Run Report Event No. 568 – 18th April 2015

A new route to protect old roots*

*I’d love to say I came up with that title myself but am completely plagiarising one of our regular celebrity runners at Bushy parkrun, so despite not actually saying yes to my request on Twitter Rufus Hound, thanks for this week’s run report title.

So how was this week’s run then everyone, did anyone notice anything different?  My first duty of the day was to wander over to the ‘old’ start to make sure everyone knew where to go – and what a difference a week makes, this was 8.55 on Saturday morning at the old Bushy start line, notice anything missing?

Where is everybody?

Most people seemed to know where they were going so looks like a good job was done with announcements, social media postings and word of mouth – or maybe people just noticed the 1000+ runners in multi coloured clothing all heading in a different direction and sensibly decided to follow the crowd.  There was one lovely moment where a woman arrived at quite high speed just before 9am on a bike, chained it to a fence around a tree and then headed towards the ‘start’ where I was standing and did a complete 360 degree spin with a ‘where is everyone hiding?’ look on her face..

So unfortunately I missed all the excitement at the start but I’m reliably informed by those who were there that it looked a little something like this:

Is it the widest start in the whole of the parkrun world? 

Andy covered the reasons for the new course last week so with all the preparations done, all the twists and turns measured expertly and new course maps printed and distributed to the marshalls, the 568th running of Bushy Park parkrun was ready to go.  There was much talk beforehand of would the course be quicker, would people like it and would anyone get lost (thankfully not) but the big question I had was ‘Why is it being referred to as the butterfly course’?  I know Bushy Park reasonably well so know about the cricket pitch, the Millennium Woods and the playground but was there a Butterfly house or something that I wasn’t aware of we now went past or something like that?  Apparently I just need to turn my head to one side a bit when looking at the map…

We go where?

So anyway, the first running of the new butterfly route, how did it go?  From all the feedback I heard it seemed to go brilliantly.  People seemed to like the fact that you got to see quite a bit more of the park and what look like steep turns on the map aren’t as bad as they looked.  And you still get to finish by the big tree which I think is great.  One of the recurring themes after the run when talking to other volunteers was how amazing it looked to be a marshall out on the course.  As I’m sure you all noticed, we had more people than usual out on the course pointing you in the right direction and telling you which way to go at the various junctions and from nearly every marshalling point they said you got this great view of a massive group of runners from such a long way away.  So without further ado, many thanks to all of those below who gave up the chance to be amongst the first to run the new course and instead gave up their time to point you in the right direction, put up poles and sort all those pesky tokens back into some kind of order at the end.

Andrew John WINGATE  •  Andrew RONKSLEY  •  Andy PILLIDGE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Charles WORTH  •  David PAPWORTH  •  David WORTH  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Emma Anne WINGATE  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jed LEICESTER  •  Jennifer MELBOURNE  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Jonathan EVANS  •  Jonathan HUGHES  •  Joy BELL  •  Kate MATTHEWS  •  Kirin TAYLOR  •  Lou COAKER  •  Loula BELL  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Mike BANGHAM  •  Mike SILK  •  Oliver BEZZANT  •  Owen DELANEY  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Paul WOOD  •  Phoenix LOVE  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN  •   Sandra WORTH  •  Simon LANE  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Teddy SMITH  •  Will FORD  •  Zoe Alison RIDING

The new route also gives you a great chance to see people at more than point along the run so if you do fancy volunteering sometime and give everyone or someone special a cheer out on the course it would be much appreciated.  Just go to here and find out more.

One of the new twists and turns!

Volunteers get to do all kinds of things on a Saturday morning, although some things are definitely best left to the core team!

Can you just wait there for 45 minutes please?


We had an amazing 1249 people complete Saturday’s run, the second biggest Bushy attendance ever.  It would have been a round 1250 but unfortunately Nick Rowe’s hamstring went ping after a couple of km and he took the difficult decision to walk back – hope it heals in time for next Sunday Nick and probably a good point to wish anyone running the London Marathon (other marathons are available) next week.

An amazing 82 people ran Bushy for the first time today, so will have no idea what all the fuss was about the new course and an amazing 100% of them all ran their best time at Bushy too.  Great work one and all..  As well as that a simply brilliant 169 of you ran a new PB today, hope you celebrated suitably afterwards.  So to answer one of the burning questions ‘Is the new course quicker than the old one?’  According to reliable parkrun statistician Rodney McCulloch, it’s probably a bit too early to tell but last week on the old route we had 14% of the field score PBs and this week it was 13%.  For a slightly less statistically relevant result you could just look at Rodney’s result as he ran the exactly the same time this week as he did last week on the old course, so maybe it’s not going to give me the 30sec boost I was hoping for!  Twitter seemed to suggest it was quicker though:


Other notable statistician Andy had thoughts on the matter too…

Of the 1,249 finishers yesterday, 531 ran the previous week and so you could assume they were at similar levels of fitness.


So of those 531 runners - 335 were quicker by an average of 90 seconds, 188 slower by 102 seconds and 8 ran the same time (including Rodney). If you combine these three groups it means the average runner was 20 seconds quicker on the Butterfly course.


Obviously, this might have been due to the strong wind last week, the new course being quicker or possibly something to do with the full moon - we just don't know! Certainly there are a load of people who ran a lot quicker or slower (45 runners changed time by more than 5 mins) and so most of the difference is made up of people who were not racing in one of the two weeks.


Anyway, I think we can conclusively put a random number on the page and claim the new course is about 20 seconds quicker - that might tempt Andy Baddeley or Mo Farah to come out of to play!


The first three people back to the tree in the wrong direction certainly seemed to enjoy the course as two of the first three managed to score Personal Bests and they all scored over 80% on the WAVA ratings.  The top three in full were Taras TELKOVSKY who finished in 15.42 for a new PB, Andrew Lawrence was close behind in 15.50 and in third was our regular vegan runner Andrius JAKSEVICIUS in a new PB of 16.03.

Taras and Andrew vying for the lead

Andrius warming down in the extra-long funnel

And I couldn’t resist adding this one, this is a shot of the first finisher Taras taking from the lead bike.

Aren’t you supposed to be in front Jed?

For the ladies, first back was Fiona DE MAUNY who also scored a new PB with a time of 18.35, followed by Julie REYNOLDS with 19.17 and Tracey HARDCASTLE with a n, n, n, nineteen 29 (sorry, poor joke and probably showing my age there!)

