Event 398 – 16th February 2019

After last week's howling gale, the weather gods smiled on the 286 Colwick parkunners who were treated to an early taste of spring. Shoesucker straight was firm under foot, the 20 volunteers didn't get numb fingers and toes and some runners were heard complaining about being too warm (really, there is no pleasing some people is there?!).



Did you spot the new sculptures? After the recent apparition of the signs at the entrance to the park, it seems our favourite park is getting all sorts of embellishments! Maybe one day we will even be treated to soap in the toilet blocs!


Ian and James kicked things off by briefing our tourists (from Lincoln and Sheffield) and our first timers of whom there were 27. They also helped wrap things up in the Daleside by sorting out tokens.

Congratulations to Amy, Daniel and Abby who ran their 50th parkruns and sorry for not capturing the momentous occasion on camera. Well done to all 49 of you who achieved new PBs - it goes to show what can happen when you don't have to dodge puddles and fight your way through the mud!


Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Gideon (who looked like he had been at the park for hours by the time the run director got there) helped with the set up. Steve and Abi were your timekeepers and Caitlin was your run director. Tim guided Terry and only crashed him into a bollard once. The funnel was expertly managed by Sandy, and Joanna handed out tokens even to those who were reluctant to take one (well done to both of them for keeping the funnel in order)! Jacques, Linda, Laura and Fiona scanned barcodes and produced one of the tidiest clipboards you'll ever see. The course was marshalled by Judith and Peter and your tailwalkers were Steve, Niki, Zach, Roo and Harjit.




Finally, a particular thanks goes to Karen who, having run to Colwick, generously stepped in to the shoes of a missing marshal, and did a fab job at Roy's split.
Abigail is in charge next week and the forecast is for more spring weather, so it's bound to be another lovely Colwick Saturday morning. #syatb #dfyb


Event 397 – 9th February 2019


Colwick lake resembled the North Sea. The wind turbine spun so fast it was close to flying off. Our Ikea bags and anything not nailed down flew off.

Well done to the hardy 235 parkrunners who braved the 50 mph winds. Special thanks to our 24 hi-viz heroes who stood stern not only to set up the course, but  ensured your safety by clearing fallen branches.


Terry welcomed 41 first timers and tourists from London. Your fabulous marshals Jo, Helen, Richard and Peter cleared the paths and ensured your safety. Grace and Olivia cheerfully timed you in. Jacques and Kevin kept you in order and handed your position token. Finlay, Clare, Josh and Neil scanned your tokens. Abigail and Tim guided Iris and Terry safely. Lydia, Erica, Libby, Thomas and Tracey ensured everyone got round safely. Andrew expertly snapped you at the finish.

















Two parkrunners completed their milestone runs today. Josie FOSTER RHODES completed her 50th and Robert NEWTON completed his 100th parkrun today Well done both!

parkrun wouldn't be complete without a cob and mug of tea at Daleside. Thanks to Laura, Philip, Thomas and Tracey our tokens are sorted ready for next week.


Let's hope it's calmer next week!


Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 396 – 2nd February 2019

Aware of a few local cancellations we approached the park with some trepidation but all was good... in fact it was pretty beautiful actually, and event 396 was go, go, go!


A total number of 332 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of which 45 were new to Colwick, and 5 were genuine first timers. Despite needing to dodge a few frozen puddles 46 people recorded new Personal Bests this morning too. Congratulations all!

We were absolutely delighted to welcome Gale Cockayne, who has been with us since August 2011, to the 250 Club this morning. Here she is on her way round with Harjit and Christine...


Also celebrating a milestone with us this morning was Sarah Horrigan-Fullard. As a founder member of Notts Women Runners and the Co-Event Director of Gedling junior parkrun she had plenty of support this morning as she clocked up her 100th parkrun.


