Bushy parkrun Report – Event 593 – 10th October 2015

Hello Bushy Park! Jessica Carmody reporting! This is my first time writing the run report, so if you note the use (overuse?) of exclamation marks appearing more frequently this time around please put it down to my excitement at becoming a volunteer and writing this all in one go! (See? I did it again.) I have to say I’m glad that Bushy’s parkrun happened on the 10th when I was feeling well and spritely, as opposed to today, when I’m sitting here writing this in bed with whole lot of Vicks Vaporub, Olbas Oil, Lemsip, Berrocca and echninacea. (Just imagine the pervading scent of eucalyptus. Yes. You’ve got it.)


Me after Saturday’s Bushy parkrun!


Yesterday was a very special day for me two other reasons. Firstly, we had the privilege of meeting Andrew Overton, who talked to the 1023 runners 39 volunteers and many supporters and spectators about parkrun’s partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK.


Alzheimers and Parkrun partnership


This October, each and every parkrunner can contribute to defeating dementia: from Saturday 10th – Saturday 31st October, everyone taking part in parkrun can support vital dementia research by taking part in Donate Your Time. This invites you to convert your finish time each weekend into a donation to power dementia research. You could do it once or on all four weeks!


Alzheimers - donate your time


It’s easy. Simply complete your run, open your result email, click the banner and donate your time, or any amount of your choosing. You can also donate your time by clicking here.


Obviously this means that the slower you run, the more you pay (if you choose to donate your actual time). [Ed's Note - you can of course donate any amount if you so wish.] Never have I wanted to be Anthony Jackson more. (See below for male first placers.) Seriously though, while I would love to beat Anthony Jackson, I’d need some kind of rocket-fuel-powered trainers to achieve that, which might not align with parkrun’s fairness or consideration values, and I am delighted to have donated my £28.31 to this fantastic cause.

Thank You for Donation


Speaking of which, here are the first three male finishers:


Anthony JACKSON (SM25-29) of Sittingbourne Striders, was first over the line in 16:09 - his 49th time as first finisher in 154 appearances.
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (SM30-34) of Belgrave Harriers, was second over the line in 16:11 - Andrius has been first to finish on 18 previous occasions.
Tom HIGGINS (SM25-29) of Thames Turbo Triathlon, was third over the line in 17:03.


Here are the female top three finishers. I want to be them too, just so you know.


Female placings:
Kate TOWERTON (SW30-34) of Winchester and District AC, was first (16th overall) over the line in 18:03 - second time in 2 appearances.
Isabel BRINSDEN (SW20-24) of Epsom & Ewell Harriers, was second (18th overall) over the line in 18:16 - was first to finish once before.
Sophia PARVIZI-WAYNE (SW18-19) of Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, was third (21st overall) over the line in 18:29.


Here’s Andrew Overton’s story from couch to 5K to parkrun to Duathlon – and all for Alzheimer’s Research UK.



Andrew Overton, campaigner for Alzheimer’s Research UK


“I started running through listening to Radio 4's Saturday Live in early January. The guest was Paul Sinton-Hewitt the founder of parkrun, [an] amazing Saturday morning get together, now a worldwide fun running extravaganza! I made the mistake of telling both of our daughters about it, thought nothing more until they rang to say that they were going to come and see Nicola and me run! So we thought that we had better head off to Bushy Park and try out the 5k course - phew!

That was almost 9 months ago. Each week I seemed to shave my time by minutes and soon after was dreaming of entering a triathlon (the ultimate endurance test) before I die - and quite possibly the cause!

When the parkrun results email page came through a few Saturday's ago I spotted something called a Duathlon - that'll do to start with thought I! 5K run, 22k cycle, 5k run...... Easy Peasy!

Through Alzheimer’s Research UK I secured a place and as this is a charity of recent interest I am delighted to be raising money for them aiming for a minimum target of £350 that they have kindly asked for.”

