Cassiobury parkrun #211 – 19-01-19 – A bright spot on a dark morning

It was a rather gloomy start to the day – the sun had gone into hibernation. However, parkrun remains a bright spot in the week, and at least we were “on” – many parkruns in Scotland had pre-cancelled for today because of extreme weather conditions. A useful reminder that you can check weekly cancellations here. And a good thing it was that we went ahead – for the fourth time in a row (i.e. every run this year so far), more than 500 of you joined in for your weekly, free, timed 5k run, jog, or walk. In 2019, 172 people who have signed up to parkrun have set Cassiobury as their home run. In the last week alone, that figure was 60!

DSC_7284 (1024x680)

A total of 510 athletes finished the course this week, of whom 73 were first timers and 71 recorded new Personal Bests. Full results can be found here. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

Very much in evidence were Metros RC, based in Harrow, in their distinctive yellow tops – 31 members took part. They arrange a parkrun tour date once a month, and we were pleased to welcome them to Cassiobury this month. The club hosts the Harrow Hill 10k which will be held on Sunday 17th February – this could be your next challenge!

Conversely, a few Watford Joggers were missing from the results as they toured to Tring parkrun this morning (with Alistair BALDERSON leading the team home in 24:08); and several regulars very kindly volunteered here today instead of running, as they were saving their legs for tomorrow’s Fred Hughes 10-mile race in St Albans. Good luck to all those who will be taking part!

While we’re on the subject of racing, today’s Run Director, Tim COOK, had great success in his race last week by finishing the 45-mile Country To Capital Ultra in 6h24m – the equivalent of almost 14 parkruns, each in just under 28 minutes! The race starts in Wendover, Bucks, and Tim was still smiling when he finished in Little Venice, London, all those hours later. Wasting no time in getting back into training, after run-directing today, he took off for a little recovery 5k jog in 24 minutes – we’re in awe!

Today's parkrun was made possible by Tim and 30 other volunteers: Robert WALLACE • Linda MCQUAID • Douglas MCQUAID • Jane WELCH • Lindsey WARNE • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Matthew HENDERSON • Ashley ANDERSON • Mandy LLOYD • Elen COOK • John NORRIS • John O'CONNOR • Beth COOK • Amrat THORPE • Bernie CONWAY • Robert NOBBS • Natalie LIGHTMAN • Stuart SIDDERS • Lyn MELLOR • Stephen HOBBS • Andreas SCHWARZ • Andrew POWELL • Nia COOK • Michael DUDLEY • Naomi WOOD • Lisa COOPER • Lynne MEDINI • Shay RATHOD. If you can volunteer in a future week, please email with your name and barcode number, and we will happily add you to the roster. Full briefing and support is given on the day, but if you’d like to know more then please just ask!

parkrun Volunteer Logo

Two parkrunners celebrated the “50” milestone – congratulations to both. Cassiobury-registered athlete Ryan REDMOND has run 48 times here, with 2 at nearby South Oxhey; and his PB is a stunning 19:33. Today he finished in 23:27 and 82nd position. Black Park-registered athlete Kate LOACH is more of a regular at Cassiobury than at her home run, with 46 runs here and 1 each at Black Park, Wycombe Rye, Rickmansworth, and Gadebridge. Her finish time and position today were 22:05 and 48th; and she scored the highest age-graded result: 83.09%. She has volunteered in the number checker role.

50 t-shirt red

The most prolific attendee was a welcome returning visitor, Chris REID, all the way from Australia (Brisbane) for his now-yearly visit to Cassiobury. Another tourist also hailed from Australia (Melbourne) … but we can’t seem to identify him from the results … so if this was you, please email in and let us know if you’d like a name-check in this report! Tourists came from far and wide – including Dan PIPONI, running just his 2nd UK run, with the other 36 having been at Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco, USA, within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

AU-581193   Australian Flag.   Australia.   USA Flag

Of the 73 first timers, 25 completed their very first parkruns. Welcome to: Alana WILLIAMS • Chris EDMUNDS • Courtney APPLEFORD • Eleonore JONES • Emily PEARCE • Hannah SCOTT • Helen FORDYCE • Ieva ABROMAITE • James WARNE • Jean MCINERNEY • Jocelyn THARBY • Joe NEWMAN • John RYAN • Joshua WEISSENSTEIN • Karen PEARCE • Kevin MURGATROYD • Luke MASINI • Natalie PARSONS • Nataliya PRIESTLEY • Noor HAMIR • Rob BROWN • Samantha SCHUSTER • Sarah WATTERS-QUILTY • Sean ROBINSON • Tom BATCHELOR. We hope you enjoyed your runs and return soon!

