Chichester parkrun #229 – back to the Saturday routine.

Happy New Year ! How has 2019 been so far for you ?


For Ian (our Event Director) it was going well until about 10:30 on New Years Day when a fatal flaw was discovered in our results. It seems that somebody crossed the Finish Line but then "ducked out" of the Funnel without collecting a Finish Token. This corrupted our results data and meant that Ian spent much of his Bank Holiday sorting it out. Ignoring some of the more blood thirsty suggestions on our Facebook page I resorted to verse (or worse)..... 


If the Funnel's been ducked
We really are mucked
Up in a horrible way.
The extra work
Is a serious irk
So DON'T DUCK, do you hear what we say ?
If you enter the Funnel
It's just like a tunnel
You just keep on to the end.
Because you will be about
To send our RD round the bend.


At the end of the run, we have some rules
They're easy to follow (except for fools).
A momentary lapse makes our system collapse
Then our RD works later, to clean up the data.
So, PLEASE no more mishaps !


To briefly explain.......your result is a compilation of your Time (from the Stopwatch), your Finishing Position (from Finishing Token) and your Runner i/d (from Barcode). Failure to collect all three elements for every finisher means that we have to intervene to correct the data (assuming we can find where the problem occurred - not always easy!). By "Ducking Out" the miscreant not only invalidates their own record but also invalidates the records of all subsequent finishers. So this is not a "victimless crime" - lots of work to fix and invalidated records for fellow parkrunners.
Even if you have run without your Barcode you should still collect and hand in a token after crossing the Finish Line although you will be shown as an "Unknown Runner". 
And, finally on this topic, please never cross the Finish Line twice or if you have not completed the full course. (Yes, it has happened !).
So, to today's event which benefited from the recent drier weather - even Orchard Turn was passable without full Bog-Snorkelling kit. After record turnouts on Christmas Day and New Years Day, Lynette welcomed  224 parkrunners and 19 volunteers on a somewhat bracing morning. Conditions were set fair for good performances and we were soon on our way with 43 First Timers and Tourists (including visitors from Sydney). It was great to meet some of the people undertaking parkrun for the very first time. Welcome to our community which we hope you will enjoy on many occasions in the future. 
With 11 runners achieving the respectable 70% Age Grade standard in addition to 26 Personal Best performances it appears that the excesses from the Festive Season might actually be improving performance ! (Yippee - mince pies all year !). Leading the way home for the ladies were Grace BIRD, Helen DEAN and Sarah MORRIS and, for the gentlemen, Peter BIRD, Andy MORGAN-LEE and Ian GAY took the honours. Special mentions for Helen and Andy who exceeded the 80% Age Grade standard.


Today we thank these folk who volunteered and made our event  possible..... 

Leon PERRY • Ellen PERRY • Jill RENSON • Lynette WOODWARD • Maggie MEDHURST • Robin CHARNOCK • Vanessa FRANKLIN • Geoff SUMNER • Aaron BAKER • Chris ARMSTEAD • Jeremy HARRISON • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • James BEAUMONT • Gary DICKER • Johanna HARRISON • Kate DEAN • Rebecca HARTLEY • Sean RAINEY • Sandra L YOUNG
None of the volunteering roles are too difficult but they are critical since we simply cannot stage parkrun without volunteers. Those who volunteer are really appreciated so if you have not yet done so please make this one of your New Year's Resolutions (and get it ticked off your Things To Do List asap !).
Finally, Clair Louise CHEGWIDDEN with a nicely symmetrical time of 34:34 today makes her mark on parkrun history and qualifies for inclusion in  The Ancient Order of Aesthetically Pleasing Results. 


Geoff Sumner

Chichester parkrun # 228 – The ‘Double the Fun, Happy New Year’ one!

This week saw a wonderful 300 people running, jogging, walking, skipping and gossiping their way around the 3 laps of Oaklands Park that make up Chichester's parkrun course. So close the all-time finishers record of 302 – Run Director Ian was threatening to make the bar code scanners and funnel manager do a swift three laps to beat the record!

There were many runners who were taking the once a year opportunity to 'do the double' and had hot-footed it over from our sister parkrun in Bognor for the second stage of this feat. Rumour has it some EVEN RAN between the 2 parkruns – adding another 6.3 miles to the 6.4 of 2 parkruns. Clearly these people did not let the New Year in with quite as much gin as I did! Congratulations to you all.

The run itself of course felt busier than usual but it was very special to see everyone flocking across the park for the briefing from Ian. There were 68 Chichester parkrun first timers, and representatives from 28 clubs – including of course a good helping of our Bognor based friends. Weather was set fine and the bottom of the course has now dried back to a gentle sticky mud – rather than the rivulet we were splashing through before Christmas. Consequently 25 set new PB's. What a great way to start the year.

