Bushy parkrun Run Report 599 – 21st November 2015

Consideration… of Community Spirits. Taking Part in parkrun.

Alive. Energised. Enthusiastic. Warm. None of these words applied to me yesterday morning when I woke up and realised that it was actually snowing in November.

“Well,” I said to my husband, “surely the parkrun will be cancelled. It’s SNOWING?”

But no. No cancellation happened, despite my hopeful and slightly manic tweets to @bushyparkrun. No. Apparently Bushy parkrun was going ahead.


At this point at 7:30am, I knew that if I was going to write the run report, and not freeze to death (I hate the cold…see what I was wearing?!) I would at least have to show up in our car, early so as to actually have somewhere warm less than five minutes’ walk from the start line. I wasn’t necessarily saying that I was going to run. I was just going to act in the spirit of parkrun and show up and take part…even if taking part meant just standing in the rain while my fellow quite mad parkrunners endured the elements in the spirit of community exercise! ViewFromCar

But, of course, I did run in the end because parkrun at Bushy went on.

Parkrun open as usual

Wearing about a billion layers. It’s so hard to shake the parkrun atmosphere, even if I was already shaking – with cold – at the time. And so did a quite fantastic turnout of 711 runners, of whom 45 were first timers (what were you thinking?!! Well done you!) and 41 recorded new personal bests. Representatives of 54 different athletics clubs took part – nice work!

Dressed for the weather

Participating and mentioned last week was the fantastic George Dixon, who is 17 and from Surrey.  In September 2012 George’s dad was killed in a cycling accident. An experienced cyclist, he had gone out for a short bike ride on a Sunday afternoon when he was knocked down by a car. Since the accident George and his brother have attended Tommy D, a bereavement counselling group from The Woking & Sam Beare Hospices.


George told me about the result of his incredible contribution to Children In Need through the #RickshawChallenge: “We cycled, in a team of 6, 477 miles from Land's End to the East End from Friday the 6th of November to the following 13th, on Children in Need night. I appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live, The One Show, Children in Need, and BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex. In total we raised £3.7m for Children in Need.”

George Montage


There’s really no appropriate word to comment on that incredible achievement, other than one: “Wow”. It was a pleasure to meet you George, and, from all of us at parkrun, really, well done. (Find out more about George here.)

Also, well done, really well done, to everyone who ran yesterday. The conditions were far from *ideal* and every one of you still appeared cheerful and supportive. Thank you – you made it possible for me to get to the end. Thank you to the five or six of you who stopped to help one of our number who had a nasty fall in the slippery mud just 1.2 miles in. Thank you to the volunteers – you are all brilliant – for standing in the freezing cold wishing us well on the way around. We couldn’t do this without you!


Ali KENNEDY  •  Andrew MORRISON  •  Ann COWARD  •  Brigid HIBBERD  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Dave James GRIFFITHS  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Graham TITCOMBE  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  Jane DAVIDSON  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jessica CARMODY  •  Joshua COPPELLOTTI  •  Katherine CURTIS TYLER  •  Katy FURBER  •  Kobe PRINGLE  •  Leonie KENNEDY  •  Marje SLADDEN  •  Mike BANGHAM  •  Mike FOSTER  •  Mohammed FAIZ  •  Niamh LYONS  •  Pat NAIR  •  Patrick MKANDAWIRE  •  Paul BERRY  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard INCH  •  Richard KENNEDY  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Stewart ROSE  •  Sue GRAHAM-KAHN  •  Yue MAN  •  Zoe Alison RIDING


And now for the “science bit” of parkrun: the stats. Here are the male first three placings: Conor KISSANE-WOOD (SM20-24) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was first over the line in 17:10 - first time in 124 appearances. Tim HAUGHIAN (SM25-29) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was second (third overall) over the line in 17:59 - has been first to finish on 11 previous occasions. Tom HIGGINS (SM25-29) of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was third (4th overall) over the line in 18:03. And the first female placings: Jenna HILL (SW30-34) of St Mary's University College AC, was first (second overall) over the line in 17:13 - 11th time in 16 appearances. Kate BROWN (SW25-29) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was second (6th overall) over the line in 18:29 - has been first to finish on 8 previous occasions. Olivia STILLMAN (JW11-14) of Sutton & District AC, was third (18th overall) over the line in 19:26 - was first to finish once before.

Double Buggy

And some others by photo: the woman in pink with the double buggy. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know why you do it. But well done. Well done to the dad and son team running hand in hand. Well done everyone who helped me make it round by carrying on even though I was wheezing because of the cold. Well done.


