Run Report – 19th August 2017

Jaws is not really about a shark

There are learned folk in the film world who contend that Jaws is in fact a post-Watergate paranoid parable about corrupt authority, a depiction of masculinity in crisis or man's existential relationship with the sea.

So what is parkrun about? I think it's about our relationship with Bushy Park. Yep, we don't just come to run, we come to run in the park, it has a beautiful ever-changing nature, It's what keeps us coming back. That and our friendships and the quest for PB's, the collective enjoyment of forward momentum and a sense of wellbeing.

Bushy Park Carp are out and about at the moment.


I think the park is at it's best right now, the plants, trees and wildlife are all looking mighty fine and the temperature was just about right for a run although it was a touch windy if we're being picky.

As i'm carrying a bit of a knock at the moment I was on Lead Bike duties on Saturday ( more of that later ) and I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of our trees and wildlife.




Pathway from the bridge towards the finish.



 Weeping Willow





A Hind having breakfast




And of course our lovely Oak.


The amount of preparation that goes into setting up the run every Saturday morning is more involved than you might think. It's an impressively slick operation to behold when you stand and watch it unfolding.



Ann and Alex coordinate the volunteers



One of our very important tables



Wendy points out the finish at the First Timer's Briefing.


Our fabulous pacers were:

20 mins - Ian Fullen,  22 mins - Kevin Price,  24 mins Jo Bourne,  26 mins - Zoe Faiz,  28 mins - Andy Pillidge,  30 mins - Adrian Roberts,  32 mins - Jed Leicester,  34 mins - Louise Atkinson.

Run /walkers - Ann Coward, Sue Kahn and Helen Gardiner.




and Run Director Rob is happy in his work.


Don't forget, it's great fun helping out on a Saturday morning, it really is. You get to experience 'the other side' of parkrun and genuinely do get to make new friends, even I have and I'm a miserable bugger!

Thank you very much to our altruistic band of volunteers, an all-round bunch of good eggs...

...Archie ADAMS, George AIREY, Sam BARRETT, Romit BASU, Joy BELL, Phil BLUER, Kieron Jake CARPENTER, Ray COWARD, Ann COWARD, Sophie DARKE, Pedro DAS GUPTA, Julia DAWSON, George FORD, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Zoe GILKS, Mike GRIFFITHS, Jon HARRISON, Emilie HOWES, Melanie HOWES, Ivor HUGHES, Simon LANE, Colin LEA, Janet LIVESEY, Ravi LOBO, Sharon LYONS, Angela MACSON, Yue MAN, Alish MARCHANT, Stephen MARFLEET, Fiona MCANENA, Oliver NOLAN-DAVIES, Alan NOLAN-DAVIES, Rob PHILLIPS, Callum REID, Rosie RENDALL, Jacqueline RICH, Duncan SCOBLE, James SELL, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Alex TICKELL, Morgan WILLIAMS, Sandra WORTH



Lead Bike; an apology.


As previously mentioned, I was supposed to be doing the lead bike role on Saturday but to cut a long story short, my chain malfunctioned at the start so I couldn't do it.  Apologies to everyone for this but especially to first finisher and first timer Zac Randall who could probably have finished under his time of 16 minutes if he'd had someone to follow. Sorry Zac!


The running bit.




It's great fun watching everyone stream past at the start and then again rounding the turn into Warren Wood at the 2K mark.



1213 of you walked or ran around the course on Saturday, that really is an impressive number, one of our highest attendances to date. It was an impressive sight to see you all set off down the first 200 hundred metres as I struggled pathetically with my errant chain.



First Finishers

The first three men home were;

Zac Randall....... 16:00

Ben Short..........17:05

Mark Gratton.....17:33


The first three women were;

Kate Brown.......17:57

Mara Yamauchi..19:24

Sasha Birkin......19:56


The first three junior boys were;

Archie Austin.....19:32     PB

Lucas James Allinson Rodrigues...19:44

Jonty Stegmann...20:20 ( matched his PB )


The first three junior girls were;

Isabel Livesey....20:10

Hannah Stewart...21:37

Charlotte Dawson...22:19   PB




Warren Wood is a good location to watch the run from. It's the place where more space becomes available and we've all just about settled into our pace. As we know Bushy Park was the place D Day was planned from during WWII, there was a huge camp to the left of Warren Wood stretching all the way across to Chestnut Avenue but there were also lots of smaller buildings and stores within Warren Wood too. Another thing to ponder as you run through there on a Saturday.


