The Running Commentary #298 – 14th July 2018

The Starting Line

Another stunning summer day greeted our 208 runners, joggers and walkers to the Lakes yesterday. To be fair it's raining as I type this and I was glad for the cool off for my morning run today!

The Volunteers

As always, we thank the volunteers that answered Julie's call in the last few days.

  • Julie BEATTIE
  • Christopher BOYCE
  • Jan BROWN
  • Philip DAVISON
  • Jonathan DEWART
  • Cait LENNON
  • Brendan LENNON
  • Margaret MCADAM
  • Dale MCCRORY
  • Colin MCDOWELL
  • Jason MCGURRAN
  • Caroline MCGURRAN
  • Marina MCGURRAN
  • Joanne MOORE
  • Dwyer O CONNOR
  • Valerie WHITESMITH

First Timers

We welcomed 26 first timers to the Lakes today, with seven completely new to the parkrun family. Among them was young Harry Forrest-Kinnin, pictured below with dad David.


Donal MURPHY 21:17
Robyn MCKEE 21:56
Valerie SNELL 22:05
Shaun LAFAYETTE 22:09
John MCCONNELL 22:20
Trevor WATSON 22:54
Ruth KEMPTON 23:01
Seán LATIMER 23:33
Michael CARMICHAEL 23:56
Harry WEIR 24:38
Kieran MC KEEVER 25:22
Claire PORTER 27:06
Holly GORDON 27:07
Jill GILLILAND 27:38
Kevin MICHIE 27:59
Neil MCDONALD 29:15
Geraldine MALLON 29:44
Ian O'HAGAN 31:16
Niamh LATIMER 31:56
Aine O'HAGAN 32:36
Dermot CORBETT 36:39
Linda WARWICK 36:40
Diane WARWICK 38:11
Louise BOYD 38:16

Personal Bests

A warm day didn't slow down our 32 PBers.

Aidan HIGLEY 17:36
Ronan BRADY 18:31
Odhran HAMILTON 19:05
Paul GRAHAM 19:43
Conor HAMILTON 19:44
Neill MAGUIRE 20:23
Dominic MCGEOWN 22:07
Ross MCDONALD 22:12
Breige RUSSELL 22:41
Kim MCDONALD 22:49
Sean DEVLIN 23:38
Andrew COX 24:22
Christopher JENKS 25:04
Ewan PEYTON 25:26
James WHAN 25:58
Adeel AKHTAR 26:08
Patrick CONWELL 26:45
Patricia MCKEOWN 27:32
Conor MCSTRAVICK 27:50
Katie BOYCE 27:51
Angela SAVAGE 30:22
Rodney KENNEDY 30:37
Neal WALKER 31:05
Joy GIRVAN 32:13
Andrew MILLAR 32:56
Maija SKREBELE 33:02
Maggie HUGHES 35:06
Lilita VASCENKO 35:13
Nyah MCCREA 36:18
David KINNIN 41:53
Lydia GILES 56:15

The Podiums


1 Gerard M HEANEY 16:45
2 Aidan HIGLEY 17:36
3 Peter SAVAGE 18:23

An amazing 22nd time as fastest finisher for Gerard.


1 Robyn MCKEE 21:56
2 Valerie SNELL 22:05
3 Breige RUSSELL 22:41

Being first time visitors to the Lakes didn't slow off our two fastest girls.

Age Graded

1 Valerie SNELL 22:05 VW55-59 83.09%
2 Peter SAVAGE 18:23 VM45-49 79.60%
3 Ken SIMPSON 19:47 VM55-59 78.35%

Our second fastest lady tops the age-graded standings.

Finishing LIne

Congratulations to Alison Foster who completed our 50th run today, and all but six of them have been at City Park!

We're a few weeks away from our 300th run and will be celebrating with a party. If you can make, bake or buy anything for the party we'd be extremely grateful.

Another reminder that we are trying to minimise our environmental impact. As such we are planning to phase out disposable plastic cups in the coming weeks. Please bring along your own reusable bottles and we'll continue to supply the water!

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #296 – 30th June 2018

Starting Line

Hot, hot, hot! What a spell of weather we're having as another scorching day greeted our 184 runners, joggers and walkers to City Park parkrun event number 296!