Andrew Overton Fundraising Page

Andrew has raised in the region of £4500 so far – amazing work – and here he is post Bushy parkrun yesterday. Great work Andrew! You can also support Andrew with future runs on his fundraising page here:

This parkrun was also very special for me because Saturday 10th October was World Mental Health Day 2015. I myself suffer from depression and anxiety – have done for 20+years - and running helps me manage my condition, so I am especially grateful to parkrun for not only providing a free 5K every week but helping me find a reason to get out of bed (which I find very hard at times) and run with such a fantastically supportive community. Thanks to Ray for finding me 30 seconds during the announcements to say “Hi” and invite all you lovely people to come and say hello after the run and share your stories with me – thanks to those of you who did!




The main themes of stories I heard on Saturday were how running and fitness helped people’s mental health, e.g. (Anonymous) “Depression is pretty much the reason why I started running roughly when I turned 30. That and being fat. Still what I turn to when I'm anxious or feeling down.”

(Also Anonymous) “My friend came to me and told me they had depression. I’d known him for years but it was the first time he had mentioned it. People feel ashamed to talk about it.”

Black Dog


I campaign for mental health charities Mind and Time to Change and now have my own campaign to challenge stigma around mental illness. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit my Facebook page and read my blog Laptop on Tour – you’ll read a lot about parkrun in there as running is a massive help to my mental health!


Redefining Resilience


Right, back on track to the stats and the run. It was a beautiful day for a run despite the various obstacles of potentially dangerous rowdy stags, professional photographers snapping aforementioned stags, and surprised cyclists trying to get to work while a thousand running enthusiasts sweated and staggered past (that was me, anyway).




In such good running weather it’s no surprise to me that we had 72 first timers and 143 runners who recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 62 different athletics clubs took part – great stuff.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Ian Colin JOHNSON (VM45-49) was graded 84.73% for the time 17:08 (4th overall).
Liz ZASS (VW65-69) was graded 84.56% for the time 25:54 (471st overall).
Peter MOYSEY (VM50-54) was graded 83.71% for the time 17:54 (13th overall).


Special stat: current list of exclamation marks used in this report: 13

(If that’s wrong I’m blaming it on the lurgy.)


Special mention to Justine Albert, in 108th place who got a fantastic new PB, to the lovely people I met in the funnel – nice talking with you, to Dan who came to say hi and talked to me about his anxiety and running – Dan you’re inspiring! And, *sigh* to my husband Mat who, as usual, beat me through the funnel… but is amazing and supports me with my depression every single day. Thank you. And I’m coming for you next week!


Talk to Me


Good work to all of those above and of course to everyone who completed the run in whatever time – every run is a personal best when you get out there with your trainers on and get involved with parkrun. See you again soon – say hi next time!


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Run Report Event No. 592 – 3rd October 2015


Happy Anniversary


As a Chelsea supporting, English rugby fanatic who has started writing this on Sunday afternoon as Arsenal are 3-0 up… I don’t think this weekend could have gone much worse sporting wise for me! Therefore it gives me great pleasure to write about something uplifting, wonderful and just generally amazing, and I’m not talking about me managing to make it 5km without my hamstring going ping for once. I am of course referring to the 11th anniversary of Bushy parkrun and the celebration of International parkrun day which starts somewhere in New Zealand and finishes when the last funnel is packed away in California.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a few worried looking faces at around 8.40 as there was a distinct lack of a funnel, yellow fluorescent tops and I assume any tokens, timing equipment or ice cream buckets! Luckily as Ray & Hayden were beginning the anniversary celebrations and presentations, the kit arrived, the funnel was built and parkrun disaster was averted. So for those of you who turned up a bit late or were maybe a bit too far back to hear, who were the big winners at the anniversary awards this year?



Every year on the anniversary of parkrun beginning, we give out a variety of awards honouring the most consistent runners and often those who have contributed something special to parkrun over the previous twelve months.

