Run Report Event No. 710 – 9 December 2017

Like London Buses...




Before Saturday there were only 11 members of parkrun’s most exclusive Milestone club, the 500 club. It is fair to say that new members don’t come along very often, usually many weeks if not months apart. That all changed on Saturday however, when less than 3 minutes separated the 500 clubs two newest members. A huge congratulations to both Polly Adams and to Stewart Rose on the completion of their 500th parkruns.

Shortly before 9 o’clock our Run Director for the day Emma Wingate welcomed a field of 1096 runners and walkers on what was a very cold but dry December morning.  Considering the temperature, numbers were surprisingly high, helped admittedly by a mob match between two of our local triathlon clubs, Thames Turbo and Ful-on Tri. Amongst the field were 42 people doing their very first parkrun. A very big welcome to all of you. Only 499 more runs and you can join Polly and Stewart in the 500 club. There were a further 62 tourists visiting Bushy for the very first time.  A huge welcome to you also. The most experienced parkrunner visiting Bushy for the first time was Jan North. Jan usually runs at Andover parkrun. The fastest first time visitor to Bushy Park was seventh place finisher Ben Findlay in 16.42



This week we had a magnificent 59 volunteers. A very big thank you to Niamh Allerton, Aurelio Bax, Donald Bell, Mila Bokonjic, David Brewin, Phoebe Ann Carpenter, Kieron Jake Carpenter, Emily Cartwright, Sam Chau, Carolyn Cooper-Burrows, Debbie Davies, Toby Davies, Luca Deacon, Lorraine Dillamore, Mack Downey, Mary Estall, Penny Estall, Sheila Fergusson, Honey Finnan, Ray Franks, Tracy Fraser, Simon Greenhill, Susan Howarth, Andrew Howarth, Emilie Howes, Jo Humphrey, Rob S Jones, Natasha Jordan Dewhurst, Catelin Le Franc, Alish Marchant, Stephen Marfleet, Robert Morey, Freya Morrison, Diane Mullen, Ethan Mullen, Ciaran Murphy, Pat Nair, Julie Papworth, Peter Petersons, Lydia Pieros, Florence Polwin, Rupert Postlethwaite, Edie Proud, Rosie Rendall, Hannah Robertson, Rebecca Savage, Duncan Scoble, Ethan Scott, Julie Smith, Sharon Tee, Beth Tempest, Alex Tickell, Jessica Tuckman, Pablo Urdiales Antelo, Octavie Vargas, Sarah Vaughan, Rosie Vaughan, Emma Wingate and Tabitha Woddis.

As mentioned earlier we had 1096 finishers this week, 53 without barcodes. We had two Juniors runners completing their tenth parkrun. Well done to Oscar Mildon and Ocean Byrne.

There were a lucky thirteen new members of the 50 club this week. Congratulations to Lynsey Parker, Zac Newton, Gregory Coutouvidis, Bryan Hepnar, Joanna Chauhan, Annabel Crouch, Helen Beer, Mark Edwards, Thomas Cassidy, Lizzie Greenberg, Ed Horrox, Sophie Crumly and especially to Angelo Bella who managed to run a new p.b. of 18.43 on his 50th parkrun.

Congratulations also to the two new members of the 100 club this week Shelley Cockle and Mark Opie.

There were no new 250 club members this week.

And so to our two new 500 club members Polly Adams and Stewart Rose. One Thousand parkruns between them of which 967 have taken place in Bushy Park. Regular readers of the Bushy run report will be used to seeing the name Polly Adams every week, It will appear under the heading  “Runners who achieved an Age Grading of more than 80% this week” Polly is a consistently fast runner who shows no sign of slowing down. Her fastest parkrun was achieved as recently as 29th April this year with a time of 19.44 which gave her an exceptionally high age grading of 85.98%.


Stewart & Polly

Stewart Rose ran his very first parkrun on 29 March 2008, which means he has completed all his 500 runs in less than 10 years.  Amazing dedication Stewart. Clearly Stewart likes to run every Saturday. This does not mean that he does not like to volunteer. As well as regularly storing the equipment and bringing it all back the following Saturday, Stewart can often be found early on Saturday morning helping Ray Franks with the construction of the famous Bushy Double Funnel and again afterwards taking it all down. Your efforts are very much appreciated Stewart. From next Saturday onwards he will finally be able to swap his beloved Tottenham Hotspur replica shirt for a brand new 500 club shirt.

So it is possible to volunteer and not miss out on your weekly run. This week for example we had Sharon Tee and David Brewin as VI Guides and Florence Polwin, Beth Tempest, Mary Estall and Penny Estall as Tail Walkers. Or you could try Lead bike or even Run Report. So no excuses for not contacting Pat McGrath at and adding your name to the volunteer roster.

While on the subject of volunteering, an extra special thank you must go to the wonderful volunteers, who in the freezing cold winter months do roles such as Timekeeper and handing out Finish Tokens often without gloves. It is hard to press a stopwatch several times a second or to hand out finishing tokens at speed while wearing warm gloves. Another task made much more difficult in this freezing cold weather is putting all the finishing funnel flagpoles into the frozen ground.

First across the finishing line this week, once again, was Andrius Jaksevicius in his 164th parkrun with a time of 15.49. Andrius was followed by James Ellis running for Ful-On Tri, who was only 1 second outside his p.b. in a time of 16.15. Third place went to Will Russell from Thames Turbo in 16.21

First lady finisher was Sarah Lewis who finished in 14th place overall with a time of 17.35. This was Sarah’s very first parkrun and she recorded an age grading score of 85.31% which was the second highest of the day. Second lady home was Sophie Crumly from Newbury A.C. in a time of 18.11. This was Sophie’s 50th parkrun. She was followed home in third place by Kirsty Oswald who ran a new p.b. of 19.04 in her 11th parkrun.

