Run Report Event No. 527 – 19th July 2014

The nice kind of rain

 Bushy parkrun spectator

As Emma, our Run Director, said as part of the morning announcements the rain was most welcome this week. It was the good kind of rain which doesn’t really get you wet, but does cool things down enough to improve conditions and allow you to run without sweat pouring down your face.

A had run on the Friday night – my wife had driven round a colleague’s house for some drinks and so I was running to Esher to collect her and the car. It works quite well - she gives me an hour warning and then I can combine playing taxi driver with getting a good training session in! It’s something we have done on a number of occasions, but on this one I was a wee bit late – it was so humid the air was thick like soup and despite running a good 30-45 seconds per kilometre slower than my 10k pace I found myself dripping with sweat and my mind playing tricks as to whether it is justifiable to walk.

‘I should probably stop and look at the map on my phone’

‘Um, I think I know the way to Esher’

‘Yes, but what if it is really Esher borders – i.e. Molesey!’

‘Okay – well just for a minute!’

So after a somewhat disappointing run on the Friday night, I turned up at Bushy unsure as to how I would run, but the drizzle meant things were much nicer – although still a bit steamy – and I managed a far better run which put me in a much more positive state of mind than I had been on the previous night, especially with a 10k race scheduled for the following day. However, without that bit of cooling I think I would have been struggling to get anywhere near a decent pace!


The 527th Bushy parkrun

Not feeling the effects of the humidity this week was Andrew Lawrence who scorched round the course in 16:12 to be the first man back to the big tree. He was followed home by an Unknown Runner with Andrius Jaksevicius not far back in 16:42 and Harry Matthews coming in fourth (17:28). Harry led the junior field with Jack Butler (19:40) and Felix Essex (21:28) following him home.

The ladies event saw Keiko Tanaka home first in 19:43 followed by junior runner Hanna Lidbetter (20:38) and Polly Adams (20:42). Hanna obviously was the first of the juniors with Catlin Wheeler second (22:39) and Sarah Lidbetter third (23:54).

Well done guys and to all of the 786 runners who completed the course.


Special Achievements

The humidity meant that only three runners could break the magical 80% WAVA Age Grading barrier, so congratulations go to Bernie Mulvany, Deborah Steer and Ramona Thevenet.

That said, we did see 88 people set a new PB, 10 of whom have more than 50 parkruns on their record. Well done to Richard Baggott, David Brewin, Duncan Ball, Bianca Hollis, Ian Riley, Dean Tyler, Chris Sheldrake, Frances Overton, Susan Noone and Harjit Jhooti

And nothing stops people’s dedication to parkrun, so a bunch of people joined new parkrun clubs. Ben Liley and Clare Teasdale will soon be sporting their new 50 Club tops, while Stephen Penpraze, Sharon Andrew, Helen Gilkes and Charlie Leech will be ditching their red tops in favour of the black 100 Club t-shirts

Well done all of you!


Pacing pains

This week was pacers week and I was stuck in the middle – the most frustrating thing on pacers day!

To slow to keep up with one, but quick enough not to want to run with the next one! But, I guess nevermind – there is always next month.

This week we had even pacers (20 mins to 34) and as always they did a great job!

So big thanks go to Ian, Rob, Jack, Zoe, Simon, David and Steve for their efforts.

However, I wanted to mention one piece of dedication. Simon Lane has paced once before and felt he hadn’t done a good enough job last time – I think he missed his target by about 5 seconds!!! Anyway, this time around he pre-booked the 30 minute slot with Andy Pillidge (who organises pacers each month) and then did a whole series of practice runs at that pace. Both earlier that week and then also in the morning – it meant that when things got serious he could be more confident and showed it with a metronomic 29:58 finish!

It was noticed as there was a nice smattering of PBs in the seconds just ahead and behind him and he received a comment from one of his pack on Facebook…

Helen Nicol - Thanks to the 30 minute pacer - your practice run was worth it!

Similarly, there was also a comment…

Susan Noone - BIG thank you to the 26min pacer.....hurry up with the texts !

Susan Noone - Got my text ...first PB in 18 months - cheers Jed!

So it is really appreciated and thank you to everyone who comments – it’s part of what makes it one of the best volunteering jobs.


Do you fancy a spot of volunteering

This week you might have noticed a few gaps in the volunteering team. We were a wee bit short and so there were a few less marshals and a few less people on the funnel etc. Whilst this isn’t a huge problem it is a shame, especially as it meant we had to rely on many of the same faces week in week out. I don’t know whether it was the anticipated storms or the summer holidays, but earlier in the week I think we had about 4 people on the roster! It meant this week that instead of having a nice jog around the park our usual Run Director and Volunteer Co-ordinator, Ray and Ann Coward, decided they would help out as the list looked a bit threadbare. People like Ray and Ann will always step in, but they shouldn’t have to!

parkrun suggests that if they want people should aim to volunteer three times a year. Now since Bushy parkrun has had an average of 892 runners per week for the last year we should (in theory) get more than 50 volunteers offering their services each week. We only need half that figure, so we shouldn’t really be scratching around for help!

