Cambridge parkrun run report – 16th September 2017

It been a few weeks since I wrote my last run report. Apologies for that,  but I have been out doing longer runs on Saturdays in preparation for autumn half marathons.

It was great to be able to take part in parkrun this week and even better that it was Junior take over.  And what a fantastic job they did! I saw so many young people, focused and engaged, taking seriously the responsibility for the role they were covering. They did our timing, handed out the finish tokens, managed the funnel, co-ordinated the volunteers,  gave the new runner briefing, were the tail walker, helped set the event up, marshalled the course, sorted tokens, processed the results and event directed.  A big thank you to each and every one of them (and to any adults in a supportive role) for making this weeks parkrun possible.  If you haven’t volunteered before hopefully this week will have inspired you and helped to reassure you we have roles for all abilities. Please do get in touch if you can help at a future event.

Aidan RUNHAM  •  Aiden BAILEY  •  Alexander COLBY  •  Alice MANSLEY  •  Andrew SCARLETT  •  Angus HUTCHISON  •  Arthur LEE  •  Bob PEACOCK  •  Caroline ZAKRZEWSKI  •  Catriona CURRY  •  Charli JOHNSON BEATTIE  •  Charlotte MOORE  •  Chris DARLING  •  Claire WILSON  •  Daisy TEMPEST  •  Daniel ETCHES  •  Elaine HENDRIE  •  Ellen PIERCE  •  Fiona MCDAID  •  Gayle TEMPEST  •  George PAKE  •  Hazel BAILEY  •  Hermione CREASE  •  Hester COLBY  •  Hope HUTCHISON  •  Isabel MANSLEY  •  Jakob KANZ  •  James ETCHES  •  James STOCKER  •  Jill NOBLE  •  Katherine REED  •  Katie TWEEN  •  Kerion HUNT  •  Kit COLBY  •  Louise GAMON  •  Lucas ZAKRZEWSKI  •  Martin Daniel HORROD  •  Mary MITCHELL  •  Paul BEASTALL  •  Rachel NORTHFIELD  •  Richard MOORE  •  Ricky MITCHELL  •  Tom BREEZE

526 lovely parkrunners ran, jogged and walked there way round event number 389. We welcomed 57 first timers and 66 of us recorded new Personal Bests (one of them was mine!). Grant HARRADENCE (VM35-39) was first over the line in 17:47, quickly followed by Tim ESLER (VM35-39) in 17:51 and Josh SAMBROOK (SM20-24) in 17:54. Helen BARRY (VW35-39) was first over the line for the ladies (22nd overall) in 19:51. Kristy GUNERATNE (VW35-39) was second (43rd overall) in 20:55 followed by Bethany NANCOLAS (SW30-34) (60th overall) 3rd over the line in 21:50. Well done to you all.

Laura GREEN was the runner to finish in position 389 in a time of 31:37, achaving an age grading of 49.39%. It was also Laura’s very first parkrun, so congratulations and we hope you enjoyed yourself. See you next week?

Asthetically pleasing times were run by; Tristan IGGLESDEN (FT) 20:20, Mark YEATES 23:45, Margaret PHILLIPS 24:24, Kevin HARRIS 25:25, Julie L MAIDMENT 27:27, Amelia NORMAN 28:28, Rachel MILLER 28:28, Nick KELLY (ET) 30:30, Flurina FINN 32:32, Sarah MOULTON 34:43, Ella ARMITAGE 37:37, Jenny ALLCOCK 40:40 (PB!).

Five of you joined the 50 run club this week - Annika FRIBERG, Eleanor ROBSON, Henrik JÖNSSON, John-Henry LOVE and Sandra HOWLETT, while David MAGEE, Jamie HEAFORD and Thomas GIBBS all joined the 100 club. Well done to you all.

Finally, I hope you will join me in saying a big thank you to Fiona English, who is stepping down as co-Event Director of Cambridge parkrun. Since taking on the role, Fiona has moved to a much more intense job and has had to make the difficult decision to step aside. She will remain a member of our core volunteer team, a regular run director, social media guru and deliverer of the best first timers briefings we have! Thank you to Fiona for all you support (and ongoing support) to allow our Saturday morning runs to happen. Helen Henry, will be stepping into the fill the role. Helen is the longest serving (suffering?) run director on the Cambridge team and is also a proud owner of a coveted "250" green t-shirt. Welcome Helen and thank you for agreeing to step into such a vital role.

Well that’s it for me this week. I will try and write a few more reports while I am away from Cambridge parkrun doing my longer runs.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 19th August 2017

Well the heavy rain on Friday made for a wet and muddy run number 385 at Cambridge parkrun.  A reminder of how the course can start to get in the winter.....I love the mud so can’t wait! But I digress, onto this week’s run.

