Run Report Event No 743 – 14 July 2018


Voluntouring to Bushy Park for run #743, sun, deer and police cars

Exams finished, school left, silver DofE volunteering commitments completed, and what better way to celebrate than hopping in a car early in the morning to visit the home of parkrun. This one has been in the planning for a few weeks and the beautiful weather made the 0545 wake up call a little easier. Meeting and setting off for Bushy from Queen Elizabeth Country Park’s car park, we aimed for Bushy Park.

We arrived by luck at the Diana Fountain and found the closest car park. As our car of three included two volunteers and two parkrunners we were a little more nervous of finding the correct starting area and milled around with a lot of other people equally unsure. The only park occupants who seemed completely at ease were the deer who were examining then trimming low hanging branches for leaves. For those reading and equally worried about finding the start, there’s a zone/corridor between the car park and the loos. The start happens in that area and the volunteers congregated and signed at the edge of the car park. On a positive note, we talked to visitors from Glasgow and Brighton among other places while waiting.



From the parkrunner perspective

The format for parkrunners is reassuringly similar. First Timer’s brief then a difficult to hear Run Director’s brief. Off we set around the butterfly shaped course, hugging the shade where possible and looking longingly at the ponds where the four legged parkrunners were having quick power-dips. It’s warm running and unless in training for a very hot run somewhere, PB chasing seems a little excessive, well it was until we saw the first police car crossing the park. That’s not a usual sight for us and there was some speeding up and examination of conscience! Finally we saw the funnel and crossed the line. After having an increase in our funnel activity at our previous home parkrun a year or so ago, we’d looked at how Bushy managed the funnel on YouTube. It was great to see it in action. Scanned and cooling down, we waited for the last few runners before heading off to breakfast.

From the voluntourist perspective

It was an equally familiar set up to many parkruns but it’s always nerve-wracking to arrive to volunteer and not know quite where to go. As a barcode scanner I had a slightly different coloured jacket and met my other scanners in an area separate to the other volunteers. It looked as if all the scanners were under 18 which was fun. This sometimes happens at my home run too when I volunteer to barcode scan, but then I’m usually 100% of the scanners as we normally only have one. We had a special brief after the parkrunners had started and stood under a big shady tree to wait our first customers. It was very busy for a period and there were lots of sweaty parkrunners with tags on shoes – much more than we get at our often very muddy run at home. As the numbers dropped I was asked to go and scan on the finish line for the last few parkrunners. Tail walker in, scanner handed over and time for a yummy breakfast!

Even though it was very hot, there were 37 people who ran, jogged or walked their first ever parkrun today. Well done! It will get cooler in time. They were part of an amazing 185 who were running their first ever parkrun at Bushy. Of the 1,194 who ran, 73 recorded new PBs which is awesome in this heat. Michelle DILLON should be awarded something long and cool after being the top scorer in the age grade, with an amazing 89.32% even though that wasn’t even a PB.

Four people joined the 50 club, Daniel EARP, Iain MACNAUGHTON, Mary BUXTON and Megan KLASS and one person joined the 100 club, Kevin HARVELL. Your consistency is rewarded and may your tshirt links go live quickly. Do check on your parkrun profile as my email hasn’t yet arrived but my link was live.

In the unofficial clubs, Jon BARKS (99 runs) should award himself a soft ice cream for a flake after this morning’s run, Graham MORTIMER and Maurice SHARP completed their 150th runs. There were balloons for at least one of the and four people who completed their 200th runs, Paul IRWIN, Edward BUXTON, Hannah SIMPSON and Michelle COMFORT – splendid.