So I really wanted to put a request out – if you don’t fancy volunteering, then please don’t and there is nothing wrong with choosing to run instead. But if you have ever considered it, then please drop an email to Pat at and put your name down. It is brilliant fun and there really aren’t any jobs which are at all scary - it is a lovely way to meet other people and if things go wrong there is not much which isn’t recoverable.

On registration, all you need to do is scan people barcodes. It something doesn’t work or you can’t hear your bleep – do it again! Worst case when we come to process the results there is a red box highlighting that Runner X is in twice and we click a button to remove the duplicate.

On the finish tokens, this week the guys picked up the wrong bunch of numbers and so the person who came 500th received token 500, but the person who came in next picked up 551! Whoops! Well not really, when we process the results, you simply delete the errant results and it recalibrates! Token 551 becomes 501 and all is sorted – and a bunch of people even get a pleasant surprise.

On the timer, we have two timers and so you get to do a few goes as a practice without it being serious

As a marshal, I guess it is pretty serious if you direct people the wrong way, but I think this is unlikely and since only 44 people this week were new to Bushy parkrun I reckon someone would correct things pretty quick!

There are even a bunch of roles you can combine with running – obviously pacing, but if you fancy learning how to process the results in the café afterwards you would be welcome or obviously we are always keen to get new Run Reporters or people to keep the kit in the week.

Volunteering is fun, largely consequence free and it what allows us to keep doing such an awesome event!


And finally – play fair!

There is a parkrun rule which says ‘No barcode, no result’. Bring your barcode and you will get a result whatever, don’t and you won’t! If you bring a barcode to parkrun and it gets ruined by excess sweat or your rip it in half getting it out your pocket, then we will write down your details and manually input your results into the system. However, if you forget you barcode then we don’t. It is that simple and should be a universal across parkrun.

This week we had a runner who forgotten their barcode, but then had looked up their details on their smartphone and were very persistent in their attempts to have it written down – because their local run is willing to do it. To her credit, Sarah, who was manning the clipboard, stood firm. I know it can be frustrating – you’ve just run, maybe got a good time and now aren’t going to get any acknowledgement when it is so easy for Sarah just to write down two numbers - but we can’t do it as it is not fair.

We can’t make exceptions as otherwise it means you really don’t have to bother bringing your barcode and soon enough the list of 15 or so people we input by hand each week becomes 30 or 50 or 100 runners and then the guys doing the results are drinking more and more coffee in the Pheasantry – that then leads to a caffeine addiction, insomnia, … and it all spirals out of control!

Probably not, but it is a shame that the guy will go away from Bushy annoyed and think we put on a rubbish event, when actually Sarah was just adhering to the rules.

So please remember your barcodes and if you forget it – remember your position and for that week you can be called Unknown Runner!

Hope that makes sense

Anyway, that’s all for this week – sorry for the lack of photos, but I stood in at the last minute!

Take care and see you next week

Andy W

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Run Report Event No. 526 – 12th July 2014

841 runners set off on Bushy parkrun #526

There was a good atmosphere before the start of yesterday's Bushy parkrun, it looked a little quieter than usual under cloudy skies from Volunteer Verge come 9am, but it was still a morning of record breaking achievements, plenty of first timers and tourists from as far as Perth in Western Australia, and by 9:30am it was sunny! We had 841 energetic runners, with 105 PBs, 48 first timers with 25 of those completely new to parkrun, welcome along!

There was a lot of colour among the field as they went charging down Chestnut Avenue, and there was plenty of colour among our volunteers too – with our timer Ally Manole looking resplendent in her home-made poncho of the German flag to support her country in the World Cup Final! I’m sure she was easy to spot as you made your sprint finish! parkrunners Stefan Krueger and Katrin Kroschinski were also attired in the German colours ahead of the big football match! Auf geht’s Deutschland! (Is that correct?!)
Stefan Krueger and Katrin Kroschinski with the timer Ally Manole in German colours

Stefan, Ally and Katrin in their team colours!


I was at my regular spot at the front of the funnel with Phillip Bearman this week; it was reasonably easy to manage the funnel, with the 25th minute being the busiest with 76 finishers. One moment of note was Peter G Smith collecting one of our funnel letters which are used to switch lanes for the very first time! Why is this significant? Well, Peter came up with the double funnel system and use of letters to allow us to switch lanes every 30-40 seconds to potentially double the traffic. Despite dozens of times running through a double funnel – it was the first time he’d received a letter, the letter ‘H’. It was a shame Peter didn’t get the ‘G’ to go with his name, but he’ll need to be about 30 seconds faster to have a chance of getting that one! Although the letters can be prized possessions, just like the position tokens they cannot be kept!

The double funnel system - as easy as A, B, C... but which letter will you get?


In total there was an ever enthusiastic team of 31 volunteers ready to marshal, time and register your run – if you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! Get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he would be happy to hear from you!


Volunteers Margaret Le Franc and Catelin Le Franc

Volunteers Margaret Le Franc and Catelin Le Franc ready to collect tokens from unregistered runners!


Photos wanted for parkrun book!

