Cambridge parkrun run report – 22nd of July 2017

I want to start this week’s run report by thanking all those people who came forward to volunteer this week. On Friday afternoon we were still 6 volunteers short. Although we had a positive response to our social media call out for more help, it makes everything much less stressful for the core-team, (in particular the volunteer co-ordinator) if they do not have to drum up support on a Friday afternoon. Remember they are also volunteers with jobs and a family life.  The rota for the next few weeks is looking very gappy – please come forward if you can help. If you haven’t got round to helping before, doing so over the next few weeks will make a real difference. This time of year always impacts on volunteer numbers as those who regularly help go on summer holidays. Message us directly or comment on the Facebook page if you can help.

This weeks parkrun heroes were; Katherine HEYLEN • Julia SUDBURY • Alison MEADOWS • David BARBER • James STOCKER • Tracy HUTCHISON • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Neil TWEEN • Mary HOLMES • Michael DAVIES • Edward COLBY • John ELSTUB • Rick DAVIES • Kit COLBY • Zoe MCINTYRE • Gordon CAMPBELL • Marysol F. BELL • Elaine HENDRIE • Martin Daniel HORROD • Holly ROPER • Catriona CURRY • Fiona MACDONALD • Charlotte HOLLERAN • Rachel NORTHFIELD • Adam WILLIAMS • Gary COLE • Erica VON HIPPEL • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Kaitlyn HORROD • Jessica HORROD • Janet DAVISON • Thomas GEORGE • Jill NOBLE • Tina SMITH • Amy DITTRICH • Natalie MILLER

Many thanks to Holly ROPER in particular who completed her 25th volunteering stint with us and gains entry to the purple T-shirt club. Thank you for all your help :-)

On to run 381; it was a relatively quite one for Cambridge this week with a mere 502 people running, jogging and walking their way around the course. We had 59 first times and a 60 people bagged themselves a PB.

Regular Cambridge parkrunner, Chris DARLING was first over the line in 16:27. An unknown runner was second (don’t forget your barcode!) and Francisco PEREZ CUTINO was third over the line in 16:54. Jean HOBDAY was first over the line for the woman in a time of 19:49.  Sophie DARLING, was hot on her heals in a time of 19:51 and Geraldine LARHAM cross the line 3rd in 20:48.

Joanne MOORES, was the athlete who cross the line in position 381, in a time of 32:00. Joanne completed her first parkrun in 2011 and was either really bad at remembering her barcode or had a bit of a gap until she ran her second in April this year ;-) Since April Joanne has been regularly coming to parkrun and completed her 10th run this week – congratulations.

Lots of people joined milestone clubs this week. Matthew BAKER, completed his 10th run. Chris EMERY, Frederick CHEUNG and Leon ZAKRZEWSKI ran their 50th. While Alex HOWARD, Amy COPE and Sarah JONES joined the 100 club. Chris EMERY also bagged himself a new PB completing the course in a time of 25:34. Well done to all of you. Regular Cambridge parkrunner Tim PHIPPS ran his 101 parkun this week, completing his 100th at Amager Strandpark parkrun in Denmark last week and managing to be the first finisher at the same time!

Aesthetically pleasing times were gained by; Brian JONES 21:21 (New PB), Jen HARE 24:42, Daisy LLEWELLYN 28:28, Mary HOLMES 30:03, Greg VEIT 30:03 (New PB), Rupert ELLISON 31:31, Katie SMITH 35:35 and Caroline Ann BARHAM 37:37.

Right that’s it from me this week – please remember to help us over the next few weeks if you can :-)

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 8th of July 2017

It was another warm and sunny parkrun this Saturday and it was great to meet a few fellow runners as I took a dip in the lake before the run.  (and running in my soggy tri suit was a great way to combat the heat!). In spite of it being warm 62 people recorded personal bests – well done to each and every one of you.

Our sister event down the road at Wimpole, was cancelled on Saturday but this seemed to have only a moderate impact on our numbers, with 561 people running, jogging and walking their way round the course. We welcomed 64 first timers and representatives of 45 different clubs took part

Sam O'NEILL was first over the line in 16:53, followed by Paul SMITH in 17:41 – and Matthias MAY in 17:46. For the ladys Nicola MCBRIDE was first over the line in 19:48, followed by Fiona TIDESWELL in 19:57 and Katrin HULME in 19:58. I’m guessing there may well have been a bit of a tussle for second over the line with both the men and the women this week!

