The Not So Secret Diary Of A Parkrun, Aged 13 And 1 Week

Saturday 14th October 2017

Last Saturday was my 13th birthday, but today, there is a Surrey League cross country match and also, many of my regular visitors will be saving their legs for tomorrow’s Cabbage Patch 10, so I bet I get hardly anyone coming along to see me today…..

Our teenager wasn’t quite right there;  a very healthy 1,233 runners (OK, who didn’t make it out of bed to make it a 1234?)  turned out partake in the world’s only teenage parkrun, and amongst the throng  were those celebrating an upcoming wedding, a birthday and milestones.

Wendy Rollason and Orla White kicked off their wedding weekend by both taking part in their 25th Bushy parkrun, having started their parkrun journeys on New Year’s Eve last year.


Mandy and Orla before the run



And after the run. Many congratulation ladies, hope Sunday was a great celebration!


Ray Coward took the helm as race director, thus guaranteeing that not only did the rain stay away, but we were also treated to some autumnal sunshine by the end of the event.
DSCN0283Ray carries out the pre-race briefing

Many thanks to all of the 53 volunteers ensuring another smooth successful event; they were:- Alex TICKELL  •  Amy ROBERTSON  •  Ann COWARD  •  Anna SAVILL  •  Beth TEMPEST  •  Brendan RAATH  •  Carole VINE  •  Catelin LE FRANC  •  Chris BRIMACOMBE  •  Chris TYRRELL  •  Christine FRY  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  David BREWIN  •  David OLSEN  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emily VINE  •  Ethan SCOTT  •  Fiona MCANENA  •  Florence POLWIN  •  George FORD  •  Ian CUNNINGHAM  •  Izzy CLARKE  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  Jacob ROLLASON  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jessica TUCKMAN  •  Jonathan DICKINSON  •  Julie MELOTTE  •  Julie SMITH  •  Katie CLARE  •  Kieron Jake CARPENTER  •  Lou COAKER  •  Maggie HOAD  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Michalina SULKOWSKA  •  Mike DENNISON  •  Nick SAVILL  •  Owen PARRY  •  Pablo URDIALES ANTELO  •  Pam JARMAN  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Phoebe Ann CARPENTER  •  Ravi LOBO  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Robert MOREY  •  Rosie RENDALL  •  Rupert POSTLETHWAITE  •  Simon GREENHILL  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Steve MILLER  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Toby DAVIES  •  Wendy STOKES

As a non-runner this week, I spent a large part of the event by the finish-line, and whilst I thought I was reasonably au-fait with how our world famous double funnel operates, I hadn’t appreciated how quickly each of the funnels fill-up and thus how frantic the action needs to be for Ray Franks and his efficient funnel management team. Coupled with the good co-operation from the participants, it was a treat to witness how efficient the operation was, bar the occasional need to man handle selected "letter holders" wearing headphones into the alternate funnel!. Taking part is even more fun, so, to the uninitiated, I would strongly urge you to Send Pat an email at if you fancy having a turn, it’s great fun and you get to meet lots of great people and the gratitude from the participants makes it an incredibly uplifting experience.   DSCN0294
The well marshalled double funnel in action.  


There were a healthy 49 runners undertaking a parkrun for the very first time this week and a further 71 parkrunners visited Bushy for the first time this week. This included Charlie Deakin-Jones who chose to celebrate his 12th birthday by making the trip down from his native East Midlands along with sister Emily and his parents to run at the original event. Charlie also took part in the Junior parkrun at Moormead park the following day.


Visitors from Conkers parkrun

The Speedy Ones

Taking part in only his 3rd parkrun, junior runner Sam Southall took 52 seconds off his PB to be first back to the big Oak in a time of 17:21. On his 103rd lap round Bushy, Dan Domeniconi was next, registering his first podium finish with a time of 17:41. 3rd finisher was another junior runner, Eric Williams, who was returning to Bushy for the first time in over 2.5 years, registering a PB of 17:45. Junior runners occupied 3 of the top 5 places this week, with Kieron Desmond finishing in 5th place overall in a time of 18:17. The first lady back was Joanne Harvey, running her fisrst parkrun of the year in a time of 18:20. DSCN0288

The next lady back was a Bushy first timer; Jenni Cox ran 20:00 minutes, and she was followed by Alison Chapman, a Junior 11 – 14 runner, who picked up a 3rd successive PB with a time of 20:30.

The 2nd Junior lady was Charlotte Dawson (21:23) and the 3rd junior lady was Helena White (21:32).

 High Age Category Scorers

The remarkable Jane Davies was easily the best performer in the age grading category, scoring an incredible 95.91% for her time of 22:50 in the Women’s 65-69 category. Ladies also took the next 2 spots with Polly Adams achieving 83.41% for her time of 20:36 in the VW50-54, and Merran Sell scoring 82.74% for her time of 28:18 in the VW 70-74 category.

Congratulations to the 5 others who also exceeded the magic 80% mark who were:-

Freddie Lett (80.8% for his time of 19:32 in JM10), Joanne Harvey (80.73% - 18:20 in SW25-29), Mitch Phillips (80.59% - 19.04 in VM 55-59), Sam Southall (80.21% - 17.21 in JM 15-17) and Adrian Cooper (80.04% - 18.17 in VM45-49).



This week, 2 runners joined the 250 club. They were Trevor Huggins (245 of those were at Bushy) and junior runner David Gannon who clocked up 112 of those runs at Bushy, the remainder being spread across an impressive 37 other senior parkrun events!

There were 4 new joiners to the 100 club – Clare Smith and Leanne Slater celebrated their respective landmarks by visiting the cradle of parkrun for the 1st time, whereas the other new members of the club, Stan Stennett and Katy Furber are regulars at Bushy.

Joining the 50 club this week were Christopher Convey, Sarah Keenan, Abigail Riehl and Steve Cook.

Junior runners joining the 10 club this week were Paddy Wheeler, Toby Clifford, Lucy Cleminson and Oliver Rao.


Deer Watch

As we’re in the middle of the rutting season, the resident deer need to be treated with even more respect. The loud bellowing calls have been particularly dramatic during the last couple of weeks, but I did notice that the noise levels reduced quite significantly in the last couple of days. Apparently, the stags do not eat very much during the rutting season, perhaps explaining the sudden reduction in activity. Having said that, a few of us who were at the finishing point about 1 hour into the event were treated to quite an amusing skirmish, whereby 2 stags were pursuing the same doe, and subsequently decided to battle it out by locking antlers. This allowed a 3rd stag to leave the larger battling stags behind and take pole position in the pursuit of the retreating doe! Must be a lesson to be learnt from that.