As part of the 10th anniversary parkrun celebrations, our parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt (CBE) announced back in May there would be a coffee table photo book of parkrun, which will contain hundreds of parkrun photos. Each parkrunner can submit 3 photos, together with a few words explaining the background of each image. Each photo should cover one of five categories chosen:

  • Family and friends
  • Changing lives
  • Making it Happen
  • Four Corners of the World
  • Achievements

To submit 3 photos you have taken from parkrun, and to read more details about this – go to your inbox where you receive your parkrun emails from, and open your last parkrun newsletter email. From there click on “Manage my profile” – which should be just below your name on the right column. Once you have done this, this will open your "My Links" page where you can amend personal details - go to the bottom of this page where you should find the words “My Photos”. Click on that link and you will be able to upload 3 photos you have taken that you feel best represent parkrun, along with a few words for each photo explaining its significance.

So, if you have a few stunning photos from Bushy parkrun that have a great story, don’t forget to submit your pics! Choose carefully and wisely!
Bushy parkrun spectator

An early morning spectator for Bushy parkrun


Without any further ado, let’s get on with this week’s headline makers and record breakers!


Highest age-grading scorers

A super six runners achieved 80% or higher for their age grading, led once again by Jane Davies of Epsom and Ewell Harriers. Jane ran 21:07 (97.47%) to set two new records this week. Her percentage of 97.47% is the highest ever age percentage recorded at Bushy, and her time of 21:07 set a new record in the VW65-69 category.

The following runners also achieved 80 plus scores this week, well done to: Ralph Street (82.96%), Hayley Munn (82.68%), Laurence Duffy (82.42%), Peter Moysey (82.21%) and Merilyn Davis (82.15%).


New Age Category records

As well as Jane Davies setting new records this week, a further two notable age-category records were set in recent weeks. Congratulations to Belgrave Harrier Mike Trees, who ran 15:44 to set a new PB two weeks ago (Event 524, 28 June 2014), for an incredible 94.49%. Only the aforementioned Jane Davies has achieved a higher age grading at Bushy, and Mike overtook Andy Baddeley’s mark of 93.72% in the process. Unsurprisingly, his time of 15:44 was a new record in the VM50-54 category.

Holly Page ran 18:23 (86.85%) for Dartford Harriers AC as first female finisher two weeks ago (Event 524, 28 June 2014). Holly’s time of 18:23 set a new record in the JW11-14 category, with her age percentage of 86.85% being the highest ever grading at Bushy for any female junior runner.

For more info on what age grading percentages mean, visit the parkrun support FAQ


New PBs

Of the 105 new PBs set yesterday, 5 of these were from parkrunners who have completed at least 50 laps at Bushy. 100 club member Julian Diamond ran 19:41 on his 116th parkrun (115 at Bushy) to take 9 seconds off his previous best set back in April. Martin Burton ran 20:54 on his 93rd parkrun (90 at Bushy) for his first sub 21 minute time, and his first PB since April 2011, taking 23 seconds off his previous mark! 89-time parkrunner Sean Broughton ran 20:16 set a new PB on his 66th Bushy lap, while Christopher Jenner ran 23:40, his third consecutive PB on his 64th parkrun (63 at Bushy). Colin Cockburn took 31 seconds off his previous best, running 19:06 on his 61st parkrun (57 at Bushy).


First timers on tour

Of the 48 first timers at Bushy yesterday, 23 had parkrun experience elsewhere – with 7 of these with over 50 parkruns completed! This list was led by Tri Sport Epping runners and 100 club members Brian Longman and Natalie Longman! Brian was running his 136th parkrun, and it was his 37th different parkrun – I won’t list them all here, but they are mostly around the South East, with runs as far flung as Winchester, Eastbourne and Norwich! Natalie was running her 124th parkrun and it was her 37th different parkrun as well! Thanks to both of you for coming, we hope you enjoyed your morning at Bushy Park. Tri Sport Epping club also took some photos of the runners heading towards the finish – you might even spot yourself in there, thanks for the photos too:

Bushy parkrun #526 12.07.14 DSC05538_2

parkrun tourists  Brian Longman and Natalie Longman (Photo courtesy of Tri Sport Epping)


From Masters Athletics Western Australia we had first timers Jeremy Savage (69 parkruns) and Kelly Underwood (64 parkruns). This was their first parkrun outside of Australia, with the majority of their runs being at Pioneer parkrun, Claisebrook parkrun and Canning River parkrun, all based in Perth in Western Australia. They have also done a lot of touring around Australia though, with parkruns completed on the Pacific coastline at Kingscliff parkrun near the Gold Coast, Newy parkrun in Newcastle and St Peter’s parkrun in Sydney, as well as Torrens parkrun in Adelaide and Albert Park parkrun in Melbourne! We hope you had a great time at Bushy and enjoyed our course, thanks for coming!

100 club member Andrew Howard was making his Bushy debut on his 114th parkrun, with 100 of his previous runs at Wanstead Flats parkrun, and he has also run at Clumber Park 4 times and once each at: Gunpowder, Valentines, Rother Valley, Crane Park, Oak Hill, Bedfont Lakes, Barking, Darley and Harrow Lodge. There were two more 50 club members making their Bushy debut: Adrian Field (98 parkruns) and Tessa Valentine (74 parkruns). Thanks to all of you for choosing to run at Bushy parkrun for the morning!


250, 100, and 50 clubs



There were no new members of the 250 club; of those taking part yesterday, the next runners in line are Julie Melotte (247 runs), Helen P Jones (245) and Suzie Longstaff (244).