At her 131st parkrun, Katie BALDERSON was the 131st female finisher. Erica KLEIN of Dacorum and Tring AC was the 82nd female finisher at her 82nd parkrun.

At Cassiobury’s 211th event: the 211th overall finisher was Angela KITCHING; the 211th male (or unknown) finisher was Ali KHIMJI; and the 211th female finisher was G SEYAN.

We were also pleased to welcome two VI (visually impaired) athletes – one returnee and one newcomer. If you ever find yourself overtaking or being overtaken by a VI runner and their guide, please just be aware that they would appreciate a little more space around them than you might think … and if you run with headphones or earphones then it goes without saying that you must make sure you can hear others’ instructions around you. If you know of any VI runners who aren’t currently parkrunners but might like to be, please encourage them to get in touch with the event team as there are always willing guides to run with them, and there are resources and Facebook groups that they might find useful, including parkrun for people living with sight loss, parkrun VI, and parkrun VI guides.

Of the 71 new PBs, 12 were by runners on 30 or more runs. Congrats to: Alice WARNE (28:30) • Linda GRIMES (30:31) • Zoe WILKINS (25:34) • Zoe RYAN (27:30) • James DUNSTONE (22:43) • Judy RACKHAM (29:53) • Aron CAPLAN (25:21) • Kim CLARK (26:32) • Christopher SHEARWOOD (19:58) • Harry BOWDEN (18:57) • Christine WHITE (24:30) • Vincent CHEUNG (22:57). Special mention goes to George RICE, possibly Cassiobury’s very youngest athlete, who completed just his 3rd parkrun in a new PB of 33:41.

We look forward to more PBs next week, especially as it’s Pacer Day (check the website and our Facebook page later in the week for the target times). Adding to the excitement, Natalie LIGHTMAN and Will FROST are planning to run their 100th parkruns … and we hear that fancy dress will be involved!!

See you then :-)


Cassiobury parkrun #210 – 12-01-19 – Running out of words …

Results | Photos | More photos

Well. Just … GOSH! We’re running out of words to say about yet another week of record parkrun attendances! Where do all these new parkrunners come from?! It seems that, for every new event, there is a brand new community ready to flock to it.

Up to the end of 2014 (just before South Oxhey and Cassiobury parkruns started), St Albans parkrun was probably the nearest to Watford at the time and was averaging around 200 runners each week, with a high of 364, and it was felt that those sorts of numbers were verging on being overwhelming for that course, with its 3-times-round-the lake on narrow-ish paths.

It was expected that the new Watford runs would ease the pressure on St Albans but, since then, St Albans has been averaging nearly 400 runners a week, and today saw a new high of a jaw-dropping 678. That is even with the addition in 2017 of Heartwood Forest, just north of St Albans, and its successor, Jersey Farm, which hit 261 runners last week, falling to “only” (ahem) 208 today.

Over its first year, Cassiobury averaged nearly 200 runners a week. In its second year, nearly 300; its third year, just over 350; and, so far in the fourth year (with just 5 weeks to go to our anniversary), getting on for 400.

When Rickmansworth parkrun started in March 2016, it was expected that pressure might be eased slightly on Cassiobury. As you see from the above, it didn’t quite pan out like that! Over its first year, Rickmansworth averaged a shade over 300 runners weekly; and, so far in its second year, has averaged nearly 400. Today they also saw a record attendance … of 570.

Which brings us to the record 535 who showed up at Cassiobury this morning! This was 8 more than we had in May 2017, which was that high only as a result of Rickmansworth’s planned cancellation.

GH_011  GH_001  GH_005

Most pleasingly, 39 people completed their first-ever parkruns. These included, among others, Thomas HUERTAS of Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners (a new name on our Club List); and Carole and Gareth MCKECHNIE.

At the other end of the scale, John COTTAM of Stadium Runners was the most prolific runner – he completed his 311th parkrun (3rd at Cassiobury, with 274 at Huddersfield). While John's back was turned on his home run, Huddersfield didn’t quite hit a record high, as they had “only” (!) 780 finishers … but they did have an astonishing record of 84 volunteers!