First up there is a points competition that rewards those who run regularly, as well as often appearing towards the sharp end of the field. It runs each year from the date of the anniversary run, so if you want to keep an eye on the results for this year, you can keep an eye on the men’s table here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/bushy/results/malepointstable/

You’ll hopefully see that you get 250 points for volunteering, so it’s a great excuse to ditch the trainers and don the fluorescent jacket if you want to gain maximum points.  So many congratulations to the top three men pictured below:


Male top 3

First 3 Males - Points Competition - John Hanscomb Trophy

1. Mark Gratton (holding the trophy)

2. Chris Brimacombe

3. Jeremy Langdon


The female competition was closely fought but after 52 weeks of competition it was Ramona who took home the Sonia O’Sullivan salver closely followed by Polly and Brigid who clearly all got the memo about parkrun t-shirts for the photo!

Female top 3

First 3 Females - Points Competition - Sonia O'Sullivan Salver

1. Ramona Thevenet

2. Polly Adams

3. Brigid Hibberd


At Bushy, we always like to recognise the achievements of the junior runners so we have separate prizes for the highest male and female juniors on the points table… so many congratulations to Zoe Dennison and James Hoppe who unfortunately couldn’t be with us as they have both headed off to Bath University – I’m assured they were both planning to be at their local parkruns on Saturday morning, if so, they have already got out of bed earlier on a Saturday morning than I ever managed as a student…

Continuing the junior theme, we also recognise the U11 juniors with the most runs and this year the winners were Estelle Bowden for the girls and Ellis Madle for the boys. Unfortunately it turns out that the reason Estelle wasn’t there for the prize giving, was because Mum Stef, had overslept!  So sorry Estelle, but it’s just a picture of Ellis below:


Ellis Madle (U11 male most runs)       


One of the final awards is given to volunteer of the year and this year went to someone who despite being injured and unable to run, has turned up pretty much every week for the past 52 weeks to take on all varieties of volunteer roles. She’s probably pointed you in the right direction, timed you across the line, given you a finish token or scanned your barcode... and now she has the Timothy Bennet volunteer trophy to keep for a year, congratulations Lucy Thatcher!


    Lucy Thatcher (Volunteer of the year)    


And last but not least we had a new award this year, one for those with the fastest fingers on the timer button. This fantastic four have managed to click five runners across the line in the same second. Receiving a very cool looking ‘hand’ trophy were Oliver Bezzant, Andy Wingate, Simon Lane and Ally Manole pictured amongst the rest of the award winners below.

  Award recipients


In fact the first award of the next year has already been claimed as Leonie Kennedy managed five clicks in a second during the run today… And just in case you’re wondering who the guy in the green t-shirt is who managed to get into every single photo… well that’s Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, the man who started it all 11 years ago this weekend. After giving out the awards, Paul trotted round a parkrun for the 259th time, finishing in 19.24, not bad at all!

To round off this section, who is up for a few stats about the history of Bushy parkrun? (After about a year of doing these reports I’ve just been given a link to a secret page designed to help the run report writers which has all kinds of stats on it, so I’m going to use it!)

Bushy Park parkrun started on 2nd October 2004, and since then 30,448 different runners, including participants from 1,036 athletics clubs, have completed 326,829 runs covering a total distance of 1,634,145 km, and there have been 50,779 new Personal Bests. So there :)


The run itself

So I guess I should mention a little something about the run itself.  This week there were 1185 runners, of whom 103 were first timers and 156 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 78 different athletics clubs took part.


Amongst the men, the results were:

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (SM30-34) of Belgrave Harriers, was first over the line in 16:22 – the 18th time he has been first finisher in 121 appearances. Nick MARRIAGE (SM30-34) of Wooters Runners, was second over the line in 16:32. Paul O'CALLAGHAN (VM35-39) of Tadworth AC, was third over the line in 16:37.

For the ladies, the results were as follows:

Claire GRIMA (VW35-39) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was first over the line in 17:57 - first time in 2 appearances. Mollie O'SULLIVAN (JW15-17) was second over the line in 19:21 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions. Tracey HARDCASTLE (VW40-44) was third over the line in 19:26 – Tracey has been first to finish on 5 previous occasions.


First junior boy back was Rowan FUSS in a brilliant time of 17.00 which as Rowan is in the 11-14 category scored him an age grading of 87.45%, the best of the day. Leading the junior girls back was Mollie O'SULLIVAN in 19.21, excellent work both of you.

