The Running Commentary #290 – 19th May 2018

A beautiful morning for our 214 runners and walkers this morning. It's great to see the nice weather has finally arrived.

We were very short of volunteers yesterday but thanks to a last minute plea on facebook we ended up with plenty. Please try to help out by signing up on our white board every few months so that we don't end up on a Friday night contemplating cancelling the run. Thanks.

Here are this morning's superstars. If we missed anyone please let us know and we'll get you added, apparently JD's scribbles were hard to read:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Bernadette MARSDEN
Marshal Jillian REDPATH
Marshal Barry SHANKS
Marshal Clare SMITH
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Marshal Danielle MCCONVILLE
Timekeeper Jennifer WRIGHT
Finish Tokens Nicky WILLIAMSON
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Zara WRIGHT
Tail Walker Chloe WILLIAMSON
Tail Walker Kelly WYLIE
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Jonathan DEWART
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Jason MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Daniel HARTE


There was 23 first timers today, 10 doing their first ever parkrun, fantastic, hope to see you all back again next week:

Levi ROBINSON 21:32
Peter LOGAN 22:11
Paul MCCLEAN 22:52
Stuart CAMPBELL 23:23
Robert GRAHAM 23:30
Darren GRADY 23:58
Kathy MAYHEW 25:34
Philip ROBINSON 27:21
Gerard GUY 27:31
Gerald FAY 28:03
Gordon PORTER 28:34
Barry MARSHALL 29:14
Terry MCQUAID 30:03
Brona SHAW 31:39
Claire GRAHAM 31:43
Jane Catherine PATTERSON 32:00
Caitie MANN 33:59
Morgan RITCHIE 34:35
Gary COWAN 34:48
Valerie PORTER 35:03
Kerstin MARSHALL 35:38
Jake BELL 44:33
Noah COWAN 44:35

And an fantastic 35 new PBs, superb running and extra treats for:

Neal TAYLOR 19:51
David LOUGHRAN 20:02
Albert MULLIGAN 20:20
Michael LOUGHRAN 21:45
Martin TENNYSON 21:47
Charles SHANKS 22:07
Peter ELLIS 22:10
Oswald ELLIS 22:12
Tiarnan CAWLEY 22:23
Stuart O'HARA 22:24
Tom EWART 22:42
Jamie ORR 23:34
Luke HARRISON 24:07
Joan LOGAN 24:20
Steven WILLIAMSON 24:33
Glenn SPENCE 24:41
Rhonda ABRAHAM 25:08
Siobhan FREEMAN 25:14
Samuel HARPER 25:40
Gareth HAMILTON 25:43
Kevin TENNYSON 26:39
Paula HAIRE 27:07
Stephen NUGENT 27:47
Patricia MCKEOWN 27:55
Gordon MULHOLLAND 28:06 Brilliant Gordon
Justin HOPKINS 28:47
Ryan MCMURRAY 29:00
Lynsey JENKS 29:18
Paul MARTIN 29:30
Leona HAWKES 29:45
Anne RICE 29:47
Elizabeth CROOKS 31:03
Roberta MORRISON 31:28
Stephen GILES 33:47
Riley GILES 37:34


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Colm MURPHY 19:45
2 Neal TAYLOR 19:51
3 Stephen WEIR 20:01

Very little between our top 3 males this week.


1 Breige RUSSELL 23:53
2 Caroline DRAKE 24:04
3 Amanda RUSSELL 24:07

Likewise with the ladies just 14 seconds separating our top 3.


1 Rodger TONER 20:45 VM55-59 75.98%
2 Amanda RUSSELL 24:07 VW55-59 74.08%
3 Neal TAYLOR 19:51 VM45-49 73.13%

Whilst Roger top the age grades.


Congratulations to Tiarnan CAWLEY who achieved his 10 top today and celebrated with a new PB and Clare RIMMER from Jog Moira on her 50th run:



Also a big happy birthday to little Zoe aged 7, thanks to all the volunteers and runners for singing happy birthday to her, you made her day:



Lots of our runners were off enjoying the Scarvagh run today, some of them maybe a little too much, it seems JD has joined the runchatters, and with that pose I'd say they have nothing to teach him:

A few of the boys are off to Liverpool to tackle the full or half tomorrow. Good luck to Stephen, Niall and Joe.


