The Running Commentary #281 – St Patrick’s Day 2018

The Starting Line

No snow, no ice, it looked pleasant, but there was a wind that made it feel as cold as it's been all winter! Still, it was St Patrick's Day and 169 runners, joggers and walkers turned up at Tannaghmore Farm for the 281st City Park parkrun.

The Volunteers

Given the chilly conditions we are particularly grateful to today's volunteers who only had the day's craic for warmth. We do need volunteers every week so if you could please help in the weeks ahead get in touch via Facebook, email or leave your name on the whiteboard at the scanning table.

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Marshal Angela GEMMELL
Timekeeper Eimear NICHOLL
Finish Tokens Ken SIMPSON
Finish Tokens Cormac MCCRACKEN
Barcode Scanning Brendan LENNON
Barcode Scanning Eilish CASEY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Tail Walker Jonathan DEWART
Tail Walker Heather BLAKE
Tail Walker Hazel SERGEANT
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ronald GEMMELL
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Karl DUNN
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Francis REYNOLDS


The First Timers

Nine first time runners at City Park, six of them completely new to the parkrun family!

Robert MCALLISTER 18:59
Calum REID 20:04
Andrew METCALFE 21:37
Natalie BRYSON 24:15
Conor MACKLE 24:55
Jack NEDZA 27:03
Charlie WILLIAMSON 32:27
Steph HANNEN 33:21
Danny TURLEY 38:14


Personal Bests

35 PB performances, moving a bit sharper to ward off the cold?

Sean FARQUHAR 19:20
Daire FORKER 22:22
Ian HILL 23:44
Ronan SMITH 23:55
Oswald ELLIS 24:18
Ian KELLLY 25:22
David MILLAR 26:19
Jennifer WOODS 26:21
Philip KEE 26:34
Briege O'HAGAN 27:07
Daniel BRACKEN 27:21
Colin IRWIN 27:25
Christopher CONNOLLY 27:27
Pauline THOMAS 27:43
Samantha HAWTHORNE 28:03
Ben MCCRORY 29:11
Darren MCCRORY 29:12
Charlotte PARK 29:14
Nicky WILLIAMSON 30:10
Rodney LUCAS 30:44
Beth HAND 30:50
Mark HAND 30:50
Alison ADAMS 30:57
Lisa REID 30:59
Ally CONN 31:21
Karen ADAMSON 33:17
Marcus MARK 34:46
Bernadette MARSDEN 35:10
Mary MCGRATH 35:57
Clare MCCANN 41:28
Stephen GILES 44:19
Riley GILES 46:54
Karen GILES 46:59
Elizabeth MCVEIGH 55:48
Lydia GILES 58:51


The Podiums


1 Conor GRIMES 18:19
2 Simon LE BLEVEC 18:50
3 Robert MCALLISTER 18:59

A third time as first finisher for Conor. Simon another regular on the podium and Robbie, a visiting work colleague of mine, rounds out the podium.


1 Emma MULHOLLAND 20:19
2 Roslyn DOBSON 20:45
3 Eimear LE BLEVEC 23:42

A 14th time as first lady for Emma with Roslyn and Eimear both regulars among the top places.

Age Graded

1 Roslyn DOBSON 20:45 VW45-49 77.27%
2 Emma MULHOLLAND 20:19 JW15-17 76.29%
3 Robert MCALLISTER 18:59 VM45-49 75.86%

The top finishers mixed-and-matched in the age-grade standings.

Finishing Line

One new 50-Club member this morning, well done to Elizabeth Deacon who completed her 250th parkrun km.

Well done to Gillian & co who successfully ran the first Lurgan Junior parkrun last Sunday. They'll be back in Lurgan Park again tomorrow for a 9:30 start if you'd like to take a youngster along.

You may have noticed that there are less trees and more fences around the watersport site. We are in constant communication with the council during the leisure centre build and disruption to our parkrun event should be kept to a minimum.

Citypark parkrun, Craigavon started on 11th August 2012. Since then 5,459 participants have completed 39,006 parkruns covering a total distance of 195,030 km, including 7,679 new Personal Bests.

