The Running Commentary # 324 – 12th January 2019

A nice clear dry morning for our almost 300 runners and walkers this morning, 295 to be precise. Great numbers continuing since new year's day, keep up the great resolution folks and don't forget to sign up to volunteer a few times this year to help us run smoothly.


This morning's fantastic volunteers were:

Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Eimear NICHOLL
Timekeeper Patrick CONWELL
Finish Tokens Christina MCNEILL
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Owen MCNEILL
Marshal Martin CAMPBELL
Marshal Sam FOSTER
Tail Walker Violet MCNEILL
Tail Walker Nicky WILLIAMSON
Tail Walker Chloe WILLIAMSON
Run Report Writer Gillian MCCRORY
Volunteer Co-ordinator Marina MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Pre-event Setup Ronald GEMMELL
Post-event Close Down Eamon MCGURRAN
Post-event Close Down Karl DUNN

Please sign up every few months to help out. With almost 300 runners a week we always need volunteers. You can also help out after your run if you have a little time to sort the tokens, pack up all the equipment or take the cups home to wash. Remember parkrun only works because of the volunteers. So please sign up on the big white board after your run or get in touch through our City Park parkrun facebook page. Thanks.


We had 23 first timers to City Park today including 16 doing their first ever run, welcome to:

Dale IRWIN 18:52
Garwei HO 21:05
Ciaran TONER 21:59
Natalie BARR 23:15
Victor KERR 26:38
Stephen GILMER 26:54
Ryan MULLAN 27:25
Carol MC MENAMIN 28:01
Conal KELLY 28:10
Martin AVINS 29:47
Aaron MCIVOR 29:54
Ellen MCCANN 29:58
Maggie FEARON 30:44
Joanne CASSIDY 31:55
Ann CATNEY 32:11
Victoria MCHUGH 33:33
Aileen DOYLE 34:08
Juliette MARTIN 35:59
Angeline MURPHY 42:10
Simon MCCAUGHRAN 49:45
Laura SCALES 49:46
Andrew MCCANN 52:36


And we had 36 new PBs. This lot have all earned a special treat tonight:

Ashley CRAWFORD 17:25
Marty CAMPBELL 18:05
Gary WARNOCK 18:21
Doyle CONOR 19:04
Steven SHIELDS 19:23
Ben ALLISON 22:28
Aaron KENNEDY 24:17
Oonagh MURPHY 24:36
Christopher CONNOLLY 25:48
Peter QUINN 26:13
Kevin O CONNOR 26:31
Aisling KELLY 27:01
Stephen DEVINE 27:14
Eamon MCNAMEE 27:23
Ian O'HAGAN 27:31
Ross MAWHINNEY 27:38
Philip LAVERY 28:05
Stephen LOWRY 28:31
Peter SHARPE 28:41
Suzanne MULLAN 28:43
Mark THOMPSON 29:12
Aine O'HAGAN 29:32
Jason SALT 30:01
Anne MCALISTER 30:24
Sandra PORTER 30:27
Nigel PORTER 30:35
Kathy CONNOLLY 31:31
Christopher SCULLION 31:52
Brian PRUNTY 32:01
Abigail SALT 34:08
Hannah JONES 34:27
Rebecca BARR 35:29
Richard MCCRORY 37:49
Sinead MCMANUS 38:38
Rebecca MONTGOMERY 40:11
Alanna MCCRORY 40:13


The top three males, females and age grades were:

1 Mark CORNETT 17:23
2 Ashley CRAWFORD 17:25
3 Marty CAMPBELL 18:05

Mark finishing first for the 19th time.


1 Judith NIXON 20:48
2 Roslyn DOBSON 21:22
3 Joanne MCCLUSKEY 23:06

Judith with her second fastest time ever tops the ladies for the 11th time.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:29 VM55-59 80.24%
2 Marty CAMPBELL 18:05 VM45-49 78.43%
3 Judith NIXON 20:48 VW45-49 77.08%

King Ken tops the age-grades.


We had one landmark celebration this week, Edel SCANLON, completed her 50th run, congratulations:



A great local run coming up in Lurgan park on Sunday 3rd March at 11am, options of a 5k and 10k. All proceeds are in aid of the Southern Area hospice and the first 500 who register get a great goodie bag, so get signed up quick at Eventbrite.   45728328_1965220503513997_5145915495475576832_o


Hope to see some of you over at Lurgan junior parkrun tomorrow morning and the rest of you next Saturday.



