Run Report Event No. 649 – 22nd October 2016

Run Report Event No. 649 – 22nd October 2016

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s Day?” (Sonnet) moves into “Now is the winter of our discontent” (Richard III)

It feels terribly British of me to start this week’s run report with quotes from Shakespeare and comments about the weather, but it was a rather crisp and bright start to Saturday morning this week and the change in weather feels as if it definitely deserves a mention and a photo or two! With the clocks changing and the end of British Summer Time next weekend, we were treated to Bushy Park in all its Autumnal glory on Saturday with bright blue sky, golden leaves and, deer feasting on the last remaining conker morsels with their winter coats really starting to show through. There was a definite increase in the number of layers runners were wearing too… I met one runner who had 5 layers on and 2 pairs of gloves!



We had two runners from Poznan in Poland with us this weekend, and I was interested to see that the weather there was remarkably similar to our own Bushy weather this weekend: 10 degrees with light cloud cover! Grzegorz Piotr Tomaszewski finished 49th in 19.20, his fastest parkrun time on his 93rd ever parkrun, and Robert Walczak finished 62nd in 19.41.

“Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast” (Romeo and Juliet)

Ali Kennedy started this week’s run and 1094 eager runners set off around the park… or should I say 1091 eager runners, plus 2 friends and me who walked round this week in 55 minutes as I was recovering from a long race last weekend and have my 250th run almost within sight so had to take part! It is worth remembering that although it is called parkrun, anyone is able to take part and walk. So, for example, if you have a friend or family member who may be new to running and unsure they can cover the distance at a jog, let them know they won’t be last because there is always a tail runner, and encourage them to come along one Saturday morning as they will be made to feel welcome!

“I can no other make but, thanks, and thanks” (Twelfth Night)

Tail running is just one of the many volunteer roles that need to be filled every week. This week, one of the tail runners, Paul Wood, was running the Great South Run on the Sunday, and it is often the case that many of the volunteers have an event the following day or may be injured. If you would like to volunteer please have a look at the variety of roles available on the Bushy parkrun website, and check out the availability on the Future Roster tab, then email THANK YOU to this week’s army of volunteers who made our run (or walk!) possible:

Alex PITT  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Ally MANOLE  •  Ann COWARD  •  Carl HORNSETH  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  Christopher JOHNSON  •  Cleide BURGESS  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Duncan SCOBLE  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Florence LEICESTER  •  Georgia Rose WELCH  •  Imogen KING  •  Jacky SINCLAIR  •  Jake CAMPBELL  •  Jakob HOLDER  •  Jamie CHAPMAN  •  Jed LEICESTER  •  Jo TYLER  •  Joanne GREEN  •  Justine ALBERT  •  Katy FURBER  •  Leonie KENNEDY  •  Liz ZASS  •  Lizzy LEICESTER  •  Louis SAMARASINGHE  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Margot COOPER  •  Michael TROTT  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Paul WOOD  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Rachel Louise LONERGAN  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard KENNEDY  •  Richard STEEDEN  •  Ross HERROD  •  Sacha KENNEDY  •  Sam BARRETT  •  Sharon RIORDAN  •  Sheila FERGUSSON  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Tamsyn EVESON  •  Tom LEICESTER  •  Tracey HARDCASTLE  •  Tracey LENTHALL  •  Yue MAN

“All’s well that ends well” (Title)

Today’s first finisher was Mr or Mrs Unknown, so standing on top of the podium was Andrew Lawrence in a time of 16.20. He is joined by Andrew (obviously a speedy first name!) Walker in 16.38, just 5 seconds outside his PB, and by Matt Reed who finished in a time of 17.08, 5th behind another member of the Unknown family.

First female home this week was Rosy Gross, 83rd overall, in a time of 20.06. She is joined by Polly Adams in 20.42 and Julie Reynolds in 20.44.

“Flaming Youth” (Hamlet)

Jack Butler was the first junior male back to the tree in a time of 18.29 which was a New PB by 23 seconds – well done Jack! It was a good day for the junior males as Rufus King was the second to finish in 18.34 which was also a New PB! In bronze position for this group was Benjamin Dibley in a time of 18.47.

Eleanor Keeler from ACS Cobham was the 5th female finisher and the first female junior in a New PB time of 21.23 - well done Eleanor! She is joined by Isabel Maria Livesey who finished in 22.00 and Georgia Mae Davies with a 23.07 finish time.

I can’t seem to find a Shakespeare quote about milestone t-shirts… answers on a postcard please!

We had 3 members of the 500 Club at Bushy this weekend – Richard Fletcher, John Hanscomb and Paul Killick have notched up an impressive 1525 runs between them! From today’s runners, Ramona Thevenet is the next in line to receive the blue t-shirt in 28 runs time. David Klein joined the 250 Club this week, finishing 280th in a time of 23.22 – well done David! Just one run away from the green t-shirt are Eileen Deyes and Rob Jones, so they may well be celebrating next weekend! Four runners reached the 100 Club milestone this weekend… well done to Shane Hedges who ran his first Bushy parkrun this Saturday, John Olding, Neil Stewart and David Rimmer! Deborah Hill and Will Greig both ran their 99th parkrun so may well be gearing up to the big 100 next weekend…! An amazing 9 runners completed their 50th parkrun this weekend, so new red t-shirts will be worn soon by Lizzie Search, Neal Wade, Sarah Glasspool, Etsuro Yazaki, Nicholas Mann, Niamh Finlay, Ioannis Vompiris, Andrew Clatworthy and Steven Archer (who also bagged a New PB!).

A staggering 51 runners took part in their first ever parkrun this weekend, which I hope they enjoyed enough to come back next week… and then start the slippery slope into parkrun addiction!!

“What’s in a name?” (Romeo and Juliet)

As well as being a fast name with 2 of our first 3 known finishers being called Andrew, it is also a very popular name with 18 Andrews and 6 Andys taking part this weekend!

There were also some other very well represented names around the park this weekend:

  • 24 Davids plus 2 Daves
  • 19 James and Jamies
  • 18 John / Jons plus 15 Jonathans
  • 18 Simons
  • 16 Marks and 16 Richards
  • 15 Pauls
  • 13 Matt and Matthews
  • 11 Sara / Sarahs
  • 11 Emmas
  • And, to round off the Shakespeare theme, 9 Bill / Billy / Will and Williams!

That’s all for this week…. happy running!

Rachel Lonergan, one of the 6 Rachel / Rachaels running this weekend!

