Castle Park parkrun event #72

So this week started off well or perhaps not so well... when I was exchanging the RD kit with Francesca at running club on Wednesday night, the kit was stolen! Stolen by who you ask? The one and only Dunmow parkrun core team..... if I were you I'd watch out for those Dunmow parkrunners, they're a sneaky bunch. :)

Now onto Saturday! Whilst the snow was falling and I was slowly becoming more and more frozen stiff with each passing minute, the setup team were in high spirits and somehow not affected by cold - probably something to do with Pavel's coffee! As you may have seen we've brought back the kilometre markers and due to the huge number of runners we are now getting each week, we are trying to organise the start more formally to ease the congestion in the first 500m meters. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we try to sort out the best solution!
Setup volunteers

351 of you braved the cold this weekend, of whom 34 were first timers - nice to see that the cold didn't put you off! As usual we had our array of tourists from far and wide, Durham and Great Notley were amongst the contenders this week, but the prize this week goes to our tourists from the Isle of Wight.Smile and wve

Thank you all our volunteers this week; Samantha HOOD • Philippa WATSON • Fiona RUST • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Louise PARKER • Simon BARRIE • Justin EDWARDS • Joanne COLEBOURNE • Woody HUDSON • Naomi BARRIE • Mairi MALCOLM • Kobus SMITH • Dana SMITH • Rachel TURVEY • Scott NUGENT • Greta LYONS • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Amy PETRIDIS • Ian LYONS • Simon GARDNER • Judith ERICKSEN • Alex HOWARD • Seth HUI.

As usual without our volunteers we wouldn't have a parkrun, so if you find yourself at a loose end over the next few weeks why not try volunteering. I know its going to get cold over the next few weeks, but us in England are obsessed with talking about the weather so I'm sure a little cold won't hurt us. :) I know that Kevin has quite an empty roster next week so if you are able to help us out drop us an email and let us know.

Just one final thing before I stop rambling and let you get back to getting on with your lives.... as you may have seen via Facebook we do actually have a trained and accredited guide runner at Castle Park parkrun. Ellen used to regularly be a guide when the parkrun took place over at hatfield forest, and still has her guide accreditation, so if you know anyone that would like to come along but would need the help of a guide please spread the word and let people know that running with a guide can be arranged.

Right enough from me, I'm sure you've all had enough of me rabbiting on! Kevin's in charge next week, please make sure to give him the same parkrun enthusiasm that you all give to me.

Over and out

Tory x


Castle Park Event #71

Well that was a busy morning! We broke the attendance record for the 2nd week running with 406 runners and walkers. The national statistics aren't out yet, but based on Facebook chatter it wouldn't surprise me if it's another record breaking week.

We welcomed 45 first timers to Castle Park and we hope to see you again. 59 participants recorded new PB's as well so I think the Christmas excesses have now been well and truly run off.

Congratulations to Diane Fossey, Helen Hollingsworth and Jay Price who all completed their 50th parkruns on Saturday.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Matthieu MILITON • Adam CHAPMAN • Martin MOULTON • Anne HALL • Joanne COLEBOURNE • Harriet WYATT • Ellen BROOKS • Graham MULLY • Shirley BALL • Mairi MALCOLM • Nicholas YEADON • Alison MALCOLM • Francesca PALMER • Kobus SMITH • Mark PALMER • William PALMER • Andy SNEDDON • Helen GLENISTER • Scott NUGENT • Simon DEWHURST • Dave HALL • Joey XIANG • Simon GARDNER • Judith ERICKSEN • Seth HUI

We can't put on a Parkrun without the volunteers so a big thank you to everyone who helped by volunteering on Saturday morning. If you are able to volunteer please let us know either on the previous Saturday or by emailing in during the week to

A few reminders

Under 11's - All children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult in arms reach throughout the whole course. (Sprint finishes excepted but a sprint finish doesn't mean that the child finishes 5 minutes in front of the adult).

Barcodes - the national rule is no barcode, no time no exceptions. All barcodes need to be presented in hard copy, there are 2 main reasons for this: the scanners can't scan phones and it is time consuming to enter a significant number of times manually; and your barcode should include your emergency contact details which I really hope I never have to use.

Congestion - it has been noted that there is a lot of congestion in the first mile, please try and ensure that you start in an appropriate position for your pace so that everyone can have a more enjoyable run.

Lost property - a green running top was left on Saturday to add to the collect of lost property which now includes a grey Nike hoody, a ladies Adidas hoody, a black hoody, black tracksuit trousers, a grey hat, a pink bag and 2 water bottles.  If theses items aren't claimed by the end of January they will be disposed of .

Tokens - we love our position tokens very much and 4 haven't come back to join their friends ready for next week. If you have accidentally taken one home, please can you bring it back, no questions asked.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park Parkrun Results Page.

That's it from me - I'll be back in a few weeks and I leave you in Tory's capable hands for next week


Your Castle Park parkrun core team are Alastair, Chris, Christopher, Ellen, Francesca, Grace, Joanne, Julie, Kevin, Luke, Melanie, Oliver, Phily, Simon and Tory


Castle Park Event 70 – 5th January 2019

Well it was a record breaking day for parkrun in general – more than 164,000 participants nationwide, the most ever, and Charlotte Arter setting a new female record of 15:50 at Cardiff parkrun – so it was appropriate that it was a record breaking day for us too with our own highest attendance. An amazing 395 of you ran, jogged and walked your way around Castle Park. No doubt some of that was due to New Year’s Resolutions – which I hope you’ll maintain! – but we also welcomed a big group of Garden City Runners from Welwyn, as well as visitors from Belfast, Edinburgh, Barking and Billericay (sorry if I’ve missed anyone out!).

