Christmas Day parkrun – #100!

Run report 25/12/2018 – Cannock chase - Run number: 100!!

What is the best Christmas present in the world? A broken drum, you just can't beat it!

It's that time of the year where everyone over indulges and tries to eat their body weight in chocolate. That being said 380 foolhardy people made it out of bed for today's Christmas day parkrun, of which 27 were brand new to parkrun! Well done to everyone who participated today.

Today's run was made possible by a team of Santa's yellow clad elves, who gave up their own Christmas lie in after an extremely busy night helping Santa. A huge thank you to all of today's fluorescent heroes. Parkrun can only happen if people continue to volunteer so please follow this link to help support future events

Xmas day 2018 parkrun

As for today's run, the conditions were cool and dry leading to a range of exceptional times including 52 pb's... just remember a 20 or 50-minute 5k are the same length, and both burn about 300 calories which just happens to be the same as a mince pie... or 2 glasses of prosecco, choose wisely! I won't mention how many miles need to be run to burn off all of today's gluttony!

Over Christmas not all parkrun events happen so this leads to people travelling further to find a run. Due to this today's, event had several tourists, 82 people new to Cannock Chase including myself. Thankyou to everyone who made us feel so welcome. There were also lot of fancy outfits today, I saw several elves, reindeer and even Santa enjoying a leg stretch.

Xmas day 2018 parkrun

Merry Christmas and enjoy that extra mince pie!

Xmas day 2018 parkrun


Xmas day 2018 parkrun


Christmas Day parkrun

We will be running our event on Christmas Day so if you want an extra parkrun fix then come on down and enjoy the festivities.

It will also be our 100th event.

9am start as usual #DFYB!!


Run Report 1/12/18 event 96 by Wendy Sears

When intending to walk, jog or run a parkrun, I always think it's a good idea to try and arrive thirty minutes before the nine o'clock start. This provides you with a number of advantages. Its removes any concerns you may have about delays caused by unexpected traffic problems or difficulties with parking -not that either of these things were issues at this venue. It allows you to do a little warmup jog and perhaps, if appropriate, a little stretching prior to the venturing out onto the course. It gives you an opportunity to gain a better perspective about the terrain, so that you can make value judgements about how you will approach the parkrun course. However for me, one of the greatest benefits is watching the volunteers whirr into action. You get to see them in their high viz vests, setting out elements of the course and discussing their respective roles.

Cannock Chase parkrun 01.12.18

I arrived at the Cannock Chase parkrun at 08:25 and I could already see a hive of activity in front of me. The race director sporting the vivid blue vest was like the master of ceremonies at a big event, interacting with the others around him. I parked my car in one of the many available spaces and made my way towards the sea of fluorescent yellow, to introduce myself to the volunteers. I's actually volunteered to write the run report and this was my second ever visit to this parkrun. The first has been just over a year before at the very first event run here. This particular day was a running club takeover day which essentially meant that some of the volunteering roles were being undertaken by members of a running this case Stafford Harriers.

Although I have performed a number of volunteering roles at parkrun in the past, it is always fascinating to view it from the perspective of someone relatively new to a specific parkrun. Hovering around the volunteers and even asking questions about the roles (if you are of a mind to ask) is a great way to learn a little bit about the specific parkrun roles. You can learn so much through observing and listening.

Cannock Chase parkrun 01.12.18

I'll admit that it wasn't the warmest of days. A constant drizzle and a gentle breeze made what might otherwise have been considered a mild December morning decidedly chilly. And yet the volunteers were listening attentively, absorbing information, laughing and joking with each other and approaching their roles with the same degree of enthusiasm as a five year old let loose in a toy shop. When confronted with that amount of joviality and enthusiasm, then there is one act that is a must for any self respecting run reporter.... to record it for posterity with a group photograph of all the volunteers! (Of course I also felt obliged to go one step further and take an obligatory selfie with a fellow participant)

Cannock Chase parkrun 01.12.18

I have to take my hat off to the marshals, who cheered all participants with such enthusiasm that I personally felt the urge to give a reply in kind. Any repetitive strain injury sustained on the day is purely down to the my multiple responding fist pumps, thumbs up or a high fives as I ran past them.

I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who made myself and all the other participants so welcome. I promise not to leave it a year before coming back.


