Run Report Event No 764 – 8 December 2018


Bushy back to form


Weather/conditions: Moody morning, brightening up


The numbers were more or less back to normal on Saturday after 500 or so of us went missing for the deluge that was no. 763. To be honest, I had the lurgy at the start of this week and I wasn’t alone in feeling under the weather. Still, I lumbered round and met up with a few faces old and new along the way.



1203 runners

47 volunteers

127 BP first timers

112 BP PBs


Congratulations to:

599 – John Hanscomb – big one next week, John!

250 – Paul Warrington

150 – Courtney Le Franc, Jeremy Tuckman

100 – Alison Patterson, Janet Doyle, John Lunt, Ian Benjamin, Jamie Oliver, Michael Broome, Matt Powell

50 – Jennifer, Tummon, Peter Hancock, Katherine Tatlock, Alice Griffiths, Michael Green, Olive Rao, David Proud, Hugh Davies, Mark Hepburn, Andrew Brooman, Richie Thorpe, Russ Simove


Hats off - 80%+ WFA


02 Jane DAVIES 23:47 VW70-74 93.62 % F 39 Epsom & Ewell Harriers PB stays at 00:20:02 195
1 Jonathan HAY 14:33 SM25-29 88.66 % M 1 Aldershot, Farnham & District AC First Timer! 2
24 Michelle DILLON 18:11 VW45-49 87.35 % F 1 Unattached PB stays at 00:17:34 35
7 Justn REID 17:15 VM45-49 84.83 % M 7 SHAEF Shifters PB stays at 00:16:33 90
2 Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:45 VM35-39 84.76 % M 2 Belgrave Harriers PB stays at 00:15:30 184
32 Maddy WHITMAN 18:40 JW11-14 84.20 % F 2 Belgrave Harriers PB stays at 00:18:28 11
291 Cecilia FLINT 23:36 VW60-64 82.20 % F 38 Windermere Boyz Club First Timer! 174
140 Polly ADAMS 21:23 VW50-54 81.45 % F 12 Unattached PB stays at 00:19:44 551
281 Muriel MCLEAN 23:30 VW60-64 81.42 % F 36 Intraining First Timer! 40
217 Jacky BALFOUR 22:36 VW55-59 81.19 % F 24 Thames Turbo Triathlon PB stays at 00:20:18 13
72 Bernie MULVANY 19:50 VM60-64 80.84 % M 67 Unattached PB stays at 00:17:42 408
13 Euan LEES 17:33 VM45-49 80.82 % M 13 Ful-On Tri PB stays at 00:17:16 101
50 Mitch PHILLIPS 19:20 VM55-59 80.17 % M 47 Thames Turbo Triathlon PB stays at 00:18:13 137
27 Paul SMOOTHY 18:26 VM50-54 80.02 % M 26 Thames Turbo Triathlon PB stays at 00:17:46 46


PHOTOS from the course


764 1

The Kahler family were down from Nottingham for the weekend


764 2

The Street family were on holiday from Perth, WA. The leading triplet on Sat was Aiden


764 3

Some of the Thames Turbo runners who were up against Ful-on Tri, below

764 4

764 5

The heroes, all of them super, were running in memory of their friend, Simon


764 6

The Jetstream Tri crew had cycled over from Harrow and Rickmansworth for their annual visit to BP


764 7

The runners and riders in the Tingly Dingly, won by Neil (2nd left)


764 8

Clockwise from top left: Ray on scanning; Krysia ran her 196th with Dan who completed his 181st; Fiona covers off the newbies; Emma and Andy looked after the show on Saturday


764 9

Steve will be back next week – good running, Steve!

Kevin Quinn

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Run Report Event No 763 – 1 December 2018

Looking back with nostalgia always seems to make the memory of events in the past a little bit better than they were and the recollection of parkrun’s past does get blurred after a while ... BUT – I’m sure it never used to rain at 9am on a Saturday morning. Whatever we’d done to upset the weather gods recently had come to a head this morning, heavy rain and one of those mornings when it never seems to get to ‘daylight’. There was surface water around the start and any thoughts of dodging puddles were soon forgotten. Often the worst part of these mornings is the waiting to get going as it was blooming cold stood there. Even at 8.55 the start was deserted but gradually runners appeared from behind trees, from cars, from the toilet blocks and umbrella’s were discarded for the the next half hour or so.

