Run Report Event No. 578 – 27th June 2015

There’s a first time for everything…

Bushy parkrun

Bushy First timer Andy Maud in the green vest sets off to be first finisher. 

While the Cowards were away…the volunteers did OK!

Bushy parkrun

It’s all about teamwork at Bushy and we made a great team!

Thanks to the volunteers We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Sharon ANDREW, Suzan BAKER, Phil BLUER, Georgina BRAND, Lou COAKER, Phil DAVIES, Sheila FERGUSSON, Zoe GILKS, Oliver HAINES-FRANCIS, Isabel HESSEY, Ali KENNEDY, Deborah Clare KING, Simon LANE, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Janet LIVESEY, Heather LOCKWOOD, Phoenix LOVE, Yue MAN, Ally MANOLE, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Mark MCKINNON, Isabel MELBOURNE, Andrew MELBOURNE, Glynda MORTIMER, Graham MORTIMER, Diane MULLEN, David PAPWORTH, Julie PAPWORTH, Richie RYAN, James SELL, Lucy THATCHER, Paul D VIVEASH, Anne WOODS

No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time. James A.Baldwin

It may have been the last parkrunday of June but it was a day of firsts for many of us. No less than ninety-one runners joined us at Bushy for their debut lap of the ‘butterfly’ course and we warmly welcomed fifty one novices to the park on what could only be described as the best start to the weekend. Even the cream of the crop, first to cross the line was a first timer at Bushy. Our full team of volunteers included just one first timer, young Oliver Haines-Francis on safety bike, accompanied by his Dad Ed to lead the runners around the course and warn members of the public that there was a stampede of runners heading their way! Pedal power is crucial to fill this role!

Youngsters are more than welcome to volunteer and are usually shadowed by their parent. In this instance, Bushy’s littlest helper this week was towered by her Dad Andrew, but he didn’t steal her limelight. Isobel Melbourne requested her role on token support this week as she was supposedly resting her legs and ‘tapering’ for her Sunday 5k Race for Life.

Bushy parkrun

The pink bucket was more like a fashion accessory as it matched her outfit perfectly as she happily gathered the finish tokens from the team of scanners. I am not sure how much rest her little legs got though as she skipped around the park after her duties were done, refueled with a volunteer’s chocolate brownie. Well it’s all about the carb loading the day before a big race! Good luck Isobel!

It was my first time coordinating the volunteers on the new course and also my husband Dave’s debut role as Run Director.

Bushy parkrun

We were running this week’s event whilst the more familiar figures of the volunteer team were all away for the weekend in North Devon. The ‘Team Bushy’ members were not just there for the tea and scones, even though I am sure they did indulge in this Devonshire delight but they were all taking part in relay teams or supporting at the Wimbleball Half Ironman event in Exmoor. Here they all are, described as ‘happy finishers after the toughest 70.3 Ironman in Europe!’

A huge well done to them all, they all deserve as many scones they can possibly eat and I am pretty certain they will be celebrating in true Bushy style, cheers!

Meanwhile, we arrived bright and early at Bushy Park but alas we were not first to arrive! We spotted Julie Haworth crawling around the grass and battling with the breeze whilst assembling what we first thought was a massage table, only to realize that she was setting up in preparation for her husband’s post run celebration.

Bushy parkrun

In the meantime, Keith was still at home in bed, but thankfully made it in time to run his 251st parkrun and celebrate his milestone run of last week. Any excuse for fizz and cake, sadly by the time I actually made it to the gathering, the supplies had run dry!

First visitor to arrive for his first Bushy experience was Gary Hill from Guildford, whose usual parkrun was cancelled due to Armed Forces Day.

Bushy parkrun

There was a duo of Rebel Runners also in the field for the first time this week. They were taking part in the Medway parkrun challenge which was set up a month ago as their Kent home run at Great Lines Heritage Park was cancelled also due to the Armed Forces Day event.

Victoria Whitlock and Adrien Drew were just two of the 76 ‘Rebels’ who between them attended 34 events nationwide. The group included juniors through to age categories 75-79, two dogs and two boat trips over to the Isle of Wight. In total their challenge included 7,480.60 miles travelled plus a total of 380 kilometres ran. That’s some mileage to cover on a Saturday morning and just goes to show the great lengths that these thankfully well behaved Rebels will go to.

Mob Match

Bushy parkrun was this week the chosen venue for the Mob Match between running clubs 26.2 and Elmbridge Road Runners for a little friendly rivalry. 26.2 won in the attendance stakes with 30 attenders to Elmbridge’s 17 but the Surrey based club were most favorable as they supplied refreshing ice pops to all who took part, a welcome thirst quencher after the heated morning run. There was an abundance of cakes to devour too, not sure who won the bake off though!

Happy Birthday to you! 

Ranelagh runner Ashleigh Ferris returned to beautiful Bushy to run on her birthday with friends. They celebrated with croissants and fizz and just orange juice for her chauffeur friend who was on driving duties to the Berkshire village of Bray in the evening as they were heading to sample the Michelin star dishes of Heston Blumenthal. The 24 year old commented that it wasn’t a special birthday but I disagreed as every birthday is a special one, oh if only to be 24 again!