Unusually there were no new members inducted into the 100 club either this week! However we do have four runners who could collect their ‘100’ black Adidas tees soon, as on 99 not out we have: Stephen Penpraze, Sharon Andrew, Charlie Leech and Helen Gilkes – have a ‘99’ ice cream to celebrate this landmark!

A quartet of runners have been inducted into the 50 club this week and will receive their ‘50’ red Adidas tees very soon, so congratulations go to Matthew Searle, Michelle Bolden, Carole George and Deborah King. Another six runners are on 49 not out: Oliver Edwards, Peter Kennedy, Peter Foot, Chris Gearey, Clive Cheeseman and Rachel Lane.

Carol Dickinson and Suzan Baker were once again at the gazebo (every month on the second Saturday) ready to give out free t-shirts and cupcakes to those who had recently joined one of these parkrun clubs, provided they had replied to the their e-mail and requested a shirt size! There is a long backlog of t-shirts which have not been claimed over many months, and in some cases years! So, please remember to reply to the email you will receive after your 10th (juniors only), 50th, 100th, or 250th parkruns (juniors – please note that the 2km junior parkruns do not count towards t-shirts), stating where you want to collect your t-shirt and what size! For more info on the parkrun clubs and how to qualify, visit the parkrun support FAQ


Fastest parkrun walk?

From my regular spot volunteering at the front of the finish funnel, I’d spotted Richard McChesney had crossed the line in just over 30 minutes, having walked the whole course. He was given a time of 30:15, but as he would’ve started near the back (around 25 seconds for everyone to set off), he completed the 5k just inside 30 minutes! I know we have a regular parkrunner, Susan Login who walks the whole course, usually in around 40 minutes as well. This got me thinking what could possibly be the fastest time for a 5k walk? I’ve just checked online via USA Track and Field website which has the records listed. The men’s World Record is 18 minutes and 7 seconds (Yes, that’s right – 18:07!) which was set by Russian athlete Mikhail Shchennikov in Moscow on Valentine’s Day 1995. I couldn’t find ladies World Record; however the American ladies record was 22:15, set by Debbi Lawrence in September 1991. If anyone else knows of a particularly fast parkwalker, do let us know!


Bushy parkrun #526 12.07.14 DSC05504

Richard McChesney (left) who walked the whole course in 30 minutes! (Photo courtesy of Tri Sport Epping)


Now That’s What I Call A Stat Attack #526!

This week’s Stat Attack focuses on the growth rate at Bushy parkrun. With 29 parkruns completed so far in 2014, this should be sufficient to see if the growth rate has continued at the same pace as in previous years. From the graph below this shows the first 29 parkruns for each year between 2009 and 2014:


From this you can see that the early part of 2014 was full of four figure fields, however in the last 10 parkruns, the average attendance has been 875, compared with 930 over the same 10 week period in 2013.

So far in 2014 the average attendance has been 917, at the same time in 2013 it was 866, In 2012 it was 804, and in 2011 it was 666, so the rate is gradually slowing, down from an increase of over 10% in recent years to just over 5% for 2014.


So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do? 


The results bit

First finisher Ralph Street collected token number one for the second time, running 15:33 (82.96%) on his 12th parkrun appearance (9 at Bushy, 3 at Richmond). The Ranelagh Harrier took 38 seconds off his previous best, which he set on his last parkrun at Bushy way back in June 2009, when he also collected token number one! That’s a gap of 271 events between back-to-back first finishes at Bushy - Is this a record? Probably! Well done Ralph on your run, I hope you don’t leave it another 5 years to take part here!
First finisher Ralph Street

First finisher Ralph Street


The next finisher was Bushy regular Paul Lowe, running 16:21 (79.51%) on his 97th parkrun (76 at Bushy) for Stragglers, and it was the eighth consecutive occasion Paul has collected token number 2! Paul was closely followed by Ben Cockburn, who ran 16:30 (78.18%) for Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC to set a new Bushy PB on his second appearance here (8 parkruns, 2 at Dulwich, 1 each at Orpington, Greenwich, Reigate Priory and Southwick).

Andrius Jaksevicius was the next finisher, running 16:45 (77.91%) on his 92nd parkrun (76 at Bushy). Next was first timer Kristian Lynam with a time of 16:57 (76.40%) on his 14th parkrun, beating his previous parkrun PB of 17:03 from Southampton parkrun (12 appearances at Southampton, 1 also at Gunpowder parkrun). He was followed by Richard Sirrs, who ran 17:08 (75.29%) on his parkrun debut.

The first junior male finisher was Max Wilkinson, running 18:55 (72.42%) on his 112th parkrun for St Mary’s Richmond AC. The following junior boys also broke 21 minutes, well done to: Matthieu Hildreth (20:43), Lewis Traynor (20:49) and Cameron Gibson (20:51).


