Run Report Event No. 555 – 17th January 2015


Are You Warmed Up?


Chilly conditions returned to Bushy Park this week, but this didn’t prevent a huge field of 1,219 runners from turning out and completing our 2nd highest field in cold but sunny and windless conditions. Firm ground and “even-minute pacers” led to an incredible 182 PBs this week.


Runners getting ready to go on Bushy parkrun #555
1,219 runners raring to go! (Photo taken by Jed Leicester)


Given the wintry temperature, it seems a good week to share some of my observations on parkrun warm-ups. As I live only 2.5 miles from the start-line, I’ve always assumed that by cycling to the park, I will not only dodge the hassle of finding a car-parking space, but also be giving myself an adequate pre-5Km run warm up. However, watching some of the preparation that some other runners are doing, I have called this assertion into question over the last year.

For example, I have often seen Paul Bowden (who lives close by to me) running to the park at a pretty impressive pace, then running his parkrun even more quickly (I’ve lost sight of him by around 500 metres) and then running the 2.5 miles home at a good pace too!


I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that if I attempted some of the pre-run sprints that some runners attempt on Chestnut Avenue near the start-line, I’d be spending the next 20 minutes recovering rather than posting a reasonable 5km time! So, what is an ideal 5Km warm-up? Obviously it needs to be tailored according to our individual condition and fitness levels, but the consensus suggests that in order to achieve our potential, we should be considering something along the lines of the following:-


  • 3-4 minutes of Dynamic stretching (not static, whereby the stretch is “held”)
  • 10 minutes of easy jogging
  • 2 X 2 minutes of running at half marathon pace (around 15% slower than your 5 Km pace) with easy jogging in-between bouts
  • 4 x 150m with a 90-second to 2-minute jog between, starting at 5k pace and ending about a second faster for the 150m distance (which is significantly faster than 5k pace), then 1-2 minutes of calm walking before you gather at the start-line for the run director’s briefing!


Why warm-up? The main reasons are to raise blood circulation to a pulse rate near 130 to 140 beats a minute, so that you don't have to ‘go through the gears’ in your parkrun; and 2) to raise the body temperature and loosen up the muscles so they can function more efficiently, reducing the risk of pulling a muscle or straining a tendon.

Have I tried it? Not to the letter no…. Whilst I don’t want my parkruns to be “too serious”, I am keen to be running somewhere near my full potential, so, whilst I’ve not yet sorted out a “dynamic stretch routine” and still do around 10 mins of cycling rather than 10 mins of jogging, I do often park my bike at the Teddington gate to carry out the last 2 stages of the above warm-up. Having made the changes in the middle of a “PB-spree” nearly a year ago, it did seem to help me squeeze out one more PB to the sequence before.



A question of pace!

Pacers pre-parkrun


At Bushy, we have a load whole of quantity – 1,219 runners is testament to that! However, whilst we can organise 8 pacers, it is not quantity that people are looking for but quality! Yes, we thank anyone who is willing to wear a bib and carry a flag, but the runner chasing a 28:00 PB is not going to be too chuffed if they put their trust in a pacer who runs a 28:50!

So this week, we decided to have a look at the quality of our pacing team

Whilst on the topline, we were generally pretty good...

Ian Fullen – Target 20 mins – Actual 19:56

Tim Bowden – 22 mins – 21:50

Andy Wingate – 24 mins – 23:57

Matthew Jaquiss – 26 mins – 25:57

Jed Leicester – 28 mins – 27:59

Simon Rayner – 30 mins – 29:45

Michael Lonergan – 32 mins – 32:02

David Stewart – 34 mins – 33:50 an average variance across the eight of just six seconds away from their targets!


However, pacing is about more than hitting a finish time – you should be aiming to run even splits across the 5km. Running 4.8km hard and then ambling down the final straight is not good! So this week we asked the pacers to hand in their Garmin splits and it was all pretty impressive!

Note! When you are pacing you don’t start on the startline, there is often some wandering across the course as you encourage your companions and you don’t always take the shortest line, so it is advisable to gain a few seconds in each kilometre to account for the fact that you actually run more than 5k – at least according to your watch!


So, how did people do…

Ian ‘Metronome’ Fullen – Ideal time of 4 mins per kilometre – Actual splits 3:54, 3:58, 3:58, 3:58, 3:58 and then 9 seconds for the additional bit giving him a 19:56

If you spread that additional 9 seconds out over the 5 kilometres, it means Ian hit his mark TO THE SECOND in each of the last 4km, but he got a bit excited at the start and so was 4 seconds ahead at Teddington Gate! Equally impressive was Ian’s ability to shout encouragement to those around him throughout the run; I once agreed to wear the 20 minute pacer tabard at the Swindon parkrun (they don’t do flags there) and I certainly didn’t have any spare breath to shout during my run!


Tim ‘Give me a target and I will hit it’ Bowden – Ideal time of 4:24 – Actual splits 4:06, 4:24, 4:21, 4:23, 4:21 and 15 seconds for his 21:50

Matthew ‘Steady as a Rock’ Jaquiss – Ideal time of 5:12 – Actual splits 5:10, 5:10, 5:09, 5:08, 5:10 and then 13 seconds for his 25:57

That is pretty good – so next time you are looking for a PB and see someone carrying a flag with a number on it, then you can be pretty sure if you stick with them they will deliver you to the big tree in the time they say they will!

Great job, guys!


Many thanks to Andy Wingate who provided the “Pacers analysis”.


Pacers selfie
A pelfie! (Photo taken by Jed Leicester)



The Results – PBs Galore!

The week the first runner back to the big tree was Ranelagh’s Ralph Street who clocked a very impressive time of 15:16. On his 10th run at Bushy Park, Ralph has now put together a sequence of 8 consecutive PBs spread over a time period of over 7 years!

In 3rd place (behind an unregistered runner) Bushy Park regular Andrius Jaksevicius took 11 seconds off his PB, lowering it to 16:04.

Our first lady home was junior runner Hannah Novakovic, who took an incredible 46 seconds off her PB in a time of 18:13 on her 20th run. Many congratulations Hannah.

Melanie Wood, who was making her Bushy parkrun debut, was the next lady home in a time of 19:21, followed by another junior runner Freya Thomson, whose time of 19:35 took half a minute off her PB. What an inspiring start to the year!