The Junior Men’s Virtual podium was completely filled by athletes from Thames Turbo Triathlon Club. Only 5 places and 15 seconds separated all three. Spencer Bateman with a new p.b. of 17.53, in 16th place on his 47th run was closely followed in 18th place by Benjamin Dibley in 18.02. Just behind Benjamin was his teammate Jonny Brook with a new p.b. of 18.08 in his 31st parkrun.

Maddie Whitman of Belgrave Harriers (JW 11-14) ran her first parkrun as recently as 21 October and she clearly enjoyed it because Saturday was already her 5th appearance at Bushy where she was first junior lady home in a time of 19.51. Second Junior Lady Finisher was Helena Samarasinghe from St Mary’s Richmond with a new p.b. of 20.16 followed by Lois Caitlin Emma Ashcroft who also recorded a new p.b. of 20.54

It is great to see so many of our Juniors running such great times. Clearly they didn’t agree with me that it is way too cold to run fast. While on the subject of fast juniors, the highest Age Grading of the day was recorded by Marcus Solomon from Comet Triathlon Club with 86.82%. Marcus has run a total of 19 parkrun’s, all at Bushy and Saturday was his 12th p.b. and first time under 20 minutes with a fantastic time of 19.36. Marcus runs in the JM10 Age Category.


Excellent detailing on the 500 cakes

Christmas and New Year parkruns

As usual there will be two extra Bushy parkruns over the Christmas period, on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Day. Both will start at 9am.

On New Year’s Day there will also be an extra parkrun in Kingston starting at 10am and at Crane Park starting at 10.30 so it is possible to start your New Year off with two parkrun’s.

That’s all from me.

Hope to see you all next parkrunday

Ciarán Murphy


Run Report Event No. 709 – 2 December 2017

Christmas is coming...

It was a dull and cold Saturday morning that greeted us this week. Though very little wind and a couple of dry days meant it was good conditions for our weekly 5k fun. Run director Andy Wingate gave the pre-run talk to the 991 assembled runners. Numbers were slightly down on recent turnouts but given the lure of Christmas shopping, The Ashes, Rugby League World Cup Final, a warm bed and the start of the office party season it was more than respectable gathering.



This week’s runners meant we have now had 455,359 completed laps of Bushy by an incredible 42,103 athletes and if all runs were added back to back the total time spent parkrunning in Bushy would be over 23 years.



The Volunteers  

This week’s event couldn’t have happened without the 44 volunteers who helped and cheered us round the course – your help really is appreciated. Special thanks to Andrew John WINGATE • Jonathan DICKINSON • Simon GREENHILL • David STEWART • Rob PHILLIPS • Jeremy PALMER • Phil BLUER • Janice FRANKS • Ray FRANKS • Samantha HANLEY • Jack KENNEDY • Debbie DAVIES • Lucy THATCHER • Ethan SCOTT • Nick BLANCHARD • Robert MOREY • Nick ROWE • Joy BELL • Susan HOWARTH • Michael TROTT • Carol SWAFFER • Helen NICOL • Amy ROBERTSON • Duncan SCOBLE • Rosie VAUGHAN • Natasha JORDAN DEWHURST • Florence POLWIN • Hannah PICKUP • Wendy STOKES • Carolyn FOSTER • Luca DEACON • Alish MARCHANT • Niamh ALLERTON • Sam CHAU • Lydia PIEROS • Toby DAVIES • Hannah ROBERTSON • Octavie VARGAS • Honey FINNAN • Mila BOKONJIC • Tabitha WODDIS • Rebecca SAVAGE • Edie PROUD • Joseph MILLS


Having spent a few recent weeks on the physio table and therefore volunteering it is amazing how many people manage to thank the marshals on the course. Whether it is a wave, nod or fill blown “thank you marshal” please do try to thank those who are helping to make your run possible both on the course and around the start / finish area. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.

The Runners

Of the 991 finishers we welcomed 61 first timers to the birthplace of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again soon. With the drier conditions we saw 116 runners record Bushy PB’s.  72 different running clubs had runners represented. Today’s runners had a combined parkrun appearance total of 93,765 runs!

We had 6 members of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 84 members of 250 club, 261 in the 100 club and a further 164 50 club runners. 62 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB. 20171202_094223



This Saturday saw no new members join the 500 club and but next we have not one but TWO Bushy regulars hitting the big 500 with Polly ADAMS and Stewart ROSE both getting their hands on famed blue shirt. Prepare yourself for a cakefest!

We did however welcome a new member to the 250 club. Congratulations to Gary HOLFORD who ran 21:26. This was Gary’s second visit to Bushy and he is a confirmed parkrun tourist having visited 54 different events. Most of his runs have been at the Tilgate and Horsham events with 88 each. His quickest ever time was 20:47 at Horsham

Joining the 100 club was Hayley LALSING who ran 26:20 and celebrated with a large group of fellow runners. This was Hayley’s 11th event with us with her quickest run being here with 21:36. The majority of her appearances have been at Guildford with 81 runs and she has attended 8 different events. Well done (and hope the photo’s came out ok!)

We had 4 runners join the 50 club, Scott HILLMAN, Keith BALDWIN, Jacqueline TIERNEY, Timothy HO and Catherine WARNER – well done to all and look forward to seeing the red shirts soon.

For our juniors getting his 10 shirt was Oliver MADDEN (JM11-14) – well done Oliver!



