Run Report Event No. 627 – 21st May 2016


Pacer Week: PB Heaven!


Isn’t May a wonderful month? The days are long, and the summer is still to come. And what better way to start the weekend than a 9am Saturday morning fix; oh bliss it’s parkrun time. Pulling back the blinds revealed a slightly gloomy day, but there’s no gloom on parkrunday.

1,136 runners lined up on the line – the 6th consecutive week with over 1,000 runners – it’s becoming the new norm. Goldilocks conditions – not too warm, not too cold, a light breeze, a little bit cloudy. And it was pacer week. Odd fellows (and one father/ daughter team) scattered amongst us.

I thought I would get down a little earlier this week, to see what happens before most of us get there. I was a little waylaid by the start of the Green Belt Relay outside Hampton Court (more of this later). It was clear that even by 8.15am parkrun preparation had already started. An army of high-viz volunteers was already hard at work, spilling out from volunteer HQ by the carpark. There were some setting up the start line, others were scanner practising and of course the early team putting together the legendary finish funnel.


Oscar Blanchard and Sam Bennett making sure of a safe start.


Tom Fleming keeping us out of the trees.


Talking of an army, the military fitness guys appear to have moved on to wrestling giant anacondas (ropes), carrying jerry cans, and humping tyres around the place (do they know something we don’t). All looks rather too energetic to me, and then I bet some of you ran 5k!

“Suspicious military activity seen in Bushy Park”


Speaking of volunteers, many of the ones helping out these days are doing their Duke of Edinburgh award. In idle moments I sometimes wonder if one day we might get a Royal visit to BPR – perhaps not the Duke himself at this stage of his life, but maybe Harry, Kate or even William? I know he likes a spot of football. Of course it wouldn’t be publicised, and you might not even notice him. The tell-tale would be the slightly sinister group runners with bulging pockets. But what a coup! It would make a great story for the run report.

When I got over to the volunteer meeting point, construction of the finish funnel was already well underway. Ray Franks, funnel supremo, was explaining the finer points of funnel management to experienced volunteers Marje Sladden and Eddie Robertson. Meanwhile, George Ford was busy setting up the funnel itself.

Speaking of the funnel, I bumped into a chap this week who runs at Bromley, and they regularly get well over 500 runners and more recently 600+. Unfortunately this has put a huge strain on the normal finish funnel which stretches for hundreds of metres and often leads to backing up over the line. I explained how the double funnel worked, and its simplicity. I hope they might be able to improve matters for the future.


Ray Franks with Marje Sladden and Eddie Robertson


George Ford sets up the legendary funnel


One of the key roles at parkrun is timekeeper, and we had one of the younger exponents at work today in Leonie Kennedy. Hope the thumb has recovered from all that clicking Leonie. This must be one of the most pressured roles, but Leonie was so chilled and looking forward to it. Quite a responsibility for the world’s largest parkrun.

Timer Leonie Kennedy


Post parkrun, one of the fun things to do, as well as drink coffee and eat cake of course, is to be given the chance to sort out some of the tokens. It’s quite therapeutic and like a lot of things about parkrun, the token sorting process needs a) volunteers and b) little or no experience. It’s very cunningly designed with a large safety pin able to take 100 tokens. Each week the odd token goes missing and a replacement has to be made from another No.

This week I was given the privilege of sorting tokens No 1-100. Thus I got to handle token No 001 (probably the only time I will get to do this) – it wasn’t one of the originals so someone at some stage has acquired a souvenir, mmm. This week all the ones from 1-100 were returned safe and sound including by David Grima in the James Bond slot (token No 007) in a time of 18:07.  David was running his 7th Bushy parkrun with an age grading of 74%. That’s a lot of sevens.

Talking of James Bond – there are six people with that name registered worldwide (come on No 007). None of them have yet run at the cradle of parkrun, and none yet have managed to finish in 7th place. Does Daniel Craig parkrun? He should do, and in swimming trunks. I suspect we might get a few more than 1,100 runners if he did.

The James Bond Token No 007


Token sorting in progress with essential coffee


We had a full team of five scanners. Many thanks to Will Ford, Wendy Robertson, Joanne Green, Tracy Fraser and Alex Tickell.


Alex Tickell busy scanning.


Occasionally the scanning machines struggle with a barcode, and busy with the clipboard this week was Michelle Rowley.

Michelle Rowley politely explains that barcodes on phones are not accepted.


Once all the runners are safely home, it’s time for the volunteers to pack up all the stuff ready for next week. Loula Bell was our storage guru this week. Also I couldn’t go without mentioning the towering presence that is Nick Blanchard at the head of the funnel. Nick is always on hand with bit of friendly encouragement week in week out, and has helped manage the funnel 19 times this year already. Fantastic.

Packing up time with David Stewart, Nick Blanchard and Rei Ndreu.


Here is a full list of the volunteers:

Sam BARRETT, Loula BELL, Sam BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Oscar BLANCHARD, Joe BOWMAN, Eva BOYD, Chris BRIMACOMBE, Debbie BUTLER, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Benjamin DAVIDSON, Carol Margaret DICKINSON, Jonathan EVANS, Tamsyn EVESON, Tom FLEMING, Will FORD, George FORD, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Sarah FRASER, Tracy FRASER, Chloe GELONA, Joanne GREEN, Dave James GRIFFITHS, Maggie HOAD, Andrew HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Pam JARMAN, Freya JUBB, Ali KENNEDY, Leonie KENNEDY, Daisy Eleanor KNOX, Megan LUPO, Yue MAN, Freya MORRISON, Diane MULLEN, Ethan MULLEN, Rei NDREU, Ethan NIGEL, Glennis PYE, Rosie RENDALL, Jacqueline RICH, Wendy ROBERTSON, Eddie ROBERTSON, Michelle ROWLEY, Duncan SCOBLE, Marje SLADDEN, George SOLOMON, Carol SWAFFER, Lucy THATCHER, Alex TICKELL, Rachael VAUGHAN, Jake VAUGHAN, Matilda VAUGHAN, Tasmin WAITE, Bev WILLIAMS, Poppy WRIGHT

If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and we can only enjoy our weekly fix if there are enough volunteers.


Being the third week of the month we had lovely pacers to spur us on. All the way from 35 minutes to 21 minutes. The team this week comprised:

35 - Graham Titcombe
33 - Tim & Emma Hurdle
31 - Adrian Roberts
29 - David Stewart
27 - Jack Kennedy
25 - Andrew Howarth
23 - Tim Bowden
21 - Stuart Amory

This month's pacers


Great work by the whole team. Special mention to Tim Bowden and Stuart Amory who were one second off target time.


Personal bests

Looking at the PB list this week, it looks like the magic of the pacers did the trick. We had 186 people setting a new fastest time – that’s 16% of the whole field. I don’t remember such a large number getting a PB. We had a host of seasoned parkrunners gaining a PB this week. Many congrats to Duncan Grant who managed to set a new PB by one second (25:32) on his 326th parkrun, 315 at Bushy. Other experienced PBers included:  Guilaine Sheward (25:16) 234 runs, Jenny Melbourne (22:47) 231 runs (no double buggy this time), Robert Mowbray (23:02) 216 runs, Kirsty Kothakota (23:02) 159 runs, David Brewin (21:11) 158 runs, Heather Horler (25:15) 121 runs, and Joanna Burge (36:01) 108 runs. Well done to all of you. In addition I also know of at least two women who gained a PBPB – that’s a Post-Baby Personal Best as they thanked me personally (for the PB not the baby).