Hope you all enjoyed the rugby!

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #280 – 10th March 2018

The Starting Line

What a BIG day at Tannagmore Farm this morning. An overcast but mercifully mostly dry morning greeted our 237 runners, joggers and walkers. Among that number were the latest batch of C25K graduates from Banbridge, Lurgan and Portadown and we hope you all had a great parkrun experience.

The Volunteers

With so many newcomers it was vital to have a good selection of volunteers, and these guys answered the call with gusto.

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ken SIMPSON
Marshal Gillian MCCRORY
Marshal Ronald GEMMELL
Marshal Roisin PEDEN
Marshal Andrea MCCARTHY
Marshal Zoe MCCRORY
Marshal Siobhan MCCONVILLE
Timekeeper Eimear NICHOLL
Finish Tokens Joan FITZPATRICK
Barcode Scanning Ruth MOORE
Barcode Scanning Joanne BONESS
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Tail Walker Angela GEMMELL
Tail Walker Emma PARSONS
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Results Processor Sheelin MCKEAGNEY
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Philip DAVISON
Funnel Manager Michele MOWLDS


We do need volunteers every week, so if you are able to help please get in touch through Facebook or leave your name on the whiteboard at the scanning table.

First Timers

65 first time visitors to City Park this morning, with six veterans of other parkruns. To all the C25Kers please remember we're here every Saturday, so please come back and join us again soon!

Cathy HAMILTON 23:00
Damian BOOTH 24:33
Rodney LUCAS 31:29
Lara CANNING 46:25
Adam CANNING 46:29
Barrie CANNING 46:30


Personal Bests

A bit of wind about, but that didn't hinder this intrepid 16 recording PBs.

Susan SMYTH 19:10
Orla FRENCH 20:11
Judith NIXON 21:05
Sarah-Louise BLACK 24:47
Eoin TIMONEY 25:12
Ian KELLLY 25:31
Conor CORVAN 26:22
David MILLAR 26:39
Gareth HAMILTON 27:30
Martin O'NEILL 31:10
Isobel WILSON 32:37
Ada LAVERY 36:17
Orlaigh CAMPBELL 36:38
Annette CAMPBELL 45:54


The Podiums


A familiar front three, with Mark home first for a 16th time.

1 Mark CORNETT 18:37
2 Conor GRIMES 18:48
3 Niall RANKIN 19:03



PBs for each of the top three ladies, Susan finishing first for the third time in four City Park parkruns. Special congratulations to Judith who PBed and podiumed on her birthday.

1 Susan SMYTH 19:10
2 Orla FRENCH 20:11
3 Judith NIXON 21:05


Age Graded

Our top three ladies feature as the top of the age graded league in slightly shuffled order.

1 Orla FRENCH 20:11 VW45-49 81.1%
2 Susan SMYTH 19:10 VW35-39 79.3%
3 Judith NIXON 21:05 VW45-49 76.1%


Finishing Line

Today was a landmark day at City Park with Francie Reynolds becoming our first runner to join the 250 Club. Francie took part in the first ever City Park event and 241 of his 250 runs have been round the lakes. His fleet feet have also graced Wallace Park, Falls Park, Ormeau Park, Queen's and Armagh over the last five-odd years. Well done France!

Also joining new clubs today were Marina McGurran, one of our regular volunteers, who completed her 100th parkrun; Sam Uprichard Jnr and Marc McComiskey are both now in the Club. Tomorrow one of our visitors from Belfast will complete her 100th Junior parkrun, good luck to Lara Canning!

On the subject of Junior parkruns, tomorrow sees the inaugural Lurgan Park event. Starting at 9:30 it is ideal for 4-14year-olds who might find the "adult" version a bit too far. Good luck to Gillian and everyone else involved tomorrow and in the weeks ahead.

Gillian should also be thanked by all for her great work as lead party-person today and we hope you all enjoyed your buns and treats, whether you were a C25K graduate, a landmark maker or "just" a regular punter!

There's plenty of photos from today's event appearing on Facebook, I might add some here later depending on how the rugby goes.

