Christmas 2017 and New Year

We like to be organised so here’s some festive news from the office:


The 23rd of December will be Christmas jumper parkrunday.

There will be no parkrun on Christmas Day at Colwick parkrun. There will be an extra parkrun on New Year's Day at Colwick parkrun at 10:30am.

Keep an eye on the parkrun Christmas Compendium - as teams across the country are just starting to declare their intentions and there might just be one up and running wherever you find yourself over the festive season.

Please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer over the Christmas period. The sooner we fill the roster the more relaxed we can be...

The Colwick parkrun team


Darryl’s special day

The dust has settled on another fabulous parkrun weekend, indeed we are nearly ready for the next one.  Last parkrunday was no ordinary parkrunday however, it was of course our 6th birthday. We like to KTS (keep things simple) at Colwick but we do love a spot prize and this year we were delighted to award, by virtue of our lucky finish token, a choice between a parkrun T's, a wonderful parkrun album (modelled below by Abigail) or a year in the company of Darryl our parkrun gnome.

So congrats to Steve Leek, Daron Smith, Nina Barnett, Steph Knowles, Tom Davies, Rose Rutter, Kate Lincoln, Eleanor Haycock, Gary Fox, Amelia Fraser, Adele Dennis & susan Russell.  Hope you are all enjoying your Books & T's. Abigail bagged her book for the winning parkrun guess.

The Colwick parkrun birthday marks a special day for the core team ..... but it marks an even more special day for Darryl.  You see he only gets to come to Colwick parkrun once a year (imagine that) and when he does he gets to meet his new parkrun family, and say goodbye to his old keepers.  He was a little emotional waving good bye to Chris & Helly

but he did enjoy sharing a tale or two with Finners and I of his time at the Jolly Jekiel mansion.

And after coming in first finisher in an unofficial course record (gnomes aren't eligible) of 23 seconds.........

its fair to say he let his hair down a bit... well you would if you only got out once a year wouldn't you....



and then post run he met his new parkrun family .... and didn't he choose well?


Have a cracking year Darryl.  See you next parkrun birthday!



Cancellation notice

Please note that Colwick parkrun is cancelled on the 10th of June - there’s a rave in the park!

Don’t be despondent though... there are tons of fabulous parkruns in Nottinghamshire and beyond.

We recommend you check out the parkrun event list, grab your barcode and go and explore.

We’ll see you back at the bell on June the 17th unless you get a taste touring...

Your Colwick parkrun team


UK gold medal Paralympians to attend major Disabilities event in Nottingham

Members of the UK Paralympics team including gold medalist, Sophie Hahn, will be attending a major Disabilities celebration event being held in Nottingham on Thursday 1st December.

The evening has been organised by Notts UNISON and the County Council Disabled Employees Support Network (DESN). The event ties in with the UN International Day of People with Disabilities which is celebrated worldwide on 3rd December each year.

One of the event co-ordinators Brian Fitzpatrick, from Notts Unison said:

“To have paralympic Gold medalists coming along on the evening really shows the people of Nottingham just how big this event is going to be. Its an honour to have Gold medalists such as Sophie Hahn available on the night as the paralympic athletes are an inspiration to us all. They are living proof of what can be achieved and that disability can be challenged and overcome with the right support. This will be a fantastic night for the city.”

“The evening is about having a real celebration of people with disabilities in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, its about making everyone aware, not just those already dealing with a disabling society.”

The event is being held at the multi media venue Antenna, on Beck Street, in Nottingham city centre and is open to the public.

The event runs from 6.00pm – 9.00pm on 1st December and tickets are free.

You can book tickets online here

The event is being officially opened by the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor Alan Rhodes at 6.30pm.