The Kennedy Clan

Afterwards at the Pheasantry, it’s always good to catch up with parkrunners, volunteers and to chat to people that you don’t really know but recognize their faces. So whilst the results were being processed I spotted the teenaged Kennedy twins Sacha and Leonie doing a grand job sorting tokens. It’s a great sight after the run, everyone enjoying coffee and cakes or bacon buns whilst also putting the finish tokens back into their numerical order. Their weekly fix not only includes the 5k run but these little rituals too. The Ranelagh girls were also joined by their big sister, who has recently started running and was visiting from Glasgow where she is now a Junior Doctor. It is always good to know if there is a Doctor on the premises! Proud Mum Ali volunteered today as she is concentrating on her longer runs in preparation for her next marathon in Bournemouth, her first autumn one though where she is trying to get accustomed to doing her longer runs during the warmer summer months. She told me that her dream in the future is to run a marathon as a family in approximately eight years when the twins are older and to coincide with her 60th birthday. Ali also added that this would be her final marathon too! The girls seemed pretty keen and I believe that this ambitious, fit family will follow their dreams with remarkable results.

So how did you all do at event number 578?

The event was under the directorship of David Papworth whom I must admit did a sterling job for his first appearance in this volunteer role. Give him some glamorous assistants, a stepladder and a microphone (rather than a paintbrush!) any parkrunday!

The sun was out, the sky was blue yet timer Ally Manole kept her cool as she clicked away for just over an hour. She even managed to become a new member of ‘5 clicks in one second’ club and not only did she click five finishers at 23:50 she repeated this achievement some two minutes later at 25:47. I have been reliably informed that she is the first timer to do such a feat twice in one event at Bushy! (Thanks to Rodney McCulloch for this stat attack!)

Bushy parkrun

The Results Bit:

Bushy parkrun

Simon Lane assists Director Dave Papworth with those all important results

First registered males across the finish line:

Welcome to first timer Andy Maud in a speedy 15:21. He plans to be more of a regular at Bushy as he moves to the area next month so watch this space as I am sure we will be seeing Andy’s name appear at the top of the results table in the future. He was chased round the pond by regulars Andrius Jaksevicius in 15:48 and Paul Lowe just 11 seconds later.

Junior Males were: Dylan Evans brought the boys home in 19.38 with Max Zajdler just 3 seconds after him. Luke Mace completed the young male trio in sub twenty with a time of 19.59.

First females across the finish line: Hayley Munn ran the new course for the first time and led the ladies to the oak tree in 17:56 on her return visit since summer 2014 as she now tends to run at Northampton parkrun. Ruth Haynes followed her home in 18:30 with Sarah Winter taking the bronze finish in 19:45.

Junior Females were: Teenager Sacha Kennedy was first to finish for the young ladies in 20:50. Imogen King crossed the line in 22:30 and Sacha’s twin sister Leonie made up the threesome with a slightly slower run for her but an enviable to most time of 23:06.

Bushy parkrun

The technical aspect of parkrun, over coffee of course!


The Stats Bit

How many?

There were 1082 tokens expertly handed out by the delightful duo Lucy and Sheila at the end of the funnel, all scanned and sorted by a terrific team!

Bushy parkrun

Who were they?

  • 390 of the identified field were female and 607 were male
  • 85 declined to register their result or simply had forgotten their barcode (tut tut!)
  • order them online in the format of tags/keyfobs (easily attached to your laces or keys), credit card style or wristbands - impress your fellow parkrunners and never forget it!
  • 91 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park, 51 of these were totally new to parkrun, welcome to our wonderful world!

How fast?

There were a whopping 179 runners who finished the month in style with New PBs! 24 of these participants have 50 or more parkruns to their name.

  • 55 registered runners impressed us with their sub 20 minutes!
  • The perfect ten runners had an age grading of 80% and above –

Mike TREES 17:08 VM50-54 87.45 %, Andy MAUD 15:21 SM30-34 84.47 %, Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:48 SM30-34 83.02 %, Hayley MUNN 17:56 SW20-24 82.53 %, Laurence DUFFY 18:29 VM50-54 82.42 %, Paul LOWE 15:59 SM30-34 81.65 %, Steve SMITH 19:02 VM55-59 81.44 %, Polly ADAMS 20:26 VW45-49 81.08 %, Paul GRAHAM 17:20 VM40-44 80.58 % and Ruth HAYNES 18:30 SW20-24 80.00 %.

The Special Plaudits Bit

Steady, septuagenarian runner Dave Hall completed his 250th lap of Bushy. His first parkrun was in September 2009 and he has been loyal to Bushy ever since. Even though his times may have slowed down over the years, his passion for his weekly 5k hasn’t. Well done Dave!

Consistent junior 11-14 runner Charley Hardwick has also been a regular at Bushy over the past 3 years and today completed his 100th lap just 34 seconds adrift of his PB of 21:57 set in March. Yet another faithful fellow, but add another 40 years to the age category, Alex Fergusson also completed his century this week. However last week he smashed his PB taking 10 seconds off his time set one year ago. Chris Jones is the third new member of the infamous 100 club yet has strayed from Teddington on just five parkrundays. Paula Ryan, Jason Golder and Colin Coburn each have one more lap to complete to be in their gang!

Mark Ronaldson’s Saturday mornings changed in the New Year in 2014 and this week he ran his 50th 5k. All bar one have been done at Bushy apart from when he took part at George parkrun in January. Where’s George you may wonder as I did?! (Answer is South Africa)

Waiting in the wings for their 50 tees are Jon Crews, Pia Bone, David Baker, Tim Foster, Anthony Lalsing, and Philip Bartholomew.

Youngster Joshua Coppellotti was the only junior to claim his 10 runs this week whereas under 10’s Fred Draper and Alex Frost (New PB!) are on a nifty 9 runs.

Confiscated barcodes!

