Run Report Event No 780 – 16 March 2019


Running Up That Hill

If Kate Bush was a Bushy regular (and with that name she should be) she'd no doubt enjoy the story behind our one and only hill. Just before the 3k mark we all stagger up a small incline that we call our hill. It is, infact, part of a Bronze Age burial mound that is centred on Sandy Lane just the other site of the park wall and is the only one in the London area. At 4000 years old it's the oldest visible archaeological feature in the park. Henry VIII outlined the northern edge of the park as we know it today by using the burial mound as a marker point. Incidentally, Henry is also indirectly responsible for naming the park, he had thousands of acorns planted to provide future timber for his navy. They were protected from the deer by thorny bushes which gave rise to the name 'Bushie Park.'

Talking of timber, it was prescient of parkrun to introduce a new volunteer role recently. Anyone taking on the role of course checker is tasked with running or cycling the whole course at about 08:15 on Saturday morning to check for any potential obstacles or hazards and reporting them back to the Run Director.

Lead Bike volunteer David Stewart was our course checker this week and he was particularly vigilant due to the high winds we've had recently. He even stopped to clear away a gert big log.


David and Ray

Gert big log


Bianca has been volunteering for a long time whilst recovering from a running injury and has this to say; "I would just like to say a huge thank you to Ray Franks and all the funnel managers for making me part of such a lovely team, recovering from a running injury has never been so much fun or so rewarding. I've learnt new skills, made new friends and would highly recommend giving this and other volunteering roles a try."
The joy of volunteering perfectly summed up by Bianca.

A great big thank you to our wonderful volunteers this week.

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Karen BARLOW, Katie BARLOW, Jack BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Tim BOWDEN, Shirley BUCKLEY, Luca CERASALE, Isobel CHARLTON-LEE, Adam CONSTABLE, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Nicolette CRINALL, Izzy DAY, Carol DICKINSON, Ray FRANKS, Lina FRIZZARIN, Christine FRY, Paige GOODWIN, Stella HAMMOND, Samantha HANLEY, Robby HEDGES, Susan HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Samuel JONES, Jack KENNEDY, Katie KNOTT, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Tracey LENTHALL, Ally MANOLE, Jackie MELIA, Diane MULLEN, David PAPWORTH, Eoin PARFITT, Graham PERRYMAN, Mike PETTITT, Sue PETTITT, Rob PHILLIPS, Lucy PORTER, Keith RIDING, Ian RILEY, Andrew ROBERTS, Adrian ROBERTS, Hannah ROBERTSON, Grace ROBERTSON, Amy ROBERTSON, Nick SAVILL, Duncan SCOBLE, Gemma SEABROOK, Krysia SMITH, Rowena STENT, David STEWART, Wendy STOKES, Amelie THOMAS, Pip TODD, Leanne WEIR, Diane WESSON, Andrew John WINGATE, Emma WINGATE, Fran WYLDE   Why not get involved and volunteer?


As always we had visitors from near and far making the pilgrimage to Bushy.


Janice and Clem were visiting from Glasgow, their home event of Springburn was picture postcard beautiful on Saturday morning;




The Riverside Rebels were making their regular visit from Walton as part of their couch to 5k programme.

Pre run operations



Steve and Stella struggle gamely with their sign in the blustery conditions.


Our pacers this week had the added pressure of fighting considerable wind resistance against their pacing poles!



Rob gives his pre run briefing.


UntitledUntitled Untitled

Event Statistics

This week we had 1234 participants aided by 54 volunteers


First finishers;






Young Men



Young Women
Isobel Livesey......20:44

Iris Brown.....20:56

Sophie Desmond.....21:32

More Stats

87 participants scored a PB, that's great going in those windy conditions, very well done.

We had just the one athlete who scored an age grading over 80%, that was James Smith who ran a very quick 17:50 and achieved a grading of 80.09%

We had many members from lots of different running clubs in attendance at the weekend ranging from Abu Dhabi Striders right through to Wycombe Phoenix Harriers & AC by way of Great Yarmouth and District AC and John Lewis Partnership RC (other department stores are available)

We had thirteen members of the 500 Club ranging from Paul Killick on 632 runs through to Liz Collison on 502.



Sue Hobbs

Paul Bridge - all 250 at Bushy

Andy Simmonds

John Ramsay



Jim Sell

Dermot Desmond

Neil Cornish

Etsuro Yazaki

Thomas Snell



Lucy Dinnage

Christopher Davey

Lesley Draper

David Doherty

Matt Sung

Sian Caddell



Lilian Bujnicka




Neil gets help with his smile whilst celebrating his 100th run.



Jim celebrates his 100th run and 100th funnel volunteering role with wife Merran.


The cake was an absolute belter with deer and a funnel. We even managed a low level flypast too.

