Run Report Event No. 635 – 16th July 2016

It was a warm morning as 978 people completed the Bushy parkrun course for the 635th event at the home of parkrun. It was the turn of pacers and we had David Stewart, Mark Trueman, Jeremy Palmer, Jack Kennedy, Andrew John Wingate (masquerading as Emma), Adam Sherriff, Adrian Roberts and Tim Bowden helping people to PBs. At the start we were promised pacing to a couple of seconds and four of the pacers were spot on their times. There were 123 personal bests this week.

This Week%27s PacersAs this is my first run report I thought this week I would take a moment to think about those people who attended Bushy parkrun for the first time. Every week there are a small quantity of hands raised during the announcements heralding the people who have made their first venture to the beautiful Bushy Park. Whether they have run many times elsewhere and the cradle of parkrun is a tick on their parkrun bucket list or whether they have never run the distance before we hope that all 83 of you enjoyed it and will return for more.  

The fastest first timer was Michael Huntley who picked up the eighth finish token in 17:54. It was his fifteenth parkrun, with previous runs at Nonsuch and Highbury Fields.   The fastest first timer to parkrun was Rob Biagioni in a time of 21:02 in position 105. I hope that he enjoyed the run and will be back for more.

Sorting The Tokens

First across the finish line was Andrew Lawrence in a time of 16:13. It is his sixteenth time heading up the field and he was followed this time by an unknown runner. In third was Conor Kissane-Wood who finished in 16:35.

First woman was Isabel Clark in 19:17, her first time achieving this. Ruth Hutton was next woman in 20:30 and then Becca Neale was close behind her, being the third woman across the line, with a time of 20:35.

Claiming the title of fastest junior male was Kai Hanley in 19:46 followed by Dominic Rhodes in 20:10 and Matthew O'Donovan in 20:26 completing the top three junior male times.

The top three junior females came in consecutive female positions of fifth, sixth and seventh. They were Imogen King in 21:04, Lucy Marquand in 21:14 and Jess Shaw in 21:22 respectively.

The Finish Funnel

The best age grades were obtained by Ruth Hutton, Polly Adams and Lawrence Duffy with 82.76%, 80.42% and 79.90% respectively.

An Impressive Sprint Finish

Joining the 250 club this week was Phil Bailey, of which he has run 248 at Bushy. Ste Wrigglesworth and Victoria Fuller became the newest members of the 100 club at Bushy this week.

Zoë Dennison


Run Report Event No. 634 – 9th July 2016

Apologies in advance if this is not quite up to the usual standard you might expect from a Bushy parkrun run report but as a massive sports fan - did anyone else notice how much sport was on this weekend? Wimbledon finals, Tour de France, British Grand Prix and as I type, the final of Euro 2016 is on the TV. Great to see fantastic British triumphs in (nearly) all of them. Anyway, it hardly left time to get out of for a run, let alone write about the highlight of the sporting weekend, the 634th running of Bushy parkrun...

As always, we had a wonderful bunch of volunteers, marvellously led by Team Papworth with David acting as Run Director and Julie as Volunteer Co-ordinator number one, ably assisted by Alex Tickell as Volunteer Co-ordinator number two.  The number of volunteers seems to grow every week, which means the number of cakes that Carol bakes seems to get bigger every week too! So many thanks everyone for volunteering and a big thanks to Carol for the baking!

Adam COLLMAN  •  Alex PITT  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Andrew FINCH  •  Andrew MORRISON  •  Ann COWARD  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Daisy Eleanor KNOX  •  Dan FINLAY  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Ellie WALLWORK  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan NIGEL  •  Freya JUBB  •  George FORD  •  Hal ADALAR  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jessica BUTTIGIEG  •  Joe BOWMAN  •  Joey TOTHAM  •  Jonathan EVANS  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Karen WALLACE  •  Leonie KENNEDY  •  Liz ZASS  •  Madeline THOMAS  •  Merran SELL  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Oliver TAYLORMORTE  •  Oscar BLANCHARD  •  Patrick MKANDAWIRE  •  Philip TAUWHARE  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rebecca THOMAS  •  Sam BENNETT  •  Simon LANE  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Thomas MADLE  •  Tom FLEMING  •  Will RAWLING  •  Yue MAN


If anyone fancies volunteering, I can guarantee you'll be given a friendly welcome and that you'll absolutely love it... unfortunately I can't guarantee that Carol will bake every week. To find out about volunteering, simply click here. I was running this week, hence the lack of photos, and I reckon the support from the marshalls out on the course today was the best it has ever been, so thank you all for your support. I hope you all got lots of thanks from the 1015 runners who came past...

So what where the facts and figures from Saturday...  This week there were 1015 runners, of whom 79 were first timers and 99 recorded new Personal Bests - massive congratulations to you all.. 