Of the 116 runners who achieved their PB’s today 9 of them have over 100 parkruns to their names.

709 rr

Well done to everyone who saw those special letters PB next to their names in the results.


For the men Jonathan CORNISH (SM20-24) of Hercules Wimbledon AC was first over the line in 14:52 which was a PB on his 22nd Bushy parkrun and 83 at all events. The second placed finisher didn’t have a barcode so the next male was Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (VM35-39) of the Belgrave Harriers running 15:34 and just behind him was Simon GOLDSWORTHY of Guildford & Godalming (SM20-24) with a PB of 15:49 on his 18th parkrun.

The female first back to the big tree was Steph MCCALL (SW20-24) of South London Harriers in 17:21 and 15th overall on her  Bushy parkrun debut and her 65th event overall, second over the line was Molly RENFER (SW20-24) (250th overall) finishing with 17:51 and Isabel LIVESEY (JW15-17) was third (60th overall) in 19:32.

Best age grade performances of the day were by first finisher Jonathan CORNISH (86.77%). Next was regular age grade performer Justin REID (VM45-49) who was graded 86.15% for his 16:51 – Justin of SHAEF Shifters recently won a bronze medal representing Northern Ireland in the British Masters Cross Country. Third highest age grade was first woman Steph MCCALL with 85.30%

The Random Number Generator

As is becoming a tradition we look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.

This week was event 709 at Bushy so claiming token 709 was Murray COOK (SM25-29) who ran 29:47 on his 7th event, all of his runs have been here at Bushy.

The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 26:42 and hitting the time on the nail were 3 runners – Amelie MATTHEUS (JW15-17) of ACS Cobham on her 8th event, Koen MATTHEUS (VM40-44) on his 10th event and Flora MACDONALD (VW40-44) on her 91st event. 20171202_093852


As today is 2/12 in position 212 was Graham PERRYMAN (VM35-39) running 22:43 on his 120th event – he has a PB of 19:52

Last week in the UK there were 426 5k events so finishing it that position was Philip MILES (VM50-54) with 25:53 – its celebration time soon for Philip as this was his 248th parkrun of which 230 were here at Bushy.

Well done to all.


Running in Mo’s Office

If any of you were training in Bushy recently you may have seen a familiar face – Mo Farah has now moved back to Teddington and is out training regularly in our favourite park. This week on social media he posted a video of a run along part of our course – so we really are all runnibng in the footsteps of a legend. Welcome home Mo ….. always welcome on Saturday morning if you fancy another go at parkrun.

One dog – on a short lead …

Part of Andy’s run briefing was the reminder that dogs are welcome to join us, just one dog on a short lead. At Kingsbury parkrun 2 weeks ago Ben Robinson was running with his dog Blake when he clocked a time of 12:24 …… yes 12:24. To put this in context the track world record is 12:37 run by Kenenisa BEKELE and Mo’s British record is 12:53. Fast Running wrote a great write up of the event;

Last weekend a man ran 12:24 for 5km in the UK – correction, a man and his dog ran 12:24 for 5k. Ben Robinson was that man along with his dog Blake. Now, I hear the cries of the die-hard runners: “that’s cheating” or “who gives a crap about a man being dragged around by his dog”. However, Robinson is a solid 5k runner in his own right, running under 15 minutes this year (without Blake). The pair’s 12:24 time is quicker than the 5000m World Record and that definitely constitutes fast running.

Before the pair head to the World CaniCross Championships this weekend in Poland, Fast Running wanted to find out more about this speed demon. Blake was busy sleeping, so his running partner kindly spoke instead. “Blake is a purpose-bred cross for dog sport called a Greyster, and he’s been improving recently in every race, says Robinson, who has a 14:59 5k personal best. “Just last week we covered a 4.2km cross country course at sub 12:30 5km pace on two consecutive days – so I’m having to get accustomed to the speed.”

That kind of pace is astounding and surely must bring its own pitfalls. “DOMS are a big issue when it comes down to getting your own quality work in. It’s why I try to limit how much canicross I do with my dogs because they are so good at what they do,” he explains. “Last weekend the hamstrings & glutes took the hit as the course had some slippery downhill sections so there was a bit of ‘braking’ from me but this week on a faster/flatter route the calves suffered the most!

“I keep Canicross limited to save my own legs so we do a lot of his faster/interval quality work in harness using either the bike or scooter [with the dogs dragging a purpose-built scooter or bike from the harness]. I’m a big fan of free running the dogs as well so he’ll often accompany me on my own training runs! When you pull like Blake, even a walk is a hard training session.”

Post note Ben has now gone on this to win the world championships this week on a muddy course in Poland. It well worth finding a video of Ben running as it defies logic how his legs can move so quickly. If Ben ever comes to Bushy remind me NOT to do lead bike!


Christmas Party and Extra Runs

Bushy are having a parkrun Christmas Party on Thursday (so you can still be fresh for Saturday's event) 14th December at 7pm at The Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington. Due to popular demand, tickets have now SOLD OUT, so sorry if you have missed out this year.

One of the best things about the Festive season is …… extra parkruns. A reminder that as well as all of our usual Saturday events we will also be having extra runs on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – all starting at 9am. So dust off your Santa suit and get the miles in before the over indulgence during the day. 20171202_093740


Until next Saturday.

Nick Rowe



Run Report Event No.708 – 25 November 2017

Winter is (still) coming….




It was one of those bright crispy mornings. The grass crunched under your feet and your breath hung heavy in the cold air. Perfect for your first parkrun, perfect for celebrating your milestone and just perfect for being at Bushy. No White Walkers – just Tail Walkers.

