The Running Commentary # 314 – 10th November 2018

The Starting Line

Chilly morning at the Lakes this morning, with hearts warmed by the influx of graduates from the C25K groups from Fitzone, Banbridge and Portadown. Well done to you all, it is a great achievement to have got to the point of completing a 5k!

The Volunteers

As always the event relies on our volunteers and we need a few extra to help our first timers through the experience. If you can help out in the weeks ahead please leave your name on the board at the scanning table or get in touch via Facebook or the volunteers page.

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Paul CASEY
Finish Tokens Sam FOSTER
Finish Tokens Martin MCCAULEY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Charlie MCKEAGNEY
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Marshal Dawn COLLINS
Marshal Charlotte COLLINS
Marshal Éireann O'CARROLL
Tail Walker Heather BLAKE
Tail Walker Emma PARSONS
Tail Walker Hazel SERGEANT
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Other Gillian MCCRORY
Funnel Manager Sheelin MCKEAGNEY


First Timers

We welcomed 48 first timers to the farm this morning, the majority as C25K graduates, but eight were existing members of the wider parkrun family. However you came to City Park this morning I hope you felt welcome and will come back and join us again soon.

Doyle CONOR 20:12
Odhran MAGEE 21:39
Lorna CANAVAN 23:25
Lana O'NEILL 28:47
Eamon MCNAMEE 29:46
Chris LEATHEM 30:10
Lisa THOMPSON 30:41
Kyra ROGERS 31:23
Diane MCGREGOR 31:23
Carol MCCREADY 31:24
Poppy ROGERS 31:27
William HANNA 31:38
Megan MORROW 32:07
Agnieszka KOZINA 32:08
Keith CULLEN 32:18
Louise O REILLY 32:49
Micheal O REILLY 32:49
Linda MILFORD 33:50
Andrew JENNETT 33:51
Heather MARTIN 34:27
Caroline MCGEOWN 35:12
Grainne MCKEEVER 35:13
Judith MCBURNEY 35:28
Marie ROONEY 35:44
Edel BENNETT 35:45
Leeann MALLON 35:46
Nicholas BELL 36:03
Catherine BELL 36:04
Julie MCGIMPSEY 36:05
Elaine LENNON 36:25
Aoife SAVAGE 36:26
Paula MC KEOWN 36:30
Berni SAVAGE 38:01
Caroline SMYTH 39:17
Jennifer MURRAY 39:26
Brenda HUGHES 40:36
Andrea THOMPSON 40:50
Dawn GIBSON 41:32
Joanne VENNARD 49:27
Gary MCKINSTRY 49:56

Personal Bests

Cool and not much wind made this morning an excellent one for PB performances, so well done to these 43 stars.

Adam HILDITCH 17:24
Caoimhin ROBINSON 18:16
Jack BINGHAM 19:31
Jim WRIGHT 20:45
John MCCONNELL 21:43
Breige RUSSELL 22:39
Michael MEGAW 22:43
Alistair HOULSTON 23:21
Patrick CONWELL 24:35
Rachel DODDS 24:44
Gwen MCCRACKEN 25:04
Fionnuala TOMAN 26:01
Anna MCKERNAN 26:42
Nicola COLLINS 27:05
Charlie MCKEAGNEY 27:12
Allison MOFFETT 27:14
Caoimhe HARDING LESTER 27:33
Tina CLARKE 27:41
Ita BYRNE 28:04
Peter SHARPE 28:50
Triona COLL 31:05
Joanne O'NEILL 31:31
Lucy WOODS 31:42
Brendan WOODS 31:43
Aisling DOVE 31:45
Karen GILES 33:04
Keara MC CLAFFERTY 34:03
Aoife MCKEOWN 34:05
Bernadette MCGRILLEN 34:11
Colin MCMINN 34:15
Meadhbh O NEILL 36:56
Tara O'NEILL 37:09
Eileen MCMULLAN 38:14
Deborah BENNETT 38:25
Victoria- Jane MCCANDLESS 39:45
Jolene MCPOLAND 40:33
Fiona SCULLION 41:46
Marian MCCREA 43:31
Carmel LAVERY 49:55
Ceara MCCANN 52:06
Samantha BLACK 55:45
Adam SCULLION 56:22


The Podiums


1 Adam HILDITCH 17:24
2 Caoimhin ROBINSON 18:16
3 Stefan FORKER 19:05

Adam records another PB to finish first for a second time.