Cabbage Patch 10

Many of the Bushy regulars were taking part in this famous 10 mile race the next day; having not run as far as this for over 14 years, it was particularly uplifting to see so many of the regular Bushy volunteers marshalling and dishing out bucket loads of encouragement to all, so a big thank you to all that helped with this event and whose encouragement made the completion of those final miles possible for me (just!). A big thanks to the wonderful event sponsors too! (Hope my wife is reading this).


That all from me; Have a great week, and hope to see many of you on Saturday.


Chris Brimacombe



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Run Report Event No 701 – 7 October 2017

Bushy parkrun turns 13

By Helen Edwards (tourist)

Well it’s been a while since I attended a teenage birthday party.  I’m glad to say this one was a joyful occasion with 1465 runners attending, and nobody had spiked the punch.  Before the run we took a photo of a Sea of Apricot (it was so expansive it defied most of the cameras there nobody had a wide enough lens)  and celebrated some great achievements – a family who between them had over 1000 runs, a prolific volunteer and  the presence of some of The Original 13 (from the very first Bushy Park Time Trial) amongst them – and afterwards there was of course Birthday Cake and something fizzy!


Bushy 1313 Cake



We also seemed to be celebrating a Stag Do, with the local wildlife certainly making their presence felt.  I’ve never heard a stag bellow before, and was amazed (and possibly a bit nervous) of how close the big-antlered deer came to the gathering crowds of runners.

Once underway, I was buoyed up by the number of people around me.  Being a slow parkrunner myself, it  can sometimes get a bit sparse soon into the run, but here I enjoyed watching a steady stream of runners ahead of me, especially around the snaking S past the cricket nets.  I got chatting to a young lady doing her 20th different parkrun, and another doing her very first parkrun, on her birthday too.  And this was my 50th different destination and definitely one of my favourites (of which I now have 50, it’s too hard not to like any parkrun!)

Some numbers: Here are 13 categories for a 13th birthday – see how many you identify with:

1. First Timers: The stats say there were a nice round 50 of you doing your very first ever parkrun. It was lovely to meet you, I hope you had a really good time and we’ll be seeing you again soon!

2. Fastest Women: Sarah WINTER (VW40-44) of Stragglers, was first (29th overall) over the line in 18:52 - 7th time in 30 appearances.
Kelly DICKS (SW25-29) of Great Western Runners, was second (31st overall) over the line in 18:57.
Anke HOLLJESIEFKEN (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (62nd overall) over the line in 19:45.

3. Fastest Men: Liam BURTHEM (SM20-24) of Warrington AC, was first over the line in 15:50 on his tourist visit here.
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (VM35-39) of Belgrave Harriers, was second over the line in 16:18 - has been first to finish on 33 previous occasions.
Wayne PARKER (SM20-24) (Unattached) was third over the line in 16:36.

4. Best Age Rankings: Justn REID (VM45-49) – 86.15% for the time 16:51 (5th overall).
Stephen DAVIES (VM45-49) – 85.48% for the time 16:59 (6th overall).
Chris OWENS (VM60-64) – 83.08% for the time 20:00 (82nd overall).

5. People without a barcode: 101 of you were “unknown” . We’d love to get to know you, so please bring your barcode next time!

6. PBs: A stunning 179 people got a new PB. Well done!

7. Tourists: 125 people were doing their first run at Bushy which wasn’t their first ever. The yellow cow cowls (by which you can recognize a dedicated parkrun) were out by the herd. Special mention to junior Olivia Merefield-White for her 20th tourist run. And thanks for hosting my 50th 

8. Milestones: Ben Frampton, Oliver Casebourne and James Knight all joined the junior 10 club, Alex Turner, Simon Garner, Patricia Ronksley, Sophie Thomas and Tim Bartholomew got to 50, and Dan Jones and Jeroen Vonk joined the 100 club. Franco Boeri,Keith Dube, Bill Woods and Janet Livesy all got to the amazing achievement of 250 parkruns! Wow.

9. Volunteers: We are unbelievably grateful to all 52 volunteers without whom Bushy could not have celebrated its 701st parkrun.

10. People who brought cake: The home-made cakes were stunning.

11. People who ate cake: Hopefully as many as wanted some!

12. People who were a little bit terrified of the bellowing stags: Just me?

13. People who were on the start line 13 years ago: Was it 4 or 5 of the Dirty (Baker’s) Dozen? They were all looking on top form, anyway!


Event number 700 – 30th September 2017

Wake me up when September ends
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th

Well it was that time of the week again when we don’t mind waking up when the alarm goes off as we head off to the Royal Park for a feel-good fix on the final Saturday of September. Hopefully you all managed to get to the start on time but it is quite amusing watching those who are cutting it fine and the late arrivals as they make a dash towards Lime Avenue.

Personally, I love the month of September even though it means that Summer is over, but all good things have to come to an end. As Autumn sets in, it symbolizes back to school (and work) and for many of us as parents, time to take our children back or to start university. Before we know it though it will be half term and I am already counting down the days and the school get ups until the next holiday! This week in school we celebrated National Poetry Day and at the beginning of the week I saw on social media that it was in fact National Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to celebrate being comic superheroes in school but surely everyone has a desired one they secretly aspire to be? See if you can spot yourself in this line up, it looks very similar to me to the start line at a certain Royal Park on a Saturday morning!


So how did we all do at this week’s event?
Trainers at the ready to
Head to the start
It’s our favourite time of week which
Running plays a big part.
Thanks to all the volunteers
It enables us to run
Every Saturday at 9 o’clock
Timed to precision!
Hundreds of parkrunners, babies and dogs too
Start their 5k journey here on Lime Avenue.
Endless sweat and heavy breaths
Personal bests bring happiness
Tokens handed out at the finish
Each week you cannot surely miss.
Milestones are to be celebrated
Barcodes are a must
Everyone are welcome
Results are on us!

The stags weren’t present at the finish this week but could be heard bellowing from across the pond. The weather was perfect for running, albeit a bit dull at first but the park looked in pristine condition on this final day of September. The early morning dew glistened on the grass and the park was covered with a carpet of Autumn leaves and conkers which cascaded* down from the trees. (*this was our word of the week in class so as the children have been encouraged to use it I thought that I would to!)