Before the event began we were presented with our new pacer bibs (which will get there first official airing next week), all courtesy of Kernan Run Club and GlobeWeigh. Thanks in particular to Stephen for making this happen.


The Volunteers

Of course, the event simply wouldn't happen if not for our ever willing volunteers. We do need helpers every week so, if you haven't done recently, please look to volunteer across the summer months when some of our more regular hi-viz heroes will be off sunning themselves.


Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Ben ALLISON
Finish Tokens Norma BRUCE
Finish Tokens Eilish CASEY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Joanne O'NEILL
Barcode Scanning Patricia MCCANN
Marshal Conor DOWNEY
Marshal David COLLINS
Marshal Patrick GALLAGHER
Marshal Stephen MORRISON
Tail Walker Amber MULHOLLAND
Tail Walker Clare SMITH
Tail Walker Wai Chuen LEEPER
Tail Walker Debbie SCOTT
Tail Walker Ben SCOTT
Tail Walker Emily SCOTT
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Token Sorting Marina MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Michele MOWLDS


With a few runners suffering injuries and from the heat this morning the importance of our tailwalkers was particularly evident this morning, with Ben and Emily acting as guardian angels to one individual.

First Timers

We had 15 first timers at City Park this morning, with seven completely new to the parkrun family - welcome all.

Stephen CORR 22:04
Jessica BLANEY 22:53
Ryan CAMPBELL 23:46
Sophie BLANEY 24:12
Joshua MAGILL 25:03
Aaron FAY 28:43
Ciaran MURPHY 33:21
Laura WILLIS 33:39
Pauline WILLIS 33:39
Paul CLARKE 33:54
Judy HEWITT 34:08
Joshua MILLAR 37:31
Laura GILPIN 37:53
Colin MILLAR 37:59
David KINNIN 49:41

Personal Bests

22 runners faced up to the severe heat to record PBs, first class running all round.

Steven TODD 18:22
Adam SMYTH 19:27
Gordon ANDERSON 21:09
Jim WRIGHT 22:00
Jenna BURTON 22:36
Seán Ó MAOILSTÉ 22:39
Helen BRANT 23:38
David SEIFERT 24:00
Bill THOMPSON 24:55
Ellen MCGRATTAN 25:54
Roisin MACKLE 26:31
Luke MCGILTON 27:02
Richard MCGILTON 27:08
Rebecca EVANS 27:34
Patrick CONWELL 27:44
George SMITH 31:08
Kerry MCFADDEN 32:15
Grace ROGERS 32:33
Maija SKREBELE 33:18
Robyn MCDONALD 34:54
Dianne CALVERT 34:55

The Podiums


1 Steven TODD 18:22
2 Barry SHANKS 19:04
3 Ken SIMPSON 19:05

A PB for occasional visitor Steven who claimed his maiden City Park podium on his fourth run. Two familiar faces sprinted to the finish (apparently).


1 Jenna BURTON 22:36
2 Jessica BLANEY 22:53
3 Helen BRANT 23:38

Jenna also PBed to claim her first top spot on her fourth City Park outing.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:05 VM55-59 81.22%
2 Steven TODD 18:22 VM45-49 77.77%
3 Rodger TONER 20:41 VM55-59 76.23%

Ken tops the age-graded standings once again.

Finishing Line

There was cake at the finish line as Gaby Silcock completed her challenge of completing a 5k on each day of June, all in aid of Sands.


Despite his efforts to hide, we found Barry Shanks to take a photo marking his 100th parkrun, well done to Barry who does so much running and for running in the local area!


As alluded to above, next week is the first Saturday in July and hence pacing week. If you can pace or wish to be paced to a particular time, please let us know through Facebook or on the morning. You canbecome the first wearer of one of our new green vests!

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #299 – 23rd June 2018

Starting Line

"Lovely sunny parkrun" at City Park this morning, or so I'm told! No need to doubt it though as it was lovely and sunny everywhere this morning. 269 runners, joggers and walkers lapped the lakes this morning, among them milestoners and record breakers.

After almost six years the City Park parkrun course record was beaten, Connor Magill's mark of 15:48, set on 17th November 2012 was beaten by four seconds by Craig Ruddy who was visiting from Inverclyde. Well done Craig, I wonder will your marker stand for as long?


The Volunteers

Thanks as always to our wonderful volunteers, without who the event just can't happen. If you haven't volunteered lately please help out by leaving your name on the whiteboard or contacting us through Facebook.