And finally...

The weather for this weekend is set to be mild with a gentle breeze so that'll make a nice change from all the strong winds we've been having.

See you then,

Duncan Scoble


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Run Report Event No 779 – 9 March 2019

Firstly, apologies that this is out so late. I really did mean to get this done by Sunday afternoon but we've recently changed TV packages so we now have Sky Sports & BT Sports at home... and what with the Six Nations Rugby and then Premiership Rugby, a bit of Chelsea v Wolves followed by Man Utd v Arsenal followed by T20 cricket and then to finish Sunday evening off Jo Konta was playing tennis in Indian Wells, it all seemed to have slipped away from me. And then my current life partner returned from a weekend away and asked me to do a 13 mile run with her on Monday evening and lovely though it was to spend nearly two hours on the mean streets of Teddington with her, I really didn't feel like writing much after that. And then today, you know... Brexit!

Anyway, on with the report. So is it Spring or is still the depths of winter? One minute it's warm and sunny, the next it feels like winter in Narnia. While it certainly felt like a pretty chilly wind out there for those of us running... it was apparently 'flipping cold marshalling at Teddington gate' according to another Rob on Facebook. He also said 'A big thanks to everyone who gave a "thank you marshalls". It makes a difference in the cold."

All 51 of our volunteers were amazing yesterday as always and while we couldn't get a picture of everyone (we really must try that one week) I did manage to get a pic of our crack team of Volunteer Co-ordinators during the calm before the storm.


Alex, Lucy & Jack - our wonderful VCs

At least we weren't running on Sunday morning or we might have been in danger of our first ever weather related cancellation at Bushy, the wind was so bad at one point that the park was actually closed due to the danger of falling branches and trees. We were worried over at Hanworth juniors that the wind was so strong some of the smaller ones might actually blow away...

By the way, I'm not really sure what's happened with the photos this week. I couldn't upload high resolution ones and I appear to have pressed the 'make them all really rubbish' quality by mistake.


A proper good news story

Colin v3

Andy, Penny, Colin, Bernie & John

For most people 26th January was a normal day but for the people in the picture above it was anything but. Colin (middle of pic) was doing his first ever parkrun but unfortunately at the 3.5km mark he suffered a cardiac arrest. Luckily for Colin, just behind him on the day was Bernie (pink top) who was also at Bushy parkrun for the first time, as a visitor from Rickmansworth parkrun. Luckily for Colin again, Bernie was a nurse, recognised what had happened and knew exactly what to do. Bernie took charge of the situation and along with other parkrunners, started chest compressions and ensured that an ambulance was called.

At the same time, our emergency procedures kicked in and Andy received a call on the emergency phone that all Run Directors dread... All parkruns across the country must have an AED (defibrillator) as part of their kit and getting this to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible is absolutely crucial in saving lives. As you can tell from the picture above, Andy was able to get it their quickly, Bernie put it to good use and they were able to hand him over to the paramedics in a position where they were able to save his life. I don't think anyone would mind me saying there were a few tears when they all met up yesterday morning.

On behalf of everyone at Bushy parkrun, I really do want to say a huge thank you to Bernie, Andy and everyone else who was involved in saving Colin's life...

In Other News

Huge congratulations to Debbie King for completing her 250th parkrun at Bushy on Saturday. There was no way we were going to miss celebrating this achievement as we were bombarded with messages from various friends to say could we mention it at the start of the run! It sounded like she had plenty of friends with her as Ray's shout out at the start seemed to get one of the biggest cheers I've ever heard at the start line at Bushy! Debbie started parkrunning back in 2013 and has completed 234 runs at Bushy with Old Deer Park being her second most favoured run with nine. We hope you had a great day and the t-shirt comes soon!

Debbie King

Debbie with the new selfie frame!

Continuing the milestone theme, huge congratulations also to Julie Owen for completing her 100th run yesterday and humouring me by celebrating with a pic in our selfie frame... Of her 100 runs, 92 were at Bushy Park and a little look at the running challenges website tells me that Julie achieved 'silver level obsessive' status in 2017 by running more than 40 parkruns in one year!

Julie also with the frame

In other milestone news this week, Chloe COLLINS & Patrick TIERNAN joined the 250 club. Chloe looks like she might be a bit of a tourist and was celebrating her 250th with a first visit to Bushy while Patrick started running at Bushy back in 2007 and has completed 245 runs at Bushy in that time.

Joining the 100 club alongside Julia were Paul HUTCHINGS, Trevor GRANT, Tegid LEWYS-LLOYD & Scott HILLMAN and joining the 50 club were Pete STYLES, Blaise JENNINGS, Caroline HOPKINS, Marianne FRYER, George RUTHERFORD, Rebecca SLEAP & Andrew WHITBREAD.