The event was made possible by 46 totally amazing volunteers who organised, clapped, cheered, stood in the sun and made sure we didn’t take our finish tokens away:

Sheila FERGUSSON, Simon GREENHILL, Tracey LENTHALL, Carmen PALMER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Samantha HANLEY, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Emma WINGATE, Trevor HUGGINS, Colin LEA, Stuart AMORY, Ethan MULLEN, Daphne BOYLE, Diane MULLEN, Susan HOWARTH, Sarah Jane TODD, Margaret LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Lucy KATESMARK, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Katy FURBER, Peter David THOMPSON, Andrew RONKSLEY, Emily May STAIN, Margot COOPER, India BENJAMIN, Emilie HOWES, Libby COOPER, Wendy STOKES, Pippa WHITE, Danny GLEBOCKI, Harriet WHITE, Robby HEDGES, Nicole RIEHL, Sarah KEENAN, Annabelle SANDER, Evie HINDE, Lucas RICHARDSON, Ben THERON, Darrell NEWMAN, Benjamin ABLETT, Cassius WHITE, Jemma TOTTY and Henry RIDGLEY

Bushy parkrun always need volunteers, so if you fancy a go at any of the many and varied roles, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll sort you out.


It was interesting to come to a very busy parkrun and have a joyful run in the sun with new friends, thank you for having us.

Pippa & Harriet White

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Run Report Event No 742 – 7 July 2018


Octogenarian Day (& other celebrations)

The last thing I wanted on Friday evening while watching Brazil and Belgium on the tv was to be setting my alarm for Saturday morning. But this was no ordinary alarm setting - 0430 is not a time I see very often but a quick shower soon woke me up. Out of the door at 0500 after checking twice if I had my barcode, breakfast and a bottle of water. Brueton parkrun is my local event and as I made my way to the park it seemed a daft time to be going to put the signs out with over 3 hours until 9am. The clock ticked round to 0530 and round the corner came our minibus – we were off on a pilgrimage to Bushy!

This was going to be a special pilgrimage as Bushy parkrun had invited all over 80 year old parkrunners to attend their event for a special Octogenarian Day, for the second year running. More about that later.

As we made our way down the M40, thankfully no one started the singing and there was excited chatter and checking that we had given the driver the correct postcode and we knew where we were going when we got to the car park opposite Hampton Court Palace. For 4 of us on the minibus it was a return trip to the home of parkrun, the other 11 were 1st timers and all were looking forward to a run after sitting on the minibus for 2 hours. Sun tan lotion was applied by all – it was going to be a warm run round the park.

When we arrived, Margaret Smith, who had been invited as one of the octogenarians made her way to the sign for the special attendees to gather around. We didn’t know how many over 80’s had been invited or how many would attend. As they came from all different angles to the meeting point it was inspiring to see them all, many of which were meeting for the 1st time.

After photos and the promise of cake at the end we set off for the start line looking out for rarely seen 500 shirts (ive only ever seen 2 before) and apricot shirts from all around. I’d agreed to meet up with Carol DICKINSON for a slow run round the park and she had agreed to show us the sights of the park and introduce myself and Alison GIBLIN to Bushy legend Elisabeth who was marshalling in her spot about half way round the course. Then it was on to the hill or what passes as a hill on this course. A quick stop for me to take a picture of the deer and it was a left turn onto Chestnut Avenue and we were nearly home passing Heron Pond on our right although I understand some people (Alison) didn’t see it – did you go the correct way? At the finish, 3rd time lucky for a finishing letter…………sadly not. Better luck next time! Our prediction of 35 minutes went completely out of the window as we finished in just over 32.

After getting my token scanned I went back to the finish line to cheer in all the other finishers with my fellow tourists. It was brilliant to see everyone, young and old happily running in the park on such a hot day. After all of the octogenarians had finished there were speeches, cake and prosecco. In 2017 there was 15 who attended the event, this year a massive 38 from as far afield as Scotland, Wales, the West Country, Essex and Brighton. Between them, the 38 have completed 6850 parkruns. Here is a list of the attendees -


