Visiting Cannon Hill parkrun before the National Running Show?

The meeting point is the bandstand on the eastern side of the park.
First Timers briefing is at 8:45

We are a busy parkrun, please position yourself appropriately at the start.
Buggies & dogs start at the back & take care when overtaking.

There are toilets & 2 cafes located in the park, no other facilities.

Parking is charged for, £2 for up to 4 hours. Access is from the Pershore Road, B5 7RL, next to the Wildlife Conservation Park. Please do not park on surrounding roads.
It is a 5+minute walk from the car park. Go through the black gates & straight on over the brick bridge. Follow the main path round to the left.

Public transport info is on our course page


Important for 1st December

Important! You MUST attend the pre-run briefing at 8:50 tomorrow

First Timers Briefing, for anyone new to parkrun, or visitors to Cannon Hill, at 8:45.

Pre-run briefing for all at 8:50. Gather around the bandstand, keeping the main path clear for other park users.

Children under 11 must be within arms reach of a parent, guardian or responsible adult at all times.

Buggies start at the back & take care when overtaking.
Dogs on a short lead & under control, start at the back.

Please don't take the Finish Tokens home. If you don't have your barcode, just pop the Token into one of the Barcode Scanners buckets.


Christmas Day parkrun 9.30am

Good news runners

Ben has very kindly agreed to be run director on Christmas Day.

So we'll be looking for volunteers please, start you Christmas Day with some cheer xx


New Years Day 2019

Hello runners and volunteers

We will not be having a parkrun on New Years Day this year. I'm sure there will be some tourism available for those early risers.

We are still considering a Christmas Day parkrun and will update you very soon.

Thank you for your continued support.

With Regards



Event number 407 on the 22nd of September, 2018

Today was a very breezy but pleasant run.

We welcomed 643 participants!  66 new runners- completely new to parkrun or never ran at Cannon Hill before! Also today must have been a good day for PB's as we had 109! 
Today we would like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers as some weeks we struggle but thank you to the 36 volunteers who helped before, during or after the event and they are- Alison HUGGAN • Allan POPE • Andrew MELLOR • Austin BARBER • Catherine MCGRATH • Clayton SHAW • David CHAPMAN • David SANSOM • David SMALLER • Ella HUDSON • Fergal BLOOMER • Grace GARNER • Helen BLOOMER • Huw JONES • Jort Michiel VAN MOURIK • Julia KILBY • Kate JOHNSON • Kate SHEPHARD • Keith EVANS • Kerry ALLEN • Lauren HEVEY • Louie SAUNDERS • Mark SCOURSE • Martin FOSTER • Nathan WARREN • Neil BROWN • Oliver GREGORY • Rahul VASHISHT • Richard WILKES • Robert SAUNDERS • Ron CATTLE • Ryan CUDLIPP • Scott BROUGH • Suz WEST • Tim PADLEY • Tim SHAO 
5 stats from Cannon Hill parkrun this week are: 
In 407th position this week was: Arthur BIBBEY 
In 22nd position this week was: Alan KOSHBAYAN 
In 66th position this week was: Louis MACINTOSH 
In 109th position this week was: Robert THORP 
In 36th position this week was: Ben AGNEW 

Random stats today are: 
In 56th position this week was: Ron CATTLE 
In 168nd position this week was: Nick TARB 
In 237st position this week was: Jeff WEBB 
In 381st position this week was: Manesha CHAUHAN 
In 413th position this week was: Jennifer FARRANT 
In 592st position this week was: Balwinder SEHMI 
In 624th position this week was: Tabitha STUTTARD 
Today, first male was Christopher HICKS with the time of 16:06- Well done- a PB for you! 
First woman today was Naomi COLLIER with the time of 18:07 minutes- Also well done to you as you got a PB too! 
Well done to both of you! 

Today we would like to praise: 
50th: Arthur SHRINE 
100th: Andrew LEIGH 
175th: Stuart BRAMPTON, Bernard KELLY 
200th: Rashpal MONDAR 

See you all next week! 

By: Lauren HEVEY (A Cannon Hill runner and a Cannon Hill Junior runner!) 

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