The event was held together by Run Director Simon Lane who did a sturdy job on his stepladder as he sent 1229 of you in the right direction with David Stewart on lead bike. Ann Coward and Susan Howarth handed out those all-important finish tokens, there were marshals galore around the course, the funnel was managed by a top team of volunteers and a quintet of scanners were at your service, only just, more about that later. A duo of timers who clicked your time were old hand Stephen Marfleet and the fresh fingers of Zoe Faiz, who made her debut at this fast-paced position. The team of tail walkers ensured that no one finished last, there were a trio of VI guides helping others, token sorters and last but not least, the kit was collected and stored away for next week by Trevor Mitchell.

Myself and Alex Tickell ticked off the volunteers at check-in and fortunately for us, keen football supporter Alex still managed a smile despite being at QPR’s Friday night horror show at Loftus Road where they lost the west London derby against Fulham, no wonder Ray Franks looked smug in the funnel this morning!

As we should be aware, it’s not all about running and this event couldn’t happen without the wonderful volunteers who make this happen every week. So, a moment of gratitude please to the following:

Aisha SALEEM • Alex TICKELL • Alish MARCHANT • Ann COWARD • Annabelle SANDER • Beth TEMPEST • Brendan RAATH • Callum REID • Carol SWAFFER • Carolyn FOSTER • Catelin LE FRANC • Connor MCCARTHY • Courtney LE FRANC • David BREWIN • David OLSEN • David STEWART • Diane MULLEN • Elena MACIA • Emilie HOWES • Ethan Charles Kevin SCOTT • Ethan MULLEN • Fiona MCANENA • Florence POLWIN • George FORD • Ivor HUGHES • Jacob ROLLASON • Jeremy HAWKE • Jessica TUCKMAN • Jonathan HUGHES • Julie PAPWORTH • Julie SMITH • Kieron Jake CARPENTER • Lorraine DILLAMORE • Luca DEACON • Lucy KATESMARK • Lucy THATCHER • Mack DOWNEY • Margaret LE FRANC • Martin MILTON • Owen PARRY • Pablo URDIALES ANTELO • Pedro DAS GUPTA • Phil BLUER • Ray COWARD • Ray FRANKS • Rhonwen MORGAN-WILDBORE • Rosie QUIRE • Rosie RENDALL • Rupert POSTLETHWAITE • Sarah CONNOR • Simon GREENHILL • Simon LANE • Stephen MARFLEET • Sue LAMBERT • Susan HOWARTH • Toby COOPER • Trevor MITCHELL • Zoe Alison FAIZ

Send Pat an email at if you fancy having a turn, it’s great fun and you get to meet lots of wonderful people. Here’s what one of our marshals, Toby Cooper had to say about his experience this week.

‘Shortly after taking my position at marshal point 7 this morning, I was approached by a lady asking for directions to the parkrun start line. Although happy to point in the general direction, I did regretfully inform her that the start had been at 9am, ten minutes ago by this point. Clearly disappointed, she proceeded to tell me the story of how she had ended up in Bushy Park this morning. Valerie had travelled from Malaysia last week as it had been her birthday and her sons had jointly bought her a ticket to London, her first time in the U.K. She'd travelled on her own with advice from her sister that she "must go and do Bushy parkrun. It's where it started"! Valerie has run one parkrun before, when visiting Singapore (humid and hot by all accounts)! Staying in Hammersmith during her visit she had ventured out this morning only to miss her first bus and then arrive late. She was beside herself that she'd missed the opportunity to run with what she imagined might be 50 or 60 other parkrunners, there'd been "about 30 in Singapore" she'd assured me "people in Malaysia and Singapore don't run outside much. Some but not many". When I let her know that she'd soon be witnessing about 1,300 runners coming by, she looked surprised to say the least! I assured her that she'd be more than welcome to walk or run the last 1.3km as the field thinned out (so long as she stepped to the side at the finish line)! As the front of the field started to come through, Valerie was amazed. Even more so when runners continued to come flooding by after 25 minutes. Although still disappointed, Valerie and I took a few selfies so that she could at least show her sister that she had made it to Bushy parkrun (albeit a bit late). As I cheered runners through with my usual position 7 words of encouragement "1.3 to go now guys", "onto the tarmac now, nearly home", "just a few puddles to dodge now and you'll be at the finish"! Valerie clapped alongside me and Ivor, who was marshalling with me and then at 9.30am she was ready to join the now thinning field, I wished her happy birthday for the second time and wished her well as she headed off to take part in Bushy parkrun just as her sister had urged. Nice one! Good luck with your next visit to Singapore!

There was also an impromptu water station at 3.7km this morning...! This is what makes parkrun fantastic! I didn't even run and had a great time!!!’

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us Toby and the fabulous photos. Bet you are glad that you requested this marshal spot, some things are meant to be and I am sure that you made Valerie’s day!

Just in time!
Volunteers are all Superheroes and this week I have to give a special mention to regular volunteer Pedro Das Gupta who was scanning your barcodes. He assured me the night before via a text message that he would be there to do his role before the first runner arrived and true to his word he got to the park just, with seconds to spare! I was roaming around the park and as the front runner was in sight I was certain that Pedro wasn’t going to make it but he didn’t let us down!
He had planned to bike from his home in Teddington after doing some work that he needed to do early that morning but then discovered that his bike was unsafe as the brakes didn’t work since his son had borrowed it, so he had to run, rather unexpectedly, to the park instead! He was heading down Chestnut Avenue with the lead runners just behind him. Phew, the lengths that volunteers will go to, get that bike serviced soon Pedro!

The results bit:
Before I give the glory to the Superhero podium finishers, as it’s a special occasion being event 700 on the 30.9.2017 here’s a well-deserved mention to the 700th finisher across the line Andrew Blyth who today completed his 240th parkrun. On her 224th 5k was Rebecca Bevan in 30.09 and last but not least Mark Pattrick returned to Bushy Park where he last ran on Christmas Day to give him a new PB of 20.17!

