Castle Park parkrun Event #62

So the weekend started off not brilliantly when the RD who promised herself she would wake up early on Friday morning to finalise everything, somehow managed to sleep for 17 hours and didn’t wake up till 2.30pm, and then remembered she had a family gathering in London at 6pm – queue panic! Thankfully our high vis heroes stepped up and all was sorted in no time!

Onto Saturday then. Our usual gaggle of setup boys arrived (yes come on ladies lets not let these gentlemen put us to shame), including Matt who decided he wanted to pretend he was the incredible hulk (it seemed), so decided to carry 95% of the setup equipment himself! I meanwhile continued to drink my coffee…


As usual the runners started meandering their way towards the bandstand from about 8.30 and it was very nice to see lots of our first timers turn up early, (hopefully) eager to get going! 29AAE8AA-C659-4814-BE94-B9EBB3F4CF65

Nice to have a couple of milestones this week; Harold Toze hit his 100, having completed 28 runs at Castle park and over 70 at its predessor at Hatfield forest. And the lovely Harry who at aged only 10 reached 50 parkruns, and if he could would probably volunteer in every role each such is his enthusiasm! Harry’s dog toffee was a little jealous that Harry had reached 50 and she hadn’t but, she’ll get there soon. Contragulations to the both of them.

Tourists galore this week, Cambridge, Nottingham, Harrow lodge and the mysterious far away place known as Great Dunmow; hopefully all enjoyed (especially those from far away lands) and we will see you back at Castle Park in the future.

It was fast this week with Brett Rushman setting himself a new PB coming in in just 16:48! 42 other PB’s were also set and 31 first timers finally realised what fun parkrun is and decided to come and join us. Fabulous to see a nice crowd of 312 despite the chilly weather, lets keep up the parkrunning all through the winter! Hopefully the locals weren't deafened by my SLIGHTY over enthusiastic use of the megaphone at the finish line cheering you all on.......

Obviously after all that running cake was definitely deserved, which luckily was provided by Harry and crew – a lovely Victoria Sponge I hear although someone seemed to have misplaced my piece as it never reached me!


Once again thanks to this weeks volunteers, as usual without this fabulous lot none of us would get a run ; Oliver LAST • Philippa WATSON • Victoria MADDOX • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Grace CADZOW • Graham MULLY • Phil MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Margaret CONNELL • Amanda EDWARDS • Luke SHEPHERD • Kobus SMITH • Jenny HODGES • Annabel KANE • Em WARRINGTON • Graham SMITH • Jason STATHAM • Scott NUGENT • Julie ROWE • Natasha EVANS • Debbi COLLINS • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Simon GARDNER • Seamus POWER – it has been a little difficult recruiting volunteers over the last couple of weeks so if you can volunteer in the upcoming month please do give it a go. A2EB4B9E-50C0-472E-A24A-7603FE8F7D6C

I do hate to be a nag but before I love you and leave you just a couple of reminders;

  1. We don’t have priority over the park, so please where possible keep to one side  so other families, dog walkers etc, can carry on with their activities.
  2. Don’t forget your barcode! If you don’t have a barcode with you, as per parkrun rules we can’t give you a time and it woud be a shame to miss out on that PB!

I now leave you in the capable hands of miss Grace. Have a lovely week ladies and gentlemen.

Over and out

Tory x



Event #60 – 10th November 2018

Saturday morning started meeting the regular setup team at 7.45am as usual. It was warm, if a little wet under foot! Team efficiently sorted the signage and everyone disappeared to ready the course for a safe event. The setup team even managed to find an Australian tourist who was press ganged into helping setup - I'm told he was willing, but more to come about this!

As usual Pawel was already setup, so got the usual warm welcome. I struggled to put off my first coffee until I was sorted out, ensuring everything was ready with the volunteer coordinator for all the marshals and finish area volunteers to arrive.

It was then off to the sunny area on the field where we now finish, to setup the 'finishing funnel' with our beautiful new parkrun tape :-) I acknowledge that many didn't notice this small detail as you were pushing for the line to achieve your best effort, but sometimes the small things matter!

Now it was time to welcome our 315 runners, joggers, and walkers to our 60th event at Castle Park since we started on 30th September 2017! As usual this included a number of tourists, including David Moss our intrepid Australian friend from Queensland who was actually running the course bare footed! Of these 31 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests.

