Run Report No 654 – 26th November 2016


Last weekend was a first of sorts for me, although I first ran at parkrun way back in 2006, it was really in mid-2009 that I properly became a parkrunner and since then I have been pretty committed.

That gives me about 400 weeks of parkrun and the fact that I haven’t yet traded by black 100 top in for a 250 shows that other things have stopped me running. Emma and I go away on holidays, we volunteer pretty regularly, occasionally race on a Saturday and heaven forbid visit somewhere where a parkrun is not on the doorstep – however, last week was the first weekend probably since that day in 2009 that I could have reasonably been at a parkrun and wasn't there.

We both have been having tough periods at work – for me this time of year is when my company invite all our bigger customers in to hear our brand plans for 2017 and so I am presenting most days. Add in a couple of other big projects and it has meant that the alarm has been going off before 5am and we have both been working ‘til 9 or 10pm at times. (NB. I should add at this point that I work for a beer company, so there is no need to cry for me!). It was also Emma’s birthday on the Friday and so we went out for dinner with a friend and so whilst not hungover when the alarm went off on Saturday morning I switched it off and we went back to sleep.

It was interesting and I think in some ways quite healthy. Whilst I love Bushy parkrun, pushing hard, running around our beautiful park and enjoying coffee and a catchup with my friends afterwards, having the odd week off actually can be great. parkrun HQ highlighted years ago that whilst volunteering is brilliant, not feeling you have to volunteer is equally good. So following this, surely whilst parkrunning is great for the soul, then not parkrunning once in a while can also be helpful to the mind.


Anyway, that might all be rubbish, but it worked for me and I woke up this week feeling a little more refreshed and genuinely looking forward to my run.

I love the way our park looks on mornings like we had this week. The hoar frost turning every surface silver, mist pooling on the ground and the low hanging sun glinting through the trees - it is properly magical and great fun to be out in provided you are warm enough.

Pacing for PBs

This week was pacing week – I know it is a week later than usual, but it is one of my jobs to organise the pacers each week and ten days ago I didn't really know what day it was (see above) and so we pushed it back a week.
My sincere apologies to anyone who was keyed up ready to go for a PB last weekend, but hopefully this week you got to scratch that itch!

As November is an odd month it was odd pacers and a big thank you to the people who donned the pacing bibs and carried a flag.


Thanks to Stuart, David, Mark, Graham, Tim, Rick and Adrian. (I completed the line-up, but saying ‘thanks to me’ sounds a bit pompous!)

I had the honour of being the 35 minute pacer this week and it reminded me of exactly why parkrun is so great. It was the perfect role as a couple of weeks of abusing my body with no sleep, bad food and the back end of a cold, meant I was never going to be in great shape, so an excuse for a nice steady run was just what the doctor ordered.

People seem to love pacers week and you can judge that by the number of thank yous our pacers receive, the high fives and even the odd sweaty hug from runners who feel they have done better simply because someone ran near them and called out kilometre splits. It is the loveliest volunteering role.


The pacers do seem to work – if you look at the results there are clumps of PBs around the pacers. The vague rule is that a pacer has a 1 minute window around them as their area of influence, so as the 35 minute pacer, then I can claim responsibility for any PBs in the window of 34:30 to 35:30. There will be runners who are planning to slowly fall off the back as there PB isn’t quite at the right level and then those who use the pacer to deliver them to say the last kilometre at a good pace and then kick for home. Certainly young William Fetherston-Dilke put best part of a minute into me after lighting the after-burners with about 500m to go!

If you look at the conversion of runners to PBs there are definite benefits of pacers – overall 16% of the 946 (known) runners this weekend recorded PBs, whilst those in the pace windows deliver at a rate of 20%.

I put this table in solely because I look the best!

And if you compare the rate of PBs in the pacer windows to those people running between them, you see a really clear picture of the benefit of someone encouraging you!

In almost every circumstance, the conversion rate in the pacers window is above that of the areas where pacers don’t influence!

Anyway, I should end the stats as I would imagine all this section is pretty obvious! Pacing is a well-documented thing, so is just a long winded way to say thank you to all the people who donned the bibs, carried the flags and shouted encouragement – you do an amazing job!


One final thing on pacing!

When compiling the pacers roster each month, I usually get emails saying things like… ‘I am around this week - 25, 27 or 29 minutes’ or ‘Anything down to 23 mins’ or ‘Happy to pace, can run whatever’.

However, this week I got a very specific request from one of our regulars - ‘Can I pace 33 mins as I want to run with my wife who is looking to do a PB?’

I have to admit that I don’t know Adrian’s wife and you obviously never know from checking the results for appropriate surnames. However, my best stalking means I am guessing that Adrian failed to be a good pacer. Looking through the results, a lady called Leigh raced round the course in 31:35 – a full 90 seconds quicker than her(possible) husband to smash her PB by 3 minutes! Adrian was wearing the wrong bib! Great job Leigh and if my stalking is correct then Adrian, I hope you were very happy to be dropped!


The 654th Bushy parkrun

This week we saw 1,014 runners brave the chilly conditions to run around the park supported by an amazing team of volunteers!


Some chilly volunteers at the end enjoying Verity's always warm hands

Don’t forget your barcode

This week we have an Unknown Runner at the top of the results. This has happened 38 times at Bushy and Unknown Athlete is only second to Anthony Jackson on the all-time first finishers count. However, it is a slightly more unfortunate story than usual.

The runner in question did bring their barcode, but sadly when they reached the scanning team were told that our scanners don’t recognise Waitrose Club Cards!

One of these is a parkrun barcode, the other a Waitrose Club Card - if you can tell the difference, the prize of being in the results is yours!

Who was quick?

Due to the aforementioned Waitrose Club Card debacle, David Grima becomes the official fastest finisher (17:31), while Ted Mockett (17:35) and David Lawley (17:37) completed the top three.

Jed was actually first back to the big tree, but he was on a bike so it doesn't count

Amongst the juniors, it was Sam Reynolds (17:46) who was quickest back to the big tree, with Jack Butler (19:11) and Dominic Rhodes (19:12) following him home.

In the ladies field, Kate Brown (18:05) showed the field a clean pair of heels with Jo Billings (19:22) and junior Sacha Kennedy (19:48) joining her on the podium.

Amongst the juniors, Sacha was obviously first to finish with Imogen King (20:41) and Leonie Kennedy (20:46) in 2nd and 3rd.



We saw 156 runners recording a new PB, including 24 runners with more than 50 parkruns on their résumé. Well done to (deep breath) David GRIMA, David LAWLEY, Chris RAWCLIFFE, Andrew DUNDERDALE, Ravi LOBO, Rowena BRIMACOMBE, Imogen KING, Leonie KENNEDY, Joseph HOWARTH, Stephen WILCOCK, , Jason NOURSE, David KIMBALL, Leah PATEL, Amelia GOODWIN, Christopher FRENCH, Colin BROWN, Breda MCGREE, Karen BAITUP, Colin WOODS, Catelin LE FRANC, Martin NICHOLDS, Laura BAKER, Rosie SOUTER and Pam JARMAN


The super twins…

This year, junior Sacha Kennedy has taken a big step up in performance, moving her PB forward by the best part of a minute. She was consistently quick enough to be the first junior at Bushy to win the senior points prizes when she picked up the Sonia O’Sullivan Salver last month and is regularly among the first few ladies crossing the line.

However, in doing that she put a bit of distance between her and her equally talented twin sister, Leonie.

