Run Report Event No. 662 – 7th January 2017


Dearly beloved…


We are gathered here today for the 662nd Bushy parkrun! And what a memorable parkrun day it was! There was the small matter of a parkrun wedding for Zoe and Mo (more of which below), as a congregation of 1,292 parkrunners gathered on Lime Avenue - aided by 44 volunteers! There were 76 parkrun first timers present for the first Saturday parkrun this year – welcome along, 80 of you managed to set a new PB in the mud – no mean feat, tourists from Australia; and there were numerous other celebrations a-happening on a mild morning in the royal park.


A parkrun wedding!

Bushy parkrun #662 (3) 


Every parkrun is special, but for Zoe and Mo it was a particularly special and memorable one that I’m sure they cherished - as they kicked off their wedding day in style with a parkrun! They shared their Saturday morning 5k run with close friends – many of which have been friendships that formed thanks to parkrun! It was great to see Zoe running in a white dress, and Mo looked very smart with his top hat! Here are a few photos from the morning:


Bushy parkrun #662 (22)


Bushy parkrun #662 (1)

Bushy parkrun #662 (2)


It was a muddy morning at parkrun, so no doubt all the parkrunning wedding guests appreciated the few hours to change and shower before the actual wedding! I’d like to pass on my congratulations to Zoe and Mo on the best day of their lives I’m sure - have a wonderful honeymoon in New Zealand, and all the very best for the future!


Bushy parkrun #662 (5) 


The 662nd Bushy parkrun  

Andy Wingate took charge as Run Director on this occasion, assisted by Volunteer co-ordinators Alex Tickell and Lucy Thatcher. Simon Lane did superbly as timekeeper once again, clicking all 1,292 of you at the finish (the second biggest field here), as did all the funnel team, particularly in the 25th minute when 106 of you finished, whilst Jan Franks and Ann Coward were giving out the tokens.

A big thanks to all our volunteers! In all a team of 44 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!




Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex TICKELL  •  Alish MARCHANT  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Ashleigh FERRIS  •  Bethan STURDY  •  Carl HORNSETH  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Chris BRIMACOMBE  •  Dean FURBER  •  Denise MITCHELL  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Evie HINDE  •  Fanni VIGH  •  Glady GARTLAND  •  James SELL  •  Jamie CHAPMAN  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jennifer MELBOURNE  •  Joby THOMAS  •  Joe DAVIS  •  John ROOT  •  Jonathan HARRIS  •  Jonathan HUGHES  •  Ken PEARSON  •  Kevin PRICE  •  Louis SAMARASINGHE  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Luke HARVEY  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Peter VIGH  •  Phil BLUER  •  Poppy WRIGHT  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Sam BARRETT  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Tim SYRAD  •  Trevor MITCHELL


Without any further ado, let’s move on to our headline makers and record breakers!




parkrun tourists

We had tourists from far and wide visiting the cradle of parkrun once more!   Our furthest tourists came from Australia: Wendy Tan (88 runs), Miriam Tan (85 runs), Amelia Tan (37 runs) and Felicity Shand (49 runs)! Wendy, Miriam and Amelia are all from New South Wales, with their home runs at Dubbo, Singleton and St Peter’s – and they have been in the UK for a few weeks, taking in some other London parkruns. Felicity joined us from Brisbane, where she regularly runs at Rocks Riverside parkrun. I hope you’ve all enjoyed your time in London!

The most experienced parkrunning pair making their debut here were Bromley regulars Mike Simms (243 runs) and Janet Simms (230 runs). Rushmoor parkrunner Mike Anderson returned to Bushy on his 287th parkrun and Reading Roadrunner Aaron Chai (248 runs) visited us and set a new PB. Also from Reading were Peter Cook (242 runs) - a first timer here, Louise Atkinson (158 runs) and Kerry Eastwood – who also set a new Bushy PB (57 runs).




From Poole parkrun we welcomed Keith Hosking (181 runs); Maurice Goodrick (127 runs) joined us from Cambridge, and from Fulham Palace parkrun we had Robert Bricout (102 runs), and Alex Vallmajor (66 runs). The Baker came to Bushy from Yeovil: Luke Baker (88 runs), Samantha Baker (85 runs), Nathan Baker (58 runs) and Charlotte Baker (35 runs), and the McGregor family came from Huddersfield: Sally McGregor (78 runs), Dan McGregor (16 runs), Dominic McGregor (9 runs), Harriet McGregor (4 runs) and Florence McGregor (first run)!

We had lots more tourists, including: David Freeman (74 runs), Yvonne Freeman (46 runs), Robert Freeman (16 runs), Will Kozer (56 runs), Nicola Kozer (24 runs), Dave Miller (50 runs), Hanni Crockford (49 runs), Tom Crockford (47 runs), Dawn Shilling (80 runs), Kayleigh Copeland (62 runs) and Bill Lonsdale (98 runs).


Thanks to all of those who chose to visit Bushy for the first time, and returning tourists too!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs parkrunew


There were three 500 club members taking part on Saturday – Richard Fletcher (527 runs), John Hanscomb (520) and Paul Killick (515); however there will be no new members into this club until the spring!


Bushy parkrun #662 (19)

Sarah - a new member of the 250 club!


We had four new members of the 250 club this time, congratulations to: Federico Witt, David Matthews, Sarah Mayall and Rhys Williams!

Of those who ran at event 662, another four are you are closing in on 250 runs: Aaron Chai (248), Will Fuller (247), Robert Eveson (245) and Robert Mowbray (245).


Bushy parkrun #662 (16)

Kishore - a new member of the 100 club, with his family!


Two of you joined the 100 club this time - congratulations go to Kishore Desai and Graeme Wilson! You can both look forward to ordering the black 100 Tribesports top very soon! The probability of cakes and drinks being laid out for parkrunners for event 663 looks very high, as seven of you are on 99 not out: Ravi Lobo, Owen Delaney, Chris French, Nick Utili, Bert Kidwell, Graham Comfort and Viv Root


  Bushy parkrun #662 (18)

Graeme - new member of the 100 club!  


Four of you celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing the coveted red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Dave Miller – who chose to visit Bushy for the first time, Tim Allen, Trevor Struthers and Jessica Hart!

Another six of you are one run away from a half-century: Oliver Bowers, Dave Alvarez, Hanni Crockford, India Desai, Ajith Dharwar and Felicity Shand.

We had five new member of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Annabel Cooper, Joshua Earl, Ruby Kinchin, Jeremiah Bowden and Sophie Long!

For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free Tribesports t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ    



New PBs

The consensus seems to be it was one of if not the muddiest parkrun so far this winter, and that dented the PB count, as just 80 of you managed to set a new PB this time (6.5% of the field). Of those 80, none of these had completed more than a century of Bushy parkruns, and just four of you set a new PB with at least 50 runs here. The most experienced Bushy parkrunner here to set a new PB was Tom Harrison, as he ran a PB of 25:55 on his 86th run here (90 runs overall), taking a huge 66 seconds off his previous best from May 2016!

