Run Report 623 – 23rd April 2016

Well that was fun wasn’t it? The sun was shining but it certainly felt a little bit chilly on Saturday morning at 9am as 1165 people toed the line at the start of the 623rd edition of Bushy parkrun. It certainly must have inspired something in the nation because just over 24 hours later, over 35,000 people spontaneously decided to turn up on Blackheath Common and run eight and a bit parkruns around the streets of London. More of that later…

Back to our little parkrun and not content with being brilliant runners, great volunteers and two of the smiliest people I know, our superstar twins Sacha and Leonie Kennedy took over as joint Run Directors this morning and did a fantastic job.


Sacha and Leonie – or possibly Leonie and Sacha

Alongside our brilliant run directors we had a fantastic team of volunteers scanning, marshalling, funnelling and all sorts of other things. So without further ado, please give a big round of applause to all the wonderful volunteers this weekend:

Adam SHERRIFF • Alex TICKELL • Ali KENNEDY • Amy SILLITOE • Andrew HOWARTH • Andrew MORRISON • Ann COWARD • Benjamin DAVIDSON • Carol Margaret DICKINSON • Daisy Eleanor KNOX • David PAPWORTH • David WORTH • Diane MULLEN • Dominic RHODES • Duncan SCOBLE • Eddie COLLMAN • Emilie HOWES • Freya MORRISON • George SOLOMON • Glennis PYE • Hayden MATTHEWS • Imogen KING • Ioan SMITH • Janet LIVESEY • Jennifer Anne BARKER • Jonathan EVANS • Julian DIAMOND • Leonie KENNEDY • Lyn BRYMER • Martin MILTON • Megan LUPO • Michelle ROWLEY • Naomi JOHNS • Nick BLANCHARD • Nick ROWE • Noah MOUNTSTEPHEN • Oscar BLANCHARD • Pedro DAS GUPTA • Phil BLUER • Polly ADAMS • Ralph BLACKBOURN • Ray BAIRSTOW • Ray COWARD • Ray FRANKS • Rei NDREU • Richard MOORE • Rob S JONES • Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH • Sacha KENNEDY • Sam BENNETT • Sam COLLMAN • Stephen PENPRAZE • Tom FLEMING • Will FORD • Yue MAN

As always, if you fancy having a go at volunteering – it really is fun and I promise we will be nice to you – please do visit our How to Volunteer page at and get involved.


Showing our love for Little Stoke parkrun (If you have good eyesight!)

So, this week there were 1165 runners, of whom 115 were first timers, thanks for choosing this weekend to join us at Bushy. Of those 115, 65 were completely new to parkrun, I hope you enjoyed the New Runners briefing – this week featuring Carl Dickinson on sign holding and David Papworth on talking. 136 people took advantage of the pretty good conditions and recorded new Personal Bests. I’ve forgotten what a personal best is…


New Runners briefing

So who came where at the sharp end of the field today then?

Top three in the men’s field were: Jonathan CORNISH of Hercules Wimbledon AC who was first over the line in a very quick 15:46, just 6 seconds outside his PB. Smashing his PB next was Harry MATTHEWS in a fantastic time of 16:15. There was a bit of a gap back to third where David HALLOWAY finished in 16:49 which was a new PB for him as well. Brilliant running all of you, times that most of us can only marvel at…


Jonathan CORNISH (Sorry it's not the most flattering picture!)


Harry MATTHEWS (Who doesn't even appear to be trying...)



In the ladies field Kate BROWN was first over the line in 18:11 – her 11th time as first finisher in 12 appearances. Next was Naomi LENANE who was second over the line in 18:19, followed by Nancy SCOTT who finished in a great new PB of 19:10.







For the junior boys, first back to the big tree was Joshua FOREMAN in 19.17 followed by Thomas SHEARMAN in 19.25. Making up the top three was Ethan PURDUE in 19.29. Congratulations to both Thomas and Ethan for getting new PBs.

For the Junior Ladies, Nancy SCOTT was first home in a new PB of 19.10. As well as Run Directing and taking it easy prior to the mini marathon the next day, Sacha KENNEDY was second junior lady home in a time of 20.24. Making up the top three was Caitlin CAHILL in 22.51

New Club Members

Two people joined the 250 Club this week, many congratulations to Barry KING and Rod FRASER. Barry has been running since 2007 and has run 234 of those runs at Bushy. He also seems to be remarkably consistent as every year his best time is a 21.xx apart from just one year. In 2014 his best time was 20.56 but I guess if you’re going to break the sequence it’s better to be quicker! Rod FRASER starting one year later in 2008 and has run a total of 245 times at Bushy – look forward to seeing you both in green shirts soon Gents.