Big Red 50 Up

Andy Hoseason

Andy has run 35 times at Bushy and has run at 9 other parkrun locations around the country. He has an impressive PB of 18:44

Amanda Littlecott

Amanda has run 41 times at Bushy and has run at three other parkrun locations around the country. Amanda has a PB of 26:06

Oliver Sarson-lowe

Oliver has 50 parkruns to his name plus 18 junior parkruns. He has a PB of 27:17

Victoria Manlove

Victoria has run 31 times at Bushy and 19 times at Richmond. She has PB of 28:06

The Marvelous, the Magnificent, the Magical 100

No one, nope, not a soul.

250 - Mighty and green like a T-Rex

Ian Riley

Ian has run 227 times at Bushy, 21 times at Wimbledon Common and once each at Richmond and Crane Park. He has a PB of 21:18 and has set 4 PB's this year alone.

Carolyn Lovegrove

Carolyn has run 238 times at Bushy and 12 times at 8 different parkruns around the country. She has a PB of 29:20.

Big White 10

Archie Austin

Archie has run 9 times at Bushy and once at Willoughby. He has a PB of 19:32

Lucas James Allinson Rodrigues

Lucas has run 10 times at Bushy and has a PB of 19:00.

Aidan Nelson

Aidan has run 10 times at Bushy and has a PB of 21:21

William Ormarod

William has run 4 times at Bushy and 6 at Crane Park. He also has 73 junior park runs to his name. He has a PB of 25:12 set this week.

Rosie Fetherston-Dilke

Rosie has run 10 times at bushy Park plus 2 junior runs at Bushy as well. She has a PB of 31:30

Ian closing in on his 250 shirt.



400 metres of pain left


Nearly there Jo.

Folk popping in to say hello

It's always nice to chat to our many visitors and hear their stories before and after the run. This week was no exception as we welcomed many UK and overseas based runners. we had visitors from as far afield as Australia and America as well as Harrogate and Swindon.


Tanya Manson and Stephen Jackson from Bathurst parkrun 200kms west of Sydney. Stephen is due to take part in a cycling event in Toulouse.



Sharon Hardcastle and Jeremy Scott from Harrogate. They were down for the weekend and were planning on cycling around all the royal parks in London. Hope it went well!



Stuart Henderson and Neil Tiley from Chippenham and Swindon. Stuart ran a PB of 18:17 and is a parkrun ambassador. Neil was running his 50th different parkrun and his 303rd in total.




Captain America, aka Gary Blackman, was visiting with his mates from Horley Harriers for his stag do. He ran 20:15. Turns out Captain America is super quick!



So there we are, just about done.


RD Rob with Yue and Alex. Yue is fresh back to us after a huge stint of volunteering at the World Champs.



Please remember this.






And by 10:30 you'd never know any of us had ever been there...

See you Saturday,

Duncan Scoble


RUN REPORT #693 – 12 AUGUST 2017



I’ve got to hand it to you Brits - you really do keep calm and carry on!

You proved it to this old tabloid newspaperman from New York City at this week’s Bushy parkrun, an event I’ve come to love ever since I moved to London a few years ago. Sure, it took a while for me to get used to running without the smell of bus fumes and the whine of sirens from cop cars and fire engines. Dodging deer and low-flying swans is a lot more fun - so when I was offered the chance to write a run report, I jumped at it. Then I panicked.What was I going to write about? New Yorkers always need an angle, something different, you know?


The runners prepare for the start, unaware of what lies ahead...

Boy, did I get my angle - about two kilometers into this event. That’s where the field of 1209 runners were stunned to encounter the biggest, deepest puddle the event has ever known - smack in the middle of the road! It was literally a lake, courtesy of a relentless rainfall earlier in the week.

No kidding - the parkrun volunteers should have included a lifeguard.

You couldn’t go around that puddle. The only choice was to splash through it. Now, if this sudden steeplechase had occurred at a race in New York City’s Central Park, two things would have happened: Runners would have been

1) cursing their heads off, or

2) planning to sue, though how you collect damages from a puddle is anyone’s guess.

But this is England, and you people are different. You simply “get on with it,” as my British wife would say! Everybody just ploughed straight through that puddle. No yelling, no complaining.

“Well, this was unexpected,” the guy beside me chuckled as he splashed along, soaked to his knees.

What a week for the event to include two parkrun directors all the way from Italy!


Italian park run directors Giorgio Cambiano and Max Fava with parkrun volunteer Andy Howarth

They tell us there’s a parkrun starting up in Florence next month, and another one being planned for Sardinia. By the time they got through the giant puddle, they were probably considering a parkun in Venice!

