Event 386 – 1 December 2018: Rebel Runners takeover


Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak of December; And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.”

Is it just me that feels slightly melancholy as December dawns and we enter the rump of the year? This year seemed no different: slate grey skies and a cold, hard drizzle in the air.

I can taste the tin of the sky —- the real tin thing. Winter dawn is the colour of metal.


Nevertheless, 210 hardy parkrunners and a crack squad of volunteers, mainly consisting of Nottingham’s own Rebel Runners, descended upon a starkly beautiful Colwick Country Park as celebrants to event #386.


The Rebels were here to celebrate the graduation of yet another couch to 5km group. Nottingham seems especially blessed with running clubs and communities like this, with a conveyer belt of new runners gently encouraged into the welcoming bosom of the parkrun community. Well done to coaches and graduate alike! Mindful that the winter is drawing in and that Christmas is a very difficult time of year for many people, the Rebels organised a collection for the Netherfield food bank and our wonderful community at Colwick donated food and gifts for the "cherish a child" programme in such quantities that we easily filled the back of a car. Thank you, everyone: these donations will make a very real difference to people in our local area.


Find out more about the Rebels here. http://rebelrunnersnottingham.co.uk/

Come, come thou bleak December wind,
And blow the dry leaves from the tree!
Flash, like a Love-though, thro’me, Death
And take a Life that wearies me.


In spite of the distinctly grimy weather, Claire welcomed 30 first timers at the Briefing as well as tourists from as far afield as Braunstone, Leicester and Forest Rec.


Sarah Melrose also celebrated her 50th parkrun with us. Congratulations Sarah, and we look forward to seeing you proudly wearing that very natty scarlet milestone t-shirt very soon!


You were timed in Matt and Tina, with 28 of you managing to record PBs. Well done!


Stuart and Reed ran a particularly smooth funnel (excellent funnel management by Reed in particular there, making sure that everyone stayed in order).


Your elite scanning squad was Fiona, Jess and Chris, with Lord Archer supervising a very neat and mostly legible clipboard.


You were cheered on and high-fived around the course by our crack team of marshals: Chris deputising for Roy at the split, Peter on sign 10, Zoe and Ross down by the Warden’s hut, Lisa at the corner as you leave the road, Natalie by the playground and Alan in the car park.


Your tailwalkers were Iain, James, Charlotte, Richard, Anjela, Lynsey and Bobby the dog!



Terry was guided this week by Caitlin and Iris was encouraged around the course by Coach Moffatt.

Andrew took some fantastic photos, which you can view here:

Richard and Caitlin sorted the tokens in the Daleside over a coffee as your Run Director Tim processed the results as it really started to rain.

It might be winter now, but remember:

We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December

Shakespeare might have been a bit gloomy about the dark days, freezing nights and the scant pleasures of the fleeting year, but we parkrunners know that we have memories so that we might have roses in December.

We are not Summer's Children; no Winds of Winter can stop this parkrun.

See you next week for more of the same.


Event 385 – 24th November 2018

Ahoy, me Hearties!

All was calm as the hi viz crew readied the Colwick parkrun ship to welcome 312 parkrunners. Anthony, Kate, Tina and Tom (marshals) and Alex, Amelie, Claire and Remi (tail walkers) ensured the ship stayed on course. Andy and Finlay kept us on time while Emily and Nathalie kept everyone in order. Angie, Carol, Eben and Louise scanned everyone safely off the ship. Tim and Caitlin expertly guided our VI runners. Andrew ensured memories were kept forever. Captain Arry enjoyed chatting to the passengers and was relieved no one walked the plank! :)

Steve welcomed our 61 new arrivals and travelers from foreign lands, including London and Ireland. Beaming among them were the Nottingham University Hospitals Couch to Infinity graduates who proudly completed their first parkrun ever today. We look forward to welcoming you on board again.

We were delighted Seadog Graeme came aboard for his 250th voyage today. He first alighted the Colwick parkrun ship at event seven, just over seven years ago, and inspired many friends and all his family to join him. Rumour has it that his family book holidays based on parkrun locations... of which Graeme has touristed 41 different locations. When resting, Graeme has volunteered 45 times and can be found walking for miles along the Wall or up Mount Kilimanjaro. Thank you Graeme- here's to many more voyages with us!

Many congratulations to James Smith and Ruby Dalziel who completed their 50th voyage with our sister ships.

And so we were ready to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen at precisely 9am CMT (Colwick Mean Time)!

Shiver me timbers! 51 of you recorded a PB today! Well done- you were too fast for me to take photos.

Our hi viz crew had the place shipshape in no time and we set sail for a meat and rum at our favourite Daleside cafe.

Captain Tim and his capable Rebel Runners crew look forward to welcoming you next week. They are collecting booty for Netherfield Foodbank who are assembling individual gift packs for young children. They would appreciate donations of toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, deodorant, toilet rolls), food items (UHT/ powder milk, tinned rice pudding, tinned fruit), sweets and small toys and games (those without batteries please). No baked beans, tomatoes or cereals, please.