This is my first attempt at a run report – and I really wanted to do this today as it was my 100th parkrun and time to speak up. Never did I think the first time a staggered around a parkrun having just done NHS C25K that this would ever become a part of my life – but it really has. There are few things I feel passionately about – but parkrun and it's ethos is one of them. Through parkrun I have got fitter, met some truly lovely people who are now friends, nagged my husband and several friends to run, joined a running club and this year will tackle my first marathon. That's quite an impact and it would not be possible without our cracking core team - Ian, Lis, Lynette, Chris, Peter and Liz who put in so much effort every week so I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you - you are very special people.

There is also a 'hard core' of volunteers who put in so much supporting – quite a number having volunteered well over 100 times. Today is my 15th volunteer. I read somewhere that if you volunteer once for every 7 runs you do – parkrun works - I'm about on target. Volunteering is great fun and if you have not volunteered yet or don't that often – please consider signing up at the board by Spartacus and opting in on your parkrun page. This will make our Run Director's lives a little easier.

All that remains is to say a big thank you to today's high viz heroes; Kevin Williams, Tracy Skinner, Mike Moorcroft, Lis Peskett, Ian Robertson, Liz Stanleigh-Turner, Jane Taylor, Nick Taylor, Dave Barty, Sarah Loy, David Loy, James Loy, Catherine Cannon, Paul Bowering, Janice Betts, Jeremy Harrison, Johanna Harrison, Martin Emmett, Tony Hack, Jane Moodie and Carolyn Knight who made it all possible.

Just ascetically pleasing time of the week to go! Looking at the results our time keepers fingers were flying! I would like to nominate Terri Brooker, and Chichester first timers Sylv Armstrong and Julie O'Carroll who all clocked 37.17. A tribute to the timekeepers speedy thumbs!

Jane Taylor


#227 – The one that came last (in the year)!

Well, here we are again!  The last Chichester parkrun of the year. What a year it has been! We even had to reverse the course for a while early in 2018.  The year gave us bigger fields than ever, more milestones than ever, and the stepping down of our glorious Ambassador Mike HOUSTON.  Talking of which I thought that was him that sped past me on lap two (three for him) on Christmas Day on his way to crossing the line first.

The course was drier than on the 25th, thank goodness, but still sticky.  Today, 191 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests.  Representatives of 19 different clubs took part.  This represents a slight fall in numbers from Christmas Day but yet another tremendous turnout on a cloudy, grey December morning.  It felt rather like the peace at the end of the festive storm.  Or perhaps the eye of the storm with Hogmanay still to come?

It was lovely to be greeted by the amazing group of volunteers, led for the day by the awesome Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER and her stupendous sidekicks.  In all there were 19 volunteers:

Jane TAYLOR • Susan BARTY • Jill RENSON • Dave BARTY • Lillian DE LACY • Aaron BAKER • Greg DE LACY • Peter ANDERSON • Jeremy HARRISON • David DORNING • Matt IRWIN • Steve WHITMEE • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • John ODDE • Jonathan HARRINGTON • Nick TAYLOR • Alison ARCHER • Elizabeth ROBINSON

Nine runners managed to get around that muddy course three times in less than twenty minutes today, including first male, WILLIAM BOUTWOOD, and first female GINA GALBRAITH. How on earth do they do that?

 The tenth placed runner was Ian BARNETT.  I am particularly in awe of his time as he is in the same age bracket as me.  However, the real reason that I have chosen his as the aesthetically pleasing time of the week should be easy to guess.  Ian finished in 20:19, but it didn't take him three days.

Congratulations to all finishers today.  This is such an uplifting and friendly event and is exactly what we need to embrace next year too.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Chichester parkrun Results Page.


Thanks Jonathan for a great report!  He is closing in on his 100th run and is one of our regular volunteers!  Perhaps reading this you feel inspired to make your New Year's Resolution to parkrun more or maybe to volunteer - whichever you decide, we will be waiting to welcome you all!!

Happy New Year to You all!



#226 – The one with a Cinderella moment

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and ‘Tis the season of goodwill to all men (and women) – so let’s start by thanking our volunteers, without whom (yes, I say it every time!) there wouldn’t be a parkrun. Enormous festive thanks to: Catherine CANNON • Dave BARTY • Geoff SUMNER • Greg DE LACY • Hilary KNIGHT • Ian ROBERTSON • Ivan GARDNER • Jane MOODIE • Janice BETTS • Jill RENSON • Lee MOODIE • Lillian DE LACY • Lis PESKETT • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Lynette WOODWARD • Paul STALLARD • Peter ANDERSON • Peter YOUNG • Phillip LOW • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Sheenagh BROADHURST.