As already said, the best age graded score of the day was Rowan’s, the full top three age graded scores were:

Rowan FUSS (JM11-14) was graded 87.45% for the time 17:00 (4th overall).
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) was graded 84.35% for the time 18:13 (26th overall).
Claire GRIMA (VW35-39) was graded 84.31% for the time 17:57 (25th overall)


Something that was a bit new to me was Anniversary Spot Prizes! Some of you lucky dog owners, pram pushers or random finishers would have been selected for a random brown bag spot prize as modelled by Oliver below, another reason (if you needed one) to put the 12th anniversary in the diary for next year..


Spot prizes!   


Other Celebrations

As always with parkrun there were plenty of people celebrating milestones and achievements with their families and friends. I followed the 50 balloon to find Chris French celebrating with a large group of people, in amongst them another Chris who apparently inspired the first Chris and other members of the group to get off the sofa on a Saturday morning and join the parkrun gang. Well done Chris, I hope the 50 t-shirt comes soon…

  Chris French joins 50 club!


The second lot of balloons that I followed took me all the way to the café near the finish line where Daniel Hedley was enjoying a much needed post run drink and breakfast. Well done Daniel, I look forward to spotting you towards the end of 2016 carrying around a 100 balloon…


Daniel Hedley joins 50 club!   


Hopefully that gives you all a bit of a flavour of what happened at Bushy parkrun 592. As always, this event wouldn’t happen without a brilliant team of volunteers, many of whom do a lot of work behind the scenes during the week and before and after the run.

So please give a huge round of applause to this week’s volunteers: Alejandro ADARVE, Suzan BAKER, Joy BELL, Oliver BEZZANT, Phil BLUER, Joshua COPPELLOTTI, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Ian CUNNINGHAM, Katherine CURTIS TYLER, Carol Margaret DICKINSON, Mohammed FAIZ, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Patricia GIBBONS, Suzanne GREEN, Leonie KENNEDY, Jack KENNEDY, Ali KENNEDY, David KLEIN, Simon LANE, Yue MAN, Hayden MATTHEWS, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Chris MORRISON, Glynda MORTIMER, Diane MULLEN, Pat NAIR, Carmen PALMER, David PAPWORTH, Julie PAPWORTH, Shona PERKINS, Kobe PRINGLE, Roy REEDER, Verity RIDING, Michelle ROWLEY, Kirin TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Alex TICKELL, Steve TODD, Alison TODD, Heather WALLINGTON, Malcolm WARNER

And of course, if you want to volunteer in future, please do. Here’s the link: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/bushy/volunteer/  


I thought I’d finish this week with two pictures… they are pictures from the start line at Bushy, one from the start of Bushy parkrun no. 592 from last Saturday and the other from the first ever Bushy Park Time Trial back in 2004, where were all the bright trainers back then?!

  1185 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue

First ever parkrun!


That’s it for this week. Many thanks for the pictures Rodney, if you want to see more from last Saturday, you can view the whole album here.


I look forward to seeing you all next Saturday…



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Just in case we will be running a New Year's Day event. Both Christmas Day and New Year's day events will be at 0900 hours.



Yes I know its early, but call it forwarned and forearmed. We will be running an event on Christmas Day at 0900 hours.


Run Report Event No. 591 – 26th September 2015

This week was the last run in the Bushy parkrun year and the sun shone on a beautiful morning.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

I was up early and so got to the park early to do a long run tacked on before parkrun and it was stunning – sometimes the world juts gives you a little reminder of how blessed you are! I started my run just after 7:30 when the park was pretty empty and the sun was just starting to creep above the trees. It was interesting as until about 8, I was a little chilly in just t-shirt and shorts and so I wonder how much longer it will be before longer sleeves appear on the masses. Well before parkrun started though the sun has worked its magic and it was a lovely temperature to run in and I ticked off the miles quite happily – in fact it went perfectly for me as I arrived on the startline at exactly 16.1km and about 20 seconds before Ray said go! It meant that I had a chance to say a quick hello to a couple of people, but not long enough for my knees to get stiff and then we were off again and at the end my watch clicked over to full half marathon distance bout 10m from our finish line! Perfection!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
Sometimes it is just magical

The 591st Bushy parkrun

1,062 runners who completed the course which is the fourth time in a row we have had over a thousand runners – our second longest streak! I looked at the numbers to see if we are still growing and to be honest it is inconclusive.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
I was doing laps of the roundabout to keep going, so this is what 1,062 people look like on the start line

If you look at the standard graphs then we do appear to have hit a plateau – the 12 week average currently sits at 1,015 and has been within 50 of this since about March time.

