Cranleigh parkrun 200! – With cut out and keep aide memoire

With thanks to Andy Harris for another excellent run report...

So; might I suggest that you print this page, then cut round the aide memoire below and on Saturday 17th Jan 2019 make sure you take it with you to Cranleigh parkrun…

Because on that day you will be standing listening to the run director’s brief in your thickest leggings, two tops, a woolly hat and a pair of gloves ‘as worn on Everest’.

But you will still be blue, shivering and feeling on the edge of hypothermia as a vicious blizzard blasts sleet across Knowle Park, the grey forbidding skies slowly envelop your head. Your feet will be gently sinking lower and lower into the swamp like mud until the brown cold liquid oozes over the top of your trainers and finds its way into your soggy half frozen socks. Volunteers huddle around in what look like portable artic sleeping bags.

At that point drag the below aide memoir out of your survival bag, try and blink the frost off your eyelids and read it to remind yourself that on 7 July…

Aide Memoire………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

IT WAS FAR TOO HOT! At today’s parkrun the sun blasted down onto hard baked concrete and not a breath of wind disturbed the brave 125 runners, joggers and walkers who sweltered their way round the furnace that (is just for once) Cranleigh parkrun. They were well supported by 14 Volunteers possibly showing off far more flesh than is seemly on an early Surrey morning and sporting some very fetching headgear. HOT HOT HOT.

OK, OK – enough of the weather – even if we are British. Though top marks to everyone who did manage to get around the course in the conditions. We had some excellent runs, but when it is that warm we do encourage you to try and run and jog around within yourself.

Today was our 200th parkrun at Cranleigh; and as is our practice we celebrate by going backwards!

And what a way to celebrate a double century at Cranleigh! It’s been quite a journey - in just under 4 years that means we have seen 400 lots of people crest Green Hill with a wide variety of grimaces and half-hearted smiles.

Together we have run 71,110 KM; whilst that may be a normal week’s training for the likes of Chris Finill, Ian Helm or Harriet Irving for us other mortals it means we could have jogged to Sydney and would be just passing Delhi on the way home (hopefully still clutching a crumpled barcode).

As we enter our third century we must again offer thanks to those who worked so hard in the early days to set up and nurture Cranleigh parkrun – all of whom are kindly still supporting us. We do appreciate your efforts.

Today saw some remarkable efforts on the course as well. Out in front there was an excellent run by a newcomer to Cranleigh - Callum Gillett. Callum went around in an awesome but seemingly relaxed 16.59; the tenth best time we have seen (but try again on 17 Jan Callum…).

In second and third places – shoulder to shoulder for much of the time – was another newcomer James Adams and regular Oliver Gosden who gave it all in finishing just a second off his best.

In fourth place was Sam Allwood – whose only other parkrun was 4 years ago on Teeside – since then he has managed to improve his effort grade by over 20 percentage points – nice training regime!

Amongst the females we had a first place with a very good run by another visitor - Katie Lysons – followed home by the ever-impressive Harriet Irving and then Abi Truelove heading back to her best.

Anne Davidson came in next with an excellent effort grade, followed by Lynne Harris with the day’s top effort grade.

As a marshal watching the field sweat past I would not wish to play down the fine runs by those at the front (surely they were hurting under those smiles??) but I also pay particular tribute to those working their way around further down the field. The effort and determination and redness seem to increase proportionately as you go down the list and people are out there almost three times as long as Callum. Very well done to everyone who actually completed the course.

And then there was the teenager who slowed down to say to me that he’d missed the briefing and it was only once round wasn’t it? On being told it was twice he demonstrated that he was aiming for a grade 9 GCSE in Anglo Saxon idiom but fair play he staggered on and 15 minutes later wobbled past on his second lap (still muttering).

It was grand to see 32 visiting us for the first time – though for once we had nobody totally new to parkrun. Our tourists came from far and wide, including a group from Rushmoor (who had given up their course to the Farnborough air show carpark), Street, Enfield, and Banstead. Nice to see, for a first time at Cranleigh, epic runners Ceara Joyce from Nonsuch (266 runs) and Viv Mitchell from Croydon (227 runs). We also welcomed a grand group from Horsham seeing what life was like up the road.