Event Director Rob Phillips, proudly sporting his Harlequins hat after Friday nights classic victory gave us a warm welcome, with particularly loud applause for the hardy volunteers. It certainly was a good weekend for the Quin(n)s but more of that later.



Then we were off, once we started running the cold didn’t seem to matter and we splashed our way towards Kingston. It reminded me a lot of the cross country days at school (yes I was one of those odd people that loved it) and once you get going I enjoy running in the rain. I think the kid part of many runners came out as we ran through puddles, slipped through mud and generally smiled our way round the 5K.


There was a small lake forming on the path just past the mile mark and Chestnut Avenue was even more difficult to stay upright this week. The deer appeared to have the right idea as we headed back up Cobblers Walk and just looked in bewilderment as close to 700 people paddled past them.

The weather certainly had an impact on the turnout with ‘just’ 697 runners – almost half the number we had 4 weeks ago. This was the lowest number of runners we have had in over 2 years (690 on 12th November 2016) which was an equally wet event and credit to everyone who dragged themselves out the warmth of the duvet to take part.

The Volunteers

Alongside Rob was his team of dedicated volunteers and a big thank you once again to everyone helping out this morning. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.

Thank you to the volunteers - Andy ANSTEY, Joy BELL, Donald BELL, Marisa BILLETT, Phil BLUER, Susan COSTELLOE, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Ella EDWARDS, Isabella FAGG, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Jude FISHER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Robert FREY, Christine FRY, Glady GARTLAND, Jad HAIDAR, Finley HARRISON, Emily HARRISON, Evie HINDE, Bianca HOLLIS, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Andrew LANSDOWN, Sarah LOKY, Sophie LONERGAN, Denise MITCHELL, Laura Helen MOSLEY, Diane MULLEN, Rob PHILLIPS, Lucy PORTER, Megan PORTER, Peter REAY, Lucas RICHARDSON, Ian RILEY, Jo ROSE, Nick ROWE, Natalie RUDLEY, Nick SAVILL, Julie SMITH, Alice STAIN, Catherine STENSON, David STEWART, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Ben THERON, Amelie THOMAS, Alex TICKELL

Since Bushy started we have now seen 1,825 people volunteer a total of 18,497 times – your help really is appreciated (especially on days like today)

The Runners

Amongst the masses at the start we welcomed 12 people running their first ever parkrun and hope to see all of you back again by the fountain some Saturday morning in the near future (honestly its not always like this!). In addition, we had a further 51 parkrunners making their first pilgrimage to the place where it all began. The wet conditions were tough going so a special congratulations to the 32 runners who achieved a Bushy PB.

Of the 138 runners who achieved their PB’s today 16 of them have over 30 parkruns to their names. Special mentions to all of those today:


We had 8 member of the 500 club at our parkrun today – headed by the amazing John Hanscomb who has now finished 598 parkruns. They were joined by 96 members of 250 club, 213 in the 100 club and a further 113 50 club runners.

33 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB.

The runners included the usual tourists from all over the world including Dean Thackray who was visiting from Liverpool running Bugs, a large contingent of Reading Roadrunners who were helping Louise Atkinson to celebrate her milestone and a special mention to a group from Elmbridge RRC who were completing their Couch to 5K graduation.





This Saturday saw no new members of the 500 club with the closest being Suzan Baker on 488 runs.

We did however have 3 new members of the 250 club. Kevin Quinn (who can also be found writing this run report from time to time) reached the mark with 212 of his runs here at Bushy, his first ever parkrun was in April 2013 and has a PB of 22:24. He had a large group to help him celebrate in the traditional Bushy way … cake and fizz despite the weather nothing can stop a good party.

Also reaching 250 was David Alderson who was making his Bushy Park debut (thank you for choosing the home of parkrun for your special day). His home event is Gateshead where he has completed 219 runs. His first ever run was at Newcastle in March 2013 with a speedy all time PB of 20:58

Last but not least is Louise Atkinson. Louise has now run 86 times at Bushy after moving to the area with her partner Aaron. Her former home run was Reading and many of her colleagues from her previous club Reading roadrunners made the trip down the M4 to help her celebrate. Louise has fully immersed herself into the local running scene and helped with the formation of SHAEF Shifters where she has filled the role of Membership Secretary. Here first parkrun was in November 2011 with an all-time PB of 23:06


We had 4 runners move into the 100 club. Richard Davies who has run 92 of his events at Bushy, Steve Carpenter (96 with us), Martyn Drake with all bar one of his events here and finally Lindsay Middleton-Scarr, who was making her Bushy debut with her home run being Reigate Priory – thanks for the cake.