And finally, two very quick personal plugs:

1.       TONIGHT – you can get £35 West End Musical tickets + a free programme for Thoroughly Modern Millie, rehearsed and performed within 48 hours, on Sunday 20th March 2016 at the Adelphi theatre if you bookTONIGHT ONLY. (Tomorrow ticket prices go up to full West End whack so book now!)

2.       If you can make it please come to Christmas shopping event and Mind fundraiser at 1 of 1 Designs to support the launch of my mental health campaign Redefining Resilience. It would be great to see you there on 17thDecember to support Mind at Christmas in Teddington, 5-9pm. If you’d like more info please let me know!


Have a great week. I’m off to India for work but will see you on 17th and for my next run report on Christmas day! If you have charities you’d like me to write about, please get in touch. Cheers!

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Bushy parkrun Run Report 598 – 14th November 2015

Strange liquid seen falling from the skies!


I managed to miss parkrun last week and so today was the first time I had parkrunned in the rain for ages. It wasn’t particularly heavy and certainly wasn’t a problem as far as I am concerned, but it definitely does mean a mark in the diary for a wet-parkrun. I have been coming to Bushy on a pretty much weekly basis for the best part of a decade and it amazes me how rarely we get wet! But certainly today was a wet one, however it didn’t deter 934 of you from enjoying a lap of the park!


The 598th Bushy parkrun

Whoever was first back to the big tree evidently didn’t have their barcode with them and so the top step of the podium remains unclaimed. This mistake left Paulos Surafel (15:38) to record the fastest time today with Chris Livesey (15:40) and Andrius Jaksevicius (15:52) not far behind.

Amongst the juniors, Marcus Shantry (18:19) showed the rest of the field as clean pair of heels with a sizable gap on Fergus Townsend (20:17) and Joshua Foreman (20:31). In an effort to ease family tensions I should also mention the brilliant run of Samuel Foreman (20:39) who was just pipped by (I assume) his brother Joshua.

The female field was led home by Sarah Hazel (18:51) with Katherine Wilson (19:52) and Nancy Scott (20:02) completing the top three.

Nancy’s time was heartbreakingly close to going sub-20, but hopefully her new PB and the knowledge that as a junior she is likely to only be going quicker will be some solace. Nancy was joined on the podium by Megan Coffey (20:18) and Beatrice Wilding (22:05)

Well done everyone!


The Children In Need Rickshaw Challenge

A couple of our regulars were absent this week. In fact that nightmare called plantar fasciitis has kept them away for a fair bit lately. Sarah Dixon is a 200 lap parkrun veteran and was struck down with the classic runners’ injury last year – she made her return last weekend, but this week was absent again. The reason is that her eldest son, George – who is more often a volunteer at Bushy than a runner was taking part in the Children in Need Rickshaw Challenge.

George was chosen to take part in the event as tragically a few years ago his father Andy was killed in a cycling accident and so he is representing a charity, Tommy D, which helps youngsters coping with bereavements.

George has spoken brilliantly and movingly about his experiences on both TV and radio over the last week as he and some other youngsters cycle a rickshaw 470 miles from Land’s End to the East End.

George D

They finished on Friday night and so far they have raised over £1.5M and if you would like to support the cause then texting TEAM to 70705 will donate £5 and TEAM to 70710 will donate £10.

The parkrun Code

Hayden posted the new ‘parkrun code’ on our Facebook page this week and you will find a copy just below this paragraph.

None of the things it says are new ideas to be introduced at Bushy parkrun, as it is stuff we already do, but it is a nice and clear summary of what you can expect at a parkrun and equally what parkrun asks of you.



Running the course today and then hanging around to take a few photos I observed all these guidelines being followed. I certainly saw a fair few dogs on short leads and parents running with younger children and despite the rain there were a fair few smiles on show and volunteers were certainly being thanked along the way, so it seemed like the code was being followed. However, I was told of an incident which is not part of what we hope to see at Bushy…


Dogs on short leads, buggies - this is textbook stuff


‘Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way’ is as important as any of the guidelines.

This week, we had our usual mix of fast and slower runners, youngsters and the more ‘experienced’, and the field was our usual mix of all shapes and sizes. However, amongst our number the last few weeks has been a young man who has just run his 10th Bushy parkrun and competes in the JM15-17 category. We have spoken on a couple of occasions and I can tell you that he is a really nice young guy.