Congratulations to Jim KINROSS who was the only new member of the 100 club this week. Enjoy swapping red for black soon.

A whopping five people joined the 50 club this week, so well done to: Joshua LOW, Katerina HUDECKOVA, Jo-Ann GWYNNE, Peter David THOMPSON & Carl HOWES.

Without wishing to single anyone out, Carl was the only one I saw running with a 50 balloon attached to him so he’s the only one who gets his picture in the report but well done everyone.



Amazingly we had no new members of the Junior 10 Club this week which I think is the first time I can recall this happening, certainly since I’ve been writing reports. Maybe they were all saving themselves for the mini marathon or junior parkrun on Sundays. Looking at Facebook it seems that Tribesports have received a large number of milestone t-shirts so if you are waiting to order one, check your profile for the link to order it.

Not quite new members but we’re getting that bit closer to having new members of the 500 club, which I think is still an exclusive club of one featuring Darren Wood. Bubbling under with the champagne on ice are Richard FLETCHER on 494 runs and John HANSCOMB on 490. Looking forward to seeing a lesser spotted blue 500 t-shirt at Bushy very soon.

Carl Howe wasn’t the only person celebrating his '50th' this weekend. Bushy regular and all round lovely lady Julie PAPWORTH celebrated her 50th birthday in true style with cake, prosecco and fruit juice after the run. The amount of people who were still milling around in the frankly quite chilly wind at about 10.30 shows not only the excellent quality of cakes but also how loved and respected Julie is by everyone at Bushy – hope you had a lovely rest of the day Julie.


Happy Birthday Julie

Talking of junior parkrun – which I sort of was earlier on – I am involved as part of the team trying to set up a new junior parkrun in the Feltham area. We could still do with a few more volunteers to get a decent number of people together to kick it off – we’re hoping to start sometime in the summer so if you have a couple of hours to spare on a Sunday morning and want to help get the youth of Feltham running do let me know. Who knows, we might find the next Mo Farah. If you drop a line it will find its way back to me and I can put you in touch with the Event Director.

As mentioned earlier, apart from parkruns all over the country on Saturday morning there was another rather large running event taking place this weekend, namely the London Marathon (other marathons are available…) It’s very much marathon season at the moment and there were loads of Bushy people taking part, apologies in advance for missing any of you out who I don’t know about but we did have some fantastic times out there today – in fact anyone who completes a marathon in at all is fantastic in my eyes.

Of those I was keeping an eye on or have been told about, well done to speedy Ian FULLEN who finished in 2.51. Just behind was Roy REEDER who ran just under 2.54. Also going sub 3 was Stefan KRUEGER who finished in just under 2.58 as did Andrew Melbourne who finished in just over 2.58. Nick ROWE wasn’t that far behind in 3.21 and in turn he was just ahead of some bloke called Paul SINTON-HEWITT who ran 3.22. Malcolm DAVIES crossed the line in 3.33, a brilliant new PB so I’m reliably told! And last of the names I have, Jacqui SINCLAIR finished in 4.09 – well done everyone.

If you ran the marathon and I missed you out, I’m sorry - do post on our Facebook page how you did – and I hope you wear your medal with pride at work on Monday.

I also should mention how well many of our core Bushy regulars did last weekend down in Brighton. Andy WINGATE, Hayden MATTHEWS, Julie PAPWORTH, Kirsty BANGHAM, Stephen (Iggy) IGGLESDEN, Polly ADAMS and Zoe RIDING all did great… was lots of fun following them on the mobile app – which actually worked unlike the London one today!

And lastly in this ‘not actually talking about parkrun’ section, I have to mention the event Rachel LONERGAN (of the sticky out tongue picture from the last run report) is undertaking next week. Just as we all finish parkrun and head off for coffee and maybe a cheeky little cake, Rachel will be starting a 100 mile race in Richmond. Yes, you read that right.. 100 miles. Running all day and through the night and some of the next day as well – good luck Rachel, you’re mad but we know you’ll also be amazing! I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend whether you were running marathons or not, you were all brilliant Saturday morning.

See you next week… Rob



Run Report Event No. 622 – 16th April 2016


I have always been passionate about parkrun but with the sad news about Little Stoke Park having to cancel their event this week, I feel more passionate than ever!


I suppose that I actually take my local parkrun for granted as I think that it is always taking place, week in week out, in all weathers.

Therefore, I felt the need to volunteer as a marshal, working the funnel and offering to do the weekly run report. It's not very much when you think that lots of the marshals and race directors give their time for free all year round. That's why yet again, over 1,000 (1,090) people have been able to complete the 5 kilometre course today.

