Cambridge parkrun run report – 27th January 2018 AKA Happy Birthday!

The lure of cake, a birthday celebration and the cancelation this week for Wimpole parkrun meant that on it’s 8th Birthday, Cambridge parkrun set a new attendance record of 647. That’s a 150 more-people completing Cambridge parkrun this week than last and 20 more than the previous record of 627 set on the 15th April 2017!

But all of those figures are a far cry from the numbers who took part on the first ever Cambridge parkrun held on the 30th January 2010, when a mere 71 people took part. How quite it would seem if only 70 people showed up for a run now! Of those 71 people to complete the inaugural event, six of them where there on Saturday to complete the 408th event at Cambridge. Una MANNU (206 runs), Terry BRAVERMAN (325 runs), Jeff BRUNTON (127 runs), Julie L STRINGER (247 Runs), Colin SELTZER (224 runs) and Pauline BLAKE (295 runs).

The first event took part with the help of 11 volunteers (this weeks had 37). Over the 8 years Cambridge parkrun has been going there has been the need for a total of 11726 volunteers. These roles have been filled by just 1962 different people. A MASSIVE thank you if you are one of these hi-viz heroes who have helped to make Cambridge parkrun what it is over the years.

Did you know, that when Cambridge parkrun started there were only 26 other parkruns in existence? 25 of those were in the UK, with one in Denmark.

Over the last 8 years, 16,024 people have completed Cambridge parkrun, covering a distance of 691,575km, in a time of 7Years 64Days 23Hrs 4Min 11Secs. That means 32,048 feet have pounded their way round the paths of Milton Country park. In that time only 10 events have been cancelled and this is testament to the effort that MCP puts in to allow us to run week in and week out. You may not be aware that the park is run by a local charity and do not obtain any government funding. Instead they rely heavily on car parking monies and donations. Over the last 8 years our collective feet have had a big impact on the park so do please park in the carpark if your drive. If you cycle or walk why not pop the odd pound or two in to the parking bucket every so often to help with funding.

But what about today’s run? Of the 647 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, 60 were first timers and 61 recorded new Personal Bests, despite the slippy and slidy conditions underfoot (for some reason this week I had brain failure and rocked up in my road trainers – I will try hard not to do that again!). In the 8 years Cambridge parkrun has been going a total of 24,179 PB’s have been run!

First across the line this week was Brian O'CONNOR in a time of 17:13, he was closely followed by Adam TAPLEY in 17:23 and Robert MAHEN in 17:31. Julia PATERNAIN was first across the line for the ladies (8th overall) in a time of 18:11. Faith VINEY was second (37th overall) in a time of 20:14, with Helen BARRY the third lady to cross the finish line in a time of 20:21 (position 46 overall). For the Juniors William BRADLEY finished first, in a time of 19:00 (12th overall) and bagged himself our first PB of the day. He was closely followed by William HOWLING who was 13th overall in a time of 19:03. Alex MELLOY was the third junior (position 16 overall) in a time of 19:22.

The runner in position 408 was Clare NOBLE. Clare completed her first parkrun back in April 2014. Since then she has run a total of 38 parkruns, mainly at Cambridge. Although she has ventured over to King’s Lynn for a few parkruns too. Over the years Clare has grabbed herself 8 PB’s.

A special mention also to Hester COLBY, who has been our most regular junior parkrunner over the last year, completing 33 runs at Cambridge. Hester is still in the JW10 category but has already completed 69 parkruns! And helped to volunteer twice. Thanks Hester :-)

It was a BIG week for run clubs. A Whopping 7 of you completed your 50th run; Tom GRAVES, Amos RONEY, Callum DUNSMORE, Eleanor HASSETT, Patrick VIOLET, Chris KERSWELL and Pauline KNIGHTON. Ben MEADOWS and Jonathan PRICE ran their 100th run while Paul JONES ran his 250th. Well done to you all.

