Run Report Event No 734 – 12 May 2018

Fast and Numerous

After last week’s foray onto the old course to avoid the prospect of a starting line up gathering among the Chestnut Sunday marquees, we were back to the Butterfly course which we have now been using for just over 3 years. Whilst last weekend’s glorious sunshine was absent this week, what we did get were ideal running conditions which were probably a large contributory factor to bumper haul of PB’s and a new Butterfly course record! 51 cheerful and efficient volunteers helped organise the 1390 participants (in the top 10 of our most populous events list!) and visitors from far and wide including some Moonwalkers from Newport.
IMG_1231Run Director Ray Coward addresses the 1390 participants at the start line

Many thanks to all of the 51 volunteers ensuring another smooth successful event; they were:-


A quick reminder that our Parkrun events are totally dependent on securing a team of volunteers; there’s a wide range of roles to choose from, it’s great fun and you get to meet lots of great people and the gratitude from the participants makes it an incredibly uplifting experience. So, to the uninitiated, I would strongly urge you to Send Pat an email at if you fancy having a turn. You could….

Hand Tokens Out...

Right hand out, ready to receive your tokens!

Scan Finish Tokens and Barcodes...

IMG_1253It takes more than a broken foot to prevent Wendy Stokes from carrying out her scanning duties!

Sort The Tokens...

1390 finish tokens in the process of getting an initial sort. None went missing this week, so well done participants, well done volunteers!

Time the runners...

IMG_1255Timer Jack Kennedy clicks John Hanscombe’s 575th parkrun finish.

Or Simply Pose for Pictures with Other Famous Celebrities (Oh, and direct the event!)


Personal Bests

Firm ground and a pleasant breeze allowed runners to cool down without slowing down, and this led to an admirable 206 PB’s this week, of which 3 were captured by members of the 250 club, Mike Dennison, Zoe Faiz and David Gannon (who took 25 seconds off a PB that was only 3 weeks old).

Zoe and Mike, who have clocked up 317 and 313 parkruns respectively celebrate their impressive PB’s
12 of the PB’s obtained on Saturday were obtained by members of the 100 club, so many congratulations to:-
Kirsty KOTHAKOTA, David POPE, Helen NANCE, Kathryn DONKERSLEY, James STEP, Robert BRICOUT, Brian CAMERON, Judith CAMERON, Naomi BERRY, Jenna WHISTLER, Matthew NEWBERRY and Jennifer KOONTZ

First Finishers

A blistering time of 14:52 saw Bradley Goater set a new “Butterfly Course” record today, as well as putting him at no 14 in the fastest Bushy Parkrun Men’s list, comfortably ahead of Sir Mo! (Sorry, no photo, Bradley had already warmed down, stretched out, grabbed a coffee from the cafe and left the park before I crossed the line and grabbed my camera).

1. Bradley Goater 14:52 – New PB
2. Andrius Jaksevicius 15:40
3. Colin High 15:56 – New PB

We had a clean sweep of ladies registering PB’s on our podium today

1. Isabel Brinsden 17:30 – New PB!
2. Hanah Knapton 18:55 – New PB!
3. Gemma Carter 19:16 – New PB!

Young men

1. Kiran Lathia Hamblin – 18:58
2. Matthew Tyas – 19:13
3. Ross Hyde - 19:45

Young women

1. Isabel Livesey 19:29
2. Olivia Gross – 20:44
3. Charlotte Dawson – 21:42


There were no new members of the 500 or 250 clubs this week

10 (Junior milestone)

Stephen JARMAN

Jennifer KOONTZ
Helen Cathryn TAYLOR

Glynis Appleby made the trip from Newport with 5 of her friends to not only celebrate her 100th parkrun at the cradle, but also take part in the Moonwalk Marathon that was starting from Clapham Common at midnight that evening.
Left to right, Tracy, Louise, Glynis, (celebrating her 100th), Vicki, Dee and Tracy.
Dee later reported that the moonwalk was a strenuous challenge overcoming the extra time on your feet walking a marathon as opposed to running one, but the volunteer teams and the large amount of money raised for Breast Cancer charities made it all worthwhile. By the way, if anyone’s interested in next year’s event, did you know that men are also permitted to enter? (They do need to wear bra’s, but given the good cause, I’m sure that won’t be an issue; apparently they are useful for storing water bottles and gels!)

