Run Report Event No. 560 – 21st February 2015

So that was the 560th parkrun at Bushy Park and what a wet and muddy one it was too. Of course there was no rain at 9am because it never actually rains at that time on a Saturday but there had certainly been a spot of rain overnight and there were definitely one or two puddles out on the course and more than just a little bit of mud at the top of Chestnut Avenue and on playground corner. I can also vouch for the fact that some of the puddles were pretty deep and the water was absolutely freezing! There’s that horrible moment when you’re running in the middle of a big group and the person in front of you jumps and you’re already in mid stride and realise there is nowhere you are going other than right in the middle of a great big puddle. Horrible. I always thought I could have been an Olympic steeplechaser if it wasn’t for having to land with one foot in the water every 400 metres. That and my distinct lack of talent of course. Anyway, enough of my waffling, what happened at the 560th parkrun at Bushy Park?

As it was the third Saturday in an even month, it meant of course that it was an odd minutes pacer parkrun. Nothing odd about the pacers though, I have to say this month it was an exceptionally good looking bunch of pacers we had, although the guy doing the 21 minutes apologises for going off a bit slow and having to do quite a sharp final mile to get somewhere close to the 21 minute park. Everyone else seemed to have paced brilliantly well looking at the results for everyone below. (I always blame the timer anyway if I’m not exactly spot on!)


From left to right: Rob Phillips, Ian Fullen, Andy Pillidge, Katrin Kroschinski, Jack Kennedy, Vince Gannon, David Stewart and Jed Leicester. Jed can also be seen getting a slightly unorthodox pre run stretch in below. Thanks for the photos Rodney.


The number of starters was slightly down on previous weeks, possibly due to the rain or maybe the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the day after but we still had a very respectable turnout with 907 people coming under the starters orders of run director Andy Wingate.

First back to the big tree was Cassian Hyde (pictured below) in a brilliant time of 16.42 closely followed by Bushy regular Anthony Jackson in 16.51 and in third was a guy with a marvellous head of hair, an Arkansas vest and an America accent. Sadly he was listed as an Unknown Runner as although he has registered, he doesn’t have a printer. It’s amazing the things you hear after a run while looking for your sweatshirt. That made the third official finisher Nick Wright in a time of 17.39.


As for the ladies, they were led home by Julie Reynolds who finished in exactly 20.00, Isabel Hessey was next in 20.51 and Polly Adams was third in a time of 21.10 on her 360th parkrun.
Heading down to the Juniors, there was a very close race to be top of the metaphorical non podium (seeing as it’s a run, not a race), the first junior man home was Joshua Poncia in 19.39 with Samuel Taylor close behind in 19.55 and Jamie Benson coming in third in 19.58. Very impressively, all three of these men are in the JM11-14 category so finished ahead of many more senior juniors if that makes any sense to you!
Isobel Maria Stockley led the junior women home in a time of 21.39, just ahead of Jessica Nicholls-Mindlin in 21.51 with Caitlin Wheeler slightly further back in 22.45.

An amazing 71 people PB’d on a very muddy day so many congratulations to all of you. Congratulations also to those of who attending Bushy for the first time, a total of 71 people ran a lap of Bushy parkrun for the first time with 48 of those running a parkrun for the very first time. Welcome to one and all, we hope to see you again next week.

Just the three people broke the magic 80% WAVA Age grading this week (I soooo want to see my name in this section one day!) so many congratulations to:
Jane Davies – 96.61%
Mike Anderson – 85.07%
Tom Conlon – 83.47%

And last, but by no means least, some amazing people joined a new club and will be receiving a lovely new t-shirt from Tribesports sometime soon(ish).

Joining the 250 club were… well, no one actually but we did have three people joining the 100 club so many congratulations to Gaston Verdicchio, Deborah Downey and Mark Dukes while eight people joined the 50 club. So a round of applause for Joaquin Picola, Abigail Frame, Christopher Box, Mark Pattrick, Caitlin Wheeler, Tom Gardiner, David Symmons and James Morris. Just the two juniors joined the 10 club this week, so well done to Ruby Grant and Adam Sloan.

Of course, none of these times, t-shirts or top threes would have been possible without a brilliant bunch of volunteers turning up in the cold to make it happen. So a huge big thanks to the following:
Adam SHERRIFF • Andrew John WINGATE • Anna SAVILL • Brigid HIBBERD • Carol SWAFFER • Catelin LE FRANC • David KLEIN • David PAPWORTH • Heather Lynn HORLER • Janice FRANKS • Jeremy PALMER • John A STEPHENS • Joy BELL • Julie PAPWORTH • Justine ALBERT • Kirsty BANGHAM • Lucy THATCHER • Margaret Anne LE FRANC • Mohammed FAIZ • Nick SAVILL • Pedro DAS GUPTA • Ray FRANKS • Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH • Ruth COLE • Sharon ANDREW • Stephen PENPRAZE • Susan HOWARTH • Zoe Alison RIDING

If you’d like to volunteer every once in a while – and it really is good fun and very rewarding – you can see more details at or by emailing for more details.

For those of who are regular readers of these reports, you may remember that I previously used the Fibonacci sequence to highlight those runners who may never get a mention in these reports otherwise except when they join a milestone club. So seeing as no one told me it was a rubbish idea I thought I’d try again with the mathematical thing and use Cubed numbers – luckily there aren’t absolutely loads of these between 1 and a 1000 as it’s getting a bit late on Sunday afternoon and I’m getting a bit hungry! For those of you who spent maths lessons passing notes to girls they fancied or used the calculator upside down to write rude words, you may not remember what a cubed number is… it’s simply when you multiply it by itself three times. So 1x1x1 = 1 and 2x2x2 =….