Also on hand were two run directors from North Beach parkrun in Durban, South Africa, eager for tips on setting up finish-line funnels to accommodate their ever-growing fields of up to 2000 runners!


South African run directors Brent and Sandra McKeon

The Bushy Park funnel is set up each week by parkrun fixture Stewart Rose, whose meticulous arrangement of white plastic poles has come to be known as “Stew-henge.” Stew had never seen anything like the massive puddle he navigated in his 483rd park run, quipping:

“I must have been running in the deepest part, because I trod on top of the Titanic.”

Well, it stands to reason that when your running shoes get soaked, you can’t help but slow down, right? Tell that to the 103 runners who managed to notch PBs this week! Bravo to them, and to this week’s volunteers at a wet and wonderful run:



A happy running team from Durham relaxes after the run


Reaching the 100 club:

Paul Moore, 25:08

The 200 club: (not really a club, but...)

Jacob McAdam, 18:35
Maddy Marriage, 22:03
David Needham, 23:24

The 250 club:
David Spencer, 24:14

TRICKY QUESTION: What is the significance of 44 minutes, 36 seconds?

ANSWER: It’s the length of time between the first finisher (15:38) and the final finisher (1 hour, 14 seconds).


* Do runners with dogs on leads have a slight advantage? They seem to be getting pulled along!

* Are runners who push prams trying to give their toddlers an adventure, or are they just saving money on babysitters?

* What’s tougher - the run itself, or heeding that command to “keep running!” through the funnel after you’ve gasped your way across the finish line?

* If Donald Trump attended parkrun, would he be impressed? (Yes and no. He wouldn’t care about the run, but he’d probably be inspired to tell Mexico to build a wall like the one surrounding Bushy Park.)

* If an alien from a distant galaxy flew over Bushy Park on Saturday morning and saw more than a thousand scantily-clad creatures of all shapes and sizes running without any predators in pursuit... would he think we were crazy? And would he be right?

Charlie Carillo


Run report #692 – 5 August 2017

Mos Back Yard

Well after yet another great night of athletics in London, with Mo Farah winning an incredible race in the 10,000. It seemed fitting that 1172 people decided to wake up on beautiful morning and run in the same park as he used to train in and on occasions still does. Hopefully when he finally hangs up his spikes we see a bit more of him in Bushy Park.

The Volunteers

Once again the event could not happen without our always smiling bunch of volunteers and this week we had 50 fantastic people all encouraging and helping to ensure your participation was safe and fun.

If you have never volunteered before why not try and experience the other side of parkrun and its different roles. You can get in touch via the Website or by sending an email to -


Ravi 1

Ravi 2

Alastair LECKIE • Alex TICKELL • Alexander WEATHERSTONE • Alish MARCHANT • Amy ROBERTSON • Andrew HOWARTH • Andrew RONKSLEY • Ann COWARD • Anna FLATLEY • Anna SAVILL • Callum REID • Carol SWAFFER • David PAPWORTH • Don LEUNG • Duncan SCOBLE • Ellie WALLWORK • Emilie HOWES • Emma WINGATE • Freya MORRISON • George FORD • Ivor HUGHES • James SELL • Janet LIVESEY • Janice FRANKS • Johanna SARTORI • Joy BELL • Julie PAPWORTH • Julie SMITH • Laura Helen MOSLEY • Lorna OLIVER • Lorraine DILLAMORE • Lucy THATCHER • Madeline THOMAS • Maggie HOAD • Merran SELL • Mike GRIFFITHS • Mike TIVNEN • Niamh LYONS • Nick SAVILL • Owen PARRY • Phil BLUER • Ravi LOBO • Ray COWARD • Ray FRANKS • Rebecca THOMAS • Samantha HANLEY • Sheila FERGUSSON • Suzanne GREEN • Tracey LENTHALL • Wendy STOKES


Those of you know Ann Coward (the mum of Bushy parkrun) – well I thought she was celebrating her Birthday - when in fact it was Pat McGraths 70th, I hope he had a great day as it looks like it started off pretty well after the parkrun.