First junior back was Harry MATTHEWS in a time of 17.03, followed by Benjamin WILLIAMSON with 18.55 and then Joshua PONCIA with 19.07.  For the junior ladies the top three were, Ava WHITE in a time of 21.07, Isobel Maria STOCKLEY in a time of 21.44 (whose barcode I had the honour of scanning!) with Imogen KING scoring a new PB of 21.37

An amazing 10 people scored a fantastic WAVA rating of 80% or above, so well done to:


Marking the occasion of the new route by joining one of the prestigious parkrun clubs this week were:

Laurie MONTIER, Graham GOFFEY and Stuart John DWYER joined the 100 club this week and will soon be swapping red for black

Five people joined the 50 club this week so many congratulations to Deborah LINK, Debbie HIGGINS, Deborah HILL, Ellis MADLE and Laura MADLE

And finally Ava WHITE, Thomas BRENNER TRAN and Anna NORRIS all joined the Junior 10 club today so once TribeSports make them, you’ll all be getting your t-shirts sometime in June – hopefully!

Now my cunning plan of doing some proper ‘journalism’ and asking people after the run for their thoughts on the new route were slightly scuppered by a) forgetting how busy it is scanning and having no real time to talk and b) leaving my notebook in my car while having a coffee in the Pheasantry!  However, I did manage to get a few short quotes while scanning and the ones that stuck in my mind are:


‘Great finish by the pond’

‘Bit busy at start’

‘Too windy’

‘Loved it!’

A few more in depth answers were that it’s probably more spectator friendly as you can see people at the crossover point, the start is a bit bumpy and very narrow after a few hundred yards which could be tricky for non-regulars and running that way down Chestnut Avenue just felt wrong!  I’m sure the wonderful core team will make a few little tweaks here and there as the weeks go by but I must admit I am already enjoying the new addition to the parkrun kit that is needed because of the move away from the bank by the old start:



And finally, as you know I do like to try and give a shout out to people who may not otherwise get a mention in the run report.  Previously I’ve used the Fibonacci sequence, square numbers and other mathematical sequences to pick numbers.. if anyone can guess the method this week, post the answer on Facebook and you might win a prize (although to be fair, you probably won’t.)

60 – Jamie BENSON crossed the line in 60th place today and is I am sure a proud member of the 10 club and has done 13 parkruns in total, all of them at Bushy Park.  His time today gave him an age grading of 75.40% which is frankly very impressive…

90 - Max Dylan Zorba ZAJDLER is also a junior and by some bizarre coincidence has done the sort of opposite of Jamie by completing 31 parkruns, again all at the home of parkrun.  Max has dipped under 20 minutes once here and was only a few seconds outside that today.. he also has by far and away the best name I have seen for a long time, I have definite name envy! (Although if I’d been born a girl I was going to be called Esmerelda, - true story - so I’m not complaining too much)

148 – Crossing the line in 148th place was Jonathan COX who has run a total of 234 parkruns since 208 – and so in about 4 months will be picking up a bit of parkrun gold bling to add to the other t-shirts in his collection.  Actually, will the 250 t-shirt still be black with gold bits?  Does anyone know? Unlike Jamie and Max, Jonathan has headed further afield, running both Richmond AND Birmingham parkruns..

482 – A big hello to Sarah HOSEASON who has been running at Bushy since the 10th November 2012 when I wonder if she was inspired to attend because it was my brother’s 47th birthday that day?  Or maybe it was just because she’d heard how great parkrun was and just wanted to get involved.  Just nine runs to go for Sarah to join the 50 club.

537- Eddie ROBERTSON crossed the line in 537th place, to claim a new PB on his 19th run, the 7th PB in his runs at Bushy, a pretty impressive record if you ask me.  Eddie has run a few other parkruns including one at Nonsuch park near Epsom, the name of which caused me to very nearly miss a cross country race a few years ago as I genuinely believed my clubmates were playing a trick on me telling me I had to go to ‘Non Such’ park. Clearly in my head no such park existed…

686 - Glen WASHINGTON came in 686th place on the occasion of his 119th run.  Glen is a member of Teddington Rugby club who also ply their trade within Bushy Park and seem to take kids from as young as about three years old if their training sessions I’ve seen as I run past on a Sunday morning are anything to go by!  It’s very cute, although by the time they get a bit older it looks  a lot more scary!

785 – Charlotte Young was another recipient of a shiny PB on Saturday morning on the occasion of her fifth run.  Charlotte is a member of Thames Turbo Triathlon, one of the big triathlon clubs in the area so while the rest of us were probably struggling to get out of bed she was probably in the pool knocking out 100 laps and then while many of us were pondering what post run cake to have she was no doubt jumping on a road bike for a cheeky little 60 mile bike ride.  They’re mad these triathletes, awesome, but mad..

1012 – It’s a junior fest in the random name shout out section today as Isabella CLARKE crossed the line in 1012th today on her 25th run around Bushy Park.  Isabella’s first run was on 8th March 2014 so was no doubt inspired as many of us no doubt are by the birthday of Cyd Charisse from Singin in the Rain fame who was born on that day in 1921.  A great dancer and actress, she was rumoured to have been a runner in her early days and apparently had a 5km PB of 31.32 which was exactly the same time as Isabella ran today..

1156 – Our final random runner today I’m pleased to say is a first timer!  So it’s a very big hello and welcome to the rest of your life (on Saturday mornings at least) Allison Mead.  I hope you enjoyed your first run Allison and we look forward to welcoming you back again this weekend.  Just 49 runs to go for your first t-shirt!

That’s it from me for this week.  I’m looking forward to running the new route next weekend, look forward to seeing you all there.


Many thanks to Zoe, Jed, Andy and Carol for the photos.


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Run Report Event No. 567 – 11th April 2015

We’re going through changes…
Well, that was a bit different this week. We had rain!

Umbrella for the Timer!
Ally Manole shelters, our timer, Simon from the rain
I guess the weather fairies were mourning the last run on our existing course and so thought that a more sombre atmosphere was fitting. When the sun shone the park was at its most beautiful, but certainly about 35 mins into the run there was a downpour which had the people already milling around the scanners running for the cover of the big tree only to bemoan the lack of leaves providing any cover as they got soaked!

photo 2
The old oak is mighty impressive, but not a great umbrella

I have been at Bushy Park pretty much every week for the last 6 years and can only remember three or four times when we have had rain, so I guess it was okay for it to happen this week! Although I am hoping the weather fairies smarten up their act for next week when the new course makes its debut!