Despite having to skip round fried eggs gently cooking on the open paths we had 12 people record personal best. Very well done to Quentin Engstrom, Nathan Rogers, Natalie Moon, John Large, Andy Obrien, Gillian Neal, Kathryn Purcell and William Batchelor.

Regular Tom Irving – getting back to top form after a year or so of injuries – knocked nearly a minute and half off his best. Young Rupert de Vos raced around just ahead of mum Emma to smash his record time. Gavin Hurman made it an excellent three PBs in a month. Joe Ross’s warm weather training in Australia made him feel at home as he went under 19 minutes for the first time. Young Nathan ROGERS made us wait nearly three years but beat his PB today.

And this week we celebrate a couple of age groups. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm of under 10s Edward Hoy, Rupert De Vos, Harry Lancaster, Brandon Engstrom, Gethin Lansdowne and Jack Creak.

And just as young at heart, even if the computer says something slightly different, very well done to the ladies of a different age group who battled round in fine form - Anna Tapponnier, Louise Bryant, Ceara Joyce, Kim Sadd, Nadine Fenelon, Tina Jones, Penny Lynch, Natalie Moon, Cat Wallman and Jenny Lansdowne.

Celebrations also to Andy Bryant who completed his 100th parkrun. Andy has been a stalwart at Cranleigh where he has completed 90 of his runs, bringing his time down from 29 mins to 25. He and Louise have also volunteered 38 times, and Andy has turned into a proper triathlete!

We have quite a few people approaching their landmark 100 – hopefully Penny Green will achieve this shortly when John returns from his travels – will he be at the top of the hill or at the finish to welcome her home?

Nice to see our epic course setter Martyn Greaves back from his travels – though while he has been away Kate and Chris Mason have made course set up an art form. Hopefully nobody will be confused by the proliferation of equipment boxes as the junior parkrun gets into its stride.

And talking of volunteers; many thanks David Andrews, Caroline Todman, Martin Bamford, Deborah Riseley, Kate and Chris Mason, Martyn Greaves, Karen Bryant, Andy Harris, Stephanie Lawson, Karl Rivers and Emma Pritchard.

And respect to volunteer Peter Crummett who bravely sweltered in thick motorcycle leathers prior to going off to help with a rally. And respect to Paula Elms who has taken over as volunteer coordinator but had to be away cooking hot meals for Beavers and Cubs at camp!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week when – just for a change – it looks like it will be hot, hot, hot…

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun Results Page.


News Just-In: parkrun is a Saturday Roast!

With thanks to Carlyn Angus for writing our run report this week:

What a truly glorious morning for parkrun – aka the best way to start the weekend!

As I drove to the Bruce McKenzie memorial field, sunglasses on, I thought that parkrun was similar to a roast dinner: you look forward to it every week, in the latter stages it can be hard to finish, but then you feel amazingly satisfied at the end!

The only thing missing this week was the gravy (or mud!). There’s definitely no sign of any brown stuff on our glorious course at the moment, and long may this continue.

I’ll start this week’s report by mentioning two special Justins who visited us this week.

Justin Showell, whose home Parkrun course is March in Cambridge, was running his 100th UK course this morning. What an amazing achievement!

I spoke to him after we’d finished, and he’s run a real variety of courses, but is particularly fond of a promenade Parkrun. He did enjoy Cranleigh though, and said the views were fab!

He also told me that if you’ve run more than 20 different parkrun courses, which I have, you can join the UK Parkrun Tourists Facebook group and speak to like-minded parkrunners. Thanks for the tip, Justin!

Our other Justin was aptly named tourist Justin Knight-Gray (or Justin Time as he prefers!) who is the Run Director at Airlie Beach Parkun in Queensland, some 9,700 miles away!

Visiting the UK for his brother’s wedding, Justin was telling me about his beautiful beach-front course, so I had a peek on their Facebook page and wow, he wasn’t wrong! I think a tourism trip out there would be a great idea!