Sacha and Leonie were pretty even for much of the start of their parkrun careers, however a serious cycling accident for Leonie in 2015 initially asked questions as to whether she would lose her leg. Fortunately, that was not the case, but she was left with a long period of rehabilitation (and an awesome scar!). She spent four months on the sidelines at Bushy as a brilliant volunteer, and many of those weeks watching from her regular spot as timer as her sister got quicker and quicker.

However, this week actually marked the 12 month anniversary of Leonie’s re-introduction as a runner. Obviously, it took a while for her to regain her fitness, but this week she recorded the incredible time of 20:46 – beating her old pre-injury PB by 12 seconds!

Leonie on the right (hopefully) with sister, Sacha

It is great to see her running so fast, and I have no doubt the 20 minute barrier will go in the New Year, she'll then close the 58 seconds Leonie was behind her sister and Sacha will have a new running nemesis.

Special Performances and Milestone Runs

Seven runners hit the magic 80% WAVA Age Grading, so congratulations goes to Kate BROWN, Laurence DUFFY, Bernie MULVANY, Kevin BEST, Polly ADAMS, Ian SPENCER and Merran SELL

10 Club – Juniors Lauren Newsome and Sian Lawrence both did their 10th parkruns to qualify for their white t-shirt

50 Club – Gemma Lloyd, Colin Woods, Jane Staff and Matthew Ronaldson will now be sporting red 50 tops

100 Club – Jake Vaughan, Kirsty Rumble and Stephen Aras will be switching red for black

250 Club – Sarah Filmer switches black for green 250 Club shirts


Putting yourself in the frame

You might have noticed a few bits of extra kit this week. I think it is a test, but regardless we have been given a rather large picture frame to make post run selfies a bit more fun! Anyway, it seemed to go down well this week!



Welcome to the Riverside Rebels

We had a huge contingent of runners from the Riverside Rebels running group in Walton, Weybridge, Shepperton and Sunbury.

Most of whom do not seem to be regular parkrunners, so we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Thanks for coming along and see you again soon!


Anyway, that’ll do for another week

Take care and see you next weekend

Andy W


Run Report No 653 – 19th November 2016

What a difference a week makes ….


The sun makes a much appreciated return

Run Director Rob Phillips had spent a nervous week worrying. Last Saturday 690 of us had splashed, slipped and shivered our way round one of the wettest parkrun days with the poor volunteers spending the rest of the weekend drying out. What had happened – Ray Coward always seemed to deliver sun? Had Rob upset the parkrun weather gods or was this all part of the commencement of the post-Trump apocalypse. So as he nervously peered out of his curtains (which happen to overlook the park – no not part of the run directors reward package before you ask) he must have been relieved to see a beautiful crisp winter’s morning. Hardly any wind and the sun shining ….. parksun was back!

Bushy Park is a special place at anytime (yes even last week) but on a sunny winters morning with the sun shining through the trees there is no place like it. The much improved weather seemed to have enticed a few more people out of their beds and 990 starters lined up to listen to Rob’s pre-run briefing.



The fountain looking soaking up the rays

The Volunteers

Alongside Rob was his team of dedicated volunteers and a big thank you once again to everyone helping out this morning. Susan Graham-Kahn had the joyous task of clicking just under a thousand times on the timer and the merry band of volunteers were co-ordinated by Alex Tickell and Julie Papworth. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give any guidance about the roles he can.

Thank you to the volunteers - Jacopo ANNONIO-TIBALDI, Sam BARRETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Allan BRAY, Shirley BUCKLEY, Jamie CHAPMAN, Carolyn FOSTER, Ray FRANKS, Glady GARTLAND, Susan GRAHAM-KAHN, James GREEN, Ross HERROD, Evie HINDE, Carl HORNSETH, Susan HOWARTH, Andrew HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Jonathan HUGHES, Lionel JORDAN, Margaret LE FRANC, Megan LUPO, Niamh LYONS, Yue MAN, Alish MARCHANT, Andrew MAYALL, Denise MITCHELL, Trevor MORRIS, Ethan MULLEN, Diane MULLEN, Julie PAPWORTH, Rob PHILLIPS, Alex PITT, Stewart ROSE, Nick ROWE, Louis SAMARASINGHE, James SELL, David STEWART, Bethan STURDY, Rebecca THOMAS, Alex TICKELL, Fanni VIGH, Peter VIGH, Ellie WALLWORK, Georgia Rose WELCH


Run Director Rob and Justine after another successful event

The Runners

Amongst the masses at the start we welcomed 36 first timers to the wonderful world of parkrun and hope to see all of you back again by the fountain some Saturday morning in the near future. In addition we had a further 33 parkrunners making their first pilgrimage to the place where it all began. The good conditions helped 108 runners to a Bushy PB – this was despite the postponement of ‘pacer week’ which usually happens on the third Saturday of each month – this will now happen next week with odd minute pacers helping runners achieve their targets from 21 minutes upwards.

Of the 108 runners who achieved their PB’s today 7 of them have over 100 parkruns to their names. Ian Haylock (213 runs) managed to get under 19 minutes for the first time with a blistering 18:54 – Ian will tell anyone who listens that his recent fast times are not due to training or core strength but instead from some magic lightweight running shoes he recently purchased – we just can’t wait to see his times when he discovers barefoot running. Other members of the black 100 gang who hit bests this week were Amelia Goodwin 25:29 (207 runs), Martin Langlands 26:18 (190 runs), Alex Hankey 20:57 (187 runs), Stephen Penpraze 21:18 (165 runs), Matthew Searle 21:21 (165 runs), Mark Ronaldson 29:58 (123 runs). Another mention must go Matthew Tyas who not only ran a cracking PB of 19:40 at the age of 11 but also managed take down his Dad David in a proper head to head smashdown – might need to get used to that in the coming years David!

We had 3 member of the 500 club at our parkrun today, along with 57 members of 250 club, 242 in the 100 club and a further 155 50 club runners.

52 runners either hadn’t registered or committed that dreaded event of forgetting their barcode #DFYB. Of the 938 of us who brought along their bits of paper, plastic, wristbands 566 of them were male and 372 females.


Ian Haylock and Darren Franks obviously didn’t look at the temperature part of the weather forecast – proper old school


This Saturday saw 2 new members join the 250 club – we welcomed Barry Hipwell who chose his Bushy debut to be the day he joined the green shirt crew. He usually runs at Norwich and his day involved waking up at 4am to travel to south west London run – hope you enjoyed it Barry. Stuart Thompson also completed his 250th parkrun – he is very much a home based runner with his total including 196 laps of Bushy – congratulations Stuart. Amazingly Stuart finished in 250th place too, as the eagle eyed among you may spot in this photo:


Two of our Bushy regulars joined the 100 club Paul Boca (99 at Bushy) and Colin Lovergrove (88 at Bushy) will both shortly be seen in their black tribesports shirts. Well done guys.

We had 8 runners join the 50 club Cathi Hepworth, Isla Marcelle Carpenter, Jessika Dodge, Sue McNicol, Diarmaid O’Tuathail, Grace Fletcher and Corrina Bryant. The final new member of the red shirt club is Alex Rose who was today's third finisher and got a new PB on his 50th run 17:39 – Stuart Rose is another proud father who knows the days of beating his son are long gone.

For our juniors getting their 10 shirts were Thomas Rikkernik, Ayman Murtaza and the super speedy Andrew Smailes who was second finisher on the day with 17:18


John Woods brings his own masseuse to ensure he makes the next 24 events to get his 500 shirt

Next week (or in a week coming soon) will see a number of other landmarks, no one today reached 499 or 249 but we do have Bruce Clark and Danny Hutton just 2 runs Away from getting their green shirts.