Thomas Wilkinson joined the 250 club, of which 236 were at Bushy Park - look forward to seeing you in your green t-shirt soon!

We had four people joining the 100 club, many congratulations to Jane Stenning, Angela Campbell, Michael Wilkins and Bob Higson. Thank you to Angela for coming all the way from New Zealand to do your 100th run at the home of parkrun!

We also had four people joining the 50 club on Saturday, so a big round of applause to Ian Wild, Dan Domeniconi, Philippa Godden and Darryl Swift.

And last but not least, we had one new member of the 10 club for juniors this week, so well done to William Greenstreet who joined the club and celebrated with a new PB. Don't forget there are now a number of junior parkruns in the local area on a Sunday morning for 4-14 year olds. Bushy of course is monthly but we have Moormead in Twickenham on a weekly basis and also Hanworth over in Feltham - I'm not biased at all but the one in Hanworth does have a rather handsome Run Director every once in a while... although it is Moormead's first anniversary on Sunday so I'm sure there will be cake!

We also saw Richard Fletcher presented with his 500 club t-shirt, a truly impressive achievement... sadly I didn't get a photo but hopefully we can all take a closer look next Saturday if/when he wears it for the first time.

In the run (not a race) back to the Big Tree Sacha KENNEDY (JW11-14), was first lady over the line in 20:16, showing the adults how it's done... 
Polly ADAMS  was second over the line in 20:38 and she was followed by Clare GRAHAM of St Mary's Richmond AC, who was third over the line in 21:05 - Clare has been first to finish on 11 previous occasions.

All of this means the race (can I say that?) to finish first in the points table is as follows:

Sacha KENNEDY (Oxford City AC) 9835 pts.
Polly ADAMS (Unattached) 9807 pts.
Ramona THEVENET (Stragglers) 8930 pts.

Interesting to see Sacha's new club listed as well - something you're not telling us Sacha?

For the men, Jonathan CORNISH of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first over the line in 16:17, followed by Andrew LAWRENCE of Morpeth Harriers & AC, who was second over the line in 16:46. In third was Craig JARMAN who crossed the line in 17:17.

Top running all of you - none of those results affect the points table which if memory serves me correctly is very much 'as you were':

Mark GRATTON (St Mary's Richmond AC) 9664 pts.
Chris BRIMACOMBE (Unattached) 9172 pts.
Jeremy LANGDON (Unattached) 8996 pts.

In terms of age grading, the following all achieved amazing scores of over 80%:

Mike ANDERSON  was graded 84.72% for the time 18:46 
Polly ADAMS  was graded 81.26% for the time 20:38 
Bea DOWNEY was graded 81.18% for the time 21:10
Michael Philip WHITE was graded at exactly 80.00% for the time 21.10

Many months ago I was on Facebook and came across a conversation in the parkrun discussion group about people visiting different parkruns across the country. One lady said that she would love to visit Bushy but was a bit nervous because of all the crowds, parking, double funnel etc... Being the nice person that I am (I can be nice sometimes but like to hide it well) I said that I'd be happy to meet her and make sure she was okay and looked after if she did come down. Well, fast forward a few months and we were very glad to welcome the lovely JoYarnall from Walsall Arboretum parkrun!

Jo and me

Little did I know that Jo was something of a celebrity in the running world, being a member of the 100 marathons club, which if you haven't heard of, only people who have run 100 marathons can join! As you can also see from her Cowell cowl (hope I've spelt that right?) she's also an avid parkrun tourist, having visited well over 20 different parkruns across the country. It was an absolute delight to have Jo visiting and I know she absolutely loved visiting us and hopefully a few of us can make the return trip one day back up to Walsall.


So that was parkrun #634, I'm sure there were many more stories that I missed, do feel free to join us on Facebook and tell us what we missed, it's always great to hear stories that we may have missed.

And once again, a final apology that this is a bit late and lacking in photos of the day.. I forgot that I was due to do the run report, partly because I was so excited about my Saturday afternoon day out. This was the view I had, and I just felt it would be a bit rude to sit there tapping away on my laptop the whole way through, thank you Justine for inviting me!


That's it for now, look forward to seeing you next weekend!




Run Report Event No. 632 – 25th June 2016


Midsummer Madness


Whether you were leave or remain, happy or sad following the events of 23 June, it was great to be part of the friendly and familiar that is Bushy parkrun. For me, the cradle of parkrun is always a reassuring place to be and of course will always be there, in or out.

Just under 1,000 runners agreed. 993 to be exact, which was a little down on previous weeks (post referendum malaise?) along with 45 volunteers as we all gathered for the 632nd running of Bushy parkrun. With the sun poking through puffy cumulus, and a cooler feel following a wet and humid week, the conditions were perfect for running, watching and volunteering.