Saying goodbye to an old friend
This week marked the (sort of) final running on our old course and so next week marks the first running of the new one. We did a test run over Easter with around fifty odd runners to get feedback and it was almost universally positive, so hopefully you will all enjoy the new course.

photo 3

The fast boys reckon it is a bit quicker with a bit less on grass and (incredibly) even a little bit flatter as you miss out the ‘huge energy sapping’ hill around 2km! The more steady runners who get to look at the scenery also gave it the thumbs up as ‘it feels like you are more in the park’ as you cut through the middle rather than in some ways simply hugging the perimeter track. But generally every who ran it has told us they are looking forward to the change, so I am hopeful you will all quickly love it as much as you do the current one.
The only concern raised was around the start – our current course has a huge wide first kilometre and so whilst Lime Avenue is similarly wide, we do cut onto the track after only a few hundred metres. We hope this won’t be an issue, but please be careful here at least until the field has worked out what it is doing. Some of the grass to the side of that area is not the flattest and we would rather our runners were a few seconds slower than having a fleet of ambulances treating broken ankles!
It will take some getting used to and that goes for the volunteers as well as the runners. I am sure we will make some mistakes and a few things won’t be as slick as we (hopefully) usually are, but I am sure we will get it right. That said, if people would like to support us in volunteering, certainly initially we will need a few more marshals than on the old course (at least until everyone works out where they are going).
If you want to get a feel for the new course then we shot a video which is now on Youtube, although it is advisable to take some travel sickness pills before watching -

Not a proper goodbye, but an au revoir
I said ‘sort of final’ running as we have also got some very positive news from the Royal Parks Authority.
One of the criticisms of the new course is that with Cobblers Walk being a proper tarmac path it can have a few puddles and so in the winter it may become icy and potentially unsafe. We have been given the agreement that in ‘special circumstances’ we would be allowed to run our old course.
This does not mean we will have summer and winter courses like some parkruns do and will not be reverting to the old course whenever there are puddles (remember that at Bushy we are Surrey tough!!), but if we are having to cancel the run from a safety point of view then we do have an alternative route! I can’t make any promises, but it does give us a better chance to continue our 10 year streak of only cancelling the run to allow Mark Cavendish a shot at Olympic glory!
Having been present for some of the negotiations about the course, I am at pains to point out that this is our only option to keep Bushy parkrun going. The fact that Cobblers Walk can collect standing water or the start is not as wide as Chestnut Avenue I hope pale into insignificance against the benefit of continuing to have our parkrun and so hopefully everyone will be supportive of the change and adapt to any challenges that it throws up.

Does size matter?
One of the other things that was interesting in terms of my involvement in the course change was in the length of the course.
I have been told stories by various people from parkrun HQ about how Hugh Jones, the guy who measured the London Marathon course, measured our old course and so in the eyes of UK Athletics it is an official 5km course. That said I have always thought it convenient that it finishes at a very distinctive tree and certainly my Garmin watch usually says something like 5.04 km when I cross the finish line. I don’t know exactly how long the course is, but I have heard many people talking about how it is 50m too long etc.
My personal opinion on it has always been that it doesn’t really matter – the course is the same length every week and so that gives you the comparison to previous results. If you really care about a course being an accurate length then pop down to a running track where you can be guaranteed to run exactly the distance you want to.
However, on the test run Ray and Hayden asked people to bring their GPS watches and to tell us their measurement. This brought up two interesting points…

1. Regular first finisher Anthony Jackson doesn’t have a GPS watch – he runs on feel!
2. GPS watches are pretty inaccurate!

The average measurements of the 50 or so runners came to 5,040 metres which is pretty good, but the variation was huge. Measurements varied between 4.99km and 5.12km! Everyone ran the same course, the field was quite light so there shouldn’t have been much need for weave through traffic and so the variation is just down to how your watch picked up the satellites above you on that day! Or in other words, GPS watches are not perfect!

Thankful for not having to say goodbye
I am sure most of you know that we had a really close call last weekend. Tragedy has never touched Bushy parkrun directly and long may that fact continue, but a week ago we came pretty damn close. Bushy parkrun will forever be indebted to the dozen or so people who helped one of our runners when she collapsed and gave her a chance when the ambulance team arrived to race her to hospital.
One of the guys who stopped mentioned that he will glory in the 1:00:43 finishing time he received that day. He should glory in it – that time marks a day when he saved a life and from what I have heard from the hospital that is not an overstatement!
I am sure many of you will have shared the happiness when you heard the lady in question was off the machines at St George’s Hospital and ‘full of beans and raring to go’. Hopefully it won’t be too many weeks until we see Karen at Bushy Park again, where I am sure she will get a warm reception.
There are a couple of things that the incident brought to light which I wanted to mention.

1. The core team have had a meeting to discuss what happened and how a defibrillator would work within our parkrun. We will be taking advice from other local parkruns, but the short version is that we will be looking to add it to our kit.

It is a reasonably significant expense – we estimate around £1,500, but one that we feel is worth it. If anyone would like to contribute to the fund, then please can I ask you to visit this link and go to our donations page putting ‘Bushy Defibrillator’ in the Reference Field -

This is not the most obvious section, so if you need help…
When you get to enter your paypal details you will notice that in the blue box at the top of the page where you put in the amount being donated there is a field which says ‘Reference – parkrun_0’. Please amend the parkrun_0 to say Bushy Defibrillator.
Please do not feel obliged to donate, but we feel that if it can lower the chances of us having a really dark day even a small amount then it is a worthwhile expense.

2. One thing you can all do though is check your details. Can we ask every member of our community to make sure you have details of an Emergency Contact, ideally on their barcode or wherever, but certainly on our database.

 On your parkrun profile there is a box for these details and so can I ask everyone to check they are up to date. These were added to the profiles a few years ago, so if you are old-school you may never have filled them in and if you are more recent then please check the details to make sure they are all correct.
If you look at your results email there is a link on there to edit your parkrun profile and if you want ICE details on your barcode then you can get one printed here or simply write it on the back of your barcode. Just please do something!