We had 8 runners join the 50 club Claudia Burrough, Rob Wilkins, Mojca Kristan, Sara Moore, Liz Chick and Clare Schauerman, red shirts to follow shortly. Congratulations!

Well done to all and look forward to seeing the new milestone t shirts.

Special Numbers

A few random mentions to runners with random numbers to spread the parkrun love.

On event 763 – in position 763 we had … no-one … so a special mention to Marisa Billett who finished in position 697

The average time of all the 520,942 parkruns ever completed at Bushy is 26:55 and running that today was Neil Cornish on his 85th event.

We have now had 49,076 different runners take part in the Bushy event so in 49th place was Ben Church running 20:37 which was a PB on his 4th event – well done Ben.

Last weekend in the UK alone there were 574 5k parkrun events with 133,427 runners. So in position 574 was John Stallard running 32:57 on his first ever event – welcome John.

Today is the 1st December so in position 112 was Steven Bowles running 134 event with 22:32.

Well done to all.


For the men Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (VM35-39) of Belgrave Harriers, was first over the line in 16:06. Ross FRANKS (SM25-29) of St Mary’s Richmond AC was second in 16:31 with Justin REID (VM45-49) of SHAEF Shifters next in 17:39
For the females Lauren HALL of Aldershot, Farnham & District, was first (5th overall) over the line in 17:48 - first time in 2 appearances. Helen MAGUIRE (VW40-44) (Unattached) was second (70th overall) over the line in 21:15. Justine ALBERT (VW40-44) was third (75th overall) over the line in 21:24

We had 8 runners with age grades of over 80%

Patricia RONKSLEY 22:05 VW55-59 84.23%
Gary NEVILLE 19:16 VM60-64 83.22%
Lauren HALL 17:48 SW25-29 83.15%
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 16:06 VM35-39 82.92%
Justin REID 17:39 VM45-49 82.91%
Micky ANDERSON 19:04 VM55-59 81.29%
Fran KENDEN 25:30 VW65-69 80.72%
Patrick MCDOUGALL 18:28 VM50-54 80.51%

20181201_093417 20181201_093316 20181201_093249 IMG-20181201-WA0006

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379). The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422). The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).
Bushy parkrun started on 2nd October 2004. Since then 49,076 participants have completed 520,942 parkruns covering a total distance of 2,604,710 km, including 72,385 new Personal Bests.

December Bonus

The festive season really kicks off now and we can expect some smaller run days due to party hangovers, Christmas shopping trips and other family commitments. However the gift to us from parkrun HQ is not 1, not 2 but 3 possible extra parkruns during the Xmas period. As well as every Saturday at 9am, here at Bushy we also have extra events on both Christmas Day and New Years Day. The 25th December run really is a special event and last year we saw an amazing 1,586 particpants which is our 2nd biggest ever turn out. As well as Bushy there is also the chance to do an extra run on New Years day after completing your usual 5k here – a number of other events are scheduled at different times to allow for this once a year ‘double’ with local options including Kingston at 10am or Crane Park at 10.30am.

Lets just hope the weather gods look more favourably on us in the coming weeks.

Until next Saturday …..

Nick Rowe


Run Report Event No 762 – 24 November 2018


Black Friday… Grey parkrunday




Conditions were a bit cold, damp and grey but that didn’t stop 1,118 assorted runners, walkers a wheelchair and buggies stepping up to the line supported by 49 superb volunteers. There was an amazing crop of PBs, new runners and visitors from far and wide, even in the grimy conditions.



Did you know we have 9 marshalling points around the Bushy Park butterfly? No1 is a tag team to set up the start, and No2 is a new addition near the cricket pitch. No3 is at the start of Cobblers Walk and 4 and 8 are at the kissing point. 5 is Elisabeth’s turn and 6 is Teddington gate. 7 is Chestnut Avenue and last but not least 9 is on the bridge. The marshals play a dual role of guiding the way and being on call if anyone needs help and of course cheering and high fiving is encouraged. They have a mobile phone and can call the RD if needs be. We had 6 runners below 16 minutes this week, so it’s good to know they were directed the right way. Here are a few of the lovely marshals looking after us this week:


Marshals 1A & 1B set up the start and have the vital job of manning the pink buckets for all those Unknowns out there (#DFYB)



James & Elisabeth at MP5


Untitled Untitled

Samantha & Bella at MP6. Ian at MP7



All smiles at MP9 with Hannah & Olive


Including the marshals we had a total of 48 volunteers out in force this week, making everything possible. Many thanks to:


Bushy parkrun always need volunteers so if you fancy a go, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll sort you out.