Andy Wingate was Run Director this week and guided us through the intros, noting Richard Fletcher’s fantastic achievement of last week, being only the second person in the world to reach 500 runs, and Richard was there again on run No 501, but very wisely chose shorts over jeans. Joining him were 38 runners doing their parkrun number 1 – only 10 years to go for the blue 500 club shirt.

Our esteemed timekeeper this week was junior parkrunner Leonie Kennedy 6th time on timer this year. There was no backup timer this week so all the pressure was on Leonie. Lead Bike was David Papworth, and I spotted RD Ray Coward sporting some unusual headgear during the announcements.



Andy Wingate, Run Director, holding back the tide.



Holding this position is not recommended for any length of time. Ray Coward on speaker support.




“Timer, are you ready?”  Leonie Kennedy, with Jim Sell, Alex Tickell and Pedro Das Gupta.  


Sunset stuff

Now this being just after the summer solstice, we have the benefit of very light evenings – the sun sets at 21:22 in Bushy Park this week, and I have always thought it odd that it keeps setting later even after the longest day which was 20th June this year. In fact the lightest evening is actually 27th June.

Being a bit of geek, I looked into this, and the reason is that the length of the day actually varies throughout the year. It is at its shortest around 23 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds, in early September, and at its longest around 24 hours 30 seconds in December, and this is due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis and the fact the Earth actually speeds up and slows down as it revolves around the sun. Who would have thought that! I am not sure whether this affects parkrun times, but I do seem to run faster in summer.

We had a full team of five scanners this week coping with the glare of the sun. Many thanks to Daisy Knox, Tom Fleming, Pedro Das Gupta, Freya Jubb and Alex Tickell, ably supported by Tamsin Waite and Emilie Howes on token support and the redoubtable Oonagh who helps sort all the 1000+ tokens into baskets after each run.



The scanning and token support team



Oonagh, Queen of the Tokens


Volunteer Coordinator this week was Julie Papworth ably supported by Yue Man.


 Julie Papworth and Yue Man


Here is a full list of the volunteers this week:


If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and we can only enjoy our weekly fix if there are enough volunteers.


Personal bests

We had 102 people setting a new fastest time – that’s 10% of the whole field taking advantage of the fair conditions. Amongst the seasoned parkrunners gaining a PB were Adam Wells (VM45-49) (19:50, 188 runs), Clive Kintoff (VM55-59) (20:29, 169 runs), Joseph Howarth (JM15-17) (23:16, 146 runs), Graham Goffey (VM50-54) (19:48, 144 runs), Robert Morey (JM11-14) (21:45, 144 runs), Kedar Acharya (VM40-44) (19:41, 128 runs) and Toni Keywood (VW40-44) (37:25, 125 runs). Very well done to all you.

Here are some snaps I managed to grab at the start. If you want to see the full set have a look at the Bushy parkrun photos page (







Following the festivities last week, there were no runners reaching 500 parkruns this week, but bubbling under is John Hanscomb on 497. There were also no runners joining the 250 club this week. But on 249 is Barnet Heeley and Sue Graham-Kahn – only one week to go! Reaching 200 runs were Bill Woods and Andrew Blyth. Well done – only 50 to go for the green club shirt.

Four runners reached the magic 100 – step forward Conor Cahill, Mike Phillips David Symmons and Paul Wood. David is a Bushy passionista having run all of his 100 runs at Bushy, Conor has done 99 at Bushy and one at Lanhydrock in Cornwall. Paul has done 97 at Bushy and Mike has completed 94 runs at Bushy as well as 2 at Livonia in Michigan, USA.  Well done guys. I managed to catch sight of David and Mike after their 100th runs celebrating with their families and friends.



David Symmons with wife Alison and daughters Lara and Phoebe and friends Tony and Ellie



Mike Phillips celebrating with Patrick Gleeson, John Kellet, Colin Nunn, Sarah Phillips and Matt Phillips


There were also three people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow junior runner Kate Harrison (JW10), as well as Edward Fetherstone-Dilke and Matthew Newberry.

I caught up with Kate and her family after her run. She has done 49 of her runs at Bushy and one at Cardiff, and has a PB of 29:46, all achieved before her 11th birthday! Well done Kate and congratulations on reaching 50 parkruns – a great achievement for which you should be proud. You’ll have your shiny new red parkrun shirt very soon.




Kate Harrison with brother Tom, dad Pete and friend Jacob O’Loughlin


Two of our juniors reached the magic 10 runs and can order their white t-shirts. Well done to: James Hanley and Jonny Kerr. Finally I managed to catch sight of more Riverside Rebels from Walton (see last week’s Run Report). There were 4 first timers amongst the 8 listed runners – you really brightened up the day with your pink t-shirts, and it’s great to see you supporting and encouraging each other at the beginning of your parkrun journey.