Aesthetically pleasing times were run by Libbie READ 21:12 (PB!), Jonathan APPLETON 23:23, Peter HOWARD 23:23, Edward COLBY 23:32, Chris GAREY 23:32 (FT), Tomas DE LA FUENTE 24:24, Andres ARCIA MORET 24:42, Alix JONES 26:26, Alex SCOTT 27:27 (FT), Olivia PARR 28:28, Helen SEARS 30:03, Charlotte DYER 32:23, Jonathan CLARKE 33:33, Sandi NEWMAN 34:43, Gary DADD 34:43, Camilla CHEUNG 35:35, Rachel KERSWELL 36:36, and Jasper FOSTER 44:44.

See you all in a few weeks,

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 13th January 2018

Welcome to the first run report of 2018.

It was a sunny and muddy Cambridge parkrun this week. But that didn’t deter 588 people completing the course, with 40 of you recording personal bests. How did you do that?! It is hardly PB conditions under foot! 72 people took part in their very first parkrun, 20 chose Cambridge for their second run while 21 people completed their third. At the other end of the scale 6 people completed runs in the 300’s this week!

Jonathan ESCALANTE-PHILLIPS was the first male across the line in a time of 16:57. Brian O'CONNOR was the second across the line in a time of 17:07 and Josh SAMBROOK was third male in 17:26. Pilvi MUSCHITIELLO was the first female to finish (position 24 overall) in a time of 20:19, with Ellie SWIRE just behind her in a time of 20:22. Kristy GUNERATNE was the third female to cross the line in a time of 20:46.  First junior across the line was William HOWLING (position 13 overall) in a time of 19:16. While Conor SHELLIE was the second junior to finish in a time of 22:53 and Alexander COLBY was third in 23:17.

I ran from the back this week and it was great to hear how many of the front runners gave words of encouragement as they overtook people. It was also very amusing to hear one runner near me exclaim ‘he didn’t have 12 pints last night did he’ as Jonathan came past. It made all of us chuckle :-)

It was event number 406 this week for Cambridge parkrun and the runner in position 406 was……..unknown. A timely reminder not to forget your barcode ;-)

Deborah ROSTANT joined the 50 club this week, while Andrew J LEE and Gary COLE both joined the 100 club. Mick JOHNSON completed his 25th stint at volunteering this week. Many thanks to Mick and all the other volunteers this week for helping us to enjoy our run.

Aesthetically pleasing times were gained by the following people this week; Matt BASSFORD 21:12, Ben CLARKE 22:22, Alma PIOTROWICZ 23:32, Matthew FEETENBY 24:24, Ben WRIGHT 24:24, Helen SAVAGE 25:25, Jennie EVANS 26:26, Andrew HOPKINS 26:26, Amanda PRINGLE 34:34, Isabella FERRANDINO 34:43 (FT), Chris BRIGHT 36:36, Subra SIVARAJAH 40:04, Kate GIMSON 40:40 (PB!), Katie KEEBLE 45:54.

I gather there were a couple of issue in the car park this week. Apologies for this but just like everyone else, those helping you to park before the run are volunteers. Please do make sure you park in the car-park (rather than at Tesco’s or in the local streets) Not only does it help to keep us on good terms with our neighbors but Milton Country park, as a Trust, depends a lot on the income generated from parking. Every penny collected through parking goes directly to the upkeep of the park. Remember, weekly, our 500+ pairs of feet have a big impact on the park. If you regularly visit the park you might wish to consider buying a 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual parking permit which offers a discount – details can be found here.

Finally, did you know Cambridge parkrun will turn 8 years old on the 27th of January? Keep an eye on the Facebook page for any special arrangements.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)




Cambridge parkrun run report – 23rd December 2017

A warmer Saturday this week saw numbers back over the 400 mark, as 463 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 41 people completed their first ever parkrun and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to you all! It was great to see so many people had dressed for the occasion with elves and santa’s aplenty!

Lewis SULLIVAN, was the first to cross the line in a time of 17:13. Lewis was also the first junior to finish. Lewis was closely followed by Robert MAHEN, who also crossed the line in a time of 17:13. Both grabbed PB’s, so I guess there was mutual support as they paced each other round. Well done to both of you :-)

Rachel LINDLEY, was the first lady across the line in a time of 19:49 and Shelley MENELL was the second lady in a time of 20:51. Shelley also bagged herself a PB in the process.