And last but by no means least, juniors joining the 10 club were Maisie WHALEY, Jasmine GILKES & Zac HOUGHTON

This week 1371 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 157 were first timers and 112 recorded new Personal Bests

The Results Bit

Making her first appearance at Bushy, Charlotte EARL crossed the line as first lady in a time of 18:44 with a bit of a gap behind to Kelly DICKS in 19.29. Rebecca SLEAP rounded out the top three in 19.48 on her first visit to Bushy.

We also had two first timers to Bushy in the first three men to finish today, Richard LOVEJOY was first to brave the nasty headwind on the home straight to break the tape in 16.22, closely followed by Harry LAWSON in 16.45. Both of these gents are experienced parkrunners but decided to make the journey for the first time to the home of parkrun on Saturday. Completing the virtual podium was Tom TWEDDELL in 17.03.

The top three junior girls were Juliet DRURY, Iris BROWN & Poppy MITCHELL

For the junior boys the top three were Jonny BROOK, Matthew David TYAS and William STARK

And finally in the results bit, huge congratulations to the following eight people who achieved an amazing 80% age grading or above this week, five women and three men with ages ranging from 15-17 up to 65-69.

80 percent


A new Volunteer Role at Bushy

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed in the excellent monthly volunteer update that parkrun HQ send out that they have added a new volunteer role to the system that we're keen to add here. Basically it's called Event Day Course Checker and it involves someone checking out the whole course before the start and reporting back to the Run Director that all is okay before the start. It's ideal for those of you want to run and also volunteer as you can do as part of your warm up or if you cycle here, you might want to do an extra lap of the course to check all is well and there are no obstructions on the course or anything else that the RD might need to know about. If you fancy doing this one week, just drop us a mail at although I think the first couple of weeks have been snapped up already!

Some more photos

To finish, here are a few more photos that I managed to get on Saturday morning, as you can tell I didn't move too far with our trusty new - albeit slightly muddy - selfie frame.

First up are Clare, James and I'm pretty sure Jaden. James was here on the day parkrun began back in 2004 and has clocked up 530 parkruns in total and Clare actually has the joy of working for parkrun - and also confided on Saturday that Bushy was her favourite parkrun of all despite the fact she's only run at Bushy seven times and at Old Deer Park a whopping 76 times!

Claire, James


Little Stoke tourists at the home of parkrun!

Little Stoke

Next up are the Riverside Rebels, a local running group who are regulars at Bushy!

Riverside Rebels

James again with Paul Radmann who is a Run Director over in Germany with 39 runs at the beautiful Küchenholz parkrun!

James and parkrun Germany guy

We had a wonderful group who took the train down from Carlisle on Friday just to do Bushy parkrun. The wonderful group of DH Runners had a fantastic time and were last see in the Pheasantry enjoying the full Bushy experience - I hope you were given some tokens to sort!


And these guys... I'm really sorry but I can't remember who you were, but you were lovely and I know you enjoyed your morning at Bushy!

Frame people



By the way, did you know we are on Instagram? Follow us at for some of our most lovely pictures!

See you all on Saturday when I'll be the bloke in the blue & white hi-viz with the microphone.



Run Report Event No 778 – 2 March 2019


Pretty in Pink . . .