Chart 1

Equally, we can see that this year the total number of runs is more than 54,000 creating an average attendance of 1,012 for the 54 runs this Bushy year. That is more than 100 more than the 2014 annual average (901).

Chart 2

So my guess is that we have roughly evened out at just over a thousand, but who knows! In a few years’ time we could be printing tokens up to 2,500! Although hopefully not!


Anyway, getting back on track…

This week we saw Taras Telkovsky (16:01) first back to the big tree with Andrew Lawrence (16:10) and Mike Trees (16:14) in charge of keeping him running to the final yards.

Amongst the ladies, we had Annette Chase (19:39) finish ahead of the field, just ahead of Stacy Fairhead (19:41) with Francesca Wright (20:00) not far behind!

The juniors event was led home by Oscar Crowe (17:45) with Joshua Poncia (18:48) and Lucas Allinson Rodrigues (19:29) following him home. Isabel Atkins (20:13), Lucy Marquand (20:54) and Helena Samarasinghe (21:53) made up the final podium.

Well done everyone!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
I was way behind the leaders, so don't have a photo of them - I do have this one of some deer though

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
These people were some way behind the leaders, but did well too! ;O)


PBs, T-shirts and amazing runs

It was great running conditions and that was shown by the huge number of PBs this week – 181 people recording a new best time. That included 18 runners with over 50 parkruns to their name! They were led by Ted Fraser and Trevor Morris who were both running their 257th parkrun – but big congratulations also goes to Jonathan ORMEROD, David GRIMA, Danny CONYNGHAM, Chris HUMPHRIS, Julian DIAMOND, Ralph BLACKBOURN, James MORRIS, Greg MACE, Daniel CLARK, Patrick O'SULLIVAN, John RAMSAY, ,Clare JULYAN, Francesca THOMAS, Cathy BLAND, Martin J SMITH and David PORTER

I am going to give a special shout out to Ralph Blackbourn who ran a PB on his 170th parkrun – he gets a special mention as he is a friend of mine. When we chatted after the run he didn’t mention for a second that he had just run his third PB in four weeks and a big one at that!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

New T-shirts

No new 250 club T-shirts were earned at Bushy this week, but Janyce Holmers did qualify for a hundred top!

A whole bunch of people ran their 50th - Aaron ISRAEL, Fergus TOWNSEND, David MYERS, Nick GOODCHILD, Ellen FRASER, James GREENSTREET, Nichola MURPHY, Anna HAMPSHIRE and Hazel FLATLEY.

And amongst the juniors Samuel Taylor, Josh Mayer and Lara Symmons will be sporting new 10 shirts next time they run parkrun!

WAVA Age Gradings

The good running conditions allowed eleven people to break the magic 80% threshold. Thye were led by the amazing Mike Trees who recorded a 93.1% rating for his 16:14. But congratulations also goes to Taras TELKOVSKY, Laurence DUFFY, Bernie MULVANY, Lucas James ALLINSON RODRIGUES, Francesca WRIGHT, Polly ADAMS, Michele RICHARDS, Ramona THEVENET, Julie HAWORTH and Jan FIDLER.

Mike’s WAVA grading would put him third in the all-time Age Grading league at Bushy – but he is already in second, so I guess that won’t worry him!

Anyway, that’ll do for this week.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

I am now away for the next three weekends sunning myself in Hawaii – so expect to see me a few shades pinker next time I run at Bushy and whilst Emma will be trying to brave the cold and show some skin just to show her golden tan!

Have a good few weeks and see you soon

Take care

Andy W

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept


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