Daventry parkrun – Event number 184, 21st April 2018

With a mysterious round yellow thing in the sky it was time for Daventry’s 184th parkrun.  Our Run Director, Karen, welcomed us all and directed 11 newcomers and 8 tourists to the first timer’s briefing which I can only imagine was one of the few times in recent months that didn’t include a warning about the mud!

A quick explanation was given as to why some people were wearing colourful wigs and Damian (me) was wearing a snazzy Christmas suit – it was my 200th parkrun – and then it was time to thank our wonderful volunteers Jean BAKER, Damian BAKER, Karen BALLOCH, Agata CIENCIALA, Daniel DAY, Claire DAY, Christopher EDGE, Simon ELLIOTT, Angus GRAY, Clare GRAY, Sakina LOVEJOY, Angela MOORE, Kim MULLANEY, Geoff RAVENHALL, Beverley RENWICK, Charlie RENWICK, Annette RUSSELL, Mike SMALLWOOD, Paul SMART, Sarah SOUTER, Dieter SULLIVAN, David TARBUCK, Stella-Maria THOMAS, Dominic TRANTER & Janice WILSON.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

It was nice to see 244 of you, our highest number for a few months, at the start line including our ‘unknown’ first finisher (just the 3rd time that has happened in our history).  Our first female finisher, Zoe KEMP, was less secretive and completed the course in under 21 minutes for the first time and our first named male finisher was regular front man, Benjamin HYAMS.

With the much better conditions underfoot we had an incredible 52 personal bests!  I won’t be able to name you all but a few to pick out are John LINDSAY (with yet another PB), Luke HICKMAN (6 PBs in a row), Teresa HALL & Kate COSTA (finishing close together, both with new fastest times), Helen BLAKE (over 4 minutes quicker since the start of the year) and juniors Belle BRADNAM, Georgia GERCS & Emily RUSSELL.

Just one official T-shirt earning milestone was reached this week and that was William COMBSTOCK joining the junior 10-club (to add to his 37 junior parkrun).

Next week is a takeover by the local Daventry Road Runners club who will be providing almost all of the volunteer roles and a number of pacers however they might not be able to bring the sun out again but we can always hope.

After that the volunteer rota is looking a little empty so please do get in touch via the parkrun website or Facebook if you can help out in the future.

Finally if you happen to know about the whereabouts of token 156 then please contact us or bring it back next time you are here if it was accidentally taken away.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s event as much as I did, there really is nowhere else I would have wanted to celebrate my 200th parkrun!!



Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Emily WAUGH who recorded a time of 18:10 on 14th March 2015 (event number 19).
The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:19 on 5th August 2017 (event number 148).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 96.62% (22:40) on 4th March 2017 (event number 126).

Daventry parkrun started on 8th November 2014. Since then 4,805 participants have completed 34,372 parkruns covering a total distance of 171,860 km, including 6,468 new Personal Bests.


Daventry parkrun – Event number 183, 14th April 2018

No matter the weather, we already know that next Saturday in Daventry will bring something out of the ordinary. well. actually two somethings.

Mooseman (or Damian as we occasionally call him) will be running his 200th parkrun on Saturday morning, and has requested that anyone wanting to get into the spirit of the thing should "wear something silly!" You have all been warned!

In addition, somewhat earlier in the day, Roland Rignall will be running our course at 01:10am (yes you read that correctly) as part of a charity effort to run 40 parkrun courses in 40 counties for his 40th birthday over the course of a single weekend. If you have a love of running, insomnia and (ideally) a head torch why not come over and show Roland your support? And don't forget, you can log your run as a Freedom Run on your parkrun profile when you get home. Pail Barker will be heading out to run with Roland and It would be good to see some more of your lovely faces in the wee hours to support a fellow runner.

And now for the more normal news... As always we'll start with a massive thank you to all of the following volunteers who made Daventry parkrun #183 possible: Ti Aigoro, Julie Ball, James Balloch, Karen Balloch, Evie Gray, Clare Gray, Andrew Hall, Anna Harrington, Samantha Holmes, Josef Leugs, Naomi Leugs, Ian Moser, Chris Mullaney, Lucy Mullaney, Kim Mullaney, Julia Mumford, David Shaw, Mike Smallwood, Sarah Souter, Dieter Sullivan, David Tarbuck, Alan Towler, Nick Watkins and Janice Wilson

This week we have 3 new Run Club members. Gareth Wylie joins the 10 Club (for runners aged up to 17 years), with Dan Hartwell and David Robinson both joining the 100 Club. Well done to all of you, and an extra well done to Dan for celebrating joining the 100 Club with a new PB.

Another notable mention this week goes to Laura Sullivan, showing us all that age really is just a number and celebrating turning 50 years young by setting a new PB on her 150th parkrun. We hope you enjoy the double celebration Laura.

The slight, very slight, improvement in weather seems to have shown up in the times for this weeks run, with over 30 of you awesome parkrunners setting new PBs this week. Out of a field of 209, that's great running. Well done all of you.

This week we saw 7 people experience their first ever parkrun, and 8 tourists enjoying our course for the first time. We hope to see you all back again soon.

With the weather forecast for the week ahead mentioning some near tropical (for Daventry) temperatures and hopefully a continued improvement in the running conditions we look forward to seeing what next Saturday brings.

See you all on the start line, and in Leisure Lakes for coffee and cake afterwards, and maybe in the middle of the night too.


