This week’s pacers!

Every last Saturday of the month is Pacer Day at Cassiobury parkrun, courtesy of Watford Joggers, and the target times for this Saturday, 28th April, are as follows:

  • 20mins - David O'Sullivan
  • 22mins - Will Frost
  • 24mins - Charles Henderson
  • 26mins - Alistair Balderson
  • 27mins - Marcia Quinn
  • 28mins - Julie Rice
  • 29mins - Sophia Stylianou
  • 30mins - Mark Nicholls
  • 33mins - Linda McQuaid

The pacers will have numbers pinned to the backs of their vests to indicate their times, and they'll line up at the start for the pre-run briefing so you can see who's who and pick the person who might just lead you to a new SB or PB!

Thank you as always to the Joggers volunteer co-ordinator, Philippa Griffin, for arranging Pacer Day.




Cassiobury parkrun #170 – 21-04-18 – Marathon fever, & a slew of “100″ milestones!

Cassiobury parkrun
Event number 170
21st April 2018

Thank you to run director Claire for writing this week's report

Cassiobury parkrun number 170 took place on a bright and sunny morning with everyone in good spirits. Marathon fever was obviously running high with a very good turnout being the 5th best in our history. Good luck and well done to all those who have taken part in the London Marathon. The morning was made even better when Shama provided cake for all participants and volunteers to celebrate her 100th run. Thank-you Shama!

0 FB_20180421_06_43_41_Saved_Picture

One of our very own also celebrated his 100th parkrun, Alistair, a member of the Cassiobury core team who works extremely hard to make sure parkrun happens on a weekly basis.

0 Superstars AB SMC

You may have also noticed Andy (not to be confused with a balloon seller), who came with balloons a plenty. Thankfully his feet stayed firmly on the ground despite being attached to many many celebratory balloons.

0 WP_20180421_09_43_45_Pro

Well done all 3 for reaching 100 runs.

Congratulations also go to Graham and Thomas who reached their 50th runs and Aaryan a parkrun junior who reached his 10th run at Cassiobury.

This week 450 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 50 were first timers and 66 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part. Well done to all.

The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Rod HEWSON • Angela EDWARDS • Marcus EDWARDS • Linda HALL • Tim COOK • Vince DERITIS • Claire DERITIS • Helen MACAULAY • Christine CANNING • Will FROST • Soong-Kong AU-YEONG • Scott MITCHELL • John O'CONNOR • Jo ZHOU • Paolo DERITIS • Linda WALKE • Neil HERRING • Kulsum MEGHJEE • Daniel COLLETTE • Paul HARRIS • David PEARCE • Jerry ENGLAND • Margaret COX • Paul GREEN • Lucy THOMAS • Mary WEIR • Ryan COBB

We are reliant on all parkrunners volunteering to make each event possible. If you would like to volunteer please drop us a line at

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page. Photos are available on the Cassiobury parkrun Flickr group pool; courtesy of Paul Green.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 7,313 participants have completed 48,445 parkruns covering a total distance of 242,225 km, including 9,564 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #169 – 14-04-18



To all 405 finishers, of whom 376 were known and 29 were unknown; 205 of whom were male and 171 female; 342 adults and 34 juniors; and 70 members of 28 different clubs.


To a first timer to Cassiobury but veteran of a whopping 226 parkruns, Joseph KEATING of Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC – the most prolific attendee today.

To all 50 first timers to our venue, of whom 21 completed their inaugural runs: Michael DOMINGUEZ • Beck ROTHERAM • Joe IMBERG • David ABRAHAM • Graham BARNES • Rajan BAJRACHARYA • Laura BRADSHAW • Amanda HARROP • Saamia TEJANI • Simon WARD-WILSON • Greg BREED • Ben WATSON • Lee WATSON • Jack WATSON • James TYERMAN • Michelle BANISTER • Samantha DRURY • Elaine BREWER • Jackie COALWOOD • Michael BOOTHER • Susan ABRAHAM.

Newcomers to parkrun might like to read the parkrun code for 5k events to familiarise themselves with the few guidelines that we ask all parkrunners to stick to.