The results bit

First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was Andrew Lawrence (SM30-34) in 16:19 (81.93%) in his 76th parkrun and his 52nd at Bushy and his 15th first finish. Next was the legendary Unknown Runner (Don’t Forget Your Barcode!), so next on the podium is Craig Jarman (SM25-29) (17:26) and third was Joshua Low (VM 40-44)(17:33).



First finisher: Andrew Lawrence  



Second finisher: Craig Jarman



Third finisher Joshua Low, pursued by Phil Jelly and Oliver Bowers  



First female home was Michelle Dillon (VW40-44) in 17:54 in her 27th parkrun (23 at Bushy). Second female finisher wasSarah Winter (VW40-44) in 19:23. Third to the tree was Polly Adams (VW50-54) in 20:18 in her 426th parkrun.



Michelle Dillon, first female finisher with Don Domeniconi (PB) just ahead



Second female finisher, Sarah Winter



Third female finisher, Polly Adams


For the junior girls, Sacha Kennedy (20:39)was first home, second was Talita Zaversnik de Campos in a PB of(21:33). Third was Imogen King in 21:35.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Jonny Kerr in a PB time of 17:55, second was Callum Reid in 18:48 and third was Joshua Poncia in 18:54. Great running all of you.

We had just four runners take advantage of the good conditions to exceed the 80% age grading mark, so congratulations to Michelle Dillon (87.24%), Polly Adams (82.59%), Laurence Duffy (81.38%) and Ramona Thevenet (80.86%). More info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, is at the parkrun support FAQ.


Newcomers and parkrun tourists

38 people were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the club! In addition we had 22 parkrun tourists doing Bushy for the first time, the most experienced of whom was Tanas Popovski with 169 runs to his name. Tanas is a regular runner and volunteer at Hampstead Heath parkrun, and must have enjoyed the flat lands of Bushy, as he ran an all-time parkrun PB of 22:50.  Also enjoying their first visit to the cradle of parkrun were the Houghton family who normally run at Guildford and Frimley Lodge – so well done to Jack, Charlotte and Toby.

Gordon Barnes (VM50-54)completedhis 99th run at Bushy – his first appearance at the butterfly course. Gordon normally runs at Richmond parkrun, so I expect you to be back there next week for your 100th, but you are always welcome back to where it all started!  Finally, I spotted a couple of septuagenarian tourists amongst the field so welcome to Peter Chittenden (VM75-79) (97 runs) and Raymond Blackwell (VM75-79) (69 runs) who were visiting from Bognor Regis parkrun along with Brenda Glendenning (VW40-44). I hope you liked the one lap compared to Bognor’s 4 tight laps of Hotham Park. The furthest first time visitor I could spot was Peter Allan (VM55-59) (40 runs) who normally runs at Maribyrnong parkrun in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #632

There were 993 parkrunners – 927 identified, 66 unknown (Don’t forget your Barcode!) (6.6% of the field).


How many?

  • Of the 927 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 100 Juniors aged under 18 (11%) and 141 Seniors aged 19-34 (15%)
  • 686 Vets (74%) of which 92 are 35-39, 274 are 40-49, 233 are 50-59, 87 are 60+
  • 551 males (59%) and 376 females (41%)


How fast?

  • Of the 927 identified finishers, there were:
  • 57 runners sub 20 mins (6%),
  • 267 between 20:00-24:59 (29%)
  • 334 25:00-29:59 (36%)
  • 269over 30 mins (29%)
  • Midpoint time: 27:07


Finally can I congratulate anyone who took part in the Harry Hawkes 10 mile race on Sunday or to those who ran in the so-called Summer Seven of local parkrun courses also on Sunday.

Happy running and don’t worry too much about the referendum; there is always parkrun!


Andrew Howarth


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Run Report Event No. 631 – 18th June 2016


I’m Gonna Be (500 parkruns)


I would run 500 parkruns, and I would run 500 more!

Richard Fletcher joins Darren Wood in the 500 club!

Richard Fletcher joins Darren Wood in the 500 club!


Since Saturday 28th March 2015 and for over a year, Darren Wood had been the sole member of the 500 club, until now! Richard Fletcher joined Darren in this very exclusive club on Saturday, as he completed his 500th parkrun – and his 488th run here, well done Richard! Darren, now on 564 runs and a regular at Frimley Lodge, returned to Bushy to congratulate him personally which was a nice touch. There were balloons, cakes, and drinks to mark the occasion as Bushy regulars and tourists from as far as South Africa helped him celebrate this amazing achievement! Darren and Richard will be joined by more parkrunners in the 500 club, as Banstead Woods regular Neil Sunderland is on 497, and John Hanscomb is on 496.


Richard Fletcher celebrates his 500th parkrun!

Richard Fletcher celebrates his 500th parkrun!


