Run Report #354

245 runners this week included 12 parkrun newbies. Fantastic! 16 runners made their first visit to Crane parkrun. Welcome to all!

The third run of the year saw 27 chalk up a new PB and 2 reach a significant milestone. A bit of a parkrun tourist, Karen Anders marked her 200th run with her first visit to Crane Park, while Crane regular Stephen Sainsbury completed his 300th run - 247 of Stephen's runs have been at Crane. Congratulations to both!

First finisher this week was Pete Gregorowski at 17:56, second was Gareth Williams at 18:09 and third was Dave Miller at 18:36.

For the ladies, it was Natalie McClelland who finished first - just 1 second off her PB, at 21:16. Second was Rebecca Northmore at 22:57 and third was Lucianne Hoskin at 24:16. Overall positions 20, 36 and 58 respectively.

14 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Alan Elder, Natalie McClelland, John Tovell, Kevin Kearey, Melanie Thomas, John Calvert, Alun Thomas, Chris Kitchener, David Maund, Ian Rawlinson, Gareth Williams, Pete Gregorowski Dave Miller and Bryan Searle.

Thank you to Tamsin Burland for directing this week's run and processing the results and, of course, to all the wonderful volunteers. Have you put your name down yet??


Run Report #353

243 runners, 12 first timers and 20 first-time visitors.

The first Saturday of the month produced 31 PBs. Thank you to all who paced those runners to success!

Normal service is resumed as Pete Gregorowski took the top spot, finishing first at 17:45. In second place Daniel James Little at 18:57 and in third place Adam James Lee at 19:00.

First female finisher this week was Zoe Dennison with a course PB at 21:46. Second was Maria Jovani at 21:35 third was Joanna Moore at 22:38.

Quite a few milestones this week. Conal Ablett hit 10 runs, Raphe Phelan, Andrew Hall and Peter Lee all celebrated their 50th run, Richard Gurd completed run number 150 and Ashu Sharma reached 200 runs. Congratulations to all!

12 runners broke the 70% age grade. In ascending order they were Stephen Suttle, Richard Gurd, John Tovell, Raphe Phelan, Jennifer Darling, Daniel James Little, Melanie Thomas, Maria Jovani, Paula Henderson, Neil Stuart Mackintosh, Mike Dennison and Pete Gregorowski.

Thank you all 33 volunteers this week! Looks like that's a new record.


Christmas and New Year runs

Top line stuff for the 3 runs that happened over Christmas and New Year:

Christmas Day - run #350
217 runners - a record turnout at Crane for Christmas Day! That number included 5 first timers (what a nice day to start!) and 29 PBs.
First finishers - Tony MacDowall 18:06, Nick Di Paolo 18:10 and Mark Herbert 18:15.
First female finishers - Rebecca Curtis-Hall 20:49, Michelle Beaumont 21:13 and Bernadette Maher Allan 21:32.
18 runners broke the 70% Age Grade. In ascending order they were: Tish MCT, Jarryd Meyer, Michelle Beaumont, Grant Russell, Maria Jovani, Nick Hill, John Calvert, Melanie Thomas, Rebecca Curtis-Hall, Nick Di Paolo, Mark Herbert, Alun Thomas, Vaughn Ramsay, Alex Ring, Tony MacDowall, Carl Moran, Dave Bush and, at 81.80%, Steve Taylor.

29 December 2018 - run #351
179 runners - 5 first timers and 20 PBs.
First finishers - Paul Lowe 17:33, Pete Gregorowski 18:04 and Gabriel Phelan 18:53.
First female finishers - Joanna Moore 23:19, Julie Patterson 23:35 and Lucianne Hoskin 23:58.
12 runners broke the 70% Age Grade. In ascending order they were: Jennifer Darling, Nick Hill, Janet Robinson, Melanie Thomas, John Calvert, Gabriel Phelan, John Cheal, Ian Cutler, Paul Lowe, Pete Gergorowski, Bryan Searle and, at 81.73%, Steve Taylor.

New Year's Day - run #352
Another record! 489 runners - our biggest number to date. 14 runners chose today to be the first day of the rest of their lives, with parkrun number 1! And 50 of you started the year with a PB. Nice.
Ours was the second run of the morning for lots of you, with the first 5K being run at either Bushy or Richmond. Well done to all who began 2019 with a parkrun double!
First finishers - Chris Davidson celebrated the new year in style - finishing first with a PB of 17:26 on his 100th run. Jackpot! Second place was taken by Isabel Clark - whilst her time of 17:30 wasn't a PB time for her, she did set two records for Crane - the new record for SW30-34 and our fastest female time. Incredible. In third position was Jim Lurkins at 17:38. Second and third females were Natalie Haarer at 19:42 and Isabel Livesey at 20:44.
30 runners broke the 70% Age Grade and the top 3 of those broke 80%. In ascending order those 3 were Gary Neville, Peter Mannion and Isabel Clark.
Huge thanks to Kat Haberfield and all who volunteered and coped with the numbers today. Happy New Year and keeeeep running!


Run Report #349

215 runners included 1 running for the first time, 15 visitors and 17 PBs.

Some fast front runners this week, with the first finisher as Max Costley at 16:32, second at 17:22 Matthew Keogh and third at 17:39 Jonny Brook, who set himself a new course PB.

First for the ladies this week bagged a PB - Pippa Prior in position 24 at 21:45! Second was Natalie McClelland at 23:07 and third Marianne Malam at 23:25 - overall positions 42 and 50 respectively.

A new Age Category record was set this week - Liz Zass hit 83.5% with her time of 27:27, setting a new record for VW70-74. Fantastic!

Congratulations to Laura Bowden, who ran her 300th run and brought us all treats by way of a celebration!

18 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Grace Phelan, Melanie Thomas, Matt Whyman, Isaac Phelan, David Bate, Kevin Kearey, Chaoran Sun, Gabriel Phelan, Neil Stuart Mackintosh, John Calvert, Matthew Keogh, Joseph Cowley, Dave Miller, Max Costley, Peter Costley, Jonny Brook, Pippa Prior and at 83.5%, Liz Zass.

Many thanks to Ben Chaytow and family and all the volunteers for facilitating this week's run!


Run Report #348

160 runners this Saturday including 3 making their parkrun debut and just 2 paying their first visit to Crane parkrun.

21 PBs this week, as usual some personal records and some their course records.

Martin Furze ran his 100th parkrun - 90 of those runs have been at Crane. Unofficial milestones reached by Lucianne Hoskin at 150 runs and 200 runs for Colette Doran.

First finisher this week was Dave Miller setting himself a PB for Crane of 18:27, second was Paul Bowden at 19:16 and third was Michael Kennedy at 19:45.

A good week for our female first finisher - Natalie McClelland, free of her buggy this week, hit a double whammy and bagged herself a PB of 21:15. Congratulations Natalie! Second was Vicky Gallagher at 24:18. and third was Melanie Thomas at 24:24. Overall positions 15, 44 and 46 respectively.

11 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Alun Thomas, Julian Abbott, Natalie McClelland, Paul Bowden, Melanie Thomas, Alex Ring, John Calvert, Chris Brimacombe, Nick Fox, Liz Zass and Dave Miller.

Huge thanks to Kat Haberfield and all the Hi-Vis Heroes who made this week's run possible.

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