GH_010  GH_009  GH_007

A total of 47 athletes visited us for the first time, which means that the remaining 8 were tourists. These were Jane WAKELING of Norwich, Megan ALLEN and Evelyn EYLES both of Gadebridge, Antonia LAGOU of Long Eaton, Nicola HATHERLY of Stevenage, David PRINCE of St Albans, Andrew JACKSON of Roding Valley, and Margaret CONNARTY of Shrewsbury.

At our 210th event, the 210th overall finisher was Amanda WELLS (in 27:56), and the 210th female finisher was Aisha LILLEY (in 57:25).

At his 21st parkrun, Ricky MOORE finished in 21st position; and, at her 54th parkrun, Katherine COX was the 54th female finisher.

GH_006  GH_002  GH_014

4 people became new 50 Club members: Adrian SCHOFIE, finishing in 25:16 (46 runs at Cassiobury); Graeme BUNN, 26:03 (48 at Cassiobury); Imtiaz ALI, 29:05 (49 at Cassiobury); and Stuart SIDDERS, 40:37 (all 50 at Cassiobury; he has volunteered on 3 occasions). Jonathan ADAM reached the unofficial milestone of 200 parkruns – he finished in 21:53 (he has run 55 times at Cassiobury and volunteered twice).

Of the 67 new PBs set, 7 were by senior runners on 25+ runs: Natalie LIGHTMAN (22:50), Daniel DAWSON (20:34), Emma BALFE (25:39), Ruth ZRIHEN (32:27), Declan CALVEY (23:55), Richard BROWN (18:45), and Amanda GREEN (28:28). Among the 11 juniors who also ran new PBs were: Zoe RYAN (28:36), Zahra TEJANI (43:06), Luis TEXEIRA (23:40), George DOWDING (17:57), Francesco RODRIGUES (20:42), and Oscar GRIBBEN (31:57). Special mention goes to frequent tail walker Archie PATEL, who set an aesthetically-pleasing new PB of 44:33.

Sadly, with increased attendances comes an increase in the "unknowns" - 52 today. Please remember the parkrun code: no barcode, no time, no exceptions.

Of course, no-one would have been able to run today if not for the input of 25 fabulous volunteers, and our thanks go to:

Vince DERITIS • Christine CANNING • Ashley ANDERSON • Mandy LLOYD • Julie ROLLS HARPER • James MARTIN • Stephen BLAKEY • Kathryn BLAKEY • John O'CONNOR • Andrew COONEY • Fiona MEPHAM • June NICHOLLS • Brian ASHFORD • Robert NOBBS • Glyn JAGGER • Greg HILL • Lyn MELLOR • Hamish STARLING • Robert MOORE • Margaret COX • Geoff COX • Kerry STOCK • Lynne MEDINI • Shay RATHOD • Ethan STORR

Since Cassiobury parkrun started on 28-02-15, a total of 790 individuals have volunteered 4,519 times. If you would like to consider becoming our 791st (or 792nd, 793rd, etc!) volunteer, please take a look at the roster to see when we’re most in need of help, then email to tell us your name, barcode number, and chosen date. Thank you!


Who would like to make a prediction of how many finishers we will see next week?? Will you be one of those finishers?! See you then … ! ;)

As an aside, many local parkrunners were in attendance in Chorleywood on Thursday evening to hear Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes promote her new book – Running Life. It is a motivational read in 3 strands – dealing with mindset, fitness, and nutrition for positive wellbeing.. As well as her famous Olympic successes, Dame Kelly has 23 parkruns under her belt, with a PB of 17:48 (and PW of 25:00...!), and 1 volunteer role. She stayed for around 90 minutes after the talk itself to sign copies of her book … and, from what we hear, she probably received invitations to run at every parkrun in Hertfordshire! In case she doesn’t manage to come and motivate us all in person, why not have a read of her book and see if it inspires you?


Cassiobury parkrun #209 – 05-01-19 – Another huge attendance!

This week 503 people ran, jogged and walked the course – this was our fourth highest ever attendance.

68 were first timers, 48 of whom were entirely new to parkrun. A further 20 were tourists, including Lara BAKEWELL of Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun, Claudia SELINA of Tring parkrun, James ARIF of Hockley Woods parkrun, and Rob CARROLL of Rickmansworth parkrun.