The first female finisher was also the seventh registered runner to cross the line, as Hayley Munn ran 17:54 (82.68%) for Kettering Town Harriers on her eighth parkrun (5 at Bushy). It was only Seven Seconds Away (I’m sure that’s from an obscure 90s one hit wonder) from her PB, which she set last month. The next lady home was Straggler Sarah Winter, running 19:30 (78.46%) on her 28th parkrun (23 at Bushy). Two more ladies managed to sneak inside 20 minutes, as Clapham Chaser Melissa Galea ran 19:53 (74.77%) on her Bushy debut (fourth parkrun), and Keiko Tanaka ran 19:54 (74.37%) on her second parkrun for B2P Triathlon Club.
First female finisher Hayley Munn

First female finisher Hayley Munn


There were some outstanding performances from the junior girls, led by St Mary’s Richmond AC athlete Beatrice Williams, running 20:25 (76.98%) in the JW11-14 category on her 46th parkrun. Amber George earned the highest junior age grading of the day as second girl home with a percentage of 77.48% from her time of 21:01 also in the JW11-14 category on her 46th parkrun. The following junior girls also got inside 24 minutes, well done to: Kathryn Bartle (21:57), Caitlin Cahill (22:50), Jessica Nicholls-Mindlin (22:55), Caitlin Wheeler (23:10) and Ellen Fraser (23:39).


Points tables

In the gents points table, having volunteered yesterday and gained the full 250 points, Phillip Bearman (Snr) has 9366 points and has extended his lead over second placed Ed Higgins who has 9299 points. The dark horse of the trio is Andrius Jaksevicius on 9141 points.

For the ladies, Polly Adams has 9886 points, with a slender 66 point lead over Jennifer Darling on 9820; Janet Livesey is next on 8920.

There are 11 weeks remaining in this ‘Bushy year’ (October-September) so still plenty of time for positions to change! Looking down the points tables, only two runners are yet to miss a single run – John Woods and Paul Killick. It was Paul’s 49th consecutive run at Bushy, while John has run 61 parkruns at Bushy in a row, dating back to June 2013, and is just 24 away from overtaking Stewart Rose’s consecutive Bushy parkruns record!


Stats of the day

There were 841 runners – 774 identified, 67 unidentified (8% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 774 identified runners, there were:
  • 105 PBs (14% of field) of which 5 were runners with 50 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 48 Bushy first timers (6% of field) of which 25 were parkrun first timers (3% of field)
  • Of the 25 parkrun first timers, 14 were male, 11 were female
  • 101 Juniors (13%), 119 Seniors (15%), 554 Vets (72%) with 47 runners aged 60 or over (6%)
  • 482 males (62%) and 292 females (38%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (92 runners – 19% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (55 runners – 19% of all females)
  • 157 club runners (20% of field) from 52 different clubs and 617 unattached (80%)
  • Top 5 clubs: Stragglers (50 runners), St Mary’s Richmond AC (11), Elmbridge RRC (7), Thames Turbo Triathlon (7), Ranelagh Harriers (6)


How fast?

  • Of the 841 finishers, there were:
  • 45 runners sub 20 mins (5.4%), 588 between 20:00-29:59 (69.9%), 208 over 30 mins (24.7%)
  • Top 10% Overall/Male/Female time was 20:53/20:18/23:39
  • Midpoint Overall/Male/Female time was 26:06/24:27/28:32
  • Minute-by-minute number of finishers 20-29 minutes: 45, 54, 56, 69, 64, 76, 69, 59, 52, 44
  • 337 finishers between 23:00 and 27:59, average of 67.4 per minute
  • 76 finishers in the 25th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 52557 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 774, averaging 67.9 parkruns each
  • 340 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (44% of identified field), of which
  • 155 members of the 50 club (20%)
  • 158 members of the 100 club (20%)
  • 27 members of the 250 club (4% of field) – John Hanscomb (414 parkruns), Richard Fletcher (402), Paul Killick (383), Simon Greenhill (359), Kirsty Bangham (355), John P Woods (349), Ramona Thevenet (349), Polly Adams (331), Ciaran Murphy (324), Derek Blackmore (321), Paul D Viveash (321), Stewart Rose (320), David Worth (314), Liz Collison (314), David Tyas (310), Walter Cormack (307), Stewart Holmes (306), Madge Bradsell (303), Dale Durrans (293), Sheila Fergusson (286), Malcolm J Taylor (274), Richard Barman (270), Wally Garrod (257), Phillip Bearman Snr (256), Jeremy Palmer (264), Dave Griffths (264), Shane McDermott (261), Ken Pearson (259) and Jeremy Langdon (255).


Taken tokens tally: ONE – 309. If you finished on or around this position, please check bags, pockets or down the back of the sofa to see if you took one by accident, if you find one, please return it next week!


Don’t forget next Saturday it’s time for the pacers again – even numbered pacers this month between 20 and 34 minutes!


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 525 – 5th July 2014

Well, that was dramatic

This weekend was always going to be a big one for the sporting public with a myriad of events attracting attention – the football World Cup quarter finals, Wimbledon tennis finals, GB Grand Prix and of course the start of the Tour de France (and in Yorkshire to boot!) – however, it will come as no surprise that Bushy parkrun competed with the best of them for drama!

Runners ready to go at Bushy parkrun #525

Bigger than a bike race in Yorkshire

This week with all the distractions we had a slightly smaller than usual field of 833 runners complete the course. Whereas up North only 198 started the ‘Grand Boucle’ and so was a considerably smaller event than our one – I guess they get more TV coverage and an estimated 1,000,000 people lined the course from Leeds to Harrogate, but we have never counted the number of spectators around the park and there’s often at least half a dozen over by Hampton Wick Gate.


