Catton parkrun #286 “The return of Blowy McBlowyface”

389 people were swept around Catton Park this Saturday in the gusts of Storm Hannah, but at least the rain held off for long enough for everyone to get round without getting wet, even if we were all given wind assistance / hampering by it!

We were given the pleasure of welcoming 22 first timers to Catton, of which for 8 people (plus one lady who I know forgot her barcode so was sadly running for Team Unknown this weekend) it was their first parkrun ever. Welcome everyone, I hope that you enjoyed your first Catton parkrun experience, come back again soon. We welcomed windswept refugees from Blickling (unfortunately cancelled due to weather), Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds, Sheringham (again, cancelled due to weather), Cambridge, Kings Lynn and Brundall (one more cancelled due to the weather!)  .

Here’s some of them (those that heard my gentle calling to briefing anyway) – what a good looking bunch they are. So much nicer than last week! (This is getting cringe now, Bishop –Ed)

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Despite the weather being about as much fun as a stubbed little toe, an incredible 35 of you recorded personal bests – don’t forget to clang that PB bell when you think you’ve done it! Here’s Andrea and Daisy, who may have slightly broken the bell before this picture, but was all repaired here!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, grass, shoes, sky, outdoor and nature

Despite the weather being worse than an overflowing toilet, some folks just got to keep running. One of those guys, Noel Meeks, saw fit to run a whole other parkrun before we started, finishing his first one as we started our one, a quick sprint saw Noel move past the tail walker and then he did ours. Noel has come a long way on his running journey – well done!

We had some epic milestones reached this weekend, Alastair Leckie made his 200th run! Not far left to go for the big green tee! We were pleased to see that Charlotte Harmer made her 100th run with us this weekend – well done to you, Charlotte! Annnd finally, we had 5 people being blown past the 50 mark - Phil Bayliss, Elizabeth Davison, Matt Barnes, Jackie Gowing and Cate Moore all made it to 50 runs! Super duper congratulmalations! (That’s not a word you imbecile, I wonder if letting you do this gig is a bad idea… -Ed)

And then I always like to give credit to those who are returning for their second parkrun. It may be the week following your first, or months / years may have passed – but you came back! That’s a courageous thing to do. So put your virtual hands together please for… David GOODMAN, Dan AMADOR-CLARKE, Stuart SMITH, Amanda SHEEHY, Rachel HANNANT, Ian YARDY, Matthew BUNN, Marissa BLAND, George HEAVER, Dominique BIVAR SEGURADO, Emily YOUNG, Chris EAST, Paul RUSSELL and our own parkrun dinosaur Leon REUBEN!

And of course, no parkrun can happen without the sterling efforts of our volunteer corps, who this week were the purple paragons, the luminous legion, the multiple mega marshals – the team: Dan GOODWIN • James BISHOP • Tina MOSELEY • David PARKER • Andrew HAMMOND • Brett CORNISH • Kyra CORNISH • Judy CROOKS • Alex CHARD • Elizabeth HALFORD • Faith PEARCE • Emma MULLEY • Sue EAGLE • Derek JARVIS • Catherine DUGDALE • Ruth RUDD • Michael DALE • Lewis WHITMARSH • Oliver GENT • Simon ALCOCK • Eileen DEARNLEY • Lisa ALBOROUGH • Michelle WARD • Katie DAVIES • Nicola IRESON • Iona DAVIES • Andrew G GREY

We always need more help – can you please drop us an email if you can help in the next few weeks. Sadly our roster looks like my rapidly retreating hairline. Not too bad to start with but then thins out to an awkward isolated patch here and there further down.

Also – a call for help please. The Stroke Resolution run needs more help if any is available, especially a lead runner to show people the way. If you’re speedy (Aston Martin, Trevor Gannon, guys like that, I’m looking at you here) and free on the morning of March 24th, can you please consider giving up a little bit of your time to George a hand? Contact him on – they’re also after more marshals and staff to help give out medals.

