Run Report Event No. 645 – 24th September 2016

For a whole bunch of reasons, it has been a fair while since I last wrote one of these reports, but without really planning it I have picked a cracking week to choose to make my return. The final week of the Bushy season means that there is a load of stuff to talk about, plus there was whole host of people running milestone runs – it’s an easy week to find material!

An Indian Summer?

The last week or so the weather has been a bit colder and so driving into the park to beautiful sunshine was a real bonus. It encouraged a big field of 1,205 runners to put on their trainers, aided and abetted by an awesome squad of 47 volunteers! After it was all done and dusted then sitting outside the Pheasantry was a pleasant surprise.


Who knows how long the good weather will last, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for a few weeks’ yet! After a little announcement from Ray asking people to arrive a few minutes early next week for the presentation and our end of season festivities, Run Director Dave got things underway!

Ray reminds everyone about the anniversary, before RD Dave takes the mic


The 645th Bushy parkrun

The first runner back to the big tree was Jonathan Cornish who scorched round the course in 15:44. It was his 13th Bushy parkrun and he has come home first on 9 occasions to give him an incredible record.


Justin Reid recorded a new PB of 17:22 and just outpaced junior Zak Wort (17:25), but were some 90 seconds behind Jonathan.

Justin celebrates a PB and second place

Amongst the junior field, Zak was obviously fastest round the park, but was followed home by Ollie Hurdle (17:39) and Joshua Poncia (18:04) both of whom ran PB times!

In the ladies event, Kate Brown (18:26) was the first to cross the line, 38 seconds ahead of possible family member (or strange coincidence) Vicki Brown (19:04) with Jo Billings (19:21) completing the podium.

The junior girls were super-quick this week with Isobel Stockley just missing out on ducking under the 20 minute marker (20:01) but still leading the field. Isobel was just ahead of Freya Thomas (20:11) and Ella Fryer (20:39)


New PBs and Super Performances

There were 117 new PBs recorded this week (10% of the field) including 20 runners who have over 50 parkruns to their name. Well done to Joshua PONCIA, James HOPPE, Thomas C WILKINSON, Ella FRYER, Mark A INGHAM, James MORRIS, Michelle DAVIES, Steve REEVES, Daniel MORL, Riona STOCKLEY, Charles ALLEN, Anthony JOYCE, Seiko YAZAKI, Simon LOVEGROVE, Linda KATESMARK, Jeff CROSTHWAITE, Tania SULLIVAN, Valerie MILLS, Audrey CROSTHWAITE and Joyce VOCK.

12 runners recorded over 80% on the WAVA Age Grading, so well done goes to Jonathan CORNISH, Justn REID, Joshua PONCIA, Kate BROWN, John GRAHAM, Polly ADAMS, Ruth HUTTON, Bea DOWNEY, Julie HAWORTH, Liz ZASS and Sue LAMBERT.

Simply the greatest

A special mention goes to the incredible Jane Davies. Jane regularly tops the Age Grading table and in fact has the top 49 age gradings in the history of Bushy parkrun, multiple age-group world champion Mike Trees’ best time only just sneaks into the top 50 behind a list of Jane’s greatest hits!

This week she set a new standard. Her 21:30 was her fastest time for a year or so and gives her an Age Grading score of 100.23%!

The idea of WAVA Age Grading is that it denotes the amount of the course you would have completed when the best people in the world in your age group finish and so today Jane would have been ahead of the very best. She is an absolutely world class athlete.

NB. I am ignoring Allan Bray in the table as his numbers are obviously not correct.


The Bushy Points Championships 2015/16 season

In the men’s race for the John Hanscomb Trophy, it was a bit of a foregone conclusion early on as last year’s winner Mark Gratton built up a big lead and ends the season 280 points ahead of Jeremy Langdon despite missing four of the last six runs. Rob Jones completes the podium and has a big 850 point lead over Mark McKinnon in fourth place.

The Sonia O’Sullivan Salver will go to a new runner this year, although it was desperately close right up until September. Super Junior Sacha Kennedy spent most of the season with no more than a 15 point lead over last year’s winner Polly Adams and so it was always going to be a question of who blinked first. In the end a holiday ended Polly’s challenge, but she ends the season only 260 points behind Sacha. Ramona Thevenet finishes third, 900 points behind Polly, but with a healthy lead over Imogen King in fourth.

To show how close the race was between Sacha and Polly, both athletes ran 46 times and so the difference was mostly down to the addition volunteering session that Sacha did. Polly’s average time this season was 20:40, while Sacha’s was just 4 seconds quicker at 20:36. The two have raced each other 40 times this season and in the end Sacha led the series 23:17!

All you need is dedication…

Ramona Thevenet was the most dedicated runner at Bushy this year with 53 outings out of the 54 possible. John Woods and Stewart Rose were just one behind on 52 runs.

And in terms of combined Runs and Volunteers then it is John, Stewart and Yue Man who share the spoils with a total of 57. John and Stewart have 52 runs and 5 volunteers to their name, whilst Yue switches it around with 7 runs complementing her incredible 50 volunteering sessions.

Looking at pure volunteering then Ray Franks’ record of 51 volunteers just puts him above Yue as the most dedicated of our volunteers, but we should highlight how lucky we are at Bushy to have such a dedicated bunch of volunteers.

14 of our field volunteers on more than half the weeks available at Bushy, which shows incredible dedication. Huge thanks to Ray Franks, Alex Tickell, Nick Blanchard, Ray Coward, Andrew Morrison, Dave Giffiths, Yue Man, Ali Kennedy, Diane Mullen, Ann Coward, Emilie Howes and Janice Franks who are the real heroes of the Bushy year!

Exporting talent

If you look further down the Female Points Table you will see a pretty unspectacular set of stats in 88th place.

Zoe Dennison – 17 runs – 1 volunteer – 3,859 points.

This is slightly surprising as Zoe has previously been a regular at Bushy, one of our most dedicated juniors with 219 outings at Bushy in a career of 270 parkruns. Last season, she took in 44 laps of Bushy parkrun and so 17 seems a bit low – however, the reason is obvious. Zoe finished her A-levels last summer and disappeared off to Bath Uni, meaning her weekly trip to Bushy was a little less likely.

Bath Skyline is the local parkrun. It has been going for a couple of years and actually shares the same Oct birthday as Bushy. It is a little smaller, but attracts a strong field of between 250 and 300 runners.

So last September, Zoe rocked up at Bath Skyline and found a new parkrun family. Her dedication has been pretty much perfect with 30 runs throughout her term time and not many missed weeks. It meant that when she left Bath to come back home for the long summer holiday she was comfortably in the lead of their Female Points Table, but with 14 weeks of summer holiday she had to sit and watch her lead chipped away.

Fortunately for Zoe, term time started again in the nick of time with her heading back West with only a small deficit to overcome the current leader, Ros Helps. She duly did this with 8th place on her first week back. A session of volunteering this week confirmed her place at the top of the table!

Well done, Zoe. Top of the points table – even with those huge holidays that uni students seem to need! ;O)
Zoe-Dennison_webThe amazing Zoe Dennison - beating all-comers in Bath


Landmark Runs

This week was a special week for Alex Mason who ran in her 100 shirt for possibly the last time – depending on the postman - as this week was her 250th parkrun (249 at Bushy) and she celebrated with her fastest time of the year.

