Sweatin’ Cobs (not talking about Roger’s family) on the 400th Conkers parkrun

Conkers Run Report No, 400    -    October 13, 2018

With tropical storm Callum upon us it was a wee bit warm and very very windy for the 450 attendees who all hauled their bums out of bed to celebrate the 400th, yes the 400th, Conkers parkrun. Incidentally, according to the NME, the 400th best tune of all time is Learning to Fly by the Foo Fighters. The 450 folk who were out there were all learning not to fly in the strong winds but they were all learning to run, jog and walk better or happier or healthier or all of these things.

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 89 of you did actually learn to parkrun the fastest you’ve ever ran at Conkers. Well done you bippy nuggers! You get a thumbs up from Dave and the rest of the flight crew.

27 volunteers learned how to be selfless and make the 400th, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but it was the 400th on Saturday, parkrun possible. If you haven’t volunteered yet then please give it a go. The events wouldn’t happen without fabulous volunteers every week. Share the love people!

There were milestones a plenty, loads of different clubs represented, including a strong showing from Kingfisher Harriers, and even a lone barefoot (Ouch!) runner.

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We have a sign outside the cafe asking parkrunners to remove 'muddy shoes'. In Isobel Deane's case it should probably be put shoes on before entering the cafe.

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Conkers fashion setter Janet Hardy is  first to be sporting the fabulous new CONTRA range. Don't forget that the profits go back into keeping parkruns everywhere FREE.

The ones who learnt to fly around the course faster than the others were;

Chris Baxter of Badgers in 17:09 followed by Matty Adcock in 17:12. First back for the ladies was Ellie Evans in 20:30 followed by Ruth Pettit in 21:03 on her Conkers debut.

Conkers parkrun, N.W.Leicestershire started on 16th April 2011. Since then 9,198 participants have completed 84,277 parkruns covering a total distance of 421,385 km, including 15,062 new Personal Bests.

Same time next week?


P.S. Well done to the folk who turned up again on Sunday morning to try and get 80 laps (400K) of the course done to help celebrate the 400th, I don’t know if you realised but it was the 400th parkrun at Conkers on Saturday. We managed 950 soggy Kilometres in total (190 laps).


Heavy rain fails to dampen the Conkers spirit

Conkers parkrun No. 399     -     October 6, 2018

On a very wet and soggy Saturday morning, it was time to take part in the 399th parkrun at Conkers, which this week saw Overseal Running Club do a very noisy and encouraging parkrun takeover.

Overseal Running Club are based just up the road from Conkers and meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. They are a friendly bunch, no one ever is left behind and they are partial to a little bit of cake every so often.

Before proceedings took place, there was a minute to remember Nicola Potter who sadly passed away; our thoughts are with Nicola’s family at this time. Many parkrunners wore purple as a tribute.

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Nicola in 2014 just after being awarded the monthly Sweatshop prize.

So this week, considering the conditions, a massive 399 people took part either running or part of the walking group, but no matter what time you took you still achieved 5k. There were 27 first timers including eight taking in their first ever parkrun, and despite the wet conditions, 44 personal bests were achieved.

For the men Chris Baxter came in at 17:48 followed by Richard Miller at 18:18. For the ladies first timer Kirsty Huntington came in at 20:41 followed by Christina Hawtin at 20:42.

There were lots of parkrun milestones achieved today and they were:

Joining the 50 club

Matthew McKibbin

Sara Sneath

Stuart Batchelor

Louisa Wright

Joining the 100 club

Penny Marsden

Joining the 250 club

Richard Miller who was also the second man to finish

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 Penny Marsden celebrating her 100th parkrun in true Fairy Style.

Conkers is very much about the family, so when Kevin & Helen Clarke managed to prize son Lewis out of his Saturday morning lie in, it deserved a family photo. Good to see you Lewis.

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Next Saturday is the 400th Conkers parkrun, the first parkrun at Conkers was on April 11, 2011 with 30 participants including James Cobb currently on 344 parkruns and Mark Harriott on 260. On Friday evening at the Box Club in Woodville we are having a quiz night, the cost is just £2 per person with teams up to a maximum(ish) of six people. If you would like to join in this super social evening then please either drop an email to conkersoffice@parkrun.co or leave a message on our Facebook page.

On next Sunday, following our tradition of celebrating these things we have set a challenge to complete 400K (80 laps of Conkers parkrun course). We will be starting at 9am and so come on down and either do one lap or as many as you can before we wrap up at 12pm.

Melissa x


Robert gets snappy over his 250th

If like me the first thing you do on a Saturday morning is open the curtains so you can decide how many layers to put on for parkrun, then what a lovely sight it was to see the sun this morning. I decided on one layer, which after I left the house to run down for 8:30 I found to be a mistake as it was freezing! It did however make for a lovely sight as the mist was rising from the water, which was where Robert could be found this morning taking photos before he ran his 250th parkrun, congratulations Robert.