Richard Fletcher made his parkrun debut just over ten years ago, on 4th March 2006 at event 77 of what was then called Bushy Park Time Trial (or BPTT for short), and he ran 22:05, where there were 136 finishers on that day. Richard is 10 years older now, but he was 10 seconds faster than his debut run, as he ran 21:55 on his 500th parkrun at event 631, where there were 1,086 finishers! parkrun has gone through many changes in the last decade, growing from one 5km event to hundreds across the world, and the addition of over a hundred junior 2km events! Richard posted his PB here on 2nd March 2013, running 19:39; as well as his 488 runs here he has run at Durham parkrun five times, Kingston parkrun twice and once each at Keswick, Nonsuch, Richmond, Southwick Country and Cambridge parkruns.


'500' cake with figures!

'500' cake with figurines!


After all the recent heavy rain, the going underfoot was declared soft, with lots of puddles around the course – which I’m sure the younger ones enjoyed going through especially, but I have no doubt some of the adults amongst you got into the spirit of it too! 1,086 parkrunners toed the line on Lime Avenue this time, assisted and cajoled by 51 volunteers, including our octet of even numbered pacers, with 145 new PBs set, well done to you all! We welcomed 98 Bushy first timers, with 55 of you new to parkrun, welcome along!


1086 park runners lined up on Lime Avenue

1086 parkrunners lined up on Lime Avenue


Ray Coward took charge as Run Director, assisted by volunteer co-ordinator Ann Coward. Ally Manole kept her cool on timer, with the busiest minute being the 25th with 95 finishers! Janice Franks and Oscar Blanchard were giving the position tokens; Stewart Rose set up the double funnel and looked after the kit, and Ray Franks co-ordinated the funnel team once more! Diane and Ethan Mullen teamed up on the front gate of the funnel, along with Ali Kennedy, whilst Nick Blanchard enjoyed his morning at the end of the funnel!


Diane and Ethan Mullen ready for funnel management!

Diane Mullen and Ethan Mullen ready for funnel management!


In all a team of 51 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, pacing, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!


Nick Blanchard managing the end of the double funnel

Nick Blanchard managing the end of the double funnel


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Adrian ROBERTS  •  Alex PITT  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Ally MANOLE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Ashleigh FERRIS  •  Benjamin DAVIDSON  •  Chloe GELONA  •  Clive SPINDLEY  •  Daisy Eleanor KNOX  •  David PAPWORTH  •  David STEWART  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Ethan NIGEL  •  Freya JUBB  •  George FORD  •  Ian CUNNINGHAM  •  Ian FULLEN  •  Jackie DUNKLEY  •  James PHILLIPS  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Joanne BOURNE  •  Joe BOWMAN  •  Merran SELL  •  Michael TROTT  •  Mohammed FAIZ  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Oliver TAYLORMORTE  •  Oscar BLANCHARD  •  Phoebe TARVER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rei NDREU  •  Richard MATTHEWS  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Robert John DEAN  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Stewart ROSE  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Thomas MADLE  •  Tom FLEMING  •  Trevor MORRIS  •  Vince GANNON  •  Will FORD  •  Yue MAN



Oscar Blanchard giving out finish tokens

Oscar Blanchard giving out finish tokens


Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!




As it was the third Saturday of the month, the pacers returned to assist you PB pursuit! It’s an even numbered month, so we had an octet of even numbered pacers for you ranging from 20-34 minutes. This month’s heroes were:


Ian Fullen – 20:00

Rob Phillips – 22:00

Joanne Bourne – 24:00

Ian Cunningham – 26:00

Vince Gannon – 28:00

Richard Matthews – 30:00

David Stewart – 32:00

Adrian Roberts – 34:00


Pacers - Even minutes

Pacers - Even minutes


Well done to all the pacers who finished close to their target time and helped many set new personal bests, especially Vince Gannon who ran exactly 28:00! Jo Bourne had the most PB’ers finish near her time with five, closely followed by Ian Fullen and Vince Gannon with four!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

'500' cake for Richard Fletcher


As mentioned earlier, Richard Fletcher has joined Darren Wood in the 500 club, with Banstead Woods regular Neil Sunderland and John Hanscomb set to join them in the coming weeks as they are on 497 and 496 runs respectively.

There are now 642 members of the 250 club, and 62 of them were at Bushy this time! The newest member of this club is Karen Benson, congratulations! Karen was running her 40th parkrun here – she is a regular at Frimley Lodge parkrun, with 204 of her runs there – but she decided to join us to celebrate her milestone! You can look forward to receiving your forest green coloured Tribesports top in the post very soon I’m sure!

A further three parkrunners are within touching distance of the 250 club: Ian Cunningham (248 runs), Phil Bailey (247) and Edward Brunskill (246).