In addition to the gold medal paralympians there will be a major debate and Q&A session on Employment for People with a Disability, also taster training sessions on sign language and sports activities. Disability Advice will also be available on the night. The cafe/bar area will be used to screen short videos relating to aspects of disability on projection screens, throughout the evening, on a rolling basis; each video will have an introduction by a speaker and a British Sign Language Interpreter. The idea for the evening is that anyone attending can choose between staying in one area or dip in and out of the different sessions that will be running concurrently throughout the building. END

Further information:

Brian Fitzpatrick

Joint Chair Notts UNISON

Tel: 0115 981045




Festive Arrangements

We like to be organised so here’s some festive news from the office:


The 24th of December will be Christmas jumper parkrunday.

There will be no parkrun on Christmas Day at Colwick parkrun.

There will be an extra parkrun on New Year's Day at Colwick parkrun at 10am.

Keep an eye on the parkrun Christmas Compendium - as teams across the country are just starting to declare their intentions and there might just be one up and running wherever you find yourself over the festive season.

Please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer over the Christmas period. The sooner we fill the roster the more relaxed we can be...

The Colwick parkrun team



Please note that Colwick parkrun is cancelled on the 4th of June - there’s a rave in the park!

Don’t be despondent though... there are tons of fabulous parkruns in Nottinghamshire and beyond.

We recommend you check out the parkrun event list, grab your barcode and go and explore.

We’ll see you back at the bell on June the 11th unless you get a taste touring...

Your Colwick parkrun team



Festive arrangements

Here’s a reminder of what’s going on...

The 19th of December was ‘Christmas Jumper parkrunday’ and what a Christmas cracker it was too!


There is NO parkrun at Colwick on Christmas Day but feel free to join us at Forest Rec parkrun. They also have a bell, and some hills and less mud.

Boxing Day at Colwick - It’s a Saturday which is a normal parkrunday and we run at 9am.

New Years Day at Colwick - parkrun and handshake at 10am.

January the 2nd -It’s a Saturday which is a normal parkrunday and we run at 9am.

Keep an eye on the parkrun Christmas Compendium - all extra event declarations have been made and there might just be one up and running wherever you find yourself at Christmas.


We hope that you can join us at the festive bell but failing that thanks for joining us in 2015. We looking forward to seeing you at our wonderful community event in 2016 #syatb #dfyb #loveparkrun


Attention all parkrunners!

Please take a moment to read this important information.

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously here at Colwick parkrun.

Firstly, the Colwick parkrun website page getting involved lists the core team. Our aim is to have at least one of us present every week. This is what we look like...


From left to right - Steve Dickens, Arry Nathan, Kevin Bowen, Frazer and Helen Hood.

We’d like you to be aware of the following points...

We always have at least two tail runners every week at Colwick parkrun. We consider it an important H&S role, tail runners get to make a new parkrun friend, no-one comes last bar the people who are supposed to, and we know that everyone who sets off comes back!

Colwick 226
Every week our marshals and our tail runners wear a H&S lanyard and whistle round their necks. The lanyard contains 'in case of an emergency’ instructions and the mobile phone number of the run director.

We also include the mobile phone number of the run director in the reminder email we send out to the volunteers on a Thursday and ask our marshals and tail walkers (in particular) to carry a mobile phone when they volunteer as our 'eyes and ears' out on the course.

We have a set of keys to the gates and can unlock them quickly in the case of an emergency rather than having to track down a park warden to do it for us.

We have keys!

The keys are always worn round the neck of the person acting as Run Director on parkrunday. This is usually the person on the loud hailer.Keys to the gates - find them round the Run Directors neck!

We have a First Aid box, blanket, and a defibrillator (which our community raised money for and gifted to the park) at the finish line from 8.15am until we have all crossed the line and packed up to go to the Daleside Cafe.

Colwick 230Colwick 230

Arry has been through the first aid box recently to ensure that the contents are in date and fit for purpose.

Always on the finish post

Every May we take a good, long, hard look at the Health and Safety of our event, and review and update our Risk Assessment formally with Head Office.

For the past two years Arry, assisted by other medically trained parkrunners, has very kindly provided CPR training sessions at The Vale Social Club in Colwick. Our thanks to all of them.