He has some special needs and as I am not fully versed in this arena I cannot go into detail, but having spent a couple of runs near to him I can tell you that he is incredibly enthusiastic about parkrun. This enthusiasm is illustrated in a sprint / walk strategy and he is also keen to chat to the people around him.

I know from experience that this usually results in new friendships being created and the warmth of his spirit is touching, but this is not always the case and this week he was told in rather unpleasant language to go away.

I sincerely hope this was due to a misunderstanding and someone simply not realising the causes of his enthusiastic nature, however please can I ask everyone to understand that we are all within our rights to run parkrun in our own way. If someone wants to pace it like a metronome, then do so – if someone else wants to go tearing off and be walking before they reach the cricket pitch then go for it – we are all here to have fun.

The young lad’s mum tells me that parkrun is brilliant for him and something that he really looks forward to, so I can only hope that this incident is A. a one-off and B. not something that puts him off running with us - at the end of the day, we owe him a shiny new 10 shirt if nothing else.

Those who run with him are trying to teach him running etiquette, but it takes time for it to sink in, so please be patient.

If anyone has any questions on this, then please ask whoever is Run Director on any particular week or any of the regular volunteers you will recognise. Otherwise just enjoy the sight of a young guy running for the sheer love of it – he’s not running for weight loss, for fitness or for the challenge, but to feel the wind in his hair and to take part in something special and we could all learn something from that sentiment!


New PBs, Milestone run and Amazing Performances


This week we saw the tough conditions meaning only 102 of you recorded a new PB, with only eight runners with 50 or more parkruns to their record hitting those heights.

Huge congratulations goes to Fergus Townsend, Thomas Clarke, Lea Rochester, Clare le Voir, Richard Sealy, Kam Kaur, Philip Miles and Catherine Haughney.

Nine runners hit the magic 80% WAVA Age Grading – they were led by Paulos Surafel (85.29%), but well done also goes to Chris Livesey, Andrius Jaksevicius, Matthew Norton Lynas, Laurence Duffy, Megan Coffey, Bea Downey, Julie Haworth and Liz Zass.

I did see a 250 balloon in the Pheasantry, but assume that was for someone’s first week running in the club as no-one appears in the results with that particular new club membership.

100 Club – we do have five runners who will be ordering black T-shirts this week – so well done to Paul Duke, Roger Troup, Roger Cross, John Dixon and Debbie Ramsay

50 Club – a similar five runners hit the 50 milestone – Thomas Clarke, Jovun Bath, Michelle O’Gorman, Jenny Donal and Julia Snedden

10 Club – six of our brilliant juniors made it to their 10th run – Rebecca Dunn, Jasmine Findlay, William Comboni, Jonty Stegmann, Phoebe Ann Carpenter and George Cobb  

Runner of the Week

This week my runner of the week is one of the new club members. George Cobb has just done his tenth Bushy parkrun and as such is now a fully paid up member of the 10 Club.

He is a pretty committed Bushy parkrunner and since he started coming along he has only missed two weeks, setting new PBs on three occasions. He is one of the nicest people you could meet at Bushy and runs round with his mum, Michele, or one of the many other people he has befriended over the last three months.

He is obviously just starting his parkrun career but with one milestone T-shirt already ticked off, I am confident he will switch from white to red and then black in time and the number of friends he has at Bushy will grow with the number of laps he does.

Great job, George and we are proud that you call Bushy parkrun ‘home’.

That’ll do for this week.

Take care and see you soon

Andy W


Thanks as always to our amazing volunteer team!

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Bushy parkrun Run Report 597 – 7th November 2015

So after a week of checking and re-checking the weather forecast, 9am on Saturday morning confirmed that Ray is indeed a sun god and he had taken the weather with him on holiday. Sorry about the slightly damp conditions, in the list of Run Director instructions handed over to me, I couldn’t find the ‘ordering decent weather’ instructions… If you were wondering why there was a random bloke you’d never heard from before standing on the ‘stepladder of power’, and indeed why many of the normal faces you see at the end of the run doing various jobs weren’t there, then it was because of a kind of perfect storm of clashing dates. Not only were Ray & Ann flying away on holiday on Saturday but Andy, Emma, David & Hayden were all over at Box Hill taking part in the Winter Ball Buster along with various other members of Team Bushy. Normal service will be resumed next week with Hayden taken the reins and back on the ‘microphone of truth’.


