News from Dulwich parkrun – 1st July 2017 – event 277

Run report with thanks to Jas Dhalley

253 people turned up to Dulwich parkrun this Saturday morning on what looked like perfect running conditions as the sun was not blazing hot as it has been recently.

The morning began with myself arriving with two visually impaired runners, one of whom I was guiding and hoping to achieve a personal best, no pressure then!

As we arrived at Dulwich we met the lovely run director Gillian who made us feel more than welcome, and was soon introduced to other regular runners. We were looking for our other VI Guide, a chap called Errol Robathan and soon found him and introduced him to Haren Thillainathan as he was to guide him whilst I was guiding Lynn Cox.

Not long after that runners from all directions appeared to gather around the bench like a swarm of bees, the new runners briefing began and soon afterwards the Run Director began her pre-run speech. A round of applause was given for a few milestone runs being achieved, and soon we were lining up to get ready to run or walk our 5km!

This was my second run at Dulwich and I recalled how I really enjoy the wide path throughout the duration of the 5km course, not only does it mean no bottlenecks but it also meant guiding a visually impaired runner was much easier than usual. With this we managed to get through the parkrun course with a new personal best for Lynn Cox of 30:16...!! She was so chuffed at the end with her result and being overhauled with a great big hug showed how much it meant as well as putting a big smile on each of our faces!

Haren (the other VI runner) had already completed the course with Errol and I have to say a big congratulations to them both as again another PB!! Haren came in at 25:12 so well done to both him and Errol.

VI runners July 2107

A huge thanks goes out to all the volunteers for making event 277 at Dulwich parkrun go smoothly, in total 17 volunteers helped out. Please do volunteer every so often, roles are simple and easy to perform, some allowing you to run and volunteer too! To volunteer simply email in at it gives a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you are able to give back something, take it from me having volunteered 171 occasions and loving it everytime!!


See the placings from Saturday’s run:


Male placings:
Edmund ADIGWE (VM40-44) (Unattached) was first over the line in 16:51 - first time in 2 appearances.
An unknown runner was second.
Ryan DAVIDSON (SM20-24) (Unattached) was third over the line in 17:25.

Female placings:
Betty BOHANE (SW25-29) (Unattached) was first (12th overall) over the line in 18:54 - first time in 5 appearances.
Ellie BALFE (SW30-34) of Dulwich Runners AC, was second (26th overall) over the line in 20:25.
Alice HOSKING (SW25-29) of London Heathside Runners AC, was third (36th overall) over the line in 20:58.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Edmund ADIGWE (VM40-44) – 81.60% for the time 16:51 (first overall).
Betty BOHANE (SW25-29) – 78.31% for the time 18:54 (12th overall).
Jason THORBURN (VM45-49) – 75.49% for the time 19:23 (16th overall).

The female record is held by Katie SNOWDEN who recorded a time of 00:16:28 on 4th February 2017 (event number 256).
The male record (14:32) is jointly held by Paul Martellettti (Event 205 -20/02/16) and Alexander Yee (Event 251 - 01/01/2017)
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 95.44% (21:34) on 31st January 2015 (event number 149).

30 first timers turned up and 54 recorded new personal bests!!

Thank you for a truly lovely day Dulwich and hope to see you soon, both volunteering and running of course ;)




Celebrating Christmas

If you are celebrating Christmas and New Year in Dulwich, we would be delighted to see you at Dulwich parkrun.  We will be hosting our usual Saturday 5ks plus extras on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.


Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December

Festive 5k - Tinsel, Mince Pies and more tinsel

A sparklier version of our regular Saturday morning run. Pull on your Christmas leggings, add (a lot of) tinsel and join us for 5k and a mince pie - with a few Christmas surprises thrown in!

Christmas Day 10am - Sunday 25th December

Turkey Trot - a special Christmas extra

A Christmas Day parkrun starting a little later than usual.  A good opportunity to try out your new running gear while the turkey roasts itself.  Bring friends and family to run or cheer.  The more the merrier!

New Year's Eve 9am - Saturday 31st December

See 2016 out with a PB!.  This will be another regular Saturday morning run starting at 9am as usual.  You'll have time to think about all your 2016 parkrun successes!

New Year's Day 10am - 1st January 2017

Do the Double.  New Year's Day is the ONLY day in the parkrun calendar when you can officially claim TWO timed runs.  We have coordinated with the team at Peckham Rye to enable runners to run Peckham Rye parkrun at 9am, and Dulwich parkrun at 10am. Double celebrations!


If you are visiting friends and relatives most parkruns will be happening on Saturdays but check the website before you go in case of cancellations.

Special events will be announced on the host parkrun websites.


Wherever you are, the runs can only happen if volunteers are willing to give up their time.  Dont forget to give them a cheer!





A view from an experienced parkrunner but First Timer at Dulwich.


My usual Saturday routine is being at Tooting parkrun. As part of the core team there, it is rare that I get a chance to head off elsewhere. Having heard about the lovely course over at Dulwich, and being free from my duties at Tooting, I managed to convince another friend to come along with me as it was time to finally get up earlier than usual and go off touring to lovely Dulwich.

Upon arriving we were greeted by the Run Director and introduced to some of the other volunteers, all very welcoming and with warm smiling faces.

