Run report #339

Royal Parks Half and Cabbage Patch 10 the following day meant we were missing a few regulars but still we had 199 runners at Crane parkrun this week. 4 of those were taking part in their first ever parkrun we had 8 paying their first visit to us.

Despite it being unseasonably warm, a whole heap of PBs were had this week – 28 in all.

Just one milestone this week – John Paton of Runnymede Runners, having only run at Crane 17 times, chose our course to complete run number 400. There’s no t-shirt for 400, but we give you our “Congratulations!” John.

The front of the field looked quite different this week. First across the line was Colin Goulding at 18:41, second at 19:19 was Will Hulacki and third at 19:47 was Ryan Lightfoot.

Michelle Beaumont was our first female, coming in 9th at 20:49, second was Maria Jovani at 22:33, position 17, and third was Sophie Thomas at 23:17, position 28.

9 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week and they were, in ascending order, John Tovell, Rob Robson, Lawrie Wilkin, Audrey Haywood, Sam Rushby, Michelle Beaumont, John Calvert, Colin Goulding and Mike Dennison.

Race director and results processor was once again Mark Devereux. Big thanks to him and all the volunteers.


Run report 6th October 2018

This week’s run comprised 191 runners and included 10 first timers, 7 making their first visit to Crane Park and 5 without a barcode!

Pacer Saturday had plenty of volunteer pacers and produced a total of 29 PBs. Well done to all the achievers and thanks to those who helped them.

Yet more milestones this week – Michael Sigamoney completed his 50th run and John Patterson completed his 250th run. Great work by both runners. Congratulations!

Our first finisher this week was one of those without a barcode, so no name or time recorded for him. Pete Gregorowski came in second at 17:39 and Robert Wilcox followed him, crossing the line at 17:46.

Our first female this week came in 5th and set a new Age Category Record for JW15-17. Finishing in 19:55 this was Carla Novakovic’s fastest time at Crane. Great work Carla!

Second female was Jennifer Mains at 22:30, overall position 21 and third was Grace Phelan with a PB of 23:33 in position 34.

Just 8 runners broke the 70% Age Grade this week and they were, in ascending order, Melanie Thomas, Grace Phelan, Louis Ross, Simon Brazil, Felix Allen, Robert Wilcox, Carla Novakovic  and Pete Gregorowski.

The run was directed by Mark Devereux this week and the volunteers included a large contingent of the Bearcat Running Club – big thanks to Caitlin Limmer for the initiative and support.


Crane parkrun run report no. #337

177 runners at Crane this week included 5 first timers, 10 paying their first visit to us and 30 runners who got themselves a new PB.

Three more milestones this week. Susan Palmer and Pauline Law both completed their 50th run - lovely new red t-shirts for both. And an unofficial milestone, but no less noteworthy, for Deon Lombard’s 300th run. Congratulations to all of you.

First finisher at 17:44 this week was Pete Gregorowski, who is nothing if not consistent – always in the top 3 and within PB territory. Second at 18:44 was Michael Robinson-Chui and third at 19:37 was David Maund. A wide field.

First female this week was Becky Thurtell at 23:51, second was Lucianne Hoskin at 24:04 and third was Joanna Moore at 24:17. Overall positions 32, 37 and 41 respectively.

12 runners topped the 70% Age Grade and they were, in ascending order, Richard Trimby, Michael Robinson-Chui, Sam Rushby, Mark Devereux, David Bate, Audrey Haywood, David Cornock, David Maund, Freddie Bate, John Calvert, Becky Thurtell and Pete Gregorowski.

Top race directing, and some tricky results processing, this week by Tamsin Burland. Thank you to Tamsin to and all our volunteers.


Crane parkrun is planned for Christmas Day and New Years Day (subject to us having a lovely gang of volunteers)

9am start planned on Christmas Day to give you time to get showered and get ready for Christmas dinner.  And 10:30am on New Years Day to allow you to either get a lie in or as some of our runners love to do, do another 9am run - so 2 parkruns in a day, the only time to can do that.  We will need all the normal volunteers for both runs and we want to get them all lined up and signed up ready for end of November!  If you can help let us know.

Ho ho ho.


Run report #336 – Saturday 22nd September

A total of 205 parkrunners at Crane this week included 4 first timers and 20 making their first visit to Crane parkrun.

A whopping 37 runners bagged themselves a PB – well done all!

Huge congratulations to the very dedicated Stuart Lodge, who joins that most auspicious of clubs – the 500! With 272 of his runs at Bushy Park, 171 at Crane Park and the rest across a further 26 parkruns, Stuart is a real parkrun tourist and must be somewhat of an expert. Great work Stuart!

A big week for milestones. Prelini Chiechi, Victor Pink, Steve Cleaston-Fraser and Adrian Bourne all join the 50 Club. Sonny Maund joins the 10 Club and had an exceptionally good day at the track, placing 4th, achieving a PB and setting a new Age Category Record for JM11-14 at 17:49! He also topped the week’s leaderboard for Age Grade at 81.38%.

Unofficial milestones were also reached for Daniel Chiechi and Ian Sharp who both completed their 150th parkrun.

On then to our first finishers: Ross Macdonald placed first at 17:21, Pete Gregorowski placed second with a PB of 17:32 and third place was an unknown – as always, no barcode, no result.

Our first female this week was Laura Blazey at 20:20, second at 20:25 was Michelle Beaumont and third Rebecca Curtis-Hall at 21:08. Overall positions 13, 15 and 22 respectively.

17 runners topped the 70% Age Grade and they were, in ascending order, Martin Harris, Melanie Thomas, John Reece, Tony Baker, Rebecca Curtis-Hall, John Tovell, Audrey Haywood, Mark Devereux, Michael Robinson-Chui, John Calvert, Laura Blazey, Michelle Beaumont, Neil Stuart Mackintosh, Ross Macdonald, David Maund, Pete Gregorowski and, at 81.38%, Sonny Maund.

Thanks to Kat Haberfield and her fabulous team of volunteers for making the run possible!

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