8 – Mike Anderson. As well as being the answer to 2x2x2, it’s also the finishing position of Mike Anderson, one of our triumvirate of 80% and above WAVA finishers. Mike is just 7 short of getting his 250 t-shirt and has run a total of 132 times around the home of parkrun. He also appears to be incredibly consistent with his personal best for every year from 2006 to 2015 being in the 80% and above range.

27 – Jon Barks was finisher number 27 on his 34th parkrun. Looking at his results it appears that Jon likes to keep his parkrunning fairly local, as while he has travelled further afield than Bushy, he’s only gone as far as Richmond, the Old Deer Park in Richmond and Crane Park. He’s also a member of Ful-On-Tri so no doubt very good on a bike and in the pool if his sub 20 minute time is anything to go by.
64 – Jonathan Gilkes came in 64th and is another triathlete, but this time with the marvellously alliterated club, Thames Turbo Triathlon. Jonathan is also closing in on a milestone as he is just three short of the 50 club.

125 – Ralph Blackbourn came in 125th on the occasion of his 153rd parkrun and his 132nd around Bushy. (For those of you who struggled in maths or are a bit confused, 125 = 5x5x5). Interestingly Ralph’s finishing time today of 22.27 is exactly the same as his best time back in 2010 but due to the wonders of WAVA age grading is a whole 1.19% better! Who says getting older is a bad thing?

216 – It had to happen at some point… an Unknown Runner came in 216th. So if you remember that was your finishing position, then sorry but you missed seeing your name in lights. Sort of. Perhaps you can think of a mathematical pattern I could choose in the future, remember your barcode and then ensure you finish in the chosen position to see your name featured?

343 – Karen Whapshott-Downer crossed the line in 343rd position and is another person closing in on that 250 t-shirt. Karen has run all of her 232 runs at Bushy Park, starting back at event 99 on 5th August 2006 which many of us may remember also for being the 32nd birthday of Ryu Seung-Min, the South Korean table tennis player who won gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics. I didn’t look at Wikipedia at all for that fact.

512 – Darren Eedy finished in 512th place in exactly the same time as Alisa Eedy who as she is a Junior runner and Darren is a vet runner, I’m going to assume is his daughter? I could of course be completely wrong and it could all be a bizarre coincidence – if so, please let us know! This was Darren’s 13th run around Bushy so it was definitely lucky for him although despite finishing in the same time, the results show you were one place below Alisa so bragging rights go to the younger generation this week!

729 – Lastly for our cube numbers (9x9x9 for those who are looking out of the window and wishing it was lunch time) we have Abhinav Singh. Abhinav was on his second run at parkrun and as he is a junior, he is just 8 away from a coveted t-shirt. His first run was just last week so hopefully parkrun is becoming a habit and we look forward to seeing you again next week!
I think that’s it for my mathematical musings this time. I hope you enjoyed reading this but more importantly I hope you enjoyed running, supporting or volunteering on Saturday and can’t wait to do it all again next Saturday. Until then…


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Run Report Event No. 559 – 14th February 2015


So this week at parkrun for 1,079 of you – love was in the air.

photo 2
The run gets away under the watchful eye of one of Carol's heart shaped cookies

On Valentine’s Day itself we enjoyed the 559th Bushy parkrun in our beautiful park. I wonder how many of our runners enjoyed an energetic start to Valentine’s Day with a ‘romantic’ 5k run together? Did some of our runners leave their loved ones to have a lie in while they raced around the course, eager to get back in time to make them breakfast in bed? We certainly had a few supporters out on the course, so maybe they were just off to enjoy a nice post-run hand in hand stroll in the park.

It is impossible to tell how many couples we had out on the course, but I can tell you 480 people shared their surname with another runner – albeit that will include parents and children, brothers, sisters etc. who probably don’t count. It doesn’t include anyone who either isn’t married or has kept their maiden name and importantly it also includes seven Hills and seven Days, who either are not all married to each other or have some very weird relationships!

But regardless of whether your loved one ran with you, cheered you on or enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet then I hope you all ran for the love of it – as that is kind of what parkrun is about!

photo 1
This lady arrived a few moments after the start - was she delayed by not wanting to leave her loved one a minute more than she had to? Probably not! More likely car parking issues


The 559th Bushy parkrun

This week, we saw our 10th biggest field ever with 1,079 runners taking in a lap of the park.

Fastest this week was debutant Khalid Al-Abaidy with a 16:06 finish time. Close behind was Jake Waldron (16:11) with Michael Lennon (16:37) and his new PB completing the podium.

photo 3
First finisher Khalid Al-Abaidy

In the junior field, Michael Lennon showed a clean pair of heels to Harry Matthews (17:19) and Zak Wort (17:30 – New PB!)

The first lady home was Julie Reynolds with a new PB of 19:45 with Clare Graham (19:54) and Julia Bailey (20:08 – New PB!) not far behind.

Bea Allan (20:56) was the fastest of our juniors with Scarlett Walker (21:20) and Kathryn Bartle (21:57) completing the top three.


