Timers, barcodes and results

Having applied a fix to last Saturday's results I thought some of you might be interested to know the process that leads to you getting your text/email with your time.

As you all know when you finish your run the person with the stopwatch presses the button to record your time and another person gives you a numbered token with its own barcode. You then go to the person with the scanner and they record your personal number and your finish number using the barcodes.

Once everyone has finished we tidy up and head for the ice cream café. Having got our drink we make use of the free wifi to upload the files from the stopwatch and the scanner. A clever bit of software then glues them together and hey presto we have a set of results! We usually see lines in green (a named runner with a time) and yellow (an unknown runner) which means that all seems to have gone well and we can submit the results to the main server. Hopefully you then get a result with your name in the correct position with the correct time.

However, there is a rare occasion when we see one or more red lines and we have to apply an educated guess in order to eliminate the red and submit the results. Sometimes the guess makes little difference to times and no one notices but occasionally (like Saturday) times are significantly out and runners contact us.

In this situation there is no quick fix. It takes time to look at the comments and the results in order to try to tease out where the problem arose. Sometimes it is impossible to locate it and the results have to stand.

All this takes time and remember............ we are all volunteers. We have lives beyond parkrun and so things take time. I personally do not look at the email inbox until Sunday night in order that I can deal with any queries about results in one go.

Happy parkrunning



Christmas 2016

I bring glad tidings!

Not only can you run with us on Christmas Eve but you can do it again on Christmas Day. Usual start time of 9 am so you will still have plenty of time to cook the lunch


New Year’s Day at Buckingham

Why not start 2017 as you mean to go on with a run/jog/stagger around Bourton Meadow with like minded people?

With a start time of 10.30 am you can even have a lie-in or perhaps you might like to do a 'parkrun double' by running at another event first.  This is the only day of the year when you can record 2 events towards your run total!

Obviously we wouldn't be able to do this without some fabulous volunteers so do let us know if you want to help out.



New Year’s Day

We will NOT be running a New Year's Day parkrun this year  - however, we are running as usual on Saturday January 2nd so feel free to enjoy your hangover at your leisure on the Friday, and run like the wind on Saturday! We look forward to another fabulous year at parkrun in 2016!! See you all then!


Christmas day parkrun at Buckingham

Good tidings at Buckingham! Following the success of last year's fabulous festive run, we are going to hold a Christmas Day parkrun again for all our runners! Santa hats and suits encouraged (but not obligatory) and whoever brings chocolates for the volunteer team will run at least 5 PBs in 2016* There will also be our usual Saturday run at 9am on Boxing Day - 2 parkruns in 2 days - what's not to love??!

* conditions apply....possibly involving quite a lot of training and hard work....results cannot be guaranteed :-)

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