Untitled Untitled Untitled

Rob has to hold his own signs, but then gets help from Ruth on speaker and Anne with our fave sign



Part of the top rate scanner team: Carol, Beth & Lucy



The other top team on token sorting. Hats obligatory. Oonagh, Sue and Sue


Tourists and other First timers

We had 94 first timers this week of whom 31 were doing their first ever parkrun.


Prize for long distance travel goes to Dane Reynolds from Canberra. Dane normally runs at Burley Griffin parkrun in that fair city


Visiting from Salisbury were Mike, John, Mark and Nick


Personal Bests

94 runners achieved a PB today. No mean feat in the damp greasy conditions. 10 of those had run over 100 parkruns. Well done to:

Tracey DAVIDSON 21:49 VW45-49 74.26% ... 319
Paul MCGOEY 25:28:00 SM30-34 51.51% Ealing Eagles Running Club 239
Lewys POOLE 23:30 JM10 72.41% Comet Triathlon Club 215
Katrin KROSCHINSKI 22:33 VW35-39 67.41% ... 203
Krysia SMITH 19:39 VW40-44 78.29% Clapham Runners 194
Emma POOLE 23:32 VW45-49 70.40% Runnymede Runners 187
Neil SHEWARD 19:10 VM50-54 78.87% Kenilworth Runners 153
Nigel GROVE 25:39 VM45-49 57.05% ... 139
Stella TAYLOR 27:24 VW55-59 67.88% Denby Dale Athletics Club 105
Joshua BATES 22:21 VM45-49 63.91% Stragglers 103



With expert pacing from Aaron, Krysia smashed her PB and went under 20 mins for the first time



We had 21 people achieve 80% age grading or more which is possibly the most ever. Speed was certainly in the air.


Gary NEVILLE 18:42 VM60-64 85.74% SHAEF Shifters 24
Molly RENFER 17:23 SW25-29 85.14% Highgate Harriers 34
Justn REID 17:14 VM45-49 84.91% SHAEF Shifters 88
Blake MOORE 15:25 SM20-24 84.54% Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 4
Claire GRIMA 18:13 VW40-44 84.45% Hercules Wimbledon AC 73
Jonathan CORNISH 15:18 SM25-29 84.31% Hercules Wimbledon AC 92
Laurence DUFFY 18:52 VM55-59 83.57% Stragglers 313
Sophie CONNOR 17:44 SW25-29 83.46% Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 1
Ben BRADLEY 15:32 SM20-24 83.05% Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 7
Adam MOORE 15:49 SM20-24 82.40% Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 6
Fran KENDEN 25:00 VW65-69 82.33% The Skiff Club 181
Harry BOYD 16:12 SM18-19 82.30% Guildford & Godalming AC 41
Polly ADAMS 21:14 VW50-54 82.03% ... 549
Emma HARRIS 20:05 VW45-49 81.49% ... 47
Mike DENNISON 19:42 VM60-64 81.39% ... 341
Patrick MCDOUGALL 18:21 VM50-54 81.02% Belgrave Harriers 143
Bernie MULVANY 19:50 VM60-64 80.84% ... 406
Juliet DRURY 20:14 JW11-14 80.48% ACS Cobham 6
Thomas RANDOLPH 16:26 SM18-19 80.22% Tamworth AC 2
Joshua LOW 17:42 VM45-49 80.13% ... 102
Kate BROWN 18:30 SW25-29 80.00% St Mary's Richmond AC 45



10 Club
Five juniors completed their 10th run to claim the pristine white shirt: well done to Oliver HESTER, Abree PETERSON, Struan FISHER, George BALMER and Edward SIMPSON. More of Edward later.

50 Club
Eight runners reached the milestone of 50 this week: Georgia DORAN, Isabella MAGGIO, James WHITE, George MITCHELL, Sarah STRACHAN, Monika RESKOV, Tarekegn ABEKU and Frank BYRNE.
James also ran a PB, and Sarah was making her pilgrimage from Sittingbourne.

