Run Report Event No 725 – 10th March 2018


The Mild One




What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday 739 of us slipped and slided around the old course in a snowy -2 degrees whereas this week 1146 of us ran in a positively balmy 11 degrees. The course was muddy and wet in places but happily much firmer under foot than last week.
As always, many thanks to our volunteers who, I should imagine, took a long time cleaning mud from their footwear this weekend.

our altruistic legends are:

Niamh ALLERTON, Joy BELL, Phil BLUER, Lou COAKER, Ian CUNNINGHAM, Jonathan DICKINSON, Andrew FINCH, Niamh FINLAY, Carolyn FOSTER, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Ewen GIBSON, Sue GRAHAM-KAHN, Samantha HANLEY, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Christopher JOHNSON, Jonathan JONES, Samuel JONES, Lucy KATESMARK, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Joseph MILLS, Robert MOREY, Carmen PALMER, Hannah PICKUP, Kit POWNEY, Edie PROUD, Anna SAVILL, Duncan SCOBLE, Ethan SCOTT, James SELL, Merran SELL, Daniel SHACKLETON, Wendy STOKES, Bethan STURDY, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Patrick TROUGHTON, Jessica TUCKMAN, Harry VAUGHAN, Andrew John WINGATE, Sophie Annabel WRIGHT, Gemma Olivia WRIGHT, Adam WRIGHT

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I know we're an energetic lot but I'd put me back out lifting one of those.



The funnel is prepped...



...and warm ups done.






Yvonne, Gordon and Catriona McAulay were visiting from Maldon prom and Hull. Gordon's Christmas present was to be brought to the home of parkrun. Hope you enjoyed your visit guys.



Ready for the off





RD Andy Wingate makes his pre event announcements.


Micheal and Janet approach the finish.


Damn those pesky kids with their super quick finishes!

Dog Legs


Maybe it was the milder weather but there seemed to be more of our furry friends around than usual...


Untitled    Untitled

Untitled    Untitled

Merran fully focused on her time keeping role.



Funnel of love



...officially spent.


Statistical Analysis


1146 of us ran or walked around the course for event number 725.


We had 76 PB's and four age grades over 80%

Those magnificent four were;

Jake Shelly.... 82.17%

Fran Kenden....81.17%

Andrius Jaksevicius....80.66%

Ramona Thevenet....80.46%




This winning smile belongs to Isabel who came agonisingly close to an 80% age grading with a score of 79.99%. How close is that! However, she made up for it with a PB of 22:39, nearly a minute quicker than her previous best. Well done Isobel.


First Finishers


1. Jake Shelley....15:42 first timer at Bushy

2. Andrius Jaksevicius....16:33

3. Samuel Shaw....17:34



1. Isabel Livesey....19:43

2. Jessica Earp....20.02  new PB

3. Helena Samarasinghe....20.16


Young men

1. Samuel Shaw....17:34

2. Mathew David Tyas....19:40

3. Nate Brazier....20:24


Young women

1. Isabel livesey....19:43

2. Helen Samarasinghe....20:16

3. Lucy Hoseason....21:34



Very well done to the ten of you who reached various milestones this week.

Perfect 10

Jamie Grose

Ella Patel


Fab 50

Zoe Birchenough

Nick Branch

Rachel Parkerson

Anna Price

Emma Norman

Trevor Grant



Anna Price before her 50th run


Hot 100

David William Lunn

David made his parkrun debut in December 2008 at Banstead Woods. he's run twice at Bushy, his first run being almost exactly four years ago.


Terrific 250

Tim Syrad

Tim started his parkrun career exactly ten years ago this week. he ran his PB of 25:18 in September 2009 and has run 236 times at Bushy. Tim has also run at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Huge congratulations to all our Milestone runners this week.



Our very own Emma, Carol and Wendy ran the Big Half last weekend and proudly wore their finishers teeshirts on Saturday. Very well done, I know you worked hard for it.

Gratuitous Portraits


Just to finish off our earlier canine theme, here are a few portraits of some of our furry friends.






And Finally



By 10.30 you'd never know any of us had ever been there.


See you Saturday

Duncan Scoble


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Event number 724 – 3rd March 2018

There’s snow business like Bushy business!
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

What a week it has been as we gladly bid farewell to February and were all set to embrace and welcome the Spring month of March but our hopes were dashed at this prospect as ‘The Beast from the East’ collided with ‘Storm Emma’ and caused chaos and the worst weather in the UK for years. Yet there was joy for tens of thousands of children who had unexpected days off school and took to the slopes on sledges after being inspired by Team GB’s Billy Morgan who returned from Pyeongchang with a bronze medal. Due to the Winter Olympics, the annual Oscar Awards ceremony which is traditionally held on the final Sunday in February, was pushed back a week and held this first weekend in March. Well there wasn’t a single ‘Oscar’ amongst our field at Bushy this parkrunday but all the brave and courageous souls who took part, whether running slow, snow, quick, quick, slow, or volunteering, are surely all worthy of an award for just turning up and taking part.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done’.
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

The snow must go on!
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018
The kit starts to arrive!

