Run Report Event No. 564 – 21st March 2015


Welcome Back


Cold windy conditions this Saturday were countered by the zest of the faithful army of volunteers and the warm enthusiasm of 1073 runners which included around 60 runners taking part in an inter church mob match.

Just over a year on from their first visit, it was a delight to welcome back this friendly enthusiastic bunch, easily recognisable in their various church group running colours, which in many cases were embellished with various inspirational slogans including “Feed the 5K” (Carol Dickinson fed over 25 volunteers again), “Blessed are the Pacemakers” (appropriate this week)and “When will it end?” (OK, maybe the latter doesn’t come under the category of inspirational, but given the cold wind out there, maybe just as appropriate). As the church runners were spread out from position 37 to 1060, this wasn’t a bad way to spread the word.


The clubs in the mix this time round, mainly from South London  were:-

Chiltern Church Runners,

Christian Runners UK,

Emmanuel (Croydon),

Good Shepherd,

Holy Trinity Wallington Runners,

Molesey Community Church Runners &

Selsdon Baptist Church Runners


Organiser Tim Gray has informed me that due to their handicap system Molesey took the day - as most improved result! Well done Molesey Churches RC!

There are more details (and a contact form) for anyone who would like to join in on - more mob matches through the year (Lloyd in May, Roundshaw in July, and Nonsuch in November)


Church Runners
And Here Are The Blessed Ones!


As it was the 3rd week of an odd month, pacer co-ordinator Andy Pillidge had put together a team of even pacers.
The pacers were:

20 mins - Rob Phillips
22 mins - Tim Bowden
24 mins - Jo Bourne
26 mins - Andy Pillidge
28 mins - Jack Kennedy
30 mins - Katrin Kroschinski
32 mins - Vince Gannon
34 mins - Matthew Jaquiss

Despite the cold and windy conditions, this magnificent team were no doubt responsible for pulling around an incredible 197 runners to a PB this week! (Over 20% of the identified field), so many thanks to the above.


A Very Rare Mix Up

Unfortunately there was a funnel problem this week, which will have led to incorrect times / positions being allocated to some of the runners around the 26 minute mark. Having read some of the comments surrounding this malfunction, it was heartwarming to read the charitable and encouraging comments from some of the impacted runners, who in some cases missed out on “official pb’s”.  Given the challenging number of runners finishing in a relatively compressed time period, the occasional malfunction is almost inevitable, even to our splendid funnel teams! So, apologies to all who were impacted, but many thanks for the appreciative comments that have been received.



Another welcome back to Sue Round who returned to Bushy Park this week to mark the occasion of her 250th parkrun along with her family. 188 of Sue’s parkruns have been run at Bushy, and she has participated at 15 different parkrun events.
Sue Round joins the 250 club!
Sue Round (centre) celebrating after running her 250th parkrun, accompanied by her family.


Also joining the 250 club was Christopher Johnson who has run all but 7 of his 250 parkruns at Bushy.


5 runners joined the 100 club this week; they were:-

Jason Nourse

Alistair Ellis-Munro

Kirin Taylor

Daphne Boyle

Clare Goldsmith


And 7 runners qualified for their red 50 club T-shirts this week; they were:-

Joseph Middleton

Andrew Short

Andrew Lansdown

Kamela Prevett

Ann Hagell

Joe Fernandes

Chris Morrison


And Welcome Back St Mary’s Massage Students

This week saw the return of St Mary’s massage students – well actually only one student made it along this week; that was Joanne Harvey who endured the cold wind to treat the aching muscles of grateful recipients long after most of the runners had made it back to the big tree.


Joanne Harvey massaging runners
Joanne Harvey braves the cold wind alone…


As I was one of the grateful recipients, I’m hoping that the rejuvenation to my soon to be 50 year old legs will be reflected with a slightly faster time next week!


The Fast Guys…

Impressively, all of today’s top 50 runners were in possession of their bar codes! Well done guys, nice to see….

First back three men back to the big tree were :-

Jermaine King Mays – 15:17

Taras Telkovsky – 16:01

Jordan Stokes – 16:03


And the quickest ladies were:-

Nicole Swaffield – 18:43 with a new PB on her 3rd run at Bushy

Kosana Weir – 18:56 – a first timer junior from Thames Valley Harriers

India Weir -18:56 – also a first timer junior from Thames Valley Harriers!


An incredible 13 runners managed to break the magic 80% WAVA grade mark – well done to:-

Jermaine King Mays           15:17     Sm30-34               85.06%

Chey Kemp                         16:31     Jm15-17               84.26%

Ruth Hutton                        20:11     Vw50-54              83.07%

Laurence Duffy                   18:29     Vm50-54              82.42%

Ramona Thevenet              21:47     Vw55-59              82.02%

Kosana Weir                       18:56     Jw15-17                81.87%

India Weir                           18:56     Jw15-17                81.87%

Mathew Rainbow                16:27     Sm18-19               81.05%

Andrius Jaksevicius           16:13     Sm30-34               80.88%

Polly Adams                       20:29     Vw45-49              80.88%

Phillip Bearman (Snr)          18:18     Vm50-54              80.60%

Taras Telkovsky                 16:01     Sm25-29               80.54%

Jordan Stokes                    16:03     Sm20-24               80.37%


Many thanks to the volunteers for making this all possible in what were not brilliant conditions

Stephen and Oona token sorting


As well as receiving gratitude from all of the participants, they were yet again rewarded with Carol’s wonderful baking:

Cupcakes from Carol Dickinson


That’s all from me folks.

Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event 563 – 14th March 2015

Run Report Event No. 563 – 14th March 2015

Beautiful Spring weather greeted 1044 runners at the Diana Fountain for the 9am start of the 563rd Bushy parkrun this weekend… OK, it was a little breezy but bright, not too cold and good underfoot, so not too much to complain about really!

Whilst I really like the #thisgirlcan campaign that is running at the moment to get more girls and women participating regularly in exercise, I was struck this weekend as I approached the start (cutting it a little fine after my 90 minute pre-parkrun run!) how diverse Bushy parkrun is – whether you are an Olympian (like 13.48 course record holder Andy Baddeley or Mo Farah, both of whom have run our lovely course) or a 50 minute runner (like Amanda Edgington), whether you are a budding junior or an octogenarian (like Madge Bradsell), whether you are running your first parkrun (like 40 of this week’s runners were) or your 438th (like John Hanscomb was this weekend) you are equally welcome in the world of parkrun… I can’t think of any other mass participation event that can celebrate this fact especially when you factor in that it is FREE and EVERY SATURDAY!  Therefore, if you have got friends, relatives, colleagues who like the idea of running but think they are too old / too slow / too 'anything' why not tell them about parkrun where they will always be made welcome because #anyonecan.

(And, for anyone wondering, of the 979 known runners this week, 378 were female which equates to 39% of the field.)

parkrun: A Celebration


Last week a new coffee table book was launched, available from Wiggle, called ‘parkrun: A Celebration’.  My copy is still in the post as I was a little slow to order, so it was fun to peruse Ray and Ann Coward’s copy in the Pheasantry after the run.  It is full of fab photos and quotes from the first 10 years of parkrun’s history and, although not solely about Bushy parkrun, there are many regulars featured including Ray and Ann themselves, Liz Zass, Philip Bearman, and Stephen Marfleet to name but a few!  If you are one of the many who love what parkrun is about, you will love this book!  And all profits go back into parkrun so that it can continue doing what it does so well…. Happy reading!


parkrun: A Cause for Celebration

There were so many PBs this week that I had to double count AND use Excel to be sure… WELL DONE if you were one of the 201 people celebrating this weekend their fastest ever Bushy lap!  That’s an astonishing 19.2% of the field!!  It was great to see the sharing of success on Twitter within a couple of hours of the run:

@jimmerpool was pleased after 7 years and 50 runs to have got sub-20 – from the results I am guessing this is James Curthoys who celebrated his PB of 19.53 on his 50th parkrun!

@andy_wingate took even longer to break the same barrier as, after 170-odd attempts, he also ran under sub-20, smashing his previous PB with a new best time of 19.27 (Andrew John Wingate)

@becca_neale had ‘been itching’ for a sub-20 result too and was ‘so chuffed’ with her 19.41! (Becca Neale)

@chatthefish gave a ‘woo hoo’ for his PB of 26.44 – well done Chris Chatfield!

@flyworley (aka Robert Anthony Worley) celebrated his new PB of 23.11 and, like many runners on social media, thanked the volunteers for making the morning happen.

This week’s volunteers grateful of the thanks were:

Ali KENNEDY  •  Allan BRAY  •  Andrew HOWARTH  •  Ann COWARD  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Graham TITCOMBE  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  John A STEPHENS  •  John HARGEST  •  Lisa STEINGOLD  •  Liz COLLISON  •  Liz ZASS  •  Luke MACE  •  Marianne MORRIS  •  Mike SILK  •  Mike TIVNEN  •  Oliver BEZZANT  •  Paul WOOD  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Peter David THOMPSON  •  Phil BLUER  •  Rachel Louise LONERGAN  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN  •  Ruth LEWIS  •  Stefan KRUEGER  •  Stephen MARFLEET  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Walter CORMACK  •  Will FORD

Bushy parkrun relies on approx. 30 volunteers each week to be able to go ahead, and roles are as varied as the runners themselves from lead bike, marshalling, scanning barcodes, tail runner, run reporter etc – there really is something for everyone!  Many volunteers are injured or running a race on the Sunday but please don’t feel that you have to wait for an injury to put yourself forward as some roles even allow you to run as well as volunteer!   It’s a great way to give something back to Bushy parkrun as well as to meet fellow runners… if you feel inspired to volunteer please drop an email to

Also taking to social media this weekend was Lewis Cousins who posted a selfie on Facebook with 2 mates who normally run Didcot parkrun.  He ran his first Bushy parkrun in 24.58 and said that they had a fab time, and they were even spotted enjoying the delights of the Pheasantry afterwards in true parkrun tradition!

parkrun 1

Lewis Cousins and friends from Didcot parkrun

Results – fastest finishers

This week’s first finisher was an Unknown Runner – was that you???!  One of the few simple rules of parkrun is #DFYB or Don’t Forget Your Barcode as your results cannot and will not be registered without one…

Therefore, the first registered runner finished in second in a time of 14.53 – well done to John McDonnell! @GeorgeCorcoran9 tweeted that he had a ‘Nice little blow out @bushyparkrun this morning in 15.35’ – was he perhaps the Unknown Runner in 3rd place?  #DFYB George!  The second registered finisher was Gus Upton who was the fourth runner to cross the line in a time of 15.50, which was a shiny new PB!  He was joined on the imaginary podium by Tara Telkovsky who also ran a New PB in a time of 15.55.