Ravi 3Ravi 4

Pat McGrath was celebrating his 70th Ravi 5

Another regular trying to keep it quiet was Mark Gratton celebrating his 40th

Ravi 6

But we don’t stop there……it seems like Nick Pearson (parkrun CEO) must have lost an office bet, as on his Birthday he also joined us at Bushy to pace Clare Fowler (parkrun Safeguard Lead) to a new PB. I can’t quite tell if he looks happy or not? Ravi 7

The participants and stats info

1172 Finishers
80 unknowns
76 First timers or 1st time to Bushy parkrun
122 PBs !!!! (One of them was my Wife)

3 runners that have completed over 200 runs also got PBs:

19 Stefan KRUEGER 18:06     VM35-39    74.86 %  M 19 New PB!    230

27 Richard DAVIS       18:36     SM30-34   70.52 %   M 26 New PB!   213

110 Jo LONGMUIR     20:51     VW45-49    78.50 %  F  7   New PB!  277


We had 4 members of the 500 club taking part:


Simon Greenhill – 503

Ramona Thevenet – 515

Paul Killick – 545

Richard Fletcher – 554


The first 3 Men and Ladies

Ben Cole – 15.44                    Naomi Lenane – 18.32

Robert Eveson – 16.32             Charlotte Healy – 19.38

David Holloway – 16.52            Emma Haley – 20.11

Top Age Grade goes to Ruth Hutton who with a time of 20.24 achieved 84.23%

Ravi 8


Well our First Timers / victors briefing looked very busy – we seemed to welcome 3 generations of the Plant family, the eldest of them being, Anthony Plant (80-84) and Ingrid Plant (75-79) all the way from South Africa showing us that its never too late to take part in a parkrun event.

Ravi 9

The future stars?

With the World Athletic Championships happening not to far away in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, I thought it would be fitting to end this week's report with our current crop of up and coming youngsters who could one day find themselves in such a venue being cheered on by thousands of supporting fans.

Age band – JW10/JM10

Hanna Norman - 26:00        Finley Robinson – 20.19
Violet Richardson - 30:59    Fredrik Skretteberg – 22.01
Annabeth Sear - 31:09        Stanley Hodds – 25.03

Age Band - JW11-14/ JM11-14

Holly Erin Youd – 22.15     Ash Williams – 18.18
Lucy Hoseason – 23.16     Jorden Johnston – 19.00
Emma Sloan – 25.00         Adam Sloan – 19.27 PB

Age Band – JW15-17/ JM15-17

Sacha Kennedy – 20.27    Benjamin Dibley – 18.20
Sasha Reed – 22.52          James Milton – 18.48
Bethany Duffy – 23.18       Joseph O’clery – 19.40

Well I hope everyone that is going and watching the World Championships enjoys the event no matter which country you are cheering for. The best news is that there are no qualifying times to participate in a parkrun. If you have not read about the tail walking event taking place here are some words from PSH:

“With this in mind, I am really excited to let you know that parkrun will be teaming up with UK Sport and the National Lottery next month. Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be volunteering as Tail Walkers at UK parkruns on Saturday 19 August, and I will be tail walking too. At several events, the athletes will be volunteering alongside people who regularly Tail Walk at their events, or who have put their hand up to Tail Walk on that day.

It follows on from the success of I Am Team GB last year, which saw around 60 GB athletes take part in their local parkruns after the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. This year’s initiative, known as #teamparkrun, is being backed by Sport England, Sport Scotland, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland, the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association, along with a number of national governing bodies.

We know from our own extensive research that by far the most common reason for someone registering with parkrun and not participating is that they don’t feel capable of running 5k, so this is a significant step in highlighting how inclusive our events are. Since the earliest days of parkrun we have welcomed walkers, and the support and encouragement provided by the Tail Walker can’t be understated.”

Ravi 10

Ravi Lobo


Run Report #691 – 29 July 2017

29th July 2017 – The morning after the night before 

There were a large number of people in blue race t-shirts on the start line of the 691st Bushy parkrun. Many of them wondering, how their legs would cope with 5k, just 13 hours after racing 7k on the other side of the park. Friday night had seen the 37th running of the Wedding Day Race, an excellent event organised by Stragglers originally to celebrate the wedding of Charles and Diana and continued on the last Friday in July ever since. The event really is like a mini parkrun with so many familiar faces from our Saturday morning event, both those toeing the line and also out on the course marshalling. It has been become a bit of a tradition to wear the race shirt the following morning, partly to explain why there may be even more moans and groans that normal when Ray Coward set us off. Legs realising they’d have to try to run yet again! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ….


1126 parkrunners had made the start line in pleasant conditions after the overnight rain (and avoiding the 12 hours of rain that would hit us later in the day) – there was a bit of a wind which made the made the first 1k a bit easier but hit us coming home but generally good conditions.

