Run Report Event No. 544 – 15th November 2014


How I learned to stop worrying and love the mud (again)


There was a distinct chill in the air early yesterday morning as the mist lingered in the royal park, and the trees lining Chestnut Avenue were beginning to look bare. The soft and muddy conditions underfoot for the first and last kilometres meant some of you dusted off the trail shoes for the first time this winter. However it was business as usual with another four figure field as 1013 eager parkrunners toed the lined with 154 new pacer boosted PBs, 56 Bushy first timers with 37 of you completely new to parkrun, welcome along!


1013 parkrunners getting ready for Bushy parkrun #544
1013 runners getting ready for Bushy parkrun #544



As it is an odd numbered month, we had some even numbered pacers yesterday to help assist your pursuit of a PB, as well as a couple of bonus odd numbered pacers for the very busy 25 and 27 minute targets, thank you to:


20:00 – Jeremy Palmer, 22:00 – Andy Wingate, 24:00 – Tim Bowden

25:00 – Jonathan Cox, 26:00 – Andrew Howarth, 27:00 – Jack Kennedy

28:00 – Vince Gannon, 30:00 – Steve Todd, 32:00 – Jo Bourne, 34:00 – Matthew Jaquiss




With 154 PBs on the course, clearly the pacers had the desired effect – this figure was only seven fewer than the 161 achieved on the tenth anniversary run which had nearly 700 more runners! Well done to the pacers for their metronomic pacing – special mentions to Jack Kennedy and Matthew Jaquiss who ran their exact time targets of 27 and 34 minutes respectively, while Vince Gannon was only one second outside his 28 min goal with 28:01, and all but one of the pacers were within ten seconds of their target!


If you think you can manage some metronomic pacing, then do get in touch with pacer co-ordinator Andy Pillidge via email at and he’d be pleased to hear from you!



You can’t have a funnel without having fun

From my perspective volunteering at the front of the double funnel, I was looking forward to some funnel fun once again, marshalling the runners through the funnel together with an excellent team on the day. I was with Peter Filmer giving out letters and directing runners through the funnel, and it was certainly a very busy morning for the funnel team and particularly our two superb timers on the day – Hayden Matthews and Oliver Bezzant. There were two separate minutes which reached three figures, as there were 114 finishers between 26:00 and 26:59, and 100 between 24:00 and 24:59! The 26th minute in particular had two notable landmarks achieved…

Funnel Traffic Bushy #544
Two minutes reached three figures for finishers



With 114 finishers in the 26th minute, this was the seventh busiest ever minute at Bushy parkrun – the first six all occurred as part of the record breaking field of 1,705 on 4th October last month. The top 10 busiest ever minutes are shown below:

Top 10 Busiest minutes at Bushy parkrun


The second notable landmark was a brand new record on the day which stands as a benchmark for all future aspiring timers – FIVE clicks were achieved in a single second for the very first time! Of the two timers on the day, I believe 11 year old Oliver Bezzant’s timer file was used to process the results, so he gets the honour of being the first timer to achieve five clicks in a second, well done Oliver!


Five clicks in one second - 26:28
Five finishers in one second!


For the tenth anniversary run, the timer on the day Ally Manole clicked an astonishing 45 separate seconds with four finishers, so there was speculation that five clicks might not be possible – at least now we know otherwise! Will there ever be a second with six finishers?

In total there was an ever enthusiastic team of 31 volunteers ready to marshal, time and register your run – if you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! Get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he would be happy to hear from you!



parkrun tourists

We had several parkrun tourists visiting our royal park yesterday, the furthest traveller being 31 time parkrunner Roman Krajniewski from Poland! Of his previous 30 runs, 29 were by the Baltic port of Gdansk, with one run at Gdynia parkrun. Thanks for coming Roman, we hope you enjoyed your morning with us!

From Sheffield Hallam parkun we welcomed Jenn Dick on her 21st parkrun. Her previous 20 runs were all at Sheffield Hallam, while Nonsuch parkrun regular Adam Hammond was making his first run at Bushy on his 39th parkrun (38 runs at Nonsuch). Another Bushy first timer was Richard Sturdy on his 30th parkrun, Richard has run at several parkruns across south west London, as well as Milton Keynes parkrun. Thanks to all of you for coming, we hope you had a good time with us!

250 club member and Banstead Woods regular Stephen Cooney (258 runs at Banstead) was taking part in his fourth Bushy parkrun, and Stephen has also run at several other parkruns across London and the south east.



250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

There were no new members of the 250 club yesterday, however of those taking part, two parkrunners have moved on to 249 and could collect the bling top very soon – Richard Barker and Phil Bluer!




Two runners joined the 100 club this week – Hardev Bal and Glen Washington, well done guys! Soon you can replace red with black! One more runner could collect his ‘100’ black Adidas tee very soon, as Bruce McLaren is on 99 not out.