Another two parkrunners joined the 100 club this time! Congratulations to Mikey Askew and Alison Dawson! You can both look forward to wearing your new black Tribesports 100 t-shirt shortly! On 99 not out are: David Symmons and Paul Wood.

Five parkrunners celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing their red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Dominic White, Jess Shaw, Jeremy Hepworth, Alastair Nelson and Ciaran O’Donnell! Another seven of you are one run away from a half-century: Kayleigh Copeland, Helena Samarasinghe, Rachel Revett, Edmund Fetherston-Dilke, Jeremy Tuckman and Isabella Clarke!

There was one new member of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) this time: Kate Stenning! You will be receiving your white Tribesports 10 t-shirt, once you have ordered it, congratulations!


For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ


parkunners heading to the finish


New PBs

Conditions were set fair for chasing a PB, helped by our pacers too, as 145 of you snaffled a new PB! Of those 145, seven of you set a new PB here having completed at least a century of Bushy laps! Leading this list was 216-time Bushy parkrunner (235 runs in total) Jenny Melbourne, running 22:29, taking 18 seconds off her previous best set last month, congratulations! Clive Kintoff also managed his second PB in a month, as he ran 20:42 on his 140th Bushy parkrun (168 runs overall).

Katrin Kroschinski ran 22:49 to take a single second off her previous best, on her 149th run here (152 runs overall), for her first PB since last summer, well done! Paul Warrington ran his fourth PB in the last two months, running 20:41 on his 134th Bushy lap (143 runs overall). Penelope Roche ran 27:02 on her 111th parkrun at Bushy (125 runs in total), Richard Mead ran 19:48 on his 104th parkrun (all at Bushy), whilst new 100 club member Mikey Askew celebrated his 100th Bushy parkrun with a new PB of 20:22!


parkrun tourists

There were plenty of tourists from all corners of the UK, but our furthest travellers were Mark Smit (48 runs) and Cheryl Smit (92 runs) from Big Bay parkrun in South Africa! Their event takes place on the beach on the edge of Cape Town, with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain and Robben Island en route! They have done lots of tourism around South Africa as well as Australia, but I know they were excited to come to Bushy and to meet our second 500 club member Richard Fletcher! We welcomed 100 club member Rob Millerd who was also joining us from South Africa for his 136th parkrun! Scrolling through Rob’s previous runs, he has done a lot of tourism around the parkrun world, but my three favourites by name which Rob has done have to be the Piggly Wiggly parkrun, Cannibals Cave parkrun and the Grey Goose parkrun! Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the UK!


parkrun tourists Cheryl Smith and Mark Smit from South Africa

parkrun tourists Cheryl Smit and Mark Smit from South Africa


Bushy debutant Julie Stringer was running her 212th parkrun, and she visited us from Cambridge parkrun (153 runs there), thanks for coming Julie and we hope you enjoyed your morning with us! Woodley parkrun regulars Michael Southerton (208 runs) and Rhona Southerton (206 runs) joined us for their first trip to the cradle of parkrun, and from north of the border, Aberdeen parkrun regular Tony McGarva completed his first Bushy parkrun on his 140th run overall! Other notable Bushy first timers include: David Williamson, Hilary Rankin, Rebecca Rankin, Emily Proto and Richard Cowling!

As well as our experienced tourists, we welcomed a big group of parkrun first timers, called the Riverside Rebels from Walton, who built up their training and began their parkrun journey on Saturday – I hope you all enjoyed it and will be back very soon!


The Riverside Rebels - running their first parkrun!

The Riverside Rebels - running their first parkrun!


Thanks to all of those who chose to visit Bushy, we hope you enjoyed the day and see you again soon!


The start of the double funnel


parkrunner of the week!

In this new feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!

As it was event number 631, the parkrunner who finished with token 631 was… Wendy Robertson! Wendy was running her 278th parkrun, with 276 of those here at Bushy, and she has run once each at Pegwell Bay parkrun in Kent, and Poole parkrun in Dorset. She made her debut just over six years ago on 6th June 2009, and has since set a PB here of 26:31 on 12th April 2014.


Now for the results and stats bit!


parkrunners setting off on Lime Avenue


The results bit

The first finisher was Warrington AC athlete Tom Jervis, running a new PB of 15:41 (82.25%) on his seventh parkrun (all at Bushy). Next was Andrew Lawrence of Morpeth Harriers, posting 16:31 (78.30%) on his 75th parkrun (51 runs at Bushy). Andrew was running at Bushy earlier this year in a Banana outfit to prepare for his attempt at the world record for the fastest Marathon in a banana costume, which he set at London in a time of 2:47:41! Completing the sub 17 registered finishers was the first junior home, as Lawrence Hollom set a new Bushy PB of 16:56 (79.72%) for Haslemere Border AC on his second run here (119 runs overall).