RD Ray loves the camera and the camera loves Ray

Possibly the first ever banana at Bushy parkrun

Janet Livesey was the final person over the finish line. She has now completed 177 parkruns, well done!

Glennis Pye, Amanda Edgington and Les Brown have all got numerous parkruns under their belts (479) between them!

Les Brown

Amanda Edgington

The 80-84 age group had Madge Bradsell finishing her 380th parkrun with a 66.96% age grading, shortly followed by superman John Hanscomb who ran his 489th!
The legendary Madge Bradsell with Nick Blanchard

It was great to see so many of the (BMF) British Military Fitness team sprinting across the finish line, many after already completing the tough training hour led by Dan.

This week's first finishers

It may have been chilly this morning but I doubt that Tom Jervis would have noticed as he sprinted round the course to finish in 15.52 to achieve a new PB, well done Tom!

Second place was John Franklin in 16.03, third was Hayden Shearman in 16.17.  All three top finishers with over 80% age grading. Fantastic achievement.

Bananaman was the fastest banana I've ever seen, glad he made it and didn't slip on his skin! (Sorry!)
We don't know this guy's name, but then the real Bananaman always kept his identity secret too!

First three women all finished under 19 minutes. First was Kate Brown in 18.26, followed very closely by Sarah Hazel in 18.30 and third was Kate Towerton in 18.35 to complete her 160th parkrun. Great running, well done.

Today's pacing team - Ian, Ioan, Jo, Andrew, Jack, David, Graham and Carol

An unknown runner giving it everything

I would like to take this opportunity to say that of you are thinking about volunteering at parkrun - dont be shy, give it a try. I can guarantee that you will still feel amazing afterwards as you get to encourage everyone to do their best, see all the happy faces and get to soak up the buzz of the atmosphere. Oh and you might get offered chocolates as I was today (thank you and Happy 14th Birthday to Sacha and Leonie Kennedy) and cakes (thank you it was delicious, I could have eaten all of them!), it's a good job I was going for a run afterwards!

Photo by Jed Leicester - he is pretty good with a camera


Keep supporting #loveparkrun #lovelittlestoke as a global community of parkrunners we owe it to help Little Stoke parkrun be reinstated. To support the hard work of all of the volunteers involved in building up their successful event and the hundreds of people who have been taking part since it started in 2012. Don't give up because we won't until you are all back running happy again.

Picture credit - Lovely Ray from Bradford who has volunteered 50 times and run about 170 parkruns. A fellow parkrunner, Jon Round told me that Ray is pretty speedy as well!

Simon Brazil guiding Simon Webb around the course

Katie Happs was beaming after completing her 100th parkrun today.
She completed her 3rd marathon in Paris earlier this month. She told me that she had never run before getting involved with parkrun.

Nina Dowell, Kishore Desai and Bhavna Parmar always make their parkrun a family event. They also said that they would have never started running if it wasn't for parkrun.

parkrun is encouraging families to exercise outdoors together. Well done all of you.

Proud to be part of the parkrun marshal team. Lovely people

Thank you Ray Franks for your constant volunteering, I am always grateful to see you at the end of the run whenever I have taken part and I was extremely proud to be part of your volunteering team. I'll get you in a picture next time!

Finally - Rachel Lonergan is just plain rude

Thanks to Jed and Tracey for the photos


Run Report Event No. 621 – 9th April 2016

Sorry, I didn’t get any photos at the run this week. I didn’t realise it was my turn to write the Run Report, so my apologies that this is a bit of a dull and probably short report.

I have added in some photos which I took on my run on Sunday as it was a much brighter day (and I had a camera) – some of them are even in Bushy Park.


However, let’s crack on.


This week our runners woke up to dark skies and a fair bit of rain. Based on previous weeks, at least 100 of them were disbelievers in the power of parkrun and so ignored the alarm and stayed in the warmth of their beds. They had reason to believe the rain would stay for the duration as neither of our Event Directors were around to fix the weather with Hayden watching his wife Kate jump out of a perfectly good plane and Ray walking around Scotland.

However, Dave proved with worth as RD and as usual just before 9am the rain clouds moved away and we had another dry parkrun – albeit one under somewhat grey skies. The early morning rain did make for a fair few puddles around the course – especially on Cobblers Walk, but generally conditions were pretty good.

NB. The sun wasn't shining like this


The 622nd Bushy parkrun

We had 917 runners complete the course this week – as I said before a little down on recent weeks, but still likely to be the biggest field in the parkrun world this week.