Since last week, literally nobody has asked me how I’m getting on with my quest to get to Kapiti Coast parkrun. So let’s pick up the phone to Catton parkrun OberUberOberKommandant Event Director Dan, and see what’s happening with my request….

*ring ring*

“*Brief shout of what could be an insult or greeting*”

“Oh, Hi Boss, It’s James…”

“*Shouting sounds slightly angrier, distant noise of nails being hammered into something*”

“Err…. Bishop. James Bishop. I’m part of the core team, I write the run reports…? Larger bloke? Grey hair? Shouts people to the new runner briefing? Makes a decent speaker stand on Saturday mornings?”

“*Angry exclamations and what sounds like a sledgehammer being buried in the side of a JCB*”

“Yes, that’s me, although that never actually happened, it was a vicious rumour started by Brett Cornish. It’s simply not physically possible to put tha….”

“*What sounds like an small anvil being dropped into a drum, repeatedly, to the tune of something played by Slipknot*”

“The point of my call? Ah yes, well, last week I asked about going to Kapiti Coast parkrun in New Zealand and I wa… Hello? Dan? Dan? “

He’s lovely, really. Just really bad connection in Catton parkrun towers. I think. Because otherwise I think I’m going to be missing some body parts if I call him again. *gulp*

And on that bombshell…


PS. Your thought for the week is from the late, great Tommy Cooper…”You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.' “ (Don’t park on Oak Lane please!)


Catton parkrun #285 “Catton parkrun Towers”

434 people turned out on a breezy but sunny morning to Run, Jog and Walk round Catton park for edition 285 of the super duper double hill funfest we call “Catton parkrun”.

We were pleased to welcome 35 people to the park for the first time, 16 of them being first timers to any parkrun. Welcome to the run that never ends, folks. We were happy to welcome tourists from places as far away as Great Notley, Croydon, Woodhouse Moor, Lowestoft and Norwich. Here they all are, what a good looking bunch, they shine like stars compared to last week… (Brucie wants his joke back James –Ed)

Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

We were also pleased to welcome back Andrew Ross from New Zealand, taking his 2nd run over here. Between you and me, I had a look at his home parkrun, Kapiti Coast parkrun on the North Island. Looks lovely. And warmer. Wonder if they need someone to write their run reports…

Image may contain: ocean, sky, twilight, tree, outdoor, nature and water

Hmm, hang on a minute, let me see if I can convince Catton parkrun OberUberKommandant Dan to fund a trip for me. He’s on the next office over here at Catton parkrun Towers….

“Dan! Dan! (No this isn’t accidental Partridge…) Can I go on an exchange trip to New Zealand please? I want to write a run report about Kapiti Coast parkrun…”

“*muffled angry response and loud thumps on the wall*”

“Err.. oh. I’m not sure that’s physically possible Dan, and I don’t think the RSPCA would approve of that use of a Kiwi.. *more muffled angry shouting* Yes boss, even the Kiwi fruit won’t fit… but I’ll keep it in mind…*gulp*”

Oh well. Andrew, I’m not sure how much longer you’re here for but when you go back home please send our good wishes with you. Back to normality, then.

51 of you scored new Personal Bests this week! Outstanding work in blowy conditions.

We were able to put on the event this week with the help of these fine people, your high visibility vanguard, the perpetuators of parkrun, the enablers of excellence – your volunteer crew. And Brett.