Daventry parkrun – Event number 182, 7th April 2018

We'll start the run report for Daventry parkrun 182 by thanking our amazing volunteers, who make every run possible ...

Andrea Quinn, Angus Gray, Ann Williams, Arthur Tilt, Brian Donkersley, Chris Duffy, Daniel Day, David Tarbuck, Derek Monroe, Dieter Sullivan, Ginette Pilkington, Isabella Brougham, Jackie Hesketh, Janice Wilson, Julia Mumford, Karen Balloch, Katie Brougham, Kim Mullaney, Margaret Urwin, Mike Smallwood, Nathan Tilt, Paul Barker, Paula Kasberger, Sally Tilt, Stella-Maria Thomas and Ti Aigoro.

The weather and conditions were a little better this week, things were just mildly wet and muddy for this week's run, as shown by our first runner home in an impressive 16 minutes. Well done Joshua Schofield, we hope you enjoyed your tourist visit to our course.

A special mention to our only new run club member this week, Young Trinity McCleary joining the 50 club. Very impressive commitment, and a great run to come home first female and 13th home overall. We hope to still be seeing you at Daventry parkrun when you hit the 500 club.

The better conditions seem to have shown up in the times this week, with 24 parkrunners setting new PBs, and 22 people experiencing either their first ever parkrun or their first time around our course this week.

A grand total of 7 people forgot their barcodes this week, and remember ... No Barcode, No Time, so please DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!!! (I even remembered mine this week).

We wish you all a happy and healthy week of running, and we hope to see your happy, smiling faces at the start line on Saturday.


Daventry parkrun – Event number 181, 31st March 2018

Even superheroes recognise the real heroes at any parkrun event, the hi-viz Heroes who make it all possible, so a massive thank you to all of this weeks volunteers: Mike Payne, Stella-Maria Thomas, Alex Leugs, Ann Williams, Karen Balloch, Steve Brooks, Phil Bear, Dieter Sullivan, Ginette Pilkington, James Balloch, Mike Smallwood, Jon Murray, Charles "Bill" Goadsby, Janice Wilson, David Tarbuck, Paul Barker, Amy Badkin, Elizabeth Mayo, Melissa Timms, Maureen Smith, Teresa Hall, Grace Savage, Alex Donohue and Amber Gilston.

Another notable mention goes to our only milestone runner this week, Adrian Thomas, who joined the 50 club. Congratulations Adrian from all at Daventry parkrun, bring on the 100th!

You may have noticed a few of our runners and volunteers looking even more Marvel-ous than normal this week, turning out in Superhero fancy dress to help Sakina Lovejoy kickstart her birthday celebrations. It's rumoured the army of Superheroes also helped Sakina devour her post run birthday cake in Leisure Lakes too. We can be found in Leisure Lakes after every parkrun, and we even get a discount, so feel free to join us for coffee, cake and a chat next week.

In what were now typical Daventry parkrun conditions, IE wet and muddy, it was good to see some fast times still being run, our top 9 runners all home in under 20 minutes in what was more like a swim than a run in places. Impressive running at the fast end, and not just at the fast end either, conditions not stopping Caroline Coward, Matthew Picker, Luke Hickman, Timothy Wall, Kate Costa, Jo Justice, Michael Balchin, Lyndon Harris, Joanne Jones-Hayes, Janice Barker, Elizabeth Heath, Amanda Pateman, Charlotte Clark and Bev Staniforth all setting new PBs this week. Well done everyone!

We'll finish this week with a timely reminder to everyone ... DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODES! (advice I need to follow myself as yours truly was the unknown runner in P194 last week because I forgot my barcode!)

We hope to see you all again next week for more mud, puddles and smiles.


Daventry parkrun – Event number 180, 24th March 2018

As ever, we will start with a massive thank you to the volunteers who braved the soggy conditions on Saturday to make the event happen. They were Damian Baker, Steve Brooks, Sandra Bear, Angela Moore, Ian Moser, Chris Mullaney, Kim Mullaney, Keith Moreman, Andrea Quinn, Jon Murray, Paula Kasberger, Charles Goadsby, Janice Wilson, David Tarbuck, Paul Barker, Stephanie Chittenden, Sakina Lovejoy, Charlotte Rose, Maureen Smith, Ti Aigoro, Angela Gray, Angus Gray and Izzy Harrington! Thanks to all of you and if anyone else would like to join their ranks please email daventryhelpers@parkrun.com.

Some now usual weather conditions didn't stop a healthy turnout of 174 parkrunners from getting the best start to their Saturday morning, and we also still managed to tempt a few tourists and newcomers to sample the delights of our muddy, but less wet course this week.

Tourist Philip Hind from Lincoln & District Runners was first man home this week, followed closely in what the timekeepers recorded as a rare dead heat by Chris Lockhart and Joe Childs, both setting new PBs in the process. It was also good to see Daventry Road Runners' Adam Newman making a strong return after a 5 month layoff.

Across the rest of the results there were another 14 new PBs to celebrate and 6 people enjoying their first ever parkrun, and we welcomed 9 tourists to our course.

We also had a total of 9 unknown runners this week, so please everyone next week DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!!

What will the Easter weekend hold in store, and how will the typically Bank Holiday looking weather forecast affect the course? We'll see you all, in your best Marvel Comics fancy dress hopefully, to find out.

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