There were no runners reaching 250 parkruns this week, but two runners made their 350th runs: Carol Dickinson and Bernie Mulvany. Only 150 to go for the Nebuchadnezzar of Prosecco (that’s 20 bottles Carol).

Four runners reached the magic 100 – Mark Coop, Tania Sullivan, Matt Sowton and Paul McLaren. Well done to all of you and look forward to seeing shiny black shirts soon. Three runners are on 99: Ioan Smith, Nicola Ronaldson and Ian Robertson.

There were also four people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow Louise Shaw, Gill Payne, Joanna Aherne and James Rideout. The Tribesports spinners better order some new material as there are a further four runners on 49 (Sally Rowe, Sue Evans, Richie O’Dowd and Richard Davies).

Three of our juniors reached the magic 10 runs and can order their white t-shirts. Well done to: Isabel Bibby, Harvey Cooper (who also got a PB) and Ellen Slack.

Finally Mike Silk is a familiar figure at Bushy parkrun, but I think his beautiful dog Molly may be more famous. I caught Mike and Molly at the end of their run. It was Mike’s 150th parkrun and Molly (a Leonberger) looked very pleased to help him along.

Mike and Molly


The results bit

First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was Matt Atkins in 16:47 (81.93%) in his 16th parkrun and his first first finish. Second was Craig Jarman (17:10) and third was Mark Gratton cementing his place at the head of the Bushy points table.

First female home was Michelle Dillon in 17:49 in her 24th parkrun (21 at Bushy). Second female finisher was junior Nancy Scott in 19:12. Third to the tree was Sacha Kennedy in 19:55 in her 76th parkrun.

For junior girls, Nancy was first home and second was Sacha. Third was Phoebe Saville in 21:14.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Ollie Hurdle in 17:59, second was George Chaplin in 18:45 (PB) and third was Luke Mace in 18:53. Great running all.

Talking of juniors, I spotted Matthew and James Ronaldson coming into view on their 25th and 24th runs. They are an inspiration and it’s great to see them gaining in confidence each week. Mum Nicola is on 99 runs, so hopefully there will be lots of 100 balloons next week.

Matthew and James Ronaldson


We had seven runners taking advantage of the good conditions to exceed the 80% age grading mark, so congratulations to Michelle Dillon, Matt Atkins, Polly Adams, Bernie Mulvany, Liz Zass, Laurence Duffy and Bea Downey. More info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, is at the parkrun support FAQ.


Newcomers and parkrun tourists

38 people were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the club! In addition we had 39 parkrun tourists doing Bushy for the first time, the most experienced of whom was Ben Print with 145 runs to his name. Ben is a regular runner and volunteer at Poole parkrun which is a very pleasant parkrun (aren’t they all?).


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #627


There were 1136 parkrunners – 1047 identified, 89 unknown (Don’t forget your Barcode!) (7.8% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 1047 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 140 Juniors aged under 18 (%) and 153 Seniors aged 18-34 (%)
  • 754 Vets (66%) of which 124 are 35-39, 301 are 40-49, 247 are 50-59, 82 are 60+
  • 625 males (60%) and 422 females (40%)


How fast?

  • Of the 1047 identified finishers, there were:
  • 55 runners sub 20 mins (5%),
  • 382 between 20:00-24:59 (36%)
  • 373 25:00-29:59 (36%)
  • 237over 30 mins (23%)
  • Midpoint time: 26:26



As a final send off, can I pass on my congratulations to the teams that took part in the Green Belt Relay. This is a 220 mile road race around London’s green belt, run in 22 stages of around 10 miles each, over two days last weekend. There were 40 teams taking part and the two Stragglers mixed teams included many Bushy parkrun regulars and were placed 7th and 28th overall – great work.

GBR start line with Bushy t-shirt modelled by Rodney McCulloch


Anyway, happy running and I look forward to seeing you all next week. Next pacer week: 18 June (even Nos).


Andrew Howarth


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Run Report Event No. 626 – 14th May 2016


One in a million!


Congratulations, you're all one in a million! A mighty milestone of one million unique parkrun finishers in the UK was achieved last week. Hopefully you’ve watched the video on the BBC News website covering the landmark, featuring lots of familiar faces from the excitement last week at Bushy – see if you can spot yourself! If you’ve not watched it, where have you been?! You can watch the video here!


Run Director Andy Wingate addressing 1155 parkrunners on Lime Avenue

RD Andy addressing the masses on Lime Avenue (photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Back to business at Bushy, and it was back to Lime Avenue to return to our regular course, as a slightly chilly northerly wind greeted the 1,155 parkrunners, aided by a record breaking 57 volunteers, led by RD on the day Andy Wingate, and assisted by Volunteer co-ordinator Lucy ThatcherAlly Manole was the trigger happy timer - she made it to Bushy just in time to click you across the line, with the 27th minute being particularly busy for her and the funnel team – led by Ray Franks, as 105 of you finished in this minute! Yue Man and Andrew Morrison were dealing out the tokens, whilst Emma Wingate conducted the first timers' briefing – there were 92 Bushy debutants, of which 57 began their parkrun journey, welcome along!


Ally Manole poised on timer!

Ally Manole poised on the timer... she would be kept busy for the next hour! (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


In all a team of 57 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex TICKELL  •  Ally MANOLE  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Andrew MORRISON  •  Benjamin DAVIDSON  •  Bert KIDWELL  •  Carmen PALMER  •  Caroline WRIGGLESWORTH  •  Chloe GELONA  •  Christopher JOHNSON  •  Daisy Eleanor KNOX  •  Dave James GRIFFITHS  •  David BREWIN  •  David KLEIN  •  Denise MITCHELL  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Duncan SCOBLE  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emma Anne WINGATE  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Ethan NIGEL  •  Freya JUBB  •  Freya MORRISON  •  George FORD  •  George SOLOMON  •  Glennis PYE  •  Hal ADALAR  •  Jan PRINCE  •  Jennifer Anne BARKER  •  Joe BOWMAN  •  Joey TOTHAM  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Keith BALDWIN  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Marianne MORRIS  •  Megan LUPO  •  Melanie HOWES  •  Mike SILK  •  Noah MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Orla LYONS  •  Oscar BLANCHARD  •  Paul D VIVEASH  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Phoebe TARVER  •  Poppy WRIGHT  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rei NDREU  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Sam BARRETT  •  Sam BENNETT  •  Sandra WORTH  •  Simon LANE  •  Tasmin WAITE  •  Thomas CLARKE  •  Tom FLEMING  •  Yue MAN


Yue Man and Andrew Morrison ready to give out the tokens

The calm before the storm! Yue Man and Andrew Morrison ready to give out position tokens (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)



Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!


Stat Attack - One in a million

As mentioned above, the landmark of a million unique parkrun finishers across the UK was reached last week, and a massive thanks to Chelmsford Central parkrun for putting this graph together - which shows how this figure has grown over the last decade. What will be the final number come the end of 2016?

A million UK parkrunners!

Graph showing the cumulative total number of unique parkrun finishers in the UK (thanks to Chelmsford Central parkrun for this graph)



500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs




Since Saturday 28th March 2015, Darren Wood has been the sole member of the 500 club! This is set to change this summer, as Richard Fletcher and John Hanscomb ran their 497th and 493rd runs respectively! So we may see a dash of the blue Tribesports 500 t-shirt at Bushy very soon!


There are 599 members of the 250 club (55 of them were at Bushy this time – almost 10% of all 250 club members). There were no new members this time, but of those taking part yesterday, Steve Holden was running his 247th parkrun, with a further three on 244: Caroline Wood, Thomas Wilkinson and Phil Bailey.