Gill THOMAS • Dan GOODWIN • Rachel Alice Louise MILLER • Robert BAKEWELL • James BISHOP • Claire BERRIDGE • Mandy BERESFORD • Luke GUY • Brett CORNISH • Luke CORNISH • Alexander GREENHALL • Tom MARGITSON • Andrew HOWE • Alison MASTERSON • Shaun CLEWORTH • Faith PEARCE • Joseph HOWE • Christopher HOWE • Jamie SMITH • Oliver SMITH • Pete GRANT • Bill EDMONDS • Tracy PALMER • Catherine DUGDALE • Miranda ELLIS • Stephanie WENN • Barry WELLS • Elizabeth MASTERSON • Hilda TAYLOR • Rosie BUXTON • Lisa ALBOROUGH • Michelle WARD • Lucy RICHARDSON • Daniel GOLDSWORTHY • Owen DAVIES • Andrew G GREY

Can you help us in the future? Our future roster is looking emptier than Jamie Oliver's invitation list from the British Turkey Twizzler association.... email us at - please!

Now – we have some news…. You are cordially invited to a very special event…

That’s right! We’re going to have a very special "Wedding Edition" of Catton parkrun. On April 13th, two of our lovely regulars, Anna Thorpe and Simon Wright, are getting hitched! And to start the day off, they want to share their special day with us and you at Catton! So put on your best / worst gladrags that you want to dress up in, it’s a wedding party!

So if you want to dress up in a dress / suit / special outfit / bowtie / tutu (no Brett) – This is your day to do it. We’re going to try and get some wedding toot decorations to add a bit of marital flavour to the day, and I know that Anna and Simon would like it if you share the day with them. So “SAVE THE DATE” – It’s April 13th! More information to follow guys and girls…

For milestones this week, we had Nick Eagle take the black and join the 100 club! Well done Nick, great achievement. Joining the ranks of those who’ve spent 50 weekends trotting round a parkrun we are pleased to welcome Stuart Margitson, Alison Howes and Katie Atchley! Well done all. It’s an incredible feat!

Annnnd a very special volunteer milestone, everyone’s favourite groover and shaker, Ali Masterson of Disco Corner fame, achieved her 25th volunteer stint this week! Ali’s 100th is coming up soon (I believe planned for the 23rd…) , so we can expect “Disco Corner on Tour…”. Well done, Ali, and thank you!

Now finally, all our runners who came back for the hardest parkrun of all – their second! Congratulations go to Julie BURRELL, Nick HATTON, Joel FOX, Benjamin LEWIS, Danielle LEE, Matt HARVEY, Mike RICHARDS, Caitlin FOX, Herb JOSEPH, Cody PALMER, Malcolm PALMER, Luke WOLSEY, Sarah HEYBOURNE, Christina PRITCHARD, Gordon MURRAY, Lynn TATE, Fleur MURRAY and Chris JONES. There’s no reward (other than a sense of enormous well being) but to come back again shows you’re on the way to making parkrun a habit, and we welcome you back for it!

Just as a gentle reminder….

cowboy | PARKING ON OAK LANE? WE DON'T DO THAT IN THESE PARTS... | image tagged in cowboy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Numbers seem to have drifted up again recently, so please remember, we’re not going on and on (and on – Ed) about this because we want to, we want to keep our neighbours and the Catton Park trustees happy. And that’s all….

First finisher this week was the mighty Trevor Gannon, who zoomed round in 17:39. First lady finisher was Amy Beck who engaged turbos and sped round in 18:49. One day I will be as fast as you two… I will, I will… (you won’t, but feel free to keep trying Chubs… -Ed).

Right, that’s it from me for this week. See you on Saturday for episode 286 of “I wonder how fast I’d be without this bloody hill….”


PS. Your thought for the week “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything… and if you don’t park on Oak Lane, you never have to feel bad about it.” Mark Twain said that. Well, most of that. Well, some of that. Well… *More muffled shouting, banging and sawing noises from Dan’s office* OK, I’m off *scarpers*


Catton parkrun #284 “Duct tape on my shoes”