As we have for a number of events now we ran the cours backwards or anti-clockwise, (whichever description you prefer). This is going to be the new norm for the course moving forward to reduce the bollard issue on the path along the river ... backwards is the new forwards!

Before we got underway it was touching to lookout from the bandstand and watch around 350 people stand in silence for a minute to remember the brave service men and women who have served past and present on our behalf!

A short way into the run, parkrunner's had the boost of the 'music at the bridge' thoughtfully provided by Daisy, Moly, and David. Many runners commented on how they enjoyed this little cheering team!

The lovely Grace achieved her 100th volunteering event, a great achievement especially when she has only managed to squeeze in 27 runs! A special mention to Paula, who really sadly(!) we are going to lose soon when she moves away for the area, achieved her 25th volunteering event whilst tail walking.

The full list of 32 HiViz heros who made our event possible are:

Andrea EDWARDS • Peter BEATTY • Serena BERESFORD • Philippa WATSON • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • David ASHWORTH • Grace CADZOW • Andrew THOMSON • Jane MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Claire CADZOW • Nicholas YEADON • Denise ALLSOPP • Francesca PALMER • Kobus SMITH • William PALMER • Elanor CADZOW • David LAMB • Brian SULLIVAN • David AMOS • Alex WARRINGTON • Graham SMITH • Scott NUGENT • Emma SHARPE • Simon DEWHURST • Mark POULTON • Paula FROST • Simon GARDNER • Seamus POWER • Daisy AMOS

We have a few official Milestones this week: Lizzie Bellinger who achieved her 100th parkrun! Sam Hughes ran his 10th event, David Lamb ran his 50th event. Also a notable mention to Keith Philips who ran his 92nd run, but 50 runs as Castle Park.

As announced on Saturday we are planning on holding a parkrun on Christmas Day and New Year's Day both at 9am as usual.

One final thing is that I'd like to encourage all runners who haven't volunteered to give it a go as you will have seen we're a friendly bunch, and promise you will enjoy the experience. Some roles even allow you to run and volunteer!  So if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail -

That's all from me, over to Chris next week.


Your Castle Park parkrun core team are Alastair, Ben, Chris, Christopher, Ellen, Francesca, Grace, Joanne, Julie, Kevin, Luke, Melanie, Oliver, Phily and Tory

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th October 2017 (event number 2).
The female record is held by Megan EVANS who recorded a time of 18:18 on 4th November 2017 (event number 6).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jenny BRAYSHAW who recorded 86.60% (24:08) on 10th February 2018 (event number 22).


Event #57 20th October 2018


Good evening my lovely parkrunners


I really hope your weekend has been and continues to be grand. It certainly started off well yesterday morning, well if you ignore the fact that I couldn't find the keys to the lock up on arrival at the park...... Despite that our bunch of course set up volunteers kept their cool and found the keys in the 'other' bag. They gathered the kit and went off to lay out the course for you all.


Conditions were near perfect if a little chilly at the start which enabled 81 of you to record new Personal Bests. Runners started to arrive of which 30 were first timers to Castle Park. This week 336 people ran, jogged and walked their way around the course.


The regulars were also appearing informing me that I had a parking ticket..... In the panic of the 'lost' keys I had forgotten to pay for parking...... The day could only get better from then surely.......?


The run itself went without incident and I'm sure that was mostly due to the yellow army of 25 hi vis heroes that ensure that you're all safe on the course and recorded at the end, so a massive thanks to Julie WITCHALLS • Matthieu MILITON • Adam CHAPMAN • Grace CADZOW • Joanne COLEBOURNE • Graham MULLY • Phil MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Craig DODGEN • Patrick CHAPPEL • Rob JOHNSON • Kobus SMITH • Patricia POOLE • Alastair CAMERON • Lloyd WILLIAMSON • Karen LAMB • John SKINNER • Sally HOUSE • Rohit DAYAMA • Scott NUGENT • Paula FROST • Paula WALKER • Charlie CARRICK • Simon GARDNER • James WILLIAMSON


Pav and his fabulous coffee van were popular again and I certainly enjoyed my latte  once the park had returned to its tranquil normality, obligatory post parkrun breakfast followed before heading home to start the results processing.