The first female finisher crossed the line in 10th position overall in a time of 16.43 which was a New PB for Jenna Hill – well done Jenna!  Second female finisher was Michelle Dillon who arrived at the tree a couple of minutes after Jenna in a time of 16.40, just 5 seconds ahead of the third female finisher, Nicole Swaffield.

Jamie Millbank was the first junior runner to cross the line in 13th place overall with a time of 17.17.  On the second step of the junior podium this week is Oliver Coppellotti with a New PB of 18.15, 17 seconds ahead of our third junior finisher, Ollie Hurdle in 18.32.

Leonie Kennedy topped the junior female podium with her time of 21.36, and she would be joined (if the podium were real!) by Eleanor Lucy Attridge (21.42) and Imogen King (22.31).

Results – new Club members

I’m sure the Tribesports team are keeping an eagle eye on how many runners join the parkrun clubs each week, as we await with anticipation to see their design of their t-shirts.  Going on to the list this week was Jack Massey, a junior parkrunner now eligible for his 10 t-shirt – congratulations Jack!  There were 7 new members of the 50 Club – well done to Darren Bradley, James Curthoys, Jonathon Gilkes, Rufus King, Rob Devonport, Judy Wilkes and Tricia Brackley! The 100 Club swelled by 1 new member this week, Michael MacNeil, and could have 7 new members next week as Rick Hanks, Alistair Ellis-Munro, Jason Nourse, Kirin Taylor, Daphne Boyle, Clare Goldsmith and Glennis Pye all ran their 99th parkrun this week.

And CONGRATUATIONS to Carol Dickinson who ran her 300th parkrun this week!  Although not an official parkrun ‘Club’ it is undoubtedly cause for celebration, especially when you factor in the 97 volunteers that Carol has carried out!  Carol celebrated in her usual fashion by baking biscuits for the volunteers and cakes for friends.  There were more cakes and more photos but sadly Carol’s husband Jonny was lacking in the photography department!

parkrun 4

Carol Dickinson with her 300 star and Julie Papworth

parkrun 5

Sharing cakes with (l-r) Kirsty Bangham, Carol Dickinson, Andy Wingate, Emma Wingate and Hayden Matthews

After all, the ethos of parkrun is about a free, timed 5k event that takes place every Saturday morning, where runners can socialize afterwards over coffee and cake = a perfect start to the weekend in my book!  And speaking of books, I hope my copy of 'parkrun: A Celebration' arrives soon *looks impatiently out of window for postman!!*

Until next Saturday…


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Run Report Event No. 562 – 7th March 2015

Today I was planning to take a small leaf out of Andy’s report from last week and talk a bit about my training and hopefully report that after months of injury I finally ran well again and dipped under 19 minutes for the first time in a few months.  Unfortunately last Tuesday while doing an interval session my left hamstring decided rather suddenly that it had had enough and wanted to stop right there and then.  Although amusing for other gym users to watch, I discovered it’s not particularly easy to stop quickly on a treadmill when going at full pace effectively on only one leg.  So since December, that’s left calf, right calf and left hamstring… I think bookmakers probably won’t be taking odds on what injury I get next.  Instead of running today, I spent the entire Andy Murray match alternating between the x-trainer and the bike down the gym watching a mix of tennis and athletics.  I was very glad the match didn’t go to a fourth set…

So other than me not running and being a bit grumpy, what else happened at Bushy parkrun number 562?  Well, for one thing the sun shone and despite it being a tad breezy, it sounded like underfoot conditions were much better.  Is that the end of the mud for a few months now?  We had 1013 runners complete the course and an amazing 144 of you got PBs.  I hope you all celebrated a brilliant achievement with a slice of cake or bearing in mind the weather, maybe an ice cream.  Even more amazingly we had a total of 53 people running their first parkrun today, so welcome to you all.  We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

For those of you who know who’s written this, you may be eager to find out what mathematical pattern I’m going to use this time to give a shout out to those who may not normally get a mention (or you may just think, oh no, not him again…) but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer.. or just scroll down and read that bit first of course.  But please don’t do that because you’d miss my big shout out to the volunteers.

I know we always cheer the volunteers at the start and if you’re anything like me you’ll hopefully thank all the marshals on the way round the course – although I must admit the person pointing out the Hazard down Chestnut Avenue often gets a louder thank you than the person on the final corner, who more often than not just gets a wave as speaking at that point isn’t really an option.  But you don’t just have to clap the volunteers and say thanks – you can get involved yourself! Volunteering is good fun and not scary at all if you’ve never done it before.  You’ll get a cup of coffee before the start, someone will explain exactly what you need to do, you’ll have lots of people say thank you which is a genuinely lovely way to start the day and if you’re very lucky, the lovely Carol will bake little cakes for all the volunteers – the chocolate brownies are stunning!  Hopefully Carol will be in generous mood again next week as she celebrated breaking 30 minutes at Bushy this weekend for the first time in a while.  For more information on how to volunteer, simply take a look here and without further ado, many thanks to all the lovely volunteers this week.

