Cranleigh parkrun #175 – 13th January 2018

What can said about Cranleigh parkrun and mud that hasn't been said before?

Our Run Director, Mr. Chris Finill, described Cranleigh's 175th parkrun along the lines of "parched by comparison" and that's certainly a new way of putting it.

Indeed, the course seemed to be drying but any notion of an easy winter run for any of this week's 83 attendees was soon dispelled. The downhill and middle field sections continued to show their enormous capacity for water. Still Cranleigh, still winter, still plenty of mud.

Our fantastic volunteers (Annabelle, Chris, Corey, Dan, David, Dexter, Harriet, Harry (N) John (G & M), Julia (apologies received), Mark, Martyn, Megan and Peter – many thanks!) were out in force, as well as Andrew who placed some red, white and blue bunting (no cream teas though) at the hard left turn going from the very muddy section into the slightly less muddy section. A welcome splash of colour.

A very healthy turnout of first timers was in evidence – 13 in all, six of which were First Time First Timers – we hope to welcome you all back very soon.

And given all that mud, there were a very respectable six PBs!

Charlie and Oscar deserve a special mention for obliterating their PBs with a six minute improvement over last week – clearly some mid-week training has been taking place. Don't peak too soon guys, that's my only advice!

Congratulations to Henry and Philippa who bagged the number one gender positions. No milestones this week...

And with that, I leave you with the prospect of a chilly week ahead. Wrap up warm and who knows, maybe we'll be talking about ice, rather than mud, in seven days time.

Harry (Charlton)


Cranleigh parkrun #174 – 6th January 2018

It’s sad, and rare to see a grown man cry…

But on Saturday I’m sure I glimpsed a tiny tear of distress in the normally sparkling eyes of that day’s run director and marathon legend Chris Finill.

Chris had been part of the team that had originally designed the course, and he is renowned for ensuring that the run is accurate to within 3mm - encouraging the setup team to ensure we go exactly around tree 17, right next to fence 4 etc etc.

So imagine his distress this Saturday when he called 3 – 2 – 1 go! … and looked on as 111 people instantly spread out like a herd of wildebeest who had just scented lion – each and every runner ignoring the exact course and searching desperately right across Knowle Park for the tiny patch that was not a slippy, foot-clinging, squelching morass…

I suspect that the average runner probably did around 5.2 km as optimism overcame experience as we all tried just up there, or perhaps across here, or even swerving there to that bit of land that looked firm…not.

But it’s a parkrun! The conditions underfoot surely added to that sense of triumph when each and every person managed to run, jog or walk round the course. Definitely a case of taking the moral (and dry) high ground for the rest of the weekend.

And to be fair, just the right morning otherwise with no rain, temperature just about right for running (albeit a bit chilly for volunteers) and plenty of cheerful participants.

It was lovely to see 22 youngsters (under 14) join us – that’s nearly a fifth of the field. All managed a tremendous run; Mark Walker who finished as the second runner in just over 20 minutes had a very impressive outing – but arguably the likes of Daniel Elms, Mairi Grant or Maeve Burch deserve as much praise for being out on the course ‘rather’ longer but still battling on.

Great to see 15 who joined us for their first ever parkrun. A very warm welcome to Andrea and
Jackson Stones, Maeve, Amelie and Andrew Burch, Matthew Stones, Greg Hard, Tim Crew, Louisa Knight, Oscar and Charlie Hunt, Khobi Vallis, Rob Woodley, Zac Leslie and Danielle Drinnan. Was some of that a New Year’s resolution? Whatever – please do come back again (and it will get drier and easier!).

After the Christmas flurry slightly fewer ‘tourists’ as people migrated back to their home runs. But nice to see friends from Horsham (their run being cancelled – waterlogged course – tell us about it…).

Also hello to the likes of Karl Corpes and Oscar Wodd from Guildford, Krista and Peter Daniel from Newark, Victoria Arnold from Southampton and others from as far afield as Australia. What is it about parkrun that makes people search out the comfort and company that comes from going round a muddy field even when in distant parts???

At the sharp end William Clark popped down from Northumberland and recorded another first finish, ahead of Mark Walker and the ever-consistent Ben Osborn.

Suzanne Wood managed a grand run and recorded her first first finish amongst the women, followed by newcomer Danielle Drinnan and young Aimee Voogd putting in another fine performance.

Perhaps unsurprisingly only one PB – step forward youngster Elsa Wooltorton who smashed 2 ½ minutes off her run last week (equally muddy – so a fine improvement).

