Cassiobury parkrun #181 – 07-07-18 – Calling all junior parkrunners

***Calling all junior parkrunners!*** On 21st July YOU have the chance to organise parkrun! We are hosting a “junior takeover” of the roster and need U18s to fill as many of the volunteer roles as possible. Please have a look at the empty slots here and email with your name and barcode number if you would like to fill one of them (check with Mum or Dad first! They can help out too if they want to, and ideally they should be with you if you are going to be a marshal on the course). You can find out what the volunteers do here. THANK YOU for helping to make our first “junior takeover” a success!

It was all about the youngsters at today’s somewhat parched parkrun, as Thomas and Daniel helped Alistair to put out a plea for junior volunteers, and the fabulous Felipe ended his 10th 5k parkrun with a sprint finish against his mum to finish in 42:08 and position 307 (he has also run 29 Leavesden junior parkruns)!



Another junior runner clocked up 50 runs, and, according to one source, was rather looking forward to his moment in the sun – congratulations to Ravi PATEL who earned his red t-shirt with a time of 22:35 in position 39.

The only senior runner to mark a milestone was Martin KERR, who finished in 24th place and a time of 21:48. Eight of Martin’s runs have been at Cassiobury, with 27 at Gadebridge, plus visits to an assortment of other Hertfordshire parkruns.

JM15-17 athlete Angus FINNEGAN ran his 14th parkrun … and finished in 14th place. Of the senior athletes, Philip MATTHEWS finished his 26th parkrun in 22nd place while Martin AUSTIN finished his 22nd parkrun in 26th place! Hillingdon AC member Martin SEARLE finished his 54th parkrun in 54th position.

Lucy GLASS’s 5th parkrun saw her cross the line as the 5th female … and she bagged a new PB of 24:30 into the bargain. (We notice that just one place behind her was Panos FELLAS, who has acted as a very successful pacer to another parkrunner over the last couple of weeks … clearly Panos has a bit of magic about him when it comes to PBs, so keep your eye on him if you’re after a fast time in the future!) Karen RODRIGUES was the 69th female finisher at her 69th parkrun; and Tehseen MUSTAFA was the 72nd female finisher at her 72nd parkrun.

Considering the extreme weather, 42 people did well to run new PBs. Just a handful of these were David MIDDLEBROOK (24:26 – at his first run since celebrating his 50 milestone) | Kelvin OSHEA (28:24) | David ROSSINELLI (25:17) | Guru AWASTHI (38:29) | Archie PATEL (46:01) | Sophie MCKILLOP (26:49) | Keith CARMAN (24:38 - in his final run before reaching the 50 milestone!) | and Tanika EVANS (46:09), whose delight at crossing the line with a scorching PB of 6m45s merited a commemorative photo with the run director:


If a few of Cassiobury’s regulars were missing today (attendance was down slightly, with “only” 331 finishers today, compared to 401 last week), numbers were boosted by tourists from some very far-flung locations – we welcomed visitors from Tanzania, New Zealand, and Canada, as well as the slightly less exotic Lancaster, Letchworth and Aldenham … wherever you’re from, we’re very pleased that you all came!

One of the Tanzanians had chosen today for his very first parkrun – we think this was Nargis TEJANI, who finished in 315th place in a time of 44:26. Welcome to him and to the other 20 athletes who chose this baking hot day to make their parkrun debuts, even if they didn’t travel quite as far as Nargis did!

Teddy CURTIS | Ben COCKS | Kristina MYNAROVA | Bethan CORNFORTH | Lincoln WONG | Victoria DARBY | Ben KINSELLA | Chris BROCK | Tony FULLER | Petra DOMUNKOS | Toby SOUTHIN | Asgher Ali MERCHANT | Igor JELENIC | Robert A MAXWELL | Steve WRIGHT | Paul GAME | Caroline GROSS | Nathalie BOWLEY | Helen BOOTH | and Zahida FIDAHUSEIN.

Indeed, welcome to all 34 parkrunners who visited our venue for the first time today. A helpful guide for first-timers can be seen here.

The first male and female to cross the line were Will FROST (in 17:43), in his 4th first-finish here; and Chloe Arbisman (in 23:00).

