Happy New Year

Have a fab New Year's Eve. We are holding a New Year's Day run tomorrow - please note the later start time of 1100. This should allow a few more revellers the chance to get out of bed in time - including the RD!

If you are driving to parkrun as there is limited public transport tomorrow please be very thoughtful about alcohol from the night before. Stay safe. Also we don't know if car park charges will apply tomorrow so again be careful - you don't want t start the new year with a ticket!

Some scores on the doors for 2018.

We had 890 new registrations to parkrun with Elgin as their home event. 1903 different people ran Elgin parkrun, taking part in 8100 runs. They were supported by 212 different volunteers who volunteered on 811 times.

Thanks to all who took part and we look forward to seeing you in 2019. If you would like to volunteer please email us at elginhelpers@parkrun.com

As ever over the winter we are open to late cancellations due to weather.  Please watch our Facebook page for any last minute updates.  https://www.facebook.com/Elgin-parkrun-345385578947870/    is our Facebook page.





Christmas and New Year Runs

There will be two extra runs over the festive period. On Christmas Day at 0930 and on New Year's Day at 1100.  These are the only parkruns in the year that aren't on a Saturday.

Please note that these are both subject to the weather conditions and to the availability of volunteers.

One of which we can do nothing about and the other you can do something about!  If you can help please volunteer in good time so that we have a full list for the normal Saturday runs and these two extra ones.

Any cancellations due to weather will be made as soon as possible but may also be at the last minute - please watch our social media pages for updates.

Also please bear in mind that the volunteers will be wanting to do festive things those days so results will be later than usual - probably a lot later! And any queries about results will be several days later!

If we don't see you before then have a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year from all at Elgin parkrun.



Incident at today’s parkrun

Hi all

I am sad to say that shortly after the start of today's parkrun I as RD was approached by a member of the public with a complaint about the behaviour of one of our runners.  The person stated that a runner had shouted at her about the way in which she was handling her dog.  The shouting reportedly involved swearing.  Regardless of what you thought of how the dog was being handled, swearing at another park user is totally unacceptable and cannot be condoned in any way. If you are taking part in parkrun we ask that you are respectful to other park users - that is mentioned in our pre-run brief every week.  In this case the reported behaviour was far from respectful and should not be repeated.

I have had to report this incident to parkrun HQ and had to apologise on your behalf to an upset member of the public.  If the lady concerned or any of her friends are reading this then I can only repeat our sincere apology.  Hopefully this is a one off incident and will not be repeated.



yes we are having a Christmas and New Year's Day runs - subject to volunteer availability and weather!


Appy Days and Christmas Days

We, like a lot of parkruns have been having the occasional wobble with some of the technology - quite often doing the bits most runners don't see, the results processing. The scanners and stopwatches have a mind of their own and connecting to the laptop is often a bit hit and miss. So the wonderful boffins at parkrun HQ have recently launched a couple of apps to help.

If you are down for timer or scanning duties and own a smartphone - Apple or Android - then please consider downloading an app that can make life a little easier. The virtual volunteer apps can replace the tech we have and speed up result processing. Just download (free) and turn up with phone fully charged and set on airplane mode. Oh and able to email a very small data file after parkrun.





In other news we are yet to decide on whether we have a Christmas Day parkrun or not - we have a volunteer to do RD duty that day - just a few weeks of training up to do there then. Also if you want to join our team of RDs then please step forward as the current team are being stretched very thinly and we may have to cancel some weeks if no RD is available.

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