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Run Report Event No. 648 – 15th October 2016


Apologies that this run report is a little bit delayed and slightly shorter than normal – I’d written a witty, fact filled, comprehensive report on Sunday evening, full of amusing anecdotes and hilarious asides… and then my computer crashed. And WordPress decided that the ‘last’ saved version was actually one I had saved on Saturday evening. Insert your own swear words here. And now I’ve forgotten all the really good bits. And it's just done it again to me when I hit Save, but this time I'd written it in Word first so hah! Anyway…

After all the excitement of the anniversary celebrations two weeks ago and record breaking vegetables last week, we were back to 'normal' this week. Ray was back on the microphone, the sun was sort of shining and Carol had baked cakes for all the volunteers. As always, parkrun wouldn't happen without all the wonderful volunteers and as well as having the largest number of runners at parkrun in the UK, we must have the largest number of volunteers each week in the UK - so many thanks to everyone named below who played a huge part in putting on today's event:

Adam SHERRIFF  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Carl HORNSETH  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Catelin LE FRANC  •  David BREWIN  •  Dean FURBER  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Georgia Rose WELCH  •  Jackie DUNKLEY  •  James SELL  •  Jamie CHAPMAN  •  Joanne GREEN  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Justine ALBERT  •  Liz ZASS  •  Lou COAKER  •  Maggie HOAD  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Mark STOCKWELL  •  Matilda VAUGHAN  •  Merran SELL  •  Mike DENNISON  •  Niamh FINLAY  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Oren PAYNTON  •  Pam JARMAN  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Phil BLUER  •  Rachael VAUGHAN  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Ross HERROD  •  Sally ROWE  •  Sam BARRETT  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Sue LAMBERT  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Tom HIGGINS  •  Tracy FRASER  •  Yue MAN

Today I took on a new role at parkrun. I had a go at timekeeping…well, I was actually back up timer today. As it's such an important role we like to let people have a go when the pressure is off a little bit and you have someone more experienced pressing the buttons on the main timer.  I'm pleased to say that I managed to click the same numbers through as Andy and we were only one out on the numbers - and that was due to a funnel ducker so fairly confident that it was a job well done today. It was really good fun and I'll certainly be putting my name down for it again and I think it's fair to say that if I can do it, then anyone can. As always, there are loads of different roles available and full training is always given. All the details you need to sign up to volunteer are here.

The only problem with timing was that I hadn't really thought through how I was going to take photos for the run report... but here's a nice one of some of the scanning team plus Yue before the thousand plus people reached the finish. We probably need to think about running those scanning bibs through a washing machine at some point soon...


Our wonderful scanners

And another one of the backs of about a thousand people as they head off down the widest start line in parkrun world. Probably.


A thousand happy runners

We also had amazing pacers on Saturday, who did a brilliant job of cajoling and encouraging people to new PBs, there were 181 of them today, no doubt a large number of them helped by the crack team of Stuart, Lewis, Kevin, Tim, Vince, Andy, Sarah and Adrian, cheers guys.


Our brilliant pacers, with flags all pointing in the same direction

So who did what and came where in Bushy parkrun 648? This week there were 1042 runners, of whom 85 were first timers and 181 recorded new Personal Bests, which is a pretty amazing 17.3% of the field - well done to all those who got new PBs. I remember chatting ages ago to someone who had visited a smaller parkrun and commented on how great it was that they had a PB bell there… every time you got a PB you were allowed to ring the bell. They were wondering why we didn't do something similar? Looking back at last week’s report I think the same question was asked of Andy then, well I think the Bushy Park noise police might have something to say if we rang a bell 180+ times a week!

We may not ring a bell for PBs but we do put on a briefing for New Runners and today we had Simon doing the briefing for the first time. No one went the wrong way and as far as I know we didn't lose any tokens so Simon, a job well done!

Amongst the ladies we had a very timely first finisher today. According to parkrun it was Nell McAndrew but we know her much better as Tracey HARDCASTLE, and she was first across the line on the occasion of her 50th run. She finished in 19.43, ahead of Katherine WILSON in second in 20.38. Following her in third was Jo TYLER in 20.47. Top running all of you.

For the men, first finisher was Craig JARMAN who was first over the line in 17:23 - the first time in 34 appearances he has been first home. James RUSKIN of Stragglers, was second over the line in 17:40 followed by Alexander REYNOLDS who was third over the line in 17:46.

For the juniors, the ladies were led home by Helena SAMARASINGHE in 21.25, followed by Eleanor KEELER in 21.44 with Alison CHAPMAN just behind in a time of 21.57. For the boys, Alexander REYNOLDS who was third overall led the juniors home in 17.46 which was also a new PB. Behind Alexander was Benjamin DIBLEY in 18.17 on his first run at Bushy with Olly WILSON just behind in 18.48.

In the, ‘you’re amazingly fast section, the top five over 80% on the age gradings were:

Kevin BEST (VM60-64) was graded 83.08% for the time 20:00
Bernie MULVANY (VM55-59) was graded 82.84% for the time 19:02
Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) was graded 81.51% for the time 20:49
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) was graded 81.29% for the time 19.04
Shirley BUCKLEY (VW55-59) was graded 81.21% for the time 22.00

It’s often about now that we might mention something about the points competition for this Bushy year but in a break for tradition, I’m not going to mention it – for two reasons really. One, as we’re only three weeks in, all of our loyal volunteers who are here each week are at the top and Two, the core team decided a while ago that last year would be the last year we awarded prizes for the points competition. There are various reasons for this, parkrun Australia have done away with the points competition and indeed parkrun Sweden launched recently with a distinct lack of a points competition. At least I’m pretty sure they did, my Swedish is a little bit rusty… Don’t worry, there WILL still be a prizegiving next October, we’ll still recognize top juniors, great volunteers and a couple of other categories yet to be decided…


We had no new members of the 500 club this week at Bushy, nor were there any new members of the 250 club! We do have a couple of people bubbling under so Austin Molnar and David Klein, enjoy your run next week if you’re doing your 250th!

Amazingly we only had one new member of the 100 club this week and thank you Tim Bowden for volunteering as a 20 min pacer on the occasion of your 100th run! Apologies on behalf of the ‘real’ timekeeper who clearly was a bit late on the button as he clocked you at 20.01.. enjoy the new t-shirt when it comes!

We had three new members of the 50 club this week, so many congratulations to Katarzyna DROZD, Kevin PARKER and the aforementioned Tracey HARDCASTLE. Sorry if I missed any champagne or cake fuelled celebrations while I was time keeping but I did manage to get a little pic of Tracey on the start line before she joined the 50 club as a little bird had tipped me off it was her 50th run. Great work one and all… 100 club this time next year?


Welcome to the 50 club Tracey

And last, but by no means last, well done to Abigail AVERY who was the only junior to join the 10 club this week. Enjoy the white t-shirt when it comes!

The lights are probably up in Oxford Street by now so it’s certainly time for people in parkrun world to start thinking about Christmas. As Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday this year we’ll be putting on extra runs on both days, it’s a great way to start Christmas Day and there may even be a mince pie or two doing the rounds if you do complete a festive run. And there’s no better way of starting the New Year than by donning a pair of trainers and running, walking or crawling your way around the most beautiful park in south west London… If you don’t fancy taking part, we will of course be needing volunteers so please put your name down nearer the time, they really are great fun mornings…

And talking of Christmas – we ARE hoping to put on a Christmas party like we had last year. Very high level negotiations are taking place with a number of venues as I type and as soon as we know anything about a date and a venue we’ll let you all know - and start asking you for money!

Right, I think that’s it for this week. Hope all of you who either ran or volunteered at the Cabbage Patch 10 on Sunday had a great time and have recovered well. Thanks to all the marshalls who stood out in the rain...

Until next week…



Run Report Event No. 647 – 8th October 2016




The stags were stirring and the hinds hiding. October in Bushy Park brings potential danger and Rob Phillips our Run Director warned us all to be alert for frisky deer. Although a grumpy stag had sought to hang around the funnel at set up time, he chose to amble off before the start. Indeed there were no reports of any cervine/canine/human incidents this parkrunday but you can never be too careful as 1,032 runners, assorted dogs, buggies and one carrot wended their way round the butterfly course.

Key players today were Jack Kennedy as our timekeeper and Ray Coward gave the new runners briefing. Alex Tickell and Yue Man were coordinating all the volunteers but I managed to interrupt them for a quick piccie:.