Well you know I said that things could only get better....? I was wrong. I still feel like such a rookie when it comes to results processing. I finally sent the results to the parkrun supercomputer almost 4 hours after starting. If there are any issues with your results do let me know and I'll do my best to rectify the problem. You can see the full set of results here


I really hope you all enjoyed your weekend of glorious autumn sunshine, the weather must change soon surely? It may well be time to dig out the trail shoes in the coming weeks as wet toes were certainly an issue this week.


Next week see's Grace at the helm for our spoooktacular halloween parkrun. Fancy dress is obligatory!! I'm sure she will be happy with the state of next weeks roster, but of course she will love to hear from you if you'd like to join the yellow army.


That's all from me this week, I'm off to enjoy another glass of Prosecco and a handful of celebrations while catching up with yesterdays Strictly before the results show later. Have a great week


Julie x

Your Castle Park parkrun core team are Alastair, Ben, Chris, Christopher, Ellen, Francesca, Grace, Joanne, Julie, Kevin, Luke, Melanie, Oliver, Phily and Tory

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th October 2017 (event number 2). The female record is held by Megan EVANS who recorded a time of 18:18 on 4th November 2017 (event number 6). The Age Grade course record is held by Jenny BRAYSHAW who recorded 86.60% (24:08) on 10th February 2018 (event number 22). Castle Park parkrun started on 30th September 2017. Since then 3,031 participants have completed 15,625 parkruns covering a total distance of 78,125 km, including 3,079 new Personal Bests.


Event #55 – 6th September 2018

This Saturday, there was a chill in the air and some sporadic drizzle - Autumn is definitely here. Fortunately we got the event done and dusted before the heavier showers turned up later in the morning. The ground is still pretty firm underfoot, although getting slippier. We might need to start thinking about footwear choices pretty soon...

This week 322 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 30 were first timers and 52 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

Event #55 was made possible by 23 amazing volunteers:

Oliver LAST • John ETHERDEN • Chris CHEW • Matthieu MILITON • Ben PICKFORD • Christopher CONNELL • Graham MULLY • Brian FINNIGAN • Kobus SMITH • Patricia POOLE • Elanor CADZOW • Dana SMITH • Louise GARDNER • Annabel KANE • John EMMETT • J OLEARY • Scott NUGENT • Simon DEWHURST • Paula WALKER • Charlie CARRICK • Simon GARDNER • Seamus POWER • Velichko KOLEV

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

Next week we have a pacer event, and are still looking for our last few pace-setters as well as the usual volunteer roles. Please get in touch if you can help with any of these.

Francesca is your run director for next week.



Castle Park Event #53

Twas the morning of parkrun when all through the..... hang on, hang on I think we’ve had enough poetry for one week!

So once again it was an ordinary week, for the folk of Bishop's Stortford who went about their daily lives, wishing that 9am Saturday morning would just hurry up and get here; all accept for a certain RD, who somehow managed to arrange to go to a concert on Friday night. All well and good you might think, apart from the small matter that said concert was in Manchester..... (queue drive home at 4am!)
Of course I would never let my parkrunners down, but I think next time I'll perhaps engage brain first before I agree to things! (If you did wonder why I perhaps looked like death warmed up on Saturday morning hopefully you know have an explanation).


3 of our lovely ladies enjoying themselves!

Now enough rambling and onto the actual run! Despite the wind and rain, reminding us that winter is now ever closer, a huge 348 of you turned up including 35 first timers! So nice to see so many new faces and tourists, I hope that all of you enjoyed the run and will soon become regulars of Castle park. On the subject of regulars, it was anything but a regular day at Castle Park as many of our regulars had something to celebrate! (Sorry too many regulars in one sentence.. I know!) It was happy birthday, to Claire, Christian and Liz, whose ages I will not mention! And happy milestones to Sheila Kitchen (50), Peter Keats (50), Phil Chaplin (150) and Mick Staines our tourist all the way from Southend who ran his 350th parkrun!!!  (Just to clarify the numbers in brackets are not their ages either!)

Somehow RD Chris is still managing to smile despite using parkrun as a finisher to his 20 mile run on Saturday morning!