The first Saturday of November was brisk day, cold when standing around with grey skies but perfect conditions for running I thought, with clouds above but as the saying goes “it never rains during parkrun”.

As 9am approached, the Run Director gathered everyone together to give the run briefing and overall description of the course, everyone applauded the volunteers recognising how important they are to the running of a parkrun event.


Out of the 286 runners, there was something new to me: three wheelchair runners. I glanced over and saw them, thinking wow!


Everyone including myself soon lined up to begin the run. Off we went.


I really enjoyed the course noticing how wide it is. After going over a small hill, the course was rather flat but with a touch of what felt like a down gradient the course seemed quick to me. With three laps to tackle, after completing the first lap I noticed a really nice touch, a volunteer with an ipad displaying the lap time on it encouraging the runners on.

With the course being so clear and simple to follow there was no need for any marshals, the lovely wide paths means that there is no danger of bottlenecks of runners around tight bends.


I completed the course in 20:26, not a PB but still a great running experience and feeling very satisfied.

And that’s the thing with parkrun. No matter how fast or slow you are, the feeling is the same. It’s more about taking part than counting the seconds.

I then offered my assistance to the run director and began volunteering by recording down runners manually who could not be scanned.

Special milestones

Neil Cole, one of our regular runners, completed his 100th run, an exceptional performance after coming back from a cardiac arrest on New Years Day 2015 at Hilly Fields parkrun finishing today’s run in 23:31, just 8 seconds away from beating his pb!!

Another 100th runner in the name of Gavin Wagg, who is one of the regular volunteers and big supporter of Dulwich parkrun, completing his run in 29:11 also deserves a mention.

First runner through the finish funnel was Andrew INGLIS of Cambridge Harriers, with a time of 16:41! He was closely followed by Philip SANDERS of Kent AC, with a time of 16:44! Third runner was Kirit PATEL who crossed over the line in 16:50.

First lady to finish the course was Amy CLEMENTS of Kent AC, in a fantastic time of 17:01, a new female record for Dulwich parkrun! Katie FORBES was next in 20:20 followed by Anna HAY in 20:43.

Finally in the statistics I like to mention the juniors as they are a great inspiration…

Fastest junior today was Emily of Dartford Harriers AC with a great time of 22:26. Followed by Lily of Helm Hill Runners at 23:17 both being first timers too! Maisie of Comet Triathlon Club was third fastest junior at 23:53.

A big congratulations to all our remarkable juniors and of course all runners on completing the course. J

44 were first time runners (myself being one of them) who we hope to see at more parkruns in the future

About volunteering

Finally a quick word about the importance of volunteering.

Without our beloved volunteers (giving up not only their Saturday mornings, but time during the week to prepare for the following week, or time like myself to write up a run report for all to enjoy), there would be no parkrun.

My advice to anyone considering volunteering is not to be nervous and come and give it a go.

Each volunteering role really brings a different and unique perspective of the parkrun movement, they all present a new way to interact and get involved. I therefore strongly encourage anyone to put their name down to try a volunteer role, and like me if you enjoy running, there are various roles that can still allow you to run. A lovely purple running t-shirt once you have reached a volunteering milestone of 25 is something to aim for and wear with pride…!! J

With that in mind, I would like to say thank you Dulwich for a warm, welcoming and wonderful experience at your parkrun, no doubt you will see me again soon, both volunteering and running!

Jas J


News from an Anniversary parkrun

Last week was parkrun's 12th anniversary and it was a week of celebrations.

Paul S-W cannot have imagined that 12 years after he set up a 5k run for some of his friends in Bushy Park that on 1st October 2016 over 100,000 people would be doing the same thing in parks across the UK.  Last week Paul became the recipient of the first Wellness Champion Award in recognition of the impact parkrun has had on the health and happiness of so many communities.

At Dulwich parkrun this was recognised during the Run Directors briefing by our visiting MP, Helen Hayes. Helen was one of 17 runners at their first ever parkrun and one of 55 first-timers at Dulwich.  Let's hope everyone comes back again.

There were milestones to be celebrated too

Congratulations to Heather who volunteered at her 25th event earning her purple T-shirt

and congrats to three runners joined the 50 Club -Tom Fender, Andrew O'Connell and Adele Tudor.

Two runners I am sure are grateful to Stuart Franklin who volunteered to pace at 23 minutes.  Not only did Stuart pace with remarkable accuracy at 23:01, two runners either side of him, Eleanor Humphrey and Simon Driver got PBs at 22:59 and 23:03 bettering their times by 10 and 25 seconds. Another massive 59 personal bests were achieved.

There were some 'symmetrical' times as well with runners finishing in 22:22, 23:23, 24:24, 25:25 and 26:26 - perhaps more by chance than design

We achieved a milestone ourselves.  We thought it would be a busy morning but we had more runners than ever before with 322 runners.  Our previous 'course record' was 305 runners on 7th May.

Do all come back to Dulwich again, although we cannot say 'it never rains at Dulwich!



New Year’s Day 2017 – Double Day

New Year's Day is a special day in the parkrun calendar.

It is the only day you can run 2 parkruns on the same day (unless you are a time-traveller!).

Dulwich will be hosting its first parkrun of 2017 at 10am on 1st January.  Our fellow team at Peckham will be parkrunning at 9am - so time to make it a double!

We look forward to celebrating the start of New Year with you all

Team Dulwich

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