A terrific trio of runners joined the 50 club this week and will collect their ‘50’ red Adidas tees very soon – well done to Natty Powers (who ran a new PB), Paul Blezard and Mary Whitby! Another six runners are just one away from joining this club – Graham Perryman, Michael Axton, Richard Moore, Angela Macson, Jane Stenning and Malcolm Warner.

Two new members of the junior 10 club this week, well done to: Laura Ruff and Phoebe Symmons. Another seven juniors are one away from receiving their ‘10’ white Adidas tops – Ed Laidlow, Katie Tuckwell (new PB), Kieran Stevenson, Oliver Fetherston-Dilke (new PB), Noah Carroll, Peter Walpole and Isabel Melbourne (new PB).


Please remember to reply to the email you will receive after your 10th (juniors only), 50th, 100th, or 250th parkruns (juniors – please note that the 2km junior parkruns do not count towards t-shirts), stating where you want to collect your t-shirt and what size! For more info on the parkrun clubs and how to qualify for a t-shirt, visit the parkrun support FAQ



New PBs

Of the 154 PBs, three were achieved by those with over 100 Bushy parkruns completed. David Spencer ran 19:41 on his 137th parkrun (121 at Bushy), taking over a minute off his previous best, while Philip Miles ran 24:57 for his first ever sub 25 time on his 120th lap at Bushy (124 runs overall). Oren Paynton just dipped under 22 minutes, running 21:59 on his 114th parkrun (112 at Bushy), taking 26 seconds off his previous best, well done guys!

96 time parkrunner Donald Bell (88 runs at Bushy) ran 32:48 to take 15 seconds off his previous best which was set in September 2013, well done Donald! Other notable PBers from 50 club members include Kathryn White, Glennis Pye and Pam Franks, well done ladies!


1013 parkrunners getting ready for Bushy parkrun #544

So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do?



The results bit


First finisher Taras Telkovsky
First finisher Taras Telkovsky


Collecting token number one for the second time was Belgrave Harrier Taras Telkovsky, running 16:27 (78.42%) on his 14th parkrun (all at Bushy), and he was closely followed by Bushy regular Andrius Jaksevicius with 16:29 on his 105th parkrun (89 at Bushy). Andrius was absent last Saturday as he finished second in the Ballbuster Duathlon on Box Hill! Completing the trio of sub 17 finishers was Bushy first timer James Silvey, running 16:36 (81.63%) on his fourth parkrun. Fourth finisher overall was Belgrave Harrier Will Cockerell in a time of 17:06 (79.82%) on his 66th parkrun (52 at Bushy), and the next runner home was the first junior as Harry Matthews ran 17:32 (77.00%) on his 135th parkrun (125 at Bushy) for St Mary’s Richmond AC. After Harry there were a further four junior males who achieved sub 20 times, well done to: Mike Price (18:57), Cameron Gibson (19:11), Cameron Chisholm (19:36) and Christian Harper (19:58).


First female finisher Annabel Gummow
First female finisher Annabel Gummow


Annabel Gummow was the first female finisher for the second time, running 18:27 (80.22%) for Bristol & West AC on her third parkrun (all at Bushy). Next was Sabrina Cant, running a new PB time of 20:42 (72.71%) on her 11th parkrun (all at Bushy), and she was closely followed by Bushy regular Polly Adams, who ran 20:49 (79.58%) on her 346th parkrun (338 at Bushy). A further three females sneaked inside 21 minutes – Nikki Nicholson (20:52) and Bushy first timers Julie Reynolds (20:54) and Jenn Dick (20:58).

The first junior girl home was Megan Fisher, who ran a new PB of 21:45 (71.26%) on her 7th parkrun (all at Bushy). The following junior girls all finished inside 24 minutes, well done to: Caitlin Wheeler (22:45), Ana Earl (22:46), Jessica Lillywhite (23:11), Maia Wallman (23:38) and Niamh Hyland (23:48).



Highest age grading scorers

A super seven runners achieved 80 plus age grading percentages on Saturday, with Jane Davies of Epsom & Ewell Harriers leading this list with another outstanding grading of 95.51% from her time of 21:53 in the VW65-69 category! Well done Jane!

There were a half dozen parkrunners on the day with an age grading in the 80s, well done to: James Silvey (81.63%), Laurence Duffy (81.32%), Ramona Thevenet (81.26%), Maurice Sharp (80.77%), Bernie Mulvany (80.66%), Annabel Gummow (80.22%)


For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


1013 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun #544
1013 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun #544


Stats of the day

There were 1,013 runners – 949 identified, 64 unidentified (6% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 949 identified runners, there were:
  • 154 PBs (16% of field) of which 3 were runners with 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 56 Bushy first timers (6% of field) of which 37 were parkrun first timers (4% of field)
  • 134 Juniors aged under (14%) and 112 Seniors aged 19-34 (12%)
  • 703 Vets (74%) of which 121 are 35-39, 298 are 40-49, 214 are 50-59, 70 are 60+
  • 563 males (59%) and 386 females (41%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (107 runners – 19% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (65 runners – 17% of all females)
  • 118 club runners (12% of field) from 40 different clubs and 831 unattached (88%)
  • Top 5 clubs: Stragglers (36 runners), Thames Turbo Triathlon (11), Ranelagh Harriers (8), Teddington Rugby Running Club (7), 26.2 RRC (5)


How fast?