5k parkrun code (JPG)


To the 37 who recorded new Personal Bests, ranging from Alex HANHRAHAN’s 20:15 (down from 21:49) to Katie H’s 53:44 (down from 54:33 – nice inversion of the digits, there!). This was just the second run for both.

To the 169th finishers at our 169th event: Overall = Carl ATKINS (27:40) • Male = Amit SHUKLA (30:53 = new PB!) • Female = Kathleen MCMAHON (54:26).

To Sophie COOKE who was the 16th female finisher at her 16th run (in 24:29); and Harriet MATTHEWS who was the 66th female finisher at her 66th run (in 30:10).

To the first 3 males and females to cross the line: Ross CONNOR (17:26) • Thomas GILLESPIE (18:14) • Daniel HARRISON (18:26) • Katie TUCKER (19:18) • Francesca BAXTER (19:46) • Samihah PANJU (22:42).



To the new milestone club members: 10 runs (juniors only) = Hope QUINLAN and Luca BOWDEN • 50 = Jerry ENGLAND, Paul CLARK, Tracy DEBENHAM, and Connie GREEN • 100 = Rob PARGETOR and Annette SYMANIAK.



To THE SUN which deigned to shine upon us this morning!!!

To the 23 lovely volunteers who made this event possible: Linda HALL • Tim COOK • Helen WHITTAKER • Sharon DAVIDSON • John DAVIDSON • Peter W. JONES • Harriett (Claire) HARMAN • James MARTIN • Jo ZHOU • Claire CASSELTON • Amritha RAGHAVAN • Neil HERRING • Kulsum MEGHJEE • Kevin BARRETT • David PEARCE • Mauro FASTI • Karen ENGLAND • Keith DOWDING • Harry MANLEY • Stephen HOBBS • Paul GREEN • Mary WEIR • Bailey HEWITT.

You can find out more about the volunteer roles here, check the empty spots on the roster here, and volunteer your help in any future week by emailing with your name and barcode number.



To any of our parkrunners who are racing anywhere tomorrow … in particular to Kevin BARRETT, one of today's timekeepers, in Brighton running his first marathon!


Cassiobury parkrun #168 – 07-04-18 – Arrows Tourism

Our thanks go to Rhona McKee, a tourist from Harpenden Arrows Running Club and a regular at Luton Wardown parkrun, for writing this week's run report. Indeed, thank you to all 26 volunteers who made this event possible:

Russell MATTHEWS • Robert WALLACE • Oliver HILL • Stephen MCKEE • Vince DERITIS • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Jo ZHOU • Christine WHITE • David ARMITAGE-BRAIN • Glyn JAGGER • Natalie LIGHTMAN • Paul HARRIS • David PEARCE • Nathan WHITE • Margaret COX • Rhona MCKEE • Ian NUNN • Carol TUNSTALL • Mary WEIR • Shahzad MAJID • Inaaya MAJID • Lisa COOPER • Kiran GROVER

Carol and Kiran were here to promote the Watford Charity 10k, taking place from Cassiobury Park on Monday 7th May - you can enter online here, or if you can help out marshalling then they'd be very pleased to hear from you - contact form here.

Several regulars were resting their legs in advance of their Leighton 10k, Fullers Towpath 10m, and Grand Union Canal Half Marathon races on Sunday: congratulations to Russell, Ann, Christine, David, Natalie, Will, Paul, and Claire!

Harpenden Arrows parkrun Tourists enjoyed their trip to Cassiobury for parkrun no.168 and were warmly received by volunteers, marshals and café owners alike. We thank you for welcoming us and will recommend the route to other club members if they are looking for a parkrun with PB potential and friendly volunteers. There were some minor changes to the course this week as a result of the recent inclement weather - namely moving the start and finish areas - to avoid a muddy, slippery ending.

This report is brought to you by Rhona McKee of Harpenden Arrows who completed her 40th run today and we hope you enjoy reading it.

