Double-Trouble! Run reports for no. 385, 21/4/2018

This week we have not one, but two run reports from our roving reporters, Lauren Hevey and David Callaghan - thanks both!

1. Lauren's Lookout

Today was a very sunny day and it was very nice to see so many participants – 830!
We have so many participants because we are the nicest parkrun in Birmingham and we have a spacious route to let buggies and dogs run!
At Cannon Hill parkrun we had 33 volunteers, 64 first timers and 88 PBs.
5 stats from Cannon Hill parkrun this week are:
In 385th position this week was: Greg HORNE
In 21th position this week was: Aidan HALL
In 33rd position this week was: Dave L BURTON
In 64th position this week was: Ben CARTWRIGHT
In 88rd position this week was: Matt LANE

Random stats today are:
In 800th position this week was: Sally HYDE LOMAX
In 764th position this week was: Sarah DOWNING
In 651st position this week was: Preetam KAUR
In 598th position this week was: Joanne HEVEY – My MOMMY!
In 548th position this week was: Lucy LEWIS
In 412th position this week was: Lily CARTER
In 370th position this week was: Mohan SINGH
In 223th position this week was: Richard BETTS
In 137th position this week was: Daniel BURNS
In 46th position this week was: Paul WESTON
In 12th position this week was: Andy YOUNG

Today first male was Omer AHMED with the time of 15:39! First woman was today Alison PRICE with the time of 20:28!
Well done to both of you!

Today we would like to praise:
10th (under the age of 18): Ruby MORAIS-TRIGG -383
50th: Millie Winifred FLYNN-302, Lucy TONGUE - 557
100th:  Ron CATTLE - 74, Patrick MCNAMARA - 263, Julian MILLER-369

See you all next week!

By: Lauren HEVEY (A Cannon Hill runner and a Cannon Hill Junior runner!)

2. David's Description

A beautiful, sunny south Birmingham morning was greeted by 830 runner, joggers and walkers for the 385th parkrun at Cannon Hill. Certainly the biggest turn out of the year I've seen and perhaps a sign that spring has finally arrived (although as I write this it's cold and raining again)!

Great to see another 64 first timers -they keep coming - and congratulations to the 87 parkrunners who recorded personal bests.

First female finisher was Alison Price in a new PB and first male finisher was Omer Ahmed, also a PB. Well done both!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made the event possible:

Hilary FOSTER • Chris HARRISON • Joshua SAVAGE • David CHAPMAN • Steve EBDON • Derick Thomas YATES • Thomas GALLAGHER • Scott WILLIAMS • Nigel BEECROFT • Robert BELL • Sam ALVAREZ • Chris OXLEY • Lee J GREGORY • Lucie WAGSTAFF • Neil BROWN • Ella SWAIN • Kathy MCGRATH • Liz DEXTER • Milly ALLEN • Luisito GUANLAO • Thomas SMITH • Richard WILKES • Lauren HEVEY • Vikki HARMAN • Robert SAUNDERS • Louie SAUNDERS • Ieuan DARKES • Ciaran TURNBULL • Callum CLARK • Joseph BOWERS • Katherine BROWN • Louis MACINTOSH • Philippa AUDLEY • David CALLAGHAN

We need new volunteers every week so if you've been thinking about it but haven't got around to it yet, please do get in touch.

David Callaghan


parkrun 383

Despite the threat of rain (which just about held off) and a damp course 666 people turned out for the 383rd parkrun at Cannon Hill, of whom an incredible 82 were first timers!

Thanks, as always, to the volunteers who helped organise, encourage and occasionally herd us all round.