There are now almost 1,000 events taking place worldwide each Saturday in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, south Africa, Sweden, USA and of course Ireland (North and South), Wales, Scotland and England. This week HQ announced that the next location for parkrun will be Germany …. the global expansion controls to roll on. This now means that each weekend on Saturdays and the juniors on Sundays there are over 200,000 people getting out there and exercising and volunteering, amazing stuff which all started here.

The Volunteers

This weeks couldn’t have happened without the 55 volunteers who helped and cheered us round the course – your help really is appreciated.


The volunteers this week were Andrew John WINGATE • Ann COWARD • Carol DICKINSON • Marianne MORRIS • Shirley BUCKLEY • Simon GREENHILL • Tracey LENTHALL • Ray COWARD • Sarah FRASER • Rupert POSTLETHWAITE • Phil BLUER • Simon LANE • Ray FRANKS • William LEA • Stephen MARFLEET • Emma WINGATE • Colin LEA • Fiona MCANENA • Jacqueline RICH • Julie PAPWORTH • Nick ROWE • Janet LIVESEY • Verity RIDING • Joy BELL • Susan HOWARTH • Andrew HOWARTH • Niamh LYONS • George FORD • Michael TROTT • Freya MORRISON • Justine Keira ALBERT • Amy ROBERTSON • Duncan SCOBLE • Peter David THOMPSON • Andrew RONKSLEY • Rachael VAUGHAN • Angela MACSON • Rebecca THOMAS • Madeline THOMAS • Pat NAIR • Emilie HOWES • Wendy STOKES • Matilda VAUGHAN • Ellie WALLWORK • Naomi DUNCAN • Andrew MORRISON • Julie SMITH • Don LEUNG • Taryn BIDDULPH • Alish MARCHANT • Ivor HUGHES • Rosie QUIRE • Tom CURSONS • Owen PARRY • George AIREY

If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.


The Runners

Of the 1,126 finishers we welcomed 132 first timers to the birthplace of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again soon. Congratulations to the 103 runners who recorded Bushy PB’s. We also saw an impressive 94 different running clubs have runners represented.

We have now seen 39,895 different runners take part in Bushy parkrun and these athletes have now completed 433,773 runs covering an amazing 2,168,865KM including 62,920 new personal bests. This means that (probably) next week we will see the 40,000th different parkrunner participate at the home of the event. So if you know anyone who has been waiting to take part – encourage them to join us next week and they could be that special runner.

We had 4 members of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 81 members of 250 club, 256 in the 100 club and a further 159 50 club runners.

76 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their bar-code #DFYB (Don’t Forget Your Barcode)



Of the 103 runners who achieved their PB’s today 11 of them have over 100 parkruns to their name:

Dborah ROBACK 27:09:00 VW55-59 65.81% 106
Joseph CONNOR 25:08:00 VM35-39 53.12% 109
Jay WADEY 24:58:00 VM45-49 56.81% 112
Ellis MADLE 25:23:00 JM11-14 60.28% 118
Richard VAN DER LEEDEN 21:52 VM45-49 65.85% 124
Duncan TOMS 24:19:00 VM45-49 58.33% 135
Ben CLARKE-JANSSEN 24:46:00 SM25-29 52.09% 160
Andrew MAYALL 23:04 SM30-34 56.58% 162
George BESSANT 21:55 JM11-14 64.71% 223
Dan CALE 23:21 SM30-34 56.17% 267
Robert LOVEGROVE 17:43 SM20-24 72.81% 277


This Saturday saw no new members join the 500 club and our next regulars hitting the big 500 who ran today will be Stewart ROSE and Polly ADAMS who both need to complete 19 more runs to earn their blue shirts.

We saw an impressive four new members of the 250 club.
Rachel CLARK, who has run 233 of her events at Bushy, starting in April 2008 and has a PB of 26:51.
Richard MATTHEWS who has done 194 of his runs with us – PB of 25:59 and first run was February 2010.
Mike GRIFFITHS reached his 250 have done all but four of his runs here; he has a PB of 23:16 and made his debut in May 2011.
Last but very much not least is Andrew HOWARTH. Andy has done 183 of his runs here with a PB of 21:49 and is one of my fellow authors for the run report – he is also a regular tourist and was part of the recent Bushy contingent trip to the brilliant Bere Island in Cork , which literally is an island with a ferry to the start part of the run day experience. Well done to all and hope you all enjoyed your big days. Next to 250 will be David SPENCER and Carolyn LOVEGROVE – both on 248.