Hopefully the poor weather and lack of a few familiar faces didn’t stop 865 of you enjoying your weekly 5km run around Bushy Park? Amongst the runners today we had 62 first timers and 56 of you recorded new personal bests despite the slightly damp conditions underfoot… Before going any further (and at the risk of you never coming back to finish this report) I have to urge you to take a look at this brilliant video of Saturday’s run put together by a VERY talented photographer and film maker Bruce Li, you can view it on You Tube here - https://youtu.be/0Ijh3icokCI

Have fun trying to spot yourself and if you ever want to explain to someone how brilliant parkrun is, perhaps just point them to this video and let them see for themselves…


There were a host of celebrations on Saturday, always good to see the balloons, cake and Prosecco make an appearance on a Saturday morning. For those of you that weren’t downwind of the speakers and couldn’t hear, these were the people we applauded before the run:

Wendy Robertson ran her 250th run on Saturday, Andy Mayall ran his 100th with a balloon in tow and Sacha Kennedy ran her 50th senior parkrun (as well as 24 junior parkruns) and provided lots of lovely Lindt chocolates afterwards.

Other milestone achievers were:

250 Club – John HARGEST will be joining Wendy in wearing green soon

100 Club – Niamh HYLAND & Munya KAMWAZA joined Andy in the 100 club

50 Club – Matthew TRIMMER and Owain ROWLANDS joined Sacha in waiting excitedly for the red t-shirt link to go live..

10 Club – and in the juniors it was just Ellen Corrina D’AMICO who joined the club this weekend.

One of the biggest celebrations was for Anna Savill who was celebrating her 50th birthday in the only acceptable way, by running parkrun with 50 friends and family members, as well as Nemo from Finding Nemo – or at least husband Nick in a Nemo costume.


A final cause for celebration (I am sure there are plenty more) was Sarah Dixon making a comeback from an injury suffered in January and running the whole way at ‘chat’ pace as prescribed by her physio.

So who came where then…?

Omar PARSONS of St Mary's University College AC, was first over the line in 17:18 – the first time he has been first finisher at Bushy, although it is only his second appearance… Aidan CAMPBELL of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was second over the line in 17:32 closely followed by Jonathan ORMEROD of Stragglers who was third over the line in 17:37. They’re joined in the photos below by Paul DIXON-BOX – because it seemed a bit mean to ask him to get out of the picture! Top work everyone…


First back to the big tree, Omar PARSONS


Finishers 2-4 plus one adoring fan..

For the ladies the top three were Molly SAVILL of University of Manchester Cross Country Club in a time of 19.44, who raced round quickly in order to get back to distribute cakes to the rest of the Savill party celebrating Anna’s 50th. Second was Polly ADAMS who came over the line in 20:48, consolidating her lead in the ladies points table and third was Victoria HASLAM (SW25-29) who finished in 20:49.

Talking of points tables, the current ladies standings are:

Polly ADAMS (Unattached) 1475 pts.
Justine ALBERT (Unattached) 1454 pts.
Shirley BUCKLEY (Unattached) 1386 pts.

(My girlfriend Justine asked me to point this out as she’s now away with work a lot over the next few weeks and so will probably disappear from this list for good!)

For the sake of fairness, here is the men’s top three as it stands, which shows the current champion with a healthy lead already:

Mark GRATTON (St Mary's Richmond AC) 1410 pts.
Chris BRIMACOMBE (Unattached) 1303 pts.
Rob S JONES (Unattached) 1267 pts

Four people scored over 80% on the WAVA gradings, so well done to:
Sylvia HUGGETT (VW65-69) was graded 81.75%
David SYMONS (VM45-49) was graded 81.28%
Sue LAMBERT (VW70-74) was graded 80.87%
Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) was graded 80.61%

In the juniors, the top three boys were Ollie HURDLE in 17.57, Henry Morris in 20.01 and  Joshua FOREMAN in 20.46. The top three girls were Sacha KENNEDY in 20.58, Helena SAMARASINGHE in 23.06 and then Ellen FRASER in 23.20.

Special Thanks

As everyone knows, parkrun wouldn’t happen without the help of the volunteers who put it on every weekend, but I really couldn’t have done my first stint as Run Director without Ally Manole who as Volunteer Co-ordinator did all the real work behind the scenes and ensured everyone knew what they were doing – allowing me to swan around all morning in a RD hi-viz vest. Also, special thanks to Alex Tickell who looked after the scanning team and Simon Lane who helped me with the results which seeing as there haven’t been any complaints, seems to have all been done properly!