Top trio of Supermen were: First Timer to Bushy Joshua Grace who adorned us with his presence in style as he ran his fastest time on his fourth 5k in 14.57 plus this was the fastest time at Bushy since event 676. His previous three runs have been at Frimley Lodge and this was his return to parkrun after two and a half years absence and what a way to make a comeback! Allan Stewart took the next podium finish with his fastest time ever in 15.22 for his 66th parkrun and a new PB at Bushy where he last run nearly four years ago! Not to be outdone either was local runner Ross Franks who ran his 50th 5k in 15.41 with a new PB!
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
Photo of front runner in the mirror taken by lead biker David Stewart

Top trio of Wonder Women were: First timer to Bushy Heather Sellars ran her fastest parkrun in 17.51 for her fifth 5k. Ruby Woolfe also completed her fifth 5K with a new PB of 18.18 and Emma Haley completed the trio in 19.49 for her 40th parkrun.

Top Young Avengers were: Benjamin Dibley brought the boys home in 18.03 with First Timer to Bushy Greg West just 3 seconds later on his 102nd parkrun closely chased by Olly Wilson in 18.07 with a new PB!

Top Spider Girls were: Charlotte Dawson brought the young ladies home in 21.17 with her seventh consecutive PB on her 16th parkrun. Lucy Hoseason was next in 21.39 followed by Emily Coulson in 21.48.

The Stats Bit
How many?
For the second time this month the tokens spilled in the 1200’s as 1229 finishers crossed the line.
Who were they?
Out of the registered runners, 438 were female whereas 689 were male. 102 participants declined to register their result or had forgotten their barcode. We welcomed 136 first timers to Bushy Park, 56 of these were totally new to the ever-increasing world of parkrun.
How fast?
• 75 registered runners sprung in under 20 minutes.
• The perfect conditions speedily brought on a whopping 144 New PBs!

One of these remarkable participants was new schoolboy Oliver Melbourne who ran the course accompanied by his family in an incredible time of 31.16, wiping a minute and 12 seconds off his previous PB set just a fortnight ago.
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
Not to be outdone by his older sister Isabel who, last week smashed her time and got a PB of sub 24 minutes! His stats are impressive as he has clocked up 30 5k parkruns since he began last September and his times have gradually decreased by over 17 minutes! He isn’t a stranger to the field though as in the past he would have been pushed around in a double buggy by one of his speedy parents as he would have been too young to take part! Top marks Oliver, the running bug obviously runs in the family as well as speediness too!

• A top ten had an age grading of 80% or more:
Joshua GRACE 86.29 %
Polly ADAMS 84.30 %
Simon DALLY 83.99 %
Allan James STEWART 83.95 %
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 83.44 %
Justn REID 83.11 %
Heather SELLARS 82.91 %
Ross FRANKS 82.25 %
Ruby WOOLFE 80.87 %
Sonny MAUND 80.00 %

Milestone markers
There were no new members to the significant 500 club, yet birthday girl Polly Adams is just 10 away!
No new members to the prestigious 250 club either yet Bill Woods, Trevor Huggins and Janet Livesey are just 15k away between them all.

There was just one new member of the 100 club, Lucy Richardson. Lucy’s century certainly is 100 not out as she has completed all of her 5k’s here at her local parkrun, the beautiful and best Bushy Park. She celebrated in optional but traditional style with cake, fizz, family and friends!
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
Is there any other way to celebrate?

Jeremy Tuckman will be joining Lucy after his next parkrun.
Ross Franks, Vincent Fay, Nina Waters and Lisa Rowledge became the latest members of the half a century club. Steve Cook, Nick Rowles, Patricia Ronksley, Sophie Thomas and Tim Bartholemew are all bubbling on 49 runs each.
Junior parkrunner Caitlin Rowles was visiting from Leicestershire to complete her 10th parkrun. Emily Phillips, James Knight and Olly Wilson have one more lap to go to claim their white top.

Special Plaudits
There were a few celebrations dotted around the park today which I spotted and I have good listening skills when it comes to corks popping! Well who doesn’t love a celebration?

Elated Emily
Emily Cartwright was commemorating her 150th (no t-shirt) parkrun with a low-key affair, just a few close friends, (even the sun joined in), the traditional Prosecco and hot sausages in rolls! Now many of you will think that this figure isn’t a milestone parkrun but Emily and her friends have decided that every half a century will be celebrated one way or another. Emily has run 64 of her 5k’s at Bushy and is quite a tourist too as she has run at 50 different events. Her fastest time of 21.57 remains at Bushy from September last year and today she was just 19 seconds away from her PB.
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
School Teacher and fellow Straggler Emily told me that she was up early this parkrunday (whereas she usually cuts it fine) to cook the sausages and her main concern was how to keep them hot! Whilst her sausages sizzled in the oven, she even had time to shower (before running!) and as the sun shone down during her celebrations, her eyes twinkled with a glint of glory and sparkly make-up so she was certainly made-up for this special occasion. Here’s to the next 50!

Get me to the church on time!
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
Everyone loves a wedding but what a better way to start the celebrations than with a 5k parkrun! Groom James Whistler took his time though as he usually runs sub 20 but today took it in his stride in 24.49. Whilst his fiancé was getting ready, he was joined at Bushy by a group of friends and family and one of his mates even made it all the way from Dubaii and did the parkrun which James didn’t think he would do. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to register though so no result!
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
After the celebrations they were heading off for a local church service (hopefully not parkun fresh!) before commemorating the nuptials at the stunning location of Hampton Court House. Let’s hope that James also had time to change his chosen attire which made him stand out from the crowd, somehow, I totally forgot to ask why?!

Running in the family
As I roamed around the park with the selfie frame under my arm, I attracted lots of attention! Not for my aura, looks or style but just for a photo opportunity and I don’t even get to be in it! It really is a great way to meet people though and I was lucky enough to encounter a very happy trio of three generations no less. Eddie Brocklesby was keen to have a family photo as she returned to the cradle of parkrun where she first ran 11 years ago in her fastest time ever of 24.11. Nowadays she tends to run at Burgess parkrun but when visiting her family in the local area she makes sure that she returns to the Royal park.
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
I asked the three generations if they run together but they laughed as obviously Eddie has a speedy grandson! Even though her times have decreased, her enthusiasm and love for parkrun hasn’t.

Happy and healthy Horsham runners
During parkrun the sun made its appearance and it enhanced such a wonderful morning. Amongst the popping corks I found a group of runners who were stretching as a group by Heron Pond after their 5k. I also discovered that they were from Horsham parkrun plus one of their group was here from Australia and doing a spot of tourism. They were a group of mixed ability runners complete with coaches too and they made the pilgrimage to the cradle of parkrun by minibus. They declared themselves as the friendliest running group in the south and they most certainly are! They were so pleased to be at Bushy and being a part of Horsham Wellbeing group, they are all true stalwarts of such a healthy and physical lifestyle.
Bushy parkrun Saturday 30th
Prosecco included though as later I found them all in the outside grounds of the Pheasantry Café celebrating yet another Saturday! Why not?!