  • Of the 1013 finishers, there were:
  • 50 runners sub 20 mins (5%), 733 between 20:00-29:59 (72%), 230 over 30 mins (23%)
  • Top 10% Overall/Male/Female time was 21:22/20:41/24:05
  • Midpoint Overall/Male/Female time was 26:23/24:47/29:01
  • Minute-by-minute number of finishers 20-29 minutes: 30, 87, 69, 81, 100, 59, 114, 62, 64, 67
  • 423 finishers between 22:00 and 26:59, average of 84.6 per minute
  • 114 finishers in the 26th minute and 100 in the 24th minute
  • 5 finishers with 26:28 – the first ever second to achieve five finishers at Bushy


How many parkruns?

  • 64832 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 949, averaging 68 parkruns each
  • 431 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (45% of identified field), of which
  • 187 members of the 50 club (20%)
  • 209 members of the 100 club (22%)
  • 35 members of the 250 club (3% of field) – Richard Fletcher (419 runs), Paul Killick (399), Kirsty Bangham (369), Simon Greenhill (369), John Woods (367), Ramona Thevenet (367), Polly Adams (346), Ciaran Murphy (338), Stewart Rose (338), Derek Blackmore (335), Paul Viveash (333), Liz Collison (327), Stewart Holmes (322), Madge Bradsell (319), Bernie Mulvany (306), Suzan Baker (300), Mark Gratton (298), Stephen Cooney (296), Malcolm Taylor (291), Carol Dickinson (284), Wally Garrod (282), Dave Griffiths (279), Jeremy Palmer (277), Ken Pearson (275), Carmen Palmer (275), Jeremy Langdon (272), Rory Waddell (266), Pat McGrath (263), Roger Wilson (261), Duncan Grant (258), Suzie Longstaff (256), Marjory Bluer (255), Gill Wilson (253), Alan Charlesworth (253) and Malcolm Dickson (251).


Taken tokens tally: ONE. Token 228! If you finished on or around this position, please check bag, pockets or behind the sofa to see if you have taken one of our tokens by accident and should you find one you can always return it to us next Saturday, thank you!


And finally…

Next Saturday the Gazebo of Glory returns as Carol Dickinson and Suzan Baker return to give out t-shirts and cupcakes to those who have recently joined a new parkrun club, well done to you all!


parkrun spectator by the finish area
parkrun spectator by the muddy finish area


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 543 – 8th November 2014

This week, some of our regular volunteer stalwarts were taking a well-earned break, giving opportunities to other members of the magnificent volunteer army to show what they can do!

This week’s Run Director was Andy Pillidge who last performed this role before the days of the PA system.  However, completely undeterred by the technology,  Andy provided participants with a well accomplished upbeat welcome and briefing to a gathering of 1011 runners gathered to take on this week’s challenge in some particularly blustery conditions.

Bushy Park parkrun 8th Nov
1011 parkrunners set off on Chestnut Avenue (Photo by Julie Papworth)


Having discovered that there was a vacancy for the “lead bike” position this week, I took the opportunity to fill it in order to allow me to report on proceedings at the front of the field during the run. There weren’t too many park users around to warn of the oncoming procession this week, so I was able to look back fairly frequently at the front runners throughout the lap; this week’s fastest runner, Tom Simmonds, took the lead at around the 2km mark. As we passed the cricket pitch approaching the 3Km marker we were hit with a particularly strong headwind; incredibly Tom was able to increase his pace and hence open up a significant gap during this stretch helping him to a finishing time of 17:10, nearly half a minute clear of the next runner. He later told me that he hadn’t even noticed the wind! I certainly had on the bike...

Next to the big tree was Thames Turbo’s Aidan Campbell who finished in 17:39, who was nearly 40 seconds clear of the 3rd placed runner Jonathan Ormerod.

The first trio of junior runner to the reach the big tree were quite tightly bunched; they were   Ollie Hurdle (19:25), Victor Meeus (19:40) and Lewis Traynor (19:50).

Joanna Rodriguez was the fastest lady with a time of 19:35 followed by Amanda Ruks (20:31) and Sabrina Cant (20:47)

The Junior girls were led home by Megan Fisher (22:10), Imogen Beagley (23:00) and Charlotte Kyle (23:13).


Funnel Challenges

After completing lead bike duties, I watched the proceedings at the start of the funnel  - the best place for any would-be volunteers who like a bit of frantic action. During the 25th minute, 104 runners crossed the line - providing a healthy challenge to the funnel team who I can report coped brilliantly!