In all, a magnificent seven runners achieved a WAVA age grading above 80%; They were:-

                                          Time              Category        Age Grade

Ralph STREET                   15:16               SM20-24        84.50%

Hannah NOVAKOVIC          18:13               JW15-17         83.99%

Ruth HUTTON                      20:19               VW45-49        81.54%

Freya THOMSON                 19:35               JW11-14         81.53%

Kyle LANGFORD                 16:23               SM18-19         81.38%

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS       16:04               SM30-34         81.22%

Liz ZASS                            26:53               VW65-69         80.16%


As mentioned in the headlines, there were an amazing 182 PBs this week (Is this a record?) (Ed – the highest I can recall is 200 PBs at event 451 on 16th Feb 2013! I’m sure fellow statto Ray Franks can inform us if there has been an even higher figure!) This figure included 6 members of the 100 Club, so hearty congratulations to:

                                           Time    Category       No Of Runs

Rebecca HALL                      20:01   SW30-34       153

Robert CURTIS                     21:37   VM45-49        148

Darren FRANKS                   20:58   VM45-49        134

Tom LOVEGROVE               18:07   SM25-29        128

Andrius JAKSEVICIUS        16:04   SM30-34        113

Barbara TANTON                 27:26   VW45-49        101




Given the size of this week’s field, it is perhaps surprising that there was just 1 new joiner to the 100 club this week. The sole new joiner to the club was Greg Mace who has achieved this landmark in just 2 years and 8 months from his first parkrun!


There were 7 new members of the 50 club:-

Victoria FULLER





Stephen SO

Chris DAY


4 junior runners join the 10 club this week; They are:-

Lauren O'NEILL






Welcome Aboard

There were 118 runners making their Bushy Park debut this week - of which 82 were new to parkrun welcome aboard all, and hopefully you will concur that parkruns are for life, not just January new year resolutionists!



Whilst it is appropriate to say many thanks to the volunteers every week, they deserve a special thank you this week for dealing with so many of you! Many thanks to:-

Adam SHERRIFF  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Ann COWARD  •  Benjamin WILLIAMSON  •  Bev WILLIAMS  •  Chris BRIMACOMBE  •  Chrissie GALE  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Heather WALLINGTON  •  James MORRIS  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Jonathan EVANS  •  Joseph MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Ken PEARSON  •  Lou COAKER  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Merran SELL  •  Niamh LYONS  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Paul WOOD  •  Philip WILLIAMSON  •  Philip WRIGHT  •  Philippa SCHOFIELD  •  Rachel KEDDIE  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Stewart ROSE

Not even state school teachers are quite so outnumbered by their charges! Inevitably, with a field of 1219, there were some particularly busy periods in the funnel, especially in the 25th minute when 124 runners crossed the line; more than 2 a second! That must have warmed up our timer Hayden Matthew’s hands! (Ed – Hayden had no gloves on, so his hands were not sufficiently warmed up despite some busy minutes to click and Kirsty Bangham had to temporarily take over after 30 minutes while Hayden got the feeling back in his hands!)


Bushy #555 Funnel Stats
Funnel traffic stats!


Well done everyone on some inspirational achievements this week – Keep it up!


Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event No. 554 – 10th January 2015


How I learned to stop worrying and love the wind!


1080 park runners set off on Bushy parkrun #554
1,080 parkrunners set off!


This week’s winter challenge was provided by a wicked westerly wind, which was particularly notable around the cricket field! Despite nature’s best efforts to blow you sideways, 80 of you still managed to set new PBs amongst a field of 1,080 – the sixth biggest attendance here, with a huge 103 Bushy first timers, and 73 of you parkrun first timers, welcome along! Ray Coward took the helm as Run Director, assisted by volunteer co-ordinator Ann Coward, and Sue Kahn was the timer doing a fantastic job clicking all 1,080 across the line!

After blowing the cobwebs away and returning for a few weeks of parkrunning recently, it was good to be back on the funnel again and to ‘encourage’ you through the funnel, where I was with Ian Cunningham giving out those prized funnel letters! I didn’t have my Garmin on to know whether the calorie burn for doing funnel management is the same as running 5k (it probably isn’t), but in terms of adrenaline, it’s an even 50-50 split for me. Certainly the adrenaline was flowing in the 27th minute when 104 of you crossed the line for the ‘busiest minute of 2015’ at a parkrun… so far!




In all a team of 33 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! Do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d be pleased to hear from you!


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew RONKSLEY  •  Ann COWARD  •  Anne WOODS  •  Bev WILLIAMS  •  Chrissie GALE  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  David OLSEN  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Fran KENDEN  •  Gaston VERDICCHIO  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Ian CUNNINGHAM  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  Jacqueline RICH  •  James BOWRY  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jennifer DARLING  •  Joe DAWSON  •  John A STEPHENS  •  John GREAVES  •  Joseph MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Ken PEARSON  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Paul KEDDIE  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Romit BASU  •  Sandra WORTH  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Sue GRAHAM-KAHN  •  Teddy SMITH


Due to the strong winds, it wasn’t possible to sort the tokens outside into their set of hundreds, so we headed to the warmth and shelter of The Pheasantry to begin the long (but enjoyable) task of sorting nearly 1100 position tokens in order, and only two were missing this week – tokens 348 and 835 so if you finished on or around these positions, do check bags, pockets or behind the sofa to see if you’ve taken one by accident!

Thanks to all the volunteers for sorting out the tokens in The Pheasantry, many hands did indeed make light work!


Token Sorting!
Token sorting workshop in The Pheasantry!


parkrun tourists

From Norfolk we had a group of six runners who were all Bushy first timers, with a combined total of 609 parkruns between them: Ian Taylor (182 runs), Peter Woods (110), Laurie Woods (98), Izzy Woods (82), Douglas Gladwin (82) and Nicholas Woods (55 runs).


Bushy first timer and Bungay & Black Dog RC runner Ian Taylor has most recently run at Gorleston Cliffs parkrun, and whilst over half of his runs have been at Brighton & Hove parkrun (101), Ian has run at many different parkruns across the country, including the northernmost parkrun in the UK at Inverness (which also held the title for northernmost parkrun in the world, until parkrun arrived in St. Petersburg in Russia last year!)

The Woods family – Peter (City of Norwich AC) and Laurie, Izzy & Nicholas (Beccles & Bungay Harriers) were also Bushy first timers and they are regulars at Norwich parkrun, whilst another Bushy debutant and Bungay & Black Dog RC runner Douglas Gladwin joined us from his usual home run at Gorleston Cliffs. Thanks to all of you for coming and we hope you enjoyed your morning with us!

There were some more notable Bushy first timers already in the 50 club – Robert Ames (77  runs) and Gary Chatfield (51 runs) both from Frimley Lodge parkrun, Fin O’ Regan (67 runs) from Banstead and Nonsuch parkruns, and Jonathan Watson (51 runs) from Richmond Park parkrun.


We welcomed tourists Jodie Bennett (13 parkruns) and John Etherson (16 parkruns) as they headed south from their home run at South Manchester parkrun.

Chorlton Runners Jodie Bennett and John Etherson
Chrorlton Runners Jodie Bennett and John Etherson (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Roving reporter Julie Papworth caught up with them in The Pheasantry while they were enjoying a post parkrun coffee:

“Chorlton runners Jodie and John were visiting from Manchester for the first time at Bushy. Jodie used to live in Sunningdale and was here for the weekend as she is selling her house, which she wishes she could pick up and take up north with her! Jodie is originally from Blackpool and has only been running for six months and is doing her first marathon relay in Manchester.

