Event 31 Castle Park 21st April 2018

This week I had the pleasure of being Run Director after several days of dry and sunny weather. Clearly this encouraged significant numbers of you to forfeit your Saturday morning lie in to either run, jog, or walk around our lovely 5 km parkrun. In total we had one of our largest participations to date with 321 people who ran, jogged or walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers.We also had a number of tourists some who have clocked-up a serious number of runs, and one lady was from Paris!

The ground conditions were such that 93 participants recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Megan EVANS • Alcus ERASMUS • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Alec LODGE • Grace CADZOW • Kevin MULLY • Rachael FLETCHER • Francesca PALMER • Kobus SMITH • Alastair CAMERON • David LAMB • Katy BELLERBY • Felix BELLERBY • Florence BELLERBY • Simon WALLACE • Graham SMITH • Scott NUGENT • Andrew ARNOLD • Clare ARNOLD • Fraser ARNOLD • Jamie SMITH • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Helen FRANKLIN • Leah MCFARLANE • Ian HUDSON • Olivia HOODLESS • Greta OLLANDINI • Anna FRESHWATER • Paula FROST

If you would like to join our friendly volunteers and get to experience parkrun from a different perspective, then please FB, email, or talk to any of our volunteers.

Important milestones this week included Dana SMITH and Simon WALLACE completing their 50th parkruns. Congratulations also to Simon WALLACE for acheiving his 25th volunteering event! Well done both of you, and if I missed anyone out please do let us know!

Two final things before signing off:

I would like to personally thank all those that are helping us make Castle Park parkrun a sustainable event which is free to everyone, by donating at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/castlepark/aboutus/

Finally, please keep an eye on social media for the revised start location for Sat 5th May, when we do not have access to Sworders Field.

Now over to Ben for our 32nd event.




Event 30 sunshine!

Had you almost forgotten what parkrun felt like in the sunshine? Being very British for a moment and insisting on talking about the weather, how fabulous was it to be blessed with rays of sun and warmth on our backs on a Saturday morning at 9am for our 5K.
And it brought lots of us out on Saturday too. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's because more and more of our fellow parkrunners are letting others know how much fun parkrun is. Whatever it is, it drew an amazing 60 new people to do a parkrun 5K for their very first time this week. Welcome to parkrun!

We also welcomed parkrun people fromall around, including a very happy party from Huntingdon.

<img class="alignnone wp-image-511" src="http://www.parkrun.org.uk/castlepark/files/2018/04/castleparktourists-300x225.jpg" alt="castleparktourists" width="216" height="216" />

This week's parkrun, as always could not have happened without the sterling support of volunteers: Rachel ALEXANDER, Christopher CONNELL, Vanessa CRANNIS, Simon DEWHURST, Megan EVANS, Rachael FLETCHER, Tory FOOT, Anna FRESHWATER, Helen GLENISTER, Jenny HODGES, Olivia HOODLESS, Oliver LAST, Sue LAST, Corrado LUPPI, Rosemary NUGENT, Scott NUGENT, Craig ROBBINS, Paul ROUND, Morgan SEWELL, Kobus SMITH, Louise SMITH, Vanessa WALKER, Philippa WATSON, Kevin WATSON, Thomas WELTON, Nicholas YEADON

In total there were 293 people over the finish line in Sworder's Field on Saturday, and there were 42 new Personal Bests!

Important milestones this week included Clare Gallagher completing her 50th parkrun and Robin Newman with his 100th! Well done both of you, and if I missed anyone out please do let us know!

Over to Kevin for event 31, and time for me to get out on the course too - see you on Saturday !



Event #29

Morning dear parkrunners

Well the ground conditions were a little better than previous weeks, I think Jeremy Clarkson would consider the ground "mildly moist".
It's so lovely to see everyone trotting round enjoying the company of their fellow saturday morning parkrun diciples, lets hope the weather starts to improve soon. It has to right??

We had a milestone to celebrate, Peter Palmer joined the 50 club on his 11th birthday, and with a new PB of 26:29, great job Peter!!

Onto the stats.....

This week 249 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 47 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 35 volunteers:

Alcus ERASMUS • Peter BEATTY • Julie WITCHALLS • Oliver LAST • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Hollie MATHISON • David ASHWORTH • Christopher CONNELL • Ellen BROOKS • Nicholas YEADON • Amanda EDWARDS • Francesca PALMER • Peter PALMER • Kobus SMITH • Patricia POOLE • Alastair CAMERON • Benjamin CAMERON • Simon WALLACE • Talitha CORBISHLEY-SHERFIELD • Bob SHERFIELD • Scott NUGENT • Andrew ARNOLD • Joanna JURD • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Helen FRANKLIN • Helen NICOL • Ian HUDSON • Olivia HOODLESS • Anna FRESHWATER • Sarah FOOT • Carole HUDSON • Charné SMITH • Jared SMITH

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th October 2017 (event number 2).
The female record is held by Megan EVANS who recorded a time of 18:18 on 4th November 2017 (event number 6).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jenny BRAYSHAW who recorded 86.60% (24:08) on 10th February 2018 (event number 22).

