Event 360 – 19th May 2018

The sun well and truly shone on Colwick Park on Royal Wedding day, when to watch or not to watch seemed to be the centre of pre-post (and probably mid) parkrun run discussion.

Not missing out on their hi-viz fix were today's awesome volunteers who got the course set up so swiftly that they took some time out to perfect their Howler Throw techniques!
The younger contingent within our volunteer team also got stuck into the Colwick undergrowth to retrieve some errant howlers!  We are fairly certain that all howlers and DofE ers were accounted for by the end!
A big thanks then to all 21 of our super volunteers this week.  That number was 20 right up until 9:45am when whilst waiting for big sister Olivia to wrap up her Funnel Manager duties young Matilda was overheard telling her dad she was 'getting a bit bored'.   No  pocket dictionary required to know that this translates directly in parkrun language to 'please can I start sorting out the number tokens?'  and so she did...
Good on you Matilda, a future magic maker in the making!  Thanks also to Hilary, Sharon and Elizabeth for finishing the job off back in the Café.. love the focus here ladies!
The sunny weather (and lack of mud) bought with it 46 PB's, and 42 first timers including a good number of tourists making a weekend of it before heading (swimming?) over the river to Holme Pierrepont for Outlaw triathlon festivities. Hope all went well folks.. ..
There were no official milestones this week but we did celebrate with one of our 'originals' Karen who reached number 300.  David Robinson and Andrew Horton both also notched up their double century of parkruns.  Well done folks.
Talking of originals - lest we forget that our unsung hero and the technical and operational glue that holds Colwick parkrun together celebrated (at last) his 100th parkrun down in London on Saturday.  We could show you a picture of Frazer hosing down and repairing our kit, solving some of our technical / IT glitches,  manning the stopwatch as he so often does or one of the many other 'back of house' activities he gets on with so that we can all keep doing the fun stuff..... but......... here is Frazer tripping up his son at Colwick in the early days...
....for no other reason than he doesn't like a fuss and we like any excuse to remind ourselves of an all time classic Colwick parkrun photo!  I  should add that this was entirely (allegedly) accidental!!   Well done for finally reaching 100 Frazer!
A mention finally also for our tourist volunteer Rory who was marking his 500th parkrun appearance with a spot of timekeeping (and results processing too).
No mud..no clouds.. lots of sun.. lots of familiar happy faces...there are not many better ways to start a weekend than that!








Event 359 – 12th May 2018

Holme Pierrepont Running Club (HPRC) takeover and Grand Prix


Sunshine, supportive volunteers and scrumptious flapjacks helped to break several records this parkrunday. We recorded our highest attendance this year (316)*, highest number of volunteers ever (37) and an impressive 66 PBs! Wow!


Our day started with Helly welcoming 59 first timers, including the learn2run group from Nottingham University Hospitals who graduated with flying colours by their first 5k today. What an achievement! Well done all of you and thank you for the flapjacks! We also welcomed tourists from Norfolk and West Yorkshire- thank you for joining us.


A big thank you to our friends at HPRC who cheered our parkrunners and ensured the day went like clockwork:

Lucy ADAMS, Lisa CHAN, Sue CHICKEN, Olivia DEACON, Eddy GEORGE, Matthew GRAINGE, Rachel GRANT, Claire HAYES-GILL, Christine HEATON, Claire HILL, David HODSON, Natalie Jayne HOFFMAN, Frazer HOOD, Helen HOOD, Denise HOOLEY, Bernard JARVIS, Chris JEKIEL, Helen JEKIEL, Rob MACDONALD, Julie MCGEORGE, Arry NATHAN, Michele NOBLE, Andrew PHILLIPS, Derek James ROSE, Jessica SHANKS, Graham SKELTON, Jacqueline Marie SKELTON, Scott SMITH, Lisa Marie SMITH, Olivia SMITH, Tim SORRELL, Caitlin SORRELL, Phoebe STANYARD, Kim STANYARD, Ruth SWAIN, Sarah TYLER, Nicola WHILLIS

Big thanks to Chris who told us about HPRC. They are a running club who cater for all abilities and have a variety of training sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They are hosting the ever popular Grand Prix race again this year consisting of 4 races of varying distances to raise money for Nottinghamshire Hospice. Technical t-shirt for entering all races and lots of individual and team prizes.