Particular thanks to Ron Gemmell who stepped in as our director today with Brendan feeling under the weather. It was of course Ron's birthday which brought a cake to the farm!

Run Director Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Erik LICHNOVSKY
Finish Tokens Karl DUNN
Finish Tokens Cait LENNON
Finish Tokens Roman LICHNOVSKY
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Fionnuala TOMAN
Barcode Scanning Marina MCGURRAN
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Marshal Brendan LENNON
Marshal Julie DORAN
Marshal Angela GEMMELL
Marshal Margaret MCADAM
Tail Walker Nigel PROCTOR
Tail Walker Joanne O'NEILL
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Number Checker Jason MCGURRAN
Funnel Manager Mark CORNETT
Backup Timer Sheelin MCKEAGNEY

First Timers

There were 37 first time visitors to the Lakes this morning, though 22 were veterans of other events (visitors perhaps from Wallace or Ormeau which were cancelled this morning?).

Craig RUDDY 15:44
Andrew BLAKE 17:54
Stephen MOORE 18:41
Ryan FERRY 20:42
Eamon BRADLEY 21:50
Stuart CROFT 23:42
Paul WRIGHT 25:17
Victoria TROUTON 25:37
Matthew TROUTON 25:37
James BORLAND 25:57
Kay HACK 26:14
Karen SCOTT 26:50
Trea CAMPBELL 27:02
Nathan FAY 27:09
Michael WHEAVIL 27:35
Callum EMERSON 27:46
Roisin MOLLOY 27:50
Valerie HAUGHEY 28:05
Sonia EMERSON 29:21
Angela MURRAY 29:33
Cormac DWYER 29:38
Jill PIERSON 29:39
Mairead O'NEILL 29:49
Brendan CANAVAN 29:56
Barry CANAVAN 29:57
Ruairi KENDALL 31:01
Karen MCGARVEY 31:17
Kerry MCFADDEN 32:17
Gillian FLECK 32:22
Rebecca COUGHLAN 32:29
Eddie COUGHLAN 32:30
Thomas MARTIN 34:11
Nyah MCCREA 37:41
Sarah HAMILTON 38:19
Shane MCDONALD 43:24
Emily SCOTT 44:23

Personal Bests

An amazing 60 PBs too, well done to this lot!

Mark JOHNSTON 17:47
Ronan BRADY 19:00
David LOUGHRAN 19:25
Alan SCOTT 19:59
Kevin O'HAGAN 20:00
Ross BINGHAM 21:01
Peter ELLIS 21:07
Conor MORROW 21:16
Nichola THOMPSON 21:23
Conleth MACKLE 22:55
Christopher BOYCE 23:02
Zachary THOMPSON 23:15
Sarah IRWIN 23:23
John PRYCE 23:43
Doreen MOORE 23:57
Paul LAVERY 24:05
Martin CAMPBELL 24:16
Don MCMAHON 24:21
Darren MOLLOY 24:40
Vincent MCCLOREY 24:56
David JOHNSTON 25:11
Gary COWAN 25:33
Lynsey MORTON 26:08
Levi ADAMS 26:15
Joanna JOHNSTON 26:16
Timothy BYRNE 26:29
Steve JORDAN 26:39
Gavin LITTLE 27:29
Fiona VONG 27:38
Patricia MCKEOWN 27:41
Gordon MULHOLLAND 27:42
Eimear DOWNEY 27:47
Gareth PRIDEAUX 27:49
Andrea BURNS 27:50
Caitlin MCCOURT 27:51
Conor MCSTRAVICK 28:10
Paul MARTIN 28:14
Sean SCULLION 28:23
Claire CALDERWOOD 28:24
Deirdre O'HAGAN 28:43
Lisa MORRISON 28:48
Valerie MADILL 29:36
Ally CONN 29:52
Julie MCGRATH 30:10
Vicky FOLLIS 30:21
Hazel SERGEANT 30:50
Noreen HYLANDS 31:05
Joy GIRVAN 33:17
Debbie MAGWOOD 33:22
Marie MCCORRY 33:27
Ralph CAMPBELL 33:59
Helene KEERY 34:19
Christine MCCURRY 34:30
Clare LITTLE 35:39
Catherine EDWARDS 36:47
Sheila WALKER 41:29
Cath COLHOUN 42:16
Noah COWAN 43:51
Debbie SCOTT 44:25

The Podiums


1 Craig RUDDY 15:44
2 Gerard M HEANEY 16:33
3 Mark JOHNSTON 17:47

As noted above, Craig broke the course record on his first visit to City Park.