Big thank you to all the wonderful people below who volunteered this week;

Julie WITCHALLS • Kevin WATSON • Adam CHAPMAN • Grace CADZOW • Justin EDWARDS • Christopher CONNELL • Harry MANSFIELD • Corrado LUPPI • Claire CADZOW • Margaret CONNELL • Luke SHEPHERD • Jay PRICE • Kobus SMITH • Elanor CADZOW • Judith BRAECKMAN • Dana SMITH • Louise GARDNER • Ollie BROWN • Em WARRINGTON • John EMMETT • Rohit DAYAMA • Julie ROWE • Hannah MULLY • Debbi COLLINS • Louisa BRADDOCK • Tory FOOT • Alison MULLY • Rachel RISSBROOK • Charlie READ • Harry LINES • Archie MACLEOD • Margaret MITCHELL • Simon GARDNER - without this lovely bunch parkrun couldn't go ahead and I'm not sure many of the other RD's will be as willing to use poetry as me! (or have the skills....) So if you can spare the time to volunteer every so often please do put your name down and come give us a hand.

Last quick reminder that next week is our Castle Park parkrun's first birthday - so we expect to see you all don some form of fancy dress and fingers crossed there will be cake too!

Right enough rambling from me, I'm sure you're all thanking your luck stars that you don't have to listen to me again now for at least another six weeks!

Chris is in pole position this week, and he's still got a few gaps in his roster so help him out if you can.

Over and out!

Tory x

Your Core Team are: Kevin, Chris, Francesca, Alastair, Christopher, Joanne, Tory, Grace, Luke, Oliver, Julie, Phily, Melanie, Ellen and Ben.


Event #52 – 15th September 2018.

Good evening all! This week I woke up on Saturday sad about the weather conditions being so poor and all the snow in Sworder's field, thankfully I soon remembered that this was only a dream! Other than a morning dew on the grass (and quite wet feet) the weather was actually rather nice :D  Thankfully the 23 volunteers and 333 runners/walkers didn't have the same dream, and so all turned up bright and positive looking forward to their Saturday morning injection of exertion, fun, and friendship.

It was super to see that we continue to have new people joining us at Castle Park parkrun, out of the this weeks' 333 participants who either ran, jogged or walked the course 46 were first timers!

I know a number of people have had other commitments this last couple of weeks, however it was a little more difficult than usual to fill our volunteer roster. Thankfully 23 super stars came forward to allow the event to be staged and results to be processed. If you can volunteer once in a while, some roles can even be mixed with running, then it would be greatly appreciated by your other parkrunners. I can also guarantee you'll have a great time, really enjoy the experience, and find it a friendly environment.

A big thank you to the 23 volunteers:

Samantha HOOD • Andrea EDWARDS • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Martin MOULTON • Andrew THOMSON • Harry MANSFIELD • Emma NIXON • Nicholas YEADON • Kobus SMITH • Kevin GILLESPIE • Paula FRENZEL • David LAMB • Graham SMITH • Scott NUGENT • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Amber NICOL • Helen NICOL • Paula FROST • Charlie READ • Harry LINES • Simon GARDNER

In this weeks' field of participants, were a number of milestones, and 68 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

George Grimwood joined the 50th club on the same day as completing his first solo run! Mick Webb Joined the 50th club on his birthday! Andrew Mitchell and Alex Thompson also joined the 50th club.

Saturday's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:37 on 7th October 2017 (event number 2).
The female record is held by Megan EVANS who recorded a time of 18:18 on 4th November 2017 (event number 6).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jenny BRAYSHAW who recorded 86.60% (24:08) on 10th February 2018 (event number 22).
Castle Park parkrun started on 30th September 2017. Since then 2,892 participants have completed 14,296 parkruns covering a total distance of 71,480 km, including 2,783 new Personal Bests.

Also, we've lost a few finish tokens in recent weeks, please can you return any you may have and please remember to return them to the buckets before leaving the event.

Remember to keep the 29th September in your diary as it's our birthday, and please come along in fancy dress if you are able!

One final thing please remember that next week we will be starting on our alternative start position over the river in Castle Gardens, as Sworder's field is not available to us.

That's all from me, Tory will be your Run Director next week.