First finisher Tom Jervis

First finisher Tom Jervis


After Lawrence, the next junior male finisher was Joshua Foreman, running a new PB of 18:44 (75.71%) on his 33rd parkrun (26 at Bushy) for Aldershot, Farnham & District AC. Joseph O’Clery (JM15-17) ran 19:20 (71.98%) on his 24th parkrun (12 at Bushy), Euan Sinclair (JM11-14) ran 19:52 (74.83%) on his 15th parkrun (14 at Bushy), and Matthew O’Donovan (JM11-14) of Ranelagh Harriers completed the sub 20 junior male finishers, running 19:55 (74.64%) on his fifth parkrun (four at Bushy).


The first female finisher was Arena 80 AC’s Emily Proto, running 18:15 (81.10%) on her 84th parkrun (first run here). Next was Stragglers’ Maddie Garner, posting a new PB of 19:18 (76.68%) on her 85th parkrun (21 runs at Bushy). The third female finisher was the first junior home, as Epsom & Ewell Harrier Isobel Stockley ran a new PB of 19:27 (80.81%) on her 78th parkrun (seventh run here).


First female finisher Emily Proto

First female finisher Emily Proto


After Isobel, the next junior female finisher was Ranelagh Harrier Sacha Kennedy, and she ran 19:46 (79.51%) on her 80th parkrun (68 runs here). Junior runner Sasha Reed set a new PB on her second parkrun, with a time of 20:56 (74.04%). Another three junior girls finished inside 22 minutes, well done to: Jess Shaw (21:24), Leonie Kennedy (21:27), Ella Fryer (21:34) and Imogen King (21:37).



Highest age grading scorers

Eight parkrunners managed to break the 80% barrier for their age grading, and Jane Davies returned to top the list once more, as she ran 22:22 (94.86%) in the VW65-69 category. Polly Adams ran 20:09 to earn 83.21% in the VW50-54 category, and first finisher Tom Jervis’s PB of 15:41 scored 82.25% in the SM25-29 category. First female finisher and Bushy debutant Emily Proto ran 18:15 for 81.10% in the SW20-24 category. Isobel Stockley was the highest junior scorer, as she posted 80.81% from her PB time of 19:27 in the JW11-14. Well done also to: Ian Spencer (80.53%), Darryl Carter (80.52%) and Andrew Small (80.11%).

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


End of the double funnel


Points tables

With 40 runs completed in this ‘Bushy year’, we are over halfway through the season, with 14 runs remaining. The table began on the anniversary run on the first Saturday in October 2015, and will conclude at the end of September.

In pole position to receive the John Hanscomb trophy is Mark Gratton, as he leads the men’s points table with 9,193 points, and is 673 points ahead of Chris Brimacombe on 8,520, with Jeremy Langdon third on 8,370 – so as it stands the top three will be unchanged from last year! John Woods is the only male parkrunner yet to miss a Bushy parkrun since the anniversary run – extending his consecutive Bushy parkrun to 166 runs - a sequence of over three years  dating back to 1st June 2013.

Leading the women’s points table is junior parkrunner Sacha Kennedy, as she has amassed 9,092 points, and she has a slender 30 point lead over Polly Adams on 9,062, with the current holder of the Sonia O’Sullivan salver, Ramona Thevenet, in third on 8,269 points – and Ramona is the only female parkrunner yet to miss a run in this ‘Bushy year’.


Points are accumulated by the finishing position by gender for the respective tables, with the first male and female finishers receiving 250 points, the second finisher gets 249, third 248, etc. 250 points is awarded for the first three times you volunteer in the Bushy year between October and September. To find out more about the points tables and how it works, visit the parkrun support FAQ


parkrunners listen to announcements at the start


Stats of the day

There were 1086 parkrunners – 1026 identified, 60 unidentified (5.5% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 1026 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 145 PBs (14.1% of field) of which have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 98 Bushy first timers (9.6% of field) of which 55 were parkrun first timers (5.4% of field)
  • 128 Juniors aged under 18 (12.5%) and 162 Seniors aged 18-34 (15.8%)
  • 736 Vets (71.7%) of which 86 are 35-39, 298 are 40-49, 264 are 50-59, 88 are 60+
  • 605 males (59.6%) and 421 females (40.4%)
  • Most common male age group was 50-54 (106 runners – 17.5% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (63 runners – 15.0% of all females)
  • 214 club runners (20.7% of field) from 62 different clubs and 812 unattached (79.1%)
  • Top 6 clubs: Stragglers (70 runners), Riverside Rebels (13), 26.2 RRC (11), Ranelagh Harriers (9), Sweatshop Running Community (8) and Teddington Rugby Running Club (8).


How fast?

