Event #75 23/06/18 by Neil Fairbrother

Saturday morning has arrived again – must be time for parkrun. The Saturday morning of June 23rd, 2018 was a pleasant morning for running; the heat of the day hadn’t quite taken over yet, and there was no rain to be seen, with just a gentle cooling breeze. Conditions were set fair for another great parkrun!

At 9.00am, 427 runners, joggers and walkers (and associated buggies and canines) gathered in the usual spot on Marquis drive, ready to hurtle off onto the Chase. The usual briefing was given (including milestone announcements, birthday wishes and welcomes to tourists and first timers), the volunteers were thanked (quite right too!), and the runners were soon sent off on their way.


Mike Senior, running only his third ever parkrun, was first runner back to the visitor centre, clocking a PB of 17:45. That’s Mike’s first time as the first finisher! Matt Williams (Run and Ride) was second, in 17:53, and visitor Gordon Walker (Scrambled Legs – Walsall) was third in 18:26, his first time parkrunning at Cannock Chase, having run 141 parkruns in total, mostly at Walsall Arboretum.

First lady to finish was Sue Kneill-Boxley (Cannock & Stafford AC), in 22nd place overall, setting a new PB of 20:49 in her 4th parkrun, and also setting the highest age-grading score of the day, a massive 82.55%! She was followed by Becky Loton (21:09, her fastest parkrun anywhere) in 29th overall, a first-time visitor to Cannock Chase parkrun, having done her previous 7 parkruns in the Cheshire sort of area. Rounding out the ladies podium in 38th overall was Cannock Chase regular Sarah Macleman, who just ducked under 22 minutes, finishing in 21:59.

This week saw 68 first-timers to Cannock Chase, of which 31 were running a parkrun for the very first time! These first-time parkrunners included Jack Garbett (25:46), Hannah Danks (29:17), Dean Feltham (32:28), Michelle Moore and Hannah McIntyre (identical times of 36:36!), Michael James (39:07), Eleanor Denton (34:37) and Roman Carruthers (43:19). Well done everyone on your parkrun debuts!

This week saw a huge 93 people set new PBs – more than a fifth of everyone there! A selection of those who managed to grab a PB: Lisa Wilson (29:05), Gary Jenkins (29:48), Claire Evans (23:08), Barry Lewis (33:18), Vada Baldwin (32:26), Alfred George MacKenzie (27:33), Faye Durant (32:08), Peter Hepwood (32:26), Johanne Barratt (26:03) and Nick Beckett (20:03). Huge congratulations to everyone who got a PB this week!

As ever, we were glad to welcome visitors and tourists from other parkruns this weekend! Other parkruns represented include (but not limited to): Walsall Arboretum, Brueton, Hanley, The Wammy, Markeaton, Southend, Brierley Forest, Evesham, Luton Wardown, Bath Skyline, Kingsbury Water and Conkers. Thanks for coming, tell your friends, and please pop back to see us again soon!

Two runners earned their 50 t-shirt at this weekend’s run: Michael Darke and Harry Beckett both earned their red milestone t-shirt,


whilst junior runners Bethany Cowls, Grace Ingram and William Edward MacKenzie all ran their 10th parkrun, earning their white milestone t shirt for juniors who have run at 10 parkruns. Well done!


Last, but definitely not least, a huge thankyou to the 31 volunteers who made this week’s parkrun happen! The volunteers give up their own time to make parkrun happen, and it is massively appreciated. If you’ve never given volunteering a go before, please consider putting your name forward for a role. It’s a massively rewarding thing to do, and you might give the chance to our regular volunteers to get out and run a bit more often!

Thanks all for coming, see you next week!


Cannock Chase parkrun #73 – 9th June 2018

We had a warm welcome from the Run Director Sadie who was looking fantastic in scrubs and mask to honour the NHS's 70th birthday; for an institution that most of us have used at one time or another, to be proudly celebrated by a slightly newer institution which is making its own waves in the international community is a fantastic opportunity for a fancy dress celebration!