99 not out are Jake Vaughan, Kirsty Rumble and Stephen Aras. One away from their half centuries and red shirts are Matthew Ronaldson, Rachel Kellett, Colin Woods, Joshua Bates, Michael Toohey and Phil Copsey.

Junior runners on 9 are Sian Lawrence, Lauren Newsome, Lily Birch and Freddie Lett.

Special Numbers

A few random mentions to runners with random numbers to spread the parkrun love.

On event 653 – in position 653 we had Jack Kennedy running his 288th parkrun and 270th here at Bushy – Jack ran in what for him was a leisurely 29:10.

The average time of all the 388,612 parkruns ever completed at Bushy is 26:29 and running that today was Mike West doing his 110th run and all but 8 of those have been at Bushy.

In the whole of the UK there have now been an incredible 12,782,021 runs completed and the average time nationally is slightly behind the speedy Bushy runners at 27:49 – Mikey Askew ran that time today on his 112th parkrun all of which have been on his home course.

In honour of the 485 different first finishers we have seen at Bushy in 485th place was Simon Lovegrove – 207 runs (196 Bushy events) coming home in 26:40.

Nationally we now have 430 events and in 430th place was Alex Fergusson finishing in 25:52 with 158 runs all but one at the birthplace of parkrun.


Barcodes are a bit less soggy than last week


For the men Andrius Jaksevicius (VM35-39) of Belgrave Harriers, was first over the line in 15:55 - 26th time in 135 appearances. Andrius has been a regular at Bushy for a number of years but was injured at the start of 2016 and its good to see him back on form. Andrew Smailes (JM15-17) of Brighton & Hove City AC, was second over the line in 17:18 on a day that also saw him qualifying for his juniors 10 shirt. As mentioned already Alex Rose (SM20-24) was third over the line in 17:39 on his 50th parkrun.

The female first back to the big tree were Joanne Harvey (SW25-29) of Exeter Harriers, was first (5th overall) over the line in 17:44 - 4th time in 5 appearances.  Pipped to line was Isabel Brinsden (SW20-24) of Epsom & Ewell Harriers, claiming second (6th overall) over the line just a second behind 17:45 but with a 31 second PB to cheer her up – she has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions. Rosy Gross (VW35-39) was third (56th overall) over the line in 20:05 – Rosy was first to finish once before.

Best age grade performances of the day were by our first two female finishers Joanne Harvey was graded 83.46% for the time 17:44 and Isabel Brinsden was graded 83.38% for the time 17:45. The top 2 male age graded were our first finisher Andrius Jaksevicius with 82.83% for his 15:55 closely followed by Mike Bruce on 82.36% with a 21:10 in the VM65-69 age group.


Getting those important tokens

Xmas Party

The Bushy parkrun Christmas Party is back for 2016! Cancel all plans for 10th December and join us for an evening of festive fun and food at the Pheasantry. Tickets are £25 pp and are on sale now after parkrun. See Lucy or Zoe before and after parkrun and in the Pheasantry...


Away From Bushy

Special mention must go to one of our parkrun regulars and core team member Carol Dickinson who missed Bushy this week for the good reason of visiting South Africa and Hermanus parkrun – in very different conditions to Bushy she appeared to have enjoyed her day away from us from her photo caption- South Africa! Think this may be the furthest away tourist parkrun I've ever done and certainly the toughest! Lots of hills to conquer with beautiful scenery and rather on the warm side temperatures! Lovely. 


Some parkrun musings

I saw a wonderful summary of parkrun by the CEO Nick Pearson who wrote on Friday evening:

Looking forward to parkrunning tomorrow morning, probably at Kingston, with family and friends. So pleased to be part of an amazing organisation, and an amazing community, an organisation and community that values every individual as an equal.

Regardless of time, number of events ran, number of volunteer instances, tourist venues visited, we are all the same, equal, no better or worse than anyone else. 

It is this amazing principle, value, spirit, shaped by the generous and sincere nature of our founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt that has led to the relentless growth and popularity of parkrun. Protecting and nurturing this value and principle is critical to maintaining the 'special' experience of parkrun, I'm honoured to have an 'official' role, but with 3 million parkrunners out there, together we can be an unstoppable force in protecting these special value.

I can only echo Nick’s views. I first attended parkrun in April 2011 and knew no-one at all but was immediately struck by the friendly inclusive and welcoming people I met. Now 196 runs later I look forward to meeting up with so many friends as much as I do the event itself – I’ve visited a number of other parkruns and found exactly the same welcome and ethos throughout whether there are 50 or 500 runners. It’s a great event and we are lucky to have it and PSH and everyone else involved with parkrun deserve every plaudit and praise they get.

Until next Saturday …..

Nick Rowe

PS This was my first attempt at writing the run report and any feedback or suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.




Run Report Event No. 652 – 12th November 2016


The wet one


Well we were due a bit of rain, and following several weeks of relatively dry and cold weather the gods decided to empty the sluices on this parkrunday. It was, quite frankly, the wettest parkrun since the last wet one (which some may recall was the 12th anniversary on 1st Oct 2016 (BPR #646)). But this was real wetness. Even the puddles had puddles. It reminded me of the time the Long Water flooded Cobblers Walk.

Not surprisingly the numbers were well down this week. We had just 690 runners complete the course, and that was with the addition of sizeable contingents from Bracknell Forest Runners and Sinfin Running Club (Derby) swelling the numbers. More of them later.

If you discount the near Christmas and New Year’s Day runs, that’s the lowest “normal” day Bushy parkrun since the 24th May 2014 (BPR #519) when we had 659 runners. Coincidentally (not) that was also a very wet parkrun (see ).

We even had a sprinkle of first timers with 18 people choosing this day of days to make their first ever parkrun and 46 first-timer tourists. They will remember the day because it is rarely this wet at Bushy. 42 runners even managed to slither and slip to a PB which was brilliant work given the conditions.

But the heroes of the day were the volunteers. There were an amazing 55 people giving up their warm and dry lie-in for our benefit.  Lucy Thatcher was volunteer coordinatorthis week,and the check-in sheet looked a little soggy by the start of the run, but as ever everyone was smoothly allocated a role.  Rob Phillips was our Run Director for the day and was the epitome of efficiency getting us underway with no delay.



Our timekeeper was the esteemed Stephen Marfleet. Stephen, along with many of the volunteers, was sporting the kind of gear redolent of a week’s trek along the Pennine Way. I have never attempted such a feat myself, but it’s what I’d wear if I did. Stephen assured me that his thumb would last the course and the timing machine could handle a little water ingress, which it did.


Stephen and Jan



In Praise of Rain

Rain is life giving, so we should be thankful when it buckets down (but why can’t it rain in the night?). Well that’s what I tell myself. According to official statistics, London is dryer than you might think. Using a bit of back-of-the-envelope maths and some wild assumptions (stay with me on this), it rains on average 106.5 days of the year, which means it is dry on 71% of days. And of course some of those days it won’t rain all day, so let’s say only one fifth of rainy days are all-day rain, that’s about 21 days. If we add a few days for when it happens to rain 9am-10am that’s 27 days a year with rain between 9am and 10am. There are 54 parkrundays a year, so on average there are going to be 4 wet parkruns a year at Bushy (27÷365×54=4). Does that feel right? Anyway that’s probably no consolation to the 745+ of us gathered on Saturday.

And if you feel aggrieved, Miami has more rain and more wet days than London (135) as does Orlando (117) so don’t emigrate yet. If you like rain, try Mawsynram in India which is the rainiest place on Earth and has an average of 11,900mm of rain a year – enough to have Christ the Redeemer in Rio up to his knees in water and almost all that falls in a few months of the year. If you don’t like rain try Arica in Chile – it gets an average of 0.8mm a year. There is no parkrun there yet.