The 567th Bushy parkrun
This week we saw 1,075 runners enjoy a lap of the park.

photo 1
You might notice Harry Matthews and Sathira Don to the right of the startline - they are both superfast, but this week felt a little bit tired around halfway and so pulled out!

First timer, Russ Best was the first back to the big tree and with a super speedy time of 15:08 was certainly responsible for keeping Jed Leicester honest on the lead bike. Russ’ time puts him as the 25th quickest runner at Bushy parkrun, just two seconds behind Mo Farah!
Almost a minute back was the more familiar figure of Andrew Lawrence (16:04) with George Howard (16:18) not far behind.
Amongst the juniors it was all about the JM11-14 category with all three podiums spots taken up by under 14s. Harry Boyd (17:00) misses out on the sub-17 club by the narrowest of margins, with Samuel Shaw (18:23) and Oliver Haines-Francis (18:38) following him home.

The ladies event saw debutants Ellie Baker (18:11) and Gebi Eglen (18:49) hold the first two spots with Julie Reynolds (19:09) making up the top three.
Ellie is in the JW15-17 age group and so takes first place in the juniors with Ava White (21:10) and Imogen Deakin (21:25) in second and third.


New PBs, Age Gradings and Club Membership
154 of our runners set a new PB this week, with an amazing 17 having 50 or runs to their record. Congratulations to Robert Eveson, Oliver Haines-Francis, Isabel Hessey, Darren Franks, Rufus King, Chris Meara, Richard Sealy, Alasdair Turner, Peter Georgiades, Callum Knight, Abigail Frame, Mike Silk, Mark Knight, Keith Blackbourn, Katie Happs and Viv Root. Special congratulations goes to Kirsty Rumble who celebrated joining the 50 club in the best fashion with a new PB!
10 Club – Juniors Rose Attard, Harry Searle, Alice Whitman, Maisie Martland and Maria Morley all joined the 10 Club
50 Club – Only PB queen Kirsty Rumble joined this club at Bushy this week – she also won the prestigious ‘First Kirsty’ award ahead of Kirsty Bangham in second to make it a hat-trick of accolades
100 Club – Robert Worley, Alan Fisher, Pam Franks, John Bache and Anne Ottman all ran their century run this week
250 Club – No one this week
While Christine Mayo ran her 150th and Carole Vine her 200th
Anne Ottman brought an amazing array of cakes to celebrate her hundredth run - raising the standard of cake decoration to a new high at Bushy!

80% Age Graders
13 runners hit the magic 80% threshold – the list is headed by first finisher Russ Best with a score of 85.24%, but also hitting the landmark was Andrew Lawrence, George Howard, Harry Boyd, Phillip Bearman (Snr), Ellie Baker, Laurence Duffy, Andrew Fay, Ruth Hutton, Kevin Best, Michael White, Pamela Whitter and Ramona Thevenet

300,000 runners
You may have noticed that this week Bushy parkrun ticked over to having hosted their 300,000 runner. Well done (kind of) to Jonathan Rymel who unwittingly crossed the line in 305th place to claim this distinction. As Rodney mentioned, Jonathan was only running his 10th parkrun but is on a pretty good PB streak with 8 in 10 runs!

Jonathan Rymel - 300,000th Bushy parkrun finisher!
Jonathan after his landmark run

At the back of the pack

As for me, I signed off the old course with a 19:59 run – only my second time under 20 minutes. And then use that face to console myself that I was only the 299, 761st Bushy parkrunner. That marathon mileage is giving me some pretty good pace, but we’ll have to see what happens in Greenwich in a fortnight! Big thanks to Simon for being his usual brilliant self on the timer!

Anyway, that’s all for this week
Take care and see you next week for the new course!
Andy W

PS. Thanks for Jed Leicester and Rodney MCCulloch for the photos

photo 1
The rain can play havoc with paper barcodes

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Run Report Event No. 566 – 4th April 2015


Wood Yew Be-leaf It!


With a headline like that, hopefully this report can only get better!

On January 16th 2010, representatives from the major parkrun sponsors addressed 532 Bushy parkrunners to mark the occasion of Darren Wood becoming the first runner to complete 250 parkruns, giving birth to the 250 club on what was only the 287th event.

Having doubled this milestone last week at his new home parkrun, Frimley Lodge, Darren returned to Bushy this week donning his Turquoise blue 500 club T-shirt at the course where he has run more than half of his 501 parkruns!

Darren Wood at 500!


Five and a quarter years on, the size of the Bushy parkrun field has nearly doubled, 219 more runners have followed Darren into the 250 club, and there are now 7,357 runners in the 100 club and a staggering 22,235 runners in the 50 club!

Of the 951 runners gathered at today’s event, 66 of us were present when Darren “gave birth” to the 250 club, and, unbelievably, the average time of those present at both events was 21 seconds faster on Saturday – In youth we learn, in experience we understand! (not that I’m claiming I was young 5 years ago).

One of the “66” present was Bob Anderson – not my fellow Swindonian  Bob  “The Limestone Cowboy” Anderson who became the World’s darts champion in 1988 during the heyday of darts; this Bob went 70 better than that Bob by achieving 250! It’s been a great week for Bob; the previous Sunday Bob took part in the Hampton Court Palace half marathon, his first half-marathon since his thirties; despite his apprehensions, he not only finished, but was the fastest finisher in his age category. Then on Saturday, he became the 220th person to enter the 250 club and achieved his fastest parkrun time of 2015. Well done Bob, look forward to you displaying your new top with pride!


Other Landmarks

This week saw 2 runners qualify for their black 100 club tops; many congratulations to Roger Lown and Anna Flatley who have both run most of their 100 runs at Bushy.  6 people joined the 50 club this week; they were Chris Gearey, Daniel Beagley, Hazel Lucas, Imogen Beagley, Sandra Mckeon and Simon Fox.  As this was a “Junior parkrun” weekend (the Junior parkrun occurrs at 11am on the first Sunday of every month – same start line), this may account for the fact that there were no new members joining the “10 Club” this week.


Best Wishes From The Whole Bushy parkrun Community

The Bushy parkrun social media updates on Saturday has captured  the huge amount of concern and compassion expressed by parkrunners following the emergency incident that occurred at this week’s event.  One of our very regular female participants required emergency assistance after collapsing near the Sandy Lane gates. Fortunately the field contained some skilled professionals who were able to provide the expert attention required before the ambulance arrived.  Karen’s husband provided us with an update on Saturday evening, advising that Karen was still undergoing tests in hospital, and passed on his thanks for the outstanding care and support provided by the parkrunners. Karen, all at parkrun wish you a full and speedy recovery.