Giles Pearson completed his 1,000th Km around Bushy park on Saturday and chose to mark the occasions with his sons Leo (4) and Thomas (20 months) in a double buggy.  Not only did the “1,000 Km” banner adorning his buggy look very impressive, it also proved to be well-constructed as it stood up to the buffeting it took from the blustery conditions. Remarkably Giles’ PB was achieved whilst pushing a buggy!

Giles Pearson's 200th parkrun


Other Landmarks

Many congratulations to Malcolm Dickson who joined the prestigious 250 club on Saturday; Malcolm has reached this landmark by completing all of his runs at Bushy Park and has achieved the landmark in an impressive 7 years.

There were 6 joiners to the 100 club this week; congratulations to Jonathan Eggett, Mike Phillips, Stephen Pearson, Rosemarie Clancy, Paul Bridge and Suzanne Green.

3 runners qualified for their Red T-shirt this week; they were Mikey Askew, Matilda Harper and Zohra Sadou.

In the junior section, 4 runners qualified for the 10-club T-shirts – well done to Angus MacLeod, Holly Erin Youd, Freddie Middleton and Isabelle Brand.

39 runners made their parkrun debut on Saturday



37 visitors from other parkruns were making their Bushy Park debuts on Saturday, including Peter Rodmell and Val Gardner from Hull East Park runners (pictured below); both are very active volunteers at their home parkrun in Hull and reported that they had thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome they received at Bushy.

Peter Rodmell and Val Gardner from Hull parkrun


A magnificent 7 runners made the trip from Gorleston Cliffs parkrun in Great Yarmouth; pictured below are Stuart Young, Graham Sampson, Chris Bullock, Sarah Lauchlan, Alice Kirk, Keith Karshaw and Rachel Cowan.

Gorleston Cliffs parkrunners come to Bushy!



Despite the blustery conditions (surely adding at least 10 seconds to finishing times), 82 PBs were achieved this time, of which 2 were made by members of the 50 club; well done to Matthew Curtis (84 runs) and Maria Jovani (67 runs).


Top WAVA Age Grade Scores

Mike Anderson topped this week’s age grade leaderboard whose time of 18:30 gave him an impressive score of 84.5%. The other runners to top 80% were Laurence Duffy, Julie Haworth and Maurice Sharp.


Bushy Park parkrun 8th NovTimer Ally Manole and Run Director Andy Pillidge processing the results! (Photo by Julie Papworth)


Many thanks to the volunteers for your everlasting enthusiasm and support and many thanks to a another great set of participants who made this another fun event to witness; looking forward to seeing many of you next week.


Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event No. 542 – 1st November 2014

Pinch, punch, the first parkrun of the month!

Time to close the door on another annual evening of ‘trick or treat’, some of you may have even slammed it shut, as we welcomed another new month after the warmest Halloween on record. Whether you scampered like a scary spider, flew wickedly about like a witch or dragged yourself round like a zombie, what a better way to start on this somewhat bleak and eerie parkrunday? Hopefully the ghosts and ghouls have all disappeared and each and every one of the 979 parkrunners was able to blow away the cobwebs as we embraced another week in our wonderful world of parkrun. There wasn’t a spook in sight! A few unsightly runners maybe but no names will be mentioned!


So how did we all do at event number 542? 

The event was under the spell of Ray Coward this week with his wonderful wife and sidekick Ann who was organising the volunteers before she made a very rare appearance running the parkrun too! Simon Lane was clicking the timer away as we all crossed the finish line, thankfully without breaking down, (the machine that is!) and those ever important finish tokens were handed out with care by Ann Woods and Sandra Worth.


The funnel was well managed; the ample scanners kept queues to a minimum and the marshals were in full force to wish runners well on their way. Another brilliant start to the weekend apart from the threatening clouds that hung over our heads and refreshed the runners and volunteers with a dampening drizzle around 9.20a.m. Rain, sweat, tears, it all just melts into one at the end of the day!


The Results Bit:
First registered males across the finish line:
Gus Upton in 16.06, matching his PB in August when he finished 3rd.
Rhys Gillard just 9 seconds later, giving him a PB on his return to Bushy from May 2013.
Taras Telkovsky some 8 seconds later in 16.23 on his 13th run at Bushy.

First females across the finish line:

Michele Richards crossed the line in 20.25, her return to Bushy since May and her 71st run.
No stranger to the podium, Polly Adams completed her 344th run 26 seconds afterwards.
Isabel Hessey visited us again for her 11th time out of her 54 parkruns in 21.19.

Junior Males were:First timer George Grassey toured from his usual Surrey parkruns to cross the line in 18.11.
Claiming second place was local lad Samuel Shaw with the same time!
Somewhat older and more experienced runner, Peter Christian completed his 124th lap in 19.10.

Junior Females were:

Billie Rouse visited Bushy for the first time from Kent to be the first young female home in 22.13.
Megan Fisher was only 6 seconds behind her on her 5th run at Bushy.
Regular Lucy Marquand completed the trio within the minute in 22.55.