Handing out the tokens today was token queen Jan Franks and Catherine Haughney. Not easy in the conditions, as the tokens stick together when wet, as we found out trying to sort them later in the warmth and calm of the Pheasantry. And some of the replacement tokens looked like the water had affected the barcodes, so looks like Ray Franks may be spending his weekend making new ones when he should be watching England v South Africa. If only we still had the originals.

The scanning team out today comprised Peter Filmer, Ross Herrod, Carl Hornseth, Alex Tickell and Stephen Penpraze who all did fantastically well coping with damp and soggy barcodes. Some longer than usual queues built up but everyone was really patient as the scanners generally sought shelter under the BPR tree.



A really important volunteer role is equipment storage. All that kit has to be held safely somewhere, and there is a roster of willing people offering their car boot and storage space to keep it all safe and return the following week. This week’s kit guru was Trevor Mitchell and I spotted him trying his car boot for size – well it was relatively warm and dry in there!



We had team of tailrunners out this week comprising Diane Mullen, Bethan Sturdy, James Green and Jacopo Annonio-Tibaldi. Tail running is one of those roles where you can both volunteer and run – there are lots of such roles so no excuse for not having a go, including run report writing, equipment storage, runner pacing, VI guiding, new runners briefing.



Here is a full list of the volunteers this week:


If anyone fancies a go at volunteering, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at . It’s great fun and helps you give something back for the free weekly fix.


Personal bests

An amazing 42 people managed to score a PB (6.5% of the field). Drilling down, some of these were our visitors from Bracknell Forest who were running their 2nd or 3rd Bushy parkrun. Most experienced Bushy regular with a PB was junior Yoan Pantchev (JM11-14) who managed to knock 25 seconds off his PB on his 88th run (85 at Bushy). Nick Scott (VM55-59) ran a PB on his 15th Bushy run and his 41st overall. Callum Kennet-White (JM11-14) scored his second PB in a row and broke 25mins on his 39th run – all at Bushy. Well done Callum and all achieved a week before odd numbered pacers.Meanwhile junior runner James Milton (JM15-17) is clearly on a roll managing to break 18mins for the first time (17:55) on his 30th parkrun and 25th at Bushy. Anna Deakin (VW40-44) ran a PB on her 27th run, 26 at Bushy.  Kieron Carpenter (JM11-14) ran his second consecutive PB on his 17th run.


Going for a PB is what it’s all about



There were no runners reaching 500 parkruns this week. We’ll have to wait until at least 15 April 2017 for the next one, and like London buses, we may get two at once (Ramona Thevenet and John Woods on 475 runs each).

No runners reached the 250 milestone this week either, although we have two runners on 249: Sarah Filmer (VW60-64) has run all her runs at Bushy with her first one on 4th August 2007, and Stuart Thompson (VM60-64) has run 195 times at Bushy starting on 25th April 2009. Not long until the green t-shirt guys.

Although not an official parkrun club, but worthy of mention is Ewen Gibson (VM55-59) who reached 300 runs, 290 at Bushy. Ewen did his first run on 22 April 2006 (BPR #84).

100 club

After the glut of last week, there were amazingly zero runners reaching 100 runs. Colin Lovegrove (VM50-54) is closest on 99 runs.


50 Club

With no 500, 250 or 100 celebrations this week, it was left to the 50s and 10s to do the honours. There were five people running their 50th parkrun today. Take a bow Tegid Lewys-Lloyd, Elizabeth Ingham, Fiona McAnena, Trevor Hulatt and Shona Perkins. Well done all.The red Tribesports t-shirts are on the way.

I managed to bump into Elizabeth who had sensibly retired to the warm and dry of the Pheasantry to celebrate with coffee, cakes, bubbly, babies and friends. What a great combination. Elizabeth was also celebrating her birthday, so double congratulations!


Coming up to 50 runs each are the amazing twins James and Matthew Ronaldson who are just 5 years old. I am not sure who is the youngest holder of a 50 shirt but these guys must be close. Mum Nicola said they are looking to do their 50th runs on the same day in about 3 weeks’ time. Matthew is gallantly going to sit one out to let James catch up. Brilliant!


Matthew with mum Nicola and Susan Howarth


10 Club

There was just one junior braving the conditions and reach the 10-run milestone, so step forward Campbell Begley-Jones (JM10) and order your brand new white t-shirt without delay. Campbell’s PB is exactly 23:00 which he did on 1st October, so with next week being odd-numbered pacers, Campbell has a great chance to pip the 23 min pacer on the line and claim a new PB (assuming the parent/guardian can keep up).


Speeding carrot

In an earlier run report, I noted that we had a man-dressed-as-a-carrot on the start line (BPR #647). This was James Whistler (SM25-29) who was training for the Guinness world record of “running a half marathon dressed as a vegetable” at the River Thames HM on 30 October. I am reliably informed that James, a member of Ranelagh Harriers, achieved the feat in a time of 1:24:04. Congratulations to James, but just to say there is no t-shirt for this.



James Whistler en route to setting a new World Record!



Newcomers and visitors

Despite the conditions, there was a total of 64 Bushy first timers including 18 doing their first ever parkrun.  Bracknell Forest Runners had chosen this day to make one of their regular pilgrimages to the birthplace of parkrun. Bracknell brought at least 30 runners of all ages with them and they were certainly very bright and cheery in their green striped shirts and their badge features a green stag rampant – very appropriate don’t you think. The club was established in 1989 and has 317 active members. They have a local parkrun at Bracknell which started on 4th April 2015. It was great to see them encouraging each other at the finish, with lots of cheering and whooping, and I know a number of them managed Bushy PBs so congratulations and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. I managed to catch a number of them under the BPR tree and in the car park. They were off for a well-deserved drying out and breakfast at a local hostelry.





Also visiting from slightly further afield were Sinfin Running Club which is based at the Rolls-Royce sports and social club in Derby and was set up in 1984. The club is very friendly and welcoming. I spotted this on their website:

We pride ourselves on our friendly, social approach to running.  After our run we meet in the bar for a pint (of whatever you want) and a chip butty.

Personally I love a chip butty – especially after a run. But lest this give the impression they are not serious about their running:

Club members also compete in the UK and abroad. Recently this has included club trips to the Amsterdam Marathon / Half-Marathon, the London Marathon, the National Cross-Country Championships and a range of other road and cross country races.

They can add the cradle of parkrun to that list as some 11 of the male members made the visit in a hired minibus setting off at 5.30am, which shows laudable parkrun dedication. Apparently female members were very welcome but chose not to make the trip – the lads themselves were off for a day’s tour of London’s pubs starting at 10.30am in The Railway, Teddington and were, shall we say, “up for it”. I bid them farewell and a happy day’s drinking. They were returning to Derby on the train.



Other first time visitors included Tim Binstead (VM35-39) on his 59th parkrun from Roundhay parkrun, Leeds. Jo Teeling (VW45-49) and Alan Teeling (VM45-49)weretwo of our furthest visitors, coming all the way from Jersey parkrun. Sorry about the weather guys. Nick Faubel (VM45-49) was making a 4th return visit to Bushy on his 160th run. Nick normally runs at Ashton Court parkrun, Bristol which is one of those parkruns where you run up a very steep hill, and then run down again. You can try and look at the fantastic view of Bristol, but unless you are the tailrunner, you also have to avoid runners coming up the hill, although they do operate a run on the left system.

Welcome to all the visitors and we hoped you enjoyed your run at Bushy.