WAVA Age Grading
There were a tenacious ten runners achieving a WAVA age grade above the magical 80% today. Five of these runners also achieved PB’s; Well done to:-

Parkrunner                    Time        Age Cat       Grade
Olivia Gross                    20:44     JW10            98.47%
Bradley Goater               14:52      SM20-24      86.77%
Gary Neville                    18:37      VM55-59      85.41%
Andrius Jaksevicius        15:40      VM35-39      85.21%
Isabel rinsden                 17:32      SW25-29     84.41%
Merran Sell                     28:23      VW70-74     82.50%
Mike Dennison               19:35       VM60-64      81.87%
Colin High                       15:56       SM30-34     81.59%
David Williamson            18:13       VM50-54    80.97%
Jamie Mcloughlin            17:22      VM40-44     80.42%

See you all next Saturday when it’s rumored that Harry and Meghan will not be taking part in a pre-wedding lap around our Royal Park (although we did have 2 Harry's running and 1 volunteering this week!)

Chris Brimacombe
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Run Report Event No 733 – 5 May 2018


Ooo what a scorcher!




I heard a woman phoned the BBC on Friday to say there’s a sunny bank holiday on the way. Well she was right again. But spare a thought for those who ventured to Britain’s most northerly parkrun in the Shetland Islands which was under deep cloud, rain and 10 degrees C. Here at Bushy it was 17 degrees at 9am and climbing. And we had some amazing visitors and first timers on this superb day. What a day to choose Bushy. The Park looked fantastic in the sunshine with the trees in their full deep green raiment, and the Woodland Gardens at their very best. Even the fish came up to bask in the sunshine in the Woodland Garden stream.




This week we had an amazing 1479 runners line up for the old course on Chestnut Avenue – the 3rd highest turnout behind the 10 year anniversary and Christmas Day 2017, so the highest “normal” parkrun. Chestnut Sunday forces this annual switch and it’s great to do the old course now and again even if there is a little bit of congestion at the start, and who can forget that sapping final km through the trees and round the fountain – all firmed up now after the dry weather.



Rob gets us going



The two Johns – with over 1,000 runs between them…


Daniel, Richard and Ben ready at the front, Richard on lead bike – no puncture this week



Chris with new son-in-law Wayne, who was getting in a quick parkrun before his marriage to Millie later that day. Wayne posted his slowest parkrun – finishing his stag do at 4am on parkrunday may have been a factor.



In total there were a fantastic 50 volunteers out in force, making everything possible. Please give your thanks to the following brilliant team:

Stuart AMORY, Jacob ATKINSON, Dawn BAKER, Joy BELL, Phil BLUER, David BREWIN, Lorna BROWETT, Richard BULKLEY, Jackie DUNKLEY, Kerry DUNN, Jemima DUNN, Carolyn FOSTER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Glady GARTLAND, Suzanne GREEN, Andrew HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Lucy KATESMARK, Jacquie KIRK, Courtney LE FRANC, Stephen MARFLEET, Martin MILTON, Denise MITCHELL, Anna-Lina MOERKING, Freya MORRISON, Diane MULLEN, Nichola Susan NEWMAN, Darrell NEWMAN, Rob PHILLIPS, Hannah PICKUP, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Peter REAY, Amy ROBERTSON, Andrew RONKSLEY, Anna SAVILL, Ethan SCOTT, Daniel SHACKLETON, Jacky SINCLAIR, Julie SMITH, Emily May STAIN, Carol SWAFFER, Peter David THOMPSON, Alex TICKELL, Jessica TUCKMAN, Richard VAN DER LEEDEN, Harry VAUGHAN, Maisy VINCENT

Bushy parkrun always need volunteers, so if you fancy a go at any of the many and varied roles, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll sort you out.



Stuart and son Sam give the New Runners Briefing – Sam scored a PB after his Dad’s inspiring peroration


Tourists and other First timers

We had 181 first timers to Bushy this week, and 86 of those were doing their first ever parkrun - 6% of the field. Prize for the Bushy first timer with the most runs goes to Christine PALSER who chose her 200th parkrun to make the pilgrimage to Bushy from nearby Richmond.

Visiting from Ramsgate was a large contingent of 58 runners from Coastal Striders resplendent in orange. They were certainly enthusiastic cheerleaders for their fellow runners and had chosen the day well for their visit.




Prize for furthest travelled goes to Susan DUFFIELD and Richard LACEY from Brisbane. Susan usually runs at Stones Corner parkrun and Richard had chosen Bushy for his first ever parkrun.


Michael and Susan brought the Brisbane sun.