And what a wonderful turnout of colourful runners greeted our brilliant volunteers. We like any excuse to dress up at Chichester parkrun, and today was no exception. There were santa hats galore, festive running trousers and full-length suits. Lynette WOODWARD was a lovely shepherd, Aaron BAKER a very frilly fairy who sprinkled fairy dust as he ran while Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER was adorned with fairy lights. And even an entire snowman.

There was an Angelic Host proclaiming (aka Ian ROBERTSON our Event Director and today our Run Director). Ian gave a festive welcome to all our local runners and to our first timers. 10 first timers – what a great parkrun to start with – do come back. As for our visitors, our tourists – I’ve counted 26. Chichester parkrun is a great place to spend Christmas Day morning – thank you for joining us. We welcomed visitors from London, Cardiff, Oxford, New Orleans and Shanghai – wow. Of particular note was our visitor from Cardiff Kevin JONES, who today ran his 400th parkrun. We were his 253rd parkrun location – that’s dedication (and a lot of airmiles!).

There were no Footprints In the Snow, as it wasn’t a White Christmas but definitely a Blue Christmas – with a chilly crisp blue sky. Conditions underfoot were apparently improved from Saturday – but it was still pretty squishy and sploshy (indeed, one runner completed most of the first lap with only one trainer as he lost the other in the mud near the U-turn!). Still, it’s all part of the fun. Our shepherds watched their flocks (ok, the volunteers marshalled us) safely around the course. Mud sang about being lonely at Christmas – but it wasn’t lonely this year as a record breaking 214 participants crossed the finish line. (For interest, Last Christmas in 2017 there were 152 of us, and in 2016 a mere 98).

13 runners achieved a Personal Best today – congratulations to you all. For the record, the Christmas Time (s) were: Mike HOUSTON was our first male finisher in a time of 17:50, while Charles RODMELL was second over the line in 18:53 and Lindsay RUSSELL in 19:02 was third. Lucy THRAVES was our first female finisher in a time of 19:33 (setting a new PB – well done), with Gina GALBRAITH in 19:38 second over the line, and Rachel SHAW was third in 22:11.

For my most aesthetically pleasing time of the week, All I Wanted (for Christmas) was for one of us would finish in 25:12, but it was not to be. I’ve chosen the person who finished in 25:25 who was HEDDA WELLS.


Merry Christmas Everyone.


parkrun 225 – the surprisingly muddy one

Parkrun report 22nd December 2018

By Catherine Cannon

A deceptively mild Saturday morning greeted our parkrunners and volunteers today for Chichester parkrun number 225. Chris ‘Bah Humbug’ Armstead was in charge of proceedings as our Run Director, supervising our festive frolics. Many of us had read the memo about festive wear, and there was a smattering of Santa hats and patterned leggings, while Lis PESKETT and Jill RENSON opted for an entire outfit. I particularly liked token hander-outer, Beth DUFOUR's snowflake deely boppers and fairy lights.

Health and safety announcements dealt with, and onto the more important aspects – greeting tourists. We welcomed runners from Uckfield, Ashford and Bristol amongst others, and the prize of the farthest travelled today goes to the runner from New Zealand. We recognised 6 first ever first timers – congratulations, do come back soon. And we celebrated with Greg DE LACY his 100th run. What an achievement! Greg began his parkrun career at Chichester in May 2015, and since then he’s visited 8 other parkruns and volunteered an impressive 43 times.

Dogs and under 11’s accounted for, and unnecessary extra layers removed, it was onto the serious business of getting around our 5km course. My parkrun spies tell me it was decidedly muddy underfoot (when the mud splatters reach past the back of your shorts, you know it’s a squelchy run!). But that didn’t stop 196 participants crossing the finish line – well done to you all.

For those who like a statistic or two, first male over the finish line was James BAKER in 16:55. Second male was Bertie PARADISE in 19:03 and third male was James BARNES right on his heels at 19:04. For our women, first female finisher was Ailbhe BARNES in 21:40, second female was Lucie WEST in 23:38 and third female was Nadia ANDERSON in 23:49.

In recognition of Greg’s parkrun centenary, my aesthetically pleasing time goes to our 100th finisher – Paul REYNOLDS in a time of 28:01.

A massive thank you as always to our volunteers, without whom there simply wouldn’t be a parkrun. Today, a big shout-out to: Alison ARCHER • Amelia BROMELL • Beth DUFOUR • Catherine CANNON • Chris ARMSTEAD • Clare MCNAIR • Jane TAYLOR • Jill RENSON • Jonathan HARRINGTON • Kik DEACON • Louise ACTON • Michael JOHNS • Nadia ANDERSON • Nick TAYLOR • Peter ANDERSON • Richard ACTON • Tom BLAYLOCK

See you all on Christmas Day!

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