Another one of my duties this week was as a roaming scanner to help relieve the queues and also to support and instruct anyone who wasn’t sure to do with their athlete’s barcode. I was somewhat shocked as to the state of some of them though, several of which just wouldn’t scan. Also the strange places where they were kept or how they were presented to me! Again it was a duty of firsts for me as I was handed sweaty trainers with barcode tags to scan, a foot in mid-air, the new wristbands which are just brilliant, a barcode dangling on the front of a man’s shorts, a very sweaty barcode which was kept in one lady’s bra, plus barcodes pinned to chests and breasts to be scanned! Several people had their barcodes confiscated by school teacher Suzan Baker as she was appalled at the dreadful state of them. We will always accept your paper barcode but this means that the result has to be entered into the results manually which gives the results processor even more work. The moral of this tale is: laminate your paper barcode to keep it sweat free or invest in the official parkrun tags or wristbands.

Just a quick note to Tom Higgins, did you forget something this week?!

What’s on next week?

Don't miss it!

Enjoy the strawberries and cream this week and see you next parkrunday. Anyone for a Pimms?! (Thanks to all who contributed photos, you know who you are!)

Julie Papworth

The first time I see a jogger smiling, Ill consider it.Joan Rivers

Bushy parkrun

Tail runner Yue Man thoroughly enjoys her volunteer role.


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Run Report Event No. 577 – 20th June 2015


Pacers, PB’s and Parties


Warm but windless overcast conditions led to an abundance of fast times this week, and whilst there was a very short light smattering of rain some 25 minutes or so into the event, it didn’t stand much chance of dampening the celebrations of numerous and notable landmarks after the event.

During the pre-event announcement, Run Director Ray Coward passed on the sad news of the death of Robin Dickson, a member of the Bushy community and Thames Hare & Hounds who passed away during the previous weekend. Following a highly successful running career, Robin became a successful coach, having worked with Sonia O’Sullivan, Mara Yamauchi and Julia Bleasdale. He ran in 43 events at Bushy, and attended many more in his role as a coach, often seen at the 3Km point of the old course, providing encouragement to his many charges. His funeral will take place on 7th July 2015 at Reading Crematorium (55 All Hallows Road, Caversham RG4 5LP) at 2.30pm followed by a longer service of thanksgiving for Robin's life at the Caversham Baptist Church, South Street, RG4 8HY.


parkrunners gather for the start

Participants at the start line applaud Robin Dickson who sadly passed away during the previous weekend.


Ray also announced that our parkrun friends in Australia are also mourning the passing of the legendary Ron Clarke, who once broke 12 world records in 44 days and was the first patron of parkrun Australia, so we extend our sympathies to the Australian parkrun community and to all of his friends and family.


Pacer Week

Since skipping a month when switching to the new course, the pacers now run “even minute” times on “even months”.  This week’s team, compiled by Andy Pillidge included one volunteer completely new to pacing and a couple who were taking up the pacing challenge for the first time on the new course (I still haven’t sorted out a landmark for the 3Km & 4Km points – never know if I’m on for a good time until the finishing line). Unfazed, the team did an excellent job, achieving less than a 5 seconds average variance from their respective targets, so many thanks and well done to:-

Stuart Amory                     20 minutes – (this week’s star pacer, who was spot on)

Rob Phillips                         22 minutes

Tim Hurdle                          24 minutes

Andrew Howarth             26 minutes

David Stewart                    28 minutes

Graham Titcombe            30 minutes  (First time pacer)

Andy Wingate                   32 minutes

Chris Tyrell                          34 minutes


This month’s Even Pacer team


The performance of the pacers was perhaps surpassed by many of the field as a huge 179 of you took advantage of the near perfect conditions and our trusty pacers to register PB’s this week, a whopping 20.2% of the identified field (that’s the highest percentage of PB’s I’ve ever reported on), many of these new marks being in close proximity to the times achieved by our pacers.

Eight of you achieving PB’s this week are members of the 100 club, so congratulations to Mike Dennison, Dean Tyler, Susan Howarth, Patricia Gibbons, Harriet Dunstan, Tony Baker, John Flynn

and Natalie Carne.

Despite my allegiance to Anything But United, I should also mention Alex Fergusson who achieved a PB on his 99th parkrun, but hopefully any forthcoming 100 club celebrations won’t involve low flying pizza!


Landmarks Galore

There were not one, but 2 new joiners of the prestigious 250 club this week. Straggler Keith Haworth made his debut at the park some 10.5 years ago at event no 16 when the field was a little smaller – just 31 runners compared to today’s 947. Keith’s son and daughter Gemma and Tom also took part in today’s event.

Also joining the 250 club was Jeremy Hawke who has soared his way to this club in less than 6 years.


One Hundred!

3 runners qualified for their 100 club T-shirts this week, one of those being next week’s Run Director David Papworth. David’s 100 has included 70 runs at Bushy, the other 30 having been completed across 15 other venues near and far across the UK. To mark the occasion his wife Julie ensured she didn’t finish too far ahead of him, and, of course, celebratory bottles were opened afterwards!


David Papworth celebrates joining the 100 club!

Next week’s Run Director David Papworth celebrates his 100th parkrun.


Two ladies joined the 100 club this week; Bushy regular Natalie Carne celebrated in style by shaving 11 seconds of a PB that was set over 2 years ago! (I’m sure she’ll allow pacer Rob Phillips a little bit of credit for that one).  Ruth Ford chose to mark her 100th parkrun by motoring down from North Leicestershire to take part in her first ever visit to the Bushy event; hope you had a great time, Ruth and please visit again!

Four runners qualified for their red 50 club T-shirts this week; they were Orlando Gibson, Jake Vaughan, Manav Bath and Susie Jones.


Susie Jones celebrates joining the 50 club!

Susie Jones celebrates her 50 landmark with gusto 7.5 years after her debut parkrun


Our Ever-Present’s Non T-Shirt Landmarks

Some remarkable landmarks were celebrated by some remarkable people this week.  John Hanscomb, who was one of the London Marathon’s “ever presents” for the first 29 years of the event, ran his 450th parkrun this week, as did his rival to become the 2nd person in the world to reach the 500 club, Richard Fletcher.