Andy Howarth

Joining the 100 club we had 4 runners:
Richard INCH who has done 83 of his runs with us, Tim FOSTER (94 at Bushy), Andrew SHORT (80 at Bushy) and Jovun BATH who likes it so much here all 100 have been with us. Well done all and look forward to seeing the black shirts being worn with pride. Andrew PEPPERELL moved on to 99 runs.

We had 3 runners join the 50 club John MORELAND, James WALSH and Paul MILDON.

For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were William BLUNDEN, Charlotte DAWSON, and Leah MARSKELL – well done to all.

The Results Bit

Male placings:
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (VM35-39) of Belgrave Harriers, was first over the line in 15:40 - 32nd time in 141 appearances.
Jamie ASHTON (SM25-29) of Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, was second over the line in 16:32 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
William BRYAN (SM18-19) of EpUK, was third over the line in 16:43.

Female placings:
Jane WILLIAMSON (JW11-14) of Chiltern Harriers AC, was first (46th overall) over the line in 19:34 - first time in 2 appearances.
Isabel LIVESEY (JW15-17) of St Mary's Richmond AC, was second (71st overall) over the line in 20:05.
Rosy GROSS (VW35-39) (Unattached) was third (92nd overall) over the line in 20:36 - was first to finish once before.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Peter GILES (VM70-74) – 91.98% for the time 19:57 (64th overall).
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS (VM35-39) – 84.68% for the time 15:40 (first overall).
Merran SELL (VW70-74) – 82.16% for the time 28:30 (698th overall).

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379).
The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).


The Random Number Generator

As is becoming a tradition we look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.

This week was event 691 at Bushy so claiming token 691 was Giles JONES (VM45-49) who ran 28;27 on her 57th event all of which have been done in this park.

The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 26:38 and hitting the time on the nail was Kevin BRUNT (VM60-64) on 6th event all of which have been at .

As today is 29/7 ……... in position 297 was …… UNKNOWN so the honour goes to Keith HILEY running his 199th run in 298th and Wesley TAYLOR running 23:38 in 296th on their 58th outing.

Amazing the total time of the 16,615,575 parkruns completed in the UK is 888 Years, 35 days, 20 Hours, 26 minutes and 6 Seconds. So we look at position 888 and find Georgina EVERETT (VW40-44) with 31:42 on her 19th run.

Well done to all.


Getting a token …. and a ticket

The police were out in the car parks on Saturday and a number of cars received tickets for parking outside of the allocated bays. Not only does this make it an expensive morning (for a free event) but cars were seen parked in disabled bays without appropriate badges and even in the emergency vehicle access areas. This is not only incredibly dangerous if for example an ambulance were required but also we are very lucky that Royal Parks allow to run each week in such a stunning location so please let’s not jeopardise that relationship.

World best athletes in our park

With the World Championships starting in London next Friday a number of the teams have set up their bases locally, a number using St Marys track and that means Bushy Park becomes the ideal training ground. Already this week groups of Chinese, American and Kenyan athletes have been spotted wearing their national training gear with pride. The pace and ease of their running styles is particularly impressive (and infuriating) close up. We have also seen a number of race walkers using the flat paths of Bushy – these people are incredible to watch. Great Britain's Tom Bosworth recently ‘walked’ a mile in the Anniversary Games of 5:31 (which is coincidentally my mile PB – though for running) – can you imagine trying to keep up with that pace. Tom has done a number of parkruns with a best of 17:56 though we’ve no idea if that was running or walking! Good luck to everyone competing and those of you with tickets enjoy the event and hopefully we can all be inspired to good times next weekend.

The pilgrimage

I really love the Saturday morning stream of people heading to parkrun each week. On my way to the park it’s great to see so many people getting into the fresh air on a Saturday morning for the event. A steady stream of runners, cyclists, walkers can be seen entering the park from every possible angle. Trains and buses have people in running shoes, lycra and club shirts as well as early morning shoppers. Keep up the good work and spread the word when you can.
See you by the fountain next Saturday.

Nick Rowe


Run Report #690 – 22 July 2017

This is a true story. The events took place in 2017 in Middlesex, England.


Rob Philips our Run Director had a few announcements to make on this mild July morning as 1099 of us gathered on the line for the 690th Bushy parkrun. One young man – Peter HAYWOOD - is looking forward to getting married in 3 weeks’ time and was running in what seemed to be a wedding dress as part of early stag do preparations. Meanwhile Rob informed us that a golden couple, Ann and Ray Coward were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and rightly were having a day off. I am sure we would all like to wish Ann and Ray huge congratulations for their 50 year milestone.  Peter only has to wait until the year 2067 for his golden wedding.