Pos Name Time Age Category Pos Name Time Age Category
377 Michael COUPE 25:20:00 VM80-84 978 Roy TAYLOR 39:08:00 VM80-84
547 Gerald BILLIS 27:51:00 VM80-84 982 Albert YEE 39:26:00 VM85-89
570 Joseph ASPINALL 28:10:00 VM80-84 1004 Martin CLARK 40:30:00 VM80-84
616 Mike ROSBROOK 29:00:00 VM80-84 1005 Wally GARROD 40:37:00 VM80-84
710 Tom HARTIGAN 30:40:00 VM80-84 1010 John LAST 40:53:00 VM80-84
722 Tom EVERITT 30:54:00 VM80-84 1011 Geoff JACKSON 40:56:00 VM85-89
727 Leonard GAUL 31:01:00 VM80-84 1015 Lillian DE LACY 41:18:00 VW80-84
734 Keith SPEED 31:08:00 VM80-84 1022 Colin ROBINSON 42:19:00 VM80-84
748 Thomas CROWTHER 31:28:00 VM80-84 1031 Margaret SMITH 43:10:00 VW80-84
788 Ramon SAIZ 32:12:00 VM80-84 1033 Greg DE LACY 43:13:00 VM80-84
831 Joe CLEVERLY 33:00:00 VM85-89 1035 Georgina JACKMAN 43:35:00 VW80-84
855 Richard PITCAIRN-KNOWLES 33:51:00 VM85-89 1054 David JORDAN 46:19:00 VM80-84
881 Allan SMITH 35:01:00 VM85-89 1055 John FARROW 46:20:00 VM80-84
914 Alan ANDERSON 36:04:00 VM80-84 1063 Madge BRADSELL 49:22:00 VW85-89
922 Robin CAMPBELL 36:24:00 VM80-84 1065 Les BROWN 50:20:00 VM80-84
947 Robert WINNING 37:33:00 VM80-84 1069 George FROGLEY 51:58:00 VM80-84
951 Maurice FRANCIS 37:47:00 VM80-84 1074 Ruby CAMPBELL 55:21:00 VW80-84
971 Keith MORRIS 38:34:00 VM80-84 1080 John HANSCOMB 59:35:00 VM80-84
977 Patrick HOUGH 39:05:00 VM80-84 1090 Hugh DINWOODIE 01:20:06 VM85-89


Thanks to George FROGLEY and Richard PITCAIRN-KNOWLES for organising the day. 38 this year - maybe more next year.

80 1

Ann COWARD made a special cake for the occasion. George, Richard and Hugh DINWOODIE and his son.

80 2

Proving age is just a number – all the octogenarians together at the end

As I left the park with ice cream and a can of pop in hand to catch the train back to Birmingham around 10:45 there was no sign that 1000+ people had been running around. A delayed train at Teddington nearly put pay to getting home to see England v Sweden but thankfully we made up some time and caught the Midlands bound train at Euston. I walked through the front door, still ‘parkrun fresh’ a full 4 and half hours after running – no wonder no one wanted to sit next to me on the train.


This week’s heroes in yellow, thank you to -

Carol DICKINSON • Merran SELL • Mike TIVNEN • Ray COWARD • Rupert POSTLETHWAITE • Denise MITCHELL • Simon LANE • Janice FRANKS • Ray FRANKS • Simon R • Malcolm J TAYLOR • Martin MILTON • Sharon TEE • Jack KENNEDY • Zoe Alison FAIZ • Fiona MCANENA • Suzanne GREEN • Nick BLANCHARD • Colin DINWOODIE • Alex TICKELL • Anna VERGUNST • Peter DUNKLEY • Diane MULLEN • Kevin TOMKINSON • Carol SWAFFER • Margaret LE FRANC • Robert John DEAN • Courtney LE FRANC • Catelin LE FRANC • Lucy KATESMARK • Ella EDWARDS • Tricia POWERS • Emily May STAIN • Wendy STOKES • Shirley BUCKLEY • Richard VAN DER LEEDEN • Carolyn FOSTER • Pam JARMAN • Julie SMITH • Robby HEDGES • Nicole RIEHL • Tom BALL • Sarah KEENAN • Glady GARTLAND • Evie HINDE • Natalie BERMAN • Hannah ROBERTSON • Graeme BALL • Jacob ATKINSON • Darrell NEWMAN • Henry RIDGLEY