New PBs

There were 129 new PBs recorded with an amazing 17 of them from runners with more than 50 parkruns on their records. Well done to… deep breath

Michael LENNON, Stefan KRUEGER, Chris HUMPHRIS, Michael TROTT, Rob TURNER, Matt SOWTON, David LENNON, Natalie SIMON, Imogen KING, Stuart THOMPSON, Robert Anthony WORLEY, Andrew MAYALL, Caroline PERRY, Catherine HAUGHNEY, Mark MORAN, Freya Beatrice KING and Katie HAPPS

250 Club

Mark Travers joined the 250 Club. Mark has done exactly half his parkruns at the home of parkrun with a chunk of the more recent ones coming at St Albans parkrun. Well done, Mark – an amazing milestone

100 Club

Regular volunteers, Ann Woods and Romit Basu ran their 100th parkrun this week and so qualify for a black T-shirt

50 Club

Eight runners will be sporting a new red shirt sometime soon – well done to Matthew Harvey, Simon Wallwork, Ben Greig, Gurthian Ghotra, Gurleen Ghotra, Laura Antunes, Harinder Bath and Janine Fortune.

Junior 10 Club

Four runners will be getting measured up for a new T-shirt - Zak Wort, Matthew Hall, Rohan Penney and Noah Carroll.


WAVA Age Gradings

There were six runners who hit the magic 80% threshold. Well done to five of them…

Deboroah Steer (83.92%), Michael Lennon (82.45%), Ramona Thevenet (81.58%), Khalid Al-Abaidy (80.43%) and Peter Moysey (80.36%)

A special congratulations goes to Zak Wort who hits the quadruple this week! He made the podium (3rd Junior), ran a PB, earned a new T-shirt and hit the 80% threshold (81.05%) – well done, Zak!


And just to give some perspective to those people who scored 80% - there is always someone better. At the Valentine’s 10k this weekend, Bushy regular Jane Davies recorded a time of 42:54. Pretty special on its own, but add in the fact that Jane runs in the VW65 category and that equates to a 100.97% WAVA Age Grade! Wow!



Just a quick note to mention Jantastic! We are now half way through proceedings and I am pleased to say I am 100% so far! Well done to all the other Bushy parkrunners who have helped to earn us a combined score of 40.9%. Between the 50 of us we have logged 1,000 workouts which is amazing!

Well done everyone!


Dave Papworth goes all arty with his photos of the finishing tree

A window into the past

Last time I wrote a Run Report I was looking to the future with a little piece on Bushy Juniors. However, this week I noticed something that made me think of the past

Each week, Pat McGrath uses our database system to manage the volunteer roster and ensure we have enough people doing each role on a Saturday.

When someone emails in to say ‘I am happy to volunteer this weekend!’, Pat goes onto the system and adds them to the list – you search for their name on the parkrun database and so if you aren’t registered for a barcode, then you can’t really volunteer! Well, at least officially Sarah Finney!

This creates a minor issue for Pat as I can imagine him sat there thinking…

‘Now, which of the 68 different John Smith’s is this one going to be!’

‘Hmmm, how do you spell this – K-A-T-R-I-N K-R-O-S-C-H-I-N-S-K-I?’

But it seems to work well enough.

Anyway, on this system there is a pre-determined favourites list to try and make Pat’s life easier. You can easily select ‘Ray Franks’ from a drop down list without worrying about finding him amongst the other people on the database. This is handy as there have been 20 runs this Bushy year and Ray has been sorting out the funnel for each one!

This ‘stalwarts list’, as it is known, is made up of the ten people who have volunteered most at Bushy. I am pretty sure if you were asked to guess then you would have a good go at at least half a dozen of the names on there. No prizes for guessing that Ray Coward is no.1, followed by Ann. Ray and Jan Franks are there as well as Simon Lane and Rodney McCulloch.

However, there are a couple on the list who I think are more tricky!


  1. Ray Coward
  2. Ann Coward
  3. Ray Franks
  4. Janice Lesley Franks
  5. Simon Lane
  6. Pat McGrath
  7. Rodney Howard McCulloch
  8. Orlando Pellicano
  9. Carol Margaret Dickinson
  10. Paula Sheridan

Now, I have been doing parkrun seriously since about 2009 and so whilst I know who these people are, I had no idea how much of a role Orlando or Paula played at parkrun in days past.

Paula ran 24 times at Bushy from Feb 2006, but after a dozen or so outings she got involved with volunteering and did various tasks (mainly RD) pretty much every week for the next two and a half years. She got back to running at Bushy last year after some serious flirting with other parkruns – Bedfont and Crane among them. She is back running well and qualified for her 50 shirt in Jan this year.

Orlando ran irregularly at Bushy throughout the very early days in 2005 and then, at a similar time to Paula, got involved with volunteering with a whole variety of jobs. Sadly, he hasn’t parkrunned since early last year, but I do get to see him in Caffé Nero, Teddington after Bushy Juniors each month. It was there that he taught me how to put my waffle on top of my cup of tea to melt the toffee inside – important life skills, I am sure you’ll agree!

It is amazing to think that they are both still on the ‘stalwarts list’ – even after a decade of Bushy parkrun there are only eight people who have given up as much of their time as Orlando or Paula.

In recent years when I have been volunteering, whilst Pat is not inundated with offers, we do generally have a huge base of people to call upon for support. Back in 2006, there were only a dozen or so volunteers each week and things were very different to the slick systems we have going at parkrun today. Queuing up according to surname and having someone writing down your position against a printout of the entire parkrun runner base is a world away from the hand scanners and computerised system we now enjoy.