Volunteer coordinators Alex Tickell and Yue Man



Rob Phillips makes the Run Director announcements



Runners listen attentively, checking their watches…  


The start – are you with Corbyn or May, or just middle of the road?

I don’t know about you but I always have a bit of a debate as to which side to start. Then there’s also the question of how far forward or near the back?  It’s quite a wide start line and most weeks I start on the left side of the course and end up running on the grass parallel to the path. So as a photographer this week, I thought I would venture to the right hand side. Quite a few of you canny people start beyond the line of trees, and make for the path that much earlier. It’s not quite so busy but there are also assorted dogs, buggies and vegetables in this section.

It’s quite funny how over the months since we started on the new course (on Run No 568 to be precise) the start has evolved and people seem to know what’s best for them. The humps are still there (I seem to recall they were supposed to be flattened by now), and taking a straw poll of runners this week, most people seem to prefer the new butterfly to the old course. Certainly you get a better perspective of the park, and we don’t have the muddy section round by the Lion Gate. So for me, long may we keep this current course even if I still find it runs long.  Anyway here are some photos I captured. There should be more on the Bushy parkrun flickr page.



The off!




The right hand starting pen. Spot John Hanscomb



and one very happy bouncing dog…



Tailrunner volunteers Simon Lane, Fiona McAnena & Anna Corderoy



Meanwhile all is calm at the scanning stools…



Four fifths of the Scanning Team: Karen Wallace, Pat Nair, Phil Davies and Pedro Das Gupta. Alex Tickell was the 5th man.  


We also had a fine token team out today (no bias there Ed) with Fran Wylde and Sue Howarth ensuring we get the right token in the right order and not dropping any.



Token team Fran Wylde & Sue Howarth


Funnel fun

We had a full complement of funnel managers out today including the dynamic duo Ray Franks and Nick Blanchard. Unsung hero Stewart Rose normally begins to set the funnel up at about 8am but Stewart was away this week and there was some panic about who would fill in and where do the poles go, but as ever the resourcefulness of the Bushy parkrun volunteers knows no bounds and the funnel was constructed without Stewart’s guidance.

Funnel management is so important to the smooth running of the event, and I know people sometimes resent the “encouragement” handed out to clear the finish line, but it is all very important so that the finish doesn’t become blocked up and downright dangerous. I know I need it as I am a terrible finish line stopper myself!



Some of the Funnel Team: Nick Rowe, Ian Fullen, Ravi Lobo & Mark Stockwell



Gemma Lloyd on


Only one token lost this week – good, but we can do better!

Here is a full list of the volunteers this week:


If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and helps you give something back for the free weekly fix.


Bushy Park is first and foremost a deer park

At this time of year it’s hard not to notice these great beasts in the Park. Certainly the Red deer stags appear to take the view that it’s their park and seem somewhat affronted at having to share their patch with myriad runners, dogs and cyclists.

The park is resident to two types of deer – Red and Fallow. The latter were introduced to the UK by the Normans. They are smaller often with a dappled coat and the bucks (males) have flattened antlers. Red Deer are native to the UK having migrated from Europe around 11,000 years ago following the last Ice Age. They were a staple source of food, clothing and tools for Middle Stone Agers for several thousand years, so it’s not surprising these wild animals have a natural fear with that history of being hunted going back over many millennia.

Red deer are the largest deer in the UK and the stags can reach 190kg (30 stone). They need to be treated with great respect, and the park authorities advise keeping at least 50m from them. There are approximately 90 Red deer and 140 Fallow deer in Bushy Park. They are actually an important part of the grassland management in the Park, adding to its plant and animal diversity. They keep the Park open and free from trees and avoid the need for cutting and mowing. They are kept out of the Woodland Gardens to allow a different habitat to develop.

I didn’t know this but the deer are given supplemental food in the winter (deer nuts, maize and hay). They also eat conkers and sweet chestnuts to help build up fat for the winter. Following the rut in the autumn, the young are born, mainly in June and are hidden by their mothers amongst the bracken and long grass. The hinds and does are very sensitive to disturbance at this time and can become very protective and even aggressive. In September a controlled cull of the males takes place, and this is repeated in November for the females. This keeps the population in balance with the available food in the park, and has allowed them to remain healthy over many years. Deer fact: antlers can grow at a rate of 2.5cm (1 inch) a day.

Some deer terminology:

Red deer: male = stag, female = hind, young = calf

Fallow deer: male = buck, female = doe, young = fawn.



Red deer stag announces his presence



Red deer calf



Personal bests

But back to the run. The cooler (and dryer) conditions allowed an incredible 179 runners to gain a PB this week. That’s 18% of the whole field which would be good even for a pacer week. Amongst the seasoned Bushy parkrunners gaining a PB were Adam Wells (VM45-49) who managed a second consecutive PB on his 194th parkrun; 30 seconds better than last week. Crane Park refugee Michael Robinson-Chiu (SM30-34)also managed a second consecutive PB on his 184th parkrun taking 15 seconds off his previous time.

William Willett (VM50-54)achieved a PB on his 181st parkrun taking 14 secs off his previous best. Andrew Shennan (VM50-54)took over 20 secs off his PB in his 163rd parkrun cracking 25mins for the first time, and Joseph Howarth (JM15-17) managed his 4th consecutive PB on his 155th parkrun going under 22 mins for the first time. Other notable PBs included: Helen Brett (VW55-59) 25:40 (149 runs) whose last PB was over 5 years ago, Oren Paynton (VM45-49) 19:23 (149 runs), Toni Keywood (VW40-44) 23:58 (137 runs), Anthony Whelan (SM30-34) 17:14 (125 runs), Victoria Haslam (SW25-29) 19:50 (106 runs) and Audrey Haywood (VW60-64) 26:38 (102 runs).

Matt Rout (SM20-24) was making his first visit to Bushy from Chelmsford Central parkrun and tells me that they have a PB bell at the end of the funnel, which is enthusiastically rung by anyone achieving such a feat. Well Matt managed a parkrun PB of 20:48 but sadly I had to tell him we haven’t yet got a PB bell at Bushy.

Ray – can we have a PB Bell?



Jack Harrison (1sec from a PB), Matt Rout (PB) and Joseph Howarth (PB)  




There were no runners reaching 500 parkruns this week, but as mentioned previously bubbling under is Danny Norman on 499 with 222 runs at Bushy and a tourism score of 177 different events. Danny will be the 6th person to reach the 500 milestone next week, which I understand he aims to do at Bradford. Congratulations Danny.

The record for the most different parkruns stands at 301 by Paul Fielding who along with a happy tribe of uber-tourists runs a different parkrun every week.

There were no runners reaching 250 runs this week, although regular Bushy volunteer Steve Miller (VM55-59) told me he was celebrating his 250th Bushy parkrun out of 277. There are four runners on 248: Rob Jones, David Klein, Austin Molnar and Rob Turner. 2 weeks to go gentlemen. Last week Andrew and Jenny Melbourne reached 250 runs and to show how efficiently Tribesports are operating they were sporting their new green t shirts.



Andrew and Jenny Melbourne in their brand new 250 shirts (peepo Isabel)



Peter Thompson and Steve Miller


Although not an official parkrun club, four people reached the 200 run milestone including Keith Dube (VM45-49), Philip Miles (VM50-54), Janet Livesey (VW45-49) and Ralph Blackbourn (VM35-39).  