‘There were 97 parkruns, 409 cancellations, and the total UK 5K parkrun population was 14624’.  (Thank you to Elliot Line for this stat attack!)

Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018
An icy and quiet Heron Pond

After an exciting week for me at work which included taking part in the traditional annual World Book Day celebrations dressed as a toucan (and no snow days at school), it finished with a real cliffhanger as parkrunday approached. Behind the scenes, there were endless emails as to whether the event at Bushy would go ahead as safety is the main focus of everyone involved. With several checks of the park and the course, it was then decided by Event Director Rob Phillips to let the weekly event go ahead as planned but with a difference as it reverted for just this week to the old course. (The only other time when the old course is officially run is the annual weekend of Chestnut Sunday in May). The last time that I can recall that the course had a thick covering of snow was on 19 January 2013 when I was one of the 502 participants who took part and it was run as to what we now know as the old course but at that time was the regular weekly course!
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018
A field of colour head over to brighten up Chestnut Avenue

Emma versus The Beast
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

With the recent weather conditions, it seemed apt to give a shout out to any of our hardy runners as named above. There certainly were plenty of beasts among the field but too many to mention so I opted for an alternative connection. Toby Bullock was a First Timer to parkrun and stampeded his way round in 24.59, Paul Wolff foxed his way around in 28.08 on his 92nd parkrun and (maybe a relation) Daniel Wolff sneaked his way round in 19.02 on his 122nd run. Jeremy Hawke flew round in 33.36 on his impressive 371st 5k whereas Foxes (whom I am presuming are related!) Justine and youngster Jake cunningly conquered the course in 33.40. There were plenty of Emmas represented among the relatively low field today and they weren’t afraid to take on the beast, so well done for making it round Emma Braysher in 33.24 on her 7th parkrun, Emma Dickinson took it easy and tail walked her way round today ahead of ‘The Big Half’ on Sunday, teenager Emma Hurdle soared her way round to finish in 24.56, Emma Littler completed her 52nd parkrun in 30.03, Emma Moreton finished in 23.56 and was just 19 seconds adrift of her PB on her 185th parkrun, Emma Norman has one more 5k to go until her 50th milestone, young Emma Smith completed her 36th in 31.20 and last but not least is Emma Wingate on her impressive 272nd parkrun which means that the Emmas definitely defeated the beasts!

So how did you all do at this week’s event?
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

The event was in the cautious but cool hands of Run Director Simon Lane who did a rock-solid job as he safely sent you all off down the alternative old course down Chestnut Avenue. Myself and Zoe Faiz checked in the immense number of volunteers and Jan Franks and Lucy Katesmark nimbly handed out those all-important finish tokens. There were many marvelous marshals around the snow-covered course, many of the young Dof E’s had snow idea that there was an old course and had to be briefed and pointed in the right direction. The funnel was managed by a top team of experienced volunteers and it was somewhat strange seeing the different set up which was of course enhanced by the blanket of the white stuff.

There was a slight change in timekeepers as Jack Kennedy stepped in to be Andy Howarth’s back-up but between them, your fate was in their safe hands despite frozen fingers and numb thumbs!

The results bit:
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

And the Oscar goes to…

Top trio of beasts were: The infamous unknown runner yet again crossed the finish line first so the official credit goes to Frederick Slemeck in a slick 16.30. Jumping to the line in second was Ollie Hurdle in 17.53 closely followed by Tom Lovegrove just 4 seconds adrift.

Top trio of belles were: Teenager Isabel Livesey led the ladies home in 20:15 with Georgina Furze 21 seconds afterwards. Victoria Haslam completed the trio of the females in 20.56.

Top Juniors were: James Milton in 19.41 followed by Alexander Weatherstone in 20.57 with Cameron Fraser crossing the line 18 seconds later.

The aforementioned Isabel Livesey with Emily Coulson following in her footsteps in 20.56 and young Helena White in 21.51. They were all taking it easy and carefully today!

The Stats Bit

How many?
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

There was a huge dip in tokens handed out this week as just 739 participants braved the wintry conditions and were dashing through the snow. The last time that the tokens finished in three digits was on the 1st January this year with 940 finishers yet in the seven hundred was on 1st January 2017 with just 20 more runners. Whereas this was the lowest attendance since 1st January 2016 when 717 made it to the park after celebrating the night before. The pattern here is obviously with New Year’s Eve celebrations yet this week the icy and treacherous conditions obviously deterred many and the warmth of the duvet must have been more inviting!