1 Kathryn SHERIDAN 20:51
2 Jillian REDPATH 21:31
3 Breige RUSSELL 22:39

Kathryn finishes first on her first visit to City Park, though she has previously been first lady at eight other different events.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:56 VM55-59 77.76%
2 Adam HILDITCH 17:24 SM18-19 76.63%
3 Ian MONTGOMERY 20:52 VM55-59 74.92%

Ken claims his regular top spot in the age-leagues, though he was “taking it easy” as part of his marathon recovery.

Finishing Line

So back to the post-run party. Thanks to everyone that brought along treats and particularly to Gillian for once again marshalling the celebrations and baking the banana bread (which was excellent as always) and truffles (which I hear were good… hint, hint).

Well done to all those who took part in other events today. There was a healthy City Park contingent in Tollymore covering various distances and the Run-Chatters were off taking on Bangor parkrun.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details of other upcoming events. I’d always recommend trying something new or different.

There were loads of photos taken today, but I can’t get them uploaded at the minute! I’ll add them later if I can.

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #313 – 3rd November 2018

A wild, windy morning but at least last night's rain mostly stayed away for our run with just over 200 people joining in.


Thanks to all this morning's volunteers who battled the wind so we could enjoy our run. Please help out every few months to make sure our run goes as smoothly as possible. We'll also need some extra volunteers next week with a large graduation heading our way, more about that below. This week's glamour assistants including our incredible pacers as it was the first Saturday of the month were:


Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Paul CASEY
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Finish Tokens Jan BROWN
Barcode Scanning Lynn PHUN
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Marshal Julie DORAN
Marshal Christina MCNEILL
Tail Walker Matt KELLY
Tail Walker Angela GEMMELL
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Ronald GEMMELL
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN 28 mins
Post-event Close Down Marina MCGURRAN 30 mins
Post-event Close Down Philip DAVISON
Funnel Manager Julie BEATTIE
Pacer (5k only) Jonathan DEWART 25 mins
Pacer (5k only) Karl DUNN 23 mins
Pacer (5k only) Alan WILSON 35 mins
Pacer (5k only) Ken SIMPSON 21 mins
Pacer (5k only) Patrick MC EVOY 24 mins
Pacer (5k only) Niall RANKIN 20 mins
Pacer (5k only) Hugh WATTERS 22 mins
Pacer (5k only) Dylan WATTERS 26 mins
Pacer (5k only) Philip KEE 32 mins



We had 26 first timers to City Park including 17 doing their first ever run, including some graduates from the buggy to 5k group. Trust we this was a very tough morning to be pushing a buggy as the wind seemed to be against us the whole day, so well done all:

Shane BOYCE 18:52
Maurice GRIFFIN 22:22
Ronan O'NEILL 22:27
Bernadette HARROP 24:34
Kate O'SULLIVAN 25:17
Ciara HARROP 26:05
Declan SKELTON 26:41
Alison SHIELDS 26:48
Megan WHAN 29:19
Mary CARSON 30:05
Heather FROGGATT 30:05
Philip THOMAS 30:29
Triona COLL 31:15
Margaret CRANNEY 31:19
Fionntan CURRAN 31:36
Julie MCMURRAY 32:20
Anna JESS 32:33
Carla GRAHAM 33:49
Clare GORDON 35:03
Roisin GILMORE 35:42
Kirsty MCVEIGH 35:56
Emma BRADSHAW 36:44
Gillian LOWRY 36:46
Theresa HUGHES 43:29
Adam SCULLION 59:57
Samantha BLACK 59:58


This morning we had 20 new PBs many I'm sure thanks to our fantastic pacers:

Gary WARNOCK 19:08
Mark HAND 23:16
Luke MCGILTON 23:25
Richard MCGILTON 23:32
Jurgita MCCORMICK 24:09
Steven WILLIAMSON 24:09
Robert LIVINGSTONE 24:29
Patrick CONWELL 24:50
Aaron KENNEDY 25:07
David MILLAR 25:29
Rob BRADSHAW 26:01
Johnny BYRNE 26:13
Helen HILL 27:03
Stephen GILES 30:00
Ashlee MCCAHON 31:46
Karen LAVERY 31:55
Donna MCELHERRON 34:00
Tara O'NEILL 37:52
Victoria- Jane MCCANDLESS 40:07
Carmel LAVERY 50:45


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Shane BOYCE 18:52
2 Caoimhin ROBINSON 18:55
3 Gary WARNOCK 19:08

First timer Shane flying round, closely followed by Caoimhin and Gary who got a new PB.


1 Eimear NICHOLL 23:06
2 Denise HAMILL 23:35
3 Jurgita MCCORMICK 24:09

Eimear cruising round for her 13th first place finish, closely followed by Denise and Jurgita with another new PB.


1 Ken SIMPSON 21:10 VM55-59 73.23%
2 Martin T O'NEILL 21:05 VM50-54 72.25%
3 Jimmy MC FADDEN 20:54 VM50-54 71.69%

King Ken fresh from his great time in Dublin tops the age grades followed by Martin and our Jimmy still on a high from the Skyline mountain run.


We had two parkrunners doing their 50th runs this morning - Nigel PROCTOR and Dennis DEVINE. Sorry we missed Nigel.


Next week we will be have a large number of graduates heading our way from Banbridge C25K, Portadown C25K and the Fitzone Foundation in Craigavon C25K and in City Park tradition we always mark this with a graduation party, so if we could have extra volunteers next week to help with the additional numbers and the party and if anyone could bring along a few treats we would be very grateful.


I know it's a little early for the C word but an important date for your diaries is the Aghagallon Santa run. This run is organised by one of our parkrunners Barry Shanks and has been well attended by parkrunners over the years. Unfortunately due to the policing costs now on road runs the run has been moved to the beautiful Lurgan park. It's a fantastic, friendly run and all entrants are encouraged to dress up, so dig your Santa hat out and come along and support this great cause. You can pre register by looking up 'Aghagallon Santa Run' on facebook. It's on Sunday 2nd December @ 10:15 with a choice of either 3.6 or 7 miles. All proceeds going to the Southern Area Hospice. Minimum donation of £5 and you get this stunning medal:   45040025_2273863355976378_480270389864300544_n (1)

Fantastic running and support by many of our parkrunners last Sunday in Dublin, way to many doing it for me to mention and no doubt I'd forget someone, but many of the Dublin tops and hats were on display this morning and will no doubt appear more as the weather gets colder. I found a Dublin hat on the way round about the middle of the long hill at the back, so if you lost one please let us know.


Finally don't forget Lurgan junior 2k parkrun is on tomorrow morning for all our 4-14 year olds, just head to the cricket pavilion in Lurgan park for 9.20. Hopefully see some of you there in the morning.




The Running Commentary #312 – 27th October 2018

Starting Line 

If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who can you call... parkrunners 


Fancy dress was the thing this morning for our 197 runners, joggers and walkers on a bright but chilly morning at City Park. We’d many regulars preparing for Dublin Marathon tomorrow by volunteering or taking it easy, and good luck to all of them over the 26.2 miles! 

The Volunteers 

Thanks to all our helpers, whether they be timing, scanning, marshalling or party-planning. 