  • Of the 1086 finishers, there were:
  • 68 sub 20 mins (6.3%), 333 20:00-24:59 (30.7%), 391 25:00-29:59 (36.0%) and 274 over 30 mins (25.2%)
  • Top 10% time: 20:49, Midpoint time: 26:31
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 51, 67, 64, 85, 66, 95, 64, 88, 84, 60
  • 398 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 79.6 per minute
  • 95 finishers in the 25th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 84691 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1026, averaging 82 parkruns each
  • 500 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (48.7% of identified field), of which
  • 170 members of the 50 club (16.6%)
  • 266 members of the 100 club (25.9%)
  • 62 members of the 250 club (6.0% of field)
  • 2 members of the 500 club (0.2% of field) – Darren Wood (564 runs) and Richard Fletcher (500)


That’s all for now, until next time!


Vaughan Howells with his dog post run!

Vaughan Howells with his dog post run!


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 629 – 4th June 2016


The Greatest


On Saturday morning we awoke to the sad news of the passing of possibly one of the greatest sportsman of all time. Whilst it was tempting to stay in bed and listen to the radio tributes and to relive some of the unforgettable events which formed significant childhood memories for us “fifty-somethings”, jumping on the bike to head down to Bushy to join the rest of the volunteer team certainly felt a much more therapeutic and constructive option. Whilst there was no sighting of the elusive yellow orb in the sky, the wind that had been wrecking my half-term tennis all week had disappeared, providing excellent conditions.



Yet again, over one thousand runners lined up at Lime Avenue to be greeted and briefed by this week’s Event Director Hayden Matthews.


Event Director Hayden Matthews with our youngest timer Leonie Kennedy


Our lead bike had a tough time staying ahead this week of Bushy first timer Dimosthenis Evangelidis who floated round the butterfly course in an impressive time of 15:51. He was followed by yet another Bushy first timer (2 of the top 3 men last week were also first timers), Tony Macdowall whose time was 17:11. Next, flying the flag for Bushy regulars this week was the “in-form” Ian Fullen, whose first ever top 3 finish at Bushy was clocked at 17:16.


Bushy First timer Dimosthenis Evangelidis is first of the 1,050 runners back to the big oak.


Naomi Lenane


Our first lady this week was Naomi Lenane whose time of 18:11 was her the second fastest of her 5 runs at Bushy. She was followed by Melanie Wood in 19:59 and Polly Adams whose time of the 20:06 was her fastest of the year and only 10 seconds off her PB on her 423rd parkrun.

Luke Mace was the fastest male junior this week with a time of 18:56 followed by Joe Killip (19:49) and Sam Reynolds (19:56).

Ava White was the quickest junior female, clocking in at 20:21 followed by female points league leader Sacha Kennedy (20:32) and Sacha Reed (21:25).



There were no new joiners to the 250 club this week, but why wait for a T-shirt milestone? Verity Riding celebrated the completion of her 200th parkrun by sharing bubbly and nibbles with several friends.



Verity Riding celebrates clocking up 1000km at parkrun



Harinder Bath joined the 100 club in style by taking 12 seconds off her 2 year old PB!



Harinder Bath (left) completed her 100th parkrun and scored a PB!


Also celebrating their 100th parkruns this week were Mark and Nicola Ronaldson. This couple have barely missed any parkruns in the last 18 months, hence it has taken the couple less than a year to transition from the 50 to the 100 club. Matthew and Nichola run with their son Matthew who is also a regular at the Surbiton junior parkrun where their parents are regular volunteers.

Parkrun has become such a big part of their lives, that even a trip to South Africa last year didn’t stop the couple from getting their regular Saturday morning fix as they took in the George parkrun which they describe as more of a forest trek than a parkrun and has to start at 8am (ouch!) to avoid the heat.



Mark & Nicola, acoompanied by their son Matthew completing their 100th parkrun.


PB Fest

Cool temperatures, low wind and, more importantly, some great efforts from participants led to another healthy total of PB’s; 145 of you achieved PB’s this week, and impressively 11 of these were achieved by runners who have notched up 100 or more runs. Pick of the bunch was Duncan Grant who took 33 seconds off his PB on his 328th parkrun, running in the Age 55 – 59 category! Incredible stuff! Well done also to the 100 club members who snaffled PB’s; they were:-

Ian Riley (190 runs), Tom Lovegrove (173), John Ramsay (162), Tessa Lovell (162), Simon Stannard (159), Tom Hunt (124), Jonathan Smith (122), Daniel Le Franc (117), Tom Corbett (115) and Harinder Bath (100).


First Timers

There were 74 first timers at Bushy this week, of those, 47 were completely new to parkrun. Welcome aboard and hope to see you back soon.

Iris and Matt Lowe are scanned by Alex Tickell to register their 1st parkruns.


That’s all from me this week. See you next time where will be joined by tourists from Banstead Woods parkrun.


Chris Brimacombe


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