Cambridge parkrun run report – 20th May 2017

Wasn't it nice to have a sunny parkrun to start the weekend after all the rain over the last few days? :-) It was also great to see that the course had mainly dried out, with only a few squelchy places – did your run round or through them?

Another big turn out with 612 of you running, jogging and walking your way round the course. 47 of you were first timers and 97 of your recorded new Personal Bests.

First across the line was Michael GILBERT in 16:44. Followed by Graham ANDERSON in 17:19 and Robert MAHEN in 17:21. First to finish for the ladies was Jessica COCKER in 20:13, closely followed by Kristy GUNERATNE in 20:14 and Ellie SWIRE in 20:20. I have a feeling there may have been some healthy competition between the three of them.

We welcome Neil HAMMOND to the 25 Volunteer club. Many thanks to you and the other 38 volunteers who made today’s event possible.

Finally, can we ask people to not stop or sit down right at the end of the funnel, as this too can cause the funnel to backup. If you need to sit down after your run, firstly good on you for giving it your all, but please take a few steps to your left before doing so. Thank you :-)

I'm not around next week, so there won’t be a run report from me. But I will see you again in two weeks.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 13th May 2017

It was another busy morning at Cambridge parkrun, with 614 of you running, jogging or walking your way round Milton Country park. Congratulations to each and every one of you!  We had 83 first timers join us today – welcome. A shout out in particular to the Milton couch to 5k group who were completing their inaugural 5k today. I hope you all had a great time and will join us again next week.

A special mention to Michaela JOYSEY, who is the volunteer co-ordinator for Cambridge parkrun. Her dedication to our Saturday morning runs was recognised via a Sport in the Community Award. Congratulations and a BIG thank you from all of us.

The three highest age grades this week were all woman. A very well done to Margaret PHILLIPS @ 89.00% Julia PATERNAIN @ 86.71% and Claire WILLIS @ 84.18%. Some very impressive percentages achieved. Full results can be found on the Cambridge parkrun webpage.

Bryan PEACHEY, ran his 50th parkrun this week, while Katherine Jane HODSON, Nigel CROSLAND and Rachel NORTHFIELD all ran their 100th. A special mention to Mike DIFRANCO, who leads the Sweatshop running community runs on Monday and Wednesday evenings. He completed  his 200th parkrun, the equivalent of a million metres of parkrun! Quite a thought for anyone who has, or is about to hit their 200th run.

Can we please remind you to not park in Tesco’s or the surrounding streets if you drive to parkrun. Not only does it help with neighbourly relations but Milton Country Park depends on the income generated from the car park. The park is not council run. If you are not aware you can purchase, 3, 6 and 12 month parking permits. Not only do you not have to remember to bring change with you each Saturday but you also get a discount on your parking. Permits can be purchased online here, or from the park office. If you never drive to parkrun, you may like to consider occasionally donating the odd pound or two. The park are incredibly supportive of parkrun and our feet do have an impact on the paths.

Finally a quick call out to any woman who might be interested in joining an all girls team at Endure24 on the 10/11 of June, sadly due to work and injury 2 of the team have had to withdraw. We are team going to run for ‘fun’, not to win – walking laps is fine, I know I will be at times! If you are interested drop me a line on facebook, or come and find me at next week’s run.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 6th May 2017

What a fantastic morning! 576 people ran, jogged and walked their way round the course , we had 61 first timers, 142 people achieved personal bests, 8 people joined running milestone clubs, we sang happy birthday (many happy returns Linda CROOK) and our very own co-run director and regional ambassador, Paul BEASTALL, clocked up his 250th time of volunteering for parkrun. A highly impressive milestone and one, we at Cambridge parkrun are all very grateful for.  Did you know Saturday was only his 164th run? This means Paul has volunteered 1.5 times to every run he has completed.

Now, we don’t ask for you guys to volunteer quite this much, but we do ask for you to try and help out around 3 times a year. I know it can be hard to give up your Saturday morning run, but without the help of everyone, Cambridge parkrun would not be the success it is. A few ways I make sure I fit my 3 volunteering stints in a year is to help when I’m injured, under the weather with a cold or if I have a big event on a Sunday. Not only am I helping out but I still get to be part of the Saturday morning buzz. (I am also reliably informed that Saturday morning cake, after volunteering, contains no calories*) If you really can’t face giving up your Saturday morning run and are never injured or unwell (let me know your secret!) we also have volunteering roles that can be done before or after the event and allow you to still run. Never volunteered and are worried you might get it wrong, or mess it up? Rest assured there are a whole range of roles and you will never be asked to do something your not comfortable with. Oh and even if you do ‘mess it up’ (which you won’t) it’s not really an issue.  We just say sorry and offer everyone a free timed run the following week ;-) Fancy helping out? Check out the future rota here and email with the date and role you would like to help with.