100 club

Three runners reached the magic milestone of 100 runs – get ready to wear black: Charlotte Bezzant (VW45-49), Keith Blackbourn (VM70-74),and Matthew Carmody (VM40-44). All three are Bushy Park passionistas having run all of their 100 runs at Bushy. Charlotte started her parkrun career on 28 October 2006 in event No 111, Keith’s first was on 17 August 2013 (Event No 477) and Matthew’s on 26 October 2013 (event No 486). I caught up with some of the post parkrun celebrations.



Charlotte Bezzant after her 100th run with son Jasper. Cakes were on hand!



Keith Blackbourn with son Ralph on their 100th and 200th runs


50 Club

There were five people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow Jonathan Ellis, George Chaplin, Becky Wadey, Maria McMahon and Sarah Hoseason. Well done all.The red Tribesports t-shirts are on the way.

There are a bumper seven runners on 49: Fred Willis, Tracey Hardcastle, Sarah Glasspool, Ioannis Vompiris, Kevin Parker, Niamh Finlay and Patrick Knight.  Niamh managed a PB on her 49th run (24:10), so crossed fingers for next week Niamh and possibly breaking 24 minutes?  


10 Club

Four of our junior runners achieved the 10 run mark, and can expect their white clubshirts soon so step forward: Nicole Riehl, Vedanitya Dharwar, Rohan Taylor-Dawson and Miles Easterbrook.  



Visually impaired runners

Many of you will have noticed that more recently parkrun has been able to formally organise guides for visually impaired runners. It is fantastic to see this extension of the parkrun scene and the speed and teamwork of the runners is amazing. I was able to catch up with Andy Shipley (VM50-54) who this week was assisted by volunteer Andrew Finch (VM35-39).

Andy’s friend Jonathan Hughes alsoassists but this week ran solo. Andy told me he was undertaking his first ever skydive the following day to raise money for Guide Dogs. It costs £50,000 to train and support a guide dog from birth to retirement so they need all the help they can get. If anyone would like to sponsor Andy for this rather foolhardy feat then he has a just giving page:

Andy’s guide dog, Winnie, was waiting patiently for Andy while he ran (and no doubt whilst he leaps out of the aeroplane), and I managed to catch them and Jonathan in the coffee kiosk.



Jonathan Hughes and Andy Shipley with Winnie



Details of Andy’s plans  



Speeding carrot

Some of you may have noticed a certain vegetable on the start line of BPR #647. This was none other than James Whistler (SM25-29) who was on a training run for an attempt at the world record for running a half marathon dressed as a vegetable at the River Thames HM on 30 October.

James tells me there are strict rules by Guinness World records on the design and operation of said garments, and afterwards he said he had a little trouble with the carrot head slipping down. Anyway the outfit didn’t seem to hold him back much as James posted a very creditable 19:21 on his 201st parkrun. Whilst not a full PB, it was a vegetable PB. For the record, the time James has to beat is 1hr 25min 59secs set at the Plymouth HM in 2013 (also run as a carrot). Good luck James, and look forward to seeing you in future weeks.



James Whistler in training for the World Record HM dressed as a vegetable...



The results bit

First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was Grant Williams (SM25-29) in 16:29 in only his 2nd parkrun and his 1st at Bushy. His only other parkrun was at Main Beach parkrun near Brisbane, Australia in March. Second was fellow tourist Lewis Banner (SM25-29) from Lee-on-Solent in 16:56 in his 28th parkrun, closely followed by Anthony Whelan (SM30-34) in 17:14 in his 125th parkrun and a PB as noted above.



First finisher Grant Williams




Lewis Banner, second home



Third home: Anthony Whelan (PB)



First buggy


First female home was Kate Brown (SW25-29) in 18:44 in her 27th parkrun, and 14th at Bushy. Second female wasVicki Brown (SW20-24) in 18:57 in her 24th parkrun. Third to the tree was Tracey Hardcastle (VW40-44)in 19:36 in her 49th parkrun – one more to go Tracey!

For the junior girls, Grace Bowden-Stone (JW11-14) wasfirst back in a PB time of 20:32 in her 6th parkrun. Second was Carla Novakovic (JW11-14) also in a PB time of 20:54 in her 8th parkrun and third home was Helena Samarasinghe (JW11-14) in 21:00 just 6 seconds off her PB in her 59th parkrun.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Joshua Poncia (JM11-14) in a PB time of 17:59 in his first parkrun;second was Sol Harris-Woodfin in 18:14 in his 39th parkrun and third was Gabriel Lewis (JM15-17) in 18:29.



First female finisher, Kate Brown



Second female: Vicki Brown



First vegetable, James Whistler



Age Gradings

Seven runners took advantage of the cooler conditions to exceed the 80% age grading mark, 5 women, 1 man and 1 junior boy:

Julie Lawlor (VW70-74) ran 25:56 (88.75%) in her first Bushy parkrun. Julie normally runs at Noosa parkrun on the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane (lucky Julie).Meanwhile Julie Haworth (VW55-59)achieved 83.72% for a time of 22:13, Polly Adams (VW50-54) was 83.37% for 20:21, the amazing Sue Lambert (VW75-79) achieved 83% for 29:13. Bernie Mulvany (VM55-59) held up the flag for the vet men with a grading of 81.48% in a time of 19:21. The only junior to go above 80% was Joshua Poncia (JM11-14) in a PB time of 17:59 (80.63%) and finally Ramona Thevenet (VW55-59) achieved 80.56% in a time of 22:28 on her 470th parkrun.

A further 115 runners exceeded the 70% age grading. That’s 12% of the field above 70%.



Newcomers and visitors

30 people were doing their first ever parkrun – welcome to the club! In addition we had 31 parkrun tourists doing Bushy for the first time, the most experienced of whom was Malcolm Leece (VM40-44) in his 106th parkrun. Malcolm, a member of Jarrow and Hebburn AC has run most of his runs in the North East at South Shields parkrun (46), at Gateshead (19), Newcastle (11) and Sunderland (10). A right likely lad.

Toni Keywood (VW40-44) was visiting us from Diamond Creek parkrun, which sounds very exotic. It’s located just outside Melbourne. Toni managed a Bushy PB (23:58) on her 4th visit from down under and her 137th overall. Also visiting from down under and on her first visit to Bushy and her 105th run was Carina Gregory (VW45-49). Carina normally runs at St Peters parkrun in Sydney.

Closer to home, Zena Phillips (SW30-34) was visiting from Black Park parkrun near Slough on her 101st run and her first visit to Bushy. I can vouch personally that if you are in the area, Black Park is a very pleasant parkrun and (with apologies to anyone from Slough (Sloughite?)) not at all Slough-like and not at all black.

Finally I spotted that Karen Fletcher (VW50-54) was also a Bushy first timer on her 52nd run. Karen normally runs at Greenpoint parkrun in Cape Town and is a member of Atlantic AC.

Welcome to all the visitors and we hoped you enjoyed your run at Bushy.



Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #647

There were 1032 parkrunners – 982 identified, 50 unknown (Don’t forget your Barcode!) (5% of the field).


How many?

  • Of the 982 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 125 Juniors aged under 18 (13%) and 151 Seniors aged 18-34 (15%)
  • 706 Vets (72%) of which 96 are 35-39, 269 are 40-49, 250 are 50-59, 73 are 60-69, 18 are 70+
  • 596 males (61%) and 386 females (39%)
  • Number of cakes consumed – 15 pieces of flapjack(thanks the Blackbourns)


How fast?