A further five parkrunners joined the 100 club this time! Congratulations to Ian Penrice, Isabel Hessey, Jeff Grimes, Brian Tilley and Gary Scott, and you can all look forward to wearing their black Tribesports 100 t-shirt shortly! On 99 not out are: Paul McLaren, Tania Sullivan, Mary Raleigh and David Porter.


Another four parkrunners celebrated joining the 50 club and can look forward to ordering their red Tribesports 50 top very soon. Congratulations to: Chris Rawcliffe, Kelly Page, David Jefferies, and Merran Sell. Another three of you are one run away from a half-century: James Rideout, Gill Payne and Katarzyna Drozd.

There were six new members of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) this time, congratulations to: Gabriel Lewis, Finlay Sinclair, Thomas Cassar, Joely Underdown, Eva Black and Abigail Langridge. Soon you can all look forward to wearing your white Tribesports 10 t-shirt, congratulations!

For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ


  Sprint finishes!


New PBs

Conditions were favourable for setting a new PB as it was much cooler than last week, and 182 of you snaffled a new PB this time, congratulations! Of those 182, nine of you set a personal best having clocked over 100 Bushy parkruns. Robert Mowbray ran 23:11 on his 183rd Bushy parkrun (215 runs overall) to take 11 seconds off his previous best from over two years ago in March 2014. Trevor Mitchell ran 22:12 on his 101st Bushy parkrun (210 runs overall), taking 23 seconds off his PB which dated back to July 2011! Tamsyn Eveson ran 24:33 to shave eight seconds off her previous best set back in July 2012 on her 165th Bushy lap (193 runs overall). Ian Fullen ran 16:40 to take 19 seconds off his PB on his 181st run here (184 runs overall).

William Willett ran his first sub 21 minute time, as he ran 20:57, continuing a streak of four PBs in his last five runs here, with his most recent one coming on his 151st Bushy lap (161 runs overall). Paul Warrington ran 20:47 to take three seconds off his PB on his 130th run here (139 runs overall). Alasdair Turner ran 22:21 for his fourth PB in 2016 on his 120th Bushy parkrun (123 runs overall). Russell Holt ran his second consecutive PB, taking 16 seconds off this time as he posted 19:30 on his 106th run here (120 runs overall). Richard Mead ran 19:55 on his 101st parkrun (all at Bushy) to take two seconds off previous best, which was exactly four years ago in May 2012.



parkrun tourists


First timers briefing by Emma Wingate

Emma Wingate giving the first timers' briefing, which included tourists from far and wide! (photo taken by Julie Papworth)


We had plenty of tourists from around the UK, but our furthest tourists came all the way from Australia, as we welcomed three tourists from down under: Ted Carter (81 runs), Neil Percy (73 runs) and David Cross (65 runs). Neil and David are based at Torrens parkrun in Adelaide, which began in December 2012, and Ted regularly runs at the wonderfully named Toowomba parkrun in Queensland. Thanks for coming guys and we hope you had a good morning!

Closer to home, Caroline Wood joined us from the south coast for her first run here on her 244th parkrun. She has done most of her runs at Brighton & Hove parkrun (153 runs), but most recently has been based at Bevendean parkrun – which is on the edge of the South Downs and rumoured to be one of the toughest parkruns, so hopefully you enjoyed the pancake flat course here! It was her 49th different event, having toured around most of the south east!

Sarah Kimpton was another Bushy debutant on her 209th run! Sarah has done 53 runs at Hull parkrun, but she has taken in plenty of tourism, with Bushy being her 69th different event as she has visited events around the UK, as well as at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia and Amager Strandpark in Denmark.

From Poole parkrun we welcomed Graham Filmer (175 parkruns) and Eve Filmer (140 runs), whilst nearer on the other side of the Thames at Kingston parkrun we welcomed the Wagner family: Jakob Wagner (135 runs), Johannes Wagner (125 runs) and Luzius Wagner (5 runs).

Gary Scott celebrated joining the 100 club by making his debut here! He is a regular at St Andrews parkrun with 65 runs there. Congratulations Gary! Other notable Bushy first timers on tour were: Lewis Sydenham (77 runs) and David Howell (52 runs).

Thanks to all of those who chose to visit Bushy, we hope you enjoyed the day and see you again soon!


parkrunners heading for the finish


parkrunner of the week!

In this relatively new feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!

As it was event number 626, the parkrunner who finished with token 626 was… an unknown runner! It had to happen at some point! So instead I will feature the next registered finisher, collecting token 628 (as 627 was also unknown!) was 100 club member and 140-time parkrunner Rosario Merola! Rosario is a regular at Osterley parkrun, with 97 runs there and this was only his second run at Bushy. He has done plenty of tourism across London, including Northala Fields (12 runs), Richmond (8), Gunnersbury (6), Upton Court (4), Old Deer Park (3), Bedfont Lakes (2), Kingston (2), Crane Park (2), Maidenhead (1) and Fulham Palace (1). Thanks for coming Rosario and we hope you had a good time with us!



Now for the results and stats bit!


Happy finishers!   


The results bit

The first finisher was Warrington AC athlete Tom Jervis, running 15:44 (81.99%) on his fifth parkrun (all at Bushy) to set a new PB by eight seconds! Incidentially, the first finisher’s time in the past 4 weeks reads as follows: 15:46, 15:44, 15:45, 15:44, just a 2 second difference! The next finisher also set a new PB, as Will Russell of Bristol and West AC ran 16:12 (79.63%) on his 24th parkrun (four runs here), and he was followed by Bushy first timer and South London Harrier Robert Drake, posting 16:19 (79.06%) on his ninth parkrun

The first female finisher and fourth finisher overall was Emma Pallant of Aldershot, Farnham and District AC, and it was her 11th parkrun (all at Bushy). Emma ran 16:37 (89.07%), the fastest ladies’ time on the course since Charlotte Purdue ran 16:24 on Christmas Day 2014. The next female finisher was Michelle Dillon, running 17:50 (86.92%) on her 23rd parkrun (20 at Bushy). The third lady home was Hercules Wimbledon AC’s Claire Grima, running 17:59 (84.15%) on her 57th parkrun (fourth here, 45 runs at Wimbledon).

The first junior finisher was Ollie Hurdle of Thames Turbo Triathlon, running 17:43 (77.33%), posting a new PB on his 40th parkrun (34 runs here). The next junior finisher was Gabriel Lewis, running 17:51 (76.75%) for Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers on his tenth parkrun (all at Bushy), and he was closely followed by JM15-17 athlete Jonny Kerr, running 18:02 (77.17%) for a new PB on his eighth parkrun (7 runs at Bushy). A further two boys posted sub 20 times, well done to: Luke Mace (18:28) and Matthew Woolger (19:48).

The first junior girl home was Ranelagh Harrier Sacha Kennedy, running 20:05 (78.26%) on her 75th parkrun (63 at Bushy), next was Imogen King, running 21:40 (75.15%) on her 120th parkrun (111 runs here), and she was closely followed by Ranelagh Harrier Leonie Kennedy, running 21:47 (72.15%) on her 61st parkrun (48 runs at Bushy).


    And they're off!

1155 parkrunners setting off on Lime Avenue (photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Highest age grading scorers

The ladies led the way this time on the age gradings, as 9 out of the 11 parkrunners to achieve over 80% were female! The first registered female finisher Emma Pallant, ran 16:37 to score 89.07% in the SW25-29 category. Joan Lennon (VW55-59) scored 88.37% from her time of 21:21, Michelle Dillion (VW40-44) ran 17:50 for 86.92% and Bushy first timer Caroline Wood (VW50-54) posted 85.80% as she ran 20:18.