Katie Wilson ran a PB of 30:59 on her 69th parkrun at Bushy (73 runs overall) to take 11 seconds off her previous best. Edmund Fetherston-Dilke ran the aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22 to take 16 seconds off his PB on his 66th Bushy lap (72 runs overall), and Colin Woods shaved eight seconds off his PB on his 58th parkrun (all at Bushy), running 27:32.

Well done to all of you who set a new PB here, whether you’re a Bushy regular or a returning tourist! Congratulations and keep them coming!




parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week! As it was event number 662, the parkrunner who finished with token 662 was… Hardev Bal! Hardev was running his 195th parkrun, all of which have been at Bushy. He made his debut at event 421 on 4th August 2012, which if I recall was the Super Saturday at a certain big global sports event going on in London! Hardev ran 29:15 on that sunny August morning, and has since lowered his PB to 21:55 back in March 2015.




Now that’s what I call a Stat Attack!

On Saturday 7th January 2012 (Event 392) there were exactly 1,000 parkrunners present, and for the first time we had a four figure attendance. Precisely five years later, on Saturday 7th January 2017 (Event 662) it was was the 97th occasion we had at least a thousand parkrunners, with 1,292 taking part for the second biggest ever gathering at Bushy (only the 1,705 on 4th October 2014 for the 10th anniversary was higher)

Here's a stat to note for event 663... the number of completed runs stands at 399,445, so whoever receives token 555 (easy to remember) will be the 400,000th finisher - with a total of 2 million kilometres completed at Bushy parkrun. My guesstimate is it will happen around 26:10...


  Bushy parkrun #662 (21)


Above is a table showing how quickly we have reached 400,000 finishers, doubling the overall total in under four years!


Now for the results and stats bit!  


The results bit

George Corcoran (SM20-24) was the first runner back to the big tree, posting 15:45 (81.90%) for a new PB for Newham & Essex Beagles AC. He was closely followed by Cardiff AAC’s Rowan Axe (SM25-29), running 15:52 (81.30%) on his 30th parkrun (8 runs at Bushy). The third registered finisher was Lewis Banner (SM25-29), running 17:01 (75.08%) for Stubbington Green Runners on his 36th parkrun (6 runs here), and just behind Lewis was St Mary’s Richmond AC’s Rob Eveson (SM20-24), and he ran 17:05 (76.29%) on his 245th parkrun. A further three runners posted sub 18 times: Craig Jarman (17:23), Adam Atkinson (17:42) and Alastair McGeoch-Williams (17:54).



First two finishers home - Rowan and George


The next finisher home was the first junior, as Ollie Hurdle (JM15-17) ran 18:22 (73.50%) on his 51st parkrun (43 at Bushy) for Thames Turbo Triathlon. The second junior finisher was Rufus King (JM15-17), running 18:58 (72.23%) on his 108th parkrun (98 at Bushy), just ahead of Declan Connolly (JM11-14), posting a new PB of 19:00 (76.32%) on his 12th parkrun (all at Bushy). A further two juniors dipped under 20 minutes, well done to: Joseph Middleton (19:30) and Luke Mace (19:38).


The first female finisher was Kate Brown, (SW25-29) running 18:39 (79.36%) on her 30th parkrun (16 at Bushy) for St Mary’s Richmond AC. Next was Charlotte Chalwin (SW20-24) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, and she ran 18:50 (78.58%) on her 39th parkrun (6 runs here), and Bushy debutant Lorraine McNulty (SW25-29) was the third female back to the big tree, running exactly 20:00 (74.00%) on her 31st parkrun. Another five women posted sub 21 times, well done to: Rosy Gross (20:13), Julie Reynolds (20:23), Charlotte Healy (20:45), Louise Shaw (20:55) and Lucy Collins (20:57)

The first junior girl home was Annabel Cooper (JW15-17), running 21:24 (71.50%) on her tenth parkrun (all at Bushy) – well done Annabel, you can look forward to wearing the white Tribesports ‘10’ t-shirt! The next girl to finish was Isabel Livesey (JW11-14), who celebrated her 100th parkrun at Bushy by running 21:36 (72.76%) on what was her 103rd parkrun overall. Phoebe Saville (JW15-17) ran 22:09 (69.98%) on her 30th parkrun (all at Bushy), and a further three girls posted sub 23 times, well done to: Maiya Cardwell (22:17), Helena White (22:44), and Hannah Stewart (22:56).


Bushy parkrun #662 (14)


Highest age grading scorers

The muddy conditions affected the tally of parkrunners scoring above 80% for their age grading, as just four of you managed the feat on this occasion. The list was led once again by Epsom & Ewell Harrier Jane Davies (VW65-69), posting 92.42% from her 23:19 time on her 172 parkrun. It was her 143rd Bushy parkrun, and she has never posted below 80%! Well done Jane. Mike Anderson (VM60-64) of Farnham Runners was making his first parkrun appearance here since July 2016, running 18:43 to earn 85.66%. Next was first finisher George Corcoran (SM20-24) with 81.90% as he ran 15:45 for Newham & Essex Beagles, closely followed by Cardiff AAC runner Rowan Axe (SM25-29), who ran 15:52 to post 81.30% on his 30th parkrun. The highest scoring junior was JM10 parkrunner Finley Robinson, earning 77.61% from his new PB of 21:04.

For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ

Bushy parkrun #662 (6)


Stats of the day

There were 1292 parkrunners! – 1227 identified, 65 unknown (5% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1227 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 80 PBs (6.5% of field) of which 4 have completed 50 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 128 Bushy first timers (10.4% of field) of which 76 were parkrun first timers (6.2% of field)
  • 156 Juniors aged under 18 (12.7%) and 208 Seniors aged 18-34 (17.0%)
  • 863 Vets (70.3%) of which 114 are 35-39, 357 are 40-49, 291 are 50-59, 101 are 60+
  • 708 males (57.7%) and 519 females (42.3%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (125 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 40-44 (69 runners)
  • 267 club runners (21.8% of field) from 75 different clubs and 960 unattached (78.2%)
  • Top 10 clubs: Stragglers (74 runners), Thames Turbo Triathlon (15), Ranelagh Harriers (12), Team Bushy (9), 26.2 RRC (8), SHAEF Shifters (8), Sweatshop Running Community (8), St. Mary’s Richmond AC (7), Trafalgar Schools (7), St Mary’s Richmond AC (7), Serpentine RC (7).
  • *Bushy Park based groups Team Bushy and SHAEF Shifters are new entries in the top 10 clubs!
  • And... 1 parkrun wedding


How fast?

  • Of the 1292 finishers, there were:
  • 55 sub 20 mins, 369 20:00-24:59, 435 25:00-29:59 and 433 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 21:15, Midpoint time: 27:30
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 56, 57, 88, 73, 95, 106, 74, 86, 95, 74, 86
  • 456 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 91.2 per minute
  • 106 finishers in the 25th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 101016 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1227, averaging 82.33 parkruns each
  • 595 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (48.5% of identified field), of which
  • 214 members of the 50 club (17.4%)
  • 291 members of the 100 club (23.7%)
  • 87 members of the 250 club (7.1% of field)
  • 3 members of the 500 club (0.2% of field) – Richard Fletcher (527 runs), John Hanscomb (520) and Paul Killick (515 runs).