Adam SHERRIFF  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ali KENNEDY  •  Ann COWARD  •  Callum STEWART  •  Chris BRIMACOMBE  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Glen WASHINGTON  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Heather LOCKWOOD  •  Helen GARDINER  •  Jacqueline RICH  •  James SELL  •  Jeremy LANGDON  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Jonathan EVANS  •  Liz COLLISON  •  Liz ZASS  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Margaret Anne LE FRANC  •  Merran SELL  •  Mike SILK  •  Neil STEWART  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN  •   Sue GRAHAM-KAHN  •  Tim COOMBS  •  Will FORD

The Happy Scanning Team

Writing these run reports is always made easier by people sending you little titbits of things they heard out on the course or while milling around at the end.  Kate Harrison who finished in 807th has a brilliant deal going with her Dad to motivate her to run faster at parkrun.  Apparently if she can beat her brother OR run under 30 minutes, her Dad is going to get her a puppy.  Unfortunately it looks like the Harrison household won’t be hearing the sound of little paws just yet, as Kate finished in 31.45 (one second ahead of her Dad and Suzan who passed on the story) and about 90 seconds behind brother Tom.  However Kate did get a new PB on her 18th run so hopefully we’ll see an extra dog running around Bushy park in the next few months.  What are you going to get Kate?

The subject of t-shirts is something that is very close to the hearts of many parkrunners.  How long to go until the 10th, 50th, 100th and can I get it by Easter, Christmas, my next birthday etc is something you often hear people talking about.  A while ago I was told about a t-shirt rule (not really a rule!) by 385 parkrun veteran Kirsty about when and where you can wear your parkrun t-shirt.  Apparently when you have your 100 t-shirt, you can no longer wear your 50 t-shirt, unless you are visting another parkrun.  It becomes your ‘away’ kit apparently.  And your 50 & 100 are no longer worn at your home event once you have your 250 one.  This was all sparked again on Saturday by Zoe Riding flouting this rule (as I say, not really a rule!) and brazenly wearing a bright red 50 t-shirt at the home of parkrun.  Apparently this was because her 100 t-shirt, having now been worn and therefore washed approximately 130 times, was now getting a bit worn out.  This is of course a pretty fair point but was countered by Kirsty mentioning that a 250 t-shirt has to go through at least 250 cycles before you get you get a potential 500 t-shirt – and that’s before you start factoring in when the new Tribe t-shirts might be delivered!  It all got a bit confusing.  As a boy I was just surprised to learn that you wash your t-shirt after every run but that’s another story…

So who were the speedy Gonzalez’s this week in the quest to be first back to the big tree?  Was it one of this lot in the photo below?


Unfortunately the first person back was an Unknown Runner so he doesn’t get a mention (although he was the man right in the middle in the black t-shirt with bright orange trainers) so the first recognised person back to the big tree was Taras TELKOVSKY in a new PB of 15.59 seconds.  Congratulations for breaking 16 minutes.  Conditions were clearly good as second place went to Andrius JAKSEVICIUS in a time of 16.05 which is just one second outside of his PB and the top three of recognised runners was completed by Harry MATTHEWS in a time of 16.27 and you’ve guessed it, another PB.  Great times all of you – you’ll all be getting another mention shortly.

First back to the big tree - Taras TELKOVSKY

Leading the ladies home was Julie Reynolds from Blackheath & Bromley Harriers in a new PB of 19.23. Julie was followed by Ruth Hutton in a time of 20.29 and Isabel HESSEY in a time of 20.34, for you guessed it, another PB.

Top three in the boys juniors were Harry Matthews, Ollie Hurdle in 18.29 and Luke MACE in 19.13.

Top three in the ladies juniors were Scarlett WALKER in 21.33, followed by Helena SAMARASINGHE in 22.40 and finally Ana EARL in 22.59.  Many congratulations to all.

And we had a total of nine people break the 80% age grading barrier this week, so a massive well done to:

Amalie LIERMANN – 88.89% (In the JW10 category!)

Mike ANDERSON – 88.08%

Terry EAKIN – 86.06%

Harry MATTHEWS – 82.07% (just the three mentions so far!)

Ruth HUTTON – 81.86%

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS – 81.55%

Martin YELLING – 81.12% (Yes, THAT Martin Yelling of running and marathon talk fame)

Ramona THEVENET – 81.03%

Taras TELKOVSKY – 80.71%

And of course it would be remiss of me to not mention those who have after weeks, months and years of dedication joined a new milestone club this weekend.  Although this week there weren’t actually that many it seems!

No juniors joined the 10 club this week, but joining the 50 club were: Dawn THOMASON, Mike WEST, Stuart CRICHTON, David WATSON and Sadushan YATHEESWARAN.

Only one person will be swapping the red 50 for a black 100, so well done to Jane DAVIDSON… and no-one passed the magic 250 number so no new gold bling t-shirts for anyone this week.