Indeed 1,100 runners and walkers completed the course today. Lots of thermals on show, but there were still plenty in shorts – eek! 1,028 had their barcode, 72 forgot to bring one. 30 were doing their first parkrun – great day to choose! A further 59 were visiting for the first time with tourists from Harrow, Tonbridge, Poland, Australia, and people celebrating 250, 100, 50 and 10 run milestones. No 500s this week, but not long now ‘til two come at once.



The wonderful Simon LANE (stepladder Simon) was on the Iron Throne and our Run Director for the day, ensuring everything was is in its place and keeping us safe and well informed with the all-important pre-run announcements and reminders. Quite hard to get your voice heard by 1,100 plus people forming The Wall in front of you, but Simon does it!

In addition there were a fantastic 58 volunteers out in force, stamping their feet and rubbing their hands to make everything run smoothly. Please give your thanks to:


Planning a heavy Friday night? We have the solution: volunteer on Saturday. Volunteering is great fun and you can even run as well. Bar code scanning gets you right in there. Marshalling gives you the chance to see the whole field pass before your eyes with lots of thanks and cheers - high fives optional. VI guides are always needed, tail walkers, a lead bike, and one of the most important roles - funnel manager - is essential to the smooth running of the whole parkrun as Bushy always needs good funnel management. A plug too for run report writers – we’re always happy to accommodate any budding journos – no experience necessary.

If you fancy a go at any of these or the other fun roles, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at  Maybe make it a New Year resolution – those milestone shirts can wait another couple of weeks.   Untitled


Tourists and other First timers

We had 89 first timers to Bushy this week, and 30 of those were doing their first ever parkrun. Prize for the Bushy first timer with the most runs goes to Thomas SCHOFIELD with 116 runs, who normally runs at local parkrun Nonsuch in Epsom. We also welcomed veteran runner Graeme ADAMS (103 runs) from York parkrun which for those that don’t know is 1.5 laps of the tarmac path around the inside of the racecourse – very fast therefore and a good one for parkrun alphabeteers*.

*parkrun tourists seeking to do a parkrun beginning with every letter of the alphabet (except the letter X which does not exist in the world yet). In the UK and Ireland there is only one “Q” (Queen Elizabeth - undulating) and just 2 “Js” (Jersey & Johnstown near Wexford) and no Zs, yet.   IMG_2289[1]

Seven intrepid parkrunners had cycled over from Harrow parkrun 



parkrun watch

On the subject of tourism, I looked in on the Nibe parkrun page again (northern Denmark and on my bucket list). This week they had a mighty 10 runners and 3 volunteers. First finishers were timed at 26:38 (women) and 21:12 (men).

But which parkrun gets the fewest runners? Well currently the parkrun with the lowest attendance in the world is Moberly parkrun in deepest Missouri, USA. To be fair it’s only been going for 4 weeks. This week they had their highest attendance of 7 runners – first two finishers were women in 28:35 and 28:36 with the first man in 3rd place in 31:05. Moberly looks to be the nearest parkrun to the centre of the North American continent and is halfway between Kansas City and St Louis if you are ever in the Midwest.

Nearer to home, if you like smaller fields of runners, the UK parkrun with the lowest highest attendance is Gainsborough parkun in Lincolnshire which had 66 runners on 19 August 2017 – that’s the most in its 128 parkrun history. Just 25 runners were there this week with 11 volunteers – quite a ratio. So if you are in the area, why not drop in on them?

One parkrun which you will have trouble dropping in on is the new one in Cumbria – Black Combe parkrun which as you may have heard is set entirely within HMP Haverigg and you have to either work there or be an inmate to take part. They have had 4 parkruns so far and this week had 15 runners. Here is a quote on this brilliant expansion of parkrun by one of the inmates just before it started:

Allan said: “I have recently given up smoking and got into my fitness. I heard about the upcoming parkrun and thought it would be a good target for me to complete the 5k and give me something to aim for. I really enjoyed the practice event and am looking forward to them starting properly.”

Allan was first finisher this week in 21:56.  


More useless facts of the week

People may know that Bushy had 1,705 runners at the 10 year anniversary on 4 October 2014, but there are four other parkruns that have had more runners, all in South Africa: North Beach, Modderfontein Reserve, Reitvlei and Delta parkruns. North Beach parkrun in Durban is the only operating parkrun to get more than 2,000 runners. So Bushy is No 5 on the all time world record of parkrun attendances. Highest attendance of this week was Century City parkrun in Cape Town with 1,112 runners, a dozen more than Bushy.


Personal Bests

But let’s get back to Bushy. There were 119 PBs this week (12%). Of the Bushy regulars, Tom LOVEGROVE was the most experienced with a PB on his 228th run in 17:34 and 17th finisher and his 116th run at Bushy. Super speedy Ranelagh Harrier, Ted MOCKETT managed a PB of 16:37 in his 168th parkrun and 53rd at Bushy and finished in 7th place. Victoria TURNER achieved a PB in 25:54 in her 126th parkrun and 77th at Bushy.

Finally I reported a few weeks ago that young Isabel MELBOURNE (JW10) had a PB. This week it was the turn of her young brother Oliver MELBOURNE to get a PB in the satisfying time of 28:59 in his 38th parkrun.

Some results this week for GoT fans, in 107th place there was Paul KNIGHT immediately followed by Rik KING in 108th place – did they plan that?? There was one George and nine Martins, but no George MARTIN. There were no SNOWs, no STARKs, no LANNISTERs or GREYJOYs but we had Robert FREY (VM60-64) running 25:08.