And finally...

A big thanks to Andy Bell, Brigid Hibberd, Julie Papworth and Jed Leicester for the photos in this run report!


That’s all for now, until next time!




Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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For many 2016 was reportedly a bit rubbish, so it feels good to be entering a new year and put the last one behind us. We had an amazing 1,173 runners on New Year’s Eve to see the old year out and 759 on New Year’s Day to see the new one in. Although seemingly low, that was the highest New Year’s Day turnout which is always a bit down (717 in 2016, 681 in 2015, 577 in 2014, 615 in 2013, 350 in 2012 etc.)

2016 - A year in parkrun

Looking back at the Bushy parkrun year in 2016, there were 55 events, a total of 58,314 runs – an average of 1,060 runners per week and we had 2,602 volunteers, averaging 47 a week. The fastest run was 15:04 by Jake Wightman on the very last day (#660). Fastest female was Emma Pallant in 16:37 on 14 May (BPR #626). Perhaps most significantly there were 40 parkruns with over 1,000 runners. 1,200 runners seems to becoming the new norm so get ready for the other New Year bulge with all those resolutions, new trainers and dry Januarys having their effect. In fact the first time we ever went over 1000 was exactly 5 years ago on 7th Jan 2012.

More runners put more strain on the system so spare a thought for the fantastic group of volunteers who each week have to make sure all the runners are timed, scanned, marshalled, and generally cajoled in the funnel. What a fantastic team we had this weekend. A total of 44 volunteered on New Year’s Eve and 37 braved an early start on New Year’s Day to help make things happen.

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On your marks, Ali Kennedy RD for New Year’s Eve

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Ray Coward, RD for no 1 run of 2017

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New Year’s Day timer Jack

If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at .
We had a sprinkling of first timers on each day with 54 people choosing 31st Dec to do their first run, but just 15 waited until 1st Jan 2017. There were 61 and 77 first timer tourists on each day.

Personal Bests

There were 107 personal bests on Saturday and 54 on Sunday. Perhaps the most notable PB amongst regular Bushy runners was Sarah Dennison in 22:58 on New Year’s Eve on her 232nd parkrun and 155th at Bushy, and which coincided with dad Mike Dennison’s 250th parkrun. Sarah managed to run 23:00 on 1st Jan as well – her second fastest run. Double celebrations all round.

Doing all 4 (or even 5)?
How many people do you think ran all four Christmas and New Year parkruns at Bushy? Well many thanks to my son Tom for a whizzo computer program that tells us 110 passionate parkrun people managed this feat. And here they are all are:
Aileen ROBINSON, Alexander KEELER, Andrew Graham SELL, Andrew HOWARTH, Andrew MELBOURNE, Anna TUCKMAN, Antonia KIRKBY, Bob GEDDES, Carmen PALMER, Caroline PERRY, Chris MEARA, Christian MORRIS, Christine MAYO, Christopher JOHNSON, Colin COBURN, Colin WOODS, Danny HUTTON, Darren FRANKS, Dave James GRIFFITHS, Dave WRIGHT, David BREWIN, David NOBLE, David SPENCER, Duncan SCOBLE, Emma Anne WINGATE, Eric SHAWDON, Ewen GIBSON, Fiona MCANENA, Fran KENDEN, Gareth JOHNS, Graham Robin SAUNDERS, Hayden MATTHEWS, Hugh KLEIN, Ian RILEY, Isabel MELBOURNE, Jackie BURTON, Jacqueline RICH, James HOPPE, Jamie OLIVER, Jane DAVIDSON, Janet LIVESEY, Janice JORDAN, Jason NOURSE, Jennifer KOONTZ, Jennifer MELBOURNE, Jeremy HAWKE, Jeremy LANGDON, Jeremy PALMER, John DE SOUSA, John HANSCOMB, John OLDING, John P WOODS, Jonathan HUGHES, Julie PAPWORTH, Justine ALBERT, Keith BALDWIN, Leah PATEL, Liz ZASS, Louise ATKINSON, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Michael CHRISTER, Mike GRIFFITHS, Mike PHILLIPS, Naomi JOHNS, Natasha TRASI, Natty POWERS, Neil BROWNING, Nicholas BOWDEN, Owain ROWLANDS, Pam JARMAN, Paul HEDLEY, Paul KEELER, Paul WARRINGTON, Peter BELL, Peter EVESON, Philip MILES, Philip TAUWHARE, Rachael FRASER, Ramona THEVENET, Richard BAGGOTT, Richard FLETCHER, Richard LUPO, Richard LYONS, Richard PATIENT, Richard SEALY, Robert EVESON, Robert LOVEGROVE, Sally HAZOU, Sarah E J MAYALL, Sarah PETTEFER, Sharief IBRAHIM, Sharon CRICHTON, Sharon INGE, Simon FLOWERS, Simon GREENHILL, Spencer SHEEN, Stephen MARTIN, Stephen ROBINSON, Stewart ROSE, Stuart CRICHTON, Stuart William James HENDERSON, Sue MCNICOL, Suzan BAKER, Tania SULLIVAN, Taryn HANCOCK, Tim BOWDEN, Tony CHAPMAN, Tracy FRASER, Wendy STOKES, Zoe GILKS

I am sure a good proportion of you didn’t stop there and went on to Crane Park, Kingston, Nonsuch, Osterley, Richmond or further afield to complete the set of five possible holiday runs. Running is addictive n’est-ce pas?

There were no runners reaching 500 parkruns this week, but five of the six blue-shirted ones ran at Bushy this weekend. Only Darren Wood (595 parkruns) was absent, staying at his adopted home of Frimley Lodge and doing an extra one at Rushmoor parkrun on New Year’s Day. Darren will soon be on 600 parkruns.

250 club
We had a fantastic quartet of runners reach the 250 mark this week – step forward Mike Dennison, Laurence Duffy, Rachel Lonergan and Zoe Riding. Overall there are now 995 people in the world on 250 or more runs, so well done to our quartet who all make the top global 1,000. Only 5 years for the coveted blue 500 club shirt so look after that green one.
Rachel completed her 250th on Christmas Day at Winchester parkrun but was celebrating Bushy style on New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile Zoe had organised a triple celebration. Not only was 31st December her 250th parkrun, it was also her birthday and hen party to boot. Runners may have noticed various tutu-clad amongst us. And of course there was bubbly and cake afterwards to get things in the swing. Very many congratulations to Zoe and fiancé Mo, and good luck with your special day next week. Zoe did her first parkrun on 19 Sept 2009 in a time of 29:04 but managed 22:06 on her 250th run.

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The bride to be

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The cake…

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…is cut…

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The tutu crew

Mike has taken a little less time to reach 250, doing his first on 19th March 2011 in 26:48, and is now a regular 20:20 runner. Mike says that he started parkrunning after being inspired by his daughters Sarah and Zoe. He now feels so much fitter, does longer distances and has made a lot of friends in the process.