One thing I do think is nice though is that with the new sponsorship by Tribesports and the introduction of volunteering T-shirts – sometime soon, Paula and Orlando will be able to run round the park with a new purple T-shirt on and if anyone thinks ‘I don’t know how they qualified for a T-shirt, I have never seen them volunteering!’ then they can smile! – You have to be old school to realise the debt of thanks we all owe them!


And finally something personal

My wife is pretty special most of the time (albeit it is a nightmare trying to get her out of the bed on a Saturday morning), but this weekend I am especially proud of her.

Most of you will know Emma and those who don’t – she was the Run Director this week. She is a brilliant RD and always gets plaudits for her pre-run announcements. Although I have to say, people don’t seem to realise that this is only through luck that she doesn’t have to say certain words - Her NZ accent means there is absolutely no difference between Pen and Pin nor Bear, Bare or Beer and so we are just lucky none of these come up or there could be awful confusion!


Anyway, Emma has been putting in the training miles, but just when things seemed to be starting to pay off she hit the buffers. A bit of ITB band discomfort was followed by some calf muscle pain and then something in her arches and so she was suddenly flooded with doubts. The confidence of getting back to something near her best times at Bushy was stripped away and she was severely questioning whether she could finish the Kingston Breakfast Run 16 miler next month or the Richmond Half Marathon in May. So whilst I went into today’s Valentines 10k confident I would do a strong time, she was wondering what bit was going to fail first!

Anyway, she put all that to the back of her mind, ran on feel and went hard from a B of the Bang pushing throughout to record her first ever sub-1 hour 10k – a PB of over a minute! She turned the final corner with about 50 metres to go and saw the clock saying 59:55 or something and was straining every sinew to get to the finish line – I am confident her race photos will not be seeing light of day, but that is the price you pay when you give it everything!

Sadly the race is gun-time only and so since she lined up at the back and took 20 seconds or so to cross the startline, her official time doesn’t accurately reflect the 59:45 she really ran. The records will show a heart-breaking 1:00:01, but we all know what she really did and it is only a matter of time before she gets a time that properly reflects her performance.

Well done, Em – you were brilliant!

Valentine’s 10k in Chessington is a lovely 10k run – a little undulating, but no really bad hills. Smallish field (only 450 or so), local and really well organised by 26.2 RRC. I can heartily recommend it if you are looking for a fast-ish course next year.

Anyway, that’ll do

Take care and see you next week

Andy W

PS. Thanks to Jed Leicester and Dave Papworth for the photos

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Run Report Event No. 558 – 7th February 2015

It’s all about the place!

What a hectic week it has been as we have finally waved goodbye to dry January and have now been lured in by February which started by tormenting us with some inclement weather as we awoke to wintry conditions on Tuesday. It was a circumstance of no ‘snow day’ though as we all still battled on as normal. Thankfully it must have felt unwelcomed as it had disappeared by the next day! How exciting though to discover that on Thursday it was in fact World Nutella Day, all that was required was a jar and a spoon! As if we need to have a dedicated day to justify indulging in this delight! parkrun eve Friday followed with ‘National Wear Something Red Day’ and then before we know it, parkrunday, the best day of the week at our favourite parkrun which starts the weekend again for us all. Let’s see how the event paced out at Bushy Park this week…

So how did we all do at event number 558?

It was directed by the ever reliable Ray Coward and his perfect partner Ann coordinated the volunteers. Without this terrific team, this free event cannot take place. The timer was in the sure hands of Stephen Marfleet and the tokens were ably administrated by Janice Franks and Anne Woods. The fully managed funnel even went triple for the third time as there was an abundance of runners approaching the finish line around 28 minutes. The marshals were in great attendance, with the return of John ‘the hand’ Stephens back where he belongs at Playground Corner, after his recent escape to lounge around and sip Sangria in the Spanish sunshine.

The Results Bit:
First registered males across the finish line:
Newcomer Ricky Harvie sped the way around the park as he began the not only the new month in a time of 16.04 but this is where his Saturday mornings now change forever! Welcome to the world of parkrun! Chris Carter, second man home, returned to Bushy for his second ever parkrun after an absence of 3 and a half years and took two seconds off his previous time to claim a New PB of 16.41. Michael Salt couldn’t pinch any more off his personal best but can claim the third podium place today in 16.55.
Junior Males were:
Young Ryan Griffiths led the lads home in style with his fifth consecutive PB! Now with a time of 17.01, he has taken 1 minute and 38 seconds off his time from when he ran for the third time at Bushy in the New Year. Patrick Goffey completed his 31st parkrun in 18.12 with Joshua Hall some 16 seconds later.
First females across the finish line:
A trio of PB’s! First lady was Junior Holly Page with a shiny New PB on her third run at Bushy, but 19th overall, who took 16 seconds off her previous time to finish in an enviable 18.07. Melanie Wood claimed a New PB on her second lap of Bushy in 18.40 as well as returning runner Angel Collins in 19.30. Way to go ladies!
Junior Females were:
The aforementioned Holly Page in 18.07 with Isobel Stockley also claiming a New PB of 21.14 on her third visit to Bushy (but 49th parkrun) closely chased by Amber George some 6 seconds behind her on her 51st 5k lap of beautiful Bushy.

The Stats Bit

How many?
There were 959 tokens handed out on the first event of February.

