Cambridge parkrun run report – 21st April 2018

What a difference a week makes. A warm and sunny parkrunday which we hope you all enjoyed. While the course has mainly dried out, there was still the odd puddle and sticky bit. The swamp on the first loop is putting up a fight!

This week your parkrun was brought to you by 32 volunteers, thanks to all of them for giving up their time: Helen HENRY • Claire WILSON • Joshua HENRY • Julia SUDBURY • Alison MEADOWS • Rebecca TAYLOR • Colin WEST • Rob MOIR • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Tracy HUTCHISON • Mary HOLMES • Pamela ABBOTT • Sarah LEE • Janay FEHR • Andrew SCARLETT • Catriona CURRY • Joshua CLARK • Karoly ERDOS • Liz STEVENS • Val MOORE • Henry J BEETON • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Robert BEETON • Wendy JOHNSON • George PAKE • Nik BANKS • Anna TUKE • Joseph KEARNEY • Max MARTIN • Susan HORROD • Liz GIBSON

We’d love to have you volunteer – have a look at the roster here to see what you can do.

Many thanks to Milton Country Park as well. As mentioned in the run briefing, they haven’t had it easy with the weather being so atrocious recently, so thank you to all of those who have paid for their parking or donated at the gate – this goes towards keeping the park open and maintained. They also have a variety of events and regular activities happening throughout the week. If you are a keen sort, you can always pop along early on a Saturday morning for a bracing swim before your run.

So, on to the run. This week a whopping 585 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 45 of you were first timers (hope you enjoyed it and that we’ll see you back soon!). There were also 86 new Personal Bests – well done!

For the ladies, Kristy GUNERATNE was first in a time of 20:27, pretty close to her PB, followed 22 seconds later by Emma DAVIES doing her first parkrun and it looks like there was a battle for 3rd with only a second separating Joanna HARRALL (20:53) and Rachel YOUNG (20:54), who both PB’d.

In the men’s division, Jacob FREEBOROUGH came in with a time of 17:01, followed by Adam TAPLEY in 17:12 and Tom KEMSLEY in 17:22 (second parkrun and beating his previous time).

If we look at the Age Grading, Mary HOLMES achieved an 85.75% this week – wow!

Two runners achieved their 100thparkrun – Neil BANKS and Will WINTER (who’ll be celebrating a special 101 soon), Eleanor HALFPENNY ran her 50th and three juniors hit 10 runs – Annalie BARKER, Harry FREEBOROUGH and Findlay MARSH. Looking forward to seeing you in your new T-shirts!

It was our 419thCambridge parkrun, and the runner in position 419 was Gary DADD on his 26thouting. Here’s my favourite bit - aesthetically pleasing times: Mark YEATES 21:12, Stephen BENNETT 22:22, Brody KLUND 23:45, David MERCHANT 25:25, Pamela CLARKE 26:26, Merel PANNEBAKKER 29:29, Karen OSTENFELD 30:03, Elena CHICULITA 31:13, Mary MITCHELL 34:43 and Gillian HEATH 35:53.

Finally, a couple of reminders: we don’t ask for much, so please don’t forget your printed barcode (paper or plastic token or wristband etc – no screens or scribbles on bits of paper or reciting from memory etc) and please remember all other park users have the same right to be there as we do.

See you next week!


Cambridge parkrun run report – 14th April 2018

It was another squelchy and squishy mudtastic Cambridge parkrun this week. Even the finish funnel had a puddle in it and proved a bit too slippy for some of our speeder finishers to remain up right! With the sun out over the last couple of days we can hope that the park might start to dry out soon. However, in the mean time can we remind you all not to suddenly stop or change direction when you come across a puddle or the mud. Please keep on the line you approached it and embrace the mud and the wet. Suddenly stopping or changing direction can prove very hazardous to runners around you, particularly on the first lap when the course is extremely busy. We have already had one incident of broken bones this winter due to runners suddenly changing directions. Let’s all do our bit to try not to have a second. Thank you.

On to this weeks run. 481 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers and 36 of you recorded new Personal Bests. 34 people joined us for their second parkrun, including Graham DRANE, Alistair STEELE, Sarah COUCHMAN and Emily STAPLEHURST. Great to have everyone who came for their second parkrun back with us and we hope to see lots of you again.