The highest age-graded run was by Jerry ENGLAND – a nicely balanced 79.79% for his time of 20:17. The highest junior age-grading was by the second person to cross the line – Jack RAINE achieved 77.72% for his new PB of 18:15. And the top female age-grading was by Lyn MELLOR – 75.00% for her time of 24:48.

The most prolific runner taking part today was the marvellous Mark NICHOLLS of Watford Joggers, with 170 parkruns to his name; and the most prolific female participant was Jackie BOND of Redway Runners, with 167 parkruns … and a shiny new PB of 26:19.

At our 181st event, the 181st person to cross the line was Mark WILSON (in 28:36; in his 3rd parkrun). In total, 21 runners were "unknown" (DFYB/don’t forget your barcode),193 were male, and 117 were female, all followed over the line by the famous Kulsum and today’s tail walker Stella.

Stella was one of the sterling helpers who made today’s parkrun happen, and we are very grateful to all 20 volunteers:

Tim COOK | Helen MACAULAY | Sharon DAVIDSON | Ann DAVIDSON | Christine CANNING | Liz THOMSON | Helen WOLSTENHOLME | Fiona MEPHAM | Chris JEWELL | Stella BADDELEY | Laura COLLINGRIDGE | Sakalain MEGHJEE | Amritha RAGHAVAN | Greg HILL | Ivan RODRIGUES | Karen ENGLAND | Kelly JAGGER | Antony COCKERELL | Joanne MCCUE | and Mary WEIR.

This is the lowest number of volunteers we’ve had since April 2017! As able and willing as they all were, having a couple more marshals would really make a noticeable difference, so please see if you can help out in the future and not rely on the mythical "someone else" to volunteer. The juniors have got it sorted for 21st July, but we have plenty of other roles to fill … thank you!


The photos in this report are just snapshots from a camera-phone – all of the official photos, taken by Greg, will be posted over the next few days and we’ll put a link on our Facebook page when they’re available. In the meantime, today’s results can be found HERE.

Ps – did we mention that it was HOT today?! Stay cool, peeps...

Stay cool - cartoon cat 1


Cassiobury parkrun #180 – 30-06-18 – Robert’s story

Darts 180

Event #180!



During the week we received the following email into the inbox, subject line “Post triple bypass parkrun walk only 3 weeks after my operation”:

Dear Cassiobury parkrun team.

Last Saturday, I turned up for the parkrun. I had run the parkrun before but had to give up several months ago due to needing a heart triple bypass operation.

I finally had my operation on Friday 1st June, and was allowed home on Monday 4th June. Since then I have been increasing my walking steadily each day, from 10 minutes the first few days.

Last Saturday morning, only 3 weeks after my triple bypass at Harefield Hospital, I completed the parkrun in 51 minutes at a fair walking pace and my friend Maria said you may like to know this.

I am planning to walk the parkrun at Cassiobury this coming Saturday too.

Best wishes,

Robert Cooper, aged 61

Awed by Robert’s amazing achievement, we were keen to welcome him back this week, and asked if he’d mind being featured in the run report, to which he answered:

I am very happy to give my consent for this, as it may just be an encouragement to other people who are facing the uncertainty of heart surgery.

Thanks again for your interest. I am so delighted with my recovery and can't stop enjoying sharing the joy of it with friends and strangers.

This is Robert in his garden, just before last Saturday’s parkrun. Check out the official photos later to see some snaps of him at the finish line today, after speed-walking parkrun once again, accompanied by his friend Liz.



Robert stopped in the funnel to have a quick chat and was delighted to have taken about 5 minutes off last week’s time (we’re not sure of the exact time, as he forgot to bring his barcode this week!). As upbeat as he was about his parkwalking, Robert seemed just as keen to get back to playing 5-a-side football! He showed his impressive scar, and talked about the brutal-sounding surgery and the healing process. Robert’s positivity and determination was very much in evidence, and the relating of his experience comes at an relevant time, when a lot of focus is on the 70th anniversary of the NHS at the moment.

Hopefully Robert’s account is an inspiration to anyone taking part in parkrun or thinking of taking part: if he can do it – 3 weeks after triple-bypass surgery – surely anyone else can do it too! Thank you, Robert, for sharing your story, and best wishes with your continued speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing your ongoing progress!


