The Running Commentary #305 – 8th September 2018

A dull morning but thankfully no rain for our 305th run around the lakes which was enjoyed by 195 runners and walkers this morning.

Thanks to a last minute rally on Facebook and some additional helpers this morning we had enough volunteers, please try to help out once every few months to ensure we always have a good supply of volunteers, you can sign up on our white board at the end of your run or drop us a message on Facebook thanks. Here is a selection of this morning's high vis heroes:


These 3 boys are there at the crack of dawn setting everything up for us week in and week out. Thanks boys.


Some more of this morning's brilliant volunteers. Full list of helpers;

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Barry SHANKS
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Finish Tokens Lynn PHUN
Finish Tokens Eimear NICHOLL
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Michael MORROW
Marshal Angela GEMMELL
Marshal Joanne BONESS
Tail Walker Jonathan DEWART
Tail Walker Philip DAVISON
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ronald GEMMELL
Results Processor Brendan LENNON
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Marina MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN


We had 21 first timers this morning 6 doing their first every parkrun, well done to:

Sean MC KEOWN 21:51
Trevor CONN 23:05
Barry REYNOLDS 24:12
Brian ELLIOTT 24:13
Alistair HOULSTON 24:20
Darragh MCSTRAVICK 25:16
Hannah FORBES 30:45
Matthew MCNEILLY 32:25
Philip CLIFFORD 33:26
Lynne BARR 36:14
Nathaniel BARR 36:59
Mary THOMPSON 38:09
Reuben BARR 43:16
Tara O'NEILL 49:16
Clodagh Jo O'NEILL 49:16
Patricia MCCOOE 50:11


And a smashing 33 new PBs:

Michael FALOON 19:10
Ross BINGHAM 21:00
Patsy MAGEE 22:32
Scott MCCANDLESS 22:34
Shelley TANNAHILL 23:18
Siobhan FREEMAN 24:57
Conor MCSTRAVICK 25:11
Neil MCDONALD 25:22
Marina MCGURRAN 25:26 Amazing Marina, well done
Patrick CONWELL 25:40
Eoin MILLAR 25:58
Paul MARTIN 26:15
Rebecca EVANS 26:20
Gordon MULHOLLAND 27:21 Gordon claiming to just taking it easy this morning!
Mark WOODS 27:33
Diane CONN 28:08
Dolores ELLIOTT 28:34
Anne RICE 29:11
Dave MARTIN 29:35
Orla O'DOWD 32:07
Joan WILSON 36:38
Arnold AGNEW 39:50


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Niall RANKIN 18:16
2 Ken SIMPSON 18:59
3 Michael FALOON 19:10

Niall celebrating his 100th run in style by coming home first and just a second off his PB. Great to see Ken hitting the sub-19s again, while 3rd placed Michael got a new PB.


1 Jillian REDPATH 20:49
2 Judith NIXON 21:22
3 Natalie BOWBANKS 21:56

For the ladies Jillian led the field closely followed by in form Judith and Natalie completed the podium.


1 Ken SIMPSON 18:59 VM55-59 81.65%
2 Ian MONTGOMERY 20:23 VM55-59 76.70%
3 Jillian REDPATH 20:49 VW45-49 76.30%

Ken flying at the minute tops the age grades followed by PBer Ian and top lady Jillian.

We had some landmark celebrations on their 100th run Niall RANKIN  who celebrated by coming first and Frances MACDONALD who celebrated with cake (I like your style) and on his 50th run Mansell BLEAKLEY.




Next week we will be having another celebration, one of our parkrunners, Martin McCauley is getting married that afternoon but he will spend the morning doing the parkrun first, so please come along and wish him good luck as he says goodbye to his single life.

Hopefully everyone is embracing our environmentally friendly stance on having no more plastic throw away cups, so all our cups are reusable, please make sure you return them to the box at the end of the run to be washed for the following week. Don't bin them or take them home. And if anyone would like to help out with the washing please let us know.

If you know any wannabe runners out there, lots of couch to 5Ks are starting this coming week. Options of Craigavon, Portadown, Banbridge and Armagh are available. Please see full details at:


Good luck to all our parkrunners who are off to do the Great North Run tomorrow, a fantastic run, if you ever get the chance I'd encourage you to do it, definitely my favourite half marathon.