Till next week,

Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 384 – 17 November 2018

What a belter of an autumn parkrun day we enjoyed this week.   Sunshine, fallen leaves, swans a singing, 255 parkrunners (including 37 first time visitors to Colwick), 46 shiny new PB’s and 24 wonderful volunteers.  Nothing not to like there!

We love to see different perspectives on parkrun and are all for people having a go at sharing their own parkrun experience.  If you  fancy getting creative and penning a run report, creating your own entry into the annals of Colwick parkrun history in the process, please do ask any of our RD’s (who will almost certainly say ‘yes please’).   You even get a volunteer credit to help you on the step towards your 25 T-Shirt…. Speaking of which –

This week one of our  37 first time visitors, Nicholas Partridge, stepped up and asked if he could provide a tourist’s eye-view account of his trip up from his usual surrounds of Corby parkrun.  This week’s RD did indeed reply ’yes please’ … so here it is… 

If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to Colwick parkrun, then you've come to the wrong report, however if you want a tourists viewpoint then, maybe this is indeed the place for you.  

68 miles away from home lies Colwick Country Park. A scenic, peaceful place, with ducks, geese, swans and the odd partridge.

My chauffer (v50), Ady, did a grand job - collecting me at 6:25 am!. The purpose of our visit was two-fold:  VI guide to Iris for Ady,  and an excuse to catch-up with Terry, who I guided in August.  We arrived around 8:30 and met run director Steve who was briefing a group of volunteers at the finish.  Soon enough Iris arrived and we headed to the start.  

Once underway every step was greeted by a mixture of hard packed gravel, grassy mud and a beautiful woodland carpet of coloured leaves.  The course I would describe as a bit twisty and slightly undulating, with a 'mountain!'

The marshals are all smiley… and we loved it.  

Just a shame we didn't get that course record for Iris, though that does leave the door open nicely for a next time... 

Thanks for sharing Nick - Mount Colwick awaits your next visit !!

SYATB folks



Event 383 – 10th November 2018

206 runners joined us in spite of the storm last Friday night. They were rewarded with a dry and sunny morning run.

Tim did the first timer’s briefing:

Tim first timer briefing

The weather was glorious:


There was lots of cheering going on at Roy’s split:

cheering Roy split

At the finish line, Arry was running a CPR practice session complete with CPR dolls:


Joseph crossed the finish line for his 50th parkrun. Earlier, John had completed his 250th.

Colwick parkrun 383

A big thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible.


If you fancy joining our team of volunteers, check out the volunteer roster at the finish line. It’s great fun!

volunteer jazz hands


Event 382 – 3rd November 2018

On a cold but sunny Saturday morning in Colwick park, we once again had to fetch the extra tokens (but only just) as 301 parkrunners enjoyed our 5k course.

A big thank you to our 21 hi-viz heros and their canine assistants.

A large group of first timers and tourists were briefed by Iain and James, and they did such a good job of explaining how the funnel works that all the tokens were returned to us!
Some of the tourists were from Wales, or possibly from Wells, or maybe even Wallis and Futuna (the RD's bobble hat was clearly covering her ears and impeding her hearing). In any case, we welcomed them and all the other tourists and first timers with a round of applause. We hope they enjoyed it and will return soon.

Thank you to our top team in the funnel who kept things running smoothly: Tim and Steve on timers, Sandy as funnel manager and Jess on tokens.

Eileen, Jo and Chris took their barcode scanning duties very seriously and thank you to Libby who decided to come and lend a hand.

Caitlin was your RD and our marshals Cathy, Joanne, Erica and Judith kept an eye on things and cheered you on around the course.

Niki, Dan and Jo sorted tokens in the warmth of the Daleside cafe.

John and Rebecca were our tailwalkers, and they accompanied this lady around the course. She was visiting her son for the weekend and having heard so much about us, decided to walk her way around the course. She's over 80 but she was so chatty and appreciative of our volunteers that we'd love to see her return!

Lydia, Roz and David all ran their 50th on Saturday and Angie nordic-walked her way around for the 150th time!


The course conditions were remarkably good for Colwick. Not a splash of mud and a stonking 48 PBs! Congratulations to all who put in that extra effort as a PB is never easy!

For those of you who joined us on the 27th October, you may remember that we recorded a video message wishing "get well soon" to Lou, a regular Colwick volunteer and runner. Well it seems to have helped! Lou simply can't stay away! We continue to wish her well and look forward to seeing her in the high-vis as soon as she feels ready.

Parkrun bingo was won by Judith with a prediction of 312. If you volunteer, you can play this awesome game too!

Only a few more weeks before the muddy season starts, so make the most of it next week. #syatb #dfybc

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