John used to be the Landlord at The Bell in East Molesey a few years ago before his running days began. He is a devout United fan and is doing his first Marathon in April in Manchester, which starts and finishes at Old Trafford. He is one of 200 Chorlton runners doing it, and there are 2000 in the club! Their local parkrun South Manchester is always muddy and wet, and described our course as bone dry and said we were softy southerners!”

Thanks for coming Jodie and John, we hope to see you again at Bushy in the future!


250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

No new members of the 250 club this time; of those who took part yesterday, the following runners next in line to join this club are: Chris Tyrrell on 243 runs, Christopher Johnson (240), Bob Anderson (239), Rachel Brice (239) and Liz Zass (235).

Three runners joined the 100 club this week – Barbara Tanton, Kathryn White and Pauline Murawska! Here is a photo below with Barbara and her friends celebrating outside, including a parkrun first timer Mike Gibbons! I hope you enjoyed your first parkrun Mike, and well done to all the new 100 club members!


Barbara Tanton celebrates her 100th run!
Barbara Tanton (sitting, second left) joins the 100 club! (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


A trio of runners are on 99 not out and could join the 100 club next week – Greg Mace, Trevor Read and Mike Silk!

A duo of runners joined the 50 club this week – well done to Michael Wilkins and Keith Blackbourn! Another eight runners are just one away from joining this club – Robert Newbould, Gavin Wheeler, Stephen So, Anna Savill, Paula Sheridan, Laura Antunes, Victoria Fuller and Graham Dillamore.

Three new members of the junior 10 club this week, well done to: Chad Miller, Harriet Stewart and India Desai!


**parkrun club shirts update**

As you will have probably heard or read by now, any new members of the 10 (juniors only), 50, 100 and 250 clubs should expect to receive their club shirt in early spring, and it will be distributed via online retailer Wiggle and delivered to your home, instead of being distributed at parkrun on Saturdays. Much more details on this can be found here.




Thanks for your patience while the new system is being set up with our new partners Tribesports, who expect to be providing 300,000 t-shirts over the next five years for parkruns across the world – keeping the cherished club shirts free for all! There was also the exciting announcement of the addition of the ‘500 club’ t-shirt, which Darren Wood (489 runs!) could achieve as early as March 28th!


** Vote! **

Another exciting addition provided by Tribesports are that t-shirts will also be given to any registered parkrunner who has volunteered 25 times in the newly introduced ‘Volunteer Club’. You can vote to choose the design and colour of these ‘Volunteer Club’ shirts, make it count! To vote, go to the following link here.

A big thank you to Tribesports for their huge commitment and support for parkrun!


Special Plaudits

Some other notable landmarks were achieved yesterday, well done to Malcolm Taylor who was running his 300th parkrun (299 at Bushy), while John Wilkins and Tracy Fraser were both running their 200th parkruns and ran it together, well done!

200 parkruns for John Wilkins and Tracy Fraser
John Wilkins and Tracy Fraser - 200 not out!


One tweet on Twitter particulary stood out about yesterday's Bushy parkrun, as we found out that Mike Phillips (107 parkruns, 105 at Bushy) one of the 1,080 parkrunners who toed the line at 9am, had only arrived in the UK on a flight from the USA less than two hours earlier at 7:10am! Well done Mike, for getting here on time and remembering your barcode!


New PBs

Of the 80 PBs set yesterday, just one was from a parkrunner with more than 100 Bushy parkruns under their belt, so well done to junior runner Edward Buxton (134 runs, all at Bushy). Edward ran 24:40 to take 89 seconds off his previous best, set over a year ago in September 2013! Well done Edward!

Daniel Le Franc was the only other parkrunner to set a new PB with at least 50 Bushy parkruns completed, as he ran 23:50 to take 43 seconds off his previous best on his 59th run here (70th run overall), well done Daniel!


Now That’s What I Call A Stat Attack!

Since my last edition of Stat Attack in December, a new record was set on Christmas Day for most consecutive runs at Bushy, as the baton passed from Stewart Rose to John Woods. Stewart had held the record since the end of 2013, when he put together a sequence of 84 consecutive runs at Bushy. John overtook this mark on Christmas Day, and yesterday was his 89th consecutive Bushy parkrun, dating back to June 2013 and this is a sequence that now spans 3 separate calendar years, and he is just 11 away from the century which he would reach on 28th March at event 565.


Stewart Rose and John Woods
Stewart Rose and John Woods on Christmas Day (Photo taken by Carol Dickinson)


The next two runners with the longest current consecutive Bushy parkruns are Ramona Thevenet, who ran her 46th consecutive Bushy parkrun yesterday, while Stewart Rose ran his 43rd consecutive Bushy parkrun! So once John’s record is set, he may have to look over his shoulder for the next year!

So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do?


The results bit

Belgrave Harrier Andrius Jaksevicius was the first finisher for the third time in the last four events here (and eighth time overall), as he ran 16:18 (80.06%) on his 112th parkrun (96 at Bushy). As you can see from the photo below, Andrius was looking at his watch just before the finish – clearly he knew he was close to a PB but was just three seconds outside it on this occasion! Andrius was followed by James Harvey, who just dipped inside 17 minutes with 16:58 (78.59%) on his seventh parkrun (all at Bushy).


First Finisher Andrius Jaksevicius
First finisher Andrius Jaksevicius checking his time!


It was good to see Sittingbourne Striders athlete Anthony Jackson back at Bushy, it was his first parkrun here since May 2014, and he ran 17:00 (75.88%) on his his 138th run at Bushy (152 runs overall). This run ended a sequence of 85 (yes, eighty five!) consecutive sub 17 min times for him at Bushy, dating back to June 2011! The only other registered sub 18 time on the day came from Richard Marriott, running a new PB of 17:34 (74.67%) on his second parkrun.

Four junior boys achieved sub 20 times, and the leading junior on the day was Ryan Griffiths, setting a new PB of 18:36 (72.58%) on his 14th parkrun (four at Bushy), taking three seconds off his previous best which he set last week! Just behind Ryan was experienced junior runner Jamie Millbank, with 18:39 (72.39%) on his 188th parkrun (170 at Bushy) for St Mary’s Richmond AC. Next was fellow St Mary’s runner Oscar Crowe, running 19:08 (74.13%) on his 41st parkrun (all at Bushy), and completing the sub 20 junior quartet was Thames Turbo Triathlete Ollie Hurdle, who ran 19:29 (71.43%) on his 21st parkrun (19 at Bushy). The following junior boys all achieved sub 21 times, well done to: Jamie Benson (20:14), Peter Bell (20:26), Dylan Evans (20:32), Luke Mace (20:34), William Palmer (20:40) and Jasper Ferguson (20:49).