We had quite a few milestones to celebrate this week and a number of runners had made the pilgrimage to the cradle of parkrun to help them celebrate.

250 club

We had just the one runner reach the magic 250 this week. Step forward Dave KELLY (VM60-64). Dave has done 153 runs at Bushy and 46 at Kingston and good few at other local parkruns stepping outside the South East once to visit Pollok parkrun in Glasgow. Dave had his one and only Bushy PB on his second parkrun way back on 5 May 2007. Still you don’t get t-shirts for PBs and Dave can claim a shiny green one now.


100 club

We had 5 people celebrating 100 runs this week with two of those visiting Bushy for the first time. Congratulations to Tony SMITH who was also our long distance tourist winner visiting from Brisbane. Tony normally runs at Minnippi parkrun in that fair city, and is actually an estranged Kiwi. Tony said he wasn’t really used to the cold, as at Minnippi the temperature is usually around 25 degrees even at 7am when it starts. Tony was running with his son, Cameron SMITH on his 69th parkrun.


Tony and Cameron

Laurence EDWARDS (VM60-64) was also on his first visit to Bushy with a group of friends and family in support and to celebrate his 100th parkrun. Laurence, who normally runs at Pollok parkrun in Glasgow, was very proud about his running history and likes to show off some of his scars. Some years ago Laurence was out running with his local club and suffered a major heart attack. Fortunately he was in a group with two nurses who were able to give immediate medical treatment and save his life. With a subsequent quadruple heart bypass and a defibrillator embedded in his chest (he was able to show this), he was back running, maybe a tad slower but still running and Laurence himself said parkrun really is his passion, in his own words, boring anyone who will listen about its merits.

This week Laurence was joined specially by local runner, Angela who is a local nurse and coordinator of the Healthy Hearties online advice group for those who have had heart problems and want to get back into running.


Laurence and Angela


Laurence has taken quite a while to reach his 100, but with his medical history he has a good excuse. Laurence was involved when Pollok parkrun was first set up – the first in Scotland. All Scottish parkruns start at 9.30am, and Laurence said the reason for this is nothing to do with the light or the time of sunrise as some people think (another parkrun myth?), but simply because the café opposite Pollok parkrun didn’t open until 10am – so that was it, parkrun starts at 9.30am, and what better reason is there?

Oh and to cap it all he almost forgot to say that he only had one kidney having suffered kidney cancer. Needless to say he showed off that scar as well.




Maggie HOAD and Pam JARMAN were jointly celebrating their 100th parkruns. Maggie and Pam are part of the Sweatshop running community and there were lots of friends and family in support as the bubbly flowed. Maggie has run 79 times at Bushy and her first was on 9 April 2011. Pam has run 95 times at Bushy and has reached 100 in quick order doing her first on 16 May 2015. Well done to both and hope you get your new black t-shirts soon.


Maggie, Pam and friends.


Last but not least, Mark CALWAY was our 5th person to reach 100. Mark has run 73 times at Bushy with his first on 21 February 2015. Congratulations on joining the 100 Club.

50 Club

We had 5 runners reach the magic milestone of 50 runs this week. Step forward junior parkrunner Adam COLLMAN (JM10) who was running with his dad this week Eddie COLLMAN (57 runs). Adam pipped his dad in a great time of 24:32.


Also reaching 50 were: Tom SELLEN, Amanda RENCONTRE, Alexander PEARCE, and Orlando CLARKE-SMITH. Congratulations to all.


The t-shirt fairies better get spinning because there are an amazing 8 people bubbling under on 49 runs.


10 Club

Just 1 junior completed their 10th run to claim the white shirt: Well done to Callum GRAIMES (JM15-17).


The Results

Male placings:
We had four runners breaking 16 minutes this week and all achieved PBs.

Blake MOORE (SM18-19) of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC, was first finisher in 15:25 on his 3rd parkrun.
Max WHARTON (SM20-24) of Halifax Harriers was second in 15:32

Adam MOORE (SM18-19) also of Windsor, was third over the line in 15:34

Jeremy BARNES (SM20-24) of Coventry Godiva Harriers was fourth in 15:56


Female placings:
Suzannah MONK (SW120-24) of Guidlford & Godalming AC, was first over the line in 17:41, 23rd overall.
Molly RIGLIN (SW20-24) of Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC, was second over the line in 18:20, 34th overall.
Gabrielle COVENEY (SW25-29) of Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC was third (54th overall) over the line in 19:15.


For the junior women, first finisher was Isabel LIVESEY in 19:30, second was Maddy WHITMAN in 19:35 (New PB!) and third was Helena SAMARASINGHE in 20:35.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Andrew THOMAS in 17:39 (New PB!) followed by Quinn WHITMAN in 18:47 and third Kiran LATHIA-HAMBLIN in 19:07 (New PB!)


Age Gradings

 We had a massive 13 runners achieve 80% or more age grading with with just two getting more than 85%:

Justin REID (VM45-49) – 86.93% for the time 16:42 (9th overall).
Blake MOORE (SM18-19) – 85.51% for the time 15:25 (1st finisher)


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #708


There were 1100 parkrunners – 1028 identified, 72 unknown (DFYB!) (7% of the field).


How many?

  • Of the 1028 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 109 Juniors aged under 18 (11%) and 158 Seniors aged 18-34 (15%)
  • 761 Vets (74%) of which 85 are 35-39, 266 are 40-49, 288 are 50-59, 98 are 60-69, 21 are 70+ and 3 are80+
  • 392 females (38%) and 636 males (62%)


Weather conditions

  • Umbrella quotient:  0 out of 5
  • Temperature: 2˚C, cold, sunny, frosty, no wind


How fast?