As always, if anyone does wish to volunteer, please go here to read a bit more about it and add your name to the volunteer mailing list. You can sign up to a weekly email and full training is given for every role – it’s genuinely good fun and very rewarding – and if you’re lucky, it will be a week when Carol has been baking and you’ll get a special volunteer cake at the end. The banana cake yesterday was awesome!

Anyway, special thanks to all the following:


Bushy Park parkrun Christmas party

Roll up for the hottest ticket on the 2015 Christmas party scene. Bushy Park parkrun are hosting their very own Christmas Party on the 12th December at the Pheasantry café. Tickets are selling like hot cakes already but there are still a few remaining which can have your name on them if you so desire! Just £25 for a special Christmas buffet, they are on sale (cash only) at the volunteer table after each Saturday’s parkrun…


As well as the video on YouTube, once again, we have some amazing photos to share from Saturday’s run, many thanks to Bruce for taking so many amazing pictures – you can view them all here - https://www.flickr.com/gp/76479355@N07/RZ9383

Right, that’s it for another week, look forward to seeing everyone next week




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Run Report Event No. 596 – 31st October 2015

Halloween heat wave as temperatures and tokens soar!
It certainly was a pleasurable Halloween treat today returning to Bushy as it always feels like coming home after a few weeks’ absence. Unfortunately the South of France has yet to discover parkrun and that is my one and only criticism about it, everything else though certainly was tres, tres bien! The warmer temperatures must have followed me home too as we experienced one of the mildest Halloweens on record. The park looked the perfect autumn picture as the yellow, crunchy yet sometimes squelchy leaves rolled out an endless golden carpet beneath everyone’s feet. As the autumnal temperatures rose so did the number of runners as this is the third time this year that Bushy’s attendance has topped a spooktacular 1200 participants, obviously there were plenty of people who felt the need to blow the cobwebs away.

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Halloween, (let’s compare it to Marmite –you either love it or hate it) greeted us on this parkrunday for the first time since 2009. If like me, you hadn’t yet discovered this free weekly exercise attraction some six years ago, you wouldn’t have witnessed, or been a part of, the mere 511 runners that crossed the finish line. Spookily enough they were led home by spirited Jimmy Goulis in a swift 16:12 who has since vanished from Bushy and made Albert parkrun, Melbourne his regular 5K. Maybe I shouldn’t mention Australia just yet!
The month of October brings many days, 31 to be precise, which has included 5 parkrundays plus to name just a few, International Coffee Day, World Teachers’ Day, Global Handwashing Day, World Food Day, Mole Day, National Cat Day and it ends as always with Halloween. Typical contemporary festive Halloween activities may involve trick or treating, the carving of pumpkins, costume parties, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks and divination games, telling scary stories, watching horror films and visiting haunted attractions. Well Bushy Park is far from frightening but I did hear a few keen rugby supporters trying to predict the outcome on some important match that was taking place later in the local area. Obviously the horror stories and blood-curdling screams could be heard later!
So how did you all do at event number 596?
Hopefully you all looked a treat rather than ghastly as you were greeted by the delightful sight of Timekeeper Ally and Lucy dishing out letters as you flew across the finish line.

Bushy parkrun Halloween

No broomsticks allowed!

With any luck you also grabbed a treat as Sweatshop staff were giving out 20% discount cards to all the runners after they emerged from the funnel and to the far from skeletal volunteer team that donned the hi-vis to make this event happen.

Bushy parkrun Halloween

There was a slight trick to today’s event, unintentional though, as the field waited patiently and wondered what the devil was going on. One of the core team (Andy) forgot to bring some vital parkrun equipment to the park and whilst he whizzed back to New Malden, wishing he was Harry Potter and had a nifty Nimbus 2000, the start of the event was delayed just slightly.

Bushy parkrun Halloween

The scanning team were pleased to be reunited with the missing kit!

The event was in the experienced hands of Ray Coward and he handed over the microphone to his grandson Oliver who set the keen runners off down Lime Avenue and within minutes they had all mysteriously disappeared. Not for long though…

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Injured Tail Runner Jack screams 'wait for me!'
First registered males across the finish line:
Mohamed Mohamed sped his way around on his first trip to Bushy in 14.56, the fastest registered finisher on the new course and just 12 seconds adrift from John McDonnell who crossed the line in in 14.44 back in August last year. Jacob Allen was a first timer to parkrun and took second place in 15.13 whereas Rowan Axe chopped his way into the official trio in 15.50 as third place decided not to declare his time. DFYB

Bushy parkrun Halloween

First females across the finish line:
Anna Boniface led the field of females in 18.18 on her first trip to Bushy as she usually runs at Woodley and Reading parkrun. Rosy Gross finished in 20.16 with Emma Stringer 12 seconds behind her.