Emergency Contact Details

It’s worth pointing out that should use wish to purchase a plastic barcode token or wristband, emergency contact numbers and medical information can be included see:-

Otherwise, please add emergency contact & relevant medical information to your paper barcodes.


A Slight Mishap

Unfortunately, the runner at the front of the field today didn’t know the course and subsequently took a wrong turning towards the end of the course, hence wasn’t able to register his finish or get a time.  Lead bikes, our volunteer marshalls and “regulars” at the front of the field mean that such incidents are very rare at Bushy parkrun, but it’s worth highlighting that as we are due to start using a different course sometime in the next few weeks, if you do expect to be at the front of the field, please take a few moments to look at the course details on this website beforehand….


Runners look at new course map

Many runners took the time to have a look at the new course which was put on display on Saturday.  Details can be found in the run report on 28th February 2015.


The Fast Finishers

Andrius Jaksevicius registered his 11th first place finish this week in a time of 16:31.

Tim Haughian was next in a time of 16:47 and the next registered runner was Samuel Crick, a junior athlete who registered a very impressive time of 16:56

Junior men were well represented at the front of the field with Bede Pitcairn-Knowles (JM 11-14) the next junor to finish in a time of 17:51 (6th overall) followed by  Will Sanders whose time of 18:40 secured hime 20th place overall and a new PB.

The first lady back to the big tree was Kate Towerton in a time of 18:20. Kate has run 124 parkruns, but this was her first visit to the “cradle”.

Olivia Stillman was next back, a Junior (11-14) athlete , in a time of 19:24, and the 3rd lady was Joanna Shillington with a time of 20:36.

The next 2 junior ladies were Scarlet Walker (JW 11-14) with a time of 21:43 followed by Ava White whose time was 22:04



Despite a cold bracing wind, an impressive 79 (out of 889 registered runners) achieved PBs this week; 5 of these runners have completed over 50 runs, so congratulations to Paul Moorshead, Freya Beatrice King, Stuart Forrest, Wayne Yerrell and James Morris.

James (pictured below) actually achieved his 4th consecutive PB, an impressive sequence of runs

which has shaven 24 seconds off the PB he had set back in October.


James Morris
James Morris after his fourth consecutive PB


WAVA Age Grade Achievers

7 runners surpassed the 80% age grade score this week; many congratulations to the below for contributing to the everlasting supply of inspiration that turns out at Bushy Park each week!


Samuel CRICK          16:56               JM15-17          82.19%

Pamela WHITTER        21:46               VW55-59         82.08%

Ramona THEVENET       22:02               VW55-59         81.09%

Olivia STILLMAN       19:24               JW11-14         81.01%

Kate TOWERTON         18:20               SW30-34         80.82%

Merran SELL           27:47               VW70-74         80.14%

Bea DOWNEY            21:11               VW50-54         80.09%


Newcomers & Visitors        

45 runners undertook their first registered parkrun this week; welcome aboard!

In addition to this, there were 53 visitors running at Bushy parkrun for the first time, including Richard, Hilary and Joeseph Hennah whose home parkrun is in Barrow-in-Furness!

Peter Mitchell also clocked up his first Bushy parkrun, bringing his total runs up to an impressive 262 which have been run across 21 different events.


Your parkrun Volunteer Team Needs You!

It never ceases to amaze me how efficiently the Bushy parkrun volunteer team operates – sometimes they appear to be working via telepathy as there is always someone magically appearing to set up the equipment, put the equipment away, sort the finishing tokens, not to mention marshall and direct around 1,000 runners per week; However, don’t let this put you off volunteering; as well as the regular stalwarts within the team to whom so many of us owe so much, there’s always a few new faces who are always coping just as well, so, if you’ve not yet given volunteering a go, take the prospect of the warmer spring weather ahead as an incentive  and contact Not only will you be warmly welcomed to the team, you will be contributing to the sustainability of our event and will almost certainly enjoy the experience.


Barcode Scanners
The scanning team coped admirably with the 951 runners this Saturday


Token Sorting Team
Volunteers sorting the finish tokens in blustery conditions


Darren Wood and Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher (right), the world no. 3 in the “highest number of parkruns” stakes, (439 parkruns, 1 behind world no. 2 John Hanscomb)  getting some advice from the world no 1!


PSH CBE book signings
parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt signs copies of “parkrun: A Celebration”, available to buy at Wiggle.


Hope you’ve all had a great Easter everyone, take care.


Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event No. 565 – 28th March 2015


A different perspective




With March nearly at an end, British Summer Time’s arrival heralding lighter evenings and marginally warmer days, it was a cloudy but mild morning at Bushy that greeted the 998 runners assembled on Chestnut Avenue. As Run Director Emma Wingate addressed the masses, it was announced that the new course was being measured on Saturday morning, and that very soon we can all look forward to writing another chapter into the history of Bushy parkrun!

As I was due to write the run report, I was mulling over whether to do funnel management again, or try to have a different perspective of the morning as photographer, in the end I went for the latter! I wanted to try and capture and savour that amazing visual sight of a thousand or so runners charging up Chestnut Avenue.


998 runners heading up Chestnut Avenue


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of trying to take photos of so many runners, an hour disappeared very quickly! After taking some photos at the start area, I dashed off to the 4.2km mark, just after the playground corner. It was great to see so many people of all ages in a kaleidoscope of colours, there were some focused expressions, but plenty of smiles too! It was a fun way to pass the morning… instead of tired legs I had a tired index finger from clicking, it gave me an idea how the timer feels! You can see more photos from the morning if you click the photos tab at the top the page.




RD Emma was assisted by volunteer co-ordinator Lucy Thatcher, Kirsty Bangham was diligently clicking all 998 runners across the line – so close to a thousand! An experienced volunteering duo of Jan Franks and Ann Coward were dealing out the position tokens, while Ray Franks co-ordinated the double funnel superbly once again. In all a team of 29 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! Do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d be pleased to hear from you!


