Camperdown parkrun, Dundee is cancelled on 20 January 2018: icy route and carparks - not safe to run

Christmas parkrun and alternative route

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and we will be holding our special extra parkrun. The run will start at 10am - so you get an extra half hour to open presents! Please feel free to wear your santa hat or elf outfit! We're looking forward to seeing you all.

On Saturday, we tried a slight change to the route. We ran alternated the narrow first trail and the path past the playpark, so that you started out on the wider playpark road, and came back on the narrow path. This is mainly with your safety in mind, allowing you more space in the first km to run at your own pace and overtake if you wish to, without the crowding that we can have at the moment. It also means that you still get to enjoy the narrow trail later in the run when you are more spaced out.

The feedback on Saturday was overwhelmingly positive, and we think this will be a good route going forward. We are planning on running the route again tomorrow too. We are aware that the route was slightly long on Saturday, but don't worry, we will measure it accurately if we decide to change permenantly and make sure you finish at 5km.

Happy running and merry Christmas!


Event CANCELLED – 16th Dec

We have just been round the route (and alternative routes) and the paths in the park are too icy to run on safely at the moment. With temperatures dropping overnight, there is no chance of the route improving by tomorrow morning, so we have taken the decison to cancel parkrun tomorrow.

We are all gutted about having to cancel for bad weather for the first time, but safety is a priority. Please stay warm and safe, and hopefully we'll see you all back next week for Christmas fancy dress parkrun on the 23rd!


Christmas and New Year arrangements

Christmas is coming up quickly, and so we wanted to let you know about our exciting festive parkrun plans!

December 23rd will be a fancy dress parkrun. Look out your santa hats and elf costumes

December 24th Strathmartine junior parkrun will be on as usual, possibly with a special guest

December 25th - extra Christmas Day parkrun starting at 10am. We will be doing a secret santa again - bring a present for the sack, labelled as 'adults' or 'kids', and once you finish your run you can take a gift.

December 30th - parkrun as normal

January 1st - extra special New Year's Day parkrun at 9.30am, followed by an optional second parkrun at Perth parkrun at 11am. This is the only day of the year when you can log 2 parkruns!

Happy running !