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Robert armed with camera waits for the subjects to run towards him, all of his photographs can be viewed on this link https://www.facebook.com/pg/PhotoChippy/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2077516688960194

Also at parkrun today were a group running to raise funds for a very special little girl, if you want to read their story or make a donation here is the link: https://www.gofundme.com/team-audrina


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The lovely group from the NWLDC Finance Team although I can't help thinking that some of their management of the council budget may involve child labour!  :)

Parkrun to me feels like one big happy family, it doesn`t matter who you are or what your story is you can take out of it whatever you need. Today we had 2 brothers running their 100th parkrun together, what a great thing to do, well done Jon & Gary Bark. Welcome to the family the 57 new people who came to conkers parkrun for the first time today, hope you enjoyed it.

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Two hundreds worth of brotherly parkruns for the Bark brothers

Not only do we get to run/walk such a lovely route we also have some great volunteers at conkers, who give us all the essentials for a Saturday morning, from setting up, to keeping us safe and everything in between, the marshal with the cowbell at the top of cheeky hill was a great distraction, thank you to everyone who gave their time.

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Janet adopts the 'they shall not pass' pose, sending everyone the correct way towards the canal. Job done, nobody lost.

Now for the stats:

Event number 398

This week 517 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 57 were
first timers and 90 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37
different clubs took part.

Well done on all the pb and milestones reached today, you all did fantastic.

The event was made possible by 33 volunteers:

Judith BRAND • Robert DILWORTH • Laura GRAVES • Dawn STORER • Laurence
Jennifer CROSS • Louis BASSETT • Graham REED • Sophie ALLERY • Thomas
ALLERY • Kevin LEWIS • Wendy LEWIS • Lyndsey HILL • Chris HANMAN •
Yvonne FELTHOUSE • Nicola BRIGGS • James GOUGH • Gregg MAYLES • Tony
Susan MAYLES • Mark NUGENT • Elspeth DICKINSON • Richard FERNANDES •

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Lyndsey, RD for event No. 398 delivers her brief so well, she can do it with her eyes closed.

Thank you to them. If you would like to volunteer then please get in touch with the core team in all the usual ways, it really is as much fun as running. Next week the roster is full, as it is an Overseal running club takeover, so have a think about putting your name down for another week.

See you all next week for conkers parkrun no. 399.


(Roger, hopefully not a large p in sight!!)








Roger’s Ding-a-Ling

Conkers parkrun 397 – 22nd September 2018 

“My ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling I want you to play with my ding-a-ling,” or so Chuck Berry sang in 1972 (was it really that long ago? Before at least 50% of our participants were born, I guess). Still Roger introduced us to his (or Conkers parkruns, own ding-a-ling) this morning and 45 first-timers including 27 celebrating their first parkrun, along with 8 milestone achievers gaining a variety of 10, 50 and 100 run t-shirts and not forgetting the 87 new PB’s that were made today, were all eligible to give it a quick stroke.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Roger Cobb, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Roger demonstrates the new bell

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

... and what it is for!!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Marie Bowkett-Lloyd rings in her new PB of34:38

Ringing the Changes were tourists from a variety of places from Mickleover, Warrington, London and Eastbourne.

To allow us to have our own attempt at doing what rings our bell, we had some 38 Hi Viz heroes out on course making sure that we were nice and safe and that we didn’t drop any clangers by going the wrong way. In true Conkers form, they cheered and cajoled us all on our way and chimed in with many a “Well Run” and “You are doing Great” etc.

In the meantime, we had front-runners going like the clappers, while a goodly number of people did the rounds at a more leisurely jog and to those who running or jogging didn’t ap-peal, walked at their own pace.

All 529, including representatives of 34 different clubs, set off as the clock chimed 9.00, to run, walk, jog, hop or skip their way around a cool but dry Conkers. They did the rounds of Moira Junction where the signal box bells were heard many years ago, Stephen’s Gate, Cheeky Hill, Canal Turn, where they maybe had to dodge a stray monkey, before the stretch along Canalside and returning along the home mile to cross the line.

First past the timekeeper today was Matt Pleass in a time of 17.28. He was the first of 9 Mat, Matt, or Matthews who ran today in an average time of 28.28. First Lady home and dry was Jenny Laing in 18.55 she headed up a squad of 6 Jennys and Jennifers who completed the course in an average time of 31.44. The first Junior home was Louis Bassett (JM15-17) in a very creditable 18.13.

To prove that parkrun caters for all, our walking group this week, was headed up by the Pink Viz Princess, Jen Cross, in a comfortable 52.30.

The Tail end was brought up by Tail Walkers Mae Stenson and Lorraine Shipley who made sure everyone arrived back safe and sound.

Post run non magic, non-fairy work was carried out by Roger and helpers, hope they didn’t have too much of a ding-dong sorting out the results, which were posted with the usual efficiency and are available on the Conkers parkrun, N.W.Leicestershire Results Page.

