Event 378 – 6th October 2018

183 runners braved the cold and rain to celebrate parkrun's 14th anniversary & International parkrun Day at Colwick.


24 runners scored new PBs and 21 first timers joined us...


Jon ran his 100th parkrun today and Kit ran his 50th, as did Julie, who happened across us in Colwick Park when she was running the other way round one Saturday...

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Special mention for Eleanor who has been running without scanning her barcode for a few weeks so that her 50th parkrun coincided with her first time as a guide for Terry!

Our team of volunteers did a stellar job setting the course up in no time. Banter was relied upon to keep up the good spirit and many comments were exchanged about the needs for wellies, better waterproofs or even a hot water bottle!


The atmosphere at the finish line was great at Event 378 with most parkrunners ignoring the rain and lingering on, talking, ringing the pb bell, thanking the volunteers and generally having a good time. Special mention to Richard who ran his first parkrun on his brand new knee!


The volunteers packed away the kit before retreating for a well earned cuppa and some token sorting at the Daleside Cafe. See you next week.


One final thing... Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting donations for the Notts Walkers. Read more about them here. Any toiletries, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, men clothes and shoes, baby wipes, tinned food, packets and sauces can be left at the table at the finishing line to be passed on to the charity. Thank you.


New Year’s Day 2019

We will be hosted an extra event on New Year's Day at 10:30am.

Please get in touch if you'd like to be part of the volunteer squad on 1st January 2019!


Christmas Day 2018

We will not be staging an extra event on Christmas Day at Colwick Park.

Please check the Christmas Compendium for news of which events will be up and running on 25th December.


Event 377 : 29th September 2018

266 runners and walkers enjoyed the perfect conditions of Colwick parkrun number 377, with 47 of you taking full advantage and scoring a new pb.

The team of Hi-Viz heroes was equally strong, giving our trainee RD a very enjoyable (and relaxed) first time in the white and blue vest. Well done and thanks to all of you!!

We celebrated with this weeks new 50 club members Michelle and Anthony


We had many first timers, and tourists join us this week.  All i'm sure enjoyed the brilliant first time briefing given by Terry.  Many of the tourists were making a weekend of it seemingly as lots of hands went up when asked who was runnig the Robin Hood half marathon on Sunday.  Hope you all enjoyed your quadruple and a bit parkrun today!

Go well into next week folks....we will SYATB




Event 376 – 22nd September 2018

This week was the first parkrun I had directed without my club filling the volunteer roster. In all 257 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 46 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part. We had one significant milestone for one very excited six year old and tourists from as far apart as the Isle of Man and Paris. Some were taking part in the Equinox series of events and others were dropping children off at University and staying for a local parkrun. It was great to see you all.

I was very conscious of the need for a Run Director to have a full complement of volunteers and thanks to Helen Hood the event was made possible by 23 heroes in high-vis. Like a well oiled machine they started to set up the finish ably aided by Gideon Nukporti who then went on to run the course. I briefed and loaded, with the necessary signs, our four Marshals who were Stephanie Jackson, Sandy Waterford, Charlotte Ford and Angela Uren.

22 September 2018

Our timers today were Steve Jepson and Alejandro Benavides Laconcha. They were accompanied at the finish line by Lucinda Jepson, our funnel manager, and Christine Heaton who handed out the 257 tokens. Steve was at the start of a very busy day. After parkrun he was taking his son to University and running the Equinox evening event too. The Jepson's and Alejandro found Colwick a little cooler than Spain where they had been days before.

22 September 2018

On Barcode Scanning today were Emily, Grace and William. Unfortunately no photograph but Emily did win parkrun bingo with her guess of 263 just six away from the actual. Tail walking today was Iain Hickman, accompanied by James and Pippa.

22 September 2018

With 46 first timers our very own Terry Rodgers helped by his glamorous assistant, Tim Sorrell, conducted a very busy briefing. As one of our regular VI runners Terry knows the course like the back of his hand. It's always a big surprise to Tourists and First Timers alike when Terry talks them through the course.

22 September 2018

It was my turn next with the megaphone. After warning about the fallen tree debris and the potential for puddles it was my great pleasure to introduce Zach. At the ripe old age of six he was running his 50th parkrun. His greatest pleasure in this achievement was the fact that he would now be able to volunteer as his Mum had promised he could. Many thanks to Zach (and his Mum) for the wonderful cakes at the finish line.

22 September 2018

Zach also gave Caitlin Sorrell interval training all the way round and concluded with a sprint finish leaving Caitlin in his wake. He was also delighted with his new PB. A good day all round for Zach!

22 September 2018

Another one of our VI runners, Iris Peel, managed to get a new PB at Colwick too, guided by Abigail Cast and accompanied by Elaanor Leake. Abi has had a busy week, mentoring me in the role of Run Director too.

22 September 2018

After all had been tidied up and put away it was off to the Daleside Cafe for breakfast. Whilst Tim and Caitlin sorted the tokens I loaded the results with Abi's help. It was with a sigh of relief that I passed the role of Run Director on. However "I'll be back".

Trevor Peel
Run Director