Who were they?
• 367 of the identified field were female and 541 were male
• 51 declined to register their result or simply had forgotten their barcode (tut tut!)
• order them online, impress your fellow parkrunners and never forget it!
• 76 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park, 50 of these were totally new to parkrun, welcome to our world! One of these was Kate Weir who was a tad nervous at her first outing to the park especially when I mentioned it’s just us and maybe a thousand others! She finally decided to take the plunge, discard the duvet and sacrifice some quality time at home with her husband during her usual Saturday morning routine to take part in her first lap of Bushy. She was somewhat surprised that she was slower than she had expected in 34.09 and with that in mind, I am pretty certain that she will be returning next week to claim that PB!

How fast?
• There were a whopping 143 runners who started the month in style with New PBs! Nine of these participants have 50 or more parkruns to their name. John Woods has completed all of his staggering 381 5k laps at Bushy and today nipped 9 seconds of his previous PB which he set in back September 2014 giving him a nifty time of 19.37.
• 53 registered runners impressed us with their sub 20 minutes! This included first timer Andy Yu who visited us from Birmingham for his 126th parkrun but took the time to tweet ‘enjoyable and friendly – a must do for parkrun fans!’

Bushy parkrun

• Just a trio of runners had an age grading above 80% - Holly Page 86.75% Mike Anderson 86.24% and Ricky Harvie 82.05%.

The Special Plaudits Bit
Not a new 250 runs in sight and strangely enough any newcomers to the 100 club either this week! However there could be a scramble to the finish line next week as Romit Basu, Martin Powell, Rupert Bole and Anne Woods are all scheduled to achieve their century.
A quartet of regular Bushy runners conquered 200 parkruns between them as Sharon Crichton, Lyn Brymer, Bea Downey and Andrew Finch all eagerly await their new Tribesports 50 t-shirts. With just one more lap to go are Janine Fortune, Harinder Bath, Matthew Harvey, Simon Wallwork plus Juniors Ben Greig and Isobel Stockley.
With a perfect 10 parkruns to their name are Juniors Isabella Jordan and Maxi Gregory plus Imogen Wells and Gabriel Obholzer who also achieved New PB’s!

Happy Birthday to you!
Despite the grey and murky skies, the Aquarians amongst the field were in a celebratory mood as there were milestone birthdays to be commemorated and what a better way to start than to be at Bushy parkrun?!

Lyn Brymer’s balloons may have deflated by the time she reached the oak tree but her enthusiasm hadn’t as she was not only celebrating her 40th birthday with friends from Ireland and Scotland, she was also marking her 50th parkrun too. She ran the course with her Elmbridge club running pal Susan Noone and afterwards the group were heading off into the warmth for a welcome breakfast and no doubt some congratulatory refreshments too. They had already marked Lyn’s birthday two weeks ago by running a half marathon. Nothing special you may think about that but for such a momentous occasion, they obviously had to do it in style and ran a course with breathtaking views of gleaming condominiums, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the golden sands of Miami Beach!

Surprise from Down Under!
Aquarians are zesty and have tremendous amounts of energy! How appropriate for Australian born Tim Bowden who began his 40th year with a shiny New PB! Birthday boy Tim took 11 seconds off his previous time of 20:15 which he set in May last year and leads him ever closer to that sub 20. What more could you want for on your special birthday? Tim’s morning was certainly full of surprises as waiting for him at the finish line to personally wish him ‘many happy returns’ was his Dad, whose visit was a total astonishment to the whole family as unbeknown to them he had flown over from Sydney especially for the occasion! Thankfully they hadn’t planned a weekend away else Tim’s Dad could have been left out in the cold; luckily he was suitably (and quite noticeably) attired for the somewhat cooler temperatures at Bushy compared to what he left behind. If that wasn’t enough, Tim’s young daughter Estelle also claimed a New PB too as she ran her 16th parkrun with mum Stephanie in a super speedy time of 24.28. In true traditional Bushy style, the Bowden family started the celebrations in the park with champagne and cake accompanied with hot chocolate and chocolate bars galore for the children and a boot full of beer! An Aquarian is supposedly ‘the Water Carrier’ whereas on this special event Tim was definitely more of ‘the beer bearer’! Cheers!

Bushy parkrun

Friends = parkrun
Joy and Donald Bell were ringing with delight this week as they eagerly introduced me to their friends who were visiting them from bonnie Scotland. Hazel and Graeme Pert travelled to Teddington from Glasgow, to stay with the Bells as they have done before. They both take part at Pollok in Glasgow which is where it all began for Hazel as in 2012 as she started running at her local parkrun to prepare her for her first trip to Bushy Park, which is where Donald and Joy tend to spend their Saturday mornings. Hazel returned in true comeback style and took 2 minutes and 44 seconds off her 5k lap. As for husband Graeme, his journey began some 5 years ago when he reached the 50 milestone, not parkruns but years, and once he had shed two stone he began to run. Admittedly, not very far in the beginning but once he got into it he discovered that his health and energy levels improved. So, with that in mind, and some 169 parkruns later, this year he has taken it on himself a personal challenge, which is to run 2015 miles in the year 2015. To make his journey even more rewarding he is raising funds along the miles for two charities that are dear to his heart. Amongst all of this, Graeme is also finding the time to write a blog so if you would like to find out the whys and wherefores of his distinct task, or madness, read on at Maybe it will inspire you to do something crazy! He has even blogged about his Bushy parkrun experience and I have also spotted on social media that the Bells and Perts have all been indulging in Sunday brunch at The Shard. Well running certainly gives you an appetite.