  • Of the 1028 identified finishers, there were:
  • 72 runners sub 20 mins (7%),
  • 297 between 20:00-24:59 (29%)
  • 369 25:00-29:59 (36%)
  • 290over 30 mins (28%)
  • Midpoint time: 26:55





Christmas & New Year parkruns

As is traditional there will be a Bushy parkrun on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at the usual time of 9am – if you fancy a rest then why not volunteer? Also a good time to dust off those Santa and Elf outfits, dress up the dog, and turn the buggy into a sleigh complete with reindeer and flashing lights.

New Year’s Day is of course the only day where you can record two parkruns on the same day at two different parkruns. For those who simply can’t miss out, neighbouring parkruns have staggered start times and on New Year’s Day Kingston parkrun will start at 10am, and Crane Park parkun at 10.30am, so if you don’t hang about you can do Bushy at 9am and then one of these, hangover permitting.

That’s it for now.

Happy parkrunning!


Andrew Howarth


Run Report Event No. 707 – 18th November 2017

Winter is coming!

Well after a rather wet and muddy previous Saturday we were greeted with a rather fresh lower temperature for the 707th event. Of course this did not seem to put most folk off as 1140 of you decided to get out of bed and participate in getting active.

Pic 1

The Volunteers

Once again the event could not happen without our always smiling bunch of volunteers and this week we had 50 fantastic people all encouraging and helping to ensure your participation was safe and fun.

If you have never volunteered before why not try and experience the other side of parkrun and its different roles. You can get in touch via the Website or by sending an email to -

This week we had the additional benefit from having our Pacers out who all did a great job

Pic 2

21 – Rob Philips
23 – Adam Sherriff
25- Krysia Smith
27- Matt Parker – Debut
29- Adrian Roberts
31- David Stewart
33- Fiona McAnena – Debut
35- Andy Wingate

Many thanks to all the volunteers...


It seems there is never a week without somebody celebrating at Bushy Parkrun and whilst there may not be a T-Shirt for 200 parkruns – it’s a lot of metres to cover, 1 million!!!!!

Well done Donald Bell.

Pic 3

Pic 4

Others to mention

250 Club – Neil Browning

100 Club – Sam Griffths, Julian Lipscombe, Edmund Fethertson- Dilke, Marc Snaith, Kenny Lowies.

50 Club – Paul Hoffman, Paul Marriner, Mark Rowlatt, Andrew Walker

Junior 10 Club – Matt Read, Harriet Dumbrell , Samuel Gibson, Emily Phillips

The Participants and other stats and info

1140 Finishers
110 First timers or 1st time to Bushy Parkrun
173 Pbs – Seems the pacers did a pretty good job!

1st across the line was a familiar face of Andrius Jaksevicius

1st Lady was Hannah Knapton

We had 6 clubs in the Top 10:

Belgrave, Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC, Ranelagh Harriors, Thames Turbo, Walton AC and Shaef Shifters.

3 Gentleman called Will in the top 10 ???


10 visiting clubs:

The Salvation Army , Sudbury Joggers, Slin Allstars , Scarab Tri, Saltaire Striders, Plymouth Muskerteers RC, Pinelands AC, Holme Pierrepont RC, Desford Striders, Caerleon RC.

Did you know that in history on this day a few significant events took place?

1477 First English dated printed book "Dictes & Sayengis of the Phylosophers" by William Caxton

1916 General Douglas Haig finally calls off 1st Battle of the Somme (WWI) - over 1 million killed or wounded

1993 Black & white leaders in South Africa approve new democratic constitution

Parking / Driving

I hope it did not go unnoticed but yes your eyes were not playing tricks, its that time of year again and will only get busier as we get closer to Christmas.

Pic 5

We would ask you please if you can plan ahead or leave earlier, use public transport, walk, ride or run. If you can help keep the car park free from unnecessary cars you are helping the other park users and the environment.

Pic 6

Christmas Party

Christmas Party – 14th December at 7pm at The Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington
Places are going thick and fast, but there’s still room for you if you want to come along to the Christmas Party! Please see us at the volunteer station (the bin by the main car park where the hi viz folk gather) before or after the run on Saturday or reply to the email address on the invitation -

Pic 7

And Finally... if you don’t already follow the parkrun Blog here is a link that will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the world of parkrun

Pic 8


Run Report Event No. 706 – 11th November 2017


November Rain


Bushy parkrun 706 (1)


Well we’ve had two Saturdays in November, both have been wet and grey, particularly so last Saturday for the 706th Bushy parkrun. There was certainly a cross country element to the conditions, and the big puddles were back in force on Cobbler’s Walk! Perhaps all these factors, combined with many Cross Country races happening later on, ensured our first three figure attendance since early July, as 971 of you toed the line on Lime Avenue.

Despite the conditions 98 of you managed a new PB, there were large groups visiting from Newark and Maidenhead which swelled our first timer tally to 83, and 30 of you defied the wet weather to begin your parkrun journey… bravo and welcome along!


 Bushy parkrun 706 (8)


Rob Phillips took the helm as Run Director, assisted by Volunteer Co-ordinators Lucy Thatcher and Joy Bell. Our two timers Simon Lane and Wendy Stokes kept their cool on the timer, many of our funnel team were sheltering under umbrellas, but not Ray Franks – who was managing the team once more. A special mention for all our marshals out on the course in the rain, thanks to all of you! Thanks to Stefan Krueger who took many of the photos in this run report whilst I was running and getting my pristine white Cabbage Patch t-shirt muddy.


Bushy parkrun 706 (6)

Simon and Wendy ready for the off as timers!