401 of you ran, jogged, and walked the course today. 38 were first-timers to Cassiobury parkrun and, of those, exactly half (19) were first-timers to any parkrun. Welcome to you all.

Around 10 members (first and second claim) of Vegan Runners UK took part as a stop on their Herts parkrun tour, and were visible in their green and black kit. 2 Vegan Runners – Gary SHERIN and Verna BURGESS – set new PBs of 25:06 and 22:30 respectively. The Cha Café usually has a delicious selection of vegan-friendly cakes or cookies available, and they seemed to go rather more quickly this week!

VRs 1

The first male and female to cross the line were Stephen BLAKEY of Watford Harriers AC in 17:49 and Samantha FAWCETT of Dacorum & Tring AC in 18:43 (7th place overall). The highest age-graded run was by Jerry ENGLAND – 80.71% for his time of 20:03.

At our 180th event, the 180th finisher was Haroon MUNIR who ran his 17th parkrun and finished in 27:16. The 180th male was Greg BREED who set a new PB of 29:46 in his 5th parkrun.

In total, 24 athletes were “unknown” (DFYB!), 158 were female, and 219 were male (unknown athletes are deemed to be male as far as the results go).

The most prolific runner was Helen GIBBENS who has run 212 parkruns in total, 65 of which at Cassiobury – she finished in 23:34 in 83rd place and was the 6th lady.

Today’s full results can be seen here, and the photos will appear on Flickr shortly [Edit: link to album is HERE].


To the pacers – 67 new Personal Best times were set, and we are sure that the pacers are to thank for many of them! Here are the target times and the final results:

  • Charles – 22:00 – 21:50
  • Kate – 24:00 – 23:55
  • Gail – 25:00 – 24:32
  • Donna – 26:00 – 26:00 (winning the “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Time” (MAPT) title today, because it looks exactly as it should do!! Good job, Donna!)
  • Anatole – 27:00 – 26:31
  • Danny – 28:00 – 27:59
  • Mark – 30:00 – 30:01
  • Linda – 31:00 – 31:02
  • Katerina – 33:00 – 32:58
  • Sharon – 40:00 – 40:09

Every last Saturday of the month is Pacer Day here at Cassiobury, so 28th July is your next chance to chase that elusive time, or to join up as a pacer if you think you’ve got what it takes to help others around in their ideal time. To follow a pacer, just turn up on the day and listen carefully to the run brief to identify the person you need to track. To BE a pacer, please email us and we will put you in touch with the Watford Joggers co-ordinator who sorts out the selection of times and pins a number on your top on the day. In particular, we believe there is a demand among runners for pacers for “slower” times – above 35 minutes – and we’d love to see a few more times in this range being targeted. To be a pacer, you should be aiming for a time at least 2 or 3 minutes slower than your comfortable pace (don’t try for a PB when there are others relying on you!). You get both a run credit and a volunteer credit as a pacer.

Pacer times


The first milestone for juniors is 10 runs, and Freya HILSDEN reached that today with a time of 37:19 in 345th position.

The fabulous John O’CONNOR completed his 25th volunteer occasion by taking on the barcode scanning role. John is a willing and cheery volunteer every week, having tried out many different tasks – but he has not yet recorded a parkrun as an athlete! With the volunteer milestone ticked off now, we look forward to the day when John becomes a parkRUNNER or parkWALKER as well as a parkVOLUNTEER!

Marking 50 runs today were: Carole PITTS (26:43 (new PB!), 172nd), David MIDDLEBROOK (24:49, 118th), Antony COCKERELL (23:46, 89th), Richard NYARIKI (22:58, 69th), and Faiza MEGHJEE (42:30, 379th).