First to negotiate the puddles and reach the big tree was Andrew Lawrence (16:52), who pipped two Bushy first timers in Matt Hann (16:53) and Garry Mathew (17:03)

Amongst the juniors it was Ollie Hurdle who recorded the fastest time (17:58) ahead of Oliver Haines-Francis (18:26) and George Chaplin (19:49).

In the ladies field, the fastest runner Claire Grima (18:00) who finished ahead of Ruth Hutton (20:20) and Polly Adams (20:21).

Not far behind Polly, was the first of our juniors with Sacha Kennedy (20:27) continuing her strong running streak. Making up the podium was Lucy Marquand (21:04) and Sophie Moore (21:48)



Landmarks, PBs and WAVA Age Grading

The wet conditions underfoot did not stop 86 of our runners from recording new PBs albeit only four of them have more than 50 runs to their name.

Well done goes to Lisa Hale, Francesca Thomas, (the amazing) Isabel Melbourne and Anna Cairns


250 Club – Congratulations to John Greaves for joining the illustrious 250 Club

100 Club – Five new members will be ordering their new black top – well done to Michelle Bolden, Scott Bronwlow, Patrick Mkandwire, Helen Carpenter and Samantha Fagg

50 Club – Philip Andrews, Fari Jacque Ndoro, Steve Baker and Dan Smith were all new inductees

10 Club – Three of our juniors qualified for their white 10 shirt, so congratulations to Georgia Murphy – who celebrated with a new PB, Eleanor Manning and Hannah Pemble


Well done to the five superstars who hit the 80% WAVA Age Grading this week – Top of the list was Claire Grima with 84.1%, but well done to Bernie Mulvany, Ruth Hutton, Polly Adams and Sue Lambert.

Not in Kansas anymore Toto


Spring marathon season is here

For a decent number of our runners April has finally arrived and the big events we have been training for throughout the last 4 months are on the doorstep. Anyone doing marathons in Brighton or London the week after will now be firmly into their taper.

As for me, I am running my second ever marathon next Sunday in Brighton. I had the perfect day last year at London and was convinced to make a repeat appearance at the distance whilst sat having coffee in the Pheasantry after a parkrun – a place where many crackpot idea is thought up.

I am looking forward to it (kind of) mainly as the course in Brighton is a series of ‘out and backs’ and so I will have a load of opportunities to see how my friends are doing – there will be a big Bushy contingent pounding the streets of Brighton with (just off the top of my head) Polly Adams, John P Woods, Zoe Riding, Hayden Matthews, Kirsty Bangham, Ian Cunningham, Julie Papworth, Brigid Hibberd and Stephen Igglesden all taking part and I am sure there will be more familiar faces there! (Sorry to anyone I have missed) As well as a whole host on the side-lines cheering us on!

Commiserations to anyone who has pulled up lame in the last few weeks after a winter of training and these include my wife, Emma, who at least has new half marathon PB to offset the frustration of a hamstring pull meaning she is not toeing the line for her A-race!


Enjoy parkrun next weekend – I will be soaking up the atmosphere and trying to control the nerves at Preston Park, Brighton.

Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks – I’ll probably be taking it steady!

Take care

Andy W

PS. Sorry for the slightly lame report - proper service will resume next week!


Run Report Event No. 620 – 2nd April 2016


Oh, to be in England now that parkrun’s there…. The first parkrun of April, and how different from breezy, cool March. All was warm and sunny, and with leggings cast aside, 1,035 runners lined up on this fine day. Well 1,030 actually because your self-nominated tail runner, ably assisted by Joey Totham, spotted at least five late comers sprinting to catch the field as it disappeared towards the faraway tree. As one prescient chap noted, that’s done nothing for my time. But the joy of parkrun is there is always next week; just turn up on time (and with your barcode).



The next day would be the Kingston Breakfast Run for me, so I thought Tail Running provided a less strenuous option. For Joey he was on his second volunteer stint for his Duke of Edinburgh award. Only ten more to go Joey. Joey regularly beats his Dad, Paul Totham, but Dad got one over him on this day. The Tail Runner’s role is fairly simple really – make sure you are the final finisher, keep alert for anyone needing assistance and provide the secure knowledge that no matter how slow you are you are always welcome at parkrun, and won’t finish last. Thankfully, there was no-one needing our help today.

Joey and Paul Totham heading home after parkrun (on bikes)

Making our way up the so-called Dusty Drag (the Strava name for the first km), we spotted the fluorescent dresses of the Longstaff daughters. Many of you may have seen dad George pushing them in the double buggy, but today the girls were running the first km or so; very much at their own pace, and why not? Mum Suzie has completed 315 parkruns, 309 at Bushy with her first run in November 2006. Reckoning it was time for a slighter quicker pace, George (204 parkruns) swept up the girls at 2km and sped off in the buggy. With that, Joey and I realised we had a bit of gap to make up, and elected a light jog to catch up the next person.