The Stats Bit
How many?There were 979 tokens handed out on the first of November.
Who were they?
• 334 of the identified field were female and 564 were male
• 81 declined to register their result or simply had forgotten their barcode (tut tut!)
• why not order one online, impress your fellow parkrunners and never forget it!

• 79 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park – 41 of these were totally new to parkrun

How fast?
• There was an outstanding 112 runners who clocked up New PBs! 18 of these returned to parkrun for their second lap whereas 12 of them have 50 or more runs to their name.
• 50 registered runners impressed us with their sub 20 minutes!
• A whopping eleven runners had an age grading above 80% -
Peter Giles 88.39% Peter made a new record for the VM 70-74 category with his outstanding performance of 19.57, his first parkrun for over 5 years when he previously set his PB at with an extremely energetic and enviable time for any runner in 18.52. Since he began at Bushy in the Summer of 2006, he has completed just a total of 7 parkruns with 1 being at Wimbledon. What a way to make your comeback run by setting a new record!
Michele Richards 82.12%, Will Cockerell 81.25%, Bernie Mulvany 81.22%, Maurice Sharp 81.09%, Ramona Thevenet 80.95%, Peter Mannion 80.62%, Andy Fooks 80.26%, Rhys Gillard 80.21%, Liz Zass 80.16% and first finisher Gus Upton 80.12%.
You are an inspiration to us all!

The Special Plaudits Bit
No newcomers to the 250 club this week but a quintet of runners completed their 100th lap of their favourite 5k free weekly timed run. Five hundred congratulations to:
Matthew Dewar, Keith Dube, Andrew Christophers, Harriet Dunstan and Janice Franks.

Paul Bridge and Suzanne Green need to run once more to claim their free Adidas black top.

A super seven completed their 50th parkruns, they are: Margaret Anne Le Franc, David Porter, Viviane Neil, Adrian Jarvis, Paul McLaren, Adrian Hughes and first timer David Brawn who usually runs at Southsea and Eastleigh with a little bit of added tourism en route too.
Zohra Sadou and Mikey Askew are just one run away from joining the above 50 club.

Just two boys joined the 10 club, Daniel Asbery and Thomas Clarke (who also claimed a new PB too!)

Alice Snelling, Louis Ross and Angus Macleod are all Juniors who have to run one more lap before that terrific 10!

Proud parkrunners

photo taken by Joy Bell
So wonderful to hear of such joyous news at parkrun which I felt I had to share. The jubilant Joy Bell was incredibly proud of her husband Donald today as he actually managed to run the whole lap of Bushy without walking. Donald is in the VM 70-74 age category and since the summer of 2011 he has completed 94 parkruns. 2 have been at local Crane Park, 2 have been in Glasgow at Pollok parkrun whereas the other 4 have been at Clermont Waterfront parkrun in Florida, U.S.A. Six months ago he would complete the 5k course with at least 15 short walks between runs and he also swore that he couldn’t run for 3 minutes without a break. But by doing the Sweatshop beginner’s course (3 or 4 times!) he began extending his runs gradually from 1k to finally 5k today without stopping. A brilliant achievement Donald, remember no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody sitting on the couch! So wherever you go in the world, just keep on running!

Welcome parkrun Pilgrims
Visitors are always welcome at the cradle of parkrun and Ross Pyne made his pilgrimage today from Killerton parkrun in Devon to do his first run here. He is somewhat of a tourist as some of his 45 runs have included Plymvalley, Parke and Blandford are to name just a few. He tweeted that he was also travelling a long way round as he was coming from Oslo! Hope the trip was worth the miles Ross! Of course it was, a visit to Bushy surely is a must for any tourist.

A trio of travellers from Birmingham set off extremely early to hit the roads and avoid the traffic. They even managed to get a parking space in the car park in ample time before the 9 a.m. start! Kings Heath Running Club runners Mike Green and Barbara Partridge, chauffeured by her husband Steve, made their debut at Bushy this weekend. It was on their ‘to do’ list and they were made to feel most welcome as we are a friendly bunch but they were somewhat disappointed that they didn’t get to see any stags as they crossed the finish line.

Did someone forget to invite them for the guests?! Apologies guys but these beasts at Bushy are rather temperamental and must have been avoiding us this weekend.

Keen Kids
As I work in a school with 5 and 6 year olds, it is always a delight to see such youngsters at parkrun. One little boy crossed the finish today with a huge smile on his face as he sprinted with his dad to the line. Alex Frost was sporting a 10th Anniversary t-shirt whilst running, not such an unusual sight recently but it was just that it was so small! Dad Jason beamed as his son completed his second lap of the 5k course; obviously he is following in his Dad’s footsteps with his passion of running. Regular Jason forfeited his fast run this week to accompany his little boy, who ran most of the way around the route with just a little walk when the going got tough. Mum Martine Gomes went on ahead to avoid carrying her son for the final stretch and cheered him across the finish line. Alex went on to inform me that not only did he like ‘running round the corners’ but he had also run a half marathon! Dad enlightened me as Alex had in fact run 14 Junior 2k parkruns too where they are awarded distance wristbands for their achievements! Not just content with running at such a young age, he is also now learning how to play chess!