0-2018-04-07 Harpenden Arrows

Congratulations to Harvir Sanghera reaching his 10th parkrun and Xanthe Mainwaring who reached her 50th run today. Other numbers:

    • 387 people walked, jogged and ran round today - buggies, dogs and other modes of transport included too – all at the start of Spring with a beautiful backdrop of daffodils with Glynn Jagger, our Run Director, the tallest and brightest daffodil of all.

0-Daffodil RD

  • Welcome to the parkrun family for 25 debutants today and hopefully you have caught the bug and will become a regular participant.
  • Great performance from many juniors including Will Bowran St Albans AC (JM15-17) taking 1st place overall with a PB of 17.15 and Jessica Leane, Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC (JW15-17) leading lady in 19:09.
  • Joining the youngsters were three young at heart ladies – Sylvia Ashford, Kathleen McMahon, Gill Neale  in their early eighties having fun in the park proving age is no barrier.
  • A special mention to a couple of other more senior runners as Susan Sidders (VW70-74) finished 135th overall with a time of 26:08 [a new age category record!] and a WAVA of 85.2% and Jerry England (VM60-64) finishing in 20:48 for a 77.8% WAVA and 19th overall.
  • Mark Slade from Hatton Darts was the most experienced parkrunner completing his 264th parkrun and his 1st at Cassiobury, taking 3rd place in an impressive time of 18:13.
  • 45 PBs recorded by runners of all age categories, well done to all.

Good feedback from the Arrows attending, nice course in a lovely park setting with a great café for post run debriefing, counselling, gossip and a chance to meet other runners and volunteers too.


Thank you for the report, Rhona, and we're glad the Arrows enjoyed their visit!


Also from Event #168:

Can I bring my barcode on my smartphone or watch instead of printing it?

Scanning barcodes on smart phones and watches Last week's rain meant that many of you ended up with printed barcodes that simply disintegrated. Thankfully, in time for this week's lovely spring weather most of you did manage to print out a new barcode. However, we did have a few people asking some of our barcode scanners to scan the barcode on their smartphones. Globally parkrun currently only allow local teams like ours to accept printed barcodes. Essentially this means paper barcodes, plastic barcodes or our official wristbands. In such a technological age you might why ask why parkrun have instructed local teams like ours to follow this policy. The answer from parkrun HQ can be found here and is split into four parts:

  • You’re so much more than a number!
  • What happens in an emergency?
  • Funnel Dynamics
  • Cost


Can be found here. There was no photographer this week, so no link to photos. If you'd like to volunteer as photographer - or any other role! - in future weeks, please email with your name and barcode number.

Post-event close down

Some aspects of the post-event close-down are more tricky than you might imagine!

0-Successful banner-folding

Successful banner-folding!


Cassiobury parkrun #167 – 31-03-18 – Spring showers!



Completing their 100th runs were:

  • Katie BALDERSON in 33:03 and 283rd position. 91 of her runs have been at Cassiobury and she has volunteered on 14 occasions.
  • Soong-Kong AU-YEONG in 25:47 and 124th position. 82 of his runs have been at Cassiobury and he has volunteered on 23 occasions.

Completing their 50th runs were:

  • Ian NUNN in 25:05 and 100th place. He has run 43 times at Cassiobury and also appears to have visited most of our nearest neighbouring events. He has volunteered twice.
  • Fabrizio CONTI in 27:40 and 167th place – the 167th finisher at our 167th event! All 50 of his runs have been at Cassiobury.
  • Richard BARTLETT in 28:33 and 186th place – 44 of his runs have been at Cassiobury.

Completing the first milestone for juniors (10 runs) were:

  • Esmae TRIDGELL-ROBERTS in 37:45, 327th place.
  • Tusar GURUNG in 33:02, 282nd place.

Milestone news:

  • Here is the March 2018 update for those waiting to claim their milestone t-shirts.
  • In the meantime, if you are already a member of the volunteer 25 club then you will see that the appropriate purple badge now shows on your profile along with your running badges.


Screenshot (22)    Running badger    Running badger 2

Running badges ....not to be confused with running badgers ...


