Daventry parkrun – Event No 224, 12th January 2019

I'll say this for you, good people of Daventry: you really are sticking to those healthy New Year's resolutions. A bit of a cold wind and drizzle didn't stop an impressive field of 370 people running, walking and jogging their way around the Country Park for Event 224. We're here every week to help you meet your exercise and volunteering goals - see you again soon?

A very warm welcome to the 38 first-timers, including the 26 people who took part in their first ever adult parkrun. Amongst the brand new visitors to Daventry parkrun (but no stranger to parkrunning) was Graeme KAFKA from Edinburgh who sped through the mud and the puddles, taking the first finish token in a super quick 17:47. That's got to be a tourism stint to remember! A special mention also goes to Lily CAMPBELL, James CAMPBELL and Caroline CAMPBELL who all made their 5K debut together.Four runners hit their first official running milestones with Paul GROSVENOR and Adam WHITTY joining the 50 club and Lyla HEPWORTH and Jake LONDON joining the 10 club. As well as earning his 10 tee, Jake bagged himself a PB of 30:24. Many congratulations to you all - look out for those links to order your well-earned t-shirts soon. Here's to your next milestones!

A total of 49 people achieved PBs this week - what a way to start the weekend. Here are just a few of the highlights:

- Joseph DUNCKLE got his second consecutive course PB. He's already shaved off 2:35 since the start of the year - amazing progress and 2019 has barely begun!

- Grace SAVAGE also got yet another PB this year, taking her fastest Daventry parkrun time down from 41:49 to a much reduced 37:04. Well done, Grace, all those junior parkruns are showing in that phenomenal improvement.

- Good things come to those who wait, with Tina WILKINS getting a PB of 32:59, beating her previous PB of 33:32 from November 2016. Bask in your glory, Tina!

- Ethan WICK is on an epic PB streak, having got quicker each time since starting parkrun back in November 2018. Congratulations on your latest PB of 22:44, Ethan.

This event was made possible by 23 other volunteers:

Stella-Maria THOMAS • Sophie CREAK • Michael WEAVING • Christopher EDGE • Karen BALLOCH • Jess BISHOP • Nick CLEMONS • Jenny LANCASTER • Kim MULLANEY • Janice WILSON • Neil WILLS • David TARBUCK • Shona C BARKER • Paul BARKER • Emily RUSSELL • Derek MONROE • Anna HARRINGTON • Deborah MONROE • Dominic TRANTER • Maureen SMITH • Erin Tranter TRANTER • Millie CREAK • Charlotte CREAK • Ben ALLEE

Particular thanks to Run Director Karen BALLOCH for donning the blue and white hi-viz to make sure the event went smoothly and to Event Director Stella-Maria THOMAS who volunteered, ran, then volunteered some more, all whilst celebrating her 60th birthday. Now, that's how to make the most out of a Saturday. Many happy returns!

Joining the team of local legends were first-time volunteers Ben ALLEE, Sophie CREAK, Charlotte CREAK and Emily RUSSELL. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a hi-viz hero yourself, just email daventryhelpers@parkrun.com.with dates of when you're available to volunteer. You'll soon find it's just as addictive as running, if not more so.

Well done to everyone who got out of bed to take part in parkrun. There were so many inspiring achievements and little victories for Event 224 - for the full list of results, take a look here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/daventry/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=224

Until the next time,



Daventry parkrun – Event number 223, 5th January 2019

After New Year's Day's record turnout (up by around 68% on our previous biggest turnout) this Saturday an amazing 387 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers (and 28 were first time parkrun participants so welcome to the family). Of the 387, 44 of you recorded new Personal Bests, which is pretty impressive so soon after Christmas and New Year! Representatives of 24 different clubs took part. Sadly, 33 of you either forgot your barcodes or aren’t registered, which means you don’t get a time or a run towards a milestone t-shirt! #DFYB (Don’t Forget Your Barcode)! If you need to register, the page to use is here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/.

People achieving milestone runs this Saturday were Simon Davies and Nichola Smith, who both ran their 50th parkruns and have now qualified for the coveted red 50 t-shirt, with Simon running all but one of those at Daventry and Nichola running 34 at Daventry. Don’t forget to check your profile for the link to claim your t-shirt, and please don’t wait too long – the links expire after 8 weeks. Also earning a t-shirt, this time for 100 runs, is Dominic Tranter, with 68 of those runs being completed at Daventry. Again, don’t forget to claim your milestone t-shirt.