Martin FOSTER • Barrie Moelwyn Antony ROBERTS • Chris HARRISON • Joshua SAVAGE • David CHAPMAN • Steve EBDON • Jude GLYNN • Keith EVANS • Andrew SPENCER • Linda GOULDING • Thomas GALLAGHER • Sharon NEWMAN • Sylvia HUGHES • Nigel BEECROFT • Robert BELL • Geoffrey HUGHES • Chris OXLEY • Lee J GREGORY • Charlotte FORCER • Chris FISHER • Toby HORWOOD • Steve BEDSER • George BALANOS • David CALLAGHAN • Ron CATTLE • Stuart BRINDLEY • Alison PRICE • Tim BATEMAN • Robert SAUNDERS • Louie SAUNDERS • Michael WOODALL • Anna MCMANUS • Ieuan DARKES • Ruth HICKINBOTHAM • Frances KERR • Ciaran TURNBULL • Katherine BROWN • Peter TRAVIS • Louis MACINTOSH • Quentin GUILLOU • Ethan ALLEN • Hughie James WAGSTAFF • Rubie HULL

First male finisher was Mike Tanner, setting a PB in the process, and Bryony Haines was the first female finisher.

Special mention today goes to Venetia Ravenscroft and Nicola Brown who both completed their 100th parkruns!

It's great to see so many runners from all age groups but hats off especially to the 20 in the under 15s category.

Today also saw the COBRA RUNNING AND TRIATHLON CLUB bringing a group of runners from their Couch to 5k programme. Well done to all those who took part.

Finally, I spoke to a few people who are taking part in the Manchester Marathon on Sunday, including regular Cannon Hill volunteer Mike Woodall. Good luck to all of you!


parkrun 381 – Kings Heath takeover.

Cannon Hill Parks 381st parkrun was a roaring success!

It was with great pride that Kings Heath Running Club took over the event, providing all the volunteers as well as pacers for the main (mane) event. Thank you to Afshin BEMANI, Amelia FEARN, Amy LASSMAN, Andy TANCRED, Angharad BULLWARD, Barbara PARTRIDGE, Chris CALLOW, Christina PIERCE, Clare BEESLEY, Dave R JOHNSON, David BAGWELL, David CHAPMAN, Dawn SIMMS, Debbie RINGHAM, Geoffrey HUGHES, Grace GARNER, Habib CHOUDHURY, Hannah BROWN, Helen Mary BROOKES, Helen STONE, Helen WYER, Ian MACKENZIE, Jacqui WILLIAMS, Jennie HANNAN, John WAREHAM, Julia NEALL, Kate JOHNSON, Kate SHEPHARD, Katherine ALLEN, Keith EVANS, Laura GILMOUR, Lee J GREGORY, Liam KING, Linda SODERLUND, Liz DEXTER, Louie SAUNDERS, Louis MACINTOSH, Maria CRAWFORD, Michael GREEN, Nick KTORI, Nicki HEWSON, Nikki HAWTIN, Pamela HAYES, Paul JOLLIFFE, Paul WARD, Peter DREW, Peter HICKMAN, Peter L BROOKES, Peter TRAVIS, Rebecca WAKEMAN, Robert SAUNDERS, Sarah SHEPPARD, Sarah TANCRED, Sean MCCONVERY, Simon DIX, Steve PARTRIDGE, Suki LOTAY, Tara DALY, Tim KNIGHT and Trudie BAGWELL.

The band stand was decorated in the Lions official colours to welcome the 729 runners to this week’s run.

Spring felt like it was trying to make and appearance and we were treated to dry weather even if temperatures are still lower than we would like.

I myself was marshalling this event and loved cheering everyone on, it was a welcome change to running and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Getting thanked by hundreds of people as they run by is a great way to start the day. If you would like to give volunteering a go please email

Congratulations to our first male finisher William Richardson and our first female finisher Chloe Richardson, as well as everyone who made it out to walk, jog and run.

Normal service resumes next week, so hopefully I will see lots of you there again, this time I will be donning my lycra rather than the hi-vis and maybe I can claw out a PB!

I hope you all appreciated the Lion puns! See you all on Saturday and don’t forget your barcodes!



CANNON HILL PARKRUN #380 17/03/2018

Another Saturday morning, another parkrun, and another visit from the

"The Beast from the East" but luckily we didn't have to cancel this time
- perhaps due to some Irish luck on St Patrick's Day? Despite the
weather warnings of snow and ice, we still had a total of 533
participants joining us for event number 380 at Cannon Hill Park to run,
jog or walk the 5K course and conquer that final hill - well done all
especially since the snow started when parkrun did and the biting wind
did not let up. Let's give a nod to those who attended in their PJs to
acknowledge National Bed Month and National Sleep In Day - good luck to
winning one of five king-sized limited edition parkrun Perfect 2000
mattresses from our friends at Millbrook Beds.

