It’s hot, hot, hot – still!

Saturday, July 14th was event 387 at Conkers, and surely the hottest. We are no longer discussing puddles, but the dust.

Four Hundred and Twenty Four of us ran, jogged and walked the course. Of those a fantastic 29 were first-timers at Conkers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests despite the heat – that requires a serious WOW.

Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

A huge thank you to volunteers John and Janet Potter, Laura Graves, Roger Cobb, Laurence Kingscott, Chrissy Betteridge, Chrissie Hawtin, Anthony Wickwar, Janet Hardy, Jennifer Cross, Shane Chapman, Lyndsey Hill, Chris Hanman, Nic Briggs, Sam Hill, Keith Baron, Victoria, Charlotte and Daniel Carr, Jo, Ludi and Elsa Iorio, Karen Potts, Jane Evans, Julie Hanson, Mark and Laura Nugent, Wynne Evans, Rachel Miller, Jenny Taylor Watson, Jane Bland, Lisa Williams, James and Mic Stephenson, Mark and Miles Blackburn and Gail Fellows.

Volunteers are invaluable to parkrunners as we cannot operate without them, and if marshalling I find it great fun shouting encouragement; especially at the bottom of Cheeky Hill. If you would like to have a go at volunteering please get in touch, you get a free t-shirt in a lovely ‘purpleish’ colour when you reach twenty-five.

If you are not receiving the volunteer emails, just go to your profile on the parkrun web page ( and opt in to ensure you get up to date information.

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First male back to the funnel was Gavin McDermot in 16:35, followed by Chris Baxter in 17:05, James Farmer who is not even old enough to enter some races came in at 17:39. First lady was Tracy Hinxman in 19:16, Emily Wideman followed in at 20:50 and third lady was Nikki Reeves in 22:45.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Conkers parkrun, N.W.Leicestershire Results Page

Reaching milestones were Jonathan Cole and Jason Marlow. Always let us know if you have a milestone coming up so that we can recognise it at the run brief.

We also must congratulate Nic Briggs who was doing her 251st volunteering stint. I was hoping to be able to show some facts from 251 years ago to do with running, alas nothing so I thought I would do On This Day; there was plenty for golf and tennis, just one fact for running – in 1912 Kenneth McArthur ran the then Olympic record marathon in 2:26:54 at the Stockholm Olympics, by coincidence that was also in sweltering heat.

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parkrunners start to gather to listen to Nic's run brief.

Quote of the day comes from our ED, posting a picture of the start line at 8.00 am. He is noted as saying “it’s looking beautiful this morning and not so warm” I’m thinking he should have gone an hour later!

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It’s looking beautiful this morning and not so warm. Come on down. He was right it is looking beautiful, but the 'not so warm' comment!!!!  :-)

If you have friends or relatives that think they would like to have a go at parkrun but are nervous, get them to watch the parkrun video perception vs reality.

Jan x


It’s ‘coming home’ flags Laura while Jenny falla igenom!!

Conkers parkrun run No. 386 – July 7, 2018

This Saturday morning marked a hugely significant event, which shall be remembered by all. The 386th parkrun in conkers history. In addition, England in the quarter-final. No biggie. Now, one advantage of writing the run report in conjunction with the football is the ability to cram in lots of footy puns. I am certainly not going to pass up that opportunity. Jen the Run Director oversaw kick off for today’s event as we welcomed 51 new runners, along with tourists from Cardiff, Walsall, York, Bedworth and Adelaide.


We saw the implementation of the new yellow cards (I mean, they are actually orange, but for the sake of poetic licence…) at the start, which have been purchased following the survey done on Facebook. It was nice to hear positive things about them during the start, and as runners were coming back to scan their barcodes.

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The new signs being held to help parkrunners find the best place  to start for their pace.

Forty-seven of you were on the attack today to score new personal bests, which was no easy feat in this heat. Despite the temperature, there was still a high competition spirit and many sprint finishes as people made tremendous efforts to save their positions, or sneakily overtake people in the last 100 metres. I tackled two lovely ladies for a photo of their flag flying outfits, but counted a total of 4 England shirts, 5 flags and a 3 lions tattoo. 38 different clubs were represented, but I don’t believe we had a parkrun birthday today… Please do not send me off if that is not true. Man (and woman!) of the match must be given to Anne and Philip Hughes, with a very aesthetically pleasing time of 1:01:10.