Bushy parkrun

Beatles at Bushy
On this day back in 1964, the British ‘Rock n Roll’ quartet The Beatles had their first U.S number one hit and Beatlemania arrived in the USA. The fab four with their mod suits and pudding bowl haircuts were greeted by 3000 screaming fans that caused a near riot when they stepped onto American soil for the first time. Well at Bushy we have an array of our own ‘Beatle’ namesakes whom I am pretty certain don’t quite get the same reception when they step onto the Teddington turf. Maybe it’s their taste in clothes and hairstyles that don’t draw the attention?! In the field today there were no less than 16 Pauls, 14 Johns, 3 Georges and strangely enough no Ringos! However, the drummer, Ringo Starr’s real name was in fact Richard and there were 12 of them. On the other hand though, each of our volunteers at Bushy parkrun could also be a part of the Bushy Beatles, as they are all stars!

Next parkrunday I am sure that it will be a Beatles scenario of ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ and maybe a touch of ‘Love Me Do’ as it is Valentine’s Day.
Get up, get running and save the romance for later! See you next week!

Julie Papworth

"I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I'm competing with is me." - Wilma Rudolph

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Run Report Event No. 557 – 31st January 2015

The 557th Bushy parkrun – 31st Jan 2015


If you were one of the 844 people who completed Bushy parkrun this week, then congratulations as you are now fully prepared for the Tough Mudder! It was a bit of a warzone out there today with the early morning rain turning to snow, but so many people still turned out and did an amazing job dancing round or through the puddles.

I should point out here that it stopped pretty much on the dot of 9am, but that did mean that conditions underfoot were somewhat slippery and from my vantage point at the finish line I saw a few people coming in with mud in places that wasn’t caused by it flicking up off their shoes – so there were at least a couple of falls out on the course!

This week I was volunteering, but I did get my fair share of the conditions. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be pulled out of the hat for a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon via my running club The Stragglers and so have added some rare discipline and structure to my training. This week was a ‘recovery’ week so my long slow run was ‘only’ 14km and the other training sessions in the week were also a little lower in intensity and more manageable. This meant I could make a plan with my wife, Emma, that we would both try and get our training in by Saturday lunchtime so we could enjoy a Saturday night and then a lazy Sunday morning as opposed to another early start to meet our friends at The Pheasantry and go for a Long Slow.

This added to the fact that our car died this week meant that the alarm went off early this week to allow me to get in my relevant mileage before assuming my position as timer for the run today. It meant that I started my run about 7:15 in some light rain which turned to pretty heavy snow within about 15 mins. The 14km took me to Bushy Park and then a circuit and a half of the course, which meant I was well aware of the slippery-ness of the pathways – I avoided our 5th kilometre as I was pretty confident it wouldn’t be my fastest or most enjoyable kilometre! I did manage to stay on my feet, but traction was not always forthcoming so I sympathise with anyone who found the going hard!

Anyway, on to the actual run…

The 557th Bushy parkrun

The mud didn’t seem to affect Andrius Jaksevicius and his 16:19 was the quickest time of the day. Following him home was Paul Lowe (16:28) and Anthony Jackson (16:55). It was good to see Anthony again getting on the (imaginary) podium as it was only his second run since May when he suffered a hernia.
Amongst the juniors, Ryan Griffiths (17:42) was first back to the big tree with Harry Matthews just one second behind and Jack Collins (18:16) completing the top three.

As for the ladies, Faye Waterhouse (21:45) was quickest through the puddles, whilst Polly Adams (22:02) and Eleanor Attridge (22:13) were close behind.
Looking at our junior runners, then 3rd lady Eleanor was the first junior finisher with Thea Cummings (22:44) and Poppy Jensen (23:30) finishing off the top three!


Well done everyone!

Milestones and Personal Bests

Amazingly 56 of you ran new PBs despite the muddy conditions, although unsurprisingly none of those people had more than 50 parkruns to their name. Joseph Middleton was the most experienced Bushy parkrunner with 45 laps of our park to his name! Well done Joseph and anyone who lowered their marker this week – you have got to think there is more in the tank when the ground firms up!

Similarly, no-one hit the magic 80% WAVA Age Grading threshold. Although Andrius Jaksevicius came as close as you can get with a 79.98% grading from his 16:19!

The mud and puddles might slow people’s pace and so we are a bit short on PBs and things. However, it doesn’t dampen our runner’s dedication one jot.

So congratulations goes to…

100 Club - Paul Berry, Tim Highmoor, Trevor Read, Caroline Hall and both Wendy and Paul Happs who ran their 100th parkruns today. I guess I don’t know if Wendy and Paul are related, but I am guessing it is no coincidence!
50 Club – Jamie Gleeson, Graham Dillamore and Julia Dallyn all qualified for their new Red T-Shirt this week
10 Club – Juniors Jamie Benson and Maddy Read both ran their 10th parkrun and so will be sending off for their 10 Club shirts in the next week or so.

Well done everyone!


Real Volunteer recognition

I am sure most of you will know that as it welcomed its new sponsor, Tribesport parkrun added a new volunteer T-shirt to its roster of milestone mementos.
However, to be honest I have a drawer full of T-Shirts. What is more exciting is that Carol Dickinson decided to make volunteer cakes this week AND I WAS VOLUNTEERING! To be honest, I would have tried to snaffle one even if I hadn’t been on the list, but this time it was legitimate!


Great idea Carol!

If you could ensure you are doing the same on 14th Feb, 21st Feb and 28th Feb (Marathon training is meaning I am going on a run of volunteering!) then that would be appreciated. And also whilst your chocolate cupcakes are very nice, I probably prefer a plain sponge. Maybe something like a Victoria or those Red Velvet cupcakes are lovely! I quite like brownies, especially when they have cherries in…

Just a thought, but in the main I am not picky! ;O)

Carol (left) with Suzan, Emma and the cakes

First Sunday on the month, I’m in love!