Robert MAHEN, was first to finish this week in a time of 17:50, Daniel BRYANT, finished second in 18:10 and Adam TAPLEY was third in a time of 18:16. Tom KEMSLEY, a first timer, was only just behind the top three, and finished fourth in a time of 18:52. It will be interesting to see if once Tom knows the course if he can start to contend for a top three finish.

Zoe MACDONALD, was first across the line for the second week in a row (10th overall) for the ladies in a time of 19:11, Fiona TIDESWEL was the second lady to finish (28th) in a time of 20:36, while Kristy GUNERATNE was only just behind in a time of 20:54 as the third lady (31st). She was closely followed by Helen BARRY and Noemie JOHNS who finished 4th and 5th. Right from the start the three ladies in 3rd, 4th and 5th were extremely close to each other and its great to see this continued right till the end and looks like it helped Noemie to a New PB (Her 3rd in as many events!).

William BRADLEY was first across the line for the Juniors (17th overall) in a time of 20:02. Finley HISCOCK, was close behind, grabbing himself a new PB to cross the line second (26th) in a time of 20:22. Sam MYERS, was the third (44th) junior to finish this week in 21:30.

It was run number 418 for Cambridge parkrun this week and the runner to finish in position 418 was Marjorie WINTER. Marjorie first took part in a parkrun in November 2015. Since then she has completed 17 parkruns, most of them at Cambridge. She has also given our sister run at Wimpole ago.  Marjorie has helped to ensure parkrun can go-ahead by helping with token sorting, giving out finish tokens and marshalling. Thanks for your help. If anyone would like to volunteer don’t forget you can also ways look at the future roster here.

Aesthetically pleasing times were run this week by; William BRADLEY 20:02, Stephen HOWARD 20:20, James HORSCROFT 21:21, Matthew WINGATE 23:23, Bruce GRIMLEY 23:23, Avril MONMONT 24:42, Leah MONMONT 25:25, Sam ELLIS 25:25, Luke WALLACE (FT) 27:27, Ashleigh BLACKMAN-DOYLE (PB) 28:28, Yuhan PENG 30:03, Charlotte DYER 31:13, Bernadine LAMBERT (FT) 31:31, Elisabeth CHEASON 32:32, Catherine JENKINS (FT) 40:04.

Sadly the page that gives me the information on who completed milestone runs this week appears to have a glitch.

A selection of note worthy PB’s this week include, Nicola WATRASIEWICZ (41:34), who ran her 3rd PB in as many runs, having taken off well over 2 minuets from the time she set on her first parkrun back in March. James BARBER (32:04) also managed his 3rd PB in as many runs at Cambridge, taking a further 5 seconds off the time he set last week on his  first run at Cambridge parkrun since September. Gaynor ROBERTS (38:03), is now running a whole minuet quicker than when she first joined parkrun at the start of the year after she also achieved 3 PB’s in as many runs. Toby JOHNSON, came incredibly close to breaking the 25-minute mark with his PB of 25:02. I think he can be confident that once the ground drys up he will be able to run a sub 25. Well done to everyone else who ran a PB this week.

Finally, you maybe aware that Tracy Hutchinson (event director of Cambridge Juniors and regular Run Director for Cambridge) is working hard with Cambridge City council to try and get the go ahead to set-up a second parkrun in the city on Coldham’s Common. She now has a date for the public consultation which will open on the 4th May and run for 30 days. She is keen for as many people as possible to be aware of the consultation (parkrunners and non-parkrunners) so please spread this news far and wide. Once the means for giving your views are set up we will make sure you are given the weblinks, contact details etc.

All the remains for me to do is to thank Milton country park and the volunteers for making this week’s parkrun happen. Robert HEYLEN • Helen D JOHNSON • Colin SELTZER • Helen HENRY • Claire WILSON • Julia SUDBURY • Marky THOMAS • Jim HIGGINS • Nicki HIGGINS • James STOCKER • Emma GREAVES • Loles GARCIA DIAZ • Tracy HUTCHISON • Richard JONES • Mary HOLMES • Lloyd FLEMING • William WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Martin Daniel HORROD • Richard MARTIN • Jane MANSLEY • Catriona CURRY • Gayle KERR • Suzy ASHWORTH • Jenny PAYNE • Henry J BEETON • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Ricky MITCHELL • Mary MITCHELL • Robert BEETON • Sue STEARN • Rory LITTLE • Nik BANKS • Marcel WEISS • Anna TUKE • Paul TAYLOR-CRUSH • Gabs TAYLOR-CRUSH • Frances FOSTER • Susan HORROD

I’ll see you next week, hopefully by the pesky bridge, for a spot of marshaling (yes I’m still not running, in-fact even walking is proving hard!).