Who were they?
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

242 of the identified field were female, 466 were male whereas 31 declined to declare their result.

  • A sparse but resilient 42 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park –  11 of these were totally new to parkrun. Welcome and well done for starting your parkrun journey in such challenging conditions. It will get easier from here and you are guaranteed a PB next time!
  • Just one runner had an age grading over 80%! Well done to Simon Bean with 82.38%

How fast?

  • Just 39 registered runners slid in under 20 minutes.
  • A nifty 9 braved the ice and smashed it with New PB’s! Special mention must go to the following few for such mean feats in tricky circumstances:
  • Lee Jenkins on his 65th 5k in 24.07. This was however just his 2nd run at Bushy as he usually runs at Bracknell (PB 23.56) but today, despite the slippery conditions, he took 52 seconds off his previous time set here last September. Likewise, to teenager Alex Gurteen (who usually runs at Nonsuch) on his 115th parkrun and similarly his 2nd at Bushy taking 15 seconds off his time from December last year to give him a crisp new PB here of 18.41. Regular Kingston parkrunner Mark Cannings marked his 50th 5k with a New PB of 20.14 at Bushy and youngster Sam Robertson from Woking parkrun achieved a New PB here too of 22.15 which wipes 57 seconds off his time from February on his 15th parkrun.

  Special Plaudits

As we should be aware, it’s not all about running yet it is somewhat astounding as to the amount of people who run every week yet never volunteer! This event couldn’t happen without the wonderful welcoming and warm-hearted volunteers every week. So, a moment of gratitude please to the following:

Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew HOWARTH  •  Angela MACSON  •  Bethan STURDY  •  Carol DICKINSON  •  Carol SWAFFER  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  Daniel SHACKLETON  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Edie PROUD  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan SCOTT  •  Evie HINDE  •  Glady GARTLAND  •  Hannah PICKUP  •  Harry VAUGHAN  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jessica TUCKMAN  •  Jonathan DICKINSON   •  Josh MARS  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Lorraine DILLAMORE  •  Lucy KATESMARK  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Mack DOWNEY  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Melanie HOWES  •  Niamh ALLERTON  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Nick ROWE  •  Phil BLUER  •  Philip GODDEN  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard MOORE  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Robert MOREY  •  Rupert POSTLETHWAITE  •  Sally ROWE  •  Sam CHAU  •  Shirley BUCKLEY  •  Simon GREENHILL  •  Simon LANE  •  Stefan KRUEGER  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Verity RIDING  •  Wendy HAPPS  •  Will RAWLING  •  Zoe Alison FAIZ Please send Pat an email at if you fancy having a turn, you won’t be disappointed as satisfaction is guaranteed!
The Tail Walkers escort Octogenarian Madge round safely on her 398th parkrun

Milestone markers

Unlike last week with the bumper celebrations, like the decreasing temperatures, they were zero this week! I celebrated my 250th parkrun on this weekend last year in the Spring like conditions amongst the daffodils and deer, what a difference a year makes! David Tyas has just 4 more to go to become the next member of the prestigious 500 club whereas Tim Syrad and Hardev Bal both have one more 5k to go until their tremendous 250th’s. Fi Webster, Kathryn Lovegrove and Rob O’Connor are all on 99 runs and ready to trade in their red tops for black. Now in the red are Claude Harry, Clive Sait and Mark Cannings who all completed their half a century 5K’s.

parkrun tourists
University of Portsmouth pilgrimage
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

Despite the icy weather, we warmly welcomed visitors from elsewhere which included a large assemblage from Portsmouth University. They could hardly go unnoticed as the majority of them were wearing unusual running attire, which had nothing to do with the freezing temperatures! There was an array of fancy dress costumes which was just for fun but Bushy Park wasn’t their planned destination to run. The students were staying in a London hostel to attend ‘The Hyde Park Relays’ (which is the UK’s largest annual student relay race and is now in its 70th year, open to university students, their alumni, and guests from the UK and beyond, the race sees over 600 competitors take to the paths of Hyde Park in Central London with a route passing iconic sights including the Serpentine lake, Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner) but with the ice and snow it was cancelled due to unsafe conditions. So many of them decided to do a 5k run anyway (however some stayed under the duvet) and what better place to do it than the birthplace of parkrun?! The determined set of students battled their way to Bushy by trains and bus to join up with fellow colleague Harry Dillamore, who was staying in the comfort of his family home local to Bushy Park where his lovely mum Lorraine is an avid and valuable volunteer. This week she had a multiple of roles, but her official volunteer duty was First Timers Briefing, which she has performed many times before but this week she had to change her speech accordingly and quickly to accommodate the old course. Fortunately, her audience was somewhat rather small this week! Then she was left in charge of the students' bags and coats that were deposited at the start and being a kind and caring person with natural maternal instincts, she carried all their belongings to the big oak tree at the finish. Thankfully with some help!  After that I spotted her on banner duty as she held the University banner advertising their running club, whilst cheering the students over the finish line. I wonder if she lovingly cooked them all a superhero breakfast too?!