Now for the amazing volunteers that meant this week’s run could take place.The 15 helpers who gave up their time to make this event’s run happen were:

Andrew HARRIS  •  Carlyn ANGUS  •  Caroline Wendy TODMAN  •  Chloe HEXTALL  •  Chris MASON  •  David ANDREWS  •  Emma PRITCHARD  •  Geraldine WILLIAMS  •  Harriet IRVING  •  Josephine MONK  •  Penny GREEN  •  Stephanie LAWSON  •  Tom IRVING  •  Xavier RILEY

We are always looking for new volunteers at Cranleigh. It’s a great way to meet new people and give something back to this amazing event! If you would like to help out but don't want to miss a run, don't forget that you can tail walk, set the event up, close it down or even put pen to paper and write the run report.

Email to book your slot today, or opt in to receive the volunteer emails!

A special well done to Oliver Stones for running your first ever parkrun today! We hope you come back again! There were a further 9 people who ran at Cranleigh for the first time. Hopefully you enjoyed our hill, and the views at the top.

A dry course meant that there were PBs galore this week – 12 of them to be precise!

Congratulations to Karen Bryant, Jackson Stones, Sam Rushworth, Darren Spice, Victoria Arnold, Isaac McCarthy-Holland, Amy Giacomuzzi, Karl Rivers, Alex Vincent, Andy O’Brien and Kristian Sparrow – great running!

Next week we are celebrating our 200th run, and it would be great to see as many of you there as possible. There will be CAKE!!! And we're running the reverse version of the course!

Male placings:

At the top of the pack, our first finisher was Oliver Gosden (VM40-44) in 18:34. This was his third time coming first place in his last 3 runs at Cranleigh – well done!

In second place was James Greene (SM25-39) from Hercules Wimbledon AC in 19:01. This was Paul’s sixth run at Cranleigh.

Third place saw Paul Quinnell (VM35-39) cross the line in 19:28. This was Steven’s 13th run at Cranleigh, and he’s finished within the top 5 in his last 7 runs.

Female placings:

First female over the line today was Karen Bryant (VW45-49) from Cranleigh Runners in a new PB of 21:46 – well done! This was her 39th run at Cranleigh.

Ellie Morgan (Sw25-29) crossed the line in second place in 22:40 – a time that equaled her PB! Hopefully next time you can shave a second or two off, Ellie! This was her 6th appearance here.

Our third female finisher in 22:56 today was Cranleigh regular Abi Truelove. Well done on completing your 93rd Parkrun today – not long until 100!

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

Steven Hextall (VM55-59) was graded 75.50% for the time 20:53 (12th overall).
Jonathan Monk (VM50-54) was graded 75.38% for the time of 19:34 (4th overall)
Oliver Gosden (VW40-44) was graded 75.22% for the time of 18:34 (1st overall)

This week there were 114 runners, of whom 10 were first timers and 12 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives from 16 different athletics clubs took part.

Cranleigh parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 2,691 participants have completed 14,097 parkruns covering a total distance of 70,485 km, including 2,424 new Personal Bests.


Cranleigh parkrun #198 – 23rd June 2018 – A Tale of Two Injuries

With thanks to Jenny Lansdowne for writing our run report this week...

Last Saturday would have been a lovely day to do the parkrun: beautiful sunshine, dry course, the promised heatwave not quite arrived yet. Except on Friday morning I had an altercation with a washing basket which left me with a dislocated little toe and relegated to the role of spectator and run report writer.

At least the latter gives me an excuse to pore over the results (“Like you need one!” say my family). Perhaps like Gareth Southgate I should claim that I would definitely have been on for a PB otherwise.

The other blot on the landscape was the absence of the bench at the top of the hill – missing, presumed stolen. This is the bench, rebuilt by John Green, which provides a landmark for parkrunners struggling up the hill – until they get there and discover it has been cunningly positioned so there is still a bit more climbing to go. (This should not be confused with the bench which tries to trip you up as you go round the corner into the penultimate field.)

If anyone has accidentally taken the hill bench home with them, perhaps along with their finish token, please could they return it, preferably in time for Penny’s upcoming 100th parkrun.