So all that leaves is the now traditional when I write it, mathematical themed shout out to those people who might not normally get a mention in the newsletter.  This week I’ve actually had a suggestion, so many thanks to John Querstret from my running club who suggested I used Icositrigonal numbers this week.  As we all know Icositrigonal numbers are… actually I have no idea really but he assured me it was a real thing and a quick look on Wikipedia gave me the numbers I needed so with no further ado, hello and welcome to:

23 – Mike Essex from Viceroys Triathlon Club who has run at Bushy a total of 129 times since 2009 and who is either a Team GB athlete or the author of Tethered Twins, available from Amazon in the US for $1.09 plus postage.  I suspect the former…

66 – So that’s twice in three times of doing this that I’ve managed to pick out someone who actually writes these reports as well.  So it’s a big hello to Andy Wingate who is a true Bushy parkrun stalwart who actually equalled his PB on Saturday with a time of 20.17.  He’s already declared on social media that he’s going to break 20 minutes the next time the pacers are here and if he doesn’t he will be buying breakfast for every other runner that day at the Pheasantry.  That second bit might not be 100% true…

130 – Tony Baker finished in 130th in a time of 21.36, exactly one minute outside of his PB.  Tony has completed 97 parkruns so will soon hopefully be swapping red for black.  Looks like there won’t be many more opportunities for Tony to wear red as his ‘away’ kit as per Kirsty’s rule, (not a rule) as all Tony’s runs have been at Bushy Park.

215 – Another person getting close to that new t-shirt is Rick Hanks who came in 215th today on the occasion of his 98th parkrun.  Rick is also pretty partial to Bushy it seems as 95 of those runs have been at Bushy with trips to York, Ashton Court and Old Deep Park making up the total.

321 -Luke ARTHUR, welcome to the Icositrigonal roll of honour.  Little did you know as you – possibly – outsprinted the person in 322nd position by just one second that your final burst would give you a name check on a Sunday evening.  Or a Monday morning by the time I actually get round to finishing this.  If I ran as slow as I typed, the scanners would still be waiting for me to finish by early afternoon..

448 – A big hello also to Daniel WREN on the occasion of your 77th parkrun.  Daniel runs for the Stragglers club who must be the ‘most represented’ club at Bushy Park most weeks.  I could check but it’s getting late on Sunday and dinner is nearly ready… Daniel first ran at Bushy Park on 13th October 2012, possibly inspired by the 54th anniversary of Paddington Bear making his literary debut.  Or not..

596 - Rebecca BEVAN had the honour of coming 596th, in a time of 27.40.  Once again, I seem to have stumbled across a very loyal member of the Bushy parkrun faithful as 154 of Rebecca’s 156 runs have come at the home of parkrun.  The other two were at Wolverhampton where hopefully Rebecca took in the sites of Wightwick Manor and Gardens, rated number 1 out of 58 things to do in Wolverhampton on TripAdvisor.

765 – Thank you Annie MOORE for being the 765th person across the line today.  This was Annie’s 7th run at Bushy which compared to some of the numbers above may not seem like many but all of these runs have been in 2015, starting on 3rd January.  So if this was a New Year Resolution, well done for continuing it all the way into March when many other people’s resolutions (including mine) have fallen by the wayside!

955 – And last in my little list but by no means least, say hello to Orlando GIBSON who finished his 35th parkrun in a time of 37.25.  Another loyal Bushy parkrunner, all 35 of Orlando’s runs have been at Bushy although surely you must be tempted to fly over to Clermont Waterfront parkrun in Florida, USA as this appears to be only 32 minutes by car to the city of Orlando and then you could have a photo next to an Orlando street sign!  Especially as the café used by the team there is a ‘quaint American café with a cheese focus!’  It does start at 7.30am though….

That really is it.  Looking forward to doing it all again next weekend.  Until then…


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Run Report Event No. 561 – 28th February 2015

Well, firstly I should kind of apologise as this Run Report is not going to be particularly good – primarily as I mostly missed this week’s parkrun.

I didn't see this happen

As many of you will know, I have managed to snaffle myself a place in the London Marathon this year and am getting towards the sharp end of the training. My Long Slow run currently sits around the 18-19 mile (29-30 km) mark and so training is taking a big hold on my life. This week, I decided to do what many people have done and run my Long Slow on Saturday morning timing my arrival at a certain big tree for 9am with around 5km to go. My plan was to get up early for a decent breakfast, leave at 7am to run to the park the long way round (12km) before meeting a couple of friends at 8am for an 11km lap of the park then run parkrun and go for coffee as usual.

This mostly went well, I ran well to the park, but then a few things conspired that meant we didn’t make it to the start of parkrun until just after ten past nine – long after the field had disappeared down Chestnut Avenue. To be honest, I was wondering if we would get overtaken by the leaders as we rounded the Diana Fountain to head for the start – but we just managed to avoid that.

There were probably some announcements

In my head, I was still thinking this was okay – my LSR pace means I was hoping to do something like 25 minutes for a finish time around 37-38 mins including my lateness and so I would catch up with the field quite quickly and finish towards the back of the main pack of runners! However, I hadn't taken into account dying a thousand deaths!

Science tells us that the body can store around 2,000 calories to use during exercise and so if you are planning on burning more than that level then you need to replenish those stores, by eating or drinking on the move. My 24km warm-up burned almost exactly this magic number of calories and so I reached the startline with the petrol tank on empty.

Added to this, whilst I was carrying half a dozen energy gels with me, I decided not to use them – the key reason behind this decision was that I am pretty stupid! I took one as soon as I realised what was happening, but by this point it was too late and my fate was sealed.

It meant my pace dropped about 500m up Chestnut Ave and from running strong my stride became a shuffle, my head dropped and I spent the entire time working out how I could get back to the startline in the shortest possible way. My kilometre splits for the 5km went 5:31, 5:55, 6:22, 6:33 and 7.28! I had to fight hard to keep that last one under 7 1/2 minutes!