Personal Bests

Timers Stephen MARFLEET and Glady GARTLAND delivered the goods this week with 142 PBs (10%). Of the Bushy regulars, congratulations to Tony BAKER who took 4 seconds off his PB in 20:12 on his 210th run and 202nd at Bushy.
Well done too to Andrew MAYALL who secured a PB on his 200th parkrun coming soon after one two weeks ago.
Other notable PBs were secured by Danny CONYNGHAM and Andrew PEPPERILL on their 139th and 134th runs.


Start near the front if you want a PB on the old course.



Or get a dog to pull you.



No runners reached the magic 500 mark although Ciarán MURPHY is on 495. No runners reached 250 either.

100 club
We had 2 people celebrating 100 runs this week. Congratulations to Andy BARRETT and Graham LOVELACE.

50 Club
We had 8 runners reach the magic milestone of 50 this week including junior parkrunners Dewi JAMES (JM11-14) and Seth SMITH (JM10) Also reaching 50 were: Sarah WINTER, Sarah JONES, Matt PARKER, Danielle JAMES, Lorraine COURTENAY-WHEELER and Eddie ROBERTSON. Congratulations to all.

10 Club
Three juniors completed their 10th run to claim the pristine white shirt: well done to William STARK, Saksham WADHWA and Marli BHATTACHARY-KEBELL.


Seth celebrates his 50 with a special balloon, but ….the Bushy Tree claims any stray balloons



But there’s always some nice cakes to take your mind off a lost balloon



Lorraine celebrates her 50 whilst Joy marks 1 million metres


The Results – first finishers

Luke CONWAY (SM20-24) of Newham & Essex Beagles in 16:17 in his 1st parkrun.
Jamie HINTON (SM30-34) of Thames Hare & Hounds in 16:25, 20th parkrun
Geoff LOWE (SM30-34) in 16:41, 9th parkrun

Claire GRIMA (VW40-44) of Hercules Wimbledon in 17:57, 69th parkrun.
Sarah WINTER (VW40-44) of Stragglers in 18:54 on her 50th parkrun
Hannah KNAPTON (SW20-24) of Winchester & District AC in 19:23, 19th parkrun

Junior women
Jessica MAYER in 19:24
Isabel LIVESEY of St Mary’s Richmond AC in 19:37
Lucy HOSEASON of Stragglers in 22:20, 63rd parkrun.

Junior boys
Jonny BROOK of Ranelagh Harriers in 17:31 (New PB!) 34th parkrun
Jonty STEGMAN of Thames Turbo Triathlon in 17:58 (New PB!) 24th parkrun
Haris WILLIAMS in 18:30 (New PB!) on his 4th parkrun


Age Gradings

Ten amazing runners achieved 80% or more age grading this week:
Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) – 86.28% for 19:55
Simon BEAN (VM55-59) - 85.48% for 18:36
Claire GRIMA (VW40-44) - 85.24% for 17:57
Sarah WINTER (VW40-44) - 83.25% for 18:54
Mike BRUCE (VM70-74) - 81.95% for 21:31
Jessica MAYER (JW11-14) - 81.01% for 19:24
Jonny BROOK (JM11-14) – 80.97% for 17:31
Freddie LETT (JM11-14) – 80.67% for 18:58
Shirley BUCKLEY (VW55-59) – 80.27% for 22:33
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) – 80.24% for 19:29



Hi Sue!



Well done to Claudia, who due to a condition affecting her knees is doing Bushy on crutches, taking over 7 minutes off her crutches PB. She said it was very hard work but worth it. Respect!


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #733

There were 1479 parkrunners – 3rd highest attendance 1362 identified,117 unknown (DFYB!) (8% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1362 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 185 Juniors aged under 18 (14%)
• 232 Seniors aged 18-34 (17%)
• 944 Vets aged 35-89 (69%)
• 595 females (44%) and 767 males (56%)

Weather conditions
• Umbrella quotient: 0 out of 5
• Temperature: 17˚C, warm and sunny!


Can I have a P please Diane?


This young chap was learning the ropes at the Teddington gate


See you next parkrunday.

Andrew Howarth

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Run Report Event No 732 – 28 April 2018

Candles in the wind


During the reign of William and Mary the architect and local resident Sir Christopher Wren was tasked with adding a grand new entrance to Hampton Court Palace. He ordered a grand avenue to be built through Bushy Park to serve as a fabulous approach to the new facade. His scheme for this classical frontage never got past the planning stage but the grand avenue was developed and the planting of the rows of trees was finished in 1699 and was eventually named Chestnut Avenue.