Their presence certainly brightened up the course and it’s not every week when you see Superman warming up in Bushy Park! Needless to say, even though their official running event was cancelled, I was assured that the after party was still on schedule and I foresee there will be a few sore heads the next morning too!

One of the all-time greats from ‘The Great North Run’
Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018

There were a few noticeable apricot tops on display too amongst the field, one was from Durham parkrun and was worn by John Tomlinson. The sexagenarian from up north was visiting his son after a somewhat challenging journey in the midweek snowy conditions and during his stay he returned to Bushy Park for the 3rd time yet it was his first on the old course and it was his 112th 5k overall. Keen runner John has a great claim to fame as he is a member of the ‘Great North Run All Runs Club’ of which there are now under 100 associates remaining. The first Great North Run was staged on June 28, 1981, when 12,000 runners participated whereas nowadays more than 55,000 runners take part in the Newcastle-South Shields race each year, making it the biggest mass participation run in the UK and one of the biggest running events in the world. I was fortunate enough to get a place and ran this event in September 2013 alongside Mo Farah, (well we were both taking part in our first GNR!) and it was an amazing experience and a tick off my to do list. However, John and his fellow clan get to experience a few minutes of fame before they set off as they are entitled to line up on the start line behind the elite runners at this annual prestigious event. If there is any half marathon to do in the world, this iconic one is a must!

From windy Washington to Bushy blizzards

The other visible apricot top today was from Fletcher’s Cove and was proudly modeled by jovial Joyce Adams who was on vacation from Washington DC. Fortunately for her, Bushy parkrun wasn’t on the extensive cancelled event list as it’s a long way to travel for some parkrun tourism. Her annual trip to the UK thankfully included her first 5k at the cradle of parkrun and meeting up with Paul and Jo Sinton-Hewitt to take special delivery of some finish tokens for the ever-increasing events which Joyce is involved in back home in the USA. They now have 16 events in total and Joyce has run 55 times at various locations and she is an all-important member of the core volunteer team. Her handful in the UK included Moors Valley in Dorset last weekend and now she surely has to come back to the UK again to experience the real Bushy masses and the beautiful butterfly course of the park. However, she did get to sample a typical English pleasure in the Pheasantry as I spotted her carb loading on a scrumptious scone with jam and cream before ‘The Big Half’ on Sunday which I am sure would have powered her round!

What’s on next week?

Business should be back to normal next week as the snow and ice have since thawed and it looks like that Spring can resume in the park. It’s also British Pie Week, which takes place every year on the first full week of March and was started back in 2007 by Jus-Rol. Apparently as a fully-fledged nation of pie lovers and with so many great recipes available it just falls to you to decide what kind of a pie lover you are – whether it’s a savoury pie, a dessert pie, a crumble, a pasty or a pizza pie you can get a whole week of entertainment from attempting to make them, and even more fun trying them all! According to the most common internet search results for what we Brits are looking at recipes for, here’s our top 10, love them or loathe them:-

1: Cottage Pie 2: Fish Pie 3: Shepherd’s Pie 4: Chicken & Leek Pie 5: Chicken and Mushroom Pie 6: Steak and Ale Pie 7: Meat and Potato Pie 8: Pork Pie 9: Steak and Kidney Pie 10: Corned Beef Pie

Happy British Pie Week! Just a thought though… ‘who ate all the pies?’

Bushy parkrun 3/3/2018
That's all folks!

Remember there’s snow place like home so see you back at Bushy!

Julie Papworth

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people."
-Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike

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Run Report Event No 723 – 24 February 2018


The one with so many 250 celebrations

The sun was shining, a perfect winter’s morning with ice on the lake by the big tree and a touch of frost on the ground. Despite a decided chill in the air we had 1,211 runners line up to listen to Ray Coward give the pre-run briefing. There was a certainly a sense of celebration in the parkrun masses with no less than SIX people running their 250th parkrun – surely a record for that many to do their green shirt run at the same event. There are under 2,500 people in the world to have run 250 events out of 4 million people registered and we will look at some of the various stats for the club memberships a bit later. At 9am we were away and the firm ground and little wind made for some quick times as we headed round the 5k.



The Volunteers

Despite it being great running conditions and the sunny morning made the park look lovely it was certainly chilly if you were stood around so once again a massive thank to you to all of the volunteers. The support and encouragement from them all before, during and after is brilliant – so please if you can talk on the course give them a thank you on your way round (or if talking isn’t possible even a wave or acknowledgement is appreciated).