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Collecting 10 shirts 6 years ago....

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…and 250 shirts now. Combined total of 770 runs.

Meanwhile Rachel made her parkrun debut on 29th May 2010 in 28:31, and has since done a number of ultramarathons including the daunting Thames Path 100, and is such a friendly face around Bushy. Rachel also managed to get her new 250 shirt delivered for Christmas.

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Rachel with Zoe and Mike

Laurence started his parkrun career at Bushy’s 200th run way back on 14 June 2008 in a time of 18:54 (23rd place). Laurence has maintained that pace even though he is 8½ years older and continues to be a regular 80 percenter achieving sub-19 minute parkruns week in week out and with a PB of 18:00. This week he ran Bushy in 18:50 and 18:56 for age gradings of 82.3% and 81.9%. In 162 runs at Bushy his time has never varied between 18:00 and 20:08 and his age grading never fallen below 73%. That’s amazing consistency.

100 club
As a comparison and a measure of the recent growth of parkrun, there are now a staggering 23,230 members of the parkrun 100 club. Newest entrants are: Richard Baggott, Michael Curry, Judy Wilks, John de Sousa, Rob Hellier and junior Isabel Livesey who all completed their 100th parkrun on New Year’s Eve. In addition on New Year’s Day, John Cadogan, Paul Hedley and Krysia Smith completed their 100th parkruns. Krysia’s husband posted the following to the Bushy page:

Just a quick note to announce how proud I am that my wife (Krysia Smith) is to become a 100 club member when she runs at Bushy on 1st January 2017.
She's racked up 21 different venues during various holidays around the country. The love affair with parkrun began in December 2011, shortly after moving to Teddington. I ran Bushy a couple of weeks earlier - in between times she's had two kids and has still managed to reach 100 before me?! There's been a few slow runs recently, where our 4 year old is beginning to take his first steps on the parkrun journey, rather than me pushing both boys in the buggy. Oh, and she's clocked over 1000 miles running this year.

What a great advert for parkrun. Talking of great adverts, and parkrun journeys, it’s worth mentioning again that Isabel Melbourne, aged just 6 years old, ran her 100th parkrun on Christmas Eve. Here are a couple of clips of Isabel on Christmas Day 2009 (in Mum’s womb), and on Christmas Eve 2016 on her 100th run. Goodness knows how fast Isabel will be in years to come – very fast if Mum and Dad are anything to go by.

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Also completing her 100th run was Beverly Gow from nearby Kingston where is she also a Run Director. Beverly managed to complete her 100th run at the cradle of parkrun with No 101 being at Kingston. I managed to catch Beverly in celebratory mood.

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Worst case of photo bombing ever seen

50 Club
There were six people running their 50th parkrun this weekend. Take a bow Alicia Bainbridge, Ollie Hurdle, Clive Naish, Michelle Pickering, Jane Sharman, Sorrel Simmons. Well done all. The red Tribesports t-shirts are on the way.

10 Club
12 juniors joined the 10 club. Congratulations to, deep breath…: Lewis Bainbridge, Lizzie Broughton, Oliver Burke, Oliver Coppellotti, Sarah Dillamore, Edward Doljanin, Joshua Gavin, Amy Grant-Moreland, Jack Macfarlane, Ellie Waters, Flora Wilson and Rowan Wilson. Sunglasses recommended next week with all that white.

Newcomers and visitors
Over both runs there was a total of 207 Bushy first timers including 69 doing their first ever parkrun. Notable tourists included Tim Durant from Gosport (131 runs) and Andy Bridge (131 runs) and Stephen Savory (129 runs) from Swindon parkrun.
Stella Hammond had a double celebration on New Year’s Eve. To mark her birthday she completed her first ever parkrun. Stella had planned to start at the back and keep the tail runner company, but was much faster than she thought and completed her first run in 41:19 and vowed to be back again.

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Stella with partner Steve

Christmas and New Year is a very big time for families and younger runners. Robert (JM10) and his younger brother James (JM10) were visiting Bushy with their father Douglas. James managed a PB in his second ever parkrun and looked mightily pleased and slightly overawed by the whole occasion.

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Meanwhile Reece (JM10) had completed his first ever parkrun in a very creditable 34:57. I asked Reece how he got on and he said it was tough, but he enjoyed it!

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Results - New Year’s Eve (#660)
First home to the Bushy Park tree was Jake Wightman in 15:04. Second home was Ralph Street from Ranelagh Harriers in 15:14. Third known finisher was Zak Curran in 16:19.
For the ladies, first female was Molly Renfer in 17:39 followed by Fiona de Mauny in a PB time of 18:17 and junior parkrunner Kosana Weir in 19:32.
For the junior ladies, following Kosana in second was Megan Coffey in 20:10 and Helena Samarasinghe in a PB time of 20:28 in her 67th parkrun.
For the junior boys, first finisher was Markus Deakin in a time of 16:37 followed by Greg Atkins in 17:15 and Ollie Hurdle in a PB time of 17:33 in his 50th parkrun – well done Ollie for that triple whammy.

New Year’s Day (#661)
Congrats to Benjamin Gibbons who claimed his first finish at Bushy in 196 attempts having run his first on 10 Dec 2005. The message there is keep on trying and you will succeed. Following Benjamin was Manish Kunwar in 17:12 and Robert Eveson in 17:19.
For the ladies, first female was Samantha Pickford in a PB time of 19:38 followed by Fiona Ford in 19:43 and veteran Jacky Balfour in 20:18.
For the junior ladies, we had Lucy Marquand in 20:59, Isabel Livesey in 21:26 and Jasmine Findlay in 21:43.
For the junior boys, first finisher was Andrew Smailes in 18:31 followed by Cosmo Craven in 18:37 and Oliver Howells in a PB time of 19:13.

Age Gradings
A total of twelve runners exceeded the 80% age grading mark on New Year’s Eve, with a further eight on New Year’s Day. Perhaps most notable were two veteran ladies: Julie Lawlor (VW70-74) who achieved 88.81% for a time of 25:55 on New Year’s Eve and Jacky Balfour (VW55-59) for 88.01% for a time of 20:18 on New Year’s Day. Very well done ladies.

Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #660 (New Year’s Eve)

There were 1173 parkrunners – 1090 identified, 83 unknown (DFYB/ register!) (7% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1090 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 152 Juniors aged under 18 (14%) and 186 Seniors aged 18-34 (17%)
• 752 Vets (69%) of which 97 are 35-39, 309 are 40-49, 261 are 50-59, 69 are 60-69, 16 are 70+
• 669 males (63%) and 421 females (37%)
• Umbrella quotient – 0 out of 5 (Fog quotient 3 out of 5)

How fast?
• Of the 1090 identified finishers, there were:
• 74 runners sub 20 mins (7%),
• 335 between 20:00-24:59 (31%)
• 386 25:00-29:59 (35%)
• 295 over 30 mins (27%)
• Midpoint time: 26:38

Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #661 (New Year’s Day)

There were 759 parkrunners – 717 identified, 42 unknown (DFYB/ register!) (6% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 717 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 49 Juniors aged under 18 (7%) and 119 Seniors aged 18-34 (17%)
• 549 Vets (77%) of which 80 are 35-39, 221 are 40-49, 189 are 50-59, 50 are 60-69, 9 are 70+
• 458 males (64%) and 259 females (36%)
• Umbrella quotient – 0 out of 5 (Fog quotient 1 out of 5)

How fast?
• Of the 717 identified finishers, there were:
• 59 runners sub 20 mins (8%),
• 244 between 20:00-24:59 (34%)
• 266 25:00-29:59 (37%)
• 148 over 30 mins (21%)
• Midpoint time: 25:15

Finally some of you may have noticed a young lady on a rowing machine near the finish on New Year’s Day. Rowing excessively long distances seems to be flavour of the month and Laura Try, resplendent in animal print, was on site to promote her attempt to row 1,500 miles round Great Britain and then 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in aid of the Lifeboats. She managed to row 5km whilst the rest of us ran/walked/volunteered. Good luck to Laura.

View post on

Happy parkrunning (and rowing).

See you next week for the Battle of the Bulge :)

Andrew Howarth


Run Report Event No. 658 and 659 – Christmas weekend 2016

Well, that was a crazy number of runners! When Rob was organising the roster of Run Reporters I was the obvious pick to write the Christmas weekend report, as everyone is doing things with their families. For various reasons my family do their big get-together on Christmas Eve and so certainly by Boxing Day I have done enough eating and sleeping and so am quite happy to sit down at laptop again. This year, it should be pretty simple to find stories since we had a combined 2,514 runners completing a lap of the park.

And I don’t think I have ever seen as many santa hats!


Doubling up or pick n choose!

If you were to include all the people who ran at Bushy parkrun this weekend they would breakdown in this fashion…

788 ran on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day

681 ran on Christmas Day and not Christmas Eve

And 364 ran on both days

The field line up for the off on Christmas morning

Obviously, there were also a bunch of people who didn’t register their barcode, but we don’t know anything about them!

Overall, it means that the last two days saw the second and third highest ever fields at Bushy park – only our 10th Anniversary had more runners in the park – it meant that we should pay a big debt of gratitude to the volunteers who made it happen. The people who marshalled, scanned, clicked the timer, directed you in the funnel or whatever will all have had a bit more pressure on them due to the huge field and as you all know it can’t happen without them! Thank you all!

GOPR3942Christmas Day's funnel team - or at least a few of them!

A 10km weekend
Anyway, as a little bit of fun - if we were to take the run as a disrupted 10km, then whilst Andy Maud’s 15:07 on Christmas Day was by some way the quickest lap of the park he is lagging some 5 kilometres behind Robert Eveson who delivered two laps timed at 17:05 and 17:10 to be the first of the double runners! And nicely consistent too, Robert!
The fastest among the ladies field was Sacha Kennedy who recorded a 20:37 on Christmas Day to add to her 21:06 the day before!

Keeping it steady
To carry on with the meaningless stats, then we should tip our hats to six of the field who recorded exactly the same time on both runs, so well done to Isabel Livesey, Christian Morris, Benjamin Carpenter, Peter Dann, Martin O’Halloran and Gabor Gubacsko.

Needs to work on his consistency
I guess the person who showed the opposite of a steady pace was Paul Wood, who recorded times over 20 minutes different (58:30 and 35:31), however it is not really fair as Paul was one of our tail runners on Christmas Eve.  
Right then, let’s get down to the results…

The 658th Bushy parkrun – Christmas Eve
A total of 1,252 runners completed a lap of the park with 52 volunteers making the magic happen.
Quickest back to the big tree was Jake Waldron (16:10) on his 18th parkrun, followed home by Matt Atkins (16:46) and an unknown runner.
The juniors were led home by Ollie Hurdle (17:49), who was just ahead of Reuben Goldingam-Newsom (17:51) and Spencer Bateman (18:55).

Amongst the ladies, we saw junior Kosana Weir (19:10) as first finisher with Rosy Gross (20:07) and fellow JW 15-17 India Weir (20:12) close behind.
Juniors Kosana and India were obviously the first two of our junior field to complete the course, but they were joined on the podium by Lucy Marquand (20:24) who also celebrated a new PB!
Well done to you all.

Chasing 80%
Most weeks in the Run Report, we celebrate those athletes who achieve a WAVA Age Grading of over 80%. On Christmas Eve there were eight in this category – Polly Adams, Julie Haworth, Merran Sell, Matt Atkins, Neil Chisholm, Jonny Colaco, Bernie Mulvany and Nick Sirs.
The Christmas Day event saw a few more hit the magical mark – Andy Maud, Neil Wellard, Dean Nicholas, Andrew Fay, Liz Killip, Dee Smale, Mike Bruce, Merilyn Davis, Pamela Whitter, Julie Haworth (again) and Ann O’Connor The mark is a tough one to achieve and puts you in the top echelon of runners.

In the 12 year history of Bushy parkrun there have only been 701 runners who have hit the mark – out of a total of 36,170 who have laced up their running shoes (the top 1.9%)

One of our runners though is making a concerted effort to join their number.

The lovely Brigid Hibberd has always been pretty quick. She started running at Bushy back in 2010, in the VW 45-49 category and has aged up once since then, so a PB of 21:29 is pretty impressive – however that was set back in 2011 and so in her prior Age Category was ONLY worth 75.95%.
In the last 6 months though Brig has been training seriously with the Stragglers Running Club and seen the results in her parkrun times.
Brig in more serious running gear than Julie, Carol, Justine or Emma

She has really given it a good go in the last few weeks and delivered two recent runs of 21:39 and 21:31 to move her highest age grade up to 79.86%!
Good enough for 724th on the All-Time Bushy list, but not quite in that magic bracket!
Doing a little bit of maths, her target is 21:28 – so just three seconds faster than her Christmas Eve run! Is New Year’s Eve going to be the one, I hope so as being Irish I reckon NYD won’t see Brigid as spritely! ;O)

Celebrating landmarks!
On Christmas Eve one very special junior runner was completing her 100th parkrun.

To say Isabel Melbourne has Bushy parkrun in the blood is an understatement – her mum and dad have been parkrunning since 2009 and so Isabel first ran at Bushy park whilst still in the womb!
She did a fair few laps being pushed in the buggy and then made her full parkun debut at 4 years old in April 2014 – albeit after to a fair few aborted laps when 5km just wasn’t what she fancied.

Isabel 100
Isabel on Christmas morning in her new (well actually borrowed of her mum) 100 Club shirt

Isabel doesn’t turn 7 until the New Year and so to have traded in her red 50 top for a black 100 one is amazing and it is lovely that she is now joined on the course by not just mum and dad, but her brother Oliver too!

Isabel prize
The real prize for running 100 parkruns - a cake from Carol!