Your Core Team are: Kevin, Chris, Francesca, Alastair, Christopher, Joanne, Tory, Grace, Luke, Oliver, Julie, Phily, Melanie, Ellen and Ben.


Event #51

Good Evening Everyone, I'm sorry this is a little late, I've had some college work that needed completed. It's a difficult life :D Now onto the run report...


On Saturday morning it was cold and slighlty wet from the rain, autumn is here folks, but still we had 318 runners/joggers/walkers and 26 volunteers.

Our Volunteers:

Andrew TURVEY  •  Anna GRIMWOOD  •  Archie MACLEOD  •  Ben PICKFORD  •  Claire CADZOW  •  Colette KERINS  •  Elanor CADZOW  •  Ellen BROOKS  •  George GRIMWOOD  •  Grace CADZOW  •  Harriet WYATT  •  Harry MANSFIELD  •  Ian BARNETT  •  Jacob TURVEY  •  Kevin MULLY  •  Kobus SMITH  •  Matthieu MILITON  •  Melvyn GRIMWOOD  •  Paula FROST  •  Scott CADZOW  •  Scott NUGENT  •  Simon GARDNER  •  Sunny NEAL  •  Tory FOOT  •  Vanessa WALKER  •  William TURVEY


Well done to all of our runners for coming out and to our volunteers who stood out in the damp conditions and for cheering on the participants - me trying not to use the word runners repeatedly - we always are looking for more volunteers, some roles can be done with running too!!


We had quite a few milestones on Saturday including Thomas Anderson, who ran his 50th parkrun, a massive well done to him! He's only 8 and done more runs than me :) . Well done also to everyone else who completed their milestones Saturday morning.


On the 29th September, we are celebrating Castle Park Parkrun's FIRST BIRTHDAY! We are doing fancy dress, so dig out your past costumes and come celebrate with us! To help us celebrate our birthday properly we need.... a cake!! So if you know somewhere we can get a cake for a good price or someone that would happily bake us one, let us know via facebook or email -


On the 27th October 2018, Cancer Research UK are running a Tough 10km trail run at Hadleigh Park, Essex. All the money goes towards the life-saving research they conduct. They aren't just looking for runners, of course, but also volunteers for the event. If you would like to get involved and support this cause please sign up.


I now pass on the RD role to Kevin for next week.

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you all next time!




Event #49 – 25th August 2018

This Saturday morning had quite an autumnal feel about it. Much cooler temperatures and dew on the grass... it was even chilly stood in the shade by the finish funnel. Despite it being a bank holiday weekend, we still had a great turnout. 291 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests.

Congratulations to Richard Eddershaw on his 50th parkrun.

The event was made possible by 27 fantastic volunteers. Please do have a look at our volunteer roster page and consider how you might help in the coming weeks:

Oliver LAST • Philippa WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Ben PICKFORD • Chris BROLLY • Joanne COLEBOURNE • Reg CLAYTON • Thomas PICKFORD • Sunny NEAL • Rosemary NUGENT • David SZULC • David LAMB • Emmy PICKFORD • Ollie BROWN • Em WARRINGTON • Alex WARRINGTON • J OLEARY • Scott NUGENT • Debbi COLLINS • Simon DEWHURST • Daniel DAVIS • Alan SHINGLER • Charlie READ • Donna SHEPPARD • Jacob COLLINS • Simon GARDNER • Velichko KOLEV

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

A couple of points forward to note:

  • Due to the funfair taking place next Saturday, we will be starting from our alternate start/finish point at Castle Gardens.
  • Please hold the date for 29th September which will be our 1st birthday event at Castle Park. More details to follow in due course.

That's all from me, it's over to Francesca for next week.



Event #48 Saturday 18th August 2018



Good afternoon dear parkrunners

The heat of summer 2018 seems a distant memory now and the attendance at Castle Park parkrun is certainly benefiting by the drop in temperature.

This week 310 people ran, jogged and walked the course. The good conditions also helped 53 of you record new Personal Bests.

We had 58 first timers tune in for their briefing delivered by Paula and ably assisted by the very enthusiastic Harry who then supported me during the main briefing. A future RD in the pipeline I think!


Pav and his coffee van seem to be a hit, I hope you're enjoying his hot and cold beverages, he certainly adds to the enjoyment on a saturday morning. It'll soon be hot chocolate weather.