Completing their 100th runs were:

  • Lindsay TURNER – 64 runs at Cassiobury, today’s time and position 25:09 and 126th; has volunteered here on 9 occasions. Lindsay and her supporters in Team Turner/Dytham brought a table full of fabulous cakes, flapjacks, and brownies with them, which were very much appreciated by runners – thank you for sharing your milestone munchies with us, Lindsay!
  • Mark RYAN – all 100 runs at Cassiobury, finished in 23:22 and 73rd place.
  • James MARTIN – 94 runs here, 23:27, 78th place; has volunteered here on 38 occasions. Good luck in tomorrow’s Bushey 5k, James!
  • Damien CROXTON – 35 runs here, 19:57, 15th place, has volunteered here on 8 occasions. Damian had another reason to celebrate this week, as he and partner Philippa brought with them probably the youngest person ever to visit Cassiobury parkrun – Baby Seth, who is just 6 days old! Seth was introduced to several parkrunners and was much admired, and stayed blissfully asleep throughout it all – doing just what some of us sometimes wish we could be doing still at 9am on a Saturday morning! Congratulations to Philippa and Damien, and thank you for bringing Seth along ... in what we hope will be the first trip of many for him!



Thank you to all the brilliant volunteers, without whom there would be NO parkrun! We’re not convinced that run director Glyn didn’t in fact camp in the park overnight, as the course and finish area were beautifully set up exceptionally early, but, however he did it, everything went very smoothly today! Thanks to all concerned:


If you’re moved to do your bit and help out next week (or any other future week!), please email and tell us your name, barcode number, and the date on which you can help. You can check out the empty spots on the roster here.

Good luck to parkrunners taking part in any races tomorrow, including the Bushey 10k and 5k, and the inaugural Leamington Spa Half Marathon.

Thank you for reading, see you all next week!

PS - on a rare downside, one of our nice new signs "disappeared" :-( It says "parkrun" with an arrow pointing to the right. If you happen to see it lying around the park, please drop it in to the Cha Café or bring it back to us next week. If you happen to see it at any neighbouring parkrun ... please liberate it back to its rightful home!!! Thank you :-)


Cassiobury parkrun #179 – 23-06-18 – This Girl Can 2018

Celebrating “This Girl Can” in Hertfordshire, run director Claire led a team of 25 volunteers, comprising 13 ladies and 12 chaps –

  • Lindsay TURNER • Linda MCQUAID • Claire DERITIS • Sharon DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Katerina FELLAS • Lizanne HILL • Stella BADDELEY • Bernie CONWAY • Penny MCCALLIG • Andrea GAUTHIER • Nicky DORMER • Mary WEIR • Tim COOK • Ashley ANDERSON • John DAVIDSON • Charles DYTHAM • John NORRIS • Rustum KHEDKAR • Stephen BLAKEY • Paolo DERITIS • Robert NOBBS • Jerry ENGLAND • Paul GREEN • Archie PATEL

– in putting on this week’s parkrun for a total of 345 athletes, including 20 “unknowns” (DFYB!), 128 females (9 juniors and 119 adults), and 197 males (21 juniors and 176 adults). Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.


Finish times ranged from Thomas GILLESPIE’s 17:47 and Claire BAXTER’s 21:43, to the 58:06 recorded by Simone KNAGGS and tail walker Archie PATEL. Lyn MELLOR had the highest age-graded result of the day – 76.49% for her time of 24:19.



Caroline ROCHE of Sports Development at Watford Council very kindly came along early to provide “This Girl Can” t-shirts to female volunteers.


43 people visited our venue for the first time. Of those, 27 completed their very first parkrun anywhere; and, of those, 16 were female and 11 male. Welcome to:

  • Kate FOSTER • Pam CARTER • Jacqueline JONES • Sally KINGSTON • Naomi MCCARTHY • Suzanne WILD • Karishma DAMANI • Laura BAUDRY • Sarah HOPKER • Lauren SAUNDERS • Rebecca MONTGOMERY • Izzy SCOTT • Zoe WILLS • Rachel BURKE • Fiona BURKE • Cecilia WORTHINGTON • Philip BOND • Kirit MISTRY • Stephen FOSTER • Mark WILSON • Kevin WYATT • Alfie DOUGLAS • Arham REHMAN • Matthew COLLINS • Brad CARTER • Owen LITCHFIELD • Nicolas LINES.