419 people turned out in near perfect running conditions to walk, jog and run round a slightly damp Catton park this Saturday. We were pleased to welcome 34 people to the park for the first time, of which 20 of you were first timers to any parkrun! We were as pleased punch to welcome 14 tourists, this week hailing from Reddich, Brierley Forest (I’ve mentioned this before, it’s my favourite parkrun away from Catton, I strongly recommend it if you’re in the Midlands on a Saturday. They have a Jelly Baby corner!!), Wythenshawe, Woodhouse Moor, Norwich, Mulbarton… and even though they didn’t let us know at the time, we had Andrew Ross visiting us all the way from Kapiti Coast parkrun in New Zealand! Wow! Welcome Andrew, if you’re still up here this week, make yourself known please, we’d love to see what you think. :)

Here’s some of our newbies and tourists, gosh, you light up the camera so much more than that bunch from last week…

So, let’s chat, shall we guys? The time has come to talk of many things, such as diamonds and roses and piggies nose rings… You lot are awesome. You know that right? By far and away the best atmosphere I’ve ever known at a parkrun. 100 of you scored Personal Bests this weekend! 100!!! That PB bell was being rung more than Quasimodo’s dangly clanger (The bell in Notre Dame). Here’s the fantastic Emma Hawthornwaite, showing us all how it’s done….

Emma’s been coming for four weeks and improved every week. Shameless plug – follow her on Facebook here. One fantastic human being!

I’m always open to plug anything positive, guys, be it a story, a poem, what parkrun means to you, what Catton has done for you, tips on next weeks lottery numbers or the 3:15 at Haydock (Oh no you don’t… ignore him folks –Ed) – email us at and they’ll forward you onto me.

This week, Catton parkrun was brought to you by the number 284, and the letters Pee and Bee. It was also brought to you by the following super time donators who made the event happen: Shelley AMES, James BISHOP, Gary CHEESMAN, Brett CORNISH, Katie DAVIES, Owen DAVIES, Iona DAVIES, Miranda ELLIS, Deborah ENGLISH, Simon ENGLISH, Katie FENN, Gary GRAND, Alexander GREENHALL, Andrew GREY, Nicola HINSLEY, Derek JARVIS, Ben KENDALL, Alastair LECKIE, Elizabeth MASTERSON, Alison MASTERSON (THE DANCING QUEEN OF DISCO CORNER), Michael QUANTRILL, Alison READ, Chris RICHARDSON, Kerrie ROSE, Alina SANDU, Emily SPRAGGE, David STANSBURY, Robin TAYLOR, Sue THORP, Howard TULLY, Helen VINSEN, Stephanie WENN, Lewis WHITMARSH, Daniel WHITMARSH.

Shelley turned out to RD even though she had a voice croakier than Kermit after gargling gravel, which is why you lot ended up with me bellowing at you for a 2nd week running, so double applause for Shelley please. And you’re all getting a break this Saturday, Steph can bellow at you instead!

We were also pleased to welcome or new finish funnel, thanks to the sterling efforts of Brett Cornish. Kelly assures us that this looks better here (modelled by Steph) than it does in her front room, where it’s been for the past week, apparently.

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sport, people standing, grass, child, sky, outdoor and nature

I bet that Brett had a whale of a time pretending to be a bouncer… (As in a doorman, not the erstwhile dog off Neighbours (ask your parents)). This has come out of Brett’s pocket – if you’d care to make a contribution, please think about donating a few pennies here for our general care, upkeep, and Brett’s marital happiness. - about ½ way down.

We were pleased to discover that Paul Heybourne got his 100th run this weekend – earning him the black T-Shirt of doom! Well done Paul! We also had Alison Clabon, Peter Walsh and Caroline Allen get to 50 runs and earn the red T-Shirt of awesome! Well done ladies and gentleman, well done.

Although it's not officially recognized, here's our brave cadre of folks turning out to face their difficult 2nd parkrun. Well done all - it's hard to do it again, but by coming back you're well on the way to making this a habit. Well done!