This time of year the Chestnut trees with their candles of pink and white blossom look at their very best and the annual Chestnut Sunday Parade is happening this coming weekend on Sunday the 6th. The parade starts at 12:30 and the whole event closes at 16:30. Chestnut Avenue will be closed to traffic from 12:15 - 13:30. There's all sorts of stuff going on, It really is a fabulous fun day out for all the family.

Anyway, as a result we'll be running the old course this coming Saturday because there'll be lots of stalls and displays on our usual starting spot on Lime Avenue.


As you will have heard, Matt Campbell very sadly died whilst running the London Marathon this year and many people have been running the distance of 3.7 miles that he unfortunately didn't manage to the finish as a tribute to him. Our thoughts are with Matt's family and friends at this very sad time.

Regular runner and volunteer David Stewart read a nice piece about Matt and his life before 30 of us ran from Teddington Gate down to the old start point. This distance was added to our regular parkrun distance to make 3.7 miles. It was a quietly touching way to honour Matt. Thank you to everyone who took part.

A Damp Affair

It's safe to say that Saturday's run can be classed as a grey old damp affair, but as always no one seemed to mind that much.

Volunteer co-ordinator Alex makes light of the soggy conditions.



Joanna with Lotta the dog who wasn't very keen on running this week. More on them later.



Run Director Emma makes her pre event address.



Jim on speaker duties. Jim and his wife Merran who jointly organise and coordinate Tuesday night Stragglers runs celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to Milan. During their visit they ran Milan Parco Nord parkrun. There were 58 runners, some very happy and encouraging marshals and a lovely location followed by an espresso ( naturally ) in a lovely café with a beautiful view of the Alps in the background. Sounds fantastic. Congratulations on your anniversary.



Alex on lead bike duties. Alex was fresh back from a 136 mile coast to coast bike ride through Northumberland and Cumbria. 5K was a doddle.




As always our volunteers made this week's run possible, in very damp conditions too. A very big thank you to them:

Eva AMORY, Sam AMORY, Stuart AMORY, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Allan BRAY, Lou COAKER, Ian CUNNINGHAM, Sheila FERGUSSON, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Ewen GIBSON, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Trevor HUGGINS, Christopher JOHNSON, Jack KENNEDY, Simon LANE, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Tracey LENTHALL, Denise MITCHELL, David MORLEY, Georgia MOXEY, Hannah PICKUP, Edie PROUD, Rachel REVETT, Duncan SCOBLE, Ethan SCOTT, Daniel SHACKLETON, Jacky SINCLAIR, Julie SMITH, Catherine STENSON, David STEWART, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Peter THOMPSON, Alex TICKELL, Graham TITCOMBE, Michael TROTT, Harry VAUGHAN

Why not get involved and volunteer?



Hands up who's ready?



The new water jump feature



Ray with Lotta snapping at his heals



.A good view of how densely packed we are.





It was so lovely to see Elisabeth at her corner this week. Standing with her for even just two minutes you become aware of just how much love there is for her. Runners wave or call out or come over to say hello. It's very heart warming.

I think this sums up parkrun pretty well. High fives and smiles despite the soggy weather.



Lotta had slowed the pace at this point.


Just 400 metres to go



Time keeper Simon hard at work



Half way through the funnel



That all important moment




RD Emma helps with scanning duties



There were 1209 of us either running or walking around the course on Saturday. We had 48 volunteers and 72 of those scanned had volunteered 25 times or more.


First Finishers


1. Matthew Dickinson 16:02

2. Andrius Jaksevicius 16:05

3. Colin High 16:13


1. Fiona De Mauny 18:26

2. Isabel Livesey 19:30

3. Isabel Hessey 19:33


1. Haris Williams 19:28 New PB

2. Alexander Weatherstone 19:44

3. Freddie Middleton 20:14


1. Isabel Livesey 19:30

2. Charlotte Dawson 21:28

3. Maia White 23:21




George Harris

Tallulah Seguin

Alice Stain

Lydia Williams

Emily Longstaff

Oscar Nicolson


Huw Jones

David Jones

Phil Preston

Ian Baker


David Olsen

Kim Rowe

Frank Gleeson

Nicholas Bowden


Amelia Goodwin 26:17

Started in 2009 and has run 246 times at Bushy with a PB of 24:57.  She has also run at Peacehaven, Hove Promenade, Reading and Wycombe Rye.