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers, the hi-viz heroes this weekend being Amy Badkin, Damian Baker, Colin Ballinger, Karen Balloch, Daniel Clarke, Millie Creak, Amy Garrett, Mags Howe, Andy Ibbott, David Lord, Kim Mullaney, Jenny Price, Andrea Quinn, Joseph Shirley, Ian Smedley, David Smith, Maureen Smith, Dieter Sullivan, David Tarbuck, Stella-Maria Thomas, Becky Thurtell, Erin Tranter Tranter and Neil Wills. A total of 590 individuals have volunteered 5,011 times at Daventry parkrun. If you fancy adding to that number, drop us an email on daventryhelpers@parkrun.com and let us know what date you would like to volunteer on. With the upswing in numbers, we’ll be needing more volunteers to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Meanwhile congratulations – and a massive thank you – to David Smith and Mags Howe on reaching their 25th volunteering sessions this weekend. Again, the link to claim your t-shirt (the lovely purple ones) will be on your profile.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian Kimpton who recorded a time of 15:19 on 5th August 2017 (event number 148).

The female record is held by Emma Bond who recorded a time of 18:07 on 21st July 2018 (event number 197).

The Age Grade course record is held by Angela Copson who recorded 97.63% (23:11) on 29th December 2018 (event number 221).

Daventry parkrun started on 8th November 2014. Since then 5,905 participants have completed 43,642 parkruns covering a total distance of 218,210 km, including 7,821 new Personal Bests.

And finally, if anyone would like to contribute financially to enable us to buy new equipment (including tokens) there is a link here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/daventry/aboutus/!


Daventry parkrun – Event number 222, 1st January 2019

Out with the old and in with the new, Daventry parkrunners welcomed in the New Year in style achieving their best Daventry times of 2019. Fantastic!

Giving up the chance of a New Year's Day lie in, a big thank you first of all has to go to all Daventry parkrun volunteers for their support in making it all happen, giving all parkrunners the chance to make it happen! A massive thank you especially to those who stepped up unexpectedly as extra barcode scanners, timekeepers and funnel managers when it became clear that the massive turnout (207 more participants than the previous record) was going to give us a few problems getting them all recorded successfully. You know who you are and we are very grateful!

A big thank you then to the New Year's Day volunteer team of Stella-Maria Thomas, Matthew Elliott, Derek Monroe, Lizzie Timmins, Laura Sullivan, Charlotte Rose, David Tarbuck, Ian Moser, Mandy Moser, Maureen Smith, Rachael Hibberd, Laura Wild, Miranda Apps, Nicola Elliott, Colin Apps, Karen Balloch, Ti Aigoro, David Kirk, Claire Day, Tim Cantwell, Andrea Quinn, Dieter Sullivan, Keith Moreman, Stephanie Chittenden, Beverley Renwick, David Ball, Andy Ibbott, Deborah Monroe, Neil Metcalfe-Shepard, David Smith, Ben Kirk, Daniel Day, Paul Barker, Nick Watkins, Sakina Lovejoy, Wayne Byles, Victoria Ponsford, Simon Davies, Nadine Gray, Steve Brooks and Matthew Letts.

In all, there were a Daventry record breaking 511 New Year's Day runners taking part which is pretty amazing when you consider how this New Year's Day parkrun in Daventry has grown from 135 runners in 2016, 152 in 2017 and 303 a year ago. People were queuing to get in. It was a cracker, and it was mayhem in the best possible way.

This year there were over 120 parkrunners running in Daventry for the first time. Hopefully you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves and the course.

45 runners grabbed themselves an actual PB, so thank you to the lovely pacers, with milestones recorded by Eliza Humphrey, Scarlett Humphrey and Calum Pedelty for completing 10 parkruns (a milesetone for those 17 or younger), Dominic Evans, Paul Drake and Sarah Cumberpatch (50 parkruns), Philip Sandall, Laura Wild and Julie Rose (100), with other milestones of note including James Balloch and Chrissy Boyce (150). Congratulations all.

Hats off too to Alistair McDonnell and Zoe Kemp who were first male and female home on the day respectively.

Last but not least, well done also to all those that completed the parkrun double in conjunction with neighbouring parkruns. A special mention has to go to Alistair McDonnell though who was also first home in the Rugby parkrun today and ran between the two venues for good measure. Absolutely brilliant.

Happy parkrunning New Year to all!

David Smith


Daventry parkrun – Event number 221, 29th December 2018


What a lovely crowd, for the last one of 2018!


262 people (and quite a few dogs)  ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 22 of you recorded new Personal Bests.

As instructed, not one of you took your token home with you. The threat of being hunted down obviously worked. Many thanks!

We had tourists from Sweden, Liverpool, Rugby, Milton Keynes and Corby (to name a few) - Hope you enjoyed it.


A special mention needs to go to Julie Bates and William Jordan who both completed their 50th parkrun today. And to Graham Line who did his 100th parkrun. CONGRATULATIONS ! You have all earned your milestone T-Shirts. 


