Canons Park parkrun #107 – 2nd Anniversary!

We had another fantastic parkrunday this week with our event also celebrating our 2nd Anniversary parkrun! With an instruction to our parkrunners to ‘Do it Differently!’ we had a range of superheroes, pyjama warriors and range of people dressed inappropriately for a parkrun in the park - including cycling kit, wrong shoes, wrong outfits! We also shook things up by running the course in reverse! Thank you goes out to all our parkrunners this week for heeding our safety advice ensuring that running in the opposite direction didn’t upset any regular park users or cause any injuries due to hazards we don’t experience when running in our usual direction.

So onto the business of this week's run report. It wouldn't be an anniversary run report though without sharing with you some of the impressive stats that we have managed to collect. A total of 2,420 unique runners have taken part in our event over the last two years, running a total of 11,966 runs! Laid out one after the other that means we have run a total of 59,830km and for a total of 260 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes and 39 seconds!

This week’s first finishers were:

  • Marcus Weedon (men)
  • Simona Cristia (women)
  • Sebastian Hollingshead (boys)
  • Ellie Power (girls)

We had two parkrunners also celebrating their milestone 50th parkrun! Congratulations to Olivia Ziants and Raju Dattani!

But running, walking and jogging is only one piece of the parkrun puzzle. Since Canons Park parkrun began two years ago, 239 unique volunteers contributed a total of 1422 volunteering sessions. When comparing to the stats I was reporting for our first birthday celebrations, that means we welcomed an average of 2 brand new volunteers each week. Were you one of them? The volunteers truly are the beating heart of our event, so thank you to every single one of you.

As always I would like to thank this week’s amazing volunteers: Chris PARKINSON-BEST • Emma RACKHAM • Angela TOMUSANGE • Nathan POWELL • Penny HUDSON • Barry NOLAN • Kyie HOLLINGSHEAD • John AYTON • Alisha SIDIK • Esmat SIDIK • Zaheer SIDIK • Bilal ALI • Kevin ZIANTS • Deri ANSHER • Jo-Anne WINSTON • Alice MULVENNA • Zawer LAD • Kaylum PATEL.

As the weather gets colder and the Good Friends Cafe closes for the winter the core team have begun considering a way we may be able to provide free tea and coffee to keep our volunteers and parkrunners warm. We have an idea in place, but if you feel you could help be responsible for bringing a hot water thermos some weeks/each week (everything would be provided), please get in touch! As parkrun’s cash handling policy prohibits volunteers from handling ANY cash, if you are inclined to donate towards our tea and coffee facility, you will be able to make an online donation via our website: where all money coming in and out of our event fund is completely transparent for all to see.

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community of ours! I am sincerely honored to be part of it!


Chris Parkinson-Best

Event Director



Canons Park parkrun #105

It was a slightly chilly start to our parkrun but that didn't put off 146 people from attending our lovely parkrun this Saturday. Clearly this temperature suited our participants, as a whopping 36 of you got a PB - well done everyone! We also welcomed 21 first timers to Canons Park, including 12 people completing their first ever parkrun and tourists from Ealing, Cromer and North Wales! We hope we will see lots of you again in the coming weeks and months at Canons Park. We also wanted to give another shout out to Nathan Powell - well done on completing your 50th parkrun Nathan!

Our first finishers today were:

Men - David Drury

Women - Claire Morris

Boys - Sebastian Hollingshead

Girls - Ellie Power

Our event was supported by the following hi-vis heroes this week:

Nathan POWELL • David BROWN • Penny HUDSON • Kyie HOLLINGSHEAD • Simone WRIGHT • Andrew SOUTHERLAND-KIRBY • Esmat SIDIK • Zaheer SIDIK • Arti PATEL • Deri ANSHER • J YU • Tina MEHTA • Kaylum PATEL

If you would like to help out in future weeks, have a look at our future roster here then email us or message on Facebook to get signed up! All roles are nice and easy and you will get any training needed before the event!

Lastly, it is only a couple of weeks till our 2nd anniversary run, so keep an eye on Facebook for what will be happening at this special event.

See you all soon,

Andrew Southerland-Kirby

Run Director


Canons Park parkrun
Event number 105
29th September 2018

This week 146 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 21 were first timers and 36 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 13 volunteers:

Nathan POWELL • David BROWN • Penny HUDSON • Kyie HOLLINGSHEAD • Simone WRIGHT • Andrew SOUTHERLAND-KIRBY • Esmat SIDIK • Zaheer SIDIK • Arti PATEL • Deri ANSHER • J YU • Tina MEHTA • Kaylum PATEL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Canons Park parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Alex BAMPTON who recorded a time of 16:16 on 21st April 2018 (event number 82).
The female record is held by Sasha BIRKIN who recorded a time of 19:43 on 23rd June 2018 (event number 91).
The Age Grade course record is held by Nigel RACKHAM who recorded 89.00% (17:16) on 5th August 2017 (event number 44).

Canons Park parkrun started on 8th October 2016. Since then 2,386 participants have completed 11,656 parkruns covering a total distance of 58,280 km, including 2,540 new Personal Bests.


Canons Park parkrun Number 104

Welcome to Canons Park parkrun report.