Everyone was so eager to get going that they were halfway to the start line before Caroline realised that she hadn’t thanked the volunteers. So to make sure that they get the thanks they deserve, let’s start with a big round of applause for this week’s volunteers:

Chris FINILL • David ANDREWS • Caroline Wendy TODMAN • Jenny LANSDOWNE • Graham FINLAY • Kate MASON • Louise BRYANT • Andrew HARRIS • Stephen HAYNES • John GREEN • Peter CRUMMETT • Hannah WALLIS • Abi TRUELOVE • John HARGREAVES • Steve BROWNING • Bridget SLATER

There were 123 finishers at Cranleigh this week, the highest number since New Year’s Day (and prior to that, last July). You might have expected the children to stay at home and rest in anticipation of the first Cranleigh Junior parkrun the following day, but in fact there were 24 under 15 year olds taking part on Saturday. Well done to all those who went on to do the double over the weekend.

And so to the results, with the home team coming under serious pressure from the visitors this week.

Ben OSBORN upheld Cranleigh honour by being the first man to finish, beating his previous PB which had stood for almost two years.

Saul MOORHOUSE also managed a new PB to come in second place on his second run at Cranleigh; he was third on his first visit last month, so can we expect a first place next month? Brighton parkrun regular Paul WESTWOOD finished third on his Cranleigh debut.

Belle MORGAN was the first woman to finish on her second run at Cranleigh, also beating her PB from last time.

The second and third placed women were both newcomers to Cranleigh: Chrissy BLAND from Horsham and Laura WESTWOOD from Brighton. Presumably bragging rights were equal in the Westwood family this week.

Congratulations to Lynne HARRIS who easily topped the age graded results table with a whopping 84.74%.

There was one milestone run this week. Well done to Jack CREAK who reached his tenth parkrun, all of which have been at Cranleigh (that’s 20 times up the hill). He also managed to clock up a PB in the process.

There were a fantastic 30 new PBs this week. It seems a shame not to let everyone have their moment of glory, so well done to all those not already mentioned, who were (deep breath): Darren SPICE, Ava WHEATLEY, William OBRIEN, Amy GIACOMUZZI, Andrew BURCH, Zoe JACOBS, Ryan POWELL, Rory GILLETT, Amanda PLOWMAN, Robert WILTSHIRE, Sue WILTSHIRE, Joanna FINILL, Daniel STONE, Rob WHEELER, Jo STONE, Jon HEASMAN, Joe ROSS, Karen KERSEY, Anthony DEAR, Ellen BANNISTER, Nigel JONES, Mike CREAK, Gavin HURMAN, Megan BANNISTER, Matthew BEANEY and Joe ABRAHAMS.

A special mention must go to Darren BATEMAN, visiting from Crawley.

Earlier this year he suffered severe spinal injuries falling from a window whilst working and is using parkrun as part of his rehabilitation. He accompanied the tail walker round in 54 minutes and his positivity and determination were extremely impressive.

It rather puts my whinging into perspective. Now, if I can just avoid that washing basket this week, I’ll see you on the start line next Saturday….


Cranleigh parkrun #196 – 9th June 2018 – Celebrating two invaluable initiatives

On July 5th 1948, at Manchester’s Trafford General Hospital (then Park Hospital), Aneurin Bevan, Britain’s Health Secretary at the time, launched the National Health Service: an initiative involving hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists being brought together under one umbrella organisation to provide services that were free for all at the point of delivery.

On October 2nd 2004, at Bushy Park in Teddington, a team of 13, including Paul Sinton-Hewitt, met up to run a 5km run they called the Bushy Park Time Trial.

In 2007, a second event was introduced at Wimbledon and then a third in Leeds and the initiative became the UK Time Trials.

In 2008, the Trials rebranded as ‘parkrun’ and in 2009 the concept became international with Denmark being its first ‘customer’.

Today, parkrun is recognised globally; but its founding principles remain the same: weekly, volunteer-led, to be run, jogged or walked (or skipped), and open to all and free to all.

Over the course of its lifetime thus far, for those who take part, whether as runners, volunteers or both, parkrun has become increasingly linked with mental and physical wellbeing. The health benefits of fresh air and exercise being obvious, but there is also the social aspect of the enterprise.

parkrun nurtures inclusivity. As Debra Bourne writes in her book: parkrun: much more than just a run in the park: “parkrun – a stunningly simple concept. Every Saturday morning, tens of thousands of people, all ages and sizes, gather at their local park to run, jog or walk five kilometres. parkrun is about taking part, no matter how fast you go or how long it takes you to finish. parkrun is open to all, from Olympians to octogenarians. And parkrun is always free, just turn up where you want, when you want.”