Jan Franks giving out position tokens


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Ally MANOLE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Ben DICKINSON  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Deborah DOWNEY  •  Emma Anne WINGATE  •  Isabel HESSEY  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Joe DAWSON  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Katrin KROSCHINSKI  •  Kirsty BANGHAM  •  Liz COLLISON  •  Lou COAKER  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Mike DENNISON  •  Niamh HYLAND  •  Niamh LYONS  •  Oliver BEZZANT  •  Peter FILMER  •  Phil HARFIELD  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Stefan KRUEGER  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Yue MAN


Marshal on playground corner John 'The Hand' Stephens gets a high five!


parkrun tourists

Among the 77 Bushy debutants, we welcomed tourists from every corner of the UK here!

We had a group of seven runners from the Didcot Runners club: Dave Eggleton, Joe Solaja, Julie Shand, Carol Martin, Tracey Bradley, Sue Henderson and Chris Martin. Thanks to all of you for coming and we hope you enjoyed your morning!

All the way from Scotland we had Metro Aberdeen runners Adam Scragg (104 runs) and Claudia Scragg (81 runs), and their home parkrun is… Aberdeen! Thanks for coming so far to see us!

From Dulwich Runners AC we had Chris Vernon (150 runs) and Susan Vernon (62 runs), they have mostly run at parkruns in South London, but their tourism has taken them as far as South Africa on several occasions! From the Dagenham 88 Runners we welcomed Sam Veerasamy (149 runs) and Timi Veerasamy (130 runs), and their home run is at Valentines parkrun in East London.

From Norfolk based club Wymondham AC we had Jonathan Coy (143 runs) and Lucy Coy (77 runs), and they regularly run at Mulbarton parkrun. There were three runners from the Springfield Striders: Christopher Sewell (140 runs), Anna Luff (108 runs) and Dennis Sherwood (46 runs). Adam Prentis (113 runs) and Jane Prentis (122 runs) were also making their debut here, and they run for the Harrogate Harriers in Yorkshire.

Thanks to all the tourists who had visited us from across the country, we hope you enjoyed the experience!


One of the seven parkrun tourists from Didcot Runners (third from left)


Stat Attack - A century of a different kind

There were another seven runners who reached the illustrious 100 club on Saturday, but we also celebrated a century of a different kind as well. 250 club member John Woods (388 runs, all at Bushy) ran his 100th consecutive Bushy parkrun on Saturday, a record at Bushy for most consecutive runs. John’s sequence began on 1st June 2013, nearly two years of non-stop running, through sun, rain and wind!


John Woods on the final km of his 100th consecutive Bushy parkrun


Scroll through the results for the last 100 events and his name will be there, nearly always somewhere between 20 and 21 minutes! In recent months John has had to juggle maintaining his consecutive parkruns alongside his marathon training for his debut over the 26.2 mile distance at London in less than a month’s time. Now that the three figures have been reached, will he leave it there or will he keep going to 150 or even 200 consecutive Bushy parkruns?

I asked John for a few words on his achievement:

“100 parkruns and no breaks. Yep, that’s no Saturday lie-ins, feet up, reading the paper, drinking coffee. Nope, whatever the weather, whatever the body was telling me, there was one thing that was going to get done and that was Bushy parkrun, the home of all the parkruns. ‘Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated’. This might sound like one of the more pretentious of quotes, but there are a few things worth considering before making that judgement. Passionate people are often called “obsessed” or “crazy”. They do what they do because they love what they do. For them, happiness comes from doing the work, not from being able to relax afterwards. My consecutive Bushy parkruns is just a shout-out to people who are passionate about whatever it is they do.”


Thanks for that John, and thanks for the homemade cakes too, well done! Ramona Thevenet is currently on a consecutive streak of her own as Saturday was her 57th run in a row at Bushy, with Stewart Rose on 54.


John remembered to bake some cakes for the volunteers!


Well done Darren

At Bushy it has now become commonplace to see a few dozen runners in their 250 tops – a benchmark for all parkrunners to aspire to. The original member of this club, Darren Wood, has now become the first parkrunner in the world to double this figure as he ran his 500th parkrun, at his home parkrun at Frimley Lodge parkrun, to become the inaugural member of the 500 club!

Darren made his parkrun debut at the second ever parkrun at Bushy Park (then known as Bushy Park Time Trial, or BPTT), and was a regular here until 2010 when he found a new home at Frimley Lodge parkrun. A huge congratulations Darren from all at Bushy parkrun on this amazing achievement, we hope to see you here soon!


The next runner in line to reach the 500 club from Bushy is John Hanscomb on 440 runs, with Richard Fletcher next on 438, so we will have to wait until the summer of 2016 to celebrate the next member of the 500 club!


Richard Fletcher (green) could be the next runner into the 500 club


250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

No new members of the 250 club this time; of those who took part on Saturday, the following runners next in line to join this club are: Bob Anderson (249), Chris Tyrrell (246), Steve Miller (245) and Rachel Brice (245).


Louise Hutton-Wilson on her 100th run


A magnificent seven runners joined the 100 club on Saturday – Andy Anstey, Rick Hanks, Michael O’Hagan, Roderick White, Mark Andrew, Louise Hutton-Wilson and Glennis Pye!

Glennis celebrated her 100th run in style with an excellent cake, congratulations!

Glennis Pye with her '100' cake


A further five runners are on 99 not out and could join the 100 club this Saturday – Stuart Dwyer, Alan Fisher, John Bache, Roger Lown and Anne Ottmann!

A fantastic five joined the 50 club on Saturday – well done to David White, Rosy Gross, Lucy Horler, Robin Walpole and Shelley Cockle! A trio of runners are one run away from joining this club: Joanna Girling, Julie Frizzarin and Deborah Link.


New PBs

Of the 111 PBs set on Saturday, just two were from those with more than 100 Bushy parkruns under their belt. Ben Gibbons ran 16:33 to take six seconds off his previous best set back in July 2013! It was a welcome return for Ben, running his first parkrun here in 2015 and his 189th lap here (204 runs overall).


Ben Gibbons running a new PB on his 189th Bushy lap


It was a good day for the Lovegrove family, as Carolyn Lovegrove ran 29:36 for her first sub 30 time and in doing so set her third consecutive PB on her 146th parkrun (140 at Bushy), while Tom Lovegrove ran sub 18 for the first time with 17:49 on his 134th parkrun (70 at Bushy).