In her own words..."Thank you for making my parkrun so special. It's almost exactly 5 years to the day that I nervously stood at the start at Colwick waiting for my first to begin. Ironically I finished 3rd female that day... and 99 runs later I've never beaten that position. Who says parkrun does wonders for your fitness? 

The truth is that after all those runs and 200+ times of volunteering, the sense of community and the privilege of running and chatting with so many lovely people has brought a whole new happy to my Saturday mornings.Thank you all! P.S. Colwick will always have a special place in my heart for me, my stripey socks and muddy trainers."


It's our absolute pleasure Sarah! Thank you for being part of our parkrun family.

Huge thanks to the following people who stepped into the hi-vis this morning:

Kevin BOWEN • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Katherine MALONE • Neil David BRUMFITT • Julie MCGEORGE • Richard OWEN • Matthew ARNOLD • Eleanor LEAKE • Terry RODGERS • Jacques SARAZIN • Abigail CAST • Steve JEPSON • Tim SORRELL • Sandy WATERLOW • Joanna WARD • Claire DUNKLEY • Callista READ • Tina HOLLAND • Fiona BEALES • Deborah ELSON • Cheryl MAPPLETHORPE • Tracey MOORE • Philip MOORE and Rebecca HALL


A special mention to Rebecca... who set off as a runner, twisted her ankle, walked back to the finish and popped on a hi-vis jacket to man the token bucket for us. Every cloud has a silver lining at parkrun!


If you'd like to volunteer please take a look at the current state of the roster and get in touch. We'd love you to join us... and we think you'd love it too!

After everyone was across the finish line we packed up and headed off to the fabulous Daleside Cafe to upload the results, sort the finish tokens, eat some breakfast and have a good old natter. Another cracker in the bag!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page.

Here's a few stats to polish off...

  • Colwick parkrun started on 25th June 2011
  • A total of 10,843 participants have completed 77,314 parkruns
  • Covered a total distance of 386,570k
  • Recorded 13,733 new Personal Bests
  • A total of 1,025 individuals have volunteered 6,422 times

How about that!

Let's do it all again next week. See you at the bell #loveparkrun



Event 395 – 26th January 2019

Event #395 really was an absolute cracker... and we have a fabulous run report to compliment it kindly written by parkrun tourist Shona, who joined us from Burgess parkrun in London.


After accidentally tackling one of the hillier parkruns in Nottingham last time I was here, I sought advice on which would be a good course for me to try next. Luckily your very own Iris PEEL dropped into Burgess the week before I was due to travel (serendipitous given it's about 130 miles away!) and told me that Colwick was flat, fun and friendly. I am pleased to confirm that Iris is as honest as they come and Colwick delivered on each of those three things in spades.

As well as me, another 43 first-timers ran, walked and jogged around Colwick Country Park for Event #395. Out of us 44, 20 were doing their first ever parkrun. A warm welcome to the parkrun family! Same time next week? #DFYB


One of the other first-time tourists to Colwick was super speedy Oliver CROCKER from Rutland Water, who not only joined the 10 Club but picked up an all-time PB with an impressive 23:07. Well done, Oliver! Now that's how to make the most of a Saturday morning.

And yet the celebrations didn't stop there - it was wonderful to see so many local legends hitting milestones too, with plenty of cake, fruit and smiles to go round.


Firstly, massive congratulations to Gary FOX and Jillian BOURGEOIS, who both joined the 250 Club. There are only another 4,678 other people around the world who have managed to hit such an epic total. You're both going to look amazing in green!


Next, Marlon DUNKLEY and Claire DUNKLEY both joined the 100 club. They may not originally have thought parkrun was for them, but 200 parkruns and 86 volunteer stints between them, and 17 different events later, it's safe to say Marlon and Claire are absolutely sold on the concept now. Well done not only on achieving this milestone, but doing it together!


Finally, Sean HENRY, Dean BAILEY, Martin SEVIOUR, Christian THORNE, Mackenzie FOX and Lisa FOX all joined the 50 Club, earning their first parkrun milestone t-shirt. Absolutely sterling work all of you - here's to the next milestone! Read more about milestone clubs here.