As a little aside, this week in the Run Report, I thought I would look through a little window into the future.
You may have seen all week the stories about how, the Radio DJ, Chris Evans heard about parkrun and particularly Junior parkrun and fell in love. His Tweet…

‘I truly think it’s one of the greatest things that’s ever been thought up. Magical, beautiful, inspirational, do-able!’

…has been retweeted many many times and it will be interesting to see whether Chris gets a barcode and gets to see how do-able it really is!

Emma and I don’t have children, but I really love Junior parkrun and am a little sad to be missing it this week. It is such a lovely thing and fits in nicely with my usual Long Slow Sunday. We often spend the first Sunday of the month by going for a run with our friends, have a quick cup of tea (and scone) in The Pheasantry and then wander down to Juniors to watch the run before going for a second cup of tea at Caffé Nero in Teddington with Kirsty and Liz. When I think about it there are two things really fascinate me about Bushy Juniors

1. The pace that the quicker kids run is awe inspiring. According to the Runners World race time predictor, James Beeks who holds the course record of 6:14 for the 2km course should be expected to do a 16:27 on the full 5km run! It would have put him second in today’s 5km run - And James is only 14!
Amongst the girls, Kirsten Stillwell’s 7:03 would translate to an 18:37 time over 5km which would have seen her finish more than three minutes ahead of Faye Waterhouse today!
I wonder how many of the Team GB middle and long distance runners of the 2024 Olympic games will have cut their teeth at Junior parkrun

2. But equally, I love seeing the sheer joy of some of the runners. The tongue lolling out the mouth as they strive for the line, not seemingly fully in control of all their limbs. The little girls fully dressed as princesses and the boys as Spiderman always make me smile. Equally, there are the runs which are interrupted because a particularly interesting stick has been spotted and needs some careful consideration!

Junior parkrun is exactly what I think big parkrun is about – yes it is about the super-speedy guys – the Andrius Jaksevicius’ of the world, but it is also about the people who are there just because they love the fun of it all. Maybe when we get older the tongue stays in the mouth a bit easier, sticks are less interesting (once you’ve seen enough maybe they lose their irresistibility) and the princess outfit stays in the wardrobes, but the fun is still there. If people only ran 5km because they felt they had to get fit then they would do it closer to their homes, or at a different time from 9am. People run at parkrun because they love it and that it is as Chris Evans says ‘Magical, beautiful, inspirational and do-able!’
That is why I will be there next week – maybe dressed as Spiderman, you never know!
Take care
Andy W

PS. Thanks to Jed Leicester for the photos


In keeping with Bushy parkrun tradition I have celebrated my lazy lie in tomorrow with a glass of bubbles whilst writing this report.

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Run Report Event No. 556 – 24th January 2015

And so that was the 556th running of Bushy parkrun (give or take a hundred and whatever they ran as Bushy Park Time Trial back in the days of yore..) and what a beautiful day it was for a run, or if you’re injured like me, to volunteer.   Blue skies, sunshine and a few degrees warmer than in previous weeks.  As I stood waiting for the 1154 runners to depart I tried to capture everyone in their glory from the bank by the road, but instead I just got a really good shot of the sun getting in my eyes.  Look closely though and you may see a few of the faster runners setting off at the front.  I might leave the photography to the likes of Rodney and Katrin in the future.
Rob 1

Having worked out that taking pictures straight into the sun wasn’t the best idea – at least I wasn’t looking through a telescope – I tried to get a picture of the masses as they swarmed down Chestnut Avenue.  However I think at this point I dropped my phone and by the time I’d recovered it, wiped the mud off and turned the camera back on I had missed nearly everyone.  So instead I ended up with a picture of what Bushy parkrun looks like if you snooze the alarm one too many times… Just the 1100 or so people to try and overtake if you turn up a few minutes late!


Rob 2


So what exciting news have I got to share of Bushy parkrun 556.  As Ray announced at the start, we were honoured by the presence of a real life Olympian in our midst on Saturday.  And none of your London 2012 youngsters either.  Eric Shirley ran in the 1956 3000m steeplechase in Melbourne alongside such luminaries as Chris Brasher & John Disley, finishing a very creditable 8th.  Apparently Eric was keen to break the Top Performers in the 85-89 category record at Bushy and if I have read the website right, it looks he certainly achieved that, with a frankly very impressive time of 32.59 and a WAVA rating of 73.67%.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch Eric at the end for a chat but I did manage to get a photo of him in action down the back straight.  What do you mean you don’t remember the steeplechase barrier by the playground?


Rob 3

Eric Shirley at the water jump in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics Final

Not too far behind on the day but demonstrating the wonderful diversity of parkrun, we had two of the youngest finishers I reckon ever to finish who weren’t pushed round in a buggy.  Big round of applause to Nina who is 6 months and Sophie who is 5 months and an ever bigger round of applause to their mums Vanessa and Shems who carried them all the way in a shade over 50 minutes.   I really hope I managed to get everyone’s names right, my hands were a bit cold by this point so the writing is a bit shaky!


Rob 4

Vanessa and Nina on the left with Shems and Sophie on the right.