1 Colleen MCCONVILLE 20:05
2 Jillian REDPATH 20:51
3 Nichola THOMPSON 21:23


Colleen finished as our top lady for a second time in three visits.

Age Graded

1 Andrew BURNS 18:38 VM55-59 82.47%
2 Craig RUDDY 15:44 SM30-34 82.20%
3 Gerard M HEANEY 16:33 SM25-29 77.95%

Andrew tops the age league.

Finishing Line

This morning we welcomed three new members to the 50-Club, so well done to Doreen Moore (who also PBed), Ruth Moore and Joanne Boness.


I believe the course had its latest minor modification this morning, but that this will be the last for a while! Please bear with us over the next few years while the building work goes on at the new leisure centre.

I was part of a (largely inadvertent) City Park posse that visited Colin Glen parkrun this morning, it is amazing the familiar faces you find as Claire Johnston-Thompson and Ben continued their quest to complete all the local parkruns. They were ably supported by Tommy Fee (who recently completed the set) along with Naomi and Emma McMurray. John Lester and just happened to be there as our (individually) planned Wallace plans fell apart.

Happy running,

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #294 – 16th June 2018

A lovely sunny morning for our latest graduation. We had two new sets of graduates this week - Jog Moira and Stephen Morrison's group and a total of 315 runners and walkers this morning:
35385719_10216510775190463_7876339944866709504_n    35362833_10216510779430569_5860841822988795904_n

Thanks to the massive team of volunteers we had this week. Please help out over the summer if you can as with the holiday season coming up we may be short of our core team. This week's super heroes were:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Ronald GEMMELL
Timekeeper Tim FOLEY
Finish Tokens Mervyn MOLYNEAUX
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Orla MAGINN
Barcode Scanning Teresa MARTIN
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Marshal Clare RIMMER
Marshal Michael SNODDY
Marshal Paul BRACKEN
Tail Walker Joanne BONESS
Tail Walker Eilish CASEY
Tail Walker Ruth MOORE
Tail Walker Joanne O'NEILL
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Token Sorting Marina MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Post-event Close Down Karl DUNN
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Samuel MCCONNELL
Other Gillian MCCRORY
Other Martin RIMMER
Other Jonathan ELLIOTT
Other Judith BRACKEN
Other Deirdre MAGILL
Other Anne HEANEY
Other Sue SMALL
Other Katherine BOYES
Other Oliver MCKEOWN
Other Charlie MCQUILLAN
Funnel Manager Francis REYNOLDS
Funnel Manager Joanne MCCAULEY


Thanks to graduations we had a massive 71 first timers today, 59 doing their first ever parkrun, fantastic, hope to see you all back again next week:

Francis TUMELTY 18:53
Ashley BRIGGS 20:29
Karen WILTON 22:33
Peter UPRICHARD 24:57:00
Si DAVEY 25:04:00
Adele MURDOCK 26:03:00
Carmel TUMELTY 26:20:00
Kiera CRAIG 27:54:00
David MORROW 28:10:00
Gareth PRIDEAUX 28:34:00
Lynn DONAGHY 28:51:00
Eoin MILLAR 29:35:00
Patrick CONWELL 29:42:00
Cherilyn GILL 30:20:00
Oonagh GALWAY 30:20:00
Stephen MOORE 31:39:00
Karen MOORE 31:39:00
Chris JOHNSTON 31:47:00
Agnieszka KEPOWICZ 31:55:00
Rebekah ROBINSON 32:14:00
Bronagh KELLY 32:14:00
Joanne MCFARLAND 32:16:00
Gillian CRICHTON 32:17:00
Anne FARRELL 32:18:00
Trudie CANTLEY 33:36:00
David MCCONNELL 33:46:00
Emma MCCRELLIS 33:48:00
Jane SIMPSON 34:08:00
Clare LOGAN 34:17:00
Gillian KELLY 34:30:00
Andrew MILLAR 34:50:00
Marc MURPHY 34:52:00
Laura UPRICHARD 34:58:00
Maggie FITZSIMONS 35:02:00
Kate KELLY 35:04:00
Sinead HANNAN 35:23:00
Elaine WILLAMSON 35:29:00
Helene KEERY 36:01:00
Robyn MCDONALD 36:28:00
Dianne CALVERT 36:28:00
Catherine FRIZZELL 36:28:00
Rachel TURKINGTON 36:30:00
Lara CAMPBELL 36:30:00
Peter SLOAN 36:30:00
Judith SLOAN 36:30:00
Rebekah MCKEOWN 36:31:00
Roberta BENTLEY 36:31:00
Louise HEWITT 36:31:00
Janet BEARE 36:32:00
Paula MCKANE 36:33:00
Paula SMITH 36:33:00
Gillian MURPHY 36:34:00
Heather MURPHY 36:50:00
Stefania FARAONE 36:50:00
Elaine DORAN 36:54:00
Julie TELFORD 37:01:00
Hannah SULLIVAN 37:11:00
George SMITH 37:28:00
Julie ROBINSON 39:19:00
Raymond ROBINSON 39:21:00
Stephanie MURPHY 39:21:00
Helen CASSIDY 39:22:00
Saoirse CAWLEY 42:14:00
Sheila WALKER 42:32:00
Sinead GALLAGHER 47:56:00
Iris MCKEOWN 53:03:00
Hazel CORDNER 53:10:00
Muriel WILSON 53:12:00
Leander HARDING 01:01:49
Janet CAMPBELL 01:01:51
Catherine MILLAR 01:02:09


And a smashing 45 new PBs, superb running in that heat from:

James ANDREWS 21:20
Adam Emil BITTNER 21:21
Peter LOGAN 21:34
Peter ELLIS 22:02
Jim WRIGHT 22:07
Lewis STEVENSON 23:09
Breige RUSSELL 23:27
Paul RUSSELL 24:02:00
Thomas MCKANE 24:10:00
Zachary THOMPSON 24:25:00
Martin CAMPBELL 24:29:00
Matthew ALHADEFF 24:33:00
Sophie STEVENSON 24:39:00
Bill THOMPSON 25:05:00
James GILPIN 25:16:00
Ewan PEYTON 26:13:00
Joe MCCOURT 26:31:00
Adeel AKHTAR 26:32:00
David JOHNSTON 26:37:00
Lynsey MORTON 26:39:00
Gillian SPENCE 26:45:00
Sharon DOAKE 26:52:00
Linda FEELY 27:13:00
Emma MCENTEE 27:40:00
Claire HANNA 27:46:00
Dorothy PORTEOUS 29:00:00
Noreen MCENTEE 29:04:00
Catherine MOORE 29:05:00
Caitlin MCCOURT 29:09:00
Rodney KENNEDY 31:20:00
Emma NOBLETT 31:37:00
Ruth MOORE 31:58:00
Hazel SERGEANT 32:11:00
Linda-Jayne MARTIN 33:00:00
Natalie ORR 33:25:00
Dolores AUSTIN 34:20:00
Nuala ELLISON 34:53:00
Karen DUCKETT 35:13:00
Ellen JOSEPH 35:24:00
Gail FLAVELL 35:43:00
Debbie MIDGLEY 36:04:00
Stephen MORRISON 36:12:00
Brian IRWIN 37:30:00
Arnold AGNEW 42:32:00
Debbie SCOTT 55:31:00


The top 3 males, females and age-grades were:

1 Francis TUMELTY 18:53
2 Niall RANKIN 19:08
3 Ken SIMPSON 19:17

First timer Francis showing everyone how it's done.


1 Jillian REDPATH 21:02
2 Nichola THOMPSON 21:43
3 Karen WILTON 22:33

Jillian's 14th time leading the women home.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:17 VM55-59 80.38%
2 Francis TUMELTY 18:53 VM45-49 76.26%
3 Jillian REDPATH 21:02 VW45-49 75.52%

Ken in great form.