But this wasn’t a day for rushing things, and we had the pleasure of first hearing and then seeing a Skylark (Alauda arvensis) ascending over the bracken to left of the course. The males are the ones doing the singing, and the females are attracted to those that can hover and sing for longest – sounds like a futuristic pub game. I had heard Skylarks before in Bushy and combined with the annual visit of the Swifts, which are due in Thames Ditton next month, it is such a wonderful thing to have them on our doorstep. There can’t be that many places in the Greater London area where they nest each year.

Skylark field with runners in the distance

parkrun can only happen if we have a steady stream of volunteers. There are many roles we don’t always see, like equipment storage, setting up the funnel, token sorting and results processing – although you can see the latter in the Pheasantry (Pleasantry more like). Marshalling is a popular role – and we had a fine team out again this week – first up was Norman Taylor and Rei Ndreu. You might think marshals are not really needed, when so many people know the course. But today we had a first timer as first finisher so I am sure he was grateful for the helpful signposting. Marshals are also important if there is an emergency for example to summon assistance and go to the aid of anyone. Thankfully these incidents are few and far between.

Norman Taylor and Rei Ndreu at the first marshalling post

Anyway our short jog took us to the 2km mark and the kissing point, where the new Bushy course meets itself. There was a stream of runners already filing past the final sharp corner on about 22 mins and the first finisher had finished some 6 mins earlier. Here we had Suzanne Green, Maggie Hoad, and Carmen Palmer. Possibly our most experienced marshalling post ever. Suzanne has run 152 parkruns all at Bushy. Maggie has completed 42 parkruns and Carmen has run 338 times also all at the home of parkrun. Carmen started her career nearly 9 years ago in April 2007 and has volunteered at least 26 times, so Carmen, I guess you have your purple volunteer shirt by now?

Carmen Palmer, Maggie Hoad, Suzanne Green at the kissing point (2km)

Not to be outdone, Carmen’s husband Jeremy Palmer was marshalling at 2.3km along with Ben Davidson. I believe Jeremy and Carmen were running a half marathon the following day so I hope that went well. Jeremy has run 342 parkruns, all at Bushy, doing his first one back in September 2007, and has volunteered 33 times. A true parkrun stalwart.
Ben Davidson and Jeremy Palmer

We were about half way now and Joey pointed out that the first finisher had already completed their run some 15 mins ago. But what’s the hurry? It’s about the taking part, and at this point we could see half of the Ronaldson family coming into view – Dad Mark and son Matthew (JM10). The Ronaldsons are for me what parkrun is all about. They have been a regular fixture as a family at Bushy parkrun for several months now. Matthew has completed 18 runs, doing his first one in October 2015 and was proudly sporting his 10 Club T shirt. Somewhere ahead was Mum, Nicola (92 runs) and brother James (JM10) (17 runs). The family always run as a group and it’s always a pleasure to see them giving it a good go.

Another parkrun regular out for his usual run fix was veteran runner John Hanscomb (VM80-84). I was hoping to catch a word with him at the end, but this week he was too quick for me. John has completed 488 runs and is in third place in the world behind fellow Bushy regular Richard Fetcher on 491 runs and Darren Wood, at the moment the only person able to wear the blue 500 shirt. John ran his first parkrun on 29 Jan 2005 when parkrun was less than 6 months old. His time then was 27:53. But for John, I suspect time is not what matters – it’s the taking part and for that, John is a true inspiration.

Next up on our Tail Run was Teddington corner, and we had two marshals looking after us today – many thanks to Jackie Rich and Amelia Butcher.

It’s a short hop then up Chestnut Avenue to Cobbler’s Walk. I’m usually blowing a bit by now, but not today. With happy smiling faces to meet and greet were Zoe Gilks, Glenys Pye and Janet Livesey. Patient as ever, waiting for the Tail Runner to signal their stint was over.

Jackie Rich and Amelia Butcher and photo of Zoe Gilks, Gleny Pye and Janet Livesey

Approaching the 4km mark, and remaining alert for other runners, we heard a strange sound in the trees - the tell-tale squawk of a parakeet, and yes sitting pretty above us was one of these pesky birds keeping a beady eye on BPR #620. There are estimated to be some 8,600 breeding pairs of parakeets in the UK, largely in the SE in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Whilst undoubtedly striking with their bright green plumage, they’re one of a number of non-native species that have taken hold in the UK, many roosting in Bushy Park. There are competing stories as to how they came to be in the UK, my favourite being that a pair were released by Jimi Hendrix in Carnaby Street in the 1960s. Yeah man!