A further seven parkrunners achieved over 80%, well done to: Claire Grima (84.15%), Polly Adams (82.46%), Tom Jervis (81.99%), Tracy Baker (81.28%), Merran Sell (81.12%), Bea Downey (81.05%) and David Womersley (80.52%).

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


1155 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue   

1155 parkrunners setting off on Lime Avenue (photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Points tables

With 35 runs completed in this ‘Bushy year’, we are over halfway through the season, with 19 runs remaining. The table began on the anniversary run on the first Saturday in October 2015, and will conclude at the end of September.

In pole position to receive the John Hanscomb trophy is Mark Gratton, as he leads the men’s points table with 7,974 points, and is 542 points ahead of Chris Brimacombe on 7,432 with Jeremy Langdon third on 7,337 – so as it stands the top three will be unchanged from last year! John Woods is the only male parkrunner yet to miss a Bushy parkrun since the anniversary

Leading the women’s points table is junior parkrunner Sacha Kennedy, as she has amassed 7,854 points, and she has a slender 25 point lead over Polly Adams on 7,829, with the current holder of the Sonia O’Sullivan salver, Ramona Thevenet, not far behind on 7,509 points – and Ramona is the only female parkrunner yet to miss a run in this ‘Bushy year’.

Points are accumulated by the finishing position by gender for the respective tables, with the first male and female finishers receiving 250 points, the second finisher gets 249, third 248, etc. 250 points is awarded for the first three times you volunteer in the Bushy year between October and September. To find out more about the points tables and how it works, visit the parkrun support FAQ


parkrunners ready to go on Lime Avenue

parkrunners gather on Lime Avenue (photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Stats of the day


There were 1155 parkrunners – 1083 identified, 72 unidentified (6.2% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1083 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 182 PBs (16.8% of field) of which 9 have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 92 Bushy first timers (8.5% of field) of which 57 were parkrun first timers (5.3% of field)
  • 118 Juniors aged under 18 (10.9%) and 192 Seniors aged 18-34 (17.7%)
  • 773 Vets (71.4%) of which 106 are 35-39, 314 are 40-49, 273 are 50-59, 80 are 60+
  • 645 males (59.6%) and 438 females (40.4%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (108 runners – 16.7% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 50-54 (67 runners – 15.3% of all females)
  • 191 club runners (17.6% of field) from 58 different clubs and 892 unattached (82.4%)
  • Top 5 clubs: Stragglers (55 runners), Ranelagh Harriers (18), Sweatshop Running Community (9), Thames Turbo Triathlon (9) and 26.2 RRC (8).


How fast?

  • Of the 1155 finishers, there were:
  • 72 sub 20 mins (6.2%), 372 20:00-24:59 (32.2%), 443 25:00-29:59 (38.4%) and 268 over 30 mins (23.2%)
  • Top 10% time: 20:44, Midpoint time: 26:39
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 62, 66, 72, 80, 92, 88, 85, 105, 99, 66
  • 469 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 93.8 per minute
  • 105 finishers in the 27th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 82382 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1083, averaging 76 parkruns each
  • 502 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (46.4% of identified field), of which
  • 187 members of the 50 club (19.1%)
  • 260 members of the 100 club (24.9%)
  • 55 members of the 250 club (5.6% of field) – Richard Fletcher (497 runs), John Hanscomb (493), Paul Killick (480), Ramona Thevenet (450), John Woods (449), Simon Greenhill (440), Kirsty Bangham (436), Polly Adams (420), Stewart Rose (418), Ciaran Murphy (403), David Tyas (403), Derek Blackmore (395), Stewart Holmes (393), Madge Bradsell (383), Liz Collison (378), Mark Gratton (370), David Worth (369), David Womersley (365), Malcolm Taylor (359), Suzan Baker (356), Carol Dickinson (349), Jeremy Langdon (348), Jeremy Palmer (346), Carmen Palmer (344), Rory Waddell (342), Sheila Fergusson (339), Wally Garrod (339), Pat McGrath (328), Ken Pearson (320), Jason Venkatasamy (315), Christopher Johnson (311), Charles Worth (297), Jeremy Hawke (293), Graham Titcombe (291), Bob Anderson (289), Paul Sinton-Hewitt (288), Joanne Sinton-Hewitt (287), Helen Jones (284), Joanne Green (281), Ewen Gibson (279), Dave Hall (275), Wendy Roberston (274), Jonathan Cox (273), Steve Miller (271), Nick Wright (269), Trevor Morris (267), Eric Shawdon (265), Jack Kennedy (265), Paul Belcher (264), Tim Wood (264), Paul Rostern (262), Andrew Allen (261), Kathryn Ager (257), Mike Taylor (253) and Karen McGuigan (252).
  • 0 members of the 500 club (but only for a few more weeks!)



And finally

It was our Run Director Andy Wingate’s birthday earlier this week, and a significant number too - so he can look forward to an improved age grading percentage! We helped him celebrated post run after another successful Bushy parkrun. Cheers!


Happy 40th birthday Andy Wingate!



It’s pacers next Saturday, and as it’s an odd numbered month you can expect odd numbered pacers ranging from 21 to 35 minutes!


That’s all for now, until next time!


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch



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Event number 625 – 7th May 2016

Yes, back to that old chestnut!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

It may have surprised you as you approached the start line this week to discover a few obstacles on the course in Lime Avenue in the form of large tents and portaloos, as preparations were underway for the following day. Chestnut Sunday is the biggest day in Bushy Park’s calendar, (yes even bigger than parkrunday) as more people flock to the park, but not to run on this occasion. Each year, on the Sunday closest to 11th May, people come from all over London and the South East to join in the local tradition of celebrating the blossom on the magnificent horse chestnut trees in the park.

The custom goes back more than 100 years and was revived by Hampton Wick residents in the 1970s after it stopped during WWII. So, how fortunate were we all to resume back to the old start line, for just this weekend only, to witness and take part as a massive amount of trainers, several buggies and four legged friends set off down the prestigious Chestnut Avenue once more. I hope that you all admired the blossom as you passed it and I am certain that everyone one thought that this ‘old chestnut’ course was far from being a route that that no longer interests us. Obviously it has been done repeatedly before however one that we were all privileged to reprise once more.

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Satisfaction at Bushy
On this day, way back in 1965, in the early morning hours in a Florida motel room, a bleary-eyed Keith Richards awoke, grabbed a tape recorder and came up with one of the greatest pop phrases of all time: The opening riff of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” He then promptly fell back to sleep. Some 51 years later in Bushy Park, there certainly weren’t any signs of sleepy rockers as 1240 partakers rolled up and got some free satisfaction!
The field was rocking as the tokens tipped into the 1200’s for the second time in 2016, and it was the largest amount of participants since April last year. Maybe the rising of the temperatures encouraged you ditch the duvet on this first and hottest May parkrunday or just the opportunity to run the old course once more. Hopefully you were all satisfied customers, after all where else can you run 5k for free with a group of like-minded people?

Bounding down Chestnut Avenue as the volunteers give a supportive cheer
Under the branches of the blossoming trees seeking shade
Spreading out to find a gap whilst steering clear of the Royal Park deer
Hundreds of parkrunners pound along as they turn down the Sandy Lane path
Yearning for that PB, get to the finish or just having a laugh
pacing themselves round the cricket pitch, hoping they don’t get a stitch!
Almost there as the vision of the playground becomes clear
Round the tree stump and past the gushing fountain, such a relief to hear
Keep on pushing past the kiosk until you cross the finish line
Red as beetroot in the face as the click seals your time
Upbeat and smiles as the sweat kisses your cheek
Nine o’clock on the dot, yes we’ll see you next week!