Not so lonely Librans
Just a last-minute mention as both of their birthdays were on parkrunday. Polly Adams ran her 490th parkrun in 20.23 and Event Director Rob Phillips ran his 246th in 20.07. The traits of Librans are that they are gracious and social, they like sharing with others and the outdoors. People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful, fair, and they hate being alone, which they will never be at Bushy. Hope you both had a very Happy Birthday!

What’s on next week?
Well it’s International parkrun day, a time to celebrate the birth of parkrun when 13 runners lined up 13 years ago in Bushy Park, luckily for us and the rest is history! Bring some cake, bring some fizz, bring your family and friends as we all commemorate an event which has brought us all together as one big family and has changed our lives for the better. Remember to set the alarm 15 minutes earlier though as there will be a presentation at the start line at 8.45.
How times have changed!

Have a great week and see you at International parkrunday.
Julie Papworth

Slow runners make fast runners look good. You’re welcome.

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Run Report Event No. 699 – 23rd September 2017

23rd September 2017 …. 699 Not Out

Yet again the weather gods were smiling on a Saturday morning with 9am arriving with a slightly overcast day but no wind and perfect running temperatures. Run Director Rob Phillips welcomed us all with the usual special welcome to first timers and tourists and as usual we got away promptly at 9am, with 1,168 runners setting off on the famous lap of Bushy.

This was the 699th event at Bushy and the next couple of weeks see some big landmarks. Next week it’s the 700th event (as you’d expect after 699) and then on 7th October we have International parkrun Day …. And also our 13th birthday so make sure you have both dates in your diary. On the 7th we'll be doing a little prizegiving before the start and inviting everyone to brink cakes afterwards for an impromptu picnic celebration in the park...

The Volunteers

Alongside Rob was his team of dedicated volunteers and a big thank you once again to everyone helping out this morning. Andy Wingate did a great job on timer with Freya Morrison clicking alongside. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.

Thank you to the volunteers - Phil BLUER, Andrew BLYTH, Paul Leonard CHAPMAN, Ray COWARD, Toby DAVIES, Luca DEACON, Zoe DENNISON, Mack DOWNEY, Dave ELLIS, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Sheila FERGUSSON, George FORD, Tracy FRASER, Emma HAWKEY, Susan HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Ivor HUGHES, Lucy KATESMARK, Simon LANE, Tracey LENTHALL, Alish MARCHANT, Denise MITCHELL, Anna-Lina MOERKING, Gerrit MOERKING, Freya MORRISON, Laura Helen MOSLEY, Diane MULLEN, Ethan MULLEN, Owen PARRY, Rob PHILLIPS, Rosa POHL, Florence POLWIN, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Rosie QUIRE, Callum REID, Rosie RENDALL, Nick ROWE, Cheryl SACKS, Johanna SARTORI, James SELL, Merran SELL, Julie SMITH, Wendy STOKES, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Jessica TUCKMAN, Pablo URDIALES ANTELO, Andrew WELCH, Andrew John WINGATE, John P WOODS


The Runners

Amongst the masses at the start we welcomed 53 first timers to the wonderful world of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again by the fountain some Saturday morning in the near future. In addition we had a further 48 parkrunners making their first pilgrimage to the place where it all began. The good conditions helped an impressive 138 runners to a Bushy PB.

Of the 138 runners who achieved their PB’s today 7 of them have over 100 parkruns to their names. Special mentions to all of those today;

Brian GOLDEN 21:48 VM60-64 105
Andrew PEPPERELL 19:55 VM40-44 106
Andrew COLLINGS 19:51 VM50-54 Woking AC 110
Lucy BURDETT 27:14 VW40-44 Havering '90 Joggers 114
Katrin KROSCHINSKI 22:38 VW35-39 178
Kirsty KOTHAKOTA 22:05 VW35-39 197
Chris ZAREMBA 26:08 VM60-64 Fitness Over Fifty 216

We had 4 member of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 82 members of 250 club, 265 in the 100 club and a further 175 50 club runners.

79 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB.

The runners includes the usual tourists from all over the world including a group from Boston parkrun who had set off at 5am to visit us!



This Saturday saw no new members of the 500  or 250 club, although Keith Dube will be celebrating very soon after moving onto 249 runs.

We had 4 runners move into the 100 club. Antonio STIFANI was making his Bushy debut with most of his runs (72) having been done at Grovelands in Enfield. Richie O'DOWD is a Bushy regular having done 84 of his runs with us.  David JEFFERIES is another regular hitting 3 figures with 94 runs at the home of parkrun. The 4th newbie 100 club member is Sam PRATT who has done 96 of his century here. Well done to all and look forward to seeing the new shorts soon.

We had 8 runners join the 50 club Mark MULCAHY, Paul KNIGHT, Andrew LAW, Tina SHEPPARD, Ben SKUSE, Julie OWEN, Laura WILDE and Caroline ASHLEY, red shirts to follow shortly. Congratulations!

50 club

For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were Minnie KENNEDY, William ADAMS and Zachary GOH-HATFIELD.

Special Numbers

A few random mentions to runners with random numbers to spread the parkrun love.

On event 699 – in position 699 we had Jane Harding running 28:51 on her 11th event.

The average time of all the 443,486 parkruns ever completed at Bushy is 26:40 and running that today were James Watson on his 2nd event and Bushy stalwarts Brigid Hibberd (239 runs) and Ruth Hutton (310).

Last weekend in the UK alone there were 457 5k parkrun with 106,213 runners. So in position 457 was Wendy Stokes running 25:45 on her 121st run.

Well done to all.


For the men Ross FRANKS (SM20-24) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was first over the line in 15:53 - 5th time in 48 appearances. Wayne PARKER (SM20-24) (Unattached) was second over the line in 16:24. Craig JARMAN (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 16:50 - he has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions.

For the females Ruby WOOLFE (SW20-24) of Cambridge University Hare and Hounds, was first (22nd overall) over the line in 18:28 - first time in 2 appearances. Victoria BARTHELMESS (SW20-24) (Unattached) was second (32nd overall) over the line in 19:02 - was first to finish once before. Isabel LIVESEY (JW15-17) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was third (66th overall) over the line in 19:58.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Marcus SOLOMON (JM10) – 83.62% for the time 20:21 (79th overall).
Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) – 82.56% for the time 20:33 (85th overall).
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) – 81.78% for the time 19:07 (34th overall).