Ralph Blackbourn 27:45

Started in 2010 and has run 224 times at Bushy with a PB of 19:39.  He has also run at Wormwood Scrubs, York, Upton Park and Nonsuch to name a few.



250 up. Amelia and Ralph share a well earned drink



Pedro das Gupta reached a fantastic milestone of his own on Saturday, it was his 100th volunteer role as a scanner. Pedro started parkrun in 2010 and has a PB of 19:46. He started scanning in 2011 and has been consistently volunteering since then. He even baked a cake in the shape of a scanner to celebrate.


End Game



Elmbridge Road Runners were in fine spirits at the finish



Damp but happy!



Convivial breakfast and chat at The Pheasantry


And Finally




Don't forget, it's the old course this weekend!



These guys always do their very best to keep the Chestnut trees neat and tidy.


See you Saturday,

Duncan Scoble

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Run Report Event No 731 – 21 April 2018


The running weekend of the year – sun and smiles all the way


It’s hard to believe that only a month ago we had snow at Bushy for event 726 and now for the 731st event we were sweltering on a glorious morning. A combination of good weather and pre-marathon running fever brought 1,450 runners to Bushy. This is the 4th largest ever attendance at Bushy (and indeed all UK parkrun events). It certainly was a warm morning and the base layers and running tights had been replaced by shorts and vest tops as Run Director Ray Coward gave us his welcome talk.




As you finished the 5k with sweat dripping down your face I hope you took a moment to feel for those running London tomorrow who would still have another 7.44 parkruns to do. Often at the 37K point in London there is a big sign saying ‘just a parkrun to go’ – the last 5 is often the toughest and I’m sure there will be a few of our regulars thinking right I’ve only go to get down Cobbler’s Walk then past the pond as they are running along the embankment tomorrow.


We have had a large number of Busy regulars competing over 26.2 miles in recent weeks including Manchester, Hannover and Brighton … and special mention to Aaron Chai who ran in probably the toughest conditions I’ve seen at Boston last Monday. I think the conditions were ever more of shock to him after suffering the driving rain and freezing wind that the runners had to suffer.


I’ve been lucky enough to do 3 London marathons and the support you get especially when you hit the inevitable tough times is amazing so if you are free and fancy a morning watching a truly inspirational event please get yourself up there. The biggest risk is come next week you wont be able to resist putting in an entry in the ballot!


Good luck to all of those running tomorrow and thanks to those volunteering or going up to cheer the runners on.




The Volunteers
The event today couldn’t have happened without the 58 Volunteers – your help really is appreciated. We have now had 1,720 different people volunteer on a total of 16,860 occasions.

The volunteers this week were Marilia ASTLE JONES, Ben BAKER, Phil BLUER, Lorna BROWETT, Shirley BUCKLEY, Ray COWARD, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Glady GARTLAND, Simon GREENHILL, Samantha HANLEY, Catherine HAUGHNEY, Evie HINDE, Andrew HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Trevor HUGGINS, Samuel JONES, Lucy KATESMARK, Fran KENDEN, Rik KING, Stefan KRUEGER, Simon LANE, Joseph LANSDOWN, Mike LAPWORTH, Courtney LE FRANC, Isabel LIVESEY, Angela MACSON, Hayden MATTHEWS, Martin MILTON, Robert MOREY, Freya MORRISON, Diane MULLEN, Ethan MULLEN, Ben RAWLING, Will RAWLING, Nick ROWE, Sally ROWE, Ethan SCOTT, Daniel SHACKLETON, Jacky SINCLAIR, Emily May STAIN, Bethan STURDY, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Rebecca THOMAS, Hayley TOPLEY, Michael TROTT, Jessica TUCKMAN, Richard VAN DER LEEDEN, Harry VAUGHAN, Ellie WALLWORK, Sebastian WOJCIECHOWSKI, Nick WRIGHT, Fran WYLDE, Liz ZASS


In addition to those already mentioned it was also pacer week and a big thank you to those of you carrying the flags round and helping people to their target times. It certainly seemed to help with 178 PB’s.



A special welcome to Sebastian WOJCIECHOWSKI who was visiting us from Warsaw before running the marathon tomorrow and was one of our timekeepers and with Andrew Howarth . Sebastian is a regular at Warszawa-Ursynow where attendances are usually just below 100 so hope your clicking finger isn't too sore after today.




If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.