Congratulations are in order for those reaching their fabulous parkrun
milestones today:
10TH (under 18) - Ines VILLALOBOS FINIGAN
50TH - Pasannamati NEAL, Alan ADAMS, and David CORNE
100TH - Mark SCOURSE
250TH - Stephen Grant THOMPSON

For those of you that love a stat like I do, here are some from this
week's parkrun:

* We had 46 Fi​​​​rst Timers - 18 of those began their parkrun
journeys with us at Cannon Hill parkrun

* 72 participants managed a PB (including me - yay!) - that's just over
13% of the participants today
* We were joined by members from 47 different Running Clubs
* We had 30 Junior participants
* Person with the highest number of parkruns attended was Andy YOUNG
with 315
* Highest age grade percentage went to Daniel CARPENTER at 84.42%
* Oldest age category was VM80-84
* 81 participants were Unknown

* Finisher #10 was Daniel ASHLEY with a new PB

* Finisher #50 was Stephan REICHARDT

* Finisher #100 was Tevraj AUJLA
* Finisher #250 was Jamie ALLEN

The full set of results for today can be found here:


Many thanks to our core team and the 46 wonderful volunteers who made
parkrun possible this week:

Chrissie BOYER, Nicola BROWN, Naomi BROWN, David CHAPMAN, Sarahjane
DOVE, Keith EVANS, Martin FOSTER, Lee J GREGORY, Vikki HARMAN, Richard
Geoffrey HUGHES, Sylvia HUGHES, Graham HYGATE, Graham LAWRENCE, Dale
Melanie MURRELL, Chris OXLEY, Steven POOLE, Izzy POWERS, Mary ROSS,
Robert SAUNDERS, Louie SAUNDERS, Clayton SHAW, Thomas SKIDMORE, Janet
Andrew WHEELER, Michael WOODALL, Anna YEUNG, and Andy YU.

If you would like to volunteer for any future events, please opt in for
volunteer e-mails or e-mail The future
roster can be found here: [2].

Hope everyone gets to enjoy what will be another chilly Spring weekend.
Be safe and see you at next week's parkrun. Don't forget your barcode!


You can follow Cannon Hill parkrun on: [3] [4] [5]

and for parkrun UK: [6] [6]



Run Report for event #379, Saturday 10th March 2018

This week's run report is kindly written by Lauren Hevey, a Cannon Hill parkrunner and Cannon Hill junior parkrunner! Thanks Lauren!

Event number 379 on the 10th of March, 2018

Today was a very sunny day to get back in the running mood after a snowy week off, plus we had 695 participants.

At Cannon Hill parkrun we had 38 volunteers, 59 first timers and 55 PBs.

Today, we had graduates from the Kings Heath Running club couch to 5km team and they all did really well!

5 stats from Cannon Hill parkrun this week are:
In 379th position this week was: Austin BARBER
In 38th position this week was: Morgan HILL
In 59th position this week was: Harry FOWLER
In 555th position this week was: Cath KEAST
In 103rd position this week was: Vibhu PAUDYAL

Random stats today are:
In 612th position this week was: Kate DEAN
In 521th position this week was: Lauren HEVEY (me)
In 474th position this week was: Apryl SHEPPARD
In 386th position this week was: Katrina WALKER
In 243rd position this week was: John BOWERS
In 169th position this week was: Oliver ALLPORT
In 14th position this week was: Andy YOUNG

Today first male was Alistair RUTHERFORD with the time of 16:07.
First woman was Ruby WHYTE-WILDING with the time of 19:20 minutes.
Well done to both of you!

Today we would like to praise:
10th (under the age of 18): Thomas MARQUET, Sarthak BHANDARI, Seb HORTON,
50th: Claire HUNT , Gabriel ANDREESCU
250th: Mike SAUNDERS

See you all next week!

By: Lauren HEVEY (A Cannon Hill runner and a Cannon Hill Junior runner!)


If you'd like to have a go at writing a run report for us, either regularly or just ad-hoc, then please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator on

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