Five year old Alex was reunited at the finish with his school pal, first timer, Leo Weber who had also run but just a little bit faster than him. Sadly though Leo’s Mummy Manami forgot to register them both as he is usually playing football on a Saturday! Bushy regular Rob Worley paced them round in a speedy time of 32.57, a somewhat slower pace though for him on his 77th run! The Mall school pals even managed to cheer and clap with excitement after their 5K as some more runners were coming through, what great enthusiasm they showed at such a young age. I look forward to cheering these lovely little boys across the finish line again soon.

Dash the Dog

photo taken by Rodney McCulloch
What an unusual sight to see on this parkrunday as Madge Bradsell was running her 317th Bushy parkrun. Nothing unusual about that, as the octogenarian has been pacing herself around the park since September 2007 but on this occasion she ran for the first time with her greyhound that is appropriately named ‘Dash’! Some runners use their four legged friends as a means of being helped around and often achieve new PB’s but Madge and Dash took the 5k in a sensible stride. I hope that Dash enjoyed his first outing and I wonder if he will become a regular at Bushy, let’s see next week!

A Centurion at last!

Crack open the champagne! Any excuse for some fizz and cake as finally, after her first run at Bushy way back in January 2008, Janice Franks completed her 100th parkrun today amongst friends and well-wishers. Just under 7 years ago, a lady at her gym suggested that she tried out parkrun, so she registered and gave it a try alongside her devoted husband Ray. They were part of a field of just 343 runners and they obviously caught the bug as the husband and wife team have been part of the firm fixture and fittings at Bushy parkrun ever since! Jan is usually seen most weeks at the end of the funnel giving out the precious finish tokens as she volunteers most parkrundays with an occasional 5k parkrun inbetween, hence it has taken her quite a long time to be able to claim her new black attire. She doesn’t often stray far from the Royal Park as 91 of her runs have been completed at beloved Bushy. She occasionally ventures over to the shady paths of Crane Park for a slight change of scenery but always heads back to the Pheasantry for a cup of tea, some post run chat with parkrun pals and to collect the finish tokens which she likes to keep a close eye on! Jan is an immensely valued volunteer as this weekend she also volunteered for the 200th time, 189 times on a Saturday and 11 times at the monthly Junior 2k event. This lady of many talents has covered the majority of tasks albeit Run Director and her favourite day for volunteering she informs me is on New Year’s Day as even though the numbers are somewhat lower, the sense of goodwill is amazing! Other memorable dates for her have been the first time one January when 1000 runners claimed their tokens and of course the big 10th anniversary run which her fingers are still recovering from as she handed out 1500 plastic tokens. Thankfully the ever organized Jan had come prepared with finish stickers to stick onto the other 205 finishers!

The only other time when Jan has strayed further afield was a couple of months ago when she ran at Weymouth parkrun as that weekend she was asked to take part in the Challenge Weymouth Half Ironman as part of a Bushy team. Competent swimmer Jan had agreed to do the sea swim (one parkrunday after a couple of glasses of fizz!) as part of a relay team with her parkrun pals and I was so pleased to be able to be a part of this, I was on the all important cheering side! The tide that morning was rather turbulent and I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who could tackle the wild waves of Weymouth and Jan did a sterling job for her team and even managed a sprint to transition with a smile. Maybe it was the relief of finishing but then there’s just no stopping her now as she mentioned about doing some training in the seas along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset in preparation for a return to Weymouth in 2015. Perhaps she will embark on some more parkrun tourism too whilst she is there. Like us all who are passionate about parkrun, Jan loves the feeling of being part of a close knit, supportive community which she says hasn’t changed over her 100 runs, even though the numbers have somewhat increased since she first started. It was an absolute pleasure to run alongside Jan today to commemorate her milestone run and a few of us parkrun pals paused for a few fun photos along the way. The best runs are always the slow ones! I was somewhat amused to recently hear one of Jan’s many endearing life experiences as who would have ever have known that in her younger days she worked in London for Disney. My claim to fame now is that I have run with the one and only Mickey Mouse!


Remember, remember to volunteer in November!

First time volunteer Kate Bevan (Ben Dickinson's History teacher) gave us top marks  today!

Georgie was on bucket, not the most glamorous job but someone has to do it!

Mind the post!

John the Hand still cheered on the runners whilst we posed for a photo!
See you next week.

Julie Papworth
“Runners just do it – they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first”.
Author unknown

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Run Report Event No. 541 – 25th October 2014

Taking good care
This week at Bushy Park there was a definite drop in temperature, a few more coats among the volunteers and whilst most of the field was still sporting shorts and T-shirts there was certainly some shivering going on whilst waiting for the off. I smiled at one caring spectating father who was stood on the start-line ready to take his running daughter’s coat at the last minute!
As usual, it stayed dry though and that was the important thing for the 964 runners who ran a lap of the park and certainly the volunteers who supported them.