Although not quite a PB regular Sara Burge clipped an impressive 14 minutes off her previous week’s time. If you want to show such an improvement all (!!!) you have to do is plough a buggy through the mud (as she regularly does) and then try it next week without. Hmmm, personally I’ll stick to roughly the same times rather than take on the buggy challenge…

Sara is one of our regulars who is using parkrun as a launching pad for a marathon – she, Graham Finlay, Stephanie Lawson, Chris and Julia Finill are all doing the London, and I’m sure many others are taking on other similar challenges. Good luck everyone with all your training (and for the newcomers to running – it’s only a matter of time…)

Thank you to all our volunteers this week – we have done well with support over the busy Christmas period. All volunteers are much appreciated – some work behind the scenes (such as lightning fast results processor David Andrews, or the volunteer co-ordinator Julia, or event directors David Andrews & Caroline Todman).

But at this time of year we perhaps owe a particular thank you to the set-up team who arrive in the semi-darkness and even colder conditions and go around the course for an extra challenge – many thanks regular Martyn Greaves and helpers such as Chris and Kate Mason, Abi Truelove, Mark Tabor and others that I have now upset by not mentioning!

But many thanks to all; the roll of honour this week being Chris and Julia Finill, David Andrews, Caroline Wendy Todman, Debbie Sampson, Kate and Chris Mason, Martyn Greaves, Corey Lynch, Helen Bryce, Lynne and Andy Harris, Peter Crummett, Jane Hopwood, Stephen Deasley, Annabelle Hepworth, Megan Nicholas and Adam Newman

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun Results Page. Read and rejoice!

And just a reminder - the male record is held by Bradley GOATER who recorded a time of 15:08 on 6th May 2017 (event number 137). The female record is held by Kate DREW who recorded a time of 19:21 on 1st July 2017 (event number 145). The Age Grade course record is held by Susan WIGHTMAN who recorded 91.34% (19:49) on 15th July 2017 (event number 147).

Cranleigh parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 2,421 participants have completed 11,924 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,620 km, including 2,127 new Personal Bests.


Happy New Year!

What an incredible start to 2018!

Despite the continued muddy conditions (I really must buy a pair of trail shoes in the New Year Sales this week) and the heavy rain shortly before we got started, it was a cracker of a parkrun for our 173rd event this morning.

Cranleigh parkrun #173 1st January 2018

The later than usual start time of 10.30am allowed parkrunners to 'do the double' and join us after running at Guildford, Horsham and Reigate.

A special mention at this stage for one of our Run Directors, Ian Helm, who cycled from Cranleigh to Guildford, ran 21:57 at Guildford parkrun, cycled back to Cranleigh, and ran 24:18 with us!

Thank you to our guest starter this morning, Brian Vine. Brian is a legend in the local running community and is the driving force behind the popular Cranleigh 15/21 race each year in March. He tells me they have secured chip timing for the event this year, which takes place on Sunday 25th March - perfect as a pre-London Marathon warm up!

It was a morning to celebrate some impressive milestones.

Sara Burge completed her 50th parkrun at Guildford in the morning before joining us to run number 51, which was number 50 pushing Freya in her running buggy! The muddy conditions have slowed Sara down considerably for the past few runs and we're looking forward to seeing what she can do running solo in the future!

Cranleigh parkrun #173 1st January 2018

Also celebrating a milestone this morning was one of our Run Directors, Chris Finill. Chris did the double too, as sixth fastest finisher at Guildford, pulling a hamstring there and joining Sara for a couple of victory laps at Cranleigh to score his 100th parkrun.

Well done also to Tom Martini who reached the 100 milestone with us this morning.

This week 149 people (a new attendance record by 10 runners!) ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 1 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

Cranleigh parkrun #173 1st January 2018

PB honours this morning go to Luke CAHUSAC who shaved 1 minute 1 second off his previous time from last April. Luke, we hope you become a regular with us and continue to record PBs!

The event this morning was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Julia FINILL • John MCKENNA • David ANDREWS • Harry NOYES • Tom IRVING • Martin BAMFORD • Kate MASON • Martyn GREAVES • Chris MASON • Ian HELM • Helen BRYCE • Penny GREEN • Jane HEATHCOTT • John GREEN • Peter CRUMMETT • Polly JACOBS • Dan DEARDEN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun Results Page.

Cranleigh parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 2,394 participants have completed 11,813 parkruns covering a total distance of 59,065 km, including 2,126 new Personal Bests.

Run Director next Saturday, when we're back to our usual start time of 9am, is Chris Finill. Julia is volunteer coordinator for the rest of January, so please email any offers of help to her at, where they will be warmly received.

