Cassiobury parkrun #195 – 13-10-18 – One fine day

"It was a glorious, fine, sunny morning for a parkrun with absolutely no sign of storm Callum your honor", said run director Glyn. We present exhibit A for the defense in this matter.


Oh, how things changed come 9am where it was clear the rain would be making an appearance, just how much of an appearance I don't think anyone anticipated at that point. Having been impressed with the friendly approach taken at Sizewell parkrun we incorporated a handshake and a "good luck" to fellow parkrunners at the end of the pre-event brief this week. We also welcomed 29 first timers, tourists from afar a field as Brazil and representatives from 19 difference clubs.

IMG_3268  IMG_3144

Kevin Baddeley, ran his 50th parkrun with helium balloon in tow, captured below by volunteer photographer Emma Jeffrey. Many of you were clearly wanting to get out of the rain as quickly as possible with 48 recorded Personal Bests. This included Emily and Jenny Fox who both completed their 9th parkrun & both in 33:58.

In all we had 357 people run, jog and walk the course. Well done everyone for making it round and we hope you enjoyed the complimentary shower. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.


Massive thank you to the volunteers

While for many people this week was a quick dash round the course followed by a warming cuppa in the Cha Cafe or a hot shower at home, your parkrun was made possible by 25 fantastic volunteers who stood in the rain until the tail walker crossed the finish line. Thank you all so much.

Matthew BEANEY • Charles HENDERSON • Katerina FELLAS • Alistair RUST • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Katherine BEANEY • Sakalain MEGHJEE • Glyn JAGGER • Vinod RAGHAVAN • Andrea GAUTHIER • Hamish STARLING • David PEARCE • Emma JEFFREY • Stephen HOBBS • Richard LESTER • Kelly JAGGER • Mark MORBEY • Kerry STOCK • Graham DORMER • Fatim PANJU • Danny BRODERICK • Ryan COBB • Shay RATHOD • Rajesh RATHOD

Some of our regular pacer volunteers from Watford Joggers where also on hand giving out leaflets for their upcoming Autumn 10k for those of you wishing to test yourself over double the distance. Just in case your leaflet got a little soggy here's a handy link to their details:


Rajesh Rathod wrote down a record 28 barcode details as many of you found your paper barcodes had disintegrated by the finish. All these were studiously typed into the system to ensure you received your results.

Several of you asked me where you can purchase the official parkrun wristbands, key fobs etc. for a more durable alternative to the paper barcode. So here is a handy link: (ensure it shows United Kingdom (£) top-right). I know of one parkrun run director who will be very excited by the appearance of purple flatbands.

Forgot your kit? Got the wrong kit?

We needed to fold the tarpaulin in half after the start this week in an attempt to keep your kit dry. It did mean that not everything was exactly where you left it. We had one very worried runner who thought his sweatshirt containing his only set of car keys had gone missing! Thankfully a little more searching and this turned up.

The following three items were left on the fence and I know of at least one person who picked up the wrong top. The kit below has been dried and will be placed in the parkrun locker by the finish for collection at future parkruns for a couple of weeks at which point unclaimed items will be donated to charity.


The stats

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 8,275 participants have completed 57,820 parkruns covering a total distance of 289,100 km, including 11,048 new Personal Bests.

  • The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45).
  • The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116).
  • The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Aesthetically, pleasing time of the week goes to Sophie Cooke 24:42, who also has an aesthetically pleasing PB time of 23:23.

The big dry-out

Don't let the thought of a damp high-viz put you off volunteering for next week's parkrun. All the kit has been nicely dried so feel free to email Claire at to volunteer at your next parkrun.



Cassiobury parkrun #194 – 06-10-18 – the Peace Hospice takeover


The predicted rain didn't stop 325 parkrunners turn up in Cassiobury Park on Saturday morning, some proudly wearing Peace Hospice Care t-shirts. It was 'perfect running conditions' but not quite so warm for the volunteers.

We had some new volunteers this week, many of whom are Peace Hospice Care volunteers. They were there to raise awareness for the Hospice in advance of Hospice Care Week next week, as it is located less than 200 metres from the start of the run. Every year Peace Hospice Care needs £5 million so they can provide essential services, free of charge, to those facing life-limiting illnesses. They provide outstanding care, helping people with life-limiting illnesses make the most of the time they have. Their NHS funding has been cut. Now, for every £1 of income they receive, less than 20p of that comes from the NHS.

Harvey Bear was at the end of finish line hi-fiving all the runners, whilst other volunteers were dishing out water and biscuits to all.

16 runners experienced their very first parkrun here in Cassiobury Park on Sunday, and an additional 20 visited Cassiobury parkrun for the first time too. 35 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

A huge congratulations to the milestone runners this week – three reached 50 and one has achieved 100!

