Chester parkrun #80

We have reached our octogenarian state and a very damp and chilly morning greeted us and the 257 parkrunners to the Countess of Chester Country Park for 5km of damp, mud and exhilaration.

50 first timers, 36 PBs and a dedicated team of 18 volunteers were highlights of this cold morning.  Our visitors included one from Gateshead who was running in the morning before supporting his team against Chester FC, (his efforts were rewarded as Gateshead won 3-1).

We also had visitors from Leeds, Davenport, Wolverhampton and Dewsbury - thankyou for visiting us.

The Core Team has also said farewell to Geoff who has stepped down.  He will back to Chester, but we would like to think Geoff for the time he has put into volunteering at Chester - it is greatly appreciated.

We would like to say a huge thanks to our team of very chilly volunteers, without whom we simply could not exist.  We would also like to thank The Little Owl who, on days like this, provide much needed radiators and hot drinks to defrost chilly hands and feet.

Thank you all, see you next time and DFYB!


Chester parkrun #79

It was a bitterly cold January morning, but that didn't stop more than 260 parkrunners turning out in Chester for a 5k dash (or not).

Had our usual high turnout of first timers - 55 in all and great representation from local and national clubs.  There were also a magnificent 37 PBs.  Well done all.

One particularly notable and popular milestone was Sarah Hughes who reached her 50 run point - many congratulations Sarah!

We would like to keep this report brief, but focus on our volunteers.  The core team turns out week after week to keep parkrun going, but we also have regular volunteers who are not core team members but still put the effort in to help us keep Chester going.  We cannot exist with merely the core team, we do need our regulars to stop us from struggling.  We would like to pay tribute to all our volunteers who keep us going - THANKYOU!

See you all again soon and DFYB.


Chester parkrun #78

A rather bitterly cold morning for a new year parkrun - just ask my little boy who was the grumpy mini marshal at the top of the course - thankfully he brightened up when he got to the Little Owl and had a sausage bap.  The warmth and hospitality of the Little Owl remains something we are particularly grateful for.

Well done to Ian on his return to running and first Chester parkrun.

We stuck with the B Course today, though both courses are showing the scars of the weather and hundreds of pairs of feet.  205 parkrunners braved the chilly morning and made it around - 42 of whom were first timers so thank you for choosing Chester.

No milestones today, though sometimes just getting around on days like this is a milestone.

Thank you to our brilliant team of volunteers and we will see you all again soon.  DFYB.


Chester parkrun #77

Last New Year we did not see much of a bounce, in fact our numbers were down on the day itself which was largely to do with the poor weather.  There is no way of predicting these things as we have seen in the past.  We have braced ourselves for a large influx in the past when other local parkruns have been off only to discover that nothing has changed...

Nicer weather and the opportunity to do a double-header with Wepre clearly had an impact on Chester, and so we had a lovely 270+ turnout with a friendly and cheerful atmosphere among everyone.  What's more, we also ended up with a massive 91 first timers - numbers not seen since our first few weeks.

We reverted to the B-Course again, but gladly we did not have to do any more improvisation and all went ok.

Congratulations to the following runners:

David Baugh and Lyn Langford on reaching your 50 milestones.

David Irving, Anthony Hope and Liz Humphries on reaching your 100 milestones - 3 at once is certainly unusual!

Thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers who came out early in the party season to make the parkrun happen - we can't do this without you.  If you only have one New Year's Resolution then please make it "to volunteer at parkrun!"

Chester parkrun would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2018.  See you all again soon and DFYB!


Chester parkrun #76

With such a lot of standing water across the whole of the Cheshire area we were not surprised to be using the reserve course.  When we got to the Countess of Chester Country Park we discovered that the flooding had extended to parts of the reserve course and meant that some improvisation was required to ensure that the 211 parkrunners who made the effort to come along would be rewarded with their 5km fix.  In the end it was a shade over, but what's 50m between friends?

Our last parkrun of 2017 was a muddy and wet one but went off without drama and we were delighted to welcome 55 first timers - thanks for choosing Chester.  Among this number were 13 parkrunners doing their very first runs - bravo all!

Other deserved mentions go to:

Freya Morris - 10 run milestone.

Steve Hillier - 50 run milestone.

Jon Downes - 100 run milestone.


We were also joined by tourists from Edinburgh to Devon, Milton Keynes to Gainsborough.  Thank you all.

A huge thank you to the volunteers for being so flexible and resilient and thanks to The Little Owl as ever.

See you 09:00 01 Jan 2018 for our next run and DFYB.

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