The first Saturday of March and some unseasonably hot weather earlier in the week brought on early signs of spring.  In comparison to Monday and Tuesday when we were basking in hot sunshine, and then torrential rain on Thursday, the weather on Saturday seemed quite tame, even benign.  But luckily we had some very spirited visitors at Bushy this week to brighten things up.
These lovely ladies were - yes you've guessed it, on a hen weekend. The bride is the lovely Lucy along with her bridesmaids Piglet to her friends (Sarah to us), Catherine and Mhairi. Lucy usually runs at York and is marrying Simon, a parkrun ambassador (she claims that's not why she's marrying him).  Lucy is so run obsessed that her first and only request for her hen do was to come and run at the home of parkrun. Her wedding invites have even been sent out as race numbers.
Simon is going to be really jealous that Lucy is in the Bushy run report!
Sam is celebrating her 50th run, Emma her 100th along with birthday girl Alison. All three have had birthdays this week. They made the pilgrimage to Bushy especially to celebrate.
Happy Milestones and Happy Birthday ladies
The lovely thing about parkrun and especially Bushy is that we meet people from all over the world who come to the birthplace of parkrun. This week I met these three overseas visitors:
This is Jessica and Sheepy the dog from Brooklyn.  Sheepy spent the whole flight from NYC sat on Jessica's lap and managed to run the entire course despite only having little legs and jet lag.
Ann is from Johannesburg. She flew in on Friday rushed across London and got here with 4 minutes to spare. That's what we call dedication.
Christian is from Norway (spot the clue).  He's a mountain climber, cross country runner and general fitness fanatic.  He normally runs in Toyen parkrun.  Pictured here with our lovely run director Emma.
A little closer to home . . .
Bushy regulars Alex, Ray and Duncan pictured with Catherine who usually runs at Gunnersbury. She came to Bushy to see her (non identical) twin Duncan and ran a PB!  Well done Catherine. Ray was one of our barcode scanners this week.
Which brings us on to our fabulous Volunteers:
Verity, Duncan and Sam were the volunteer co-ordinators this week, assigning all the roles to our 51 fabulous volunteers.
Michael and Jack (on the right) who was one of our timekeepers this week.  He is also celebrating his 10th anniversary at parkrun. Here's to 10 more!
Nick, Jan and Steve on funnel and token duties.  This week Jan achieved a combined run and volunteering total of 500.  Congratulations Jan and heartfelt thanks for your many years of volunteering.  The eagle eyed amongst you (don't mention eyes) may have noticed that Jan is sporting a shiner, after tripping whilst running.  And we thought running was meant to be good for you!
Sumi does her impression of the pied piper.
Huge thanks as ever to all our volunteers this week: Katie BARLOW, Jack BENNETT, Jude BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Luca CERASALE, Isobel CHARLTON-LEE, Adam CONSTABLE, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Nicolette CRINALL, Kevin DAY, Izzy DAY, Andrew FINCH, Ray FRANKS, Robert FREY, Lina FRIZZARIN, Christine FRY, Suzanne GREEN, Simon GREENHILL, Finley HARRISON, Robby HEDGES, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Samuel JONES, Jack KENNEDY, Katie KNOTT, Andrew LANSDOWN, Catelin LE FRANC, Fiona MCANENA, Steve MILLER, Ella PATEL, Keith RIDING, Verity RIDING, Ian RILEY, Amy ROBERTSON, Hannah ROBERTSON, Grace ROBERTSON, Sumita SARMA, Duncan SCOBLE, James SELL, Alice STAIN, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Amelie THOMAS, Alex TICKELL, Jacqui TYRER, Emma WINGATE, Fran WYLDE
If you want to have a go email Pat on
The Run
Emma was our Run Director for event number 778 and she sent all 1430 of us on our merry way.  Conditions were a little muddy underfoot, so well done to the 171 of you who managed PBs.
You over there, stop talking!
Finely honed athletes ready for the off . . .
1430 athletes coming toward you at pace is a scary thing!
Turning right into Warren Wood at the 2km point
Some people will do anything to get in the run report!
Kevin and Murphy the marshals at Teddington Gate
Liz Collison on her 500th run. More of Liz later . . .
The final push
Phew it's over!
First Finishers

Congratulations to our first finishers this week and plenty of PB's to boot.


1. Luke Conway 15:27 83.50% New PB

2. Will Woodcock 15:43 82.08%

3. Sam Dykes 15:50 81.47% New PB


1. Sarah Astin 17:01 86:97% First ever parkrun!

2. Olivia Matthews 17:42 83.62%

3. Emma Stevens 18:37 79.50% New PB


1. Jacob Patterson 16:51 81:31% New PB

2. Sonny Maund 16:55 83.84% New PB

3. Eric Williams 17:35 76.78%


1. Emmie Savory 20:02 75.46% New PB

2. Ella Fryer 20:07 75.05%

3. Alice Roberts 20:47 78.35% New PB
Ann handing out the finish tokens
Una and Amy on sorting duties
Huge congratulations to Liz Collison who ran her 500th run and in true Bushy tradition kindly provided prosecco and nibbles after the run.  Liz started at Bushy parkrun on 10th December 2005 and has run 495 times at Bushy, running also at Crane, Kingston and Medina I.O.W.  Her running times and age grading are incredibly consistent over those 14 years, and she ran her fastest time for 2 years just last week at 29:45 with an age grading of 74.85%.  Her PB of 29:41 was at Crane Park in May 2017 proving we can all achieve faster times as we move up the age categories.  Liz is an inspiration to us all.
Congratulations to all these athletes for their milestone runs:

Stuart Crichton


David Green
Natasha Trasi
Richard Gray
Peter Harrison
Ems Southerington
Andrew and Richard on the start line. Richard Gray (on the right) ran a low key 100th run with not a balloon in sight and managed a neat 25 minutes.


Felicity Cooper
Mike Lapworth
James Hill
Cathy Woodall
Samantha Sutton
Raj Ladwa

Henry Ayres and he got a new PB!
Katherine Mitchell
All sorted for next week. See you then.
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Run Report Event No 777 – 23 February 2019

All change in the funnel


The theme of this morning's run was Fog - would there be light at the end of the 'new funnel'?