Finally both JD and I are AWOL next week as we head off to the Berlin marathon, so we need a report writer. If anyone would like to give it a go please see Brendan or Ron next Saturday.


Hopefully see some of you over at Lurgan junior parkrun in the morning.






The Running Commentary #304 – 1st September 2018

The Starting Line 

Miserable and drizzly was the morning that greeted me as I awoke this morning. Dry and warm was the morning that greeted me as I arrived at the farm – it never rains on parkrun! 

This morning we had a Run Chatters takeover, with the girls taking on the majority of the volunteer roles and doing a fantastic job! 

Also this morning was the first Saturday of the month so our pacers were on hand to help runners to PBs galore. 


The Volunteers 


The Run Chatters (plus a few of our regular helpers) allowed for the event to once again go off with aplomb – thanks girls et al. If you are a member of a running group/club (or indeed any group, team or club) and could spare a Saturday morning it would be great to have you help out. We also accept helpful individuals! Leave your name on the whiteboard or get in touch via Facebook. 


Run Director  Debbie CAIRNS 
Timekeeper  Jan BROWN 
Timekeeper  Julie BEATTIE 
Finish Tokens  Adele RICHMOND 
Finish Tokens  Lesley LIVINGSTONE 
Barcode Scanning  Ronald GEMMELL 
Barcode Scanning  Mark CORNETT 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Barcode Scanning  Emma MCMURRAY 
Marshal  Julie DORAN 
Marshal  Joan FITZPATRICK 
Marshal  Patricia DOHERTY 
Tail Walker  Angela GEMMELL 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Results Processor  Brendan LENNON 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Pre-event Setup  Philip DAVISON 
Post-event Close Down  Marina MCGURRAN 
Post-event Close Down  Jason MCGURRAN 
Funnel Manager  Mark LIVINGSTONE 
Pacer (5k only)  Patricia THOMPSON 
Pacer (5k only)  David RICHMOND 
Pacer (5k only)  Stephen DUNN 
Pacer (5k only)  Natalie BOWBANKS 
Pacer (5k only)  Roisin PEDEN 
Pacer (5k only)  Kieran ROBINSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Stephen MCMORRIS 
Pacer (5k only)  Hugh WATTERS 
Pacer (5k only)  Colin MCDOWELL 
Pacer (5k only)  Alan WILSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Ken SIMPSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Patrick MC EVOY 
Pacer (5k only)  Michele MOWLDS 


First Timers 

We’d a dozen first time runners and walkers this morning, though only three are completely new to the parkrun family. Welcome one and all! 

Dwayne BURNS  21:39 
Joe GAVIN  21:45 
Debbie MCCONNELL  24:27 
John PERCY  29:00 
Lisa BEERS  30:21 
N CANAVAN  32:47 
Jenny ABRAHAM  32:56 
Helen MCCRORY  33:03 
Christopher STEWART  33:15 
Angela CHUNG  33:30 
Daniel NAPIER  35:46 
David SAUNDERS  51:43 


Personal Bests 

27 PBers this morning, some perhaps aided by our pacers? Particular well done to Judith who PBed after podiuming last night in the Magheralin 5k. 

Stephen CORR  19:40 
William DOOGAN  19:41 
James ANDREWS  20:50 
Judith NIXON  20:51 
David HATTON  22:06 
Martin CAMPBELL  24:02 
David JOHNSTON  24:43 
Danielle MCCONVILLE  24:58 
Dairë MCFLYY  25:01 
Conor MCSTRAVICK  25:34 
Robert LIVINGSTONE  25:45 
Patrick CONWELL  25:55 
Neil MCDONALD  26:02 
Ken DAVIS  26:12 
Jane COUSINS  26:16 
Adrian CURRAN  26:38 
Jason MCGURRAN  26:49 
Roy MILLAR  27:01 
Fionnuala TOMAN  27:08 
Tim COURTNEY  28:22 
Sian MULHOLLAND  28:44 
Caroline LEATHEM  30:42 
Stephen GILES  31:18 
Louise YOUNG  31:43 
Karen GILES  34:23 
Brian PRUNTY  34:41 
Allison UPRICHARD  34:50 


The Podiums 


1  David HAMILTON  18:15 
4  Stuart SINNAMON  19:35 
5  Niall GREENE  19:37 

David comes home first for a second time. Second and thirs are missing which means an elevation for Stuart and Niall! 