This week 361 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers to our park. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part, including newcomers from local clubs Watford Joggers and St Albans, and further afield from London Heathside and Littledown Harriers RC.

30 of those 51 took part in their very first parkruns: Steve DAVIES • Peter TUGBY • Jack MOORE • Jeff BENVENISTE • Hannah WATKINS • Neil EDWARDS • Joshua GARDENER • Alexandra TANNER • Neil MANTRIPPE • Anaya POPAT • Tom LEACH • Sundip PATEL • Rebecca WATFORD • Aliya MERALI • Mick WILLIAMS • Seetal POPAT • Vicky LEACH • Annelie ISRAELSSON • Annabel STAINES • Aasiyah HOSSAIN • Jannah HOSSAIN • Shahana KHUNDMIR • Emily GARDENER • Tania MERCER • Vaneeka PATEL • Charlotte BOOTHER • Rose SHEPHERD • Margaret LEWIN • Carlda LEWIN • June BOOTHER

The most prolific participant was Jo BROOKS of Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club, with her tally of 244 runs – her finish time and position today were 30:40 and 225th.

Runners 1


69 athletes recorded new Personal Bests. Too many to name you all, but those with 30 or more runs and new PBs today were: Tim WOODHEAD (19:15) • Alison HAINES (34:40) • Elen COOK (26:21) • Roz FULLYLOVE (27:43) • Rosemary OBEY (26:54) • Esther LAXENAIRE (28:17) • Paul BEADLE (20:31) • Nicky DODDS (27:01) • Graham John HILSDEN (27:14) • Chris EDWARDS (23:22) • Helen MACAULAY (23:19) • Clive M WICKHAM (19:28) • Carol WOLSTENCROFT (36:20) • Oliver MOORE (20:39) • Wendy OWEN (27:48) • Kevin CONCANNON (21:27) • Andrew DODDS (17:52) • Danik BATES (21:36).

Finishing in 22nd position at his 22nd parkrun was Scott MITCHELL in 20:49; and in 83rd position at her 83rd run was Lindsey WARNE in 24:03.

A few aesthetically pleasing times stand out: Carlda LEWIN’s 51:15 • Catherine IMRIE’s 33:55 • Sundip PATEL’s 31:31 • Mark DAVIES’ 27:27 • Matthew SHERPHERD’s 25:25 • Michael DUDLEY’s 23:32 • Gary STAINES’ 22:22 • Will BROTHERSTON’s 20:02.


The event was made possible by 31 volunteers: Linda MCQUAID • Linda HALL • Vince DERITIS • Claire DERITIS • Jane WELCH • Charles HENDERSON • Helen JOHAL • Jo WILKINSON • John DAVIDSON • Caitlin JOHAL • John O'CONNOR • Fiona MEPHAM • Katherine BEANEY • Peter FLANAGAN • Anatole RANSOM • Dani KIRWAN • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Andrea GAUTHIER • Ciara FLANAGAN • Marian LLOYD-JONES • Karen ENGLAND • Rachel PENROSE • Stephen HOBBS • Kelly JAGGER • Ryan COBB … and the Watford Joggers pacing team of: Philippa GRIFFIN • Mark NICHOLLS • Donna RAWLINS • Charles HENDERSON • Kikawatford WATFORD • Rustum KHEDKAR.

Please consider helping out over the coming weeks … take a look at the roster here and you will notice a few blank spaces – they all need to be filled before that week’s event can go ahead! As usual, please email with your name and barcode, and the date on which you are available. All the roles are easy and fun, and full briefing and support is given. You can find out a bit for yourself here.

Vols 3    Vols 2    Vols 1


Shama Meghjee-Caine has run 97 parkruns (73 at Cassiobury) and has completed 44 volunteer tasks over 39 events, and today she officially joined the run directing crew at Canons Park parkrun in Stanmore, delivering a pre-run brief with unsurprising coolness, and overseeing 18 volunteers putting on a smooth run for 118 participants. Congratulations and best of luck to Shama in her new role! We hope she might come and visit us for her 100th run, so keep a look out for that in a few weeks’ time.


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