The Running Commentary # 323 – 5th January 2019 

Starting Line 

Another bright winter’s morning greeted our 291 runners, walkers and joggers. And being the first Saturday of the month (and indeed the year) we had pacers to help achieve some New Year’s goals - thanks to everyone who paced! 

The Volunteers 

We had a late call-out last night to ensure there were enough volunteers to allow today’s event to happen. Thanks to all those who answered. We need volunteers every week, so if you can help fill out the roster through the rest of January it would take the pressure off the core team. Get in touch through email, Facebook or leave your name on the whiteboard. 

Run Director  Brendan LENNON 
Timekeeper  Ronald GEMMELL 
Timekeeper  Karl DUNN 
Finish Tokens  Linda FARQUHAR 
Finish Tokens  Martin CAMPBELL 
Barcode Scanning  Caroline MCGURRAN 
Barcode Scanning  Chris COULSON 
Marshal  Lynn PHUN 
Marshal  Elizabeth DEACON 
Tail Walker  John MCGREEVY 
Run Report Writer  Jonathan DEWART 
Token Sorting  Jason MCGURRAN 
Pre-event Setup  Dale MCCRORY 
Pre-event Setup  Philip DAVISON 
Post-event Close Down  Eamon MCGURRAN 
Post-event Close Down  Marina MCGURRAN 
Pacer (5k only)  Philip KEE 
Pacer (5k only)  Barry SHANKS 
Pacer (5k only)  Hugh WATTERS 
Pacer (5k only)  Alan WILSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Kiera CRAIG 
Pacer (5k only)  Ken SIMPSON 
Pacer (5k only)  Judith NIXON 
Pacer (5k only)  Jimmy MC FADDEN 


First Timers 

We welcomed 26 first timers to the Lakes this morning, though nine were veterans of other events. However you came to run at City Park today we hope you felt welcomed! 

Rory THOMPSON  19:22 
Gordon LINKLATER  19:26 
Stacey QUINN  22:55 
Paul MCCORMAC  23:18 
Przemyslaw BOCHNIA  24:29 
Ben DAGGETT  24:33 
Craig BADGER  26:03 
Peter QUINN  26:56 
Brian CUSACK  27:17 
Stephen DEVINE  27:23 
Margaret S HAYDEN  28:10 
Suzanne MULLAN  29:34 
Jack WILSON  29:54 
Ivan STRINGER  30:19 
Julie-Ann BICKERSTAFFE  30:57 
Colin BICKERSTAFFE  31:25 
Rachel BLACKHURST  31:30 
Cheryl GRAHAM  31:38 
Kathy CONNOLLY  32:03 
Jason SALT  32:08 
Joy WELLS  33:32 
Abogail SALT  35:54 
Sinead MCMANUS  40:28 
Fiona DEUCHAR  42:50 
Ethan GIRVAN  43:21 
Shannon NELSON  45:48 


Personal Bests 

41 PB performances this morning, no doubt aided by our pacers. Well done, treats all round. 

Niall RANKIN  17:49 
Brian TOAL  18:16 
Doyle CONOR  19:14 
Peter ELLIS  20:26 
Jim WRIGHT  20:39 
John MCCONNELL  21:09 
Graeme MCCLUSKEY  21:12 
Neil WRIGHT  21:46 
Gary DAVIDSON  21:59 
Oz ELLIS  22:03 
Graham JENNINGS  22:31 
Joanne MCCLUSKEY  22:49 
Gerry MCGIVERN  23:12 
Lucie REHOVA  23:54 
Deirdre RYAN-DELANEY  24:06 
Conor LITTER  24:07 
Rebecca EVANS  24:19 
Sue ATKINSON  24:57 
Louise WATSON  25:37 
Alan K F CHAN  25:50 
Terence MCCORRY  26:07 
Jonathan WEIR  26:24 
Aisling KELLY  27:20 
Joanne O'NEILL  30:15 
Aine O'HAGAN  30:25 
Rita GREENE  30:27 
Anne MCALISTER  30:36 
Karen GILES  31:41 
Dawn PARK  31:57 
Brian PRUNTY  32:17 
Helen ROBINSON  33:38 
Jim WEIR  33:38 
Jonathan CRAIG  34:23 
Rebecca BARR  35:49 
Ben WILLIAMSON  38:39 
Alanna MCCRORY  41:25 
Richard MCCRORY  41:25 
Christopher SCULLION  47:47 
Sarah MACKLE  47:55 
Bernie SCULLION  52:22 
Lydia GILES  55:28 


The Podiums 


1  Gary HENDERSON  16:53 
2  Niall RANKIN  17:49 
3  Paul BLANEY  17:56 

An eighth time as first finisher for Gary. 