1  Judith NIXON  20:51 
2  Marie MCNAMEE  22:10 
3  Denise HAMILL  23:09 

Judith cracks 21 for the first time to finish as first lady for a ninth time. 

Age Graded 

1  Ken SIMPSON  19:50  VM55-59  78.15% 
2  Judith NIXON  20:51  VW45-49  76.90% 
3  David HAMILTON  18:15  SM30-34  71.05% 

Ken tops the age standings again, despite taking it easy as one of our pacers. 

Finishing Line 

Back to the gazebo to celebrate the birthday of one of our stalwart volunteers, Caroline. Cake was richly deserved for our most familiar and happiest scanner. 



We’ve been talking about how to reduce the number of plastic cups we throw away on a weekly basis, so this morning we introduced reusable cups for water. If you are using these cups please return them to the box beside the water bottles. I was incredibly disappointed that as I returned to my car to find one of these cups discarded on the grass. This is not acceptable for two reasons:Littering is a disgusting habit and I really shouldn’t have to tell anyone to keep the park and farms tidy, if I see anyone dropping litter I will challenge them, and I would hope that others would do likewise. Secondly, money has been spent on these reusable cups, the sign to place them in the box for reuse is clear, the requirement to place them in the box was mentioned in the pre-run brief – these cups are to be REUSED!!! 


On that wee rant, I’ll see you next week. 


Happy running, 


Jonny D 



The Running Commentary #303 – 18th August 2018

A lovely dry mild morning (I'm guessing here but judging by the photos I must be right) for our 214 runners and walkers this morning.



Sorry I missed the run but I was off tackling the slightly longer Dambusters half marathon this morning. A run I can only describe as brutal - long dragging hills, very tough headwinds and what seemed like a never ending climb through the trails at the end, I think they only time I smiled was when I heard a man behind me say at about 9.5 miles there was just over a parkrun to go. That was like music to my ears.


We had a good squad of volunteers this morning, thanks to the following superstars:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Philip DAVISON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Finish Tokens Frances MACDONALD
Finish Tokens Joan WILSON
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Violet MCNEILL
Barcode Scanning Joanne O'NEILL
Marshal Paul GREENE
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Tail Walker Emma PARSONS
Tail Walker Susie TAWNEY
Run Report Writer Sheelin MCKEAGNEY
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ronald GEMMELL
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Patricia MCCANN


I don't know if our runners and walkers were aware but our tail walker today was Susie Tawney who was at the World masters athletics in S.Korea last year and won in the W55 3000 metres race. So you can all go to bed happy in the knowledge that you have beaten a world champ.

Thanks so much to Susie who was over on her holidays but had an injury and kindly emailed us offering to volunteer:   39467295_2672138016343675_6943512609119272960_n


We had 21 first timers this morning 6 doing their first every parkrun, well done to:

Ian CLELAND 18:36
Nick TAWNEY 20:05
Edwina TERNAN 21:59
Jake CLEMENTS 23:22
Emma SOYE 23:23
Sara JOHNSTON 23:39
Doug HAMILTON 23:54
Sam SHARP 25:16
Lucy BRIGGS 27:19
Conleth GORHAM 27:45
Pam HAMILTON 27:48
Adrian BELL 28:46
Connor AGNEW 29:56
Pedro ASCENSAO 31:28
Fiona DONNELLY 36:22
Jeanette DONNELLY 36:31
Lorraine DOHERTY 36:36
Louise KELLY 36:44
Ciara MCKEARNEY 41:37
Janet MCGURK 41:38
Susie TAWNEY 01:03:34


And a smashing 33 new PBs:

Ronan BRADY 18:20
Niall MCCLEAN 19:26
Martin MCKENNA 19:42
Kris BLAKELY 20:04
Michal BUCHTA 21:55
Seán Ó MAOILSTÉ 22:15
Andrew GRACEY 23:20
Jack PROCTOR 23:50
Martin CAMPBELL 24:08
Barry TIPPING 24:11
Andrew BEATTY 24:54
Danielle MCCONVILLE 25:01
Conor LITTER 25:33
Timothy BYRNE 25:47
Pj NEILL 25:53
Conor MCSTRAVICK 25:53
Sean SCULLION 26:29
Dairë MCFLYY 26:47
Paul MARTIN 27:03
Neil MCDONALD 27:06
Adrian CURRAN 27:11
Louise HOLMES 28:34
Aoife MCVEIGH 29:19
Jonathan MCCLEAN 29:27
Beth HAND 29:38
Marc MURPHY 30:58
Andrew MILLAR 31:01
Ruth WOLFE 31:07
Carol WILKINSON 31:53
Anne BELL 33:26
Karen GILES 35:03
Gordon DUFF 35:29
Arnold AGNEW 40:36


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

Ronan BRADY 18:20
Ian CLELAND 18:36
Barry MC CARROLL 18:53

Ronan getting a new PB and coming first this morning.


Judith NIXON 21:27
Edwina TERNAN 21:59
Emma SOYE 23:23

In form Judith finishing as first lady for an 8th time.


Nick TAWNEY 20:05 VM55-59 79.17%
Ken SIMPSON 20:40 VM55-59 75.00%
Judith NIXON 21:27 VW45-49 74.75%

While Nick tops the age grades this week.


IMPORTANT NEWS next week's parkrun is cancelled, this is due to the bird fair on at Tannaghmore Gardens, please spread the word. Why not use this opportunity for a bit of parkrun tourism instead and try Lisburn, Armagh or the newly started Dungannon.


Hopefully see some of you over at Lurgan junior parkrun in the morning and the rest of you in a fortnight at the lakes.




The Running Commentary #302 – 11th August 2018


Starting Line


On this day six years ago City Park welcomed its first parkrunners. That first group of 65 has grown steadily and this morning 217 runners, joggers and walkers lapped the Lakes for the 302nd time. 


We started off by presenting our wonderful event director with a wee present. Thanks to Brendan for his dedication across almost all of the last six years. 




The Volunteers 

As always, parkrun just can’t happen without a great team of volunteers. We do need helpers each and every week, so if you haven’t helped out recently please look to do so in the coming weeks as a some of our regulars will be off on their holidays. Leave your name on the board (see below), get in touch through Facebook or email us. 

Run Director  Brendan LENNON 
Timekeeper  Martin MCCAULEY 
Timekeeper  Ronald GEMMELL 
Finish Tokens  Matt KELLY 
Finish Tokens  Patrick GALLAGHER 
Barcode Scanning  Fionnuala LENNON 
Barcode Scanning  Philip DAVISON 
Barcode Scanning  Patricia MCCANN 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Marshal  Lynn PHUN 
Marshal  Stephen MCMORRIS 
Marshal  Marina MCGURRAN 
Marshal  Jason MCGURRAN 
Tail Walker  Joan FITZPATRICK 
Tail Walker  Heather BLAKE 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Volunteer Co-ordinator  Ronald GEMMELL 
Results Processor  Brendan LENNON 
Token Sorting  Fionnuala LENNON 
Token Sorting  Marina MCGURRAN 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Pre-event Setup  Philip DAVISON 
Other  Gillian MCCRORY 
Lead Bike  Karl DUNN 



First Timers 

We had 14 first time visitors to the farm this morning, though six were veterans of other parkrun events. 

Christopher MCCANN  21:37 
Gavin FOX  22:27 
Matthew HALE  22:34 
Gill WARING  24:11 
Barry TIPPING  24:36 
Paula FOX  25:10 
Jonny CALDERWOOD  26:12 
Dairë MCFLYY  27:28 
Andrew HALE  27:58 
Louise HOLMES  30:27 
Gareth THOMPSON  32:16 
Dawn PARK  33:31 
Rachel ANNETT  39:02 
Julie FORDE  50:12 

Personal Bests 

And there were thirty brilliant PB performances. 