The 52 volunteers this week were Niamh ALLERTON, Marilia ASTLE JONES, Donald BELL, Sean BLACKMORE, Alex BLACKMORE, Helen CARPENTER, Sam CHAU, Ray COWARD, Phil DAVIES, Jonathan DICKINSON, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Samantha FAGG, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Sheila FERGUSSON, Niamh FINLAY, Honey FINNAN, Ray FRANKS, Charlotte FRASER, Glady GARTLAND, Suzanne GREEN, Evie HINDE, Emilie HOWES, Ivor HUGHES, Samuel JONES, Natasha JORDAN DEWHURST, Lucy KATESMARK, Courtney LE FRANC, Sarah LOKY, Ally MANOLE, Joseph MILLS, Richard MOORE, Robert MOREY, Freya MORRISON, Ethan MULLEN, Diane MULLEN, Hannah PICKUP, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Nicole RIEHL, Nick ROWE, Sumita SARMA, Ethan SCOTT, Daniel SHACKLETON, Catherine STENSON, Bethan STURDY, Carol SWAFFER, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Alex TICKELL, Mike TIVNEN, Jessica TUCKMAN, Harry VAUGHAN, Tabitha WODDIS


If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.




The Runners

Of the 1,211 finishers we welcomed 103 first timers to the birthplace of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again by the fountain some Saturday morning in the near future. The good conditions helped 156 runners to a Bushy PB. In the 723 Bushy events we have now welcomed an amazing 43,781 different runners to our event with these parkrunners completing 472,437 events which totals an amazing 2,362,185km with 67,120 PB’s.

We had 9 members of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 116 members of 250-club, 250 in the 100-club and a further 206 50-club runners. 77 runners either hadn’t registered or had committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB.




Of the 156 runners who achieved their PB’s today 11 of them have over 100 parkruns to their names. Well done to all.

Andrew FIRTH 22:21 VM50-54 68.16%
Rebecca LUNN 23:14 VW50-54 74.96%
Stefan KRUEGER 17:56 VM40-44 76.12%
Ian HAYLOCK 18:52 VM45-49 76.33% SHAEF Shifters
Martin DELVE 22:25 VM50-54 65.80%
Lisa HALE 20:36 VW35-39 73.46% Sandhurst Joggers
Breda MCGREE 24:12 VW55-59 76.86% Stragglers
Stuart OVERHILL 20:39 VM35-39 65.62% Sandhurst Joggers
Mark BLOMFIELD 23:49 VM45-49 60.46%
Wendy STOKES 24:07 VW45-49 68.69% Stragglers
Babji VUNDAVILLI 23:30 VM40-44 58.94%






With no new members of the 500 club the focus moved to the 250 club with an incredible 6 new members of this famous group.



Leading the way with an incredible TRIPLE celebration was our very own German speedster Stefan Krueger who ran his 250th event on his 40th birthday and managed to get a PB with 17:56 all achieved wearing a very fetching birthday sash. Stefan can often be seen sporting a variety of incredibly colourful lycra outfits and as well as being a very accomplished runner, has now moved on to Ironman and can often be seen in Bushy Park or surrounding areas either running or biking, often still wet from an earlier swim.

You will all have heard of the Two Ronnies – eccentric British comedians with an amazing ability to twist the English language to comedy gold. Well this week it was all about the Two Ian’s – Messers Haylock and Fullen. Both Bushy regulars and members of newly formed Bushy running club the SHAEF Shifters who both did their 250th run. If any of you have heard Ian Haylock describe a parkrun or race you may wonder just what he’s talking about, as just like Mr Corbett and Barker he uses the English language in a very different way to most people. Words such as ‘print’ (finishing time), ‘Mo’s Office’ (Bushy Park), ‘Seb’s Office’ (Richmond Park hill) ‘out of pit and get operational’ (get up and run), Hollywood (a good time) and to celebrate Weight Training (drinking a pint). T

Always best to have a translator available when Ian H is in full post run flow.

Ian H did his first parkrun in November 2005 and has done 244 of his runs here at Bushy and also celebrated his 250th with PB of 18:52– Ian also ran a half marathon PB last weekend at Hampton Court with a ‘print’ of 87 minutes for a ‘Hollywood’ finish.

Ian Fullen was later starting in May 2010 and could often be seen running with a baby buggy – well known for festive fancy dress at the Xmas run …. Rudolph and sleigh. Ian F has done 241 of his runs at Bushy with a PB of a ridiculously quick 16:40 in 2016. Being a big Sunderland fan Ian F is well used to suffering and can often be found very late at night doing endless laps of the Arethusa Fountain in an attempt to clear his mind of his football team's form and generally make the deer dizzy.