1  Gillian MCCRORY  20:47 
2  Jillian REDPATH  21:31 
3  Judith NIXON  22:30 

Gillian finishes first lady for a 19th time. 

Age Graded 

1  Gary HENDERSON  16:53  VM45-49  86.67% 
2  Paul BLANEY  17:56  VM45-49  80.30% 
3  Niall RANKIN  17:49  VM40-44  77.74% 

Our top three males only slightly shuffled in the age graded rankings. 

Finishing Line 

Congratulations to Stephen Furphy who ran his 200th parkrun today, 163 of those coming at City Park. Niall Stewart joins the 50 Club and junior Clodagh Jo O’Neill joins the 10 Club. 

We’ve lost a few finishing tokens in recent weeks, if you find them among your running gear or in the pockets of your children or pets, please return them. They cost money and parkrun funds are limited. 

Finally, if you’re looking to take in a few races this year, there’d be worse places to start than at the Lurgan Park Fun Run (5k & 10k) in aid of SAHS on 3rd March. You can enter here. 

Happy running, 

Jonny D 


The Running Commentary #322 – 1st January 2019

Starting Line

2019 arrived on a beautiful, bright January morning. Our 278 runners ranged from the enthusiastically bright-eyed to the apathetically bleary-eyed, though however you felt, you got your year off to a flying start with parkrun.

The Volunteers

Particular thanks to the volunteers who showed up on New Year’s morning. Make it one of your resolutions to help out at least three times in 2019. Get in touch through Facebook or leave your name on the whiteboard.

Heather BLAKE, Andrew CARRICK, Eilish CASEY, Chris COULSON, Philip DAVISON, Elizabeth DEACON, Jonathan DEWART, Patrick GALLAGHER, Ronald GEMMELL, Angela GEMMELL, Philip KEE, Brendan LENNON, Niall MCCLEAN, Dale MCCRORY, Eamon MCGURRAN, Jason MCGURRAN, Marina MCGURRAN, Caroline MCGURRAN, Owen MCNEILL

First Timers

36 first timers at the Lakes, though only eight are completely new to the parkrun family – visitors from neighbouring events who were taking the morning off?

Barry KIRKLAND 18:39
Chalky MCGUCKIN 19:14
Ryan O'NEILL 20:00
Mark CONLON 20:10
Jonny HARPER 20:57
Ryan BOGUE 21:31
Martin ONEILL 21:32
Gary DAVIDSON 22:20
Sean GILLESPIE 22:21
Susan LINKLATER 22:44
Tommy CARDWELL 23:07
Alison SOYE 23:15
Nyle GREER 23:31
Michael MCCRORY 23:58
Irwin DONNELLAN 24:28
Paul MCADAM 24:31
Adrian HUGHES 25:14
Mervyn KIRK 26:44
Dave BARR 27:02
Holly KAY 27:29
Mark THOMPSON 30:04
Nicola BROWN 30:38
Rachel LENNON 31:21
Nigel PORTER 32:25
Sandra PORTER 32:26
Maria KILLEN 32:42
Louise MORGAN 32:53
Louise KIRKLAND 33:20
Lily Rose BEHZADI 33:36
Ruth JOHNS 33:50
Adam DOHERTY 35:10
Lucy ONEILL 39:17
Rebecca BARR 41:24
Rebecca TATE 41:24
Alanna MCCRORY 44:37
Richard MCCRORY 44:38


Personal Bests

32 people clearly looked after themselves over the festive season!