The 659th Bushy parkrun – Christmas Day
Christmas Day saw a huge 1,262 runners complete a lap of Bushy Park with 43 volunteers making it all work as well as more spectators than I have ever seen at a parkrun!

RD Ray and the field behind

And a crowd on tenterhooks for the off

Andy Maud (15:07) was the fastest in the field, well ahead of Neil Wellard (16:19) and Conor Kissane-Wood (16:26).
The juniors were led home by Andrew Smailes (17:53), Ollie Hurdle (18:03) and Jake Swann (18:41)

Amongst the ladies event, we saw Molly Renfer (18:35) showing the field a clean pair of heels with Ruth Haynes (19:10) and Jo Billings (19:49) following her home.
The juniors we led by Sacha Kennedy (20:37), Rebecca Keddie (21:15) and Isabel Livesey (21:26)  

None of these people came first

Amazing celebrations
For Christmas Day I should say a special thank you to the people who made it so festive – we had 996 cups of mulled wine given out (NB. There were 1,00 cups bought and only 4 remained at the end!) and had more mince pies than Tesco.
Catering Staff

Our brilliant bakers!

All thanks to Carol, Justine, Verity, Ann, Ally, Jan and Sue!

The amazing Carol was also celebrating on Christmas morning as her daughter Emma was completing her 100th parkrun. It has only been 10 years in the making – Emma made her debut way back in August 2006! Back in the days when 39:02 would give you 170th place! She was a bit quicker this week having a pretty gentle run to 35:13, but this time it only delivered her 1,142nd!
Emma Dickinson
Emma with PSH, who's idea started all this malarkey!

And finally I also wanted to say congratulations to another very special parkrunner - Amanda Edgington completed her 100th parkrun on Christmas Eve. She might not be the quickest in the field, but she always has a big smile and is very much part of the Bushy firmament. People like Amanda are part of what makes parkrun so special and for that we owe her for turning up come rain or shine! Congratulations Amanda - that 100 club shirt has been earned in some style! GOPR3943//

Right, that will have to do for Christmas weekend - someone has to eat some leftovers
Take care and let's do it all over again next weekend

And a few minutes later, the park was back to normal


Run Report Event No. 657 – 17th December 2016

17th Dcember 2016 – The Foggy One

The week before Christmas, the day after the busiest night for office parties and other festive frolics we still saw 957 dedicated parkrunners turn up for the 657th Bushy event. Visibility was significantly reduced – not just by blurry eyes from those who came straight from parties but due to a morning of heavy fog which always seems to make Bushy Park look quite magical. The famous giant tree did its best to be seen and guided all the runners home safely under the excellent run directorship of David Papworth.


The Volunteers

Despite it being perfect running conditions (well for me anyway) with virtually no wind and relatively mild it was certainly chilly if you were stood around so once again a massive thank to you to all of the volunteers. The support and encouragement from them all before, during and after is brilliant – so please if you can talk on the course give them a thank you on your way round (or if talking isn’t possible even a wave or acknowledgement is appreciated).

The volunteers this week were Jane ATTWOOD, Paul BERRY, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Chris BRIMACOMBE, Jamie CHAPMAN, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Pedro DAS GUPTA, Joe DAVIS, Mike DENNISON, Emma DICKINSON, Carol Margaret DICKINSON, Ray FRANKS, Ian FULLEN, Katy FURBER, Glady GARTLAND, Luke HARVEY, Ross HERROD, Evie HINDE, Maggie HOAD, Andrew HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Simon LANE, Margaret LE FRANC, Martin MILTON, Diane MULLEN, Ethan MULLEN, Alan NOLAN-DAVIES, Oliver NOLAN-DAVIES, Julie PAPWORTH, David PAPWORTH, Andrew RONKSLEY, John ROOT, Nick ROWE, James SELL, Merran SELL, Bethan STURDY, Madeline THOMAS, Rebecca THOMAS, Alex TICKELL, Mandy TINKER, Peter VIGH, Fanni VIGH, Ellie WALLWORK, Michael WHEELER, Poppy WRIGHT


While we're talking about volunteers, there are a couple of positions that we could do with more regular volunteers for. Firstly, extra people to look after all the kit during the week - luckily it's about a car boot full and we do ask you to bring it back the next week as well. Secondly, we'd like a couple more people to take on the role of volunteer co-ordinator, of which we now have two each week as we have so many lovely volunteers. If either of those take your fancy, drop us a line at or speak to Rob who is RD on Saturday.

As well as the horde of usual volunteer positions, the third Saturday of each month is pacer week – being an even numbered month we had even minute pacers from 20 all the way through to 34 minutes. They looked additionally festive with Santa hats and even the odd bit of tinsel. They do a great job of encouraging so many runners to PBs and improved performances. On a personal level I’d joked with Rodney McCulloch who was pacing 20 minutes that if he saw me on the course he could give me a prod with his stick ….. with 750M to go the prod came (verbally not physically I should add) and that spurred me to pick up the pace alongside the lake to the finish. The run directors briefing did mention that Andy Wingate who was pacing 22 minutes was feeling a bit tender after a heavy Christmas party night (and seeing as he works for a beer company I shudder to think what their parties are like) but it didn’t seem to affect him too much as he successfully guided his ‘pacees’ to their sub 22 target.

If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.


The Runners

 Of the 957 finishers we welcomed 44 first timers to the birthplace of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again by the fountain some Saturday morning in the near future. The good conditions and pacers helped 144 runners to a Bushy PB’s. In the 657 Bushy events we have now welcomed an amazing 35,966 different runners to our event with these parkrunners completing 393,707 events which totals an amazing 1,968,535KM – so in the next couple of months we should see Bushy go through the 400,000th finisher and 2 Million KM’s being covered – now that is a spot prize worth getting!

Random bunch

We had 3 members of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 70 members of 250 club, 258 in the 100 club and a further 171 50 club runners.

48 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB. Of the 909 of us who brought along their bits of paper, plastic, wristbands 535 of them were male and 374 females.



Of the 144 runners who achieved their PB’s today 12 of them have over 100 parkruns to their names. Ellis MADLE (JM11-14) ran an impressive 26:17 on his 101st event. Joanna NEWBERRY (SW30-34) achieved 30:38 on her 103rd run. David READY (SM25-29) on his 107th run ran a speedy 17:59. Isabel HESSEY (SW 25-29) ran 20:05 on event 126. John RAMSAY (VM 60-64) ran 23:44 on his 178th parkrun. Adam WELLS in the VM45-49 category (who I used to play football with many years ago) continued his amazing recent progression with 18:45 on event 203. Rebecca LUNN (VW 50-54) ran 23:42 on her 230th parkrun and Robert LOVEGROVE (SM 20-24) ran 18:03 on his 245th parkrun – green shirt soon to go with the Bushy PB.

We then come on to the Hedley family who we welcomed again from St Andrews in Scotland. We saw some impressive running from our visitors with Sharon (VW 45-49) coming in with 24:51. Her daughter Isla  (JW 11-14) coming home in 20:38 on her 136th event. Dad Tom finished in 20:43 on 146th event. Bushy regulars may remember that two years ago the Hedley family visited Bushy and as their daughter Anna was too young to run alone and too quick to run with her parents, they asked if we could provide an adult to run with her.