Move over Federer/Djokovic and Kvitova

Runners set off on Bushy parkrun #525

This week, we saw Andrius Jaksevicus perform Novak Djokovic-like and record the fastest time with a 16:46 lap of the park. Not too far behind was our first junior runner, Jamie Millbank (17:22) with Jonathan Ormerod (17:24) hot on Jamie’s heels. Harry Matthews (17:42) and Samuel Shaw (18:43) completed the junior top three.

Whilst in the ladies event, Charlotte Fortune was the Petra Kvitova of our run coming home first with a time of 18:55, whilst Clare Graham (19:43) just pipped Tracey Hardcastle (19:51) back to the big tree.

The juniors saw Caitlin Wheeler (23:18) first home with Zoe Dennison (24:05) just a second ahead of Ursula McNicol (24:05)

Well done everyone


Landmarks and milestones

This week 87 runners set new PBs, with special congratulations going to Hannah Bye, Andrew Sell, Debbie Aitken and Barbara Tanton on their new markers!

Only two runners recorded a WAVA Age Grading over 80% so congratulations goes to Pippa Major and Ramona Thevenet.

Well done to William Gilroy-Scott, Margaret Manship and Isobella Miller on joining the junior 10 Club. Heather Lockwood, Sam Fraley and Simran Bal all completed their 50th run and Philip John and Philip Wright entered the 100 club this week.


Jenson Button award to being around for ages*

Continuing with my ripping off other sports – I wanted to say congratulations to Sarah Dixon on her 200th run! Brilliant running Sarah and thank you for the very lovely cake!


Not quite Neymar’s fractured vertebrae, but painful enough

As always, we had a fair few first timers out at Bushy and as usual these were made up of a combination of people new to parkrun completely (43 runners) and people who have run at other parkruns coming to our run to see what it is like (29). However, sadly one of the people in the second group saw a different side of Bushy parkrun and didn’t collect a finish time.

Ian Footitt usually runs up in Manchester, but was in the area visiting family and so decided to take in our event. It was largely uneventful up to about 1 mile in when he clipped the foot of the runner in front and when over on his ankle. He couldn’t put any weight on it and so had to stop and was fortunate enough that two of our runners stopped to help. Kirsty Bangham and Emma Wingate checked on Ian, realised it was serious and so ran back to the start to get some help. Volunteer Andy Pillidge then drove up to get Ian and his somewhat balloon-like ankle and took him back to the main carpark where he could get some help – and a coffee and bacon sandwich. Ian then made some calls before a trip to Kingston General Hospital concluded his parkrunning efforts for the day!

We are very lucky that events like this are few and far between, but are thankful to our runners for their help when something does happen.

So a big thank you goes to Kirsty and Emma for stopping and obviously Andy for helping out. Our thoughts go to Ian and we hope he is back at South Manchester parkrun soon enough and maybe we will see him again at Bushy completing his lap.

Once back to the startline, Kirsty realised that as she doesn’t have a DNF on her athletic record so far and Saturday wasn’t going to be the first one, so both her and Emma started out again. Their finish time of 1:07:45 is not spectacular, but there is a story to tell!

And brilliantly while they rounded the last tree, Kirsty laughed with Emma…

‘This is perfect – coming in just over an hour means that people think we are simply the super-fast people doing a warm down lap’


Rules, rules, rules…

Usually these run reports are full of trivia and frippery, but I was asked by Ray C to add in one serious point. As you all know, parkrun is a slightly strange event being free to take part in and staffed exclusively by volunteers. We try at all times to maintain the inclusivity of the event and aim to celebrate every runner’s performance not just those who may cross the line in 16 minutes or so – which is why we always try to refer to a ‘First Finisher’ rather than a ‘Winner’ etc. There are generally very few formal rules – we don’t ask you to wear a race number, or register your appearance on the day etc.

However, as a running event parkrun does fall under the authority of UK Athletics and as such there are a couple of rules which we absolutely must adhere to as part of our agreement with UKA.

  1. Dog runners are welcome to take part, but we ask you to only run with one dog and it must be kept under control on a short (non-extending) lead.
  2. Children under 11 years old are welcome to run, but must be accompanied all the way round by an adult.

This is pretty much the only thing we enforce and we need to as if we are seen to flout this our insurance is invalidated and we could get into some serious trouble.

Hope that is simple enough.

Outside of those two point you can do largely what you like – run, walk, skip if you are so minded, wear tutus or superhero costumes, whatever…!!!

Runners set off on Bushy parkrun #525


Were you even trying?

As usual, Emma and I were enjoying our coffee and cake at the Pheasantry after the run and catching up with some of our friends after being away on holiday last week. Once I had helped Ray out with the results and they were off to the parkrun HQ servers for processing I sat down with a few people, including Suzan Baker. Suzan had enjoyed a somewhat leisurely 5k crossing the line sometime outside 33 minutes – a good 8 minutes slower than her PB and 3 minutes outside the average time of her 264 laps of Bushy Park. When he text message came through she laughed at how the regular format of the message did not really apply to her. She felt that…

CONGRATULATIONS on completing your 289th parkrun and 264th at Bushy parkrun today. You finished in 728th place and were the 230th female out of a field of 833.