Two more people joined the 25 volunteer club this week; Claire WILSHAW and Jonathan DYE. Many thanks for all your help in making Saturdays at Cambridge what they are.

It was another busy week for millstone runs. Liam FEGARTY ran his 10th run this week, while Alexandra REED, Alistair David SMITH, David PROCTOR, Lois HARRIS and Martin COURTNEY all ran their 50th. Christopher JOSEPH and Eric TAPLEY both ran their 250th. Well done to all of you.

It was event number 403 for Cambridge this week. Lucy HARRISON was the runner to finish in position 403, in a time of 33:59. Lucy completed her first parkrun back in November 2015, since then she has completed a total of 43 parkruns, 34 of them here at Cambridge. Lucy has also helped make parkrun happened by volunteering – many thanks Lucy :-) As well as running regularly at Cambridge, Lucy has also ventured out to other parkruns; Didcot, Wimpole and Poole.

As Saturday was the closest parkrun to Christmas for Cambridge I thought I would pull out people with Christmasy names for mention this week, rather than the ascetically pleasing times.  Holly SHEAHAN 21:31 (PB!), Holly WINNINGTON 34:28 (PB), Mary HALL, 28:09,  Mary MITCHELL 34:46, Joseph PHILIP 35:17, Carol LEE 29:33. Sadly no Rudolph ran at Cambridge this week!

All that remains for me to say is many thanks to Milton Country Park the 34 volunteers who made Saturdays run possible: Una MANNU • Margaret PHILLIPS • David MAIL • Claire WILSON • Steve BUCHAN • Peter Howard HAYNES • Kristy GUNERATNE • Rebecca TAYLOR • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Paul BEASTALL • Tracy HUTCHISON • Mary HOLMES • Ali SEEKINGS • Laura Jane WINTER • William WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Mark YEATES • Sharen HALFPENNY • Martin Daniel HORROD • David CHAPLIN • Marisa JOHNSON • Katherine HYMERS • Joshua CLARK • Jenny PAYNE • Gary COLE • David MERCHANT • Lois HARRIS • Janet DAVISON • Sian HAGAN • Benjamin COMPTON • Max MARTIN

See you in a few weeks, Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 16th December 2017

It was a cold and frosty Cambridge parkrun this week, with the mercury barely touching +1 as we set off at 9am (ok, or slightly after). So I start this week’s run report with a special thank you to;

  • The core team, who I understand arrived extra early to check the course, all set to break ice up if needed!
  • All the volunteers who gave up their time to stand out in the cold, many of them for almost an hour. It was cold running, so it must have been bitter standing around.
  • To Milton country park for allowing the run to go ahead and for the work they did to the paths in the summer. Those of you who have been running Milton parkrun for a number of years will remember just how much of an ice rink the stretch from the café to the start line could be on very cold mornings. The two small puddles of ice that remain are so much simpler to navigate and marshal!
  • And finally, to each and every runner who turned up, but also moderated their running to the conditions, meaning everyone was able to enjoy a safe event.

You might be interested to know that Saturday had the lowest number of runners completing a parkrun since Boxing day 2015. There was also a record number of events cancelled – 150 in total.

The cold weather dented our numbers this week with a mere 343 people running, jogging or walking the course. A hardy 26 people chose last weekend to run their first ever parkrun and 7 people chose it to complete their second parkrun – wow, amazing. 41 people also managed to gain personal bests. Congratulations :-)

Adam TAPLEY crosed the finish line first in a time of 17:15, while Fiona TIDESWELL was first lady across the line in a time of 20:35. First junior across the line was Isaac ROTHWELL in 19:53.