  • Of the 982 identified finishers, there were:
  • 54 runners sub 20 mins (6%),
  • 334 between 20:00-24:59 (34%)
  • 367 25:00-29:59 (37%)
  • 245 over 30 mins (25%)
  • Midpoint time: 26:23



Happy parkrunning, happy baking.

See you next week – it’s even pacers!

Andrew Howarth


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Run Report Event No. 646 – 1st October 2016


12 is the magic number!




1212 parkrunners on the 12th anniversary of parkrun, it’s almost as if we planned it! 12 was definitely the magic number at Bushy Park on Saturday morning, as we gathered to celebrate our 12th birthday on the fifth International parkrun day, as we had our fifth 500 club member, anniversary presentations and tourists flocked from as far as Australia!

12 years ago on October 2nd 2004 a movement began, with just thirteen pioneers and a handful of volunteers on an Autumn morning for a 5k run in Bushy Park – just like the one we enjoyed on Saturday, albeit with a few more people now!



The thirteen parkrun pioneers on October 2nd 2004 in Bushy Park


Yes, the numbers have increased - but that same simple concept of a kicking off the weekend with a free 5k run with friends and family, young and old, together in a park, it remains exactly the same now as it was in 2004: it is changing and enriching people’s lives in so many immeasurable ways beyond just being active, and it will continue to do so in the future. The only difference now is that more and more people are able to enjoy that parkrun experience around the world and what it means – an absolute lasting legacy from that day in 2004 that continues to astound and grow, and we have Paul Sinton Hewitt CBE and those early pioneers to thank for that.



The image above shows in numbers where parkrun is today - who knows what the future will bring and how many different countries we can enjoy a parkrun in and visit places we’d never have seen otherwise.



A glorious start to the weekend in Bushy Park


Walking into Bushy Park on Saturday around 8:15am it looked like a typical autumn morning with warm sunshine burning the low mist away as the stags bellowed out across the royal park, it was an amazing sight - one of the many reasons I enjoy coming to the park every Saturday morning – no two are ever the same!



A majestic stag bellowing across Bushy Park as the mist melted away


As the anniversary presentations began at 8:45am a dark cloud appeared from the west, a sign of what was to come! More on the presentations to come below, read on!

Come 9am with a few thick spots of rain falling as Run Director Ray Coward concluded his run briefing, 1,212 parkrunners set off on Lime Avenue for the 646th Bushy parkrun - of which 110 were Bushy first timers, and 50 were making their parkrun debut, welcome along!

The rain continued to build as we set off, but I think once you get really wet you don’t worry too much then about running through the puddles! It was one of the wettest parkruns I can remember, although I am reliably informed by those at a recent Christmas Day parkrun that it was much wetter then! For the 50 of you doing your first parkrun, rain at Bushy Park at 9am on a Saturday is rarer than snow at Christmas!



The funnel team as the first few runners arrived and the heavens opened!


The volunteers on Saturday were exceptional with their enthusiasm in spite of the rain, it really was much appreciated! Léonie Kennedy had prepared well for the weather as she clicked you all across the line on what was another busy morning, with 108 finishers in the 22nd minute alone! The experienced pair of Jan Franks and Carol Dickinson were giving out the tokens, Ray Franks was co-ordinating the double funnel, with Nick Blanchard at the end of the funnel – a good sight to see as the shelter of the scanners under the big oak tree at the finish beckoned! Emma Wingate conducted the first timers’ briefing whilst Ann Coward and Alex Tickell co-ordinated all the volunteers, a special mention for the marshals out on the course standing in the rain for nearly an hour!



Léonie Kennedy was well prepared for the rain as the timekeeper!


In all a team of 53 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!



Queues building for the scanners - 67 unscannable barcodes in the rain (mostly paper ones!)


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Adam COLLMAN  •  Adam HYLAN  •  Alex PITT  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Andrew FINCH  •  Ann COWARD  •  Anna MACLEAN  •  Carol Margaret DICKINSON  •  Carole VINE  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Eddie ROBERTSON  •  Ellie WALLWORK  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emma Anne WINGATE  •  Ethan MULLEN  •  Fiona MCANENA  •  Florence LEICESTER  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Heather WALLINGTON  •  Helen BRETT  •  James SELL  •  Jamie CHAPMAN  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Joanne GREEN  •  John ROOT  •  Julie MELOTTE  •  Kevin QUINN  •  Leonie KENNEDY  •  Lilian MACE  •  Lionel JORDAN  •  Liz ZASS  •  Lizzy LEICESTER  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Marje SLADDEN  •  Megan LUPO  •  Mig BURGESS  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Phoebe TARVER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rebecca THOMAS  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Sarah FRASER  •  Steve BRETT  •  Susan GRAHAM  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Tom FAIRBROTHER  •  Tom LEICESTER  •  Yue MAN




Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!      



As it was the 12th anniversary, we began as always with the presentations, as awards were given out based on the points tables over the last 12 months, as well as for volunteering during the last year. Our parkrun founder (it says so on his t-shirt!) Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE (PSH) was on hand to give out the awards, thank you PSH!



PSH CBE with Event Directors Hayden Matthews and Ray Coward


Sonia O’Sullivan Salver

This is awarded to the first female on the points table over the last year, and is named after Sonia O’Sullivan. Sonia held the ladies’ course record at Bushy for five years, was the 5000m World Champion in 1995, an Olympic silver medallist over the same distance in the 2000 games at Sydney, and a two-time World Cross-Country Champion!



This year’s recipient was Sacha Kennedy - definitely our youngest ever person to receive this award, well done Sacha on an outstanding year! Polly Adams was second and Ramona Thevenet third. Congratulations!



John Hanscomb Trophy

This is awarded to the first male on the points table over the last year and is named after John Hanscomb. John has completed 501 Bushy parkruns - more than anyone else, was the fourth person to join the 500 club and most impressively completed the first 28 London Marathons between 1981 and 2008!



This year’s recipient was Mark Gratton once again, with Jeremy Langdon second and Rob Jones third. Well done guys!



Junior prizes

Moving on to the junior prizes – Imogen King received the girls’ award, and for the boys it was Dominic Rhodes, although Dominic wasn’t present so his brother Andrew Rhodes accepted the award on his behalf. Well done to Imogen and Dominic!



Imogen King receiving the junior girls award



Andrew Rhodes accepting junior boys award on behalf of Dominic Rhodes 


Under 11 prizes

Awards are also given to the U11 boy and girl who have completed the most runs since the last anniversary. This year’s award winners were Isabel Melbourne or the girls, and for the boys it was Matthew Ronaldson and James Ronaldson. It was a great moment watching them receive their prizes, well done Isabel, Matthew and James!



Isabel Melbourne collecting the Under 11 girls award



Matthew and James Ronaldson collecting the Under 11 boys award


Timothy Bennett Trophy

The Timothy Bennett Trophy is awarded each anniversary to the Volunteer of the Year. Timothy Bennett was a local shoemaker based in Hampton Wick – who, in 1754, successfully championed the cause for walkers to gain a new public footpath through our favourite park, linking Hampton Wick and Hampton Hill. On our new parkrun course we use Cobbler’s Walk twice, so we have Mr Bennett to thank for using this path!

This year’s award was given to Nick Blanchard! Nick is a familiar face at the end of the double funnel, collecting the funnel letters and encouraging us through the funnel, all done with great humour every week. Congratulations Nick on the well-deserved award!