We have a few runs coming up in the next two weeks, a superheroes run in Lurgan park next Sunday and the Craigavon lakes 5k and 10k on Wednesday 6th June.   31344187_1664397893652595_392820573635346432_o



Finally just a few park run announcements. Please be mindful of our parking restrictions. Please do not park at the far side of the animal farm carpark, we have agreed to leave this free for farm users and don't park on any grass, only in the designated carparks. There is also plenty of parking up on the Eastway and it's just a short walk to the start line from there, so if it could be utilised more that would be great.


Also we are trying to be more environmentally friendly. I'm sure you can appreciate with over 200 runners a week the amount of plastic we get through is quite substantial so we have taken the decision to begin phasing out plastic cups and we would encourage runners to start bringing their own bottles to help us cut down on waste. We will have water available at the end and runners are more than welcome to fill their own bottle. Thank you for your understanding.


I hope to see lots of you over at Lurgan junior parkrun in the morning.



The Running Commentary #289 – 12th May 2018

The Starting Line


As I drove home from work in yesterday afternoon's downpour my negative thoughts turned to parkrun, and a potential wash-out! But, I needn't have worried as the sun shone and the trees stood fairly still and glorious running weather was in place to greet our 285 runners, joggers and walkers. This is the ninth biggest field, bolstered by graduates from the Banbridge Couch-to-5K and visitors from Wallace which didn't run today.

The Volunteers

We were a bit light on volunteers this morning and are incredibly thankful for those who stood in at short notice. Please don't leave us in the situation where we have to pull runners from the start-line just to allow parkrun to happen. If everyone could volunteer 3-4 times per year we should avoid these panics. Leave your name on the board at the scanning table, drop us an email or get in touch via Facebook.

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Sheelin MCKEAGNEY
Marshal Nuala MCKEAGNEY
Marshal Karl DUNN
Marshal Kerry GEDDIS
Marshal Valerie WHITESMITH
Timekeeper Stephen MCMORRIS
Finish Tokens Stephen DUNN
Finish Tokens Eilish CASEY
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Tina CLARKE
Tail Walker Kate PEEL
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Other Gillian MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Jason MCGURRAN

First Timers


36 first time runners to the lakes, the majority who are completely new to the parkrun family. Whether you came to parkrun from another event, through the Banbridge C25K or through your own dedication, please come again next Saturday and make parkrun a weekly habit.

Charles SHANKS 23:34
Martin CAMPBELL 25:06
Adeel AKHTAR 26:54
Justin HOPKINS 29:05
Mark WOODS 29:17
Andrew BEATTY 29:19
Angela SAVAGE 30:57
Damian MCILHATTON 31:12
Paul MARTIN 32:06
Samantha RICE 32:59
Donna EDGAR 33:23
Lynne COCHRANE 33:31
Joanne RIX 35:15
Roseanne MCCARTAN 35:35
Emma SANDS 35:48
Agata RUDNIK 36:12
Jennifer MAYBURY 36:50
James ADAMS 37:21
Ruth EDGAR 41:08
Lewis HANNA 41:42
Grace HANNA 41:43
Jolene MCPOLAND 43:10
Layla SANDS 43:20
Felicity DONAGHY 45:00
Bill GRIMASON 49:33


Personal Bests

43 PB runs this morning, with many others also coming close. More Saturdays like today and I'm sure more records will fall.