Janine OSBORNE, Sarah COSTELLO, Christopher COOPER, Albert WALLDER, Stephen GOLDSMITH, Rory IVES, Mark SWIFT, Adrian HARRIS

But don’t forget guys, there’s another T-shirt you can earn, and that it is… the Purple T-Shirt of Pimpenessossity! (That’s really not a word you blithering buffoon –Ed) – And it only takes 25 weeks to get. “How?!” I hear you cry, well, I’m glad you asked random reader, because you can get this by simply volunteering 25 times. There’s even plenty of roles where you can volunteer and run! Contact us at to get your name on the list and help us out.

Our first finisher this week was Daniel Middleton who tied my Jetpack to his shoes and blasted round in 16:15 - only 40 seconds off the course record! Well done Daniel, amazing effort.

Some of you may have been scared by the sighting of a dinosaur on the park this week - I'm happy to let you know that this wasn't a dinosaur, it was a fantastic first parkrun by young Leon Reuben, accompanied by his mum Rose! Well done young man, and very scary you were too!

Image may contain: one or more people, grass, outdoor and nature

Aston Martin had a “Guess the weight of the cake” event this weekend which raised lots of money for the Guide Dogs. He’s running the London Marathon – obviously as a DB5. Here’s the costume!

If you want to drop Aston some pennies, feel free to donate here:

Okey dokey, that’s enough of my informative (lies –Ed) rambling for one week. Hope you all have a great rest of the week until Saturday and we’ll see you all again for edition 285 of “I swear this sodding hill wasn’t as steep last week”.


PS. Your thought for the week: “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting the rest of our lives…. So why wait to not park on Oak Lane…”


Catton parkrun #283 “Room 102!!”

A cool and misty morning before what was a stunning Saturday brought 466 people out into Catton Park to flimble, flamble and flumble round a hauntingly gorgeous route. We were delighted to welcome 38 people to Catton park for the first time, including visitors from Somerset (for the Brizzle City match), Lancaster, Castle Park, Enfield and Sheringham. And 20 people taking part in their first ever parkrun! A warm welcome to all of you – here’s a picture, gosh, you’re all so much more photogenic than last week!

Image may contain: 14 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

An incredible, almost unbelievable 102 of you achieved a personal best this week. 102! That’s, that’s like, some kind of record. 102! That last time I saw 102 of anything it was the amount of chicken wings I was planning to eat at an all you can eat chicken wing buffet in the USA. Remember folks, if you get a PB, you get to ring the coveted PB Bell and grab some sweet, sweet chocolate. :) Here’s the smashing Lizzi Kilpatrick doing it right!

Carrying on our fantastic set of pictures this week, at the fallen oak tree this week we were pleased to welcome Chris Harrison who brought his camera and took some great pictures of you all running out of the gloom. They’re up on our facebook page here. I applied a special filter to one of them and discovered this…

102 of you caught him! 102!! That’s like more people than get a engineer turn up on time in a week! 102!!!

I always like to give special attention to everyone who comes back for parkrun #2 with us. To come to parkrun once is amazing, but to then take the step of making it a habit is a difficult thing, so our big shout outs this week goes to the following people who earned the Catton parkrun award for outstanding efforts in returning to go for a 5k run/jog/walk on a Saturday morning. (there’s no actual award but I’m happy to give you a hug / manly handshake if you want one…): Charlotte SPARKES, Justin FOX, Lisa DACK, Harriet ASKHAM, Dan MOBBS, Paul MILEHAM, Millie CHAPMAN, Rosie SMITH, Ben DANDELSKE, Daniel BEAN, Lucy KIMBER, Archie BEAN, Cassie LONG, Emma GIBBS, Jessica LYONS, Rob SANGAR, Agnieszka GRZYB Sam GIBSON and last but not least Samera JONES.