Karsten Hill has done 238 of his events at Bushy with a best of 18:02 which he ran in 2013 and has completed 12 different events since his first run in 2009.

Gary Bridger who is a member of the local Stragglers RC ran his first run in 2008 and done 241 of his events with us at Bushy – he has a best of 22:44 in 2009 and certainly celebrated in style after the run.





The final member of the super 6 reaching the green shirt milestone was Andrew Russell who was making his Bushy debut. Andrew is a parkrun tourist having run 38 different events with most of his runs coming at Ashton Court in Bristol (67 runs) and the late great Little Stoke (57 runs) – hope you enjoyed your parkrun with us.

Joining the 100 club was Lenard Smith on his Bushy Debut as well. Lenard has done most of his runs at Eastleigh.

We also had 5 new members of the 50 club – Michelle Carter, Coman Wakefield, Alison Symmons, Neil Cornish and Chloe Baker.

Juniors joining the 10 club were Ella Bache-Sieg, Callum Bennett, Roxy Lamming and Alexander Weatherstone.

Well done to all!


One of Many

I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted but ever wondered how many people are running around the world every Saturday, getting the same parkrun fix that we are getting in Bushy – Elliot Line does some amazing weekly stats showing us exactly how many people are running …. and coming back for more. For last weekend's parkrun we saw:

  • 23,000 people get their parkrun barcode
  • 14,554 people become parkrunners doing their first ever event
  • 11,568 parkrunners do their second run
  • 9,601 parkrunners do their parkrun hat trick this week
  • 149,168 of 2,525,658 (5.9%) of runners on fewer than 50 parkruns complete the 5k
  • 32,024 of 84,487 (37.9%) of runners in the 50 club took part with 921 parkrunners joining the 50 club
  • 22,696 of 41,414 (54.8%) of runners in the 100 club scanned their barcodes with a further 342 parkrunners join the 100 club
  • 1,783 of 2,379 (74.9%) of runners in the 250 club, ran this week with 33 new members of the 250 club
  • 14 of 15 (93.3%) of runners in the 500 club ran with no new members

So wherever you were; if you ran, you were amongst a huge worldwide group of 5k athletes. What an amazing creation parkrun is and over the next few years it will just get bigger and bigger.



For the men the first athlete forgot his barcode so first to register was Andrius Jaksevicius running 16:14 just ahead of Paul Lowe with 16:21 and Thomas Leppers third home in 16:48. The female first back to the big tree was Hannah Pollak in 19:02 ahead of Isabel Livesey (who was top Junior Woman) in 19:33 and Jessica Mayer (also a junior) in 19:47. Top Junior man was Pavit Singh Kullar with 17:32

Best age grade performances of the day was by Gary Neville who managed to drag himself out of bed for a rare parkrun outing and scored 84.57% with 18:48, second was our first man home Andrius with 82.24% and third was regular high scorer Ramona Thevenet with 22:38 (82.18%).

Lets go round again

With the marathon and half marathon season well in swing we are seeing many of our runners heading off for more miles after having their bar code scanned. If you are heading round the course again give a shout out to those still completing their 5k – we are a friendly bunch and any encouragement helps. Good luck to anyone with races coming up.

Milestone T-shirt update

Finally some good news if you are waiting for a milestone shirt with the following announcement from parkrun this week:

Last year we announced we would be bringing the production and supply of milestone t-shirts in-house, effectively taking control of a component of parkrun that has always proved to be difficult for third parties to manage.

The ramifications of that decision meant that we exited the partnerships that were in place with Tribe Sports and Wiggle, and had to order, sample, test and pay for the first 40,000 new milestone t-shirts. In addition we wanted to set up a new, fairer, claim system that addressed historical issues whereby some parkrunners missed out on longstanding claims while others were able to claim theirs.

I’m pleased to say these milestone t-shirts (the biggest delivery we have ever received) will arrive on time early next week. This first order includes stock of all milestones except white junior 10 t-shirts which will be covered in the second shipment later this year.

We are now finalising the claim process. We still have some testing to do over the next few weeks but we can confirm that we expect the new system to be up and running around mid-March. We will provide more information on how you go about claiming your wonderful new t-shirt as soon as it’s available to share.

Until next Saturday ….. keep running

Nick Rowe


Run Report Event No 722 – 17 February 2018

Camp Griffiss parkrun

What with local running club SHAEF Shifters taking over pacer duties for the day, I thought it apt to give this week’s run report a bit of a historic theme. For those that don’t know, this newly formed running club were named after the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force who were based right here in Bushy Park from 1942 through to the end of WW2, in what was called Camp Griffiss.

I do like a map, so here’s one I drew of Camp Griffiss, and our route around it.



If we had run parkrun back then, it might have looked something like this: 2



SHAEF Shifter pacers reporting for duty. Even month, so even numbers, with 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 and 34 minutes all present and correct. Looking very smart in uniform too.