John Woods ran within 8 seconds of his PB on his 400th parkrun which was also his 112th consecutive Bushy parkrun!

GB ultrarunner Ramona Thevenet, who leads the female points table, became the first lady to run her 400th parkrun.


1700 parkuns in one photo!

Ramona Thevenet (400), John Woods (400), John Hanscomb (450) and Richard Fletcher (450) have notched up 1700 parkruns between them!


The Speedy Ones

At the front of the field, Andrius Jaksevicius achieved his 13th first place finish at Bushy in a time of 16:18, followed by Jos Mutch (16:24) and Harry Matthews (16:51)

The quickest junior boys  were Ollie Hurdle (18:25) who jumped 2 seconds ahead of the PB he set last week, followed by Rufus King (19:27) and Jack Krohn (19:50).

The first lady back to the big tree was Kate Macharg who ran 19:47 to take an enormous 45 seconds off her PB on her 8th run at Bushy. Next were Ruth Hutton (20:00) and Emily Hogg (20:16).


WAVA Age Grade Achievements

The 6 runners to top the magic 80% mark this week were:-

Ruth HUTTON                                       20:00     VW50-54               83.83%

Michael Philip WHITE                          20:16     VM65-69               82.73%

Ramona THEVENET                              21:52     VW55-59               81.71%

Tony BRACKSTONE                              22:17     VM70-74               81.15%

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS                          16:18     SM30-34                80.47%

Phillip BEARMAN (SNR)                      18:26     VM50-54               80.02%


I’m sure there are many of you out there, who, like me, find performances such as those above incredibly inspirational; at Bushy, we are blessed with so much talent, that we can almost take it for granted that we will get performances such as those listed above. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by the achievements of parkrunners who are overcoming ailments and injuries, completing their first ever 5K runs in their 60’s, and achieving great performances despite being a long way off the ideal runners’ build! I’m regularly trailing in the wake of a regular at Bushy who is not only in an older age category, but is also of a stockier build. For those fellow runners who are also not of a premium runner’s build, you may like to have a look at the below!

The bad news is, this suggests that loosing 3lbs of my 13.5 stones would only allow me to improve my 5K time by 5 seconds! Oh well, it was just a thought….


Mike Page heading for the finish with his buggy.

The new course obviously isn’t deterring our brigade of buggy runners!


The calm before the storm for the timer Stephen Marfleet!

The calm before the storm…


Finally, many thanks to all the volunteers for making the event possible; If you haven’t tried volunteering yet, please consider it and contact Pat McGrath by emailing


Many thanks to Jed Leicester and Debbie King for the photos

Look forward to seeing you all this Saturday.


Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event No. 576 – 13th June 2015


After the past few weeks of big attendances at Bushy parkrun, this week’s gathering of 993 could be considered a relatively ‘quiet’ week, as it was the first time we didn’t reach four figures since the middle of April. Under cloudy skies and a considerably cooler feel than the days preceding it, as the mother nature jolts between Spring and Summer, 993 of you toed the line just before 9am, with 108 of you setting new PBs, 81 parkrunners making their Bushy debut of which 50 were making their parkrun debut, welcome to you all!


993 runners toed the line for Bushy parkrun #576
993 parkrunners toed the line on Lime Avenue


The mystery of why we had a hundred fewer parkrunners at Bushy compared with last week could be explained by some events going on at nearby parkruns. Kingston parkrun was hosting a mob match between The Stragglers and Ranelagh Harriers, as they had 71 and 59 runners representing those clubs respectively. This significantly reduced our Bushy tally for Stragglers, on a typical week we can expect around 70 Stragglers, whereas this time we had just 28! Our local neighbours Crane parkrun were also celebrating their third anniversary and may have attracted a few Bushy regulars too! Happy Birthday Crane parkrun! It’s easy to forget in our regular Bushy parkrun routine how many local parkruns are just a few miles away – Kingston, Crane, Richmond Park, Old Deer Park, Wimbledon Common, Bedfont Lakes, I could go on but you’ll be pleased to know I won’t!

As I was down to write the run report, I decided to volunteer on funnel once more for some ‘funnel fun’, and thanks to an excellent team it all went smoothly once again. It’s easy to take it for granted how much it appears like clockwork every time, but it always requires dedicated volunteers, as well as the very experienced and knowledgeable Bushy parkrunners who understand how the double funnel works!


David Papworth was the ‘action man’ of the volunteer roster this week – doing lead bike, followed by roving funnel marshal extraordinaire before helping RD Ray Coward, and the timer on the day Simon Lane, with processing the results in the Pheasantry! David has performed many volunteering roles over recent months, so much so it appears he has been stuck on 99 parkruns for eternity! There is a rumour going round he might actually run next week and join the 100 club, but we have yet to receive confirmation on this!


David Papworth processing results with help from Ray Coward and Simon Lane
Simon, David and Ray processing results in the Pheasantry Cafe


David was helping with processing the results as he will be making his debut as Run Director on the 27th June, and as many of our regular core team volunteering members will be away on that weekend, if you are available to help on that day then do let Pat McGrath know via and he’d pleased to hear from you! In all a team of 28 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try!