72 people set new Personal Bests, including Christine WHITE (24:36), first-finisher James TURNER (17:04), Marian LLOYD-JONES (33:42), Natalie LIGHTMAN (an aesthetically-pleasing 23:23), Ville VALIKANGAS (23:21), Daniel BALDERSON (29:12 – going sub-30 for only the second time, and beating a PB that stood for nearly 2 years), Daniel HORSFIELD (18:23), Tom CHEETHAM (21:49), and Simon BAKER (23:20).

Representatives of 32 different clubs took part. A new club name to Cassiobury’s club list was Windrush Triathlon Club, based at Brockwell Lido in London – their representative Ben DANIELS finished in 19:14.

The 209th finisher at our 209th event was Mary NASSIRI, who ran her 28th parkrun and finished in a new PB time of 28:06, taking a huge 1m50s off her previous PB!

Corinne FOLEY was the 59th female finisher at her 59th run - she finished in 28:36.


Congratulations to the new “100” club members:

  • Shirley FARTHING (finished today in 34:15)
  • Lynda HERRING (39:07)
  • Louise COX (39:08)
  • and the spectacularly-attired Jeff PETERS (31:09)

… to new “50” club member Lisa CANOSA (28:43) and new volunteer “25” club member Jill ROGERS …

…and to the new junior “10” club members who BOTH achieved PBs! Well done Lily HARPER (33:54) and Joshua MERCER (23:10).

The event was made possible by 27 super volunteers, some of whom were saving their legs for races on Sunday, including the Ashridge Duathlon. Our thanks this week go to:

Russell MATTHEWS • Jill ROGERS • Lindsey WARNE • Matthew HENDERSON • Susan DEFOE • Mandy LLOYD • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Thomas BALDERSON • Daniel BALDERSON • Brian ASHFORD • Valerie GREEN • Lena PATEL • Glyn JAGGER • Harry BOWDEN • Laura BLANSHARD • Lyn MELLOR • Paul HARRIS • Hamish STARLING • David PEARCE • Esin MUSTAFA • Andrew POWELL • Simone KNAGGS • Archie PATEL • Maria Astrid CENTENO • Shay RATHOD • Ethan STORR

Since Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015, a total of 788 individuals have volunteered 4,494 times. If you would like to have a go at volunteering, please get in touch! We don’t ask for any ongoing commitment (you can do it just once … and if everyone did this we would rarely have to ask!) and all the roles are easy and fun, with briefing and support given on the day. Just email with your name, barcode number, and chosen date. Click to see the vacant slots on the roster.

Today's full results can be seen here, and a complete event history can be found here.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Since Cassiobury’s inception, 8,832 participants have completed 63,035 parkruns covering a total distance of 315,175 km, including 11,742 new Personal Bests.

See you next week … keep those New Year’s Resolutions going strongly!


Cassiobury parkrun #208 – 01-01-19 – New Year’s Day Double @ Rickmansworth and Cassiobury

New Year’s Day in parkrunning circles means the chance to run a non-Saturday parkrun … and of course, for many, the famous “NYDD” (New Year’s Day Double). NYD is the only day of the year when parkrun HQ allows each runner to record up to TWO runs, and the custom is for neighbouring parkruns to stagger their start times to allow parkrunners to “do the double”. So in this report we wave “happy new year” to our neighbours in Rickmansworth (who started at 9am) and take a look at the runners who ran at Ricky and then also at Cassiobury (at 10.30am).

Rickmansworth's NYD photos can be seen here. Graham's photos from Cassiobury will follow shortly. Ricky's results are here and Cassiobury's here.

414 people finished at Rickmansworth (their joint 14th-highest attendance, and exactly 1 more than on 29-12-18) and, perhaps after a lie-in, 508 at Cassiobury (our 2nd-highest event attendance). Of those, 191 ran at both events. There are some remarkably consistently-paced athletes out there (possibly helped by the fact that the 2 courses are similar in terms of ease of terrain and elevation) … 114 ran times which were less than a minute adrift from each other and of those:

  • 18 ran times which were 50-59 seconds different from each other
  • 10 were within the 40-49 second range
  • 20 differed by 30-39 seconds
  • 24 ran within 20-29 seconds
  • 18 differed by only 10-19 seconds …
  • …and 24 people ran 2 times which differed by 9 seconds or under.