Nick Blanchard collecting the Timothy Bennett Trophy


Golden Thumb Award

This award is given to a timer at Bushy parkrun who has achieved 5 clicks in one second, and as Léonie Kennedy clicked five finishers in a single second at last year’s anniversary, she was given the prize this time. Well done Léonie!


Léonie Kennedy collecting the Golden Thumb award!


Another award was given to Una of a box of chocolates – she regularly sorts out the position tokens into their sets of hundreds in the separate orange coloured trays, which I’m sure most of you have seen at Bushy! Well done Una.




A big thanks to Keith Riding who filmed the presentations, the start of the run and the world-famous double funnel, which you can see in the video here!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

There were numerous parkrun club celebrations going on for our 12th birthday, I think some advanced calendar planning was going on!



Paul Killick - the fifth member of the 500 club!


Paul Killick became the fifth member of the 500 club, joining Darren Wood, Richard Fletcher, Neil Sunderland and John Hanscomb! Paul made his debut just over a decade ago at event 88 on 2th May 2006, running 26:49 – on that day there were 127 runners taking part and Bushy was the only event, there’s been quite a change over the last ten years! Of his 500 parkruns, 487 of them have been here at Bushy, 4 at Medina IOW, 2 at Bedfont Lakes and Frimley Lodge, and 1 each at Woking, Crane Park, Old Deer Park, Albert Park and Barrow. Many congratulations Paul, it was good to see you collect your new 500 top from PSH, well deserved!



Paul Killick collecting his '500' top from PSH 


We had a joint celebration for the 250 club this time, congratulations to Jenny Melbourne and Andrew Melbourne! Jenny made her parkrun debut at event 251 on 23rd May 2009, and two weeks later Andrew joined in as well! Since then their family has grown and it has been great to see them all enjoying the parkrun experience together over the last few years, and as mentioned earlier their daughter Isabel earned the under 11 prize for most runs at Bushy in the last year! Well done on timing the milestone to coincide with the 12th anniversary, and thanks for the excellent ‘250’ cakes!



The Melbourne family!



Superb '250' cakes - note the logo on the zero!


The 250 club continues to grow every week, and of those who ran on Saturday, Fiona Macneil is one run away on 249, and Rob Jones, Austin Molnar and Rob Turner are all on 247.

There were three new members of the 100 club this time – Karen Moreland, Kathryn Hone and Simon Wheatley, congratulations! You can look forward to ordering the black 100 Tribesports top very soon! Matthew Carmody, Charlotte Bezzant and Keith Blackbourn are all on 99 not out and could reach three figures on Saturday.

Eight of you celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing the coveted red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Harry Tuckman – who posted a new PB, Shane Sharkey – who was making his debut here for the Stilton Striders, Cleide Burgess, Fi Webster, Graham Lovelace, John Gardiner, Pam Jarman and Sue Black!



Harry Tuckman - a new member of the 50 club!



Pam Jarman celebrates joining the 50 club with her family.


Another five of you are one run away from a half-century: Maria McMahon, Sarah Hoseason, Jonathan Ellis, Becky Wadey and Zoe Millington-Jones.

We had one new member of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Archie Nowell and James Kotze!

For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ




parkrun tourists

We had tourists from far and wide on Saturday, across the UK and from as far away as Australia! Paul Kitching (32 runs) joined us from Mount Barker parkrun, near Adelaide in Australia! Paul will be visiting a few more parkruns during his stay in the UK, thanks for coming Paul and choosing to come to Bushy on International parkrun day!



Paul Kitching came to Bushy from Australia for International parkrun day


From Coventry parkrun we welcomed Wendy Foxall (247 runs) and Christopher Foxall (94 runs) for the first time – they regularly run at Coventry but have done plenty of tourism around the UK. Thanks for coming and we hope you’ll return on another occasion! Andy Richardson was another first timer here with 142 runs under his belt – he has completed parkruns in 4 different countries as he has previously visited Uditore parkrun in Italy, Amager Strandpark in Denmark and Marlay parkrun in Ireland!

The Stilton Striders brought along a group to come to Bushy for the anniversary run: Vanessa Walker (56 runs), Shane Sharkey (50 runs), Ben Pickard (43 runs), Laura Pickard (38 runs), Luke Eggleston (35 runs), Ray Walker (29 runs) and Wendy Piesley (6 runs). They all joined us from their home parkrun at Melton Mowbray, along with Liz Parkinson (67 runs). Thanks to all of you for coming!

Wolverhampton parkrun regulars Andrew Fletcher (66 runs) and Alison Fletcher (62 runs) also chose to make their Bushy debut on our anniversary, and from Essex we welcomed Jane Mann (74 runs), Suzanne Easley (72 runs), Stephen Easley (70 runs) for their first runs here.

Thanks to all of those who chose to visit Bushy for the first time, and returning tourists too!




New PBs

167 of you managed to set a PB on Saturday in spite of the rain and ever increasing puddles, well done to you all! And five of you set your fastest time at Bushy having completed at least a century of runs here! The most experienced Bushy parkrunner to set a new PB was Austin Molnar, running 20:58 for his first sub 21 minute time on his 247th parkrun (all at Bushy).

Amelia Goodwin set a new PB of 25:55 on her 202nd run here (204 runs overall), taking 24 seconds off her previous best, and Adam Wells achieved his third PB from his last six runs here, with 19:21 to shave 11 seconds off his PB on his 191st run at Bushy (193 runs overall).   Joseph Howarth posted 22:04 for his third consecutive PB on his 127th run here (154 runs overall), as he has taken over a minute off his PB just in the last month, and Jonathan Nail ran 27:02 to take 14 seconds off his PB on his 119th parkrun (all at Bushy).        


parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!   As it was event number 646, the parkrunner who finished with token 646 was… Jakob Holder! To add to the number 12 theme, it was Jakob’s 12th parkrun, and he posted a new PB of 26:53, well done!


Now That’s What I Call A Stat Attack! Vol. 646

With it being International parkrun day, this Stat Attack looks at how parkrun has grown globally over time!



Your parkrun barcode is your ticket to do a free, weekly timed 5k run in over 800 locations across the globe, in 14 different countries – just have a look at the global map above to see! A significant landmark was reached very recently, as for the first time the number of international 5k parkrun events (425) outnumbers the UK tally (418), showing how global parkrun has become in a relatively short space of time. Who knows what that map could look like in another 5 or 10 years, or where we might go with our barcode?

The table below shows when each of the 14 countries hosted their first event, and in the last few weeks we welcomed Canada and Sweden into the international parkrun family, welcome along, I look forward to visiting in the future! Together with the junior parkruns, that’s nearly a thousand free runs happening every single week, there’s no doubt parkrun is the biggest running event in the world with around 150,000 runners supported by 10,000 volunteers every weekend.




This year’s international parkrun day began in New Zealand at 8am Saturday local time (8pm Friday UK time), whilst most of us in the UK were probably still having dinner on Friday night. After New Zealand, it’s Australia’s turn followed by Singapore (12:30am Saturday UK time), whilst European parkrunners are sleeping.

A few hours later as the sun rises over Europe, there’s over 500 parkruns happening in the space of just three hours across Russia, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Ireland and the UK, not forgetting South Africa, whilst across the pond those parkrunners in Canada and the US are still asleep!

Some 20 hours after the first parkruns kicked off in New Zealand, International parkrun day concludes in the US and Canada, at Crissy Field in San Francisco and Okanagan in British Columbia at 9am Saturday local time (4pm Saturday UK time!)


Now for the results and a bit more stats bit!      