John Rhodes and Chris Morrison will be upgrading red for black as they joined the 100 Club this week and Michael Gregory, John Gregory (maybe related), Eiko Southeron, Nicki Gray, Ella Rowe, Sue Lambert, Suzanne Holland and Mig Burgess all joined the 50 Club – Mig was tailrunner this week!

Well done all.

This week was also a special week for a few people who were celebrating landmark runs without new t-shirts – so well done to Kevin Quinn (150), Simon Lovegrove (200) and Kirsty Bangham (450).

Kirsty certainly celebrated in style with champagne and a fair bit of cake, meaning we can all look forward to a year’s time when she is set to become only the second lady to reach the 500 club – I reckon there will be more bubbles then too.

Kirsty with some special 450 club brownies. Photobombing by Zoe Riding!

Kirsty is always fighting to be 'first Kirsty' at every event she takes part in (often the only trophy she is likely to be in the mix for) and so she should be pleased with a podium in this years Female Points Trophy.

1. Kirsty Rumble - 28 runs, 0 vols - 4,773 pts

2. Kirsty Kothakota - 25, 0 - 4,491pts

3. Kirsty Bangham - 26,5 - 3,877pts

If only you didn't do so much touristing, Kirst! You could have been somebody!


Next week awaits

Next week will obviously be a big week as it is International parkrun Day, our birthday and the 12th anniversary of parkrun – however it will also be special for Paul Killick who should become the 5th member of the 500 Club!


Anyway, that’ll do for this week

Thanks all and see you next week. 8:45 please – we have some announcements and celebrations to do!

Take care

Andy W

PS. Thanks to Carol for the photography!


Run Report Event No. 644 – 17th September 2016




Autumn arrived at Bushy with a bang. Gone was the 30 degree heat to be replaced by 13 degree drizzle. However in true Bushy fashion the precipitation eased for Emma Wingate’s pre run intro to the 1,034 runners gathered at the start, alongside the 54 volunteers helping to make it happen. But let’s face it, running in 30 degrees is no fun. Emma noted that joining us from Down Under and straight in from Heathrow was Anthony Claydon who I believe had actually flown in that morning from Oz, got a taxi straight to Bushy and plonked his suitcases by the coffee shop, with an “Hey mate where’s the start?”. Now that’s what you call a parkrun commute. Hats off to you buddy. Hope you enjoyed the run. Anthony normally runs at Kedron parkrun in Brisbane.


Assisting Emma today was none other than Andy Wingate as timekeeper, Ray Coward gave the new runners briefing ably assisted by Carol Dickinson. Alex Tickell and Yue Man were coordinating all the volunteers. This week we had a special guest with the return of longstanding marshal John “The Hand” Stephens who although keeping his hand in at the 2k marshal point was sadly without the big hand itself. Great to see John back with us encouraging the runners, if only for one week, having retired and moved to Spain. On the old course at the 4k point, John used to be a welcome sight in that final stretch and was always on hand with a few words of encouragement. We miss you John.

Ray Coward and Carol Dickinson deliver the New Runners Briefing


John Stephens with Verity and Zoe Riding and Wally Garrod. Sadly John had left his hand at home.


Volunteers gather in the gloom


Ray Franks explains the finer points of funnel management to newbies


Funnel construction well underway…


Here is a full list of the volunteers this week:


If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and we can only enjoy our weekly fix if there are enough volunteers.


Lead Bike, Andrew Finch awaits the start.


Are you ready…         


…get set…





Bushy Park: nature haven

Whilst we all notice the majestic deer in the park, there is actually far more wildlife and biodiversity than you might expect for a semi-urban park. Bushy is actually teeming with many other varied and important species, some of them more welcome than others. In fact only recently Bushy Park (and Home Park) were officially classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This designation is because of the internationally significant populations of rare insects, the exceptionally large numbers of ancient and veteran trees growing on the site, and the presence of extensive areas of special grassland habitat.

The trees at Bushy Park and Home Park are survivors of a wood-pasture management that dates back to the 15th century. More than 200 veteran trees have been identified in the parks of which 94 are classed as ancient – which for oaks is at least 400 years old – and there are 52 such specimens in the park. The site is one of only 44 sites nationally known to support more than 100 veteran trees and is the highest ranking of 10 comparable sites in the Greater London area.

The great age of many of the trees also provides habitat for many rare species of wood-feeding invertebrates and the site ranks amongst the top 5 in Britain for this highly specialised group of creatures, for which Britain has international importance.

Now I mentioned unwelcome visitors and sadly as well as the ringed-neck parakeets there are Chinese mitten crabs and signal crayfish in the water courses, and they can devastate native species so there are efforts to eradicate them. There have also been significant tree diseases including oak processionary moth which has originated from southern Europe and has flourished in Surrey and South London. The larvae of the moth, which appear in spring and early summer should be left well alone, as they can cause a very nasty rash, a sore throat and eye irritation. Thankfully there is a full scale eradication programme in place to protect people and trees and the number of incidents this year was much reduced from 2015.

Oak processionary moth caterpillars


Chinese mitten crab, so-called because they look like they wear furry mittens

OK that’s enough natural history, what about the run?


Pacer week

Well this being the third week of an odd month, we had a smattering of odd pacers spread evenly amongst us. All the way from 21mins to 35 mins, the deadly accurate team give up all thoughts of PBs for themselves to help us all get one instead. In reverse order as it were, the team comprised:

35 mins – Adrian Roberts

33 mins – Graham Titcombe (on his 300th parkun)

31 mins – David Stewart

29 mins – Jed Leicester

27 mins – Natalie Simon

25 mins – Jo Bourne

23 mins – Rob Phillips

21 mins - Jeremy Palmer

All the pacers were very close to their target times, but special mention to Jed Leicester, who receives this month’s Pinpoint Pacer Award with a time of exactly 29:00. Well done Jed – it must have been the hat!


This month’s pacer team


Our pacers in action – Jeremy Palmer (21 minutes) with fellow BPR legend, Stewart Rose


Rob Phillips (23 minutes)


Jo Bourne (25 mins)


Natalie Simon (27 mins)


Jed Leicester (29 mins)


David Stewart (31 mins)


Graham Titcombe (33 mins)


Adrian Roberts (35 mins)


Personal bests

Well the pacers must have had a major effect because a whopping 179 runners gained a PB this week. – that’s 17% of the whole field. Amongst the seasoned Bushy parkrunners gaining a PB were Simon Lovegrove (199 runs), Andrew Shennan (160 runs), Joseph Howarth (153 runs) (second consecutive PB), Matthew Dewar (141), and Roger Troup (137). Last but not least, Keith Riding gained a PB on his 100th parkrun. Well done Keith!

A special mention is due to Bryan Daniels-Hepnar (VM55-59) who has had a PB in each of his first 8 consecutive parkruns since 30th July, and all at Bushy. All I can say Bryan, is keep up the great work, but there may come a time when you don’t get a PB and sometimes this can last quite a few weeks, but when you do get one after a gap, it’s that much more special.


There were no runners reaching 500 parkruns this week, but bubbling under is Paul Killick on 498. With great timing, if Paul runs the next two weeks, he will manage to have his 500th run coincide with the 12th parkrun anniversary. Paul will be the 5th person in the world to be able to wear the 500 t-shirt. He is closely followed by parkrun stalwart and nomad Danny Norman on 496 runs. Danny has done 222 runs at Bushy, so maybe we will see him back in 4 weeks time.