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 7th April 2018

It felt like spring was finally in the air at Cambridge parkrun this week, with slightly warmer temperatures, the sun trying to shine through and no rain. Improvements in the weather helped to boost numbers today as 548 people ran, jogged and walked the course and we welcomed 74 first timers. The slightly less soggy conditions meant we had an abundance of PB’s, with 88 of you grabbing one. Well done to you all!

I saw Cambridge parkrun from the finish funnel today and it was brilliant to see so many under 11’s pipping their responsible adult to the line. Even if this did mean for one young lad sticking his arm out so his granddad couldn’t get past him :-D There was lots of good natured competitiveness as people picked up the pace to try and grab an extra place on the home straight. Along with lots of example of people running alongside a friend encouraging them on to the finish line.

Thank you to everyone who made my job as funnel manager so easy today. You were great at keeping moving along the funnel, staying in order and having your right hand out flat for your finish token. All elements that are vital to ensure that the funnel doesn’t back up and prevent other people from crossing that all important finish line. As the weather warms up and numbers rise again, keeping you all moving quickly through the funnel becomes even more important. So thank you for your help.

Josh SAMBROOK was first across the line in a time of 16.52, and hardly looked like he was pushing at all. Sean JENNINGS, who lead for the first couple of kilometers, was second to cross the line in a time of 18:13, taking an impressive 22 seconds of his previous quickest time. Third across the line was Will DUPRE, in 18:16, who took a whopping 41 seconds of his previous course PB.

Zoe MACDONALD, was first across the line for the woman (7th overall) in a time of 18:32. She too ran a new PB time, the second in a row and knocking a further 10 seconds off her last run. Ellie SWIRE came in second for the ladies (33rd) in a time of 20:10. Helen BARRY was the third lady (46th) across the line, in a time of 20:40.

Alf TIMNEY, was the first junior to finish this week (5th overall) in a time of 18:25, knocking 40 second of his previous fasted time!  Jorge AGUILAR-AGON, was second for the juniors in 18:37, while Isaac ROTHWELL was the third junior (16th) to cross the line…and yes you guessed it, also in a new PB time of 19:06.

But the PB’s weren’t just coming from the front of the pack, Fiona DEEM, Valerie ALLEN, Nicola WATRASIEWICZ, Mike ALCOCK finished in positions 530 to 534 and all gained new PB’s. Pippa WINKWORTH, Claire BRACHER and Mark LAPPIN all gained their 3rd PB in as many runs. While Ben CINQUE grabbed his 4th PB of 2018 and Neville DOE took almost a minuet off his previous quickest time. Well done to you all! And well done to everyone else who picked up a PB today. With 88 of you I’m sure you appreciate I can’t name you all.

It was another quite week for run club entries, with Charles BAYLIS, Jane MANSLEY and Nicola POTTS all joining the 50th club this week. I hope you all had extra cake to celebrate.

It was run number 417 for Cambridge this week and the runner finishing in position 417 was Jo MCGOWAN and another runner with a PB! Jo has completed parkrun only three times but has managed to take off over 2 and a half minutes from the first time she ran. We look forward to you completing may more parkruns with us.

Aesthetically pleasing times were run this week by; Ross DUNSMORE 19:19, Nick MANSLEY 20:02, Robin FORDER 20:20, Daniel KITCHIE 21:21, Andres ARCIA MORET 24:24, Stephen HODGE 24:24, Anna Claire JACKSON 25:52, Caroline MCGONIGAL 28:28, Lauren TOPPER ELLIS (FT) 29:29, Geoffrey PTKIRKNESS 31:13, Alexandra PRESTON 35:35, and Robin LAMBE (FT) 47:47.