80 3

What does that sign say? Who knows, in the and after running 5k it made a more than effective fan

Celebrations this week

Congratulations to the following Bushy parkrunners who entered one of the parkrun clubs at the event
10 club – Thomas SKINGLE
50 club – Brian TO, Dee SMALE, Emma WELLHAM, Ian LEWENDON, Nathaniel HICKS, Samuel REYNOLDS
100 club – Ann COWARD, Ashleigh FERRIS, Chris LODGE, Jaime KOMINSKY, Liz BENNETT, Matthew David TYAS, Naomi Sarah TUER, Simon BAYLIS, William PINCHARD

Regulars at Bushy will know Ann. As well as baking the most delicious cakes, Ann has volunteered officially on 437 occasions, and probably a lot more as they weren't all recorded in the early days. With husband Ray they have been a mainstay at Bushy parkrun over the years, so getting to 100 runs is a great achievement. Well done Ann.

80 4

Ashleigh celebrates her 100
Bubbling under - Robin CAMPBELL (249 parkruns), Geraldene COMPTON (99 parkruns), Daniel EARP, Joely Mae UNDERDOWN, Ann BATH, Helen FRANCIS, Caroline SHAW (49 parkruns)

5 random stats from Bushy parkrun this week

This was event 742. In 742nd position was 1st timer Leila ZID in 31:16.

51 volunteers made the event possible this week. In 51st position was Phil JELLY who completed his 214th parkrun in 19:45.

60 new PB’s this week. In 60th position was Matthew David TYAS who completed his 100th parkrun in 19:58.

The average run time for the event (overall) is 26:51. This was matched by 3 people this week - Simon BAYLIS, Josie PERRIN and Leigh TAYLOR.

Position number of the week = 309 – Paul GROUT who completed his 168th parkrun in 24:25


This week there was 60 personal bests recorded.
Here is a list of the parkrunners with over 50 runs who achieved a PB this week –
Jon BARKS - 19:23 - 98 parkruns
Abigail FUDGE - 19:45 - 261 parkruns
James WALSH - 22:40 - 91 parkruns
Peter THOMAS - 22:00 - 290 parkruns
Ian RILEY - 20:03 - 296 parkruns
Lee DOUGALL - 19:50 - 114 parkruns
Andrew SCHOFIELD - 24:15 - 81 parkruns
Harry THURSFIELD - 18:56 - 78 parkruns
Louise CLARK - 26:00 - 118 parkruns
Nicholas MURRAY - 21:14 - 75 parkruns
Christopher HILL - 18:39 - 196 parkruns
Zoe Alison FAIZ - 21:19 - 323 parkruns
Andrew THEEDOM - 18:29 - 141 parkruns
Simon FRYER - 27:37 - 148 parkruns

Well done to all achieving a PB this week

First timers

141 first timers took part this week, for 25 of them this was their 1st parkrun.
Well done to all the 1st timers, hope you enjoyed your parkrun.

Official Report

This week 1091 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 141 were first timers and 60 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 97 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 51 volunteers.

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379).
The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).
Bushy parkrun started on 2nd October 2004. Since then 46,069 participants have completed 495,485 parkruns covering a total distance of 2,477,425 km, including 69,482 new Personal Bests.

Did you know?

Bushy parkrun now has 40777 registered parkrunners

I will be back again one day! The pilgrimage to Bushy is amazing and maybe I’ll get a letter next time?!

Kevin (A190125)

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Run Report Event No 741 – 30 June 2018



In this neverending heatwave, the likes of which have not been seen since 1976 - we had another predictably warm sunny Saturday in Bushy Park, for the 741st Bushy parkrun. 1,084 of you lined up on Lime Avenue on this occasion, with 100 Bushy first timers, of which 32 were new to parkrun, welcome along! Despite the warm conditions we had 102 new PBs, congratulations!