There were two runners who joined the 250 club this week. Step forward and take a bow (and a green t-shirt) Steve Holden (VM55-60) who has completed 242 of his runs at Bushy and his first on 21 February 2009, and Allan Bray (VM60-64) who has undertaken all of his 250 runs at Bushy. Allan did his first run on 9 October 2010. There are now 779 members of the 250 club globally.

On 249 runs and ready to become Nos 780 and 781 and change black to green are Alexandra Mason (VW45-49) and Jim Desmond (VM45-49). Alexandra ran her first parkrun on 2nd September 2006; Jim’s first parkrun was on 16th October 2004 in event #3 at Bushy when he was 4th finisher out of 11 runners that day and ahead of Darren Wood in 9th place who was on his 2nd run (Darren has now completed 577 parkruns).

Special mention too to Graham Titcombe who completed his 300th parkrun and was one of our pacers as well.

100 club

An amazing four runners reached the magic 100 runs – get ready to wear black: Courtney Le Franc (JW11-14), Philly Bignall (VW55-59), Richard Brown (VM50-54) and the aforementioned Keith Riding (VM65-69) who, did I say, also managed a PB. Keith, with his family and friends celebrated in true Bushy style with lashings of cake and Prosecco.


Keith Riding can now wear black and drink prosecco


Keith Riding’s 100 cake gets cut – it came in 3 different flavours. Eat your heart out Mary B


The amazing Carol Dickinson (our very own Bushy Bake Off Champion) distributing her wonderful cakes to the volunteers


Funnel volunteer Ruth Cole with cake of course


Mike Dennison discusses the finer points of Cake v Prosecco (or both)


More cake eating… (we do run as well)


Our esteemed Run Director, Emma Wingate shows how to do it – she has two hands after all…


50 Club

There were four people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow Sam Griffiths, Luke Mace, Hannah Johnson and Susanne Normann.Well done all.The red Tribesports t-shirts are on the way.


The results bit

First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was John McDonnell (SM20-24) in the formidable time of 15:30 in his 7th parkrun and his 5th at Bushy. Second was Jonathan Cornish (SM20-24) in 16:02 in his 64th parkrun closely followed by Andrew Lawrence (SM30-34) in 16:15 in his 84th parkrun.


First finisher John McDonnell


First female home was junior parkrunner Ava White (JW11-14) in a PB time of 19:24 in her 16th parkrun, all at Bushy. Second female finisher wasBecky McNicholas (VW44-49) in 19:43 in her 24th parkrun. Third to the tree was junior runner Alice Harray (JW15-17)in a PB time of 19:53 in her 37th parkrun.

For the junior girls, Ava and Alice were first and second and Jessica Mayer in a PB time of 19:55 was third home.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Jack Wallis in 17:07 in his first parkrun – a future overall first finisher in the making;second was Marcus Shantry in 17:39 (PB) and third was Andrew Smailes in 18:08 (also a PB).


First female finisher, Ava White


Age Gradings

We had an amazing 12 runners take advantage of the cooler conditions and the presence of pacers to exceed the 80% age grading mark, 7 women and 5 men; so deep breath here they all are:

John McDonnell (SM20-24), Ava White (JW11-14), Bea Downey (VW50-54), Ruth Hutton (VW50-54), Jack Wallis (JM15-17), Justin Reid (VM45-49), Sue Lambert (VW75-79), Julie Haworth (VW55-59), Jonathan Cornish (SM20-24), Jessica Mayer (JW11-14), Richard Marriott (VM35-39)and Denise Rose (VW50-54).

A further 113 runners exceeded 70% age grading. That’s 13% of the field above 70%. I know some people wonder how the age gradings are calculated and what they mean. In simple terms it is a percentage of the world record time for that distance for that gender and age. So for example, the world record for a 53 year old woman running a 10km is 35:01. So if a 53 year old woman finishes a 10km in 45:18, she has an age-graded performance of 77.3% (which is 35:01 divided by 45:18). Age grades can allow rough comparisons between all runners, but parkrun advise they should not be taken too seriously. For example, they make no allowance for different weather conditions or the varying terrains of courses.


Guides for the visually impaired help make parkrun more accessible


Speedster and fellow run reporter Rodney McCulloch


The finish begins to get busy: around the 22:30 mark


At least one snug, warm and dry participant in this shot.


Verity Riding (100 shirt) with a strong finish


Newcomers and parkrun tourism

38 people were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the club! In addition we had 35 parkrun tourists doing Bushy for the first time, the most experienced of whom was Andrew Rice (SM30-34) on his 188th parkrun. Andrew normally runs at Wimbledon Common parkrun, so welcome to your noisy neighbour.

Libby Makinson (SW30-34) was visiting the cradle of parkrun from Hampstead Heath, on her 163rd parkrun so no doubt enjoyed the flat course. Another who clearly liked the course was Julie Townsend (VW50-54) of Hereford Ghost Runners who managed an all time parkrun PB on her one visit to Bushy out of 48 runs, the other all being at Hereford parkrun.

Lordshill Road Runners Antony Rickman (VM40-44), Kirsty Rickman (VW40-44) and Ian Bower (VM35-39) were visiting from Southampton. Meanwhile Jill Thompson (VW55-59) normally runs at Pontefract and said she loved her visit to Bushy and hopes to be back. I hope she brings some of the local cakes as I am very partial.


Louisa Reed handing her son Alfie Reed his coat, in the final stages of his first ever parkrun. Well done Alfie.



Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #644


There were 1034 parkrunners – 971 identified, 63 unknown (Don’t forget your Barcode!) (6% of the field).


How many?

  • Of the 971 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 117 Juniors aged under 18 (12%) and 160 Seniors aged 18-34 (16%)
  • 694 Vets (71%) of which 97 are 35-39, 285 are 40-49, 236 are 50-59, 59 are 60+
  • 592 males (61%) and 379 females (39%)
  • Number of cakes consumed – 3 large, 35 small (banana cake and chocolate)


How fast?

  • Of the 971 identified finishers, there were:
  • 68 runners sub 20 mins (7%),
  • 334 between 20:00-24:59 (34%)
  • 321 25:00-29:59 (33%)
  • 248 over 30 mins (26%)
  • Midpoint time: 26:15



Happy parkrunning, happy baking.

Andrew Howarth

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Run Report Event No. 643 – 10th September 2016


Well the weather can’t seem to make its mind up can it?! As I type this on the evening of the hottest September day since 1911, I yearn for some cooler conditions, just like the one we all enjoyed last Saturday for the 643rd Bushy parkrun, as 1,112 of us toed the line on Lime Avenue with light drizzle in the air and a welcome fresh breeze. Just one quibble - perhaps I should have volunteered on the funnel instead, then it would’ve been a perfect symmetrical 1111 parkrunners. Never mind!


1,112 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue


From our field of 1112, We welcomed a huge 127 of you to enjoy our course for the first time – with tourists coming from South Africa, Denmark, France and around the UK. Of the 127 first timers here, 67 of you were taking your first steps on the parkrun journey – welcome along!