Brendan HAVERN  18:49 
Colm MURPHY  19:24 
Stephen BOND  21:58 
Jack EGAN  22:19 
Rebecca SINTON  24:11 
Luke MCGILTON  24:19 
Richard MCGILTON  24:20 
Aidan GALLAGHER  24:50 
Patrick GALLAGHER  25:01 
Andrew BEATTY  25:35 
Pj NEILL  26:23 
Jacqueline WALLACE  26:28 
Gillian SPENCE  26:35 
Conor LITTER  26:42 
Patricia MCKEOWN  27:00 
Sean SCULLION  27:06 
Eimear DOWNEY  27:25 
Ian MCDOWELL  28:54 
Gerard MARSDEN  28:58 
Joanne BONESS  29:33 
Elaine ALDERDICE  29:38 
Hilary ROSS  30:04 
Neal WALKER  30:47 
Carol WILKINSON  32:04 
Grace RANKIN  33:03 
Colin MILLAR  33:09 
Aidan BRADLEY  35:13 
Brian PRUNTY  35:56 
Sarah WADDELL  39:02 
Arnold AGNEW  42:10 

The Podiums 


1  Alexander MARKS  18:43 
2  Brendan HAVERN  18:49 
3  Ken SIMPSON  19:14 

Well done to Alexander who finishes first at City Park for the first time, though he has been number one at other events. 


1  Roslyn DOBSON  20:30 
2  Judith NIXON  21:27 
3  Erin HAVERN  22:50 

An amazing 26th time as first female for Roslyn. 

Age Graded 

1  Ken SIMPSON  19:14  VM55-59  80.59% 
2  Roslyn DOBSON  20:30  VW45-49  78.21% 
3  Margaret MCCLEAN  29:16:00  VW65-69  74.83% 

Ken takes his regular spot at the top of the age-graded standings (despite taking it easy!) 

The Finishing Line 


So, back to the gazebo for a party and cakes as we celebrated our birthday in style. I hope you all got some treats! 


Well done to everyone who took part in this morning’s running challenge in memory of our dearly missed running buddy, Jonny Peden. It was great to see so many of his family and friends taking in an event he loved so much. 

Finally, Gillian and I will be away next week so if you fancy having a go at writing the run report, please get in touch. 

Happy running, 

Jonny D 


The Running Commentary #301 – 4th August 2018

The Starting Line 

City Park parkrun number 301 saw 261 runners, joggers and walkers turn up to an overcast but warm Tannaghmore Farm - it never rains on our parkrun! 

As this was the first Saturday of August we had pacers (though sadly not the sweets for people of my vintage) covering a wide range of target times from 19 minutes to 35 minutes. 

The Volunteers 

Thanks as always to our brilliant volunteers who help make the event happen. As Brendan mentioned in the pre-run briefing, if every runner helps out just a few times a year parkrun will continue to run smoothly. 

These are the guys and gals that made the run today possible... 

Run Director  Brendan LENNON 
Timekeeper  Ronald GEMMELL 
Timekeeper  Karl DUNN 
Finish Tokens  Judith NIXON 
Barcode Scanning  Joanne MOORE 
Barcode Scanning  Joan FITZPATRICK 
Barcode Scanning  Mary BOYCE 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Marshal  Lynn PHUNN 
Marshal  Marina McGURRAN 
Tail Walker  Heather BLAKE 
Tail Walker  Brenda BROWN 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Pre-event Setup  Philip DAVISON 
Post-event Close Down  Marina MCGURRAN 
Post-event Close Down  Jason MCGURRAN 
Pacer (5k only)  Patricia THOMPSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Jonathan DEWART 
Pacer (5k only)  Barry SHANKS 
Pacer (5k only)  Linda FARQUHAR 
Pacer (5k only)  Daniel HARTE 
Pacer (5k only)  Patrick MC EVOY 
Pacer (5k only)  Michele MOWLDS 
Pacer (5k only)  Hugh WATTERS 
Pacer (5k only)  Lucie REHOVA 
Pacer (5k only)  Alan WILSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Ken SIMPSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Colin McDOWELL 
Marshal  Peter KINGHAM 


First Timers 

We had 35 first timers this morning, though many were veteran visitors from the Falls parkrun which was cancelled this morning. 

