Run report number #314 – hello sunshine

Phew! What a scorcher! First hot run of 2018. Well done to everyone who sweated it out round the course on Saturday.

190 runners this week included 7 first timers and 11 new-to-Crane runners. Nice also to see that 15 runners enjoyed their first run enough to return for a second go.

Despite the heat, 20 PBs were bagged – congratulations to all achievers.

Pete Gregorowski keeps on rolling and took the top spot again this week with his time of 18:05.

Second place went to Andy Young at 18:45 and third place to Andrew Keane at 19:04.

Second and third ladies last week were first and second this week. Jennifer Darling first, placing at 35 overall with her time of 23:35 with Lucianne Hoskin second at 37 overall at 23:52. Ann Kearey came in third at 46 with a time of 24:27.

Not an official milestone, but a milestone nonetheless – the 200 run mark was hit by Breda McGree and Romit Basu this week. No t-shirt, but the commitment has to be worth a mention!

11 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Sean Parry, Ian Sharp, John Calvert, Jennifer Darling, James Moore, David Maund, Chris Brimacombe, Andrew Keane, Andy Young, Breda McGree and Pete Gregorowski – first place and the highest age grading for Pete this week. Good going!

A big thank you and well done to Nigel Coombes, who made his debut as Race Director, doing a fantastic job of instructing the runners and processing the results. Just as well, as Nigel is back on duty for us again next week! Thanks as always to all the volunteers, without whom there is no run.

And lastly, congratulations to our parkrunners who took part in the London Marathon on Sunday.  Great work by all in that heat! Fabulous.

-- Susan


Run reports 312 and 313 – 2 for 1 deal this week!

Crane parkrun number 313 - 14th April 2018

210 runners took to the course this week, including a whopping 15 first timers! Hope you enjoyed it and will be back! 8 visitors to Crane Park also swelled the numbers.

The morning produced an amazing 31 PBs and not even any pacers to chase!

The first PB of the day was Pete Gregorowski, who is on a roll, knocking 10 seconds off last week’s PB and was this week’s first finisher, way out in front.

Second place went to Duncan Mallinson with 18:31 and third place to Tish MCT with 19:36, who also scored himself an excellent PB.

Michelle Beaumont placed first for the ladies for the 27th time! Her time of 21:31 placed her at position 20 overall. Jennifer Darling placing at 48 with her time of 23:53 took second place with Lucianne Hoskins chasing her to place 3rd with a time of 23:55, overall position 49.

Second finisher Tish MCT and David Paton Bass both completed their 50th run – congratulations to you both. Keep on running!

16 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Gareth Williams, Tish MCT, Alun Thomas, Simon Flowers, Gabriel Phelan, Jennifer Darling, Chris Suggit, Isaac Phelan, Steve Middup, Neil Stuart Mackintosh, Chris Brimacombe, John Calvert, Paul Emery, Duncan Mallinson, Pete Gregorowski and Merilyn Davis. Great running!

Thanks to all this week’s volunteers and to Jason Noble, this week’s Race Director and results processor.

Parkrun needs you! If you haven’t helped out in a while, check the roster here and drop us a line at to let us know which spots you can fill. If you’re new to parkrun or have not helped out before, find out more about volunteering here

And finally, well done to all our regulars who ran Brighton Marathon on Sunday and good luck to all those running London on the 22nd.

Crane parkrun number 312 - 7th April 2018

This week we saw 9 people choose to do their first ever Parkrun at Crane Park. What a privilege.

A grand total of 188 runners ran our course on Saturday and, on top of the 9 first timers, 24 of those were new to Crane.

First place went to one of those visitors, Georges Vacharopoulos with a time of 17:27. Matthew Bowman followed him in to 2nd place at 17:33 and Pete Gregorowski scored himself another PB, knocking another 2 seconds off last week’s PB to come in at 17:56.

Cordelia Parker, with an overall position of 7, was our 1st female for her 3rd time. Jennifer Mains placed 2nd for the ladies, overall position 16, at 21:17 and Michelle Beaumont, position 19, placed 3rd at 21:38.

Our pacers helped to produce 16 new PBs – great running by all of you!

Congratulations go to Georgina Sainsbury and Nigel Coombes, both of whom completed their 100th run. Well done to you both.

14 runners broke through the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Jennifer Mains, Ted Fraser, Jennifer Darling, Audrey Haywood, Heather Martingell, Chris Brimacombe, John Calvert, Georges Vacharopoulos, Matthew Bowman, Pete Gregorowski, David Maund, Crispin Allen, Laurence Duffy and Cordelia Parker.

Thanks to Jason Noble for taking the lead as Race Director and results processor this week and the full team of volunteers and pacers for giving their time to get us all safely round.

And finally, Emily Sharp was out with her camera again - check out her latest set of pics at


Run report #311 – if you need some inspiration

“Inspirational” is a word very often used to describe 84 year old Dennis Smith and Saturday saw him demonstrate just why, as he completed his 100th Parkrun with us at Crane. 161 other runners all turned out to accompany him, including Adrian Taylor who was also celebrating, as he completed his 50th run. Congratulations to you both!