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (3) 


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (5)


Rob was the RD this time, and in total we had 38 volunteers marshalling, timing, scanning and tail walking, thanks to:

Justine ALBERT, Mike BANGHAM, Donald BELL, Joy BELL, Natalie BERMAN, Marisa BILLETT, Lou COAKER, Carolyn FOSTER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Stella HAMMOND, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Lucy KATESMARK, Sarah KEENAN, Margaret LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Fiona MCANENA, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Richard MOORE, Kelly MORRIS, Diane MULLEN, Ethan MULLEN, Darrell NEWMAN, Anand ONDHIA, Rob PHILLIPS, Lucas RICHARDSON, Henry RIDGLEY, Anna SAVILL, Julie SMITH, David STEWART, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Lucy THATCHER, Ben THERON, Harry VAUGHAN, Cassius WHITE

If you fancy taking a role on, don't be shy, give it a try! Get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he'd be delighted to hear from you!


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (22)Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (6)



We had plenty of tourists once more, including Sarah Calder from Australia. Sarah is Event Director at Wyndham Vale parkrun, just west of Melbourne. Thanks for coming Sarah!

Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (33)


The following parkrunners were Bushy first timers having completed 100 parkruns or more:

Name Time Club Runs
Trevor ROSE 35:38 Hull East Park Runners 407
Ros CRANSTON 25:43 314
Tim WATKINS 21:54 Forest of Dean AC 222
Steve HAYTON 24:54 200
Annette HOWARD 33:04 Dacorum & Tring AC 189
Angelo LUCATELLO 22:32 173
Chris KITCHENER 21:14 Dacorum & Tring AC 160
Kirsty RUSSELL 30:02 Dacorum & Tring AC 141
Matthew COKEHAM 21:39 130
Alison KETTLES 30:15 108
Nicola BLIGHT 31:08 100


Thanks to all those who travelled from near or far to visit Bushy, we hope you enjoyed your morning with us!


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (10)


New PBs

Just two parkrunners managed a PB with at least 50 Bushy parkruns completed - the heat contributed to this low figure no doubt! Ian Riley continued his prolific PB streak, with his 4th PB in 5 rruns, with 20:04 on his 269th Bushy parkrun (295 runs overall). Andrew Schofield ran 24:58 on his 80th parkrun (all at Bushy), taking 7 seconds off his PB. Well done guys!


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (12)


parkrun club milestones

After Ciaran Murphy recently joined the 500 club, there were no new entrants this time... Stewart Holmes is the nearest on 495 runs. We had no new 250 club members either, the closest to this landmark who ran was Richard Bevan, on 247.

Joining the 100 club we had 4 new members: Nicola Blight, Glen Hardingham, Callum Kennett and John Turner, congratulations! Six of you joined the 50 club, well done to: Jon Fry, Andrew Dowsett, Isabella Gilkes, Claire Harrington, Ken Mclelland and Chris Young.


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (19)


The results bit

We had some very speedy times, with the first 3 finishers all sub 16: Ben Bradley (15:04), John McDonnell (15:07 - not the shadow chancellor!) and Allan Stewart (15:24).

For the junior boys, 4 runners posted sub 20 times: Haris Williams (19:04), Kiran Lathia-Hamblin (19:18), Matthew Tyas (19:33) and Ross Hyde (19:42).

The first female finisher was Isabel Hessey (19:23), she was followed by Anri Cohen (19:59) and Polly Adams (20:50). The leading 3 junior girls were: Helena White (22:29), Beatrice Wilding (24:17) and Amelia Smeeton (24:36).


Age gradings

Jane Davies (VW65-69) once again secured an age grading in the 90s, earning 91.19% from her time of 24:01. Another 7 parkrunners achieved over 80%, well done to: Ben Bradley (85.62%), John McDonnell (85.34%), Allan Stewart (83.77%), Philip Pearson (83.52%), Polly Adams (82.48%), Darren Bradley (81.33%) and Bea Downey (81.20%).



