Event 371 : 18th August 2018

Event 371 had just a little bit of everything.  Too perfect indeed was it to try to sum up in words from the back office holiday camp(s).

Thankfully we don't need to as pictures tell the story so much better and our parkrun friend David has created a pictorial masterpiece. If you haven't had a look yet please feast your eyes here https://www.flickr.com/photos/139473874@N07

and whet the appetite for  number 372!




Event 370 – 11th August 2018

How do you follow Hawaiian Shirt parkrunday... with another brilliant parkrunday of course!

Even the 'normal' ones are ace and here's a few reasons why...

We had Natalie taking the new parkrunner and tourist briefing for her very first time...

Cp 370

We had Alessandro choosing to start his 65th birthday celebrations with us....


We had lovely smiley Cani-cross visitors from Kingsbury Water parkrun...


We hosted the awesome Rushcliffe Athletic Club 'on tour'...

Cp 370

We had Niki joining the 50 Club and bringing along treats for everyone..


The sun shone and people hung out...


We had our very first ever official 'VI Guide' back in the field...


Terry had first come along with a friend way back in June 2012 and asked if we could find him a guide. John was the very first person to offer and guided Terry at event 52. Since then Terry and Iris have amassed over 50 different guides between them from our community pool. And here we are 6 years later... amazing!

Cp 370

We had fabulous volunteers... Thank you Abigail CAST • Andrew PHILLIPS • Bernard JARVIS • Caitlin SORRELL • Claire DUNKLEY • David ROBINSON • Erica ILIFFE • Finlay HOOD • Frazer HOOD • Gemma SYMIS • Helen HOOD • Hilary MCHUGH • Joanna WARD • John MOORE • Judith CARTWRIGHT • Libby HARRISON • Martin DI MARTINO-MARRIOTT • Nathalie DUBOIS • Olivia SMITH • Phil AVERY • Tim SORRELL • Trevor PEEL


Including Phil who lamented on Twitter that local parkrun rosters looked full, to which we replied saying he was always welcome at Colwick. Next thing you know he'd arrived and got a timer in his hand!


If you'd like to help make the parkrun magic happen please check out the current state of the roster here and get in touch at colwickoffice@parkrun.com

Such a beautiful sight... let's do it all again next week! #loveparkrun

Cp 370


Event 369 – 4th August 2018

Writing the run report is an almost impossible job this week. How to capture the brightness, the colours, the smiles of the 264 parkrunners and the 25 volunteers at Hawaiian shirt parkrun day?

A huge thank you to this weeks' volunteers: Claire briefed 37 first timers and tourists from as far as Melbourne (Australia, not Derbyshire), and when they return, they may just be disappointed to find out that garish tops and garlands aren't a weekly occurrence, unless of course they come back for Christmas jumper parkrun day.
Claire and Frazer timed you over the finish line, and Tim and Finlay scanned barcodes, supported by Arry and Abi.
Steve was funnel manager and Helen handed out both tokens and lei, as well as capturing fruit PB attempts (see below for highlights).
Your marshals were Brian, Sandy, Jo, Tony and Jessica, and your tail walkers were James, Pippa, Lottie and Iain. Thanks also to Jon, Lisa and Rachel who sorted tokens at the Daleside cafe. Musical entertainment was provided by Steve, Evie and Callie.
Your run director was Caitlin, who approached the job with the required level of gravitas. There's no time for fun when you are the RD, and you certainly don't get to challenge a bunch of under-10s to a limbo contest.

Congratulations to our milestones this week. Cheryl completed her 50th parkrun, Jason and Esther both completed their 100th, and Finlay also completed his 100th, having already done 16 junior parkruns. A very impressive achievement for one so young! And he very kindly brought us cakes to celebrate.

It's a proven fact that Hawaiian outfits help you go faster so well done to the 32 of you who recorded PBs!

Our unique Colwick Hawaiian-themed challenge saw 30 of you register for a "tropical fruit PB" (sometimes with a loose interpretation of the word tropical or even a loose interpretation of the word fruit).
Last year's pineapple and fruit basket records (set by Steve Shanks and Superkev respectively) remain unchallenged, as does Dave Greenwood's contentious watermelon record. Notable PBs were achieved in the following categories: physalis (Jessica Shanks), double coconut (Steve Shanks), coconut relay (Ashton mother and son), orange (Adam Akbar), pomegranate (Arry Nathan), tomato (Karen Archer), and date (Claire O'Neill).

The pineapple category was well represented with solo pineapple (Lisa Chan), tinned pineapple (Sam Rickett) and plastic pineapple filled with jelly babies (Bernard Jarvis). We look forward to introducing the fresh sliced, cooked and juiced pineapple into next year's event (any takers?).

Marlon Dunkley (double apricot) and Lou Read (single cherry) abided by the rules of the sport which stipulate that you run around with your fruit in your hand rather than in your in your stomach, and refrained from tucking in until over the finish line. This rule was less well respected by Graham Moffat and Martin Phillips which saw them downgraded from the bunched grape to the single grape category due to on-course consumption.

