Chester parkrun #92

What a difference a nice bit of weather makes.  The mini heatwave that has hit the country over the last few days has not only brought out all of the beautiful blossom on the trees, but has brought out the runners too, and we had a fantastic turnout of 317 parkrunners on what was a glorious morning in Chester.

The drier conditions on our reserve course no doubt contributed to the 93 PBs. We also had 43 newcomers and 17 people doing their first ever parkrun - a lovely day to choose!

Congratulations to Gareth Rogers for hitting the 10 run milestone.  Also to Sam Oliver and Heather Tonks on reaching your 50 run milestones.  A big bravo to Tamsin Champion on reaching your 100th run milestone.

We owe a huge debt of thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers without whom we would not be able to continue. Also to The Little Owl for the continued support.

We hope the amazing weather continues! See you all again soon and DFYB.


Chester parkrun #91

We still had the mud, and we still had the reserve course, but the weather stayed particularly kind for our latest parkrun.  The 274 parkrunners enjoyed lovely conditions around the Countess of Chester Country Park - though they had to endure a splash through the big puddle on the start/finish straight.

56 first-timers maintained the Chester record of being a draw for parkrunners around the region and further afield. There were also 49 PBs bagged - a great effort all round.

Congratulations to Phoebe Williams on your 10 run milestone - but also for your 5th place finish, first female and sub 20 time - great going.

Congratulations also to the 32 parkrunners doing their very first parkrun - thanks for choosing Chester to start your parkrun journey.

A big thanks to our team of volunteers for making the parkrun happen and to the Little Owl for continued support.

See you all soon and DFYB.


Chester parkrun #90

The rainy theme continued into April, as did the need to maintain our use of the reserve course.  It's worth noting that we may need to use the reserve course for a while longer.  This is because of the water flowing onto the cross-country, and investigations are underway to determine whether the canal is contributing to this.  It's too early to say, but we will keep you informed.

Sadly our Saturday morning was a bit of a rain-fest, but this didn't stop 190 parkrunners from turning out and braving the precipitation and mud to get their 5k trip around the Country Park under their belts - well done all of you.

On a positive note - Chester parkrun has now provided a Defibrillator to the  Countess of Chester Country Park this is now in situ at the Ranger Hut and is available 24/7.

We had 43 first timers and 30 PBs were recorded - bravo!

Congrats Jacob Stubbings on your 10 run milestone.

Also Chris Hughes, Michael Cosstick and Diane Barber on reaching your 50 milestones.

We would like to extend our warm thanks to our amazing volunteers for making the parkrun happen and to The Little Owl for continued support.

See you all again soon and DFYB.


Chester parkrun #89

Rain, mud, floods, rain, mud, floods (repeat for 5 months).  Yes it was the B course yet again with the added "fun" of the wetlands section getting even wetter as the run was progressing.

We are hoping in our hearts that winter is having its last fling and will leave us alone until the end of the year so that the country park can dry out and we can get back to normal again.

In the meantime, we still managed to have a good turnout of 223 parkrunners - 54 of these were first timers.  Thank you for choosing Chester!

We would like to congratulate the following:

Luca Plant, Emily Connolly and Seren Hughes for reaching your Junior 10 run milestones.

Helen Hughes and Jackie Hughes for reaching your 50 run milestones.

Special thanks to our team of volunteers for making the parkrun happen.  Thanks also to The Little Owl for being the best!

We will see you all again soon, hopefully in drier weather and DFYB.


Chester parkrun #88

The main course is now drying out, but we decided to stick with the reserve just for another week or two.  Damp conditions this morning did not stop 269 parkrunners completing the 5k circuit..

To those runners who will have noticed the group on scooters..  Let me assure you that they were removed from the results. Scooters/bikes/skates etc are not accepted parkrun methods.

We had a good morning for running and I am sure the Vitality/Convatech group had a fine run.

Many congratulations to Joy Wilkinson on hitting your 50 run milestone.

Thank you to all the volunteers who did an amazing job. Thank you also to Chris and Elaine Hulse for helping out with the tokens afterwards. Finally thank you to The Little Owl for continued support.

See you all soon and DFYB.

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