Taking the helm this time was Ray Coward, assisted by VC’s Ann Coward and Alex Tickell. Jan Franks and Sheila Fergusson were giving out the tokens, Andrew Ronksley was on lead bike, Ray Franks co-ordinated the double funnel, and hats off to our timer Stephen Marfleet for his very sharp hat in anticipation of the rain! Thanks also to Carol Dickinson who supplied cakes for all the volunteers once again!


Timer Stephen Marfleet looking very smart!


Carol Dickinson with some cupcakes for the volunteers, as well as Sacha Kennedy and Leonie Kennedy!  


In all a team of 45 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!



Andrew Ronksley ready to go on lead bike


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex FERGUSSON  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Allan BRAY  •  Andrew RONKSLEY  •  Ann COWARD  •  Brigid HIBBERD  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Deon LOMBARD  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Florence LEICESTER  •  George SOLOMON  •  James PHILLIPS  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jennifer BROGAN  •  Jill SMITH  •  John P WOODS  •  Katherine CURTIS TYLER  •  Katy FURBER  •  Kirsty BANGHAM  •  Lisa MAINWARING  •  Liz ZASS  •  Lizzy LEICESTER  •  Lou COAKER  •  Mig BURGESS  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Oliver TAYLORMORTE  •  Paul O'ROURKE WALKER  •  Phoebe TARVER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Robert John DEAN  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Rosie RENDALL  •  Samira DE RIJK  •  Sheila FERGUSSON  •  Stephen MARFLEET  •  Steve MILLER  •  Thomas MADLE  •  Tim ABRAHAM  •  Tom LEICESTER  •  Yan YIP  •  Yue MAN



Scanners ready to go: Kirsty, Yue, Alex and Phoebe


Without any further ado, let’s move on to our headline makers and record breakers!    


parkrun tourists


David Papworth giving the first timers' briefing


Every week we get tourists from all over the UK and overseas, and last Saturday was no exception! Travelling over from South Africa we welcomed Rachelle Buster (75 runs) and Hj Maree (12 runs). They both run at Root 44 parkrun, near Stellenbosch, thanks for coming to Bushy and enjoy the rest of your time in the UK. From Amager Strandpark parkrun in Denmark we welcomed Margaret Mehl for her first run here on her 81st parkrun overall, thanks for coming Margaret!

Our other overseas visitors came from the American School of Paris, as they brought along a group of juniors mostly doing their first parkrun here, together with ACS Cobham who also brought a group along for their annual trip in early September! Judging by the group photo I got here, there must have been around 50 of you there on the morning – thanks for coming and see you next year!



ACS Cobham and American School of Paris contingent!    


We also welcomed another large group of tourists from Horsham parkrun! They were: Raff Vitale (192 runs), Philip Liberman (113 runs) Fiona Lear (97 runs), Caroline Bransden (86 runs), David Jones (85 runs), Tim Jones (67 runs), Claire Miller (65 runs), Richard Mullans (54 runs), Pete O’Connell (49 runs), Lorraine Bulbeck (48 runs), Vivienne Underhill (40 runs), Val Purnell (33 runs), Claire Burrows (10 runs), Louise Johnson (2 runs) and Sue Hensman (2 runs). A big thanks to Claire Miller who posted this photo on our timeline, as they recreated the start line photo from the very first parkrun at Bushy back in 2004! Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoyed your time with us!

Horsham parkrunners at Bushy

Horsham parkrunners recreate the original Bushy parkrun start photo!


We had several other contingents from around the UK too! Joining us from Highbury Fields parkrun were: Lizzy Muggeridge (175 runs), Jonathan Litchfield (135 runs) Ben Clarke-Janssen (127 runs), Jessica Vinluan (122 runs) and Deborah Roback (79 runs). From Congleton parkrun near the Peak District Ian Prime (152 runs), Nancy Cubbon (47 runs) and Ben Prime (34 runs) were all making their debut at Bushy, as were Frimley Lodge regulars Peter Fleming (67 runs) and Emma Young (42 runs). We had four tourists from Kingsway parkrun in Gloucester as the McPeake family made the trip south to Bushy: Andrew McPeake (61 runs), Amanda McPeake (32 runs), Laura McPeake (12 runs) and Nigel McPeake (4 runs).

Mark Anderson was making his debut here on his 223rd run – he has run 61 times at Crystal Palace but has run at many events across the south east and is a keen tourist! Sean McAuliffe celebrated joining the 100 club by visiting Bushy, and he usually runs at Rutland Water parkrun, and John McCrone (47 runs) also joined us from Rutland Water parkrun. 100 club member Jo Finch (107 runs) came from Southwick Country parkrun in Wiltshire, and from Edinburgh, Sheila Masson (17 runs), and Mark Horne (11 runs) were also taking part here for the first time.




500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs  

There were no new members of the 500 club this time; however it was good to see both of our 500 club regulars – Richard Fletcher (508 runs) and John Hanscomb (504) in attendance. Of those who were at Bushy, John Woods and Ramona Thevenet are next on a relatively distant 466 – so they have at least another 8 months to plan their 500 club celebrations.

Moving on to the 250 club – no new members this time! However we do have several parkrunners within five runs of this milestone and can plan their celebrations in the next month or so: Jim Desmond (248), Alexandra Mason (248), Jennifer Melbourne (247), Sarah Filmer (247), and Rob Jones (245).




A fab five joined the 100 club this time: Thomas Howard, David Pope, Jean-Paul Baar, Max Hulme and Sean McAuliffe! Sean joined us for his first run here to celebrate joining the 100 club and regularly runs at Rutland Water parkrun, thanks for coming Sean! You can all look forward to ordering the black 100 Tribesports top very soon!

Chris Morrison and Keith Riding are both on 99 not out and could reach three figures this Saturday.


Four of you celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing the coveted red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Gareth Coady, Jon Pinkerton, Simon Gallant and Linda Katesmark.

Another eight of you are one run away from a half-century: Pete O’Connell, Luke Mace, Mark Opie, Cleide Burgess, Sam Griffiths, Ella Rowe, Suzanne Holland and Mig Burgess.

We had one new member of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Samuel O’Clery!


For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ


200 up!

Not strictly a parkrun milestone, but still worthy of a mention! Well done to Ian Riley who was celebrating running his 200th parkrun (180 of them here).



Ian Riley: 200 runs - 50 away from the 250 club      


New PBs

129 of you managed a new PB this time – congratulations! Of the 129, a magnificent seven of you managed to get a new PB having completed at least 50 runs at Bushy. Joseph Howarth ran 23:08 to take eight seconds off his PB on his 125th run here (152 runs overall), Roger Troup took two seconds off his PB, running 23:39 on his 136th parkrun (all at Bushy), and Ravi Lobo took ten seconds off his previous best, running19:39 on his 80th lap here (84 runs overall).

Shirley Buckley ran her first ever sub 22 time, posting 21:56 on her 58th run here (63 runs overall), taking twelve seconds off her PB which was set a year ago. Dan Domeniconi ran 17:50 for a two second PB on his 55th lap at Bushy (56 runs overall), Helena Samarasinghe also set a new PB on her 55th run here (56 runs overall), taking 15 seconds off her PB, which was set the week before! Mark Ingham ran 20:46 for his third consecutive PB on his 51st parkrun (all at Bushy).




parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!

As it was event number 643, the parkrunner who finished with token 643 was… Tim Rosser! Tim has completed 236 parkruns, with 235 of them here, with just one away run up north at South Manchester parkrun, which having done myself I can certainly recommend too!