The sessions proved popular and we’ll be doing some refresher training again in 2016. Keep an eye on communications for dates and/or email the office and we’ll put you on 'a list' and give you a nudge nearer the time.

Arry also jogged along to Colwick Park one day and trained the park wardens too!

Towards the end of 2014 we carried out a simulation of an emergency incident, learnt some important stuff and tweaked our H&S provision as a result. We’l be doing that again in 2016 and we’ll let you know when. Feel free to join us.

Please bear in mind that if you are feeling unwell you really must slow down, stop or not take part at all. Be sensible. Remember that parkrun is not a race. It’s a run and you can always come back another week when you are feeling better and have another go... or you can walk, jog or volunteer.

Colwick 230
Finally please note that cancellations are entirely possible, especially at this time of year. Please keep an eye on social media channels when weather conditions are poor. There is always another parkrunday just around the corner...


Keeping it simple and safe #loveparkrun #parkrunfamily

See you at the bell


‘SuperKev’ meets Louise

Last week the Colwick parkrun office received an email than began with the following sentence -

"I am registered blind, and wondered if you could post on Facebook to find me a guide please”.

It's one of the bravest sentences I have ever read!

The lady who wrote it is called Louise Simpson. A member of the parkrun 100 club, marathon runner and former Goalball player who represented team GB at the London 2012 Paralympics.

I think she just stole my 'Super' title!

I replied to Louise's email and so it began, Louise and SuperKev's parkrun pairing.

We spoke on the phone on Friday afternoon and I was immediately struck by how relaxed and laid back Louise was. She didn't mind which local course we visited (I had presented my best sales pitch for each one), indeed at that time she had no idea where she would be staying! She phoned me later with the address of her hotel and we agreed a meeting time. "I'll see you in the morning, I'm off to the football" she said. I have to admit I wasn't so relaxed. I was conscious of the responsibility that comes with guide running and it made me a little nervous.

parkrunday arrived and I met Louise as planned and we headed off to Colwick Park. En route we chatted about our running exploits. Louise had recently run both the Chester and Toronto marathons and was running the Grand Union Canal half marathon the next day.  Hmm...I thought..I've run the Hull marathon back in September and pretty much ate and drank too much ever since!

Once at the park we had a chat about the information she needed me to give her whilst running and how she preferred to hold my arm than run with a tether as many visually impaired runners do. I introduced Louise to several of the Colwick community and we had a little warm up/practice jog before lining up for the pre-run brief. Arry was Run Director and he did a smashing job welcoming everyone and after a round of applause for the first timers, tourists and volunteers we were off.

We made it 20 metres before the crowd in front slowed and began to say "URGH". They had encountered the first of the many muddy puddles. Louise giggled as I explained the scene unfolding in front of us. No puddle dodging for us. We splashed and sploshed for 5k and we loved every second.

Running with Louise reminded me of the first few times I guided my friend and Colwick regular Terry. As well as relaying information on left and right turns, underfoot conditions, obstacles to navigate around and other runners around us I also tried to describe the different features of the course. I described the orientation of the lakes and the paths around them, named the volunteer marshals (Louise was able to thank them by name as we passed) and I explained why they were located where they were. Apart from naming the marshals I have to tell Terry very few of these things anymore. He knows every detail of the course. He can tell me when we are approaching 'Roy' at his marshal point and which speed bump we are about to step over. I hadn't realised how little guiding I actually have to do for Terry now. I just go for a run with my mate.

I enjoyed the challenge of running with a different partner. When running on your own it's amazing how little detail of the course you actually observe and remember. When guiding you have to be aware of features and hazards you don't even notice when on your own. In many ways visually impaired runners take in more of the course features than a sighted runner!

Once the field had thinned a bit we were able to push the pace a little more and Louise made light work of the wet, windy conditions crossing the finish line to much applause and encouragement. We then spent a while chatting to other parkrunners and I accomplished a mission set by Louise before the run to introduce her to any dogs we encountered.