I want to take a minute to just let you know about Samera and a story that she’s part of. As many of you will have heard of in the local media, tragically young Denver Clinton, aged only 4, lost his battle with cancer this month. Samera and a number of other people over the country gathered together to be Denver’s Power Rangers. Denver was a huge Power Rangers fan (and lets face it, who isn’t) and one of the things that they’re doing as a group for Denver is running. Samera has set herself the task of getting fit and running as Denver’s Pink Power Ranger in his memory. Look out for Samera when she comes back to Catton in a couple of weeks and I’m sure she can tell you many more activities that are going to be carried out in the memory of this young man. Much love from all of us here at Catton parkrun, Samera. X

If any of you have any stories about Catton parkrun and the how’s and why’s you’re doing it, please let us know. At the end of the day we’re all complicated people with complicated lives, but learning about other people who we run with every Saturday can give us perspective on our own reasons for being. – It's also good to learn about the people we meet every Saturday, and I'm happy to write a few lines about you and your story if I can.

Our first finisher this week who blazed round at Superhero speed was Reuben Andrews, who finished in the storming time of 17:29 – and got himself one of our 102 PB’s this week as well. 102!! That’s more sales than a furniture shop has in a year! Our first lady finisher this week was another Andrews, this time being Reuben’s mum, Joanna Andrews, who finished in 18:10. Both are proud members of Bungay Black Dog RC.

Our hi-vis (and it was needed this week) helpers this week were: Robert BAKEWELL, Simon BAXTER, James BISHOP, Brett CORNISH, Kyra CORNISH, Peter DEARNLEY, Miranda ELLIS, Deborah ENGLISH, Amélie FENN, Katie FENN, Phoebe FOX, Jill GIBBS, Dan GOODWIN, Alexander GREENHALL, Andrew G GREY, Luke GUY, Ally HADDEN, Elizabeth HALFORD, Stacey HARPER, Jessica HARRISON, Chris HARRISON, Susan HARVEY, Richard HOLLINGS, Peter MARRON, Alison MASTERSON, Elizabeth MASTERSON, David PARKER, Alison READ, Timothy SMITH, Paul SMITH, Robin TAYLOR, Stephanie WENN and Ed WRIGHT

Can you help us in the future? If so, drop us a line. We’re still running at a sub 10% rate for people who’ve run here vs. people who’ve helped to make the event happen. Catton parkrun started on 5th October 2013. Since then 7,991 participants have completed 71,856 parkruns covering a total distance of 359,280 km, including 12,547 new Personal Bests (102 of those this weekend. 102!! That’s more people than have stepped on the moon, for that matter, it’s more people than have stepped on my foot!) . A total of 773 individuals have volunteered 5,812 times. And our roster for March is looking emptier than my bank account. Please lend a hand.

And finally, our milestone this week, a huge congratulations to Tracie Reynolds who made her 100th run. If you were there this Saturday you would have seen her in a pink tutu and bells. (What is it about Tutu’s and Catton parkrun? I blame Brett Cornish….) Well done Tracie! Sadly I couldn’t see what number it was you were doing when your crew called out your milestone on Saturday, so here’s the big fuss you deserve. :)

Fireworks GIF

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, shoes

Fireworks GIF

Right, that’s it for me. See you all next week, for edition 284 of “Over the meadow and through the woods, I jump and I skip and OH ITS THAT BLOODY HILL AGAIN”.


PS. Thought for the week: ““Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you… its really optimistic at the Rec Ground. Really. Oak Lane is all like negative and stuff. Don’t park there.”


Catton parkrun #282 “(…Not Constantinople)”

Finally a reasonable day for running brought 387 people out from hibernation to trot, trundle and toodle their way around Catton Park on Saturday. We had a huge turn out of 30 first timers, including tourists from as far away as Cornwall, Folkstone, Waltham Abbey and Newbury. Here they are – even better looking than last week’s bunch.