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Ann COWARD  •  Chris BRIMACOMBE  •  Christopher HILL  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Deborah Clare KING  •  Denise MITCHELL  •  Duncan SCOBLE  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Graham TITCOMBE  •  Isabel HESSEY  •  James SELL  •  Jeremy PALMER  •  Jonathan EVANS  •  Juliette JOWIT  •  Liz COLLISON  •  Lou COAKER  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Mark JENNINGS  •  Mark MCKINNON  •  Merran SELL  •  Neville TAYLOR  •  Ray COWARD  •  Richard STEEDEN  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Yue MAN


Chris Brimacombe looking after the kit until next Saturday
It was Chris Brimacombe's turn to take the kit away this week!


Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!


Five clicks in one second!

After Oliver Bezzant became the first timer to click five runners in one second at 26:28 on 15th November, we’ve waited months to find a single second with five finishers, and two come along in the space of a week! Andy Wingate clicked five runners through at 24:12 last week, and Simon Lane becomes the third timer to achieve this feat of quick clicking, at 22:59! Well done to those of you who were part of this quintet! Can next week’s timer Stephen Marfleet make it three consecutive weeks we reach this landmark? We’ll have to wait and find out, maybe if you run in a group, holding hands as you cross the line this might be possible!


Five finishers at 22:59!
Five finishers in one second!


250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

There were no new members of the 250 club yesterday, however Jeremy Hawke ran his 249th parkrun, whilst Ted Fraser (246 runs), Adam Wright (244), Ewen Gibson (242) and Michael Page (242) could all reach this exclusive club over the summer!

Unusually there were no new members of the 100 club this time! However Chris Jones moved onto 99 runs and could reach three figures next week.

A nifty nine runners reached their half centuries this week, and can look forward to receiving their red ‘50’ Tribesports t-shirts shortly, so congratulations goes to: Neil Stewart, John Olding, Joanna Girling, Lewis Jones, Alison Paterson, Tania Sullivan, Louise Sherlock, Moraa Mose and Nicola Ronaldson!


Nicola celebrated in style with her balloon, well done!

Nicola Ronaldson celebrates joining the 50 club!
Nicola Ronaldson celebrates joining the 50 club!


parkrun tourists

From the Lliswerry Runners club in Newport, south Wales, we welcomed three tourists – Bushy debutant Nick Davies (175 parkruns), as well as Julia Davies (80 parkruns) and Chris Davies (74 parkruns), and they are all regulars at Newport parkrun. Gerry Lax (153 parkruns) of the Dark Peak Fell Runners Club and Karen Lax joined us for the first time, and their home run is Sheffield Hallam parkrun! 100 club members Michael Finnie (140 parkruns) and Stephen Jack (133 parkruns) also made their Bushy debuts, thanks to all of you for coming and we hope you enjoyed your morning!


New PBs

Of the 108 PBs set yesterday, none were achieved from those with 100 or more Bushy parkruns completed! The most experienced Bushy parkrunner to set a new PB was Rovena Ndreu, as she ran 27:09 on her 92nd parkrun (all at Bushy) to take six seconds off her previous best! Rufus King ran 20:07 on his 59th parkrun (54 at Bushy) and took 31 seconds off his old PB! Kirsty Rumble ran 23:55 for her first sub 24 time on her 56th parkrun (54 at Bushy), while Joy Brollo ran her third PB in her last four runs, with a time of 25:36 on her 56th parkrun (all at Bushy). Kam Kaur took nine seconds off her previous best, running 23:52 on her 54th parkrun (all at Bushy), and Salima Kara ran her second consecutive PB, with a time of 26:22 on her 52nd parkrun (all at Bushy). Well done to you all!


So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do?

993 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue
993 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue


The results bit

The first finisher across the line ran a blistering 15:52, however the first registered finisher across the line was Belgrave Harrier Andrius Jaksevicius, as he ran 16:09 (81.22%) on his 129th parkrun. He was followed by Chris Whitcombe, who ran a new PB of 16:28 (78.95%) on his 11th parkrun as the only other sub 17 finisher on the day. A further seven males achieved sub 18 times: Aidan Campbell (17:22), Conor Kissane-Wood (17:30), Mark Gratton (17:32), Jamie McCullagh (17:36), Jonathan Ormerod (17:43), Joe Gilbert (17:46) and Alex Rose (17:52).

The next finisher home was also the first junior finisher, as Ollie Hurdle ran a new PB of 18:27 (75.43%) on his 24th parkrun for Thames Turbo Triathlon. The next junior across the line was Paul Taplin, who also ran a new PB of 19:18 (70.98%) on his third parkrun. Three more junior males achieved sub 20 times, well done to: Luke Mace (19:34), Max Zajdler (19:35) and Abdirahman Hamud (19:47).


The first female home was Blackheath & Bromley AC’s Julie Reynolds, as she ran 20:06 (75.29%) on her 21st parkrun. She was followed by Bushy debutant Chiara Borg, running 20:50 (71.04%) on her 32nd parkrun, and next was Polly Adams, running her 373rd parkrun and she posted a time of 21:06 (78.52%), and she was closely followed by Warwick University AC’s Lucia Gobbi, running a new PB of 21:15 on her 12th parkrun.

The next female home was the first junior finisher, as Eleanor Attridge ran 21:48 (71.10%) on her 62nd parkrun, and she was followed by Imogen King with a time of 23:02 (72.21%) on her 80th parkrun. Three more junior girls posted sub 24 times, well done to: Caitlin Cahill (23:28), Lara Nunn (23:29) and Charlotte Skelton (23:33)!


Sorting through the scanned tokens!
Token sorting team, co-ordinated by Oona as always!


Highest age grading scorers

Just two runners managed to achieve over 80% for their age grading this time, and both were gents on this occasion! Andrius Jaksevicius ran 16:09 to earn 81.22% in the SM30-34 category, with Steve Smith running 19:09 which gained him 80.94% in the VM50-54 category! The leading female scorer was Ramona Thevenet as she ran 22:33 for 79.23%

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


Points tables

With 39 events completed in this year’s Bushy parkrun season (October 2014 until September 2015) and another 15 remaining, there’s just over a quarter of the season remaining!