But I made it! I crossed the line, scanned my barcode and stumbled around looking for Carol Dickinson who had made a lemon drizzle cake - you've got to refuel!

So what did I experience at parkrun other than a whole world of pain?

Well I found out that Sally Willis who was hazard marshal stayed in her position even until I had shuffled past and gave me an encouraging cheer. I caught up with Juliette Jowit trying to convince her four year-old daughter, Lucy, to keep going – which she evidently did. I caught up a few people (although not many) and then with a young girl Ellie Gonsalves, who was running her first parkrun. Her mum, Hayley (well done on the new PB!) has caught the bug and so convinced Ellie to come along and whilst she was finding it tough she still had enough in the tank that with a bit of encouragement to beat me to the line.

That was about it, so I am writing this Run Report from a rather passive viewpoint!


The 561st Bushy parkrun

We almost hit the thousand for another week with 994 runners completing a lap of our course.

This is what I am told the start looked like

First back to the big tree was Talas Telkovsky who ran a new PB (16:19) for his third first place finish in his 15th parkrun, Andrew Lawrence (16:25) was second with Andrius Jaksevicius (16:25) third.

Harry Matthews was the quickest of the junior field – he celebrated winning the Brighton Youth Race last week with a new parkrun PB (16:29) this week. Harry was followed home by Ben Tatters (18:09) and Fred Green (18:37) – also a new PB!

The ladies were led home by Jay Marie O’Hanlon (18:25) on her first parkrun with Junior athlete Isabel Atkins (19:31) in second place and Nicola Swaffield (20:01) third.

Isabel’s new PB time might have given her second place overall, but she was also the quickest of the juniors ahead of Libby Brown (20:46) and Joanna Boxall (21:05)


New Milestones, PBs and WAVA scores

115 new PBs were set, with eleven coming from athletes with over 50 parkruns to their name! Well done to Harry Matthews, Fred Green, Kevin Dargue, Chris Humphris, Libby Brown, Fin O’Regan, Lilian Mace, Richard Boxall, Martin Powell, Laura Mosley and Sandeep Bal!

Junior 10 Club - Isabel Atkins, David Mason and Alisa Eedy all celebrated joining the 10 Club with new PBs and they were joined by Thaddeus Saunders and Maddie Brown

50 Club – Only one runner completed their 50th parkrun this week, so well done to Juliet Lack who will be looking at sizes for her new red T-shirt

100 Club – Big congratulations to Simon Webb and Susan Noone who both ran their 100th parkrun and so will be sporting new black tops sometime soon!

No new T-Shirt, but well done to Tony Chapman, Alexandra Mason and Keith Morris who all completed their 200th parkrun at Bushy this weekend.


As for the WAVA Threshold – four runners managed to hit the magic 80% score, so well done to Harry Matthews, Jay Marie O’Hanlon, Laurence Duffy and Isabel Atkins!


From the back of the pack…

The only other thing I wanted to mention was the proposed course change that was mentioned on our social media last week. I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain some of the thoughts we have had and the reasoning behind the change.

It has basically stemmed from conversations with the Royal Parks Authority who were getting increasingly concerned with our ever expanding numbers and the impact on the park itself. 1,000 pairs of feet down Chestnut Avenue is not helping the health of the chestnut trees that make that walk so iconic.

There are a few other factors that are brought to play when trying to find solutions in the fact that the other side of Chestnut Avenue is really the preserve of the dog walkers – we have in some ways trained them over the years to go to that side of the park and so a switch to there would cause no-end of complaints from people who have just as much right to the park as we do. So Bushy parkrun like almost all the running events in the park will always be on the East side of Chestnut Ave and that is the area we had to work with.

We had discussed a number of different potential courses with the Royal Parks and have found one which we all feel balances the needs of our community with the impact on the park and other park users. The Royal Parks have agreed with our thinking and so all we need to do now to fully confirm things is to have the course professionally measured.

Our EDs, Ray and Hayden measured it with a wheel and are happy with it, but to keep up the standards we need to get in an official and this may take a few weeks to organise.

Photo 27-02-2015 10 58 08
One man and his wheel

The suggestion is to have a test run on the new course in early April and assuming all goes okay, to move to the new course from then onwards. This is a critical moment in our history as it is a key step to safeguard the long term future of our run. We would love to keep our existing route, but we need to have a positive and respectful relationship with our landlords - who I should add are hugely supportive of what we do.

Also talking about respect, we also have to park considerately, not in the yellow lines or hatched areas. Things like this will also show we are not respecting the park and must stop

From looking at the comments on Facebook, I can reassure people that the proposed course is as good as we can think of in terms of keeping what makes Bushy special. It should still be flat and fast and so your PBs will still be realistic targets, although Andy Baddeley will have to work hard to set a new course record.

  • The start is on a wide avenue, so the field should string out a bit before hitting the first turn
  • The start and finish are convenient for the carparks from the logistical point of view of getting our gear to where it needs to be
  • The finish is also okay for the Pheasantry from a community point of view – it wouldn’t be parkrun if it didn’t end with coffee and cake!
  • We get to keep the course as single lap, mostly on tarmac
  • BP Alt

NB. The course doesn't cross itself at the 2km and 4/5km points as this would be dangerous, but does return to the same junction - perfect for High 5-ing!