Now for the results and stats bit!




The results bit  

Loughborough Students AC runner Sam Dykes was the first finisher on his first appearance here, posting 15:59 (80.71%) on his fourth parkrun. Next was Damien Martin of Raheny Shamrocks, as he ran 17:09 (86.69%) on his 15th parkrun, and it was also his first run here. The third finisher across the line was the familiar figure of ‘Big’ Ben Gibbons on his 212th parkrun (195 here) as he ran 17:16 (75.48%) for St Mary’s Richmond AC, although he does more of his running in Oxford during term time as he studies at the University there, all the best for your studies this year Ben and see you soon!



First finisher Sam Dykes


Eleven juniors posted sub 20 times, which could well be a record! Harry Vincent was the first junior finisher, running 18:15 (75.07%) on his 18th parkrun (5 runs here), and he was closely followed by James Lee from American School of Paris, running 18:25 (73.30%) on his parkrun debut – do try the one in Bois du Boulogne James! Andrew Smailes was the third junior finisher, as he ran 18:28 (75.36%) on his sixth parkrun (4 at Bushy). Well done to following junior parkrunners who also posted sub 20 times: Kieran Desmond (18:36), James Bannister (19:12), Joseph O’Clery (19:13), Luke Mace (19:26), Henry Salo (19:28), Nathan Wilson (19:40), Andrew McPeake (19:44) and Lucas Lippman (19:59)!


The first female finisher was Claire Grima of Hercules Wimbledon AC, running a new PB of 17:53 (85.00%) on her sixth parkrun here, and it was her 59th parkrun overall. Tracey Hardcastle ran 19:54 (77.89%) on her 45th parkrun (43 runs here), and Polly Adams ran 20:22 (82.32%) on her 435th parkrun (421 runs at Bushy!).

The first three junior girls all finished within five seconds, led by Laura McPeake of Gloucester AAC, as she posted 20:51 (74.34%) on her first run here (12 runs overall). She was followed by St Mary’s Richmond AC’s Helena Samarasinghe, running 20:54 for her second consecutive PB here, taking 15 seconds off this time. Sofia Camacho of American School of Paris was the third junior girl home, running 20:56 (72.21%) on her first ever parkrun, welcome along! Another 11 female juniors posted sub 24 times, well done to: Sacha Kennedy (21:00), Eleanor Keeler (21:37), Imogen King (22:35), Jillian Merritt (22:36), Leonie Kennedy (23:06), Nancy Cubbon (23:13), Ellen Fraser (23:16), Rachel McFarland (23:17), Alison Chapman (23:42), Isabel Livesey (23:44) and Helena White (23:50).




Highest age grading scorers

The light rain seemed to provide good conditions for running fast times, as 11 of you achieved an age grading over 80%. This list was led by Damien Martin (VM50-54), as he scored 86.69% from his time of 17:09, Pete O’Connell (VM55-59) earned 85.87% from his time of 18:03, and female first finisher Claire Grima (VW35-39) ran a Bushy PB of 17:53 for 85.00%.

VW75-79 record holder Sue Lambert ran 29:03 to gain 83.48%, Bushy regular Polly Adams (VW50-54) ran 20:22 for 82.32%, Val Purnell (VW55-59) earned 82.09% as she ran 22:03, Bea Downey (VW50-54) ran 21:16 to score 80.80%, and first finisher Sam Dykes (SM20-24) ran 15:59 for a percentage of 80.71%.

Shirley Buckley (VW50-54) ran her first sub 22 minute time for a new PB of 21:56, and with it setting her first age grading in the 80s, earning 80.40%. Laurence Duffy (VM55-59) posted 80.38% from his time of 19:17, and Ramona Thevenet (VW55-59) ran 22:37 for 80.03%   For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ




Points tables

With 52 runs completed in this ‘Bushy year’, and with less than a month to go, there are only 2 runs remaining. The table began on the anniversary run on the first Saturday in October 2015, and will conclude at the end of this month.

In the men’s points table, Mark Gratton has an unassailable lead as he has 11,574 points and will retain the John Hanscomb trophy, as he cannot be caught by Jeremy Langdon in second place with 10,888 and Rob Jones is third on 10,678. The leading junior on the male points table is Dominic Rhodes with 5,321 points (38th overall), followed by Luke Mace with 4,891 (47th overall). In the under 11 category, Matthew Ronaldson (38 runs) and James Ronaldson (37 runs) have run the most times at Bushy since October 2015.

For the women’s points table, Sacha Kennedy has 12,036 points and with a lead of 752 points over second placed Polly Adams (11,284), Sacha will collect the Sonia O’Sullivan salver. The current holder of the salver – Ramona Thevenet is in third with 10,567. After Sacha, the next junior parkrunner on the female points table is Imogen King on 8,968 points (4th overall), followed by Isabel Livesey on 8,739 (6th overall). In the under 11 category, Isabel Melbourne (44 runs) has run the most times at Bushy since October 2015.


Points are accumulated by the finishing position by gender for the respective tables, with the first male and female finishers receiving 250 points, the second finisher gets 249, third 248, etc. 250 points is awarded for the first three times you volunteer in the Bushy year between October and September. To find out more about the points tables and how it works, visit the parkrun support FAQ




Stats of the day

There were 1112 parkrunners – 1055 identified, 57 unknown (5.1% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1055 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 129 PBs (12.2% of field) of which 7 have completed 50 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 127 Bushy first timers (12% of field) of which 67 were parkrun first timers (6.4% of field)
  • 153 Juniors aged under 18 (14.5%) and 190 Seniors aged 18-34 (18.0%)
  • 712 Vets (67.5%) of which 102 are 35-39, 297 are 40-49, 241 are 50-59, 72 are 60+
  • 637 males (60.4%) and 418 females (39.6%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (104 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (63 runners)
  • 230 club runners (21.8% of field) from 71 different clubs and 825 unattached (78.2%)
  • Top 10 clubs: Stragglers (50 runners), ACS Cobham (14), American School of Paris (14), Horsham Joggers (13), 26.2 RRC (10), St. Mary’s Richmond AC (9), Thames Turbo Triathlon (9), Elmbridge RRC (6), Ranelagh Harriers (6) and Riverside Rebels (6).


How fast?

  • Of the 1112 finishers, there were:
  • 72 sub 20 mins, 367 20:00-24:59, 378 25:00-29:59 and 295 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 20:45, Midpoint time: 26:30
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 61, 60, 89, 88, 69, 75, 84, 62, 64, 93, 40
  • 405 finishers between 22:00 and 26:59, average of 81 per minute
  • 93 finishers in the 29th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 79456 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1055, averaging 75.31 parkruns each
  • 481 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (45.6% of identified field), of which
  • 177 members of the 50 club (16.8%)
  • 248 members of the 100 club (23.5%)
  • 54 members of the 250 club (5.1% of field)
  • 2 members of the 500 club (0.2% of field) – Richard Fletcher (508) and John Hanscomb (504)


And finally

A big thanks to Ali Kennedy, Richard Kennedy and Brigid Hibberd for the photos in this run report!

And don’t forget, it’s pacers this Saturday – odd numbered minutes from 21 minutes onwards for you!


That’s all for now, until next time!




Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 642 – 3rd September 2016

So it looks like we got in just in time with Bushy parkrun 642 before summer disappeared and the long cruel winter started. The weather in the afternoon may have been bloomin' chilly and wet but beautiful weather greeted 1210 runners on the start line at 9am. Good to see these new Run Directors finally learning how to control the weather in the manner we have become accustomed to me when Ray is in charge...
Of the 1210 runners, 120 of them were first timers at Bushy and 117 of you ran Personal Bests so plenty of reason to celebrate for at least 20% of the field.


Some blokes who are always at Bushy and insisted I take their photo and put it in the Run Report

First off I want to give a massive shout out to the amazing volunteers who once again ensured that over 1200 people had a free, timed 5k run on a Saturday morning. I genuinely think that sometimes we take it for granted a bit that every week we are able to put on such a huge event as this, because it all just seems to happen as if by magic - but in truth it wouldn't happen without a lot of hard work behind the scenes and on the day itself by people who turn up, week in, week out, in rain or sunshine and give up the best part of their morning to help us all out. So without any further ado, many thanks to the following brilliant, wonderful, amazing volunteers:


IMG_2451 (1)

Our brilliant scanning team

If anyone ever feels like helping out, it would be massively appreciated - full training and a hi-vis jacket is supplied. You too could feel the love of 1200 people saying thank you to you before 10am on a Saturday morning. I do assume that we ALL say thank you as we pass a marshall on the course don't we?

So what were the scores on the doors on this 642nd running of Bushy parkrun?:

For the ladies, Phoebe LAW (SW18-19) of Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers, was first over the line in 17:34, followed by Isabel ATKINS (JW11-14) of Ranelagh Harriers, who was second over the line in 18:39 which was also a sparkling new PB.
Third was Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) who was third  over the line in 20:31. Amazingly all three ladies scored over 80% in the WAVA age gradings which is an absolutely amazing result - congratulations all of you.

In the points table, Sacha has taken a bit of a lead over Polly but there is still all to play for with just the three weeks to go before the end of the Bushy year:

Sacha KENNEDY - 11795 pts.
Polly ADAMS -  11036 pts.
Ramona THEVENET - 10338 pts.

For the men Neil WELLARD (SM18-19) of Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers, was first over the line in 15:59 - the second time he has been first finisher in 8 appearances. Second was someone who unfortunately had FHB so appears as an Unknown Runner in the results, #DFYB people. Following him was David BRUCE of Oxford City AC, who was third over the line in 16:41.


(Neil crossing the line first, before I realised I should have taken the photo from the other side!)

My maths isn't quite good enough to work it out but I think it means Mark can't be caught in the points table race so can sit and put his feet up for the next few weeks.

Mark GRATTON - 11574 pts.
Jeremy LANGDON - 10686 pts.
Rob S JONES - 10450 pts.

The following all achieved WAVA scores of 80% or over, something most of us mere mortals can only dream of...

Phoebe LAW - 84.54 %
Isabel ATKINS - 84.27 %
Sue LAMBERT - 83.43 %
Neil WELLARD - 83.42 %
Polly ADAMS - 81.72 %
Bea DOWNEY - 80.74 %
Laurence DUFFY - 80.17 %


New Club Members:

I'm sure in time it will be a regular occurrence, but we had no new members of the 500 club this week, so on to the smaller numbers..

Joining the 250 club was Jon Samuel who has run 233 of his runs at Bushy starting way back in 2005 when everything was all fields, and times and positions were written on a clipboard left in the back of Paul's car - I think... congratulations Jon, look forward to seeing you in your resplendent green t-shirt soon.

An amazing nine of you joined the 100 club this week and will be anxiously waiting for the link on their parkrun profile to go live so they can order their smart new Tribesports black 100 t-shirt. Many congratulations to:

Jackie BROWN
Karen HOAD
Christopher ARCHBOLD


Sorry I don't have pictures of all of you, but Jackie was the only person I saw carrying a balloon!


The number of new 100 club members who we have pictures of from Saturday's run has now quadrupled thanks to an email from Chris Sutton - not the former Norwich and Chelsea centre forward. He got  in touch to say that he and friends Charlie and James Maclean made the pilgrimage to Bushy on Saturday to complete their 100th parkruns at the home of parkrun. Charlie and James (who are brothers and both juniors) have Horsham in Sussex as their home parkrun, and Chris hails from Maidenhead in Berkshire.  To top the weekend off, they were also lucky enough to bump into Paul and Joanne Sinton Hewitt at the Maidenhead Half Marathon on Sunday!

Thanks for coming guys, glad we could add the picture in and hopefully see you all back here in a few years for your 250 celebrations!

parkrun additional

A further seven of you joined the 50 club on Saturday, and in return for nearly a year's worth of getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning you should soon be able to send off for a bright red 50 t-shirt. Well done to:

Jenna DODD
Elliot WEBB
Melanie WEBBER
Deborah CLARK

And last, but by no means last, a hearty handshake to the following juniors who completed their 10th run and will be able to get their hands on a bright new white 10 t-shirt:


So what else happened on this glorious Saturday afternoon?

We were visited by a bunch of Cougars (insert your own jokes here) from the American School in Cobham. The Cougars are the school's cross country team and come around this time every year to run at Bushy and no doubt enjoy the flat course before they start tacking the delights of the hilly Surrey countryside. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get a group photo as they seemed to disappear pretty quickly after, no doubt heading off for a stack of pancakes with maple syrup and bacon washed down by bottomless coffee...

Following their huge success showing the French how you really swim, cycle and run a triathlon, our Victorious Vichy Seven returned home wearing their very smart t-shirts and visors to take a victory lap around Bushy. Anyone who takes on an ironman or half-ironman is incredible as far asI'm concerned and these guys all stormed to amazing PBs. Pictured below are Hayden, Katrin, Mo and Zoe - Stefan was probably getting some extra miles in after running Vichy last week and Weymouth next weekend. Andy & Emma Wingate also took part but were down on the coast getting some extra swim training in this weekend. Congrats guys, you're all stars in my eyes.


As mentioned in the run report, it was the lovely Ann Coward's birthday on Saturday, and she celebrated in true parkrun style with Prosecco and cake after taking a day off from volunteering to run round our beautiful course. Just in case you don't know, Ann is part of the core team at Bushy and I think it's fair to say that without her and husband Ray, Bushy parkrun wouldn't be the amazing event that it is today. Happy Birthday Ann - we hope you had a lovely day.


This week also makes the return of the amazingly popular 'random number mentioning of people who might not get a mention otherwise' feature. This week brought to you by 'Snappy Titles Inc.' It's actually not 'random' this week, there 'is' a theme...

27 - Eoin O SULLIVAN celebrated his inclusion in the random runners bit with a shiny new PB to put on the mantelpiece. Eoin has run 8 parkruns and all of those have been at Bushy and so far has a total of 6 PBs... let's hope the streak continues!

67 - Well this has rather ruined my plan as 67 is an UNKNOWN RUNNER! Oh well - we actually had 78 unknown runners this week so I guess it's almost fitting that one of them gets a mention here. I wonder if finisher 67 remembers their finish position and reads this..?

264 - Say hello to Anri COHEN who finished in 264th position with a time of 23.08 on the occasion of her 27th parkrun and 24th at Bushy.

366 - Coming in at 366 is the legend that is Sam FRALEY. Sam is a junior, running in the JM11-14 age group and has already completed 102 parkruns plus two junior parkruns. From looking at his results, Sam likes to keep things pretty local with any tourist runs kept to Old Deep Park and Richmond.