One of our regulars David Rowe (now based in Bognor) stepped up and accompanied her round the course - with Anna HEDLEY running 20:05 as a 10 year old! Now she is old enough to run alone and so didn't have David slowing her down. Today her 18:09 was enough see her achieve a Bushy PB (she has run an amazing 17:40 at her home course of St Andrews) and this also saw her first (official) female finisher and the highest overall age grade score. She is pretty quick, but being rated no.1 in her Age Group on Run Britain probably told you that anyway – look out for that name in the future.

Carol Tokens


This Saturday saw no new members join the 250 club, though Laurence DUFFY could be celebrating a Christmas present of the green shirt next week.

Laura HEWITT was welcomed to the 100 club having done 35 of her runs at Bushy and she was joined by Salima KARA who has done all of her 100 events at the home of parkrun.

We had 8 runners join the 50 club Rachel KELLETT, Gerald DOHERTY, David HUME, Patrick TROUGHTON, Toby STEPHENS, Simon NEWTON plus Claire WRIGHT and Thomas WEEDON who both celebrated their 50th runs with new PB’s – Red shirts will be sported by all soon.

For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were Ben FRANCIS-HEW, Marcus SOLOMON and Ben HARRISON-HYDE.

 We were also contacted in the week by Emma Tweedie who wrote My lovely hubbie Mr Graham PERRYMAN today completed his 100th parkun at Bushy Park Course. (He's been talking about a 100 T Shirt since June!)I gave him a lift this morning to the course and unbeknown to us, his parents had surprised him by driving all the way up from Kent so Graham's father Brian Perryman could run the 100th with his son! What a lovely surprise. Graham completed a great time of 21:22 coming in at 190th and Brian (who is impressively fit at 65 years old ) completed the course in just 28:29 coming in no 800.Congratulations Graham and welcome to the club.


Sports Personality of the Year

One of my favourite TV shows of the year is BBC’s sports personality of the year – and in 2016 which has seen more than its fair share of bad news stories and losses of so many iconic figures we have also seen some truly amazing sporting performances by many of our athletes. To celebrate this I thought we’d look to see if any of the nominees joined us at Bushy this week.

Representing the British tennis icon Andy Murray we didn’t have any Murrays but welcomed 5 Andy’s – it would be very interesting to see what his 5KM time would be ….. any guesses?

Someone who we do know about their parkrun time is Triathlete Alistair Brownlee who ran 15:36 at Woodhouse Moor in 2009 and we were joined by Alistair Ellis-Munro at Bushy this week. Fellow Olympian Nick Skelton would no doubt race round if horses were allowed but in his absence 3 Nicks took his place for him. We had 5 Laura’s on behalf on cycling legend Laura Kenny.

The one SPOTY nominee who has run here (that I know) is Mo Farah who is often seen training around Bushy when in London, he has joined us at parkrun both as a runner and even presenting the prizes in the past and his parkrun PB of 15:06 which he ran at Bushy event 60 is still some way below his track best of 12:53 – just think where on the course you would be after 13 minutes and he’d be busy scanning his barcode! This Saturday representing our favourite Olympic champion was Mohammed Faiz.


For the footballers we had Gareth Johns on behalf on his namesake Mr Bale and six different Jamie’s on behalf of Leicester’s Vardy. Multiple gold medallist Jason Kenny saw Jason’s Nourse and Day taking his place. Swimmer Adam Peaty saw six Adam’s running and Paralympian legend Dame Sarah Storey had 10 Sarah’s along with Zach, Fran and Stuart from the Storey family. Boxer Nicola Adams had five Nicola’s along with Polly Adams in her place. William James Willett ran for Golf champion Danny along with Danny Conyngham. Emma Cox ran for multi-event Paralympian Kadeena whilst Hockey captain Kate Richardson-Walsh’s had Kate Suttle doing her parkrun along with Lucy Richardson. Last but very not least equestrian Sophie Christiansen had no one with her name taking part this weekend.

Thanks to all nominees for some very special sporting viewing.


 For the men Bradley GOATER (SM20-24) of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC, was first over the line in 15:03 on his first ever parkrun. Bradley has competed many times however on the national stage and impressive track PB’s of 14:06 for 5,000M and 3:47 for 1,500M. Jonathan CORNISH (SM20-24) of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was second over the line in 15:44 and Marcus DEAKIN (JM15-17) was third finisher in 15:27

The female first back to the big tree as mentioned before was Anna HEDLEY (JW11-14) of Fife AC, was first (19th overall) over the line in 18:09 on her second Bushy outing.  Beaten to the line was Charlotte Emily CHALWIN (SW20-24) of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, (24th overall) finishing just 8 seconds behind with 18:17, she has however been first to finish in the past. Jo BILLINGS (VW40-44) was third (38th overall) in 18:51.

Best age grade performances of the day were by our first finishers Anna HEDLEY was graded 89.72% and Bradley GOATER was graded 85.05% for the time 17:45. Our third highest age grade was our 3rd finisher Marcus DEAKIN scoring 84.11%


Images of Bushy

 For those of you used to seeing festive pictures of Bushy Park I today give you something special. Regular Bushy parkrunner (and Ultra athlete) Owen Delaney who has run 95 parkruns with 65 Bushy outings, has been using his Strava app for a rather unusual purpose. Whereas most of us simply use this wonderful app to record times and distances Owen is far more creative and actually runs pictures. All of these runs are in Bushy Park with many based around our beloved Arethusa Fountain. Anyone else offer any Bushy based artwork?

Owen 2

Owen 1

Bonus Bits

We've been contacted by a couple of organisations recently offering our parkrunners that little bit more - sort of!
Firstly the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is taking place on Sunday 5th February 2017 and they're looking to recruit volunteers. They have contacted lots of parkruns across London and the south east because they know we are great at volunteering and for every parkrunner that volunteers, they will donate £20 to Bushy parkrun - as long as you enter Bushy parkrun in the group name section. You can sign up here:

Secondly, the Surrey half marathon have five places up for grabs for parkrunners. All you need to do is go to their Facebook page and follow the instructions there in the Free places for parkrunners section - good luck!

Just Like Buses

You wait ages for a parkrun and then two come along at once. As well as our usual Saturday 9am outing, Father Christmas is giving us an extra present of Christmas Day Bushy parkrun at 9am next Sunday – so dig out your Santa suits, elf hats and mince pies and join us by the Fountain next weekend. We have a similar double on offer the following weekend as well with Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st January 2017.

Until next Saturday ….. and Sunday

Nick Rowe


Run Report Event No. 656 – 10th December 2016

Run Report Event No. 656 – 10th December 2016


As it is the festive period I thought I would try and work the run report into a 12 Days of Christmas song theme but, whilst I may have been able to find 10 Lords a-Leaping or 7 swans a-swimming in Bushy Park, frankly I decided many of the elements might be stretching the possibilities of a run report… I, for one, haven’t seen many maids a-milking or French hens in recent weeks! So instead I have created a nativity play cast from runners names… indulge me, if you will!