Ellie HATHIRAMANI and Isabella Mae PAKE both joined the 10 club this week, with David KAYE and Leon PALMER both reaching the 50 milestone. Isabella Mae PAKE also bagged herself a new PB, running 28:32

This week was event 379, so I thought we would celebrate the runner who finished in position 379 (Its a good job it wasn’t event number 378 as my new plan would have gone to pot as that position was an unknown runner!). Anyway on to Stephen HODGE, who was our runner in position 379. Stephen has been taking part in parkruns since July 2012, when he took part in the Wimbledon event. Since then he has completed 42 parkruns, 11 of them here at Cambridge. He has visited 6 other venues, included Bushy where it all began.

The following runners achieved aesthetically pleasing times this week: Joss KNIGHT 22:22, Jack TAYLOR-CRUSH 23:23, John BORDER, Angus HUTCHISON and ,Roland BAUERSCHMIDT all at 24:24 Rachel HAWKES and Emily BRAVERMAN at 25:25, Brent SWANN-AUGER 25:52, Luke COPE 28:28, Kezia ADAMS 35:53.

Finally a BIG thank you to all 37 volunteers this week. We were still 7 of people down on Friday afternoon and while we got there it makes the core teams life so much simpler if they do not have to chase for people the day before the event. parkrun relies solely on volunteers – even the core team are all volunteers – and we need everyone to help where they can. As a rule of thumb parkrun asks people to help out 3 times a year. If you haven’t helped yet this year, now is the time. With the summer holidays upon us and those who regularly help having the odd week away we really need everyone else to help plug the gaps. If you’re unsure about what role you want to do please feel free to speak to any of the team. You can see where help is needed over the coming weeks through this link. Please pop you name down on the board outside the cafe or email the team if you can help .

This week’s heroes were Adam CLARK  •  Andrew SCARLETT  •  Antony HELLIWELL  •  Brent SWANN-AUGER  •  David BARBER  •  Elaine HENDRIE  •  Emma GREAVES  •  Fiona ENGLISH  •  Fiona MCDAID  •  Gareth DENNIS  •  Geoff MEADS  •  Gordon CAMPBELL  •  James STOCKER  •  Julie GRAY  •  Kevin SHELLIE  •  Kira REHFELD  •  Loles GARCIA DIAZ  •  Lorna ANDERSON  •  Maria MARTIN  •  Marisa JOHNSON  •  Mary HOLMES  •  Mary MITCHELL  •  Matthias MAY  •  Michaela JOYSEY  •  Paul BEASTALL  •  Rachel MILLER  •  Rachel NORTHFIELD  •  Rebecca TAYLOR  •  Richard MARTIN  •  Ricky MITCHELL  •  Shaun TUFFNELL  •  Simon WEBSTER  •  Sue COUGHLAN  •  Sue PEARSON  •  Tony TOMLINSON  •  Tracy HUTCHISON  •  Wendy JOHNSON

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 24 June 2017

It was another sunny and punctual starting Cambridge parkrun this week, but that didn’t stop a whopping 83 of you recording a new PB. That’s more than 15% of the field of 537 people who ran, jogged and walked their way to the finish. We welcomed 40 first timers and had 19 people complete their 2nd parkrun with us.

Chris DARLING was first over the line in 16:24. This is the 53rd time he has been first to finish! Johannes ARENS was second over the line in 17:03 and Adam TAPLEY was third in 17:32. Helen BARRY was first for the women in 19:53. Her second time being the first woman in as many runs. Kristy GUNERATNE was second in 20:19 and Rachel PRITCHARD was third over the line in 20:32.

