Signs of things to go…..

Hi all

It seems that our start/finish and caution runners signs have gone AWOL durning last week.  If anyone knows where they could be can you please let us know ASAP?

If they don't turn up we will have to buy some new ones in the next week or so.  Problem is that we have no funds with which to do so.  You can donate to Elgin parkrun via our website page "about us"

Please try to help out as these items are very important to our safe running at Elgin parkrun.

If we hear of them turning up we will let you know via the Facebook page and here.



You may have seen some publicity over the last few weeks about parkrun and NHS getting together to celebrate NHS' birthday.  We are working together to celebrate 70 years of the NHS and so this week's parkrun will be a birthday party for the NHS.

We are trying to encourage as many NHS staff to come along and run or volunteer.  This is also a chance to tell them about the physical and mental health benefits that parkrun can help to deliver.  Many of our regular team are NHS staff (both event directors amongst them).

If you are NHS staff and haven't been along to parkrun for a while or never been then why not make this week the one that you come along and join us.

Don't forget your bar code!


Car parking in Cooper Park

Please note that parking charges will be in place in the Cooper Park from 23 May 18.  Please be prepared with a supply change, allowing a little extra time  etc - at this stage we don't know how much it will be but ask that parkrunners respect the system as any abuse could jeopardise our use of the park in future.


Hello All

This week, 12 May 18 there is a volunteer take-over by Jog Scotland.  A large proportion of the volunteer roles  for this week's parkrun are being filled by Jog Scotland runners and helpers.  A great big thank you in advance to them.

If you have never volunteered before then why not give it a go soon.  All the roles are fairly straightforward and we do give you full training beforehand. Without volunteers we cannot put on parkrun safely every week.  In a few recent weeks we have struggled to fill the roster until very late in the week and did come close to saying we may have to cancel one event as we did not have enough volunteers to deliver a safe event. Don't just rely on the same few volunteers every week but drop us an email and try volunteering - it's fun and less effort than running.

If you are a regular volunteer why not consider stepping into the Run Director's shoes - again we are short of RDs and need a few more to help out.  We will train and shadow you before letting you fly solo!


Two busy weeks to end two fantastic years.

Well we have had a busy two weeks.  We had a bumper turn out of 217 on 17 Feb - a new attendance record for Elgin parkrun!!  Well done to all who turned out on a lovely Saturday morning.

This week we had another busy turn out with 171 runners taking part.  Special mention to Heather and Scott who completed their parkrun tour of Scotland.  A fine run at the front of the field saw Jenny Bannerman cross the line first and she was only 11 seconds or so outside the course record - which she holds anyways!

As previously mentioned Saturday is our 2nd birthday run and our 100th run all on the same day!  We are hoping for a bumper turnout of runners and volunteers.  We are theming the run "the many colours of parkrun"  to highlight it's inclusive nature.  Therefore we are asking people to wear their running club colours, parkrun milestone t-shirts or apricot shirts - or just a bright coloured top!

We aren't doing anything else special but if you want to bring a cake along please do so.  Or if you can help make it a special day then let us know - so if you have a spare pipe band or something similar.............

In our first two years / first 99 runs we have had 2,790 different runners complete 14,105 runs at Elgin - thats 70,525 kilometres in total!!!  They have come from 195 different clubs or running groups.

They have been able to do this thanks to 293 different volunteers (thats how Paul can never remember everyone's name!) who have filled 1540 different roles over the weeks.  Thanks to you all.  We cannot do it without you. Volunteers really are the stars of parkrun.


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