The results bit

Neil Wellard was the first finisher, posting a new PB of 15:42 (84.93%) on his ninth run here (30 parkruns overall), taking 17 seconds off his previous best for Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers. Four of the next eight finishers did not register their time – don’t forget your barcode! The next registered finisher was Halifax Harrier Max Wharton, running 15:48 (82.49%), as he made his Bushy debut on his second run. The next two finishers could well be brothers, as Blake Moore (16:07 - 82.73%) and Adam Moore (16:08 - 82.64%) finished one second apart; both of them ran their fastest parkrun times and run for Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC. Completing the registered sub 17 finishers was Euan Campbell, running 16:27 (81.05%) on his first ever parkrun, welcome along!



First finisher Neil Wellard


The first six junior (under 18) finishers home all posted new PBs, which I’m fairly sure has never happened before! Cameron Gibson of Guildford & Godalming AC ran 17:27 (77.36%) on his seventh parkrun here (66 runs overall), Andrew Smailes of Brighton & Hove City AC ran 17:34 (79.22%) on his sixth run at Bushy (8 runs overall), and Aaron Bruce posted 17:56 (75.28%) on his 13th parkrun (all at Bushy) for Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers. Jack Butler of Walton AC took 32 seconds off his PB, running 18:52 (72.61%) on his 16th parkrun (all at Bushy), Lucas Allinson Rodrigues took 29 seconds off his PB, as he ran 19:00 (80.53%) on his sixth parkrun (all at Bushy), and Thomas Ziegel ran 19:09 (70.50%) for a new PB on his 42nd parkrun (fifth run here), for St. Mary’s University College. Completing the sub 20 minute junior finishers was Joseph O’Clery, running 19:14 (72.36%) on his 27th parkrun (14 runs here).


Invicta  AC’s Lilly Coward was the first registered female finisher, running 18:30 (80.00%) on her second parkrun, next was Tracey Hardcastle, posting 19:22 (80.03%) on her 48th parkrun (46 at Bushy), and she was closely followed by Molly Riglin of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC, as she ran 19:27 (76.09%) on her 11th parkrun (six runs here). Completing the sub 20 female finishers was parkrun pioneer Rachel Rowan, who was once of the original thirteen parkrunners on 2nd October 2004, and Rachel ran 19:31 (82.15%) on her 15th parkrun (all at Bushy) for Ranelagh Harriers.

The recipient of the Sonia O’Sullivan salverSacha Kennedy, was the first junior (under 18) girl home, running 20:24 (77.04%) on her 92nd parkrun (80 at Bushy) for Oxford City AC. Next was Imogen Deakin, running a new PB of 20:50 (76.64%) on her 29th parkrun (19 at Bushy), and Kathryn Bartle ran 21:09 (73.29%) on her 38th parkrun (37 at Bushy) for Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers. Phoebe Saville ran 21:32 (71.98%) on her 26th parkrun (all at Bushy), and the Junior Points prize winner Imogen King ran 21:42 (73.58%) on her 136th parkrun (126 runs here).




Highest age grading scorers

Despite the challenging conditions in the rain, 14 of you achieved an age grading percentage in the 80s - congratulations! Neil Wellard (SM18-19) ran a new PB of 15:42 for 84.93%, Polly Adams (VW50-54) ran 20:18 to earn 83.58%, Blake Moore (SM18-19) was running his first parkrun here and scored 82.73% from his time of 16:07, closely followed by Adam Moore (SM18-19) with 82.64% as he set a new PB.

Max Wharton ran (SM20-24) ran 15:48 to score 82.49%, parkrun pioneer Rachel Rowan (VW45-49) earned 81.16% as she ran 19:31, VW75-79 record holder Sue Lambert secured another high age grading, posting 81.60% this time as she ran 29:43, and Bea Downey (VW50-54) gained 81.57%, running 21:04.

Well done to the following runners who also posted over 80% for their age grading: Euan Campbell (81.05%), Merran Sell (81.04%), Lucas Allinson Rodrigues (80.53%), Laurence Duffy (80.45%), Tracey Hardcastle (80.03%) and Lily Coward (80.00%)

For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ




Stats of the day

There were 1212 parkrunners – 1129 identified, 83 unknown (6.85% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 1129 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 167 PBs (14.8% of field) of which 5 have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 110 Bushy first timers (9.7% of field) of which 50 were parkrun first timers (4.4% of field)
  • 147 Juniors aged under 18 (13.0%) and 174 Seniors aged 18-34 (15.4%)
  • 808 Vets (71.6%) of which 101 are 35-39, 342 are 40-49, 277 are 50-59, 88 are 60+
  • 674 males (59.7%) and 455 females (40.3%)
  • Most common male age group was 50-54 (102 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (78 runners)
  • 272 club runners (24.1% of field) from 86 different clubs and 857 unattached (75.9%)
  • Top 10 clubs: Stragglers (72 runners), Ranelagh Harriers (16), 26.2 RRC (14), Sweatshop Running Community (13), St. Mary’s Richmond AC (12), Comet Triathlon Club (11), Thames Turbo Triathlon (9), Stilton Striders RC (7), Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers (6) and Trafalgar Schools (6)


How fast?

  • Of the 1212 finishers, there were:
  • 77 sub 20 mins, 405 20:00-24:59, 434 25:00-29:59 and 296 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 20:44, Midpoint time: 26:25
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 62, 61, 108, 70, 104, 75, 99, 93, 88, 79, 53
  • 456 finishers between 22:00 and 26:59, average of 91 per minute
  • 108 finishers in the 22nd minute and 104 finishers in the 24th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 92933 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1129, averaging 82.31 parkruns each
  • 566 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (50.1% of identified field), of which
  • 214 members of the 50 club (19.0%)
  • 281 members of the 100 club (24.9%)
  • 70 members of the 250 club (6.2% of field)
  • 1 member of the 500 club (0.1% of field) – Paul Killick (500 runs).


That’s all for now, until next time!



The core volunteer team (minus Rob) - Andy, Carol, Dave, Ray, Ann, Emma and Hayden




Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 645 – 24th September 2016

For a whole bunch of reasons, it has been a fair while since I last wrote one of these reports, but without really planning it I have picked a cracking week to choose to make my return. The final week of the Bushy season means that there is a load of stuff to talk about, plus there was whole host of people running milestone runs – it’s an easy week to find material!

An Indian Summer?

The last week or so the weather has been a bit colder and so driving into the park to beautiful sunshine was a real bonus. It encouraged a big field of 1,205 runners to put on their trainers, aided and abetted by an awesome squad of 47 volunteers! After it was all done and dusted then sitting outside the Pheasantry was a pleasant surprise.


Who knows how long the good weather will last, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for a few weeks’ yet! After a little announcement from Ray asking people to arrive a few minutes early next week for the presentation and our end of season festivities, Run Director Dave got things underway!

Ray reminds everyone about the anniversary, before RD Dave takes the mic


The 645th Bushy parkrun

The first runner back to the big tree was Jonathan Cornish who scorched round the course in 15:44. It was his 13th Bushy parkrun and he has come home first on 9 occasions to give him an incredible record.


Justin Reid recorded a new PB of 17:22 and just outpaced junior Zak Wort (17:25), but were some 90 seconds behind Jonathan.

Justin celebrates a PB and second place

Amongst the junior field, Zak was obviously fastest round the park, but was followed home by Ollie Hurdle (17:39) and Joshua Poncia (18:04) both of whom ran PB times!