964 parkrunners getting ready for Bushy parkrun #541

A special helping hand
This week, I was handing out the finish tokens, a role I have done on a number of occasions. In the week, however, I received an email from the BushyHelpers account saying my partner in crime would be a first-timer and so could I show them the ropes.

Not just any first timer though, but parkrun creator himself, Paul Sinton-Hewitt. Yes, PSH was running cross-country in a mob-match for his club Ranelagh and so didn’t want to exert himself too much in the morning and therefore decided to help out at his local run. So if you didn’t notice, then you had a 50:50 chance of getting your finish token from the guy who started it all and alternatively a 50:50 chance of getting is from a rubbish run reporter.

The 541st Bushy parkrun
This week, first back to the big tree was Rowan Axe, 15:24, who has finished first in all four of his Bushy parkruns. He had a clear gap ahead of Rocky Harrison, 16:10, and Andrius Jaksevicus, 16:45.

First finisher Rowan Axe

The ladies were all shown a clean pair of heels by Jill Harrison, albeit in the heart-breaking time of 20:01. Second home was Liz Killip, 20:21 and Polly Adams, 20:29, third.

Blake Oliver, 17:41, was the fastest of our juniors, followed by Connor Dellapina, 17:43, and Jamie Millbank, 17:59.

Megan Fisher, 21:52, was the first of our junior ladies ahead of Eleanor Keeler, 21:54, and Lucy Marquand, 21.57.

Amazing performances
Twelve athletes hit the magic 80% WAVA Age Grading with Jill Harrison, 20:01, recording the highest score of 90.42%. Well done also goes to Liz Killip, Nina Kirby-Rampling, Laurence Duffy, Rowan Axe, Brian Bennett, Polly Adams, Rob Hunt, Liz Zass, Rocky Harrison, Blake Oliver and Ramona Thevenet.

119 people recorded a new PB, with Darren Franks the most experienced after 123 Bushy parkruns.

964 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun #541

The prefect score
Someone else who merits some congratulations is Michael Trott. Michael ran his 57th park run this week and also recorded a new PB of October. It means Michael has hit 4 out of 4 for October! Well done! Can he make it five in a row next week?

What does accompanying mean?
As has been said many times before there are very few rules at parkrun, but one of them has come up again and so I have been asked to explain it a little further.
Seeing the enjoyment children have at taking part in Bushy parkrun is wonderful and the younger generation are absolutely part of the amazing parkrun community, however they need to be taken care of.

UK Athletics rules say that children under 11 are not allowed to race 5km. parkrun manages to allow under 11s to take part, because as we all know parkrun is not really a race. However, UKA permit this and provide us with insurance only if…

…all children under 11 are accompanied throughout the entire 5km run by a parent or guardian.

We had an incident last week where a young girl was left behind by her mother because "she couldn't keep up". We cannot allow this as it could cause parkrun huge problems.

All under 11s need to be accompanied, and by that we mean kept within arm’s reach, the whole way round! If you are lucky to have a speedy offspring, then you are free to find an alternative responsible adult to run with the future superstar – but it is your responsibility to organise this.

I know this made sound overly authoritative, but we need to enforce this one as it is part of the rules parkrun must adhere to!

Anyway, that’ll do for this week

Take care
Andy W

PS. First Kirsty this week was Kirsty Rumble in 26:10 - Miss Bangham was having a week off!

parkrun spectator

As always, thanks to Rodney for the photos

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Run Report Event No. 540 – 18th October 2014

A writing debut

So it’s Saturday evening and I’m sat at my laptop nervously re-reading old run reports and looking through my notes and photos from earlier, hoping this debut will be more Wayne Rooney for Manchester United (hat-trick) rather than Jonathan Woodgate for Real Madrid (own goal and sent off). Of course now I’m worrying that’s two football references too many in a parkrun run report but it’s a bit too late for that now.
As usual, the first thing I do on parkrunday is look at the weather forecast on my phone, looking out of the window would of course involve getting out of bed. If the forecast was to be believed it looked like we would just about be the only hour of the morning without rain. Good work Ray and Hayden, whatever it is you do or say to ensure good weather every week, on behalf of a thousand or so people, thanks.


As today is the third Saturday in an even month, that means it’s a day for the odd pacers. Having suffered sleepless, nerveless Friday nights myself before pacing, it’s great to be able to give a big thanks to the eight pacers today who wore the tabard with pride and held their flags up high to help pace you to a PB. And yes, being slightly competitive, I did have a check through the results to see who came spot on with their timings, very impressive efforts all round!

Our awesome 'odd' pacers!