Happy 2nd Birthday Cannock Chase parkrun!

Do parkrun mornings (Saturdays to regular folks) get any better than this?! 526 of you turned up to run, jog, walk, skip or hop the course on what was a rather mild and dry, mid November morning. 74 were running Cannock Chase parkrun for the first time with 44 of those being completely new to parkrun (welcome to your new Saturday hobby folks) 38 different clubs were represented today and we saw an absolutely amazing 105 record a new PB! What a way to celebrate our birthday!

parkrun 2nd birthday cannock chase

Today was a big day for the Cannock Chase team as not only were we 2 years old, wow! But it was also an opportunity to give even more back to the community and to raise money and awareness of a very close to heart cause in honour of a much loved and missed member of our running family. The charity chosen to honour this was Mind. Scully who is a very valuable member of the Cannock Chase core team and arguably the hairiest had, in a moment of madness I imagine, agreed to have his legs waxed and yes, that included his upper legs right up to his thighs! 200 wax strips, a lot of face pulling and some strange noises later and his legs are as smooth as the proverbial babies bottom. As well as this local fitness/running businesses came together to offer support for this event in the way of donating prizes for a raffle which was also a massive hit so thank you to those. The estimated total raised up to the latest count is an incredible £1439 and I know with online donations this amount is rising! It's safe to say today was a massive success and credit goes to everyone involved in making it possible and to everyone who came to support.

cannock chase charity waxing
cannock chase charity waxing

The first Runner to cross the line this morning was John Hayman In a time of 18:06 followed by Garry Palmer with a time of 18:23. They were closely followed by Lloyd Cross who crossed (no pun intended) the line in a time of 18:26.

The first Female, Allegra Soutar came in at 19:58, Kyra Bonner was our second female with a time of 21:33 and Sarah Macleman was third female with a time of 21:55. A total of 4 PBs were gained by our top 6 gender positions. It certainly was a day for PB's.

29 runners were unknown today! *DFYB (Don't forget your barcode)

We had one Junior join the 10 club, well done Isabelle Harley.

We also had Stephen Farrant join the 50 club. What a great day to reach a milestone.

A few quick stats to mark 2 parkrun years at Cannock Chase..... So far we have held 94 parkruns over the 2 year period which works out that together we have covered an incredible 184,870 km ! This actually means that collectively our runners/walkers have travelled the circumference of the equator over 4 and half times!!!! This took us a total of 2 years 54 days and 3 hours as the overall total amount of time ran, WOW!! Total PB's stand at 8,597, that's a serious amount for 2 years!

And finally to add a little humour to this report id like to share with you something that I overheard a junior runner asking her Mom today which I will admit really made me smile. "Mom why is everyone here called Marshal?" Not only did it make me smile that the poor girl thought every man and woman in a high viz had the same name but I also realised it meant she had heard runners all the way round thanking our awesome volunteers, proud of you Cannock! And on the subject of those awesome high viz heros I would like to thank all 35 of them (listed below) on behalf of the Cannock Chase parkrun team. Keep being amazing guys!

Paul Brendon SCULLION • Graham WILLIAMS • Sadie BURNS • Zoe BURNS • Lee EDGINGTON • Keith PARRY • Liz DEAN • Michelle MASSEY • Gina WILLIS • Simon WARWICK • Louise DOWNING • Sue ASHLEY • Darren MATTOCKS • Catherynne HENDERSON • Sophie HENDERSON • Simon BROMLEY • Tracey FRANCIS • Robert HOARE • Joan HOARE • Gail DOUGHTY • Larry GOFF • Keith STONEMAN • Sarah BROMLEY • Alex LANGFORD • Chris DUROSE • Ethan DUROSE • Natasha LANGFORD • Brian LANGSTON • Sally COX • Abraham LANGFORD • Geoff TYLER • Sophie KELLAWAY • Brenda LANGSTON • Sue WILLIAMS • Claire HARRINGTON-JONES


Cannock Chase parkrun #92 Run Report

Many thanks to William Laye for this great run report! Thanks for joining us William, and for sharing your experiences with everyone :)

Cannock Chase parkrun #92

Powered on parkrun

What my partner cannot understand is how I can wake up with ease and driving motivation on a (most every) Saturday morning. It’s a jarring contrast to mid-week procedures for most of us as the bed seems ultimately the best option before progressing our day following the daily 30 second hesitation after the alarm goes.