Francesca Thomas earned a new PB on her 121st parkrun (56 at Bushy), taking 30 seconds off her previous best to run 27:38. Jason Frost ran 23:00 for a new PB on his 90th Bushy lap (94 runs overall), while Laura Mosley ran her third PB in her last five runs, earning her first ever sub 27 time with a new PB of 26:53 on her 68th parkrun here (74 runs overall).

Imogen King ran 21:55 for a new PB on her 65th run at Bushy (71 runs overall), and Ioan Smith ran his second consecutive PB with 20:22 on his 59th parkrun (all at Bushy). Ben Greig took 45 seconds off his previous best to run run 23:14 on his 55th parkrun (all at Bushy), and James Morris ran his third consecutive PB, but only just, by lowering his mark by a single second with 20:29 on his 54th parkrun (52 at Bushy).


So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do?




The results bit

For the tenth time, Belgrave Harrier Andrius Jaksevicius was the first finisher as he ran 16:29 (79.58%) on his 120th parkrun (104 at Bushy). Andrius was followed by the only other sub 17 finisher on the day – Ben Gibbons, who ran a new PB with a blistering 16:33 (80.56%) on his 204th parkrun (189 at Bushy) for St Mary’s Richmond AC! Well done Ben! The next runner back to the big tree was Wimbledon Windmiler Keith McIntosh who ran 17:11 (80.02%) on his fifth parkrun here (117 runs overall, 92 at Wimbledon Common).


First finisher Andrius Jaksevicius


The first three juniors to finish were all represented by St Mary’s Richmond AC! The first of these was Jamie Millbank, who ran 17:38 (76.56%) on his 191st parkrun (172 here). Next was Joshua Poncia, running 19:29 (76.30%) on his 17th parkrun here (65 runs overall, 43 at Crane Park), and he was closely followed by Mathieu Hildreth, who ran a new PB of 19:35 (74.04%) on his 42nd parkrun (all at Bushy).


For the ladies, Sophia Saller was the first finisher for Oxford University Cross Country Club, setting a new PB of 17:29 to earn 84.29% - the highest age graded score of the day, well done Sophia! It was her eighth parkrun, and her sixth run here. She was followed by Blackheath and Bromley AC’s Julie Reynolds running 19:38 (77.08%) on her 15th parkrun (nine at Bushy). Next was Molly Savill, who ran 20:13 (73.45%) on her 35th parkrun (30 at Bushy) for University of Manchester Cross Country Club.


First female finisher Sophia Saller


The first junior girl to cross the line was Ava White of Thames Valley Harriers in a new PB of 20:57 (79.40%) on her seventh parkrun (all at Bushy), taking 33 seconds off her previous best. Ava’s age graded score of 79.40% was also the highest junior percentage of the day, well done Ava! The next junior was Imogen Deakin, running 21:36 (77.01%), and she also set a new PB, and it was her 15th parkrun (six runs here). Just two seconds behind Imogen was Scarlett Walker of Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers, running 21:38 (72.65%) on her fourth parkrun here (63 parkruns, 58 at Wimbledon Common). Imogen King completed the sub 22 female junior finishers, with a new PB of 21:55 (75.89%) on her 71st parkrun (65 at Bushy).


Free massages from St Mary's were available for parkrunners before and after the run!


Highest age grading scorers

There were a super six runners who achieved over 80% for their age grading, with the ladies leading the way this time! Sophie Saller’s (SW20-24) time of 17:29 earned her 84.65%, Ruth Hutton (VW50-54) scored 82.73% from her time of 20:16 in the VW50-54 category, while Merran Sell (VW70-74) ran 27:28 which earned her 81.07%! Ben Gibbons (SM18-19) gained 80.56% from his time of 16:33, Polly Adams (VW45-49) ran 20:34 to score 80.55%, and Keith McIntosh (VM40-44) earned 80.02%.

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


One of the funnel letters passing through the double funnel!


Points tables

With 28 events completed in this year’s Bushy parkrun season (October 2014 until September 2015) and another 26 remaining, we are already over halfway through the season and the tables are beginning to take shape.

Leading the men’s table currently is Mark Gratton, with 6,609 points, and he has a big lead over second placed Chris Brimacombe on 5,940 and Jeremy Langdon is third with 5,446 points, ahead of John Woods on 5,227 with Andrius Jaksevicius rounding out the top five on 5,209.

Leading the women’s table currently is Ramona Thevenet, with 6,446 points, and she also has a big lead over second placed Polly Adams on 6,142, and Brigid Hibberd is third with 5,519 points, ahead of Jennifer Darling on 5,367, with Niamh Hyland rounding out the top five on 5,159.

To find out more about the points tables work, and how points are accumulated, please visit the parkrun support FAQ




Stats of the day

There were 998 runners – 931 identified, 67 unidentified (7% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 931 identified runners, there were:
  • 111 PBs (12% of field) of which 2 were runners with 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 77 Bushy first timers (8% of field) of which 35 were parkrun first timers (4% of field)
  • 83 Juniors aged under 18 (9%) and 160 Seniors aged 19-34 (17%)
  • 688 Vets (74%) of which 101 are 35-39, 289 are 40-49, 232 are 50-59, 66 are 60+
  • 571 males (61%) and 360 females (39%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (109 runners – 19% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (61 runners – 17% of all females)
  • 211 club runners (22% of field) from 63 different clubs and 720 unattached (78%)
  • Top 8 clubs: Stragglers (63 runners), St Mary’s Richmond AC (11), Teddington Rugby Running Club (9), Thames Turbo Triathlon (8), Didcot Runners (7), Ranelagh Harriers (7), Sweatshop Running Community (7), Elmbridge RRC (6).


How fast?

  • Of the 998 finishers, there were:
  • 55 runners sub 20 mins (5.6%), 707 between 20:00-29:59 (70.8%), 236 over 30 mins (23.6%)
  • Top 10% time: 20:59, Midpoint time: 26:30
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 45, 52, 80, 81, 82, 68, 83, 94, 73, 49
  • 408 finishers between 23:00 and 27:59, average of 81.6 per minute
  • 94 finishers in the 27th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 69213 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 931, averaging 74 parkruns each
  • 438 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (47% of identified field), of which
  • 168 members of the 50 club (18%)
  • 234 members of the 100 club (25%)
  • 36 members of the 250 club (4% of field) – John Hanscomb (440 runs), Richard Fletcher (438 runs), Paul Killick (420), Simon Greenhill (389), John Woods (388), Ramona Thevenet (388), Polly Adams (365), Stewart Rose (359), Derek Blackmore (353), David Tyas (343), Stewart Holmes (342), Paul Viveash (341), David Worth (336), Madge Bradsell (334), Mark Gratton (318), Suzan Baker (312), Sheila Fergusson (309), Carol Dickinson (301), Neil Davies (299), Jeremy Palmer (297), Wally Garrod (295), Carmen Palmer (294), Jeremy Langdon (290), Rory Waddell (286), Phillip Bearman Snr (282), Steve Cochrane (279), Pat McGrath (276), Duncan Grant (274), Suzie Longstaff (274), Jason Venkatasamy (271), Julie Melotte (268), Richard Barker (268), Jonathan Melunsky (263), Charles Worth (263), Alan Charlesworth (263) and Christopher Johnson (251).