The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a slight variation on the normal funnel formation. We now have a funnel that is more of a 'cane shape' than a horse shoe thus ending earlier than expected. I wonder how many others, like me, got caught out this morning happily chatting not realising that I was already at the token 'distribution point'. Sorry token team, I will be ready with my hand out next week.


Talking of the funnel, I met a lady today whilst queuing, who had been given a letter, and she had walked down the funnel to find someone to give it to, not realising what it was for! This was the lady's first time, and as she crossed the line, someone had thrust a laminated letter into her hand - confusion completely understandable. For anyone unsure how it all works, the funnel is a beautiful, well oiled machine with 'gates'. Because of the swelling ranks of Bushy parkrun runners, it is necessary to have a 'double funnel' to stop the queue backing over the finish line. So, when Ray is able to spot a gap between runners, the 'gate' is closed on one funnel and opened on the other. In order to keep your well earned position, the first person switching lanes gets a letter. These are given out in alphabetical order and the funnels are then emptied, also in alphabetical order. All clear now?!

Basically the rule is, if you get a letter, keep hold of it and as you approach the token team, hold it up high so they can see it. Other 'golden rules' of the funnel are 'stay in the order you finished'. This is because you are timed as you cross the finish line and the token you are then given at the end of the funnel corresponds with that time. Please, if you cross the finish line, stay in the funnel even if you don't have your barcode. If you leave the funnel, then that means that the time of everyone behind you will be out. If you know you are in a rush and don't have time to queue, just dip out to the side at the finish and your time won't be clocked. Simples!

If you don't have your barcode, and do cross the finish line, stay in the funnel and just drop your token into the box held by more volunteers at the end of the funnel. Remember, no barcode means no result. However, if you make a note of your number, you can still see what time you registered when the results come out (you will though be an unknown runner, we can't change that).

Enough of rules.........


Hunting for tourists in the fog I found a trio from Hook Runners - welcome Caroline, Mikita and Lisa.


I also met Sarah from Melbourne, but somehow forgot to take her photo. apologies Sarah, I hope you  enjoyed your morning.

Bobby Bear, the class bear from St Stephen's School in St Margarets was raring to start his parkrun with friend Mel.


Julie from New South Wales was here today to run her first ever Parkrun. As she was sporting a Chelsea hat, I thought she would would 'love' to have her photograph taken with Steve, a well known Man. City supporter - she looks delighted! Isn't it nice how parkrun brings people together!! Have fun at Wembley on Sunday both of you!!


This is Georgia - no explanations needed, it's all on her back!
IMG_9950 IMG_9951

Sarah and Richard joined us today from Exeter Riverside Parkrun - this was Richard's 50th run, so congratulations, hope you enjoyed it


These interesting T-Shirts caught my eye. This is Tony and Alison, part of 'Band on the Run' a group of runners formed from the Wyton Royal Airforce Band in Huntingdon. Their running group started 3 years ago and now has 25 members made up from musicians and family members. Alison, I'm sorry I only took a photo of your back!


Another big field today 1459 - the first timer's briefing is getting bigger and bigger.


The fog was still quite heavy as we started out, but didn't dampen our spirits.



The front runners coming out of the mist.


As we cross the line, the fog has started to lift and there is a glimpse of a nice day to come.




A penny for the thoughts of the two sensible people sitting down as we all puff and pant past them to the finish.


This way Verity!!


The new funnel of course works like a dream - thanks as always to Ray and the funnel team


A happy bunch of tourists at the finish - Norfolk Gazelles



Another group who obviously enjoyed their run today were runners from Peckham Rye - Happy 60th to Butch (in the frame).



The results bit....

1st home was Harvey Dixon in a truly impressive 14:58. Congratulations on your 86.19% age rated performance. Harvey joins the exclusive group of just 28 individuals to have broken 15 minutes at Bushy Park.
1st lady home was Hannah Irwin visiting us from Cambridge finishing in 16:59 with a 87.14% age rating. Well done Hannah!

In ideal running conditions, two age category records fell. Congratulations to Geraldine SCHAER who ran home in 19:18 to break the VW50-54 age category record with a 89.03% rating. Well done to Robert MCHARG whose impressive time of 17:21 and 88.57% was another age category best for VM55-59.


16 further impressive runs of over 80% to drool over were:


Laurence DUFFY        18:20      86.00%
Rachael WHEELER     22:05     85.43%
Polly ADAMS               20:43     84.07%
Fran KENDEN             24:34     83.79%
Deborah STEER          21:30     83.10%
Marcus SOLOMON     19:01      83.00%
Lily O'NEILL                 19:40      82.80%
Stephen POND            17:59      82.02%
Robert BATCHELOR   17:41      81.43%
Peter MITCHELL         17:30      81.05%
Jessica MAYER           19:08      81.01%
Rowena STENT           25:29      80.77%
Emma HARRIS            20:33      80.62%
Merran SELL                29:33      80.60%
Brigid HIBBERD           21:54      80.52%
Imogen DEAKIN           19:17      80.38%


Congratulations in particular to Bushy Park regular Michael Wilkins who achieve a PB of 21:07 at his Bushy Park run number 202. Sub 21 minutes next week Michael?