The Wards (father and son) dominated the citrus fruit category, and high participation was also noted in the competitive fields of banana (Rupert Killik, Evans father & son) and passionfruit (Jacqui Measures and Hannah Roberts).
Parkrunners should note that after several unofficial attempts with birds (flamingo and parrot) and the appearance of a dolphin and several palm trees at the finish line, organisers are contemplating introducing a new "inflatable" category for PBs next year.

And finally, a nod to Danny for his inventive interpretation of the Hawaiian shirt. He is wearing a t-shirt with Obama's birth certificate on it whilst running a PB in the double papaya event.

#syatb next week, but sadly we have to wait until next year for the next instalment of Hawaiian fun. I'm already planning my outfit for Christmas Jumper parkrun day. Are you?


Event 368 – 28th July 2018

After a pre-parkrun downpour, the sun came out and 270 of you joined us for a run, jog, and walk around Colwick Park. Todays parkrunners included visitors from Edinburgh, Ohio (USA), and a fair sprinkling of triathletes who will be taking on the Outlaw iron-distance race tomorrow - good luck!

More Colwick 280718

The volunteer roster was taken over by the Woodthorpe Huffers and Puffers running club in memory of Max Hughes and they certainly did him proud. Here's what Max meant to them in their own words -

Huffers takeover 280718

The Woodthorpe Huffers and Puffers had the pleasure of taking over Colwick Parkrun in memory and celebration of their friend Max Hughes who sadly died last year whilst training for the Robin Hood Marathon.

Max loved Colwick Parkrun, in fact he loved it so much he had two names for it, his own when he was running for himself and another name when he was a VI guide!

Every time there is a cluster of huffers you can bet at some point Max’s name will be mentioned usually to remember the advice he gave or just to remember him.

We are so pleased to have been able to remember Max at Colwick and to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have our running community and buddies and to be able to run in such beautiful surroundings.

Today was bitter sweet, sad remembering our friend and thankful for the joy running and the Huffers gave Max and the rest of us. It is made even more poignant that his wife Anna was here today to take part with us.

Thank you Colwick parkrun for allowing us to remember our friend.

Huffers takeover 280718

Huffers takeover 280718

Colwick parkrun 280718


We celebrated two milestones today - Julie McGeorge was totally surprised to hear that it was her 50th run, whilst Andrew Gardner was more prepared and brought lots of cakes to celebrate his 100th run. Congratulations to both of you!

Colwick parkrun 280718

The celebrating continued with a bumper crowd at the Daleside Cafe where breakfasts were consumed, results were processed and tokens were sorted.

More Colwick 280718

Until we syatb next week.
Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 367 – 21st July 2018

Event 367 really was a cracker and we can't quite put our finger on why...


The weather certainly helped as the volunteers didn't have to wear coats, hats or wellies and none of the kit got muddy. All of which are highly unusual at Colwick!

We welcomed 261 parkrunners, of which 30 were new to Colwick and 8 who were doing a parkrun for the very first time in their lives at event 367. Let's hope they loved their first experience and hurry back. Here's Bernard doing the first timer & tourist brief. His first one... and we thought he was brilliant!


Our volunteers could not have been more accommodating and it was absolutely delightful to have so many families volunteering together today too...


Two married couples, a dad with his twin daughters, a grandad and grandson marshalling together plus two Duke of Edinburgh participants, a pregnant GP and numerous other lovelies in the hi-vis this morning.

Our wonderful #parkrunfamily


Thank you Alexandro LEONE  •  Amelie GAUVAIN  •  Andrew PHILLIPS  •  Bernard JARVIS  •  David ROBINSON  •  Ella GAUVAIN  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Frazer HOOD  •  Helen HOOD  •  Hilary MCHUGH  •  Jessica HALL  •  Joanna WARD  •  Libby HARRISON  •  Luke ROBINSON  •  Madeleine WELLS  •  Matthew PICKLES  •  Otis BROWN  •  Remi GAUVAIN  •  Robert NEWTON  •  Stephen DICKENS  •  Stephen WELLS. You are all awesome and you helped to make the parkrun magic happen. 


If you'd like to volunteer read more about what's involved here and view the current state of the roster here. One person was so keen to volunteer today that he emailed the office at 11:59pm last night, was up in time to see our reply at 7:35am and arrived in plenty of time for briefing at 8:15am. We salute you Alex!


Next week the Huffers & Puffers Running Club are taking over the volunteer roster and 4th August is Hawaiian Shirt parkrunday. Read about last year here. It's an annual highlight!

After we were all across the finish line, had packed up, put the kit in the lock-up and delivered the defibrillator back to the warden it was time to head for the fabulous Daleside Cafe.


Our results were uploaded, position tokens were sorted and breakfast consumed.

Such fun, let's do it all again next week! #loveparkrun


P.S. There are loads of fabulous photos online - do jog along and check out how fabulous you all look!