Niall RANKIN 18:33
Sam WELLS 20:27
Thomas NIXON 20:40
Gordon ANDERSON 21:15
David MCCLEAN 21:42
Adam Emil BITTNER 21:44
Daniel MARTIN 22:09
Oswald ELLIS 22:31
Michael FLYNN 22:52
Breige RUSSELL 23:44
Stuart PATTERSON 23:50
Helen MCCARTAN 24:11
Joan LOGAN 24:46
Geoff BLEAKLEY 25:02
Jan BROWN 25:04
Mark GALLIMORE 25:08
Alanna MEEKE 25:18
Jack NEDZA 25:55
Samuel HARPER 25:58
Vincent MCCLOREY 26:04
Tom BAILEY 26:33
Leah BALFOUR 27:38
Sarah MURRAY 29:00
Colin HAMILTON 29:11
Lynsey JENKS 29:19
Julie HAMILTON 30:45
Katie PATTERSON 31:02
Michelle KEMP 32:00
Dave MARTIN 32:03
Yvonne MCQUAID 32:11
Carolyn WHITESIDE 33:20
Keara MC CLAFFERTY 34:53
Michael BOYLE 34:59
Clare LITTLE 35:49
Daniel KING 36:05
Karen GILES 36:29
Frederick LYNASS 36:40
Joanne O'NEILL 36:49
Cecilia HANNON 38:06
Joan WILSON 38:50
Monica MCCARTAN 42:31
Debbie MIDGLEY 42:38
Lydia GILES 56:37


The Podiums


1 Niall RANKIN 18:33
2 Mark CORNETT 18:50
3 Macauley MAXWELL 19:12

A sixth time as first finisher for Niall who also recorded a PB!


1 Emma MULHOLLAND 19:54
2 Roslyn DOBSON 20:40
3 Jillian REDPATH 20:47

Emma finishes as fastest lady for an amazing 19th time.

Age Graded

1 Ken SIMPSON 19:35 VM55-59 79.15%
2 Orla FRENCH 20:54 VW45-49 78.31%
3 Roslyn DOBSON 20:40 VW45-49 77.58%

Ken tops the age-graded standing once again.

Finishing Line

Across the finish line to be greeted by a graduation party, once again brilliantly organised by party-planner Gillian. We hope you all enjoyed your treats and thanks to those who brought along treats and drinks. I can't wait for the next one so I can get some more banana bread!

We're slap bang in the middle of the racing season. Tomorrow sees Lurgan Park host a colour run and/or the Clarke's 5k in Dungannon. Next Saturday Kernan Run Club are organising the Scarvagh House 5k/10k in aid of Guide Dogs (I'm hoping there's time to get it done after parkrun!). On the 26th May there's the Gosford Forest Run. Sunday 27th May at 11AM there's a Superhero run in Lurgan Park (bring your cape) and finally, on 6th June the Craigavon Lakes 5k/10k takes place. Keep an eye out on Athletics NI for more events, and don't be afraid to give something different a try.

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #288 – 5th May 2018

Today was another great day weatherwise at City Park if slightly breezy on the course.  254 runners and walkers took part in today’s event.  We also had several first timers today which was great to see.  Welcome to all and hope to see you back again soon.  Today being the first Saturday in the month was pacing day.  Thanks to Jonny Dewart for arranging today’s pacers: 



This week's super pacers: 31957480_10216200713959126_7732596773973131264_n



Several runners celebrated a milestone run today.  Linda McAdam celebrated her 50th Parkrun (along with her birthday) and Gwen McCracken also celebrated her 50th Parkrun.  31961214_10216200714159131_3743474107711225856_n

Last week we missed get a picture of Amber Mullholland and Katie Moore who celebrated their 50th and 100th parkrun respectively, so here they are now:


There were several new pbs recorded today.  Well done to all those who clocked these results especially with the slight change to the course putting another hill into the route.

  Top 3 men  

1.       Unknown- <18.50

2.       Niall Rankin- 18.50

3.       Roman Lichnovsky- 18.55  


Top 3 Women  

1.       Susan Smyth- 19.16

2.       Emma Mulholland- 19.55

3.       Kathleen Diver- 20.03  


Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for helping out, a few are pictured here:   31946735_10216200712759096_4824789518127202304_n

Well done to all.  Thanks for taking part and enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


Thanks Karl for taking over as run director and writing this week's report. Next week we have a C25K graduation from Banbridge heading our way and it seems like forever since we thrown a party, so lets do that. Any help with food, drink and a few extra volunteers would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully see lots of you down in Belfast on Monday good to all those running the relay and the full.