We don’t often talk about “winners” at parkrun (at parkrun, everyone’s a winner!), but we can light-heartedly name the 3 people who ran the EXACT same time at each venue as today’s NYDD winners! Well done to Maria HUNTER and James PARFREE of Gordonian Runners (in 35:35 and 35:34 respectively – running together, we presume), and Anne O CONNOR of Ricky Running Sisters and Rickmansworth parkrun (in 27:17).

Welcome to the 23 intrepid athletes who chose the first day of the new year to do their first-ever parkruns at Cassiobury – we hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you back before long!

  • Robert DOWNING • Imogen COX • Urshla DEVALIA • Freddie PEPLER • Scott HUNTLEY • Katarina METALAJ • Mark PEPLER • Eleanor PEPLER • James MEPHAM • Jessica UPTON • Alfie JOHNSON • Lucy UPTON • Stacey LEE • Jack ELSON • Lisa GRAHAM • Emma EDWARDS • Dinesh KARUNARTHNE • Wayne PERRY • Hayden RYAN-CASTILLO • Kannan SIVAGNANAM • Andy BUTLER • Karen CLARKE-TAYLOR • Jonathan WATSON.

Two of our favourite finishers of the day were 2 wee juniors – 4-year-old Imogen COX who has run 10 junior parkruns and today completed her first-ever 5k parkrun in a debut time of 47:59; and 5-year-old George RICE who has run 4 junior parkruns and finished his Rickmansworth parkrun in 35:17, beating his debut 5k run from last week at Cassiobury by 28 seconds.

Several people celebrated milestones on this special day:


  • Stephen BLAKEY
  • Jill ROGERS
  • Jennie BOTTOMLEY
  • Robert KENNISON


  • Jenny ELSAM
  • Pete ADI (new PB!)


  • Alexander WILLIAMS

As well as Pete, 12 people who have run 50+ runs scored new PBs:

  • Ishan SHARDA (56; 21:20) • Richard FOX (57; 21:52) • Elizabeth ANDREWS (69; 23:03) • Emma Jay GARDNER (86; 25:56) • Isaac FARNWORTH (95; 16:20) • Lucy SPENCER (104; 26:38) • Ian SPENCER (110; 21:44) • Steve EDWARDS (170; 20:18) • Jane SPENCER (180; 27:57) • Martin JOSTEN (184;26:39) • Steve OWEN (188; 21:18) • Joanna EDWARDS (212; 22:52)

The most prolific returner to Cassiobury was Vince ELLERBY of Gade Valley Harriers, with 402 parkruns to his name, and the most prolific newcomer to Cassiobury was Tom KERRY, who ran his 338th parkrun with us.

Our NYD event was made possible by 25 fabulous volunteers, to whom we are very grateful:

  • Alistair BALDERSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Carol TUNSTALL • Charles DYTHAM • Christine CANNING • Christine WHITE • Claire FITZGERALD • Danny BRODERICK • Glyn JAGGER • Graham HALL • Jackie CLIFFT • James MARTIN • Josephine HARVEY • Karen ENGLAND • Kathryn MAYNARD • Kelly JAGGER • Linda HALL • Linsey MAYNARD • Lucy GATFIELD • Matthew HENDERSON • Mita MISTRY • Rustum KHEDKAR • Sharon DAVIDSON • Shirley FARTHING • Yolande DYTHAM

The parkrun magic simply cannot happen without the input of volunteers spending an hour or so a week to help out others – if you can be one of the “high-viz heroes” and offer your time to ensure that your parkrun keeps operating smoothly, please email and let us know a date when you can help, and of course include your barcode number so we can find you on the system. We always welcome new volunteers … there is a role to suit everyone, and full briefing and support is given. Here is the roster for January.

We expect attendances to be high for the next few weeks as those bitten by the bug return and New Year’s resolutions are still going strong. YOU, the runners, can help it all go as efficiently as possible for the crew … meaning (hopefully!) that the funnel keeps moving, the scanning queues aren’t too long, and when the results data is uploaded there are no positions without athletes (or athletes without positions), and your results are published as soon after the run as possible. Please help us to help you, by following the parkrun code:

5k parkrun code (JPG)

And if you have a post-run query about your result, please do raise it kindly and respectfully (by emailing the usual address, not by posting on Facebook), and please remember that those processing the results and dealing with queries are also runners and volunteers just like you who give their time willingly and cheerfully to put on the run each week but also have busy lives outside of parkrun. Often we might be working on a results issue behind the scenes and trying to get the majority of results out whilst tweaking a handful that we know are not correct, and impatient and thoughtlessly-worded queries can be very disheartening, especially if they come from athletes who have not yet taken the trouble to volunteer for any of these roles to see the care and attention that goes in to trying up all the loose ends and trying to ensure that the run from start to finish is the best it possibly can be.