So how did you all do at event number 625?
Today’s event was under the devout directorship of Ray Coward and I was on hand to greet the volunteers and organise marshals which was somewhat challenging as several were unfamiliar with the now ‘old’ course. Thankfully, Ann Coward assisted by ticking off the scanners and funnel management team before she managed to actually run the course, a rare but welcome outing for her! The event went like clockwork as old hand Kirsty Bangham was the lady with your fate at her fingertips, or should that be thumb clicks!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Timer Kirsty gets ready to click first finisher Jonathan
So a huge thank you to the incredible team of 46 volunteers for making this week’s Bushy parkrun an astounding affair, although a rather sweaty one!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Volunteers wait to cheer at the final tree
The results bit:
Topmost males across the finish were:
Jonathan CORNISH of Hercules Wimbledon AC, who was way ahead in 15:45, leaving everyone behind in the distance. This was his third consecutive week as first finisher at Bushy and his 6th time in 9 appearances. He was just 5 seconds off his PB and it was his first time running the original course which he also liked.
Craig JARMAN was second over the line in 17:06 with Andrew LAWRENCE of Morpeth Harriers & AC claiming third podium finish in 17:33.
The finest females for this week were:
Tracey HARDCASTLE who sped over the line in 19:25, like Jonathan, it was also her 6th time being first finisher.
Teenager Sacha KENNEDY of Ranelagh Harriers (and leading lady of the points table to date), was second over the line in 19:52 and Emilie BOKOR-INGRAM of Hercules Wimbledon AC, was hot on her heels in 20:15 to complete the trio.
Top teens were:
Johnny KERR led the way in 18.20 closely pursued by Gabriel Lewis who was only 3 seconds behind. Rufus King crossed the line in style in 18.48, giving him a New PB on his 94th run.
The aforementioned Sacha Kennedy led the girls home in a speedy time of 19.52. Kathryn Bartle ran her 37th parkrun with a New PB of 20.50 and Imogen King finishes the trio in 21.36.
The Stats Bit
How many?
As the temperature soared, so did the finish tokens as there was a record turnout for this year so far of 1240 runners on this marvellous May parkrunday. This included 95 participants who declined to register their result or maybe just forgot their barcode. This means that you missed out being scanned this week by our terrific team of scanners, who this week were all students who are taking part in the popular Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme.

Bushy parkrun 7th May

The D of E Scanners (apart from Simon Lane in the middle who is a bit too old to take part in the scheme but an experienced and valuable volunteer!)
Who were they?
491 of the identified field were female, 654 were male
• 110 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park – 53 of these were totally new to parkrun (we hope that you come back again to run our proper course as displayed on the webpage!)
• 7 runners had an age grading over 80%
How fast?
• There were a subtle but sweaty 79 runners who clocked up New PBs! A great feat in the heat!
• 55 registered runners finished in under 20 minutes
Special Plaudits
Exhausting, staggering and inspirational describes the following trio of runners who recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Jane DAVIES (VW65-69) was graded 97.10% for the time 21:51
Liz ZASS (VW65-69) was graded 82.54% for the time 26:32
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) was graded 82.25% for the time 18.41.

Joining the club
There were no new members of the evergreen 250 club this week yet Sue Graham-Kahn has just 10k to go. However, veteran runner John Greaves finally celebrated his recent membership today even though he actually joined the 250 club a month ago. What’s the point of rushing the celebrations? After all, it has only taken him a mere 11 years to complete 250 parkruns! Stragglers member John discovered the free 5k through his running club back in March 2005 when the course was run on the real original one. It was the same course as this week’s but just run the other way round so the finish would have been at today’s start line! He was the penultimate finisher in 27.57 out of a tiny field of 31 runners! He returned to Bushy a fortnight later and this time finished just over half way in the slightly smaller pack of 24 but smashed his previous time by 5 and a half minutes! He decreased this some more in the summer of that year and John’s PB remains set there at 21.34. He still runs at a good pace, despite being 11 years older but on occasions slows it down to accompany and encourage his delightful better half Sarah Colclough, whom he introduced to the wonderful world of parkrun 2 years ago, just after they met. John declares that holidays and working are the reason for his lack of regular, weekly attendance but he obviously likes to just take his time. All good things come to those who wait and what a perfect day to mark this milestone, surrounded by friends, many of whom he has met through parkrun, with traditional fizz and cakes which were lovingly made by partner Sarah plus plenty of sunshine in the setting of beautiful Bushy Park.

Bushy parkrun 7th May

I wonder what year he will get to 500?!

Bushy 250s

Hopefully John won’t have to wait too long before he gets to wear one of the glorious green Tribe t-shirts which are the envy of us all. In fact, there were 65 members of the 250 club amongst the field of runners today. Whilst some may be camera shy, and some not so easy to spot as they are in t-shirt disguise, Suzan Baker came up with a brilliant photo opportunity and gathered together just a fraction of the actual 250 members to show off their attire.

Bushy 250s

There were six members of the ever expanding 100 club. They were: Ramon Benitez, David Ready, Adrian Hughes, Paul Chapman, Richard Mead and Victoria Turner. Just one more lap to go for Mark Coop and Isabel Hessey.

Celebrations are optional but I think pretty important, after all those early starts and runs whatever the weather, reaching the 100 milestone is an admirable achievement to mark. I discovered Richard Mead swigging from a bottle of champagne by the finish tree, celebrating his century run, all of which have been at Bushy. He was supported by his family and running pals but admitted that he was disappointed to have marginally missed out on a new PB by just 4 seconds, which he set 4 years ago in 19.57. Being such a momentous occasion, maybe it’s time to drown your sorrows!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

The only lady in the pack of the new 100 clubbers had her priorities in check and had a different type of PB on her mind, in the form of ‘Prosecco bottle’. Victoria Turner returned especially to Bushy to mark her milestone with her parkrun pals. Vicks was the envy of many in the soaring heat of the funnel today as she was handed a celebratory glass of fizz, that’s true service for you at Bushy and certainly worth returning for! Close friends Andy and Emma Wingate introduced her to Bushy parkrun some 4 years ago and now she runs at Wimbledon Common due to a recent house move. Proud Vicks was feeling well and truly victorious as her smile shone through with happiness and the fizz flowed freely. This is definitely what parkrun is all about.

Bushy parkrun 7th May

A trio of parkrunners can now claim their red top as Shirley Buckley, Philip De Rosa and youngster Leah Patel all completed their 50th 5k. David Jefferies, Nicola Ansell and Alex Nelson all need to complete one more lap.
Thomas Blandford was the only Junior runner this week to claim his 10 top whereas Gabriel Lewis and Finlay Sinclair will soon be joining him after one more parkrunday.
Many parkrun congratulations to you all!

Familiar faces

Bushy parkrun 7th May

It’s always uplifting to see so many happy faces amongst the park, before, during or after the run. You may well have spotted a few well known faces, hopefully smiling! First lady Tracey, better known as Nell McAndrew ran before she headed off to join the military fitness gang to do a few burpees and drills. BBC News anchor, presenter and keen marathon runner Sophie Raworth joined us at Bushy for the first time with a camera crew in tow. The start was delayed slightly whilst they filmed some footage and Sophie happily posed for photos with parkrunners after her 5k. Look out for a feature on parkrun on the TV soon, you might even spot yourself! parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt was also running in his apricot tee shirt at Bushy this week, our very own parkrun celebrity who we owe our gratitude to, else we would never have made so many wonderful friends.