Congratulations also to Pete Gregorowski who hit the top spot this week, for the first time – matching last week’s PB time of 17:58! Great result, well done Pete!

2nd and 3rd places went to Paul Bowden at 18:28 and Crispin Allen at 18:58.

Our 1st female also triumphed with a PB and a category record for JW15-17 Well done to Isabel Livesey on her time of 20:09! Overall position 7.

2nd place for the ladies was Helena Samarasinghe at 21:20 and 3rd was Lisa Tovey at 23:29. Overall positions 11 and 28 respectively.

We’re always delighted to see new faces at Crane Park and this week we had 4 first timers and 9 new-to-Crane runners among us.

13 runners broke through the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were Audrey Haywood, Nicholas Allen, Melanie Thomas, Simon Flowers, Jennifer Darling, Helena Samarasinghe, Gabriel Phelan, Chris Brimacombe, Paul Bowden, Pete Gregorowski, Crispin Allen, Isabel Livesey and Bryan Searle.

It was a good week all round with 17 PBs achieved. How many more can we get next week with our team of pacers?!

Thank you to Kat Haberfield for directing this week's run and results processing and, as always, to the band of merry volunteers.

-- Susan Hare


Run report number #310 – a break from the snow!

Well that was an improvement on last week! The temperature and the turn out both significantly increased.

A satisfyingly round number of 200 runners took part today, including 13 new-to-Crane runners and we were particularly pleased to welcome 6 first timers. The take-up week on week at Parkruns across the country never ceases to amaze.

22 PBs were had this week – 8 for the girls, 14 for the chaps. Great running by all of you!

First to finish this week then was Robert Wilcox at 17:45, his 10th time in the top spot and just 1 second outside his current PB. So close Robert! 2nd and 3rd finishers, however, did both triumph - Pete Gregorowski finished in 2nd place with a new PB of 17:58 and Isaac Phelan finished 3rd setting himself a new PB of 18:46.

First female this week, for her 3rd time, was Jennifer Mains at 20:51, with an overall position of 14.

2nd and 3rd females were Michelle Beaumont in 27th place and Lily-Mae Fisher in 36th place, with respective times of 22:19 and 22:54. Lily-Mae’s time also saw her achieve a new PB.

Thomas Moreland, as a Junior runner, joined the 10 Club and Lizzie Pawsey joined the 50 Club. Keep on running!

14 runners broke the 70% Age Grade and in ascending order they were Simon Flowers, Evan Russell, Kyle Goulding, Melanie Thomas, Martin Harris, Jennifer Mains, John Calvert, Robert Wilcox, Gabriel Phelan, Russell Holt, Pete Gregorowski, Brenda McGree, Isaac Phelan and Gordon Whitson.

Thank You to Race Director Mark Devereux for overseeing the run and processing your results and to the 19 volunteers who all so ably assisted today.

An extra volunteer came along this week in the shape of 14 year old Emily Sharp. Equipped with her camera and a brand new lens she photographed today’s event and her fabulous shots are already up in Crane Park’s Flickr Group: Thank you Emily. The lens was a good buy Dad!

Till next week... same place, same time.


Run report #309 – a mini-blizzard

The wintry weather may have deterred a fair number of our regulars, but the 115 hardy souls that did turn out to run in the falling snow did good, with PBs set by the first 3 female finishers, all of whom broke the 70% Age Grade, and a new category record was set.
To the 5 new-to-Crane runners - we hope you felt welcome and enjoyed our beautiful course.

Even in the crazy conditions then, we had 9 PBs - 6 for the girls and 3 for the boys. Most notably all 3 first female finishers bagged themselves a PB and Helena Samarasinghe’s PB saw her set a new JW15-17 category record with a time of 20:57. Well done Helena!

First finisher this week was Erin McDaid, placing 1st for his 7th time with a time of 17:27.

First female this week, for her 5th time, was Jenni Cox, a double whammy for her with a PB of 19:57. Overall position 6.

In 2nd place was Robert Wilcox at 18:01, 3rd place was recorded unknown, so Pete Gregorowski 4th across the line gets a mention again this week, matching his time from last week, to the second, at 18:12.

2nd female was the previously mentioned Helena Samarasinghe at 20:57 and 3rd was Brigid Hibberd at 21:33 - positions 13 and 16 overall.

Karen Watkins and Kathy Haynes both joined the 50 Club - great work girls and don’t forget to put in for your red t-shirts.

11 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week. In ascending order they were John Calvert, Robert Wilcox, Dave Bush, Helena Samarasinghe, Erin McDaid, Jenni Cox, Pete Gregorowski, Brenda McGree, Ted Fraser, Brigid Hibberd and Pamela Whitter.

Thanks to Kat Haberfield for directing this week's super cold run and results processing and a HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers who froze their fingers rigid to get you all round safely and record your efforts.

Here’s to hoping the temperature rises for next week’s run!

--- Susan Hare

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