We had a cast of 1157 in the park this morning, all playing their part but as with any nativity we need some lead players:
• We had our two leading roles this weekend played by MARY Ellen Whitby and JOSEPH Howarth.
• Joseph, as we know, was a carpenter, and he was joined this morning in the park by 2 more CARPENTERS also running (Steve and Helen)
• Instead of the usual 3, there were 5 KINGs (Barry KING, Rik KING, Francis KING, Edie KING and Deborah KING) in the park this Saturday morning… did any of them bring gifts, I wonder?!
• Along with the Kings came a wise man (Nic WISEMAN), another royal (Gavin PRINCE) and a minder of sheep (Tina SHEPPARD), all keen to see the newborn babe.
• We had a Ross HERROD who volunteered as a Marshal this morning… thank you Ross.
• And completing the festive cast we had Alex BERRY, Paul BERRY, CAROL Swaffer and CAROLE Quigg and Anne-Lise CHRISTMAS. Fun!

Visitors from the East came to run Bushy parkrun this week from Whitstable and Sittingbourne parkruns, pictured below both before and after their run… and it is nice to see so many smiles AFTER the run over coffee and cakes in the Pheasantry with some Bushy regulars, as that is what parkrun is about (as well as the run itself, of course!)

Whitstabe 1

Whit 2

There was a mighty mob match this week between triathlon clubs Thames Turbo Triathlon and Ful on Tri. From the cheers that went up for Ful on Tri during the run briefing I was sure they would win my ‘Noisiest Triathlon Club of the morning’ award however, having heard the Jingle Bells rendition in the first km by some of the younger Thames Turbo athletes I have to declare this award a draw! In a quick count of the runners, and by no means the official result, it looks as if Thames Turbo brought 85 runners from the other side of the park and Ful on Tri brought 71 from down the river…. a great turnout all round!

However… it depends on how these 2 triathlon clubs determine who won their mob match because our first and second finishers this weekend were from Ful on Tri: well done to first timer James Ellis (16.14) and to his club mate Charlie Elliott who bagged a new PB finishing second in a time of 16.19. They were chased down by third place TTT rival Will Russell who finished in a time of 16.27.
Rachel Rowan, also of TTT, was the first female finisher this week in a time of 19.15, followed by Ful on Tri member Christina Jenkins in a new PB of 19.23 and then Rosy Gross in a time of 19.55.
A triathlete also dominated the junior male field this week with Ollie Hurdle (TTT) being the first junior male in 17.51, with Helena Samarasinghe from St Mary’s Richmond AC being the first junior female in a time of 20.54.

In total this week, representatives of 73 different athletics clubs took part.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Tina Jones (VW70-74) was graded 84.13% for the time 26:28 (601st overall).
Paul Reddaway (VM55-59) was graded 83.94% for the time 18:28 (26th overall).
Bernie Mulvany (VM55-59) was graded 83.57% for the time 18:52 (41st overall).

There were 152 were first timers this weekend and of the runners who were running their second or more Bushy parkrun there were 118 recorded new Personal Bests: well done to everyone whether running their first or fastest parkrun, including Nic Wiseman who ran in a time of 23.56 on his 188th run, Trish McCabe who ran her 161st parkrun in a new PB of 25.51, and Lorraine Dillamore who ran 29.25 on her 125th run.

We had one new member of the 250 Club this week: well done to Danny Hutton on his well-deserved green t-shirt! Victoria Short and Graham Perryman will soon be seen sporting a new black t-shirt as they both joined the 100 Club this week, Victoria doing it in style with a new PB of 24.06! Red t-shirts will soon be on their way to new 50 Club members Lynne Bryant, Phil Copsey, David Wilkins and Chris Long. And well done to 2 junior parkrunners who joined the 10 Club yesterday: Hugo Land with a new PB and Melissa Nesbitt!

Although 300 runs is not an official parkrun club, Bushy regular Liz celebrated her 300th run yesterday with a fabulous selection of cookies and cakes…. yum! And well done Liz on an amazing achievement!


Thank you!
As usual, parkrun could not happen without the many volunteers who give up their time every week… so thank you this week to Jacopo Annonio-Tibaldi, Jane Attwood, Sam Barrett, Loula Bell, Nick Blanchard, Shirley Buckley, Jamie Chapman, Lou Coaker, Toby Cooper, Carolyn Cooper-Burrows, Jonathan Cox, Jennifer Darling, Pedro Das Gupta, Janice Franks, Ray Franks, Dean Furber, Glady Gartland, Daniel Greenslade, Luke Harvey, Ross Herrod, Evie Hinde, Carl Hornseth, Emilie Howes, Lucy Katesmark, Simon Lane, Margaret Le Franc, Courtney Le Franc, Deon Lombard, Rachel Louise Lonergan, Yue Man, Alish Marchant, Stephen Marfleet, Hayden Matthews, Steve Miller, Denise Mitchell, Ethan Mullen, Diane Mullen, Eddie Robertson, Andrew Rodger, John Root, Viv Root, Bethan Sturdy, Lucy Thatcher, Rebecca Thomas, Madeline Thomas, Alex Tickell, Claire Treliving, Rob Turner, Peter Vigh, Fanni Vigh, Ellie Wallwork, Georgia Rose Welch, Poppy Wright for enabling us to enjoy another fabulous morning in Bushy Park!

The Core Team are always grateful for volunteers and are particularly keen for extra help looking after the kit from one week till the next so, if you drive into the park and know you are going to be at Bushy the following week and are able to help out, please contact Rob Philips at the Bushy office email:

No reindeer, just beautiful red deer in Bushy park.


Christmas Compendium
In two weeks’ time it will Christmas Eve and those keen parkrunners amongst us will be looking forward to being able to run twice at Bushy parkrun in one weekend! As per previous years, Bushy parkrun will have an extra event on Christmas Day (in optional festive fancy dress!) at the regular time of 9am, and also on New Year’s Day at 9am (maybe to blow away the cobwebs from NYE?!) New Year’s Day is the only day of the year where you are allowed to run two parkruns so if you’re staying local, there’s a couple of options for doing a New Year’s Day double – you could run at Bushy at 9am, followed by Kingston at 10am, or Crane Park at 10:30!
And, if you’re away from home for Christmas, you may wish to arrange your parkrun plans so with that in mind, the Christmas Compendium is back again! It lists all the events which are running additional parkruns on either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, or both! To find out which events are having extra runs on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in the UK, visit

And volunteers are needed on these extra runs as much as regular Saturday mornings so if you have visitors over Christmas or the New Year maybe they would like to volunteer and come and see what parkrun is all about…. as usual please email Thank you.

That’s all for now… see you next Saturday!
Rachel Lonergan, without any Christmas-name reference at all….. UNLESS you count the fact that Rachel means ‘ewe’ in Hebrew, and we all know there were sheep in the stable!!

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