The Runners

Of the 1,450 finishers we welcomed an amazing 158 first timers to the birthplace of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again soon. As already mentioned the pacers helped an impressive 178 runner’s record Bushy PB’s. 109 different running clubs had runners represented. Amongst those visiting us for the first time were groups from Northwich Running Club, Saltaire Striders, Newcastle & District AC and Campbeltown Joggers.


We have now seen 481,544 completed runs at Bushy – so sometime over the summer we will have our half millionth finisher. Watch this space for more info. We have now gone over 40,000 registrations with Bushy as their home run and we have had 44,680 different people complete the 5k here at the park. The most popular postcode is TW11 9 – with 1,192 registrations – a popular parkrun home.



We had 10 members of the 500 club at our parkrun today, joined by 104 members of 250 club, 321 in the 100 club and a further 240 50 club runners.


A huge number of 88 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB. Of the 158 Bushy first timers we welcomed 42 people doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the family and hope you enjoyed it guys.

Of the amazing 178 runners who achieved their PB’s today there 15 who got a PB having run more than 100 parkruns – well done to all.  

Dave ALVAREZ 23:39 VM50-54 62.86%
Linda PHILLIPS 25:14 VW40-44 62.35% Westbury Harriers
Jenna WHISTLER 26:52 SW25-29 55.09%
Alex PRICE 17:00 SM20-24 76.67% Swansea Harriers AC
Conor KISSANE-WOOD 15:51 SM20-24 81.39% Thames Valley Harriers
John JONES 21:05 VM40-44 66.25%
Richard BAGGOTT 17:48 SM30-34 73.03% Stragglers
Andrew MAYALL 21:57 SM30-34 59.45%
Bryn HOLMES 23:08 VM45-49 61.74% Trentham RC
Joseph HOWARTH 20:43 JM15-17 65.16% Stragglers
Robin PHILLIPS 19:33 VM40-44 71.95% Westbury Harriers
Martin DELVE 22:21 VM50-54 66.00%
David GANNON 23:55 JM15-17 57.28%
Verity RIDING 33:00 VW65-69 65.30% Team Bushy
Rebecca LUNN 23:11 VW50-54 75.13%



This Saturday saw no new members join the 500 club – we will to wait another 7 weeks to see Ciaran Murphy joining the club as our next regular.  


Joining the 250 club today was Adam WELLS (someone I’d played football with many years ago) of the Viceroy Triathlon Club. Adam has done 248 of his runs with us at Bushy and has a PB of 18:45 which he ran in 2016.  


Joining the 100 club we had an impressive 7 runners - Debbie HIGGINS, Alan BONE, Isla Marcelle CARPENTER, Debbie THOROGOOD, Susie MCNICOL, Sally ROWE and Rob O'CONNOR    




We had 4 runners join the 50 club – Sophie MULCAHY, Jane CLAREY and also on their Bushy debuts Dominic WATTS and Jonny EARL.  


For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were George DAVIS and Alex AMPLEFORD.  


Congratulations to all and we look forward to seeing the new shirts soon.



The first home was Zak CURRAN (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC) with a speedy 15:41, closely followed home 4 seconds later by Matthew DICKINSON (Wells City Harriers) and then Conor KISSANE-WOOD (Thames Valley Harriers) in 15:51.


The female first back to the big tree was Lauren MAJOR (Cambridge University Hare & Hounds) in 17:44 and 13th overall which was also a PB, second over the line was Louise NASH (Hastings AC) in 18:36, Katie SIMMONDS was third in 19:03.  


Best age grade performances of the day was a stunning 21:24 by Ruby HEWITT is in the Junior Girl 10 category scoring 96.57%, she was joined by Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) with 85.35% for her 20:08 and Ramona THEVENET (VW 55-59 Stragglers) with 84.23% for 22:05. Top man was Justin REID (SHAEF Shifters) with 83.99% for his 17:17.  




 The Random Number Generator  

As is becoming a tradition we look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.  


This week was event 731 at Bushy so claiming token 731 was Julia HILL who ran 27:50 on her 43rd event all of which have been here.  


The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 26:47 and hitting the time on the nail was John HOLLANDS on his 191st event all but one of which have been at Bushy.  


As today is 21/4 in position 214 was Andy STRONG (Tuff Fitty Triathlon Club) with 22:08 on his 26th run.  


Last weekend throughout the world we had 1,162 parkrun events. So in position 1162 we had Daniel BAIRD (JM10) with 33:26 on his 14th event. In the UK alone we had 498 events and getting that token was Monika RESKOVA running a PB of 25:26 on her 40th parkrun.  