( if you fancy checking it out.)

Appropriate, then, that as parkrunners all over the UK gathered last Saturday for their 9am dose of physical and mental fresh air, we used this week’s event to acknowledge and celebrate the 70th birthday of the institution which has dedicated itself to looking after our health and wellbeing, both mental and physical, and continues to do so to the best of its ability and often in a less than easy climate.

There can’t be many, if any of us, from the youngest to slightly less young who ran, jogged or walked our 5km courses this last weekend who haven’t at some point needed and been incredibly grateful for the NHS, and the many thousands of healthcare professionals who offer us their expertise through it, to put us back on our feet, metaphorically and in some cases literally.

Each time I run our course at Bruce McKenzie, I am reminded of the sheer pleasure and privilege of health and functioning limbs and faculties that allow me to participate mentally and physically and to enjoy sharing that experience with those around me.

As a Canons Park (London) parkrunner puts it: “I have mental health issues, Type 2 diabetes, nerve damage and I was overweight. I couldn’t run for a bus. I was talking to my nurse about things that could help me and she suggested parkrun. I was introduced to the Run Director who was kind and welcoming and the parkrun community was really supportive. I’ve now run 8 parkruns and volunteered 28 times.”

Many parkrunners chose to run in fancy dress this week: doctor-, nurse-, paramedic-, patient-style. A shout out to those at Cranleigh who donned uniforms/costumes: our Run Director Martin, Helen Bryce, Steve Insua-Cao and Andy and Lynne Harris – and particular kudos to Helen and Steve for running in their white coats, as I found it hot and humid just in my t-shirt, so wearing the extra layer was impressive.



Saturday saw 115 runners congregate at Bruce McKenzie, 16 of whom were first-timers to Cranleigh and 9 of whom were first-timers to parkrun – welcome to you all; we hope we’ll see you again soon.

A mention to mum and son team Judy and Rory Gillett who both ran their first parkrun ahead of Rory then taking part in our junior parkrun trial run the next day, cheered on by mum and dad – we hope you enjoyed both runs, Rory, and look forward to seeing all three of you at our junior parkrun launch on June 24th.

A mention too for our tourists – we had visitors from Horsham, Guildford, Colby (Pembrokeshire), Preston Park, Frimley Lodge and Kingston parkruns. We hope you enjoyed your visit and we’ll see you again.

I note that our Preston Park visitor, Gerald Miles, has clocked up a rather impressive 262 parkruns to his name, including Mole Valley, Chichester, Canterbury and Mile End amongst his other tourist runs. We hope that Cranleigh rates high amongst them, Gerald, and you’ll come and run our course again another time.

On a side note, one Cranleigh currently not-so-regular who shall remain unnamed has been out of action these past few months due to injury. But, despite not appearing at Cranleigh, he has recently been spotted touristing at other parkruns, and ‘undulating’ ones at that… so, is the injury now healed and sneaky practice being had away from home turf? Or is it that old age is affecting the memory re where he should be and when, as he was also spotted running the Cranleigh course but on a Friday… we look forward to having you back with us soon? ;)

The fine weather we have been enjoying of late has meant the course is now in a much better and drier condition and this week saw a fair few PBs achieved: 22, in fact. Although, a contributing factor to the additional speed could have been the incentive of cakes (thank you to Run Director Martin Bamford) that awaited runners at the finish line.

Well done to all those who shaved seconds and minutes off their time, including our 1st and 2nd place finishers, Oliver Gosden (18:14 down to 18:01… closing in on sub-18 there!), and Max Olive, who’s run two runs: 20:25 back in February and then 18:41 this Saturday!

Hannah French ran 38:08 back in January and then this week nailed a sub-30 with 29:01 – awesome job! And to Chris Chapman, Angie Browne, Abigail Vincent, Indriana Balchin, Tim Vincent, Anthony Dear, Amy Giacomuzzi, Jo Stone, Katherine Helm, Abi Truelove, Mark Mackarel, Andrew Birch, Claire Fisher, Mark Taylor, Emma Wallis, Bertie Chapman, Huw Eveleigh, Josie Vickers and Lesley Munnoch – great running everyone‼

As you know, parkrun is entirely volunteer-led and could not happen without its volunteers. If you are able and wanting to volunteer in any of the roles, be it as a marshal, timekeeper, barcode scanner, setting up or closing down the course, writing the run report …in the next few weeks, please email in to

Thank you to this week’s volunteers: Carlyn ANGUS; Martin BAMFORD (Run Director); Peter CRUMMETT; Chris FINILL; John (top of the hill) GREEN and Millie pooch; Andy HARRIS; Lynne HARRIS; Jane HEATHCOTT; Jenny LANSDOWNE; Stephanie LAWSON; Chris MASON; Kate MASON; Debbie SAMPSON; Abi TRUELOVE; Geraldine WILLIAMS.

