Run report #326 – pirates and a stranded Run Director

Care of one our pirate guests - Tim Gray.

The true spirit of parkrun is not really rum!

From my perspective planning for Crane parkrun 326 started in April, as I made plans for my 50th birthday on July 14th – and the plan was – Pirate Club! Pirate Club was invented by Australian parkrun tourists  and involves getting seven parkruns starting with C and one with R – confused? Try saying it out loud – seven C’s and an Rrrrr! It can be found (amongst many other things)on a rather fab Google chrome extension for desktops and laptops – just go to the chrome store and add ‘running challenges’ if you are running chrome.

My version of Pirate club is now;

- c Cambridge 03/11/2012
- c Crystal Palace 13/04/2013
- c Chelmsford Central 23/07/2016
- c Clair 18/03/2017
- c Cassiobury 30/09/2017
- c Cranleigh 31/03/2018
- c Crane Park 14/07/2018
- r Roundshaw Downs 05/12/2009

It also has a lot of other great features, stopwatch bingo, groundhog day, volunteer badges – I could go on and on.

So in April I started to assemble my crew - parkrun tourists (20 or more different parkruns) some I knew, like Lindsay or Ray, some I was meeting for the first time, like Jen or Ulen, friends from all bits of my life (school – Neil, work Julian and Imogen, my neighbour Dave, my family, my Church, my home parkrun) –  I can’t name them all or we will be here all day but basically all the UK parkrun tourists, St Patrick’s Tigers, Collingwood AC, & there in force the  Chiltern Church Runners – my beloved  ‘social’ running club. In all I reckon there were about 40 of us – many dressed for the occasion as Pirates.

Lifts were arranged, satnav codes sent out, enquiries made of the very helpful Vicky from the volunteer team – and on the day we mainly made it.

Then a seeming disaster – there was a problem – as your RD for the morning later explained on Facebook;

“Good afternoon everybody. I just wanted to give my sincerest apologies for the crisis this morning. The electrics in my car decided to fail whilst I was refueling, resulting in all of the parkrun equipment getting locked in the boot of my car and the run director, 1 barcode scanner and the funnel manger unable to get to Cane Park.”

No kit should surely mean no run? My wife says she could see some of the hardcore tourists twitching. But no, the true spirit of parkrun is around the taking part, the cooperating, and the having fun – after all, it’s a run, not a race. And so the quote continues;

 “Thank you to all the runners for your understanding and to all the volunteer team who managed to make the parkrun work, regardless of this accidental mishap. I hope to see you all at the start line (equipment in hand) next Saturday."

No apology needed from our perspective – these things happen in life, and didn’t the volunteer team rise to the challenge, amazing stuff! No kit at all except one mobile phone, and they still managed it.

We then enjoyed your fab run, with some much appreciated shade to help us in the heat we ran – Tamsyn thanks for running with me, appreciated, and my son ‘Ninja Runner Boy’ as he is known online – thanks also for your company.

With limited results, what we know so far (15/7/18 18.30pm) is 188 runners, and 121 positions claimed. Most runs, the delightful Colin Harris with 555. Least runs the 3 brand new parkrunners, Abhijit SHIDLAGATTA, Lydia Graham [after years of me persuading her] & Zoe Johnstone (also for you and your Mum Sophie keeping my wife and daughter company).  I should also mention Kate Lambert’s first ever UK parkrun, following her one previous run in her adopted home country, Canada.

Well done Hamish Ironside on run 200, Alison Elizabeth TAYLOR-BEADLING on run 150, Ella WADDINGHAM on her ‘flake’ run 99, and Joely Mae UNDERDOWN on your 50 ( a proper official milestone).

A massive thank you to all the volunteers – I have to say shouting thank you to people not in high viz felt really odd!

Abhijit SHIDLAGATTA  •  Alison ‘Cutlass’ SYMONDS-TAYLER  •  Andrew MADGE  •  Andrew SARGENT  •  David BROWNE  •  Jason NOBLE  •  Jon SANDAPIN  •  Marianne MALAM  •  Morgan WILKINS  •  Rachel HARTLEY  •  Richard HURDLE  •  Tim ‘Scurvy’ GRAY  •  Veronica STEVENS  •  Vicky SANDAPIN

You showed us the true spirit of parkrun. And nobody had to walk the plank!


Get one, write one for free – run reports #324 and #325


Mob Match between Stragglers and Ranelagh Harriers this week. No idea what that means or how it works, except that we worry we’ll run out of finish tokens!

325 runners then made up this week’s run, including 4 first timers and, even with the mob match, just 3 first time visitors.

