CCp #261 – 17th March 2018

On a bitterly cold wintery morning, we were surprised to see so many turning out to run our parkrun - 253 braved the weather including 23 for the first time! Well done to you all but a very special big thank you to all the 26 volunteers who made it possible - far worse for them as they had to stand around in the freezing cold whereas our runners were able to keep at least a semblance of warmth by running, 32 getting a Personal Best - some achievement in those conditions!
Hopefully Winter will have departed by next Saturday!
Also - just a mention that we are coming up to our 5th birthday which we will celebrate on 7th April - so make sure you keep that date clear for your Colchester Castle birthday parkrun!
Until next Saturday, happy running!


Colchester Castle parkrun #260

After having to cancel parkrun last week because of the snow, it was great to get back into the swing of things today with a mild climate and no rain (at least until parkrun had finished!)
419 parkrunners completed today’s parkrun of whom 13 were running a parkrun for the first time ever. We hoped you all enjoyed it and will become regulars! THE most regular parkrunner here at Colchester Castle also celebrated today as the first ever Colchester Castle parkrunner to achieve their 250th run – many congratulations to David Ford who ran the inaugural run here on 6th April 2013 and has run 204 runs here and the remainder at 24 other parkruns nationwide. Congratulations also to Jane Sweeting, Sam Weller and Nikolai Luck who achieved their 50th parkrun today and to Teddy Armitage who qualified for his “10” tee shirt….. talking of which, we are told that very shortly tee shirts will become available again to those who have been patiently waiting for them. So keep an eye on you profile – to check this – go to a recent results e mail, click on “manage my profile” and scroll down to “club progress”. When your shirt is available (250/100/50 and volunteer 25 for adults and children and 10 for children) there will be a notification there with a link to follow to order your shirt).
Thanks to all the brilliant volunteers who made today for us all. Without all of them - some 24 today, we wouldn't be able to enjoy such a trouble free run.
A reminder about barcodes please - if your personal barcode won’t scan, please try and print one off again – sometimes the printer ink is too thick and the barcode cannot be read. If you have a barcode that works, then please laminate it at the table on the bandstand as that will ensure it stays in good condition! Also you can leave a paper spare in the barcode library by the scanning table – then you will never forget your barcode again (though please treat this as an emergency and don’t use it every week as otherwise we get a logjam at the scanning table!!). Finally, if your barcode doesn’t scan or your finish barcode doesn’t scan and you have to write down the details on the manual sheet then please put them down correctly and legibly – today there were two barcodes that were incorrectly written down and one name that illegible – your RD may be an amateur detective and found the correct person in these cases – but it all takes time!! Remember NO BARCODE- NO TIME – NO EXCEPTIONS
Have a good week and look forward to seeing you all next Saturday.


CCPR#257 : The one with ice and pink ladies

At Colchester Castle parkrun not only do we have hills, this morning we also had ice. A big thank you to the volunteers who helped keep you safe around the course today.

We had the Essex ambassadors from "This Girl Can" at parkrun in their bright pink. They promote confidence, physical and mental well being by motivating and helping women get back into physical activity. It was great to be able to give them a warm welcome from fellow runners.

Jason Gunn was first finisher today in 17:52, followed by Mark Lloyd (Harwich Runners) 18:18 and Fergus Crouch (Colchester Harriers) 18:26.

First female finisher is an athlete from Great Bentley Running Club, she not only runs, she also volunteers and is a fellow run director for parkrun, well done Meera Rajoo-Oakley (22:12). Second female finisher was Kirsty Robertson in a new personal best of 23:06 and third female finisher was Louise Cracknell in 23:19.

This week 389 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 45 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 29 volunteers:

Kevin CROMPTON • Eric SHAW • Denise GROVES • Ruth GAILEY • David John LUMBY • Paul NEVILLE • Shelley SPENCER • Barry GILHEANY • James MCMEECHAN • Amy STURGEON • Michael RAUCH • Isobel NEVILLE • Cheryl SMITH • Michael BURROWS • Lee ANDERSON • Richard FIFIELD • Deborah HOLMES • Kerry KING • Michelle CLEARE • Karen MULHOLLAND • Oliver CARGILL • Jerome SCOOTE • Liam WINTERS • Christine WAGERFIELD • Jen MCELROY • David GUEST • Bella GUEST • Sonia ADOBOE • Mark O'CALLAGHAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colchester Castle parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola ROGERS who recorded a time of 18:22 on 30th August 2014 (event number 71).
The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:41 on 22nd August 2015 (event number 123).
The Age Grade course record is held by Margaret DEASY who recorded 90.31% (18:34) on 12th April 2014 (event number 53).
Colchester Castle parkrun started on 6th April 2013. Since then 8,198 participants have completed 65,456 parkruns covering a total distance of 327,280 km, including 12,559 new Personal Bests.