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Anna had a lot to smile about!
Junior Males were:
Rowan Fuss deserves a mention with a new PB of 16.33 to bring the boys home. Alas, so did Abdirahman Hamud on his 9th parkrun in 18.03 followed by Nicholas Kolesky just 12 seconds later.

Junior Females were:
No stranger to Bushy, Sacha Kennedy completed her 49th parkrun in 20.37 just missing her PB by 4 seconds! Lucy Marquand finished not far behind in 21.14 and Eleanor Keeler completed the trio with a shiny new PB of 21.43!

The Stats Bit
How many?

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Subtle yet noticeable volunteers Carol and Yue handed out a monster size stash of 1210 finish tokens at the end of the funnel! Bushy Park certainly was far from a ghost town on this parkrunday!

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Carol's Halloween cupcakes were gone in a flash!
Who were they?
444 of the identified field were female and 673 were male whereas 93 runners declined to declare their result or forgot their barcode!

• 101 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park – 66 crawled out of the woodwork and were totally new to parkrun
• 14 parkrunners had an age grading above 80% and they were:
Rowan FUSS 16:33 JM11-14 89.83 %
Mohamed MOHAMED 14:56 SM20-24 86.38 %
Jacob ALLEN 15:13 SM20-24 85.10 %
Liz ZASS 25:47 VW65-69 84.94 %
Merran SELL 27:26 VW70-74 82.50 %
Sue LAMBERT 28:57 VW70-74 82.27 %
Bea DOWNEY 20:39 VW50-54 82.16 %
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 16:03 SM30-34 81.72 %
Rowan AXE 15:50 SM20-24 81.47 %
Polly ADAMS 20:35 VW50-54 81.46 %
Michael Philip WHITE 20:51 VM65-69 81.22 %
Philip PEARSON 18:14 VM50-54 80.90 %
Anna BONIFACE 18:18 SW20-24 80.87 %
Paul SMOOTHY 17:58 VM45-49 80.15 %
How fast?
• There was an impressive 133 runners who didn’t give up on the ghosts and clocked up New PBs!
• 83 registered runners pushed themselves to cross the finish in less than 20 minutes! Maybe they all thought that they were being chased by zombies! Well there were a few amongst the field today, obviously make-up and masks were optional!

The Special Plaudits Bit

No new members to the 250 club but Wendy Robertson is just 5k away from joining this prestigious green clad clan.
Lorraine Dillamore, Antonia Kirkby and Richard Palmer joined the ever popular 100 club, it’s all about the blacks today! Graham Mortimer, Andrew Mayall and Junior Imogen King need to complete just 15k between them to be members of this fast growing gang. Go all blacks!

Bushy parkrun Halloween

Kiwi Emma Wingate gives the All Blacks a huge cheer before her 5k
A whopping, jaw dropping, ten runners completed their half a century parkrun this spooky spectacular parkrunday. They were: Mark Boyle, Sarah Gatehouse, Andrew Morrison, Shems Morrison (New PB 32.21) Charles Smith, Alan Crosthwaite, Jon Underwood, Rik King, Colin McManus (who usually runs at Eastleigh and Southampton) and last but by no means least, Junior runner Jasper Bezzant. What a day to claim your blood red Tribesports top.

Hot on their trainers on 49 runs are Matthew Trimmer, Don Eckford, Michelle O’Gorman, Owain Rowlands and Juniors Thomas Clarke and Sacha Kennedy.

Juniors to complete the perfect 10 are: Adair Ernst, Ben Wells, Eleanor Bartle, Dominic Price and Samuel Jimenez.
Well done to you all!


Half a century at 9!