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #279 – 24th February 2018

A chilly morning for our 163 runners, joggers and walkers this morning, prepare yourselves apparently there's more snow on the way next week, brrr.

This morning was the turn of Ron to take on the run director duties and didn't he do well, here he is modelling the top very well:

Parkrun only works because we have volunteers each and every week. Thanks to all those who signed up on facebook last night and this morning to ensure we had enough for all our roles. This week's heroes were:

Run Director Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Brendan LENNON
Marshal Angela GEMMELL
Marshal Ken SIMPSON
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Timekeeper Nigel PROCTOR
Finish Tokens Andrea MCCARTHY
Finish Tokens Caiomhe HARDING LESTER
Barcode Scanning Brendan LENNON
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Meadow MCCAULEY
Tail Walker Karl DUNN
Tail Walker Donna MCCLEARY
Tail Walker Jayne BRENNAN
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN


We had 12 first timers today, 5 doing their first ever parkrun/parkwalk, fantastic, hope to see you all back again next week:

Alexander MASSEY 23:17
Rebecca DOHERTY 23:56
Oswald ELLIS 24:27
Seán Ó MAOILSTÉ 25:24
Andrew MACKEY 25:33
Briege O'HAGAN 28:24
Niamh MCKERNAN 29:14
Leona HAWKES 30:07
Martin O'NEILL 32:52
Claire MASSEY 34:09
Sorcha TOMAN 50:57
Lydia GILES 01:04:08


And we had 17 new PBs, superb running from:

Peter TOAL 19:36
Paul CURRAN 23:29
Becky ALHADEFF 24:37
Eoin TIMONEY 25:39
Patrick CUSHNAHAN 26:18
David MILLAR 26:40
Deborah MOFFETT 26:54
Jason MCGURRAN 27:24
Kyle MULDREW 28:44
Sineaid MCLAUGHLIN 29:53
Ivan MCCORMICK 30:08
Niamh MORAN 30:13
Molly MURPHY 32:04
Roisin DOLAN 32:25
Riley GILES 48:59
Karen GILES 49:02
Stephen GILES 49:20


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Simon LE BLEVEC 18:29
2 Barry SHANKS 19:23
3 Barry MC CARROLL 19:27

Simon flying after completing his 200th run last week followed by the two Barry's.


1 Eimear LE BLEVEC 23:07
2 Stephanie MARTIN 23:48
3 Caroline DRAKE 23:52

Eimear not letting Simon have all the glory and topping the ladies podium too, closely followed by Stephanie and Caroline.


1 Barry SHANKS 19:23
2 Margaret MCCLEAN 30:10
3 Barry MC CARROLL 19:27

The Barry's were joined by the sprightly Margaret on the age-graded podium.

We had two landmark celebrations this morning, Ross MCDONAGH and Kieran ANDERSON both completing their 50th run, well done.


Don't forget the Lurgan Park 5k or 10k is on next on Sunday the 4th March. Online entry has closed but you can still turn up and register that morning to run:


We had some parkrunners on tour this morning taking in the Castlewellan parkrun before the latests in the Born2run series. Here they are proudly diplaying their home parkrun. Well done all hope you had a lovely run:

It seems like ages since we've had a party, doesn't it? Well fear not in just two weeks time we will have our latest C25K graduation so in City Park style we'll throw them a party. More details next week about this, but I'll be looking for some treats and extra helpers please.


Finally I'm sure some of you have heard me talk about the new junior parkrun starting in Lurgan. In just over two weeks time it will be starting on Sunday 11th March at 9.30am in Lurgan park. The website is now up and running at:

Exciting times. The run is for 4 to 14 year olds and is a 2k, so if you know any budding junior runners please spread the word:

See you all next week if we're not snowed in.



The Running Commentary #278 – 17th February 2018

The Starting Line

A fantastic running morning greeted 184 runners, joggers and walkers to Tannaghmore Farm this morning. OK it was a bit chilly and I wish I'd put my gloves on, but the sun soon warmed us up and there was no wind to slow us all down.

The Volunteers

Thanks as always to our wonderful volunteers who helped the event pass by as efficiently as always. There are lots of familiar names among these guys, and it would be great to see some new "Hi-Viz Heroes" at City Park to help your event happen!


Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Marshal Angela GEMMELL
Timekeeper Eimear NICHOLL
Finish Tokens Colin MCDOWELL
Finish Tokens Debbie CAIRNS
Barcode Scanning Patricia MCCANN
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Tail Walker Paul GREENE
Tail Walker Thomas FEE
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Philip DAVISON

Our tail workers today were Tommy Fee (and pub) and Paul Greene


First Timers

A lucky thirteen first time parkrunners at City Park this morning, though two were veterans of other events.

Jonathan WATTERS 21:07
Jason KERR 21:50
Michal BUCHTA 22:25
David MONTGOMERY 25:32
Matthew LEATHEM 25:37
Patrick CUSHNAHAN 29:04
Niamh MORAN 32:57
Carol WILKINSON 34:23
Lynda MALCOMSON 39:11
Riley GILES 53:41
Karen GILES 53:57
Stephen GILES 53:58
Aimee GIBSON 54:06

Personal Bests

26 impressive PB runs, well done - buns all round!

Evan EVANS 17:59
Matthew SMITH 21:18
Rodger TONER 21:29
Gordon ANDERSON 21:33
Dylan WATTERS 22:17
Paul MCCANN 22:22
Gary REDDICK 23:29
Paul CURRAN 23:43
Conleth MACKLE 24:20
Steven HARE 24:54
Ian KELLLY 25:40
Jayne HARRISON 25:41
Rob GILMOUR 25:46
Mark GALLIMORE 26:55
Johnny HAIRE 27:38
Leanne BLACK 27:45
Simon BLACK 27:45
Gordon MULHOLLAND 28:47
Kyle MULDREW 28:51
Norma BRUCE 29:00
Eimear DOWNEY 29:07
Philip HYNES 30:26
Sonia THOMPSON 30:29
Caitriona KIRKPATRICK 33:13
Molly MURPHY 33:33
Cecilia HANNON 41:56

The Podiums


1 Unknown 00:00
2 Evan EVANS 17:59
3 Simon LE BLEVEC 18:30
4 Ken SIMPSON 19:10

I'm fairly sure Mark was first man home but I wonder where hi barcode was? Still it shines a bit more light on Evan's PB performance as first recorded man home!


1 Emma MULHOLLAND 20:21
2 Eimear LE BLEVEC 23:08
3 Linda FARQUHAR 23:32

An impressive thirteenth time as first lady for Emma.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:10 VM55-59 80.87%
2 Emma MULHOLLAND 20:21 JW15-17 76.17%
3 Margaret MCCLEAN 28:58 VW65-69 74.40%

A PAPB (post-accident personal best) sees King Ken top the age league once again.

Finishing Line


Lots of landmarks this morning with speedy Simon Le Blevec recording his 200th run, my report writing cohort Gillian McCrory her 150th, the fast recovering Paul Greene his 100th and sorry we missed you Marilyn McGinley her 50th - well done all! Some new t-shirts at some stage hopefully.

A reminder that there are still a few spaces for the CPR and AED training course on Monday evening. If you'd like to attend at Lurgan Park at 6:30 pm please get in touch via Facebook. These are life saving skills, so please look to attend if you're able.

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #277 – 10th February 2018

I was expecting lots of frost this morning so was amazed to see the clear ground and that the car didn't need defrosted. I did stick on the under armour though and regretted that after the first half mile. It's hard to predict what the weather will be doing these days, apparently we may be in for snow next week!!

But it was a strangely mild, dry morning, except for the several large puddles we had to go through for our 190 walkers, jogger and runners this morning. Well done all.


We were a little short of volunteers this morning, so thanks to the last minute stand-ins who helped us out. This week's priceless volunteers were:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Marshal Philip DAVISON
Timekeeper Neil MCCULLOUGH
Finish Tokens Michael MORROW
Finish Tokens Ken SIMPSON
Barcode Scanning Brendan LENNON
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Token Sorting Jonathan DEWART
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Karl DUNN
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN


Please try to help out a few times a year, you can email us, send a message on facebook or sign up on our board at the end of the run.