I think the pacers this morning deserve a special mention. The combination of Andrew Scarlet (plus friend) at 26 chasing me down and Mike di Franco at 25 pulling me on, certainly helped me to get my quickest run of the year so far and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  So thank you to;

Richard Moore -  pacing 20
Jonathan Pye-  pacing 21
Sam Massey-  pacing 22
Brieuc Lehmann-  pacing 23
Trev Nichol -  pacing 24
Mike di Franco-  pacing 25
Andrew Scarlett -  pacing 26
Frederick Cheung-  pacing 27
Geoff Meads-  pacing 28
Karl Jones -  pacing 29
Helen Henry-  pacing 30
Ben Peterson -  pacing 32
Jenny Payne-  pacing 35

We hope for these mass pacing runs to become a regular occurrence on the first Saturday of the month, volunteers permitting.

A big well done to Natasha MERRICKS, who joined the 10 club. Casper HISCOCK, Gareth BURMBY, Ludovic, Sylvain Marc RENOU, Melanie HODSON, Paul COOK and Poppy CORBETT who all joined the 50 club. And last, but not least to Brody KLUND who is now in the 100 club.

The top finishers were dominated by the youngster’s this week. Thomas KEEN was first over the line in 15:34, grabbing himself a shiny new PB in the process. He was followed by Jordan Peter WOOD, in 16:03 (also a PB) and Jacob FREEBOROUGH in 16:37 (again another PB). In fact the PB’s continued all the way down to the 7th finisher who was also the first lady. Well done to Julia PATERNAIN who came over the line in 17:19. She was followed by Angela JOINER-HANDY in 19:13 and Maija KOZLOVA in 19:21 (also a PB).

Right, that’s quite enough from me this week!

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

*Source may not have conducted a scientific experiment to back up their fact ;-)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 29 April 2017

Congratulations to each and every one of the 548 people who ran, jogged and walked their way round a sunny Cambridge parkrun and kick started their bank holiday weekend with a parkrun glow! As we continue to get attendance figures over 500 can we remind you that the course is mainly a trail run. As a result, there are lots of tree routes and uneven sections of ground. Please make sure you are mindful of this, particularly when we are all very bunched up during the first half of the run.

Congratulations to all 95 of you who record a personal best this week.  A special mention to Orla MACHIN, who has gained a PB every week for the last 4 weeks! Bill PRESS, Chris BOLT, Fiona MACDONALD and Terrie WATERS also deserve a mention, each getting PB’s, 3 out of the last 4 weeks.

First across the line this week was Chris DARLING, who has crossed the line first at Cambridge parkrun on 51 other occasions. Suzanne TAUTZ, was the first lady to finish this week, a great start to her birthday weekend.

Finally, did you catch sight of the hen party, complete with their matching sashes? I am reliably informed that the bride-to-be ran the London marathon last week. Not that this, (or her helium balloon and veil) seemed to slow her down at all! Well done to all of you and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

Thank you as ever to all the volunteers and Milton Country Park for making our Saturday mornings possible.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 22 April 2017

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Cambridge parkrun, with last week seeing a record turnout of 627 runners! This week was slightly quieter with a mere 574 of you running, jogging and walking your way round the course. As the event continues to grow in popularity it is even more important that we all try and play our part in helping the finish funnel to run smoothly. With this in mind can we please remind you to put your right hand out flat once in the funnel. It may seem like an odd request, but this allows those handing out the finish tokens to place it directly into your hand (rather than handing it to you) and significantly speeds up the process.

Congratulations to Jordan Peter WOOD, who was our first finisher this week. He crossed the line in a time of 16:25, bagging himself a brand new PB in the process. He lead the way for a further 5 PB’s in the top 10 and another 89 across the rest of the field. Well done to each and every one of you! Full results can be found Cambridge parkrun Results Page.

Tim DAVIES, Richard THOMPSON, James MARSH, Michele BALLANCE, and Caroline Ann BARHAM all joined the 50 club on Saturday and will soon be able to order their red ‘50’ Tribesports top!

Thank you as ever to all the volunteers and Milton Country Park for making our Saturday mornings possible.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

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