Talking of over 80s, we will have a group of octogenarians taking part in the next Bushy parkrun, very inspiring! See you then!


Rodney McCulloch (A56540)


Bushy parkrun 741 - 30-06-2018 (28)


Run Report Event No 739 – 16 June 2018


A feast of celebrations!




After the fun of the NHS 70 year anniversary last week, we had a feast of further events to celebrate this week, with mass visitors from far and wide, and a host of milestones. A massive 1,307 people completed this week’s event with 57 fantastic volunteers in attendance all enjoying the mid-June sunshine.




Pacer week

This being the third week of an even month we had week we had a crack team of pacers to cajole us to parkrun PBs. Did you get a PB? If you did you may have one of the following to thank:

20 mins – Jeremy Palmer
22 mins – Julian Diamond
24 mins – Andy Anstey
26 mins – Justine Albert (debut!)
28 mins – Adrian Roberts
30 mins – Rick Matthews
32 mins – Carol Dickinson
34 mins – David Stewart


Pacer team


Justine on her pacer debut with pacer expert Carol (31:59)


In total there were a fantastic 57 volunteers out in force, making everything possible. Please give your thanks to the following brilliant team:


Bushy parkrun always need volunteers, so if you fancy a go at any of the many and varied roles, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll sort you out.


Jack & Michael (aka “Statler & Waldorf”), Big Nick holds it high
Oonagh hard at work, Multi-tasking Carol with parkrun legend John HANSCOMB

Tourists and other First timers

We had a huge group of runners this week from Pershore, Worcestershire – The Pershore Plum Plodders in their plum coloured shirts and a running plum. They had even missed Worcester parkrun’s 7th anniversary to be with us at Bushy and some had a 4am start!


Plums on Tour!

Black Pear Joggers joined the Plums – it was fruity affair

Visiting from Swinton in God’s own city of Manchester were Swinton Running Club. They had wisely come down the day before to make the pilgrimage.


Rebecca, Nicky, Lauren and George (Swinton RC)

Personal Bests

We had 152 people gain a PB this week – some 12% of the field – well done those pacers. Congratulations to David ALDERSON who managed a Bushy PB on his 400th parkrun and 4th at Bushy.
Well done too to Sarah MAYALL who secured a PB on her 323rd parkrun and 303rd at Bushy. Ian RILEY who took 12 secs off his PB on his 293rd parkrun in 20:21.
Other PBs for runners on 200+: George BESSANT, Paul WARRINGTON, Louise CROCKFORD , and Tom GARDINER . Great work on that warm day.

Last push for a PB



Well I am not sure where to start with milestones – we had quite a few this week! Let's work backwards for a change…

10 Club
Four juniors completed their 10th run to claim the pristine white shirt: well done to Sophie LEWIS, Charlie SIMMONS, Edward BARTLETT and Megan THOMSON.

50 Club
We had 8 runners reach the magic milestone of 50 this week. Step forward to claim your red shirt: Leonie ELLIOTT, Simon ONSLOW, Deit BORIZANI, Caroline MACMILLAN, Will RUSSELL, Azariah FRANCE-WILLIAMS, Yoko UEDA and Vicki MAY . Congratulations to all. Leonie had managed to time her 50 with her 50th birthday and there was a big gathering of friends and family to help her do justice to the double celebration:



100 club
We had 4 people celebrating 100 runs this week. Congratulations to Merran SELL, David JENKINS and father and daughter Dominic and Helena WHITE . Merran has been a stalwart at Bushy for many years now – regularly getting over 80% age grading, running her first parkrun way back on 19 March 2005 in Event #25 when there were just 24 runners and it was the only parkrun in existence (the Bushy Park Time Trial). Every single runner that day is or was attached to a Club which shows how parkrun has changed and how far we have come. Merran and her husband Jim only ran a few parkruns back then and returned to parkrun in earnest in 2012 and they are both regular volunteers and very active in Stragglers RC. Well done Merran.