That's all for now, until next time!




Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 564 – 21st March 2015


Welcome Back


Cold windy conditions this Saturday were countered by the zest of the faithful army of volunteers and the warm enthusiasm of 1073 runners which included around 60 runners taking part in an inter church mob match.

Just over a year on from their first visit, it was a delight to welcome back this friendly enthusiastic bunch, easily recognisable in their various church group running colours, which in many cases were embellished with various inspirational slogans including “Feed the 5K” (Carol Dickinson fed over 25 volunteers again), “Blessed are the Pacemakers” (appropriate this week)and “When will it end?” (OK, maybe the latter doesn’t come under the category of inspirational, but given the cold wind out there, maybe just as appropriate). As the church runners were spread out from position 37 to 1060, this wasn’t a bad way to spread the word.


The clubs in the mix this time round, mainly from South London  were:-

Chiltern Church Runners,

Christian Runners UK,

Emmanuel (Croydon),

Good Shepherd,

Holy Trinity Wallington Runners,

Molesey Community Church Runners &

Selsdon Baptist Church Runners


Organiser Tim Gray has informed me that due to their handicap system Molesey took the day - as most improved result! Well done Molesey Churches RC!

There are more details (and a contact form) for anyone who would like to join in on - more mob matches through the year (Lloyd in May, Roundshaw in July, and Nonsuch in November)


Church Runners
And Here Are The Blessed Ones!


As it was the 3rd week of an odd month, pacer co-ordinator Andy Pillidge had put together a team of even pacers.
The pacers were:

20 mins - Rob Phillips
22 mins - Tim Bowden
24 mins - Jo Bourne
26 mins - Andy Pillidge
28 mins - Jack Kennedy
30 mins - Katrin Kroschinski
32 mins - Vince Gannon
34 mins - Matthew Jaquiss

Despite the cold and windy conditions, this magnificent team were no doubt responsible for pulling around an incredible 197 runners to a PB this week! (Over 20% of the identified field), so many thanks to the above.


A Very Rare Mix Up

Unfortunately there was a funnel problem this week, which will have led to incorrect times / positions being allocated to some of the runners around the 26 minute mark. Having read some of the comments surrounding this malfunction, it was heartwarming to read the charitable and encouraging comments from some of the impacted runners, who in some cases missed out on “official pb’s”.  Given the challenging number of runners finishing in a relatively compressed time period, the occasional malfunction is almost inevitable, even to our splendid funnel teams! So, apologies to all who were impacted, but many thanks for the appreciative comments that have been received.



Another welcome back to Sue Round who returned to Bushy Park this week to mark the occasion of her 250th parkrun along with her family. 188 of Sue’s parkruns have been run at Bushy, and she has participated at 15 different parkrun events.
Sue Round joins the 250 club!
Sue Round (centre) celebrating after running her 250th parkrun, accompanied by her family.


Also joining the 250 club was Christopher Johnson who has run all but 7 of his 250 parkruns at Bushy.


5 runners joined the 100 club this week; they were:-

Jason Nourse

Alistair Ellis-Munro

Kirin Taylor

Daphne Boyle

Clare Goldsmith


And 7 runners qualified for their red 50 club T-shirts this week; they were:-

Joseph Middleton

Andrew Short

Andrew Lansdown

Kamela Prevett

Ann Hagell

Joe Fernandes

Chris Morrison


And Welcome Back St Mary’s Massage Students

This week saw the return of St Mary’s massage students – well actually only one student made it along this week; that was Joanne Harvey who endured the cold wind to treat the aching muscles of grateful recipients long after most of the runners had made it back to the big tree.


Joanne Harvey massaging runners
Joanne Harvey braves the cold wind alone…


As I was one of the grateful recipients, I’m hoping that the rejuvenation to my soon to be 50 year old legs will be reflected with a slightly faster time next week!


The Fast Guys…

Impressively, all of today’s top 50 runners were in possession of their bar codes! Well done guys, nice to see….

First back three men back to the big tree were :-

Jermaine King Mays – 15:17

Taras Telkovsky – 16:01

Jordan Stokes – 16:03


And the quickest ladies were:-

Nicole Swaffield – 18:43 with a new PB on her 3rd run at Bushy

Kosana Weir – 18:56 – a first timer junior from Thames Valley Harriers

India Weir -18:56 – also a first timer junior from Thames Valley Harriers!


An incredible 13 runners managed to break the magic 80% WAVA grade mark – well done to:-

Jermaine King Mays           15:17     Sm30-34               85.06%

Chey Kemp                         16:31     Jm15-17               84.26%

Ruth Hutton                        20:11     Vw50-54              83.07%

Laurence Duffy                   18:29     Vm50-54              82.42%

Ramona Thevenet              21:47     Vw55-59              82.02%

Kosana Weir                       18:56     Jw15-17                81.87%

India Weir                           18:56     Jw15-17                81.87%

Mathew Rainbow                16:27     Sm18-19               81.05%

Andrius Jaksevicius           16:13     Sm30-34               80.88%

Polly Adams                       20:29     Vw45-49              80.88%

Phillip Bearman (Snr)          18:18     Vm50-54              80.60%

Taras Telkovsky                 16:01     Sm25-29               80.54%

Jordan Stokes                    16:03     Sm20-24               80.37%


Many thanks to the volunteers for making this all possible in what were not brilliant conditions

Stephen and Oona token sorting


As well as receiving gratitude from all of the participants, they were yet again rewarded with Carol’s wonderful baking:

Cupcakes from Carol Dickinson


That’s all from me folks.

Chris Brimacombe


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