Meanwhile Isabella (JW10) introduced me afterwards to her pet rabbit Piellie who had joined the Maggio family on this grey day to support her milestone. Piellie the rabbit has made four appearances at Bushy parkrun, but has not yet run the course. He was well equipped for the conditions and seemed pretty non-plussed by all the attention. Special mention should go to Nicholas BOWDEN who paced and encouraged Isabella on her run.



Piellie waits patiently



Georgia celebrates in style #fancyleggings

100 club
Three people celebrated 100 runs this week. Congratulations to Tom WILLIAMS, Alexander PEARCE and Robbie HEDGES. Tom was making his pilgrimage from Coventry parkrun.

250 club
Just one runner reached the magical 250 milestone this week – congratulations to Martin HARRISON. Martin did his first run way back on 4 November 2006 and has run 225 times at Bushy.
500 club
Just one runner reached the dizzy heights of 500 runs and claim the rare blue shirt. Congratulations to Derek BLACKMORE . Derek joins the 35 other members of the 500 Club. I managed to catch Derek, who is a member of Stragglers, just before his milestone run. Derek has run 490 times at Bushy, 6 times at Crane Park and 4 times in New Zealand at Anderson parkrun. Just 3 different parkruns. Well done Derek.



Bushy regular Merran with Derek, just before his 500th parkrun


The Results – first finishers

We had 6 runners break 16 minutes this week, possibly a record. And two of those were Unknown including the first finisher. Here are the results:

Jonathan CORNISH (SM25-29) 15:18
Blake MOORE (SM20-24) 15:25
Ben BRADLEY (SM20-24) in 15:32

Molly RENFER (SW25-29) in 17:23
Sophie CONNOR (SW25-29) in 17:44
Claire GRIMA (SW40-44) in 18:13

Junior women
Isabel LIVESEY (JM15-17) in 19:59
Juliet DRURY (JW11-14) in 20:14
Sophie DESMOND (JW11-14) in 22:11

Junior boys
Thomas GILBIN (JM11-14) in 18:57
Harvey McANDREW (JM15-17) in 19:18 (New PB)
William STARK (JM15-17) in 19:55

Untitled Untitled


parkrun effort of the week goes to Edward, aged just 5 years old, who smashed his PB by 5 minutes (27:57) (70.72%) and earned his 10 shirt. Here running with his Dad Graham and a buggy


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #762

1,118 parkrunners – 1,060 identified, 58 unknown (DFYB!) (5% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1,060 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 106 Juniors aged under 18 (10%)
• 168 Seniors aged 18-34 (16%)
• 783 Vets aged 35-89 (74%)
• 429 females (40%) and 631 males (60%)

Weather conditions
• Umbrella quotient: 3 out of 5
• Temperature: 9˚C, cold and rainy.


See you next parkrunday.

Andrew Howarth
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Run Report Event No 761 – 17 November 2018


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Weather/conditions: Cold and dull start giving way by 0930 to the most gorgeous morning.

Another great turnout at BP on Saturday. Among the guests for the day were runners down from the Massey Ferguson running club in Coventry and a group of runners from Tring parkrun – sure to have enjoyed the pancake of Bushy vs the hills of Hertfordshire.


1325 runners

57 volunteers

151 BP first timers

217 BP PBs


250 – Lisa Mainwaring, Peter Dann, Philip Nind

200 – Jennifer Kissane, Rowena Stent, Richard Baggott

100 – Elena Macia, Michael Bryant, Ellie Clayton-Smith

50 – Emily Campbell, Kate Hayward, Steve O’Hara, Fernando Goni, Simon Collingridge, Paul Matthew, Annie Phillips, Jim Williams, David Gold, Jonathan Fawcett, Paul Curtis

Hats off part 1

Four of the first five home on Saturday did PBs and Ben was just outside his.

1 Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:30 VM35-39 86.13 % M Belgrave Harriers New PB! 182
2 Euan CAMPBELL 15:36 SM20-24 83.01 % M New PB! 2
3 Andrew BROOKER 16:06 SM25-29 80.12 % M London Heathside New PB! 58
4 Ben SHORT 16:32 SM30-34 78.23 % M Horley Harriers PB stays at 00:16:24 122
5 Mike BOUCHER 16:35 VM35-39 81.71 % M Aldershot, Farnham & District AC New PB! 132