My name is Hannah and I am 10 years old.

I would like to tell you why I love attending Saturday parkrun even though I do not like getting up so early at the weekends.

Firstly, parkrun is a great way to get to know people and meet up with people you already know. Also, if you are injured or can’t run then you can volunteer. There are lots jobs like: giving out finish tokens, timekeeper, marshal and others. In addition, you are not competing against other people. You can also find out your best time and try to beat it. Furthermore, you are never last. There is a Tail Walker at the end to talk to you and motivate you. Another thing that is amazing at parkrun is because it is in a park, there is great scenery, it is calm and it is on EVERY SATURDAY and on CHRISTMAS DAY. parkrun is all over the world which mean you can do ‘parkrun tourism.’ Most importantly, you HAVE FUN!!!!!


This week 148 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers (20 participants were completely new to parkrun – well done for taking that first step) and 27 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part. We welcomed Andrew Looms, a tourist from Newcastle Upon Lyme today. Thank you for letting us know on our FB page you enjoyed our event. We hope you come back to visit again.


Many congratulations to:

  • Caroline Peters for completing her 50th parkrun today, what an achievement.
  • Kate Alpe for being the first finisher in an impressive time of 19:48 (only 5 seconds slower than our course record)
  • Tracey Billington for being the 104th finisher at our 104th event and trying out parkrun for the first time.
  • Barry Nolan for introducing ‘mufty day’ at parkrun by forgetting the nicely washed, dried and ‘ironed’ hi-vis bibs
  • All participants for returning the finish tokens #rtft

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers:

Chris PARKINSON-BEST • Jenny STORER • Emma RACKHAM • Nathan POWELL • Barry NOLAN • Shama MEGHJEE-CAINE • Jenin-Fatema MEGHJEE-CAINE • Alisha SIDIK • Hannah Fatema MEGHJEE-CAINE • Zaheer SIDIK • Deri ANSHER • Jo-Anne WINSTON • Vivian OLUKA • Robert COTTINGHAM • Kaylum PATEL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Canons Park parkrun Results Page


Canons Park parkrun Number 103

It was a relatively busy parkrun at Canons Park this week. Despite the Harrow Half Marathon taking place on Sunday we still welcomed 160 walkers, joggers and walkers to our beautiful park.

The event was made possible by 15 volunteers: Chris PARKINSON-BEST • Tanasheh ABRAHAMS • Nathan POWELL • Kyie HOLLINGSHEAD • Stephen HOWARD • Andrew SOUTHERLAND-KIRBY • Sean SOUTHERLAND-KIRBY • Esmat SIDIK • Sharon GRAHAM • Zaheer SIDIK • Pravin SAVJANI • Deri ANSHER • Jo-Anne WINSTON • Zawer LAD • Kaylum PATEL

The commitment of our volunteers, whether they are regular or occasional is so valued by all of us here at Canons Park. We particularly want to make sure that we make their jobs as easy as possible. One way you can help is by ensuring you remember your barcode each week. parkrun's policy on this is quite clear - no barcode, no time, no exceptions. Please help ensure our volunteers are not being asked to have difficult conversations with parkrunners. We simply want everyone to have an enjoyable parkrun experience.

An easy way of thinking it is this way - our run directors must remember the following each and every Saturday:

  • reset stopwatches
  • reset barcode scanners
  • respond to emails from parkrunners
  • send an email reminder to all volunteers
  • send appeal email out for additional volunteers
  • post our motivational posts on social media
  • print the volunteer roster
  • count and check the finish tokens
  • charge laptop

parkrunners need to remember the following each Saturday:

  • barcode.

Thank you everyone for helping make Canons Park parkrun such an amazing community event!

Chris Parkinson-Best

Event Director


Canons Park parkrun #102

This week 144 people ran, jogged and walked Canons Park, of whom 28 of you were first timers and a fantastic 37 recorded new Personal Bests. You may have noticed a slight detour to our usual exit to the woods - a small error on our part. Rest assured that the individual concerned has been duly reprimanded and is on volunteer duty for the foreseeable future!

A big shout out to a couple of our tourists this week. Firstly 11 year old Rafi and Leo who are on a charity trek around all 52 London parkruns. Good luck boys - a fantastic effort.  Also Lauren Segall who visited us all the way from Cape Town, South Africa!

As ever we simply couldn't operate without our 14 fantastic volunteers:


'Cake Baking' isn't a volunteer role, although it probably should be! Thank you to Jo-Anne and Sharon for the lovely honey cake. Hope you have a great Rosh Hashana. If you haven't volunteered in a while, please check the rota on our website and contact us via the website or Facebook

We lost tokens again this week, numbers 31 & 32. If you find either in your running shorts - please return it this week!

The number of manual entries we are having to input because of forgotten barcodes is growing week on week. This causes a great deal of additional work for whoever is processing the results. From next week we will be enforcing the no barcode, no results rule. We will only make an exception for barcodes that wont scan for what ever reason. Please note you must have a paper copy not on your phone.

Thanks to those who are helping out at the Harrow Half next Sunday and good luck to all those running it!

See you next week!

Barry Nolan - Run Director


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