Obviously each and everyone’s milestone is theirs to claim and whilst some choose to celebrate, on the other hand some elect to go unnoticed. But not youngster Jasper Bezzant, who ran his 50th parkrun with a 50 balloon which was nearly as big as him! 9 year old Jasper began running at Bushy in March last year in 30.48 and has completed all of his 5ks bar one at Bushy. The running bug clearly runs in the family and he was bound to follow in his Grandparents’ footsteps! He is a nifty young man and is now the fastest runner in his clan! His mum Charlotte has to find a running buddy to accompany him around the course as he is under 11, as she struggles to keep up with him. Thankfully there are plenty of speedy and helpful runners at Bushy and Hayden Matthews often steps up to the challenge. In May, with Hayden’s pacing, Jasper grabbed a wicked new PB time of 26.08 which is a far cry from his time when he first stepped onto the Bushy turf. Even with a balloon tied to him, there was no holding him back as he ran in 28.46, a time which many can only wish for. Soon to be reaching double figures, Jasper is counting the runs he can get in before he turns ten whereas in just over a year he can officially run the course by himself. I am sure that he will be whizzing past Mr Matthews in no time!

Jasper celebrated his half a century with traditional fizz (obviously the non-alcoholic version chosen by him) and plenty of cake lovingly made by his Grandparents Ray and Ann.
Feedback from the field
Whilst we were waiting at the stalled start, I spotted an official looking guy armed with his clipboard and stopwatch, wearing a green Cougars team jacket. This is what Head Coach Matt Buck from ACS Cobham had to say about this event which we all love.
‘I have been bringing the school XC team to Bushy for the last 11 years, we try to fit in 2 visits each season before our European Schools Championships in November and it has been amazing watching the Bushy Park grow over this time. We used to bring a team of 50 and almost double the field, now you can't even find them at the start line!
We always race over a 5km distance and our squad is made up of 4 teams, Varsity (aged 15-18) and Junior Varsity (aged 12-14) boys and girls and we compete against other International Schools all over Western Europe from August to November. In 2 weeks we travel to Zurich International School for our Championships.
It really is an excellent experience for my student athletes to come to Bushy Park and it's a vital part of our preparation during our season. We have loved seeing the popularity increase and long may it continue to grow, thank you so much for running such a special event.’

Thanks to Matt for sharing such positive feedback and on behalf of everyone at Bushy, I would like to wish him and all of his students the very best of luck in Switzerland.

Special spooky observations
Jim Lurkins didn’t bat an eyelid as he snatched a new PB of 17.45. Matt Webb was as smooth as silk in 21.12 and Vicky Webb scurried her way around the 5k in 30.02. There wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of stopping Caoimhe De Ste Croix from claiming a wicked PB of 24.03. There were no skeletons in the cupboard for Alan Bone as he ran a time of 32.09 and visitor Monica Webber from Harrogate parkrun didn’t freak out as she ran Bushy for the first time in 28.44. The final shout out has to be to finisher 666, Phil Davies who wasn’t too terrified to take this token on Halloween.

What’s on next week?
Don’t forget to bring your purses and wallets with cash please as Carol will be selling tickets for the Bushy parkrun Christmas party. First come first served basis and tickets are selling fast!

Bushy parkrun Halloween

A few of us are absent next week as some of us mad fools from Bushy are taking part in the Ballbuster at Boxhill, please wish us luck! Here are just two of the teams taking part:

it’s run 8 miles, cycle 24 miles, then run 8 miles. Sounds pretty straight forward apart from the bit that involves the last 2 miles all uphill to the top. We are obviously doing it for the fizz and cake afterwards and the hoodies, which will no doubt be modelled by us all next week. Go Team Bushy!

Good luck to regular reporter Rob Phillips too! He is in charge next week and taking on the role as Event Director. Hopefully no spooky nightmares and the event will run as smoothly as ever. You may have spotted Rob in the park today being dragged amongst the leaves by Winnie the dog! This role is not listed on the rota but guide dog Winnie needs to be looked after whilst her owner runs the 5k with his guide. So Rob was left holding the lead today even though Winnie was certainly the one leading the way! Next week though, the only thing Rob will be holding is the microphone at the start. Your fate will be in his hands.

To finish, a little treat from me! A few photos which I took after the 5k at the Pheasantry and in the park after coffee. There is so much to enjoy on a parkrunday, it's not all about the running!

Toddler Twins Harry and Lexie wait for daddy to do his run

A stag takes a dip whilst the heron searches for treats

Have a great week, hey it’s now November! Stay safe, happy and healthy!
Julie Papworth

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to. ~Richard Harris Barham (Guess that rules me out then!)


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Run Report Event No. 595 – 24th October 2015

Run Report Event No. 595 – 24th October 2015

It’s that time of year where people don’t seem to know that to wear for their Saturday morning parkrun.  Amongst the 974 runners this week there were long leggings, hats and gloves being worn alongside vest tops and shorts!  The weather was relatively kind as it didn’t start to drizzle until the obligatory champagne corks had popped at about 9.45am.