It was event 402 this week for Cambridge parkrun and with numbers so low this week I don’t have a runner in the 402nd position to focus on! I do however, have time to search for those aesthetically pleasing times: James RUTLAND 21:12 (PB!), Charlotte COOK 23:23, Petra BOOIJ 23:45, Eric TAPLEY 24:24, Sarah BRAGG 25:52 (PB!) and Rebecca SHARPE 25:52 (PB!) (did you two help pace each other round I wonder?), Sarah JONES 31:31, and finally Sarah MOULTON 32:23.

We had four people complete a millstone run with us this week. Caitlin SAUNDERS completed her 10th run, while Hannah HALL, James TWEED and Richard HALL all completed their 50th. Well done to all of you. Hopefully the new supplier of T-shirts will soon be up and running.

We had a plethora of people earning their volunteering t-shirts this week. Andrew PARKER, Charlotte DYER, Graham DARLING and Julia DARLING, all completed their 25th time of helping to make sure a parkrun could take place. Thank you so much :-)

Talking of volunteering there are still some roles that need filling for this Saturdays run. On top of that the next couple of Saturdays are looking very thin on the ground. If you can help, please come forward, I’m sure the core team would rather not have to worry as they eat their Christmas lunch about trying to get enough people for the next few weeks. If you have relatives visiting, why not see if you can entice them to take a volunteering role while you run? I find the promise of cake and coffee works quite well. My own step dad still talks fondly of the time he helped with bar-code scanning. If you are able to help, please email

Finally, just a reminder that Cambridge parkrun are not putting on any extra runs on on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, but nearby Huntingdon will be putting on an event at 9am on both days. A full list of additional events across the UK can be found here

I look forward to seeing lots of you in festive hats, Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and festooned in tinsel for this Saturdays parkrun. Lets do our best to make it a festive and  sparkly event - I shall be bringing banana bread and my home made jam!

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 2nd December 2017

It was Cambridge parkrun’s 400th event this Saturday – how did that happen! Cambridge started back on the 30th January 2010, with 71 runners. How quiet the course must have been compared to now! Since that first event;

  • 278 different people have crossed the finish line first
  • Collectively we have run for 6 Years 353 Days 17 Hrs 31 Min 25 Secs
  • And covered a distance of 672,390km
  • 15,657 people have run the course
  • And there have been 23,886 personal bests set!

Helping to contribute to those figures have been regular runners and members of the core team, Chris DARLING and Michaela JOYSEY, who both completed their 250th run this week. Michaela ran her first parkrun back in April 2011, and has run 201 of her runs here with us at Cambridge. However, Michaela has also volunteered an amazing 217 times! Chris DARLING completed his first run over a year earlier than Michaela, in March 2010, but interestingly has also completed 201 runs at Cambridge. Chris also regularly gives up his time and has volunteered 110 times. I think we can all agree they are both people worthy of their 250 tops.

Other people joining milestone clubs this week were, Peter CLARK who completed his 50th parkrun, while Ali SEEKINGS and Susan BROWN both hit the magic 100. Well done to you all.

This week

  • 414 people ran, jogged and walked the course
  • We welcomed 37 first timers
  • 45 people recorded new Personal Bests – congratulations!
  • Chris DARLING was our first finisher in 16:27
  • Shannon FLOCKHART was our first female finisher in a time of 19:57, she was also our first junior finisher.

Janay FEHR, was the athlete to finish in position 400. Janay ran her first parkrun back in May 2013. Since then she has completed 148 runs, 145 of them at Cambridge. Janay has also helped out at parkrun, volunteering on eight separate occasions. Thanks for your help :-)

Finally, can we remind people to keep left when on the course, particularly if you are likely to finish in a time of 27 minutes or slower. This means you will almost certainly be lapped by some of the faster runners.  Can we also ask that as you are passed by the quicker runners, you call out to alert those further up the course. A good shout of ‘front runner’, or ‘Keep left, faster runner’, helps to keep everyone safe. Please don’t be shy, the more people who pass the message up the course the safer run we all have.

Apologies, but I don’t have time to fine those aesthetically pleasing finishers this week. I will try to do them the next time I’m about, which will be in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, many thanks to Milton Country Park and all the volunteers who made this week’s event possible.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

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