6 milestones were celebrated this week … one or two marked by balloons, which you might have noticed around the course! Michael HARPER ran his 100th run; Kerry STOCK, Jo MILES, Peter CLEGG, and Vinod RAGHAVAN all ran their 50ths; and Christine CANNING volunteered for the 25th separate time. Elsewhere, Cassiobury-registered runners also celebrated: Sharon KASSENZADAH ran at Rickmansworth for her 100th (and set a new PB of 21:55, a new age-category record, AND new age-graded course record of 91.1%!); Jeremy EAVIS also ran at Ricky for his 50th; and Zahida TEJANI ran at Canons Park for the first time for her 10th parkrun.


Speaking of celebrations at neighbouring parkruns, happy 3rd anniversary to the runners and crew at Aldenham parkrun; and happy 1st anniversary to our friends at Leavesden junior parkrun, where a new record attendance of 127 was set on Sunday – beating their previous best by 22 ... including 21 absolute beginners!

The most prolific attendee to Cassiobury was a first-time visitor here: Chris BRAMMER of Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC has run a total of 225 parkruns – 170 of which at Hackney Marshes, where he has also run-directed 50 times, and he’s volunteered on 120 occasions.

At our 179th event, the 179th finisher was a newcomer to parkrun, Mark WILSON (28:21), and the 179th male was Rajneesh GARG (32:36).

The 2 MAPTs ("most aesthetically pleasing times") of the week were the 38:38 recorded by Sukhjit SANGHERA and the 39:39 clocked by Lauren SAUNDERS (a new PB by 2 precious seconds at her 2nd run!).

Just a handful of the 57 new Personal Bests (PBs) recorded were by: Kathryn MAYNARD (24:47), Rachel WRAY (22:15), David PARGETOR (26:10), Carol WOLSTENCROFT (34:14), Kim CLARK (26:56), Callum HALE (22:59), Richard RICHARDSON (21:09), Neal OULTON (22:01), Rich LESTER (25:50), Zoe WILKINS (25:38), Michael O’SULLIVAN (19:07), Kamala DROSKIE (37:49), Branislav CZAKO (25:46), Megan STOCK (27:25), and Donna ROBERTSON (23:48), who took to our Facebook page to credit Cassiobury regular Panos FELLAS with pacing her around, encouraging her not to slow down, and securing her first sub-24mins finish, smashing her previous best of 24:12! Well done, Donna; and good work by unofficial pacer, Panos!


If you’re inspired by Donna and Panos, make sure you pop along to Cassiobury parkrun next Saturday, 30th June, where Watford Joggers and Co will be providing “last-Saturday-of-the-month-pacing” as usual. The target times will be posted on Facebook towards the end of the week, so check there if you’re hoping for a new PB, SB (season’s best), or YB (year’s best). If you would like to be a pacer, please email and we will put you in touch with the Joggers’ co-ordinator, Phillipa.

If you would like to help out with any other volunteer role, we still have quite a few to fill – any empty spot you see on the roster HERE must be filled before parkrunday! Email the address above, and please give us your athlete barcode number so we can find you on the system.

Coming up on the roster, we hope to have a “takeover” by junior volunteers on 21st July – school’s out and the kids wanna rock! If your junior parkrunner would like to try something new and be in charge of a stopwatch or barcode scanning device, or to get to shout and clap loudly at passing runners, please get in touch! All the roles are easy and fun (adult support will be provided!), and we hope that the youngsters will jump at the chance to run the show for once!

Today's full results can be seen here; a complete event history can be found here; and Paul Green’s photos can be seen in his Flickr album.

See you next week!

613A0869  613A0828  613A0816

613A0909  613A0824  SA2C9826

SA2C9816  613A0931  613A0907


Cassiobury parkrun #178 – 16-06-18 – Inspirational Kids & Rock Wallabies

There was an interesting article this week from the Sports & Recreation Alliance (see it here) about how parkrun has been instrumental in bringing communities together. One aspect of this that was wonderfully evident at our parkrun this week was the number of runners, joggers and walkers taking part within our junior categories. We had 40 junior participants out of a total field of 373. At a time when you can’t move without reading horror stories about kids being glued to their screens or rising levels of childhood obesity, it’s fantastic to see so many Mo Farahs of the future tearing it up around our parkrun. My only request is that they slow down a little to let the rest of us catch up!