Terry Johnson, Betty-Louise Coste and Gill Ryan all did their 50th run. Betty-Louise has done all of hers in Cassiobury, Gill has been as far as Dorset and Terry has enjoyed his Hertfordshire roaming of 6 different local parkruns!

Hudson Herring has reached his 100 runs, with every one of them at Cassiobury! He has also been a fantastic volunteer too!

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Linda HALL • Graham HALL • Ann DAVIDSON • Ashley ANDERSON • Tracey BRAVO • Alistair BALDERSON • Katie BALDERSON • Freya HILSDEN • Daniel BALDERSON • Emma BIRD • Andrea GAUTHIER • Sarah THOMPSON • Hamish STARLING • Sarah DOWNING • Helen DONNELLY • David FENWICK • Alison HILSDEN • John HOLLOWAY • Lisa ROWLAND • Louis BREESE • Susie BARNES • Rabi MARTINS • Mark WATKIN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45).
The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116).
The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).
Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 8,246 participants have completed 57,463 parkruns covering a total distance of 287,315 km, including 11,000 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #193 – 29-09-18 – 71 happy bunnies

Today’s results can be seen here, and we will publish a link to Michael’s photographs when they’re available. You might like to check out our Facebook page, where we often post updates and newsflashes.

A lovely morning for a parkrun, weather-wise, quite cool but with nice sun emerging after 9am, and a jolly atmosphere among the 370 happy parkrunners completing the 5k course and the 32 super volunteers helping with all aspects of course set-up, finish area management, marshalling, and pacing.

Conditions were obviously ideal for fast running, with 71 you setting new PBs, presumably helped along (being towed or chased) by the Watford Joggers pacers: Charles (21 mins), Kate (24), Greg (26), Emma (28), Philippa (30), Angela (35), and Mark (40). Every last Saturday of the month is Pacer Day, so come along and join us on 27 October when you might just see, as well as the pacers, 1 or 2 runners (including tail walker Bob) marking Halloween a few days early in fancy dress! (See here for last year's costumes!)

2017-10-Halloween - The End Is Here (Bob)

Bob at Halloween 2017 - what will he think of next?!

A few of the most prolific runners (20+ runs) with shiny new PBs are:

  • Sophie MCKILLOP (25:49), Kevin APPLETON (25:10), Ambar KHAN (24:41), Allen TALBOT (22:45), Mark MORBEY (36:19), Margaret KANU (29:25), Mark DAVIES (25:55), James DUNSTONE (23:16), Rupert Walke (24:08), Martin HOPCROFT (19:29), Shahzad MAJID (22:19), Graham DORMER (25:34), Geoff BONNETT (17:40), Sylvia MOSS (22:25), Martin KEARNS (25:31), Dominic WOOD (19:23), Rob FULLYLOVE (25:55), Caroline HOLT (32:03), Kerry STOCK (29:28), Danny BRODERICK (20:40), Richard MOSS (19:31), Peter CURTIS (21:43), Richard NYARIKI (21:06), Paul HARRIS (24:42 – less than a month after completing an epic 10h43m multi-discipline race in the Lake District!) … with special mentions to Robert COOPER (28:23), June NICHOLLS (38:10), Tina PETTITT (26:02), and Stefanos FELLAS (33:02) … and a very special mention to Sue DEFOE with 112 parkruns to her name and a new PB today of 25:51! Sue declared herself a “happy bunny” and thanked the 26-minute pacer, Greg HILL, for the incentive!


32 people visited our venue for the first time. Some of those were tourists from Ellenbrook Fields parkrun (in Hatfield) and as far away as … Singapore! Salutations to you all. 17 people ran their first-ever parkruns – welcome to:

  • David O’CONNOR, Amelie BEALES, Deepthi SUNDARAM, Freddie BEALES, Waheeda PATEL, Jono JUDE, Elizabeth EDWARDS, Jonathan GILBERT, Michele REDFORD, Jessica CARTER, Ben GREENSTREET, Gareth WATSON, Tim LYNE, Jodie WRIGHT, Nicola TANNER, Helen HAWKINS, and Lucy DILLON.

At the other end of the scale, the most prolific attendee today was Rod HEWSON (287 runs), who was proudly sporting his brand new green "250" milestone shirt, having qualified for it last November.

Celebrating their "50" milestone runs today were:

  • Chloe WARNE – today’s time and position 32:42, 264th. 47 of her runs have been at Cassiobury (she’s also visited South Oxhey and Rickmansworth) and she volunteered at our Junior Takeover in July, with credits of funnel manager and run report writer to her name.
  • Leo LI – 23:29 and 76th. All 50 of his runs have been at Cassiobury and he has 3 volunteer credits to his name.
  • Andrew POWELL – 22:45 and 59th. 33 of his runs have been at Cassiobury (with most of the other nearest Hertfordshire parkruns making up the rest) and he has volunteered as a marshal earlier this year.

