Some good news and some bad news

Well done to all 129 runners on Saturday.  And as usual a massive thank you to the team of volunteers who made it happen. in some "interesting" conditions!

An early inspection of the course found that the section down to the bridge was partially covered in black ice. With this in mind we decided to "test drive" a back up, alternative course.  This would allow us to run when otherwise we would have had to cancel.

We asked for feedback on our Facebook page and on the day. In general the feedback has been largely positive.

One point raised was overtaking etiquette as faster runners lapped slower runners.  As ever the emphasis is on the overtaking runner to carefully negotiate the person whom they are overtaking.  A lesson learned was that on the alternative course things are a lot busier so can we ask that slower runners remember to keep to the left and be aware of faster runners approaching from behind - maybe on days that we use the alternative course a run without headphones could be an idea.

Also if you are about to lap or overtake a runner then a polite call out may be useful.  No need to be aggressive but make sure they know you are coming by.  Thanks in advance for the next time!

The switch to the alternative course also highlights the need to listen carefully during the pre-run brief. I was marshalling at the new turn and it was clear that a few folks hadn't been paying attention as they headed towards the bridge path.

You may have read over the weekend that a parkrunner at Swindon sadly lost her life after collapsing during parkrun on Saturday.  I am sure you will join with us in sending our thoughts and prayers to her family and all at Swindon parkrun.

With that in mind we are starting an appeal to raise funds towards our own AED.  We can aim to raise funds by donation direct to Elgin parkrun and are looking to get other funding bodies to top that figure up.  You can donate to Elgin parkrun by using the link here on the website.

We ask that if you donate then put a note on that the money is towards an AED for Elgin parkrun in the narrative / comments box.

Thanks in advance.  It's a piece of kit that we could really do with having but hopefully will never need to use.

Also the incident at Swindon highlighted the importance of having your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details completed on your profile. Please check your parkrun account and update if required. Once more something we hope never to need.


Happy New Year

Well done to all of you who joined us over the Christmas break and to those who volunteered a massive thank you.  We had great turn outs on our additional runs on Christmas and New Year - 109 and 92 runners respectively.

They were supported by two teams of volunteers - these are the people who turn out regularly to make sure that you get a run on a Saturday morning.

We are now into 2018 so why not start the year by volunteering for the first time - or the next time if you've done it once or twice?  We are short for a few volunteers this week and next so if you want to help out please drop us an email as soon as possible,  Thanks in advance - we cannot do parkrun without people like you every week.


Holiday Runs

As we get nearer to the big day a quick reminder that we have an Elgin parkrun on Christmas Day at 0930 and on New Year's Day at 1030 in addition to our usual Saturday runs on 23 & 30 Dec.

Can we ask that if you can volunteer that you email us as soon as possible - our run directors are as busy as you at home and having to do volunteer appeals and FB shout outs is an extra task for them.

Just send us an email as early as you can please.

Note that over the holidays there will be delays in processing results as volunteers will have to take the kit home to process - and may even want to do their own Christmas too!

Thanks in advance


Weather Forecast

Yes we look at the weather forecast the same as you do!

The RDs and core team also talk to each other and check the course in order to make a decision about any cancellation. This is taken as late as possible to give the weather a chance to improve / remove any doubt but also as early as possible to let you all know about any call off.

Please check our FB page for latest news on a Friday evening or Saturday morning - this is the quickest way to let as many people know about any cancellation / go aheads news.


9 Dec cancellation and volunteer appeal

Well our note about winter cancellations a few weeks ago proved a little prophetic.  We had an early inspection on Saturday by Tim  - one of our event directors who was filling the RD slot.  Conditions were poor and an early decision was made to cancel.  A quick phone call and a flurry of social media messages and emails made sure that as many folks knew as early as possible.

Please opt in to our emails - we have over 2500 parkrunners registered with Elgin as their “home” parkrun.  However when we send out a reminder email it only seems to be going to 250 or so.  This is because the reminder emails are automatically sent to all runners who have opted IN to receive these messages.  Please check your profile and tick the opt in to emails option.  Go to this week’s newsletter email that you get from parkrun HQ – scroll down to bottom where it says “my profile” – click on that tab and then on the tab marked “email options” and select the “opt in” option for Elgin.  That way we can keep you up to date about volunteer opportunities and also let you know of any cancellations as we head into the winter months.

As we head towards the end of the year I have just had a look at our stats for Elgin parkrun as a whole and for the year to date.  To date 2564 different people have run at Elgin parkrun - 1638 in 2017 so far. It's great to see we are growing steadily and have such a core of runners

274 different volunteers have filled 1380 roles - 703 roles this year filled by 196 different volunteers.

So as you can see for every volunteer there are about 9 runners - or put it another way for every 9 runners there are 8 who haven't yet volunteered.  To put on parkrun every week we need 15 volunteers to ensure we have a safe and enjoyable morning.  All the tasks are relatively simple - even the ones that look a bit technical are straightforward after a little bit of tuition.  Please stop and think about this and let us know if you can volunteer this week or in the near future.

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