For those wildlife lovers out there, I received an interesting email from an Australian colleague of mine who ventured out to his local parkrun this morning because of me boring him senseless about the wonders of parkrun. He described Wildflower parkrun located in St Ives north of Sydney as being “sandstone aplenty, hardy native flora and plenty of fauna - rock wallabies, more reptiles than you can poke a stick at and plenty of birds”. I’m afraid our own Cassiobury parkrun can’t offer the same level of exotic species, but then again, we can guarantee that there’s nothing venomous lurking in the undergrowth.


On an administrative point, it is noticeable that we still have several people running in the cycle lane. We’d hate for our parkrun to be disruptive to other park users, so we kindly ask that you stay clear of the cycle lane. If you must move into the cycle lane to overtake please move back into the correct lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

Cycle Lane

This week 373 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 67 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

A very warm welcome to the 12 who completed their very first parkrun – we hope you had a great experience and that you come back soon:
Simon SHAW • Rebecca DRURY • Luke HUNTINGFORD • Gabi CAETANO • James LINDSAY • Amanda MÜLLER • Lewis O'SHAUGHNESSY • Melanie SOUTHIN • Emma TOPHAM • Clare MASINI • Lauren SAUNDERS • Tanika EVANS

We have 25 fabulous volunteers to thank for putting on this week’s parkrun:
Keith HYLANDS • Oliver HILL • Tim COOK • Mark NICHOLLS • Niall ROONEY • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Katerina FELLAS • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • James MARTIN • Alistair BALDERSON • Stella BADDELEY • Neil HERRING • Stuart SIDDERS • Lynda HERRING • Susan SIDDERS • Kevin HAYDEN • Alan FINCH • Roger ELKINS • Stephen HOBBS • Angela NEMBHARD • Michael HALPIN • Mary WEIR • Amrutlal ( Archie) PATEL

Our roster is looking rather bare for the next few weeks, so if you can help please email us at with your name and barcode number.

A speedy 67 people set a new PB today:
Steven COCKRELL • Will BROTHERSTON • Alex SIMPSON • Gregory FADE • Ricky MOORE • Nick WHITE • Fergus DALTON • Isaac JESSOP-TRANTER • Rory HANLEY • Peter TUGBY • Harriet SIMM • David SUTHERLAND • Michael DONALD • Richard MESSENGER • Chloe ARBISMAN • John HOLLOWAY • Mark BOWLEY • Sam BENNETT • Sam GHIN • Adrian LEE • James O'SHAUGHNESSY • Victoria JUSKAITE • Tasha GHINN • Ian NUNN • Tom OLIVER • Lisa KEOGAN • Austin TUGBY • Sudarshan RUWALI • Daniel EVERRITT • Harry FINCH • Jonathan HILL • Jayne SANDERS • Krishna RAGHAVAN • Graham DORMER • Mita MISTRY • Oliver FINCH • Amit SHUKLA • David PARGETOR • Kim CLARK • Ollie FREDRICKSON • Neal NEWMAN • Steffi HUNTINGFORD • Allan FRASER • Joanne TUGBY • David GORDON • Lisa COOPER • Sobia ASLAM • Mumba KASOTE • Harvir SANGHERA • Karen RODRIGUES • Graham D GRAY • Mary NASSIRI • Joseph HANKINSON • Peter FRASER • Jay PATEL • Gillian ASHLEY • Luke MERCER • Martin READ • Abbie WALLDOCK • Clare KNOX • Carrie JEWELL • Katherine WILSON • Tania MERCER • Janice COLLINS • Jenny STROMBERG • Jane HOLT • Chris P •

Congratulations to all who ran milestones this week:
Rustum KHEDKAR (100) • Russell BARNES-HEATH (50) • Kevin WARNE (50) • Katherine COX (50) • Hannah ANDREWS (10)

At our 178th event, the 178th finisher was Helen WHITTAKER. Helen has run 33 at Cassiobury and has 91 parkruns in total.

This week’s MAPT, or most aesthetically pleasing times, go to:
Nick WILLIAMS with 20:02
Christopher COPPER with 22:22
Mark BOWLEY with 23:32
Russell MATTHEWS with 25:52
Any guesses? Yes, they’re all palindromes.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45).
The female record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116).
The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).
Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 7,704 participants have completed 51,826 parkruns covering a total distance of 259,130 km, including 10,190 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #177 – 09-06-18 – NHS70

Thank you very much to Mark Nicholls for writing this week's run report and to Phil Bowman for taking and uploading the photos (link below).