Cheerful Centurion

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Lastly though, but keeping a very low profile was more of a familiar smiley face, supporting not taking part this week. Would you still be smiling after running and walking for 100 miles non-stop? Well, in true Rachel Lonergan style, this amazing ‘wonder woman’, last weekend not only took part but managed to finish the Centurion Thames Towpath 100 in a staggering 26 hours 36 minutes and 15 seconds. She was one of 295 runners who registered at Richmond Town Hall last Saturday to take on this mighty challenge and because of its grand distance, not everyone manages to finish. However, with a positive mind, sheer determination and an impressive support crew, dropping out was never an option. Rachel really has come a long way since I first met her in the Autumn of 2011 when her big toe was smashed to smithereens and she was out of action for months. During this time, she became a keen volunteer throughout her recovery and finally got back to running in February 2012 and trained for the Olympic Park 5 mile run in March. That must seem like a lifetime ago as I am sure that she could never have imagined that four years later she would be running that distance non-stop twenty times! She crossed the finish line with a smile bigger than a Cheshire cat and in her after race blog quoted ‘the pain will subside at some point and the pride will remain’. So if you see her wearing a large belt buckle and a huge grin, you will now know how far she went to get it!

Chirpy Cheltenhamers!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Visitors came from far afield today; some flew from down under whereas this posse of parkrunners came in bulk in a coach from Cheltenham. Not the suburb in Melbourne but the regency spa town located on the edge of The Cotswolds. They made their presence known and we gave them a great welcome with sunshine all around. One of the tourists, Peter Smith checked in with me as he was down to volunteer as a marshal on a course he had never been to! Luckily, Bert Kidwell stepped in just at the time when I needed a regular volunteer most and took Peter and the DofE students off to Teddington Gate to marshal. This also included making the vast amount of runners aware of two rather small concrete posts which have popped up around the manhole cover more recently. Anyway, Peter had a great time at his marshal point with the mass of the field bounding towards him and he managed to take some brilliant photos too. He described it as the best 10 minutes! Read on to find what else the tourists from Cheltenham thought of the home of parkrun.
“We had an early start - 5:30 from the carpark where we normally leave our cars for our own event. 31 bleary eyed parkrunners (and 1 bleary eyed voluntourist) were remarkably quiet on the journey down (apart from the odd bit of snoring) flashing through the horrendous roadworks at Oxford for a 7:30 arrival at Bushy park.
After 32 coffees we walked up to the start (apparently the Diana fountain isn't Diana, who knew ??) and were welcomed with big smiles by Julie. Loads of photos and a briefing later we were ready for the off, joining 1209 other runners in glorious sunshine. Our first runner home Simon Jarvis was extraordinarily pleased with his 15 position, but every single one of the runners finished with smiles on their faces...and amazement on the length of the finish funnel !!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

The smiles continued during impromptu photo sessions with PSH and Sophie Raworth (who was probably regretting choosing that day to make her first visit Bushy - after being hijacked by the Cheltenham contingent). I was also massively pleased to be the recipient of a glass of bubbly to help celebrate a fellow parkrunner’s 250th.
Although the return journey took longer, it felt quicker as we'd had a fantastic morning and have already started planning our return trip. Thank you Bushy parkrun!” (in the words of Peter Smith)

Family affair from afar
Another one of my roles today was writing down barcodes that for whatever reason, do not scan. Imagine travelling over 10,000 miles and your barcode just doesn’t work! Well Australian James Burston came by to see me at the oak tree as he was obviously keen to register his result as he had come all the way from Canberra. He finished in a nifty 95th position and also matched his best time of 20.55 which he set at Tuggeranong parkrun in March. He has obviously got the parkrun bug as this impressive tourism was only his fifth 5k. I was intrigued to discover that the main reason for his trip to Europe along with his Aunt, Uncle and great Uncle was in fact to attend his brother’s wedding the day before in London followed by celebrations at the stunning surroundings of Kew Gardens in glorious British sunshine. James and his family didn’t overdo the celebrations though as they were determined to be at Bushy parkrun which was an important part of their planned trip. Aunty Lisa (Redmond) did confess that she left her running kit bag at the airport which she had to go back for! This family certainly are determined and dedicated parkrunners!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Family members Gerrard Redmond, James, Mervin Gray and Lisa Redmond certainly are impressive Bushy first timers from Australia)

Flying visit
Trainee pilot Christopher Trott returned to Bushy this week after being away for 18 months. It was a rather fleeting visit though as he was heading to Dorset the next day to continue his training which he has been working towards in New Zealand. I wondered if he arrived by private jet as there is ample space in the park but alas Christopher and his proud dad Michael travelled to the park on the sensible two wheeled option. I also wondered if the father and son ran the course together as they were reunited but it appears that this young high flier has some catching up to do to keep up with his supersonic Dad!

Bushy parkrun 7th May

(Pleased to be home, albeit a flying visit! Christopher with speedy Michael)

Delighted Daniel

Bushy parkrun 7th May

Last but not least who deserves a special mention this week is Daniel Wren who was beaming with pride as he proudly showed off his medal. Of course, it’s not just any medal as he ran his first ever marathon at London two weeks ago. It definitely was his first time lucky as he entered the ballot and got a place alongside his guide runner and charity worker Lindsey. They completed the 26.2 miles in 5hours and 32 minutes and Daniel is keen to run another but would prefer a somewhat not so busy one next time which will hopefully enable him to get a marathon PB! Go for it Daniel!

Time for me to go too I think!
Be happy, healthy and have a good week!
Julie Papworth

Marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is the husband!


(parkrunday- the only time when it's acceptable for your husband to wear the same as his wife!)
Happy Anniversary Dave! x

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Run Report 624 – 30th April 2016

#624 – The one that Bracknell visited


Back in February, a man at Bracknell parkrun, a Bracknell Forest Runner no less, a man by the name of Adrian Luscombe spoke of ‘the home of parkrun’ the Mecca that is Bushy and therein began our the planning of our pilgrimage……….


Bracknell Parkrun has just had its first birthday so the talk of a parkrun that had been running since 2004 that had been completed over 600 times with a regular attendance of over 1000 runners excited many of us and our mission was set for Saturday April 30th.


Talk of potential parking issues lead more than 30 of us to a rather (too) early start in the car park at our local sports centre where we carpooled accordingly – the blazing sunshine made it even more fabulous and exciting and we weaved our merry way in convoy up the M3 – at this point I must put my hands up and admit that the 7am meet was really my fault!!!


Our arrival at the park was everything we thought it would be and more – driving towards the fountain with the bluest of blue skies really did make it feel like we had chosen the perfect morning to visit Bushy and as it was all of our first visits it’s a guaranteed PB right??!!



We were joined by over 1100 other parkrunners at bushy and being part of that start was really quite unbelievably awesome. A total of 132 of us dutifully listened to the first timers briefing with 67 being tourists on the same pilgrimage as us meaning a fantastic 65 people chose Bushy to join the parkrun family for the very first time.