Two of top three finishers were Ranelagh runners – Ted Mockett in first place at 16:58 and Marc Leyshon in third place at 17:51. Sandwiched between those two was Paul Lowe, just two seconds behind Ted at 17:00 on the nose.

First ladies across the line were Suzy Whatmough at 19:36, Adrienne Baddeley at 19:41 and Harriet Naismith at 20:09. Positions 23, 24 and 32 respectively.

Suzy and Adrienne both managed to set a new Age Category Record for Crane – Suzy for SW25-29 and Adrienne for VW35-39. Good going ladies!

Two runners joined the 50 Club – Stuart Law and Sarah Hipshon. Congratulations both!

44 PBs, but as these were mostly from Ranelagh Harriers and Stragglers runners, they are very likely to be course PBs.

A whopping 53 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week, but 6 runners broke the 80% Age Grade. In ascending order they were Brigid Hibberd, Margie Harrison, Roy Reeder, Pamela Whitter, Ramona Thevenet and Liz Kilip – who hit 90.32%!

Thanks to Geoff Malvisi who made his debut as Race Director this week and did a sterling job and, of course, to all the volunteers.


Wowser, that was a hot one.

Just 158 runners braved the heat this week – positively quiet after last week’s Mob Match.

And still they come. 2 first timers and 11 new-to-Crane runners.

As normal service was resumed, Pete Gregorowski was back in the top spot at 17:51, followed by Michael Robinson-Chui at 18:10 and Tim Bartholomew at 18:37. A PB for Tim – congratulations Tim.

First lady across the line this week was, for the first time, Lucianne Hoskin at 23:59, second was Sophie Thomas at 24.06 and third, pacing 24 minutes, was Michelle Beaumont at 24:07. Positions 44, 46 and 47 respectively.

A full complement of pacers helped 13 to a new PB – how in that heat?! Most noteworthy of these was Alun Thomas, finishing in 6th position and going sub 20 at 19:53 on his 225th run!

Four runners joined the Clubs – Juniors Vicky Sandell and Ethan Rodriguez-Law joined the 10 Club and Naomi Beth Wells and Anna Thornby joined the 50 Club. Congratulations and new t-shirts all round!

15 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Breda McGree, Simon Flowers, Stephen Suttle, Tim Bartholomew, Heather Martingell, John Calvert, Ed Buckley, Michael Robinson-Chui, Chris Brimacombe, Julian Diamond, Alun Thomas, Gabriel Phelan, Pete Gregorowski, Michael Dennison and Steve Taylor.

Thanks to Geoff Malvisi again for Race Directing and results processing and to all the volunteers.


Run #323 – a very warm last weekend

218 runners this week for a rather warm run including 3 running a parkrun for the very first time and 15 first-time visitors to Crane.

15 ladies and 7 gents bagged themselves a PB this week. While 16 of those 22 were in single figures for their total runs and 4 were in low double figures, Anneke Sando got herself to a sub 25 time on her 168th run and placed 5th for the girls. Hard work paying off.

Also working very hard, Pete Gregorowski, who was our first finisher again this week - out in front by a country mile. At 17:44 he was well ahead of the rest of the field. Gabriel Phelan placed second at 19:25 and Adam James Lee was just 10 seconds behind him at 19:35.

Female first finishers were Jennifer Darling at 23:31, Marianne Malam at 23:43 and Ann Kearey at 23:47. Overall positions 35, 42 and 43 respectively.

Just 6 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were John Tovell, Heather Martingell, John Calvert, Gabriel Phelan, Jennifer Darling and, once again, Pete Gregorowski.

This week’s run was directed by Mark Devereux. Thanks to Mark for the results processing and to the team of volunteers, without whom, as we always say, there is no run.


Run report #322 – our 6th birthday celebrations

Happy Birthday to us! 214 runners came out to celebrate Crane Parkrun’s 6th birthday, along with a full house of volunteers.

11 lovely people chose Crane as their very first Parkrun this week, and 9 Parkrunners came to visit us for the first time.

25 runners pushed it and came up trumps with a PB. Well done to all of you.

Milestones were achieved for two Juniors – Rebecca Randell and Grace Lily O’Sullivan both completed their 10th run, while Crane stalwart Kit Malvisi celebrated her own birthday, as well as ours, by completing her 250th run! Great stuff.

So, to our first finishers – a staggered field once again this week as Pete Gregorowski placed first again at 17:52, followed by Michael Robinson-Chui at 18:32 and Adam James Lee at 19:45.