Like me, I’m sure you’ve all had reasons to be grateful for the NHS, whether it be the birth of a child, the care of a loved one or for just being there when we need them most. Today’s parkrun was therefore a great opportunity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS. parkruns up and down the country donned fancy dress as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the hard-working people of the NHS and you would hopefully have noticed our own NHS-themed volunteers and runners out on the course today. This was also a great opportunity to raise awareness of parkrun among the NHS, and the aim nationally was to have teams of people from local Trusts, hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups taking part.


We also shared this week’s parkrun with Race for Life / Pretty Muddy in aid of Cancer Research UK. Despite the urge some of us may have had to tackle a few of the obstacles on the way round, our wonderful volunteers were there to help keep us on the straight and narrow.

This is a timely reminder that our parkrun is only made possible with the help of volunteers. All it needs is for each of everyone to volunteer once or twice a year. We know it can seem a bit daunting if you have never done it before, but all our tasks are straight forward, and we give full training and support. We can guarantee it’s a very rewarding way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning, not to mention that it earns you serious bragging rights the following week! Our roster is looking rather bare for the next few weeks, so if you can help please email us at with your name and barcode number.


On a more personal note I’d like to wish some regular Cassiobury parkrunners good luck this weekend. Gail Winter is tackling the 56-mile Comrades ultramarathon in South Africa on Sunday (she’s a regular parkrun pacer so many of you will have run with her), our own Phillipa Griffin who organises the Watford Joggers pacers each month is competing in the 70.3 Half-Ironman event in Staffordshire on Sunday, and Sophia Stylianou is conquering the Race to the Tower 53-mile ultramarathon this weekend. It makes me tired just thinking about all that!

This week we saw 407 people run, jog and walk the course, which is our 16th highest attendance. Of these, 25 were first timers, 9 their first parkrun with us, 75 recorded new Personal Bests, and representatives of 20 different clubs took part.


A very warm welcome to those who completed their very first parkrun – we hope you had a great experience and that you come back soon:

  • Jack LUPTON • Russell SIMMONS • Tom BOURKE • Mark DAVIS • Tiffany SALMON • Julie BROCK • Peter HALLIGAN • Hamish JOHNSON • Alistair GEMPF • Tommi WEIR • Tom OLIVER • Emma RIGBY • Neal NEWMAN • Holly PIGGOTT • Dave BYRNES • Joe BALINAS • Allan FRASER, Peter FRASER • Orla SHINE • Clare KNOX • Aderohunmubo OLADIMEJI • Cora CASH • Annette FLANNERY • Rachel YEO

We have 32 fabulous volunteers to thank for putting on this week’s parkrun:

  • Russell MATTHEWS • Oliver HILL • Mark NICHOLLS • Deirdre HEYDECKER • Jemma GIBSON • Scott MCEWAN • Lindsey WARNE • Helen WHITTAKER • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Katerina FELLAS • Linsey MAYNARD • John DAVIDSON • Sally SAVAGE • Rachel SAVAGE • John NORRIS • John O'CONNOR • Kassim MEGHJEE • Stella BADDELEY • Bernie CONWAY • Josephine HARVEY • Robert NOBBS • Max PREECE • Kevin BARRETT • Paul HARRIS • Philip BOWMAN • Priya GANATRA • Margaret COX • Richard LESTER • Jeremy HOGARTH • Keith HEWETT • Simone KNAGGS • Denise CHARLTON • Gillian ASHLEY

Many thanks to Phil Bowman who took this week’s photographs. They can all be found here.

