Christmas Day Event

We will have a special festive event on Xmas Day morning (9.00am, Tuesday Dec 25th) :)

Mince pies, seasonal cheer, elf outfits, reindeer, just like last year !

Please note that on New Years Day there is horse racing taking place which means, alas, no Catterick parkrun on that date. However you can find which of our other neighbouring events are taking place, with start times (it's quite possible to do 2) on this link . . .



Have you opted in to our volunteer emails . . . ?

Each parkrun at Catterick happens because people step forward beforehand and offer their valuable service. The tasks are easy and our aim is to make everyone welcome, the more the merrier in fact and we never refuse

To help gather the troops we circulate a general request. These are kept to an absolute minimum, and only emailed once every 2 or 3 weeks so that we don’t intrude upon your lives too much. Neither are you expected to answer unless - of course - able to confirm availability on a certain date. Those doing so unleash pure joy in our hearts.

We’d like to specifically remind any who usually participate but have not yet volunteered to consider wearing the hi-viz - just every now and then - and contribute an infrequent hour of your parkrun expertise for the benefit and mutual enjoyment of others.

Many roles can be combined with taking part too. You can help us Set up promptly, or chat to the newbies and Tourists beforehand, or Tail walk. You could sort some Tokens, or help as a Pacer at any speed that suits you, or even throw a few words together and give us your own take for a run Report ? In all things we are there to help, support, and have a slice of cake ready with your name on it !

You can request specifically desired tasks, or we can assign one that you will be happy with and expect a fun, rewarding experience. It’s such a great relief when we know that, as each Saturday approaches, the required team is in place. And what’s more, our hard working regulars might even get the chance to take part themselves !

Afterwards you will receive official thanks, and each experience is tallied and builds your record towards a free T shirt in parkrun aubergine, ordered online via your profile.

So here’s a reminder for you on how to opt-in to our volunteer emails; do consider doing this if you haven’t already; families and children are also great to bring along for atmosphere and please pass this on to friends !

Follow three easy steps...

1. Sign in to your parkrun profile at
2. Click "email options"
3. Select "Catterick" from the drop down list. Click "opt in"

It's that simple!

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH!!



A reminder to all that due to horse racing at the venue, this Saturday's event will not take place.
(This is the second of our annual autumn cancellations for that reason, with the next not due until June 2019).
If you are visiting one of our neighbouring parkruns then you're bound to have a great experience !

We'll see you back at the racecourse on the 27th :)


CANCELLATION September 22nd

A reminder that this week's event is cancelled due to a horse race meeting.

Have a great weekend and see you all again on the 29th !

Catterick team


Sign Language Support at Event #49 23rd June 2018

Well the sunny weather has put on its shoes, limbered up and we hear making its way to us for 9am on Saturday. And very welcome too after conditions at the birthday event !

This week we will be delighted to introduce James Parker as our very first Sign Language Support volunteer. James (home run Hartlepool) regularly tours at other parkruns and has very kindly offered to sign both briefings for us.

So if you know of anyone with a hearing disability who might enjoy fresh air and seeing as many of us make the international sign for ‘Thank You’ please do invite them along !

As part of last year’s parkrun PROVE project (parkrun; Running or Volunteering for Everyone) volunteers were appointed as parkrun Champions to help make parkrun more welcoming and accessible for people with disabilities or long term health conditions.

One such Champion is Philippa Merricks, who shares her story of being a parkrunner who is Deaf and unveils the British Sign Language guide to parkrun:

Lots of information here - (copy and paste link) -


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