Bushy parkrun 706 (22)

Funnel team trying to stay dry!


In all a team of 55 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report. If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!


Bushy parkrun 706 (3)   


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Allana SHEIL  •  Amy ROBERTSON  •  Anna SAVILL  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Catherine HAUGHNEY  •  Christine FRY  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Eddie COLLMAN  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Ethan SCOTT  •  Florence POLWIN  •  Freya MORRISON  •  Hannah ROBERTSON  •  Honey FINNAN  •  Ian CUNNINGHAM  •  James SELL  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jessica TUCKMAN  •  Joy BELL  •  Kieron Jake CARPENTER  •  Laurence DUFFY  •  Lorraine DILLAMORE  •  Lou COAKER  •  Luca DEACON  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Lydia PIEROS  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Merran SELL  •  Mila BOKONJIC  •  Natasha JORDAN DEWHURST  •  Niamh ALLERTON  •  Nick ROWE  •  Octavie VARGAS  •  Pablo URDIALES ANTELO  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rebecca SAVAGE  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Robert MOREY  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Rosie RENDALL  •  Rosie VAUGHAN  •  Rupert POSTLETHWAITE  •  Sally ROWE  •  Sam AMORY  •  Samantha HANLEY  •  Sheila FERGUSSON  •  Simon LANE  •  Steve MILLER  •  Stuart AMORY  •  Tabitha WODDIS  •  Toby DAVIES  •  Tom FAIRBROTHER  •  Trevor HUGGINS  •  Wendy STOKES


Bushy parkrun 706 (16)


Without any further ado, let’s move on to our headline makers and record breakers!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

After Kirsty Bangham recently became the second woman to join the 500 club (and 11th overall), Polly Adams is set to be the third woman to join this club as she is now on 496 runs, and Stewart Rose is also on 496, so their joint celebration is still set for the 9th December!




We had one new member of the 250 club, congratulations to Jeremy Parkes. Jeremy made his debut at Bushy on 13th October 2010 and has run at Bushy 249 times, with one run at Linford Wood. Neil Browning is one away from his 250 milestone and could make it this week!

There were 5 new members of the 100 club last Saturday, well done to: Gurleen Ghotra, Tim Crosthwaite, Gurthian Ghotra, Linda Katesmark and Sue Heller. Another three of you are one away from joining this club: Sam Griffiths, Edmund Fetherston-Dilke and Julian Lipscombe.  

There were 5 more members of the 50 club as well, congratulations go to: Andy Harbrow, Jane Yelloly, Timothy Jacob, Grace Leung and Victoria Diboye-Suku! On 49 not out is Orlando Clarke-Smith and Nick Savill.

We had three new members of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Felicity Cooper, Robert Oliver and Zoe Patel.   For more info on the parkrun clubs, do visit the parkrun support FAQ    


Bushy parkrun 706 (10)

RD Rob checking the double funnel before the masses arrive


parkrun tourists and first timers

We had no overseas first timers touring last week, however there were two large groups who joined us, one from Newark parkrun and the other from Maidenhead parkrun.


Bushy parkrun 706 (38)

Leila approaching the end of her 40th different parkrun in 2017 


To mark reaching the age of 40 this year, Leila Oliver set herself the goal of completing 40 different parkruns in 2017! Her year started off with a double on New Year’s Day – kicking off at Bracknell followed by Woodley. Through the late winter, spring, summer and autumn she visited a different venue around the south east of England each week, and even fitted in a trip to Amager Faelled parkrun in Copenhagen – which parkrun stattos will know is the oldest overseas parkrun having started in 2009. After running at the notoriously hilly Alice Holt parkrun, she then came to Bushy to celebrate completing her 40th different parkrun this year, with many friends from Maidenhead.


Bushy parkrun 706 (39)

Leila with some of the Maidenhead tourists


As well as Leila, we had the following visitors from Maidenhead: Stjohn Ford, Gareth Ralphs, Pauline Siddons, Rosie Ellis, Chris Ellis, Suzy Ralphs, Dave Waterman, Jon Oliver, Peter Oldham, Julie Whitaker, Sara Ford, Brian Roles, Jake Humphries, William Oliver, Andrew Thomson, Robert Oliver and Judi Jeffries! Thanks to all of you for coming, and congratulations to Leila!


Our second group of tourists visited us from Newark parkrun, and they run for the Newark Striders Running Club and were easy to spot before the run: Lynne Boby, Stacey Atkins, Leisa Pickles, Dan Arkwell, Nick Beveridge, Kathryn Scott, Donna Beveridge, Andy Scott, and Vargatu Athena! Thanks to all of you for coming!


Bushy parkrun 706 (4)

Tourists from Newark parkrun, by the big finish tree


We had some more tourists from around the UK, from Brueton we welcomed Akgun Ozsoy, Reside Ozsoy and Suna Oszoy, and David Bird, Lavinia Edwards and Mark Edwards came from Heredord to join us. Andrew Littler was a tourist from Warrington, Vicky Brewin came from Coventry, and Katie Wall from Trelissick parkrun in Cornwall.   Thanks to all of those who chose to run at Bushy for the first time, and returning tourists too!


Bushy parkrun 706 (36)

Bushy parkrun 706 (34)   

Mind your P's and Q's in the double funnel!


New PBs

The wet conditions ensured the PB tally was lower than usual, with 98 of setting a new personal best at Bushy this time, which included three of you with over 100 Bushy parkruns under your belts! Darren Foreman ran 25:18 on his 157th Bushy lap (177 runs overall) to take a huge 40 seconds off his previous best from 3 years ago, Isabel Livesey took 13 seconds off her PB on her 135th Bushy parkrun (140th parkrun) as she ran 19:26, and Lucy Richardson earned her second PB on the spin with 25:06 on her 104th parkrun (all at Bushy).