…didn’t really cut it! And so thinks parkrun HQ should create a more tailored service.

Her suggestion is a slightly more complicated algorithm to create the email - So that if you are more than 3 minutes slower than you have been running recently it says something more like…

I guess in theory you have completed your 289th parkrun, but were you really trying?

Or maybe you could register a couple of likely co-conspirators and if Suzan is slower than usual and comes in within a couple of places of Emma Wingate or Carol Dickinson then her email says…

Another 5k of chatting, huh Suzan! Which got more exercise your jaw or your legs?

Or similarly, if she is quick and close to pacer supremo, Michael Lonergan, it could be…

Well done, Suzan, great run – how much were you cursing at Michael going down that 4th kilometre.


I guess it might mean a whole load more complexity for the folks at HQ, but it adds that personal touch! Any other ideas request before we put the idea to PSH?


And finally - Don’t forget your barcode, or else…

Jed, Tom and Flossie - (silly hat - models own!)

Before the run this week, I was chatting to Jed Leicester who was down to volunteer with his two children. Florence and Tom have accompanied Jed in a variety of volunteering roles over recent months – and in fact Flossie was the youngest ever parkrun pacer a couple of months ago when she (accompanied by Jed) carried the 32 minute flag around the course in an oversized bib gathered at the back with gaffer tape to stop it drowning her!

However, this week it was Tom who made me smile – with the comment of ‘After the start, I am going to do some skinning!’ Officially, I know Jed was allocated Registration as his volunteering role this week and certainly I saw Flossie scanning people’s barcodes, but from my position on far side of the finish line I couldn’t always see what the young Mr Leicester was up to - I can only assume our Event Directors, Ray and Hayden, have got tired of people continually forgetting their barcodes and have enacted some more punitive penalties!

Harsh, but I guess you won’t forget it twice!!!

Scanning team
The Registration team includes Flossie - note Tom is nowhere to be seen. Evidently he had business to be done elsewhere


Anyway, that’ll do for this week.

Take care

Andy W

PS. Thanks to Rodney McCulloch and Stephen Penpraze for the photos


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Run Report Event No. 524 – 28th June 2014

How lucky we were with the weather!


The Deer enjoying the morning sunshine

Perfect weather conditions made for another fantastic parkrun morning, as 930 runners gathered at the start line. The weather had been mixed recently, with showers forecasted this morning, but rain or no rain, it was business as normal.

Runners gathering at the start
Run 02 - The Start


Before the 9am start, Hayden Matthews, the Event Director was making his announcements to the 930 runners lining up, welcoming the runners, ‘good morning Bushy Park parkrun’. His announcements included giving a gentle reminder, ‘please give consideration especially to the public and other runners’.

The atmosphere was great, I was Timer, and at 9am I was ready for Hayden Matthews to give me the go ahead, and press the start button and send the runners off.

The runners set off

Heading towards Teddington Gate



The Barcode Scanners
Run 03 - The Scanners

What an awesome team supported by Sarah Finney whose job it was to take down runners details if the runner’s barcode would not scan.

I hope no tokens went missing, but if you did find you had taken one home by mistake, please bring it back next week. 

Funnel Management – The Double Funnel

As the 930 runners were completing the course, I was timing them!


Simon Lane timing
Run 14 - The End

I was supported by the wonderful Lou Coaker who was directing them down the Double Funnel supported by Rodney McCulloch.


Lou Coaker directing the runners down the double funnel

Run 13 - The Marshal

The Double Funnel in action

First Timer from Kuching in Malaysia (on the island of Borneo)

Liang Lu
Run 01 - Liang LU


Liang Lu arrived in Teddington last month from Kuching in Malaysia. At 27 years of age, and a keen amateur runner, he is normally used to running in high humidity. So Bushy Park and the English weather made a huge welcome change.

This was Liang’s first Bushy Park parkrun….and it was also his first competitive run. He was delighted to finish 268th out of 930 runners in a time of 23:20. Liang has every intention of improving his position and times, many congratulations Liang, and we look forward to seeing back again next week.


Liang Lu on the final straight
Run 12 - Liang LU

The results

Out of the 930 runners there were 23 New Timers, of which 12 completed their first parkrun at Bushy Park, and 52 runners achieved a new Personal Best (New PB), 6% of the field. The first man over the finish line was…

Andrew Lawrence in a time of 15:41, New PBfinishing ahead of Mike Trees, in 15:44, New PB, and Will Mackay, in 16.02, 1st Timer at Bushy Park.

Andrew Lawrence
The ladies were led home by Holly Page, in 18.23, ahead of Sarah Kingston in 19:01, and Dee Smale in 19:05

Holly Page

Philip Wright will be completing his 100th run next Saturday, many congratulations.

50 parkruns

Completing 50 runs and earning their well-deserved 50 t-shirts were;

Eliza Cottingham, William Naylor, Andy Simmonds, Michael Newman and Caroline Perry.

Getting closer to the 250 mark

is Julie Melotte on 246 runs, a fantastic volunteer as well as a good runner, keep going Julie!

Age Gradings over 80% this week were

Andrew Lawrence, Will Mackay, Philip Pearson, Lawrence Duffy, Sarah Kingston, Bernie Mulvany, Dee Smale & Ruth Hutton, congratulations to all of you.

