here – well done to you all :)

The other end of the field
Eve Crua 48.48 (SW30-34), Lyanne Robinson 48.48 first timer (VW45-49), Alan Viles and Stella Cross 44.55 (VW5-59) and thanks to our Tail team  well done all :)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Was great to see the Sapphire Blues – AKA Horley Harriers on their parkrun tour!

Our milestone runners were
50 club – William Tupman, Darren Elliott, Philip Clapp, Jane Burroughs, and Silvia Taylor. 100 Club James Cornford and Holly Dunkley – nice fancy dress James! Well done to you all..

I did make a special announcement as one of our runners / pacer Dave Kemp lost his daughter to cancer a few weeks ago. David has written the following paragraph for our report.

Dear Hove Park parkrunners,
Many of you will have heard the news that my daughter Josie died unexpectedly following a relatively small operation at the Royal Marsden, Chelsea. She had been battling with cancer during her teenage years and her death was two days before her 22nd birthday. She came along to Hove Park parkrun on 21 occasions when she was well-enough to do so as part of a build-up to do the Race For Life so she had won her 10 shirt. She struggled to break 30 minutes, but on one great day she managed a huge PB with 29:25! So on Saturday 3rd Feb, I am going to Pace 30 minutes and I am inviting any or all of you to join me to run at about 30 minutes. I am going to try to do the last K a bit faster to get close to 29:25 and you can all enjoy being beaten by her! I can just about squeeze into her 10 shirt and I am going to wear the home-made Bib number that I have attached here if you fancy printing it off to wear. (If you do, I suggest using parcel tape on the back so that it is strong enough not to rip when you put the safety pins in – I have done it before and it works quite well. Otherwise if you are really posh, encapsulation would work.)

There is also a move to make the Teenage Cancer Trust who were at the forefront of her treatment, the chosen charity for the St Patrick's Day Park Run. More to follow on that.
Thanks David
Just a few things that happened that we are aware of...

We had quite a few of you funnel ducking – even if you haven’t registered, forgotten your barcode, or simply don’t want a time – PLEASE take a finishing token, and drop it in the bucket with the scanning team. This helps to keep the results accurate, and we can process the results more quickly..

Please can you keep moving forward, and stay in your finishing position while in the funnel. I was in the funnel this week – and it was a bit manic at times hence why we do steer you into moving forwards as quickly as you can so please be nice! :)

This again helps the tokens being handed out in the right order of people finishing. We know you have just run, and are tired but if you could just keep moving and bunch up – as soon as you have that token you can make your way to the scanning area in any order!

We also had a complaint from two members of the public walking in the park, saying that a runner / few knocked into them – I can’t say for sure as I wasn’t there, but if you could be mindful of all park users – if this did happen then it isn’t good. The same for being mindful to each other – we are all here enjoying our run...

If you haven’t volunteered at all, or not for a while then perhaps you could think about it as it is good seeing parkrun from another side – and you can get a purple t shirt when you reach 25!!! Woohoo!!!

So, think that is enough from me... have a fab week – nearly the end of January, nearly pay day! We will see you next Sat – when we welcome a brand new month and celebrate Josie Kemps life.... lets get you to your 30mins :)

Happy Running!
RD Claire x


Brighton & Hove parkrun
Event number 537
20th January 2018

Janus, the Roman God of January is depicted as having two faces. This was quite definitely what we saw this morning – miserable weather with most of Brighton choosing to simply stay in bed and hibernate. However, in Hove Park we saw 396 people appear at the park, looking splendid in all shades from the hi-viz rainbow, keen (?) to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and run, jog and walk the course –28 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests - a fantastic achievement when a lot of us are still trying to run off the Christmas cheer. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part – it was lovely to see so many runners from Portslade Hedgehopper who were all running watch-free this morning with the aim of guessing their finish time. I have a hunch that Roy may be the winner of this little in-house competition!

With such poor conditions, a very special thanks to Caroline and Mark who arrived very early this morning to set up the event. With the rain teeming down, they also had to chase after a light-fingered park user who tried to walk off with of our equipment – ‘Oi, you, get off our ladder!’ A further thanks to all 36 volunteers for standing in the rain for much of the morning:

John P DOHERTY • Caroline WOOD • Mark STEPHENSON • Peter GOLTON • Nick DRY • Jan CARROLL • Joy DOBBS • Justin DOBBS • Karen CLINTON • Claire GILES • Julie MCGUINNESS • John CARROLL • Ronan DOYLE • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Georgie ANDERSON • Jamie DOYLE • Keavey DOYLE • Wendy NEWMAN • Shawn BUCK • Daniel PORGES • Henry COPPARD • Lisa ELBOURNE • Isobel BARDSLEY • George COATES • Will CROUCHER • Scarlett BENSON-HOLLIS • Freya MAINPRIZE • Oliver BRYANT • Maya JAMES • Eve WARNE • Rhiannon HAUGHTON • Nathan MCCONNELL • Fred DICKINSON • Holly NEWMAN • Zoe HEATH

It was really interesting to see that 9 of the top 10 age-grade results were all runners aged 45 and over. This should bring hope to all that you can quite definitely get better as you become more experienced (polite way of saying older). Well done to you all!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Please look out for the news report over the next couple of weeks – there will be some important notices regarding a special focus, charity collection and information regarding St. Patrick’s Day.


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