We were nearing the finish line now. Still a few marshalling positions to pass though. Next up were Ellie Wallwork, Rebeca Thomas and Madeline Thomas. Thank you ladies for making parkrunday possible for over 1,000 people.

Ellie Wallwork, Rebeca Thomas and Madeline Thomas, fresh from marshalling)

Thanks also to marshals Oscar Blanchard, Mike Tivnen and Duncan Scoble for your support today. Wow that’s a lot of marshals. Overall we had around 50 volunteers helping parkrun happen today.

One of the key roles is timekeeper, and we had one of the most experienced exponents at work today, Simon Lane. I didn’t spot any 5 clicks in a second at this event, but maybe next time. Simon is one of those people who put so much into parkrun. I couldn’t actually count how many times he has volunteered in recent years, but it can’t be far short of his 180 parkruns to date. Here is Simon with a couple of admirers…

Susan Howarth, Diane Mullen and Simon Lane

Here is a full list of the volunteers:

If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and we can only enjoy our weekly fix if there are enough volunteers.

One of the most important roles is Results Processor, and I caught our esteemed Run Director, Ray Coward busy with the processing back at the Pheasantry…

Very special congratulations to Hayden Matthews who completed his 250th parkrun this week, 233 at Bushy. Many of you will know Hayden as variously a Run Director, Timekeeper, New Runners Briefer etc, etc. In fact you name it and Hayden has done it – he is a prolific volunteer, and would have undoubtedly gained his 250 shirt many years ago had he not been busy with volunteering matters. I suspect that makes it all the more sweet. Hayden’s first run was way back on 8 Dec 2007 at the 171st BPR in a time of 24:27. His PB is 20:48 on 17th April 2010. But Hayden is more than a good runner. He is a prince among volunteers, having undertaken 149 volunteer roles over the years. That is a fantastic record, and now Hayden will also be the proud owner of the sought-after green t-shirt. This week Hayden gave the New Runners Briefing, and then enjoyed the glow of a great run (21:37) followed by bubbly and cake. Well done Hayden and many thanks for all your hard work for parkrun.




Hayden’s New Runners Briefing, cake and champagne reception

Bubbling under on 249 is John Greaves – maybe next week John?
We had three people hit the magic 100 mark this week. Step forward Michael Axton (VM60-64) Christian Di Simone (VM40-44) and Mark Whiteling (VM50-54). You should be receiving your black Tribesports shirts soon.
There are four runners on the magic 99 (Raelene Joyce, Jonathan Nail, Patrick Mkandawire and Paul Keeler)

There were three people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow Marcus Atkins (VM50-54), Steve Reeves (VM50-54) and Anna Wlodarczyk (VW35-39). The Tribesports fairies better get spinning as there are a further six runners on 49 (Daniel Morl, Terry Price, Carl Howes, Joshua Low, Philip Andrews and Rachel Loxton).

A magnificent seven of our juniors reached the magic 10 runs and can order their white t-shirts: Ben Mackworth, Bruce Duncan , William Arnold, Ceinwen Ridout, Richard Herring, Caroline Pemble and Cara Silbery. Well done to Cara for also getting a PB.

Celebrating her 350th parkrun was Bushy regular Suzan Baker. Suzan tells me she likes a bit of fun and so with great pal Emma Wingate pacing, managed to finish in 35:03 to match her runs. Other notable milestones included Martin Dickson on 300 – all at Bushy and Fran Wylde celebrating her 200th run also all at Bushy. Well done. Only 50 to go for the party.

There were 24 PBs this week, which is a bit down on normal. Only two people with more than 50 runs gained a PB, so well done Sam Pratt (63 runs) on 30:05 and Anna Cairns (51 runs) on 30:43.

Results bit
Oh yes I almost forgot the honours list. First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was Robin Watson in 15:43 (82.71%) in his first ever parkrun. Robin hails from Vancouver, and was much taken with the concept of parkrun. Vancouver has a special place for Mrs H and me as it’s where we honeymooned, many years ago. I believe Robin is over here for the London Marathon and tweeted his excitement about parkrun. For Robin, his nearest parkrun is Crissy Field in San Francisco, which is a bit of a hike, so I hope your wish for a Canadian parkrun comes true. Maybe set one up in Stanley Park? – Mrs H and I will try and make the inaugural and renew our vows (to parkrun)


There was a good old fashioned sprint for second place, and Bushy Park regular, Anthony Jackson (16:35) pipped Toby Brimecome (16:36). But on the bright side, Toby scored an overall PB in his 33rd parkrun. Chris normally runs at Havant parkrun, so welcome to the home of parkrun. Fourth finisher was Kieran Gilfedder in 17:00.