Top male finishers

Oliver GOSDEN (VM40–44) was first to finish in 18:01 (76.87%)
Max Olive (SM25–29) was second in 18:41 (69:13%)
Paul Quinnell (VM35–39) was third in 19:21 (70.03%)

Top female finishers

Abi Truelove (VW40–44) was first to finish (11th overall) in 21:57 (69.70%)
Lynne Harris (VW60–64) was second to finish (22 overall) in 23:35 (85.94%)
Elizabeth Campbell (VW50–54) was third to finish (30th overall) in 25:05 (67.64%)

Today’s full results and a complete event history can be found on Cranleigh parkrun’s Results Page.

A couple of final things:

This week’s results include 12 Unknowns. If you have registered on the parkrun website and have a barcode, please do remember to bring it with you, as it’s a shame to run but not have your efforts recorded – and we do have to operate a ‘no barcode, no time’ policy or else results-processing becomes very complicated which isn’t fair on the volunteer who’s processing the results that week.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, but just in case not, junior parkrun is coming to Cranleigh – yay! The launch date is Sunday 24 June, the location is Bruce McKenzie Memorial Field, the start time is 9am and it’s a 2k run for 4–14 year olds. We look forward to seeing you!


Cranleigh parkrun # 195 – 2 June 2018 – 020902062018 – The Sweet spot!

I suspect that the number 020902062018 is going to be etched into my memory for a long time.

Because at two minutes past nine on the 2nd June 2018, for a brief moment, everything came together and we hit the parkrun sweet spot!

I mean think about it all:

The day was breaking into life at just the right temperature, with a promise of sun…

The meadows were a glorious picture of buttercups and softly rippling grass…

The Knowle Park car park was open, there were no traffic lights in the road and even the new Snoxhall car park charge was only £1 for 4 hours – most of us were hoping to be round within that time…

We had a full roster of willing volunteers eagerly taking up their vital position…

Abi Truelove and Mark Tabor had set up the course beautifully (though more of that later) …

Robert Todman and David Andrews were diligently working away in the far distance on creating our brand-new kit store box (but sorry gents, no builder role in the volunteer list) …

91 parkrunners were gaily gathering with a hum of happy expectation…

We had some lovely tourists from Winchester, Southsea, Richmond, Gunnersbury and Guildford admiring the glorious views…

Chris Mason was celebrating his 100th run, and he and Kate had arrived with the most marvellously well-decorated celebration cake (certainly up to the standards of Helen Bryce’s epics)…

Run director Caroline Todman gave a really nice welcoming brief, comprehensive but brief; she told us that conditions underfoot were perfect (a hint of soft ground but no ruts) and she absolutely promised that we would all get PBs…

The dogs were not snapping…

And at nine we started gambolling gaily down the path with spirits high - for a couple of minutes…

And then the sweet spot rather disappeared – at least for me!

The sun broke through and blazed down pitilessly on the now struggling runners.

The mild day turned out to be a sweaty, humid one.

The long grass slashed at ankles and prevented overtaking.

Somebody had added another 10m to the top of the hill.

Caroline had been somewhat economical with the truth with the promise of PBs for all.

Specifically, Mark had carefully laid out the course so we had – Chris Finill style - to go to the left of the tree by the compost in the final field, not sneaking through on the right, which undoubtedly cost me my PB (how else do I explain the two minutes) …

And half a km into the run I was overtaken by tourist James White sprinting past with a child in buggy – albeit a buggy that resembled a formula one car. Takes me back to Sara Burge days.

Well OK, despite that – it was actually pretty sweet; the cake was awesome and nearly a quarter of the field gained PBs. Extremely well done to you all – revel in the glory!