We said belated congrats to Mark DAVIES who managed to sneak in his 50th parkrun last week, apparently unnoticed! All of his 51 runs have been here at Cassiobury, and he saved the real celebration for today when he ran a storming new PB of 25:55 (a best by 19 seconds) – clearly he was another runner who was keeping pacer Greg in his sights!

There were no 100s today but we have been reliably informed that Hudson HERRING will be running his 100th next Saturday, 6th October, with Team Herring in attendance to support! Advance congrats, Hudson!

And, elsewhere in the parkruniverse, Cassiobury core crew member Vince DERITIS ran his 200th parkrun (an unofficial milestone, but an epic number all the same!) with a return visit to Black Park parkrun … and a course PB by nearly 3 minutes, of 24:21! Congratulations, Vince!

An official volunteer "25" milestone will take place later this weekend, provided that Daniel Balderson follows through on his dad's promise for him to help sort the finish tokens! Daniel has undertaken 26 tasks at 25 runs, mostly at Cassiobury and once at Leavesden junior parkrun. He has done finish tokens, barcode scanning, and marshalling ... but his forte is definitely the token sorting, at which he is a pro!

The first 3 senior and junior males and females to cross the line were:

  • Jason CRESSWELL (17:18), Daniel HARRISON (17:28), Geoff BONNETT (17:40), Jo WILKINSON (20:03), Harry BOWDEN (20:28), James VAN DER ZWART (20:50), Deepthi SUNDARAM (21:25), Max PENDRY (22:02), Sylvia MOSS (22:25), Sophie MCKILLOP (25:49), Jessica WARNE (27:03), and Betty-Louise COSTE (27:50).

Saving the best for last, we say thank you to our amazing volunteers today, who were:

  • Ashley ANDERSON, Thomas BALDERSON, Daniel BALDERSON, Alistair BALDERSON, Russell BARNES-HEATH, Kevin BARRETT, Sharon DAVIDSON, Steve DURKIN (in the newly-created one-off role of “notes holder”!), Katerina FELLAS, Philippa GRIFFIN, Linda HALL, Michael HALPIN, Charles HENDERSON, Oliver HILL, Greg HILL, Stephen HOBBS, Emma JEFFREY, Angela KEOGH, Simone KNAGGS, Linsey MAYNARD, Kassim MEGHJEE, Robert MOORE, Mark NICHOLLS, Laura OBORNE, Nathan PASKELL, Amrutlal (Archie) PATEL, Kate PICKARD, Jill ROGERS, Mustafa SALIH, Martin SEARLE, Mario TURTURICI, and Ming WANG-KOH.

If you can help out just once in the coming weeks we would love to hear from you (no experience necessary - only enthusiasm and a willingness to encourage your fellow parkrunners!). Please email cassioburyhelpers with your name and barcode number, and tell us the date on which you can volunteer. You can see the roster here – all the empty slots need to be filled before parkrunday!

We are lucky to have the Peace Hospice staging a takeover of the roster next week, to publicise their “Biggest Ever Bucket Collection” – thank you to Tracey and Linda for organising it.

Good luck to any parkrunners who are racing in tomorrow’s Ealing Half Marathon and/or Moor Park 10k (yes, a double is doable, if you’re inclined, as Ealing starts at 9am and Moor Park at 3pm!), Winsdor Half, and to Alex and Marcio in Poland who are taking on the Warsaw Marathon. Well done to Alex, Blakey, Ross, and anyone else who took part in last week’s Hercules Duathlon in St Albans, in the most atrociously wet and chilly conditions!


What you need to know in advance! Cassiobury parkrun #193 – Sat 29-09-18


We have learned that Watford Boys' Grammar School (in Shepherds Road) is having its open day this coming Saturday morning, so traffic and parking is likely to be very difficult, at least on that side of the park (adjacent to Cassiobury Park Avenue). This is to alert you, and to encourage you to allow plenty of time and/or use other means of transport to reach Cassiobury Park, especially if you come from the west Watford direction. Why not walk, jog, or cycle to parkrun this weekend?


This week’s pacers are: 

  • 21 mins: Charles
  • 24 mins: Kate
  • 26 mins: Greg
  • 28 mins: Philippa
  • 30 mins: Emma
  • 35 mins: Angela
  • 40mins: Mark 

Every last Saturday of the month is Pacer Day, thanks to Watford Joggers … if you would like to join them as a pacer one month, please let us know and we'll add you to the roster (you get a run credit AND a volunteer credit!). If you would like a pacer to help you to try and beat your PB or SB, just listen out in the pre-run briefing to see who you should follow on the day (pacers will have their target times pinned to the backs of their shirts).