Congratulations to all our landmark celebrations today. Caelan MCCRACKEN celebrating 50 runs and Cait LENNON our first City Park lady to reach a massive 200 runs. Cait and runchatters didn't let the occasion go unmarked as you can see :)
35366247_10216510774310441_797614554019266560_n    35329649_10216510773830429_449465956704452608_n

There was also a few special birthdays today - Cait, Joan and Susan who celebrated with a delicious cake:


Hope to see lots of you over at Barry Shanks' 'Munchie' run in the morning:


I won't be around for the next month unfortunately. I have a work open next Saturday and then the way my holiday falls I'll miss 3 Saturdays! Not sure how I'll cope without my weekly parkrun fix. See you all on the 21st July when I'm back.



The Running Commentary #293 – 9th June 2018

Starting Line

What a spell of weather we're having, another gloriously sunny morning greeted our 334 runners, joggers and walkers to the Farm this morning. I must admit, the words "it's too hot" have crossed my lips several times lately, and I have been suitably scolded!

Numbers today were boosted by the graduates of three local couch to 5k groups, representing the Craigavon Fitzone Foundation, Portadown and "Debbie's" Warringstown group. Well done to everyone who completed their C25K programmes. Please come back and join us again each and every Saturday.


The Volunteers

A great response once again to the call for volunteers, thanks to this dedicated bunch who made the event happen. We do need volunteers each and every week, so if you can help out through the summer months please leave your name on the whiteboard or drop us a message on Facebook.

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Paddy MORIARTY
Timekeeper Michael MORROW
Finish Tokens Amber MULHOLLAND
Finish Tokens Joanne O'NEILL
Barcode Scanning Mary BOYCE
Barcode Scanning Naomi MCMURRAY
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Marshal Sheelin MCKEAGNEY
Marshal Gillian MCCRORY
Marshal Katie BOYCE
Marshal Heather HEYBURN
Marshal Mervyn MOLYNEAUX
Marshal Jayne HARRISON
Marshal Chloe WILLIAMSON
Marshal Eimear MCNICHOLL
Marshal Zoe MCCRORY
Marshal Karl DUNN
Marshal Ken SIMPSON
Tail Walker Kerry GEDDIS
Tail Walker Joe MCANEARNEY
Tail Walker John CAWLEY
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Token Sorting Wendy MCSHANE
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Funnel Manager Cormac MCCRACKEN


The First Timers

71 first time visitors to the Lakes this morning, all but four of them who are completely new to the parkrun family. We've also a fair few unknowns along with a number of missing finish tokens. If you took home a wee plastic thing with a barcode on it, please get it back to us - we need them all!

Mark LEATHEM 23:29
Tim MCEWAN 23:35
John FINLAY 24:10
Martin CAMPBELL 25:00
Simon TRIMBLE 27:02
Ellen MCGRATTAN 27:40
David SEIFERT 28:44
Emma HYLANDS 28:47
Conor MCSTRAVICK 29:19
Caitlin MCCOURT 29:34
Valerie MADILL 30:29
Aaron KERR 30:33
Orla METCALFE 30:37
Harry MCMEEKIN 30:49
Judith RODERICK 31:10
Simon STOKES 31:17
G S 31:23
Alex LYONS 31:24
Vicky FOLLIS 32:08
Suzanne HYDE 32:13
Diane CORRIGAN 32:15
Ashley KERR 32:25
Ruth MOORE 33:21
Pamela FOWLER 33:45
Lucy MAXWELL 33:45
Sarah LYONS 34:01
Noel HYLANDS 34:10
Julie HYLANDS 34:14
Natalie ORR 34:27
Emma NEILL 34:27
Barry PORTER 34:39
Florence MOFFETT 34:56
Laura HANNA 35:23
Christine MCCURRY 35:23
Debbie MAGWOOD 35:25
Kay LYONS 35:31
Callum MCDOWELL 35:51
Kate BALL 36:12
Rachel CORRIGAN 36:25
Helen RICHARDSON 36:37
Nicole LAPPIN 36:50
Ruth MAXWELL 36:51
Peter MAXWELL 36:52
Victoria NIXON 38:09
Harry MURRAY 38:15
Rebecca FITZPATRICK 38:35
Wayne MCMEEKIN 38:35
Karen MCMEEKIN 38:45
Karen LYNESS 38:50
Susan LAIRD 38:58
Richard MCLAVERTY 38:59
Gemma O'TOOLE 39:00
Karen Hutch HAMILTON 39:45
Joan MCQUITTY 40:52
Caodhan MCKEEVER 40:58
Elaine SCOTT 41:17
Lilli COWAN 41:18
Pauline ADAMSON 41:20
Colin MOONEY 41:41
Megan TURKINGTON 42:06
Jennifer PORTER 42:27
Diane DRURY 44:13
Arnold AGNEW 44:22
Suzanne DALY 44:24
Alison LITTLE 44:47
Ellen MOONEY 45:50
Naomh LAWLOR 46:01
Claire MURPHY 48:50
Deryck HARRISON 48:53
Anne HARRISON 48:53

Personal Bests

The heat didn't slow down these 57 PBers!