First home to the Bushy Park tree this week was Nick Goolab (SM25-29) in the brilliant time of 15:51 in his 1st parkrun. There were 10 unknowns in the top twenty finishers, and I am reliably informed this was not a results glitch, but a posse of runners from St Mary’s University who made a late decision to use BPR #652 as part of their training schedule but none of them were registered (come on guys!)  So 2nd home was Robert Stroud (SM18-19) from Birchfield Harriers in his first parkrun. 3rd finisher was George Elliott (SM18-19) from Basildon AC in his 4th parkrun.


First female was Claire Grima (VW35-39) in 18:39 in her 60th parkrun, and 7th at Bushy. Second wasTracey Hardcastle (VW40-44)in 19:56 in her 51st parkrun. Third to the tree was Isabel Hessey (SW25-29) in 20:46 in her 123rd parkrun.

For the junior girls, Helena Samarasinghe (JW11-14) wasfirst back in 21:41 in her 62nd parkrun. Second was Isabel Livesey (JW11-14) in 22:08 in her 92nd parkrun and third home was Imogen King (JW11-14) in 22:15 in her 141st parkrun.

For the junior boys, first finisher was James Milton (JM15-17) in a PB time of 17:55 in his 30th parkrun;second was Thomas Ziegel (JM15-17)in 19:41 in his 48th parkrun and third was Kiran Lathia-Hamblin (JM11-14) in 20:07 in his 5th parkrun.



We have a brilliant set of juniors take part each week



Suzan Baker and George Cobb braved the conditions.


Age Gradings

Six runners achieved the incredible by exceeding the 80% age grading mark, 3 women and 3 men:

Julie Haworth (VW55-59)achieved 81.7% for a time of 22:46; Kevin Best (VM60-64) ran 20:23 (81.52%).Meanwhile, first female Claire Grima (VW35-39) was 81.5% for 18:39.  First finisher Nick Goolab (SM25-29) achieved 81.39% for 15:51. Youngest 80 percenter was Robert Stroud (SM18-19) 81.21% in 16:14. Finally Sue Lambert (VW75-79) achieved 80.21% for 30:14.

A further 55 runners exceeded the 70% age grading. That’s 9% of the field above 70%. A little bit down on normal.


All ages welcome



Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #652


There were 690 parkrunners – 644 identified, 46 unknown (DFYB/ register!) (7% of the field).


How many?

  • Of the 644 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 64 Juniors aged under 18 (10%) and 96 Seniors aged 18-34 (15%)
  • 484 Vets (75%) of which 55 are 35-39, 185 are 40-49, 190 are 50-59, 42 are 60-69, 12 are 70+
  • 403 males (63%) and 241 females (37%)
  • Umbrella quotient –  5 out of 5


How fast?

  • Of the 644 identified finishers, there were:
  • 39 runners sub 20 mins (6%),
  • 203 between 20:00-24:59 (34%)
  • 236 25:00-29:59 (37%)
  • 166over 30 mins (25%)
  • Midpoint time: 26:23




Until next week…


Happy parkrunning, hope you dried out.

Did I mention, it’s odd numbered pacers next week.


Andrew Howarth


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Run Report Event No. 651 – 5th November 2016



Remember, Remember!


Remember, Remember!

The fifth of November

Bushy parkrun’s at 9 o’clock

I know of no reason

Why your parkrun barcode

Should ever be forgot!



A carpet of leaves greeted parkrunners on Lime Avenue


There was a distinct chill in the air on the morning of Guy Fawkes Night, with a cold northerly wind blowing in the royal park come 9am, as 1,181 parkrunners toed the line for the 651st Bushy parkrun! It was the 12th largest attendance here, and also a record 12th consecutive four figure attendance as we all set off on a soft footing on Lime Avenue, with a carpet of leaves below and lined by the golden brown coloured trees to the left and right. 131 of you managed to set new PBs, 106 were visiting Bushy for the first time, of which 49 were taking part for the first time, welcome along!



 parkrunners lined up at the start as Emma Wingate delivers the run briefing


I thought I’d do a ‘photo run’ this time to get some photos for the run report, which consisted of a ‘fartlek’ (Swedish for ‘speed play’) session – run fast for a minute, stop for a photo (or three), run for two minutes, stop for a photo… you get the idea by now! I had a great run and managed to catch up with quite a few people around the course. I was keen to get some photos of the marshals as they were standing out in the cold wind for an hour, thanks to all of you!



Sandy Lane gate turn marshals just before halfway


For Saturday’s run Emma Wingate took the helm as Run Director, Simon Lane did a great job on timer – keeping his cool while trying not to catch a cold; Jan Franks was giving out the prized funnel letters, and Yue Man and Andrew Morrison were giving out the finish tokens at the end of the 110 metre double funnel!



Jan Franks dealing out the funnel letters as Ray Franks prepares to switch lanes!


In all a team of 53 volunteers were ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! If you are available to help, or would like to find out more, then do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d pleased to hear from you!



Andrew Morrison and Yue Man giving out the position tokens


Full list of volunteers on the day: Alan NOLAN-DAVIES  •  Alex PITT  •  Alex TICKELL  •  Andrew MAYALL  •  Andrew MORRISON  •  Ann COWARD  •  Carmen PALMER  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  Christopher JOHNSON  •  Craig JARMAN  •  David STEWART  •  Dean FURBER  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emma Anne WINGATE  •  Evie HINDE  •  Ewen GIBSON  •  Fanni VIGH  •  Georgia Rose WELCH  •  Glady GARTLAND  •  Jake CAMPBELL  •  Jakob HOLDER  •  James SELL  •  Jamie CHAPMAN  •  Janice FRANKS  •  Jed LEICESTER  •  Jennifer BROGAN  •  Joanna Serena BURGE  •  John ROOT  •  Joy BELL  •  Lionel JORDAN  •  Louis SAMARASINGHE  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Mary Ellen WHITBY  •  Merran SELL  •  Michael TROTT  •  Mike BANGHAM  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Oliver NOLAN-DAVIES  •  Pedro DAS GUPTA  •  Peter VIGH  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard STEEDEN  •  Rob TURNER  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Rosie STEEDEN-BEACH  •  Sam BARRETT  •  Simon LANE  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Tom LEICESTER  •  Viv ROOT  •  Yue MAN



A welcome sight! Mike Bangham directing the runners on their way into the last 400 metres! 


Without any further ado, let’s move on to this week’s headline makers and record breakers!



parkrun tourists

We had tourists from far and wide visiting the cradle of parkrun once more! Our farthest traveller to Bushy last Saturday was undoubtedly Chris Simms (51 runs), as he came from Sandon Point parkrun to celebrate joining the 50 club the previous week. Sandon Point is about 60 kilometres south of Sydney and their course hugs the coastline for some amazing views of the Tasman Sea I’m sure. Thanks for coming Chris, I’m sure you found it a bit colder than recent weeks at Sandon Point!



Kirsty Bangham and the Royle family


From Lancashire we welcomed the Royle family who were all running at Bushy for the first time: Jon Royle (103 runs), Finty Royle (70 runs), Daisy Royle (42 runs) and Carol Royle (9 runs), so they have a combined 224 runs between them! Jon, Finty and Daisy all run for the brilliantly named Red Rose Road Runners, and Finty set a new PB and was the highest junior age grader on the day, and the first female finisher! Also pictured in the family photo above is Bushy regular Kirsty Bangham (456 runs!), as she is a cousin of Jon – boosting the combined run tally in this photo to 680! Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed the morning with us!


From the other side of London we had a trio of parkrunners from Mile End parkrun visiting the cradle for the first time: Christina Eason (183 runs), Neil Turney (127 runs) and Anna Trihan (73 runs). Thanks for coming and hope to see you return!