Image may contain: 19 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

The more pleasant conditions meant 90 of you gained a new personal best! This includes 14 out of the 16 folks returning for their difficult 2nd parkrun – well done all of you, you’re now well on the way to making this a habit! Our 2nd time stars this week were: Dan CHURCH, Ellis WATTS, Emma HAYTHORNTHWAITE (Well done Emma – amazing improvement!), Lindsay LANGRIDGE, Alanna DICK, Claire BROOKS, Harry GORDON, Amanda SMITH, Kelly CONROY, Amélie MOBBS, Natalie KORDECZKA-CLARKE, Amanda GOLDSMITH (Mate!), Glenn PEARCE, Colin WINKWORTH, Olivia CHAPMAN and James MOUND.

Our first finisher this week was Luke Alden, whose flying feet got him round and back in time for cake in 17:19 – and he also celebrated his 200th parkrun this weekend. Well done, Luke. When I grow up I want to be as fast as you (James you’re a 43 year old chubby bloke, it’s not going to happen, not even if you get that Jetpack you’re after… – Ed). Our first lady finisher this week was Anna Kirkham who smashed it round in 20:08.

Big thanks to all our volunteers this week and (sigh) – as requested as special shout out to Robin and Andrew, the two sexy guys (Robin’s words not mine) who were our Church Street marshalls this week.

Image result for two wild and crazy guys meme

Our Hi-Vis and behinds the scenes crew this week were: Dan GOODWIN • Lucy RING • Radley FENN • Simon SNELL • James BISHOP • Joanne RING • Simon ENGLISH • David PARKER • Ruth HOYLE • Luke GUY • Matthew CRANE • Jack NOBLE • Brett CORNISH • Kelly CORNISH • Kyra CORNISH • Luke CORNISH • Alexander GREENHALL • Alison MASTERSON • Kelly-Anne SNELLING • Gary SNELLING • Shauna GOOCH • Carolyn LAWLER • Simon LAWLER • Derek JARVIS • Catherine DUGDALE • Chris RICHARDSON • Miranda ELLIS • Daniel WHITMARSH • Katie FENN • Elizabeth MASTERSON • Zack DOGGETT • Alison READ • Rebecca DALE • Andy TIBBLE • Katie DAVIES • Emily SPRAGGE • Robin TAYLOR • Owen DAVIES • Iona DAVIES • Andrew G GREY.

Our cup ranneth over with Marshalls this week but suddenly the roster again looks thinner than Kate Moss after a body wrap. Remember, we need your help every week to get this event going – without you, it doesn’t happen. By way of bribery motivation, remember after 25 volunteering stints you get the Purple 25 T-Shirt, and very nice the new ones are too. Fond of a purple outfit me. When I grow up (not this again – Ed.) I want an outfit just like this…

Image result for prince purple suit gif

Err. Right. As mentioned above, Luke Alden made it to 200 runs this week, while its an unofficial milestone, it’s one we like to mention. Becky Green, one of our tourists this week from Gunpowder parkrun (Near Waltham Abbey!) celebrated her 200th run with us. Well done Becky, hope you liked our course!

Getting to 50 runs were the enigmatically named Mickey B from NC, My old pal Tony Waring, Christie Williamson and Dale Smith! Well done all. Enjoy your new T-shirts. J

Last thing before I go this week, we were pleased to welcome the Stroke Resolution Run – their Norwich event is taking place on Sunday 24th of March. They are looking for more runners to raise money for what is an incredible cause, along with marshalls and volunteers to assist.

More information can be found at their website here. Best of luck!

Right, that’s me for the week. Sorry this is a bit late, work sent me to Istanbul (not Constantinople) of all places for three days. I’m not sure if I’m jetlagged or just so tired that my eyeballs are going to roll out of my head and onto the keybohhhh there goes lefty. Argh. Yarr.


PS. To the tune of Istanbul not Constantinople…(ask your parents) Park at the rec ground not Oak Lane, park at the rec ground not Oak Lane, Park at the rec ground not Oak Lane, It gives Dan delight, stops the neighbours getting a fright, it just works, and it’s all the business to stop the traffic going berzerk….

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