Run Director  Brendan LENNON 
Timekeeper  Matt KELLY 
Finish Tokens  Patrick MC EVOY 
Finish Tokens  Niall RANKIN 
Finish Tokens  Grace RANKIN 
Finish Tokens  Zach RANKIN 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Barcode Scanning  Andrea DEVINE 
Marshal  Claire SMYTH 
Marshal  Marina MCGURRAN 
Marshal  Julie JORDAN 
Marshal  Steve JORDAN 
Tail Walker  Linda MCADAM 
Tail Walker  Simon LE BLEVEC 
Tail Walker  Eimear LE BLEVEC 
Tail Walker  Heather BLAKE 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Volunteer Co-ordinator  Ronald GEMMELL 
Token Sorting  Jason MCGURRAN 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Post-event Close Down  Philip DAVISON 
Other  Gillian MCCRORY 
Other  Ben MCCRORY 
Other  Zoe MCCRORY 
Other  Linda MCADAM 
Funnel Manager  Michele MOWLDS 


First Timers 

We welcomed 25 first timers to the Farm this morning. 

Jason MURPHY  25:17 
Rob BRADSHAW  26:09 
Tim PHILSON  26:24 
Aaron KENNEDY  26:38 
Rachel MOOHAN  27:09 
Sarah RUSSELL  27:28 
Peter SHARPE  29:30 
Mark MOORE  30:01 
Sharon MURPHY  30:25 
Adam MOORE  30:50 
Aisling QUINN  31:28 
Roger COOKE  32:28 
Laura COOKE  32:28 
Julia BROWN  32:38 
Laura WILKINSON  32:45 
Christopher GRAHAM  33:50 
Karen LAVERY  34:06 
Lorraine OGILBY  34:18 
Ruth MORRIS  36:25 
Michael OGILBY  37:41 
Emily NEEDHAM  42:38 
Luke NEEDHAM  42:38 
Phillip NEEDHAM  43:36 
Clark ROBB-COLHOUN  45:16 
Sarah MACKLE  48:44 


Personal Bests 

And 22 PB performaces. 

Daniel MARTIN  21:47 
Martin CAMPBELL  23:47 
Philip POAG  24:33 
Alanna MEEKE  25:14 
Cormac MCCRACKEN  25:53 
Sean SCULLION  25:54 
Michael HENRY  26:18 
Andrew BOWLES  26:37 
Phillippa HENRY  26:46 
Claire CALDERWOOD  27:23 
Gillian MCCONAGHY  28:17 
Andrew MILLAR  29:16 
Siobhan HANNA  29:56 
Brian PRUNTY  32:38 
Toby MOORE  33:09 
Karen GILES  33:15 
Bernadette MCGRILLEN  36:06 
Jayne SEELEY  37:42 
Sean FARRELL  42:07 
Geraldine SEELEY  53:17 
Bernie SCULLION  56:42 
Avril SIMCOX  59:56 


The Podiums 


1  Gerard M HEANEY  18:59 
2  Caoimhin ROBINSON  19:59 
3  Philip CASTLES  20:54 

Gerard is a familiar face as first finisher, leading the pack for a 23rd time. 


1  Stephanie MARTIN  22:51 
2  Denise HAMILL  23:11 
3  Alanna MEEKE  25:14 

A first time as first lady for Stephanie as she just missed out on a PB by three seconds. 

Age Graded 

1  Fergal OHAGAN  21:50  VM55-59  72.82% 
2  Anthony SAYERS  21:45  VM55-59  71.26% 
3  Martin CAMPBELL  23:47  VM60-64  69.87% 

And well done to Fergal on topping the age league 

Finishing Line 

Well done to all our spot prize-winning fancy dressers and I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy some of the treats at the Halloween party. Thanks to everyone who brough something along and to Gil for organising once again. 


Well done to everyone involved in this morning’s Clan Eireann 5k/10k at Lurgan Park in aid of PIPS. It was a great event in aid of a great cause. 

And finally, another good luck to all those off to Dublin for the marathon – I only wish I was fit to join you! 

Happy running, 

Jonny D 


The Running Commentary #311 – 20th October 2018

This morning was a pleasant morning with a dry, if slightly windy course. Temperature was in the low teens so presented much better conditions compared to the previous weeks event. The turnout reflected this with 184 people coming along to take part.

With Ron and Angie on holiday it fell to Marina McGurran to co-ordinate the volunteers. Thanks to all those who volunteered today and a special thanks to Marina for stepping up in Ron’s absence.