Aside from #NHS70 we also were celebrating one of the regular runners Martyn Jennings-Temple 40th birthday, he had generously brought quite literally 100s of cakes which were enjoyed by all at the finish I'm sure.


What a wonderful morning was going to be had by all with near perfect conditions, or at least for those of us who do gain a rosy glow at just the thought of sun! Cool, dry and slightly cloudy but with blue sky breaking through amongst the trees

As a tourist (from the lovely Perry Hall) one of the big things about any parkrun visit is the chatter whilst gathering at the start, and then the comradery en-route round. Cannock Chase is definitely giving the positive vibes – friendly faces at the start from both runners and volunteers alike, location of which was easy to find by just following the mass congregation. Then comes the slight challenge of working out where to start as everyone knows roughly where suits them for individual courses – if in doubt I head for the back! Whilst we travelled around the beautiful scenery the marshals were friendly with supportive chat and applause for all, and then discussions on the feelings around the hills amongst runners – no complaints though since what goes up must come down! We had dry conditions under foot, so no puddle leaps required which is probably a saving grace for all observing.


In total 461 parkrunners, walked, jogged or ran of whom 122 achieved new PBs so a massive well done all!!
Milestones were happily achieved by 2 into 'junior club 10', and 4 joined the '50 club' – I'm sure they'll be looking forward to proudly wearing white and red shirts respectively before long.


I always enjoy meeting people at their first parkrun and seeing the smiles at the finish which hopefully means they'll be back! Today we were joined by 70 first timers who hopefully enjoyed themselves so much they'll return and maybe even catch the tourist bug, as I was one of 38 tourists.

Final note has to be the thank you to the high vis heroes of which we had 34 volunteers today, we really couldn't enjoy our run without you!


Cannock Chase parkrun #66

Its that time again!! Saturdays seem to come around so quick, is that me getting old? Or just the excitement of it all!

FINALLY we have a parkrun day where its nice and fresh out and there isn't a sign of any rain!!! Wohoooooooooo!!
I acted as Run Director today and it started off very early for a Saturday morning, up at Marquis Drive by 7.20am trying to get the "mule" started to take all the equipment to the finish line - I failed miserably at this, so instead just loaded all the equipment onto the back and then waited for someone thats a little more savvy with the vehicle.

It wasn't long before our hi-vis heros turned up, got kitted up and off they went to their positions. - Im not sure if anyone realises but the marshals get took out to their positions at 8.20am!!!! They have a lot of waiting around to do before you parkrunners get to them! and for that we are super appreciative.


Today we had a very special visitor, Megan from Alzheimers UK - parkruns official charity, who come along to support, provide information and promote a campaign the charity is holding which all parkrunners can get involved with "Running Down Dementia" where anybody can walk, jog or run 100KM between now and 31st August and raise just £100, this is such a worthwhile charity and such a fantastic campaign that absolutely anybody can get involved with!!!! If anyone would like to get involved and support parkruns official charity and join this campaign just follow the link :)


The morning went pretty much without a hitch (well except the megaphone deciding to die on me right when I needed it - good job I have a big gob :P
But Yay no incidents (we always like that) and all the parkrunners and volunteers come back with a big smile on their faces :)


We had several exotic animals come over the finish line as well, all hot and bothered, I have a sneaky suspicion they may be training for an upcoming marathon ... 3 miles down only another 23 to go ... :P



This parkrun was a particularly special one for a number of parkrunners who joined club 10 and club 50

Junior Club 10
- Jay Sawyer
- Edward Spalding
- William Van Nijerk

Club 50
- Nick Doughty
- David Peczek
- Laurence Morris
- John Harris
- Kim Smith

And we'll finish off with this weeks stats

347 parkrunners, walked, jogged or ran!!!
41 first timers come along to us last week! - we hope to see you again
66 new recorded personal bests!!!!
29 different clubs took part!!