Colin MCDOWELL 18:20
Paul HARTLEY 18:23
Glenn PHAIR 19:08
Joshua LINDSAY 19:18
John KERR 20:34
Norman RICHMOND 20:54
Peter SMITH 21:08
Graeme MCCLUSKEY 21:34
Serena BARR 21:53
Barry PRIESTLEY 22:32
Judith FOSTER 22:35
Barry TIPPING 23:08
Bethany BARR 23:10
Patrick CONWELL 23:19
Comghal MCQUILLAN 23:21
Conall KELLY 24:13
Ross SLOAN 24:47
Rebecca EVANS 25:15
Sue ATKINSON 25:32
Gavin LITTLE 25:40
Eileen MCCANN 25:46
Fionnuala TOMAN 25:52
Eimear DOWNEY 26:22
Louise WATSON 26:24
Martin O'NEILL 26:49
Aisling KELLY 27:35
Lorraine ORR 29:43
Suzanne WALKER 31:08
John KENNEDY 31:37
Paula MCKANE 34:13
Christopher SCULLION 49:51
Bernie SCULLION 54:25


The Podiums


1 Colin MCDOWELL 18:20
2 Paul HARTLEY 18:23
3 Paul BLANEY 18:24

Colin finishes first for a fifth time with a PB performance.


1 Natalie BOWBANKS 21:17
2 Fiona TOMAN 21:36
3 Roslyn DOBSON 21:42

Natalie comes home as first girl for a second time


1 Susan LINKLATER 22:44 VW60-64 89.15%
2 Ken SIMPSON 19:23 VM55-59 80.65%
3 Colin MCDOWELL 18:20 VM45-49 79.82%

And Susan travelled all the way from Shetland to top the age league

Finishing Line

We welcomed two new “Centurions” to the 100 Club, well done to Gordonus Decimus Mulhollandius and Gemma Fields. We look forward to seeing you in your new t-shirts, perhaps a little more comfortable than Gordon’s get-up from Tuesday!

Well done to everyone who has been off running marathons, Crackers and Santa runs over the past few weeks, it has been brilliant to see so many of you enjoying your running.

There’s a great selection of photos on Facebook courtesy of Ron.

Happy New Year

Jonny D


The Running Commentary #321 – 29th December 2018

So here we are….the last 2018 Parkrun in Citypark. It’s been yet another great year for our Parkrun as it continues to grow. We have had many first timers, couch to 5k graduations, PBs, course changes and visitors from near and far (I think Australia holds the record from memory during one event this Summer but I’m happy to be corrected). Throughout the year one thing that has remained constant is the consistent dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers, without whom the event could simply not happen. Thanks to all those who have volunteered over the year and for those who haven’t as we come up to setting New Years resolutions maybe this could be a very easy one to keep.

We have had for the most part favourable weather conditions and event no. 321 didn’t disappoint. 242 runners and walkers came along to make the most of the good conditions. 4 runners celebrated milestone runs. Well done to Joe Hendron, Angie Gemmell, Lesley Livingstone and Eamon McGurran who each celebrated 100 Parkruns.


Thanks to all who volunteered to help:



Top 3 Females:

  1. Natalie Bowbanks- 21.56
  2. Roslyn Dobson- 22.15
  3. Lily Rimmer- 22.25

Top 3 Males:

  1. Unknown
  2. Jordan Johnson- 17.56
  3. James Wilson- 18.12

Finally a red jacket was left behind. It has been placed in the container. If this is yours see Ron at the next Parkrun. Our next Parkrun is on New Years Day starting at 1000. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.



The Running Commentary #320 – 22nd December 2018

A perfect morning for our Christmas celebrations and 251 runners and walkers turned up help us celebrate. Thanks so much to all those who have helped out this year, we had a few wee presents to give out to some of the special people as a token of our appreciation. Dale and Philp come over every Saturday about 8am to set up week in and week out, Heather supplies coffee for all our parkrun parties, Lynn is out at the civic centre marshalling every week, the McGurran's are at almost every parkrun and every member of the family helps out with set up and pack up - thanks so much Marina, Eamon, brilliant scanner Caroline and Jason, our extraordinary run reporter JD, Sheelin who was instrumental in setting up the park run 6 years ago and still helps out, our Ron who sorts all our volunteers out each week and then volunteers himself, great to see him starting to run with us again to and finally Brendan our magnificent Run Director. Happy Christmas to you all.