Out of the 22 brilliant PBs this week, particular congratulations go to Julie BRAILSFORD, Aaron JUSKA-BOWES, Nathaniel GILBERTSON and Jon POTTER who have only ever run, walked and jogged at Colwick parkrun and have become consistently faster every single week since starting their parkrun journey. Tremendous PB streak, very well done all of you. Jon was on my heels all the way round the course and I can vouch that he absolutely smashed it!

Event #395 was was made possible thanks to these volunteers:

Kevin BOWEN • Shona BARKER • HOOD • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Andrew PHILLIPS • Stephen SHANKS • Clare LANE • Andy PARSONS • Oscar WYSZYNSKI • Jacques SARAZIN • Grace PHILLIPS • Iain HICKMAN • Josh MCGINLEY • Abigail CAST • James HICKMAN • Melissa WYSZYNSKI • Tim SORRELL • Caitlin SORRELL • Sandy WATERLOW • Niki WARD • Callista READ • Tina HOLLAND • Jon FOX • Philip SORRELL • Sarah PASCALL • Rosa BEE


Unofficial thanks also to Hilary MCHUGH, who hit her fastest time since October, shaving nearly 4 minutes off her time from last week. I'm sure another PB is just around the corner with a marked improvement like that. Hilary kindly drove me to Daleside Cafe afterwards for a post-parkrun brew. My, you lot are a friendly bunch at Colwick! It was lovely to chat to so many of you!


If you'd like to volunteer - not to be my chauffeur but to put on a hi-vis vest and become a parkrun hi-vis hero - just email colwickoffice@parkrun.com with which week you'd like to volunteer. The volunteer coordinator will be delighted to hear from you. You can see the current state of the volunteer roster here.

A full set of results from today's very special event can be found here.

From Burgess with love,




What a great report to polish off a magnificent parkrunday. Thanks Shona!

Still not had enough... check out our parkrun family on the Colwick parkrun Flickr group, many uploaded by the very talented Andrew Phillips.

Until next week... when we will see you at the bell #loveparkrun


Event 394 – 19th January 2019

Event 394 got off to a rather chilly start with the Deane Duo’s first ever go at Run Directing! We really enjoyed it and encourage anyone to have a go in the coveted Blue and White.  Being on the megaphone was a little nerve racking, but I was told I was definitely enough of a loud mouth for everyone to hear – phew!

A special thanks to superstar Stephen Dickens for his mentoring throughout the week and on the day!

Out of 258 walkers, joggers and runners we had 32 first-timers, and 34 of you recording new personal bests. We had tourists from as far and wide as Mansfield… oh, and Norfolk!

We congratulated James BURROWS for his 50th run, Toby STEWART for his 100th and Sandra GELL for her 100th parkrun

Thanks to our super team of volunteers Event 394 went off without a hitch, so special thanks to…

Our Brilliant Barcode scanners: Craig, Helen and Jacques!

Our Fabulous Funnel Managers: Grace and Emily!

Our Tremendous Timekeepers: Claire and Tracey!

Our Marvellous Marshals: Angie and Jon, with a special thanks to Maureen and Arry for stepping into the Hi-Viz at the last minute to cheer you along!

Our two Terrific Tail Walkers: Karen and Julie, making sure you all got home safely.  Let’s not forget our Fantastic Photographer, Andrew, who takes all of our wonderful pictures – like this one!

When all of the kit was packed up and taken back to the lockup, our hands had defrosted and the defib was delivered back to the hut it was, of course, time for an Omelette and a brew at Daleside café.  All the results were processed, and we had extra help from our Super Sorters: Niki, Zach and Roo!

A huge thank you to everybody who came along to Event 394 at Colwick this weekend – my Dad and I had an absolute blast in the RD blue and white! I’m sure the Deane Duo will be back again soon!