Race dates:

26 June Rushcliffe Country Park (4 miles)

28 June Holme Pierrepont (10 km)

3 July Embankment (5 km)

5 July Colwick Racecourse (5 miles)

Our multi-tasking Chris also timed you across the finish line. He is one of our much loved regulars at Colwick and we are delighted that he joined the volunteer club today! Many thanks for being part of our parkrun community Chris. We look forward to seeing you in the aubergine t-shirt soon.

The PB bell was busy today with an impressive 66 of you recording a PB. Well done all of you and thank you to our pacemakers who I am sure helped.

What a fabulous day- complete of course with a visit to Daleside cafe.

See you next week,

Your Colwick parkrun team

*bar New Year's Day


Event 358 – 5th May 2018

For the first time in what seems a very long time the sun had got his hat on and was out to play at Colwick Park. 296 of you joined the sun, 59 of you for the first time at Colwick. We welcomed tourists from Whitstable, who in true parkrun community spirit stayed right to the end, helped us pack up, and then joined us for brekkie at the Daleside!

Colwick parkrun 050518

Cassie celebrated her 100th parkrun today. Well done Cassie!


The reappearance of the sun also meant the PB bell, which had been feeling rather lonely, got some company, with 46 of you recording a new fastest time.

Colwick parkrun 050518

Colwick parkrun 050518

We had a crack team of volunteers making sure event 358 went smoothly.

Colwick parkrun 050518

Caitlin briefed our first timers and tourists.

Colwick parkrun 050518

Tony, Alan, Rachel, Roy and Jacquie clapped and cheered you round as your marshals.


Finlay and Steve timed you over the line. We had our first ever timekeeper sprint to the line as we were enjoyed chatting about parkrun so much that we only just beat our first finisher! Steve is also setting the new fashion trend for the Colwick summer - shorts and wellies. You saw it here first!

Colwick parkrun 050518

Your funnel was managed by Will and you got your finish token from Helen.

Colwick parkrun 050518

Your barcodes were scanned by Benjamin, Olivia and Dawn, with Dawn also on clipboard duties. A big thank you to Nic Rutherford, who once he had completed his run, helped our scanners out by taking over the clipboard. Great team work!

Colwick parkrun 050518

Lauren guided Terry for the first time and enjoyed herself so much that's she's signed up to do it again! If you are interested in guiding at Colwick, please do have a chat to the core team or Terry or Iris (our regular VI runners). It's incredibly rewarding and is something anyone can do.

Colwick parkrun 050518

Andrew Phillips yet again took an amazing set of photos. Please do check out our Flickr group, you never know you may find that elusive flying feet photo!

Abigail was your Run Director and marvelled at what a great morning we had!

After all that wonderful walking, jogging, running and volunteering it was off to the Daleside for breakfast, results processing, and a natter. We love the Daleside and we got to give them a lovely new parkrun poster.


Quite a few of our finish tokens didn't make it back onto the string with their friends this week. If you've taken one home, please can you bring it back, it will get all lonely out there in the big wide world.


Finally we'll close off this week's run report with news of a couple of cancellations coming up. We are cancelled on the 9th June and the 30th June due to other events taking place in the park. It's a great opportunity to visit one of the many other local parkruns in Nottingham or to venture further afield.

Until next week when we'll syatb.
Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 357 – 28th April 2018

After last week's brief attempt at summer, normal conditions were resumed at Colwick for event 357, with mud and puddles galore. Shoe-sucker strait was there to welcome 211 runners, joggers and walkers, of whom 22 were first timers. We hope that the drizzle and the splashes didn't put them off and look forward to welcoming them back again soon. We promise that the ground will get firmer soon (maybe).


We also had tourists from Poole and from Melbourne. No, not Melbourne Derbyshire...
Melbourne, Australia! Having just run the London marathon, they decided that there could be no better follow-up than a friendly 5k at Colwick. They recovered quickly from being told off about leaving their rucksacks at the start line* and declared our parkrun to be both friendly and pretty!