Bushy parkrun 706 (31)


parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same token number as the event number for any particular week!

As it was event number 706, the parkrunner who finished with token 706 was… Sarah Rae! She was running her 13th parkrun (12 at Bushy), with a time of 30:43, just four seconds shy of the PB she set the previous week!


Now for the results and stats bit!


Bushy parkrun 706 (37)   


The results bit  

Two of the first three finishers did not have a barcode last week! So the first registered finisher was Cardiff AC’s Rowan Axe with 16:02 (80.46%) on his 34th parkrun, the next registered finisher was SHAEF Shifter Justin Reid, who posted a new parkrun PB of 16:33 (87.71%) on his 63rd parkrun, and Wayne Parker completed the sub 17 finishers, running 16:46 (76.94%) on his 11th parkrun.


Bushy parkrun 706 (12)

Rowan - First registered finisher 


Six junior runners dipped under 20 minutes, led by Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harrier Samuel Shaw with 17:57 (75.21%), next was James Milton, who posted 18:46 (73.36%), and the third junior back to the big tree was Kiran Lathia-Hamblin, posting a new PB of 19:20 (73.36%) for St Mary’s Richmond AC. Junior boys Andrew Thomson (19:28), Jake Humphries (19:27) and Joseph Cowley (19:56) also achieved sub 20 times.

The first two female finishers had three things in common – they are both have a first name of Isabel, they are 100 club members and they both posted a new Bushy PB! Isabel Livesey ran 19:26 (79.76%) on her 140th run for St Mary’s Richmond AC, followed by Isabel Hessey, posting 20:02 (73.88%) on her 163rd parkrun. 26.2 RRC’s Victoria Haslam was the third female finisher, running 20:40 on her 149th parkrun.

For the junior girls, Isabel Livesey was the first finisher with 19:26, next was Charlotte Dawson, who ran 21:17 (78.15%) on her 20th parkrun, and Imogen King posted 22:04 (71.22%) on her 169th parkrun.


Bushy parkrun 706 (14)     


Highest age grading scorers   The slippery conditions underfoot meant just 5 of you achieved over 80% for your age grading, well done to:

  • Justin Reid: 87.71% - for his time of 16:33 in the VM45-49 category
  • Bernie Mulvany: 82.24% - for his time of 19:20 in the VM55-59 category
  • Pauline Siddons: 81.91% - for her time of 27:38 in the VW70-74 category
  • Neil Thomas: 81.87% - for his time of 18:01 in the VM50-54 category
  • Rowan Axe: 80.46% - for his time of 16:02 in the SM25-29 category

Bushy parkrun 706 (13)

Justin set a new parkrun PB of 16:33 for an age grading of 87.71%


For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


Bushy parkrun 706 (23)   


Stats of the day

There were 971 parkrunners! – 928 identified, 43 unknown (4% of field).   How many?

  • Of the 928 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 98 PBs (10.6% of field) of which 3 have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 83 Bushy first timers (8.9% of field) of which 30 were parkrun first timers (3.2%)
  • 87 junior runners (9.38%) aged under 18 and 151 seniors aged 18-34 (16.27%)
  • 690 vets (74.35%), of which 92 were aged over 60, 19 over 70, and 2 over 80
  • 557 males (60%) and 371 females (40%)
  • Most common male age group was 50-54 (106 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 50-54 (62 runners)
  • 168 club runners (18% of field) from 54 different clubs and 760 unattached (82%)
  • Top 8 clubs: Stragglers (38 runners), Maidenhead AC (15), Newark Striders Running Club (10), 26.2 RRC (8), SHAEF Shifters (7), Ranelagh Harriers (6), Team Bushy (6) and Sweatshop Running Community (5).


How fast?

  • Of the 971 finishers, there were:
  • 61 sub 20 mins, 273 20:00-24:59, 333 25:00-29:59 and 304 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 21:00, Average times: Median: 27:24, Mean: 27:47
  • Finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 35, 48, 56, 65, 69, 80, 53, 67, 75, 58, 54
  • 334 finishers between 23:00 and 27:59, average of 91.4 per minute
  • 80 finishers in the 25th minute
  • 84 parkrunners achieved over 70% age grading, and 5 over 80%
  • Average age grading of 56.80% from the identified field of 928


How many parkruns?

  • 87176 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 928, averaging 93.94 parkruns each
  • 497 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (53.7% of identified field), of which there are...
  • 165 members of the 50 club (17.8%)
  • 253 members of the 100 club (27.3%)
  • 75 members of the 250 club (8.1% of field)
  • 4 members of the 500 club (0.4% of field) – Paul Killick (559 runs), John Hanscomb (551), John Woods (529), and Simon Greenhill (514).


And finally…

Christmas Party – 14th December at 7pm at The Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington  

Places are going thick and fast, but there’s still room for you if you want to come along to the Christmas Party! Please see us at the volunteer station (the bin by the main car park where the hi viz folk gather) before or after the run on Saturday or reply to the email address on the invitation. Please bring cash to Duncan at the volunteer station.

bushy party (1)


Don’t forget…

Pacers – we will have pacers for you this week – odd numbered month means an assembled crew of odd numbered minute pacers ranging from 21 to 35 minutes.


Will we make it a hat-trick of Bushy parkruns with rain? You don’t have to wait long to find out!


That’s all for now, until next time!


Bushy parkrun 706 (2)


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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