This week 488 people ran, jogged and walked the course. The puddles obviously didn’t hold people back with a whopping 72 of you grabbing a new PB. Well done each of you. 62 people chose Cambridge as the place to dip their toe into parkrun and we welcomed 19 people back for their second event. I hope you all had a positive time.

First across the line this week was Robert MAHEN in 17:14, closely followed by Ben LEAMAN in 17:18, both bagging themselves a PB in the process.  David FRANKLAND was the third male to cross the finish line in a time of 17:25. Claire FITZPATRICK was first (17th overall) over the line in 19:10 for the ladies. Helen BARRY was second in 19:49 and Jessica COCKER was the third lady to finish in a time of 20:24.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Margaret PHILLIPS (VW60-64) – 87.96% for the time 22:42 (101st overall).
Graham John CHAPMAN (VM60-64) – 81.94% for the time 19:45 (29th overall).
Karen BADDELEY (VW55-59) – 80.09% for the time 22:36 (99th overall)

Sam DENNIS was the runner to finish in position 385. It was Sam’s third parkrun, all at Cambridge. Sam started attending parkrun in July of this year and is already running two minuets quicker than her first attempt. Great work Sam and we look forward to seeing you at Cambridge lots more :-)

Aesthetically pleasing times this week were run by;  Tom LINDFIELD 19:19, John SOMNER 20:02, Aideen FOLEY 22:22 (PB!), Alexei MOULTON 23:23 (PB!), Grace SOUCH 24:42, Miguel TORRES 25:25, John GRANDE 26:26 (PB!), Russell LOGAN 27:27, Thomas VAN DER PLOEG 29:29, Sarah MICHAEL 32:23, Helen D JOHNSON 34:56, Ottilie WILLIAMS 35:35, Therese ASHDJIAN 38:38, Estelle ASHDJIAN 39:39, and Nasar ABOUKHSHEM 52:52.

Five of you joined milestone clubs this week. Sarah LEE, Sophia SMITH, Toine WERNER all ran their 50th, while Jim HIGGINS and Stuart CLARKE both hit the 100 mark. Well done to you all :-)

Finally a big thank you to Milton county park and all of the volunteers that made this weekend’s run happen.

Barbara BENNETT • Julia DARLING • Chris DARLING • Julia SUDBURY • Rebecca TAYLOR • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Rob MOIR • Michaela JOYSEY • Sarah MOULTON • Loles GARCIA DIAZ • Paul BEASTALL • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Christina YOUELL • Hope HUTCHISON • John ELSTUB • Pamela ABBOTT • Emma PHILLIPS • Andrew SCARLETT • Catriona CURRY • Karoly ERDOS • Mike HORSCROFT • Suzy ASHWORTH • Jenny PAYNE • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Louise FOLEY • Dan HAYMAN • Lois HARRIS • Peter HIBBERT • Anthony IRWIN • Joe WEBB • Jill NOBLE • Stuart PAYNE • Daniel ETCHES • James ETCHES • Orsolya BATTA

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 12th August 2017

It was another warm and sunny Cambridge parkrun this week. However, the rain leading up to it had reminded us what the course can be like in the winter, with a few of the legendary puddles making half a return. Who got wet feet and who ran around them? This week 516 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 65 were first timers and 67 recorded new Personal Bests. 27 people return for their second parkrun – great to see you again :-)

I wonder if my call for some speedy women to run the course may have inspired Holly Alexandra ARCHER to come and run. While Holly didn’t break the course record she was the 3rd person overall to cross the finished line. Very impressive.
The top 3 finishers this week were:
Nick TAYLOR was first over the line in 16:55.Tony BACON was second over the line in 17:20 and Holly Alexandra ARCHER, third over the line in 17:39 (and first lady to finish).

Richard MOORE was the third male to finish (4th overall) in 17:53. Justine ANTHONY was  the second lady over the line (8th overall) in 18:01 and Georgia BAYNES was the third lady (28th overall) in 19:48.

It was run number 384 for Cambridge parkrun this week and Jacky THULBORN, was the runer in position 384. Jacky has completed 17 parkruns to date, all of them at Cambridge. She ran her first back in June 2010 in a time of 34:57. From summer 2010 to May this year she had a bit of a break form parkrun but since returning she has bagged herself an impressive 4 PB’s and was sooooooo close to another PB last week for our pacer week! Her current PB stands at 31:01 run at the beginning of July. Hopefully someone will volunteer to be the 31 minuet pacer again in September and Jacky can duck under 31 minutes.

