Chichester parkrun is cancelled on 28 April 2018: Kids Party in the Park taking place in Oaklands

#193 The one with the sunshine

With the sun shining and near perfect conditions underfoot, Chichester, officially the sunniest city in Britain, hosted its 193rd parkrun this morning.

Buggy runners, runners, joggers and walkers (and a few dogs) , along with Chichester regulars were joined by tourists from amongst other areas London, Basingstoke, Portsmouth and more than a few from Bognor Regis due to their parkrun being cancelled.

The first female finisher was Sarah Loy in a time of 21.43 & the first male finisher was Mark Stevens in a time of 17.43. There were 261 participants in all with 55 personal bests recorded – well done everyone. Also, well done to Chris Armstead on achieving the milestone of 50 parkruns and celebrating with a new pb as well.

A massive pat on the back to the 54 first timers and an even bigger pat on the back to the volunteers who made it all happen. This week, they were: Mark PONSFORD • Nicola STALLARD • Stephen TEE • Ian ROBERTSON • Ben RITCHIE • Greg DE LACY • Beth DUFOUR • Jack STALLARD • Steve WHITMEE • Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Sandra BALCOMBE • Luisa RICOTTINI • Lee MOODIE • Tony HACK • Johanna HARRISON • Peter JAMES • Sarah MCELHILL. Please consider volunteering, parkrun couldn’t happen without volunteers.

The aesthetically pleasing time of the week is shared by Sophie Higgs and Sandra Balcombe both with a time of 59.00.

Finally, just a reminder that Chichester parkrun is not on next week (April 28th) so it’s a good time for some parkrun tourism – I will be at Southsea, see you there maybe?? Also, just in case a knighthood is in the offing, Happy Birthday Your Majesty.



Chichester parkrun No 192

A slightly surreal and misty morning welcomed us to parkrun – at least I assume it was the weather causing the fogginess and not the fact I’d forgotten to put my contact lenses in. It was quite atmospheric as we gathered for the welcome and briefing from Lis as our Run Director. We were back on what is being called the ‘Summer’ Course, and it was definitely less soggy than last time I ran. And looking at the forecast for the week ahead, maybe sunnier weather is on its way for us.

Clearly the mist had affected one male runner, as we set off from the start line, proceeded to run the other way to the rest of us. The majority of us ran forwards and carried on in that way. This week 188 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 28 of those were first timers – congratulations to you all – come back and join us again. We had a number of tourists joining us, and 14 different clubs were represented today.

First male finisher was Leo STALLARD in a time of 18:39, second over the line was Ian GAY in a time of 20:07 and third male was Ray GUNNER in 20:30. Ray GUNNER was a first timer at Chichester – great to see you. Great to see three different age categories of male runners in those three positions, demonstrating that parkrun really is open to everyone. For the women, first female finisher was Sarah LOY in a time of 22:02, second was Claudia MILBURN in 23:36, and third was Clare MOORE in 24:14. Also noteworthy that three categories of female runners represented in those three positions! (the fourth positions for both male and female added yet another age category to each group).

In fact while I’m looking at stats (because I like them!), I note that our most mature female runner today (is that politically correct – I hope so) achieved a Personal Best – so well done to Mary FAIRFIELD with her time of 43:47. Not to exclude the men, our two most mature male runners today were both in the 75 – 79 category, and have both achieved over 100 runs – well done to both Timothy SAMUELSON (normally found at Maidstone parkrun) and Don GRANT. 14 of our runners recorded new personal bests today.

(We do always tend to highlight the first finishers, but it needs to be remembered that parkrun is a run not a race. While we all want to do our best, we do need to look out for other runners and park users as we complete the course, particularly on the downhill path to the finish line).

My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Logan COOPER. Logan finished in a time of 21:13, which adds up to 7. Logan finished in 7th place. It was his 7th parkrun. His gender position was 7th. And his age grading continued the theme of 7 – neatly being 70:07%.

My award for ‘unexpected marshal of the week’ goes to Nadia ANDERSON who was spotted on the downhill path, encouraging all our runners. The award for the most enthusiastic marshal goes to Sanchia STANLEIGH-TURNER, a well deserved award this week.

As always, our event on Saturday would not have happened without our volunteer team who made it happen. Today we owe a huge thanks to the following 15 superstars, who all deserve a Commonwealth Gold Medal for their contribution:



parkrun #191, in which Spring (almost) arrived

Many thanks to Ben RITCHIE for supplying this weeks parkrun copy - Ed.
There was a bit of rain before the start and not much in the way of sunshine, but after week upon week of mud, horizontal rain, mud, the beast from the east, more rain, and more mud, it finally started to feel like spring is arriving in Oaklands Park.
Winter kit is gradually being packed away, temperatures were pleasant, the wind blustery but not bad, and the course is drying out nicely, with only the occasional muddy patch remaining - "good, soft in places" as the horse-racing world would say. Having dreamed of a return to the 'normal' course with its three times down the hill, instead of four times up it.  I must admit to finding it harder than I remember (although I'm not sure that a large amount of Easter chocolate really helped) and the third lap turned into a bit of a struggle. The two runners ahead of me both set personal bests, but much as would like to think that I pushed them all the way, the reality was somewhat different. Oh well, there's always next week...
In total, 153 people ran, jogged and walked the course - our third-best attendance of the year so far - with 20 people visiting Chichester parkrun for the first time, coming from as far afield as Toulouse and Luxembourg. 19 people recorded new personal bests, including first over the line Matt ELLIS who went round the course in a blistering 17:10 which would have given perennial first-place finisher James BAKER a workout (James was off in Portsmouth this week). Matt's only other visit to Chichester was back in 2014, when he also finished first. Peter BIRD finished second, and Chichester first-timer Graham WRIGHT came home in third place. Grace GIBSON was first female finisher, just ahead of Elena CERDAN and Caroline WATERWORTH, with the three of them arriving at the finishing line within a second of each other.
Janice BARBER celebrated her 50th parkrun this week, and Jill RENSON completed her 150th - well done both! Aesthetically-pleasing time of the week goes to Liam WILLIAMS, who finished in exactly 25:00 on his first parkrun.
As ever, parkrun could not happen without our team of volunteers. Chris ARMSTEAD was run director this week, accompanied by Mike MOORCROFT, Paul STALLARD, Tom BLAYLOCK, Lis PESKETT, John WAITES, Ben RITCHIE, Colin ANCKORN, Peppy ANCKORN, Emma WICKENS, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER, Sandra BALCOMBE, Matt MOORE, Tony HACK, and Peter JAMES. Many thanks to the volunteers, and there are still plenty of slots over the next two weeks, so if you fancy volunteering please get in touch with
And finally ... as we close in on parkrun #200, we have so far had 27,736 finishers collectively covering a total distance of 138,680 km - or three and a half times round the world. Pretty impressive for our small park in Chichester!

#190 – The one like St Andrews

Our Run Director, Peter ANDERSON, this week bravely went where we haven't been for a while...  not back to the future or back to reality (oops, there goes Gravity!  Sorry I just couldn't resist adding that!) – we went back to the Old Course!  Bravely perhaps, as we'd seen an awful lot of rain on the first Bank Holiday of 2018 but following great work from our Set-Up Crew (Stephen TEE and John ODDE), a New Runners' Brief by Catherine CANNON and our 'welcome to all' from Peter - warning us to go wide around the corners and to take care in the slippery bits,  147 parkrunners took off with a mystical White Rabbit for a 3 lap jaunt around Oaklands Park.

The course was surprisingly a lot more dry than we thought it might be – we're not quite out of the bog yet but there's definite improvement – no snorkel required this week!   It was great not to immediately have to tackle 'that hill' and a relief to only have to do 3 laps – leaving me dreaming of when Spring finally shoves Winter out of the way so we can return to the Summer course for good!!

We were in illustrious company today, not one but two Centurions – Tom BLAYLOCK and Lis PESKETT; one demi-Centurion – John WAITES and 14 runners claiming new PB's!  Our first finisher was the mysterious Milk Tray Man – unknown to all except himself, he was followed home by Joe GOODWOOD and James CLAYTON.  Cordelia PARKER was our first female finisher on her Chichester debut with Sheila LAMMAS from Stratford-upon-Avon and our own Sarah LOY following within quick succession.  We has 26 First Timers – I'm sure that a fair few were Tourists but, as my school report used to say, I drifted off during the briefing and missed where you were all from, many apologies – come back soon as I'm sure the Run Report Writer won't forget you!!!  My aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Mark WHEELER with his perfectly symmetrical 30:30.  Well done to you all!!

I've mentioned a few of our lovely volunteers already but the full list is:


Please do consider joining the merry crew of volunteers – it's another way for you to get your 'Feel Good Glow' on a Saturday morning and without them parkrun just can't happen!  Please check out the Future Roster page here: and let the Run Director Team know what you'd like to do!

A few more Thank You's:  Simon the Coffee – if you haven't tried Simon's fabulous hot beverages and banter after your run, perhaps think about it next time – it's sooo good; Lis for the celebratory cakes – YUM!!!!  Finally, the Easter Bunny for the chocolate eggs at the finish...

Thank you Sanchia for not only another excellent report but also for yours and Liz's help closing down the event.


Chichester parkrun #189: The one before the clocks spring forward

With the clocks about to go forward and with Easter only a week away, one could imagine a crisp, fresh, spring morning with blue sky stretching as far as the eye could see. Alas, it was a grey sky and sticky mud that once again welcomed runners to Oaklands Park for the 189th parkrun. 

Undeterred, the enthusiasm and motivation of the 139 people who ran, jogged or walked was plain to see, and hear, with much pre run babble and banter under the watchful eye of our Run Director, Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER

 Liz reminded everyone that the temporary winter course is indeed 4 laps [in case it had slipped anyone’s mind!], and that runners should, as ever look, out for each other. Liz’s introduction also gave us all an opportunity to congratulate Jane and Lee MOODIE on reaching the milestone of the 50th run – well done to them both.

Once again, our event was only made possible by the efforts of our outstanding volunteers, namely:

Leon PERRY • Ellen PERRY • Eric WOOD • Margaret ENSTONE • David PIKE • Lis PESKETT • Robert MALLETT • Catherine CANNON • Ben RITCHIE • Rob MOORE • Liz STANLEIGH-TURNER • Sandra BALCOMBE • Keith EVANS • Jonathan HARRINGTON • Kik LOOSLEY • James BOOLS.

First over the line today was James BAKER with a time of 17:41. The first female [in second place] was Alice WRIGHT, in 21:07. We always enjoy welcoming first-timers to Chichester parkrun and today there were 17 in number.

The aesthetically pleasing time of the week goes to Stephen COLLINS, running his 9th parkrun with a very neat and tidy 23:45. It also earned him a ‘PB’, one of only eight on the day.

So next up is parkrun on Easter Saturday. And whilst there are rumours that the ‘Beast from the East’ might reappear for a third time, lets once again defy the British weather and continue to make Chichester parkrun the very special event that it is.

Well done to all involved.

Thank you David PIKE for a super run report. 




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