Leading the men’s table currently is Mark Gratton, with 9,252 points, and he almost has an unassailable lead over second placed Chris Brimacombe on 8,294 and Jeremy Langdon is third with 7,635 points, ahead of Andrius Jaksevicius on 7,450 with Julian Diamond rounding out the top five on 7,414.

Leading the women’s table currently is Ramona Thevenet, with 8909 points, and she has a 303 point lead over second placed Polly Adams on 8,606, and Brigid Hibberd is third with 7,495, ahead of Jennifer Darling on 7,381, with Niamh Hyland rounding out the top five on 6,958.

To find out more about the points tables work, and how points are accumulated, please visit the parkrun support FAQ


993 runners toed the line for Bushy parkrun #576


Stats of the day

There were 993 runners – 909 identified, 84 unidentified (8.5% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 909 identified runners, there were:
  • 108 PBs (12% of field) of which 0 were runners with 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 81 Bushy first timers (9% of field) of which 50 were parkrun first timers (6% of field)
  • 109 Juniors aged under 18 (12%) and 152 Seniors aged 19-34 (17%)
  • 648 Vets (71%) of which 96 are 35-39, 269 are 40-49, 236 are 50-59, 47 are 60+
  • 542 males (59.6%) and 367 females (40.4%)
  • Most common male age group was 50-54 (96 runners – 18% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (66 runners – 18% of all females)
  • 144 club runners (16% of field) from 52 different clubs and 765 unattached (84%)
  • Top 5 clubs: Stragglers (28 runners), Thames Turbo Triathlon (11), St Mary’s Richmond AC (8), Elmbridge RRC (7), Sweatshop Running Community (7).


How fast?

  • Of the 993 finishers, there were:
  • 47 runners sub 20 mins (5%), 680 between 20:00-29:59 (68%), 266 over 30 mins (27%)
  • Top 10% time: 21:22, Midpoint time: 26:35
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 38, 51, 73, 69, 98, 79, 74, 73, 66, 59
  • 393 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 78.6 per minute
  • 98 finishers in the 24th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 60739 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 909, averaging 67 parkruns each
  • 398 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (44% of identified field), of which
  • 174 members of the 50 club (19%)
  • 195 members of the 100 club (21%)
  • 29 members of the 250 club (3% of field) – Paul Killick (431), John Woods (399), Ramona Thevenet (399), Simon Greenhill (397), Polly Adams (373), Stewart Rose (370), Derek Blackmore (361), David Tyas (353), Stewart Holmes (352), Paul Viveash (349), Madge Bradsell (340), Mark Gratton (329), Malcolm Taylor (319), Suzan Baker (319), Neil Davies (310), Jeremy Langdon (301), Rory Waddell (297), Ken Pearson (291), Philip Bearman Snr (287), Pat McGrath (287), Duncan Grant (284), Suzie Longstaff (282), Richard Barker (274), Julie Melotte (274), Charles Worth (271), Helen Jones (271), Malcolm Dickson (270), Matthew Wilde (263) and Christopher Johnson (262).


That’s all for now, see you next time, have a good week!


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 575 – 6th June 2015

Upping my game!

In recent weeks, Rob has been getting plaudits for his Run Reports - seemingly solely due to his ability to generate a random sequence of numbers. I thought I should up my game and so am adding an additional media to the equation and bringing you sound as well as words and pictures!

Huge extra value and all for the same price as usual!

All you need to do it click on the youtube links before each section and then flick back to the report for the full ‘experience’.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this on a mobile device which doesn’t support multiple windows then it is not going to work – my suggestion is to work out what the accompanying song is and then just hum it while you read!

Oh and the adverts that Youtube occasionally puts in front of the video will be messy, but bear with me!


A beautiful start to the day

Some days it feels like sitting in the shade of the big old oak is a better idea!

This week the weather was absolutely perfect. I started it with an early morning swim at Shepperton Lake which was lovely. But on arriving at the park it made you remember just how lucky we are to have such beautiful open spaces close to home.

The park was at its best in the morning sun and it pulled a few runners out of their beds as we had the huge figure of 1,117 runners completing a lap of the park.

In fact the weather was so nice, Ray evidently couldn’t see his watch for the glare of the sun and started everyone off a good couple of minutes early. This caused a few panics among the latecomers slowly ambling to the startline and around a dozen people had the first objective of their run as ‘Catch the rest of the field’.

If you are in the foreground of this picture - get there a little earlier next time! ;O)
The 575th Bushy parkrun

Ray starting his pre-run briefing in front of the assembled crowd

This week, like on each of his five visits to the new course Taras Telkovsky (15:44) was first back to the big tree. However, two runners ran him close - Andrius Jaksevicius who’s new PB (15:48) had him only four seconds behind and first timer Jonathan Cornish who recorded the same time (15:48).

Amongst the ladies event, Emma Pallant took the opportunity of her ITU Triathlon schedule taking her to London last weekend to come back to Bushy parkrun. She was the fastest of the ladies, but didn’t record her time and so it is left to Becca Neale (20:01), Joanna Locker (20:21) and Zoe Birchenough (20:58) to make up the podium.

There are no prizes if you don’t have a barcode – albeit in all honesty there are also no prizes if you do!

In the junior event, Kathryn Bartle (21:59) was the quickest of our girls around the course with Caitlin Cahill (22:44) and Annabel Hobday (23:05) following her home.

Amongst the boys, Jamie Millbank’s 17:17 was the fastest time recorded with Aaron Bruce (18:13) and Luke Mace (19:53) his closest challengers.