Cannock chase parkrun couldn't have run today without the help of the fantastic 31 volunteers we had :)

Amanda WILLIAMS • Brenda LANGSTON • Brian LANGSTON • Catherine MAKINSON • Darryl COPELAND • Emma PLUMBE • Gary WILCOX • Geoff FARMER • Geoff TYLER • Georgena ASHCROFT • Helen GOFF • Ian PHILLIPS • Jack WALKLATE • Jake SIMPSON • Joe BALLANCE • Julie PATTYSON • Keith PARRY • Keith STONEMAN • Larry GOFF • Louise DOWNING • Marie WARD • Mark ELLIS • Mark JEFFERY • Michael JONES • Paul Brendon SCULLION • Polly BALLANCE • Rebecca JACKSON • Richard MARLAND • Sadie BURNS • Tina KNAPPER • Zoe BURNS

If you would like to volunteer at future Cannock Chase park runs please have a look at the future roster page http://www.parkrun.org.uk/cannockchase/futureroster/ and Email Us if there is anything you fancy trying.


Cannock Chase parkrun #65 by Neil Fairbrother

The weather forecast for Cannock Chase on the 7th April 2018 was for a dry morning until approximately 8am, with the rain turning quite heavy around 9-10am. So often, the forecasts are wrong, but on the morning in question, it was pretty much bang on. 2018 has so far been establishing itself as the Year of the Wet parkrun (New Year’s Day at Telford, anyone?), and this particular Saturday morning did much to contribute to this. The rain started around 8.30am, probably after most, if not all, people had left their homes; this set the scene for a very soggy splash around the paths and tracks at Marquis Drive.

At around 8.55am, the runners gathered. Usually, everyone finds their spot early in the start area, ready to go, but the weather had forced most people to shelter under the nearby trees, waiting as late as they dare to emerge for the start of the parkrun. After a temperamental loudhailer was dealt with, the briefing was mercifully quick (whilst still covering all of the important points!) to limit the time everyone had to stand still for in their running gear, and 341 (human) runners (and a small number of assorted canines) set off down Marquis drive, heading towards the puddles, mud and heavy rain showers that awaited out on the course.

First back was Matthew Craen, setting a PB of 17:59 in his 7th parkrun, and narrowly beating junior runner Matthew Bonney of Cannock & Stafford AC by just 2 seconds.


Third runner back was Matt Williams (Run and Ride) in 18:10. The first runner back not called Matt/Matthew was fourth placed Neil Pollitt in 18:18, a new PB for him too. First lady back was tourist Laura Choake (Ponteland Runners) in 20:53, her first run at Cannock Chase, and her 9th different parkrun in 10 total (is she after a cow cowl?)!


Second lady back was also a tourist, Jude Bek of Chorlton Runners (22:08), having done most of her parkrunning at South Manchester parkrun. Sarah Macleman (not a tourist!) rounded out the ladies podium, finishing in 22:44. Highest age grading score this week was Christine Kilkenny of Cannock & Stafford AC, with a whopping 89.82% in only her second parkrun – a great effort.

22 people made their parkrun debuts this week, and we hope the weather didn’t put you off! We can promise that it doesn’t rain very week, honest! Amongst those making their debuts were Harley Barlow (34:36), Paulene Moore (39:55), Jenson McAuslane Luffman (35:37), Cody Jellyman (50:51), Joshua Noble (22:44) and Holly Dunkley (32:10). Well done to everyone who got their first taste of parkrun, we hope to see you back again next week and beyond!

61 people (if I counted right) set new PBs this weekend – extra impressive given the conditions (or perhaps it was extra incentive to get to the finish line quicker…?). Amongst the people to smash their previous best times were Joanne Finlay (29:09), Gary Jenkins (30:05), Jennifer Burns (30:29), Gary Wilcox (21:02), Anna Bennett (38:18), Mark Duddy (20:22), Elizabeth Unwin (40:12), and Jake Walker (32:50). Well done to everyone who got a new PB splashing through the puddles!