Milestones this week...


Included 7 athletes who achieved their super red 50 milestone tee-shirt.

Madeleine REARDON
Charlotte MCGEE
Elaine BRUCE
A special mention to Walid ZERHOUNI who celebrated with a PB as well.


3 athletes gained their coveted black 100 Milestone tee-shirt; Oliver MELBOURNE, Sharon O LEARY and also with a PB to celebrate Kevan BALDRY - well done all.


A further 3 athletes can look forward to joining the green 250 tee-shirt club. Well done Colin COBURN, Candice GODDARD and Paddy FITZPATRICK


No 500 milestones this week, but hopefully next week - Liz?


Finally, a very special milestone for the Riding family - Keith, Verity, daughter Zoe and her husband Mohammed who chalked up a family milestone of 1000 parkruns between them - what a great achievement.


Thanks as always to the fantastic volunteers this morning, who were:


See you all next week

Stella Hammond




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Run Report Event No 776 – 16 February 2019


Pacers and PBs


After the last few weeks of mud, rain, ice and the gale force winds this week we had no excuses. One of those days which was a bit nippy standing round at the start, though once we started great conditions for running. Pretty firm underfoot on the grass bits, no puddles and a light breeze. It was pacer week too from 20 to 34 (being an even month) and this also helped to encourage some quick times. Run director Simon Lane took his usual place atop of his ladder to welcome runners from as far as Australia (and even Hampton and Molesey) to the home of parkrun. After a quick reminder from Rodney to move out of the way he set the runners off on their way with Andrew Howarth and Mike Tivnen taking the timer duties.





Duncan Scoble led the field (on lead bike) over the mole hills and the stampede moved towards Kingston. It really is an amazing sight, one which you don’t really appreciate when running yourself, 1,291 runners of all sizes, shapes and ages all coming together at 9am on a Saturday morning to test themselves, meet friends old and new and generally having healthy fun all round.


A big comeback

For those of you not on Facebook you may have missed this heart-warming story from Saturday …

A trip down memory lane... Way back in 2014, we received an email from a family in St Andrews asking if we could do them a favour. They were regular parkrunners up in Scotland and were travelling to Bushy. However, their super-quick eldest daughter, Anna Hedley, was under 11 and so needs to run with a responsible adult. Since, she was quicker than either Mum or Dad, could we possibly provide a suitable pacer for her as she was keen to break 20 mins (at aged 10!). We asked one of our quicker regulars, David Rowe, who happily accepted.r quicker regulars, David Rowe, who happily accepted.

That morning back in 2014 the youngster went off like a bullet, but faded a touch and finished in 20:05. Disaster!

Anna was back today, now 15 and so can run alone. I imagine she went off like a bullet again, but she didn't need David this week for her 17:26 and 9th place overall (1st lady and the 4th quickest lady in the whole of the UK this weekend). This is just as well, as whilst Bognor Regis is a slower course than our run, I am not sure if his most recent times of around 19 or 20 mins would have been that helpful!

It is great to see the super talented youngsters we get at Bushy growing up to be super talented teenagers. A 90% Age Grading suggests she is pretty special!

Here is Anna with her two younger sisters, Isla and Freya and her pacer when she couldn't quite go sub-20!


But the whole thing just reminded me how we get some amazing people at Bushy both in terms of running talent and in terms of generosity!

The Volunteers

As always the event couldn’t happen without them so a huge thank you to the 56 who helped us today - Andy ANSTEY, Katie BARLOW, Joy BELL, Marisa BILLETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Chris BRIMACOMBE, Luca CERASALE, Isobel CHARLTON-LEE, Adam CONSTABLE, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Nicolette CRINALL, Bob DEAN, Jackie DUNKLEY, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Charlotte FRASER, Lina FRIZZARIN, Christine FRY, Suzanne GREEN, Jad HAIDAR, Finley HARRISON, Robby HEDGES, Bianca HOLLIS, Andrew HOWARTH, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Mary HYDE, Stephen IGGLESDEN, Jack KENNEDY, Stefan KRUEGER, Simon LANE, Fiona MCANENA, James MORRIS, Laura Helen MOSLEY, Carmen PALMER, Eoin PARFITT, Vera PARFITT, Ella PATEL, Adrian RANDLE, Ian RILEY, Adrian ROBERTS, Wendy ROLLASON, Nick ROWE, Duncan SCOBLE, James SELL, Alexander SHAW, David STEWART, Carol SWAFFER, Lucy THATCHER, Stuart THOMPSON, Mike TIVNEN, Orla WHITE, Andrew John WINGATE, Fran WYLDE

We have now had 1,864 individuals volunteer a total of 19,194 times. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about all the roles.