Congratulations to all who ran milestones this week:

  • Phil MONAGHAN (100) • John KNIGHT (50 [in his 15th top-3 finish]) • James DOWDALL (50) • Esther LAXENAIRE (50 [in a fab new PB of 27:14, her 3rd PB in as many weeks!]) • Clare BOWDEN (50) • Albie SHIRT (10)

An amazing 75 people set a new PB today (including my lovely wife!):

  • David PARGETOR • Gary MACEY • Thomas BALDERSON • Will FROST • Kim CLARK • Nick WOODWARD • Andan GURUNG • Esther LAXENAIRE • Zoe EVANS • Krishna RAGHAVAN • Alison ROSE • Roz FULLYLOVE • Steve ROUSE • James DUNSTONE • Gareth CODD • Sushil SHRESTHA • Julian GOOD • Christopher COPPER • Michael SCHOFIELD • Ben COLLINS • Julie GROVES • Howard BISWELL • Pankaj MARATHE • Mark MORBEY • Mohan THAPA • Chris FLANIGAN • Amit SHUKLA • James RUKIN • Paul COLLINS • Stella MAINA • Kevin CODRINGTON • Ella SUTHERLAND • Pradeep MYLVAGANAM • Russell CLEAVER • Jerry ABRAHAM • David WILLCOX • Joanne TUGBY • Joanna BRYANT • Lisa KEOGAN • Rajan BAJRACHARYA • Angela KITCHING • Susan CHURCHER • Tania MERCER • Alex HANRAHAN • Ricky MOORE • Peter TUGBY • Peter HANNON • Chris CASTLE • Peter CORDELL • Winnie KARINGU • George BAXTER • Daniel HOARAN • Chrissy FORTUNE • Anna PLEASANTS • Jessica MEPANI • Greg BREED • Abbie WALLDOCK • Jonathan BLAIR • June NICHOLLS • Tom KING-CLINE • Zina ETHERIDGE • Sam BENNETT • Joe IMBERG • Greg HEARNE • Anjali BAJRACHARYA • Mark THOMAS • Gemma HANRAHAN • Joel SMITH • Dom SMITH • Simon WALLDOCK • Jack ANDREWS • Ben WALLDOCK • Jigu POTTER • Carrie JEWELL • Amrutlal (Archie) PATEL

We had a 60%:40% split between the Males and Females this week. Our age category with the largest number of participants was VM45-49 with 31, swiftly followed by VM50-54 and SM30-34 with 30 each. Our largest ladies' category was VW40-44 with 26. We also had an amazing spread of ages taking part this week from JM10 all the way up to VW80-84. Where else other than parkrun can you find such wonderfully diverse representation?


There were 27 “unknowns” recorded this week. DFYB, or “Don’t Forget Your Barcode”. There were some handy hints and tips on this on the Cassiobury parkrun Facebook page so please check that out if you’ve not seen that already.

We had some fabulous age graded scores recorded this week, most notably Kate RENNIE and Jerry ENGLAND who both scored more than 80%, and Malcolm DOWN, John KNIGHT, Linda HALL, Angela TRUSSLER, Andy PIPER, Michael COURTNEY and David WILLCOX all scoring in excess of 75%.


At our 177th event, the 177th finisher was Nick SLADE who is a regular at Cassiobury parkrun having run here 35 times out of his 52 parkruns.

This week’s MAPT, or most aesthetically pleasing times, go to:     

  • Zina ETHERIDGE with 24:24. Zina is relatively new to parkrun but has managed to bag a new PB each time she has taken part. Keep up the good work!
  • Sudarshan RUWALI and Alistair GEMPF, both with 25:25. Sudarshan just missed his PB this week but hopefully the MAPT award goes some way towards a consolation. Alistair was completing his very first parkrun so no pressure, but we want to see 24:24 next week.
  • Andan GURUNG with 27:27 was a new PB. Remarkable considering this was his 52nd parkrun – all at Cassiobury – and knocked 11 seconds off a PB he had set 3 week ago. Clearly in some great form at the moment.
  • Martin KEARNS with 31:31. Martin is a regular at Cassiobury and with 43 runs he’s closing in on the coveted 50 T-shirt.
  • Luca BOWDEN with a dreamy 33:33. Looks like he was running with mum Clare BOWDEN today who was hot on his heels with 33:35.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.

Cassiobury parkrun’s male course record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female course record is held by Hannah KITCHEN who recorded a time of 17:25 on 15th April 2017 (event number 116). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 7,679 participants have completed 51,453 parkruns covering a total distance of 257,265 km, including 10,123 new Personal Bests.

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