Mile End parkrunners Neil, Anna and Christine


Reading Roadrunners Ann McKinnon (153 runs) and Melanie Parker (132 runs) came to Bushy for the first time, and their regular run is in Reading. Giovanni Graglia made his Bushy debut on his 145th run, and his home run is at Southwark parkrun with 85 runs there. A further ten 50 club members were first timers here: Emma Rees (90 runs), Esther Straghan (68 runs), Matt Gardner (64 runs), Emma Tuckey (63 runs), Victoria Stack (59 runs), Allan Quimby (54 runs), Rhona Stainthorp (54 runs), Vin Lam (51 runs) and Iain Clements - who joined the 50 club!


Thanks to all of those who chose to visit Bushy for the first time, and returning tourists too!


500, 250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

After a flurry of recent 500 club inductees, there will be no more for 2016 – as next in line to reach the 500 club are John Woods and Ramona Thevenet who are both on 474 runs.

We also had no new members of the 250 club this time! From those who ran on Saturday, the next parkrunners set to join this club are: Danny Hutton (246 runs), Bruce Clark (246), David Matthews (245), Laurence Duffy (244), Mike Dennison (243) and Zoe Riding (243).




There were four new members of the 100 club this time – Mark McKinnon, John Jones, Mark Welch and Daniel Waller, congratulations! You can look forward to ordering the black 100 Tribesports top very soon! Jamie Parkes, Dina Whitman and Mark Trueman are all on 98 not out and could reach three figures later in November.

Five of you celebrated joining the 50 club and will be wearing the coveted red Tribesports 50 top with pride in the near future. Congratulations to: Martin Phelps, Iain Clements (who was a first timer here from Winchester), Nicholas Bowden, Zoe Millington-Jones and Josie Barton!

Another six of you are one run away from a half-century: Joseph Palmer, Jon Coles, Tegid Lewys-Lloyd, Elizabeth Ingham, Fiona McAnena and Shona Perkins.

We had four new members of the junior 10 club (for under 18s only) congratulations to: Declan Connolly, Jacob Gelona, Evie Waldeck-Evans and Carys Newton!


For more info on the parkrun clubs and accompanying free t-shirts, and how to order them, do visit the parkrun support FAQ



 Recent 250 club member inductee Ian Cunningham ready for my camera at 2k!


New PBs

138 of you managed to set a PB on Saturday, however just two of these were achieved by those with at least 100 Bushy parkruns completed! Helen Brett (152 runs, 145 at Bushy) continued her purple patch this autumn with her third PB in the last month! This time she took 35 seconds off her previous best for her first sub 25 minute time, running 24:57. Well done Helen!

Stuart Crichton ran his first PB in over two years, running 23:10 on his 115th Bushy parkrun (127 runs overall). He took 14 seconds off his previous best, well done Stuart! Other notable PB’ers were: Paul Hedley (22:58 – 90 runs at Bushy), Krysia Smith (21:10 – 65 runs at Bushy), James Morris (20:11 – 50 runs at Bushy), Daniel Clark (20:53 – 82 runs at Bushy) and Martin Nicholds (28:54 – 79 runs at Bushy).




parkrunner of the week!

In this feature, I pick a ‘parkrunner of the week’, where a parkrunner will get their name in lights if they receive the same position token number as the event number for any particular week!   As it was event number 651, the parkrunner who finished with token 651 was… Rachel Revett! Rachel was running her 45th parkrun here, and it was her 59th parkrun overall, having made her parkrun debut at Bushy on 9th February 2008 and has a PB of 22:42!


Now That’s What I Call A Stat Attack!   Times

This stat attack is a bit different from the norm, as I look at a remarkable coincidence between the tokens and times between 22:23 and 22:28! When I got my results text around 11am on Saturday, I read the position ‘226’ and time ’22:26’, so I had to investigate! It was then I noticed from 22:23 to 22:28, five out of the six times in that sequence matched the token number! Has this happened before? It’s possible, with the current average attendances, token numbers in the low 200s would usually generate a time starting with 22 minutes.


Now for the results and stats bit!




The results bit

parkrun debutant Matthew Shirling was the first finisher, posting 15:15 (84.92%), he was followed by Serpentine RC runner Andy Greenleaf, who also managed a sub 16 time on his first run here, with a time of 15:58 (82.15%) on his 21st parkrun. Johnny Suttle set a new PB of 16:48 (76.79%) on his seventh run here for Queens Park Harriers, and his 86th run overall. The fourth finisher home was the first junior, as Oliver Hobson ran 16:56 (79.72%) on his first run here (third run overall), and Justin Reid completed the sub 17 finishers, posting a new PB of 16:59 (84.79%) on his 37th parkrun.  

After Oliver, a further four junior runners dipped under 20 minutes. Bushy first timer Joseph Twigg ran 18:11 (74.24%) on his 13th parkrun for Lancaster & Morecambe AC, Jack Butler of Walton AC posted 18:44 (73.13%) on his 19th parkrun, Declan Connolly set a new PB of 19:06 on his tenth parkrun, and Matthew Tyas of St Mary’s Richmond AC ran his first sub 20 time, with 19:53 (74.77%) on his 45th parkrun.  


The first female finisher was also a Bushy first timer as JW11-14 parkrunner Finty Royle of the Red Rose Road Runners (try saying that several times!) ran 19:45 for an outstanding 79.58% on her 70th parkrun. She was followed by Katherine Wilson in 19:50 (74.71%) on her 26th parkrun, and Victoria Haslam in 20:07 (73.57%) on her 108th parkrun, and both Katherine and Victoria run for the excellent 26.2 RRC! Completing the sub 21 female finishers were: Sophie Riches (20:17), Polly Adams (20:44) and Isabel Hessey (20:45).

The aforementioned Finty Royle was the first junior female finisher, running 19:45. The next girl home was Annabel Cooper setting a new PB of 21:04 (72.63%) on her eighth parkrun; and just behind Annabel was Lucy Marquand, running 21:05 (71.70%) on her 43rd parkrun. A further four junior girls achieved sub 22 times, well done to: Kathryn Bartle (21:17), Isabel Livesey (21:23), Imogen King (21:50) and Lily Waldeck-Evans (21:51).



 Jonathan Dickinson also ready for a photo just approaching 4k!


Highest age grading scorers

Six of you managed to post an age grading over 80%, led by parkrun debutant Matthew Shirling (SM20-24), as he scored 84.92% from his time of 15:15, followed by Justin Reid (VM45-49), who ran a new PB of 16:59 for 84.79%. VM55-59 runners Lawrence Duffy (82.59% - 18:46) and Bernie Mulvany (82.55% - 19:06) were next on the list, followed by Andy Greenleaf (SM30-34), as he earned 82.15% from his time of 15:58 on his first run here. Polly Adams (VW50-54) was the highest female age grader, scoring 81.83% as she ran 20:44. The highest junior age graders were Oliver Hobson (16:56 – 79.72%), and Finty Royle (19:45 – 79.58%)

For more information on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ




Stats of the day

There were 1181 parkrunners – 1138 identified, 43 unknown (3.6% of field).

How many?