CCPR#256 : The one with the closest finish

A dull morning up at the bandstand was brought to life with the glow of hi-vis and running gear emerging from the gloom for another busy Colchester Castle parkrun.

An incredibly close finish today, with a sprint finish between Angus and Ramdam. Ramadam had a slight lead heading into the finishing straight taking the inside line off the final bend,, but then Angus came back strongly and looked like he was going to pass, but Ramadam just crossed the line first. They both recorded equal times of 17:01. Superb effort by these two athletes.

A special mention this week to Amos Seddon, who beat the M75 age category record, with a time of 25:10, 5 seconds ahead of the previous record. Well done Amos, you've now laid down the gauntlet for the over 75s!

The first female finisher was Kani Hinshelwood, a first timer at Colchester, with a time of 21:11. Second female finisher was Jordi Moat in a PB equalling time of 22:16, followed directly behind by Rachel Dale, third female in 22:17.

This week 399 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 64 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

Kevin CROMPTON • Eric SHAW • Ruth GAILEY • Nick OAKLEY • Phaedra BISHOP • Sarah MCKEE-HARRIS • Paul NEVILLE • Barry GILHEANY • Lisa CUBBERLEY • Rosie YOUNGS • Denise LEFLEY • Amy STURGEON • Michael RAUCH • Hilary ADAMS • Elizabeth GIBSON • Isobel NEVILLE • Jennifer CRONSHAW • Darrin SADLER • Deborah HOLMES • Kerry KING • Dean PEPPER • Chris EXLEY • Sylvia WHALLEY • Jac WATSHAM • Zoe BUTLER • Jerome SCOOTE • Liam WINTERS • Jane OAKLEY • Christine WAGERFIELD • Shaun ELLIOTT • Bailey ELLIOTT • Stuart COWEN • Kirsty OBRIEN • Freya OBRIEN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colchester Castle parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Nicola ROGERS who recorded a time of 18:22 on 30th August 2014 (event number 71).

The male record is held by Adrian MUSSETT who recorded a time of 15:41 on 22nd August 2015 (event number 123).

The Age Grade course record is held by Margaret DEASY who recorded 90.31% (18:34) on 12th April 2014 (event number 53).

Colchester Castle parkrun started on 6th April 2013. Since then 8,160 participants have completed 65,067 parkruns covering a total distance of 325,335 km, including 12,513 new Personal Bests.


CCPR #254 and #255

It had been a while since I had donned the blue and white robe of the "Run Director" at Colchester Castle and I was feeling quite nervous! Runner numbers have exploded in 2018 and I was having nightmares of stopwatches breaking and flower beds being stampeded.

Silly me! Of course, all of you lovely runners made my two weeks as run director fabulous! Thank you all for your patience as you queued to get scanned in, your quiet as I gave the pre-run announcements and your return of every single finishing token that was given out!

Over the last two weeks 67 people completed our course for the first time: how exciting is that! More exciting was the enthusiasm from our regulars in welcoming new runners to Colchester and the respect you showed each other on the way round. Let’s try to keep this going as we move into Spring time and we (potentially) get a little busier: parkrun is for everyone and no one has priority on the course.

As always, MASSIVE thank you to our volunteer team for the past two weeks. Truly without them parkrun could not happen. Over the two weeks I have been Run Director  49 different individuals became Hi-Viz heroes for the morning. They were:

Chris DALTON • Eric SHAW • Catherine JOHNSON • Nuno VIDAL • Erika DUFFETT • Alli MACLEAN • Logan MACLEAN • Christopher AKEHURST • Shelley SPENCER • Barry GILHEANY • Sue FOLEY • Lisa CUBBERLEY • Amy STURGEON • Michael RAUCH • Lucy SHERWOOD • Katherine BURKE • Deborah HOLMES • Theresa HIGGINS • Michelle CLEARE • Mandy NEWMAN • Nicola HART • Nick GOODMAN • Wing UNG • Jerome SCOOTE • Nick BARLOW • Sydney HERBERT • Jen MCELROY • Shaun ELLIOTT • Bailey ELLIOTT • Daniel O'BRIEN • Ruth GAILEY • David APPLIN • Al BEARD • Will CHANEY • Sandy PISON • Richard CHALKLEY • Robin OAKLEY • Oliver SAUNDERS • Jeremy SOKHI • Richard FIFIELD • Deborah HOLMES • Chris EXLEY • Karen MULHOLLAND • Suzanne NOLAN  •Yvonne SCOTT  • Vanessa CRANNIS • Tania STACEY • Simon COLCLOUGH

If you want to keep parkrun happening, please do consider volunteering. You can sign up on a Saturday, or you can email us here to put your name down:

To find out more check out the volunteering section of this site:

A final well done to everyone who ran, whether you were running for the first time, or 200th time, having an easy jog round with friends, recovering after a night out-out, or smashing your personal best by over 30 seconds completing a parkrun is special and you should all be proud.

Happy running everyone!


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