Untitled Untitled

Merran & Jim with special 100 biscuits courtesy of Carol Dickinson Inc.

Dominic & Helena enjoy their double celebration – on Father’s Day eve

250 club
Two runners joined the 250 club this week – congratulations to Tom LOVEGROVE and Richard LYONS. You should be able to claim your green shirts reasonably quickly – 250 shirts are currently available within a week or so, possibly depending on your size.

500 club
To complete a full set of milestone celebrations this week (a rare event), we had the fantastic Ciarán MURPHY run his 500th parkrun. Ciarán is the 21st member of this club in the world and ran his first parkrun on 12 November 2005 in 20:56. There were 97 runners that day. This year Ciarán has run 19:19 (80.24%) so has kept his fitness over his 13 years or so of parkrunning. In 2011 he even claimed a first finisher spot – at Swindon parkrun on New Year’s Day. Ciarán has also run at Crissy Field in San Francisco, Faelledparken in Denmark and Westport in Ireland. Look forward to seeing you in blue soon Ciarán.

There was a big turnout including many SHAEF Shifters for Ciarán’s 500th

Untitled Untitled

The Results – first finishers

Will RUSSELL (SM25-29) in 16:12 (50th parkrun).
Ben FINDLAY (SM25-29) in 16:49
Geoff LOWE (SM30-34) in 17:16

Hannah KNAPTON (SW20-24) in 19:39.
Sabrina CANT (SW40-44) in 20:36
Isabel HESSEY (SW25-29) in 20:36

Junior women
Helena WHITE in 21:37 on her 100th run
Lily O’NEILL in 22:37
Holly YOUD in 23:03

Junior boys
Kiran LATHIA-HAMBLIN in 19:02
Matthew TYAS in 19:30
Ross HYDE also 19:30


Age Gradings

Five runners achieved 80% or more age grading this week:
Gary NEVILLE (VM55-59) – 83.54% for 19:02
Polly ADAMS (VW50-54) - 83.28% for 20:38
Bea DOWNEY (VW50-54) – 81.70% for 21:35
Justin REID (VM45-49) – 81.55% for 17:48
Laurence DUFFY (VM55-59) – 80.38% for 19:27

Medals for everyone!


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #739

1307 parkrunners – 1239 identified, 68 unknown (DFYB!) (5% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1362 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 123 Juniors aged under 18 (10%)
• 214 Seniors aged 18-34 (17%)
• 901 Vets aged 35-89 (72%)
• 529 females (43%) and 710 males (57%)

Weather conditions
• Umbrella quotient: 0 out of 5
• Temperature: 18˚C, warm and muggy.


See you next parkrunday.

Andrew Howarth

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Run Report Event No 738 – 9 June 2018

Well that was all rather good fun wasn't it?

Bushy parkrun was one of over three hundred parkruns across the UK that took part in the #NHS70 celebrations. Apart from the dressing up - which we'll get too shortly - there was a slightly more serious side to the day which involved raising the awareness of parkrun within the NHS. Judging by the amount of tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram stories I saw coming from within the NHS it seems parkruns across the country achieved that, so a huge thank you to everyone who took part on Saturday.

As you can see from the photo below, we had a great turn out of people who really embraced the fancy dress element of the day.


And it wasn't just the humans who got dressed up. Someone from parkrun HQ clearly spotted Mollie the Collie in a picture and added her to their Instagram feed!


'Doctor' Simon was in charge on Saturday and he set everyone off from the top of his ladder at 9am sharp.


This week 1266 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 108 were first timers and 138 recorded new Personal Bests. We also had 23 people back for that difficult second parkrun... We hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bushy again soon!


A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers for giving their time on Saturday morning so that over 1250 people could have their weekly parkrun fix. We're always on the lookout for more volunteers, we give you full training and it really can be quite good fun so if you'd like to help one week, simply drop the fantastic Pat a line at - many thanks to the following hi-viz heroes this week.