In addition we also had 26 fabulous volunteers who made it all possible:

Stella-Maria THOMAS • Rachel SNOOK • David SMITH • Christopher EDGE • Steve BROOKS • Sandra BEAR • Dawn Maria Loughnane EDGE • Dieter SULLIVAN • Sally TILT • Keith MOREMAN • Andrea QUINN • Simon ELLIOTT • Janice WILSON • David TARBUCK • Daniel CLARKE • Colin BALLINGER • Amy BADKIN • Dominic TRANTER • Elizabeth MAYO • Maureen SMITH • Ti AIGORO • James BRADLEY • Fiona GAMMON • Erin Tranter TRANTER • Millie CREAK • Margaret MCCLEAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

First Male home was Daniel Clarke in 18.38 and first Female home was Trinity McCleary in 21.38

The Age Grade course record was also broken today by Angela COPSON who recorded 97.63% (23:11). Fantastic running Angela. Congratulations to you!


Please note:

Our next Daventry parkrun is New Years Day at 10.30pm

Hope to see you all again in 2019

If you want to run a 9.00am one as well, why not visit Rugby parkrun (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/rugby/) or Northampton parkrun (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/northampton/) and then head back to Daventry.


P.S. You all looked fabulous from on top of my festive ladder.


Daventry parkrun – Event number 220, 25th December 2018

Whilst Rudolph might not have been allowed to take part in any reindeer games, parkrun is for everyone. There were certainly plenty of Rudolph look-a-likes taking part in the 2018 Christmas Day parkrun at Daventry, with a large number of parkrunners rocking antlers in the cold.

As you might expect, where flying deer go, Clauses follow, with lots of festive red and white suits. There was also one formal men's suit and tie, but the reason for that was less clear. Again... come as you are, all welcome!

6 people started their parkrun journey at Daventry this Christmas day - a massive welcome to the parkrun family to Emily COOPER, Gerry MCGOVERN, Elizabeth BARKER, Amelia GREIG, Jeremy BARKER and Katie SOUTER. We hope to see you again soon to clock up another fun, free 5K in the park. It's not always that muddy... promise!

Another 17 people completed the course at Daventry for the first time, making a total of 23 fabulous first-timers.

35 people recorded new Personal Bests including Anthea MOAT (PB of 36:15) who took part in her 200th run, VI runner Scarlett HUMPHREY (PB of 26:40) who was guided by Steve BROOKS, and Jane COLLINGRIDGE (PB of 41:51) who joined the 50 club. Amazing effort!

The other people to join the 50 club were:

Mags HOWE • Ti AIGORO • Matthew LETTS • Richard BURGESS • David HOLMES

Whilst Christmas may be a magical time of year, it takes more than just wishing for a Christmas parkrun to take place. Thank you to the other 22 volunteers who helped make the magic happen:

Stella-Maria THOMAS • Christopher EDGE • Karen BALLOCH • Steve BROOKS • Rebecca WHEAVER • Dieter SULLIVAN • Claire DAY • Keith MOREMAN • Andrea QUINN • Simon ELLIOTT • Janice WILSON • Neil WILLS • David TARBUCK • Rachael HIBBERD • Joseph SHIRLEY • Paul BARKER • Derek MONROE • Charlotte ROSE • Joshua ROSE • Elizabeth MAYO • Maureen SMITH • Millie CREAK

We love all of our hi-viz heroes equally, but a special festive mention must go to our non-running superstars who between them have never run a parkrun, but have managed to rack up nearly 200 different volunteer roles. Thanks to Maureen SMITH (122 roles), Charlotte ROSE (64 roles), Millie CREAK (8 roles) and Joshua ROSE (3 roles). We hope Santa was good to you, you've certainly been good to Daventry parkrun!

Remember, it's your parkrun your way, whether that's running, jogging, walking or standing in a park clapping and grinning. We're back in the park as usual on Saturday 29 December 2018 at 9am for more of the same.

As another little reminder, Daventry parkrun is hosting a special New Year's Day event at the later time of 10.30am on Tuesday 1 January 2019 - what better way to kick off your New Year resolutions than by taking part? And with Rugby and Northampton both kicking off at 09:00 there's a chance to do a double parkrun. If you do, just remember to drive or run carefully between the venues.

(Incidentally, if one of your resolutions could be to always hand in your token to one of our lovely barcode scanners, we'd really appreciate it. If you have any lurking at home... event director Stella-Maria THOMAS would be very grateful to be reunited with any missing tokens.)

Full results for Event 220 can be found here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/daventry/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=220

Happy holidays,

Shona C BARKER (A1600366)

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