Amongst the running attire on show in Bushy Park it’s great to see an increasing number of Tribesports t-shirts each work, and this week saw some new members to the parkrun clubs. Well done to new 10 Club members Matilda FAGG, Euan WILLIAMS, Samuel KEENE (who got a new PB!), Alice Rose COLLINS (who also got a new PB!), Lauren AVERY, Tommy HEWITT, Stuart FRANZ and Tristan GREGORY. There were 5 news members of the 50 Club – well done to Darren SZUKALSKI, Mark DAVIES, Lea ROCHESTER, Craig ROBINSON and Michael GILKES! Sally HAZOU, Deborah Clare KING and Alisdair TURNER will shortly be able to order their black 100 Club t-shirt – congratulations! This week there were no new members to the 250 Club but John HARVEST is bubbling under at 249 runs.


Zoe Riding celebrated her 200th parkrun this weekend with cakes, champagne and juice – she is now counting down to her 250th!

Of the 974 runners this week, 70 were first timers and 103 recorded new Personal Bests. All PBs are to be celebrated but well done to the following members of the 100 Club who ran a PB this week: Susan HOWARTH who ran a PB of 30.21 on her 168th parkrun, Brian GREW who ran 22.25 on his 158th run, Ian FULLEN ran 17.11 in his 156th parkrun, Florence ENGLAND on her 141st run ran 24.02, Kirin TAYLOR’s new PB of 25.02 on her 116th run – congratulations!

This week’s first finisher was Rowan AXE (SM20-24) of Cardiff AAC, who crossed the line in 16:07, for the 5th time in 5 appearances. He was followed in by Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (SM30-34) of Belgrave Harriers in a time of 16:19 - he has been first to finish on 18 previous occasions. Anthony JACKSON (SM25-29) of Sittingbourne Striders, was third over the line in 16:52 – Anthony has been first to finish on 49 previous occasions.

It is early days in this year’s annual points competition but the current standing for the men is: Mark GRATTON (St Mary's Richmond AC) 948 pts. Gareth COADY (Unattached) 913 pts. Rob S JONES (Unattached) 873 pts.

The first female finisher this week was Megan DE SILVA (SW30-34) of Ranelagh Harriers, (24th overall) who crossed the line in 18:53 - second time in 3 appearances. Becca NEALE (SW25-29) (Unattached) was the second female finishers (and 46th overall) over the line in 20:04. Joanna RODRIGUEZ (SW30-34) of Woking AC, was third (55th overall) over the line in 20:24 – she has been first to finish on 7 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition: Polly ADAMS (Unattached) 979 pts. Justine ALBERT (Unattached) 968 pts. Shirley BUCKLEY (Unattached) 916 pts.

Congratulations to the following runners who recorded this week’s best Age Grade scores: Sue LAMBERT (VW70-74) was graded 87.94% for the time 27:05 (505th overall). Liz ZASS (VW65-69) was graded 85.71% for the time 25:33 (378th overall). Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) was graded 81.99% for the time 20:27 (62nd overall).

Parkrun cannot take place each week without the volunteers so please join me in thanking: Adrian HAINES, Alex TICKELL, Ali KENNEDY, Amy SILLITOE, Andrew MORRISON, Ann COWARD, Brigid HIBBERD, Clare RUSSELL, Dave James GRIFFITHS, Diane MULLEN, Jack KENNEDY, James SELL, Joshua COPPELLOTTI, Julian DIAMOND, Julie MELOTTE, Katherine CURTIS TYLER, Lee CHEDUMBRUN, Leonie KENNEDY, Lilian MACE, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Lou COAKER, Lucy THATCHER, Lyn BRYMER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Marje SLADDEN, Merran SELL, Michael TROTT, Michelle ROWLEY, Mike FOSTER, Mike SILK, Mohammed FAIZ Rachel LONERGAN, Ray COWARD, Ray FRANKS, Rebecca LEAPER, Richard STEEDEN, Rose ATTARD, Rupert REDDISH, Shona PERKINS, Stephen MARFLEET, Stephen PENPRAZE, Susan LOGIN, Toby COOPER and Yue MAN

Bushy parkrun started on 2nd October 2004, and since then 30,664 different runners, including participants from 1,043 athletics clubs, have completed 329,815 runs covering a total distance of 1,649,075 km (which according to an online search means we have collectively run around the world 41.15 times!), and there have been 51,183 new Personal Bests.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bushy Park parkrun Results Page.

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