783 - Number 783 was a first timer at Bushy Park so give a big welcome to Alec TWIGG who was a first timer at Bushy this week but has run Roundhay juniors a fantastic 80 times in total. I hope you enjoyed your first trip to Bushy for the full 5k Alec.

977 - John WILKINS was the 977th person to cross the line on Saturday morning, the 267th time he has crossed the finnish line by the big tree at Bushy. Clearly John is a big fan of Bushy because he has ventured further afield - but not often! John has run once at Bedfont Lakes and once at Harrow Lodge, other than that it's Bushy all the way!

I think that's it from me, I hope you all enjoyed reading this week's report. The number of people writing the reports has got a bit smaller in recent weeks, so if there are any budding writers out there who fancy having a go, please get in touch and we'd be happy to add you to the rota - you can write as often or as little as you like and you can pretty much write about whatever takes your fancy. We've had stat attack reports, dog centric ones and even one written all in rhyme - as 'our Graham' used to say, 'the choice is yours.'

Until next time,
Rob (who met his hero on Saturday afternoon)



Run Report Event No. 641 – 27th August 2016


I am Team GB!



What a difference a week makes! Yes it was a bank holiday weekend but there would be no repeat of the event 640’s rain, as we had some hazy sunshine for the I am Team GB day – a celebration of participating in sport and our team’s achievements in Rio; as our Run Director Ray Coward said: “you are all Team GB!” There was lots of colour in the crowd, with plenty of Team GB outfits, with a special mention for the group from Chippenham parkrun who had flags added onto their matching outfits!


Tourists from Chippenham parkrun in their I am Team GB themed outfits!


We tipped just over a thousand runners this time, as 1,014 of you toed the line on Lime Avenue, and 93 of you managed a new PB this time – congratulations! To celebrate the day we had many tourists from Australia, Denmark and all over the UK amongst our 112 Bushy first timers, and 44 of you were making your parkrun debut – welcome along!


1,014 parkrunners set off from Lime Avenue


Assisting Ray was Volunteer co-ordinator Ann Coward, Leonie Kennedy clicked you all across the finish line, Jan Franks and Ali Kennedy were giving out the position tokens, Ray Franks was co-ordinating the double funnel, Andrew Ronskley was on lead bike, and we had two tail runners this time – thank you to Mig Burgess and Rose Cook!



RD Ray Coward and VC Ann Coward


In all a team of 41 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!



Patrick Mkandawire marshalling at the Teddington Gate turn just after 3k


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Andrew MORRISON  •  Andrew RONKSLEY  •  Ann COWARD  •  Bert KIDWELL  •  Brigid HIBBERD  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  Dan FINLAY  •  Dean FURBER  •  Denise MITCHELL  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Elizabeth BREWIN  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Freya JUBB  •  James PHILLIPS  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  John ROOT  •  Leonie KENNEDY  •  Liz ZASS  •  Madge BRADSELL  •  Marje SLADDEN  •  Martin NICHOLDS  •  Merran SELL  •  Mig BURGESS  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Patrick MKANDAWIRE  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rose COOK  •  Sally HAZOU  •  Sam BENNETT  •  Samantha HANLEY  •  Simon LANE  •  Steve MILLER  •  Stewart ROSE  •  Tricia POWERS  •  Yue MAN



Marshals at the 2k/4.3k intersection point


I enjoyed my birthday parkrun, having an easier run (as I was racing in the afternoon) with my camera! As I’m sure you’re all aware, a birthday on a parkrun day is very rare, as it happens every 5, 6 or 11 years – nowhere else I’d rather be for my birthday! Let's see what parkrun destinations pop up by 2022 for my next parkrun birthday - recently Canada and Sweden joined the parkrun family, increasing the possibilities!

Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!


parkrun tourists


Simon Lane conducting the first timers' briefing


We had tourists from far and wide on Saturday, including from Australia and Denmark.   Mike Delisser (80 runs) and Addie Pykett (78 runs) both joined us from down under, with Mike’s regular run being at New Farm in Brisbane and for Addie she usually runs at the Scottish sounding Inverloch parkrun on the south coast of Australia! Thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of your time here.

From Amager Faelled parkrun in Copenhagen, we welcomed Henrik Muller (344 runs), Helene Muller (298 runs), Sinaq Muller (220 runs) and Thor Muller (12 runs) – it was their first ever run here, and they have a combined 874 runs between them! We hope you enjoyed your morning with us!


Tourists from Amager Faelled parkrun in Copenhagen, Denmark 


Closer to home, we had some tourists from Chippenham parkrun joining us for the first time, and they marked the occasion by wearing the flag for the I am Team GB celebrations! Chippenham Harrier runners Julia Maddocks (108 runs), Giles Archer (108 runs), Rohan Archer (107 runs), Daryl Archer (107 runs), Travis Archer (63 runs) and Selby Archer (42 runs) all wore these bright outfits, very easy to identify! Thanks for choosing to visit Bushy for I am Team GB!


Tourists from Chippenham parkrun in their GB gear!


The largest contingent of tourists were undoubtedly the Tullett family and friends from Essex and Sussex! They all choose to come to Bushy to celebrate Barry Tullett and Linda Tullett (Haywards Heath Harriers) join the 100 club! Well done to Barry and Linda for joining the 100 club, and for bring such a large group along with you! In all there were three generations running, including parkrun first timer Elisabeth Tullett! The group in full includes: Barry Tullett (100 runs), Linda Tullett (100 runs), Dave Tullett (116 runs), Harry Tullett (77 runs), Josie Tullett (63), Catherine Sunderland (nee Tullett, 59 runs), Peter Tullett (46 runs), Karen Tullett (39 runs), Arthur Tullett (32 runs), Ali Tullett (17 runs). Thanks to all of you for joining us!


The Tullett family: 3 generations, 2 new 100 club members and 1 first timer!


Also joining us from the Haywards Heath Harriers we welcomed two Bushy first timers: Paul Cousins (172 runs), and Julian Boyer (58 runs).
The Cross family from Wolverhampton parkrun were all running at Bushy for the first time: Katharine Cross (160 runs), John Cross (154 runs) and Lloyd Cross (144 runs). From Mile End parkrun we had three tourists: Joe Williams (153 runs), Lachlan Murray (124 runs), and Alan M (102 runs). Christian Pohl (103 runs) and Himani Gupta (92 runs) regularly run at nearby Old Deer Park and Gunnersbury but were running here for the first time.

From Rushmoor parkrun in Hampshire, we welcomed Angela Austin (62 runs) and Jim Vince (44 runs) of the Hart Road Runners, and another pair of tourists from the London Heathside Runners were also making their debut here: Henry Hamilton (55 runs), and Daniel Johns – who joined the 50 club. Alan Smith and Janet Smith (both on 32 runs – pictured below) joined us from the Bristol area, their previous home run was at Little Stoke, all the best for your future parkrunning and hope you find a permanent parkrun home.