Castle Park parkrun started on 30th September 2017. Since then 1,864 participants have completed 7,277 parkruns covering a total distance of 36,385 km, including 1,488 new Personal Bests.

Can I just remind you all that under 11's MUST REMAIN YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL TIMES while out on the course, they MUST be within an arms reach at all times, on the final approach to the finish line they can show their speed and beat you to the line. DO NOT leave them to wait for you while you complete the second lap, or ask a tail walker/marshall to mind them for you unless a prior arrangement has been made. This puts our volunteers in a very awkward situation.

Good luck to everyone taking on the magical 26.2 over the coming weeks <3

That's all from me, Alastair will be looking after you all this week, I'm off to Holkham parkrun this weekend, where I'll be catching up with everything RAF from my daughter.

Have a great week



Event 28 – 31st March 2018

A big well done to all of the lovely people who came and walked, jogged, ran, splashed, slipped and slid, had a good natter, waved at the footballers, hi-fived the marshalls, shocked other parkrunners with exuberant proclamations of "bollard!" and generally made your way round the Castle Park course on Saturday. It is fantastic to see so many first timers joining in too, almost 40 this week! Thank you to the regulars for making people feel so welcome, the feedback from parkrun tourists has been great to read this week on facegramspace. (https://www.facebook.com/castleparkparkrun/)

It was a huge pleasure to welcome everyone this week, I was a slight change in the schedule for RD but the core team really helped make it all come together.

Thanks also to the amazing volunteers :Rachel ALEXANDER, Katy BELLERBY, Felix BELLERBY, Florence BELLERBY, Grace CADZOW, Scott CADZOW, Claire CADZOW, Alex CADZOW, Benjamin CAMERON, Simon DEWHURST, Tory FOOT, Helen FRANKLIN, Anna FRESHWATER, Chris HOLT, Olivia HOODLESS, Carole HUDSON, Ian HUDSON, Matthew IRONSIDE, Simon JUDKINS, Corrado LUPPI, Leah MCFARLANE, Scott NUGENT, Greta OLLANDINI, Kobus SMITH, Philippa WATSON, Kevin WATSON, Melanie WATSON, Thomas WILTON, Nicholas YEADON

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

Over the coming week we'll be watching the weather and the fine collection of extra puddles currently cultivating - you may want to run in waders next week!

PS. sorry no photos this week - please let me know if you took any and would like to share them !

Over to Julie for next week - see you there!



Event #27 Run Report

If there's one thing an RD (this one at least!) appreciates more on a Saturday morning than a full roster of volunteers it's cake! And we had plenty of cake this week to celebrate Theresa Burke's 100th run. Well done Theresa! Big thanks to Serena and Co. for providing the treats.

This week 243 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 37 were first timers. After the recent bad weather there was a return to more running-friendly conditions underfoot evidenced by the 59 of you who recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Megan EVANS • Mark LAWRENCE • Chris CHEW • Anne HALL • Alex CADZOW • Grace CADZOW • Scott CADZOW • Christopher CONNELL • Simon ELLICE • Graham MULLY • Phil MANSFIELD • Corrado LUPPI • Claire CADZOW • Francesca PALMER • Rachel ALEXANDER • Kobus SMITH • Scott NUGENT • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Helen FRANKLIN • Dave HALL • Greta OLLANDINI • Anna FRESHWATER • Charné SMITH

Please do consider volunteering in future: it was only as a result of a few people stepping forward at the last minute and a few others changing roles at short notice to accommodate them that we managed a full roster.

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

Castle Park parkrun started on 30th September 2017. Since then 1,778 participants have completed 6,820 parkruns covering a total distance of 34,100 km, including 1,379 new Personal Bests.

A reminder: on 14 April we have our very first Castle Park Pacer day. We're not setting definite pacer times, if you'd like to pace just let us know your target time and we'll add you to the roster. We recommend pacing a time at least 2 minutes slower than you would normally run so you've got plenty in reserve to help others achieve a PB.

That's it from me until my next RD stint in the middle of May: next week Susan will be taking the reins for the last time at Castle Park.

Chris C.

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