The Running Commentary #287 – 28th April 2018

What a gorgeous morning for a run, not quite as hot as London last week for our returning heroes. Lots of London finisher tops on display this morning, brilliant running all, special mention to our superstar Tommy Fee who finished London in style and was over volunteering for us this morning. I had lots of people asking this morning what is what like to run in that heat and I can only describe it as trying to run 26 odd miles in a sauna. Unfortunately Northern Ireland weather didn't help us prepare for it at all, so well done everyone for giving it a go and making it to the end. I can't wait to go back and do it all again next year, hopefully in slightly cooler temperatures.

We had a massive 257 runners and walkers over with us this morning, here's what you all looked like at the start:

Thanks to this mornings fantastic helpers:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Thomas FEE
Marshal Paul MOORE
Marshal Patricia DERBY
Marshal Nicky WILLIAMSON
Marshal Martin GREENE
Timekeeper Dwyer O CONNOR
Finish Tokens Marina MCGURRAN
Finish Tokens John DOWNEY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Barcode Scanning Eimear DOWNEY
Tail Walker Paul GREENE
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ronald GEMMELL
Results Processor Sheelin MCKEAGNEY
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Jason MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Ger FOLEY


There was 26 first timers today, 7 doing their first ever parkrun/parkwalk, fantastic, hope to see you all back again next week:

Raymond MULLEN 19:01
Kevin O'HAGAN 20:28
Adrian MCMULLAN 21:49
Ivan MCCULLAGH 22:24
Aidan O NEILL 23:00
Nuala MCKAY 24:02
Ciara RYAN 24:29
Frances MCMULLAN 24:50
Joan LOGAN 25:19
Paul DOWNEY 26:22
Nena CORMICAN 26:36
Samuel HARPER 28:09
Marisa JOHNSON 28:47
Michael SEARLE 29:23
Ryan MCMURRAY 31:10
Carole BRIGGS 31:40
Elizabeth CROOKS 31:45
Shauna GIBSON 32:06
Molly MURPHY 32:23
Violet MCNEILL 33:37
Mary KERR 35:28
Arlene CAMPBELL 35:36
Brian LYNCH 36:33
Suzanne HULL 42:20


And an amazing 51 new PBs, superb running and extra treats for:

Stephen WEIR 19:46
Wilson MCALISTER 20:25
David ADAMS 21:09
Ross BINGHAM 21:12
Christopher CAMPBELL 21:57
Adam Emil BITTNER 22:06
William MARSHALL 22:28
John CAWLEY 22:29
Albert ROMERA 23:10
Lily RIMMER 23:23
Colin MASSON 23:32
Judith FOSTER 23:55
Breige RUSSELL 23:58
Elizabeth DEACON 24:42
Deirdre RYAN-DELANEY 24:44
Briege O'HAGAN 25:14
Allison IRWIN 25:27
Benjamin ABRAHAM 25:32
Rhonda ABRAHAM 25:34
Kyle MULDREW 25:40
Darren MOLLOY 25:50
Jenna BURTON 26:18
Louise WATSON 26:43
Glynis HOBSON 27:21
Maria WALSH 27:30
Jane COUSINS 27:49
Amber MULHOLLAND 27:55
Norma BRUCE 28:32
Stephen NUGENT 28:42
Joy COUSINS 28:55
Nicola COLLINS 29:00
Marjorie ELLIS 30:44
Gareth MCMULLAN 30:57
Sarah MOORE 31:29
Nicky KERTON 31:33
Roberta MORRISON 31:51
Lynne GOUGH 32:20
Fiona GAMBLE 32:58
Anne MCALISTER 33:00
William MCMULLAN 33:06
Elizabeth MCKINLEY 33:39
Isabel MOLLOY 34:21
Joy SMYTH 35:46
Clare LITTLE 37:22
Jayne SEELEY 38:06
Joanne O'NEILL 38:21
Karen GILES 39:38
Debbie MIDGLEY 43:07
Lydia GILES 56:45
Martin GREENE 57:02

The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Peter SAVAGE 18:27
2 Barry SHANKS 18:52
3 David GRAHAM 18:58

Peter's 7th time finishing first (and he's only ran with us 12 times!) followed by a close battle with Barry just edging in front of David.