But personally, I am most pleased that the finish line is in the same place as it currently is – albeit going in the opposite direction! That point I think makes a lot of difference – that big old oak, is probably the most famous tree in all of parkrun, maybe even in all of running!


The old Bushy Park Time Trial used to start from there and obviously now it is our finish line – I am pretty sure it was the inspiration for the original designs of the parkrun logo which have evolved to the version that we have today. So I guess, every member of the 10 Club, 50 Club, 100 Club or 250 Club, all the people who bought the parkrun T-shirts from Wiggle last year etc. wears that image on their chest. Everyone from the 14 hardy souls who ran around a chilly Sosnivka parkrun course in St Petersburg, Russia to the 85 who fought up the hills of Dunedin parkrun, NZ – every one kind of knows that tree!!

I’m not even sure if the bit where you go past Cutty Sark or across Tower Bridge on the London Marathon course or Heartbreak Hill in Boston is as famous as that gnarled oak tree! And it would be a shame if we lost it being such an icon and so I think it is a huge positive that reaching it remains the target for every Bushy parkrunner and our timer will have the same spot to shelter on the odd occasion we get a few spots of rain!

Before we all get sentimental about a change to something we all love. One final point which Ray mentioned to me – late March or early April may well see the final running of Bushy parkrun on its current course, but that is the fourth iteration of our 5km lap. Many of you will know that we used to run it in reverse, but in the very early runs BPTT started from a couple of different spots in the carpark before we settled on the present course, albeit going anti-clockwise. So yes, our present course has been iconic, but Bushy parkrun evolves and in the same way that we moved from names on sheets of A4 to barcodes and from laptops to hand-held scanners we need to continue to evolve to continue the positive nature of our relationship with the people who manage our beautiful park!

So whilst it will be different wandering down to Lime Avenue for the start, I hope you will all be as enthusiastic about the new course as the one many of us have spent many hours running around.

Anyway, that’ll do for the today!

Take care

Andy W


PS. Thanks to Dave Papworth, Jo Gleave, Nic Wiseman and Anna Slater for the photos

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Run Report Event No. 560 – 21st February 2015

So that was the 560th parkrun at Bushy Park and what a wet and muddy one it was too. Of course there was no rain at 9am because it never actually rains at that time on a Saturday but there had certainly been a spot of rain overnight and there were definitely one or two puddles out on the course and more than just a little bit of mud at the top of Chestnut Avenue and on playground corner. I can also vouch for the fact that some of the puddles were pretty deep and the water was absolutely freezing! There’s that horrible moment when you’re running in the middle of a big group and the person in front of you jumps and you’re already in mid stride and realise there is nowhere you are going other than right in the middle of a great big puddle. Horrible. I always thought I could have been an Olympic steeplechaser if it wasn’t for having to land with one foot in the water every 400 metres. That and my distinct lack of talent of course. Anyway, enough of my waffling, what happened at the 560th parkrun at Bushy Park?

As it was the third Saturday in an even month, it meant of course that it was an odd minutes pacer parkrun. Nothing odd about the pacers though, I have to say this month it was an exceptionally good looking bunch of pacers we had, although the guy doing the 21 minutes apologises for going off a bit slow and having to do quite a sharp final mile to get somewhere close to the 21 minute park. Everyone else seemed to have paced brilliantly well looking at the results for everyone below. (I always blame the timer anyway if I’m not exactly spot on!)


From left to right: Rob Phillips, Ian Fullen, Andy Pillidge, Katrin Kroschinski, Jack Kennedy, Vince Gannon, David Stewart and Jed Leicester. Jed can also be seen getting a slightly unorthodox pre run stretch in below. Thanks for the photos Rodney.


The number of starters was slightly down on previous weeks, possibly due to the rain or maybe the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the day after but we still had a very respectable turnout with 907 people coming under the starters orders of run director Andy Wingate.

First back to the big tree was Cassian Hyde (pictured below) in a brilliant time of 16.42 closely followed by Bushy regular Anthony Jackson in 16.51 and in third was a guy with a marvellous head of hair, an Arkansas vest and an America accent. Sadly he was listed as an Unknown Runner as although he has registered, he doesn’t have a printer. It’s amazing the things you hear after a run while looking for your sweatshirt. That made the third official finisher Nick Wright in a time of 17.39.


As for the ladies, they were led home by Julie Reynolds who finished in exactly 20.00, Isabel Hessey was next in 20.51 and Polly Adams was third in a time of 21.10 on her 360th parkrun.
Heading down to the Juniors, there was a very close race to be top of the metaphorical non podium (seeing as it’s a run, not a race), the first junior man home was Joshua Poncia in 19.39 with Samuel Taylor close behind in 19.55 and Jamie Benson coming in third in 19.58. Very impressively, all three of these men are in the JM11-14 category so finished ahead of many more senior juniors if that makes any sense to you!
Isobel Maria Stockley led the junior women home in a time of 21.39, just ahead of Jessica Nicholls-Mindlin in 21.51 with Caitlin Wheeler slightly further back in 22.45.

An amazing 71 people PB’d on a very muddy day so many congratulations to all of you. Congratulations also to those of who attending Bushy for the first time, a total of 71 people ran a lap of Bushy parkrun for the first time with 48 of those running a parkrun for the very first time. Welcome to one and all, we hope to see you again next week.