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Jenny with her 50% Swedish parentage wearing the Swedish flag and Laura going for some 'it's coming home' balance to their parkrun.

A special thanks to your hi-vis heroes who refereed at each and every turn to ensure no one could end up offside. They were: Sophie ALLERY, Thomas ALLERY, Zoe ALLERY, Carl BICKERSTAFF, Miles BLACKBURN, Mark BLACKMAN, Luba BONILLA, Kathryn BRAY, Charlotte CARR, Paul COMIS, Melissa COMIS, Jennifer CROSS, Laura GRAVES, Julie HANSON, Christina HAWTIN, Clare HEMMINGS, Lyndsey HILL, Thomas HILL, Kate HUDSON, Philip HUGHES, Anne HUGHES, Laurence KINGSCOTT, Mark NUGENT, Laura NUGENT, Jack ROBERTSHAW, Tiffany RUSHTON, Victoria SMITH, Matt STAMPS, James STEPHENSON, Mic STEPHENSON, Tony STONE, Anthony WICKWAR.


I am signing off from my third run report, making that a hat trick on my volunteering record. At full time, final scores show I have managed to shoot and score 16 football terms into this, so I think I’ve achieved my goal. As for England, it’s still all to play for.

 Sophie x

ps. The headline is by Roger and Google translate :( so I am completely blameless.



Fluffy Cygnets, blue skies and a fabulous Conkers parkrun – Read all about it!!!

Conkers parkrun         -          Event number 385               -              30th June 2018

Another glorious morning's run this week as this bottomless summer continues. Proof, if proof is needed, is in the rather poorly constructed photo of Rog doing the run brief: just LOOK at that blue sky.

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Mo's photo of the blue sky
The highly skilled and talented timekeepers (well I was skilled once Rog had shown me what to press and then Jamie Stephenson showed me again) were almost caught out by the speed of the first runner through. This was Mark Powell in a Leicester Coritanians vest running for the first time at Conkers in a phenomenal 16:26. He was closely followed by local Gavin McDermott of Hermitage Harriers in 16:32 (just 7 seconds off his PB) and then in third place, Chris Baxter a regular at Conkers in 16:59. Chris was running in his Badgers vest so I asked if it was for a special occasion; a real hard push, for example. He claimed not but he was just 4 seconds off his PB. It has been commented on how fast the front runners are these days. Up to 9th place this week was sub 18 minutes!
First three ladies were in the low 20s and First Lady was Megan Lewis from Charnwood AC who, delightfully, earned a new PB at 20:43. South Derbyshire's Christine Hawtin came next at 21:10 and she was followed by the terrific Jessica Salt (do I have to say again that she is TEN?) in 21:19 and also a new PB.
Slightly lower in the placings was a happy Laurence Kingscott, flanked by lovely ladies, taking the week off funnel manager duties for a change (Richard Bebbington and Brian Runagle made awfully able stand-ins for him).
Other news, Adam John brought his group of young runners to Conkers this week. Always great to see young runners doing so well and with so much enthusiasm.
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Adam and his young runners, always great to see smiling faces at Conkers
So, in total 495 people got round in their own sweet ways. 58 were particularly happy runners with new shiny PBs and 55 we hope to see again after their first time with us at Conkers. Representatives of 36 different clubs from all over the country took part.
The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:
John Frederick POTTER • Janet POTTER • Roger COBB • Alison COOPER • Zoe ALLERY • Brian RUNAGLE • Richard BEBBINGTON • Jennifer CROSS • Dave ALLERY • Thomas ALLERY • Emma SHARP • Claire MAYLES • Grania TOWLE • Gregg MAYLES • Charlotte CARR • Jane PLACKETT • Maureen DANVERS • Tony STONE • Robin THORNE • Carl BICKERSTAFF • Riley MAYLES • Clare HEMMINGS • Susan MAYLES • Martin PRIME • Rob EATON • Zan BELL • Elliot STONEY • Daniel CONNOLLY • James STEPHENSON • Katie HARVEY • Nicola TREWIN • Chris TREWIN • Mark BLACKMAN • Miles BLACKBURN
Finally, two things. Firstly, for the swan watchers among you...all 5 cygnets are growing up and looking gorgeously fluffy. Secondly, with these final words I am ENORMOUSLY proud to say I have now earned my 25 Volunteer Purple T shirt.
Image may contain: bird, outdoor, water and nature
Mo's gloriously fluffy Cygnets (have you named them yet?)
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Conkers parkrun,  Results Page.