Thanks to all this morning's marvellous volunteers who stepped up to help this morning along with anyone who brought treats and goodies for the party and to Patrick McCrory for getting our parkrun Christmas cake:


Run Director Brendan LENNON
Timekeeper Violet MCNEILL
Timekeeper Earl
Finish Tokens Christina MCNEILL
Barcode Scanning Caroline MCGURRAN
Barcode Scanning Owen MCNEILL
Barcode Scanning Emma MCMURRAY
Marshal Lynn PHUN
Marshal Éireann O'CARROLL
Tail Walker Eilish CASEY
Run Report Writer Jonathan DEWART
Volunteer Co-ordinator Marina MCGURRAN
Token Sorting Jason MCGURRAN
Pre-event Setup Dale MCCRORY
Pre-event Setup Ronald GEMMELL
Pre-event Setup Philip DAVISON
Other Gillian MCCRORY
Other Philip KEE


As well as all the Christmas celebrations we had some significant landmarks this week. Juniors Sean McCarthy and James Tallon celebrate 10 runs, Helen Gallagher on 50 runs, Mark Livingstone on 100 runs, Jan Brown on 200 runs and the runchatters don't need any excuses to dress up and finally our Jonny Dewart on a massive 250 runs, just our second runner to hit that target, unbelievable. JD was also allowed to be a runchatter for the day and thoroughly enjoyed wearing his tutu and doing the runchatters pose,  it's possible that he may be the first male member of the runchatters :0  



We had 25 first timers to City Park today including 12 doing their first ever run, welcome to:

Marshall NEILL 20:19
Caitlyn HARVEY 21:04
Amy EDWARDS 22:11
Serena BARR 22:22
Bethany BARR 23:57
Isaac BELL 24:06
Milllie DUFF 24:58
Forbes DUFF 24:58
Gavin NELSON 25:05
Oliver O CONNOR 25:06
Kerri MCCANN 25:49
Julie BELL 30:43
Emma GRAHAM 31:17
Karen MULDOON 31:25
Joanne GRAHAM 31:33
Emma Jo MC MAHON 32:50
Suzanne WALKER 32:51
Emma O'BOYLE 33:17
Michelle NELSON 34:10
Jane HARRIS 35:07
Joel MULLENDER 36:52
Rachel MULLENDER 37:07
Andrea CUNNINGHAM 37:07


And we had a massive  34 new PBs, superb running from

Tom HARRIS 18:01
Andrew CARRICK 18:35
Jack BINGHAM 19:22
Wilson MCALISTER 19:58
Ashley BRIGGS 20:28
Michal BUCHTA 20:56
Graeme MCCLUSKEY 21:42
Joanna CALLAGHAN 22:20
Christopher BOYCE 22:23
John CAWLEY 22:27
Jenna BURTON 22:31
Steven WILLIAMSON 22:47
Morgan O'NEILL 23:21
Comghal MCQUILLAN 23:35
Patrick CONWELL 23:47
Ryan CRORY 23:50
Andrea MULLIGAN 24:52
Gary COWAN 25:30
Declan SKELTON 25:44
Michael HENRY 26:03
Malachy MCKERNAN 26:41
Oliver O NEILL 27:50
Lucy HANNA 27:55
Diane MCGREGOR 29:07
Karen LAVERY 29:40
Kathy MC MAHON 30:01
Grace ROGERS 30:31
Andrew JENNETT 31:04
Anne MCALISTER 31:26
Anne FARRELL 31:34
Catherine BELL 32:54
Hannah JONES 34:31
Lewis HANNA 38:14
Grace HANNA 38:15


The top three males, females and age grades were:

1 Gerard M HEANEY 17:22
2 Unknown
3 Tom HARRIS 18:01
4 Niall RANKIN 18:27

Gerard finishing first for his 24th time.


1 Caitlyn HARVEY 21:04
2 Judith NIXON 21:17
3 Amy EDWARDS 22:11

While first timer Caitlyn finished first for the ladies.


1 Ken SIMPSON 19:40 VM55-59 79.49%
2 Wilson MCALISTER 19:58 VM55-59 78.96%
3 Judith NIXON 21:17 VW45-49 75.33%

Birthday boy Ken claiming he was taking it easy, but clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word!

Remember there is no Christmas run this year. The animal farm won't be open on Christmas morning and we thought we'd let our volunteers have a little lie in. If you want a Christmas parkrun  though Wallace park in Lisburn will be on if you want to do a little festive tourism. We're back on Saturday 29th December and have an extra run on New Year's day at 10am so see you all then. Any juniors aged 4-14 we are having a junior parkrun at Lurgan park in the morning so come on over and join in the fun, lots of treats for the kids.


Happy Christmas one and all and thank you for my lovely gift too.



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