1249 runners and walkers toeing the line, and ready for take off.



As we head down the first straight, we follow the edge of what was at one time, an airstrip. Used by SHAEF for small liaison aircraft.






Then soon after the 1 mile point, as we switchback and head into the trees, we’re passing by where site no.2 was situated.



We then pass by block D, meeting another marshal at Sandy Lane gate, and on along the edge of the main site no.1.



After passing block B on our left, we reach SHAEF gate. Check out the SHAEF shield on the gate next time you’re there. And Eisenhower’s memorial today stands where his office once was, at the south west corner of block C. His deputy, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder was based in the north west corner.  



We pass by block A, and reach the 2 mile point before turning up Chestnut Avenue, passing by the huts in the trees at Site No.3.



Then after turning back into the park, we reach the 1km to go point, and look back through the trees towards Heron Pond, which was drained and camouflaged to deceive enemy aircraft.  



Then pass the pond and on to the finish line.



And this old oak probably hasn’t changed much since then. Still mighty as ever.  




Thanks volunteers

All 38 of them!

Niamh ALLERTON, Joy BELL, Donald BELL, Phil BLUER, Mark BLYTHE, David BREWIN, Claudia BURROUGH, Sam CHAU, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Ray COWARD, Owen DELANEY, Sarah Rachel DENNISON, Jonathan DICKINSON, Andrew FINCH, Carolyn FOSTER, Ray FRANKS, Ewen GIBSON, Emilie HOWES, Samuel JONES, Jonathan JONES, Ravi LOBO, Sarah LOKY, Fiona MCANENA, Diane MULLEN, Pat NAIR, Edie PROUD, Andrew RONKSLEY, Louise RUSSELL, Julie SMITH, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Harry VAUGHAN, Emma WINGATE, Andrew John WINGATE, Tabitha WODDIS


Well done to all 1249 runners and walkers.

84 of you forgot your barcode.

3 of you joined the junior 10 club, congrats to:
Joel MAY

6 of you joined the 50 club, congrats to:
Martin LEE

4 of you joined the 100 club, congrats to:

No new 250 or 500 club members, but Brigid HIBBERD enjoyed some celebrations on her 250th from last weekend:




And congrats to Steven BURGE on his 200th, Danny HUTTON and Mike James TAYLOR on their 300th, and Christopher JOHNSON on his 400th parkrun!

The top threes:
Tim HAUGHIAN - 17:16
Nicholas BENSLEY - 17:29
Sam COLLINS - 17:42

Krysia SMITH - 20:15
Eliza COTTINGTON - 20:18
Rosy GROSS - 20:35

Junior Boys:
Matthew David TYAS - 18:55
Fintan KAVANAGH - 18:56
Olly WILSON - 19:04

Junior Girls:
Poppy CRAIG-MCFEELY - 19:27
Isabel LIVESEY - 19:43
Jessica MAYER - 19:50

And how did SHAEF get on with the pacing?
Well, 155 new PBs overall is pretty impressive, and I think in the top 10 highest from the last 6 months.

But more specifically, 30 seconds either side of the pacer times, we saw:
11 new PBs around the 20 min mark
14 new PBs around the 22 min mark
11 new PBs around the 24 min mark
12 new PBs around the 26 min mark
9 new PBs around the 28 min mark
11 new PBs around the 30 min mark
4 new PBs around the 32 min mark
2 new PBs around the 34 min mark

I think that’s it for this week. I’m back to music school duties with the boy next week, see you in the Easter hols.



Run Report Event No 721 – 10 February 2018


A Cold and Frosty Morning...

Last Saturday, 1165 runners and walkers took part in the 721st running of Bushy parkrun, on what was a very cold but thankfully dry morning. It was great to see such a large number of visitors to Bushy on Saturday. For the second time in recent weeks we welcomed a large group of parkrun tourists from Ireland, this time from Lough Key. Also very visible were a group from Muddy Runners who had come along to celebrate James Masters 300th parkrun.



Lough Key visitors



Muddy Runners

It was a pleasure to meet Claire and Steve Harrison from South Cheshire Harriers. Claire and Steve were visiting from Congleton parkrun on the occasion of Claire’s 100th parkrun. Claire is about to become a core member of the Crewe parkrun team who will be having their first event next Saturday. We wish them the very best of luck with that. Finally a very special welcome to the 13 juniors from London Irish Rugby club. We hope you all enjoyed your visit to Bushy Park.