Michael, Tim, Ella, Jack, Naoki, Masahiko, Konrad, Alexander, Michael, Chetan, Paul, Harrison, Jody, Zoe, Tom, Amy, Alice, Bradley, Jason, Stuart, Louise, Hannah, Brian, Olivia, Harry, Jane, Tim, Hadleigh, Samantha, Jack, Stephanie, Morgan, Ian, Charlene, Amy, Karen, James, Louise, Peter, Kitty, Jo, Sam, Lisa, Elliot, Kelly-Anne, Sue, Harry, Elena, Holly, Cheryl, Imogen, Jessica, Sally, Emma, Harriet, Ethan, Kery, Josie and Nathalie, welcome to the wonderful world of parkrun, we hope that you will be back again very soon to run with us especially as you now have a course PB to beat J


From the first timers briefing the excitement built as we then moved on to the start line where the main run briefing took place. Run director Rob gave us a shout out as tourists and then moved on to give kudos to the milestone runners – Timothy Sowry joined the 50 club (Incidentally he equalled his course PB of 21:25 as well today) along with Megan Read, Hannah Evans and Helena White also joining him on that amazing milestone with Kalee West also made the same first pilgrimage as us to earn her Red shirt today. David Monk staked his claim on the fantastic black shirt of the 100 club and Dale Parsons chose to visit home of parkrun from the very first time to complete is 100th run. Sophie Gray also earned her Junior 10 shirt today – well done to you Sophie and all the other milestone runners on your amazing achievements – looking through the results it really is awe inspiring to see so many 10’s, 50’s 100’s and 250’s in the list with several parkrunners amassing more than 300 runs and some creeping towards the magic 500 with over 400 parkruns on their tally.


The end of the briefing meant it was time – time for us to complete the mission we had come for – time to run the hallowed 5k of bushy. The start was incredible 1177 people were released from in front of the fountain to run, jog and walk the beautiful sunny beginning of their bank holiday weekend.

2If you’re reading this report It’s quite likely you have run at bushy but if you haven’t let me tell you it’s great course – one lap, mostly path with some grass and outstanding if you are after a fast time! As all of our tourist group were first timers none of us (or arguably all of us!) set a course PB but there were several of us (including myself with my first ever sub 28 minute 5k) who took big chunks off our own 5k PB times that we have run elsewhere in the country. 3 So to the business end of the run, THE RESULTS. First man over the line today was Jonathan Cornish in an amazing time of 15:44,   4 Matt Atkins popped up in Second place but with the first PB of the day with a time of 16:44   5   with Craig Jarman third man in 17:06. 6 First Lady was Michelle Dillon who also came eighth overall in a time of 17.43, 7second lady home was Jo Billings with a time of 19.30 and third lady was Tracey Hardcastle with an impressive 20.04.   As we were a group of first time tourists I feel the need to mention that the First ‘First timer’ Man was Patrick Slaughter in a time of 19.16 8 and the First ‘First Timer’ Lady was Kat Mulholland in a time of 21.02, Kat also placed in the top 10 ladies coming in 9th, it will come as no surprise for me to say that both Kat and Patrick were part of our Bracknell tour group J   Which brings me onto my favourite subject – PB’s! an amazing 155 runners set new PB’s today.

Hugest Congratulations to all of you – Matt, Jonny, Kieran, Jamie, Luke, Andy, Gareth, Joshua, George, Ashley, Darren, Tom, Jo, Stephen, Chris, Brandan, Richard, Emilie, Ed, Ethan, Aron, Jake, James, Brian, Stephen, William, Daniel, Joel, Andrew, Chris, Spencer, Simon, Rhodri, James, Richard, David, Tracey, Tom, Luke, Mark, Ezenwa, Chris, Alasdair, Geoffrey, Sophie, Anna, Andrew, Catherine, David, Oriana, Duncan, Richard, Shaun, Doug, Mark, Jacob, Jim, Evangelos, William, Ross, Mike, Martin, Stuart, Adam, Thomas, Tim, Ian, Paul, Deti, Ryan, Daniel, Niamh, Andrew, Ben, Hannah, James, Kevin, Clare, Andy, Trevor, Felix, Jessica, Lucas, Olivia, David, Ruth, Julie, Keith, Amelia, Sarah, Giles, David, Simon, Anne-Lise, James, Sophie, Johanna, Cleide, Liz, Yasmin, Jane, Penny, Georgia, Deborah, Charlotte, Felicity, Flavia, Isabel, Justine, Stefania, Dhruv, Kieron, Jamie, Becky, Hannah, Alex, Jan, Sam, Andrew, Lee, Beau, Helen, Sue, Robby, Brian, Philip, Claire, Fifi, Shayan, Andre, Julie, Jessica, Elaine, Julia, Nicola, Jon, Joyce, Caroline, Darren, Pam, Trudi, Georgina, Esther, Caroline, Liz, Jodie, Harry, Gabriella, Nicky, Keira, Gill, Katie, Vittoria – Amazing work J 

As much as I love to shout out for a PB if you didn’t get one today then you need to remember that you are still AWESOME! What you did today was every bit as amazing as those who did set a PB. Unfortunately we can’t all set PB’s every week but I can tell you one thing – you were faster than everyone who stayed at home in bed and didn’t bother to come out and enjoy the sunshine and you lapped everyone who was at home on the couch!   As always there needs to be a shout out to the amazing team of volunteers who make parkrun possible – the recent press about little stoke parkrun must serve to remind us that this is a free event, staffed by volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible.

BIG thanks to Run Director Rob and his amazing team of heros who made event number 624 possible. Adam, Alex, Ali, Benjamin, Catelin, Charles, Chloe, Chris, Dave, David, Diane, Duncan, Ethan, Freya, George, Hayden, Iain, Jack, James, Jennifer, Joey, Jonathan, Justine, Katherine, Kelly, Leonie, Lou, Lucy,  Marje, Martin, Megan, Mike, Nick, Noah, Orla, Oscar, Pat, Phil, Phoebe, Poppy, Ray, Rei, Richard, Sheila, Tom, Victoria, Will and Yue

THANK YOU all for giving up your time on a Saturday morning so that we could all enjoy a fantastic run in the sunshine.   If you haven’t volunteered at parkrun you are in fact missing out on being part of the team that makes the magic happen! Maybe you could consider it the next time you have a race on the Sunday – it’s road racing season now after all and no doubt your legs will thank you for not doing that extra five 5k on the Saturday when it comes to the last mile of your race on the Sunday J The future volunteer roster can be found here and if you want to get in on the action just email and let them know the date you are available and (if you have a preference) the job you want to do. You too can wear the cape of a parkun hero. Finally I have to mention again how great it is to tour to other parkruns – the difference between the courses and locations is amazing and the welcome is always warm – hey if you fancy some hills and mud come along to Bracknell – we’re a friendly bunch and our course is a challenging one!! Parkrun happens all over the world and you are part of the global family that makes it work – make the most of it wherever you are J you don’t have to make it an occasion but if, like us, you have a group of like minded people who love a parkrun then do it – get together and go and enjoy one of the other parkruns in your local area – If you are lucky enough to have  bakers in your group, post run cake always improves a parkrun! 9



So all that remains is for me to say is, Take a bow Bushy, Take a bow – we hope to visit you again soon



Thanks for having us!



Run Report 623 – 23rd April 2016

Well that was fun wasn’t it? The sun was shining but it certainly felt a little bit chilly on Saturday morning at 9am as 1165 people toed the line at the start of the 623rd edition of Bushy parkrun. It certainly must have inspired something in the nation because just over 24 hours later, over 35,000 people spontaneously decided to turn up on Blackheath Common and run eight and a bit parkruns around the streets of London. More of that later…

Back to our little parkrun and not content with being brilliant runners, great volunteers and two of the smiliest people I know, our superstar twins Sacha and Leonie Kennedy took over as joint Run Directors this morning and did a fantastic job.