Stephen O'GORMAN 16:19
Daniel HARTE 18:37
Jp THOMAS 18:53
Neal TAYLOR 19:40
Richard MCALPIN 19:43
Daniel MCALINDEN 20:32
Johnny MCKINLEY 20:38
Tiarnan CAWLEY 21:09
Charles SHANKS 21:18
Peter LOGAN 21:41
Marcus TOTTEN 21:58
William MARSHALL 22:08
Jim WRIGHT 22:15
Patrycja MCALPIN 23:05
Conleth MACKLE 23:16
Jenna BURTON 23:16
Breige RUSSELL 23:43
Joan LOGAN 24:00
Ciara RYAN 24:20
Paul RUSSELL 24:34
Gary COWAN 26:49
Gerald FAY 26:54
Lynsey MORTON 26:58
Fionnuala TOMAN 27:58
Claire HANNA 28:17
Nicola COLLINS 28:21
Paul MARTIN 28:24
Martin O'NEILL 29:22
Michelle KEMP 29:25
Damian MCILHATTON 29:33
Catherine MOORE 29:34
Anne RICE 29:42
Elizabeth CROOKS 30:18
Lorraine MCGILTON 30:51
Lynne ALLEN 31:09
Geoffrey BATES 31:16
Deborah CARSON 31:33
Carol THOMPSON 31:52
Noreen HYLANDS 32:01
Stephen GILES 32:07
Siobhan GARDINER 32:40
Valerie CURRIE 32:55
Kellie TRAINOR 33:21
Elliot DRAKE 33:43
Marie MCCORRY 33:53
Emma-Joy THOMPSON 33:55
Karen GILES 35:27
Rachel FLAVELL 35:48
Gail FLAVELL 36:21
Jennifer COLLINS 38:02
Terry O'DONNELL 38:12
Eileen MCMULLAN 39:16
Kim MAGENNIS 43:53


The Podiums


1 Stephen O'GORMAN 16:19
2 Daniel HARTE 18:37
3 Barry SHANKS 18:49

Stephen is three-from-three at the top of the standings on visits to City Park, with a PB and all. Daniel also PBs and Barry puts in yet another podium performance.


1 Judith NIXON 21:11
2 Nichola THOMPSON 21:49
3 Patrycja MCALPIN 23:05

Judith marks her big day with a seventh time as top lady.

The Finishing Line




The 100 Club welcomed three new members this morning, which just added to the party atmosphere. Well done to Judith Nixon, John Lester and Kelly Wylie (who took part in the first ever City Park parkrun back in 2012). Joining the 50 Club is Susan McNickle and young Ella Moore joins the 10 Club. Well done also to Patrycja McAlpin who completed her 150th run.


We were joined today once again by Team Kerr and many of Aaron's Army were sporting their green running vests which was great to see.

Through the week there were a few stories that may be of interest. Our very own Tommy Fee spent a day in prison as he completed the Northern Ireland parkrun set at Lower Drummans - well done Tommy. We also proved what a competitive field of athletes we have with our top three girls from last week's event featuring among the ten fastest women in all the parkruns in Ireland!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Lakes races on Wednesday past, when it truly was too hot! The races are coming thick and fast at the moment, but I'll point you towards a few. On Wednesday there's the Dromara 5k which is a very well run event. Next Saturday (after parkrun) there's the Lismore 5k, just down the road. Finally, next Sunday there's the Mid Summer Montiaghs run. 34847766_2132264203673862_1738093172141064192_n

I hope you all enjoyed the party which celebrated all today's landmarks and achievements. Thanks to Gillian for organising it once again and to everyone who baked or bought treats and sweets. We'll get another party in again sometime soon.

Finally, another reminder to check your pockets for any rogue finish tokens!

Happy running,

Jonny D

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