So what of the finishers at the sharp end of the field on Saturday?  On a day when many runners reported it being muddy and slippy underfoot, an amazing 132 of you still got a PB.  First back to the big tree was Andrew LAWRENCE in a time of 16.38, the 13th time he has been the first back home.  Second place was an UNKNOWN RUNNER who clearly didn’t want to be slowed down by a small piece of paper or plastic so second recorded finisher was Bushy regular Will COCKERELL with a time of 17.10.  An unknown runner came next so our first official three are rounded out by Aaron FARR in a time of 17.35 which isn’t too shabby at all for a Junior.

Leading the women home in 19.45 was Tracey HARDCASTLE (who by the way is the absolute spitting image of someone famous) followed just one second behind by Julie REYNOLDS with Anna UREN coming home in third in 20.15.  Anna is in the 11-14 age category which makes that time even more impressive.

An amazing eight people achieved an 80% age grading or above so a round of applause and three cheers to the following:
Rob 5

Three people achieved the magic 100 this week, so eagerly awaiting the new Tribesports black t-shirt are Tim Coombs, Nic Wiseman and Sue Bridger.

Six people are now proud members of the 50 club so a ripple please for Mark COOP, Matt CONNELLEY, Kam KAUR, Gavin WHEELER, Laura HOWLEY and Robert NEWBOULD

Nine juniors reached the milestone of the 10 t-shirt so a standing ovation for Greg ATKINS, Imogen DEAKIN, Helena SAMARASINGHE, Bethan DAVIES, Seb BAKER, Adam WATTS, Matilda FISHER-NEYE, Alice CHEVALLIER, Lizzy BOWMAN


After doing my last report in rhyme, I was trying to think of a gimmick for this report too, and I wanted to find some ways to mention those runners who rarely get the opportunity for a mention in these reports.  parkrun isn’t all about coming first after all. I hung around at the end looking for cakes, balloons or bottles of champagne but sadly I couldn’t find anything.  (Mainly because I was a bit hungry and quite fancied a drink too.)  So I had to think of something different…

As it rhymes with rhyme, I thought about using numbers that were ‘prime’... but then I looked at a table of prime numbers and realised there were loads of them between one and  a thousand and I unfortunately do have to go to work at 9am on Monday morning.  So while on Google looking for other number patterns I remembered the Fibonacci sequence, which of course many of you will know was first introduced to Western mathematics by Leonardo Fibonacci although of course it had been used in Indian mathematics in connection with Sanskrit prosody years previously.  Seeing as there are fewer of these numbers, I thought I’d use this as a basis to fairly mention a few people who may otherwise not get a mention in the weekly parkrun newsletter!

1, 1, 2, 3 and 5 have already mentioned above so here goes with the rest!

8 – hello to Andrew Moreton who ran a marvellous time of 17.55 on his 17th parkrun.  Andrew is a member of Elmbridge RRC whose previous members include my Dad and my former geography teacher, Mr Lewis

13 – Unlucky for some but not Chris Rawcliffe who is a Sheen Shuffler and was running his first parkrun at Bushy today.  Interestingly Chris has run 17 parkruns at 9 different venues.

21 – with the nominations out this week, it’s a timely mention for Oscar Crowe in 21st who is another of the pesky juniors from St.Mary’s who run way too fast for an 11-14 year old.

34 – In typical, ‘best laid plans of mice and men’ in 34th was Chris Brimacombe, who may or not have had a mention in previous reports but has certainly written a number of them.  Indeed last week’s brilliant effort was penned by Chris!  Moving swiftly on…

55 – Nick Rowe from the Stragglers was the 55th runner back home on his 101st run at Bushy

89 – and it’s a big hello to Hamish Ironside who on his 79th parkrun finished in 20.40.  Just 21 more runs to go for the 100 black t-shirt... June sometime Hamish?

144 – A very big hello to Gareth Sullivan on the occasion of his very first parkrun!  Welcome to the parkrun community Gareth, I hope you enjoyed it and are coming back again soon..

233 – Someone who would have had a mention before is Dave Griffiths who has completed 289 runs now with an incredible 271 at Bushy.  He’s also run as far afield as Kingston, Crane Park and Warsaw.

377 – Another long timer at Bushy, John Greaves has completed 217 parkruns, getting close to that coveted 250 t-shirt.  John runs for local Stragglers as do another  53 other parkrunners in the results today

610 – In 610th was Claire Georghiades who is very faithful to Bushy Park as all 39 of her runs have come at the home of parkrun

987 – and last but certainly not least was another first timer at Bushy, so a big hello to Gwen Paulo who by amazing coincidence finished in the same time as someone with the same surname - Mel Paulo! Or maybe they came together…

Out of interest, the next few numbers in the sequence are 1597, 2584, 4181 and 6765.  If I ever use the final three in a future run report we’re going to need a bigger park.

Finally no run report is complete in my mind without thanking all the volunteers who give up their time on a Saturday morning to make sure we all get a run.  So in alphabetical order (by first name) many thanks to:

Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Ben DICKINSON  •  Duncan SCOBLE  •  Isabel HESSEY  •  James SELL  •  Jan PRINCE  •  Joe DAWSON  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Joseph MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Joy BELL  •  Ken PEARSON  •  Lisa STEINGOLD  •  Lucy BUTLER  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Merran SELL  •  Neoma LIGHT  •  Niamh LYONS  •  Paul BUTLER  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Paul WOOD  •  Phil BLUER  •  Philip WRIGHT  •  Rachel KEDDIE  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN   •  Romit BASU  •  Sacha KENNEDY  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Teddy SMITH  •  Wendy HAPPS

That’s it for now.  Looking forward to doing it all again next weekend.

Rob Phillips


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