By my count of the results, there were 18 first timers at City Park parkrun today. Thanks for coming and hope to see you all again in the not-too-distant future. There were also 27 new course PBs recorded. Well done to all those who achieved new PBs.

Only one milestone was mentioned by Brendan today. Well done to Karen Groves who achieved her 100th Parkrun today.


Top 3 men

1. Adam Hilditch- 17.29

2. Colin McDowell- 18.42

3. Stephen Logan- 18.56

Top 3 women

1. Judith Foster- 22.37

2. Rebecca Doherty- 22.44

3. Eireann O’Carroll- 24.59

(Note: Before someone takes me to task next week, I know there was a different person who finished P2. Unfortunately they come up as unknown with no recorded time. Therefore I decided to use the first 3 recorded finishers).

Thanks to all who turned up and can I request if you have not volunteered either yet or in a long time maybe consider putting your name on the board. You will be made more than welcome and allow some of the regular volunteers to run if they wish. No prior experience is required.

Next week will be a Hallowe’en-themed Parkrun at City Park. Fancy dress has been strongly encouraged by Gillian and a request has been made to bring something along if you can for a post Parkrun party.



The Running Commentary #310 – 13th October 2018


“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes” - Wet WetWet – and my runners will take a bit of drying! 


Thanks to the volunteers who stood in the rain.


Run Director  Brendan LENNON 
Timekeeper  Ronald GEMMELL 
Timekeeper  Patrick GALLAGHER 
Finish Tokens  Karl DUNN 
Finish Tokens  Jason MCGURRAN 
Barcode Scanning  Emma MCMURRAY 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Marshal  Samuel H UPRICHARD 
Marshal  Martin CAMPBELL 
Marshal  Gwen MCCRACKEN 
Marshal  Caelan MCCRACKEN 
Marshal  Cormac MCCRACKEN 
Tail Walker  Heather BLAKE 
Tail Walker  Eilish CASEY 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Post-event Close Down  Philip DAVISON 
Other  Caroline SILCOCK 
Funnel Manager  Marina MCGURRAN 


First Timers 

We welcomed 15 first timers this morning – welcome to the family one and all. 

John WARD  20:25 
Martin GRIBBON  24:41 
Stephen WHARTON  27:05 
Stephen LOWRY  32:37 
Catherine BELL  33:17 
Laura GAMBLE  33:17 
Grace MCCONAGHY  36:41 
Meabh MCCONAGHY  36:46 
Rebecca MONTGOMERY  43:36 
Conor COLEMAN  48:15 
Maeve COLEMAN  48:16 
Orlagh COLEMAN  56:09 
Eimear COLEMAN  56:09 
Geraldine SEELEY  56:44 
Stephanie SLOCOMBE  58:27 


Personal Bests 

A dozen PB performances too. 

Ryan MCCANN  21:40 
John MCCONNELL  21:58 
James TALLON  23:55 
Mary BELL  27:03 
Ita BYRNE  28:25 
Logan ANDREWS  28:33 
Lynsey WILSON  29:09 
Gillian MCCONAGHY  29:10 
Bernadette MCGRILLEN  36:29 
Devon CLARKE  37:16 
Victoria- Jane MCCANDLESS  46:30 
Bernie SCULLION  58:33 


The Podiums 


1  Ashley CRAWFORD  17:42 
2  Simon LE BLEVEC  20:03 
3  Ken SIMPSON  20:18 

Ashley finishes first for the third time in his six visits to City Park 


1  Éireann O'CARROLL  23:47 
2  Gillian MCCRORY  23:48 
3  Breige RUSSELL  23:58 

Éireann came home first ably paced by Auntie Gillian 

Age Graded 

1  Ken SIMPSON  20:18  VM55-59  76.35% 
2  Ian MONTGOMERY  20:42  VM55-59  75.52% 
3  Ashley CRAWFORD  17:42  SM30-34  73.73% 

Ken is a familiar face at the top of the age standings. 

So off to Starbucks for a coffee and a bun, it is great to catch up with the running crack, so feel free to come join us any week! 


Happy running 

Jonny D 

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