Brian YOUNG  17:58 
Brendan HAVERN  19:02 
Michael CASTERTON  20:04 
Ciaran REILLY  21:40 
Conor MCCAFFREY  23:27 
Brian RICE  24:13 
Jim REILLY  24:47 
Aidan GALLAGHER  25:22 
Patrick GALLAGHER  25:27 
Heather WHITE  25:46 
Hannah DOUGLAS  25:53 
Collette MCCAFFREY  25:56 
Pj NEILL  26:42 
Conor LITTER  27:12 
Chris SHIELDS  27:37 
Suzanne STANLEY  28:14 
Una MCCLEAN  28:36 
Anna-Marie NOLAN  28:44 
Catriona GALLAGHER  29:56 
Kelly BOYER  30:05 
Jim REILLY  30:11 
Gillian HEWITT  31:52 
Julie CHRPOVA  32:01 
Jane MCCOY  32:06 
Grant SPANN  32:17 
Francis ARTHURS  33:00 
Siobhan MARLEY  33:39 
Donna MCVEIGH  34:16 
Sharon MAY  35:24 
Mairead ROONEY  36:41 
Mary CRAWFORD  37:28 
Devon CLARKE  41:58 
Roise NOLAN  45:06 
Cathy WILSON  45:13 
Veronica IJPELAAR  54:31 


Personal Bests 

An impressive 54 PB performances, hopefully some aided by our pacers! 

Niall RANKIN  18:15 
James WILSON  18:56 
Stephen CORR  20:03 
Daniel MCALINDEN  20:06 
Mark LIVINGSTONE  20:11 
William DOOGAN  20:14 
Natalie BOWBANKS  20:37 
Jillian REDPATH  20:43 
Lukasz BITTNER  21:03 
Jim WRIGHT  21:11 
Norman RICHMOND  21:22 
Brian MCGREGOR  21:47 
Stephen BOND  22:11 
Andrew MACKEY  22:23 
Conleth MACKLE  22:31 
Scott MCCANDLESS  22:38 
Andrew STEVENSON  24:00 
Allison IRWIN  24:07 
Philip KEE  24:38 
Stephen HAMILTON  24:54 
Luke MCGILTON  24:55 
Jayne HARRISON  24:58 
Stephen NUGENT  25:33 
Peter MCMURRAY  25:40 
Conor MCSTRAVICK  25:55 
Patrick CONWELL  26:10 
Lucy TAYLOR  26:50 
Ken DAVIS  26:51 
Emma BOYCE  26:54 
Katie BOYCE  27:15 
Wai Chuen LEEPER  27:18 
Sean SCULLION  27:30 
Fionnuala TOMAN  27:32 
Margaret MCCLEAN  27:48 
Ryan NIX  28:04 
Damian MCILHATTON  28:21 
Sian NIX  28:50 
Anne RICE  29:12 
Alison STARRETT  29:40 
Fiona RICE  29:50 
Joanne BONESS  30:25 
Florence MOFFETT  30:27 
Zara WRIGHT  30:52 
Mary ROBINSON  31:53 
Keira SKILLEN  31:54 
Jennifer COLLINS  32:26 
Carol WILKINSON  32:44 
Myrtle CLARKE  32:48 
Joshua MILLAR  34:15 
Colin MILLAR  34:53 
Joanne O'NEILL  35:31 
Gordon DUFF  36:32 
Jayne SEELEY  37:45 
Sarah WADDELL  42:07 

The Podiums 


1  Brian YOUNG  17:58 
2  Niall RANKIN  18:15 
3  James WILSON  18:56 

One of our first timers finished first (how did he know the way?) followed by two PB performances. 


1  Natalie BOWBANKS  20:37 
2  Jillian REDPATH  20:43 
3  Eileen JACK  21:26 

A PB for Natalie and Jillian while occasional visitor Eileen was just short of her best too. 

The Finishing Line

Back to the gazebo for some fruit and veg (thanks to whoever brought those along, the tomatoes were very tasty). 

Next Saturday is our sixth birthday and the Friends of City Park are arranging a special event to mark it and the anniversary of the passing of Jonny Peden, so check out their Facebook page. 

See you all bright and early next week. 

Happy running, 

Jonny D 

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