Finally as its marathon weekend for those running 26.2 miles in position 262 was Lyndon DAVIES running 22:51 and a PB on his second run.  


Well done to all.  




 Coming Back Stronger Than Ever  

The parkrun newsletter this week highlighted one of our Bushy regulars – her fiancé Michael Pomfret writes My fiancee Lyzanne Warner has been running at parkrun since July 2016. Before this she had done very little running, although she was conscious of keeping fit having been a keen rower at school and university, and regularly rode horses in Bushy Park.


 In April 2014 she was on a routine ride when the ex-race horse she was riding bolted without warning. She maintained her balance on the horse until it turned sharply and threw her to the ground at over 30mph. Luckily an off duty fireman was walking in the park and saw the whole thing, taking control of the situation and applying first aid. She was rushed to hospital by ambulance to find that the impact had burst a vertebra in her lower back, lacerated a kidney, and left her with nerve damage in her leg.


 The next day, surgeons at St George’s Hospital removed the broken bones and secured her spine with metal implants. Within days Lyzzie had gained the strength to walk and was back to work within weeks, however she could do very little exercise and feared the implants failing.


 She struggled to find the confidence to motivate herself knowing that she would need more surgery to remove the rods. For a year she tried to live a normal life and acted like nothing was wrong but she eventually began to suffer from anxiety attacks and flash backs. At this point she spoke to her GP and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


 18 months after her first surgery, the metal implants were removed and she was given an external brace to wear for three months more. The brace was removed in January 2016, and Lyzzie had to get fit again, both for her physical health, and to strengthen the muscles supporting her damaged spine. She began strengthening in the gym with a personal trainer, starting with walking on a treadmill before even thinking of running.


 We ran our first parkrun together in July 2016 at Bushy Park (our closest parkrun to family homes). parkrun not only helped her regain her fitness but also her confidence and helped her control her PTSD. Whenever we had a bad day we would go running, no matter the weather, and feel better for it, looking forward to the next attempt at a PB on Saturday morning.


 She ran as a pacer for parkrun last year, which she wants to do again, and ran her 50th parkrun in January this year. She is now aiming for the 100 T-shirt by running regularly at Bromley and Bushy parkruns, has completed two half marathons, and will be running the London Marathon on Sunday.




  I imagine the accident will never leave her, but she has retaken control of her life and without parkrun she would have struggled to achieve the recovery she has both physically and mentally.


  We both have a lot to be thankful for parkrun, and hope that sharing this story will encourage others to keep running, not to give up however difficult it may be, and importantly not to be scared to admit they need help.


  We will be getting married in October of this year in Teddington, and I intend to run the Bushy parkrun in the morning before the big event! We hope people keep supporting parkrun to keep it free and all of us running for many more years.


  Good luck tomorrow Lyzzie and all the best for the other big day in October      


Have a good week   20180421_093017


A reminder that its Chestnut Sunday in 2 weeks and that means back to the old course – this is usually a once a year treat but it will be the second time this year after the Beast from the East hit earlier in 2018 – but next week its business as usual.


Final good luck to everyone running tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you all safely back by the big tree next week – proudly running in your finishers shirts


Hope everyone enjoyed this week’s event – have a good week and see you all by the fountain same time next Saturday.