Image may contain: Katie Fellows, Jan Cobb, Frankie Hughes and Kyle Hughes, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Frankie Hughes celebrates her 50th parkrun.

Thanks again to Roger, the Core team, and all the Hi Viz heroes past and present. Those of you who maybe haven’t discovered that taking one of the varied roles on offer can be just as rewarding as actually running, jogging or walking should give it a whirl.

It is also maybe worth a word of thanks to the members of the Public and other Park users for their patience in allowing us our weekly indulgence.


My ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling, I want you to play with my ding-a-ling!
My ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling, I want you to play with my ding-a-ling!

Oh, your own, ding-a-ling, your own ding-a-ling, we saw you playing with your ding-a-ling
Oh, my ding-a-ling, everybody sing, I want to play with my, everybody

My ding-a-ling, oh, my, ding-a-ling
Slow down, I want to play, everybody, with my ding-a-ling!


Ring any bells?


Dennis Dickinson

The Stats.


Conkers parkrun, N.W.Leicestershire

Event number 397

22nd September 2018

This week 529 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 45 were first timers and 87 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.


The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:


John Frederick POTTER • Janet POTTER • Avril MOONEY • Laura GRAVES • Roger COBB • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Rebecca HOBBS • Lisa WRIGHT • Karl WIDEMAN • Anthony WICKWAR • Angela BEBBINGTON • Jennifer CROSS • Thomas ALLERY • Sam SKIDMORE • Mae STENSON • Tracey GLOVER • Gregg MAYLES • Jane PLACKETT • Lorraine SHIPLEY • Tony STONE • Helen SIMMONS • Claire WEBBER • Jo IORIO • Julie HANSON • Susan MAYLES • Mark NUGENT • Simon RUTLEDGE • Dennis DICKINSON • Lisa WILLIAMS • Joanne WYKES • Elliot STONEY • Daniel CONNOLLY • Rowan WEBBER • James STEPHENSON • Mic STEPHENSON • Katie DENNIS • Miles BLACKBURN • Jade BLACKBURN

Dennis x

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

           Roger looks at the first PB bell that he ordered and can't help notice there is something wrong.


Furry volunteer and being bribed by my Mum.

Conkers Event Number 396   -      15th September 2018

Hi all,

Yet again it has been another busy week with 488 runners, joggers and walkers. We had 69 PBs and 46 first timers including 22 trying out Conkers for the first time. Well done to you all for completing Conkers for the first time we hope to see you again next week. We also had a birthday among our parkrunners! Happy Birthday! There were also representatives from 30 clubs.

Well done to Samuel Bowen who was first back with a new PB of 16:37.

It was really great to see people with their Great North Run t-shirts on. Well done to everyone who completed the Great North Run. Including my Mum, Kev, Helen and Jan plus a few others I spotted. I also saw a number of Conkers parkrunners at the Coalville Colour Run today too being covered in paint.

Congratulations for completing the following milestones:


Chris Potts

Ian Boam

Nick Upton

Patrick Horn

David Beckitt



Rebecca Moult

Graham Brooks

Lucy Regan

Colette Boldy

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Sometimes we double up on marshal points, this happened on Saturday at Canal Turn when Jo Wykes brought along her furry friend the Emu to assist

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

This weeks funnel selfie. They are all still smiling but this was before 480 parkrunners came through their funnel. :) 

Thank you to our volunteers: Tim RHODES • Janet POTTER • Robert DILWORTH • Roger COBB • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Linda COBB • Zoe ALLERY • Anthony WICKWAR • Jennifer CROSS • Kevin CLARKE • Michael SHERRATT • Kelvin PEERS • Amy Eleanor DERBYSHIRE • Thomas ALLERY • Zoey HUDSON • Ceri WAKELIN • Samuel HILL • Gary BARK • Charlotte CARR • Kevin BORLEY • Jon BARK • Andrea ALLEN • Julie HANSON • Susan MAYLES • Mark NUGENT • Simon RUTLEDGE • Kevin LINDSAY-SMITH • Joanne WYKES • James STEPHENSON • Mic STEPHENSON • Chris GAIR • Joanna RUTLEDGE • Christopher ALLEN

For the last two parkruns, I was running with someone else because I’m now faster than my Mum and I’m not quite 11 yet - so I’m really pleased when people volunteer to run with me! Thank you to our friends Ady and Diana because it helped me to get a new PB (which is now nearly the same as my headteacher’s PB) When I ran with Ady, he told me about a bird box on the way back to the finish. When you see the bird box, it means you are back on the tarmac and it’s easier to run on and it means you are getting closer to the finish. This is a good time to try and speed up if you want a new PB.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, glasses and outdoor

Look, here is the deal I had to put up with. I am not quite 11 and so my access to emails and social media is restricted, so I am obliged to use my Mum to email my work in. She would only do it if she was included in the report, so one picture of my Mum as part of the Tail Walker team to guarantee you being able to read my report.

Hope to see you all next week.

From Christopher aged 10

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