Andy Lindley completes the June hat-trick into the 250 club

Conkers Run Report No, 384 - June 23, 2018

Today was the 384th Conkers parkrun. Fab turnout again – we had 488 runners. Bonus the sun came out – slightly cooler start today. I arrived to go to my marshal point at Mushroom corner. Someone did ask me why it is called Mushroom corner. I am not 100% I gave the right answer. I said because the path leads to the pub called Mushroom Hall? Anyway everyone knows where to run to after they get going at the start line.

First to finish was George Buttery of Charnwood AC, with a time of 17.23 and getting a new PB. In total 70 lovely people recorded new PB’s – well done everyone!!

A well-known parkrunner and member of both Ivanhoe and South Derbyshire the awesome Andy Lindley in a time of 23.31 could be spotted a mile off as he was running with his gold balloons spelling out 250. Fantastic milestone reached so many congratulations to you. It was all to do with Andy that I actually started running and coming along to parkrun – be careful it gets addictive!!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor

 Andy with the previous two 250ers Mark & Mike.

Also with significant milestones were Nikki “Tigger” Reeves 100th, Amy Brookes 50th, Rob Pritchett 100th, junior Merryn Hide reached her 10th , junior Francis Mayes reached his 10th, junior Grace Boyd reached her 10th,.

We had 41 first timers. These included Hannah Fee, junior Eva Pritchett, and Julie Wale. We hope you enjoyed your first visit to conkers and that we will see you here again soon.

Did you know that in order for Conkers parkrun to go ahead it takes an army of volunteers? Thirty-three for today to be exact. Without them it simply would not happen. If you fancy having a go then simply sign up at the main desk at the start. You can also opt in to receive volunteer emails when you register your details with parkrun.

So many thanks to this week’s volunteers who were-

John Potter, Janet Potter, Pauline Cooper, Caroline Osbourne, Lawrence kingscott, Zoe Allery, Jennifer Cross, Andrea Corbet, Sophie Allery, Tom Allery, Grania Towle,Tracey Glover, Mary Sharp, Victoria Carr, Charlotte Carr, Roger Western , Alison Knight, Tony Stone, Lauren Nugent, Elspeth Dickinson, Dennis Dickinson, Richard Trevelyn, Julie Dean, Shaun Brotherhood, Lisa Williams,Mic Stephenson, Paul Dean, Miles Blackburn, Eleanor & Katie Dennis.

So …… I do like to try and be a bit poetic when I do a Run Report so here goes…. Enjoy and see you soon DFYB (don’t forget your barcode)


Meet in the car park at Waterside 8.50am on the dot

The lovely volunteers park you in the right spot

Everyone waiting for the Run Director to talk

It’s important to listen before you go and run amok!!

Jog, walk or run

Conkers is fab and it is great fun!!


Pauline Cooper x


The wet (but not as wet as two years ago), a bride and Roger! 

Conkers parkrun event number 383   -    Saturday 16th June 2018.

A spot of rain didn’t deter the determined Conkers parkrunners and walkers, from completing our beautiful course on Saturday morning.  Wet, wet, wet it may have been at the start but James’ run brief was far from a damp squib with plenty of milestone mentions shared and celebrated.  parkrun isn’t just about running milestones, we also had the privilege of being hosts to a very special ‘bride’ on the morning of his wedding! Congratulations to Richard Moore who ran in a wedding dress before making a dash to the altar to marry his fiancée Maxine in Lichfield at 12.30!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

We should also pay homage to all the fathers out there (as I am writing this on Fathers’ Day.)  It’s lovely to see so many fathers supporting their children on the course or running with them in buggies – even if I do curse them when they overtake me up Cheeky Hill!  Well done daddies!