First female home was Charlotte Chalwin in 19:21 in her 36th parkrun (4th at Bushy). Second female finisher was Tracey Hardcastle in 19:53. Third to the tree was Ruth Hutton in 20:16 (in 2016) in her 257th parkrun, with a fantastic 83.72% age grading. Fourth female was junior runner Sacha Kennedy in 20:27 in her 69th parkrun.

For junior girls, Sacha was first home and second was Lucy Marquand in 21:16 and third was Helena Samarasinghe in 22:10.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Ollie Hurdle in 18:21, second was Andrew Thomas in 19:01 in his first ever parkrun and third was Jonny Kerr in 19:03 which was a PB. Great running all.

We had a number of runners taking advantage of the conditions to exceed the 80% age grading mark, so congratulations to Pamela Iannella, Ruth Hutton, Robin Watson, and 80%+ regulars Bernie Mulvany and Polly Adams.

I dream one day of possibly reaching 70% grading; 80% is just too superhuman to contemplate. More info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, is at the parkrun support FAQ.

Newcomers and parkrun tourists
56 people were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the club! Notable entries included Cameron Stronge (SM18-19) who finished 21st in a time of 18:43. Well done Cameron.

In addition we had 49 parkrun tourists doing Bushy for the first time, the most experienced of whom was Robin Holmes with 266 runs to his name. Robin is a regular runner and volunteer at Banstead Woods parkrun, so I suspect you found Bushy a little less hilly.

Random stat attack
Did you know that on Saturday 2 April, the 10 millionth UK parkrun finisher was processed? That’s 50 million km. Wow! Even the London Marathon has only had just under a million runners (ok they only do that once a year).

Bushy itself has had 354,401 finishers and we have run a total of 1.77million km.

Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #620
There were 1035 parkrunners – 970 identified, 65 unknown (Don’t forget your Barcode!) (6.3% of field).
How many?
Of the 970 identified parkrunners, there were:
117 Juniors aged under 18 (12%) and 167 Seniors aged 19-34 (17%)
686 Vets (71%) of which 112 are 35-39, 276 are 40-49, 224 are 50-59, 77 are 60+
589 males (61%) and 381 females (39%)

How fast?
Of the 970 identified finishers, there were:
42 runners sub 20 mins (4%),
314 between 20:00-24:59 (30%)
373 25:00-29:59 (36%)
241 over 30 mins (23%)
Midpoint time: 26:31

As a final send off, can I pass on my good wishes for anyone competing in one of the forthcoming Spring marathons. I know there is a big Bushy contingent taking part in the Brighton Marathon on 17 April, including our regular statistical correspondent who wishes to remain nameless. I was lucky enough to get a place in the London Marathon on 24th April through my works athletics club. This will be my first ever marathon (what am I doing?). I have elected to run for one of the parkrun charities Alzheimer’s Research UK. Training has so far progressed well – slow and steady seem to be watch words. I am hoping that all the training might pay off with my Bushy times. Let’s see in few weeks!

Anyway, happy running and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Andrew Howarth


Run Report Event No. 619 – 26th March 2016


Happy Easter


The cold wind and grey skies couldn’t cool the enthusiasm of the 1030 parkrunners, the generosity of our 42 magnificent volunteers or the various post-run celebrations.


Welcome Aboard!

There were an impressive 60 people braving the cold wind to make their parkrun debut at Bushy this week, and many of those took advantage of the “first timers” briefing, a recent addition to our event, held a few minutes before the main briefing. This week, teenage volunteer Leonie Kennedy did a sterling job of addressing the small gathering of newcomers!



Leonie Kennedy doing the first timers' briefing (Photo taken by Ali Kennedy)



Amongst the 38 established parkrunners making their Bushy debut this weekend were Hannah Quay and her 11 year old daughter Sophie whose usual parkrun is Woodley. It was a particularly fulfilling trip for these ladies as Sophie whizzed round our course to achieve her first sub-23 minute parkrun and Hannah was re-united with her maths teacher who inspired her to take up running 30 year ago when she was Sophie’s age – a certain Madge Bradsell. Madge (pictured below with her running partner, Dash) has been a source of inspiration to Bushy regulars for many years, so it’s no great surprise to find out she was successfully encouraging young athletes many years before the birth of parkrun!