Finally, a big thank you to the 37 volunteers who made this weeks run possible. In particular Fiona English who completed her 100th time volunteering and brought along a particularly yummy cake! The rest of the volunteers were Julia SUDBURY • James STOCKER • Paul BEASTALL • Mary HOLMES • Hope HUTCHISON • Ben TRIGG • Sam ELLIS • Martin Daniel HORROD • Andrew SCARLETT • Isobel HOGG • Catriona CURRY • Emma WELLHAM • Joshua CLARK • Amos RONEY • Fiona ENGLISH • Suzy ASHWORTH • Graeme ENGLISH • Tony TOMLINSON • Suzannah GILFORD • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Pauline KNIGHTON • Wendy JOHNSON • John JOHNSON • Bob PEACOCK • Anthony IRWIN • Sally STEWART • Sian HAGAN • Justin SMITH • Jack TAYLOR-CRUSH • Anna TUKE • Gabs TAYLOR-CRUSH • Miguel BOLAND • Laura SPARLING • Max MARTIN • Susan HORROD • Liz GIBSON • Sam GIBSON

See you all next week,

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 31st March 2018

Well it was another mud tastic Cambridge parkrun this morning! If you haven’t seen the short video taken by Jenny PAYNE, check it out as I think it captures the conditions quite well. I say think, because after turning my ankle last weekend, there was no running for me today. However, instead of bemoaning the lack of a Saturday parkrun, I used it as a great excuse to get in a spot of volunteering. And then had the usual tea, cake and catch up with parkrun friends after! Win/Win and a tactic I embrace to help ensure I get some occasional volunteering stints in. If you are ever injured, feeling under the weather or have a big event coming up you want to save your legs for why not use it as an excuse to volunteer? More information about volunteering can be found here.

Onto this week’s run. 437 people ran, jogged, walked, splashed and by the looks of some of you, swam your way round the course. 58 people were first timers (I promise it’s not usually *quite* as bad underfoot as it was today!) and somehow 37 people recorded personal bests.

Brian O'CONNOR, was first across the line in a time of 17:15, followed by Robert MAHEN in a time of 17:46. Paul VEITCH crossed the line 3rd in a time of 18:38. Maybritt SCHILLINGER was first across the line for the ladies in a time of 20:40 (26th overall). Kristy GUNERATNE was second (34th) in a time of 21:21, while Hannah HALL was third lady to finish (45th) in 22:19. William HOWLING was the first junior to finish in a time of 19:12 (8th overall), with Max HOLGATE second (12th) in 20:04 and Lewis BUCHALLET third (21st) in 20:27.

A quieter week for run club entries. Hette KOULMAN join the 10 club, while Jackie TOMLINSON, Nicholas WALLER and Stephen CREEK all joined the 50 club. Fingers crossed the wait for your T-shirts shouldn’t be too long following an update this week from parkrun HQ around milestone t-shirts.

It was run number 416 for Cambridge this week and Meme ALCASABAS was the runner to finish in position 416. Meme first completed a parkrun back in 2012. Since then she has completed 36 parkruns, 15 of them at Cambridge. While she might not run at Cambridge very regularly, she has managed to get a PB on 9 of the times she has run here! Meme also regularly runs at our sister event at Wimpole, as well as having completed the occasional parkrun at other venues. Meme has also regularly volunteered since joining parkrun, helping on 9 separate occasions. That means for each four runs she has completed she has given time to help a parkrun happen. Thank you very much! :-)

Aesthetically pleasing times were run this week by; Kristy GUNERATNE 21:21, Mauritz KRYLANDER, 24:42, Robin EAGLE 25:25 (PB!), Robin EAGLE 25:52, Laura Jane WINTER 27:27, Mike PITT 28:28, Charlotte HOLLERAN 28:28 (PB!), Tom HOUSTON 29:29 (FT), David LACY 31:13, Cora EVANS 33:33, Ruth BATES 36:36, Victoria PLUTSHACK 37:37, Karen WHYATT 41:14.

Did you find an Easter egg around the course this morning? A BIG thank you to James STOCKER (Jim), who not only brought the 98 eggs dotted around the course, but also took the time and effort to attach tags to them so they could be hung from trees. Thank you also to Beccky for helping to hide them.  Many weeks, Jim plays a key part in ensuring Cambridge parkrun can happen, arriving before many of us have even thought about getting out of bed to setup the course (even when he isn’t able to run). Since 2011, Jim has helped set up the course a whopping 256 times – that means he has helped set up more than half of all Cambridge parkruns ever put on. I’m sure you will join me in thanking Jim not only for the chocolate but also for the events we have all been able to take part in!