 The Runners

Despite the weather in the last few weeks we have seen numbers at Bushy holding steady, pointing at either we are a bunch of hardy all weather runners … or we had visitors from nearby cancelled parkuns and some of our regulars stayed under the warm duvet. Whatever we had 1,291 runners today with representatives of 99 different clubs present.

We have now seen 51,233 different runners take part in Bushy parkrun and these athletes have now completed 539,033 runs covering an amazing 2,695,165KM including 74,124 new personal bests.

We had 11 members of the 500 club, 139 runners in the 250 club, 287 in the 100 club and a further 204 in the 50 club. 60 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB (Don’t Forget Your Barcode).

Of the 132 people running their first Bushy event we welcomed 51 doing their first ever parkrun and 14 making the parkrun pilgrimage who had done at least 100 other runs – welcome to them and hope you enjoyed your day. These included 3 members of the 250 club who finally got to run where it all started, special welcome to Alison MORRISON who has done most of her runs at Swindon and Chippenham (326 runs), Robert DILWORTH whose home run is Conkers in Leicestershire (271 runs) and Trevor Alan ELLERY (259 runs) a regular at Southampton. Welcome to everyone joining us for the first time and hope to see you all soon.



 Of the 95 runners who achieved their PB’s today 16 of them have over 100 parkruns to their name:


Maddy MARRIAGE 21:10 SW30-34 F Wooters Runners 273
Alan SHOVLIN 23:12 VM50-54 M .. 241
Jake VAUGHAN 19:54 VM45-49 M Trafalgar Schools 190
Anna HEDLEY 17:26 JW15-17 F Fife AC 172
Simon BEAN 18:27 VM60-64 M Epsom & Ewell Harriers 169
Allan COX 19:41 VM40-44 M Clapham Chasers RC 167
Allan MACKAY 31:28 VM45-49 M .. 166
Laura BAKER 29:59 SW30-34 F .. 162
Sandra AHRENSFELD 23:40 VW40-44 F Serpentine RC 150
Tanya BOARDMAN 22:15 VW40-44 F Fitstuff 137
Kayleigh COPELAND 20:46 SW25-29 F Farnham Runners 136
Callum KENNETT WHITE 21:55 JM15-17 M .. 126
Matthew David TYAS 18:28 JM15-17 M St Mary's Richmond AC 118
Ross HYDE 18:41 JM15-17 M .. 113
Gurleen GHOTRA 26:17 JW15-17 F .. 113
Laurie ANDERSON 21:07 VM55-59 M Lomond Hill Runners AAC 108


Some great runs from many of our regulars including 3 juniors Matthew TYAS has been a regular for many years running with (and now in front) of his Dad David – one of our proud 500 club members. In the same age category and few seconds apart was Ross HYDE who has done all of his runs with us and for the Junior women Gurleen GHOTRA who has run here 105 runs. Well to all who got PB’s and thanks again to the pacers who helped everyone on the course today.



 This Saturday we had no new members of the 500 club – next person who ran today will be Jeremy LANGDON in 11 runs time

Unusually there were also no 250 club members today, Colin COBURN will be celebrating next week

Joining the 100 club we had 3 runners – Amanda COOPER, Giles JONES and Amanda RECONTRE.

We had 3 runners join the 50 club John COOPER, Sean DUNNE and Robert HILL.

For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were Henry WEBBER, Caitlin LEES and Amber HARPER.

Congratulations to all on your landmark achievements and look forward to you all running proudly in your new parkrun shirts.


 The Results Bit

First male finisher was Johnathan CORNISH of Hercules Wimbledon in 15:00, just ahead of Elliot DOREY in 15:03 and with the 3rd man home was Andrius JAKSEVICIUS of Belgrave Harries in 15:36.

First woman home was the previously mentioned Anna HEDLEY of Fife AC in 17:26, ahead of Isabel ATKINS (who is also in the 15-17 age category) of Ranelagh Harriers in 18:34 just ahead of another three JW15-17 athletes Jessica MAYER in 19:13 and Imogen DEAKIN in 19:16 and Isabel LIVESEY of St Mary’s Richmond in 19:29. I am sure we have never had the first 5 finishers all in a junior age category – great running girls.