As ever, we were glad to welcome a number of tourists from other parkruns this week – always good to see! Amongst the parkruns we received a visit from this week were: Walsall Arboretum, South Manchester, St. Albans, Cannon Hill, Telford, Mansfield, Maldon Prom, Yeovil Montacute, Conkers, Hanley, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hadleigh, and many more! Thanks for joining us, and do call back soon!

Two runners earned milestone t-shirts this week, both of the red “50” variety. Cannock Chase regular Catherine Makinson ran her 50th parkrun, as did Hanley parkrunner Kevin Bill, who chose us as the location for his milestone, well done to you both! Three runners moved on to 49 runs, leaving them within 1 run of hitting the same milestone: Kim Smith, John Harris and David Peczec. Junior runner Edward Spalding ran his 9th parkrun, so will earn his white “10” t-shirt next time out!

An extra-big thankyou this week goes to all of the volunteers, without whom we wouldn’t have a parkrun at all, but especially this week with the weather conditions as they were, to stand around for well over an hour in the pouring rain; I’m pretty sure some of the volunteers didn’t even have an umbrella! For anyone who has never volunteered, please consider giving it a go; it’s very rewarding, and allows our regular volunteers the chance to actually take part in the parkrun a bit more often!

Darren and Simon

Thanks all for coming, see you next week!


Event 62 report by Natasha Langford

Event number 62 was a special one for many reasons, my first go at Run Directing, a pacing event and a fundraiser for Cannock Chase regular Al Langford's London Marathon bid. Al and several other runners were fundraising for Lingen Davies Cancer Care and were selling cakes and holding donation buckets at the finish.


But first, the weather. The Mini Beast from the East threatened the event and several local events, including Stafford Half Marathon had already been cancelled due to predicted cold temperatures and snow. However, we at Cannock Chase Parkrun don't let something as trivial as minus figures on the thermometer stop us and following a checking of the course we were given the go ahead. The next problem was thawing out the locks to gain access to the kit for setting up.

Then, brave Parkrunners began to arrive along with the amazing volunteers who come to wear the famous hi vis and stand in the freezing cold so that people can run. Soon it was time for the pre race briefing where I don't think I forgot anything and also managed to introduce the pacers. Hopefully those who wanted to use them managed to find them in the crowd.


The run went smoothly (phew) with Matthew Hogarth romping home first at 17:40.

The cake sale went well with hungry parkrunners and volunteers helping to raise £195 in total. Al and the rest of the Lingen Davies London Marathon team would like to thank everyone who filled their face with cake and donated to the fundraising.


This week 294 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 48 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 35 volunteers:

Paul Brendon SCULLION • Jeremy HORTON • Mark MIDDLETON • Leigh RICKETTS • Geoff FARMER • Zoe BURNS • Lee EDGINGTON • Michelle MASSEY • David PANTON • Naomi ATKIN • Martyn JENNINGS-TEMPLE • Ellen WILLIAMS • Sue ASHLEY • Austin WHYTE • Sarah WHYTE • Catherynne HENDERSON • Simon BROMLEY • Robert HOARE • Joan HOARE • Keith STONEMAN • Alex LANGFORD • Paul FOSTER • Michael JONES • Mark ELLIS • Natasha LANGFORD • Brian LANGSTON • Julie PATTYSON • Abraham LANGFORD • Debbie BETTELEY • Geoff TYLER • Joe BALLANCE • Brenda LANGSTON • Alicia ASTLE • Jack WALKLATE • Owen JELLYMAN


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cannock Chase parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lizzie BROWNE who recorded a time of 17:26 on 31st December 2016 (event number 7).
The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:04 on 22nd July 2017 (event number 33).
The Age Grade course record is held by Adri HARTVELD who recorded 87.99% (17:46) on 18th March 2017 (event number 17).

Cannock Chase parkrun started on 19th November 2016. Since then 5,333 participants have completed 24,193 parkruns covering a total distance of 120,965 km, including 6,101 new Personal Bests.

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