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379).
The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).

Bushy parkrun started on 2nd October 2004. Since then 40,921 participants have completed 443,486 parkruns covering a total distance of 2,217,430 km, including 64,115 new Personal Bests.

Guest Report

This week we received a special request from Emma Hawkey, who is event director at Perry Hall parkrun to contribute to the newsletter, its always good to hear from our visitors and here is Emma’s view of a Bushy parkrun...

To Run or to Volunteer?

Just over 2 years ago, I discovered my local parkrun in Perry Hall, Birmingham. I was using it only 2 months after I started running to get my free, timed 5k every week. Once I had done my run to raise money for charity a couple of months later, then I could stop getting up early on Saturday mornings. . . Or so I thought!! I got involved volunteering when I could see the event was only small (averaging 70 runners at that time), and they needed some extra volunteers.

From this, volunteering built and I became Event Director a few months later. Naturally this meant volunteering more than running for a few months, but once a new core team had all being trained, I decided it was time to leave home and tour. Today was my 18 different parkrun, different being the word that best describes Bushy to any other I have been to.

At the new runners briefing, the furthest tourist was from Australia - now that's what I call a tourist. Just after 9, the runners were set off, the start line at Bushy is wider than ours is long at Perry Hall!.

start line

I was amazed how smooth the start was, and although there were almost 1200 runners, my wonder to whether I would be able to run at my own pace was unfounded. Yes, the first mile was busy, but I was swept along with the sea of runners and adrenaline flowing. I almost felt emotional that I was here, the true home of parkrun where it all started 13 years ago.

I think most Event Directors or Run Directors know exactly the positive impact that parkrun has on so many lives. We are in the privileged position that sometimes at the end of an event we will be spoken to or emailed to thank parkrun for changing someone's life. This can happen through running or volunteering - it really is so much more than folk running to get fit, parkrun builds communities and friendships. Some only run or only volunteer and some do both but however people are contributing on a Saturday morning, it all builds the magic.

I was delighted when I sighted the finish, and had been curious to how the double funnel works, I think I understand it now, but what a slick operation it is. I've never waited in a queue to collect my finish token, but this was an added bonus as it was an opportunity to chat to some home parkrunners.

finish funnel

I had hoped to spot some deer in Bushy Park this morning, and was delighted to see plenty, but wasn't expecting a stag to come quite so close and photo bomb our picture just after we finished the run!

photo bomb

Once I had collected my token, and had it scanned, I took it over to the table where two older ladies greeted me with the biggest smiles. They were sub sorting the tokens into baskets of 100 - I got chatting to them both, and one of them proudly told me that she runs, but was tapering for New York Marathon - WOW, I wonder if her running journey started with parkrun like it does for so many!

token ladies

I was asked whether I would like to join them in the cafe afterwards to help sort the tokens - how could I resist, the cafe culture of parkrun is just as important as the run itself in my eyes. That is where the magic of the results happens, tokens are sorted, and parkrun experiences are exchanged.

token sorting

So, in answer to the question at the start of this report - to run or to volunteer?, it is of course possible to do both on the same Saturday. During my parkrun tourism, I always try to either token sort after my run, or contribute to the run report. parkrun is an amazing concept, and it never fails to amaze me how friendly the runners are and how every Saturday, thousands of people never fail to give up their time so hundreds of events can take place across the world.

Emma Hawkey

Away From Bushy

We are now bang in the middle of the autumn race calendar with many Bushy regulars racing over distances from 5k through to ultras. These are not just local races and last week Aaron Chai ran a brilliant 3:04:50 at the Olso marathon and this weekend his partner Louise Atkinson raced at Berlin Marathon. Good luck to everyone running events over the next few weeks and we expect to see many familiar Bushy faces at both the Kingston Half and Cabbage Patch 10 shortly.

A group of Bushy regulars went to Copenhagen last weekend and after a fun Saturday morning at Faelledparken parkrun on the Saturday we tackled the half marathon on the Sunday. After a lovely start to the race in perfect sunshine and no wind, the weather gods who look after us at Bushy obviously don’t pay the same attention to half marathons. After the elites had come those of us mere mortals who run more than 85 minutes were subjected to a storm of biblical proportions, hail the size of 5p coins along with torrential rain and gale force winds were joined by thunder and lightning. The course quickly flooded and after 3 people were struck by lightning the race was abandoned – pleased to see all of the Bushy crew were safely home.

Moral of the story look after our weather gods at Bushy and they look after us!


Until next Saturday …..


Run Report Event No. 698 – 16th September 2017


Farewell, Summer!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Early morning dew in Bushy Park


We started in sunshine and finished in cloud – perhaps symbolic of the changing season, but but it was another pleasant morning at Bushy parkrun, with once again perfect running conditions and light winds! The deer were a bit more vocal on what was the final parkrun of the ‘astronomical’ summer – astronomical summer ends when the night becomes longer than the day, which this year is 22nd September!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

RD Ray addressing the masses on Lime Avenue 


We had 1194 eager parkrunners toeing the line on Lime Avenue, which included a pacer boosted PB count of 208, so our group of 10 pacers had the desired effect! We also had 106 of you taking part at Bushy for the first time, including tourists from as far as Australia and South Africa, and 51 of you were starting your parkrun journey, welcome along!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


Ray Coward took the helm as Run Director, assisted by Volunteer Co-ordinators Ann Coward and Joy Bell. Ray Franks co-ordinated the double funnel team, including Shirley Buckley, who took many of the photos which feature in this run report, thanks Shirley!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Robert on lead bike waiting for the off!


At the end of the double funnel Jan Franks and Emilie Howes were ready to hand out the finish tokens, but remember they are not souvenirs! As of last Saturday afternoon, the following tokens were missing: 76 and 209 – if you finished in one of these positions and accidentally took the token home with you, please return it when you’re next at Bushy parkrun!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Don't take our finish tokens home please!