Madge (pictured with her running partner Dash)



Not looking so dandy! (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Colin Brassington runs his 251st parkrun   Making his 2nd appearance at Bushy was Colin Brassington, fresh from celebrating his membership to the 250 club last week. Colin’s parkruns have been clocked up across a mighty impressive 101 different venues. I (mistakenly) thought that this must put him high up in the “most different parkrun events” leader-board, but incredibly I see that there are over 60 tourists who have exceeded this number; at the top of the leader-board is Paul Fielding whose 301 runs were spread across 274 different venues!



The biting March wind couldn’t stop Kathryn Ager from sealing her membership to the 250 club less than five and half years after making her debut, and soon to join her is Hayden Matthews who is on 249 runs in spite of the numerous stints he has done as a volunteer. Three runners joined the 100 club this week; William Essex, Kate French-Morris and Justine Albert (pictured celebrating the achievement below).


Leicester City fan Justine Albert who hopes to be having cause to be popping champagne corks again in May!


Qualifying for their red Tribesports T-shirts this week were: David Woodroffe, Richard Gray, Mark Davies and Amanda Deaves.

A magnificent 7 juniors qualified for their “10 club” T-shirts this week; they were: Grace Wakeling, Zac Newton, George Wakeling, Annabel Ramsland, Becky Pemble, Nandinee Thatte and Nischal Thatte. Well done guys – keep a lookout on your link to see when you can order your shirts.


Volunteer Landmarks!

It’s been nearly 1 year since Bushy parkrun switched to the “more marshal-hungry” butterfly course, and thankfully our community has stepped up to the challenge of finding the extra marshals admirably. However, with around 40 weekly roles to fill, we’re always on the lookout for extra help, so to the uninitiated, please consider getting in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d be more than happy to match you up with one of the numerous roles on offer.

Carol Dickinson certainly rewarded the 42 strong volunteer team handsomely this week with Easter treats:-



Carol Dickinson and “Easter Bunny” marshal Julie Papworth


2 particularly regular volunteer over the last few months have been Alex Tickell and Yue Man who held a joint celebration to mark the fact that they both clocked up 50 events as volunteers on Saturday.


Alex & Yue mark their 50th event as a volunteer


Both Alex and Yue have carried out a number of different roles, with Alex’s bias being towards barcode scanning and Yue transitioning from being a regular “tail runner” last year to a jack of all trades in 2016.


The Speedy Ones

Despite the windy conditions (which I personally felt added at least 10 seconds onto the finishing time in comparison to last week), 2 of our first 3 runners home achieved PB’s

Daniel Kashi led the way to achieve his first 1st place finish at Bushy in a time of 16:24. Next back was St Mary’s Richmond AC athlete Robert Eveson, whose time of 16:42 was only 6 seconds shy of the  PB he set last week on his 218th parkrun! Completing the podium was Adam Soley who ran 16:47 in what was his 2nd run at Bushy.

Sophie Crumly was the first lady back to the big Oak, achieving a time of 18:04 on her Bushy debut. Not far behind was Belgrave Harrier Zoe Vail-Smith securing a PB with her time of 18:16 with Naomi Leanne next in an impressive time of 18:33.

The WAVA age grade performance of the day was achieved by the first male junior Rowan Fuss who finished 4 overall in a time of 16:58. Next junior males were Benjamin Collier (18:58) and Luke Mace (19:02).

Sacha Kennedy was the first junior female in a time of 20:42, followed by Kelsey Fuss (21:00) and Phoebe Saville.


Best WAVA Age Grade Performances

After Rowan, there were a further 7 athletes breaking the 80% WAVA age grade score. Well done to the following:-

Rowan FUSS 16:58 JM11-14 85.46%
Ruth HUTTON 20:33 VW50-54 82.56%
Sophie CRUMLY 18:04 SW25-29 81.92%
Laurence DUFFY 18:49 VM55-59 81.67%
Zoe VAIL SMITH 18:16 SW30-34 81.39%
Bernie MULVANY 19:16 VM55-59 81.14%
Archie AUSTIN 20:25 JM10 80.08%
Polly ADAMS 20:57 VW50-54 80.03%


Marathon Season

With many of our regulars entered for upcoming marathons, it’s nice to see that many of you are continuing with parkruns, some of you making the Bushy parkrun a part of your longer run.  As I leaving the various post-run celebrations, spotted one London marathon entrant who “only has to finish in the top 2 Brits” to qualify for Rio! Whilst I doubt if many regular parkrunners will be quite looking at similar goals to my former neighbour, Scott Overall, perhaps the fact that he was preparing for his training run in our beloved Bushy park shows the value of clocking up some of your mileage on a softer surface, for those you who have entered the London or Brighton marathons, all the very best, and keep injury free!


That’s all from me this week, happy Easter everyone!



Chris Brimacombe


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