Of those PBs perhaps I can just pick out a few regulars. Katherine Helm – ably coached round by Ian (hardly worth getting out of bed for anything less than 80K) Helm - managed a second consecutive PB. Jonathan Clark carried on with his PB hunt with a 5th in 7 runs. Young Jared McGuinness made one of his infrequent visits – but every one a PB with this week almost three minutes faster than last week! Jon Robinson, not supporting or on the tourist trail this week, notched up a new best. Sarah Morris came back from a long break to beat her PB. Stephen Haynes, runner and stalwart volunteer, made it three of the best on the trot (or run!). The almost ever-present Amy Giacomuzzi struck gold again. And well done to Jules Jones who finally went sub-thirty. But very well done to everyone, who got a PB or just achieved what they wanted from the day.

Commiserations to Chris Mason – who made every effort to get a PB on his 100th – but managed to exactly equal his time! If only you had promised a double slice of cake to Carlyn and Emma on the watches Chris. Chris has been a Cranleigh stalwart with 96 of his runs here in the mud and the sun. He also done 30 volunteer stints – including (along with the equally awesome Kate) a very impressive 19 set-ups. Many thanks both.

And the very experienced Heather Law also managed to just equal her PB on one of her regular Cranleigh visits. Perhaps we ought to have a large countdown clock near the finish?

Talking of set-ups; several people have asked after Martyn Greaves who has set-up for us on an amazing 131 occasions but has been missing for a while. Fortunately, he is fine but is taking a little break to tour the SE parkruns. Looking forward to seeing you back again Martyn.

It was lovely to see around 16 younger runners with us this week – with a particular welcome to young Anna Glynn-Jones on her first ever parkrun. And welcome to the nearly as young Oliver Glynn-Jones, Henry Gannon and Sam Westerman on their parkrun debuts.

And on the subject of young ones, don’t forget the Cranleigh Junior parkrun starts on 24th June at the same venue (2k, 4-14 year olds, 9am on a Sunday).

Amongst the younger runners we had notable performances in the under 14 category from Jack Westerman, going round in 20:25, and particularly Juliette Small coming in as the first female in an impressive 20:34, over a minute faster than her previous best.

Juliette was followed home by Abi Truelove, getting back to her best form building on her big runs in London and elsewhere, and then another Westerman with Gill coming in as third female – along with Jack and then Sam (in 4th place overall) an impressive family outing.

Yet again at the front of the male runners we saw Oliver Gosden, looking very relaxed and making it six firsts in his last seven appearances. In second place was Andrew Robertson making one of his regular – and successful – forays down from the north. Ben Osborn completed the top three who had pulled well away from the rest of the field. Ben splits his runs between Cranleigh, Bushy, and Richmond and presumably is working out where to do his 100th in a month’s time.

This week we celebrate those who came in first in their respective age categories – alongside previously mentioned Jack, Sam and Gill, Oliver, Juliette and Abi very well done to Edward Hoy, Abby Lamboll, Jonathan Clark, Andrew Robertson, Steven Insua-Cao, Polly And Alex Jacobs, Felicity Aiano, Ruth Cooke, Paul Quinnell, Jason Mark Taylor, Stephen Deasley, Ewan Cox, Andy Rees, Ray Grue, Helen Bryce, Anna Pritchard, Jane Hopwood, Lynne Harris and the ever young Gwyneth Brearley. Epic running!

As ever the magnificence of the runners was matched by a grand group of volunteers who made the day go so smoothly. Our thanks to David Andrews (Results and Builder), Caroline Todman, Debbie Sampson coming back from the rugby field, Carlyn Angus sensibly nursing an injury, Jenny Lansdowne, Kate Mason, Mark Tabor, Andy Harris, John Green, Stephanie Lawson (really hoping your injury is sorted soon), Peter Crummett (ably assisted by grandchildren), Abi Truelove, Bridget Slater, Adam Newman and Emma Pritchard

Next week we join other parkrunners in celebrating the work of the NHS – feel free to come dressed as a doctor, nurse or whatever – though as Caroline reminded us it is a family event (probably a good job Andrew Ferrier is still injured). If it’s as hot next week my contribution maybe to demonstrate the defibrillator…

See you all then.

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