All that remains is for me to thank Milton country park and the volunteers who made this week’s run possible; Claire WILSON • Julia SUDBURY • Kristy GUNERATNE • Rebecca TAYLOR • James STOCKER • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Robin FORDER • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Mary HOLMES • Eric TAPLEY • William WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Robert STARNES • Roisin MUNNELLY • Tom LINDFIELD • Viv WILLOX • Janay FEHR • Martin Daniel HORROD • Richard MARTIN • Andrew SCARLETT • Joshua CLARK • Fiona ENGLISH • Suzy ASHWORTH • Jenny PAYNE • Caroline WARD • Suzannah GILFORD • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Lois HARRIS • James STOCKER • Jonathan PRICE • Stuart PAYNE • Ben WORMALD • Max MARTIN • Liz GIBSON • Sam GIBSON • William GAYLORD

See you next week.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun run report – 17th March 2018

Well the cold turn in weather certainly hit the attendance figures at Cambridge parkrun this week, with a mere 312 hardy sols running, jogging and walking their way round the course. You have to go back to November 2016 for numbers as low as they were today! So, if you made it to Cambridge parkrun this morning give yourself a well deserved pat on the back :-)

Course conditions under food remain squelchy to say the least. The falling snow added an extra dimension to the run, but that didn’t stop 27 of you achieving new personal bests. Amazing! Four of those personal bests were achieved by the first five finishers, who look like they may have had a bit of a tussle for places.

The runner across the line first this week was unknown – a timely reminder to not forget your barcode. The second runner to finish was Isaac MORRIS in a time of 17:27, he was closely followed by Corban WOOD in 18:33 who was third to finish. Both of these runners are under 15 years of age. The third junior to cross the line this week was William BRADLEY in a time of 20:20 (14th overall).

Maybritt SCHILLINGER was the first woman across the line for the second week in a row (18th overall), in a time of 20:27 and also bagged herself a PB. Helen BARRY was hot on her heals, finishing in a time of 20:32 (19th), while Sarah DUDGEON was the third lady to finish, in a time of 20:57 (24th).

It was run 414 this week for Cambridge and with numbers so low I don’t have a parkrunner of the week to celebrate. Instead let’s give a great BIG thank you to the 38 volunteers who stood in the cold and helped ensure Cambridge parkrun could take place. Alan BALDOCK • Helen HENRY • Claire WILSHAW • Alice HOLMES • Michaela JOYSEY • Robin FORDER • Caroline MCGONIGAL • Mary HOLMES • Christina YOUELL • Eric TAPLEY • Frances NEW • Marjorie WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Elaine HENDRIE • Janay FEHR • Holly ROPER • Marisa JOHNSON • Andrew SCARLETT • Catriona CURRY • Hillary TAUNTON • Joshua CLARK • Evert BOKMA • Mike HORSCROFT • Jenny PAYNE • Gary COLE • Henry J BEETON • Concetta DE MARTINO • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Robert BEETON • Lois HARRIS • Beth MCGREER • Charlotte JAMES • Sian HAGAN • Stuart PAYNE • Matthew FAUPEL • Alan WINTER • Chris HARRIS • Max MARTIN.

It's also timely to celebrate the volunteers with Christina YOUELL and Eric TAPLEY both joining the 25-volunteer club this week. Christina first joined parkrun in September 2011 and since then has completed 156 runs. Since joining Christina has volunteered at least once year and often a lot more. Eric also joined toward the back end of 2011, and since then has completed 262 events. Eric also is a steady volunteer helping out around 3 or 4 times year. A BIG thank you to both of you and I hope you enjoy your well deserved purple t-shirt when they are back in stock.  If you would like to help ensure a parkrun can take place over the next few weeks please take a look at the future roster or drop us a line at

It was another busy week for milestone runs. David LLOYD, Lucy HARRISON and Stephen CORY all completed their 50th run. Ben TRIGG, Mark GAWLINSKI and Nicki HIGGINS joined the 100 club while Chris JOHNSON ran his 250 parkrun. Well done to you all.

And last but not least, aesthetically pleasing times were run by the following people this week; Stephan GAISER-PORTER 20:02, William BRADLEY (20:20), Marcus JAGGARD 21:21, Jed BEYNON 21:21 (PB!), William TUNSTALL-PEDOE 23:32, Oli WADE 26:26, Leon ZAKRZEWSKI 30:30, Helen HENRY 31:13, Jessica BARRICK 31:31, Mira NAIR 34:56, Christina YOUELL 46:46

I’m off for a sport of birthday tourism next week, but I’ll be back the week after.

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

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