Molly Savill was the first female finisher, getting back to the big tree in 20:40 (71.85%) on her 31st parkrun (28 at Bushy). Three more ladies managed sub 22 times, led by Sabrina Cant, as she ran 21:02 (71.55%) on her 18th parkrun (all at Bushy). Next was South London Harrier Pippa Major, running 21:31 (76.99%) on her 38th run here (114 runs overall), and she was followed by Polly Adams, running 21:36 (76.70%) on her 354th parkrun (345 runs at Bushy).

The first junior girl to cross the line was Kathryn Bartle in 23:48 (67.09%) for Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers on her 24th parkrun (all at Bushy) and she was followed by Thames Turbo Triathlete Ellen Fraser, running 23:59 (64.63%) on her 40th parkrun. The following junior girls also broke 25 minutes, well done to: Katie Tuckwell (24:20), Evangelina Perdoni (24:20), Georgia Davies (24:24), Emma Sloan (24:24), Philippa Spawforth (24:25), Izzy Woods (24:35) and Imogen Beagley (24:50).


1080 park runners set off on Bushy parkrun #554


Highest age grading scorers

Given the windy conditions, it’s hardly surprising there were just two 80 plus percentages on the age grading front on Saturday. Straggler Laurence Duffy led this list, with 80.11% from his time of 19:01 in the VM55-59 category, while first finisher and Belgrave Harrier Andrius Jaksevicius earned 80.06% as he ran 16:18 in the SM30-34 category. The highest female percentage came from Straggler Liz Zass, running 27:17 to gain 78.99% in the VW65-69 category! St Mary’s Richmond AC athlete Oscar Crowe ran 19:08 to earn 74.13% for the highest junior percentage of the day.

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


Points tables

With 17 events completed in this year’s Bushy parkrun season (October 2014 until September 2015) and another 37 remaining, we are nearly a third of the way through the season and the tables are beginning to take shape.

Leading the men’s table currently is Mark Gratton, with 4,011 points, and he has a big lead over second placed Chris Brimacombe on 3,538 and Andrius Jaksevicius is third with 3,227 points, just six ahead of John Woods on 3,221 with Jeremy Langdon rounding out the top five on 3,169.

Leading the women’s table currently is Ramona Thevenet with 4,008 points, and she also has a big lead over second placed Polly Adams on 3,689, and Brigid Hibberd is third with 3,325 points, ahead of Jennifer Darling on 3,209, with Janet Livesey rounding out the top five on 3,006.

To find out more about the points tables work, and how points are accumulated, please visit the parkrun support FAQ


1080 park runners ready for Bushy parkrun #554
1,080 runners getting ready for Bushy parkrun #554


Stats of the day

There were 1,080 runners – 1,002 identified, 78 unidentified (7% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1,002 identified runners, there were:
  • 80 PBs (8% of field) of which 1 were runners with 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 103 Bushy first timers (10% of field) of which 73 were parkrun first timers (7% of field)
  • 130 Juniors aged under 18 (13%) and 172 Seniors aged 19-34 (17%)
  • 700 Vets (70%) of which 101 are 35-39, 326 are 40-49, 208 are 50-59, 65 are 60+
  • 601 males (60%) and 401 females (40%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (103 runners – 17% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (68 runners – 17% of all females)
  • 193 club runners (19% of field) from 49 different clubs and 809 unattached (81%)
  • Top 10 clubs: Stragglers (64 runners), Thames Turbo Triathlon (12), St Mary’s Richmond AC (10), Serpentine RC (8), Sweatshop Running Community (8), Teddington Rugby Running Club (8), Elmbridge RRC (7), Ranelagh Harriers (7), Trafalgar Schools (6), 26.2 RRC (4).


How fast?

  • Of the 1080 finishers, there were:
  • 30 runners sub 20 mins (3%), 726 between 20:00-29:59 (67%), 324 over 30 mins (30%)
  • Top 10% time: 21:54, Midpoint time: 27:32
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 29, 54, 72, 78, 88, 75, 65, 104, 85, 76
  • 417 finishers between 24:00 and 28:59, average of 83.4 per minute
  • 104 finishers in the 27th minute and 88 in the 24th minute


How many parkruns?

  • 64881 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1002, averaging 64.75 parkruns each
  • 420 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (42% of identified field), of which
  • 182 members of the 50 club (18%)
  • 197 members of the 100 club (20%)
  • 41 members of the 250 club (4% of field) – Richard Fletcher (427 runs), Paul Killick (409), Kirsty Bangham (378), Simon Greenhill (378), John Woods (377), Ramona Thevenet (377), Polly Adams (354), Stewart Rose (348), Ciaran Murphy (347), Derek Blackmore (342), Philip Williamson (342), Liz Collison (336), David Tyas (332), Stewart Holmes (332), David Worth (329), Walter Cormack (326), Dale Durrans (309), Bernie Mulvany (308) Mark Gratton (307), Sheila Fergusson (301), Malcolm Taylor (300), Jeremy Palmer (287), Wally Garrod (286), Dave Griffiths (286), Carmen Palmer (285), Steve Cochrane (275), Rory Waddell (275), Pat McGrath (269), Roger Wilson (268), Jason Venkatasamy (266), Duncan Grant (266), Ben Williamson (264), Suzie Longstaff (264), Helen Gardiner (261), Richard Barker (259), Gill Wilson (259), Julie Melotte (258), Helen Jones (257), Malcolm Dickson (255), Charles Worth (254) and Jonathan Melunsky (253).



And finally…

Jantastic reminder

If you are in our Jantastic group (as mentioned in last week's run report), thank you - and don't forget to complete and log this week's activities to boost our team score before Tuesday! There's still time to join our group "Bushy parkrunners" if you are registered already. Visit to sign up and log those activities to help motivate you through the winter months!



Next Saturday is pacer day! Even numbered pacers this time, between 20 and 34 minutes to assist you in your PB pursuit!

Pacer bibs and flags


Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Run Report Event No. 552 – 1st January 2015 followed by Run Report Event No. 553 – 3rd January 2015

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year for us and we’re feeling…good!
Well some of the 681 participants might disagree and want to change it to hung-over, nauseous, tired, injured, uninspired but they don’t quite fit in with the lyrics so hopefully on this rather grey and bleak beginning to 2015, we were all raring to go and like Nina Simone ‘feeling good’. 104 more of us discarded the duvet and turned up at Bushy this year than last and several parkrunners were keen to do what has become the traditional New Year’s Day double, by shooting off quite hastily to Kingston for 10am or taking things just a bit more casually by attending Crane at 10.30. I hadn’t planned to do either but unexpectedly completed the dual at local Crane Park, I even managed a double helping of fizz between my runs! Well it is New Year’s Day and my dry January will have to be delayed!