Alan and Janet Smith - tourists from Little Stoke


There were are a few more notable tourists, including: Robbie Smith (60 runs), David Button (55 runs), Chris Williams-Buggy (52 runs), Jane Staff (43 runs), and Martin England (39 runs). The Griffiths family: Robert Griffths (11 runs), Owen Griffiths (3 runs) and Harry Griffiths (3 runs) came down to London from Warrington to support their Rugby League team in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley, sadly their team lost on the day but I hope you enjoyed your morning with us!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs  

There were no new members of the 500 club this time; however Paul Killick is closing in on becoming the fifth number as Saturday was his 495th run.   We had no new members of the 250 club either, but the nearest parkrunners to 250 who ran last Saturday were: Allan Bray (248), Guilaine Sheward (247), Alexandra Mason (246) and Sarah Filmer (246).



There were two new members of the 100 club this time – Haywards Heath Harriers Barry Tullett and Linda Tullett, and they chose to come to Bushy for their 100th run, congratulations! You can look forward to ordering the black 100 Tribesports top very soon! Jean-Paul Barr, Richard Brown and Jackie Brown are all on 99 not out and could reach three figures on Saturday.

Barry and Linda Tullett (on the far right), can soon replace red with black!


Three of you celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing the coveted red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Daniel Johns, Paula Henderson and Seiko Yazaki. Another six of you are one run away from a half-century: George Chaplin, Mark Ingham, Marcin Dyszkowski, Chloe Fernandes, Jenna Dodd and Deborah Clark

We had one new member of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Jakob Holder!   For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ



Wendy Stokes and Pat McGrath just after 1k


New PBs

93 of you managed to set a PB on Saturday on quite a humid morning, well done to all of you! Guilaine Sheward (247 runs) ran her fastest ever parkrun, posting 24:39 on her 24th visit to Bushy. Another Bedfont regular and 100 club member Lesley Chamberlin (143 runs) also ran her fastest ever parkrun time, dipping under 25 minutes for the first time with 24:58.

Three parkrunners managed to set a new PB having completed at least 50 Bushy parkruns. Mark Trueman (95 runs, all at Bushy), ran his first PB in over two years with 17:53, Aaron Israel (73 runs, 70 at Bushy) ran 19:01, taking nine seconds off his PB from last year, and Richard Davies ran 21:28 to take three seconds off his personal best from the Spring.



Patricia Gibbons enjoying her run!


parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!   As it was event number 641, the parkrunner who finished with token 641 was… Unknown! In that case I’ll mention Debbie Ramsay, who received token 642. Debbie was running her 125th parkrun, all of which have been here at Bushy, and she ran 29:06 this time.


Now for the results and stats bit!



parkrunners reaching the cricket field turn at 1k 


The results bit

Belgrave Harrier Paul Lowe was the first finisher, running 16:28 (79.66%) on his 89th run here (133 parkruns overall), and he was followed by Rob Eveson, posting 16:42 (78.04%) on his 235th parkrun (189 runs at Bushy). The third registered runner home was Geoff Maher of Ful-On Tri, running his third consecutive PB at Bushy with a time of 17:22 (75.14%) on his seventh parkrun (six runs here).

Six junior males dipped under 20 minutes, led by George Chaplin, who posted a new PB of 18:35 (73.72%) on his 49th parkrun (34 runs at Bushy). Nathan Janmohamed of Guildford & Godalming AC ran 18:58 (73.37%) on his seventh parkrun (six at Bushy). Harry Tullett was the third junior home, running 19:20 (70.86%) on his 77th parkrun (first timer here). Another three juniors ran sub 20 times, well done to: Rohan Archer (19:26), Andrew Smailes (19:39) and Charlie Woodman (19:44).

The first female finisher was Tracey Hardcastle, running 20:09 (76.92%) on her 44th parkrun (42 at Bushy), next was junior runner Maayan Radus, posting a new PB of 20:14 (80.48%) on her third parkrun here (15 runs overall), and she was followed by another junior, Bushy regular Sacha Kennedy, in a time of 20:26 (76.92%) on her 89th parkrun (77 runs here) for Oxford City AC. Another two ladies posted sub 21 times: Rosy Gross (20:41) and Isabel Hessey (20:41).




Highest age grading scorers

The results currently state there was an age grading of 168.68% from Allan Bray, however this is a glitch within the results pages and should be updated soon!   Four parkrunners achieved an age grading over 80% on Saturday. Bushy first timer Dave Tullett (VM50-54) ran 17:45 for 83.76%; another Bushy debutant Paul Cousins (VM50-54) ran 18:13 to score 82.98%. Bea Downey (VW50-54) earned 80.86% from her time of 21:15, and junior parkrunner Maayan Radus (JW11-14) ran 20:14 for 80.48%.   For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ



Returning on to Cobbler's Walk with just over 1k to go! 


Points tables

With 50 runs completed in this ‘Bushy year’, and with just over a month to go, there are only 4 runs remaining. The table began on the anniversary run on the first Saturday in October 2015, and will conclude at the end of September.

In pole position to receive the John Hanscomb trophy is Mark Gratton, as he leads the men’s points table with 11,333 points. In second place at this stage is Jeremy Langdon with 10,477, and in third place is Rob Jones on 10,217.

Leading the women’s points table is junior parkrunner Sacha Kennedy, as she has collected 11,552 points, and she has extended her lead to 764 points over Polly Adams on 10,788, with the current holder of the Sonia O’Sullivan salverRamona Thevenet, in third on 10,148 points.

Points are accumulated by the finishing position by gender for the respective tables, with the first male and female finishers receiving 250 points, the second finisher gets 249, third 248, etc. 250 points is awarded for the first three times you volunteer in the Bushy year between October and September. To find out more about the points tables and how it works, visit the parkrun support FAQ



Nick Blanchard and Ann Coward holding the speakers as Ray Coward addresses the masses


Stats of the day

There were 1014 parkrunners – 944 identified, 70 unknown (6.9% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 944 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 93 PBs (9.9% of field) of which ? have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 112 Bushy first timers (11.9% of field) of which 44 were parkrun first timers (4.7% of field)
  • 108 Juniors aged under 18 (11.4%) and 179 Seniors aged 18-34 (19.0%)
  • 657 Vets (69.6%) of which 88 are 35-39, 249 are 40-49, 239 are 50-59, 82 are 60+
  • 605 males (64.1%) and 339 females (35.9%)
  • Most common male age group was 50-54 (101 runners – 16.7% of all males)
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (53 runners – 15.6% of all females)
  • 197 club runners (20.9% of field) from 74 different clubs and 747 unattached (79.1%)
  • Top 8 clubs: Stragglers (49 runners), Ranelagh Harriers (10), St Mary’s Richmond AC (10), Sweatshop Running Community (7), 26.2 RRC (6), Chippenham Harriers (6), Elmbridge RRC (6) and Thames Turbo Triathlon (6).


How fast?

  • Of the 1014 finishers, there were:
  • 63 sub 20 mins, 289 20:00-24:59, 343 25:00-29:59 and 319 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 20:49, Midpoint time: 27:23
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 48, 43, 56, 59, 83, 53, 72, 89, 67, 62, 58
  • 364 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 72.8 per minute
  • 89 finishers in the 27th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 73078 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 944, averaging 77.41 parkruns each
  • 438 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (46.4% of identified field), of which
    • 147 members of the 50 club (15.6%)
    • 243 members of the 100 club (25.7%)
    • 48 members of the 250 club (5.1% of field)
    • 0 members of the 500 club (0% of field)


That’s all for now, until next time!


Heron overlooking Heron Pond, and possibly the last 400 metres of the Bushy parkrun course!



Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch



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