Age Gradings 90%

Mike Trees (94.49%) & Jane Davies (VW 65-69) 95.74%

Fantastic achievement, many congratulations.

And finally thank you to Ed Higgins and his brother Tom for looking after the kit


I helped Ed get the 23 poles into his car, he was being assisted by his brother Tom taking the kit home, so many thanks to both of them, but Tom wasn’t available for the photo.

The rain was coming in so we made for the Pheasantry for a well-deserved coffee.

RAIN CLOUD - the rain held off for the parkrun, if not the rest of Saturday!


Before I go, a massive thanks to Peter Denton & Rodney McCulloch for the photos

Enjoy running, be safe, see you all next week and please DFYB (Don’t forget your barcode).

Simon Lane


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Run Report Event No. 523 – 21st June 2014

What A Knockout Remedy!

Some 14 hours after the confirmation that our National football team had suffered their earliest ever exit from a world cup tournament, there was achievement and celebration aplenty among the 928 who chose to spend part of the Summer Solstice by completing a lap of Bushy Park in weather conditions that showed off our beloved park in all its splendour and glory.

The Dianna Fountain under a cloudless mid-summer’s day sky

This Week’s Results
Mike Trees collected his 24th 1st place finish today by finishing in a time of 16:05 achieving a magnificent 92.44% WAVA age grade points.

Mike Trees

Next to the big tree was Gus Upton in 16:14 marking an impressive parkrun debut.
Andrius Jaksevicius was just a further 7 seconds back in 3rd place.

Jenna Hill from St Mary’s UC AC was the first female finisher in 17:40.


The second lady home Keiko Tanaka achieved a time of 19:39 on her parkrun debut. Beatrice Williams was the 3rd lady home in a personal best time of 19.54.

The first 3 Junior male finishers were Samuel Shaw (18.43), Matthieu Hildreth (20.47) and Ben Frampton (20.49)
The first 3 Junior females were Beatrice Williams, Caitlin Wheeler (23.47) and Madeleine Anne Lynes (25.21)

3rd Week Of An Even Month – Odd Pacers

Once again Andy Pillidge did a great job of organising a team of pacemakers covering 21 mins - 35 minutes.
Many thanks to:-
Ian Fullen – 21 mins (100 run today)
Joanne Bourne – 23 mins
Matthew Jaquiss – 25 mins
Jack Kennedy – 27 mins
Simon Lane – 29 mins (first time pace-maker)
Vince Gannon – 31 mins
David Stewart – 33 mins
Steve Todd – 35 mins

The team can surely claim partial responsibility for the impressive 150 PB’s achieved today, and as my wife Rowena knocked a whacking great 66 seconds off her PB on her 44th parkrun, there is particular gratitude for your services from the Brimacombe household.
5 members of the 100 club achieved PB’s today – well done to Andrew Melbourne, Stephen Adu, Lucas Roberts, Candice Goddard and Fiona Whatley. 15 members of the 50 club achieved PB’s today including Hilary Thomson who also joined the 50 club today.

Three Quarters Of The Way Through The Male / Female Points League Competition
There are 14 more parkruns left to accumulate points in this year’s Male and Female points league competitions. The Male points league sees a 2 way tussle at the top of the table which may result in one of the closest finishes ever. Ed Higgins is just 14 points ahead of Phillip Bearman (Snr), but when remaining maximum point scoring volunteering opportunities are taken into account, the pair can be considered to be virtually neck and neck and finished 11th and 12th respectively today. Andrius Jaksevicius is in 3rd place.
Polly Adams, Jennifer Darling and Janet Livesey occupy the top 3 places of the Female points league.

Milestones from Event No 523

Congratulations to Richard Fletcher who completed his 400th Park run today (all except 8 at Bushy Park). Having run his first parkrun at event 77, this represents a “hit-rate” close to 90% since starting!
Another significant milestone was achieved by Madge Bradsell who completed her 300th run at Bushy park today. Madge has run all of her 1,500 park run kilometres at Bushy Park.
There were 2 new joiners to the 100 club today; well done to David Wicks and Ian Fullen who have both completed all of their 100 parkruns at Bushy.
Ian marked the occasion by taking the 21 minute pace maker flag which was suitably decorated in silver tinsel in honour of his milestone.
Hilary Thomson, Claire Ferguson and Daniel De France joined the 50 Club today.
There were 30 Parkrun first timers today.

Tourists From Afar
We were privileged to host parkrun tourists from afar yet again this week. Dawn and Graham Vollner are regular runners at Ebotse Park in Benoni, South Africa and are on a 3 week trip to the UK. They plan to follow up their debut at Bushy today with visits to the Wimpole and Huntingdon parkruns. Graham made a point of volunteering at his home park run last week to ensure that he could join the 50 club during his outing at the cradle!

Graham and Dawn
Graham and Dawn Vollner

Even further afield were visitors from the Diamond Creek parkrun in Melbourne, Australia. Toni Keywood completed the course with her delightful daughters Jessica and Emily (probably the youngest participants to have completed the course under their own steam today!)


Many thanks to Rodney McCulloch and Suzan Baker for the photographs.
See you all soon…

Chris Brimacombe

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