Hats off part 2

80%+ WFA


9 Liz KILLIP 19:15 VW55-59 95.32 % F Stragglers New PB! 108
1 Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:30 VM35-39 86.13 % M Belgrave Harriers New PB! 182
27 Mara YAMAUCHI 18:28 VW45-49 86.01 % F Thames Hare & Hounds PB stays at 00:18:25 34
2 Euan CAMPBELL 15:36 SM20-24 83.01 % M New PB! 2
38 Johanna TOFTE 18:46 JW15-17 82.59 % F Hercules Wimbledon AC First Timer! 1
56 Paul SINTON-HEWITT 19:10 VM55-59 82.26 % M Ranelagh Harriers PB stays at 00:18:22 403
5 Mike BOUCHER 16:35 VM35-39 81.71 % M Aldershot, Farnham & District AC New PB! 132
78 Bernie MULVANY 19:48 VM60-64 80.98 % M PB stays at 00:17:42 405
29 James TARRAN 18:32 VM50-54 80.85 % M Valley Striders AC PB stays at 00:18:19 349
167 Brigid HIBBERD 21:50 VW50-54 80.76 % F Stragglers PB stays at 00:21:22 270
97 Juliet DRURY 20:12 JW11-14 80.61 % F ACS Cobham PB stays at 00:19:54 5
3 Andrew BROOKER 16:06 SM25-29 80.12 % M London Heathside New PB! 58


bpr 761
Top row L-R: The Massey Ferguson massive down from Coventry in gold lamé; the pacers in tutus for some reason; Keith Riding was lead bike – well named and well done, sir!

Bottom row L-R: Yuri and kids came home in a new pb; Steve looking for someone; David at the finish with flowers for daughter Ellie’s 100th; Tim after his 261st pr


bpr 761 2
Top row L-R: Bob, Prim and Kishore (new pb on Sat!); Ewan and Dad came down from Coventry; John – 4 away from 600; Les in his “wrong” hat with Lucy

Bottom row L-R: The tailrunners making sure we all get back; the Tringers; Glady, Bethan and friend tying things up; the big tree will be there next Saturday – you have to be too.


Don’t forget – Christmas is coming so that means trees and reduced parking. Cycle down instead – double the pleasure.


bpr 761 3

Thanks to all the volunteers and the people who were happy to pose for a photo. And the shed.


Kevin Quinn

Christmas Party

christmas invite 2018

Don't leave it too late to buy your tickets for the Christmas party, we only have limited spaces available. See us at the Volunteer Station.  

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Run Report Event No 760 – 10 November 2018


The Apricot Season

Autumn was all around us in the park this week; butter yellow, apricot and scarlet leaves fluttered against a bright blue sky and the thermometer didn't dip below 11 degrees.  In fact it was a perfect Saturday morning for a run / walk in our favourite park with our best parkrun buddies.
There were around 20 or so runners visiting from East London Runners. They usually run at either Valentines parkrun in Ilford or Wanstead Flats parkrun. This week they had a burning urge to get up at 6am and come to Bushy to meet with Bushy regular Nick Rowe (far right) - that's his position, not his politics!
From left to right Niamh, Neasa, Trish, Olivia, Romy and Ciara.
Also visiting from St Anne's parkrun in Dublin were Ciara and her daughter Olivia, and Neasa and her daughter Romy (more of her later) and their friend Trish.  They were visiting Niamh, a Bushy regular. There was a fair bit of competition between the sisters to see who could get the fastest time, but it looks like Niamh just nailed it!
We also had our fair share of elite athletes. Those of you who ran at Bushy on 25th August will remember we had the pleasure of hosting Team GB 1500m runner Jake Wightman, who set us off on our run, and helped with scanning. He promised he would be back over the winter when his training schedule allowed and true to his word he was back today (more of his results later).
Elite selfie: Also visiting were Emma Pallant, World Duathlon Champion; Michelle Dillon, Olympic Triathlete for Team GB (now retired); and Stuart Hayes, Team GB Triathlete
The Volunteers
As ever many thanks to the fantastic volunteers who make this event possible
Adam WELLS  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Amy ROBERTSON  •  Andrew HOWARTH  •  Andrew LANSDOWN  •  Arwyn MORGAN  •  Benjamin ABLETT  •  Beth TEMPEST  •  Bethan STURDY  •  Bianca HOLLIS  •  Bob DEAN  •  Carol SWAFFER  •  Chris TYRRELL  •  Christine FRY  •  David STEWART  •  Denise MITCHELL  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Ella EDWARDS  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emily HARRISON  •  Evie HINDE  •  Fiona MCANENA  •  Georgia WELLS  •  Glady GARTLAND  •  Ian CUNNINGHAM  •  Ian RILEY  •  Isabella FAGG  •  Izzy DAY  •  Jack BENNETT  •  Jonathan DICKINSON  •  Jude FISHER  •  Laura WILDE  •  Lou COAKER  •  Lucas RICHARDSON  •  Lucy KATESMARK  •  Lucy PORTER  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Martyn DOUGLAS  •  Megan PORTER  •  Mike TIVNEN  •  Natalie RUDLEY  •  Pat NAIR  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Sharon TEE  •  Simon LANE  •  Sophie THOMAS  •  Stephen IGGLESDEN  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Tom CONSTABLE  •  Tom MUIR  •  Trevor HUGGINS  •  Wendy STOKES
Timekeeper Andy and Lead Bike David
Fiona takes the First Timer Briefing
Sue and Alex multi-tasking.  Not only were they the Volunteer Co-ordinator dream team, they also sorted tokens.  And very happy they look about it too.
Bianca injects some glamour in the funnel.
If you want to have smiles as big as theirs - why not email Pat McGrath at to volunteer.
The Main Event
We were in the safe hands of Run Director Simon Lane and his trusty stepladder. It had rained all night so the ground was a bit wet but conditions were pretty good and 114 of you managed a PB!  Well done to all 1280 runners and walkers.
This is what it looks like to have 1280 people hurtling toward you at speed.
Jake Wightman means business at the front.