Martin Bamford
Run Director


Cranleigh parkrun #172 – 30th December 2017

Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
So follow me follow, down to the hollow
And there let me wallow in glorious mud

It's been a while since the course was that wet and muddy. The squelch of 77 people running, jogging and walking at the start signalled what was unlikely to be a day for setting records.

In fact, we collectively recorded 0 PBs this morning; the first time that's happened for a while!

A warm welcome though to the 8 first timers this morning - it's not normally that muddy at Cranleigh, we promise!

As always, the event can't happen without the support of volunteers. A big thank you to the following 17 superstars, including Andrew and his brand new welly boots:

Chris FINILL • Nick SIRS • David ANDREWS • Caroline Wendy TODMAN • Debbie SAMPSON • Martin BAMFORD • Andrew FERRIER • Kate MASON • Martyn GREAVES • Chris MASON • John GREEN • Peter CRUMMETT • Hannah WALLIS • Abi TRUELOVE • Annabelle HEPWORTH • Bridget SLATER • Dan DEARDEN

First over the line today was John MCKENNA in 19:39, the only person to go under 20 minutes in the mudfest today!

Second finisher was Oliver GOSDEN in 20:21 and third finisher was Chris MERCER in 21:55, saying goodbye to his Salomon S-LAB Sense 4s which have served him well for 330 miles!

First lady today was Philippa STADDON in 23:36, second was Maria HARRON in 24:50 and third was Abi TRUELOVE in 24:54.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun Results Page.

Don't forget we're running again on Monday, New Year's Day! It's a slightly later start time of 10.30am, giving you the chance (if you're feeling bold/not too hungover) to run either Guildford or Horsham parkrun at 9am first, to record the infamous parkrun New Year's Day double.

Cranleigh parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 2,356 participants have completed 11,664 parkruns covering a total distance of 58,320 km, including 2,125 new Personal Bests.


Cranleigh parkrun #170 – 23rd December 2017

It's nearly Christmas!!

This morning was the start of four Cranleigh parkruns taking place during the next week or so.

Despite a fairly dreary and grey start to the day, we experienced our best turnout in eight weeks, with 104 people running, jogging and walking the course.

It was good to see Harriet and her crew join us after a gentle warm-up running to Cranleigh from Shamley Green (and then back again afterwards, naturally). You do however appear to have forgotten to bring your barcodes with you...

A special mention for six year old Rupert who completed his 10th parkrun this morning, donned appropriately with balloon and Santa hat.

Also a big well done to Xavier, our latest inductee into the parkrun 100 club.

At the sharp end for the men today was John MCKENNA in 18:19, an impressive time for the muddy conditions.

Second chap across the line was Mark WALKER in 19:57 (another Santa hat wearer) and third finisher was Ben OSBORN in 20:01, fresh off a 3:34 at the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon last Saturday!

First across the line for the ladies was Nici CAHUSAC in 21:09 (6th overall), followed by Abi TRUELOVE in 24:19 and Aimee VOOGD in 24:55.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun Results Page.

The event today was made possible by 13 volunteers:

David ANDREWS • Caroline Wendy TODMAN • Harry NOYES • Martin BAMFORD • Martyn GREAVES • John GREEN • Peter CRUMMETT • Abi TRUELOVE • Dexter BROWNING • Annabelle HEPWORTH • Bridget SLATER • Megan NICHOLAS • Dan DEARDEN

Cranleigh parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 2,325 participants have completed 11,474 parkruns covering a total distance of 57,370 km, including 2,117 new Personal Bests.

Do join us if you can on Monday morning for our Christmas Day parkrun - it starts at the usual time of 9am and David Andrews who is Run Director on Christmas Day will be pleased to welcome you.

Do come along too if you just fancy some fresh air, chatting to friends and soaking up the Cranleigh parkrun atmosphere.

We're back after that at 9am on Saturday 30th December, and then AGAIN on Monday 1st January 2018, New Year's Day, with a special start time of 10.30am.

Guildford parkrun and Horsham parkrun are both at 9am on New Year's Day, giving you the opportunity to record a double parkrun that day. If you're partaking in this annual ritual, please drive carefully between venues! If you're running late for any reason, either let us know so we can hold the start for a minute or two, or just join in when you get to us - don't drive too fast just to record a second parkrun!!

That's all from me for the year. Thank you to everyone who took part running, volunteering and cheering this morning. And thank you to everyone in the Cranleigh parkrun family on another successful year for the event in 2017.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Martin Bamford
Run Director

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