Run Report – Camperdown parkrun – 18 November – by Nick Sendall

Run Report It was great to return to Camperdown parkrun and see some familiar faces; my second time here and a chance for me to introduce my wife, Sue, to one of the most attractive parkruns I’ve done so far. I’ve persuaded her that it never rains here - and conditions were almost perfect: blue skies, sunshine, slightly soft underfoot and all the beautiful autumnal colours of the trees, fallen leaves and grassland. I’m still yet to see one of the elusive red squirrels, though! Also disappointing not to see Sarah Young. Sarah fell last time I was here and it would be good to know that she is back on her feet and running again. Wishing you all the best, Sarah. Elaine Omand was our Run Director and we were looked after and cheered on by 13 wonderful volunteers: Andrew, Laura, Jane, Peter (Happy Birthday!!), Alison G, Alison McN, Tom, Wendy, Josh, Patricia, Harry, Janet and Mike. Thanks to every one of you – you run it for us and we can’t run it without you! At the New Runner’s Brief, Elaine welcomed five new parkrunners, all achieving respectable times in the run: Pippa MITCHELL (77th, 29:45), Tony CONNELL (82nd, 30:13), Aaron FERGUSON (84th, 30:24), Lisa FRENZ (86th, 30:30) and Kiruthikka MURUGAN (125th, 38:12). Well done all of you, it will be great to see you back here again in future weeks. We also got to meet six parkrun tourists, running at Camperdown for the first time: Niall McCluskey from Portobello (19th, 23:25), Andrew Nicholls, the Event Director at Wakefield Thornes (45th, 26:15), Zoe McVinnie from Colwick (83rd, 30:20), Jane MacAskill from Montrose (98th, 32:13), Roy Hamilton from Telford (110th, 33:51) and Sue Sendall from Wycombe Rye (120th, 36:27). Let’s not forget Nairn Keith who completed his first parkrun in Perth but lists his home run as Camperdown, running for the first time here, today (114th, 35:34). There were two major milestones, with Rebecca Hodgson (78th, 29:45) completing her 50th run and Anna Bennett (17th, 23:07) completing her 100th run – terrific, well done! 133 people completed the course with 25 runners, joggers and walkers achieving new Personal Bests! Well done to: Matthew, John, Ross, Graham, Lucie, Fiona, Ellen, Susan, Angie, Finlay, Alice, Ramanee, Ashleigh, Gavin, Jacquelyn, Stewart, Diane, Richard, Rachel, Gail, Lisa, Matthew, Sarah, Katie and Jack. I chose to run with my wife today and I’m delighted to say she enjoyed it as much as I did. We started at a nice steady pace completing the first km in 6:30 both finding our running legs again after a lovely walk up the coastal path from Arbroath to Montrose the day before. The 2nd km was fast for Sue, 6:11 but she seemed comfortable and the path wasn’t as slippy as it had seemed last time. Then the first hill and a significant drop in pace for the 3rd km (9:00). But I enjoyed watching young Nairn Keith (JM10) running with Sean Keith – Nairn doing a combination of run (fast) then walk over sections of this uphill part of the course. I sense it won’t be long before Sean is getting left behind! We picked it up again over the 4th km (6:49) – I can tell by Sue’s expression that she really appreciates my words of encouragement (at least she’s not glaring at me in the same way as she was on the hill!) In no time at all we were into the 5th km, rounding the corner and heading up the hill towards the finish. I know Sue found this harder than the first one but guts and determination got her through to the finish in 7:57 and a finish time of 36:27 - rewarded with a cappuccino and a bacon roll in the Wildlife Centre café. Both of us very happy having enjoyed a fabulous and challenging course. First finishers today were: James Angus DONALD (1st, 16:59) and Ryan George DONALD (2nd, 18:42) both from Dundee Hawkhill Harriers and Chris WALSH (3rd, 19:38). First ladies were: Morgan WINDRAM of Fife AC (7th, 20:36), Anna BENNETT (17th, 23:07) of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers and Alison MCNEILLY (20th, 23:30) from Dundee Road Runners AC. And let’s not forget the “average” runners! parkrun isn’t just about the speed merchants; some of us run, some jog and some walk. We do it to improve our speed, our health, to be sociable, because it’s fun… we do it for a plethora of reasons. The median time for all our runners was 28:57 and this corresponds with Ellen Williamson in 69th position, achieving a new PB in the process! Well done Ellen! Mr Median would have finished in 26:44.5 with 59 men taking part. Angus Charles DONALD finished 49th in 26:40, just head of the mythical Mr Median, with Eric YOUNG finishing 52nd in 26:49 just behind. Honours shared. Ms. Median would have finished in 29:45 with 69 ladies taking part. Pippa MITCHELL (77th) and Rebecca HODGSON (78th) share the honour of finishing in the median time for the ladies! Finally, I really hope I get to see you all again. I’m not sure I’m going to get another Saturday here between now and Christmas – but if any of you ever come to Wycombe Rye parkrun, please come and say “hello”. Thanks for making us so welcome. Nick Sendall A105176


Run Report – Camperdown parkrun, Dundee Event #286, 28th October 2017

“Oh the Camperdown parkrun’s 5K long, doo dah, doo dah!”

I chirpily sang to myself as I drove across from my hotel in Carnoustie… At this stage I had no idea about the course, or just how testing those uphill sections would be. I’m pretty sure the words I used going up that first hill were more colourful than my apricot t-shirt; I certainly wasn’t singing a happy tune at that stage!

Greeted initially by a beautiful autumnal morning; sun shining, dry-ish underfoot and a slight chill in the air – these were almost perfect running conditions. Indeed, 26 people recorded new Personal Bests. Well done Lewis, Benjamin, Matthew, Craig, Millie, Scott, Grahame, Ally, Gillian, May, Greg, Samantha, Susie, Jacquelyn, Eric, Ariel, Jim, Matt, Sarah, Euan, Olivia, Oliver, Elizabeth, Kate, Freda, Ryan – a terrific achievement.

For those of you that I didn’t get to meet, I am a Run Director at Wycombe Rye parkrun, just west of London, so I was keen to meet Elaine and John as well as his team of 12 fantastic volunteers: Ruth, Jacqueline, Andrew, Cecilia, Peter, Margaret, Sarah, Sheila, Simon, Jan, Matthew and Danielle. I was impressed by the whole operation – massive thanks to all the volunteers for making the run go so smoothly. If you have never volunteered before, I would strongly recommend you look at the roster on the website and pick an empty slot. I promise you, volunteering is as much fun as running and you will be given full briefing/training for any task you are asked to undertake. Why not check your diary now and send that email to

There were 10 people running their first ever parkrun – welcome to: Cameron SALE, Stuart J EARL, Daniel BONES, Matthew PANDRICH, Dominic MCBENNETT, Alistair BROWN, Gemma WALLACE, Kieran WEBB, Susan BENTLEY, Juno Rose ILLES-BROOKSBANK. We hope you really enjoyed your run and that we’ll see you back at Camperdown again (and again, and again!)