Please note that the Joggers' Autumn Challenge 10k - on Sunday 25th November at 10.30am - is now open for entries. 

And finally a quick reminder of the parkrun code:

A4 - 5k parkrun code (JPG)

See you there with your barcodes at the ready!


Cassiobury parkrun #192 – 22-09-18 – an interview with Graham

It was a bit chillier on Sat 22nd Sept, with a slight threat of rain, although in the event everything was dry-ish. Sunday morning was a different story as I ran along the canal to Rickmansworth, but that's another story.


There was also another event going on in the park on Saturday, Push It For The Peace, a crazy obstacle race with 5k and 10k courses spread out all over the park. It was run by our friends at the Peace Hospice. My reason for mentioning it is that the Peace Hospice team will be with us at Cassiobury parkrun on Sat 6th October, as part of their "Biggest* Ever Bucket Collection" (* hoping to be the biggest but may not be). Several of their volunteers will also be parkrun volunteers on the day, and there will be a few people collecting on behalf of this local hospice at parkrun and other locations around Watford that day. It would be great if you feel able to support them with a bit of change, although of course the run is completely free and you are under no obligation!


I had a nice full roster of volunteers on 22nd, for which I am very grateful. If you would like to experience the joy of taking part in parkrun from a new angle, please do let us know by emailing us. Thanks to:

Alistair BALDERSON  •  Amrutlal ( Archie) PATEL  •  Andrew POWELL  •  Angela NEMBHARD  •  Brian ASHFORD  •  Charlotte DOBBIE  •  Daniel BALDERSON  •  Daniel COLLETTE  •  Danny BRODERICK  •  David FENWICK  •  Fiona MEPHAM  •  Jeff PETERS  •  Kassim MEGHJEE  •  Kathryn BLAKEY  •  Keith HEWETT  •  Kerry PEARSON  •  Louise COX  •  Lucy THOMAS  •  Robert BRODERICK  •  Rod HEWSON  •  Rosalind CRAWLEY  •  Sajjad TEJANI  •  Stephanie JAQUES  •  Stephen BLAKEY  •  Thomas BALDERSON  •  Zahra TEJANI

This week 325 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 46 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.


As usual we had a few people running milestone events this week: Helen MUSSEN, James DUNSTONE, Mark DAVIES and Rebecca MULLEN all did their 50th runs this week, Helen and James celebrating with PBs and Rebecca visiting from Hemel Hempstead to do her first Cassiobury run. Stella BADDELEY ran her 100th parkrun on Saturday, and in a remarkable display of passionate loyalty to our wonderful event, every single one of those 100 runs has been at Cassiobury! Congratulations to all of you and I hope it isn't too long before we see you running in your lovely new t-shirts.

It is hard to keep up with who might or might not be running milestone runs, and there is no magic parkrun HQ list that we have access to, So if you want a shout-out from the Run Director, it is best to let us know in advance.

Graham Dormer got in touch to do exactly that on behalf of his friend James Dunstone. He said "A good friend of mine got me into parkrun at the start of this year and now I'm seriously addicted! I'd like to thank him for that and I'll be running with him on his 50th parkrun this Saturday."


I always like hearing people's stories of how they got started in parkrun so I sent Graham some questions, and here are his replies:

Q: When and where was your first parkrun, and how many have you done since then?

A: 25th Nov 2017 at St Albans. I've run 28 parkruns in total now.

Q: Is there any aspect of that first run that you particularly recall?

A: A great sense of community spirit and how happy everyone was to be involved despite the cold!

Q: What or who got you into parkrun?

A: My best buddy mentioned it to me and how much he enjoyed it. I put it off for while as I wasn't particularly fit at the time but soon realised that didn't matter and that parkrun caters for all fitness levels.

Q: Have you been a tourist, and what is your favourite tourist course (or which other parkrun would you like to visit)?

A: Haven't been a tourist unless you count St Albans. I would love to do the Tring parkrun as I used to live there and know the course. I might have to leave that until next summer now.

Q: Which volunteer role do you enjoy the most, and why?

A: Token holder. Seeing each runner complete their own personal journey is a really good feeling.

Q: Do you have a parkrun goal for the future?

A: My goal has always been to break into the top 100 finishers, who knows from there!

Q: Can you share your top running tip?

A: The correct footwear is the most important part of your kit if you're to avoid injury, comfort and support over fashion every time.

Q: What was your best/fave/funniest parkrun moment?

A: The finishers funnel on a wet and muddy day can be quite entertaining, I've seen a few Torvill and Dean moments!

Many thanks Graham, and thanks again to all the runners, volunteers and spectators at this week's run.


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