Lots of people had their milestone runs this week. Alex SWARBRICK joined the 10 runs club, while Christina DOWNEND, Gianluca SAVINI, Julie GRAY, Rebecca FRANCE and Zhiliang YUAN all joined the 50 run club. Finally Josh SAMBROOK and Michael BALL both completed their 100th run. Well done to you all.

Relatively few aesthetically pleasing times were run this week; Neil TWEEN 18:18, Chris HOWELL 22:22, Pete GOODLIFFE 25:25, Paul BAKER 25:25, Julian William TILLEY 25:52, Sharon HARPER 26:26, Amalia THOMAS 26:26 (PB), John DAVIES 28:28 (PB), Elizabeth MCWILLIAMS 30:03, Marky THOMAS 30:30, Ella ATKINSON 34:43, Ali SEEKINGS 24:56.

It just remains for me to thank the wonderful volunteers Colin SELTZER • Helen HENRY • David MAIL • Joshua HENRY • Julia SUDBURY • Mike DIFRANCO • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Loles GARCIA DIAZ • Katie TWEEN • Mary HOLMES • Charlie RITCHIE • John ELSTUB • Daniel KERWIN • Martin Daniel HORROD • Holly ROPER • Mick JOHNSON • Marisa JOHNSON • Catherine JONES • Fiona MACDONALD • Charlotte HOLLERAN • Karoly ERDOS • Mike HORSCROFT • Suzy ASHWORTH • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Robert STONEHOUSE • Robert CRIDA • Chiara CRIDA • Sienna CRIDA • Frederick CHEUNG • Milla ERDOS • Anthony IRWIN • Jill NOBLE • Tina SMITH • Natalie MILLER • Orsolya BATTA

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 5th August 2017

Wow what a parkrun this week! The running gods must have known it was going to be a special one as the rain held off and the sun came out :-) This week 540 people ran, jogged and walked the course and we welcomed 65 first timers

Firstly congratulations to Graham RUSH, who was first over the line in the super speedy time of 14:48. Graham is the first runner to make it round Cambridge parkrun in under 15 minutes and knocked a whopping 18 seconds off the previous course record which has stood since 2015.

Second over the line was Ben LEAMAN in 17:19, closely followed by
Harvey Ben SPEED in a time of 17:22. Many weeks both of these times would have been quick enough to have been first finishers.

The top three women finishers this week were Helen BARRY in 19:41, Lucy DOWSETT in 19:45 and Alejandra PASCUAL-GARRIDO in 20:20. You might be interested to know that the woman’s record for Cambridge parkrun was set way back at event number 22 in June 2010, when Susie HIGNETT recorded a time of 16:28. Think it might be time we put a call out for a speedy woman to see if that time can be broken.

Being the first Saturday of the month our volunteer pacers were out in force this week and I’m sure helped people to achieve the high number of PB’s there were. A whopping 94 of you recorded personal bests. Congratulations to each and every one of you and thank you to;

Neil Tween pacing @ 20
Tom Lindfield pacing @ 21
Martin Milward pacing @ 22
Kieran Mansley pacing @ 23
Frederick Cheung pacing @ 24
David Mail pacing @ 25
Andrew Scarlett  pacing @ 26
Ryan Thomas pacing @ 28
David Mould pacing @ 29
Charlotte Cook pacing @ 30
Rachel Miller pacing @ 32

If you were chasing a time this week I hope you got it and remember pacing week will be back on the 2nd of September.  Did you know that since parkrun Cambridge started on the 30th of January 2010 a whopping 22,637 personal best have been run.

Four people had milestone run’s this week Wendy JOHNSON ran her 50th while Barry GRAVES, Mary MITCHELL (who also ran a PB) and Ricky MITCHELL all ran their 100th parkrun. Well done to each of you :-)

Wylie MOYES was the runner to finish in position 383  this week. It was Wylie’s first adult parkrun, but he has previously completed 43 junior parkruns. That means he has already picked up his marathon club green wristband and certificate and is only 7 junior runs away from the Ultra marathon club (50 runs). I wonder if he has been bitten by the adult parkrun bug or will head back to the junior event, (which takes place on Sunday mornings for children aged 4-14) to chase down an orange wristband and certificate.

