The parkrun Code

The parkrun Code has been given a lick of paint.

The parkrun Code image

Some additional reminders:

  • If you’re new to parkrun or Coventry parkrun, please arrive in time to attend the new runner briefing at 8.50
  • Please attend the main briefing at the monument. You can’t hear it from the start line and we’d rather not have to come and repeat the briefing for those that don’t attend.
  • Please listen to the Run Director (or at least not talk through the briefing)
  • There are signs with estimated finish times at the start area. Please follow these. It will help everyone to get away safely and will decrease the need for people to overtake (particularly at the start)
  • Keep left at all time unless you’re on the way to the finish line (and finishing)
  • The paths are narrow in places so please don’t run more than 2 abreast
  • Be aware of other runners and walkers. Please give them room to enjoy the park and pathways
  • If you are passing people, please only do so when it’s safe and leave room for people behind you when you move back to the left hand side of the pathways
  • We do not have priority in the park. Under no circumstances should anyone shout at other park users or other parkrunners to get out of the way
  • Under no circumstances should you push anyone

These are, hopefully, common sense but if you’re unable to follow any of these then do get in touch with us at or speak to one of our volunteers.

This will all help everyone to continue to enjoy the friendly, community event that Coventry parkrun is.