Sacha and Leonie – or possibly Leonie and Sacha

Alongside our brilliant run directors we had a fantastic team of volunteers scanning, marshalling, funnelling and all sorts of other things. So without further ado, please give a big round of applause to all the wonderful volunteers this weekend:

Adam SHERRIFF • Alex TICKELL • Ali KENNEDY • Amy SILLITOE • Andrew HOWARTH • Andrew MORRISON • Ann COWARD • Benjamin DAVIDSON • Carol Margaret DICKINSON • Daisy Eleanor KNOX • David PAPWORTH • David WORTH • Diane MULLEN • Dominic RHODES • Duncan SCOBLE • Eddie COLLMAN • Emilie HOWES • Freya MORRISON • George SOLOMON • Glennis PYE • Hayden MATTHEWS • Imogen KING • Ioan SMITH • Janet LIVESEY • Jennifer Anne BARKER • Jonathan EVANS • Julian DIAMOND • Leonie KENNEDY • Lyn BRYMER • Martin MILTON • Megan LUPO • Michelle ROWLEY • Naomi JOHNS • Nick BLANCHARD • Nick ROWE • Noah MOUNTSTEPHEN • Oscar BLANCHARD • Pedro DAS GUPTA • Phil BLUER • Polly ADAMS • Ralph BLACKBOURN • Ray BAIRSTOW • Ray COWARD • Ray FRANKS • Rei NDREU • Richard MOORE • Rob S JONES • Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH • Sacha KENNEDY • Sam BENNETT • Sam COLLMAN • Stephen PENPRAZE • Tom FLEMING • Will FORD • Yue MAN

As always, if you fancy having a go at volunteering – it really is fun and I promise we will be nice to you – please do visit our How to Volunteer page at and get involved.


Showing our love for Little Stoke parkrun (If you have good eyesight!)

So, this week there were 1165 runners, of whom 115 were first timers, thanks for choosing this weekend to join us at Bushy. Of those 115, 65 were completely new to parkrun, I hope you enjoyed the New Runners briefing – this week featuring Carl Dickinson on sign holding and David Papworth on talking. 136 people took advantage of the pretty good conditions and recorded new Personal Bests. I’ve forgotten what a personal best is…


New Runners briefing

So who came where at the sharp end of the field today then?

Top three in the men’s field were: Jonathan CORNISH of Hercules Wimbledon AC who was first over the line in a very quick 15:46, just 6 seconds outside his PB. Smashing his PB next was Harry MATTHEWS in a fantastic time of 16:15. There was a bit of a gap back to third where David HALLOWAY finished in 16:49 which was a new PB for him as well. Brilliant running all of you, times that most of us can only marvel at…


Jonathan CORNISH (Sorry it's not the most flattering picture!)


Harry MATTHEWS (Who doesn't even appear to be trying...)



In the ladies field Kate BROWN was first over the line in 18:11 – her 11th time as first finisher in 12 appearances. Next was Naomi LENANE who was second over the line in 18:19, followed by Nancy SCOTT who finished in a great new PB of 19:10.







For the junior boys, first back to the big tree was Joshua FOREMAN in 19.17 followed by Thomas SHEARMAN in 19.25. Making up the top three was Ethan PURDUE in 19.29. Congratulations to both Thomas and Ethan for getting new PBs.

For the Junior Ladies, Nancy SCOTT was first home in a new PB of 19.10. As well as Run Directing and taking it easy prior to the mini marathon the next day, Sacha KENNEDY was second junior lady home in a time of 20.24. Making up the top three was Caitlin CAHILL in 22.51

New Club Members

Two people joined the 250 Club this week, many congratulations to Barry KING and Rod FRASER. Barry has been running since 2007 and has run 234 of those runs at Bushy. He also seems to be remarkably consistent as every year his best time is a 21.xx apart from just one year. In 2014 his best time was 20.56 but I guess if you’re going to break the sequence it’s better to be quicker! Rod FRASER starting one year later in 2008 and has run a total of 245 times at Bushy – look forward to seeing you both in green shirts soon Gents.

Congratulations to Jim KINROSS who was the only new member of the 100 club this week. Enjoy swapping red for black soon.

A whopping five people joined the 50 club this week, so well done to: Joshua LOW, Katerina HUDECKOVA, Jo-Ann GWYNNE, Peter David THOMPSON & Carl HOWES.

Without wishing to single anyone out, Carl was the only one I saw running with a 50 balloon attached to him so he’s the only one who gets his picture in the report but well done everyone.



Amazingly we had no new members of the Junior 10 Club this week which I think is the first time I can recall this happening, certainly since I’ve been writing reports. Maybe they were all saving themselves for the mini marathon or junior parkrun on Sundays. Looking at Facebook it seems that Tribesports have received a large number of milestone t-shirts so if you are waiting to order one, check your profile for the link to order it.

Not quite new members but we’re getting that bit closer to having new members of the 500 club, which I think is still an exclusive club of one featuring Darren Wood. Bubbling under with the champagne on ice are Richard FLETCHER on 494 runs and John HANSCOMB on 490. Looking forward to seeing a lesser spotted blue 500 t-shirt at Bushy very soon.

Carl Howe wasn’t the only person celebrating his '50th' this weekend. Bushy regular and all round lovely lady Julie PAPWORTH celebrated her 50th birthday in true style with cake, prosecco and fruit juice after the run. The amount of people who were still milling around in the frankly quite chilly wind at about 10.30 shows not only the excellent quality of cakes but also how loved and respected Julie is by everyone at Bushy – hope you had a lovely rest of the day Julie.


Happy Birthday Julie

Talking of junior parkrun – which I sort of was earlier on – I am involved as part of the team trying to set up a new junior parkrun in the Feltham area. We could still do with a few more volunteers to get a decent number of people together to kick it off – we’re hoping to start sometime in the summer so if you have a couple of hours to spare on a Sunday morning and want to help get the youth of Feltham running do let me know. Who knows, we might find the next Mo Farah. If you drop a line it will find its way back to me and I can put you in touch with the Event Director.

As mentioned earlier, apart from parkruns all over the country on Saturday morning there was another rather large running event taking place this weekend, namely the London Marathon (other marathons are available…) It’s very much marathon season at the moment and there were loads of Bushy people taking part, apologies in advance for missing any of you out who I don’t know about but we did have some fantastic times out there today – in fact anyone who completes a marathon in at all is fantastic in my eyes.

Of those I was keeping an eye on or have been told about, well done to speedy Ian FULLEN who finished in 2.51. Just behind was Roy REEDER who ran just under 2.54. Also going sub 3 was Stefan KRUEGER who finished in just under 2.58 as did Andrew Melbourne who finished in just over 2.58. Nick ROWE wasn’t that far behind in 3.21 and in turn he was just ahead of some bloke called Paul SINTON-HEWITT who ran 3.22. Malcolm DAVIES crossed the line in 3.33, a brilliant new PB so I’m reliably told! And last of the names I have, Jacqui SINCLAIR finished in 4.09 – well done everyone.

If you ran the marathon and I missed you out, I’m sorry - do post on our Facebook page how you did – and I hope you wear your medal with pride at work on Monday.

I also should mention how well many of our core Bushy regulars did last weekend down in Brighton. Andy WINGATE, Hayden MATTHEWS, Julie PAPWORTH, Kirsty BANGHAM, Stephen (Iggy) IGGLESDEN, Polly ADAMS and Zoe RIDING all did great… was lots of fun following them on the mobile app – which actually worked unlike the London one today!

And lastly in this ‘not actually talking about parkrun’ section, I have to mention the event Rachel LONERGAN (of the sticky out tongue picture from the last run report) is undertaking next week. Just as we all finish parkrun and head off for coffee and maybe a cheeky little cake, Rachel will be starting a 100 mile race in Richmond. Yes, you read that right.. 100 miles. Running all day and through the night and some of the next day as well – good luck Rachel, you’re mad but we know you’ll also be amazing! I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend whether you were running marathons or not, you were all brilliant Saturday morning.

See you next week… Rob


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