So how did we all do at event number 552?
The event was in the ever capable sturdy hands of Ray Coward and his lovely wife Ann coordinated the volunteers, without them all, this event cannot take place. The timer was in the sober and steady hands of Ally Manole, and even with a slight hitch, the young and quick off the mark Oliver Bezzant cleverly stepped in as back up timer. The tokens were handed out with poise and expertise by old hands Janice Franks and Carol Dickinson, who for one day only on the first event of the year, was dressed in a leopard spotted onesie! Thankfully she can change her attire and will be back to normal running gear on Saturday and no doubt growling as she runs!

A selection of our valuable volunteers on New Year's Day, in hi-vis, warm coats and a onesie!

The Results Bit:

First registered males across the finish line:
No stranger to be the first feet across the line Andrius Jaksevicius in 16.54.
Richard Marriott 17.46 was a First timer to the parkrun world whereas Paul Smoothy was just a slick 5 seconds behind.

First females across the finish line:
Even with a cold, Libby Marchant sped home in 20.55 with Susannah Amy Black sporting a New PB of 21.14 followed by regular podium finisher Polly Adams in 21.29

Junior Males were:
With the youngsters choosing to stay at home playing with their new toys or making the most of the last lie-ins before the return to school, Kit Donnelly led the 38 Junior males home in 20.24 swiftly chased by Jamie Benson in 20.28.
Dylan Evans was just 1 second behind him which separated the top boy trio by a feisty 5 seconds!

Junior Females were:
Just 19 girls turned out on the first run of the year, led by Lucy Marquand in 22.52
Niamh Hyland came in second in 24.20 and Zoe Dennison was hot on her trainers in 24.42.

The Stats Bit

How many?
There were 681 tokens handed out on the first event of 2015.
Who were they?
• 226 of the identified field were female and 425 were male
• 30 declined to register their result or simply had forgotten their barcode (tut tut!)
• order them online, impress your fellow parkrunners and never forget it!

• 64 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park and chose to run with us on New Year’s Day, 18 of these were totally new to parkrun, welcome to our world!
How fast?
• There were 54 runners who started the year in style with New PBs! Chris Schofield joined us for a bit of annual tourism from Tilgate parkrun to obtain a New PB of 23.28 on his 4th lap at Bushy.
• 42 registered runners impressed us with their sub 20 minutes! This included first timer Neal Gibson who joined us for his Hogmanay all the way from Glasgow!
• Just a duo of runners had an age grading above 80% - Laurence Duffy 81.24% and Paul Smoothy 80.02%.
Jonathan Dickinson began the year in style with a perfect finish time of 20.15!
The Special Plaudits Bit
What better way to start the year with a celebration! Whilst many of you may have overdosed on the food and alcohol, Sheila Fergusson was in full spirits as she served up fizz and sausage rolls amongst friends to commemorate this New Year’s Day parkrun as it was her 300th 5k. Cheers Sheila!

No time for a pregnant pause
Another lady who was pleased and proud to finally complete her 100th lap, all completed on home turf at Bushy was Gillian Aldus, whom I had the pleasure of running with down Chestnut Avenue today. It has taken her 5 years and 7 months to achieve this milestone and she was obviously a proud parkrunner as she had a little sign on her back alerting us to the fact that she was running her 100th parkrun whilst being 4 months pregnant. It has taken her quite a few years as she actually stopped running when she was carrying her first child, something she is determined not to repeat this time.

She also lived in Sydney Australia for a while, where, at the time, there wasn’t such an event as parkrun in the area. Even though her times have slowed down since her PB in July 2011 of 23.45, her enthusiasm and passion for parkrun hasn’t. Definitely no time to put her feet up for the next few months!

New beginnings at parkrun
As announced by our Run Director Ray at the start of this year’s free 5k, as previously proclaimed by parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt on, there is now a new partnership with UK based performance sportswear brand Tribesports, who will now provide the milestone t-shirts to every runner around the world. If you want to read more about this exciting news, go to:

Just like our shiny new trainers from Santa, we all love new running clothes, especially when they are free!

The end of the road, nearly!
Whilst the year is just beginning, it is however coming to a welcome end for visitor Ian Brazier as the Milton Keynes parkrunner has been running at least a mile a day for the past 347 days. Inspired by legendary runner Ron Hill, he has been following in his footsteps and has just a minimum 18 miles to go until his amazing journey comes to an end. If he does decide to continue for the next 49 years to do the same as his running hero, he would be nearly 100 when he finishes but that’s another story for the future! Ian was at Bushy this New Year’s Day for the third time in a year, visiting his now local parkrun pal Chris Humphris, who has obviously fallen in love with Bushy so much that he has relocated to Teddington from Milton Keynes. Well, who can blame him!

Photo taken of Chris and Ian on a sunny parkrunday at Bushy back in November 2014

And now it is...
Run Report Event No. 553 – 3rd January 2015

Bushy Park parkrun 3/01/2015

Slumber Saturday for some!
Time to wake up, it’s another parkrun day! Yes it is now Saturday and business as usual at Bushy. Several runners were obviously tempted to stay in the dry and succumbed to the warmth under the clean sheets rather than brave the miserable mud that lay ahead in the park. It certainly was a dark and dismal start to this first parkrun Saturday of 2015 and the usual set up of the course had to be altered slightly. However, not to be downcast with the dreadful downpour, fortunately we were armed with ample volunteers who made this free event run with precision and ease. It certainly was one of those days when I was more than happy to be on the other side of the tape, wrapped up warm with just a pair of muddy wellington boots to dry out rather than a machine full of washing!

Jasper held the Hazard sign up high down Chestnut Avenue, there were plenty of puddles and hazards along the course!

The runners’ safety is always important and was supported with well positioned cones and marshals at significant turning points to alert runners of perfidious puddles and even the finish line and funnel had to be moved over from its usual position under the oak tree. An extraordinary 894 made it to the home of parkrun to confront the challenging conditions, bring it on Bushy mudrun! 71 of them were here for the first time today, 19 of these were tourists but we had the pleasure of welcoming a fabulous 52 new participants to this wild world which we all love. Congratulations, your Saturday mornings will never be the same again, for the better (hopefully not worse!) of course and inevitably, after today’s conditions, you should certainly get a PB next week!

So how did you all do at event number 553?

This first Saturday of the 2015 may have been a miserable morning but the event was ably managed by RD Andy Wingate and I ticked off the volunteers, as in checked not told off! Well maybe a couple of late comers! The funnel was in full force as no less than 14 willing souls guided, glared and bellowed you through the process that makes the double funnel function. First of all though, it has to be set up to some precision, which is one of those unsung hero type roles and is undertaken each week by Ray Franks and Stewart Rose. Bushy parkrun is comparable to getting an enormous meal ready for hundreds of hungry individuals, there’s always the preparation to do and food to cook. Once it is ready, everyone eats then goes home. At that point there’s the clearing up and washing up afterwards still to do. There was a quick thinking diversion before the start of the run to deter the runners along the usual final stretch which was totally waterlogged and today’s timer Simon Lane stood in a new position but thankfully in the dry as the rain held off during the run itself.

