No Run New Years Day

There will be no colchester junior parkrun on New Years Day, our next run of the new Year will be on Sunday 7th January 2018.

Thank You


Event Director


Happy New Year!

Dear all, what an exciting fun filled year we have had, we have gone from strength to strength, seen some amazing results from our young runners.

from all of us at Colchester junior parkrun we would like to wish you all a fabulous new year and hope that you will keep supporting this fab event week after week.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered for us, without you we can’t put this event on for our kids.

Also from me, I would like to thank my Run Directors who week in and week out make sure that we have a safe and happy run, Dave Wignall, Karen Mulholland, Karrianne Marking, Jennie and Chris Chandler and our newest RD Louise Edwards, you are all a great team and I’m lucky to have you.

Happy New Year everyone


Event Director


Cancellation Notice of Run #77 10/12/2017

Colchester junior parkrun will be cancelled today 10/12/2017 due to adverse weather conditions, as a core team we have decided that it is too cold, wet and windy to allow youngsters to run in this weather.
There is also a high possibility of snow and in some places it’s already started.
For the safety, health and well being of our children we will not be running - we hope to see you all next week.

Enjoy your lay in!!!
Event Director


#33 Colchester junior parkrun 05/02/2017

This morning was fantastic, so many happy smiling faces all around.

We were joined by some of the University of Essex Korfball* team today. They were fantastic and we hope that they enjoyed it, I was particularly impressed with how quickly they seemed at home. They were pro's cheering the children on and truly embraced all of what makes Colchester junior parkrun so special. We sincerely hope that they will come back, we would welcome them with open arms.

* if you haven't heard of korfball before I highly recommend looking it up, it is a cross between basketball and netball. It is very interesting and sounds like a lot of fun. 

Thank you also to all our regular volunteers, we couldn't run this for the children without you. If you are toying with helping but are unsure what is involved just ping us a message (fastest response through our facebook page - link below) and we will happily go through it all with you.

We had lots of first timers today, with a total of 92 wonderful children starting their Sunday with runners high. Every single child should feel so very proud of what they achieved. We are hoping that the numbers continue to rise as word gets out about what a fantastic and fun run it is. Our record high is 206 runners, any guesses as to how long it will be before we reach (or even better, exceed!) that again?

We gave out lots of blue and green wristbands today, well done to all the children who picked them up, You are all doing fantastically well and we look forward to giving you your green and orange wristbands over the next few months :-) Lots of children are approaching their 11th run too, so it won't be long until they receive their first wristband.

I can't write the run report without mentioning the fantastic streak that Harrison L is having, position 1 again.6 runs in a row for him that he has got the number 1 token. Lots of other children are making massive progress each week too, whether with PB's, running more/walking less or simply just enjoying it more and more.

That is what it is all about, enjoyment. If you haven't joined us yet but are interested then please sign up, print the barcode and take the leap into the wonderful world that is junior parkrun. Find us on facebook for up to date news on our active page

Don't forget next Sunday is our raffle draw and Valentines run, so feel free to dress up!

Have a great week,





#32Colchester junior parkrun 29/01/2017

What a fantastic great morning, thank you to everyone who came this morning.

We had 81 children out running today, on such a frosty cold morning this is fantastic! Whether you were running, volunteering or supporting, without you we wouldn't be able to run this (see what I did there!) each week. Well done and thank you to all of you :-)

We understand that some people didn't understand the need to switch the run onto the grass. We want to ensure that each week your child is safe, we felt that the risk of injuries was too high to allow the children to run on the path as normal. Although the path on the far side was mostly 'ok', there was a vast amount of path that was like an ice rink, and for that reason we made the decision to not cancel and instead change the route and adjust the finish funnel.

These aren't decisions that we take lightly, we have children ourselves and understand without hesitation that children need and like continuity (as indeed do their parents), however we also have a duty of care to all children in attendance, ensuring that we have considered and dealt with all risks to their wellbeing.

Just some little reminders,

  •  Please please please do not run with dogs (or any size!) when doing junior parkrun.

It is a junior parkrun rule across all junior parkruns that dogs are NOT PERMITTED on the course with the children. They are welcome to watch, but they cannot join in/run with a child. 

  • Please ensure that your child has their own barcode which is in their own name. Junior parkrunners must be between 4 and 14 years of age.  For a child to be eligible for their wristbands they must have their own barcode scanned. The system won't recognise the achievement for runners who do the milestone junior barcode runs if they are using a barcode registered to a person over the age of 14. Also, please be aware that parkrun HQ do sense checks on our results each week and they flag over 14 yr old runners if we haven't spotted them. We have to remove any over 14's from the results and they will appear as an 'Unknown Runner'. We would love all children to work towards their wristbands and see their running progress each week, so please make sure that they have their own parkrun barcode.

I hope that you all have a fantastic week, see you next Sunday!

Best wishes,

Karrianne - Run Director

Please note that I will update this with the statistics as soon as I receive them.

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