We have been struggling to fill our volunteer roster over the summer and this week was no exception, PLEASE get involved and volunteer on the odd occasion, parkrun only happens if we all do our bit. Get in touch at or pop a  message on facebook.

This weeks event was made possible by 31 high viz heroes:

Peter BEATTY • Julie WITCHALLS • Jane HITCH • Joanna BONSER • Linda DAW • Pauline WELHAM • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Christopher CONNELL • Harry MANSFIELD • Shirley BALL • Patrick CHAPPEL • Luke SHEPHERD • Sunny NEAL • Judith BRAECKMAN • Clare MASTERSON • Brian SULLIVAN • Keith PHILLIPS • Richard EDDERSHAW • Dylan MILITON • Scott NUGENT • Andrew TURVEY • Peter JURD • Tory FOOT • Rachel RISSBROOK • Paula FROST • Charlie READ • Margaret MITCHELL • Simon GARDNER • Tamsin MILITON


Facebook is having issues and isn't allowing us to add Peter Beatty - our resident paparazzi, to the page so no photos so far this week. The pics will be up as soon as we can add Pete to the page.


That's all from me, thank you for your support.

Ben has the kit and will be looking after y'all this week.

See you in the crowd on saturday.

Julie x


Your Core Team are: Kevin, Chris, Francesca, Alastair, Christopher, Joanne, Tory, Grace, Luke, Oliver, Julie, Phily, Melanie, Ellen and Ben.


Event #45 Saturday 28th July 2018

Good evening parkrunners

Well someone did a rain dance.... Where's the sunshine gone? I'm sure we're all relieved to be sleeping better now that the temperature has fallen dramatically, I guess the national grid has a chance to recover from the electrical demand to power all our fans!!!!

After a few wonderful sunny days away in Norfolk I returned to find the volunteer roster looking very gappy - after a pleading email the response was incredible. My roster was filling up and was complete by early evening, the celebratory glass (or 3) of Rose went down very well.

Thank you so much for stepping up and saving saturday morning - you're all wonderful.  Please consider volunteering, if we all give our time every so often we can continue to enjoy parkrun, it only happens IF we have enough volunteers EVERY week. Event #45 was brought to you by Peter BEATTY • Julie WITCHALLS • Victoria MADDOX • Martin BROOKS • Lee KIRBY • Ellen BROOKS • Joanna ARSCOTT • Russell KING • Margaret CONNELL • Shirley BALL • Nicholas YEADON • Esra KING • Stefan MILKOWSKI • Jay PRICE • Kobus SMITH • Josie ADAMS • Victoria BALKWILL • Jenny HODGES • Isobel LAMB • David LAMB • Brian SULLIVAN • William NUGENT • Rohit DAYAMA • Scott NUGENT • Tory FOOT • Ian HUDSON • Paula FROST • Carole HUDSON • Andrew MORRIS • Charlie READ • Phillip STREET • Stephen HACKSHALL • Mark ROWLEY • Simon GARDNERImage may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, tree, outdoor and nature

Look how happy our volunteer Lee is with his hi viz and VIP radio, you could also enjoy the thrill of volunteering and be as happy as Lee!

Onto the run.....

This week 270 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 69 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

Our first male finisher was Michael Waddington in an incredible 16:43 which is a new pb for him. Great run Michael!!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, tree, shorts, plant, outdoor and nature

Our first lady was Jo Arscott who finished in 22:16 and considering she was supposed to be taking it easy is an amazing time. Jo then donned her volunteer hat and stepped up to scan barcodes. Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shorts, child, tree, outdoor and nature

Yesterdays full results and a complete event history can be found on the Castle Park parkrun Results Page.

I think the heat is set to return (yipee) as this week goes on, so enjoy your duvets for now.

I'm handing over the Blue & White vest to Tory for the coming week. I'm sure she'd welcome any request to volunteer with open arms. In the meantime enjoy the rest of your sunday, have a fab week, and I'll see you all in the crowd listening to the run briefing next weekend.

Thanks again your continued encouragement and support




Your Core Team are: Kevin, Chris, Francesca, Alastair, Chris, Joanne, Tory, Grace, Luke, Oliver, Julie, Phily, Melanie, Ellen and Ben.


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