There were some amazing age grade performances with 17 runners breaking the 80% barrier:

Anna HEDLEY 17:26 JW15-17 88.91% Fife AC
Simon BEAN 18:27 VM60-64 86.90% Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 15:36 VM35-39 86.22% Belgrave Harriers
Jonathan CORNISH 15:00 SM25-29 86.00% Hercules Wimbledon AC
Elliott DOREY 15:03 SM20-24 85.71%
Laurence DUFFY 18:29 VM55-59 85.30% Stragglers
Polly ADAMS 20:48 VW50-54 83.73%
Andrew EDGE 17:49 VM50-54 82.79% Thames Hare & Hounds
Ross FRANKS 15:45 SM25-29 81.90% St Mary's Richmond AC
Lily O'NEILL 19:54 JW11-14 81.83% St Mary's Richmond AC
Isabel ATKINS 18:34 JW15-17 81.42% Ranelagh Harriers
Emma HARRIS 20:21 VW45-49 81.41%
Mack DOWNEY 17:15 JM15-17 80.68%
Jessica MAYER 19:13 JW15-17 80.66%
Imogen DEAKIN 19:16 JW15-17 80.45%
Merran SELL 29:42 VW70-74 80.19% Stragglers
Sophie LOMAS 19:36 JW11-14 80.19% Epsom & Ewell Harriers

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379). The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422). The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).
20190216_092607 (1)


The Random Number Generator

 As is becoming a tradition we look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.

This week was event 776 at Bushy so claiming token 776 was Bushy regular Matthew DUMBRELL with 28:36 on his 57th event and 56th at Bushy.

The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 26:59 and hitting the time on the nail was Paula HARTHARN-EVANS who was making her Bushy debut on her 131st parkrun. Paula has visited a number of events but her home run is Birkenhead with 93 runs.

As today is 16/2 ……... in position 162 was David PIMM of 26.2 RRC running 21:27 on 164th run and 123rd with us.

There have now been 539,033 parkruns locations completed in Bushy so in 539 was David GILBERT running 25:52 on his 59th parkrun all with us.

Well done to all.

Running Chat

I always run parkrun without headphones, I like to be able to hear those around me, though you do hear some very odd sounds coming from the mouths of runners exerting themselves around the course. You also get a chance to hear the chorus of ‘thank you Marshal’ echoing around. However for all of my other training runs I am plugged in to my headphones. Normally music blaring but I am a big fan of podcasts and whilst running it good to hear a friendly voice particularly when they are talking about the sport we all love. Here are my top 5 recommendations from the world of running podcasts – all available on spotify and itunes;

  1. With Me Now – hosted by long standing Bushy runner Danny Norman and Nicola Forwood. This is an unofficial weekly update of all the goings on in parkrun world. Witty and loads of friendly banter, this is a great way to learn what is going on in the wider community. Danny is an uber tourist (although still always comes back to Bushy for Christmas Day) and often includes reviews of whatever new event the guys have been to. The duo formerly presented the popular parkrun show and it is so good to have them back together. I would highly recommend any new listeners from Bushy listen to the episode based on Xmas Day with many interviews with Bushy regulars.
  2. Free Weekly Timed – the official parkrun podcast hosted by radio presenter Vassos Alexander and another uber tourist  Louise Ayling. Each show lasts exactly 29 minutes (the average finish time  for a parkrun) and often includes a guest interview.
  3. Marathon Talk – for those of you who like to run a bit longer. This long running podcast (now up to episode 475) is hosted by parkrun Chief Operating Officer Tom Williams and Martin Yelling. Ideal for those long training runs this show often runs almost 2 hours and includes a full guest interview each week.
  4. That Running Podcast -  the new kid on the block, this pod only started this year and is fast becoming a favourite of mine. Hosted by GB Olympian Ross Murray and fellow ex GB athlete Colin McCourt and gives a behind the scenes look at the world of elite athletics in fun and entertaining way. There have been some great interviews so far with current and former athletes letting you see what really happens in the world of the super speedsters. Ross can often be found training in Bushy and on his parkrun debut last week was first finisher.
  5. Backstraight Boys (&Girl). Hosted by Jody, Bayo and Claire Thomas this covers the wider sport of athletics with news updates, banter and some amazing interviews. I’d recommend episode 35 which is all about parkrun and it was after listening to this that I became a fan of this pod.


It’s always on at Bushy

The nights are getting longer and the weatherman seems to think we are in for a spell of mild weather. We are incredibly lucky that here at Bushy we have NEVER had to cancel through bad weather. Running through snow, ice, puddles galore we have always managed to put on an event. 2 weeks ago in the UK over 250 events had to cancel due to conditions. The only time in 776 parkrun days that we have not been able to put on an event was in 2012 when the park and particularly much of our then first 1K and last part were used for the course of the Olympic mens cycling road race. So all being well we will all be back by the big fountain at the same time and same place next week.

See you then.

Nick Rowe
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