It was a big week for people joining milestone clubs.  Arthur LEE, Daniel BLOCKSAGE, Lucy THEW, Steve STRACHAN and Steven BROAD all reached their 50th run. While Adam CLARK, Immy PEMBERY, Jen HARE, Mark SMALLWOOD and Robert BEETON completed their 100th. Congratulations to you all and wear your club run T-shirts with pride :-)

It just remains for me to thank Milton Country park for their ongoing support and the 37 volunteers who made today’s run possible: Andrew SCARLETT  •  Ben MEADOWS  •  Brent SWANN-AUGER  •  Caroline MCGONIGAL  •  Catriona CURRY  •  David VAN DEN BERGH  •  Elaine HENDRIE  •  Eleanor HALL  •  Fiona ENGLISH  •  Fiona MACDONALD  •  Gary COLE  •  Gordon CAMPBELL  •  Graeme ENGLISH  •  Helen COUSINS  •  Holly ROPER  •  James STOCKER  •  Jenny PAYNE  •  Joshua HENRY  •  Julia SUDBURY  •  Katherine HEYDON  •  Katherine HEYLEN  •  Marcel WEISS  •  Marysol F. BELL  •  Matthew WARD  •  Michaela JOYSEY  •  Pamela ABBOTT  •  Pauline KNIGHTON  •  Rachel MILLER  •  Rachel NORTHFIELD  •  Rebecca TAYLOR  •  Rich HALL  •  Ros WARTNABY  •  Sally STEWART  •  Stephen BLUNT  •  Stuart PAYNE  •  Tahlia BAKER  •  Vivien MICHIE

See you in two weeks as I’m off to Peacehaven parkrun next week. It’s a pretty new parkrun so I look set to be able to make it on the fastest 500 list – purely because they haven’t yet had 500 different people complete the course – lol Wish me luck ;-)

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 17th June 2017

So who was caught out by the on time start at Cambridge parkrun this week?! Nearly got me as I thought I would have a bit more time between swimming in the lake and the start of the run. I saw a good few people hurrying from the car park and running to catch up with the back of the pack. Hope you all made it and had fun seeing how many people you could pass on your way round. It was a good reminder though that parkruns start at 9am. Although we don’t always manage to hit 9am with such precision at Cambridge, it’s still worth aiming to arrive 5/10 mins early so you can hear the briefing and make sure you are ready for the start.

On to the run. It was a warm one this week (hats off to the stag who took part wearing some crazy inflatable outfit, sure that didn't help with the heat!) but that didn't stop 49 of you nabbing yourself a shiny new PB. Well done to you all, but a special mention to Christelle MAIGNAN who has got a PB on each of the last 3 weeks. There was some impressive age grading running as well this week, with the top three grabbing this accolade all for the first time. David CONNELL (VM40-44) – 83.43%, Scott William NUTTER (JM11-14) – 82.86% and Margaret PHILLIPS (VW60-64) – 82.05%.

David CONNELL, was also first across the line for the boys in 16:36, closely followed by Charlie BYERS in 16:59 and Jeremy TAYLOR in 17:00. For the girls Helen BARRY crossed the line first in 19:48, flowed by Kristy GUNERATNE in 20:18 and Megan WILSON in 20:31.

We welcomed 56, first timers and 4 of you completed a milestone run. Sid ENOCH ran his 10th, John JOHNSON and Owen GIBSON their 50th and Nicola BUCKLEY her 100th. Well done to you all.

See you all for another run next week. Currently the long range forecast is for another sunny and warm one, but with it being Glastonbury next week, I wouldn't rule out a monsoon!.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 20th May 2017

Wasn't it nice to have a sunny parkrun to start the weekend after all the rain over the last few days? :-) It was also great to see that the course had mainly dried out, with only a few squelchy places – did your run round or through them?

Another big turn out with 612 of you running, jogging and walking your way round the course. 47 of you were first timers and 97 of your recorded new Personal Bests.

First across the line was Michael GILBERT in 16:44. Followed by Graham ANDERSON in 17:19 and Robert MAHEN in 17:21. First to finish for the ladies was Jessica COCKER in 20:13, closely followed by Kristy GUNERATNE in 20:14 and Ellie SWIRE in 20:20. I have a feeling there may have been some healthy competition between the three of them.

We welcome Neil HAMMOND to the 25 Volunteer club. Many thanks to you and the other 38 volunteers who made today’s event possible.

Finally, can we ask people to not stop or sit down right at the end of the funnel, as this too can cause the funnel to backup. If you need to sit down after your run, firstly good on you for giving it your all, but please take a few steps to your left before doing so. Thank you :-)

I'm not around next week, so there won’t be a run report from me. But I will see you again in two weeks.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

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