From right to left (because that’s the way I had already typed it)

Simon Rayner – 35 minutes
David Stewart – 33 minutes
Steve Todd – 31 minutes
Chris Tyrell – 29 minutes
Georgina Brand – 27 minutes
Julian Diamond – 25 minutes
Will Rambling – 23 minutes
Stuart Amory – 21 minutes

A sizeable crowd stood at the start, hanging on Run Director Hayden’s every word and as the clock struck 9, the timer was ready, the runners were steady and they were off – and the hardy team of volunteers wandered back to the big tree to set up funnels, don fluorescent jackets and learn how to use the barcode scanners. For the last two tasks we had surely two of the youngest volunteers in parkrun history and after about twenty attempts, this was the best shot I could get of the camera shy duo!


Just before the first of the runners came into sight around the final corner, a pretty large stag was spotted in the finishing area. Cries of ‘Rodney’ went up, which I assumed at first meant, quick, grab your camera and take some photos of the stag.. but no, it was a call to put a clearly well drilled funnel tape lowering scenario in place to let the stag wander on his way without getting caught up in funnel tape, volunteers and potentially 900 or so runners just about to finish. Luckily, all went well, poles were lowered, the stag wandered off into the bracken, I failed to get a decent picture of it and the first runner was suddenly 30 metres away from the finish.. so how did everyone do?

For parkrun number 540 we had a total of 967 runners, with 32 of you running for the first time. First across the line was a Mr Unknown Runner – who amazingly also managed to come second too. This Unknown fella has been first back a few times recently, what is it the cool parkrun kids say? Don’t Forget Your Barcode guys.


(Do you recognise this man? First across the line but no barcode sadly!)

This meant our first recorded finisher was George Corcoran in an amazing time of 16.21, ahead of Tim Haughian with 16.34 and Andrius Jakesvicius with 16.52 in 3rd.

Deborah Steer was first lady back in 19.57 with a very impressive WAVA score of 85.05%, beating her daughter by just 26 seconds into third place. Standing on step number two on the imaginary Bushy podium was the amazing Bushy debutant Karen Andrews - more often seen tearing round Netley Abbey! With Bushy legend Polly Adams running a parkrun for the 342nd time in 4th place.

First juniors home were Blake Oliver for the boys with a frankly ridiculous 18.05 and Ava White led the girls home in an equally impressive 21.36.

So what else happened at Bushy parkrun today? Well if I’ve worked out the results right, we had 8 people join the 50 club so well done Tom Greig, Silvia Sobral, Stuart Forrest, Lee Madle, Ben Taplin, Georgina Brand, Shelley Dudley and Kathryn Hone. Just the one person joined the 100 club and will shortly be swapping red for black, so many congratulations to Diane Reddish, pictured below with adoring family and fans..


Two people joined the 250 club this week, so please give a generous round of applause to Benjamin Williamson who has not only got out of bed for the equivalent of five years of Saturday mornings, he’s done it while not being old enough to vote. I’m pretty sure my teenage years weren’t spent getting up that early on a Saturday morning… Please remain standing and continue applauding for Alan Charlesworth who also joined the exclusive 250 club today, pictured below enjoying a well-earned glass of champagne, slice of cake and a hug from Ann Coward.


There are plenty of people close to getting their milestone t-shirts and I’ve been nudged in the ribs a few times today to point out that Justine Albert was the fastest of all the people completing 49 parkruns today. A random fact that I’m sure you can all sleep happier tonight knowing!

As always we had visitors from all over the country and indeed the world. I had the pleasure of scanning the barcode of a man who had come all the way from South Africa and a little closer to home we had a bunch of visitors from Hedge End Running Club all the way up the M3 from Southampton. Many thanks for visiting guys. You all seem to be first timers here at Bushy Park so I hope you enjoyed your trip to where it all began just over 10 years ago and you don’t leave it as long again until your next visit.

Hedge End

A run report really wouldn’t be complete without a big thank you to all the volunteers who help make it happen every week. So in alphabetical order, many thanks to:

Alex TICKELL , Andrew John WINGATE, Anne WOODS, Breda MCGREE, Carol Margaret DICKINSON, Carole JACKSON, Chris FORD, Chrissie GALE, Christina SHEPHERD, Diane MULLEN, Hayden MATTHEWS, Heather LOCKWOOD, Jackie BURTON, Jackie DUNKLEY , James BOWRY, Jeroen VONK, John A STEPHENS, Jonathan COX, Lou COAKER, Loula BELL, Lucy THATCHER, Michael James AXTON, Neil STEWART, Oliver BEZZANT, Paul KEDDIE, Ray BAIRSTOW, Ray COWARD, Ray FRANKS, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Susan HOWARTH, Tom HAWORTH

Well that’s it pretty much it from me, I hope you enjoyed my first run report. Sadly I missed the equivalent parkrun this time last year as I was with my brother and sister at St. Peter’s hospital sitting with my Dad as he passed away. He was a keen runner and so it was lovely one year on to be able to don the barcode scanning jacket and play a small part in something amazing, helping nearly a thousand people have a great start to a Saturday morning.

Shall we do it all again next Saturday?
See you then and Don’t Forget Your Barcode…

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