AED updates

Hi all

as you may be aware we have been fundraising to try and get our own AED and training.

We received a large cheque earlier in the year from the town hall Hogmanay committee and also have had a number of individual donations.

In the last two weeks two individual groups have offered larger donations and we understand the cheques are on their way.  A massive thank you to those two groups - we will name and shame (or whatever the nice version of that is) once we have the money banked.  These two donation will make a really big difference and we should be very close to being able to pay for an AED.  Let's just hope that we never need to use it!



Volunteers, help and AED news

Hi all a few items to mention this week.

A few slots remain to be filled for this Saturday and the next few weeks.  If you can help please send a note via email as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance - why not break your duck and volunteer for the first time or try a new role???

We have had a request for a lift from Portsoy on Saturday - see Facebook page for details.

Since last week's appeal we have received a few more donations so a massive thank you to those folks who have donated so far.  We are getting there slowly and with a few more kind folks we'll soon get there.

Thanks - see you all soon at a parkrun near you.


AED update

Hello all,

well since our last appeal for support for our AED we have received two very generous donations.  A massive thank you to the two individuals for their generosity which is really appreciated.

If you wish to help us raise funds for a AED then please go to the about us tab on this website and follow the instructions on how to donate. If your donation is for a specific purpose please say so in the comments section when  you donate.

At present we are prioritising the AED but will need to purchase other items in near future - e.g. new pacer vests if we are to have regular pacers.

Thank in advance and see you all on a Saturday in the park.  #DFYBC


Latest news

Hi all

Volunteer appeal

We hope you are all enjoying the fine summer weather and some warm and sunny parkrun fun. We continue to have some great turnouts and our average number of runners has now sneaked up over 145 per week.

As the summer holiday season continues it does mean that a few of our regular volunteers and run directors are away at weekends – I was up at Thurso parkrun on Saturday gone.  Could you please consider volunteering to help fill the gaps?  We cannot do parkrun without volunteers and could have to cancel if we do not get enough volunteers to help us stage a safe run.

If you are a regular or experienced  volunteer then maybe consider stepping up to be a run director?  As with the volunteer roles we need a run director every week and this role is being done by a small group of individuals – so a few more names would be very welcome.

Defib news

A few months ago we received a fabulous donation towards a defibrillator – we did ask for further donations and received a few but we are still a little short of the money required to buy our own so can we please ask once again for donations and hopefully we can get this piece of equipment really soon?   Please got to the tab “About us” and follow the links to donate.  Thanks in advance.  Let’s hope we never need to use the kit!

Car Park news

This week the RD was asked to remind folks that parking charges now apply in the park and you must get a ticket.  You must also get a ticket even if using the free first 30 minutes.  Please comply with these regulations to avoid getting a fine and if there is frequent flouting of the parking regulations our use of the park could be threatened.


Signs of things to go…..

Hi all

It seems that our start/finish and caution runners signs have gone AWOL durning last week.  If anyone knows where they could be can you please let us know ASAP?

If they don't turn up we will have to buy some new ones in the next week or so.  Problem is that we have no funds with which to do so.  You can donate to Elgin parkrun via our website page "about us"

Please try to help out as these items are very important to our safe running at Elgin parkrun.

If we hear of them turning up we will let you know via the Facebook page and here.

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