Jacob ATKINSON, Ray BAIRSTOW, Joy BELL, Mila BOKONJIC, Eva BOYD, Debbie BUTLER, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Robert John DEAN, Mike DENNISON, Jonathan DICKINSON, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Joanne GREEN, Keith HAWORTH, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, John HUTCHINGS, Lucy KATESMARK, Simon LANE, Margaret LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Ally MANOLE, Jackie MCLELLEN, Robert MOREY, James MORRIS, Darrell NEWMAN, Martin NICHOLDS, Hannah PICKUP, Kit POWNEY, Simon R, Nicole RIEHL, Wendy ROBERTSON, James SELL, Julie SMITH, Emily May STAIN, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Sharon TEE, Lucy THATCHER, Ben THERON, Mike TIVNEN, Harry VAUGHAN, Maisy VINCENT, Carole VINE


Congratulations to Sue Howarth for joining the 250 club on Saturday and celebrating in true Bushy style with cakes, 250 themed biscuits and prosecco! 194 of Sue's 250 runs have been at Bushy with the rest spread over a large number of parks across the UK as Sue and Andy tour their way around the country.

XUVR3150 IYHD1042

Joining the 100 Club were Krzysztof DANIELAK on their first ever visit to Bushy and Jon DAWSON who has run 88 times at Bushy. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to catch up with Krzysztof but looking at his profile it looks like his home run is Zary in Poland - a very popular overseas parkrun for those looking to complete their parkrun alphabet!

We had a whole bunch of people joining the 50 club on Saturday, so huge congratulations to:
Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Becky POSTLETHWAITE, Holly ANDREWS, Sandy ARMSTRONG, Sid EASTOE and Chris PLANT. We look forward to seeing you all in your bright red 50 t-shirts soon.

And last but by no means least, a huge well done to Chloe DENSLOW for joining the 10 junior club.

Next week is an exciting week for milestones as we will be welcoming Ciaran Murphy into the 500 club, only the 21st person to join this illustrious club. Looking forward to joining the celebrations after the run...

Top Age Gradings

Congratulations to everyone below for getting above 80% in the age gradings and a special shout out to Mark for getting over 90% and scoring a new PB at Bushy in the process as well as his fastest ever parkrun after 332 attempts!

Mark SYMES 90.89 %
Matt ATKINS 87.57 %
Paul GAYLOR 87.36 %
Claire GRIMA 83.30 %
Jonathan CORNISH 82.25 %
Darren BRADLEY 81.55 %
Bev HARTIGAN 81.52 %
Mike DENNISON 80.64%
Mimi OWEN 80.22%

You can see the full list of results here


On 7th July, we're lucky enough to be hosting the second annual get together of parkrun Octogenarians - that's runners over 80 for you and me. The two organisers behind the day, George and Richard paid us a visit today to check we were all okay to host the day and Carol and Ann took the opportunity to check that they were fighting fit and ready to run their 5km.


Please do spread the word if you know anyone who's over 80 and fancies a run/walk or jog around our beautiful park that they will be in good company on the 7th July if they come that day.

A Bit More Fancy Dress to Finish Off

As I said right at the top, we had some amazing people who really got into the spirit of things. No idea if this was planned in advance but loving the traditional nursing outfits below - with either icecream or prosecco as your 'post run' refreshment of choice!


I absolutely LOVE this photo of Julie and our Elisabeth at 'Elisabeth's Corner' - lovely to see our most famous volunteer getting in the spirit of things on Saturday


Carol decided to give Jonny a quick check up before allowing him to volunteer this week. As you can see Wendy went to great lengths to join in with the fancy dress by wearing her protective boot!


And one final picture of our wonderful team of volunteers, runners and various other fancy dressed up participants. A huge thank you to Duncan for all the brilliant photos.


So that's it for this week. This Saturday for your entertainment we have pacers, as it's an even month we'll be offering even minute pacing from 20 up until about 34 minutes.

See you all Saturday


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