How? What? Why?

I’ll tell you what you already know. It’s the people that make it, the community we keep coming back for. The little snippets of wonderful routine: saying hello to the same faces, going to the same barcode scanner, giving thumbs up to the marshal who stands on the same corner every week and the one who rings the same bell at the same hill. It’s a beautiful thing.


Cannock Chase as a setting only transforms it. This Saturday gone, we were blessed with some sun to warm the cockles and wind to cool them back down (seemingly in several directions – why is that always the case?). The number of runners was the most I’ve seen it (equal 5th highest CCp attendance too) and in an age of inactivity and poor eating habits it’s amazing to see so many fight the battle every week. We see your progress and you inspire us – those at the front and the back (many at the front started at the back and revel in your commitment to the cause). Our community is only set to grow with the wonderful volunteers we’re blessed with – cherish them as there aren’t any milestone t-shirts or barcodes to be scanned without them. So here’s a massive thanks to them.


volunteer 3

Next, in the past three weeks it’s become my opinion that each and every parkrun is greater than the parkrun brand/organisation. The men, women and children who turn up create parkrun. We create parkrun. It is ours. Over the years parkrun sponsors come and go. The latest is Happy Eggs Co. who will begin sending you email within your parkrun newsletters. As opposed to all sponsors before, Happy Eggs Co. arguably provide the strongest case that go against the founding principles of parkrun – ethics, inclusivity and welfare. I implore you to ask three questions of this organisation.

What happens to the male chicks?
What happens when a chicken can no longer lay enough eggs?
What is the natural lifespan of a chicken?
This brings me full circle. parkrun is for the people and made by the people. I ask sincerely – without judgement and with the deepest respect - to look into those three questions. The answers mean for many they cannot reconcile the decision parkrun as an organisation has decided to align with. Fortunately, parkrun is made by the feet that run it and not the highest bidding sponsor.

A cheers to you, the people who make parkrun.

In other news!!

Julie Timmins celebrated her 100th parkrun – get your order in, well done!

A trio of Sue Lee, Helen Bryan and Neil Bray ran their 50th parkrun (!!! – one exclamation mark each)

472 runners this week – That is crazy good!

17 complete first timers – welcome to the cult

54 Cannock Chase parkrun tourists – Cowl Cowl?

77 Personal Bests – ZOOM ZOOM, you’re on fire, keep going!

39 secretive unknown runners – mysterious or forgetful, we shall never know.

Alastair Payne was our highest age grade with an astounding 81.21% and second finisher overall.

Chase Harrier Chrissy Bishop was first lady home just shy of a PB in 22:14 with another Harrier (this time Stafford) Jennifer Beckett only 17 seconds back. Susan Mccullock (Uttoxeter Road Runners) ran home as third finisher in a PB – she needed to as well with Catherine Armstrong hot on her heels just 2 seconds back.

William Laye of Vegan Runners was late for a train and got round in a PB of 17:13 with previously mentioned and ageless Alastair Payne coming through 6 seconds ahead of the charging John Harrison in 18:33.

Median parkrunners this week were Rachel E Pierce of Newport and District RC (29:39) and Kim Wright (29:39).

They say finish your meal with the thing you like most – VOLUNTEERS:

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Phil BATES, Heather BATES, Sarah BROMLEY, Simon BROMLEY, Mark CLAYTON, Gail DOUGHTY, Louise DOWNING, Chris DOWNING, Ethan DUROSE, Mark ELLIS, Brian EVANS, Geoff FARMER, John FINNEY, Helen GOFF, Larry GOFF, Paul GROCUTT, Stanley HARRISON, Robert HOARE, Richard JOHNSON, Michael JONES, Natasha LANGFORD, Brian LANGSTON, Brenda LANGSTON, William LAYE, Garry LEASK, Alison LEE, Claire MILLS, Grace PINSON-BRADLEY, Christopher PINSON-BRADLEY, David POYNTON, Christopher ROBERTS, Paul Brendon SCULLION, Keith STONEMAN, Kevin SUMNER, Marie WARD, Sue WILLIAMS, Graham WILLIAMS

volunteer 1

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