In addition, 9 of us were parkrun tourists visiting Camperdown for the first time. I hope Jasmine, Ramanee, James, Elspeth, Kate, Andrew, Ben and Stuart enjoyed it as much as I did.

My only disappointment? I didn’t see any red squirrels – but I did see 175 of us take to the start line. Little did we know it but this meant that we can now congratulate Emma FARDON (174th, 45:47) who unknowingly, became the 5,000th person to complete Camperdown parkrun!

So, we were off! The run down the hill felt good. Because we were still quite tightly-packed it was hard to see where to place your feet and I was a little nervous about the unevenness of the path but that didn’t stop me going off at a good pace and maintaining it. As we turned right, the path was a little muddier and I began to regret that I hadn’t got my trail shoes with me – but before I knew it, I was through the first kilometre in a pleasing time of 4:42.

I’m used to the shouts and cheers from the marshals but this was my first experience of whoops of excitement from the gibbons at the Wildlife Centre – still, it all felt like good encouragement as I continued down the hill and along the bottom, completing the second kilometre in 4:51.

Sadly, what goes down must also come up and the third kilometre begins with a good steady uphill. This is quite a test, especially if like me you have probably gone off a little fast. Indeed, it seems to go on forever; though I am assured it is only about 600 metres. Suffice to say my heart was really pumping as the path began to level out and at that stage I was unable to get my legs going any faster. 6:29 for the third kilometre and still gasping for air.

I don’t remember much about the fourth kilometre other than going past Camperdown House – but got my legs moving again and clocked 5:09 before going across the meadow and starting that final ascent. Still, it is the last km and going pretty well, though my legs seemed sapped of energy.

It was good to turn onto the final path and see the finish line ahead – even if it was still uphill! I like to put a last ‘sprint’ in to the finish line and it seemed particularly hard to work out when to quicken my pace and put in that last piece of effort but I did it, completing that last kilometre in 5:43, finishing 60th overall and feeling pretty chuffed that I’d done it. You’ve got a great 5km course in beautiful surroundings. What a great way to start a Saturday morning!

Congratulations to Alison MCNEILLY of Dundee Road Runners AC (43rd, 24:42) who earned her red “50” t-shirt today by completed her 50th parkrun.

Representatives of 13 different clubs took part. Sadly, there were also 12 “unknown” participants. If you have not already registered then please go on the main parkrun website – you only need to do this once. Of course, if you have registered then please, please, please (all chant it together): Don’t Forget Your Barcode! #DFYB.   No barcode, no time, no exceptions.

Female placings:

Morgan WINDRAM (VW35-39) of Fife AC, was first (14th overall) over the line in 21:02 - 13th time in 17 appearances. Elaine OMAND (SW25-29) of Dundee Road Runners AC, was second (27th overall) over the line in 22:59 - has been first to finish on 4 previous occasions and Kate MCINTOSH (SW20-24) of Dundee Road Runners AC, was third (28th overall) over the line, setting a new PB of 23:12.


Male placings:

Ryan George DONALD (JM15-17) of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, was first over the line in 18:17 – his second time in 50 appearances. What a great way to get a new PB too! Tim ESLER (VM35-39) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:38 – Tim has been first to finish on 7 previous occasions and ”hello” to first timer, Cameron SALE (JM15-17) (Unattached) third over the line in 18:47. Impressive.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:

Duncan RYAN (VM45-49) – 76.88% for the time 18:53 (4th overall).

Ryan George DONALD (JM15-17) – 76.12% for the time 18:17 (first overall).

David RODLEY (VM60-64) – 76.10% for the time 21:16 (17th overall).

The Age Grade course record is held by James Angus DONALD who recorded 85.17% (15:51) on 29th October 2016 (event number 235).


Your Run Director next week will be Emma Fardon who currently appears to be supported by an all-female team of volunteers. Let’s hear it for the girls!

Finally, if any of you find yourself 25 miles west of London on a Saturday morning (at 9:00am!!!!) please come and visit us at Wycombe Rye parkrun. I hasten to add any Dundee cake will also be very welcome.

Thanks for a really great Saturday morning. I hope to see you all again soon.

Nick Sendall


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