Female first finishers were Jennifer Mains at 21:18, Georgina Reeves at 21:36 and Lucianne Hoskin at 24:19. Overall positions for these three, 16, 19 and 54 respectively.

10 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Alan Elder, Jennifer Mains, Ian Brannen, Michael Robinson-Chui, Heather Martingell, Ian Sharp, Chris Brimacombe, John Calvert, Breda McGree and Pete Gregorowski. Top work!

This week’s birthday run was directed by the ever-efficient Ann Kearey, with some very swift results processing. Thank you to Ann and the rest of Team Kearey.

Post-run, the birthday celebrations by the Shot Tower were exceptionally well catered. Thanks to all who prepped, baked and contributed.

Five awards were handed out this year and they were:

  1. Most volunteering this year (after Vicky!) – Richard Gurd, who has volunteered 29 times!
  2. Most PBs this year - Pete Gregorowski, with 13 PBs!
  3. Most Crane Parkruns this year (adult) – Nick Hill, with 47 runs!
  4. Most Crane Parkruns this year (junior) – Bethy Wells, with 33 runs!
  5. Most Crane Parkruns in 6 years – Mel Thomas, with 277 runs!

Well done and congratulations to all recipients of the coveted trophies!

Finally, a very big Thank You to Emily Sharp for photographing the event. See her pictures here:


Another double bill – run reports #320 and #321 – NHS 70 celebrations, pacer day and lots more!

2nd June - 2018 - run number #320 - Ladies Day

216 runners, 6 first timers, 14 runners making their first visit to Crane, 29 PBs and 2 new Age Category records!

Pacer Saturday did its stuff then! But keep reading to find out why the ladies take all the glory this week.

Paul Lowe was this week’s first finisher at 17:21. Pete Gregorowski was once again in second place at 18:05 and David Lawley came in third at 18:24.

On her first visit to Crane Park, Adrienne Baddeley was this week’s first female finisher at 19:47. Adrienne’s run set a new Age Category Record at Crane for VW35-39.

Also on her first visit to Crane was Carla Novakovic who was this week’s second female at 19:56 –Carla’s run also set a new Age Category Record at Crane for VW15-17.

Finishing overall in positions 6 and 9 respectively, this really was great work from these two.

But it doesn’t end there, Merilyn Davis coming in third for the ladies, overall position 35, topped the Age Grade leader board this week at an 82.63%.

And still the ladies keep rolling – Melanie Thomas completed her 300th run and celebrated with fizz and a super impressive Parkrun cake, decorated with a mini Mel in her Bearcat Running Club top and mini Coco the cat. Congratulations Mel!

Christina Madon and Andrew Youens were also celebrating milestones, both completing their 50th run. Well done to you both.

15 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Gabriel Phelan, Paul Graham, Mark Devereux, Michael Robinson-Chui, Charlotte Axbey, John Rose, David Lawley, Audrey Haywood, Simon Flowers, David Maund, Adrienne Baddeley, Breda McGree, Pete Gregorowski, Paul Lowe, Carla Novakovic and the aforementioned Merilyn Davis broke 80%.

Thank you to Raj Patel for race directing and results processing and thank you to all our volunteers and pacers!

9th June - 2018 - run number #321 - NHS70 celebrations

192 runners completed our lovely 5K course on Saturday morning. Just 3 first timers this week, but 10 parkrunners paid their first visit to Crane, so plenty of new faces to welcome and clearly everyone was on top form with 38 PBs counted! It wasn’t even a pacer week.

A staggered field for our first three finishers this week. First past the post, Pete Gregorowski at 17:45, a full 59 seconds ahead of second finisher, Ed Buckley at 18:44. A PB for Ed – congratulations! Coming in third at 19:38 was Paul Bowden.

Adrienne Baddeley’s return to Crane saw her placing first for the women two weeks in a row. This week at 19:50, just three seconds slower than last week, but placing 4th overall.

In second place for the ladies, Michelle Beaumont at 20:46 on her 250th run. Congratulations Michelle! Overall position 9. Third female Lisa Tovey finished in 23.20, overall position 33.

Other milestones celebrated this week - George Prior joined the 10 Club and Chris Sprately joined the 50 club. Well done to both.

Just 9 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Alex Ring, Ian Sharp, Michelle Baumont, Heather Martingell, Martin Harris, John Calvert, Ed Buckley, Adrienne Baddeley and Pete Gregorowski. Great work everyone.

A big thank you to Kat Haberfield for race directing and results processing and to her merry band of volunteers.

Looking forward to a big turn out for our 6th birthday celebrations next Saturday...

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