The Colwick community then introduced Louise to the delights of the Daleside café where she insisted on buying me a cuppa. She was astounded to be told the price of a tea and hot chocolate combined was £1 and, as Arry set up the laptop beside her to process the results, Terry informed her she had had a lucky escape having me as guide, "You could have had Arry guiding" he announced...poor Arry!

After brekkie and a chat about Goalball and the 2012 Paralympics Louise informed me she keeps an audioblog and asked would I mind saying a few words about the morning for the recording. "I've never been interviewed before" I said. Louise laughed as she told me it was just a chat. So we chatted about our morning...a bit like an interview ;-)

We finished our morning by collecting Louise's friend Graham from the hotel and making our way to the Railway Station. En-route Louise and Graham (who is also visually impaired) discussed finding the correct train. Having worked on the railway for 15 years I was happy to be able to escort them to their train via the coffee bar and ensure they were safely and comfortably seated for their journey home. All part of the parkrun guide running service.

As I walked away from the train I was full of admiration for Louise. Visiting an unfamiliar city and trusting a complete stranger to guide you around a wet, muddy 5k course makes her a brave lady in my mind.



Final Sweatshop Prize Winner

As Sweatshop are no longer a sponsor of parkrun we’d like to say a huge ‘thanks' to Pete and Claire at our local Sweatshop store for being there to help our winners chose the right pair of trainers, and to SRC for bringing lots of lovely 'yellow army' parkrunners along too. Long may that continue!

So... for the last time... we are delighted to announce that the last ever Sweatshop Prize Winner at Colwick parkrun is Maureen Silver with 145 parkuns, all at Colwick, under her belt.

photo 1 (3)
Maureen has been running and volunteering with us since August 2012 and seldom misses one. On the odd week she is absent it throws a whole section of the field out as they are so used to having her there to help them keep on pace!

Colwick 226
The winners of our monthly prize have been chosen by the Colwick parkrun Event Team for the past four plus years and hand on heart we believe that we always made fair and considered choices. The majority of our winners are still with us bar the ones that have moved away and we consider ourselves privileged to have been able to award this monthly prize to a member of our running community.

Our Sweatshop Prize recipients 


Aug          John Cassells

Sep          Kevin Doughty

Oct          Finlay Hood

Nov         Libby Harrison

Dec         Charlie Webster


Jan          Graeme Scandrett-Smith

Feb          Steve Dickens

Mar         Mike Wells

Apr          Karen Parkin

May        Chris Jones

June       Gary Fox

July         Kevin Bowen

Aug          Paul Stacey

Sep          Terry Rodgers

Oct          Michael Romanienko

Nov         Stephen Rubery

Dec         Stephanie Leijnse


Jan          John Moore

Feb          Wendy Lawson

Mar         Jacqueline Skelton

April       Peter Hunt

May        Richard Owen

June       Pritesh Patel

July         Iris Peel

Aug          Ian Daws

Sep          Lisa Marie Smith

Oct          Andrew Bradley

Nov         Sharif Owadally

Dec         Lauren McNeil


Jan          Erica Iliffe

Feb          Nour Hussein

Mar         Bernard Jarvis

Apr          Rene Chromej

May        Katie Holmes

June       Arry Nathan

July         William Sullivan

Aug          Richard Winterburn

Sep          Eileen O’Reily

Oct          Nickesh Patel

Nov         Dan Cordle

Dec         Matthew Hearne


Jan          Jo Massey

Feb          Neil Brumfitt

Mar         Harjit Kaur

April       Stephen Shanks

May        Hannah Banbury

June      Howard Watkinson

July         Rita Robinson

Aug          Chris Brawn

Sep          Patrick Davy

Oct          Abigail Cast

Nov         Maureen Silver

Thank you Sweatshop. Thank you Colwick parkrunners. See you at the bell.

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