Well done everyone!

I did think we had a new parkrun global first by having a volunteer with only one arm handing out the finish tokens, but Anne Woods (who has broken her arm) was setting up the finish funnel before making herself useful elsewhere!
Club Membership, New PBs and WAVA Superstars

An incredible 127 runners ran a PB this week – evidently not minding the warmth and enjoying the firm ground. These were led by Bushy regulars like Andrius JAKSEVICIUS,  Richard PARKE, John LYNN, Robert KENT, Robert MOREY, John HARGEST, Nick MACKLEY, Andrew BOARDMAN, Stephen PANKHURST, Salima KARA, Gurthian GHOTRA, Tom HARRISON, Rob HELLIER, Rupert REDDISH and Sadun DE SILVA


The parkrun clubs had their numbers swelled this week and we are now only a few weeks until we should start to see a few of the new Tribesports T-Shirts amongst the field as the new system kicks off at the end of the month. All the people below will be among those adding their name to the lists of parkrun club members

10 Club - Ruby WYBORN, Thomas MILLS, Susannah ELEY, Harvey PITT and Fifi LOBO

50 Club - David RIMMER, Tom HARRISON, Cathy BLAND and Audrey HAYWOOD

100 Club - Robert KENT, Ian PHILLIPS, Richard TAYLOR, Andrew James ROBERTS and Anne MIDDLEMISS

250 Club – Trevor Morris

Trevor Morris joined the most exclusive of clubs and was watched by a bunch of friends and family – however, hilariously he somehow managed to sneak through the finish without them noticing.

They were stood behind me, in my position of timer, with 250th signs and party poppers etc. but evidently Trevor has a future career as a ninja and so slipped by anonymously. Fortunately they recreated the moment and poppers were popped!

New 250 clubber Trevor and his supporters

Despite the big field only six runners hit the magic 80% WAVA threshold – including all the top three, so well done to Taras Telkovsky, Andrius Jaksevicius, Jonathan Cornish, Mike Causer, Laurence Duffy and Steve Low.

Unnecessary arty shot!


Running two by two

This week, we were joined by the Ark Runners. They are five mates who are running 52 different parkruns in 2015. All are regular parkrunners and it was actually one of their number, Rob's 100th parkrun today so to celebrate they chose to do this one at Bushy to celebrate - they even brought along their celebrity catering manager Lee Mack to provide the bacon sandwiches afterwards.

The Ark Runners (l-r) Nick, Jamie, Steve, Steve, Rob and Lee their celeb 'chef'

The team are aiming to raise £5,000 for Noah's Ark Children's Hospice which sounds like a great charity. There's more information about their challenge on Facebook at and if anyone wants to donate they can do so at which also shows you all the parkruns they have done so far...




Postcards from Russia

This week one of our regulars was a little further afield.


Hundred clubber Jed Leicester manages to combine being a professional photographer with being our safety bike on his Raleigh Grifter and one of these two sides in his life took him to Moscow for a few days. Fortunately for Jed, the international expansion of parkrun reached Russia a wee while ago and so he could add an international parkrun to his record.

In Russia there are parkruns in six different cities and Moscow itself boasts eight different runs. Jed ran at the most central of the runs in the iconic Gorky Park. He represented Bushy well with a 25th placed finish (22:19) and chatted to the Event Director who said it was a dream of his to run in our corner of SW London – so hopefully one day we will get the chance to repay the favour and give him the sort of welcome they afforded Jed.


Say hello, wave goodbye

This week was the first for a while without John ‘the Hand’.

He handed in his marshal’s lanyard a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed a rare parkrun as a runner last time out, but this week he was properly gone - a new marshal stands at ‘park bench corner’.

I am sure we will get used to not seeing the big foam hand pointing us on our way and the friendly shouts of encouragement over the next few weeks, but it has to be said that Bushy Park has lost a great addition to our volunteer roster.

John first arrived at Bushy way back in 2007, running reasonably consistently throughout the each winter and disappearing for three months of the summer when he jetted off to Spain. This continued with John averaging around 30 runs a year until 2012 when he stumbled upon that big foam finger and started volunteering to marshal. Since then those 30 runs were replaced by 30 volunteers and he made playground corner his own!

It leaves him with stats of 153 runs and 101 volunteers to his record!

Interestingly, while 99 of his volunteers are recorded as ‘marshal’, the first two volunteering sessions are noted as ‘other’ – I can only assume this was when he was learning his craft and spent two weeks sat in a room with Ray Coward going over his lines…

‘No John! You have to point the runners to THEIR left, not YOUR left!

‘Try putting the foam hand on the other side!’

‘No-one likes being told they are almost there! You are not within the 10% of the finish line window’

And within two sessions he had it perfected!


You don't just learn these skills in two minutes, you know!


I think it is easy to think of some of our most regular volunteers as people who don’t run and so are happy to volunteer, but John certainly doesn’t fall into that camp. Pretty much every time he volunteered it was after a lap of the park and I remember a few instances when he has reported an aggressive stag or fallen log on the course which he encountered on his solo run and allowed Ray to add it to his run briefing notes.

I got the feeling that he loved running, but enjoyed cheering everyone on just as much as so combining a lap of the park with his marshal role was perfect!

Thanks for everything, John! You are a superstar and enjoy Spain!


Right, that’ll do this week.

Sorry for the terrible music choice – it was all because I can’t hear the words Gorky Park without the sounds of whistling and thoughts of following ‘the Moskva’  filling my head.

Take care and see you next week

Andy W

PS. Thanks to Jed and Ron for the photos!