Even through the mud, 31 of you recorded personal bests, some of which (but not all) appeared to be canine assisted!


Congratulations to Tom who celebrated his 50th parkrun with a balloon and some brownies!
Our volunteers declared the brownies some of the best we've ever eaten. We couldn't take a picture of the brownies (they disappeared too quickly) but here is a picture of the lovely baker. Thank you again! IMG_3206

Our lovely volunteers wore their hi-viz with pride and a smile. Terry briefed the first timers and tourists.

Timekeepers were Claire and Tim, the funnel was expertly managed by Martha, and Ben had a token for each and every runner. Our barcode scanners were Will, Olivia, and Grace. Finlay made sure all finish tokens made it home without going astray, and Rachel kept a very tidy clipboard! IMG_3164


Caitlin made a lot of noise with the new megaphone. Maureen, Jon and Dawn brought up the rear to make sure you all got in safe and sound, and our marshalls were Helen, Sandy, Jessica and of course Roy and Jacqui!


For Terry's 200th parkrun, we had an impressive three VI runners which of course means three VI guides, and I know that all our VI runners really appreciate how many people volunteer to guide at Colwick. This week Abi guided Terry, Lisa guided Agata and Debbie guided Iris.


Congratulations to all of our Colwick parkrunners who ran marathons last week, whether in London or Boston! Bernard seems to have taken the transition from the hot tarmac of London to our cold puddles in his stride!

Thank you to Ian and Andrew for the fantastic pictures. To see a great action of shot of yourself or your running buddies, go to the Colwick Flickr page. Skip past the fuzzy ones taken by the run director to get to the good ones!

Same again next week? #syatb #dfyb

* Although you are most welcome to leave a layer of clothing in the blue bags at the start line, we kindly ask all our parkrunners to leave heavier items such as water bottles or rucksacks at the finish line where somebody will be around to keep an eye on them throughout.



Event 356 – 21st April 2018

A week of warm dry weather meant the famous Colwick mud and puddles were less prevalent this week and instead we could enjoy some firmer underfoot conditions for the first time in many months.

263 people ran, jogged or walked the 5k of which 32 joined us at Colwick for the very first time and 17 discovered the magic of parkrun for the first time ever.

A whopping 41 of you took advantage of the better conditions to record a new PB!

We also celebrated a bumper crop of milestone runs this week. John Coller completed his 50th parkrun whilst junior parkrunner Eben completed his 100th parkrun. An amazing achievement for one so young.

Colwick stalwart Maureen became the latest in our community to join the prestigious 250 club whilst sporting a beautifully customised parkrun anniversary t-shirt.

They also treated everyone to a massive selection of finish line treats which kept the volunteer team entertained whilst waiting for our finishers. The great 'most popular biscuit' debate was emphatically won by SuperKev who's favourite jammie dodgers were devoured before many of its rivals had even been freed from their plastic wrappers.

Thank you to the 23 of our community who donned the hi-vis and made parkrun magic.

Frazer and Finlay timed the run, Claire and Hilary kept order in the finish funnel and handed out the position tokens. Joe, and Grace scanned your all important barcodes, Will expertly noted the unscannables on the clipboard whilst James collected the tokens in the bucket. Roy, Jacqueline, Mary, Olivia and Richard marshalled the course, Sandy and Steve ensured everyone was accounted for as tail walkers. Terry briefed our first timers and tourists before being guided around the course by Abigail. Ruth, Jon, Helly and Chris sorted the finish tokens in the café and Andrew took some superb photographs several of which feature in this report. SuperKev had great fun using the new megaphone.

If you would like to volunteer one week please do check out our volunteer roster at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com

The all important parkrun bingo honours went to joint winners Grace and Will proving that the Duke of Edinburgh award also develops top bingo skills. Hilary's guess of 197 was quite frankly shockingly poor.

Finally well done to those of you who ran the London marathon this weekend in less than ideal conditions. We look forward to seeing all those finishers t-shirts and maybe a medal or two next week.


Your Colwick parkrun event team.

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