  • Of the 1138 identified parkrunners, there were:
  • 138 PBs (12.1% of field) of which 2 have completed 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 106 Bushy first timers (9.3% of field) of which 49 were parkrun first timers (4.3% of field)
  • 149 Juniors aged under 18 (13.1%) and 176 Seniors aged 18-34 (15.5%)
  • 813 Vets (71.4%) of which 114 are 35-39, 335 are 40-49, 275 are 50-59, 89 are 60+
  • 716 males (62.9%) and 422 females (37.1%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (116 runners)
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (61 runners)
  • 241 club runners (21.2% of field) from 74 different clubs and 897 unattached (78.8%)
  • Top 10 clubs: Stragglers (74 runners), 26.2 RRC (13), Ranelagh Harriers (11), Thames Turbo Triathlon (10), St. Mary’s Richmond AC (6), Sweatshop Running Community (6), Teddington Rugby Running Club (6) and Walton AC (6)


How fast?

  • Of the 1181 finishers, there were:
  • 70 sub 20 mins, 375 20:00-24:59, 421 25:00-29:59 and 315 over 30 mins
  • Top 10% time: 21:00, Midpoint time: 26:32
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-30 mins: 47, 75, 75, 83, 95, 89, 96, 77, 81, 78, 59
  • 440 finishers between 23:00 and 27:59, average of 88 per minute
  • 96 finishers in the 26th minute and 95 finishers in the 24th minute.


How many parkruns?

  • 92945 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 1138, averaging 81.67 parkruns each
  • 553 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (48.6% of identified field), of which
  • 208 members of the 50 club (18.3%)
  • 267 members of the 100 club (23.5%)
  • 76 members of the 250 club (6.7% of field)
  • 2 members of the 500 club (0.1% of field) – Richard Fletcher (516 runs) and Paul Killick (505 runs).



That’s all for now, until next time!




Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch


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Event number 650 – 29th October 2016

It’s that time again!

Saturday is by far my favourite day of the week and I am positive you will all agree. For me, the alarm isn’t quite so dreaded as it tends to go off at a more respectable time of 7am whilst the radio plays in the background, I can wake up with my much-needed caffeine fix. This week I was pleasantly amused to hear a gentleman caller from Brighton come on the radio to talk to presenter Anneka Rice on her breakfast show. The phone in musical theme was all about time, being the weekend we turn back the clocks and coincidentally his link to time was ‘parkrun’ of course! It turned out that Chris runs at Bevendean Down parkrun and has been following an interval session which Anneka has been doing and shared amongst her listeners and it has also helped him to reduce his parkrun times. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the aforementioned name, (probably before you were born!) Anneka was a young and incredibly lively personality of TV shows in the 80’s such at Treasure Hunt and Challenge Anneka, where she would dart around the country in lycra clad jumpsuits and face tasks against the clock. Her top tip now for keeping fit is 30 seconds run on the spot as fast as you can then 30 seconds’ rest and so on for a total of 11 minutes, 3 times a week. Who’s up for this Anneka challenge?!

Farewell Summertime

The murky, misty mood of the morning didn’t haunt anyone as 1136 of you managed to drag themselves out of their pit to make it to the start line on this incredibly mild parkrunday. It may have been a case of blowing away the cobwebs as the shocking turnout was the biggest and somewhat scariest since the anniversary at the start of the month. Obviously, we all needed a pick me up treat as earlier in the week we bid our sad farewells to that tasty reality show ‘The Great British Bake Off’. Even the cakes were in tears! (get it? Tiers!) Time played an even more important factor this weekend as we also bid farewell to British Summer Time as the clocks went back which prominently meant an extra hour in bed on Sunday! The idea of daylight saving time was first projected in 1907 in Britain by keen horse-rider, William Willett, who was infuriated at the 'waste' of useful daylight first thing in the morning during summer as he noticed how many blinds were still down. Hence the idea of daylight saving hours occurred to him! Using his own money, William published a pamphlet "The Waste of Daylight" where he proposed that the clocks should be put forward by 80 minutes in four small steps during April and reversed the same way during September. The outbreak of the First World War made the issue more important primarily because of the need to save coal. Germany had already introduced the scheme when the bill was finally passed in Britain on 17 May 1916 and the clocks were advanced by an hour on the following Sunday, 21 May 1916. Sadly, William Willett did not live to see daylight saving become law as he died of influenza in 1915 at the age of 58. Thankfully though we have our very own William Willett who runs regularly here and time is of the essence to him also as today he ran in 20:56, just 13 seconds off his PB set 3 weeks ago. An astounding stat after 174 runs at Bushy (184 in total). I have also discovered that William Willett is the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay singer Chris Martin, the promotor of BST one and not the Bushy runner! I wonder if there are any links between the heritage and their title songs such as Clocks, Daylight and Midnight?

parkrun Pilgrims

Bushy is always going to be the ‘one to do’ on any dedicated parkrunner’s list of events. Just to be a part of the biggest field of runners on a Saturday morning where parkrun was born is worthy of a big tick on anyone’s list. There were 72 tourists making their debut visit to our beautiful park today, gravely too many to mention individually but I hope your visit lived up to its thrills and wasn’t too terrifying being amongst so many people. A small group from the Sweatshop Running Community travelled all the way from Bristol to join us. The devoted quintet has completed 187 parkruns between them but it’s obvious that they have been bitten by that not so nasty tourism bug! This is what road trip organiser Mark Hayes had to say about their excursion:
‘I would just like to say thank you for everything today. Bushy parkrun is my new favourite parkrun. It's just a shame it's a 230 mile round trip. The Run Directors, marshals and everybody else thoroughly deserve a pat on the back and a firm handshake. We just wish we could thank you all individually. From the 'newcomers' brief, which was relaxed & informative without being too PC, to the course, views, other friendly runners and of course the deer. We even got a mention at the start of the run. So, from us all at SRC Bristol, until next time. Thanks.’

Well thanks to you Laura, Carl, Jo, Mark and Fran for coming!

Also visiting were Francesca Hutcheson and her daughter Daisy from Shrewsbury. They were easy to spot in the field as they were boo-tifully dressed for the occasion giving us all a welcome Halloween treat. Between them, the duo in disguise have run 185 times and have an impressive list of tourism as they like to chase letters for their parkrun alphabet list. Being half term though, they were able to sample some sightseeing and shopping as part of their weekend treats before heading their way to Bushy which has been on their wish list for a while. Their only disappointment about their visit is that there were very few people dressed up for the occasion. Well some of our regulars are scary enough as it is and don’t need masks and make-up!

So how did we all do at this week’s event?

There was a far from skeletal list of volunteers as over 50 people signed up this week. Whether they directed, co-ordinated, timed, handed out tokens, rode a bike, took photos, managed the funnel, scanned, marshalled, took the kit or sorted tokens, this event couldn’t happen without them! So…

Hats off to the volunteers!

Lead biker Lou makes vital adjustments before she puts her helmet on!

Alex PITT • Alish MARCHANT • Andrew MORRISON • Ben DICKINSON • Carl HORNSETH • Carol Margaret DICKINSON • Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS • Chris BRIMACOMBE • Christopher JOHNSON • David KLEIN • David PAPWORTH • David STEWART • Dianne ODONOGHUE • Emilie HOWES • Fanni VIGH • Florence LEICESTER • Georgia Rose WELCH • Hayden MATTHEWS • Ian CUNNINGHAM • Jake CAMPBELL • Janice FRANKS • Jed LEICESTER • John ROOT • Jonathan EVANS • Jonathan HUGHES • Julie PAPWORTH • Katy FURBER • Kelly MORRIS • Lionel JORDAN • Liz COLLISON • Lizzy LEICESTER • Lou COAKER • Louis SAMARASINGHE • Lucy THATCHER • Margaret LE FRANC • Megan LUPO • Melanie HOWES • Mig BURGESS • Mike TIVNEN • Nick BLANCHARD • Peter VIGH • Phil BLUER • Ray COWARD • Ray FRANKS • Ross HERROD • Sam BARRETT • Sharon RIORDAN • Stephen PENPRAZE • Steve MILLER • Tom LEICESTER • Tracey LENTHALL • Verity RIDING • Viv ROOT • Yue MAN

Your parkrun spirit is spine-tingling! If you fancy a spell of volunteering why not get in touch with the wise old wizard himself at, you won’t be disappointed!