1 Emma MULHOLLAND 20:18
2 Jillian REDPATH 21:17
3 Orla FRENCH 21:42

Young Emma finishing first for the 18th time followed by Jillian, fresh as a daisy after London and shortly followed through by Orla to complete the podium.

1 Peter SAVAGE 18:27 VM45-49 79.31%
2 Ken SIMPSON 19:40 VM55-59 78.81%
3 Wilson MCALISTER 20:25 VM55-59 76.57%

The men dominated the age grades this week with Peter, Ken and Wilson all having excellent runs.

Congratulations to Amber MULHOLLAND who completed her 50th parkrun today and celebrated by getting a new PB, double treats Amber. Also to Katie MOORE on completing her 100th run. Brilliant ladies, sorry we didn't get a pic of you both, I'll grab one next week if your about.

Lots of runs coming up this weekend and over the next few weeks, keep an eye on our facebook page as we regularly advertise them on there. Here are some you might be interested in.


Tomorrow Run Lurgan have a 5k and 10 miler on offer at 11am starting at Oxford Island supporting some great causes including the hospice. You can register on the morning from 9am:


Also tomorrow the Seapatrick 5k and 10k:


Clarkes 5k run in Dungannon on May 13th:


The fantastic colour run is coming up again in Lurgan park also May 13th:   30709854_1696542823715101_8733341630163058688_o

Our local KRC are running a 5k and 10k trail run at Scarvagh House on May 19th supporting guide dogs in Northern Ireland:

A lovely wee family superheroes run in late May, dig out your costumes:   31344187_1664397893652595_392820573635346432_o

The Craigavon lakes 5k and 10k is always the first Wednesday night in June:


I'm sure there are lots more but these are just the ones I've seen advertised or have been contacted about by the organisers. No excuse not to try something different over the next few months.

Have a lovely weekend. Hope to see some of you over at our junior parkrun in the morning (Lurgan park Cricket Pavilion @9.20 for the kids 2k), or if your doing the 10 miler for Run Lurgan I'm marshalling along the route and promise to give you a massive cheer.






The Running Commentary #286 – 21st April 2018

The Starting Line

Big glowing thing in the sky, frost long forgotten, daffodils and a huge parkrun turnout of 268 - must be spring at long, long last!


The Volunteers

Thanks as always to our dedicated volunteers. We have entered race season so that'll push and pull at a few of our regular hi-viz heroes, so please look to help out in the next couple of months, particularly if you haven't done so lately. It was good to see a few people putting their names on the white board today, but if you didn;t get near it drop us an email or get in touch through Facebook.


  • Run Director: Brendan Lennon
  • Timerkeepers: Paul Moore & Tyler Watters
  • Scanners: Caroline McGurran, Emma ?, Julie Doran
  • Funnel manager: Ron Gemmell
  • Finish tokens: Hugh Watters & Dwyer
  • Event set up: Dale McCrory & Philip Davison
  • Event clear up: Marina McGurran, Eamon McGurran & Jason McGurran
  • Tail walkers: Paul Greene & Martin Greene
  • Marshals: Angie Gemmell, Lynn Phunn
  • Report Write: Jonathan Dewart
  • Results Processor: Brendan Lennon

First Timers

31 first time visitors to Tannaghmore Farm this morning, though eight were veterans of other parkrun events.

Ryan LESLIE 20:21
Tim HAYES 21:15
Chris KEARNEY 23:20
Neill MAGUIRE 24:27
Stewart DUGUID 24:41
Morgan HENRY 24:49
Kate MAGUIRE 25:31
Aodhán O CONNOR 26:30
Louise MADDEN 26:37
Sinead HAMILL 27:02
Kevin O CONNOR 27:29
Neville MCDOWELL 27:41
Caroline WILLIS 27:51
Luke MCGILTON 28:29
Stephen NUGENT 28:55
Ethan PARKS 28:56
Orla MC KAVANAGH 29:22
Noelle DEAN 29:40
Tara THOMPSON 29:50
Alan K F CHAN 30:01
Lynn WHAN 30:22
Richard MCGILTON 31:10
Johnie THOMPSON 32:39
Hollie THOMPSON 32:44
Amy BISHOP 32:49
Emer SMITH 33:48
Lucy BISHOP 33:51
Frederick LYNASS 37:57
Martin GREENE 1:00:49


Personal Bests

And 36 spectacular PB performances.