Steve & Claire

This week we had a magnificent 46 volunteers. A very big thank you to Ray Bairstow, Phil Bluer, David Brewin, Shirley Buckley, Sam Chau, Jonathon Dickinson, Zoe Alison Faiz, Alex Fergusson, Honey Finnan, Ray Franks, Christine Fry, John Gillespie, Melanie Howes, Emilie Howes, Ivor Hughes, Natasha Jordan Dewhurst, Simon Lane, Jack Leyden, Tessa Lovell, Manuel Lovell, Clare Magill, Stephen Marfleet, Chantal Matthews, Fiona McAnena, Steve Miller, Edward Mills, Denise Mitchell, Anna-Lina Moerking, Robert Morey, Diane Mullen, Ethan Mullen, Ciarán Murphy, Matt O’Donoghue, Lydia Pieros, Edie Proud, Nicole Riehl, Malcolm J Taylor, Rebecca Thomas, Madeline Thomas, Alex Tickell, Mike Tivnen, Mark Anthony Travers, Octavie Vargas, Harry Vaughan, Ellie Wallwork and Matthew Wilde.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Pat McGrath at

As mentioned earlier we had 1165 finishers this week, 70 without barcodes and there were 49 First Timers. We had three Junior runners completing their tenth parkrun. Well done to Jemima Bentley, Ben Shone and Jessica Shone.

There was only one new member of the 50 club this week. Congratulations to Simon Williams, who was visiting Bushy for the first time to mark the occasion.

Congratulations also to the two new members of the 100 club this week Claire Harrison and Fiona McAnena.

There were also two new members of the 250 club this week and both are very familiar faces at Bushy Park. Brigid Hibberd from Stragglers and Nick Rowe of Shaef Shifters both completed their 250th parkrun on Saturday. A huge congratulations to them both.


Nick & Brigid

Brigid has run at 15 different parkrun venues, including parkrun du Bois de Boulogne in Paris, which I think I will put near the top of my list of parkruns that I must do some day. Maybe when the weather gets a bit warmer. Brigid ran her first parkrun at Bushy in July 2010 and has run there 229 times since, as well as volunteering on very many occasions.

In December Brigid got an 80% + Age Grading for the first time, but that was at Dulwich parkrun, so it doesn’t really count, but on Saturday after some very near misses in recent months, Brigid finally achieved an Age Grading of over 80% at Bushy when her time of 21.45 gave her 80.08%. Well done Brigid on your fantastic timing.

It is not unusual for elite athletes to go warm weather training to get used to the weather conditions they are likely to face at a major event. With this in mind, Nick Rowe went to Poland a couple of weeks ago where he ran in the parkrun Warszawa Praga, - perfect preparation for the weather conditions at Bushy on Saturday for his 250th parkrun. Which reminds me, thanks to Rob Philips for directing all the runners around the frozen puddle in the second kilometre. I can’t remember the last time that was necessary.

Nick ran his first parkrun at Bushy Park in April 2011 and he has run at 35 different parkrun venues. He has run at Bushy on 207 occasions, and when not running he will more than likely be volunteering. Nick was in fact due to write the run report this week, but it would have been unfair if Brigid and the rest of the Milestone runners didn’t even get a mention.


Helen & Nick



First across the finishing line this week was Elliott Dorey, who was competing in his 8th parkrun. All of Elliott’s previous parkruns were in Jersey and he finished in a time of 15.58. Second finisher was Bushy regular Andrius Jaksevicius of Belgrave Harriers in a time of 16.19. Finishing one place behind Andrius was his clubmate Gus Upton who finished in a time of 16.38

First lady finisher was Molly Renfer of Core Active Triathlon Club. Molly finished in 7th place overall with a time of 17.52. Second lady home, and also first Junior Lady was Isabel Livesey from St. Mary’s Richmond AC in a time of 19.40. Isabel was followed home in third place by Victoria Haslam of 26.2 RRC in a time of 19.57.

The first three Junior Men home this week were all in the JM11-14 Age Category and all ran new PBs. Matthew David Tyas began 2018 with a fastest parkrun time of 19.29. On Saturday he recorded his third PB in 4 weeks and finished with a fantastic time of 18.38, which is 7 seconds faster than his dad’s PB. Second Junior home was Josh Mayer in a time of 19.22. Josh was followed home in third place by Freddie Middleton in a time of 19.30.


Matthew celebrating his PB and first junior

As I mentioned earlier, Isabel Livesey was the first Junior Lady finisher. Behind Isabel in second place was Imogen Parker-Elms who ran 35 seconds faster than ever before and recorded a new PB of 20.53. In third place was Charlotte Dawson with a time of 21.30.

Age Gradings

This week we had seven people who achieved an Age Grading of higher than 80%. Janet Taplin from Andover Triathlon Club led the way with 83.23% followed by Molly Renfer, Anne Wynne, Andrius Jaksevicius, Elliott Dorey, Tom Fordyce and Brigid Hibberd.


That’s all from me.

Ciarán Murphy

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