In the ladies event, Kate Brown (18:26) was the first to cross the line, 38 seconds ahead of possible family member (or strange coincidence) Vicki Brown (19:04) with Jo Billings (19:21) completing the podium.

The junior girls were super-quick this week with Isobel Stockley just missing out on ducking under the 20 minute marker (20:01) but still leading the field. Isobel was just ahead of Freya Thomas (20:11) and Ella Fryer (20:39)


New PBs and Super Performances

There were 117 new PBs recorded this week (10% of the field) including 20 runners who have over 50 parkruns to their name. Well done to Joshua PONCIA, James HOPPE, Thomas C WILKINSON, Ella FRYER, Mark A INGHAM, James MORRIS, Michelle DAVIES, Steve REEVES, Daniel MORL, Riona STOCKLEY, Charles ALLEN, Anthony JOYCE, Seiko YAZAKI, Simon LOVEGROVE, Linda KATESMARK, Jeff CROSTHWAITE, Tania SULLIVAN, Valerie MILLS, Audrey CROSTHWAITE and Joyce VOCK.

12 runners recorded over 80% on the WAVA Age Grading, so well done goes to Jonathan CORNISH, Justn REID, Joshua PONCIA, Kate BROWN, John GRAHAM, Polly ADAMS, Ruth HUTTON, Bea DOWNEY, Julie HAWORTH, Liz ZASS and Sue LAMBERT.

Simply the greatest

A special mention goes to the incredible Jane Davies. Jane regularly tops the Age Grading table and in fact has the top 49 age gradings in the history of Bushy parkrun, multiple age-group world champion Mike Trees’ best time only just sneaks into the top 50 behind a list of Jane’s greatest hits!

This week she set a new standard. Her 21:30 was her fastest time for a year or so and gives her an Age Grading score of 100.23%!

The idea of WAVA Age Grading is that it denotes the amount of the course you would have completed when the best people in the world in your age group finish and so today Jane would have been ahead of the very best. She is an absolutely world class athlete.

NB. I am ignoring Allan Bray in the table as his numbers are obviously not correct.


The Bushy Points Championships 2015/16 season

In the men’s race for the John Hanscomb Trophy, it was a bit of a foregone conclusion early on as last year’s winner Mark Gratton built up a big lead and ends the season 280 points ahead of Jeremy Langdon despite missing four of the last six runs. Rob Jones completes the podium and has a big 850 point lead over Mark McKinnon in fourth place.

The Sonia O’Sullivan Salver will go to a new runner this year, although it was desperately close right up until September. Super Junior Sacha Kennedy spent most of the season with no more than a 15 point lead over last year’s winner Polly Adams and so it was always going to be a question of who blinked first. In the end a holiday ended Polly’s challenge, but she ends the season only 260 points behind Sacha. Ramona Thevenet finishes third, 900 points behind Polly, but with a healthy lead over Imogen King in fourth.

To show how close the race was between Sacha and Polly, both athletes ran 46 times and so the difference was mostly down to the addition volunteering session that Sacha did. Polly’s average time this season was 20:40, while Sacha’s was just 4 seconds quicker at 20:36. The two have raced each other 40 times this season and in the end Sacha led the series 23:17!

All you need is dedication…

Ramona Thevenet was the most dedicated runner at Bushy this year with 53 outings out of the 54 possible. John Woods and Stewart Rose were just one behind on 52 runs.

And in terms of combined Runs and Volunteers then it is John, Stewart and Yue Man who share the spoils with a total of 57. John and Stewart have 52 runs and 5 volunteers to their name, whilst Yue switches it around with 7 runs complementing her incredible 50 volunteering sessions.

Looking at pure volunteering then Ray Franks’ record of 51 volunteers just puts him above Yue as the most dedicated of our volunteers, but we should highlight how lucky we are at Bushy to have such a dedicated bunch of volunteers.

14 of our field volunteers on more than half the weeks available at Bushy, which shows incredible dedication. Huge thanks to Ray Franks, Alex Tickell, Nick Blanchard, Ray Coward, Andrew Morrison, Dave Giffiths, Yue Man, Ali Kennedy, Diane Mullen, Ann Coward, Emilie Howes and Janice Franks who are the real heroes of the Bushy year!

Exporting talent

If you look further down the Female Points Table you will see a pretty unspectacular set of stats in 88th place.

Zoe Dennison – 17 runs – 1 volunteer – 3,859 points.

This is slightly surprising as Zoe has previously been a regular at Bushy, one of our most dedicated juniors with 219 outings at Bushy in a career of 270 parkruns. Last season, she took in 44 laps of Bushy parkrun and so 17 seems a bit low – however, the reason is obvious. Zoe finished her A-levels last summer and disappeared off to Bath Uni, meaning her weekly trip to Bushy was a little less likely.

Bath Skyline is the local parkrun. It has been going for a couple of years and actually shares the same Oct birthday as Bushy. It is a little smaller, but attracts a strong field of between 250 and 300 runners.

So last September, Zoe rocked up at Bath Skyline and found a new parkrun family. Her dedication has been pretty much perfect with 30 runs throughout her term time and not many missed weeks. It meant that when she left Bath to come back home for the long summer holiday she was comfortably in the lead of their Female Points Table, but with 14 weeks of summer holiday she had to sit and watch her lead chipped away.

Fortunately for Zoe, term time started again in the nick of time with her heading back West with only a small deficit to overcome the current leader, Ros Helps. She duly did this with 8th place on her first week back. A session of volunteering this week confirmed her place at the top of the table!

Well done, Zoe. Top of the points table – even with those huge holidays that uni students seem to need! ;O)
Zoe-Dennison_webThe amazing Zoe Dennison - beating all-comers in Bath


Landmark Runs

This week was a special week for Alex Mason who ran in her 100 shirt for possibly the last time – depending on the postman - as this week was her 250th parkrun (249 at Bushy) and she celebrated with her fastest time of the year.

John Rhodes and Chris Morrison will be upgrading red for black as they joined the 100 Club this week and Michael Gregory, John Gregory (maybe related), Eiko Southeron, Nicki Gray, Ella Rowe, Sue Lambert, Suzanne Holland and Mig Burgess all joined the 50 Club – Mig was tailrunner this week!

Well done all.

This week was also a special week for a few people who were celebrating landmark runs without new t-shirts – so well done to Kevin Quinn (150), Simon Lovegrove (200) and Kirsty Bangham (450).

Kirsty certainly celebrated in style with champagne and a fair bit of cake, meaning we can all look forward to a year’s time when she is set to become only the second lady to reach the 500 club – I reckon there will be more bubbles then too.

Kirsty with some special 450 club brownies. Photobombing by Zoe Riding!

Kirsty is always fighting to be 'first Kirsty' at every event she takes part in (often the only trophy she is likely to be in the mix for) and so she should be pleased with a podium in this years Female Points Trophy.

1. Kirsty Rumble - 28 runs, 0 vols - 4,773 pts

2. Kirsty Kothakota - 25, 0 - 4,491pts

3. Kirsty Bangham - 26,5 - 3,877pts

If only you didn't do so much touristing, Kirst! You could have been somebody!


Next week awaits

Next week will obviously be a big week as it is International parkrun Day, our birthday and the 12th anniversary of parkrun – however it will also be special for Paul Killick who should become the 5th member of the 500 Club!


Anyway, that’ll do for this week

Thanks all and see you next week. 8:45 please – we have some announcements and celebrations to do!

Take care

Andy W

PS. Thanks to Carol for the photography!

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