The nice weather even helped the sustainability of transport modes to Bushy Park



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The legendary Sally Willis ran the new course for the first time - accompnaied by two tail runners! And it is good to see Ben (the dog) back!


Run Report Event No. 574 – 30th May 2015


Au Revoir To Our Loyal Helping Hand

Whilst last week John “the hand” Stephens, a regular marshal at playground corner (with the big foam hand), performed his farewell stint as a marshal before his emigration to Spain via France, this week he signed off in style by running a farewell Bushy parkrun in the company of many friends who marked the occasion by stopping for numerous photos around the course taking in what was John’s first run on the new course.


John Stephens and Ray Coward

John Stephens (left) and run director Ray Coward enjoying a post-event drink to mark the end of his much appreciated service to the Bushy parkrun community.



Even the British Military Fitness participants bow down in homage to our much loved volunteer!


John has partaken in over 150 runs and volunteered over 100 times and it is the latter that he reports has given him the greater fulfilment. Regulars will greatly miss the genuine encouragement that he dished out in bucketloads whilst marshalling, but we look forward to him returning to visit us in the years to come.

The glorious late spring sunshine helped show off our royal park in all it’s splendour adding to the occassion coinciding with the time of year when the park is surely at its greenest.
700 metres to go!

John Stephens’ posse stop for one of many photo’s with the marshalls at 2km / 4.3km “intersection point”.
Madge Bradsell and John Stephens

John and Madge Bradsell, whose combined runs and volunteering stints total over 600!


Other Celebrations

Given that this week’s field consisted of an enormous 1,110 runners, there were many other celebrations and landmark achievements taking place...


Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex and Findlay Clay

Birthday boy Alex Clay with younger brother Findlay


Alex Clay celebrated his 14th birthday by running considerably more than 5K within the course as he ran back and forth amongst the field to encourage his mum Alison (making her parkrun debut), sister Isobel and his younger brother Findlay.


The Youngest Member Of The Field

A few weeks ago, during the London Marathon weekend, Thomas Melbourne was born 2 weeks early to provide Dad a happy reason to drop out of this year’s event. So numerous congratulations to the Melbourne family for mum Jenny’s first post-birth parkrun, her son Oliver’s first trip round the new course, dad Andrew’s 200th parkrun and baby Thomas’ first ever parkrun.


Melbourne family

Multiple landmarks achieved by the Melbourne family!


The Results

Conditions weren’t far off perfect for this week, dry, warm but not too hot with a moderate breeze, so there were some particularly impressive performances this week, but, breaking from tradition, let’s start at the back of the field, as this week’s tail runner, Yue Man was performing this volunteer role for the 3rd time this month.  If any of you fancy a turn at this or any other volunteer roles, do get in touch with Pat McGrath by emailing


Tail runner Yue Man encouraging Iris Horrox to the finish

Yue Man encourages Iris Horrox to the completion of her 2nd parkrun!


At The Front

Just nine seconds separated the podium places this week which saw 3 men break the 16 minute barrier, so well done to

Taras TELKOVSKY         15:50     SM25-29

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS     15:56     SM30-34 (4th PB in 6 weeks! Tell us your secret!)

Paul LOWE               15:59     SM30-34


In the ladies event Bushy parkrun debutant Paula Rutherford was first back to the big tree in a time of 18:46; next was junior athlete Emily Thompson whose time was 19:04, with Ruth Hutton next in a time of 20:09.

The Junior male podium places were taken by:-

Jamie Millbank                  17:36

Oliver Haines-Francis      18:11

George Chaplin                 20:01


After Emily Thompson, the next 2 junior ladies were Amelia Maguire (21:47) and Caitlin Cahill (22:35)


Outstanding WAVA Age Graded Performances

Jane Davies returned to Bushy park this week to top this week’s WAVA leaderboard (which was dominated by the ladies this week) with another breathtaking score in a league of her own; For the 2nd week running, 12 athletes made the impressive achievement of scoring greater than 80%, with the top 4 being ladies. Well done to

Jane DAVIES 21:13 VW65-69 98.51% F
Ramona THEVENET 21:16 VW55-59 84.01% F
Bea DOWNEY 20:17 VW50-54 83.65% F
Ruth HUTTON 20:09 VW50-54 83.21% F
Laurence DUFFY 18:24 VM50-54 82.79% M
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:56 SM30-34 82.32% M
Mike BRUCE 20:50 VM65-69 82.00% M
Paul LOWE 15:59 SM30-34 81.65% M
Taras TELKOVSKY 15:50 SM25-29 81.47% M
Emily THOMPSON 19:04 JW15-17 81.29% F
Polly ADAMS 20:30 VW45-49 80.81% F
Michael Philip WHITE 20:51 VM65-69 80.42% M


PB’s Galore

There was an impressive 127 PB’s achieved this week; Of these, a magnificent 7 were members of the hundred club, so well done to:-

Robert EVESON, Edward BUXTON, Peter JEFFERIES, Jude Michael MACNEIL, Andrius JAKSEVICIUS, Jack FARRAR and  Jason Robert Rex FROST (Jack and Jason both joined the 100 club this week).



Well done to Chris Tyrell who joined the 250 club this week, 10.5 years after making his Bushy Parkrun debut at event number 10!

Those qualifying for their 100 Club T-shirts this week were:-

Jack FARRAR, Jason Robert Rex FROST, Jon HEASMAN, Lee SCOTT, Susan LOGIN and Alison HOOD.

And qualifying for their red 50 club T shirts this week were:-


Junior runners Ed Laidlow and Joshua Burson qualified for their 10 club T-shirts this week.


Finally, a big thank you to Julie Papworth for her photos!


That’s all from me, looking forward to seeing many of you on Saturday.

Chris Brimacombe


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