How many volunteers does it take to make a parkrun? Well, as someone once said, without runners there is no parkrun. But of course, without volunteers, things might suffer. This week at Bushy the 1,099 runners had 17 marshals, 11 funnel managers, 5 scanners, 2 coordinators, 2 tail walkers, 2 timers, 2 token givers, 2 token supporters, 2 VI guides, 1 briefer, 1 equipment storer, 1 lead bike, 1 reporter and 1 run director as well as assorted other unnamed volunteers such as sorting out the tokens post run. Phew!

Here is a full list of all those volunteers: George AIREY, Mike BANGHAM, Joy BELL, Phil BLUER, David BREWIN, Shirley BUCKLEY, Holly CHANDLER, Tom CURSONS, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Mohammed FAIZ, George FORD, Carolyn FOSTER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Sue GRAHAM-KAHN, Susan HOWARTH, Andrew HOWARTH, John HUTCHINGS, Margaret LE FRANC, Don LEUNG, Jack LEYDEN, Ravi LOBO, Josh MARS, Ken MCLELLAND, Steve MILLER, Trevor MITCHELL, Freya MORRISON, Alan NOLAN-DAVIES, Oliver NOLAN-DAVIES, Owen PARRY, Rob PHILLIPS, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Becky POSTLETHWAITE, Callum REID, Amy ROBERTSON, Jacob ROLLASON, Andrew RONKSLEY, Sarah RUSSELL, Julie SMITH, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER, Lucy THATCHER, Rebecca THOMAS, Madeline THOMAS, Alex TICKELL, Ellie WALLWORK, Alexander WEATHERSTONE, Emma Keira WINGATE

Volunteering is great fun and sometimes you can even run as well. If you fancy a go, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at .  

A celebration of marshals

I still miss John “The Hand” Stephens - offering a much needed uplift before that final km push to the finish. John retired and moved away from the area. With the “new” course we have that marshalling push at the sharp right turn on 800m to go and at the pond with 400m to go– a welcome sight and a spur to put in that final effort, when all you want to do is finish. As a celebration of marshalling, I collected a few snaps of our team this week, including the cheering Elisabeth in her usual place at marshal point 5. Bushy parkrun is now the highlight of her week!






Tourists and other First timers

We had 125 first timers to Bushy this week, and 40 of those doing their first ever parkrun. The prize for the most experienced Bushy first timer goes to Kevin WHEELER who waited for his 284th parkrun before visiting. Kevin usually runs at Reading parkrun so didn’t have too far to come. Kevin is a bit of tourist having visited 48 different parkruns. Being the summer months, there were quite a few tourists making the pilgrimage to the cradle of parkrun. This week we welcomed ten runners from Brierley Forest parkrun in Nottinghamshire – the Running Wilburys, a social media group with their own t-shirts.


Meanwhile, Damian BAKER, Vincent RIVIERE, Rebecca ROES and Christopher SMITH joined us from Daventry, Gunpowder, Faelledparken and Pollok parkruns respectively. They were part of the Tribesports team and meet up occasionally for a social run together, and first time visitors to Bushy.


Rebecca runs at Faelledparken parkrun in wonderful Copenhagen which usually gets around 70 people. This is a little more than Nibe parkrun in northern Jutland which I mentioned a few weeks ago (Nibe watch). This week Nibe had 11 runners and 3 volunteers. This may be one to visit if you fancy a podium place - the first finisher came in on 22:38, and the first female in 27:55.

Kathy GEY VAN PITTIUS was visiting from South Africa, Kathy normally runs at the sweetly named Botanical Garden parkrun in Pretoria. They regularly get over 1,000 runners in common with a number of other South African parkruns. Here is Kathy with daughter Natalie and youngsters Willem and Frederik – both the boys achieved new PBs


Kathy, Natalie, Willem and Frederik

Michael JONES was visiting from Bradford parkrun. He makes regular  trips to Bushy and told me that some 6 years ago he was on the point of giving up running but went down to his local parkrun and was so impressed he became reinvigorated with running and hasn’t looked back since with some 174 runs under his belt and 21 at Bushy.