Harold DOWNHAM 19:42
David LOUGHRAN 20:54
Xander LOWHAM 21:00
Ross BINGHAM 21:27
William MARSHALL 22:34
Sean COLLINS 22:49
Brian MCGREGOR 22:52
Stephen ARCHER 23:17
Karen WALMSLEY 23:42
Tom DUNN 23:44
Albert ROMERA 23:48
Jamie ORR 23:52
Simon MCNALLY 24:05
Lucie REHOVA 24:13
Eoin TIMONEY 24:16
Philip KEE 24:47
Deirdre RYAN-DELANEY 25:12
Jan BROWN 25:18
Ryan MCDOWELL 25:50
Gareth HAMILTON 25:51
Paul WARWICK 26:01
Deborah MOFFETT 26:04
Kathy KNOX 26:19
Vincent MCCLOREY 26:39
Kyle MULDREW 27:20
Grainne MCGLEENAN 28:10
Trevor MC DAID 28:17
Ella MOORE 30:01
Alison WARWICK 30:14
Joy COUSINS 30:41
Myrtle CLARKE 33:57
Orla O'DOWD 34:52
Stephen GILES 35:23
Hazel SERGEANT 39:00
Karen GILES 42:21
Joanne O'NEILL 42:23


The Podiums


1 Barry SHANKS 18:56
2 Mark CORNETT 19:12
3 Roman LICHNOVSKY 19:15

A fifth time as top man for Barry.


1 Eimear NICHOLL 20:56
2 Orla FRENCH 22:48
3 Karen WALMSLEY 23:42

An 11th time as top lady for Eimear.


1 Harold DOWNHAM 19:42 VM55-59 78.00%
2 Margaret MCCLEAN 28:39 VW65-69 75.22%
3 Barry SHANKS 18:56 VM45-49 74.91%

Harold just missed out on the overall podium, but tops the age percentage standings.

The Finishing Line

We had three landmark runners today, Colin McDowell (pictured below) completed his 100th run (but was too modest to have a cake on site!) while Mark Cornett and William Doogan completed their 50th runs. T-shirts will be available soon hopefully!


It was also a birthday day for our very special Event Director, Brendan Lennon. I hope everyone appreciates everything Brendan does to keep City Park parkrun going, not just on Saturday mornings but throughout the week. Happy birthday Brendan, I hope you enjoyed your cake!


It is London Marathon weekend and there are loads of City Parkers off tackling the event tomorrow. I'm not going to name you all, and I think I've wished you all good luck over the last few weeks, but if I didn't, I really hope you all enjoy it. I'll not be watching the TV however as I'll be running my own 26 miles round Greenisland for no adequately explained reason!

Building work is underway on the new leisure centre. Unfortunately this means that we are set for two years of chopping-and-changing our course. Please pay attention to the run briefings ahead of each run just in case a new loop has had to be added in at short notice.

Finally, while it is great to see participant numbers go up, it should be remembered that this puts extra pressure on the facilities we have at our disposal, particularly parking. We need everyone to follow a few simple rules:

  • Arrive early, the run briefing starts at 9:30, so allow plenty of time to get parked and get to the start line!
  • DO NOT park on the grass. It tears it up and creates work for the council employees and on several occasions we have had to push people out that have got bogged in.
  • The two rows in the carpark beside the farm wall are for FARM users only, please leave these clear.
  • DO NOT block the mountain bike trails, they have as much right to use the park as us runners and walkers
  • Abide by any requests from the marshals and volunteers. Their actions are for the safety of all park users and to ensure the event continues to run successfully in the future.
  • Extra parking is available beside the changing pavilions, on the Eastway and along the main access road. See the map below.


Happy running,

Jonny D

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