Bushy Park parkrun 3/01/2015

The quintet of scanners (with Krysia and baby Kit on clipboard duty) were sheltered under the green gazebo which in the end wasn’t required. Next time though, they have asked for a patio heater!

Bushy Park parkrun 3/01/2015

This week’s results:
Not to despair your efforts guys but I am informed (by Rodney McCulloch) that today’s result was in fact the slowest time for a first finisher since event 221 on 8th November 2008!
Jonathan Ormerod crossed the adjusted finish line in 17.39 on his 149th lap at Bushy. Some 16 seconds later was Nick Wright and then another 16 seconds after Nick was Newcastle University student Andrew Rendall in 18.11.

Elmbridge roadrunner Nikki Nicholson also runs cross country so the conditions were favorable as she led the ladies home in 20.27. Her club colleague Jay Hadfield came in second in 21.18 and taking the bronze again this year was Polly Adams in 22.01.

Junior runner Ryan Griffiths usually runs at Nonsuch but has been running at Bushy over the festive season and managed to bring the boys home with a New PB of 18.39. Next was regular Richmond parkrunner Oliver Haines-Francis who also achieved a New PB on his 3rd lap of Bushy. The trio was complete with yet another PB by James Matthew Lewis who ran his first sub 20 and smashed his previous PB set in September by 39 seconds to reduce it to 19.31. Way to go boys!

The girls were led along their way by teen Ellen Fraser in 23.45. Sadie Connolly was just 15 seconds behind her and familiar face Zoe Dennison was 14 seconds later in 24.14. Impressive finish times all around and enviable times for most of us!

The Stats Bit:
How many?

There were 894 soggy tokens handed out on the first Saturday of 2015.
Who were they?
• 309 of the identified field were female and 513 were male
• 72 declined to register their result or simply had forgotten their barcode (tut tut!)
• order them online, impress your fellow parkrunners and never forget it!

As modelled on my trail shoe, tie one on your laces, never to be forgotten!
• 71 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park and chose to run with us on this splashy Saturday. This included visitor Narelle Lakey who joined us all the way from Westerfolds Park, Australia. She declared that she had waited a long time to run at Bushy and had a great day running with her brother. I am presuming that she had been visiting family for the festive period, otherwise this could be taking the parkrun tourism a step too far!

How fast?

• There were 44 fast runners who somehow managed to achieve New PBs! 11 of these are returning runners whereas 18 have completed 10 laps or more.
• 33 registered runners stunned us with their sub 20 minutes!
• In appalling conditions, surprisingly nobody had an age grading above 80%! You must try harder!

Special Plaudits
Personally, I think all of the runners and volunteers deserve a special mention for turning up on such a despicable day !

Presuming that you have all read rather than just skimmed the above and the recent news about the new t-shirt takeover by Tribesports, you may have to wait a while for your new attire but all good things come to those who wait. However, you still deserve to get a mention for your milestone.

So congratulations to William Willett, Neil Bagley, Alan Shovlin, Michael Boulton and James Tappenden as between you all you have completed 500 runs.

Accomplishing 50 parkruns to their name are Kathryn Lovegrove, Richard Evans, Jo Bourne, Henry Hooper, Ian Benjamin and Nicholas Herd.
Juniors Luke Mace and Jacob O’Loughlin both completed their 10th free 5k.

Remember: a good way to mark a milestone is to give something back to your parkrun community by volunteering. The pay is lousy but the feeling of self-worth and respect is immense.

First Lady celebrates!

Nikki Nicholson was celebrating this morning, not for being first lady home but because it was her birthday. What better way to start her 40th year and entering a new age category than amongst her Elmbridge Road Runner Club colleagues with a muddy 5k run followed by hot coffee and cakes in beautiful Bushy Park? Sadly the park wasn’t looking its best this morning but in true running spirit, Nikki and her pals weren’t perturbed by the weather. They were however looking forward to heading home to Claygate for a traditional birthday pub lunch, hopefully with an open fire to dry out. Many happy returns of the day Nikki!

The Joy of giving
Of course the season of goodwill is now over and the decorations are being put back into the loft but the spirit of giving is constant at parkrun. Did you know that 39 adults and children volunteered at Bushy on this occasion so that you could all get your 5k fix?! Amazing isn’t it? The volunteers today included an octogenarian marshal at Teddington Gate, a new mum with her six week old son Kit, who was safely snuggled up under her hi-vis, whilst she noted down the names of the runners with soggy barcodes that wouldn’t scan, not one but two Savills on lead bikes, a tail runner (who started a bit late but caught everyone up!) and the whole Holder family held the bucket for those of you without personal barcodes, whilst Mr Holder ran.

Bushy parkrun

Also, recent 100 clubber Joy Bell, who could be spotted today in her hi vis running jacket and rainbow striped socks, showed a great sense of kindness to regular token distributor Janice Franks. Obviously giving out the finish tokens is not for the faint hearted as it can be fast, furious and no time to get flustered. You have to be fast fingered and gloves are not the best attire as they can deter the distribution. So Jan was over the moon with her generous gift from fellow parkrunner Joy when she was handed a pair of knitted mittens. How can you possibly hand out tokens in mittens?

Bushy parkrun

Well these not only have removable mitts but also tiny little thumbs that can easily slip on and off, perfect for protecting those important digits in the winter months.

Resolutions, is there really any point?!
How many of you I wonder have already surrendered to the healthy diet and the alcohol ban? Are you tired of the treadmill yet? Have you tried turning over a new leaf and got bored with that chapter already? Is there any point when these resolutions are just made to be broken? Hopefully, if your determinedness does continue, a free weekly 5k run will be the top of your priorities for 2015 which of course brings us all together at Bushy parkrun. As a New Year starts, we all set targets in various forms, we might keep them private or broadcast them to everyone. They could be achievable, challenging or some may just be beyond our reach. Well allow me to assist you here with not one but two easy solutions! The one easy resolution which you can make and certainly enjoy is to volunteer at parkrun. If there is one thing to achieve on your to do list for 2015 it is to just send Pat an email at He would love to hear from you and welcomes everyone into the volunteering community especially if you are a new volunteer. I guarantee that you will get the volunteering bug too. My second suggestion is to come and join the Bushy parkrunners team at Jantastic! What is this you may ask?! Jantastic is just a brilliant way to keep you motivated and achieve your personal performance, fitness or health goals through winter and spring. It is a fun, free fitness challenge where you set your own personal targets. You can run, swim or cycle or combine all three. You don’t have to be fast or do long distances, The main objective is to stick to your target. Of course you can also include your weekly 5k parkrun as one of your activities! Take a look at
It all kicks off on Monday 5th January and the more the merrier! I did get asked by one parkrunner (who will remain anonymous) ‘does it mean I have to give up alcohol?!’ I have read the small print and the answer is a big fat NO!

