Burnley junior parkrun is cancelled on 24 June 2018: due to Classic Car Show being held

Run Report 14/05/17

A huge crowd of 91 juniors & 17 Volunteers joined us on a mild, dry but a little breezy morning in Towneley Park today for our #40th Burnley junior parkrun.

2 half marathon bands were awarded to juniors who have completed 11 junior parkruns - well done guys!

Out of the 91 juniors we had 15 first timers and 21 PB's achieved today!

We hope to see you all again next week and if you could all bring a friend we may get over the big 100  mark!!!

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Run Report 07/05/2017

We had 78 juniors and 21 volunteers who enjoyed beautiful warm sunny morning in Towneley Park for our #39 Burnley junior parkrun!

Today we had 16 first timers and 28 PB's! Well done everyone!

Look out for your "jumping" picture on Facebook later today! Well done everyone for joining in!

A big big thank you again this week to all our volunteers, we really appreciate you giving up your time, without you all this event wouldn't be able to take place.

NB: We still have a little girls coat in lost property.

See you all next week!!


Run Report 30/04/17

58 juniors joined 16 volunteers in a very cold and windy Towneley Park this morning for our #38 Burnley junior parkrun.

4 half marathron bands were awarded this week to junior runners that have completed 11 junior parkruns, congratulations!

We are hoping to have a have a few themed junior parkrun's over the year so if anyone has any ideas of themes we could use please contact us either via Facebook, email or speak to one of us at our next run. burnley-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com

Parents please please please can you ensure your child has the correct barcode. We have had a couple of issues with children coming through the finish with their parents barcode and not their own. So apologies for the results being slightly later than usual today.

We'll see you all next week!


Run Report 09/04/17

Gorgeous warm sunshine greeted us this morning in Towneley Park for our 35th junior parkrun where 54 youngsters enjoyed a fun run in the sun!

We will be running as normal next Sunday (Easter Sunday) so feel free to wear your bunny ears and if we are really lucky we may even have a visit from the Easter Bunny!!

Just to remind everyone, Barcodes must be printed to be scanned. Barcodes on phones or other devices will not scan - remember no barcode no time so please don't forget your barcode #DFYB

A big Thank you to all 20 of our wonderful volunteers again this week! If anyone would like to get involved and volunteer please contact us via our facebook page or email us at burnley-juniorsoffice@parkrun.com


Run Report 19/03/17

Well what a wet, windy, wild and very muddy morning it was today in Towneley Park!

17 volunteers and 48 juniors braved the elements to run our #32nd Burnley junior parkrun, 6 of whom achieved a PB today in the worst weather conditions, Congratulations!

7 First timers joined us today and we really hope to see you again next week.

Thank you to everyone who came to help, run and support us today in the worst weather conditions!