Danny Beazley was our first finisher in a new pb of 17:47, and Martha Hall was first female finisher in a time of 21:10.

Of course the event doesn’t happen without the volunteers who give their time, this week’s 24 hi-viz heroes were:

Oliver LAST • Chris CHEW • Matthieu MILITON • Melvyn GRIMWOOD • Christopher CONNELL • Harry MANSFIELD • Mairi MALCOLM • Rosemary NUGENT • Kobus SMITH • Helen GLENISTER • Sally HOUSE • Graham SMITH • Debbie FERGUSON • Rebecca SMITH • Sophie SMITH • Scott NUGENT • Sarah WEBBER • Alan SHINGLER • Margaret MITCHELL • Simon GARDNER • Judith ERICKSEN • Luca SANTOS SIMS • Alex HOWARD • Seth HUI

Do please look at the volunteer roster on the website and consider whether you could help us out over the next few weeks – none of the roles are very taxing and, if you need an extra incentive, you get half-price coffee at Pawel’s coffee cart!

There were a few milestones today: Keith Phillips ran his 100th parkrun; Grace Malcolm and Adam Shortland ran their 50th; and Harry Mansfield earned his 25th volunteer credit. Well done all!

That’s about it from me, I leave you in Francesca’s capable hands for next week.


Run Director


Event 69 – 1st Jan 2019 Happy New Year



Well firstly  *Happy New Year to you all*

As usual this RD had a flap before we even got started this morning, I got to the carpark, popped the boot only to find it was empty..... I'd left the RD box on the doorstep. My merry set up team couldn't roll their eyes hard enough.
Sorted in the end and we were ready by 8:30.

The course conditions are holding up well and your times are certainly reflecting that, great job gang!
Great turn out of 270 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom a whopping 58 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. I wish we had a record of dogs as today our four legged friends were out in force too.


Well done to everyone who doubled up this morning. Kudos to you all!


You can check out the runners and riders for today by clicking here


We've added a new member to the 100 club - Florence Bellerby completed her 100th parkrun with us this morning.


We also had a birthday, Gary Smith was the furthest marshal located at the bridge, he very much enjoyed the 270 happy birthdays he received,


We had a full quota of superstar volunteers today so I'd like to say a special thank you to:

Samantha HOOD • Brenda CLAYTON • Peter BEATTY • Julie WITCHALLS • Edward HOOD • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Christopher CONNELL • Jane MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Reg CLAYTON • Margaret CONNELL • Kobus SMITH • Gary SMITH • Em WARRINGTON • Simon DEWHURST • Seamus POWER • Matthew ERICKSEN • Tom ERICKSEN • Judith ERICKSEN • Alex HOWARD


Please consider volunteering in future, the run only happens if we have enough high viz heroes, lots of you are notching up the run tally, you can carry on doing just that and volunteer for set up, or if you're a faster finisher one of the finish area roles. Or take a rest day and give an hour to parkrun. You'll enjoy it I promise and your conscience will be clear, we know who you are.....!


That's all from me, my takeaway Jalfrezi is on its way. Chris has the kit and will look after you in the coming days and on Saturday, I'm sure he will be thrilled with the offers of help you'll all be giving him.


Lots of love and best wishes for a fabulous 2019





Your Castle Park parkrun core team are Alastair, Ben, Chris, Christopher, Ellen, Francesca, Grace, Joanne, Julie, Kevin, Luke, Melanie, Oliver, Phily and Tory







Event #68

Good Afternoon Parkrunners, 

It was quite a mild one on Saturday with the coffee man turning up extra early to provide some warmth to the volunteers at 8am. 

After all the Christmas food and many hangovers, we had 290 runners, joggers, walkers go around the course. 

We had 26 volunteers help out and make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible. Thank you to everyone who put on the most fashionable clothing item ever created: the hi-viz obviously. 

Alex CADZOW  •  Alex HOWARD  •  Andrew TURVEY  •  Catherine HOWARD  •  Charlie CARRICK  •  Claire CADZOW  •  Elanor CADZOW  •  Gareth SMITH  •  Grace CADZOW  •  Harry MANSFIELD  •  Jane MANSFIELD  •  Judith ERICKSEN  •  Julie WITCHALLS  •  Kobus SMITH  •  Luca SANTOS SIMS  •  Mairi MALCOLM  •  Mark PALMER  •  Melanie WATSON  •  Paula WALKER  •  Robin NEWMAN  •  Scott CADZOW  •  Seth HUI  •  Simon DEWHURST  •  Simon JUDKINS  •  Victoria MADDOX  •  Zoe ERICKSEN

Congratulations to Ian Penson, on his unofficial milestone, who has run 50 ParkRuns in 2018 alone. 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a lovely New Year. 

Hope to see many of you starting 2019 with a bang by joining us at our New Years Parkrun tomorrow (Tuesday) 

May your 2019 be filled with amazing parkrun memories!! 



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