Celebrating the real heroes of parkrun... the volunteers!

Every parkrun only happens because of the time and dedication of our volunteers. Many thanks to all of them, past and present. We are always looking for new volunteers. This page explains how to get involved.

Bushy parkrun Volunteers

How to get involved

Finding out about Bushy parkrun volunteering opportunities couldn't be easier. Simply open a recent parkrun newsletter, results email or volunteer email, click on 'manage my profile', then 'email options', then select the events you'd like to hear from and click 'save opt-in events list'. You will then receive regular emails from those events letting you know all about their volunteering opportunities.

Future roster

You can see an event's future volunteer roster via their specific future roster page. To get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to bushyhelpers@parkrun.com.

What would I do at the Event?

First, and most importantly, we never ask anybody to do anything they're not comfortable with. If you don't want a particular task, please let us know and we will happily give you an alternative job. Nevertheless, none of our tasks are too stressful. You could be organising the finish funnel, operating the timer, or scanning the runners' barcodes with our simple barcode readers; we try to start people out on a general marshalling type job, so they get a feel for how we operate. But if you really want to do something in particular, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Remember as a volunteer you are the eyes and ears of parkrun. If you have any concerns that arise at a parkrun event, whether involving children or adults, you should discuss those concerns with the Event Director on the day, as soon as possible thereafter or email Head Office at eventsupport@parkrun.com.

Do I get my name in lights?

We like to recognise and publicly thank all our volunteers, and your name will appear on our home page in the This Week's Heroes section. We also keep a log of what tasks everybody has done. To do this you need to be registered on our system. If you have not registered, it's really easy to do so: just go to the parkrun registration page and fill in the simple form.

Many thanks to this week's heroes

Andrew KENWARD  •  Ann COWARD  •  Anna MACLEAN  •  Anna SAVILL  •  Anne EDMONDS  •  Bethan STURDY  •  Carol DICKINSON  •  Carol SWAFFER  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Charles HARMER  •  Christine M MUSGROVE  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  Daniel SHACKLETON  •  David BREWIN  •  Denys LYONS  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emma WINGATE  •  Ethan SCOTT  •  Evie HINDE  •  Fiona MCANENA  •  Freya MORRISON  •  Glady GARTLAND  •  Harry VAUGHAN  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  Jessica TUCKMAN  •  Jonathan DICKINSON  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Katrin KROSCHINSKI  •  Kevin PRICE  •  Kit POWNEY  •  Krysia SMITH  •  Louise RUSSELL  •  Lucy KATESMARK  •  Malcolm J TAYLOR  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Maria LADWA  •  Marisa BILLETT  •  Mike DENNISON  •  Mila BOKONJIC  •  Nick ROWE  •  Nicole RIEHL  •  Patrick TROUGHTON  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ravi LOBO  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard MATTHEWS  •  Richie O'DOWD  •  Robert MOREY  •  Sam CHAU  •  Sheila FERGUSSON  •  Shirley BUCKLEY  •  Steve COCHRANE  •  Steve MILLER  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Suzan BAKER  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Tim BOWDEN  •  Timothy JACOB  •  Trevor MORRIS  •  Wendy STOKES

The core team

Bushy parkrun happens largely because of our fantastic volunteers, who are almost all regular runners like you. The weekly team of volunteers are led by a small group of parkrun enthusiasts who form what we call the 'core team': They make sure the event is setup and packed away each week, the results published, the tokens resorted, event reports written and so much more.
  • Rob Phillips - started running at Bushy parkrun back in early 2010 but it wasn't until he started volunteering later that year that he really started to 'get' parkrun. Fast forward six years and he has completed over 200 parkruns and has been involved in setting up two junior parkruns in the area and is now an outreach ambassador for parkrun. A keen runner and cyclist but very reluctant swimmer. May be talked into doing a triathlon one day.
  • Zoe Faiz - ran her first Bushy parkrun in September 2009 and has been hooked ever since, slowly but surely encouraging family and friends to join the fun and running on her wedding day in January 2017. Through parkrun friendships, she has taken part in several triathlons of differing distances all over the place, though is sticking to 5k for now.
  • Lucy Thatcher - ran her first bushy parkrun on 18 July 2009, nervously waiting on the start line wondering if she would make it round. She did and soon got what she thought was the 'parkrun bug' attending weekly and loving the challenge of trying to beat her previous time. Then following an injury she started volunteering and got to know the bushy parkrun family - a bunch of volunteers who turn up every week, whether it is in rain, wind, snow or sunshine, to put on the event, to welcome 'first timers' and to encourage everyone, whatever their ability, to finish their 5km. It was then when she actually got the 'parkrun bug'.
  • Alex Tickell - undertook his first parkrun on 5th Feb 2011. He is ashamed to admit that he did not undertake a volunteer role until 3 years and 133 runs later. He always said that he would volunteer if he got injured and has been true to his word, having now volunteered nearly every weekend since a meniscal injury was diagnosed in autumn 2014. Due to the enjoyment he gets from volunteering and the friends he has made through it, Alex has not missed running the event as much as he thought he would. Alex can generally be found under the oak tree on barcode scanning duty or as volunteer co-coordinator. Alex has been a season ticket holder at QPR for more years than he cares to remember.
  • Andy Wingate - first came along to what was then called Bushy Park Time Trial back in the spring of 2006, although with little commitment until three years later when he introduced his wife Emma to the event. His first serious volunteering came in 2010 when answering a call for help on the numbers team and since then Andy has been at the run most weeks and has done pretty much every volunteering role - save the lead bike which looks a bit tough!? Andy is a keen runner, cyclist and swimmer.
  • David Papworth - joined parkrun in September 2012, after getting the running bug from his wife Julie. David openly admits he was never a keen runner until he joined the parkrun community He now looks forward to Saturday mornings whether running or volunteering, followed by the post-event coffee. He also enjoys cycling, kayaking and football and is a huge QPR fan for his sins. According to David though, the best things about parkrun are the people he has met and the amount of friends he has made.
  • Yue Man - Has volunteered over 100 times at Bushy Park and is also a serial volunteer at many other events such as the Olympics, the London Marathon and the Para Athletics in 2017. You can often find Yue as volunteer co-ordinator at Bushy Park.
We're very grateful to the help provided by everybody, both now and in the past, who've helped make Bushy parkrun happen.  

And finally...

Please opt-in to the volunteer email if you'd like to join us and get involved!