It seems only fitting to thank our very own Papa Roger for all he does to make sure our Conkers parkrun is a success. Together with the amazing core team, Roger dedicates his Saturday mornings, as well as many of his weeknights, to ensure our event runs safely and smoothly.  (He even volunteers me to write the run report every now and then!)

Here’s a little Papa Roger Fact File for you:

Roger first volunteered as a marshal on 18th June 2011;

  • his first run was on 14th April 2012 and he crossed the line at 35:28;
  • his fastest PB is 27:00;
  • he has completed 282 parkruns; 259 of them at our very own Conkers;
  • 50th is his highest finisher position at Conkers;
  • has been Run Director 20 times;
  • he is the Conkers parkrun Event Director and leads 7 core team Run Directors;
  • not only does he rope in Jan (his lovely wife) and his two sons to this Saturday morning ritual, his grandchildren Harry and Ivy are regular supporters from their buggies!


Happy Fathers’ Day Roger, and thank you, – from all your little Conkers!

Of course, Roger does actually have real children too – his sons James (RD this week) and Mike. Mike deserves a very special mention. Not only does he have to put up with Roger as a father, he joined the all exclusive 250 run club this week! Awesomeness must run in the family (pardon the pun!).

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

On to more serious matters with the vital statistics.  32, yes, that’s thirty-two, amazing volunteers not only made our parkrun possible, but made it fun and for all! Our high viz heroes this week were:

Chris GAIR  •  Chris UPTON  •  Claire MCARTHUR  •  Claire WEBBER  •  Mark NUGENT  •  Dave ALLERY  •  Dennis DICKINSON  •  Frin BARON  •  Harrison WINTER  •  Heather SWAN  •  Jacob ATHERTON  •  James COBB  •  James STEPHENSON  •  Jennifer CROSS  •  Jocelyn WINTER  •  Keith BARON  •  Kevin BORLEY  •  Laura NUGENT  •  Laurence KINGSCOTT  •  Lisa WILLIAMS  •  Mae STENSON  •  Marya HEMMINGS  •  Pauline COOPER  •  Richard TREVELYAN  •  Sarah WINTER  •  Shelley HILL  •  Sophie ALLERY  •  Thomas ALLERY  •  Tony STONE  •  Tracey LAMBERT  •  Tracy ATHERTON  •  Zan BELL

So, it’s thanks to these 32 volunteers that runners like Liam Bradbury came in first and crossed the line in 16:57. It’s thanks to these 32 volunteers that 43 first timers were able to take part. It is thanks to these 32 volunteers that there were a whopping 83 PBs.  Amongst these PBs were: Team Derby Runner, Chris Stokes at 18:17; junior Luke Christian at 19:01; junior Ethan George Stackhouse at 19:44; Mark Nugent 22.10 (Mark owns a purple t-shirt!); Jordan Shipton 23:38 (lovely ex-student of mine); and Joshua and Darren Conway at 35:04 and 35:05. That’s just a glimpse of the great achievements our volunteers make possible every week and doesn’t even take into account all the smiles, laughs and memories that are made as we get round the course in whatever way we can.

Joining the fabulous 50 t-shirt club this week were: Lara Peach, Freya Boldy, Lisa Mason and Ivanhoe Runner, Rebecca Randall. Not to be outdone by the ladies, David Linney achieved a new PB on his 50th this week, crossing the line at 19:41! Well done; only 50 runs left to the 100 club!

And, with only 150 runs until their next t-shirts, Maria Picken and Ivanhoe, Runner Alison Cooper, joined the 100 club this week.  Well done ladies!

Watch out next week for Andy Lindley, who should be running his 250th parkrun next week.

Final fascinating fact: of the 520 people who ran, jogged and walked the course this week, only 29 of them have earned their purple volunteer t-shirt! Have you?  If you haven’t volunteered yet, do! It’s easy and free – and you don’t need a shower when you get home!

Two years ago, on Saturday 17th June 2016, Simon Reynolds demonstrated how deep the flooding was on the road into Conkers parkrun!

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SPOOKILY – I wrote the run report exactly 2 years ago!!!

Claire x

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