Hot on his heels. . .
Work those arms . . .
Looking fresh at 1km
Our fabulous honoury marshal Elisabeth cheering everyone on
It seems a fitting time to remind everyone of the importance of Bushy Park during WW11 as the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF). Every week we run past these plaques in the ground commemorating the site of the buildings that made up the US Military base that was Camp Griffiss.  It was here that officials including General Eisenhower planned the D- Day invasion.  This plaque indicates the north west corner of block A, and is past the 3km point, not far from where we turn left onto Chestnut Avenue.
Personally I always try to spot one as I run past as it gives me a little boost at a point when I'm usually flagging.   There are 16 plaques marking the corners of the four main blocks A-D, so if you're ever looking for an adventure on a quiet afternoon in Bushy park you know what to do.
There were a few large puddles on Cobblers Walk, but cunningly most people managed to avoid them.
My new friend Emma (in grey) who I met in the funnel is looking good with only 400m to go.
The Results
First Finishers
1. Jake Wightman 15:14

2. Chris Dyson 16:45

3. Emma Pallant 16:49
1. Jake Wightman 15:14

2. Chris Dyson 16:45

3. Lenny Shulgin !7:59
1. Emma Pallant 16:49

2. Ashleigh Barron 19:27

3. Isabel Livesey 19:30
1. Matthew David Tyas 19:24

2. Adam Y Conway 19:25

3. Henry Sheen 19:58
1. Isabel Livesey 19:30

2. Emma Hurdle 21:58

3. Isabella Hale 23:07
It should have been obvious by the lack of tables sagging under the weight of cake and prosecco that this was going to be a light week.  Only 8 of you reached Milestones this week, but plenty on the horizon . . .
Milorad Doljanin has a PB of 21:01 and has run 63 times at Bushy, 18 at Kingston, 6 at Mole Valley and also Woking and Winchester to name a few others
Jane Baldwin has a PB of 23:15, and has run 93 times at Bushy, 6 at Nonsuch and 1 at Graves
Grace Leung has a PB of 27:15 and has done all her runs at Bushy
Edon Muzondo has a PB of 27:15 and has done all his runs at Bushy
Nick Allerton has a PB of 24;24 and has done all his runs at Bushy
Cameron Wilson got a PB on his 10th run of 26:04.  He is a seasoned Junior parkrunner having done 43 at Leavesden
Romy Ryan from St Anne's parkrun in Dublin ran 26:36 on her 10th run
Cyril Bellamy also got a new PB on his 10th run of 30:02.  He's also a seasoned Bushy junior parkrunner and has done one run at Crissy Field in San Francisco (lucky chap)
Christmas Party
christmas invite 2018
Don't leave it too late to buy your tickets for the Christmas party, we only have limited spaces available.  In true Bushy parkrun tradition there will be plenty of prosecco.
Tickets are selling faster than Carol's cupcakes!
See you next week


Wendy Stokes



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