Halloween cakes made by Carol for the volunteers

Age is irrelevant to volunteering... I think he only does it for the cakes!

Bring on the good times…
So, whether you are here for the first time, managed a personal best time or even ran your worst time, so long as you had a good time at Bushy, that’s what counts.

The results bit:

Not a warlock in sight as these guys whizzed across the finish:
Jonathan CORNISH finished first for the tenth time and with a PB! His enviable time of 15.27 was just 8 seconds ahead of Daniel Cheeseman who also claimed a new PB on his return to Bushy after 4 years! Meanwhile Andrius Jaksevicius completed this thrilling trio in 16:07.

The speedy sorceresses for this ghostly week:
Bushy First Timer Bronwyn Hager led the ladies over the line in 18:24 on her 100th parkrun. Regulars teenager Sacha Kennedy followed in 20:04 and Polly Adams finished the trio in 20:29.

Wizards in the making:
Joshua Poncia proudly led the way in 18.26 on his 97th 5k. Joseph O’Clery claimed second in 20:03 with Matthew Tyas closely behind and taking 11 seconds off his PB in 20:07.
Top teen witches:
The aforementioned Sacha Kennedy led the girls home in a speedy time of 20.04 (just 5 seconds off her PB). Helena Samarasinghe continued to the oak tree in 21:03 whereas Isabel Livesey cast 27 seconds off her time set in the summer to give her a spooktacular new PB of 21:13.
The Stats Bit
How many?
Whether you tricked your way around or treated yourself to a new PB, 1136 participants weren’t startled or scared to take part in this week’s free event. This included 65 masked participants who declined to register their result or maybe just forgot their barcode. If only they had a magic wand!
Who were they?
408 of the identified field were female, 663 were male
• 137 runners were First Timers at Bushy Park – 65 of these were totally new to the parkrun. Welcome, Saturday mornings will never be the same again!
• No skulking around for the 8 runners who had an age grading over 80%!
How fast?
• There were a scary number of runners who clocked up New PBs! 145 smashed their way around to grab a boo-tiful Halloween treat!
• 67 registered runners spooked in under 20 minutes
Special Plaudits
There was no lurking for the following octet of runners who recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Speedy septuagenarian Sue Lambert tops the table at 85.64% with her enviable time of 28.19 and sets a spine-chilling new record for her age category of 75-79!! Whoosh!

Sue often helps to sort the tokens after her run

Jonathan Cornish who was first finisher overall had 83.50%, Polly Adams 82.83%, Daniel Cheeseman 82.78%, Bernie Mulvany 81.98% and Andrius Jaksevicius 81.80%.
First lady Bronwyn Hager 80.62% and youngster Tommy Hewitt (JM10) 80.61% who was frightfully fast with a New PB of 20:17 on his 18th run!
You are all wicked!

Joining the club…
Despite the many milestones reached this week, I didn’t hear any corks popping in the park but there were a few Halloween cakes floating around and I stumbled across a pile of pork pies amongst the grass!
An all-male quartet were the latest to join the escalating 250 club and will soon be wearing their trendy Tribe t-shirts to make us all green with envy! Congratulations to Giles Pearson, Rob Jones, Rob Turner and Austin Molnar.

These guys who have run 1000 5k’s between them all began their parkrun career at different times yet still run within close grasp of their PB’s. Teenager Austin is a loyalist and has completed all of his runs at Bushy where his journey began back in June 2011. Rob Turner finished his first 5k in March 2008 in 23.21 and despite being 8 years older he ran at today’s event 55 seconds faster! Rob obviously loves some parkrun tourism too as 84 of his runs have been at different events.

Giles proudly celebrated his achievement today with his family and shared homemade cakes amongst the runners and volunteers. His passion for parkrun began 11 years ago, before he became a dad and he has completed all but 5 of his runs at Bushy and well over 100 pushing the buggy with his boys inside! His love of parkrun has obviously spread as his wife Ruth is getting close to her 100th parkrun and youngster Leo has run a few too along with Junior parkrun. What a fang-tastic family!

Rob Jones first scanned his barcode in November 2009 in a time of 26.58 whereas just under 7 years later, today he narrowly missed out on his PB set in the summer by a ghastly 6 seconds in a time of 18.05! No time to feel gruesome though as Rob was treated to a rather low key celebration that blokes from Bushy can only dream of.

'No girls allowed'

The devilish demon Ian Fullen catered for the event with cans of beer and plastic containers filled with pork pies and sausages rolls, astonishingly there wasn’t a flute or fairy cake in sight! Who needs decorated cupcakes and chilled prosecco when you can have stodgy pastries and beer served in paper cups?! Just the thought sends shivers down my spine!

A feast fit for a milestone

Congratulations also to Peter Eveson on his 200th parkrun, no t-shirt but still worthy of a mention!
There were a spirited 6 new members of the ever expanding 100 club. Black never goes out of fashion! Welcome to the centurion club Ed Bellamy, Will Greig and Deborah Hill (who have stayed loyal to their home parkrun and completed all of their runs at Bushy Park). Whereas Alan Griffiths from Wellingborough & District AC, Martin Amy & first lady Bronwyn Hager from Woodstock Runners were all first timers at Bushy and chose to mark their milestone at the cradle of parkrun.

A trio of half centurions can now claim their new red top. Well done to Andy Barrett but speedy congratulations to Patrick Knight and Helen Taylor who both managed to seize PB’s on their milestone runs!

The perfect 10
Bone-chilling results from Harry Langridge and Louis Bryant for their 10th run, a ghostly white t-shirt will be spirited to you sooooooon!


Charity Champions

Through the mist at the end of the funnel there was a true delight in the figure of Running Down Dementia Community and Sporting Officer Hannah Reynolds, who travelled from the Cambridge Head Office to promote this astounding cause in preparation for next year. Her visit coincided with the final weekend for parkrunners to log their miles and donations which began in May where the target was to challenge yourself and run 100k, obviously not all at once and to raise £100 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

You can register your interest if you fancy a task to boost your miles next year and it’s all for a great cause, supported by parkrun too. If in doubt you could ask Joy Bell, who at 74 years’ young has run 300kms as part of her challenge and raised an astounding £748. Meanwhile, she has also managed to ‘run the world’ as her many kilometres have been trodden in the UK, USA, France, Australia and the Solomon Islands. Obviously where you run is up to you and travel expenses are not included! Joy and her husband Donald are great travellers of this world and whenever they go away, they always seek out a parkrun, whatever the mileage to get there! One day, when I retire, I aspire to be like them!
Meanwhile, Joy and Crane Park RD Raj Patel, who returned to Bushy for his 350th lap, are just 2 of the 4000 parkrunners who signed up this year and helped to raise a staggering £200,000 towards prevention projects. Why not join this crusade next year and help to run down dementia? A thought for the New Year resolutions maybe and what a worthwhile one too.


Let the countdown to Christmas begin!
Not to forget the Bushy Christmas Party! Save the date, get your glad rags ready as strictly no lycra or trainers allowed! Saturday December 10th. Tickets will be available soon, first come first served so grab them quick!
Have a great week, until another time…

I'll be waiting...
Julie Papworth
Time waits for no one, you can use it wisely or waste it, the choice is yours. Gee Linder
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