We have lots of aesthetically pleasing times this week! It was pointed out to me that I had missed a trick of running numbers (i.e 1234 or 4321) which could also be seen as aesthetically pleasing and as I love a good old name check, those are now in the mix too!  Graeme ENGLISH 19:19, Daniel BRAYSHAW 20:02 (PB), Alejandra PASCUAL-GARRIDO 20:20 (PB), Daniel CATON 21:12 (PB), Shaeed CHOWDHURY 21:21 (PB), Jack ORD 21:21, Paul GILFRIN 21:21 (PB), Kieran MANSLEY 23:23, Noriyuki KATSUO 23:45 (PB), Tijs GILLES 24:24 (PB), Ryan GREENWOOD 24:42, Lillian GUYLER 26:26 (PB), Simon COLSTON 27:27, Sophie BUSCH 28:28, Paul BRINKLEY 29:29, Rebecca Louise ANDERSON 30:03, Javeedh IQBAL 30:30 (PB), Sarah JONES 31:31, Thomas STODDART-HO 32:10 (PB), Stacey MESSENGER 23:32, Deborah KAYE 34:34.

Finally can we please ask people running with headphones to make sure they can still hear what is going on around them. This may mean you need to turn the volume down slightly or run with only one ear phone in (or I believe you can now get super expensive headphones that conduct through the bone rather than going into your ears, thus allowing you to still hear - the wonders of technology!). We need to make sure you can hear what is going on around you but also recognise that for many people their music is an important part of their parkrun.

It just remains for me to say thanks to all the other volunteers and to Milton Country Park for yet again making Cambridge parkrun happen :-)

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 29th of July 2017

It was another ‘quiet’ Cambridge parkrun this week, a mere 493 of you walking, jogging and running your way round the course, including a number of ‘tourists’ in town for the folk festival. The quite course helped 59 people record personal bests – me included, for the first time in over two and a half years! Well done to each and every one of you (feels good doesn't it :-) ).

33 volunteers made this week’s event possible. Katherine HEYLEN • Anette LAVER • Margaret PHILLIPS • Steven ANDERSON • Chris DARLING • Neassa MCCABE • Marky THOMAS • Alison MEADOWS • Graham DARLING • Andrew PARSONS • Joanna PARSONS • Steven GILES • Mary HOLMES • John ELSTUB • Holly ROPER • Kate COLLINS • Ellen PIERCE • Catriona CURRY • Fiona ENGLISH • Graeme ENGLISH • Ben MEADOWS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Gavin MORRISON • Nicola D KERRISON • John JOHNSON • Bob PEACOCK • Maggie WEBB • Anthony IRWIN • Simon WEBSTER • Joe WEBB • Jane ESGATE • Caitlin NEWEY • Christelle MAIGNAN. Thank you to each and every one of you. And a big thanks to everyone who put their names down on the board at the park to help with future events. One quick plea – please write your name clearly and if possible give us your runner number (the number on your barcode). It makes it much easier for us to add you to the event rota. If you popped your name down on the board this week it might be worth having a quick check of the future rota. Not all names were clear so we couldn't take you up on your kind offers of help.

On to this week’s run;
William DAVIES was first over the line in 17:20, closely followed by Robert MAHEN in 17:23. David BARBER finished 3rd in a time of 18:02. Rachel LINDLEY was the first lady to finish (24th overall), in 19:20. Maija was second (26th overall) in 19:30 and Helen BARRY was the third lady (31st overall) in 19:49.

Saturday was event number 382 and Jean HOBDAY was the running to finish is position 382 this week, completing her 8th parkrun event. Jean started completing parkruns in May of this year, running her first one in a time of 35:46. Her current PB stands at 30:24, which she achieved back in June. A very impressive reduction of time in a short period!

Atheistically pleasing times were achieved by the following people this week; Peter Howard HAYNES 20:20, Alexei MOULTON 23:32, Jeremy SMITH 24:24, Stewart AITKEN 25:52, Laura Jane WINTER 25:52, Thomas DUFFY 26:26, Paul STRUTT 28:28, Vanessa ALLEN 30:30, Emma HENSHAW 31:13, and Caroline Ann BARHAM 37:37. For Alexei MOULTON, Jeremy SMITH and Emma HENSHAW their times were also PB’s. Well done guys :-)

Alfred FOSTER, Calum CHURCH and Toby BURN all completed their 10th run this week. Andy SIMMONDS, Gareth DENNIS, Michael DAVIES and Nicki DAVIS joined the 50th club. While Catriona CURRY completed her 100th and brought us some tasty flapjacks to eat.

Finally is was Julia DARLING’s Birthday this weekend, many happy returns and I hope you got your card back after your run.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

p.s – did you head home by mistake with a finish token in your back pocket? We were short of quite a few this week after we had sorted them. If you have a token at home can you please bring them back to us as we need them for future event. Either hand them to one of the volunteers next week, or pop them in to the finish buckets. Thank you :-)

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