Finally, we’ve come across a video that we thought was well worth sharing. Anyone who’s tried out Tring parkrun knows that it’s not, ahem, the easiest of courses … sit back and enjoy 4 minutes of a Spanish tourist’s view of Tring parkrun!

Thanks for reading … we look forward to seeing you all back throughout 2019!


Cassiobury parkrun #207 – 29-12-18 – Sarah’s report

Thank you to tourist Sarah Mackay of Bishops Stortford RC and Castle Park parkrun for writing this week's Run Report.

There was no official photographer this week - a few blurry snaps taken by the RD can be seen here.

DSCN0091  DSCN0093  DSCN0096

The last opportunity of 2018 to complete a parkrun was taken advantage of by 378 runners, joggers and walkers. Event Director Sharon was in charge of proceedings ably assisted by 37 other volunteers so thank you to: Philippa GRIFFIN • Russell MATTHEWS • Sarah MACKAY • Linda HALL • Tim COOK • David CHRYSSIDES • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Charles HENDERSON • Matthew HENDERSON • Susan DEFOE • Linsey MAYNARD • Sophia STYLIANOU • Martyn MAYNARD • Neil GLENISTER • Harvey MACKAY • Sean COLLUM • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Thomas BALDERSON • Kate PICKARD • Julie RICE • Brian ASHFORD • Anatole RANSOM • Carl MOORHOUSE • Glyn JAGGER • Hamish STARLING • David PEARCE • Angela KEOGH • Sylvia ASHFORD • Gareth CUTTING • Stephen HOBBS • Ian NUNN • Mark MORBEY • Ryan COBB • Mariusz FALEK • Ethan STORR.

37 different clubs were represented today, including Watford Joggers who provided pacers for the occasion. Their skills helped lead 31 people to record a course PB so well done if you were one of them.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 8,663 participants have completed 62,024 parkruns covering a total distance of 310,120 km, including 11,621 new Personal Bests. A total of 783 individuals have volunteered 4,442 times.

The overall course record is now 3 years old! I wonder whether 2019 will be the year it gets beaten?!

There were 47 first timers including 19 who were brand new to parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun family and I hope you enjoyed your first event enough to return. Cassiobury welcomed visitors from York, Northampton, Luton, Somerset, and of course London and Hertfordshire.


There were milestones aplenty today as 6 people ran their 50th parkrun to earn themselves a red t-shirt and a badge on their profile. Well done to Elen COOK, Andrew COX, Andrew COONEY, Andy WILSON, Michelle MCGUFFIN, and Mohammed MASKIN. Andy and Mohammed have both run all 50 at Cassiobury. Joel SMITH ran his 10th parkrun earning himself the white junior milestone.


I thought I would do some summary stats for the year. Over the course of 2018, 1,584 people have registered Cassiobury as their home run. 3,934 different people have completed 19,466 parkruns here between them, and 404 different volunteers have completed 1,548 volunteer occasions. This means that, for each event, some people are volunteering at Cassiobury for the first time, so if you’re nervous of offering to volunteer because you’ve never done it before, or don’t know how things work, or where things go, fear not. There will likely be others in the same situation as you each week, and the core team are well versed in showing you the ropes. Today I witnessed the most competent teaching of how to put away the start / finish pop-up that I’ve ever seen (and this is the 8th different venue where I’ve volunteered for Post-Event-Close-Down).

One last stat - the last 3 runs have had an attendance of 376, 377, and 378 respectively… will the next event be 379 I wonder?...

And so on to 2019. Cassiobury is hosting a New Year’s Day event at 10:30am with Glyn in charge. If you’re looking to combine this another parkrun then Rickmansworth are offering a 9:00am start to facilitate the double. More information is available in the news on the webpage.

Normal Saturday service will resume on 5th January with Alastair as RD. Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

Sarah Mackay A80830


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