Here are some of this morning's lovely helpers:

And one of our special regular volunteers celebrated her birthday with us this morning. Happy Birthday Marina. Here she is accompanied by her daughter Caroline and her much, much, much (hopefully that's enough Marina) older husband Eamon:


We had 15 first timers today, 11 doing their first ever parkrun/parkwalk, fantastic, hope to see you all back again next week:

John EWING 17:42
Jp THOMAS 21:44
Carter COULTER 23:10
Sean MACCORMAC 23:50
Michelle CLARKSON 27:51
Ann CURRIE 28:04
Marine LE GROGNEC 29:44
Gilbert LE BLEVEC 32:41
Kyle MULDREW 35:28
Peter BARRY 45:46
Kathleen FIELDS 46:21
Jarlath FIELDS 46:24
Joy BARKLEY 56:21
Karen BARKLEY 56:25
Elizabeth MCVEIGH 58:25


And we had 21 new PBs, superb running from:

Adam FERGUSON 17:26
Martin LE BLÉVEC 17:36
Susan SMYTH 19:13
Martin T O'NEILL 21:33
Timothy HAWTHORNE 24:15
Judith FOSTER 24:16
Paul CURRAN 24:52
Louise WATSON 27:22
Donal MCCARTHY 28:11
Mark GALLIMORE 28:13
Deborah MOFFETT 28:28
Jessica WAIBEL 28:37
Kerrie WEIR 28:47
Simon MCNALLY 28:56
Johnny HAIRE 29:21
Eimear DOWNEY 29:43
Roisin DOLAN 32:32
Orla O'DOWD 36:02
Molly MURPHY 36:42
Cecilia HANNON 43:32


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 James MONAGHAN 17:14
2 Adam FERGUSON 17:26
3 Martin LE BLÉVEC 17:36

Three very fast men this morning all coming in under 18 mins, with James leading the way and Adam and Martin gaining new PBs.


1 Susan SMYTH 19:13
2 Emma MULHOLLAND 19:23
3 Orla FRENCH 20:35

The ladies were in fine form this morning with a close battle between Susan and Emma earning both a new PB and Orla completing the podium.


1 Emma MULHOLLAND 19:23 JW15-17 79.97%
2 Orla FRENCH 20:35 VW45-49 79.51%
3 Susan SMYTH 19:13 VW35-39 79.10%

Our top 3 ladies all swapped around places to make up the age grade podium this morning, brilliant running girls.


We had two landmark celebrations this morning, sorry Wendy and Alan, we were not on the ball this morning at all and didn't give you a wee shout out before the run, hopefully this makes up for it. Congratulations to Wendy HENNING on her 50th parkrun and Alan WILSON on his 150th:


I'd like to apologise to the two ladies who happened to be out for a walk around the lakes this morning just as 190 of us came hurtling towards them, many of which were at great speed. It was just shortly after the start and the poor ladies ended up in the mud to avoid us. Please be mindful of other users, while we have use of the beautiful paths around the lakes for our Saturday morning ritual they aren't exclusively ours and as the nicer weather eventually starts (fingers crossed) we'll find more families, walkers, dogs and bikes around our route, so please always respect the parkrun rules and give way to other users as they have as much right to be there as we do. Thanks.


There's still time to enter the Lurgan Park 5k or 10k on Sunday 4th March. It starts at 10am and is in aid of the Southern Area Hospice. There is a medal and goodie bag for the first 500 registrations (currently over 150 registered) and the goodie bag now includes a very fetching bobble hat. You can register online at: or you can enter at Intersport in Rushmere.   24254882_1562387777130607_7036423273336424274_o

Finally we have a free first aid training course on CPR/Choking and AED Awareness on Monday 19th February in the Tennis Pavilion, Lurgan Park at 6.30pm. Can you please let us know if you would like to take part on facebook ASAP? It will only be run if we have at least 6-8 people and currently we have only had interest from 2. It's an excellent course and I'd advise anyone to go on it.


See you all next week or if you're tackling the Dune half, see you bright and early in the morning.


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