The decorations are coming down
The bottle of Baileys is finally beaten
The fattened turkey is having the last laugh
As the scales prove we have over eaten!
The twinkling fairy lights are now turned off
The empty chocolate box is in the bin
Let’s embrace January with fighting gloves
May our new challenges ahead begin!

Happy New Year, good health and good luck with those resolutions!

Julie Papworth

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Run Report Event No. 550 and 551 – 25th and 27th December 2014

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

Firstly, an apology – you know how over the Christmas period when you don’t have to work and there are these random weekend type things (Christmas Day and Boxing Day) in the week then it can get a little confusing. Well, yesterday, (Sunday) it completely passed me by that I was down for Run Reporting which is why this is now Monday night and I am typing! I know there is no official release date for these things, but it is generally published on a Sunday night. So my apologies for the delay!

So, that was Christmas…

Christmas Day parkrun is one of my favourite times of the year.
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Christmas cheer was literally everywhere you looked

I am cursed (blessed) with a very small family (both my parents are only children, grandparents all passed away before I left my teens etc.) and so Christmas Day has historically always been a very quiet affair. Just my parents, Emma (my wife) and me and so we miss out of the massive family thing, children opening presents etc. and in some ways all the things which make Christmas special to lots of people (except Eastenders, my mum still makes us watch that!) But coming to Christmas Day parkrun gives you those things, you get to wake up on Christmas morning and spend some time in a beautiful park surrounded by smiling faces and many of your closest friends. This year, I was down to volunteer (on timer) so it was especially pleasing as I didn’t even have to do any running! Although, I messed that up by thinking I had a big enough gap between runners to pop over and get some mulled wine, but misjudging it and having to leg it back to my position at the finish line!

But my point is that to spend the first part of Christmas morning with 1,100 smiling faces doing something positive is surely part of the Christmas spirit!

Emma and I have done this most years since 2009, either volunteering or running and it is fair to say the costumes get more and more popular and more and more extravagant and so this year we had the usual Santas but accompanied by a whole host of reindeer, snowman, presents and even a lady (Janet Cunningham) riding a reindeer.
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
We assume this counts as an 'assisted' run

Regardless of costumes there were some quick times…

The 550th Bushy parkrun

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Prior to the run, some people started to get their game faces on

The first runner back to the big tree was missing his barcode, so Aedan O’Brien (16:14) takes the honours, just ahead of Sean Renfer (16:20). Just four seconds behind Sean was our first lady – Team GB superstar Charlie Purdue (16:24) who was a little ahead of Mollie O’Sullivan (18:11) and Joanna Rodriguez (18:40).

The juniors saw Jamie Millbank (17:20) finishing ahead of Sam Shaw (17:59) with Mollie O’Sullivan (18:11) third. Mollie was quickest ahead of Olivia Stillman (18:56) amongst the junior girls.

Mollie O’Sullivan’s 18:11 saw her set a new mark for the JW11-14 category! Well done, Mollie!

Overall, 1,104 of your started Christmas morning with a 5km run in Bushy Park! A Christmas Day record!
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
A thousand of you welcoming in Christmas morning

Landmark Performances

Many Christmas runners evidently pulled out some cracker (sorry!) performances with a whole host of people ranking above 80% on the WAVA scale.

Top of the list as usual was Jane Davies with 97.66%, but amazing runs also came from Charlie Purdue, Mollie O’Sullivan, Dee Smale, Liz Killip, Andrew Fay, Olivia Stillman, Neil Aitken, Aedan O’Brien, Jason Harris, Merilyn Davis, Ramona Thevenet, Panela Whitter, Philip Pearson and Mike Bruce

In terms of parkrun Clubs, we saw Kim Langridge, Niamh MacNeil, David Brewin and Sara Shorey qualify for the 100 Club, while Duncan Bell, and Amber George join the 50 Club. And Juniors Eden Philips, Izzy Gibson, Jo Billings, Ollie Purdue, Samuel Clark, Madeline Frame and Mie Cookey – all qualified for the 10 Club.

NB. Sorry to anyone who reached a milestone on Christmas Day, but ran elsewhere on the 27th – this messes up my calculations and so I can’t work it out.

Although, I do know Junior Evan Russell ran his 100th on Christmas Day and then at Woodley on Saturday! Well done, Evan!

Similarly, well done to Charlotte Brand for finally succumbing to her mother's and sister Isabelle's encouragement and doing her first parkrun
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Georgina and Charlotte Brand

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Crispy Wright from parkrun HQ came along with his lovely wife, Mary, and the aptly named 'Tiger'

As for PBs, a massive 116 of you recorded new milestones including a ridiculous 26 people with more than 50 parkruns to their name! A list would get boring, but James Hoppe should get a mention for running a PB on his 198th Bushy parkrun – Well done, James - I hope you have something left in the tank for the 200th!

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
John 'The Hand' Stephens became Santa 'The Hand' Claus for the day

200 Not Out

I wasn’t actually down to volunteer on Christmas Day, but a few weeks ago a friend of mine noticed that if he ran each week from mid-December (when he realised) then he could run his 200th run on Christmas morning – I know you don’t get a T-shirt, but it is quite a big landmark! His wife doesn’t run and so rarely comes to parkrun, but she volunteers on Christmas morning each year and so it was an opportunity for him to celebrate quite an impressive achievement with his family.

It wasn’t a big inconvenience to switch to being timer for him (and I got some bubbly out of it!), so I was happy to step in.

The runner in question would probably, in normal circumstances, have become my nemesis – you know, the person who you race without them knowing, desperate to win this imaginary battle. You turn up at a race and they are there, always just ahead of you and it drives you mad - your wife doesn't understand...!

Our PBs are within about 10 seconds of each other at pretty much every distance from 1 mile to half marathon and we often run the same places. He’s five years older than me and has had a bunch of knee ops and yet he still beats me as often as the other way around!

However, it’s hard to make a nemesis of one of your best mates! He is Co-Event Director at Bushy, started volunteering at a similar time to me and through that we have become genuine friends. He could have easily been celebrating 250 runs had he not given up the opportunity to run so often to volunteer and just as many of his times have been slow as he is always happy to pace anyone round to whatever time they are aiming for – fast or slow!
Well done, Hayden! You are brilliant and Bushy is very lucky to have you around!

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Kate Mathews and a fool

A big thanks goes to Carol Dickinson, Ann Coward, Verity Riding (I think) and anyone else who was involved in organising the mulled wine!
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Photo included just because...