In all a team of 51 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Steve and Ian ready for a busy morning of double funnel fun


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Allan BRAY  •  Andrew HOWARTH  •  Ann COWARD  •  Anna MACLEAN  •  Beth TEMPEST  •  Callum REID  •  Carol SWAFFER  •  Catelin LE FRANC  •  Cheryl SACKS  •  Christine FRY  •  Colin LEA  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Don LEUNG  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Fiona MCANENA  •  Florence POLWIN  •  Ian PENRICE  •  Janice FRANKS  •  John HUTCHINGS  •  Jon HARRISON  •  Joy BELL  •  Julia DAWSON  •  Keith BALDWIN  •  Lucy KATESMARK  •  Merran SELL  •  Owen PARRY  •  Pablo URDIALES ANTELO  •  Pat MCGRATH  •  Paul Leonard CHAPMAN  •  Phil BLUER  •  Poppy WRIGHT  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Robert LOVEGROVE  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Rosie QUIRE  •  Rosie RENDALL  •  Rupert POSTLETHWAITE  •  Sarah FRASER  •  Sarah Rachel DENNISON  •  Sarah SANDERS  •  Sharon LYONS  •  Shirley BUCKLEY  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephanie BOWDEN  •  Steve MILLER  •  Stewart ROSE  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Toby DAVIES


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


Without any further ado, let’s move on to our headline makers and record breakers!



As it was the third Saturday of the month, our pacers returned to help support you around the course. We had an octet of ‘odd’ numbered pacers as it is an odd month, as well as Sue and Ann who were our run/walk pacers!


Our pacers were:

  • 21 minutes – Will Rawling
  • 23 minutes – Tim Bowden
  • 25 minutes – Jonathan Cox
  • 27 minutes – Toby Cooper
  • 29 minutes – Jack Kennedy
  • 31 minutes – David Stewart
  • 33 minutes – Adam Constable
  • 35 minutes – Adrian Roberts
  • Run/walk pacer – Sue Kahn
  • Run/walk pacer – Ann Coward


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


Looking at the results, there were lots of PBs around the pacers’ finishing times, including Rosemary Thorogood who finished with run/walk pacer Ann Coward and set a new PB of 49:52 on her third run, well done Rosemary! Our most accurate pacers were Jack Kennedy (29:01) and David Stewart (31:01), a big thanks to all our pacers as always!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

Last time we had three separate celebrations going on, however we did not have any 500 club or 250 club inductees this time! Kirsty Bangham is 5 runs away from 500, and Polly Adams and Stewart Rose completed their 488th runs. Closing in on 250, Janet Livesey has two runs to get there – which means she could run her 250th on the 13th anniversary of Bushy parkrun! Also closing in on 250 are: David Irwin (247), Franco Boeri (247), Trevor Huggins (247), Eliott Wells (246), Peter Eveson (246), Dave Kelly (246) and Chris Brimacombe (245).

Four of you joined the 100 club this time, congratulations to: Jon Crews, Matthew Brady, Gareth Johns and Bhawna Parmar! Soon you can wear your black ‘100’ Tribesports shirt with pride!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Matthew celebrates joining the 100 club!


Another five of you are one away from three figures – Richie O’Dowd, Megan Read, Sam Pratt, Mary Desmond and Heather Clarence.

Joining the 50 club we had another five inductees, congratulations to: Angus Shennan – who set a new PB on his 50th run, Simon Bricknell, Andy Lord, Andrew Schofield and Kim Wiggins!

Another six of you are one away from reach your half century: Justin Heath, Andrew Law, Tina Sheppard, Caroline Ashley, Nina Waters and Ben Skuse.

We had four new members of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Theo Turton, Sean Daly, Fred Cuthbertson and Sadie Baker.


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Fred celebrates joining the 10 club


For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free Tribesports t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


parkrun tourists and first timers

Once again we had tourists from the southern hemisphere joining us, including Mike Lichtwark (70 runs), who regularly runs at St Peters parkrun in Sydney, Australia. From South Africa we welcomed Bernhardt Nicklaus (31 runs) and Vanessa Bowman (31 runs) – they regularly run at Midstream parkrun, south of Pretoria. Across the channel, Jennifer Eddie (44 runs) came from Paris, where she runs at Bois du Boulogne parkrun in the west of the French capital.

In the UK, Debi McMillan (168 runs) and Paul McMillan (87 runs) came from Liverpool, Jill Moulden (142 runs) visited from Belfast, Ian Rawlinson (139 runs) and Mary Collins (139 runs) joined from Enfield, Tracy Newman-Malin (126 runs) came from Cannon Hill in Birmingham, and David Pascoe (103 runs) joined us from Hereford.

We also had many more tourists from the 50 club, including the Williams family from Newport: Lloyd Williams (75 runs), Bryn Williams (74 runs), Carys Williams (72 runs) and Christina Williams (69 runs). Alice Irwin (97 runs) and Charlotte Irwin (47 runs) visited from Huntingdon, Lauren Russell (75 runs) and Greg Condon (75 runs) joined us from Ashton Court in Bristol, and Dolores Mullen (82 runs) came from Aldenham.

Thanks to all of those who chose to run at Bushy for the first time, and returning tourists too!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


New PBs

Thanks to assistance of the pacers – and the decent running conditions, 208 (19%) of you set new PBs, and eight of you managed it having completed at least a century of Bushy parkruns! Richard Patient (259 runs) celebrated his 250th Bushy parkrun by setting a new PB here of 22:57, taking 12 seconds off his previous best – I’m sure the support of our 23 minute pacer Tim helped Richard achieve a sub 23 time, well done! Another 250 club member – Ian Riley (231 runs), set a new PB on his 231st Bushy parkrun, taking a huge 27 seconds off his PB, with 20:40 for his first sub 21 time, keeping ahead of our 21 minute pacer Will, well done Ian!

David Brewin (217 runs) ran 20:45 to shave 12 seconds off his PB on his 213th run here, Breda McGree (172 runs) posted 24:25 for her fourth PB in as many months, taking over a minute off her time in the process, and Keith Blackbourn (135 runs, all at Bushy) dipped under 33 minutes for the first time, taking 27 seconds off his time, well done!

Mark McKinnon (143 runs) ran 17:23 to take five seconds off his PB on his 111th run at Bushy, Duncan Toms (141 runs) set a new PB of 23:19 on his 128th run here, and it was his fifth PB in two months, taking over a minute off his PB in that period! Junior runner Isabel Melbourne stormed to yet another PB, with her first sub 24 time, running 23:55 for an age grading of 78.47%! Since the start of the year, Isabel has taken more than a minute off her PB, congratulations!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

 Isabel celebrates yet another PB!


parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same token number as the event number for any particular week!