Nick Rowe


Run Report Event No 730 – 14 April 2018


A Sunny Disposition

A funny thing happened this week; the sun came out, we had blue skies, and there were plenty of overwintered white limbs on show for the first time.  There was a definite whiff of summer and optimism in the air, and we found ourselves in need of actual sunglasses!
£100 prize to the first person to name all four people in the photos (only kidding!)
The Run
It was a truly beautiful morning for our 730th run. 1294 of us decided to enjoy the delights of beautiful Bushy Park.
We were in the safe hands of Run Director Ray Coward.  "Hands up if it's your first time getting your legs out this year?"
1294 people thundering toward you can be quite a daunting experience.
Hello Wendy! (great name)
Queuing up for high fives!
An even bigger thanks to our lovely marshals this week as an email was sent out on Friday afternoon asking for more marshals (there were only 4).  Within twenty minutes Pat had enough for one every 10 metres (well nearly).  Very heartwarming!
There are plenty of other volunteering jobs to be done each week, if you'd like to have a go please email Pat McGrath at
We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Justine ALBERT, Eva AMORY, Sam AMORY, Stuart AMORY, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Shirley BUCKLEY, Ray COWARD, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Catherine HAUGHNEY, Julie HAWORTH, Evie HINDE, Emilie HOWES, Lucy KATESMARK, Joseph LANSDOWN, Mike LAPWORTH, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Margaret LE FRANC, Elena MACIA, Jackie MCLELLEN, Martin MILTON, Robert MOREY, Freya MORRISON, Carmen PALMER, Rob PHILLIPS, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Simon R, Nicole RIEHL, Wendy ROLLASON, Ethan SCOTT, Katie SHEPPARD, Jacky SINCLAIR, Wendy STOKES, Bethan STURDY, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Alex TICKELL, Graham TITCOMBE, Christopher William TOMKINS, Jessica TUCKMAN, Clare TURNER, Harry VAUGHAN, Orla WHITE, Bev WILLIAMS, David WORTH
It's nearly over!
Nick Blanchard putting the fun into the funnel.
The Bushy oak tree basks in the sunshine.
Ray our RD doing his thing. Just don't ask him what he thinks about the Masterchef results!
 First Finishers

1. Andreas Jaksevicius 15:43.  This is his 40th first place position

2. Simon Goldsworthy 15:55

3. Thomas Moorcroft 16:51.  His first ever parkrun. He's also first place junior male finisher


1. Lauren Major 17:48 New PB

2. Isabel Hessey 19:24

3. Isabel Livesey 19:28.  She's also first junior female finisher

Junior Men

1. Thomas Moorcroft 16:51

2. Jaycob Kell 17:45

3. Nathan Janmohamed 18:11

Junior Women

1. Isabel Livesey 19:28

2. Charlotte Dawson 21:23

3. Holly Erin Youd 22:47

Of our field of 1294 runners 67 have volunteered over 25 times
This fit looking bunch are Trinity College from Perth, Western Australia.  They're on a European tour, off to Paris next.  In the middle is Mara Yamauchi, record holder for the second fastest time by a British woman over the marathon. Very exciting to have her at Bushy this week.
This jolly lot are after any excuse to drink prosecco at 9.30. Simon Berry is visiting from Cambridge to celebrate his birthday and run his 75th parkrun.  He invited friends from Biggleswade Athletic Club to meet him from far afield places like Whitehaven and Bedford.
Visitors from Netley parkrun near Southampton, they came to Bushy because John (in the blue) wasn't playing golf today so could drive. As good an excuse as any!
We at Bushy parkrun are always looking for an excuse to get slightly tipsy at 9.30am on a Saturday morning so we were very happy to share a glass  or two of Prosecco with Sarah Dixon who celebrated her 250th parkrun,  Sarah started back in 2007 and has run an impressive 246 runs at Bushy.  She ran her PB of 24.26 exactly 6 years to the day on 14/04/2012.
I don't know if it was just me but I think the fizz tasted even better bathed in sunshine.  Thanks Sarah
Sarah and son George
Yummy cake; a work of art
Beautiful biscuits by Ann Coward
Fran Wylde also ran her 250th parkrun.  She has run every single one at Bushy with the exception of one in Skipton.  She started in 2009 and her PB is 25:37
Gary Forde celebrated his 100th run with a PB of 20:42.  He has run 91 times at Wimbledon Common and twice at Bushy

Simon Gallant 27:11 He is regular at Bushy, Kingston and Richmond. His PB is 21:29

Claire Wright 28:24 Has run all 100 at Bushy with a PB of 25:26

Colin Woods 31:51 Has run all 100 at Bushy with a PB of 27:32


Steve Newham 25:23 Has run all 50 at Bushy

Hannah Bainbridge 26:11 Has run all 50 at Bushy

Jackie Williams 30:18 Has run 48 times at Bushy

Elaine Turner 33:14 Has run at 20 different parkruns and this was her first time at Bushy


Thomas Fleming ran his PB of 23:32
A Very Special 100 Milestone
Emile Howes celebrated her 100th volunteering stint with a bespoke high viz sparkly vest designed by her mum Mel.  We think we need more of these sparkly vests please Mel? Emile started as a DOE 2 years ago and loved it so much she carried on volunteering.  Most often to be found at the sharp end of the funnel as the runners cross the finish line handing out letters (no i).  Emilie is also our Volunteer of The Year.
And that is that.
Time to relax . . .
and hang up the high viz vests until next week
See you Saturday
Wendy Stokes
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