Just the three people broke the magic 80% WAVA Age grading this week (I soooo want to see my name in this section one day!) so many congratulations to:
Jane Davies – 96.61%
Mike Anderson – 85.07%
Tom Conlon – 83.47%

And last, but by no means least, some amazing people joined a new club and will be receiving a lovely new t-shirt from Tribesports sometime soon(ish).

Joining the 250 club were… well, no one actually but we did have three people joining the 100 club so many congratulations to Gaston Verdicchio, Deborah Downey and Mark Dukes while eight people joined the 50 club. So a round of applause for Joaquin Picola, Abigail Frame, Christopher Box, Mark Pattrick, Caitlin Wheeler, Tom Gardiner, David Symmons and James Morris. Just the two juniors joined the 10 club this week, so well done to Ruby Grant and Adam Sloan.

Of course, none of these times, t-shirts or top threes would have been possible without a brilliant bunch of volunteers turning up in the cold to make it happen. So a huge big thanks to the following:
Adam SHERRIFF • Andrew John WINGATE • Anna SAVILL • Brigid HIBBERD • Carol SWAFFER • Catelin LE FRANC • David KLEIN • David PAPWORTH • Heather Lynn HORLER • Janice FRANKS • Jeremy PALMER • John A STEPHENS • Joy BELL • Julie PAPWORTH • Justine ALBERT • Kirsty BANGHAM • Lucy THATCHER • Margaret Anne LE FRANC • Mohammed FAIZ • Nick SAVILL • Pedro DAS GUPTA • Ray FRANKS • Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH • Ruth COLE • Sharon ANDREW • Stephen PENPRAZE • Susan HOWARTH • Zoe Alison RIDING

If you’d like to volunteer every once in a while – and it really is good fun and very rewarding – you can see more details at or by emailing for more details.

For those of who are regular readers of these reports, you may remember that I previously used the Fibonacci sequence to highlight those runners who may never get a mention in these reports otherwise except when they join a milestone club. So seeing as no one told me it was a rubbish idea I thought I’d try again with the mathematical thing and use Cubed numbers – luckily there aren’t absolutely loads of these between 1 and a 1000 as it’s getting a bit late on Sunday afternoon and I’m getting a bit hungry! For those of you who spent maths lessons passing notes to girls they fancied or used the calculator upside down to write rude words, you may not remember what a cubed number is… it’s simply when you multiply it by itself three times. So 1x1x1 = 1 and 2x2x2 =….

8 – Mike Anderson. As well as being the answer to 2x2x2, it’s also the finishing position of Mike Anderson, one of our triumvirate of 80% and above WAVA finishers. Mike is just 7 short of getting his 250 t-shirt and has run a total of 132 times around the home of parkrun. He also appears to be incredibly consistent with his personal best for every year from 2006 to 2015 being in the 80% and above range.

27 – Jon Barks was finisher number 27 on his 34th parkrun. Looking at his results it appears that Jon likes to keep his parkrunning fairly local, as while he has travelled further afield than Bushy, he’s only gone as far as Richmond, the Old Deer Park in Richmond and Crane Park. He’s also a member of Ful-On-Tri so no doubt very good on a bike and in the pool if his sub 20 minute time is anything to go by.
64 – Jonathan Gilkes came in 64th and is another triathlete, but this time with the marvellously alliterated club, Thames Turbo Triathlon. Jonathan is also closing in on a milestone as he is just three short of the 50 club.

125 – Ralph Blackbourn came in 125th on the occasion of his 153rd parkrun and his 132nd around Bushy. (For those of you who struggled in maths or are a bit confused, 125 = 5x5x5). Interestingly Ralph’s finishing time today of 22.27 is exactly the same as his best time back in 2010 but due to the wonders of WAVA age grading is a whole 1.19% better! Who says getting older is a bad thing?

216 – It had to happen at some point… an Unknown Runner came in 216th. So if you remember that was your finishing position, then sorry but you missed seeing your name in lights. Sort of. Perhaps you can think of a mathematical pattern I could choose in the future, remember your barcode and then ensure you finish in the chosen position to see your name featured?

343 – Karen Whapshott-Downer crossed the line in 343rd position and is another person closing in on that 250 t-shirt. Karen has run all of her 232 runs at Bushy Park, starting back at event 99 on 5th August 2006 which many of us may remember also for being the 32nd birthday of Ryu Seung-Min, the South Korean table tennis player who won gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics. I didn’t look at Wikipedia at all for that fact.

512 – Darren Eedy finished in 512th place in exactly the same time as Alisa Eedy who as she is a Junior runner and Darren is a vet runner, I’m going to assume is his daughter? I could of course be completely wrong and it could all be a bizarre coincidence – if so, please let us know! This was Darren’s 13th run around Bushy so it was definitely lucky for him although despite finishing in the same time, the results show you were one place below Alisa so bragging rights go to the younger generation this week!

729 – Lastly for our cube numbers (9x9x9 for those who are looking out of the window and wishing it was lunch time) we have Abhinav Singh. Abhinav was on his second run at parkrun and as he is a junior, he is just 8 away from a coveted t-shirt. His first run was just last week so hopefully parkrun is becoming a habit and we look forward to seeing you again next week!
I think that’s it for my mathematical musings this time. I hope you enjoyed reading this but more importantly I hope you enjoyed running, supporting or volunteering on Saturday and can’t wait to do it all again next Saturday. Until then…


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