As it was event number 698, the parkrunner who finished with token 698 was…Joanna Learmonth! She was running her 14th parkrun (all at Bushy) and she made her debut on debut on 22nd April 2017, with a PB of 26:32 set on 17th June.


Now for the results and stats bit!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


The results bit

The first two finishers both run for Hercules Wimbledon AC, led by Jonathan Cornish. Jonathan ran 15:45 (81.90%) on his 82nd parkrun (21 runs at Bushy). Frederick Slemeck also dipped under 16 minutes, running a new Bushy PB of 15:57 (80.88%) on his second run here (22 runs overall). The third registered finisher was Jamie Ashton, and he posted 16:05 (80.31%) on his 13th run for Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, and he was closely followed by Wayne Parker, who has set a new PB on every run so far, running 16:12 (79.63%) this time for a 17 second personal best! The sub 17 finishers were completed by Bushy first timer Mike Lichtwark who ran 16:22 (79.43%) on his 98th parkrun, and Rob Eveson, running 16:51 (76.85) on his 259th parkrun (206 runs here) for St Mary’s Richmond AC.


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

First finisher Jonathan 


There were some very speedy junior males, which were led by Ranelagh Harrier Jacob Patterson, who ran a new PB of 17:24 (79.98%) on his eighth run here (nine runs overall). The next junior finisher was Bushy first timer Daniel Roffey, posting 18:22 on his ninth parkrun for Epsom & Ewell Harriers, he was closely followed by Joshua Poncia, who ran 18:26 (76.94%) on his 115th parkrun (45 at Bushy). JM10 category runner Archie Austin recorded the highest junior age grading of the day with 82.71% from his time of 19:05 on his 11th parkrun (10 at Bushy) for Comet Triathlon Club. Another two junior males recorded sub 20 times, well done to: Lucas Allinson Rodrigues (19:26) and Thomas Clarke, who set a new PB of 19:52 on his 97th run here (101 runs overall).

Just like last week, Hercules Wimbledon AC’s Claire Grima was the first female finisher, setting a new parkrun PB of 17:50 (85.79%) on her 11th run here (66 runs overall), congratulations Claire! Not far behind Claire was Naomi Lenane, running 18:17 (80.95%) on her eighth parkrun (all at Bushy) for Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC. Next was Victoria Barthelmess, running a new PB of 18:42 (79.14%) on her second parkrun.


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

First female finisher Claire, pleased with her new PB!


The fourth female home was the first junior as Ranelagh Harrier Isabel Atkins (JW15-17) posted 19:02 (81.44%) on her 18th parkrun (10 runs at Bushy). The next junior was Alice Patterson (JW15-17) and she ran 20:10 (75.87%) for Ranelagh Harriers on her 14th parkrun (13 runs here). Helena Samarasinghe (JW15-17) posted 20:32 (75.49%) on her 83rd run (80 runs at Bushy) for St Mary’s Richmond AC, and Ranelagh Harrier Emily Coulson ran 20:58 (73.93%) on her twelfth parkrun (11 runs here). Three more junior girls posted sub 22 times: Poppy Jensen (21:31), Beth Turton (21:35 – new PB) and Phoebe Saville (21:41).


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


Highest age grading scorers

The decent running conditions saw 14 of you surge over 80% for your age grading this time, led by the ladies as first female finisher Claire Grima (VW40-44) of Hercules Wimbledon AC posted 85.79% from her new PB of 17:50. Polly Adams (VW50-54) ran 20:10 to earn 84.13%, and Straggler Laurence Duffy (VM55-59) scored 83.68% as he ran 18:41. Ruth Hutton (VW50-54) of South London Harrierrs ran 20:38 for a percentage of 82.71%, and Archie Austin (JM10) of Comet Triathlon Club was the highest scoring junior, earning 82.71% as he ran a new PB of 19:05!

Another nine parkrunners achieved over 80%, well done to: Darren Bradley (82.44%), Bernie Mulvany (82.24%), Jonathan Cornish (81.90%), Isabel Atkins (81.44%), Naomi Lenane (80.95%), Bea Downey (80.95%), Frederick Slemeck (80.88%), Justin Reid (80.75%) and Jamie Ashton (80.31%)

For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017

Richard collects letter S, Sarah (for 'S') just missed it! 


Stats of the day

There were 1194 parkrunners! – 1109 identified, 85 unknown (7% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1109 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 208 PBs (18.8% of field) of which 8 have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 106 Bushy first timers (9.6% of field) of which 51 were parkrun first timers (4.6%)
  • 145 junior runners (13.1%) aged under 18 and 174 seniors aged 18-34 (15.7%)
  • 790 vets (71.21%), of which 100 were aged over 60, 22 over 70, and 2 over 80
  • 661 males (59.6%) and 448 females (40.4%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (120 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (73 runners)
  • 243 club runners (22% of field) from 73 different clubs and 866 unattached (78%)
  • Top 11 clubs: Stragglers (71 runners), Ranelagh Harriers (17), Thames Turbo Triathlon (14), St Mary’s Richmond AC (13), 26.2 RRC (11), Riverside Rebels (7), Sweatshop Running Community (7), Elmbridge RRC (6), Hercules Wimbledon AC (6), Epsom & Ewell Harriers (5) and SHAEF Shifters (5).


How fast?

  • Of the 1194 finishers, there were:
  • 67 sub 20 mins, 368 20:00-24:59, 421 25:00-29:59 and 338 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 20:50, Average times: Median: 26:47, Mean: 27:38
  • Finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 71, 47, 90, 88, 72, 80, 92, 90, 88, 71, 50
  • 457 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 91.4 per minute
  • 92 finishers in the 26th minute, 90 in the 22nd and 90 in the 27th
  • 114 parkrunners achieved over 70% age grading, 14 over 80%, 0 over 90%
  • Average age grading of 57.37% from the identified field of 1109


How many parkruns?

  • 91765 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1109, averaging 82.75 parkruns each
  • 535 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (48.2% of identified field), of which
  • 182 members of the 50 club (16.4%)
  • 273 members of the 100 club (24.6%)
  • 76 members of the 250 club (6.8% of field)
  • 4 members of the 500 club (0.4% of field) – Paul Killick (551 runs), John Woods (521), Ramona Thevenet (521) and Simon Greenhill (506).


And finally…

In just over two weeks, on 7th October 2017 – it will be International parkrun Day and Bushy parkrun’s 13th birthday! Hopefully you can join us to celebrate the occasion!


That’s all for now, until next time!


Bushy parkrun #698, 16th September 2017


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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