Louise, Gary, Clare, Sarah, Clare and not forgetting Tilly the dog were visiting from Chelmsford Central parkrun along with young Holly, who this week was a tourist volunteer on barcode scanning. Holly may be one of the most experienced scanners around having scanned a staggering 132 times in the last 3-4 years, and has still managed to run 18 parkruns and is still only in the 11-14 age category. IMG_1372[1] IMG_1373[1]



Holly  & Amy on scanning duty

Personal Bests

There were 83 personal bests this week. Of the Bushy regulars, Robert LOVEGROVE was the most experienced with a PB in his 276th run in 17:54 and his 162nd run at Bushy. Chris MEARA achieved a PB of 20:15 in his 148th run with all but two at Bushy. Duncan TOMS scored a second consecutive PB by one second in 24:22. Before last week’s PB of 24:23, his previous one was way back in 2008 in BPR #204. Like London Buses, you wait 9 years….


500 club

There were no runners reaching the landmark 500 parkruns this week. Next up is Kirsty BANGHAM on 487 and Polly ADAMS and Stewart ROSE on 480 each.

250 club

No runners reached the 250 mark this week.

100 club

We had 3 people celebrating 100 runs this week. Congratulations to Sarah MARSHALL who has run all her 100 runs at Bushy, and her first one was on 22 May 2010. Meanwhile Elizabeth MANLEY and Geoff “Ton-up” MANLEY decided to make their first visit to Bushy to complete their 100th run. The Manleys appear to have caught the tourist bug with a number of visits around the south west and south London with 91 runs at Bromley parkrun between them.

50 Club

3 runners reached 50 this week and can order their red Tribesports shirts. Congratulations to:  Tracey LENTHALL,James HOLMAN and Aoife FOLEY. Aoife was making her first visit to Bushy.

10 Club

Just 3 juniors achieved 10 runs and can order their pristine white shirts: Kelten CLEMENTS, Jake FOX and Claudia BRIDGE.

Finally a little mention for a fantastic person and Bushy regular who this week celebrated her 400th parkrun with a visit to Guernsey parkrun. Congratulations to Carol DICKINSON. The Dickinson family have a grand total of 954 runs between them, which might be a parkrun record.

 Some token photos



Main Results

For possibly the first time ever, the first 3 finishers were Unknown.  First recognised finisher was Sam EGLEN in a fast time of 15:56. Second home was Mark CRABTREE in 16:40 on his first visit to Bushy, and third home was Kristian WATSON also his first visit to Bushy and one of the Brierley Forest parkrun visitors.

First female was Mara YAMAUCHI in 18:57 and followed by Emma HAYLEY in 19:11and third was Alexis PRINCE in 19:38. For the junior women, first finisher was Isabel LIVESEY in 19:45 followed by Jane WILLIAMSON one second behind in 19:46 and third was Hannah STEWART in 21:58.

For the junior boys, first finisher was Spencer BATEMAN in 18:00 (new PB!) and 20th overall followed by Jonny BROOK in 18:13 (new PB!) and third Patrick ATKINSON in 18:53.

Age Gradings

A total of ten runners exceeded the formidable 80% age grading mark, and one of those, Jane DAVIES, achieved 92% in her run of 23:26. In order they were: Jane DAVIES, Justin REID, Patrick ATKINSON, Laurence DUFFY, Mara YAMAUCHI, Polly ADAMS, Julie HAWORTH, Sam EGLEN, Mark CRABTREE and Spencer BATEMAN.

Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #684   There were 1099 parkrunners – 938 identified, 161 unknown (DFYB!) (15% of the field).

How many?

Of the 938 identified parkrunners, there were:

  •  86 Juniors aged under 18 (9%) and 182 Seniors aged 18-34 (19%)
  •  670 Vets (71%) of which 89 are 35-39, 247 are 40-49, 246 are 50-59, 69 are 60-69, 17 are 70+ and 2 are80+
  •  387 females (41%) and 551 males (59%)

Weather conditions

  • Umbrella quotient:  1 out of 5
  • Temperature: 16˚C, sunny spells & light showers, south wind, 6mph

How fast?

  • Of the 938 identified finishers, there were:
  •  65 runners sub 20 mins (7%),
  •  275 between 20:00-24:59 (29%)
  •  317 25:00-29:59 (34%)
  •  281 over 30 mins (30%)

Midpoint time: 27:16

Finally a message from the Run Director, Rob. Some of you may have noticed there was a bit of glitch with the results this week, and some people who scanned appeared as Unknown. If this has happened to you, drop the Bushy Office an e-mail with your details ( Apologies from the team – these things happen.


Happy parkrunning and see you next week!


Andrew Howarth

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