Anyway, that’ll do for Christmas morning! What about Saturday!
The 551st Bushy parkrun

On Saturday we had a more normal affair. As far as I am aware everyone was back in normal running gear and although the field was a little small for Bushy parkrun nothing too extra-ordinary happened in the last parkrun of 2014.

First back to the big tree Andrius Jaksevicius (16:32), followed by Zak Curran (16:49) and James Robertson (17:19). The juniors saw Jamie Millbank (17:45) home first for the second time in three days, ahead of Samuel Crick (18:04) and Samuel Shaw (18:43).

The ladies event saw Julie Reynolds (20:40) as first finisher ahead of Polly Adams (21:41) and Emma Holden (22:00). Whilst amongst the juniors, Amelia Casey (22:38) was the quickest with Ursula McNicol (24:28) and Niamh Hyland (24:58) following her home!


Only Phil Bearman managed to his 80% on the WAVA scoring with an 80.09% rating! Well done, Phil!
Paul Totham ran his 100th parkrun and Vladimir Davidovic his 50th while of the juniors only Philippa Spawforth joined the 10 Club!

In fact only 32 people recorded a new PB and only three of those had more than 50 runs to their names – well done to Oliver Haines-Francis, Patrick O’Sullivan and Laura Hewitt!
All in all a more muted affair than a couple of days earlier!

Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
We didn't take any photos on Saturday, but here's one of the park looking nice!

Anyway, that’ll do. Another parkrun is just around the corner.
Take care
Andy W

PS. Thanks to the brilliant Julie Papworth for the photos!
Bushy Park parkrun Christmas Day 2014
Julie and Carol Dickinson in their normal clothes


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Run Report Event No. 549 – 20th December 2014


(With apologies to Clement Clark Moore and pretty much poets everywhere)


Twas the parkrun before Christmas



Twas the parkrun before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Well, apart from about 850 people in trainers and lycra

Arriving by foot or on bike, or maybe a Nissan Micra


The funnel was doubled and the runners were ready

The tension on who would get to decorate the tree was heady…

The answer to much applause was of course, our lovely Sally

But rhyming that is hard - so here I won’t dally


Sally Willis


Our run director Hayden, addressed the massed hordes

He didn’t speak for long so no one got bored

Andy on timer was ready with the button

One of the few who had his Father Christmas hat on..


Hayden and Andy


With a final reminder to show consideration

We were set on our way, no time for deliberation

Among our midst, Fairy Godmother pacers, so no time to rest

If you wanted to achieve that pre-Christmas personal best



Away they all ran, down Chestnut Avenue

Minding the dips and the hollows and a bit of ‘reindeer’ poo


While the masses ran around the beautiful park

The wonderful volunteers sang a quick carol, Hark..

The Herald Angels sing, glory to the newborn king

(Well they possibly did, I was off running, too out of breath to sing)


All joking aside, without the volunteers, there would be no run..

So in alphabetical order, here they all are, ensuring pre Christmas fun


Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew BLYTH  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Ann COWARD  •  David BREWIN  •  David PAPWORTH  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Harry WAKEFIELD  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jennifer DARLING  •  Jeremy PALMER  •  Jim HOLDER  •  Joe DAWSON  •  John A STEPHENS  •  Joseph MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Keith BLACKBOURN  •  Lucy HITCHINSON  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Michael Patrick LONERGAN  •  Paul BERRY  •  Paul WOOD  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard STEEDEN  •  Rob PHILLIPS  •  Sandra WORTH  •  Simon NEIL  •  Stephen ARAS  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Suzan BAKER


I was going to try and rhyme all these

But seriously that would have not been a breeze

Das Gupta, Mounstephen, Wakefield and Penpraze

To make a rhyme there would have needed a nifty turn of phrase


Around about now as I’m running out of time

I’m wondering why I set myself this task to write in rhyme?

But I’m not one for quitting and before I lose the sun

I’m determined to finish, before heading out for a Sunday run


So who were the first to arrive back at the big tree?

Or as some might put it, our festive one, two, three

First was Tom SIMMONDS with a new PB

Lucky for me, he ran it in 16.43


Hot on his heels was first lady Jenna HILL

Running that fast, takes a huge amount of skill

17.04 for a WAVA rating of nearly 87!

If I got near that, I’d feel like I was in seventh heaven


Marc SNAITH was third in 17.46

A very good time, but his PB remains 17.26


And rounding off the top three for men was a Bushy first timer

A local Straggler but a hard name to rhymer(er)

Freysen MARITZ ran 18.02

So hearty congratulations, from us all to you.


Following Jenna in the women’s top three

Goes a very fast runner by the name of Molly

Molly SAVILL to be more precise

19.54 and a new PB which is nice

And hot on her heels was a Stillman called Olivia

20.51 is the time we are giving ya..



It would be very remiss to not mention the young ones

The wonderful juniors who are the future of parkruns


First three for boys were Samuel Shaw, Olly Wilson and then Samuel Taylor

All in the first fifty and as far as I know, not one is a sailor

The top three for the young ladies were amazing and better than brocolli

Olivia from above, followed by Kathryn Bartle and then Isobel Stockley


So what else to tell you of Bushy parkrun 549

Of course we had pacers, to help you keep time

It was the ladies this month, I’m told soon a band of brothers

But in all their glory below, a team of Fairy Godmothers


Fairy Godmother pacers

Three people joined the Hundred Club, so raise a glass, say hip hooray
First in the list swapping red to black is the lovely, delightful Emma Gray

Dave Compton too, will soon be sporting new black kit
He's very fast too so must be awfully fit

And last but not least to join the illustrious club
Is Andrew Shennan who - if he so wished - could celebrate in the pub

Eleven new people joined the fantastic Fifty
And very soon will be wearing red and looking nifty

Rhyming all the names was a bit of a to do
So they're all listed below, many congratulations to you!

Victoria HINDLE, Evangelina PERDONI, Stuart TRIGG, Bert KIDWELL, Alison WILLIAMS, Catherine MURRAY, Helen Ann LASCARIS, Hettie CLOUD, Kelly CHENEY, David Mark NOBLE, Anthony WHELAN

Of course I cannot forgot a heart-warming story I was told

Of a first timer at Bushy, a new comer to the fold

Alice Clarke was visiting her family all the way from Kent

So power walked around the park we all love to frequent

52.07 is a time sent from heaven..

Especially when you consider, she’s just a year above 77


Alice and family just a couple of miles from Twickers

That’s Diane and Rupert and brother in law Bob Vickers


So that’s it for now and I hope you enjoyed this silly Christmas rhyme

And I haven’t taken up too much of your precious time

Don’t forget on Christmas Day when you’re opening that stocking

At 9am in Bushy Park it will surely be rocking

For we’ll be there in amongst the snow(?) and the deer

To wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Rob Phillips


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